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Reference Wotann Valannora (Character Creation thread)

Discussion in 'Role Playing Resource' started by Jedi Battlemaster Drallig, Jan 30, 2017.

  1. Jedi Battlemaster Drallig

    Jedi Battlemaster Drallig Jedi Padawan star 1

    Jan 23, 2017
    ~~~ Greetings yet again, fellow Roleplayers ~~~
    Seeing as we are at the gateway of our start,
    I Joyfully present you with our Player Roster:
    Jsmith24 playing as Bren Rosk, an Apostate Battlemage
    galactic-vagabond422 as Rebecca Dragon, a Dragonblood Warrioresse
    greyjedi125 as Valin Barsylar, a Spellsword Healer
    Darth_Elu as Aztallus and Jhaevala Fospída, both Draenei Demons/Maiar Protectors
    Ktala as Velaria, a Druidic Spirit, and Torin, a Dragon Aspect
    Nehru_Amidala as Anastrianna Evendur, a Famed Witcher
    Darth Osnil as Orank Utoizon, a Rebelmage Headmaster, and His Daughters
    Moonspun Dragon as Lock, a Nightblade Beastmistress
    Jax Nova as Thudpaw, a Worg-Lycan Tracker for-hire, and Calypso, his Harpy Huntress companion
    spacelady as a rather mysterious Agent...
    A Blind Prophet --our newest Potential, keen on Draugwath (Werewolves)
    Welcome One, Welcome All!!
    Interested in joining? We always Welcome new players!
    ~ Starting Soon ~
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  2. Jedi Battlemaster Drallig

    Jedi Battlemaster Drallig Jedi Padawan star 1

    Jan 23, 2017
    ~Some clarification/images on Fantastic Creatures:




    High Dragons/Aspects:




    Werewolf (Draugwath):



    Warg: a Humanoid that can fuse his/her mind/consciousness with that of an Animal; Bran in Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones is an example,
    he fuses his self with a Direwolf while he sleeps:,c_limit/bran-summer.gif



    Mabari Greathound:


    High Vampire (Vampar):

    A Blind Prophet Ktala Jax Nova
  3. Jedi Battlemaster Drallig

    Jedi Battlemaster Drallig Jedi Padawan star 1

    Jan 23, 2017
    ~ Welcome to Wotann Valannora! ~
    Allow me to firstly express my Deep Gratitude for Your Participations, my Sincere Joy to be here with you, and the Serious Fun it's been working with you on readying for Our Epic Adventure to begin :D
    A couple of Characters remain to be posted, as they are in the final stages of shaping--but you all know how great they are and the fact we all live as humans in Earth as well lol :)
    The dynamic for the game is rather simple--the deep part is the Lore and getting used to the world and combat/skills system, things we will all master together as we set forth and walk our Heroic Path
    Now on posting, I believe we can all set aside at least an hour or less A Week to post something, could we not? Let's make it work--I for one will go/try for more than once a week, I assure you of this and encourage you to try the same with me, to move the story along as well as we can
    Before we begin, I would first ask you, Any Questions Heroes-to-be?
    This is, for the time being, our Character Creation, OOC-Chat, and Help thread
    I would also suggest for us to refer to the Lore & Forces library thread, for helpful general info; the updated Faction forces/numbers are included in the Game thread Timeline
    My opening post comes for you soon at our main Game thread--a bit of a meeting and world-setting bit--to clarify where the Wotan Valannoris and the whole of Vaniya stands to date
    Your beginning posts would come as posts of where you've been up to this day, what you have done/been up to, where you are---Gilthanas, and the rest of the Vanyan Thanein ("The 25"), will be coming to find you [face_good_luck]
    Here's Hoping You Continue Enjoying This As Much As I--Far More!! And Thank You :-B
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  4. Jax Nova

