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Star Wars World Within A World

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Master_Vicky, Feb 27, 2010.

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  1. Master_Vicky

    Master_Vicky Jedi Padawan star 4

    Apr 29, 2003
    They're among us, everywhere, though you'd never know. Special people with powers thought only to be fairy tale. The ability to lift objects with just a thought, sense things before they happen, enhance your physical abilities and five senses, and even pick up on a person's feelings and thoughts.

    They look like any other person, going about their lives, taking out the trash, washing the dog, dropping their kids off at school, but in them is a unique power: The Force. Though there aren't many of these Force users on our planet, those that are fight to keep us and their families safe, and are constantly looking for others like them.

    But there is a down side. An organization of darksiders have been hunting down these "Earth Jedi", seeking to find the location of the hidden temple and their leader, Solomon. Only a few older jedi know where it's at, keeping it secret at all costs. But every man has his limits.

    Welcome to the World within a World!

    Alright folks round two. :) I've done a bit of revamping (mostly just moved things farther into the future for plot purposes). So here's the run down. This is kinda like The Incredibles, only instead of superheros, there are jedi. Please though, no Edna types. That went badly last time. Just think our world with Jedi. The planet is Earth obviously, and it's present day, so there aren't any fancy gizmos and flying cars. Just your everyday, same old things that we have now. The only exception to that is a lightsaber.

    For the sake of keeping things interesting, not everyone can be a jedi (or darksider for that matter). In fact, I'd rather have more regular people than jedi. Solomon will be a NPC that will only be used when needed, which shouldn't be often. There will probably only be four or five people who know where the temple is and how to get there, and those people will be choosen at random. I'll pm you if you're choosen. You can have apprentices if you'd like, but you don't have to.

    1. Please PM Your Character Sheets to me for Approval. Thank you.
    2. While filling out your Character Sheet, please make it realistic. While we are dealing with the Force and Jedi, no one is immortal or all powerful. Eventually you'll be in a position where you have to take a hit. Like-wise, you can't kill everyone with just the sweep of your hand. In other words, no Power Playing.
    3. NO GOD-MODDING!!! You cannot cause damage or move another character unless you're given permission. This means your character can dive to tackle someone else, but the other person decides whether or not you actually connected. If you're unsure about doing something ask the person if it's ok first.
    4. Obviously, follow the TOS. They were made for a reason.
    5. For the time being I'll say You can have as many characters as you think you can handle, but please don't go over board. You know what you're capiable of and if five characters is too much, don't make that many. I'd recommend only about three to start off with.
    7. All posts are to be made in Third Person. It just sounds better and is easier to read. Also, please try and post at least one paragraph. Yes, on occasion you will find only one-liners are appropriate, but for the majority of your role playing, please be as descriptive as possible. Give someone reading the topic insight on your character.
    8. Please try not to cuss. I know in our world today, people do it all the time, but if it isn't necessary, don't do it.
    9. The GM has the last say on things.
    10. Lastly, have fun and be creative. While there will be an overall plot-line, feel free to create your own sub-plots. This RPG is what you make it. Don't go overboard, but make it exicting. May the Force be With You.

    Character Sheet:
    Name: (everyone has a name, even if they don't remember it)

    Nicknames and/or Alias's, if any:




    Current Place of Residence:

    Appearance: (What doe
  2. Master_Vicky

    Master_Vicky Jedi Padawan star 4

    Apr 29, 2003
    Alright, I'll kick off the Character Sheets I suppose. And don't worry, I don't expect yours to be as long as mine. I'm a writer at heart (and literally, or at least working towards it), so I tend to write a lot. And again, You don't have to have a bunch of characters, mine are strictly for plot purposes. ;)

    Name: Victoria Cooper

    Nicknames and/or Alias's, if any: Vicky, Vicster, Vic, and a bunch of other random nicknames that only those from her younger years remember

    Age: 39

    Gender: Female

    Nationality: African-American and Puerto Rican

    Current Place of Residence: England Countryside

    Appearance: Vicky would the best deffinition of someone who was small but packed a real big punch. She stands at about 5'5" and looks for all means to be of a fairly average build. Don't be fooled though. She's got plenty of muscle to back up her words. Thanks to her heritage, she has richly tanned skin and dark brownish-black, thick hair. Her brown eyes have a way of expressing her feelings and she's full of all kinds of animated facial expressions.

    There was a time when Vicky would say all she needed was a nice t-shirt and a comfy pair of pants. Now though, her wardrobe has changed a bit. While she still has a fine collection of shirts and she'll never get rid of her jeans, for the more formal occasions that her husband likes to take her to or that her job calls for, she'll wear anything from casual dress slacks and nice button down to a full out evening gown. Now that's not to say she enjoys all that, but she's learning to live with it.

    Personality: While she's lost a lot of the shy tendencies of her past, Vicky's still the type to "go second" when giving out intoductions. She's a very friendly person once she gets to know you. Various experiences have hardened her a bit, but she's a very kind hearted person and usually always has a smile on her face. Vicky likes to joke and make people laugh, always trying to alleviate any tension in the room.

    She's very protective of her family and will go to any lengths to keep them safe, even if it means sacrificing herself in the process. She loves to help people and do whatever she can to aid in situations that call for it, but only if she knows her family won't be harmed in doing so.

    Vicky stands up for the little guy and doesn't like it when people are overly mean for no reason. She holds to her morals and tries her hardest to do what would be considered "the right thing". It takes a bit of doing, but she can be pushed to anger, though it doesn't happen often. There are only a few things that can make her snap right then and there, but she works hard to smother those things.

    All in all, she's an easy going person. There have been few people she hasn't been able to get along with. She's a good listener, can be inquisitive at times, and will always try to find the good in people.

    Force Sensitive: Yes

    If Yes, Light or Dark: Light

    Lightsaber: Purple; [link=]Hilt[/link]

    Immediate Family: Nathan (husband), Caleb and Jared (twin sons), Lily (daughter)

    If Force sensitve, does family know?: Yes

    Brief History: Victoria was born and raised in the U.S. She grew up there as an average person, though she always felt she was different. From an early age she noticed she posessed an empathy of sorts, able to pick up on feelings and at times random snippets of thought, though the latter she chalked to her imagination. In her early teens she was approached by a man who claimed to be a scout for a Creative Learning School. Her parents let her go to a trial summer course, and Vicky found out it was actually a school for Jedi, and that she Force-sensitve. On her return home, she was told not to tell anyone about the "activites" she'd learned.

    While in high school, she met her future husband, an English Gentleman by the name of Nathan Cooper. Not wanting to keep any secrets from him for fear of losing him, Vicky told him of her powers. He was a bit taken aback
  3. Republic_Anvil

    Republic_Anvil Jedi Youngling star 1

    Oct 24, 2009
    Master_Vicky Approved

    Character Sheet:
    Casiphia Latigo

    Nicknames and/or Alias's, if any: Casi (pronounced: Kass-e)


    Gender: Female

    Nationality: American

    Current Place of Residence: London

    Appearance: Casi has always considered herself, at most, ordinary. Standing at five foot six inches and one hundred twenty pounds with brown shoulder length hair, brown eyes and fair skin she is the picture of ordinary. Casi is heavily into gymnastics and Parkour and has an athletic build because of it.

    Personality: Quite, intense, but with a good sense of humor, Casi will frequently let people make assumptions about her without correcting them, but will never intentionally lead anyone astray. This is a left over defense mechanism from her childhood when it was better to be underestimated.

    Force Sensitive: Yes

    If Yes, Light or Dark: Light

    Lightsaber: A newly crafted [link=]saber[/link]. Silver Color Blade

    Immediate Family: Jean and Harold Latigo (deceased). Persephone Latigo

    If Force sensitive, does family know?: Yes

    Brief History: Her parents, Jean and Harold Latigo, were loving people. Her father worked as a lawyer and her mother was a school teacher. Her life was happy and complete with her wanting for nothing. She had a great relationship with her older sister Persephone. When she was five they moved to London after Harold gained employment with a prestigious firm. Six years later both her parents were killed in an auto accident. Sephi being the eldest, eighteen, gained guardianship of eleven year old sister. Her parents had left them enough inheritance to survive on if they were frugal.

