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Before - Legends Yoda, The View from Down Under - how he became a Jedi - 9/20

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Lea-El, Sep 20, 2013.

  1. Lea-El

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    Aug 13, 2005
    Yoda, The View from Down Under.

    He wandered through the streets and countryside looking for someone, the future was always fluid, confusing even cloudy but he knew they were out there. He just had to find them.

    The name was almost audible as when you awaking from a dream, it was just out of reach. Je... Je...i … Je...ri, no, it was gone again.

    This planet wasn't it or wasn't anymore. He slipped aboard another ship headed to someplace that the hair on the back of his neck directed him to. He found a burlap bag behind a stack of crates in the cargo hold, curled up and pulled a root out of his robe. As he munched he thought about the mysterious people and the name he couldn't quite hear as he dozed off to sleep.


    Hey! This some prank or you one of them intelligent varmints?” a barely intelligent crew member of this space freighter asked, after a swift kick to awaken him.

    An intelligent varmint, I am.” Yoda answered rubbing his eyes. “I am where?”

    Aboard the space freighter Long Haul, we don't carry varmints without a ticket and varmints with tickets don't sleep in the cargo hole. I got orders ta put out poison for swamp rats, so do I poison you or take you ta the brig.” He asked scratching his belly.

    To the brig, I will go.” Yoda said with a long sigh.

    The crewman reached down and caught Yoda by the neck of his robe and carried him feet dangling in an undignified manner to the brig. “Ya bite me and I'll space you.”

    Bite, I do not” Yoda answered exasperated to be dangling from another giants arm.

    After a long trip up stairs, down and around halls and down two another flight of stairs they finally got to the brig where a large mean looking man with horns and red marking on his face asked. “What ya got there?”

    Something from the cargo hole, I was going ta poison it but it talks and has clothes on. I was told not ta poison anything that talks, they didn't say anythin' about clothes.” He repeated his instruction to the brig master.

    He has no ticket?” Asked the brig master.

    If-in he did he won't be sleepin' in the hole, even I know that.” He answered perturbed at the questioning of his reasoning.

    So you can talk?” The brig master asked Yoda.

    Yes, haaa!” Yoda sighed.

    And you got no ticket?” the brig master asked just to be sure he didn't brig another paying passenger.

    No.” Yoda said looking at his fingernails.

    Throw him in the brig.”

    The crewman threw him into the open cell, Yoda bounced off the wall and landed on the bunk.

    Yoda sat up and rubbed his shoulder. “Leave a mark, that will.”

    After what seemed like forever someone slipped a metal tray with a round bread-like thing covered in a tree flavored sweet goo over it and a sweet bubbly drink. “Revolting, this is.” Yoda gagged.


    Yoda awoke to the freighter dropping out of hyper-space and eventually landing in a space port. He waited and waited for someone to come for him but no one did. Even the revolting food stopped and he waited. He next awoke to the sound of a scuffle and someone drunk singing in a language that wasn't familiar. He stood beside the door as it swung open and someone brought the brig master in and dropped him on the bed.

    Yoda slid out the open door and scurried down the hall and followed his instincts and the smell of fresh air to the open ramp. The light was bright and the air was hot and dry but it was better than the brig so he ran for the nearest gate. He wadded the hot sand off the road to try not to get caught again.


    He heard a strange sound coming from a white mud buildings. The sound of many instruments and a haunting melody that drew him in. Going from the double sunlight to the darkness of the room caused blindness so he hugged the wall and slid away from the door until he bumped into something big and round.

    It twitched and bumped a tall brunette barmaid who lost control of the tray of drinks and spilled them on the round thing and Yoda. The creature connected to the now visible round tail wailed a hardy laugh and said something that made the barmaid blush and run to the bar and the hopefully safety of a tall creature covered in black and white fur.

    Do you know what he said to me, Guy?” She looked over her shoulder in fear.

    Don't worry he says that to all the new girls, well, actually to all the new people. He just wants to scare you so you won't collect my credits. Now stick this in your waist band and go get my credits.”

    He handed her a blaster and turned to the more mature barmaid in a multicolored shimmer silk dress. “Rainy, watch the bar and her,” he pointed to the new girl, “it's time for my set.”

    Rainy shook her head at both of them. “Newcomers?” She watched Peni cautiously approach the Hutt and quietly ask for the credits for the drinks that hadn't spilled. She heard the familiar Hutt laugh, then a blaster and the smell of burnt flesh. Peni came scurrying back with the credits and the blaster still in hand.

    They both looked over at the Hutt then over to Guy, who was laughing as he picked up his musical instrument, a multi-string thing Yoda had never seen before.

    In all the fuss he had slipped under one table then another until he arrived at the platform with about six different creatures with six different instruments. Guy tapped on the box part of the instrument to set the rhythm then started playing. One by one each creature started his own melody but they all fit together. A few minutes into the song a seventh instrument started playing from under the table. A flute with a seventh melody that rounded out the sound.

    Guy bent his head to try to see who was under the table but couldn't see anything but weird green feet. “I like it, your hired.”

  2. mavjade

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    Sep 10, 2005
    Tee hee hee... that was cute!

    That mental image was hilarious! I needed that laugh!

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  3. It Is Your Destiny

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    Jan 1, 2014
    Hi Lea-El. :) I thought the humorous tone of the piece was well done. Not over the top, but undoubtedly funny. It's a balance that many writers struggle with.

    I especially liked this line:
    An intelligent varmint, I am.

    Also, it was easy to imagine Guy seeing nothing but green feet. :D Nice way to conclude the installment. Do you have plans to continue this?
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  4. Lea-El

    Lea-El Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Aug 13, 2005
    It Is Your Destiny I have most of the next chapter written but Darth Real Life and my health interfere with my writing.

    I hope knowing someone is interested in the story will kick start my muse.
  5. Frank T.

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    Sep 2, 2012
    I'm still waiting too:p
  6. Lea-El

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    Aug 13, 2005
    I was going to PM you Frank but since you posted here I'll ask here and spill the beans about who Guy really is.

    I can't think of a long term mission for Guy to be on, any suggestions. Other readers suggestions also welcome.