    Jax Nova Jedi Knight star 2

    Jan 22, 2014
    GM approved

    -Name/Alias: Thudpaw/'Ancalagon'
    -High Fantasy Race: a Worg-Lycanthrope, the first of his kind
    -Gender: Male
    -Age: 23
    -Physique: Smaller than most Worgs except for his paws which are average sized--this tends to make them look out of proportion with the rest of his body.
    Thudpaw is black as night with piercing ice blue eyes and looks like he is part Direwolf (reference image, replace red eyes for ice blue) (his Lycan/humanoid form)
    -Personality: Thudpaw is quiet and calculating, yet eager and ambitious. A combination that often leads people to underestimate him until he acts, leaving them in surprise as they fall.
    He can talk as men do--a trait unheard of for all beast-like Worgs
    -Occupation: Tracker for hire
    -Weapons: he utilizes his large Steel-like paws and sharp teeth in battle, wears armored Steel gauntlets & sabatons with razor sharp knife blades covering each claw on his four feet, making his feet look even larger than they already do
    -Armor: He prefers black light Leather armor that leaves him more mobile and less restricted
    -Companion: Calypso
    -Homeplace: He was born to a nomadic Worg pack and has been a nomad his entire life
    -Bio: When Thudpaw was born he was small. Too small. Calling him the 'runt' of the litter would have been generous.
    Severe accusations were thrown around that he was a half wolf instead of a full Worg, and that his mother had cheated on her mate with a Direwolf.
    The accusations gained traction as Thudpaw grew and developed a wolflike appearance.
    His mother, ashamed of him and of what all the others thought, abandoned him when he was only six months old.
    Thudpaw managed to find a cave to hide in, and it was there that he met another orphan by the name of Calypso, a small and rather strange three year old winged girl who had apparently been abandoned by her own parents as well.
    Together, the two survived the harsh winter and came into spring as strong young warriors ready to take on the world... or so they thought.
    They began finding work as trackers but soon found themselves in the clutches of an evil Elf named Normyl (pronounced Noo-er-Me-ell) who enslaved them and forced them to track for free as he hunted down all manner of "Creatures"--as he called them.
    Normyl believed Elves were far superior to the other races and sought to hunt all others into extinction, starting with the most "animal-like" of the races.
    It was then that Thudpaw was reunited with his family by fate, unknowingly tracking them down for Normyl so the Elf could slaughter them. Thudpaw had no idea who he was tracking until he caught up with the pack which was on the run,
    knowing they were being followed. In desperation, the pack gave up running and readied to fight, certain that some masterful tracker of great proportions was upon their trail.
    It was a shock to everyone when they saw Thudpaw approach, and a shock to him as well when he saw it was his family he was tracking.
    His family expected him to help once they realized it was him, but a single harsh word from one of his old clan set him off and he leaped straight into the fray, killing nine of them single handedly before Normyl and his men even got into the fight.
    He swore, from that day on, no one who called him "Wolf-Worg" would ever live to repeat that mistake. The 'nickname' his kin had given him had a deep-seeded bitterness attached to it from his abandonment.
    After this point, Calypso and Thudpaw sought to escape Normyl's clutches, but the Elf was training them well, so they bided their time,
    until they had learned all he had to teach them. Then... in the darkness of night, they slipped away to never be seen again.
    Now they wander the lands as a duo of expert trackers for hire.
    He did not know that fate, instead of cursing him, had greatly blessed him instead...
    His father had been bitten by a Vampire and had miraculously survived, and few knew of this as his father never presented vampirelike abilities--but Thudpaw did inherit them,
    turning him into an unnatural Worg-Lycanthrope that did not know how it was he spoke the language of men, much less that he could turn into a Lycan/humanoid form--It was Normyl who discovered this,
    so he taught him how to Shapeshift--though Thudpaw rarely chose to. Normyl called him 'Ancalagon'--"Greatfang"
    He is one of a kind

    -Class: Worg-Lycanthrope
    -Titanium Skills: Hand to Hand, Hunting, Stealth

    Fishing (3); Hunting (3); Agriculture (1); Medicine (2);

    Climbing (2); Swimming (2);

    Tanning (3);

    Strategy (1), Logistics (1);

    Stealth (2), Crime (2), Spycraft (2), Interrogation/Torture (2);

    Hand to Hand (3);

    Throwing (1);

    {Dual (4);
    Alteration (3) (Kinetics, Sizing, Shielding)
    Illusion (2) (Movement (Muffled/Shadows/Fast), Occlumency)
    Conjuration (1) (Phasing/Apparating/Teleporting)
    Druidic (5) (Medicine, Animal Sight, Animal Mastery/Control, Shapeshifting & Fusion/Wargs, Gifting)
    Blood (1) (Absorbing/Restoring & Healing/Regeneration)
    Spirit (1) (Willpower)
    Vision (3) (Night, Blood, Arcane)}

    {Worg-Lycanthrope Intrinsic Skills}

    -Name: Calypso
    -High Fantasy Race: Valkyrie-like Humanoid--a mystery
    -Gender: Female
    -Age: 23
    -Physique: Calypso is an alluring young woman with a figure to match. Her skin is brown, nearly the color of dirt, her hair black as night, falling past her mid back in tight curls.
    Lips bright red--and a smile that could lead a foolish young man astray. Her wings are leathery like a Vampire's and the same color as her skin. They are small when she keeps them folded behind her back,
    as one standing in front of her could hardly tell she was more than a mere human girl
    (reference images)
    -Personality: Calypso is playful, sarcastic, and doesn't shy away from what might seem like seductive actions. She is quite adept at getting what she wants, one way or another.
    Calypso, however, is much more "bound by morals" than her demeanor would suggest--and more so than Thudpaw, her companion
    -Occupation: Huntress for hire
    -Weapons: A finely crafted Ebony recurve bow with arrows to match. The black bow is engraved with golden rune markings, and the arrows are Silver tipped.
    She also carries a Silver shortsword.
    -Armor: Calypso wears a light Iron fitted mail suit with black light Leather armor on top
    -Companion: Thudpaw
    -Homeplace: Unknown
    -Bio: Calypso was born to a cave... at least as far as she knows. She never knew her parents, or whether she even had any.
    When she was born she found herself in a cave and, by some miracle she seemed equipped enough to take care of herself.
    One day, she awoke and glided from the ceiling to land gracefully on the cave floor. No sooner did she land than she heard ominous footsteps,
    coming her way in the darkness. The footsteps sounded like those of a large creature but, as the bearer of these footsteps came into view,
    she saw only a small wolf-like pup. She appraoached the pup, who suddenly called himself Thudpaw, and the two since struck up a camaraderie.
    Together, the two survived the harsh winter and came into spring as strong young warriors ready to take on the world... or so they thought.
    They began finding work as trackers, but soon found themselves in the clutches of an evil Elf named Normyl, who enslaved them and forced them to track for free as he hunted down all manner of "Creatures" as he called them.
    Normyl believed Elves to be far superior to the other races so sought to hunt them all down into extinction, starting with the most "animal-like" of them.
    Some time after Thudpaw's fateful encounter with his family, Calypso found friendship with one of Normyl's men that soon lead to something more.
    Thudpaw warned her about the man but, she was "lost in love" as it were. Fortunately she saw the man for what he was before anything developed between them beyond what some might call "puppy love."
    After walking in on him as he conversed with Normyl and overhearing that the man's relationship with her was ordered by Normyl as a 'tactic' to ensure Calypso and Thudpaw remained with their group,
    she immediately grew cold to such feelings. She swore to never love again and since treats such things as games. It was after this point that Calypso and Thudpaw sought to escape Normyl's clutches,
    but the Elf was training them well, so they bided their time until they had learned all he had to teach them. Then...
    in the darkness of night, they slipped away to never be seen again. Now they wander the lands as a duo of expert tracker hunters for hire

