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  1. connor85

    connor85 Jedi Knight

    Nov 27, 2015
    I read an old thread where you could write how the Star Wars EU could have been different in your eyes. Here is the link:

    I've decided to start up a new one here. Get settled because my entry is pretty long:

    Everything up through Young Jedi Knights happens as the books say, except the graduation ceremony at the end of CACR. After that, everything is different, starting with the fact that the Yuuzhan Vong never invade. Instead, Lumiya's Sith, with no Vong or Killiks causing a delay, start stirring up trouble.

    Along with Lumiya, the named Dark Jedi are Lomi Plo, Welk and Flint Torul, who she managed to corrupt again. Lumiya's big plan, which she had a couple of decades to begin putting together, is to build up a large army to send against the Jedi and the New Republic. This army is made up of various types of battle droids, Nightsisters, Dark Jedi she and her followers recruit and train, a combination of stormtroopers that are lured away from the Imperial Remnant, fresh recruits, and clones. The clones are possible because Lumiya found plans on how to build Spaarti cylinders. She also follows Thrawn's method of speed growing them by putting ysalimiri around the cylinders. A large part of the clones will be artificially imbued with the Force, similar to Desann's Reborn, using several dark side nexuses. The rest will be given to the Ssi-ruuk to use for entechment.

    Lumiya will keep the Ssi-ruuk on her side with a constant supply of human clones and several uninhabited worlds that they can consecrate to expand their territory and build shipyards and factories on.

    One dark side nexus will be created on Coruscant in the old Jedi Temple by Luke and Mara killing Irek Ismaren, otherwise known as Lord Nyax.

    Lumiya will also begin working toward corrupting the Solo kids. She'll use a new version of the Bando Gora's mind control drugs to weaken Jacen's mental defenses. This is possible by threatening or blackmailing a member of the praxeum's kitchen staff into slipping the drug into Jacen's food in very small doses. This is done so subtly that no one notices, not even Jaina or Luke. Lumiya uses this to begin causing trouble between Anakin and Jacen by making Jacen's debates with Anakin over the Force more hostile.

    Lumiya also begins to kidnap several Force-sensitive children, including Tahiri, using several slaving rings as camouflage.

    The first story will be Anakin's search across several planets for Tahiri. This also takes place before he becomes an apprentice. He first listens to Leia's advice to trust the older Jedi and New Republic Security to find her. Unfortunately, under Fey'lya's administration, NRS doesn't put much effort into the search, since all the missing children are either orphans or from poor families on backwater planets. As a result, Anakin steals a brand new XJ X-Wing, Luke's copy of "The Jedi Path," and convinces R2-D2 to come with him without telling anyone. He's not happy with Leia or anyone else telling him to wait any longer.

    Over the story, Anakin uses the book and what he's already learned to strengthen his connection to the Force. He also begins seeing it less as purely a tool. He also starts out using a blaster and a gaderffii stick for combat, until the staff is destroyed. Then he builds his own lightsaber. At first, he'll only be up against various underworld thugs, until a Reborn clone destroys his gaffi stick. After that, he'll start going up against stormtroopers and droids. He'll also meet K'Kruhk and convince him to join the New Jedi Order.

    (I'll put a list of planets that get featured in another post if anyone's interested. I'll also give details on what goes on at each location.)

    Alongside this, his parents, Luke and Mara, Chewbacca, Lando, Jacen, Jaina, Lowbacca, Tenel Ka, Zekk, Raynar and Lusa are searching for him. They also begin learning about what's going on behind the scenes, though they never find out who's pulling the strings.

    Finally, Anakin catches up to Tahiri on an asteroid mining station run by Lumiya's people. They're digging out cortosis and phrik. He's since patched things up with his family and friends. Unfortunately, Lumiya decides to force Jacen and Anakin into a fight after separating them from the others. Lumiya hopes Anakin can be goaded into turning to the dark side along with his brother. Anakin holds Jacen off until Jaina catches up. They are able to pull Jacen out of Lumiya's grip with Leia and Han's help. This is when they find out that Lumiya is behind everything.

    After this, the group finds Flint holding a rally with stormtroopers and several Reborn clones, working to turn Tahiri and other Force-sensitive captives to the dark side. Anakin tosses Tahiri her gaderffii and the battle is on. At some point, Anakin will see Tahiri and Jacen both in trouble at the same time. Not wanting to choose between them, he manages to save them both by using Emerald Lightning.

