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    X-WING: Rise of a Rogue
    Part I of the Darvix Zorvan Trilogy


    Disclaimer: The characters of this tale belong to the greats, George Lucas, Michael Stackpole, Aaron Allston, and so forth. Darvix Zorvan was created by myself, so let me know if you want to use him.

    Acknowledgements: First and foremost, thank you to George Lucas, for creating a phenomenon that has captured the imagination of generations. Michael A. Stackpole, for giving life to the Rogues and proving that ?We don?t need no stinkin? Jedi!? Aaron Allston for proving Star Wars could be just like an episode of M*A*S*H. Also to former Lucasarts great Lawrence Holland and his team for creating the X-Wing, TIE Fighter, and X-Wing Alliance PC games.

    Author's Notes: Some of you may recognize this fic. Rise of a Rogue was the first long-fic that I wrote and posted to these boards almost six years ago. Over the last few months I've been going through and performing a bit of minor editing and cleanup work as well as adding scenes and fixing others (*cough*retcon*cough*).

    Since I lost the password and e-mail account to the original account that posted this fic, starting today I'll be posting one chapter every Monday-Friday of this new, cleaned up, revised version. Of course, I still have to point out that this story was written when I was sixteen. Even after that cleanup work it's still no where near as polished or has quite the same prose as my newer fics.

    So, while I work on Rogue Diplomacy, I'll be posting this for the next 65 weekdays. For those of you who have read this before and have decided to read it again in its shinier version (I promise, in this updated version everyone shoots their blasters at the appropriate time), I hope you can forgive me for being such a mediocre writer as a sixteen year old. For new readers, I hope you enjoy the first installment of Dap's 17 year adventure.

    As always, if you'd like to know what I'm up to in the fic writing world or get a glimpse into my various fandom musings, you can hit me up on my [link=]LiveJournal[/link] or follow me on Twitter with @LaneWinree.


    Act I

    Dramatis Personae

    The Rogues

    General Wedge Antilles (Human Male from Corellia)(Rogue Leader)
    Colonel Tycho Celchu (Human Male from Alderaan)(Rogue One)
    Major Wes Janson (Human Male from Tanaab)(Rogue Two)
    Major Derek ?Hobbie? Klivian (Human Male from Ralltiir)(Rogue Three)
    Major Lane ?Ace? Azzameen (Human Male from Azzameen Station)(Rogue Five)
    Captain Corran Horn (Human Male from Corellia)(Rogue Nine)
    Captain Gavin Darklighter (Human Male from Tatooine)(Rogue Six)
    Lieutenant Ooryl Qyrgg (Gand male from Gand)(Rogue Ten)
    Lieutenant Myn Donos (Human Male from Corellia)(Rogue Seven)
    Lieutenant Inyri Forge (Human Female from Kessel)(Rogue Eight)
    Flight Officer Cheriss ke Hanadi (Human Female from Adumar)(Rogue Four)
    Flight Officer Darvix ?Dap? Zorvan (Human Male from Nar Shadaa)(Rogue Eleven)

    Rogue Squadron Support Personnel

    Major Nawara Ven (Twi?lek Male from Ryloth)(Rogue Squadron XO)
    Gate (Wedge?s R5 unit)
    Whistler (Corran?s R2 unit)
    Zone (Darvix?s R2 unit)

    New Republic Military and Intelligence

    Admiral Ackbar (Mon Calamari male from Mon Calamari)
    Iella Wessiri (Human Female from Corellia)
    Garik ?Face? Loran (Human Male from Pantolomin)

    Crew of the Pulsar Skate
    Mirax Terrik-Horn (Human Female from Corellia)
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    Chapter One
    The Greenhorn

    ?Five, break to port!? Wedge yelled into his comlink. He looked up and to his left, watching as the sleek outline of a legendary Incom T-65 X-Wing slipped out of his view, followed closely by a TIE Defender.

    ?He?s got me good, can?t outmaneuver him!? Five?s voice came back over the comlink, an almost panicked tone. Wedge grimaced as he saw Five?s X-Wing throttle forward. Sithspit! He?s trying to outrun that Defender! The X-Wing was essentially flying in a straight line, making small jukes and jinks to avoid the emerald green bursts of laser fire coming at his six.

    ?Five, calm down and start moving! You can?t outrun a Defender!? Wedge side slipped to his left and brought up the Defender on his targeting computer, but his X-Wing couldn?t keep up with Five and his pursuer. As he glanced down at his targeting computer, he saw the enemy snubfighter slowly increasing the gap between them. Wedge swore to himself as he glanced up at his power distribution panel, shunting power away from his laser cannons to his engines. If he was going to get rid of this target, he?d be doing it with his secondary weapons.

    ?Transferring power from weapons and shields to engines, that should keep him off my six!? Wedge could hear both fear and misplaced determination in the young pilot?s voice.

    ?Negative Five, take evasive action, do not lower your shields!? Wedge switched over to Proton Torpedoes, centering his targeting brackets over the TIE Defender. ?Move, Five! You?re going to be space debris if you keep this up!?

    ?Negative lead, I can outrun him.? Five ducked under a few more shots, but the next few hit right on, tearing away at the already diminishing shields of the X-Wing. The target lock flashed red on his heads-up-display, and Wedge let loose with a Proton Torpedo, but just as the blue streak left Wedge?s X-Wing, a dual linked shot from the Defender punched into Five?s aft, setting off a chain reaction. Wedge watched in horror as Five burst into a ball of flame and Durasteel. Soon after the torpedo hit the Defender, whose pilot obviously was too busy enjoying his latest kill. Within moments, the debris of two snubfighters littered the vacuum of space.

    Wedge slammed his fist against the flight console and leaned back into the pilot?s seat. Another pilot lost, another young one at that. For the life of a snubfighter commander, each one of his pilots was like a child. Seeing any of them in trouble was painful. Loosing any of them was devastating. There were times Wedge found himself ironically amused at the fact that he still felt those pangs of guilt and despair when he lost one of his subordinates. One part of his mind recognized that those feelings could reassure him that he was still human and hadn?t become a complete military machine. The other part of him wished that he could jam an electrode into his brain to remove whichever part was responsible for registering emotion. Some days, he felt too old for this job, and sadly, this was one of them.

    ?That?s it boys. Pack it up and head back for Mon Remonda.?

    ?You did everything you could, Boss.? That was Tycho?s voice over the comm.

    Wedge sighed, ?I know, One. Still, this is the sixth family I have to write home to this campaign?that?s unacceptable.?

    ?You know that?s well within the bounds of armed combat, General,? Tycho chided.

    ?Well it doesn?t make it any easier to swallow.?