    -Class: Huntress
    -Titanium Skills: Archery, Hunting, Stealth

    Fishing (2); Hunting (3);

    Climbing (1); Swimming (1);

    Construction (1);

    Writing/Speech (2), Accounting/Trading (1);

    Art: Music/Singing (1), Barding/Acting (1), Dancing (1);

    Strategy (2), Logistics (2);

    Stealth (3), Crime (2), Spycraft (2), Interrogation/Torture (1), Assassination (2);

    Hand to Hand (3); Throwing (2);

    One-Handed (4);

    Archery (5);

    Primal (Wind) (2) (Bending, Warding)
    Alteration (1) (Shielding)
    Mysticism (1) (Rebounding)
    Restoration (2) (Medicine, Regeneration)
    Spirit (1) (Willpower)
    Vision (1) (Life)
  5. Jedi Battlemaster Drallig

    Jedi Battlemaster Drallig Jedi Padawan star 1

    Jan 23, 2017
  6. Jax Nova

    Jax Nova Jedi Knight star 2

    Jan 22, 2014
    Hm... I will edit the post.
  7. Jedi Battlemaster Drallig

    Jedi Battlemaster Drallig Jedi Padawan star 1

    Jan 23, 2017
  8. Jedi Battlemaster Drallig

    Jedi Battlemaster Drallig Jedi Padawan star 1

    Jan 23, 2017
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  9. Jedi Battlemaster Drallig

    Jedi Battlemaster Drallig Jedi Padawan star 1

    Jan 23, 2017
    Good Tyrs and Tyresses, Join us as I Gladly Welcome Halle Dray to The Orbeis :)
  10. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Chosen One star 5

    Apr 29, 2002
    Wow!!! We need to dance around a bonfire, make merry and pass around some spice wine!! W00T!!! [face_dancing][face_party]
  11. Halle Dray

    Halle Dray Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Jan 6, 2016
    Cheers! This is going to be so great!!!
  12. Jedi Battlemaster Drallig

    Jedi Battlemaster Drallig Jedi Padawan star 1

    Jan 23, 2017
    Aye to that Halle Dray !!! :D Oh we shalt greyjedi125 !!! *passes some rare Elven draught around* (and she joins as a Moriquendi too, Maese greyjedi!) Lembas, anyone?
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  13. Nehru_Amidala

    Nehru_Amidala Force Ghost star 6

    Oct 3, 2016
  14. Jedi Battlemaster Drallig

    Jedi Battlemaster Drallig Jedi Padawan star 1

    Jan 23, 2017
    Master Nehru_Amidala by all means here's for you, for me, for Everyone! :D:D
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  15. Moonspun Dragon

    Moonspun Dragon Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 6, 2011

    Character Sheet

    -Name/Alias: Lock (whether that's her real name, or an alias, is unknown)

    -High Fantasy Race: Morgani (Dark Human)

    -Gender: Female

    -Age: 17

    -Physique: graceful, lithe build (often mistaken for a dancer), long dark brown, nearly black, hair,
    bright teal eyes, considered attractive, but nothing that stands out

    Her hair

    With her eyes

    Her images

    -Personality: From necessity, she can act tough, but once you have her loyalty and trust, deep down, she'll want to protect you.
    In addition, she's more of a loner and, though may act friendly, she doesn't handle relationships well and actively keeps everyone at arm's length

    -Occupation: High Overmistress and Assassin

    -Weapons: Ebony/Wyrmbone staff & longdagger, Wyrmbone ceremonial shortdagger, Steel/Silver arbalest with Silver & Steel bolts

    -Armor: reinforced black Leather armor/protections with Steel undermail, Ebony chestpiece, black Magecloth hooded cape

    -Mount/Pet: Delkhâr (Basilisk), Glaurung (Wyrm), Scatha (Seawyrm)


    Scatha: [​IMG]

    -Homeplace: Stowidge, Mordland

    -Bio: Lock is, was, the youngest of five children, born to a noble family. Her father was the Lord of Stowidge.

