Beyond - Legends "YOU DID WHAT?!!" (OTP Challenge 15)

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    Title: You did What?!! Number 36 'Things you said but didn't mean'

    Author: @Adalia-Durron, @Anedon
    Characters: Marie Firestone, Adrian Malek
    Genre: Drama
    Summary: Marie learns Adrian has saved a life, at the cost of all their savings...
    Author's Note: This story takes place during mine and Adalia´s Diary story, but should be readable without it.

    "YOU DID WHAT?!!"

    "I saved a young man from a fate worse than death!"

    "But that was everything?! Buying him cost us everything we have!! We have no savings left!!"

    "I know... The other witches, they just kept on bidding, raising the price! I had already failed to help the others. I couldn't just leave him to his fate!"

    "Kriff it Adrian! They played you!! They were getting at me by doing that!! Damn it! There are those out there who want to destroy me, you know that!! You should have come to me first!"

    "But it would have been hours until you came home from hunting! He would have long since been sold.”

    "I could have negotiated from the buyer, and we'd have some credits left!! How will we pay for the upgrades to our home, for our daughter?"

    "You think they would have given in?"

    "Yes!! No!!, Stang I don't know...........I guess we never can’t do this, not here, not on Dathomir. I wish I’d never brought you here!!"

    "I... I'm sorry I spent all of our credits, but I just needed to help Yan, I couldn't leave him to his fate ……….and you can’t mean that."

    "I'm shaking my head and I want to walk away, I need space, I want to be...............somewhere you're not!! So angry! Stars, I know you're right; I just need space to calm down, I can’t even……”

    "Please, I’m sorry. I’ll make up for it, I can ask Ilona I’m sure she can at least lend us some money."

    “You want me to ask your sister for credits? Are you serious!? I have my pride! There is no way I would ever do that!”

    "Please, I’m sorry. I know I should have asked you. But have you met the youth? Do you want to sell him back?"

    “STANG NO!! And Sorry isn’t going to fix this, I don’t even know what would fix this……….Oh please stop looking at me like that……..”

    "I'm really sorry. But I stand by my decision. Saving a life was worth it, you know that, do you?”

    "I do, he wasn't in danger of dying, not for a long time anyway. His age would have him in the fields or even.........the bedroom, but I do get it, I do get you....and where you are coming from, honest I understand I just cannot believe you spent it all!"

    "Then…please, forgive me? The boy can get my payment for a while if that will help?"

    "No, no, paying him won’t build our savings............we'll work it out........we always frustrate me but, by the Gods, you keep me on my toes Adri.......come here...."

    "Ah why? You’re pretty upset... I’m not stupid."

    “I’m hoping if you keep giving me that guilty look and hold me, I’ll feel sorry for you and forgive you.”

    "Then, I guess I could do that, if it helps."

    “It can’t hurt. I didn’t mean it by the way, I’m glad you’re here.”
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    Wonderful dialogue - full of emotions and definitely fits the prompt. =D=
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    We all sometimes say things we don't mean in the heat of the moment! Thankfully these two seem to have a great relationship and it doesn't destroy them, that they can understand and forgive. I hurt so much for Adrian when Marie was yelling at him, he was doing what he thought was right, but I can understand her feelings too.
    Great response to the challenge you guys!
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    Thank you @mavjade !! Appreciate it!!
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    A beautifully crafted argument. =D= Captures the heightened emotions and the reasons for them so clearly. Nice post!
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    Whew! So, I absolutely adore your OCs here and need to catch up with your stories featuring them. Here, I have to second the above comments. You did such a great job crafting a strong, understandable argument full of intense emotions. You can really see and feel for both sides, and I was cringing for both of them!

    But they have a strong bond that will see them through together. No matter the strong words, and the strong feelings, they are going to persevere through this. Lovely! [face_love] =D=
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    Thank you. [:D] It helps when you put yourself in their shoes and react as you would!!
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    I really like the end where it's basically like, "come here and hug me so that I can forgive you" or "I need a hug but I'm too proud to ask". I liked it and even though I've not particularly well versed in your characters you really brought them to life. Love it!
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    Thanks, glad the story and charctrs work for you even if you don´t really know them. :)
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    Great job writing an intense argument that's still, in its way, very full of heart and caring! I would be just as gobsmacked as Marie is under the same circumstances--but it's clear that under it all she admires this heroic action on the part of her beloved Adrian and loves him all the more for it. Which we can see in her turn from frustration to tenderness at the very end; yes, she "didn't mean" what she said, but in the best and sweetest of ways. [face_love] Great to have you (and Adrian and Marie) as part of the challenge! =D=
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    [face_blush]Thank you, drawing on my own experiences there. 15 years ago my husband bought something valued in the thousands without talking to me first, I drew on that anger and frustration. Unfortunately there was no heroics in that story, so the last part was 'winging it' :p
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