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Thriller you should see me in a CROWN

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Lawbreaker, Sep 26, 2019.

  1. LordTroepfchen

    LordTroepfchen Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 9, 2007
    Robert Landau
    Vauxhall Inn, Vauxhall London

    Dr. Clement had this concerned look that tried not to be concerned. Robert hated him for that look and yet he endured it with a smile.

    "How are you today, Robert?" He asked. "If you feel not up to it we can cancel. The police said your daughter might be a gruesome view indeed." He folded his hands over the breakfast table. Robert nodded.

    "I am okay. I have seen bodies before." Robert said. Many, actually. The Doctor did not like the comment.

    "Have you taken your pill?" He asked. Robert looked up at him playing the perfect innocent.

    "After the meal, right? Wanted to take it right after breakfast." Robert said and yawned. He felt like a train hit him, but the effect slowly was wearing off. He was coming back to his senses. So he had to play dim.

    "Right." The Doctor said and nodded. "How do you feel being here again? This city must be very familiar to you? Any negative thoughts it inspires?"

    Robert had to fight not having his jaw drop so stupid he felt this question was. Someone had slaughtered his daughter. Had he any negative thoughts? He had nothing but negative thoughts.

    "No. No, I feel like this is not the same city I lived in. Well. Maybe I am just not that guy anymore." Robert smiled sheepishly.

    "What guy?" Dr. Clement asked. So he was digging, using the lesser medication to ask the questions a psychiatrist probably wanted to ask. He was just a step away from asking him to describe his mother.

    "I was rich and I had a turbulent lifestyle back then. Parties. Girls. Even drugs. You know?" He had never done drifts or had been particular interested in girls, but he was not giving him any real entry point into his head. He would provide him only with some honey-pot version of Robert Landau that checked all the boxes.

    "I see. So being here does not tempt you? Meeting old friends? Going to your old ... hunting grounds?" Dr. Clement asked.

    "I had my own club back in the day. Burned it down. No, Doctor. No, I feel sad. My daughter is dead. No father should bury his own child." Robert said.

    "How do you feel about the murderer? A longing for revenge?" The Doctor was in a talking mood. He had no idea how much Robert longed for revenge.

    "No. I understand violence has it's roots. He is probably like me." Robert replied.

    "Like you?"

    "Sick. Mentally damaged and not the master of his own urges. I only hope the police catches him before he does this again."

    "You think he will do it again?" The Doc leaned back. Empathy. He should not have it.

    "I hope not." Robert said. Of course this guy would do it again. Again and again and again. This was not an amateur. He had targeted Laura.

    "I feel very exhausted Doctor, hard to concentrate. Can I take my pill and rest a little?" He asked and stood up.

    "Sure." The Doctor said. "Take it now."

    Robert nodded. Nicholas would not kill him, but Robert looked forward to have this smug bastard with his confidence and superiority put into place. Nic wouldn't go easy on him. Not in his nature.

    Robert opened the pill bottle and took one out, throwing it into his mouth and hiding it under his tongue as he took his glass of water and drank from it.

    Then he turned wordlessly and left the breakfast room.

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  2. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 2, 2007
    Lawbreaker approved post ...

    Nicholas Anger
    The Rubens, Camden

    The pub was about to close as he made his way in. A young woman was putting up the chairs and looked at him as he entered, but decided to not say anything. She left that to the Barkeeper and Owner of the pub. A bulky and bald man in a lumberjack shirt and cleaning up glasses.

    "Pal, we are about to close." He said with a sigh and without looking.

    "Yeah. Guess so." Nicholas smiled and sat at the bar. "You fulfilled yourself that dream of your own pub Roy. I must say I am happy for you."

    Roy looked up and the glass almost slipped from his hand. "Sir." It was all he could say as he put the glass down. "You ... are ..."

    "Back!" Nicholas grinned and spread his hands as if hinting an explosion. "Oh yes, I am so back." He laughed. "Look good Roy. You got fat."

    Roy stared at him. "You too, Sir. Looking good I mean." He looked at the girl and waved to tell he she should leave. "Call it a day Maria." He said. "I close the pub tonight."

    Maria looked surprised, probably never having got an early night by her Boss. She nodded, took her pink backpack and left quickly, without saying a word. Roy and Nicholas stared at each other in silence until she was out.

    "How is Clara." Nicholas asked and looked at the bottles behind the counter. Roy picked an 18 year old Tomatin Single Malt and filled two tumblers. He put them on the table. Nicholas gave an appreciative nod and took his glass to smell the Whisky.

    "We married five years ago. Got a son together. Sir ..." Roy did not know what to say.

    "How wonderful. A happy ending. Was quite a story you two shared. But you made her an honorable woman after all. Not bad considering what a dirty whore she was before I got her for you from the Russians. Isn't it nice some people can change?" Nicholas smiled and set the tumbler down without drinking.

    "Sir, ... I ... thank you for your help again." Roy was taking his tumbler and half of the load vanished in his mouth.

    "Have you changed, Roy?" Nicholas asked. He left it consciously ambiguous what exactly he meant by the question.