    Wedge sighed to himself as he lifted up the yellow blast visor on his helmet. As he tried in vain to rub the exhaustion out of his tired eyes, his astromech began plotting a hyperspace route back home. The droid?s mournful whistle told Wedge it was time to make the jump. After making one last check to his vital systems, Wedge took hold of the hyperdrive control lever. Stars gave way to streaks of white light. Streaks of white light gave way to the molten black and blue of hyperspace. Any other day, and this sight might have been beautiful.


    Wedge shut off the power to his datapad. These letters often made him question his drive to being a squad comm
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    Chapter Two
    Reporting for Duty

    New Republic Cruiser Mon Remonda

    Wedge stepped into the hanger, shivering slightly. The hanger doors hadn?t closed yet, and Magcon fields weren?t the greatest insulators. Still, he wouldn?t pass up a chance to see his two old friends as they stepped out of their fighters. The Rogues would be getting a few days of downtime, a perfect chance to catch up with Hobbie and Wes. They?d no doubt share a few drinks, a few laughs at Hobbie?s expense, and watch Janson make a few ill-fated passes at some of the female officers on board the Mon Remonda.

    Wedge took a step forward and was suddenly knocked to the floor. Instinctively he tried to reach for his sidearm, but he realized that his arms were pinned in place. Something most certainly wasn?t right. As Wedge struggled to free himself from his assailent who had pinned him to the ground, an all-too familiar voice piped in.

    ?Miss us, Pop?? Wes asked.

    ?Absolutely not,? Wedge returned ?Now get off me before I?m forced to confine both of you to quarters.?

    ?What did I do?? Hobbie had just stepped off the ladder hooked on to the edge of his X-Wing?s cockpit.

    Wedge managed to pry Wes off of him and stood up, straightening out his uniform ?I still subscribe to the belief that you two are a medical experiment gone horribly wrong,? Wedge smiled ?In reality, you?re one being that?s manifesting itself as two entities. Therefore, if I punish one of you, I have to punish both of you.

    A loud alarm rang overhead as the PA blared to life, ?Incoming starfighter. Deck crew report to landing pad eleven.?

    Wedge turned towards the hanger opening. An aging X-Wing lumbered towards the vacant landing pad, directed in by the hanger?s deck crew. The sound of repulsorlifts hissing to life filled the enormous room as the starfighter slowly began to set down. With a loud thud, the landing struts made contact with the cold durasteel floor. Moments later, the whine of repulsorlifts and flight engines faded. The darkened canopy of the X-Wing rose to its open position, revealing the helmet clad pilot within it.

    ?Ah, wonderful!? Wes said, clapping his hands together. ?The Greenhorn didn?t get lost.?

    ?Unlike you,? Hobbie muttered. ?I still don?t understand how you flew us into the Corellia system.?

    ?Now, Hobbie,? Wes chided as the three pilots strode towards the X-Wing that had just sat down, ?certainly you?re not going to let one little mistake mar your opinion of the greatest pilot ever to sit behind a flightstick.?

    ?Funny,? Wedge mused, ?Last I checked my record was still spotless.?

    The new arrival had exited his X-Wing by the time Wedge arrived. It looked as if the Greenhorn was having a rather spirited discussion with one of the younger deckhands. It also appeared that the younger deckhand wanted to wet himself where he stood. Wedge frowned and approached the pilot.

    ?What about level out the top-port thruster don?t you understand?? the pilot was clearly agitated. ?Vader?s Bones! Where did you study ship mechanics, Jingo?s Discount Scrapyard??

    ?I?m sorry sir, but we don?t have the equipment available to perform that task at the moment,? the deckhand replied meekly. ?Besides, sir, initial scans indicated your ship was functioning well enough.?

    ?Well enough my ass,? the pilot spat. ?That thing feels like a Hutt?s sitting on it. Now get that damn thruster fixed and stabilized by 0600 tomorrow.?

    ?Y-Yes sir,? the Deck officer replied, quickly scampering away from the fiery pilot.

    ?Do a half assed job and you?ll be hauling supply freighters through the Maw!? the pilot shouted at the deck officer.

    Wes coughed into his gloved hand, catching the pilot?s attention, ?General Antilles, this is Flight Cadet Darvix Zorvan.?

    Right then, the pilot?s entire demeanor changed. He stood up straight and brought his outstretched hand to his helmet, snapping a code-perfect salute.

    ?At ease, Mr. Zorvan,? Wedge said. The pilot relaxed slightly, but Wedge could tell he had grown incredibly uncomfortable.

    ?Surprising,? Wes said, brow raised. ?That?s the best
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    VaderLVR64 - Thank you! Glad you're back at the fanfiction boards :)

    Chapter Three
    Approval Process

    Captain Naolin stood in front of the viewpoint on the bridge of the Ender, an Imperial Star Destroyer left from the Battle of Endor. The molten black and blue of Hyperspace filled the young Captain?s vision. We should be approaching Telos any day now. Imperial control was shrinking fast since Grand Admiral Thrawn was killed, but they still controlled enough systems to rebuild and destroy the plague that was the New Republic.

    ?Captain,? a voice from the command level below him came, ?Analysis from the Omega Post trial has been completed.?

    Naolin stepped away from the view port and looked down at the lieutenant below him, ?What did the intercepted transmissions have to say??

    The young lieutenant read over the screen for a moment ?Transmissions indicate that the Y-Wing flight as well as the Rebel outpost did not detect the Phantoms. The partially recovered sensor logs concur with this. It would appear that the experiment was successful.?

    The captain smiled. The Phantom D-34 project was brought into existence shortly after the Yavin disaster. Imperial Command realized quickly that the Rebel starfighter threat was great, and steps needed to be taken to reduce that threat. The Phantom Program was near completion, but then Endor happened, and all hell broke loose. The project didn?t resume until Grand Admiral Thrawn relocated the Emperor?s cloaking technology. At long last, it appeared that they had finally perfected a cloaking device to be used on a starfighter.

    ?As soon as we drop out of hyperspace, send a message to Moff Celia,? Naolin said, ?Inform him that the Phantom TIEs are ready for production.?


    Darvix tensed his hand around the flight stick and scanned the empty space ahead of his starfighter. He glanced down at one of the visual displays, checking the status of his wingmen. ?Status check, Green Flight.?

    ?Green two, everything checks out,? That was Corran Horn, one of the great Rogue Squadron veterans, ?Sensors still reading silent. Wonder what Celchu?s got for us today??

    Darvix smiled slightly, ?Cut the chatter, two. Three??

    The voice of Ooryl Qyrgg followed ?Ooryl has four green lights. Sublight engines at maximum efficiency.?