    Her mother had magic, her father didn't. Only Lock and her second oldest brother inherited their mother's affinity.

    One day, her father took in a young man as his aid. From the first time ten-year-old Lock met him, something didn't seem right. Her brother, Ellus, agreed with her. However, they couldn't understand why. Their mother was uncomfortable with him, but hid it well.

    The young man, Casander, became an asset to her father. He could read and write well, do sums, and correspondence. He was handsome and charming, but he had a horrible temper that he hid well.
    And there seemed to be a darkness to him that occasionally shone in his brown-red eyes. It seemed to only come out whenever he looked at Sarenna, Lock's mother.

    One night, Lock was woken by what sounded to be a battle downstairs. She crept from her bed towards the noises and flashes of light. When she was halfway down the stairs, she heard shouts, saw another flash of light, then heard a final groan--and something being whispered.

    She ran into the main parlor, recognizing the groan as originating from her father. She froze in the doorway, stunned by the scene in front of her.
    The room looked as though a pack of wild, rabid lions had torn through it. There was not one surface that had either been torn to pieces, or looked as though it had been burned.

    Four bodies occupied the room, only one of which were alive. Her eyes briefly rested on the dead form of Ellus, then they drifted to Sarenna, and finally they rested on the form still hunched over her, now dead, her father.

    It had been Casander.

    Enraged, she attacked the man--the monster. Her magic was strong, but her skill wasn't great. Her mother had only taught her and her brother how to use their magic defensively. Ellus had been more skilled than she.

    So, in the end, it was no contest. Casander easily defeated her.

    He was just about to deliver the fatal blow, but paused at the last second.

    He stared at her for a very long moment. At length, he stepped away from the cowering child, defusing the ball of energy in his hand.

    That night, he took Lock, and forced her to become his apprentice.

    For a very long time, she resisted, then an idea formed in her mind. She would learn all she could under him, then use it to destroy him.

    She was fifteen when she couldn't stand it any longer. She had become far stronger over the years, learning magic that would make her mother turn in her grave had she known.

    Lock didn't use her new skills in magic, but her natural stealth and her new skills with a dagger.

    As he was bleeding out, she forced him to tell her why he killed her family.

    He told her he murdered her mother because she refused to become his. He murdered her father and siblings because they were in his way. She demanded to know why he spared her. He told her it was because she looked too much like her mother, and she had that potential for darkness he knew her mother had lacked. In a way, he 'loved' Lock more than he did her mother.

    Disgusted, Lock twisted her blade deep in his gut and promised herself to hide her magic as she watched the light fade from Casander's bloodshot eyes.

    Since that night, Lock became a hired assassin. She took jobs when offered and became quite skilled. However, she never used her magic, except in very rare situations. Her magic ability remains undiscovered to this day.

    -Class: Nightblade Beastmaster

    -Titanium Skills: Assassination, Alchemy, Dual; {Druidic}

    Hunting (3);
    Climbing (1); Swimming (1);
    Writing/Speech (3), Accounting/Trading (2);
    Art: Music/Singing (1), Poetry/Literature (1), Dancing (1), Gastronomy (1), History/Heraldry (1);
    Stealth (3), Crime (2), Spycraft (2), Interrogation/Torture (2), Assassination (3);
    Hand to Hand (3); Throwing (2); Arbalesting (3); Riding (3)
    Two-Handed (1), Dual (5);
    Dark/Death (3) (Killing, Decaying, Dark/Deathwarding)
    Alchemy (4) (Science, Procurement/Keeping, Brewing (potions poisons, oils; various Effects), Means of Delivery (darts, bombs, etc))
    Druidic (4) (Medicine, Animal Sight, Animal Mastery/Control, Fusion)
    {+5 Beastmaster Intrinsic Bonus}
  16. Jedi Battlemaster Drallig

    Jedi Battlemaster Drallig Jedi Padawan star 1

    Jan 23, 2017
    ~The Months of the Year in Suudgard (Vaniya's human name--Vaniya is its ancient elvish name :-B)

    Jannus, Febriene, Marteis, Apreth, Maior, Iunnus, Iullus, Agghus, Septenrir, Octher, Novarr, Cimbras
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  17. Jedi Battlemaster Drallig

    Jedi Battlemaster Drallig Jedi Padawan star 1

    Jan 23, 2017
    Now I Joyfully Welcome HanSolo29 into Suudgard's mighty fray :)
  18. Halle Dray