    "I have. I ... got the pub now. Sir, a lot of things changed after you were gone." Roy looked at the man and laughed. "Good to see you, Sir. I feared the worst ..."

    "Reports on my untimely passing have been largely exaggerated." Nicholas returned the laugh. "So are you still in your other business?"

    Roy shook his head. "I leave that to the younger guys nowadays." Nicholas looked at him. He sighed almost disappointed.

    "Then I gotta ask you to return for one last job, my old friend." He said. "Time you settle the score."

    Roy nervously licked his lips. One could see he was fighting with this. To everybody else he would have said to get lost. But this was not everybody.

    "What do you need, Sir?" He finally asked.

    "Two things." Nicholas said calmly and grabbed a pen from behind the bar. "I need a gun." Roy nodded. He turned and grabbed under his work plate. He brought a Smith and Wesson revolver out and lay it on the bar.

    "Unregistered, Sir."


    Nicholas smiled. "Thanks. I also need you to visit this gentleman. Dr. Clement. Lightweight." He pushed the tab over to Roy where he had noted the hotel and room of Dr. Clement.

    Roy swallowed. "What do you need me to do ..."

    "Not kill him. No worries. Just take him out of the picture. A few weeks in hospital. Wipe his smug grin from his face." Nicholas folded his arms.

    "Sure." Roy said, relieved he was not asked to kill the man. "I can do that right away."

    Nicholas smiled. "Tomorrow morning would be perfect. After breakfast. You are a good pal, Roy. The moment the ambulance picks him up we are even." Nicholas nodded, stood up and walked back to the door.

    "Sir?" Roy smiled and Nicholas turned once more. "Hail to the King." He smiled at Nicholas. Nicholas smiled back and left.

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  3. Jerjerrod-Lennox

    Jerjerrod-Lennox Jedi Grand Master star 7

    Mar 9, 2005
    OOC: A combo with the brilliant @HanSolo29 and @Lawbreaker :D

    IC: DS Adrian Montrose, DI Harry Driscoll, CSI Miller
    Location: Major Crimes Unit, Scotland Yard, London

    Things moved quickly after the coroner received the results from the analytical tests conducted on the stamp, which revealed a positive link to the Kingslayer Club. The data they pulled from her cell phone also corroborated the report by placing the deceased within the club’s vicinity around the relevant time frame. They had a solid lead, but that revelation seemed to falter in the wake of Driscoll’s announcement regarding the King’s identity. The others were probably too preoccupied trying to decide whether it was true or not to take notice, and really, Harry couldn’t blame them. It was a lot to consider, especially since the original case had been so inconclusive.

    Why bring it up now?

    It was a very good question, one that Harry himself had contemplated for a long time. In this instance, all the circumstantial evidence was beginning to line up, and he had reached a point where he simply couldn’t ignore it anymore, regardless of certain roadblocks and ‘preventative measures.’ He was hanging himself out on a limb, and he knew it. He idly wondered if he still lacked the conviction to take that final leap.

    Either way, the tension was already starting to build, but nothing quite so obvious as the rift quickly forming between Adrian and himself. The man clearly felt victimized for being left out of the loop, and rightfully so. They were partners; it was an expectation and a common courtesy for him to share all pertinent information relating to a specific case. Harry fully believed in that notion, save for a few rare exceptions. This was one of those times. There had been too much at stake, too much…

    Too much, what?

    Driscoll inhaled deeply through his nose and canted his head to meet Adrian’s gaze. His blue eyes were apologetic, but when he spoke, his voice remained firm and unrelenting. “When you have a moment, DS Montrose,” he waved casually at the door, his way of conceding that they needed to talk.

    Before Adrian had a chance to respond, however, the door burst open to admit Chief Superintendent Miller. The man looked flustered as he immediately turned his attention toward Harry and demanded answers. “Is it true? Is Laura Landau's Dad coming in to identify her?" he stammered, his eyes then shifting to regard Montrose. "He is back?"

    From Harry’s perspective, it was clear that Miller was trying to remain subtle and not alert the others about the truth. The two men had a history, having previously worked on the King case together, and he didn’t yet realize that Harry had shared their secret with the bullpen. Whether he was supposed to or not...well, that was another matter entirely.

    “Certainly looks that way, sir,” Driscoll conveyed in a lazy drawl as he leaned back against the edge of the table. “We got confirmation from the coroner’s office this morning about his visit. I was about to head over there to check it out. I wouldn’t miss it…” He paused, angling his chin to indicate Adrian.

    “And it’s alright,” he continued quietly. “You can speak frankly, sir. He knows. Everyone in this room knows...they're my team."

    Adrian did not really want to have a fight with his partner, not right now, not when they were just getting into the intricacies of their relationship. And it seemed they were making headway nw with the mobile phone data and the link to the Kingslayers club. Adrian resolved to head there once everything was sorted out here, possibly with or without his partner depending on what happened next.

    The one question on his mind was why withhold the information from him in the first place but at least Harry was giving him an apologetic look whilst still keeping his voice professional and steely. They would have to have a conversation whether it be now or later.