    ?Four here,? That was Wes. Darvix was bound determined to get even with Janson for stiffing him with mess hall duty, ?Is it true that if a Wookie falls, and no one?s around to hear it, it doesn?t make a sound.?

    ?Depends, Four,? Darvix responded ?If the Wookie is on Coruscaunt, then it?s a moot point. Someone was definitely around to hear it. If it?s on, say, Tattooine?well you?d have to ask the Jawas.?

    ?Got something on the scope,? Corran said, ?Reading is?one Dreadnaught, one Interdictor Cruiser. Looks like we?re in for some fun.?

    ?I see ?em,? Darvix replied ?Alright, to say we?re outgunned is an understatement. Lock S-Foils in attack position.?

    Darvix looked above him to see the forward Friend/Foe Contact Screen. The red blips were increasing in number rapidly ?Right, we?ve got a full TIE Fighter regiment, looks like a fair number of eyeballs and?? Darvix cycled through his targeting computer quickly. Sure enough?

    ?We?ve got dupes! The dreadnaught is a defector, repeat, the dreadnaught is a defector! Green Two, Green Three, take out those bombers. Four, on my wing. We?ll provide cover.?

    ?Acknowledged, One,? Corran said ?Come on, Ooryl, those bombers will be in range of the Dreadnaught shortly.?

    ?Mark the dreadnaught as mission critical,? Darvix said ?Four, two eyeballs are breaking off and heading toward Two and Three.?

    ?I see them,? Wes replied. His X-Wing began to peel out and race towards the TIE Fighters.

    Darvix followed suit, his X-Wing right in formation with Wes?. He cycled through his targeting computer and selected one of the TIE Fighters heading towards Corran and Ooryl. ?You take the trailer, Wes. I?ll take the dumb one who insists on flying in a straight line.?

    ?Acknowledged, lead.?

    Wes broke formation and began a wide, sweeping arch to
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    Notes on Chapter Four: The Phantom Project idea was taken from the Lucasarts game Rebel Assault II. The acting and story may have stunk, but the idea was good.

    Chapter Four - Phantoms

    The Lambda Class shuttle gently eased through the Telosian atmosphere. Nearly four-thousand years ago, the planetary surface was obliterated by a Sith fleet led by the Dark Lord Malak. Shortly after the end of the Mandalorian War, the Old Republic began a restoration project of an enormous scale. Within three-hundred years, the war torn world was once again habitable. It was one of the greatest feats the Old Republic accomplished.

    Captain Naolin sat at the back of the shuttle, datapad in hand. Assembly on the first squadron of Phantom TIEs was under way, and with it the destruction of the Rebel fleet. Not even their prized Rogue Squadron would be able to stand up to these new starfighters.

    ?Captain,? the pilot at the front of the ship addressed Naolin, causing him to look up from his datapad. ?We?re on final approach, we should touch down shortly.?

    Naolin nodded, ?Thank you.? He would have a few hours to settle in before reporting to the construction facility. Moff Celia would be there, and Naolin would be giving the Moff a demonstration of the Phantom?s cloaking capabilities.

    It?s a shame, Naolin mused idly, that we can?t make more than a squadron worth.

    The cost of building a single squadron of Phantom TIEs was astronomical. The cloaking devices were expensive enough, but a new fighter had to be developed to house it. The unit was nearly as large as the twin-ion engines that propelled the fighter, rendering any current production starfighter useless for this ambitious project.

    Naolin held on to his seat as he felt the shuttle touch down on the landing pad. The hiss of the lowering exit ramp filled the shuttle, causing the bright sunlight to stream in. He undid his seatbelt and stood, making his way down the ramp.


    Naolin stood on the walkway overlooking the production floor. The sound of welding and machine work filled the large warehouse. Flashes of blue occasionally lit up different portions of the floor. Below him were the outlines of twelve new snubfighters. The final preparations for the Phantoms was nearly complete, and with it the final days of the Rebellion.

    His comlink buzzed, waking him from his reverie. Picking it up, he thumbed it on ?Yes?? he asked.

    ?Moff Celia has arrived and awaits you at the entrance,? the voice at the other end said.

    ?I?ll be there shortly.?

    The captain pocketed his comlink and made his way back towards the entrance of the compound. It had taken a great deal of time and effort to persuade Moff Celia to fund this project, but he had no doubt the Moff would be impressed with what his development crews had accomplished. For too long the remnants of the Empire stood in hiding. The Phantoms would finally allow them to strike back at the Rebels and reclaim what was theirs.

    Stepping up to the entrance door, Naolin keyed his ID into the electronic pad. The heavy metal door slid open. Two armed guards stepped through, followed by a tall man. He was dressed in an expensive suit that Naolin recognized was that of Euceron nobility. The man had an aura of and power, no doubt coming from his background as a senator of the Old Republic. The years obviously had not been kind to the man, weathering away his features, leaving behind a white-haired old man.

    Naolin bowed slightly, ?Moff Celia, it is an honor to have your presence here.?

    ?Dispense with the pleasantries,? the Moff responded. ?I trust you wont disappoint me with today?s demonstration.?

    ?I can promise you that won?t happen,? Naolin replied, ?Your resources have been well spent.

    The Moff waved off his guards, who returned to the entrance of the compound. Naolin fell into step alongside Moff Celia, looking straight ahead, hands clasped behind his back. A few years after the Battle of Endor, Celia had handpicked Naolin to lead the armed forces of his fleet. Naolin had been given the Ender at that point, o
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    Chapter Five - Prior Demons

    Darvix found himself strapped into the simulator once again. The jitters were gone, and he felt as if he could take on a Rancor by himself. He gazed into the empty space around him, relaxing into his pilot?s seat. Today he was flying with only one wingman, Corran Horn. The young pilot enjoyed working with the veteran, but even more so, he enjoyed proving that his age and maturity wasn?t going to be a factor.

    ?Incoming, lead,? Corran said ?Looks like a flight of Assault Gunboats, transmitting Imperial recognition codes.?

    ?How many, two??

    ?Five of them,? Corran replied. ?We?re outgunned, recommend we bail out of here.?

    Darvix smiled to himself, ?We can take them, two. Lock S-Foils in attack position.?

    Darvix reached for a lever at his side, pulling back and preparing his X-Wing for combat. He brought his snubfighter to port and selected one of the gunboats up on his targeting computer. The Assault Gunboat was a starfighter occasionally used by the Empire. Unlike a typical TIE Fighter, the Gunboat was shielded and featured a projectile launcher. Though not quite as speedy and maneuverable as an X-Wing, it was still a formidable opponent.