    It was soon after that Casi started to manifest strange powers. She could find things in the house without knowing they were missing or knew things before they happened. She was able to pick up on other peoples moods even before she entered the same room. She kept this to herself as much as possible, not wanting to scare her sister.

    It was at school that her ?powers? came to the attention of the Jedi. A bully was harassing her and her friends. After receiving a beating and forced to watch from a heap on the ground as the bully stared to hit her friend, Casi felt a surge of emotion rise through her. It built up until she thought she would explode. And, indeed, she did. The burst of Force energy hurled the bully twenty feet into a tree. This of course lead the Jedi to identify her early, and a Jedi took her on as an apprentice. Master Kayla is an old woman, but a wise Jedi, and she has been teaching Casi the Jedi ways. Casi is now approaching her trials and is anxiously awaiting them. Her studies have turned mostly towards self learning with some guidance from Master Kayla.

    Casi completed secondary school early, and has focused on activities suited to her training. She is an accomplished Gymnast, and practitioner of Parkour. She also joined a fencing academy and has competed in competitions earning a few trophies but has always held back her true skill to stay out of the spotlight. Casi has recently completed construction on her first Lightsaber, styled after a rapier.

    Casi's sister, Sephi, knows about her powers and her studies if not about the Jedi in particular, and while not exactly comfortable with them, she loves her sister no matter what.

    Anything Extra:
    She has an irrational fear of driving, being driven or anything to do with vehicles in general. She doesn't like her sisters boyfriend David, he gives her a weird feeling.

    [b]Character Sheet:
    Name:[/b] Persephone Latigo

    [b]Nicknames and/or Alias', if any:[/b] Sephi (pronounced: Sef-e)

    [b]Age:[/b] 23

    [b]Gender:[/b] Female

    [b]Nationality:[/b] American

    [b]Current Place of Residence:[/b] London

    [b]Appearance:[/b] Strawberry blond ringlets with blue eyes, Sophi stands five foot ten inches and many regard her >
  4. Sentinel001

    Sentinel001 Jedi Youngling star 2

    Apr 18, 2007
    Name: Jacob McFirth

    Nicknames and/or Alias's, if any: Jake

    Age: 31

    Gender: Male

    Nationality: Irish American

    Current Place of Residence: Hoboken, New Jersey, United States (Across the Hudson from Manhattan)

    Appearance: About 1.7 meters tall. Short Brown hair, scruffy beard, muscular build. Regularly wears a plain white v-neck and blue jeans under a black leather jacket.

    Personality: Jake is mildly reclusive. While he's by no means outgoing socially, he gets a long well with the few friends and co-workers he has and is very comfortable at home around his family to whom he is utterly devoted. Others would describe him as "a family man". He is not a violent person but he is also not entirely a pacifist. He will resort to violence only when he absolutely must.

    Force Sensitive: Yes

    If Yes, Light or Dark: Light

    Lightsaber: Blue [link=]Hilt[/link]

    Immediate Family: He has a wife named Leah McFirth and two children, one is a boy named Michael (5) and the other is a girl named Lindsey (7)

    If Force sensitve, does family know?: His wife Leah knows because of an event in which he was forced to use it in front of her. They never speak of it and the children don't know.

    Brief History: Jake was born and raised in New Jersey. His Jedi master was his father who was killed before his training could be completed by dark force users from whom he escaped. He has since changed his name and lived his whole life in secrecy, sharing his history with only his beloved wife, Leah. He works two jobs to provide for his family; one as a part time bartender at a bar called the Texas-Arizona in Hoboken and one as a construction site supervisor in Manhattan, NY. His coworkers have no idea who or what he is but are friendly with him regardless.

    Anything Extra: His lightsaber originally belonged to his father who knew Master Solomon well.

    Name: President Barrack Obama

    Nicknames and/or Alias's, if any: Mr. President

    Age: 48

    Gender: Male

    Nationality: African-American

    Current Place of Residence: Capitol Hill, Washington D.C., United States

    Appearance: [image=]

    Personality: While President Obama publicly appears stern, serious, and a brilliant orator, in private interviews and in his own home he is perhaps one of the most laid-back Presidents the United States has ever had, but he keeps a terrible secret.

    Force Sensitive: Yes

    If Yes, Light or Dark: Light

    Lightsaber: purple [link=]hilt[/link]

    Immediate Family: Spouse: Michelle Obama (m. 1992)
    Children Malia Ann Obama(b. 1998)
    Natasha (Sasha) Obama (b. 2001) <(via wikipedia)

    If Force sensitve, does family know?: No

    Brief History: Barack Hussein Obama II born August 4, 1961) is the 44th and current President of the United States. He is the first African American to hold the office. Obama previously served as the junior United States Senator from Illinois, from January 2005 until he resigned after his election to the presidency in November 2008.
    Originally from Hawaii, Obama is a graduate of Columbia University and Harvard Law School, where he was the president of the Harvard Law Review and where he received a doctorate in law. He was a community organizer in Chicago before earning his law degree. He worked as a civil rights attorney in Chicago and taught constitutional law at the University of Chicago Law School from 1992 to 2004.
    Obama served three terms in the Illinois Senate from 1997 to 2004. Following an unsuccessful bid for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives in 2000, he ran for United States Senate in 2004. Several events brought him to national attention during the campaign, including his victory in the March 2004 Democratic primary election for the United States Senator from Illinois and his prime-time televised keynote address at the Democratic National Convention in July 2004. He won elec
  5. Ktala

    Ktala Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 7, 2002
    Name: Tonya Barrister

    Nicknames and/or Alias's, if any: Tobby


    Nationality:USA (African-American/African)

    Current Place of Residence:Hollywood, CA

    Appearance: Long brown hair, left down, unless she is working, then she pins it up high. Darkly tanned skin, She has dark green eyes, and tends to wear blue jeans and loose jersey when at work . But she also likes to get very dressed out, when going out and partying with friends, who sometimes feel that she is far too much attached to her work.

    Tobby tends to have shifts of moods, that are quite different. From her parents, she likes to be a stickler for details, and will sometimes work late into the night to complete projects, other times, she gets the 'far away' look on her face, and can sit, not moving except for sketching for an hour or two, easily loosing track of time.

    She is quiet, so most people things she is almost painfully shy, but that is not totally true. She likes to observe people and her surroundings, so she has gotten good at trying to 'read' people's body language. Once she gets to know someone, however, she turns into a chatterbox, and is extremely loyal to the few friends that she does have. While she dosent mind heading out to party with other friends her age, she is more likely to curl up at home, reading or drawing. She has TONS of drawings, most she had now digitized, and stored on her computer.

    She hates it when people disorganize her organized 'clutter'. And she absolutely refuses to work with those, who seem to enjoy bullying or bossing others around, simply because they can. She has been known to walk off of several high profile jobs, because the conflicts.

    She absolutely adores and loves animals, and while her job keeps her too busy to keep a pet, she would like to get herself something large and 'fluffy' one day. Blue is her favorite color, and she ALWAYS has something blue on. She has studied Tae-QwonDo, and Jujitsu, though she hates to fight, but it was something that her father insisted on. She will use it to the defense of others, but would rather deflect from a confrontation if she can. Because of traffic, its easier for her to ride a bike to and from work, but she does own a car as well. MUST have her coffee in the morning. And because of what happened to her as a child, she absolutely positively HATES wasps and bees.

    Force Sensitive: Yes

    If Yes, Light or Dark:Light

    Lightsaber: - None at the moment

    Immediate Family: Mother- Ella (Fitzgerald) Barrister (USA), father- Gregory Barrister(British)

    If Force sensitve, does family know?:NO WAY! Parents worry enough

    Brief History:
    Tonya (or Tobby as she rather be called) grew up in California. Her family moved around to different places, as she grew up, so she was exposed to many cultures. Her mother is a doctor, while he father is a physics schoolteacher, so they were rather dismayed when she picked a job in Hollywood as her goal. She likes the jobs her parents have, but they were not for her. She has always had a somewhat 'dreamy' quality, and tends to daydream while working, which in her job, works for her. As a Special effects tech, she often comes up with very elaborate designs and special effects that no one can seem to duplicate. She sees what she wants, and then moves to duplicate it. She dreams up some of the most elaborate and special effects known in the business. She also likes the make-up and costume side of things.