    Halle Dray Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Jan 6, 2016
    GM Approved
    Main Character Sheet
    -Name/Aliases: Estelmisteth (means 'lost hope'), prefers to be called Estel
    Aliases: Casllisti, Golwen, and Fae
    -High Fantasy Race: Moriquendi
    -Gender: Female
    -Age: 150
    -Physique: Slim and tall (about 6 feet), Estel appears as a 20's year-old human would. Her icy, blonde hair falls in mid-back waves of an icy blonde. She has a shaved undercut that is starting to grow in and can be seen with shaved lines cut amongst the hair. Normally her hair is worn in an braided updo.
    Her face is sharply chiseled with a strong jawline, a thin nose, and perpetually narrowed, crystal blue eyes. Her cheekbones could cut a diamond. Estelmisteth has thin, pale lips that are close to her pale skin color. Her ears have rather small points compared to other elves. She has two ear piercings (thin, tiny, silver hoops on the bottom of the right earlobe) and white tattoo-like scars on both cheeks.
    Estelmisteth's body is less feminine than some female elves' and shows developed muscles in her legs, stomach, arms, and lower back. As mentioned above, she is thin but not a bit sickly.
    She walks with a certain swagger and has a gruff voice for a woman.
    Once, during a mission to assassinate someone, she was captured and was tortured for someone's sick fun and given the scars she now bears on her cheeks from carefully carved burns--some sick Elven Apostate that she'd heard went by the name of Normyl.
    Undercut of hair: [​IMG]

    Eyes and scars: [​IMG]

    -Personality: Estelmisteth may seem rather quiet to many but she can have a good laugh or give a vicious yell when she wants. Normally, she prefers to work on her own but, with others, she tends to step back and follow a chosen leader.
    She is known to be easily angered and very quick to judge. Her fast reflexes and skills have given her a sense of superiority as well as her preference to work alone. She is rarely trusting and many find her untrustworthy due to her roguish manner.
    Her language is that of a sailor and she likes a good fight. Estel also enjoys hunting for the thrill she derives of it. She is well read and knows many a thing about the world, its lore, and weaponry.
    Most of the time, she'll hide the fact that she is well read to keep up her tough front.
    -Occupation: Wanderer. Estelmisteth wanders the earth, stealing if need be and meeting new peoples and cultures. She will take on the job of a bounty hunter, or assassin, if paid the right price
    -Weapons: 2 golden-pommeled Mithril blades, gold-engraved Ebony elvenbow with Steel & Silver arrows
    -Armor: goldenleaf crownhelm, gold-inlaid Ebony plate armor, black Leather, Elvenclothes, purple silk tabard.

    -Mount/Pet: A stunning black Unicorn with demonic red eyes; a male who bears the name 'Haro'.
    He has two white socks, one on the front right leg and the other on the left back leg. He also has a diamond shaped spot of white on his rump. Haro's mane and tail are luscious and jet black.
    Estel came across Haro while exploring a cave in the Teln Mountains when he was just a frightened and hurt creature. She nursed him back to health, thus he has been her companion since.

    -Homeplace: Silver Spires Wood, Asrinon
    -Bio: Estelmisteth was born to a poor, Avari couple in a forest known to her as home. They had a cavelike shelter for a home and barely any money to survive. Her father was a Nymani silver miner in the employ of Rinoni nobility (Athani).

    Estel could remember being cold and hungry almost all the time in the winter and when spring and summer came, she picked berries and plants to sustain them all.
    When she was fifteen, her mother died and her father became more callous than ever before. He decided they were going to pillage the travelers that passed through the wood for a few months and then head into a village to try and find a new life. She learned to attack and steal and found that she enjoyed striking fear into others.
    About four months and many travelers later, the father and daughter traversed to a far off fishing village where her father got a job as a fisherman, close to Oakham town. Estel was sent to a nearby school and her teachers were surprised at how fast and well this wild girl was learning.
    In her spare time, the young Elf maiden found a job in a general style store. It was in this spot that she learned about many cultures and many races. Estel enjoyed meeting all the new faces and she was known for her humor and knowledge before long.
    In the winter she turned eighty-nine, her father died in a fishing accident. Something in Estel's heart changed, snapped--she became very dark. Within several years, she had honed her fighting skills and set out to wander Vaniya.
    Over the years, she grew bored of her wandering and heard of the Wotan Valannoris, who were being led by 'a great warrior'--so the story went to her. Estel decided to join up with them to experience something new and hopefully find something new about herself.
    -Class: Elven Bard-Assassin
    -Titanium Skills: Assassination/Stealth, Dual, Archery
    Fishing (1); Hunting (3); Medicine (2);
    Climbing (1); Swimming (1);
    Tanning (2), Blacksmithing (1);
    Writing/Speech (2), Accounting/Trading (3);
    Art: Barding/Acting (1), Poetry/Literature (1), Painting (1), Astronomy (1), History/Heraldry (1);
    Strategy (2), Logistics (1), Siege (1);
    Stealth (3), Crime (2), Spycraft (2), Interrogation (1), Assassination (3);
    Hand to Hand (3);
    Riding (3), Mounted Archery (3);
    Dual (5); Archery (5);
    {+5 Elven/Lifetime Instrinsic Bonus}
  19. Darth Osnil