    ?Lead, this isn?t a good idea,? Corran said.

    ?We can handle them,? Darvix responded, ?We?re fine.?

    The targeting bracket lit up green on Darvix?s heads-up display. Quickly, he pulled back on the trigger, launching a stream of crimson laser blasts towards the Gunboat. Most of them impacted on his target?s shields before it veered out of his path of fire. Darvix arched his X-Wing towards the path of the Gunboat, aiming his bracket ahead of his target and pulling back on the trigger again. The shields on the enemy snubfighter failed, and the next few bolts pierced the hull, causing it burst into a ball of flame.

    ?Lead, I?ve picked one up on my six, could use an assist.?

    Darvix looked up and saw Corran peeling away from him. Quickly, he pulled back on his flightstick and flew towards his wingman?s pursuer. He reached over to his weapons control and switched over to proton torpedoes, centering his targeting bracket over the Gunboat. Almost got him?

    ?He?s got a missile lock on me! Going evasive!?

    He tensed for a moment. I?m not going fast enough! He?s going to vape Corran! Darvix?s hand flew to the power distribution settings, shunting both shields and laser energy towards his engines. Come on, come on! Faster! His targeting brackets began to flash yellow, but just as they did, the gunboat fired a dual linked concussion missile battery. Moments later, they slammed into Corran, vaping him instantly.

    Something inside the young pilot snapped at that moment. Letting out a loud wail, he pulled back on the flightstick and pursued the gunboat that had killed Corran. You took Loren from me already! Now you took Corran! His vision began to narrow onto the gunboat and his targeting brackets. They flashed yellow, and then red. Quickly, he pulled the trigger?

    And the simulator flashed bright white and then faded just as quickly into black. Darvix sat in his seat, breathing shallowly, his hands tightly clenched around the flightstick, still holding the trigger down. He had been vaped.


    Darvix stood at attention in front of Wedge. His entire body was still numb from the simulator run. I am a dead man. He had found out after the run that the entire point of the simulation was to see how he would react to being outnumbered. He should have aborted mission and retreated. Instead, I got the two of us vaped. Wedge had gotten his redemption. He had been the one who destroyed Darvix.

    ?Reckless and idiotic isn?t what we?re known for,? Wedge said. ?What you just did words can?t describe. How the hell can you explain that childish behavior?

    ?I?? Darvix started. ?There is no explanation, sir?It was foolish and stupid.?

    Wedge frowned at the young pilot, ?Don?t try to sweet talk your way out of this, I want to know what was running through your head, at this point I?d settle for knowing that you were even bothering to think in there.?

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    Chapter Six - Sparring Partner

    Wedge took a seat in the Starfighter Command briefing room in Imperial City. Admiral Ackbar had sent an emergency summon to every squadron commander available. The last time this happened, Wedge mused, we were told to prepare to take on the second Death Star.

    ?How long?s it been, Wedge?? came a new voice from beside him. Wedge looked to his side and smiled.

    ?Since the whole Thrawn ordeal,? Wedge replied, ?In other words, too long, Pash.?

    Pash Cracken grinned back at Wedge. Shortly after the reformation of Rogue Squadron, he had accepted Pash into the unit. He had been worried that the natural A-Wing pilot would have a hard time adjusting from being a commanding officer to serving in a support role with the Rogues, but Pash adapted quickly.

    ?Any idea what this is all about?? Pash asked.

    Wedge shook his head, ?I haven?t the slightest clue, but I?ve got a bad feeling about this.?

    Pash rolled his eyes, ?What have I told you about saying that??

    ?That only applies to Solo.?

    Admiral Ackbar stepped to the podium in front of the room and raised a webbed hand. Almost immediately the room fell silent. The Mon Calimari was the long time leader of the Rebel Alliance and New Republic Armed Forces. Before the Battle of Yavin, Ackbar was a slave under Grand Moff Tarkin, whom he learned a great deal of military strategy from. No one else had as much faith in the Rogues as the Admiral did, and Wedge could never thank him enough for that.

    ?I thank you for arriving so quickly and on such short notice,? Ackbar said, ?and I wish that we could bring you better news. General Cracken.?

    Airen Cracken took Ackbar?s place at the podium. General Cracken was the head of New Republic Intelligence. His organization had been instrumental in the taking of Coruscant and early successes against Ysanne Isard and Warlord Zsinj. On the other hand, Wedge thought to himself, It ?was- Cracken who got me into that Adumar mess.

    ?Three weeks ago,? Cracken began, ?One of our platforms in the Outer Rim was destroyed by an unknown contact. A Y-Wing security flight reported that they were under attack by an unidentified assailant that was not visible on scanners or by visuals. Shortly after, contact with the flight was lost, followed quickly by Omega Outpost itself. Sensor logs and transmissions recovered were unable to provide any insight as to the attackers, other than the detection of Imperial recognition codes.

    ?What I am about to tell you is highly confidential and is to remain within your squadrons,? Cracken said, ?Three days ago, we received an encrypted transmission from one of our intelligence agents on Telos, a world under the control of Imperial Moff Celia. Our agent has infiltrated a starfighter development facility that has been funded by Moff Celia and discovered this??

    The holoprojector displayed the image of a starfighter. It had all the classic marks of an Imperial TIE design, the thin, dark solar arrays, the twin-ion engines in back. Wedge noted that this fighter seemed larger than the usual eyeball or squint. Shielded, probably. Must be the Empire?s replacement for the aging Avenger.

    ?It?s codenamed the Phantom Project,? Cracken said, ?One look at this holovid and it will be readily apparent why it has been given that designation.?

    The image was replaced by a static filled video file, obviously taken from a low quality, concealed camera. The Phantom was in view, in front of it two men. Wedge recognized one of them as Moff Celia, a former senator of the Old Republic as well as a Moff under Grand Moff Tarkin prior to the Battle of Yavin. The other man turned to signal a technician. Wedge leaned forward as the holovid showed the hull of the starfighter as it was engulfed in purple and blue flashes. A moment later, it phased out of vision.

    ?Sithspawn?!? Wedge cursed under his breath. He had seen this technology used against Coruscaunt during Grand Admiral Thrawn?s reign of terror. Thrawn had released cloaked asteroids into the planet?s orbit, causing a shutdo
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    Chapter Seven - Green Light

    Wedge leaned against the podium, scanning over the bleary and tired faces of the Rogues seated before him. He felt bad for having cut their leave short, but that decision was out of his hands now. He glanced at his wrist chronometer, choosing to give a few stragglers a few more minutes to get a mug of caf (or lifeblood as pilots often called it) into their system to at least stave off exhaustion for a short while longer. He looked up as the door to the briefing room opened. A rather groggy looking Inyri Forge and Wes Janson walked in. Wedge raised a brow, but his only response was a thumbs-up sign from the Tanaabian native.