    She knows she has a gift for her creations, but has no clue what it really means. She always carries a sketchpad with her, for when her 'inspirations' hit her, and a digital camera for when something catches her eye. Very happy go lucky, useful in high stress job, she dosent mind when someone gives her vague descriptions to go on, for she can usually 'fill in the blanks'. She prefers to draw up designs, but will get her hands dirty, and work on the technical side of things as well, building small props and the like. She had built things, that simply 'looked cool' to her at the moment, just to see if she could. Her job, co
  6. bundjakub23132

    bundjakub23132 Jedi Youngling star 1

    Mar 7, 2010

    Name: Petr Jan Källström

    Nicknames and/or Alias's, if any: PJ

    Age: 20

    Gender: Male

    Nationality: Swedish

    Current Place of Residence: Fall River, MA

    Appearance: PJ is 1.92 meters tall, making him easy to pick out in a crowd. He is well built, and keeps his muscles toned and shaped through daily visits to the gym. He has brown hair that he keeps no longer than the average man's "5 o'clock shadow," and rough chin stubble of the same color and length. He has green eyes the same shade of green as pine trees. He is broad shouldered, and it often appears as though his shirts are too small for his muscular frame. Whatever shirt he wears, it is near skin-tight on his chest, arms, and back. He never wears full-length pants, opting for 3/4 pants or shorts no matter the season. He would violate any office's dress code. His shoes are [link=]glowing yellow PUMA brand sneakers with red laces[/link].

    Personality: PJ is a kind, good-natured person who can come across as stiff and strict. He doesn't understand humor in English as well as he does in Swedish, and is oblivious to English sarcasm. He is a very trusting person, and tries hard to see the good in everyone. He is more than ready to die for what he believes in and the people he cares about.

    Force Sensitive: Yes

    If Yes, Light or Dark: Light

    Lightsaber: None

    Immediate Family: Parents (Damien & Julia Källström)
    Brothers (Luke & Bjorn Källström)
    Sister (Kara Källström)

    If Force sensitive, does family know?: No

    Brief History: PJ was born in Malmö, Sweden, and grew up on the tough streets of Rosengård. Here, he learned to fight and take care of himself and his three siblings. From an early age, PJ knew of his force sensitivity, but kept it hidden from his family. As an early teen, PJ developed an interest in freerunning and parkour, and took up the sports as hobbies. Despite his enormous size, he was always a little bit faster than everyone else, always able to float in the air that little bit longer, or able to avoid that obstacle a little bit sooner than the average person, but his parents chalked up his abilities to superior athleticism. His sophomore year of high school, he started a freerunning club at a local gym, and soon developed "Trupp Lycklig," an organization similar to the Boys and Girls Clubs in America that helped less fortunate families give their children a safe place to be, as well as provide an after-school activity. By the end of his high school career, nearly the whole school had joined, and "Trupp Lycklig" was competing in competitions all across Sweden. After picking up sponsorships from the likes of PUMA, Vault Energy Drinks, and Folksam Insurance for himself and his brainchild, PJ left Sweden and traveled to America to represent the Trupp in tournaments across the sea. He set up camp in Fall River, south of Boston, and tries to lead a quiet lifestyle. He has unwillingly sparked the urge to take up freerunning in some of the Fall River youths that have seen him taking runs around the city, but he has no plans of starting a new "Trupp" any time soon.

    Anything Extra: PJ is fluent in both Swedish and English, and is learning Japanese (due to approaches from Aomori Bank, Capcom, Dainippon Ink Inc., and Honda for sponsorship deals.)
  7. Master_Vicky

    Master_Vicky Jedi Padawan star 4

    Apr 29, 2003
    Alright all, just a quick update. I know you're all anxious to start the game. First though, I've run into an interesting situation. For once everyone's raring to be "good and new" lol. I need some Darksiders and Older, Experienced Jedi (or not even older, but just experienced for that matter). The plot will be driven partly by these characters, so if anyone feels up to it or wanted to, but wasn't sure if it was ok, here's your chance. Dazzle me. :p

    Secondly, I'd like to say I'm very excited about how things are looking. You've all written some amazing profiles. =D=

    Lastly, I'm working the main shift at work now, pulled a muscle in my chest (not fun), and am sharing my computer with my mom while she handles the paperwork for her umcoming marriage. What that means for us is that I'll try to get on as much as possible, but if I'm absent for a day (or two) you all know why now. Don't worry, you're not forgotten and the Game will go on, just don't always expect an update 5 times a day. Just giving you a heads up. ;)

  8. Radiance

    Radiance Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 19, 2007

    Name: Jaden Guile

    Nicknames and/or Alias's, if any: ?Jay?

    Age: 25

    Gender: Male

    Nationality: American

    Current Place of Residence: Minneapolis, Minnesota

    Appearance: Dark brown hair cut short with the ?surfer boy flip? in the front. Jade green eyes, 6?2, athletic build (if not a little on the thin side.)

    Ordinarily, Jaden can be found wearing a stylish medium length black leather jacket over any range in variety of colored T-shirts. Commonly wears khaki cargo pants or loose fit blue jeans with a normal black leather belt that has a silver clasp. Jaden often wears thin framed round sunglasses that completely shade his eye color. Typical gray/black tennis shoes adorn his feet. $5 watch rests on his left wrist.

    As a point of style, Jaden sometimes wears thin gripping black gloves for his motorcycle.

    Personality: Jaden is a laid back middle class kid without a care in the world. He makes his way through the world on luck and happenstance. Being a kind hearted individual has earned him many friends in his small town environment. As a flip side to his courteous side, Jaden likes to spoil himself with expensive toys, as he feels that there is no point in living if you can?t feel free. Though the common perception of Jaden is pretty much, ?What you see is what you get?, Jaden has an inner stigma that continues to plague him wherever he goes. He in fact wears his sunglasses to mask his eyes from people he doesn?t know, as they tend to cause people to stare at him. People staring at him sometimes makes Jaden slightly insecure.

    Force Sensitive: Yes

    If Yes, Light or Dark: Light

    Lightsaber: None yet

    Immediate Family: Jonathan and Lenora Guile (Deceased, Car accident 4 years prior to current character)

    If Force sensitve, does family know?: No

    Brief History: Jaden was a normal kid growing up in the suburbs. A normal life, normal parents, normal friends, absolutely nothing out of the ordinary. It was only when Jaden was 7 that his powers manifested themselves when a local bully tried to beat him up on his way home from school. The bully went home with a black eye that he didn?t recall how he had gotten it. Jaden on the other hand had gone home scratched up and told his parents what had happened. In accordance to natural parental reaction, they immediately enrolled Jaden for martial arts training. As it happened, Jaden took a liking to his training, and saw it for what it was, which was an art form. It wasn?t just a means to defend himself from people, it was a spiritual anchor for him. Jaden spent all of his time after school each day learning not one, but two styles of martial arts, excelling in both until he achieved a black belt in both at the age of 18.

    Normally, being an only child entails that the child is spoiled with gifts and affection. Jaden was an exception to the case. He never thought much of his own talents or physical gifts, and would readily share whatever he had with neighbors and friends. He was ready to share anything up until he got his high school graduation present, which was a brand new black Harley Davidson motorcycle. His entire family, (including extended family) had pitched in to buy it for him.

    Since then Jaden has been working his way through life, electing not to go to college, and instead studying on his own and learning only what he wants to learn. He began working at both of his martial arts schools for an income, and completely devoted himself to teaching the arts to young people, especially 4 years ago when both of his parents died tragically in a car accident. Jaden used his martial arts training to give him a way to burn off his grief, and has been living in his parents house almost for free, as his parents set up a financial failsafe earlier in life stating that if anything were to happen to them, their house would be paid off. Jaden only has to worry about his normal bills for utilities and expenses, and so he lives rather lightly.

    Jaden?s Force Sensitivity has rarely ever manifested itself thus far, except brief
  9. SunriderJazz

    SunriderJazz Jedi Youngling

    Dec 23, 2009
    Approved by our GM! [Thanks again, Master_Vicky!]

    Name: Dexter Alan Ly****ski

    Nicknames and/or Aliases: He?d much rather be called ?Dex?, to tell you the truth.

