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Reference Wotann Valannora (Character Creation thread)

Discussion in 'Role Playing Resource' started by Jedi Battlemaster Drallig, Jan 30, 2017.

  1. galactic-vagabond422

    galactic-vagabond422 Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Jul 11, 2009
    The visual reference is Johanna from Diablo III a Crusader rather than a Paladin but, same sort of idea.
  2. spacelady

    spacelady Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Mar 16, 2003
    Here's my character!

    Name/Alias(es): Crimson Fade
    High Fantasy Race: Athani
    Gender: Female
    Age: 24
    Physique: Tall and slim are the only obvious physical traits one can guess from Crimson Fade. She has never before been seen without her entire gear on.

    Personality: Sarcastic at times, Crimson seems to find humor in most situations, or rather a cynical attitude. Though she doesn’t tend to stick around long enough for anyone to get a good point on what her personality is like.
    Occupation: Master Assassin
    Weapons: Bronze bow with steel and silver arrows, silver Otataral short blade, and eight bronze throwing daggers
    Armor: Black reinforced leather armor with ebony protections, black master crafted leather mask and cloak, which is resistant to weather and yet light and quiet enough for movement
    Mount/Pet: Doesn’t seem to have any
    Homeplace: Unknown
    Bio: Not much can be said, or even found, on Crimson Fade. As her name suggests, she is like a shadow, or even some rumored name that may pass from town to town. In cases where someone turns up dead, most simply leave it up to, “Crimson Fade,” to give some kind of an explanation but yet, no one seems to know anything more than that simple name. Could the gossip even be true? “Someone fading from existence as quickly as they to be? Not even magic is that good!”

    And good, she is, at her job. Always having completed her contracts and none the wiser about this Crimson Fade. And while she tends to take most assignments, she has her moments of pickiness, though again, not much can be said on her reasoning for dropping certain cases. It seems to come down to her momentary mood.

    She is a true mystery and she intends to keep it that way.
    Class: Rogue/Assassin
    Titanium Skills (3): Assassination, archery, and illusion

    Skills: Hunting (3), Medicine (3), Climbing (2), Swimming (1), Writing/Speech (3), Accounting/Trading (2), Art: Barding/Acting (1), Poetry/Literature (1), Astronomy (1), History (1), Stealth (3), Crime (2), Spycraft (3), Interrogation/Torture (2), Assassination (3), Hand-to-Hand (3), Throwing (2), One-Handed (5), Archery (5), Illusion (4), Movement: Muffled/Shadows/Fast, Weaving, Occlumency, Control: Inspire/Fear, Rapture/Confusion, Persuasion/Domination
  3. Jedi Battlemaster Drallig

    Jedi Battlemaster Drallig Jedi Padawan star 1

    Jan 23, 2017
    a hopefully helpful Magic Spheres Compendium

    Arcane: purple energy, ancient and very rare magic
    Bending (the manipulation of said energy), Warding (shaping it into protective wards vs. other magicks), Shaping (giving the energy form; ex. a ball, a lunging snake), Cloning (making energy clones identical to oneself), Fusing/Becoming (merging with the energy/vibrating with it)

    Alteration: manipulating/changing physics
    Telekinesis/Kinetics (ex. Force wave, throw, push & pull, jump, speed, disarm, punch & kick), Sizing (altering the size of a body/object), Shielding (protective shield vs. melee/ranged/physical damage), Primal Modification (ex. superheating a sword, electrifying armor, stone-hardening an apple), Order/Chaos (rebuilding/reordering or destroying/blowing up objects/bodies)

    Mysticism: the art of magic defense
    Buffing (an augmentation) Hexing (a reduction), Negating (unmaking a spell with a movement of the arm/hand/finger or a thought), Cutting Off (severing a spell/being from its connection to The Aetherius/its Warren)

    Primal: mastery of the elements
    Elementals (the making of magic elemental beings), Movement (ex. moving within a fire, traveling across a river in seconds, flying with the current, lightspeed running)

