Will the real Anakin Skywalker please stand up

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction and Writing Resource' started by JDH3, Aug 27, 2003.

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  1. JDH3

    JDH3 Jedi Padawan star 4

    Mar 27, 2003
    Anakin the person VS Anakin the Force user. The question I'm asking in this thread is, who is Anakin Skywalker? Is he a tool of the Force, created just to bring balance? Or is he a person born with strong Force abilities who also can bring balance? Yes I know about the "There was no father" thing but I'll ask the question anyway. Who do people think he is deep down, I'm curious. Is Anakin's personal life just a side issue of why he was created? Did the Force just want a tool and as a side effect got a man? Maybe this thread is a waste of time but hey it's my time.

    Personally I believe in Anakin the man with the "potential" to do more. I am not and never have been in favor of the Anakin as some kind of super-being theory. Personally I found the fact the G.L had to flat out say there was no father kind of insulting. I mean most people got the idea that he was important on their own. I personally didn't need a plot point like that to spell it out for me. Ok enough ranting and on with any discussion.
  2. anakin_girl

    anakin_girl Jedi Knight star 6

    Oct 8, 2000
    He is a complex, misunderstood human being who became a victim of the circumstances of his life and thus made some bad choices that led to his downfall.

    I think his Force-use was more one of his gifts rather than something that encompassed all of him as a person. I'm one of the few who hasn't given much thought to the "no-father" scenario I guess.

    Got to run to work but I'll try to say more later--
  3. stacysatrip

    stacysatrip Jedi Padawan star 4

    Nov 20, 2002
    I think that he was created to fulfill the prophecy, but because he was born to a mother who loved him and raised him like any other child, he became a person. I think he always knew there was something different and special about him, but he, in a way, just wanted to be normal.

    [blockquote]"I'm a person, and my name is Anakin![/blockquote]

    That statement really speaks volumes to me; it wasn't just in response to being identified as a slave.

    Anyway, as far as who he is, he's an extremely gifted Force-user who has tragic human flaws he can't quite overcome. Like everyone else outside the Jedi Order, he loves, he feels sadness and joy, and he knows anger and frustration. I think the problem lies in the fact that nobody in the Jedi Order knew quite what to do with that.

    One thing I do know about the character is that he will fight TO THE DEATH for the people he loves. You DON'T mess with Anakin Skywalker's family. That's what I really love most about him.

    As far as what happens to him, I think it's mainly that he makes bad choices. Maybe he makes bad choices for what appear to be good reasons; that remains to be seen, but I think that's more the case. I don't think he was always a "bad seed," I just think he lacked the kind of guidance he needed. That's not to say I blame Obi-Wan for Anakin's fall--Anakin was a grown man who could make his own decisions. I do think he didn't really receive the compassion and understanding he needed from the Jedi Order, and as such turned to Palps, who gave it under false pretenses.

    In the end, I think Anakin was always a good person at heart; he just lost his way, lost his hope, probably lost his reason for living or trying to overcome the darkness until Luke showed up.

    [blockquote]"It is too late for me, son[/blockquote]

    Ani did terrible, unconscionable things, but in the end he did what was right.

    He's my favorite character because he's such an enigma still, and I think will continue to be even after Episode III. But it all comes down to being a good person who makes bad choices.
  4. JDH3

    JDH3 Jedi Padawan star 4

    Mar 27, 2003
    anakin_girl: I agree with you that given his circumstances his downfall was made that much more likely. Put into the same situations I think most people would be inclined to make "bad choices" Bad coices that ultimately lead to worse things for himself and those he loves.

    stacysatrip: I agree with you completely. This idea is exactly what I'm dealing with in my current fic. The idea that he was created for a higher purpose but there was a catch. The catch being that he can't escape the fact that he was born an ordinary guy. He has special gifts but he really is at least emotionally like everyone else. It is what I see as the tragic flaw in the Force's plan to balance it's self. Yes I agree he is his own man and can make his own dicisions. However given the fact that he's never really allowed to do that(slavery and Jedi Padawan status) he is ill prepared to do so when the time comes. Anyhow those are some more of my thoughts and some of the things I wrestle with in my writing.

    BTW: I really like BMTL.:) I actually only started reading it because we belong to the same group. I 'll have to read the back chapters posted here when I get a chance. Great job though and three cheers for the desk.<---wicked grin

  5. kristeh

    kristeh Jedi Youngling star 3

    May 24, 2003

    I just wanted to say that I agree completely with anakin_girl and stacysatrip. They have expressed my beliefs about Anakin as a tragic hero very eloquently.

    I think Anakin is a real person, who has extraordinary gifts. I do believe he was created by the Force, because George Lucas said he was. So he was destinied to bring balance, but he had freedom of choice every step of the way.

    The Force "chose" him to bring balance, but Anakin could have decided not to fulfill that destiny. And the manner in which he chose to fulfill it was also his choice, I think.

    Maybe it's just because I love happy endings, but I believe he did not have to fall to the darkness, that if he had chosen to stay on the light side, he could have found another way to defeat Palpatine. Hopefully, without ruining his entire life. :(
  6. Skywalker_1138

    Skywalker_1138 Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jun 17, 2003
    I think Anakin was a tool of the Force but, he took a wrong turn. I also think he was a person though.
  7. MissPadme

    MissPadme Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jul 9, 1998
    I think Anakin embodies one of the great themes of the SW saga, that of destiny versus free will. Anakin is a creature of destiny and prophecy, "created" by the Force if you will, to fulfill some divine mission. Yet he is fully human with its positive aspects and its vulnerabilities. And his vulnerabilities are far more pronounced than that of "normal" people for a variety of reasons. But he is nevertheless gifted with free will like all of us are. He may not think he has it; in fact I don't think he honestly believes in free will until he decides to toss Palpie down the reactor shaft in ROTJ. It's essentially what Luke was trying to tell him all along, you don't have to be dark, you can walk away from all of this. Strangely enough, it's the exercise of free will that allows Anakin to finally fulfill his destiny.

    The lack of a father btw serves two purposes. One of them elevates the mythic status of the characters. The Skywalker family and the Force itself are intertwined. If you look at everything from Greek myth to Christianity, there's frequently a divine connection between the human hero and the gods (or, God). The other purpose is leaving a void in Anakin's life that he seeks to fulfill, which leads him right into Palpatine's lap.

    Hey, thanks for giving me another idea for an essay [face_mischief].

  8. JDH3

    JDH3 Jedi Padawan star 4

    Mar 27, 2003
    I wish I had a lot to contribute, but ah well. I agree with your thoughts on our Anakin, MissPadme. Anakin certainly didn't seem to have a clue as to his options. Lastly it seems the more people try to guide someone to their destiny the more hassle it causes. Anakin was never given the chance to except his destiny when he was young. He was simply told to follow the rules or else. Naturally he fought back which caused terrible consequences for the galaxy.
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