    Darth Osnil Jedi Knight star 4

    Sep 29, 2016
    -Name/Aliases: born Ithia Utoizon, renamed Alier upon becoming a Magus Apprentice,
    now Milady Morgaine, 'The Banshee of Deldras'
    -High Fantasy Race: Morgani (Dark Human)
    -Gender: Female
    -Age: 25
    -Personality: Merciful is a word that would be the complete opposite of Morgaine. She believes such attributes to be weak. Though she once deemed love a strength, she now detests it with her whole heart. She hates light as much as Vampar do.
    Her cruelty is well-known throughout Teln, the Sjalv (Ownmen) lands, and it is no secret that she enjoys torture. She also enjoys watching gladiatorial combat and uses any excuse to make it happen at Deldras, her domain.
    However, she does maintain a certain degree of loyalty to those who serve her well. She likes order, not senseless chaos. She knows her limitations, and trusts others to counterbalance her weaknesses with their strengths
    -Occupation: ruler of Deldras, 'city' of Sjalvs (Teln Valley)
    -Weapons: Bloodcrystal ball, Orcish shortstaff, Ebony/Steel Silvertraced daggercane
    -Armor: Orcish pauldrons, gauntlets and chestpiece, Ebony shortboots, Mogiweave hooded dress
    -Mount/Pet: she has a pack of Hellhounds ever close, and keeps a terrible Cockatrice as mount (somewhere)
    -Bio: Ithia Utoizon was born to a proud Romaran apostate and to a brave Iosian mercenary. To prevent The Smite from finding them, Ithia was separated from her twin sister, Ptolemeis, since coming unto the Orbeis.

    Even from birth, something dark embedded itself inside her. The first time she saw someone get injured as a child, she giggled; the first time she saw a body, she howled with laughter.

    Her father taught her to conceal the darkness in her, to master it, for if The Smite were to find her, she would not live long once she showed it. But they did fatedly find her, and took her away to Maloglash for testing.
    She hid her darkness, supressing it deep within herself as Chalice Paladins inquired into her.
    Yet, she was adopted as a Magus Apprentice, and renamed "Alier" for it.

    She was there, during the Breaking of Maloglash. She watched her very world fall apart before her. She was the only Apprentice survivor--none made it, be it Mage or Apprentice, under the might of the Mornym Aspects. How it was that she survived, she never knew.
    The darkness inside of her grew for it, gnawing ever harsher at her, blaming her for her weakness; it told her that if she had used her dark arts, she could have saved lives.
    It in turn promised her a way to avenge her friends-to make the Mornym pay for it, for all. So, she listened to her evil, and set about traveling the world, learning.

    The evil inside her slowly took command, growing her in all dark arts. Eventually it took full control, transforming her into a Necromancer, renaming herself "Morgaine".
    Its first order of business was conquering Teln, a free land, set apart, and its city that had miraculously survived the Draugwath massacre that took Meadham and Lawton five years ago.

    Now ruling the entire realm, The Banshee of Deldras has set about bringing irondark stability to a place of destruction.

    -Class: Necromancer
    -Titanium Skills: Crime, One-Handed/Two-Handed/Dual; {Dark/Death}

    Medicine (3); Climbing (1);

    Writing/Speech (3), Accounting/Trading (2), Law/Taxes/Minting (1);

    Art: Poetry/Literature (1), History/Heraldry (1), Theology (1);

    Strategy (1); Sailing (1) (learned how to sail as she loathes water);

    Stealth (3), Crime (3), Spycraft (3), Interrogation/Torture (3), Assassination (2);

    Hand to Hand (1); Riding (3);

    One-Handed (4); Two-Handed (4); Dual (4);

    Conjuration (1) (Conjuring)
    Mysticism (1) (Negating)
    Blood (2) (Glyphs (Buffing/Hexing/Cursing), Dark Illusion & Torture)
    {Dark/Death (5) (Killing, Decaying, Dark/Deathwarding, Necromancy/Undeath, Soul Sorcery (Trapping/Keeping) & Lichdom)}
    Vision (1) (Soul)

