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Beyond - Legends Before - Legends Wonderful world, a Siri-Wan for the Louis Armstrong Mini games challenge

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by earlybird-obi-wan, Sep 5, 2021.

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    Aug 21, 2006
    Wonderful world, a Siri-Wan for the Louis Armstrong Mini games challenge

    Author: Earlybird-obi-wan
    Timeframe: Legends: beyond and before
    Genre: one shot
    Characters: Obi-Wan Kenobi, Siri Tachi, OC's Kaagi Adin and Aaqu Maerhin
    Time-frame 139 aby after 'second time around' and 52 bby

    Wonderful world

    The sun was setting and colouring the beach and ocean in golden hues.

    Kaagi was tired. He was celebrating his 267th birthday on the beach near his cottage. He had been shaking many hands from his friends, all coming for a long or short visit depending on their duties.

    Aaqu was there again after guiding Lynne, their baby Ariana and son Ken home. He helped him to stand and to the path leading to the road.

    Kaagi limped to his wheelchair, sat down and turned gazing at the beach, the soft grass near the path, the trees and got a smile on his face when he saw a Falgan jumping up and splashing down in the water. “The lake and the waterfall in the garden of a thousand fountains.”

    “What a wonderful world it was.” Aaqu saw Ivano Arvedai settling down on the grass and beginning to clean his feet. “Do you remember that too?”

    “Yes. We were in the garden of a thousand fountains celebrating my 76th birthday.”

    - - -

    Six year old Obi-Wan Kenobi was busy. He was in the garden of a thousand fountains with his group, supervised by a crèche master. Bruck, Maaho and Aalto – three boys who liked to taunt him – were busy elsewhere. He was building a sandcastle on the sand near the lake. 'Thanks the Force and the greatness of these gardens. There is now no one to destroy what I am making,' He thought, looked up and saw two Jedi he knew, sitting on a rock near the waterfall enjoying a fruit-pie from Serinka.

    “This is a nice fruit-pie.”

    “Let's finish it. We have work to do.”

    “Yes and starting with inoculations of the younglings. I have my syringes ready. They will have fun with us.”

    “Aw not for me. I would have loved another of those large clearplast syringes to play with.” Obi-Wan whispered and observed. Those fruit-pies were loved by him. A piece of batter even more. Visiting Serinka was a favorite for him beginning with crawling through the ducts from the crèche to his kitchen in the early morning.


    A pebble landed on his head. Obi-Wan turned and saw a girl in a stroller, guided by a crèche master. Did she do that?

    Yes. Another pebble lifted by her was sailing his way and landing on the sandcastle, destroying a wall.

    “Hey.” Obi-Wan began but stopped when he observed the girl. She was lovely with her blond hair, fair skin and sky-blue eyes. And something was stirring inside him that was not the way a Jedi – even a little initiate – had to behave. No attachments, no love, no longing was what he had learned only a week ago at school. But the longing was there. He wanted to touch her. He wanted to introduce himself. He started to stand up. And was pushed back landing in the middle of his sandcastle. “Who did that?”

    “She,” the girl in the stroller began.

    “Silence young Siri and behave. You will learn the Jedi-way. You will learn much more in this wonderful world of the Jedi-knights.” And with that said the crèche master led the girl in the stroller away.

    Obi-Wan began to rebuild his sandcastle. “She is lovely. I will try uh what did Master Yoda tell me, I will see this Siri again.”

    - - -

    The sun was coloring the ocean a deep red. Stars were becoming visible and the Moniron moon, a small crescent against the dark.

    “He did.” Kaagi was shivering a bit.

    “We know what happened.” Aaqu became concerned. “Obi-Wan Kenobi saw her again and became friends with her. It was pure love, no attachment.”

    “He was devastated when she died during the battle of Azure but when he came back he could live with an open heart.”

    “And we have seen them united after Obi-Wan was slain by his best friend.”

    “Anakin, united with Padmé, Luke, Leia, Jacen, Jaina, Ben, Nat, Kol...”

    “All Skywalkers, all united and now it is time to go home Kaagi. Doctors orders.”

    “Ah yes, recovery takes some time. Bring me home. Aranella will tuck me in.”