Beyond - Legends You Shine So Bright (And I Light the Night) - OTP Challenge (Anakin/Tahiri, AU)

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    Title: You Shine So Bright (And I Light the Night)

    Summary: Tahiri and Anakin share a peaceful summer evening on Naboo.

    Timeframe: Beyond the Saga (somewhere around 34 ABY or so); Legends; AU
    Length: vignette
    Genre: romance, mush, humor, friendship
    Characters: Anakin Solo, Tahiri Veila, mention of the Terrible (Solo) Twins ;)

    A/N: Written for OTP Challenge # 15: Things You Said (6. things you said under the stars and in the grass). This was such purely self-indulgent fun to write -- an OTP that I've had since I was literally a Padawan myself. :p

    Though none of the events of Our Situations Must Be Dire are referenced, I consider this to belong in the same universe of fluff and sunbeams. Anakin and Tahiri are both alive and in their early twenties here, and the galaxy is no more of a disaster than usual.

    (Title from lyrics to the song “The Sun and the Moon" by Annalise Emerick.)

    You Shine So Bright (And I Light the Night)

    “Knew you’d like it here.”

    “With Rhen Var as my basis for comparison? Maybe I’ve learned to like icy winds.”

    “Oh no! It’s been four months, and my dear Tahiri has changed beyond recognition. Next you’ll tell me that you’ve been thinking fondly of our days in Knight Im’nel’s class and decided what you really want is to become a diplomat. I don’t know you anymore -- how can I ever cope with my heartache?”

    “I’ll show you heartache...”

    “Aah, no! NOT THE GRASS ATTACK! I am slain!”

    “Your sister always told me you were just as over-dramatic as Jacen and I defended you. Now I see my error.”

    “I knew it! You traveling with the twins was a terrible idea. Those two are turning you Sithly.”

    “Oh, but they have a lot of stories to tell! Did you know that Jacen has a section in his datapad labeled ‘baby Anakin destroys technology’, spanning from your toddler years to the present?”

    “You’re all terrible.”

    “You love us.”

    “Doesn’t stop you from being terrible.”

    “That tickles! Anakin!”

    “The more subtle grass attack is the deadliest.”

    “You’re ridiculous.”

    “But you’re stuck with me. I do love you.”

    “I think you’re alright too -- mmph.”

    “Just alright?”

    “Hmm. Might need a remind--”

    “That do?”

    “Depends, are we done once you get an answer? In that case, I’ll have to make you wait indefinitely.”

    “Honestly, I was planning on kissing you more.”

    “Good. And yes, you cantina clown. I love you more than anything. I’ve been counting the days.”

    “Do you think…?”

    “Hey, I am not pining away and neither are you. It would be a shame if you didn’t go study all those technical-genius things. And I’m still going to do that stint with the Scouts. That will stand us both in good stead when we’re sharing missions.”

    “I notice you say ‘when’.”

    “Do you think your uncle is going to be able to put up with us if we aren’t working together in the end? We’re enough of a trial these days as it is.”

    “Point taken. I guess being here just had me in a strange mood all of a sudden.”

    “Got news for you…”

    “I know. Just, you know how when my cousins invited us and the twins I told you about how Varykino was where my grandparents married? Anakin and Padmé, anyway. We haven’t visited here often, but it was in the stories Mom told us. I keep thinking they must have figured they had more time. Sorry, that’s weird and morbid isn’t it?”

    “Nothing is guaranteed on Tatooine. So no, I don’t think it’s strange to think about the future that way. But you can’t let the possibilities take away from now. And I like you weird.”

    “You’re right. Now is pretty spectacular. Clear skies, starlight, an amazing view.”

    “They weren’t kidding about Naboo cheese.”

    “You shine brighter to me than anything here.”

    “Not so bad with the cheese yourself, Tahiri.”


    Headcanon time! :p These Jedi haven't faced the same pressures from various wars as in Legends canon 30-something ABY, so it makes sense to me at least some of them seek higher education and/or work experience outside the Order after graduating from the first tier of Jedi training.