    ?Morning, Rogues,? Wedge said as the two pilots took their seat.

    ?Turn him off, it?s too early for a lecture,? Wes said. Wedge rolled his eyes as he saw Wes leaning against Inyri Forge, his eyes closed.

    ?Don?t make me set a curfew, Wes.?

    A collective groan emerged from the Rogues, followed by various objects thrown at Wes, who threw his arms up to protect his head.

    ?Sorry, I?ll be good, father.?

    ?See to it, young man,? Wedge replied, ?And down to business. First off, we?ve filled out the roster.?

    Wedge motioned to his write at a man standing beside the holoprojector. He looked to be in his early thirties. He held about him a certain swagger that suggested he had been a part of the military life for a good portion of his life. His brown hair was short and neatly kept, a bit of a far cry from the usually disorganized Rogues. Like most other snubfighter pilots, he was slightly shorter than average, but still maintained an athletic build.

    ?I imagine most of you don?t know Lane Azzameen,? Wedge said, ?After Endor he laid low working with intelligence. Ace, as he?s known through the fighter corps, was an integral part in stealing the Shuttle Tyderium for the Endor Operation. Shortly after, he served as a gunner on board the Millenium Falcon as we took on the second Death Star. He brings with him an excellent service record, and flexibility that we?ve never had before. Ace is trained to fly all four starfighters that are available to the Republic. Anything to add, Ace??

    ?Is it true you?ve got a case of ?45 Corellian Brandy on board?? Ace asked, grinning.

    ?No comment at this time,? Wedge said, raising a few chuckles from the Rogues. ?Now that he?s here, we can organize our flights, which is our first task of the morning. Tycho, if you please.?

    Tycho stood up and patted Ace on the back as the other pilot took his seat. ?We?ve got twelve on the roster again, meaning we can divide into three flights of four. One flight will be led by General Antilles, and will consist of Wedge, Inyri, Gavin, and Myn.

    ?Two flight will be led by myself. Hobbie, Ooryl, and Ace are with me. Sorry, Wes, looks like you're stuck with the new kids.?

    Wes grinned, ?Fresh meat.?

    ?Wes has Three flight, and we?ll round it out with Corran, Cheriss, and Dap.?

    A soft noise of discontent sounded from the back of the room. Tycho looked up. "Something to add, Ms. ke Hanadi?"

    Cheriss frowned, silent for a moment as if she were turning over just what to say in her head, ?With all due respect, I'd like to request another flight assignment."

    "May I ask why?" Wedge asked.

    "Flight Officer Zorvan's last few sims have been..." she paused. "Less than acceptable. I'm worried that flying with him will get me killed."

    "I see," Wedge said. "Request denied."


    "Wing assignments are not up for discussion," he said.

    Cheriss was clearly upset. "Sir I-"

    "If you have an issue, you can talk to me in my office," Wedge said. "In private. For now, sit down and shut up. We've got more pressing matters to deal with."

    Wedge looked towards the other side of the briefing room and spotted Darvix quietly fuming. He did his best not to sigh. Those two had been at each other's throats since Darvix had arrived a few days earlier. If they didn't get some sort of an arrangement or understanding worked out quickly, he would have to take matters into his own hands. Wedge hated to play squadron nann
  10. Ceillean

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    You know, you were a damned good writer at 16. The crap I wrote at that age is so horrendously embarassing that I have it locked up in my cellar.

    This is really good.

    I finished the first post just now, noticed that you blew yourself up. :p Poor Lt. Winree... ;)

    I'm excited to read the rest of the story because Dap is such an awesome character. :D I loved the diary so I'm betting this'll be a great story too.
    I just have a few more posts to go...

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    Nov 9, 2010
    This is really VERY GOOD!

    =D= =D= =D=

    It took me awhile to cach up, but I'm glad I did.

    And now Mirax is coming to spice things up... [face_laugh] Should be fun!
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    Lane! I caught up! This is great! :D

    Dap is a great character. I am horrible at creating OCs so I have to commend you! And your characterizations of the Fab Four are great.

    This line made me LOL:

    ?No, this is not Endor, Wes,? Tycho said, ?so don?t look so thrilled.

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    Ceillean -

    You know, you were a damned good writer at 16. The crap I wrote at that age is so horrendously embarassing that I have it locked up in my cellar.

    Aww thanks! Truthfully, most of the stuff I wrote at 16 is awful and has been confined to remote portions of my hard drive and locked away in notebooks. The only reason this is remotely presentable is because I've been cleaning it up bit by bit.

    I finished the first post just now, noticed that you blew yourself up. tongue Poor Lt. Winree...

    I needed a redshirt and it's always been a dream of mine to play one on TV :D

    This is close enough.

    I'm excited to read the rest of the story because Dap is such an awesome character. grin I loved the diary so I'm betting this'll be a great story too.
    I just have a few more posts to go...

    Dap has been a blast to write, though I finished with most of his larger adventures last year.

    The diary has sort of fallen by the wayside, but I'm going to revive it in January. This time I'll have a better idea what I want to do with it.


    Thank you!

    Mirax is a delightful character. I always enjoy the opportunities I get to write with her :)


    Glad you're enjoying it :)

    Dap is a great character. I am horrible at creating OCs so I have to commend you! And your characterizations of the Fab Four are great.

    Oh thank you! OCs are really hard and I still struggle mightily with them. Dap is one of the few I managed to flesh out and give some depth to.

    Thanks for reading and reviewing everyone! New post tomorrow.
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    Chapter Eight - Compromised

    Darvix read over the information on his datapad once more. For the first leg of this mission, he was to assume the identity of Galin Sorenthal, a pilot-for-hire picked up from some seedy dive cantina on Tatooine. If customs got a hold of him during the flight to Telos, he would have the documents that showed he was hired by the Pulsar Skate?s captain to provide escort. Once planet bound, he would take up the identity of Harm Paremon, an assistant to a big-game hunter played by Corran Horn.

    Darvix shook his head. When he enrolled in the Starfighter Academy only a few years earlier, he never imagined that he would be playing the role of an intelligence operative. Ground operations were never covered in the pilot's manual. He had been trained to fly multi million credit starfighters. The classes he took covered combat flying and astrogation theory, not infiltration and espionage. He was beginning to wonder if he had gotten in over his head. If this was what Rogue Squadron was known for, he wasn't going to last very long.

    The door behind him hissed open. Darvix turned around in his seat to see the new pilot step into his quarters. Quickly, Darvix stood up and snapped a salute ?Good morning, Major.?