    Age: 29

    Gender: Male

    Nationality: American

    Current Place of Residence: A small, well-furnished apartment in the Back Bay neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts

    Dex isn?t the best looking guy on Earth, with raggedy dirty-blonde hair and a sometimes-unkempt goatee, but he makes up for it with his sometimes too confident swagger. His body is marked with various tattoos, picked up from his days travelling around the States. He stands at about six feet, four inches and weighs a pretty healthy one hundred and seventy-five pounds.

    Personality: Dex is known for his swagger and confidence, which some might see as being a little cocky for his own good. He?s not too bright when it comes to the academic subjects, but he?s definitely wise when it comes to the ?school of hard knocks?.

    Force Sensitivity: Dex is unique in the fact that his Force-sensitivity is limited ? he cannot perform any acts of telekinesis without great strain upon his body. Whether this is genetic or something else not even the Jedi can tell. He does have quite the affinity for affecting the minds of others, which may be a way to make up for his ?telekinetic deficiencies?.

    Lightsaber: Cyan. He rarely keeps it on his person, as he?s not much of a fighter these days.

    Immediate Family: Dex?s family is pretty much his two lovable yet crazy parents, who have retired to a small cottage on Martha?s Vineyard. He rarely keeps in contact with them though.

    If Force Sensitive, does his family know? No.

    Brief History
    Born on the East Coast, most likely somewhere in New York before moving to nearby Boston, Massachusetts, Dexter Alan Ly****ski?s life until his fourteenth birthday was? quiet an pretty normal; what you?d usually expect from the average American adolescent. He received decent grades in school, made friends, fought, and fell in love with, the girls, and y?know, all of that jazz.

    Things changed though at fifteen. Forget puberty. This was even weirder. He learned, in a date with a girl that has been lost in memory, that he could manipulate the minds of people? very easily, with almost supernatural skill. The power awed, and scared, the young Dexter. He sometimes even did it unconsciously, without knowing, without any control.

    Enter the enigmatic Roland. Who was this mysterious figure? Well, he was Jedi Knight, one of the few, and he had sensed Dexter?s ?awakening to the Force?, as he called it when he met the young man for the first time. Skeptical at first, and wondering for a while if he could just give the strange man money so he could leave him alone, Dex finally accepted a role as an ?apprentice? to the Jedi Knight.

    Dex?s teenage years were a mix of Jedi training and navigating high school, something was stressful at times, especially when it came to keeping his powers a secret. If you asked, he could name you a dozen or more times where his parents had nearly caught him practicing his Jedi powers in his bedroom. After high school, he accepted a scholarship to Berklee College of Music, where he studied jazz performance on bass for two years, before transferring to UMass to become a communications major.

    In 2010, he currently is juggling his job as a columnist for the Globe, as a Jedi Knight when he?s needed, for Roland disappeared shortly after Dex?s sophomore year of college, leaving the young man with a lightsaber, and a bass player for a jazz trio that regularly plays at Scullers?.
  10. Radiance

    Radiance Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 19, 2007
    GM APPROVED, You want Dark... I give you dark.. behold!

    Name: Lazarus Black

    Nicknames and/or Alias's, if any: John Doe, The boogeyman, The creature under your bed, Devil Incarnate..etc etc.

    Age: Unknown

    Gender: Male

    Nationality: Possibly American or English

    Current Place of Residence: Alaska

    Appearance: 6?2, naturally tanned skin, rather handsome features for a bad, bad man. Extreme toned musculature. Medium length black hair (appropriate length to either cut short or let grow out should the need for appearance alteration occur)

    Will wear whatever allows him to either blend in naturally with the population, or tactical colors when in certain environments.

    Personality: He is just dag nasty evil. The embodiment of closet ?puppy kickers?. Lazarus is a dark man that tends to use cunning and information over brute force, though he is not opposed to crushing his opposition if it suits the situation. Being swift and strong are just the secondary attributes of the man. His brain works in ways that normal humans would never understand. It delights Lazarus to twist people under false pretenses and get them to do his work for him. Meaning one simple fact. Lazarus will be your best friend right up until the point where his lightsaber pierces your heart from behind.

    Force Sensitive: Yes

    If Yes, Light or Dark: Dark

    Lightsaber: Single extended hilt, matte black in color, no other distinguishing features adorn the surface. Crimson beam.

    Immediate Family: Paulo and Kara Black, (Deceased, Patricide)

    If Force sensitve, does family know?: Well? they found out the bad way.

    Brief History: Remember when you were a kid and your parents would tell you a story to scare you straight? They would give you tales of evils and horrors so that you would brush your teeth before bed, or make sure that you were nice to other kids? Well they didn?t know it at the time but they were actually talking about Lazarus Black?

    He was born under unknown circumstances in a unknown time. All that is known about him in current times (as far as worldly government is concerned) is that he is a missing person. The Black family ended tragically in what was deemed a natural gas explosion 30 years ago. The bodies of the mother and father were recovered and identified by dental records, but the child in the family tree was mysteriously missing. It was presumed that the natural gas explosion may have been a setup of some kind and that young Lazarus was kidnapped, but nothing was ever proven and the case was dropped by local authorities. Behind the scenes however, it had been a teenage Lazarus Black that had used the Force to first torture, and then eliminate his mother and father. He saw them as weak minded fools who were content with a meaningless existence. Lazarus himself moved on rather quickly from the whole ordeal, and started using his talents in the Force and began training to become stronger. He wanted to be stronger than anyone that could oppose him. Eventually he took the notice of a stronger Force User named Daemon. The Darksider saw massive potential in Lazarus and wanted him to become a tool of destruction. So Daemon trained the boy and even taught him the ways of subtlety and cunning, then went as far as allowing Lazarus to build his own lightsaber.

    Sometime later, Daemon ?committed suicide?.

    That is where Lazarus? trail goes cold. But his stamp has been left on history, behind the scenes and unbeknownst to anyone in the world save the people he interacts with.

    Anything Extra:

    The Okalahoma bombing? Lazarus showed Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols how to wire an explosive and gave them the idea that things were bad in the US.

    Columbine Shooting? Lazarus gave those students an unreleased copy of The Matrix.

    Virginia Tech Shooting? He thought it would be fun to watch. A nudge with the Force, a well placed hunting rifle and a bucket of popcorn later?

    9/11? Seriously? did you really think that Osama Bin Laden thought of that himself..? Honestly?.
  11. Master_Vicky

    Master_Vicky Jedi Padawan star 4

    Apr 29, 2003
    Alright, got a lot of submissions for Darksiders, all very good. Lol, I hope they are too much of a loose cannon. I'll go ahead and close the request for Darksiders. I still need more Experienced Jedi, those that have been in the fold for a while, know the ropes and such. And don't forget you can be a non-force user as well. :)

    We'll be ready to start soon guys. Don't get too ansty on me.

  12. LordPullus

    LordPullus Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jul 6, 2006
    GM Approved

    Character Sheet:
    Name: Wayne Maximus Taylor

    Nicknames and/or Alias's, if any: Rude Boy/Mad Max

    Age: 24

    Gender: male

    Nationality: Jamaican-American

    Current Place of Residence: Los Angeles, Ca

    Appearance: Is physically fit, and well conditioned. His facial features carry a unmistakable strength though it hides his knack for compassion. Wayne's eyes carry an intensity that is far beyond his years.
    Height:6ft 2in
    Skin tone:light brown
    Eye color:hazel
    hair style/color:Wayne sports a low cut fade his hair color is dark brown.
    Clothes:A loose white t-shirt, loose blue jeans (brand name), pair of white adidas, chrome colored watch, and a silver and gold belt buckle.

    Personality: Wayne by nature is a protective person of those who seek, and earn his trust. While he carries a chip on his shoulder Wayne never forgets his responsibility. He's known as a wise crack who could be considered a little rough on the edges, and never fully content with something if it comes easy.

    Wayne rarely allows his emotions to get the best of him though he can become violent went pushed there, but he strives to keep his humor forefront though he doesnt take crap from anyone. Loyalty and trust go hand in hand as far as Wayne is concerned, and once you gain Wayne's its a binding promise that only can be broken by the person who earned it.

    Force Sensitive: Yes

    If Yes, Light or Dark: Light with dark tremors.

