VIDEO X-Wing Virtual Reality experience - ATARI Remake

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    Apr 19, 2019
    Virtual Reality experience
    I am posting this here in the hopes that some mods may pick it up and contact me. I have developed a Star Wars virtual reality game for Oculus Rift and wanted to share it with the community. The game is modern a remake of the 1983 ATARI Star Wars coin-op game, in which the player makes a trench run to destroy the Death Star. It is absolutely free, without ads, and it was developed soley by me and made purely as fan appreciation for the saga and the joy it has brought me.

    I wanted to release it first in the various fan forums purposely directed at Star Wars super-fans so they can cull the inaccuracies and bugs, but have no idea if this is against site/forum policy; especially if I will be linking downloads. I don't want to upset the ban masters, so if this is something that is possible please contact me so I can be made aware of the sites rules in this regard.

    As for everyone else, if you want a sneak peak at the very unfinished and buggy version of the game I have uploaded a full play-through to YouTube:

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