    Ace shook his head, smiling. ?None of that, I?m just a pilot like everyone else here. Mon Remonda?s a little short of officer?s quarters so I?ll be dropping my stuff off here while we?re away.?

    Darvix relaxed and nodded. After the debriefing, he took some time to look into Ace?s background. For a war hero, not much was said about him. He served time with several squadrons, flying everything from Z-95 Headhunters to B-Wings. Prior to the Battle of Endor, Ace had flown his family?s YT-1300 transport into an Imperial station, letting off a Command team that stole the Shuttle Tyderium, the vessel responsible for transporting General Han Solo and his strike team onto the forest moon. During the Battle of Endor itself, he served as a quad turret gunner onboard the Millennium Falcon due to a lack of available starfighters and his experience with Corellian style transports.

    After the battle, Ace was taken out of the Starfighter Corps and placed into Intelligence. Not much had been entered into his file since that point. Darvix had overheard Tycho saying that he and Wedge tried for months to get him while they were reforming Rogue Squadron, and again when Wedge had built up the Wraiths.

    ?Tycho wanted me to tell you that your flightsuit and helmet are by your Y-Wing,? Ace said.

    Darvix nodded, ?Thank you, Major.?

    ?Just Ace.?

    Darvix powered down his datapadand stood up. It was about time to report to the hanger for departure. Two weeks, he said to himself, and already I?m signed up for a suicide mission.

    Ace had set his belongings down on the floor and was walking back to the door. ?Let?s get going, kid.?

    Darvix grabbed a duffel bag and shouldered it, following Ace out of his quarters.

    ?How much Y-Wing experience do you have?? Ace asked the younger pilot.

    He shook his head, ?Not much, Just a brief course at the Academy. What are your impressions?

    The veteran looked thoughtful.?Imagine trying to steer a Bantha through a swamp. Multiply it by a factor of thirty.?

    The two pilots entered into the staging hanger where their snubfighters waited for them. A few of the Rogues were already there, loading supplies into the Lambda Class Shuttle that would take them to the Pulsar Skate. Darvix made his way towards the aging Y-Wing that had been assigned to him. He shook his head as he opened the compartment to stow his bag. Lousy shape?

    He ran his hand over the hull, feeling the many dents and carbon scores that the snubfighter had accumulated over its years of service. He suspected that the ship had been in commission prior to the Battle of Yavin, putting its age to at least eighteen years. Even though his cybernetic eyes couldn?t provide him with much visual detail, it wasn?t hard to tell that the fighter was on its last legs. Darvix pick
  15. Hazel

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    Nov 9, 2010

    ?Lieutenant Kettch has your holdout pistol,? Wes said, patting Darvix on the shoulder.

    [face_laugh] [face_laugh] KETTCH!!! [face_laugh] [face_laugh]

    ?We?ve got a problem,? Garik said, sighing heavily.

    ?I?ve got a bad feeling about this,? Iella replied.

    Me too! [face_worried]
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    Chapter Nine - Old Friends, Ex Friends

    Wedge pulled back from the hug that he and Mirax were sharing. He hadn?t seen his childhood friend in months, but he wished they could meet under happier circumstances. At the very least, at a time when they could share a bottle of brandy. Wedge may have hated pulling Mirax into these suicide missions more so than Corran did. Still, he trusted no one else to smuggle them into Imperial space.

    ?Corran?s going to kill you,? Mirax said.

    Wedge smiled, ?Ah, but you?re the one who volunteered. I think you?re missing out on your true calling in life. You?re crazy enough to be a Rogue.I could put in a word with the Academy if you?d like.?

    ?Thanks, but no,? Mirax replied with a grin, ?I prefer to have my ego in check.?

    Wedge feigned a hurt look, ?My ego is in check!?

    ?Keep saying that, flyboy.?

    Wedge took a seat in the copilot?s chair, looking out the forward viewport. The Skate was an old Baudo-class yacht that, earlier in her life, had been in the service of famed smuggler Booster Terrik. When old man Booster had been sent off to Kessel, Mirax took control of the ship to continue his smuggling business. In that time she managed to establish herself as a brilliant smuggler in her own right.

    ?Who?s flying escort?? Mirax asked, glancing at her sensor boards.

    ?Wes and two of our newer pilots,? Wedge responded. ?It?s kind of hard to find someone willing to fly those old crates.?

    ?It?s always about speed to you flyboys.?

    Wedge rolled his eyes and scanned over the sensor board himself to see if the Y-Wing escort was still in formation. If something were to happen, he knew that he could trust Wes and Ace to keep their cool and handle the situation. With Darvix, he wasn?t so sure. Wedge had seen something in the young pilots last simulator run that had scared him. Like a Jedi Knight, unbridled anger will lead a pilot to certain doom. He wasn?t sure if Darvix could control his emotions well enough. Did I make the right decision to clear him?, Wedge thought to himself.

    ?Got a message from Wes,? Mirax said. ?Says to open up communications channel Alpha-Three-Zeta and put it over the Skate?s PA system.?

    Wedge rolled his eyes, ?This should be good. Make it so.?


    Darvix leaned back into the ejector seat of his Y-Wing. Zone warbled softly behind him. ?Wes? Hoo boy. better patch him through.?

    ???Lo Dap,? Wes said, ?Beautiful day for a mind numbing cruise through hyperspace.?

    ?Isn?t every day?? Darvix replied

    Mind numbing didn?t even begin to describe these hyperpsace jumps. The fact he was trapped in the cockpit of an old, worn down Y-Wing. For hours on end a pilot would stare at the molten black and blue tunnel, wondering where the hell the end was. Some pilots would use the time to catch some sleep. Others were content simply to increase the opacity of the transparisteel viewports to tune out the bright lights of hyperspace. Darvix was beginning to regret that he hadn?t smuggled some music to play over his helmet speakers.

    ?You know,? Wes said idly, ?You never did tell us about your sordid affair with Gavin?s sister.?

    Darvix let out a loud groan, ?You have got to be kidding me, Wes!?

    ?Kidding? Me?? Wes said in a mock shocked voice, ?Flight Officer, I am insulted. Blasters at dawn!?

    ?Alright, alright!? Darvix said, ?Just shut up and I?ll talk!?

    ?I knew we could come to an agreement.?

    The young pilot let out a heavy sigh, ?After I blasted out of Nar Shaddaa I was wandering pretty aimlessly. I had no idea what the kriff I was doing, so I searched wildly through the navicomputer for any predetermined routes. I only recognized the name of one system, home to some Rebellion moisture farmboy-turned-pilot-?