    Lightsaber: No

    Immediate Family: Marcus Wayne Taylor (Jamaican Father) Sheila Taylor (Irish American Mother), Marcus Taylor Jr(Younger Brother), Eliza Rita Wolfgram(Older Sister), Lloyd Taylor (Oldest Brother), Jennifer Adams Taylor (Sister in law), Paul Wolfgram(Brother in law), Prince Paul Wolfgram(Nephew), Wayne Marcus Wolfgram(Nephew) Cherish Sheila Taylor(Niece).

    Crew:Marcus Taylor Jr(MTJ, Mechanic/Driver), Terrance Curtis(T-Nack, Mechanic), Shelton Banks (Piggy Bank, Mechanic), Jimmy Pow (Mr. P, electronics specialist) Layla Mitchell(Mamma's, Driver/Marcus Jr's Girlfriend).

    If Force sensitve, does family know?:Yes though its a subject hardly discussed.

    Brief History: Wayne Taylor is the third of four children born to a crane operator(Marcus Taylor), and a part time caregiver (Sheila Taylor). Wayne was a rebel as a young kid though his unbreakable loyalty to his family would usually earn him their forgiveness no matter the problem. They lived in a rougher part of LA, and it was a place that would conform Wayne into the semi social outlaw he would become. Tolerance for different people was something Wayne had to pick up on early, yet his trust for people would become painstakingly difficult to cultivate. He prefers a tight knit of people around him his brother Marcus being a close confidant, yet Wayne is well known and does associate with a wide array of people in LA.

    Wayne through his teenage years would become street affliated as he dove head first into the world of street racing becoming its number one at the age of seventeen. Wayne would excel in racing because of two traits that came natural to him though he couldn't explain it. Ever since as a young boy Wayne's reflex's seemed beyond superhuman the quickness with which he could react to any situation was mind numbing. Add to that fact was his ability to focus in on any given moment, and string together multiple possible outcomes gave Wayne an upper hand though he never truly trusted his nudges.

    Yet Wayne wasn't faliable as he found out first hand at the age of twenty when he was sentenced to three years of prison for his involvment in a vehicular manslaughter charge. A race that turned bad when the other four racers lost control resulting in two deaths something that would haunt Wayne for a long time. He ended up serving twenty eight months being released early on good behavior though his encounters with a few shady characters inside prison would give Wayne a dark tremor he would have to fight hard to keep away from his loved ones.

    Now a year after being rel
  13. LordPullus

    LordPullus Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jul 6, 2006

    Name: Kendrick Hughes

    Nicknames and/or Alias's, if any:Mr. Hughes

    Age: 46



    Current Place of Residence: San Diego

    Appearance: Kendrick true to his well mannered nature is just as so in regards to his appearance. He is a stickler for remaining healthy in all aspects of his life, and so his body tone is pretty much what it was ten years ago. He is considered handsome by most standards though nothing to noticable about him which suits him just fine.
    Skin:light tan
    hair:light brown with slight graying on the sides keeps it clean cut
    clothes:is usually well dressed a suit at the very least. Casually wears tailored slacks, Italian leather dress shoes, a light colored designer polo shirt, a gold rolex, and a diamond encrusted 24kt gold ring on pinky of right hand.

    Personality: Is a well mannered, and refined individual. Sometimes considered a tad stiff, yet Kendrick possesses an inner strength that gives off a sense of calm for those surrounding him. Emotions while being a part of him hardly come into show as years of self masterey have paid off in that regard though he at times can be seen as emotionless. He carries himself with respect, and demands more of himself then at times thought possible.

    Force Sensitive: Yes

    If Yes, Light or Dark: Light

    Lightsaber: Blue colored blade with a chrome colored hilt hand grips customed to fit his hand, and is Force activated.

    Immediate Family: Marcy Hughes age 36 (wife deceased), Lita Hughes age 11 (daughter deceased), Silas Harris (adopted father/Former master)

    If Force sensitve, does family know?:Yes wife was also jedi

    Brief History: Kendrick is a board member in JP Morgan a financial institution known world wide as well as having connection throughout the financial circles of the globe. He has been with the company since the age of twenty one, and together with his wife Marcy became the company power couple though neither set out to become such. Orphaned at the age of two Kendrick was adopted by an australian jedi Silas Harris who worked as an accountant in Sydney. Silas was able to sense the Force abilities within Kendrick as a young boy, and was surprised at Kendrick's ability to exert considerable control over his abilities. Silas found Kendrick a engaging child who seemed to hold favor with the light of the Force Kendrick's connection to the Living Force was a source of comfort for the jedi. Trained up from the time he could walk Kendrick learned dedication to the life of a jedi from the very people he would seek to emulate, and through his time there he would encouter a few others who would forge lifetime connections with him.

    Kendrick at the age of nine was apprenticed officially to Silas, and he would serve as a padawan till the age of twenty where he reached knighthood. Known as a soft spoken young man known for his ability to adapt Kendrick would use his skills to become a great asset for the Order. Marcy was a constant in Kendricks life having followed the same path, and the two would grow close marrying not to long after Kendrick became a junior associate at JP Morgan moving to New York the apex of the financial world. For twelve years the two would obtain a status of wealth reserved for professional athletes though the addition of their daughter Lily would be their greatest treasure. They would serve as jedi when needed(Kendrick becoming master to Lily) their careers would enable them to forge connections with jedi planetwide, and so life was everything Kendrick could have ever possibly envisioned for himself.

    Yet on September eleventh his world would come crashing down upon him as he lost the two most important women in his life. While away on a business trip for JP Morgan Kendrick would learn that his wife, and daughter would lose their lives due to the heinous attack on the world trade center towers. Never had he suffered such a loss, and it would take the efforts of his father Silas to gui
  14. Republic_Anvil

    Republic_Anvil Jedi Youngling star 1

    Oct 24, 2009
    Vicky approved

    Character Sheet:
    Name: Kayla Natalya Simonova

    Nicknames and/or Alias's, if any: Kay

    Age: 98

    Gender: Female

    Nationality: Russian

    Current Place of Residence:

    Appearance: [image=][image=]

    Personality: Kind, understanding and wise. Kayla has many of the answers to life's problems because she lived through them.

    Force Sensitive:

    If Yes, Light or Dark:

    Lightsaber: Simple silver hilt. Gold blade

    Immediate Family:
    Boris Simonova (Deceased) Natasha Simonova-Smith (deceased) Helen Smith (Missing)

    If Force sensitive, does family know?: No

    Brief History:
    Born in 1912, Kayla Natalya Simonova grew up in Moscow. She was identified early by the Jedi order and was raised in the light. She grew into a formidable Jedi. She married and had a child. Her husband was drafted into the Russian war machine during World War 2. He was sent to Stalingrad where he was killed in battle against the Nazis.

    Kayla was a nurse during the war, having a talent for healing. She received word of her husband two months after his death but had known the instant it had happened. After the war she raised her daughter in the Jedi way, even though she was relatively weak in the force.

    Her daughter eventually grew up and married and had a daughter of her own. Kayla was happy for her daughter and saw her and her grandchild often.

    Then disaster struck.

    Her daughter Natasha and her husband were murdered. A darksider left his calling card behind claiming responsibility. Helen was missing from the scene and never seen again. Kayla has spent years searching for her grandchild with no leads. She has been teaching young Jedi, moving from city to city, fulfilling her responsibility to the Jedi and continuing the search for her grandchild.
    She has recently taken on Casiphia Latigo, a talented young apprentice that will make an excellent Jedi. Kayla has taken a personal interest in Casiphia, mostly because she reminds Kayla of her own daughter Natasha.