    {+5 Necromancer Intrinsic Bonus}

    -Name: Orank Utoizon
    -High Fantasy Race: Morgani (Dark Human)
    -Gender: Male
    -Age: 45
    -Personality: Despite his wild upbringing, he is gentle and well mannered. His honor is tainted by his temper, which once released, will make him as a wild boar; unreasonable and violent.
    He shields his inner hatred, grief, and sorrow by defending those who cannot defend themselves.
    He hates the Pact, Smite, and Chalice with a righteous anger, because he blames his family’s disappearance on them. He eagerly awaits the day when the Valannar Pact is broken as Maloglash did.
    He dislikes the art of archery due to his father death due to an arrow.
    He loves his students as he loved his family, and treats them as he would his own children. He immerses himself as one of the world’s finest Duelists. Magic is also one of his many arts-specializing in the Restoration and Thunder Spheres
    -Occupation: Headmaster, Duelist, and Leader of The Pegasai Order
    -Weapons: a Steel Silvercoated swordcane-wand overlaid with gold with a small pegasus engraved into the pommel
    -Armor: Leather armor, boots and gloves over fine Cloth, azure Magecloth noblecape
    -Mount/Pet: Haren, his Greatfalcon Limn, Romara
    -Bio: Orank was raised by his father, an apostate mage in the woods of Mordland. When he was six, his father took a stray arrow to the knee from a distraught hunting party. Thinking they were under attack, his father retaliated with magic; the hunting party fled.
    The events that transpired reached the ears of The Smite, so its agents came down like a dwarven hammer. They caught Orank’s father, but Orank miraculously kept hidden and fatedly survived. Orank’s father was burned at the stake hours later, in Cope Town.
    Following that though, Smite agents searched everywhere for Orank. They closed off surrounding villages and set strict watches on the roads of the region. Orank attempted to escape, but was caught by a mysterious soldier.
    The 'soldier' turned out to be a member of a secret order, The Pegasai Order, and helped Orank evade the Smite. Orank was taken to the Limn School of Combat Mastery in Romara where he learned all the gentleman’s skills including fencing, dancing, reading and writing.
    At nights, he learned, in secret, how to harness his magical potential.
    Over time, he became one of the best duelists in the school and was asked to teach the students. A short time later, he met and romanced an Iosian by the name of Durnath Vosli. They were married and soon Durnath birthed two beautiful twin daughters, giving much joy to both them.
    But that joy was not to last.
    Because he could use magic, Orank had to separate the twins, lest they be all found together and exterminated. One was sent with her mother, back to Iosia. The other remained with Orank. He never heard from either one again.
    Six years passed and Orank’s greatest nightmare occurred. His remaining daughter demonstrated an ability for magic. As he frantically tried everything to keep her hidden, they were nonetheless discovered by the Smite’s agents.
    They ripped her from his arms and took her away from him. It was that very day he realized his deep-seeded hatred for the entirety of the Valannar Pact and its Dogma (church), thus he devoted himself to it’s total destruction.
    The founder and Headmaster of the Combat School fell ill and began dying; he summoned Orank and named him the new Headmaster as well as his successor on the Pegasai Order Council.
    Whispers of war arrived that Aronbor had been conquered by the Mornym Horde (orcs), so the Order Council became divided over the matter.
    Orank was the ringleader for those that advocated against revealing themselves to them and assisting the orcs in defeating the Pact as they marched for Maloglash tower.
    When the argument ended, half the Council joined the Mornym and helped commit many of the atrocities that led to Maloglash's breaking.
    Yet, the remaining members looked to Orank to lead them.
    -Class: Archmage Duelist
    -Titanium Skills: Restoration, Primal (Thunder), One-Handed; {Culture/Arts}
    Hunting (2);
    Climbing (1); Swimming (1);
    Writing/Speech (3), Accounting/Trading (3), Law/Taxes/Minting (3), Administration/Commerce (3), Governance/Diplomacy (3);
    Art: Poetry/Literature (1), Sculpting (1), Dancing (1), Tailoring (1), Astronomy (1), History/Heraldry (1), Theology (1);
    Strategy (2), Logistics (3);
    Hand to Hand (2); Riding (3);
    One-Handed (5);
    Restoration (5) (Medicine, Restoring, Healing, Buffing, Regeneration)
    Mysticism (4) (Rebounding, Glyphs (Shielding, Buffing/Hexing), Absorbing, Negating)
    Primal (Thunder) (5) (Bending, Shaping, Warding, Elementals, Movement)
    {+5 Headmaster Culture/Arts Bonus}

    -Name: Ptolemeis Kallistrate (Iosian 'Ptolmias' meaning "aggressive" and 'Kallistrate' meaning "beautiful army")
    -High Fantasy Race: Morgani (Dark Human)
    -Gender: Female
    -Age: 25
    -Physique: Ptolemeis is not just a killer on the battlefield, but also in her appearance.
    Her dark hair, blue eyes, and tall herculean body do almost as much damage to her foes as her spear.
    For reference, look below for the image:
    -Personality: Ptolemeis means 'aggressive fury', but other words that could describe her are cruel, willful, and arrogant. She looks out for no one but herself.
    On the flipside, she is focused, disciplined, brave, adventurous, and serious. She prefers to remain to herself for fear of losing others close to her.
    She loves the thrill of battle and the clash of metal on metal. Her thirst for wealth is unquenchable.
    She enjoys competitions, especially those of speed, strength, and skill. She enjoys drink and pipe, and is especially known for her ability to beat men--and even a couple od dwarves once--at drinking contests.
    She dislikes working with others, because she thinks she is capable of doing it all by herself. Her hatred is reserved for those who find their way in the path of her spear
    -Occupation: Misthofora (Mercenary)
    -Weapons: Steel/Bronze xyston spear, Steel/Bronze hoplon shield, Steel/Bronze xiphos, 2 Steel/Bronze throwing spears
    -Armor: Steel/Bronze gold-engraved crownhelm, pauldrons & vambraces, chetpiece & tasset, greaves & sabatons, iosian silk Cloth battlecape
    -Mount/Pet: a female Griffin she fought, beat and thus tamed once, who was terrorizing the town of Darry--she grew in fame for it
    -Homeplace: she knows she is a born Romaran, but was raised in Iosia
    -Bio: Ptolemeis' story starts where you'd expect it to start-as an infant. Her mother took her away to Iosia, to be separated from her sister and father.
    During the voyage to her mother's homeplace, road bandits assaulted them, and killed her mother. Her, as a baby, was left for dead.
    Nonetheless the fates had a different plan for the child.
    An old Misthoforos stumbled upon the wreckage and found her. Taking pity on her, he raised her as his own child, naming her Ptolemeis, teaching her everything he knew about the arts and war.
    Since then, her father has passed on of old age, and she has been following in his footsteps as a Mercenary since.
    Most recently, she has joined the Morgani expedition against the recentcame Jotunn in Doras;
    she's hired to guard their valuable Iosian siege weapons. She wanted to stand and fight the Jotunn when they wrested Rike from Idrez,
    but her fellow soldiers broke and fled. In order to be able to fight another day, she retreated,
    for now.
    -Class: Hoplite Warrior
    -Titanium Skills: Shield Mastery, One-Handed, Throwing
    Fishing (1); Hunting (2); Agriculture (2); Medicine (2); Mining (1);
    Climbing (1); Swimming (1);
    Blacksmithing (2)
    Construction (1), Fortification (1);
    Writing/Speech (2), Accounting/Trading (2), Law/Taxes/Minting (1);
    Art: Music/Singing (1), Barding/Acting (1), Poetry/Literature (1), Sculpting (1), Dancing (1), Gastronomy (1), Astronomy (1), History/Heraldry (1), Theology (1);
    Strategy (2), Logistics (2), Siege (2);
    Hand to Hand (3); Shield Mastery (3);
    Throwing (2); Riding (3);
    One-Handed (5)
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    Jan 23, 2017
    ~Here now, our first Secondary Characters, by Master greyjedi125 's Craft:
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    GM Approved!