    ?That?s rich,? Ace said over the comm. ?Of all the Republic worlds, you selected Tatooine.?

    ?Unfortunately, yes. In hindsight, I probably should have chosen something along the lines of Mon Calamari. In any case, I popped out of hyperspace about a day later and declared asylum with the New Republic. I ended up in the Embassy at Anch
  17. JediMara77

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    Chapter 8 comments:

    LT. KETTCH!!!!

    FAAAAAAAAAAACE! I love Face. So much.

    Chapter 9 comments:

    ?Thanks, but no,? Mirax replied with a grin, ?I prefer to have my ego in check.?

    Wedge feigned a hurt look, ?My ego is in check!?

    ?Keep saying that, flyboy.?

    HA! So true. She knows the Rogues well.

    ?Kidding? Me?? Wes said in a mock shocked voice, ?Flight Officer, I am insulted. Blasters at dawn!?


    His comm. came to life again, ?Touching story, Dap,? came a new voice?Wedge?s voice? ?Just letting you guys know we?re dropping out of hyperspace in about an hour.?

    Darvix was silent for a moment. How did Wedge hear that??


    ?It was rather touching, Dap,? Wes said.

    LMAO!!!! Oh Wes, you sly devil, you!!!

  18. Hazel

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    Nov 9, 2010

    I think you?re missing out on your true calling in life. You?re crazy enough to be a Rogue.

    Wedge could make Mirax an honorary Rogue. :p

    Darvix was silent for a moment. How did Wedge hear that?? :oops:

    There's always someone listening. There's no getting away from Big Brother! [face_devil]
  19. Lane_Winree

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    Mar 30, 2006

    After all the shenanigans Mirax has gotten involved in, naming her an Honorary Rogue is the least Wedge could do :D


    Face is soooooo much fun to write. He's got a bit of a bigger role later in this fic.

    And yes, Wes is such a sly devil! One must always be on their guard when he's around.

    Thanks for reading and reviewing :)

    New chapter anyone?


    Chapter Ten - Mistakes

    The Pulsar Skate and her Y-Wing escorts dropped out of hyperspace and into the Imperial Customs checkpoint. If anything on this leg of the flight were to go wrong, it would probably happen here. New Republic Intelligence had carefully forged the documents, but one slip-up by anyone on the task force and they would either be high-tailing it back home or would find themselves floating around the system as space debris. Neither option was particularly pleasant.

    Mirax saw the indicator light on her communications panel flash to life. They were being hailed by the officials. If they didn?t buy this, it was going to be a very short mission.

    ?Incoming vessel, identify yourself.?

    Mirax keyed her transmitter, ?Imperial Customs, this is the Corellian Lightning, requesting permission for passage.?


    Darvix switched his communications frequency over to the customs line.

    ??requesting permission for passage.?

    ?Ackknowledged, Lightning. Identify the escorts.?

    Darvix held his breath for a moment, praying that they wouldn?t become suspicious. Logically, he knew that there wasn?t too much to worry about. If they were in their X-Wings, klaxon alarms would be ringing all throughout the sector. The Y-Wings they were flying were a different matter entirely.Due to their age and increasing disuse within the military, Y-Wings had become a favored starfighter of mercenaries and pirates. It wasn?t unusual to see them coming in and out of checkpoints such as this. All he had to do was refrain from doing something to catch their attention.

    ?Mercenary escorts, their records should be on the manifest we?re transmitting.?

    The radio remained silent for a long while. Buy it, Darvix thought to himself, I?d rather not get vaped today. After a minute without a response, he began to take stock of his surroundings, searching for an avenue of escape. They couldn?t simply turn around. Behind them was an aging Victory Class Star Destroyer that no doubt had a full starfighter complement. Ahead of them was the checkpoint platform with a half squadron of TIE Fighters sitting on the exposed flight deck.

    ?You?re all cleared,? the checkpoint officer said. ?We just need to know your course and purpose.?

    ?Shipping small arms and transporting a few big-game hunters to Telos,? Mirax said. ?How?s the hunting down there??

    Darvix breathed a sigh of relief; he would live to see another day. He relaxed his grip on the flightstick and looked forward again. As soon as they made it past this checkpoint, they would have a clear pass into Telos. Unfortunately, he mused, that?s where the danger really begins.

    ?Everything checks out, Lightning,? came the voice at the customs station, ?Happy hunting.?

    Darvix reached forward to switch communications channels, but suddenly felt the urge to resist. Something wasn?t right. His eyes began to scan around the space near the checkpoint. In the distance, Darvix thought he could see the faint outline of ships exiting the station. Quickly, he cycled through his targeting computer. Two TIE Interceptors and two TIE Bombers were in formation, heading towards a mass of freighters about eight kliks away.

    The comm. came to life again ?Attention container transport Zeta One, we have detected the presence of alien lifeforms onboard. Disarm shields and prepare to be boarded.?

    Oh Sithspit! he thought to himself, they?re smuggling non-humans out of Imperial space! Darvix looked to his right, where Ace?s Y-wing was. The veteran was looking over at him, and had obviously seen how distressed Darvix had suddenly become. Darvix pointed to his mechanical eyes and then held up
  20. Hazel

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    The young Twi?lek seemed to be convulsing with fear. Finally, unceremoniously,he pulled the trigger. The bolt coursed through the Twi?lek?s stomach, and she slowly slumped to the ground, blood covering the wall behind her.


    Was that a memory? What did Darvix get himself in to?

    (Edit: forgot the verb there. :oops:)
  21. JediMara77

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    Poor Dap. :( Interested to see what's gonna happen next.
  22. Lane_Winree

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    Mar 30, 2006
    Dap kind of drew the short straw in that chapter. Does it get better for him in the next one?

    Short answer, no :D

    Thanks for reading and reviewing!


    Chapter Eleven - Coping Methods

    Darvix looked up at the man. He was wearing an Imperial officer?s uniform and had that self-righteous smirk on his face. Darvix looked forward again. One Twi?lek was already on the ground, lying completely lifeless. The wall behind them was covered in blood. Her blood. Another Twi?lek was in front of him, sobbing hysterically. This one was older. The first ones mother, perhaps?

    Stop it, Darvix! His mind screamed

    The officer looked back at Darvix, nodding an affirmative. Without hesitation, Darvix raised the blaster again. Slowly he leveled the sights, just like the Imperial officer had shown him, squaring up the target just so. He could see the pleading in the Twi?lek woman?s eyes, but she was too frightened to say anything to him. The tears were streaming down her face. She shook her head, silently begging Darvix to spare her.

    Don?t do it! She?s innocent!