    Anything Extra:
    Due to her talent of healing with the Force, Kayla's body ages slower then normal. Most people would mistake her for a woman in her fifties. If she would color her hair to something other then the pure silver it is she could easily pass for an even younger woman.
  15. Master_Vicky

    Master_Vicky Jedi Padawan star 4

    Apr 29, 2003
    Alright folks. Just a few more people need to get their Character Sheets up and we'll be ready to go. Once we do start up the game, those still wanting to join can still pm me their sheets as I will be accepting them. :) Also, if you have any questions about anything at any point in time, please feel free to ask me. I'm a semi-open book. :p

  16. Nadia-Oomia

    Nadia-Oomia Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 4, 2009
    GM Approved

    Name: Gwen Cedars

    Nicknames and/or Alias's, if any: Senator Cedars

    Age: 29

    Gender: Female

    Nationality: British

    Current Place of Residence: Belfast, Maine

    Appearance: [image=]

    Personality: Gwen is very anal, she always has everything in the right spot, if it moves she knows, she is very precise and wants to have everything perfect so naturally she wants everything neat and organized, she doesn?t get humor and she?s a workaholic. She is very cold and just wants you to get the work done and done right the first time. She doesn?t make time for socializing and only goes to meetings or events if it is absolutely mandatory for her to be there.
    Force Sensitive: Yes

    If Yes, Light or Dark: Dark

    Lightsaber: [link=]lightsaber[/link] with a red blade

    Immediate Family: William Cedars (Husband) Bahiyaa Mahumd e Raq (Adoptive Daughter

    If Force sensitve, does family know?: Yes

    Brief History: Mrs. Cedars was orphaned and so doesn?t know who her biological parents are, she doesn?t wish to know either, she has gotten it stuck into her head that the only logical explanation for her parents to have abandoned her was because she was completely ?perfect?. Gwen is obssesed with perfection and won?t stand for anything less but her ?perfect? world soon came crashing down when she found out that she was force sensitive, that was when she was 21, and so anger started to rise in her as she became more and more aware that she wasn?t as perfect as she wanted to be. Quite a few years later she became a senator and found her source of hope, she thinks now that she is a senator she can finally achieve the ?perfect? world she has always dreamed about, but is this world she is thinking about really perfect? Besides her want for everything to be perfect Gwen is pretty much the opposite, she found out that she couldn't have children early on in her marriage with William although that wasn't much of a grievance to her until a trip to Afghanistan struck a chord with her. She found Raq in an orphanage, Gwen was very understanding of how this little girl felt so without thinking she adopted Raq and took her home which William willingly accepted into the family.

    Anything Extra: She has a great love of art and so she loves to draw and paint with the very rare moments that she has time


    Name: Bahiyaa Mahmud e Raq

    Nicknames and/or Alias's, if any: Raq

    Age: 17

    Gender: Female

    Nationality: Afghani

    Current Place of Residence: Belfast, Maine

    Appearance: [image=] is what she looks like without her head scarf, but she refuses to leave her residence without one on

    Personality: Bahiyaa is Submissive, quiet, serious and doesn?t have much of a sense of humor, she is very unstrusting of other people and has a habit of always looking over her shoulder expecting someone to attack her. She sees the world as nothing more than a pit filled with filthy scum that needs to be cleansed

    Force Sensitive: Yes

    If Yes, Light or Dark: Dark

    Lightsaber: [link=]lightsaber[/link]and a red blade

    Immediate Family: Aaquila Mahmud e Raq (Sister deceased) William Cedars (Adoptive Father) Gwen Cedars (Adoptive Mother)

    If Force sensitve, does family know?: Yes

    Brief History: Since the age of seven Raq took care of herself and her little sister Aaquila, they barely got by, it made it especially hard when the war started with the Americans, Raq and her sister had to constantly hide to keep away from the Americans as well as the Afghani who were constantly shooting. A few years after the war started Raq took her eyes off of her sister for only a minute was when and IED claimed her life. After that Raq went to an orphanage as well as an emotional spiral, not trusting anyone and almost drove hersel
  17. Master_Vicky

    Master_Vicky Jedi Padawan star 4

    Apr 29, 2003
    Alright folks, here we go. :)

    Sunriderjazz, Bundjakub23132
    Scullers Jazz Club, Boston, Mass.

    Jared Cooper
    Walked into the the club, a smile instantly popping onto his face as he recognized a familiar song. He and his brother were on one of their weekend meet ups and he'd suggested the place. There was a band playing tonight that Jared had been dying to hear. The bassist used to attend his college and he rocked.Dexter was his name, if he remembered correctly. Caleb was really more interested in the food, but he didn't mind good music and his little brother was never wrong when it came to it.

    The twins took a seat, a waitress coming over to get their drink orders. "So how've have been bro?" Caleb asked.

    Jared shrugged. "Not too bad. This music theory class I'm taking is kickin' my butt."

    "Yeah?" the older boy shook his head. "I'd die in a class like that. I don't know how you do it. It's all jiberish to me."

    "And that's why I'm the music major and you're the jock." Jared replied with a smirk.

    Caleb laughed. "Yeah yeah. So how's your song coming along?"

    Again the boy shrugged, looking down a bit. He was a bit shy about his work. "It's coming. I'm not really in a big hurry. Just kind of writing as it comes you know?"

    He nodded. "That's cool."

    Behind them the door to the club opened again and in came Petr Källström. Someone had passed on the word that Scullers was a good place to look in to if he was ever in the area, and he'd finally gotten around to checking it out.

    Ktala, LordPullus

    In his coat pocket was a letter. They always came the same way: No stamp, no return address, just his hand-written name in the center of the envelope. They didn't come often, and he knew who they were from, so he also knew that it was important.

    Kendrick, I hope you're doing well my friend. We've found another candidate, and a special one at that. She may be the one I've been waiting for, so that's why I've asked you to get her. Her name is Tonya Barrister and she's in Hollywood. She works in the movie business, special effects, if that helps. I know normally we ease them into this, but she'll need to know the truth right off the bat. You'll be bringing her here to me and time cannot be wasted. If I've found her, than others have too. And be careful. Something's been stirring, and it's not good. I feel something big is going to happen soon. Thank you as always my friend, and may the Force be with you.


    Hopefully Ms. Barrister wouldn't mind a home visit.

    Republic Anvil

    "Mom! I'm heading out for the thing I told you about! I'll be back later tonight! Love you!"

    Lily Cooper Dashed out of the house before her parents could even return the sentiment. Hoping into her car, she made her way down the long driveway and headed onto the road towards London. It was at least an hour's drive and she didn't want to miss the event. She'd come across a flier at her Art Academy for Parkour demonstrations. "Art in Motion" it'd said. After looking it up a bit online she became intstantly engrossed in it. It was so facinating.

    So after discussing it with her parents, saying it'd be good "research" for her training, they'd given her permission to go out by herself.

    Back in the house Vicky and her husband Nathan were chuckling at their daugther's enthusiasm. Coming up behind his wife who was finishing up the last of the dishes from breakfast, Nate wrapped his arms Vicky's waist and placed a gentle kiss on her shoulder.

    "We have the house to ourselves, Love..."

    A knowing smile snuck onto her lips. "True, but we also have company coming this afternoon. I invited Kayla over, remember?"

    Nathan's deep voice rumbled in his chest as if he were thinking about it. "Yes, but we've got a few hours yet before then."

    Vicky let out a short snicker. "You know how we get. If we start that up, you might as well call off the whole day."

    His response was to start
  18. Ktala

    Ktala Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 7, 2002
    Tonya Barrister
    Tonya's Home, Hollywood, CA

    Tonya's wipes her brow, as she walks through her door, pushing her bike inside with her. Taking a swig from her water bottle, she plops down on the sofa, enjoying the coolness of the air conditioner. As she looks over, she can see that her phone has several messages on it. She chuckles softly. Most that knew her knew, once she started work, she tended to ignore things like her cell phone and the link, to concentrate on her work. Except her parents of course. They always knew how to get in hold of her. Or, rather, she kinda knew when they were looking for her, it seemed sometimes.

    Tonya kicked off her shoes, and unpinned her hair, letting it fall loosely past her shoulders as she breathed in a sigh of relief. Looking over, she patted the huge fat stuffed dog that sat on her couch. She wished she could have a real dog, but her odd hours and long nights, the poor thing would suffer. Coudlnt have that!

    A few moments later, Tonya walked into the kitchen, grabbing a coke. A quick peek in the fridge and she decided to nuke some leftover fried rice. With her coke and some food, she went back into the living room, and plopped down on the couch. Munching on her quick meal, she decided to play her messages.

    Parents. They were busy. Good. Kept them from worrying about her. A vacation. About time.
    Job offer for a new job. Some new sci-fi. Ohh. 3D stuff. A possibility.
    Message to check her email. Ugh. Probably some post production job they want a rush on. She would look later. She had nothing current.
    4 sales jerks.
    eh.. nothing else interesting.