    After the battle and returning to Yavin 4, the entire Jedi Order is called for conference. A new Jedi Council is elected. Several Jedi who were isolated before become full-time members. Anakin, in spite (or because) of his actions, is promoted to apprentice. The other trainees who followed him are also promoted. Tahiri is not because she spent her time in captivity, but she'll get her chance. Anakin is apprenticed to Kyle Katarn, Jacen to Luke, Jaina to Mara, Tenel Ka to Kirana Ti, Zekk to Kam Solusar, Lowbacca to K'Kruhk, Raynar to Lar Le'Ung, and Lusa to Cilghal along with Tekli. Leia decides, after seeing how Fey'lya's administration caused more problems that could have been prevented, decides to become a diplomatic liaison between the Jedi and the government. She does this in conjunction with her training under Saba Sebatyne.

    This is the first entry. I'll post the next one later.

    Mav Edit: We let this thread go when it was started to see if it could be a EU discussion/idea generator, but since the OP hasn't been online in a long time and it got bumped with no rules or fully formed idea of what it is, we're just going to lock it.

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  2. Sith-I-5

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    Aug 14, 2002
    My version of the EU is a combination of my own fics, and SW roleplaying games that I have played on these Boards.

    Due to the timelines of those games, the last thirty years of the Galactic Republic, and the years prior to A New Hope, have been explored far more thoroughly than post-ROTJ.

    Central to my EU, is the Republic' security agency, MI5, or the Secret Galactic Intelligence Service, and Agent Mitch Nifesta, a Twi'lek Force Vampire who developed a friendship with Master Yoda, and adopted a post-Order 66 padawan.

    The Empire features heavily, and Yoda and Anakin are represented from the mainstream canon, more than the Solos, or Anakin's descendents.
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  3. connor85

    connor85 Jedi Knight

    Nov 27, 2015
    Well, here's the second entry for my EU AU:

    Several months after Anakin and the others rescued Tahiri from Lumiya's Sith, the Jedi and the New Republic are now in open war. Along with Lumiya's army of clones, droids, and dark side adepts, the Ssi-ruuk have thrown in with her as well. They have set up droid foundries, shipyards, and cloning facilities on several planets. They are also attempting to take over other planets due to their strategic importance.

    Anakin, Jacen, Jaina, Lowbacca, Tenel Ka, Zekk, Raynar and Lusa are placed together on several missions due to how well they all work together. Tahiri soon joins them once she is promoted to apprentice under Mara and alongside Jaina. Each of them has a specialty that gives them their own niche in the team:

    Anakin - machines, puzzles
    Jacen - animals
    Jaina - machines and piloting
    Zekk - finding things, machines
    Raynar - numbers, navigation
    Tenel Ka - physical
    Lowbacca - computers
    Lusa - healing
    Tahiri - plants, water

    They have also developed their skills in lightsaber combat:

    Anakin - Strong, Fast, Medium, Shien/Djem So, Juyo
    Jacen - Strong, Fast, Medium, Soresu
    Jaina - Strong, Fast, Medium, Shien/Djem So
    Zekk - Medium, Fast, Strong, Niman, Soresu, Shii-Cho
    Raynar - Medium, Fast, Strong, Makashi
    Tenel Ka - Strong, Fast, Medium, Makashi
    Lowbacca - Strong, Fast, Medium, Djem So
    Lusa - Strong, Fast, Medium, Ataru
    Tahiri - Strong, Fast, Medium, Ataru

    Most of the story is about various missions and battles the team take part in. At the end, several of Lumiya and the Ssi-ruuk's droid foundries have been destroyed, along with some cloning facilities. Welk and several of his Nightbrothers are also killed. Since this entry takes place over a couple of years, the entire team, along with Leia, are promoted to Jedi Knight status. Unfortunately, several other Knights have been killed and the praxeum has been attacked at least twice. Chewbacca is also in a coma after shielding civilians from an explosion.
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  4. Darth Apocalypse

    Darth Apocalypse Jedi Youngling

    May 10, 2017
    My EU has a lot of different versions. The fics involved will be documented in my signature.
  5. MartyAvidianus

    MartyAvidianus Jedi Padawan star 3

    May 14, 2017
    So this is a plot bunny thread? Can anyone write a fic according your post or are you claiming these AUs as your own before someone else come up with the same idea?
    If the latter, I don't want to be accused of plagilarizing later. Tell me now and I won't visit this thread.
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