    For perhaps the briefest of moments, he hesitated. His resolved lowered, but then he remembered the reassuring words the Imperial officer had said, words of encouragement he had never heard before in his life. Steeling himself, Darvix leveled the blaster once again and pulled pulled the trigger. The Twi?lek fell to the ground and fresh blood coated the wall.

    He couldn?t suppress the smirk that slowly came to his lips.


    Darvix let out another blood-curdling scream. For the last two hours he had been barely cognitive, thrashing violently on his bed and sobbing uncontrollably. Something had happened to him out there that caused him to snap, and unless they figured out what to do to help him, the Rogues would be a man down.

    He began to flail again, waking up Cheriss ke Hanadi from her state of reverie. She?d been assigned to watch over him for a shift, something she had done under protest. Quickly, she moved over to him and tried to calm him down, only to feel his fist plant itself squarely on her jaw. Cheriss moved to the console mounted on the wall beside Darvix, keying the transmission button.

    ?I could use some help in here!?


    Wedge shook his head ?How could Academy not have spotted this? Some sort of background or medical screen should have picked this up?

    ?You know as well as I do how fast Command is pushing pilots through right now,? Tycho replied. ?If they can hold on to a flight stick with drool rolling out of only one side of their mouth, they?ll certify them flight ready.?

    Wedge let out a heavy sigh. Not too long ago he had to deal with this situation. Myn Donos had witnessed the destruction of an entire squadron, the one he was commanding. When his droid, who he viewed as the sole remaining survivor of the squadron, ceased to function, he snapped. The pilot had been introverted before then, but after that he was a total mess. It really wasn?t until Myn and Wes sat down for a conversation that he began to pull himself out. Somehow, Wedge doubted a few cute lines from Wes would bail Darvix out of his state.

    ?What do you suppose is wrong?? Tycho asked.

    ?Something from his past back to haunt him?? Wedge guessed. ?Missed psychological issue? I don?t know. When those Dupes took out that freighter he snapped. Might have triggered something in his head.?

    Tycho suddenly looked up towards the console behind Wedge, ?Uh oh. I think we?ve got a problem.?

    ?I could use some help in here!? Cheriss? voice said over the PA.


    Wedge and Tycho burst into the room where Darvix and Cheriss were. Darvix was thrashing violently, screaming the phrase ?I?m sorry!? in between sobs. He was getting worse and fast.

    ?Tycho grab a sedative!? Wedge yelled to the other pilot.

    Tycho hurried to grab a nearby medkit and began digging through it for supplies. Cheriss was struggling to hold Darvix down, causing Wedge to hurry over to her aid. All this earned Wedge was a right hand hook from him, who apparently was conscious enough to fend
  23. Hazel

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    Nov 9, 2010
    Poor, poor Dap! [face_worried]

    It's a good thing he's got some good friends to help him through this. :)
  24. JediMara77

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    Mar 5, 2004
    Awww, see, you don't treat Corran badly in your fics. ;)

    Poor Dap. I hope he doesn't freak out whenever he has to interact with Nawara...
  25. Lane_Winree

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    Mar 30, 2006
    Hazel - Dap has really gotten the raw deal so far, hasn't he?

    Nanci Occasionally I can be nice to Corran, though it's awfully tempting to play him off as a buttmonkey (Ah TV tropes, how you've destroyed my life) :D


    Chapter Twelve - Mutual Disagreement

    The Pulsar Skate settled down on the landing pad with a hiss from the repulsorlifts. On approach, Telos didn?t look overly exciting. The planet was covered by evergreen trees that gave it a dark green look from space. It was a lot like other arboreal worlds: the forest moon of Endor, Kashyyk. Nothing existed on the planet to give it any sort of distinguishing marks. It was simply one of many worlds in Remnant controlled space.

    If Han were here, Wedge mused, He would probably have Cracken shot.

    The ramp of the Skate lowered and Wedge stepped off, shouldering his supply pack. He could see Ace and Wes approaching him, still clad in their flightsuits. He hadn?t had a chance to talk to them since they left Imperial Customs over a full Coruscaunt-standard day ago. They appeared perhaps a touch on the tired side, but that was to be expected after spending so much time cramped in the cockpit of a starfighter.

    ?How is he?? Wes asked. It was a rare occasion when Wes showed any signs of maturity. Wedge knew that behind the image of an eternal child lay a very devoted pilot.

    ?He?s holding up,? Wedge replied. ?Barely.?

    Darvix had become isolated soon after Corran talked to him. He spent much of the flight to Telos in his temporary quarters, working away at a terminal. He?d leave to get something to eat, but wouldn?t speak to anyone who tried to strike up conversation with him. The others Rogues were genuinely concerned about him. Wedge had even spotted the usually indifferent Cheriss looking at him with worry.

    It was irresponsible to allow Darvix to continue on this mission, but there was no other choice. The Rogues needed every available man they could get, and the fact that he was a trained slicer made it impossible for Wedge to send him back to Coruscant. He would share a few words with Cracken when he got home. If he got home.


    The Rogues had split into several groups to keep a low profile. By the end of the day, everyone was supposed to meet at the safehouse where two Republic Intelligence agents would brief them on the current status of the Phantom program. NRI said they would have a little less than two standard months to execute a plan to take down the Phantom program as well as the minds behind it. It was a tight timeframe, but one that was manageable based on all of the material Wedge had read through.

    Wedge looked over at Darvix. The younger pilot was staring out the window of the speeder, his left hand clenching and unclenching slowly. Wedge himself had been directly responsible or helped cause the deaths of countless lives over the years. Every TIE he vaped, every Star Destroyer he helped to down. The Death Stars and its innumerable crew members. Not once, however, had Wedge killed someone for the sake of killing. He couldn?t begin to fathom the burden on Darvix?s conscious. Still, Wedge wouldn?t be able to look at Darvix the same way anymore, no longer was he the innocent, wide-eyed young man that had come into his squadron only weeks ago.

    Wedge saw Wes look back at Darvix. Why is it, Wedge thought to himself, that Wes gets that look of mischief at the most inappropriate times?

    ?You know,? Wes said, ?I?ve had this tune stuck in my head all day and I just can?t seem to remember the name of it.?

    Hobbie, who was seated behind Wedge let out a groan, ?Oh no. Not this game??

    For the first time in what seemed like an eternity, Wedge saw a small smile crawl to Darvix?s lips. Wes loved to play ?Guess this tune.? It seemed that he could name just about any song, by any artist. Wedge could swear he saw Wes with a personal music player during most squadron meetings? which would explain why he was so good at this game.

    ?Wonder if any of you guys can remember it,? Wes said, ?I used to li
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