    Enchanting: the forging of magical runes, objects/artifacts, weapons/armor, or their infusion with magicks

    Restoration: healercraft
    Medicine (magical), Restoring (stamina/mana), Healing (health/wounds), Buffing (bodily augmentation), Regeneration (ongoing restoring/healing/buffing)

    Illusion: the manipulation of another's mind/thought/emotion
    Weaving (the creation of illusions within another's mind), Occlumency (deep exploration of another's mind/memory), Bending (the manipulation of another's weaved illusions)

    Conjuration: summoning from/moving through/by the Aetherius
    Conjuring (ex. making a goat suddenly appear, or a weapon that was in another place), Phasing (inches/centimeters/meters/feet away) Apparating (short distances) Teleporting (medium distances), Banishing (sending another's conjuration/a being back to the Aetherius), Portals (long distances, armies, ships)

    Blood: lifeforce manipulation
    Reincarnation (ex. fallen elves=orcs, the undead, fiends, ghouls & abominations, hags, coming back to life unnaturally)

    Killing (ex. "avada kedavra" death ray), Decaying (ex. grass/ground rots/dies as you walk, you touch an apple, or someone's body, and they begin to rot/lose life), Darkward (protective dark magic ward vs. other magicks) Deathward (a sphere of death that decays/kills that which it touches), Lichdom (keeping one's soul alive forever within other bodies or objects)

    Spirit: high elven cyan energy, most ancient and ultra rare magic
    Willpower (your mind/resolve/courage is influenced/illusioned by naught/none), Breaking (defeating another's mind/will/courage), Absorbing (the spirit energy of another's/flora/fauna/soil/places/objects), Mastery (dominating another's mind/will) Burning (disintegrating through spirit energy)

    Sight: the skill of Telepathy, and of Seeing the Present, the Past, and the Future through Fire, Water, and Root, Animals, Creatures, and Beings, Blood, Spirit, and Soul

    Sacred Warding (protective light magic ward vs. other magicks) Soulwarding (vs killing/deathwarding/soul sorcery spells), Vanquishing (exorcism of dark ones by holyfire) Healing (by light magic), Resurrection (full, healthy, good comeback to life)

    Druidic: the magic of nature
    Medicine (animal/creature one), Animal Sight (seeing through the eyes of an animal/creature), Gifting (ex. as vampires/werewolves pass on their curses/gifts)

    Alchemy: the science, care, brewing, and implementation of effects/spells

    Truesight Vision (your sight is influenced/illusioned by naught/none)

    Time: the magic of the Vathar Maiar/Spirits, the very rarest

    Magic Spheres
    (5 Skill Points each; proficiency levels are separated by commas)
    Bending, Warding, Shaping, Cloning, Fusing/Becoming
    Telekinesis/Kinetics, Sizing, Shielding, Primal Modification, Order/Chaos
    Rebounding, Glyphs (Shielding, Warding, Buffing/Hexing), Absorbing, Negating, Cutting Off
    Bending, Warding, Shaping, Elementals, Movement
    (Elements: Fire, Water/Ice, Thunder, Wind, Root, Earth/Stone)
    Shielding, Warding, Buffing/Hexing, Blessing/Cursing, Craft Mastery (powerful Sphere Spells)
    Medicine, Restoring, Healing, Buffing, Regeneration
    Movement (Muffled/Shadows/Fast), Weaving, Occlumency, Control (Inspire/Fear, Rapture/Confusion, Persuasion/Domination), Bending
    Conjuring, Phasing/Apparating/Teleporting, Banishing, Portals, Aethereal Traversing
    Glyphs (Buffing/Hexing/Cursing), Bending & Shaping, Absorbing/Restoring & Healing/Regeneration, Dark Illusion & Torture, Reincarnation
    Killing, Decaying, Dark/Deathwarding, Necromancy/Undeath, Soul Sorcery (Trapping/Keeping) & Lichdom
    Willpower, Breaking, Warding/Shaping, Absorbing, Mastery/Burning
    Telepathy, Projected Telepathy, Seeing the Present, Past, Future (through Fire, Water, and Root, Animals, Creatures, and Beings, Blood, Spirit, and Soul)
    Blessing, Warding (Sacred, Soul), Glyphs (Blessing/Warding), Vanquishing & Healing, Resurrection
    Medicine, Animal Sight, Animal Mastery/Control, Shapeshifting & Fusion/Wargs, Gifting
    Science, Procurement/Keeping, Brewing (potions poisons, oils; various Effects), Means of Delivery (darts, bombs, etc), Craft Mastery (powerful Sphere Spells)
    Night, Life/Blood, Arcane, Spirit/Soul, Truesight
    -Helpfully done some final editions by the Vision of Grandmaster greyjedi
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  4. Jedi Battlemaster Drallig

