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(WT 11) Casper's Interview

Discussion in 'Big Brother House' started by Silmarillion, Sep 15, 2002.

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  1. Silmarillion

    Silmarillion Manager Emerita/Ex RSA star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jul 20, 1999
    Note: This thread an official "Stamp of Approval" from Casper and


    First off, tell me about your first impressions of the BB house.

    I thought it was funny we actually got our own forum, because prior to that I was thinking "the house" would be one thread at the YJCC. (I hadn't really paid attention).

    I logged in to check, saw a couple of people there, but couldn't really be bothered. I had visions of spamfests and social nonsense and thousands of "what socks do you wear?" threads.

    I remember thinking, "I don't know these people, but I'll make the best of it."

    I've noticed you changed somewhat during your time in the house. I can't imagine you starting a MSMBF thread now for some reason.

    Did you see a change in yourself like that?

    It's funny you've noticed that, because it's actually true.

    I had a couple of threads like that. They were done to provide a bit of entertainment, but seemed to attract quite a strong cult most of the time.

    Now, I would think twice before doing something like that. It has no use, it just creates barriers between people: it's all image and fake persona stuff. The smart sarcastic trip.

    So do you think you'll revert to your old posting ways after a while, or will we still see the same Casper we got to know and love in the house?

    Hehe. Now I know that it's possible to be just a a normal person of flesh-and-blood here and not an entertainment machine, you won't see the old "Debo" again. That was Debo, this is Casper.

    Actually, checking the dates of those threads -- I see they were all done at night, and during the months I was working on my dissertation. I can see how it was: I tended to take breaks and just write something bizarre, to pour out some crap after being immersed in all things psychological, which, as much as I love it, can be quite mind-numbing. That's how it was.

    Hehe, yeah I guess after a hard day's work a little time off from reality can be quite nice.

    Do you have a particular moment in the BB house that you could point to being your favourite?

    Not really, no. There are a couple, of course. It's hard to locate one and glorify it, because it's always part of something bigger. When you isolate it, it loses its value somewhat.

    But one thing that was nice was when you, me, Meg and Tom were just together, in high spirits and in a loving mood a bit. That's so rare here, or on the Internet. (But that too was part of something bigger, because that mood had been lingering for several weeks; in fact, it's still lingering now).

    Privately, there were a couple of times you and I exchanged a series of PMs, and they all seemed so nice and sweet. Maybe I'm idealizing a bit, but I remember having a good feeling about that, and after that. I enjoyed that. It was sincere to me.

    For more about that I refer to my new book about you, that will be published later this week, and is called "[link=]Kerryn Through My Eyes[/link]".

    I look forward to my copy signed by the author.

    Thank you, Casper.
  2. Debo

    Debo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 27, 2001
    Note: This thread an official "Stamp of Approval" from Casper and


    Good work, Kerryn.
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