    Presenting, Valin's Parents:


    Solonor Teldrässian/ Runik Darkbane/ Darkslayer (Moriquendi male, 575; Elven Demon Hunter)
    Enchanting (Runecraft), Spirit, Mysticism, Hunting, One-handed
    Mithril longsword, Mithril elvenbow, Steel & Silver arrows, Leather armor with Mithril protections/mail, Elvencloth traveling darkcloak (all runed/enchanted)
    Black Mearas

    Elizbethea Leneth Sylar/ Rosacea/ Grace (Athani female, 80; Asrinon's Healer)
    Restoration, Medicine, Alchemy, Archery, Mounted Archery
    Ebony Silverguilded bow, Silver arrows, Silver shortblades, runed Silvermail/Leather armor, Elvencloth silvercloak, Medicinal potions & Herbs
    White Mearas
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    ~Now follows a Lorebit on Suudgardian Theology:
    --Two Gods:

    Laêlor, 'The Maker'. Spirit. The Aetherius (his plane, of Magic/Spirits/Dreams), Moon

    Aëlis, 'Our Mother'. Life. The Orbeis (her plane, it is the physical World), Sun

    those are the real, ancient, Elven-known Gods;

    However, in the beginning of the Third Age, men fashioned their own after a Great Hero/Knight, Arcturian,
    and a Pious Maiden, Maara, who they believe saved them from their Amyntanaic Empire yoke

    Thus, to men, there is a Trinity:

    Vätha, 'The Timeless'
    Maära, 'The Blameless'
    Arcturian, 'The Selfless'

    (their Constellations:
    The Maiden, The Knight/Rider, The Prayer/Tear, The Sword)

    Upon the dawn of the Third Age, the age of men, they founded The Dogma (the 'Church') by the Signing of The Valannar Pact, which restricted magic use and teaching to the tower of Maloglash, in Tol Maran (the Arcmagii of the Telchar Pact), and which split belief between two Institutions:

    The Dogma:

    'Plegaris', for Maara's Prayer-The Chalice: a Brotherhood of 9 mighty Paladins, for each of the Athani/Edetani Jarldoms, based on Perdon's capital of Annah, at the Sancdom Chathedral--Annah fell to Comxt Vaklav 5 years ago, so did their Forepraestar, Athanasius. They remain the protectors of The Dogma and of all High Families.

    'Lagra', for Arcturian's Sacrifice-The Smite: The 4 Blood Magus and their Oberpraetur, Ymmanuel, enforcers of The Census (the force balances between all human realms), callers of the Inquisitum, the iron fist of The Dogma, keepers of The Funushal Gate, where the Amyntani Demons are chained--the Smite broke the tower of Maloglash 5 years ago in a preemptive attack and are currently unheard of..

    -Their Magicks:
    The Chalice (Sacred/Mystic magic), The Telchar Pact (Spheres magic), The Smite (Blood magic)
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    Secondary Character:
    Joseffa 'Mornstar, The Light of Hope, Flail of Righteousness, Shield of the Just' (Athani female, 27; Order of Amburr Hospitalier)
    Restoration, Light/Sacred, Mysticism, Shield Mastery, One-Handed
    Steel/Silver morningstar, Steel/Silver mace, Ebony-goldgilded plate armor, Steel mail, Steel/Ebony crusader greatshield & helm, Silvercloth tabard, heavy Cloth fullcape (Black with white accents)
    Black Destrier horse
    Other visual reference
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    Awesome work, galactic-vagabond422. I'm also reminded of the female paladins in Diablo III. Great as allies, terrifying as enemies.
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    ~I Fully Second That, aye :)

    *thumbs up to thee both*
    Ancillaries are stackin' up