    Jedi Battlemaster Drallig Jedi Padawan star 1

    Jan 23, 2017
    ~ My Secondary Characters ~

    ~My Character Images:

    -Nentres of Garlot (Nenthrassian Telumendil, Aethrandir Arcmagus of the Arcane; ‘55’--110)
    Arcane, Conjuration, Mysticism, Alteration, Restoration
    Arcstave, Kringresand, runed Silver longsword, Magecloth robes, black Leather
    bay Mearas, 2 Ravens (High Ravens)

    -Duomir Gottman (Heir-bastard of Dietmar; 35)
    Shield Mastery, One-Handed, Construction, Sailing, Arbalesting
    runed Steel sword & shield, arbalest & bolts, hornhelm & heavy armor, heavy Leather
    brown friesian

    -Bors (exiled Aetheling of Beornheim; 30)
    Hand to Hand, Stone/Earth, Restoration, Druidic, Alchemy
    Bronze greataxe, Skins/Fur trappings; Beorning

    -Lot of Lothian (Tyr Lotharus of Annah, the fallen Palla of Perdon; 50)
    Mysticism, Two-Handed, One-Handed, Light/Sacred, Metallurgy
    runeguilded Steel/Silver war hammer, mace & shield, winghelm & heavy armor, heavy Cloth tabard & fullcape
    white shire horse

    -Ellen/Ellenna (Halfelven bastress & bardette, Gilthanas’ Companion; 30)
    Archery, Stealth, One-Handed, Hand to Hand, Restoration
    Mithril blade, Magicwood Silvergilded composite bow, Steel & Silver arrows, Silvermail-covered Otataral longdagger, Steel shieldarm & helmet, plate armoring, protections & mail, Elvencloth hooded cape, silk & velvet Clothes
    chestnut Mearas

    -Domitias (‘Thomas’, Lotharus’ bastard Magesquire; 20)
    Restoration, Fire, Alteration, Enchanting, Mysticism
    runeguilded Steel/Silver mace & shield, heavy plate armor & mail, Cloth tabard & fullcape
    white icelandic
    Aiglos (“Softy”, white Mabari greathound, 10)

    -Guttormur, Son of Grimlaugur (Heir of Mirkesh, 30; Draugwath)
    Two-Handed, Hand to Hand, Siege, Fortification, Construction
    Steel greataxe & paws, Steel starred whip & hunting bola, Bronze broadshield, mail & protections, heavy Leather & Skins/Fur
    blue roan giant draft horse

    -Geirtryggur, Son of Grimlaugur (28; Draugwath)
    Dual, Archery, Sea War, Logistics, Sailing
    Bronze bow & Steel arrows, Steel sickle sword & axe, Leather whip, Bronze shield, mail & protections, Leather & Skins/Fur
    blue roan draft horse

    -Groibrandur, Son of Grimlaugur (27; Draugwath)
    Throwing, Two-Handed, Dual, Metallurgy, Mining
    Steel war spear, 2 throwing spears, 4 flyaxes, Bronze shield, mail & protections, Leather & Skins/Fur
    blue roan draft horse

