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    Something I don't see discussed before: Willow Ufgood's surname comes from a mention in The Letters of JRR Tolkien that in 1944 Tolkien briefly considered changing Sam Gamgee's last name to Sam Goodchild. Luckily, Christopher Tolkien talked him out of it. This sort of detail proves what an uber-nerd George is.
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    I read the novelization and the Sourcebook when they first came out and in them another humanoid race was mentioned. IIRC they were called Poohas or Poquas (something like that) they are described in the Sourcebook as subhuman savages on armored warhorses and in the novelization there is a scene where are group of them are playing kickball with human skulls. I think it was said that they were hairless and covered in blue warpaint. All there was in the movie was a bald guy with a few blue tattoos at that shady inn Willow visits.

    Does anyone remember what these things were called? Were they supposed to be the movie's version of orcs? Why didn't they show up in the final film?

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    They were Pohas in the novelization, but in a leaked draft of the script they were called Picts. Probably changed because someone felt they were too directly based on Robert E Howard's Picts from his Bran Mak Morn stories, rather than the historical tribes.
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    I SO want this to happen!
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    A Willow sequel would be great.
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