    Anakin always had really astonishing mechanical and computer skills in the books, so I can imagine he'd be nearly as interested in learning more there as in honing his Force skills. I can see Tahiri as really wanting to travel and see more of the galaxy, so the Scouts seemed like a good fit for her.'nel - There's some mention of her and Leia being friends in the Senate, and that Leia later told her when she found out they were cousins. Given all the busy political careers and security problems involved, I'm guessing the Solo kids might know Pooja and Ryoo but probably only visited them a couple times while growing up.
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    Aww, I think adorable is the best word to use for that. That was very sweet and the dialogue had a beautiful flow to it. Love it.
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    Fluff and sunbeams ... like chocolate and/or apple tarts, you can never have too much. ;) Delightful and definitely a natural flow to the dialogue!
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    Nice story.
    An AU where the Solo kids can grow up happily together is something I've toyed with as well in the past, so its always great to see someone else do it as well. :)
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    Oh how I love soft happy fluff and sunbeams! [face_love] I love the title too, it's so pretty!

    This was so sweet, and I always love seeing all the Skywalker/Solos and associated characters get happier lives.

    So true!

    This ficlet made me smile, thank you for sharing! :)
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    “Nothing is guaranteed on Tatooine. So no, I don’t think it’s strange to think about the future that way. But you can’t let the possibilities take away from now. And I like you weird.”

    Well, nothing is ever guaranteed. But it´s always worth fighting for. Great to see you writing again! [:D]
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    Well, if you wrote a story, then last year's doomsday clock was right - we were truly nearing the end of the world. :eek: I cannot even describe how excited I was to see that link in your signature.

    The most I know of these two characters is from that magnus opus alternate universe story starting with Tahiri planning suicide in space if her plan to go back in the does not work out and the rest is from Wook and fanart, so I hope that I am qualified enough to comment. But giving a relationship doomed in official sources flavour that completely excludes the future we know - which might impact writing regardless of there being an AU, as the thoughts still linger on - that's like icing on a cake.

    And I knew that once you do write something, that you'll break some of the unwritten rules. But this was one of those things I would expect of myself, not you - a dialogue only story, just awesome cute couple banter and flirting. :D For some reason, I thought of you as somebody who adds dialogue at the end, while I start at the very beginning and there are moments in stories with ensemble casts where I legit struggle to add any kind of descriptions. :confused:

    THIS, basically. The flow is sooooo good, that it does not require anything else.

    Ah yes, Coruscant's Best Home Video! They do live there in Legends, right? This has got to be my favourite part of the whole thing.

    This is something that I have been wondering about for pretty much any generation of Jedi that didn't face a major war. Of course that somebody attentive found a way to handle it.

    This was extremely enjoyable. :yoda: Brava!
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    Ohmigosh, I am so embarrassed—how did I manage not to comment on this beautiful piece when it first went up for the “things you said” challenge? Especially since I too am so glad you wrote it, and I remember how much I lit up at seeing a story from you after so long. I don’t know much about this couple other than knowing generally that Anakin Solo came to a sad end in Legends, but what a lovely starlit scene you’ve crafted for him and Tahiri (and yes, absolutely gorgeous title). And you’ve packed this minific so full of different moods, too: humorous banter, wistful reminiscence, and just plain sweet togetherness—so beautifully in the spirit of the challenge, and I can tell these two deserve it! Beautiful work, as always, and I hope you don’t take it as pressure if I say that I fervently hope we will get to see more of your beautiful work in the year ahead! @};- =D=
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    This is me wanting to hug you for happy dialogue funs where Anakin and Tahiri tease eachother... ^:)^ [face_dancing] [:D]

    Loved this!!!!!!
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    Kahara - As a fellow AU writer (and a fan of happy-ending!A/T), I really enjoyed this story. :D

    There's a sparkle to their dynamic that goes back to their NJO days, but with a maturity that speaks to their growth together in the intervening years between the YV War and this point. They're comfortable with each other, and it makes this all the more fun.

    Thanks for sharing, :)
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