    -Sir Jostein Rautainen (The Tower of Aronbor; 30)
    One-Handed, Shield Mastery, Strategy, Riding, Masonry
    Steel longsword & guardarm, shield & lance, plate armor & mail, Skins/Fur, heavy Cloth cape
    palomino ardennes horse

    -Adelfine (of Dietmar; 26)
    Arbalesting, One-Handed, Sailing, Sea War, Mounted Archery
    Steel arbalest & bolts, sword & shield, protections & mail, Leather, Cloth shortcape
    dapple gray thoroughbred mare
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  5. Jedi Battlemaster Drallig

    Jedi Battlemaster Drallig Jedi Padawan star 1

    Jan 23, 2017
    ~on Jarldom peoples referencing:

    Aronbor: Ironborn
    Andor: Gottmen/women
    Rydony: Gyllene/enne
    Northerond: Northerner
    Perdon: Perdonii
    Asrinon: Rinoni
    Inderinon: Inderri
    Doras: Doran
    Mirkesh: Mirkeshi
    Romara: Romaran
    Iosia: Iosian
    Amburria: Amburrian
    Idrez: Idrezi
    Mordland: Mordlander
  6. Ktala

    Ktala Force Ghost star 6

    Sep 7, 2002
    Could you give more info about what is the Warren??
    And how it is used, when using magic.

  7. Jedi Battlemaster Drallig

    Jedi Battlemaster Drallig Jedi Padawan star 1

    Jan 23, 2017
    Most Gladly, Master Ktala :-B

    Before the world/physical plane, The Orbeis, was fashioned by Aëlis, The Mothergod,

    The Fathergod, Laêlor, created the spirit world/plane, The Aetherius.

    The Aetherius is the paralell realm of Spirits (Väthar, Môrkhar, and Telchar Maiar/Spirits), Dreams,

    and Magic.

    It is where the power of Magic exists and is born.

    When someone in the physical plane, in The Orbeis, is born with the gift of Magic,

    it means that sentient has the power to channel the energy of Magic from the Aetherius onto the physical world;

    The Warren is the gate that said sentient opens to let the flow of magic explode, or the gate that the same individual closes when not using magic.

    Imagine magic sentients are doors that open and close when they want, allowing magic to pass from one plane to the other.

    To exemplify, suppose I am a mage. I am walking around, buying goods at the market--a normal day, a mundane task, my Warren is closed.

    But then I spot an enemy across the marketplace.

    I open my Warren to ready my magic powers for battle;

    he feels I've just opened my Warren,

    so he opens his to attack me with magic.

    When I defeat my opponent,

    I close my Warren again,

    ---or I leave it open, for fear of others attacking me afterward...

    Magic sentients are all connected to The Aetherius;

    when engaging Magic Power,

    all sentients can feel it.

    Hope this is of Help; if more is needed, by all means everyone,
    ask away
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  8. galactic-vagabond422

    galactic-vagabond422 Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Jul 11, 2009
    GM Approved.
    (Because I have no life and too many ideas to hold in my head I present the Wanderers)

    Francesca Maria Bice Scholastica Tempeste (Stormcrack, Lightning Dancer, Fulminiti-only by Giuseppe; 23, Athani female)
    Primal (Thunder), Mysticism, Enchanting, One handed, Dancing
    Magic-crystalled Iron staff, enchanted Steel short sword, Steel chestpiece, Ebony mail skirt, enchanted Leather/protections, Magicweave green hooded cape

    Giuseppe Mateo Loren Elb Razini (Whitebeard, The Frosted Terror, Old Man-only by Francesca; 92, Athani male)
    Primal (Water/Ice), Mysticism, Restoration, Conjuration, One handed
    Magicwood staff, enchanted Steel sword, blue Magecloth robes over Steel mail shirt, runed Silver medallion, enchanted Leather spellbook