    Tony decided she would call her parents later.

    Right now, her fingers were itching. Time to sketch. Putting down her plate, she reached over, and grabbed her mailbag she carried with her, and pulled out a sketch pad. She pulled out a tiny alarm clock and set it. If she didnt, she found that she would sometimes sketch for hours, loosing all track of time.

    Setting the clock, she sat back, and began to draw...

  19. Radiance

    Radiance Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 19, 2007
    IC: Jaden Guile

    Jaden raised his eyebrow questioningly at the letter that contained the plane ticket to New York. Why would he qualify for an all expenses paid trip? He hadn't entered any contest. There was no return address, so he had literally no way of knowing who had sent him the strange letter.

    He stared at it for a moment longer before tossing it on his kitchen table. He would think about it later, his life was busy enough as it was without taking some random vacation. He had a martial arts school to run, people to take care of, and generally... Jaden just didn't like traveling for no reason.

    Jaden showered and got dressed before returning to the kitchen. As he made himself breakfast, he must have looked at the letter half a dozen times. It just didn't add up to him. Who would send him something like that and for what reason? He tried putting it to the back of his brain, and failed somewhat. It just kept nagging him. Like it was important or something. Just another thing in his life he couldn't really put his finger on.

    Eventually, Jaden gave up his mental pursuit and grabbed his jacket and sunglasses. He opened the garage door and made his way out to his Harley. He pushed his sunglasses up the bridge of his nose and started up the engine. It was time to get on with the day. Jaden cranked the throttle and rode from the driveway. He enjoyed the wind blowing through his hair. Few things ever really got Jaden excited. Riding his motorcycle was one of the things that did. It was a kind of ultimate freedom. Nothing could touch him while he was riding. There simply was no other way to put it. While he was riding, Jaden was free.

    It wasn't saying too much altogether. Jaden lived a generally carefree life. But he still had his personal responsibilities. Today, it was meeting a few people for lunch later in the day, after helping old Mrs. Jensin set up her television. The cable company wouldn't lift a finger to help an 80 year old woman connect a couple of loose wires. Apparently, it wasn't worth their time. That really bugged Jaden, so he had volunteered today to go and help her himself.

    That was just the kind of guy Jaden was.

    A couple of hours later, Jaden slipped his jacket back on and gave Mrs. Jensin a hug as he left her house. Her TV was working properly and he had gotten some priceless homemade cookies for his troubles.

    Jaden remounted his bike and headed to the Arby's where he was meeting John and Kittie. His friends were already there and had a booth. He explained what had happened with Mrs. Jensin and told them about the letter he had received. They both told him that he could use a vacation and encouraged him to go.

    He really couldn't argue. If he had won a contest then there was really only one way to find out. He would just have to go and see what the deal was.

    A day later Jaden was on a plane to New York, his normal sunglasses and leather jacket in their rightful places on his body. All he could do was shake his head.

    What in the world am I doing....?

    Tag Master Vicky

    OOC: Sorry for the short and bland post, was a bit distracted
  20. SunriderJazz

    SunriderJazz Jedi Youngling

    Dec 23, 2009
    Dex Ly****ski
    Scullers? Jazz Club [Boston, Mass.]

    Dex ran a hand through his raggedy blonde hair a few times, then waved his hand at the piano player to get his attention. ?I?m feeling?? he began to say as he thought of some tune to play. His free hand, the one not wrapped around the standing acoustic bass, tugged tightly at the black tie, which was kind of choking him to death, to loosen its hold a bit. He could breathe! Finally!

    ?Oh, I know! How ?bout? ?Autumn Leaves?? It?s easy, it?s a classic, heck, everyone loves it,? he exclaimed excitedly with a wide smile, unveiling pretty identical rows of pearly white teeth. That sparked the drummer?s snapping fingers as he counted off the song, drumsticks held loosely in a hand.

    ?One [snap][snap], two [snap][snap], one [snap], two [snap], a? one, two, three, four.?

    And so, the trio was off onto another musical adventure. Dex laid down the root of each chord, matching his two-feel pattern to that of the drummer?s beats on his sizzling ride, then began to walk up and down the chord, providing the sounds for which the piano could place the melody upon. Dex lowered his head a small bit, rocking back and forth on his heels as he laid down the time.

    Scullers, perhaps the most famous jazz club in town not named the Regattabar, Wally?s, or Ryles?, was crowded as usual. Over the sounds of his bass, he could hear the tinkling of glasses touching each other in a formal toast, the clanging of dishes and forks and knives and all of that other kitchenware, the sounds of people conversing and laughing about sorts of matters from forgetting to pay the bills to whatever mischief their kids were causing these days.

    There was something on the edge of Dex?s awareness though that was a bit of a cause for concern yet he couldn?t focus on it without being distracted and losing his place within the chords of ?Autumn Leaves?. The distinct presence of Force-users was in the area, a palpable feeling almost like a smell that wafted through his awareness and into his brain. Rarely did they all gather in one area but when they did? well, something was usually up.

    Dex shrugged off the weird feeling. He was probably just being paranoid, and focused back on laying down the third and fifth of the chords as the piano player began a sweeping solo.

    TAG: denizens of Scullers? Jazz Club
  21. Sentinel001

    Sentinel001 Jedi Youngling star 2

    Apr 18, 2007
    IC: President Obama
    Location: The Oval Office, Washington D.C.

    "Excuse me, Mr. President? I was told to inform you that there's a call waiting for you on line 12."

    The President had been in a little bit of a trance when she'd walked in. He did this a lot. Many people assumed that he was simply resting his eyes; the President of the United States of America must have led a stressful and tiring life. These people were only half right. While stress and exhaustion were a large part of Barrack Obama's day-to-day routine, his frequent fits of sleeping on the job weren't what they seemed.

    President Obama was not sleeping. He was meditating.

    Few people truly knew what kind of power he wielded outside of politics, but right now one of those people was trying to contact him. Right now, he sensed, things were being set in motion that would culminate in a conflict that would shake the world to its core.

    Right now, it began.

    "Thank you, Stephanie," replied the President, "I need to take this in private if you don't mind."

    "Certainly, sir," she said with a smile, "I'll be right outside if you need me."

    As Stephanie left the room, President Obama composed himself. He took a deep breath, did what he could to clear his mind of all that plagued it: healthcare, Iraq, Afghanistan, terrorism, his family... none of it was as important as this phone call. Taking another deep breath, the President reached under his desk, and answered the phone hidden within it.

    "Yes, Master Solomon,"

    TAG: Master_Vicky
  22. Republic_Anvil

    Republic_Anvil Jedi Youngling star 1

    Oct 24, 2009
    IC: Casiphia Latigo

    Casi continued to stretch as people entered the field, finding seats in the stands. The football field was almost half full and it seemed, that was as full as it was going to get.

    The field was set up with obstacles, false walls, and vehicles. It looked like a couple of typical city blocks, all setup by professional Parkour teachers. Casi and four others had been asked to run the course with out foreknowledge of it, as a demonstration for those that were even now gathering.

    Casi was in her black with a pink strip gymnastics uniform and running shoes. The close fitting outfit wouldn't catch on anything and would allow her the freedom to move she needed in order to perform at her best.

    A wave of performance anxiety swept through her. She had never liked being the center of attention or even remotely close to it. She drew deeply on the Force, letting the energy course through her like a cleansing flood washing away all of her emotions and leaving her in a state of tranquility.

    She sensed a pulse of emotion from the stands, a mixture of pride and accomplishment. Casi looked into the stands and saw the source of the emotions.

    Master Kayla.

    Of course Casi's Master would show up at the demonstration to give her support. Casi smiled, she had lucked out when the Jedi had put her with Master Kayla. The woman was kind, knowledgeable and immensely patient. For close to five years Kayla had been the cornerstone of Casi's world. Her presence was the most reassuring one she could have hoped for next to her sister's.

    Persephone was, as usual, at work. Which was better then out with that David character, something about him rankled her and she couldn't figure out why.
    The announcer started to speak to the crowd. ?Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Urban Motion, the free-running demonstration...?

    Casi tuned him out, she had third run at the course and her name would be called a few minutes before, and set herself to relaxing her muscles.

    TAG: Vicky

    [b]IC: Kayla Simonova

    Kayla sat down in the stands that looked out on the football field. The Parkour course looked very challenging, and Kayla had no doubt it would test Casi's skills well. The young woman showed great potential and would become a great Jedi if the girl would just learn a bit more control.

    Kayla watched as Casi stretched, she could feel the girls anxiety rising rapidly. Casi's use of the Force to quell her rising emotion made Kayla smile. ?Good girl.? Kayla sent a mental pat on the back to Casi. The girl had a good head on her shoulders when she chose to use it.

    Kayla was glad that her lessons were sticking with her young apprentice. Casi reminded her so much of her grand-daughter that the loss in her heart was a little easier to deal with these days.

    Just the thought of her missing grand-daughter made Kayla's heart skip a beat. It had been almost fifty years since she had been taken and not even a whisper of whither she was alive or dead could be found. Kayla had wondered from time to time if her Helen had grown up and had a family. What kind of life she had lived. A single tear rolled down Kayla's cheek, she wiped it away and her features were once again pristine.

    Kayla glanced at her watch, she had a few hours before she was to be at the Cooper's. Kayla hadn't talked to Vicky in a while and it was time to start introducing Casi to other Jedi.

    [b]TAG: Vicky [/b] >
  23. Morkai

    Morkai Jedi Youngling star 3

    Mar 29, 2005
    GM approved :)

    Character Sheet:
    Name:Culain Smith

    Nicknames and/or Alias's, if any: n/a

    Age: 29

    Gender: male

    Nationality: Australian

    Current Place of Residence: Melbourne, Australia

    Appearance: 5'8, stocky muscular build, tanned, shoulder length light brown hair (top half being held back in a pony tail, hazel eyes. Has a ready smile, and looks as though he is in on a joke that noone knows about, left arm has a japanese sleeve tattoo, he usually wears skate shoes, dark green cargo pants, a black t shirt and waist length black jacket.

    Personality: Culain has a deeply ingrained sense of personal honour, often suffering for his need to be honest and straightforward, he is also a joker and always seems to find the funny side of any given situation. Once he has given someone his loyalty he will stand by them and for them to the bitter end, usually with a laconic quip ready to annoy the people he's facing. Though he prefers to think any action through he's prone to rushing in when someone he cares about is in danger. He dislikes liars and people who dont keep to their word, as well as people who seem to enjoy the sound of their own vioce drive him up the wall.

    Force Sensitive: yes

    If Yes, Light or Dark: light

    Lightsaber: green

    Immediate Family: mother Christina Smith, father Liam Smith and younger brother Connor Smith

    If Force sensitve, does family know?: yes

    Brief History:Culain, was brought up in a loving family in the suburbs of south east melbourne, his father a veteran of Vietnam and the Australian SAS was determined his boys would be able to defend themselves and from an early age enrolled them in martial arts. As they grew Culain and he brother experimented with several martial arts, yet Culains potential seemed to grow and grow. He seemed to almost be able to predict what his opponents could do, and as he got older his strength and speed grew at phenominal rates. He took up parkur or free running and gymnastics to increase his fitness .When he left school he took up teaching at his masters Shaolin kung fu school until he had enough money to travel. He spent two years traveling europe partying and asia spending alot of time at the shaolin temple, where he became more and more aware of his abilities. When he came home his master explained the force and the Jedi brotherhood to him admitting that he'd been training him to be a jedi since he'd joined the school. He is again preparing to go travelling, reguarding his force powers as skills much like the martial arts he is hoping to meet other Jedi and expand his skills sets.

    Anything Extra: n/a
  24. bundjakub23132

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    Mar 7, 2010
    Petr Jan Källström
    Sculler's Jazz Club [Boston, MA]

    PJ thanked the bouncer and moseyed his way up the stairs to Sculler's Jazz Club. A bouncer for a jazz club? he thought to himself as he opened the door to the club. How he had managed to get past, being underage, was a mystery, but PJ wasn't complaining. Maybe PJ had scared him. Hopefully he was not afraid of me, PJ thought.

    This club was causing quite a stir amongst people around the area, and PJ had an insatiable desire to see for himself. He now saw what the deal was all about. It was crowded and somewhat hazy, but there was still significant lighting. As he looked around at the various attire, he quickly realized he was overdressed. He scratched his head, and heard a few stitches pop in the sleeve of his tuxedo. He didn't have enough money to get a fitted suit, and buying off the rack was quite a chore. He rarely found a shirt that could fit his enormous torso. Outside his normal dress code, his legs felt suffocated beneath the black slacks he was wearing, and his feet pained him is he dress shoes. Adjusting his thin, faux-Italian tie, he loped clumsily over to an empty table near two boys who were, apparently, brothers. As he sat down, a weird feeling washed over him, similar to the feeling he got when he used his abilities. It is nothing of importance, he told himself.

    A waitress came over to take his order, which PJ had to repeat more than once. She kept getting distracted by something on PJ's suit, though he couldn't locate anything on the front or sleeves that would attract the amount of attention the waitress was giving it. When she finally had his order correct and had left, PJ sat back and began listening to the music. The bassist also appeared uncomfortable in his tie, and PJ smirked a little when the bassist loosened it significantly before beginning his next song. The feeling came over PJ again as he and the bassist locked eyes for a moment, and again PJ brushed it off. The song was nice, and PJ found the food to be quite delicious. Leaning back in his chair, PJ began to think about his freerunning competition the next week.

    TAG: Vicky,Sunriderjazz
  25. LordPullus

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    Jul 6, 2006
    Los Angeles, CA

    The drive up the 405 freeway from San Diego had provided Kendrick ample time to mull over the request he received eariler that morning. The Order had adapted over time the events of the past whether good or bad ensured that the jedi would do all they needed to in all aspects of their life. Yet every situation had its exemption, and Kendrick was more curious then concerned as to why they where openly seeking out a new candidate though the Force seemed to remain quiet on the matter.

    "Times are indeed changing", the jedi master mused to himself as he switched off the 405 north merging onto the 101 east before exiting off his desired exit a vanilla envelop contained all the basic information he had pulled off the web concerning the candidate.

    The young lady possessed a sharp mind Kendrick learned through his brief research, and the fact that she had pull in not only Hollywood but LA at such an early stage in her career spoke highly of her charisma. The Force surely did resided within Tonya which played a large part regarding Kendrick's curiousness in the matter, and as he pulled his Range Rover onto the street which listed where Tonya's home would be located the jedi master could feel the subtle nudges of the Force.

    The neighborhood had a unique elegance to it as Kendrick stepped out of his vehicle noting that while the sun was high the air remain pleasant enough. Crossing the street briskly Kendrick found that the air in this sector of LA wasn't smog congested, and making his way towards the designated home the jedi master allowed for the Force to fill his being calming his mind before he knocked three times gently on the door.

    Tag:Tonya B

    [b]IC:Wayne [/b]
    [i]Los Angeles, CA[/i]

    A solitary figure made his way wearily out of the garage his shadow loomed large over the deserted parking lot the moon casting a eerie glow over the night sky. A lone fully restored 66 black chevelle with certain owner modifications that at one point had made Wayne the most revered street racer in all of the western United States. But those days were long gone as the affects of being incarcerated still loomed large over his life though Wayne fought hard to free himself.

    As he neared his car Wayne noticed a single file on his window shield that drew a deep contrast against his car, and quickly he removed it noting the words inscribed upon it.

    [b][i]THE TRUE WAY[/i][/b]

    Inside was a note with an address, time, and a small message regarding to something that mad Wayne pause. He had been writing it off as some bad joke by one of his brothers or one of the crew, yet the words concering troubles he might be facing stopped him in his tracks, and for a moment Wayne thought he felt the presences of another nearby though the feeling was gone in the space of a breath. Opening the door to his car Wayne tossed his bag into the passenger seat before sliding in to the driver's side his mind still contemplating if he should take the note serious. He had Ju Jitzu class in twenty minutes, yet Wayne couldn't shake the note out of his mind even as he fired up the chevelle pressing down on the gas a few times to rev up the engine.

    [b]"What's one missed session",[/b] he finally muttered after a few minutes of debating with himself sliding the gear shaft into first the chevelle moved powerfully due to the torque out of the parking lot before roaring off into the night its driver wondering just what kind of trouble was he getting himself into.

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