    Unfortunately it was later as the CSI made his entrance, Adrain standing to attention as he entered. He relaxed a little as the CSI spoke but it seemed that even he CSI knew more than Adrian and Adrian was wondering how he knew the King had possibly returned. Had Harry told him (which would be protocol) or had Miller told Harry in which case Harry had been keeping information from him and from another senior officer. This stinks to high heaven.

    He kept his face neutral though, keeping his hands behind his back as he spoke, his blue eyes flicking from the CSI to Harry “DI Driscoll has informed the team of the possibility that the King has returned.” he shrugged, “We can take this at face value or this could be a serious lead, it could be someone yanking our chain to get us to believe it is him or it could be someone else. To arrest the wrong man could lead to repercussions, especially if the real King resurfaces. And who provided this link to DI Driscoll? That possibly could be dodgy”

    “We have the father coming in and we need to make sure that we do not give the game away that we are possibly onto him as the King. The King is a highly dangerous individual with a very big crime network and not just criminals” he left the bit out about corrupt officials, police officers and others “To give the game away too early could mean disaster. Plus there is a possibility the cases of the murders and the previous King investigation could be connected. Obviously it is too early at this point to speculate sir but it could be a possibility”

    Adrian knew that Harry worked on the King case just as he did, Adiran of course was focusing more on the corrupt officials side of things. It didn't matter what rank or position they were in, if Adrian spotted they were bent he would go after them. And if anyone provided dodgy information or even if it was legit they had o get it from somewhere. And how did Miller know the King was back? Either he had informants, or something shady was going on. He would have to find out.

    “As DI Driscoll said, we are a team and we need to make sure we have every piece of information in order to solve this case” he shot a look at Harry as he said this as if to say next time we share.

    Miller nodded, approving the logic of his investigators. "Agreed. Also we need to keep in mind the King was never charged with anything. I will inform Organized Crime about this development. His Empire Isn't there anymore. If we want to take him out, we need to catch him early. Before he rebuilds it. If that is the King, actually." Miller folded his arms. "It would be one hell of a coincidence if the daughter of a well-known criminal is murdered by a serial killer, but I’ve got trouble seeing the connection right now." He was only half convinced of his words. "Question him like any other person of interest."

    He hesitated a moment and then nodded. "I know someone who might be helpful. I can ask him for assistance."

    Miller sighed. "Our priority must be to find the murderer. Press is going wild with this one." He shook his head in frustration and pushed his uniform into place. "Anything you need ... just let me know."

    Harry remained quiet for several seconds, his gaze focused on the tiled floor as he contemplated what both Montrose and Miller had said. He had a pretty good idea what it would mean to bring in one of Miller’s men at this juncture, and while it would certainly prove beneficial, he had to remain mindful of his partner. Adrian was the candid type, and he didn’t like being jostled around in the midst of an important investigation. The man was already angry and maybe more than a little skeptical of Harry’s own methods at this point. Driscoll had a lot of ground to cover to restore that trust between them, and he couldn’t afford to let things spiral even further out of control.

    With that thought in mind, Harry decided to not speak on that point, hoping that Miller would interpret his silence as a concession to proceed. It wasn’t exactly the most ideal solution, but what other choice did he have? They had a murder case to solve, after all.

    “Will do, sir,” he replied with a long sigh, pushing away from the table to straighten to his full height. “I’ll approach Mr. Landau with caution and take things nice and slow. There may not be a clear connection now, but as you’s too much of a coincidence. At the very least, it won’t hurt to satisfy my curiosity. But if we get lucky?” He scoffed slightly, a humorless smile crossing his features.“Well, we’ll have our man after all these years...and I’m sure he'll have plenty of stories to tell, maybe some even linking to our case. I think that’s worth the trade-off.”

    Driscoll allowed his words to linger for a moment before stepping back into the center of the room to address the rest of his team. “Alright, we all have our assignments,” he called as he clapped his hands together. “Let’s get out there and catch this bastard. If you find anything, it comes directly to me or DS Montrose.”

    As Harry turned to adjourn the meeting, his eyes drifted toward Adrian and met his gaze. “You’re with me,” he rumbled under his breath, nodding at the door that led out into the hallway. It was the only direction he gave to show that he expected his partner to follow him. Of course, he would have preferred to hold this conversation in his office, but time was not on their side. They had to do this on the road.

    Perhaps that was for the best. It would limit the possibility of eavesdroppers...

    So it seemed Organized Crime would get the spoils if the King had decided to make a reappearance. Adrain though still had to keep in mind that the King had possibly returned and that his empire could be rebuilt. But at the moment he had to focus on finding the murderer of these ladies, and if the King became intertwined in this case then so be it. He was an honest cop and honest cop’s never left a stone unturned in ratting out the bad seeds. And if any corrupt officer got in the way then they would feel his wrath.

    And Miller, even though he was his superior could be one of these bad sees. And if he was, then Adrian had to be careful and do things by the book and make sure that if he was bad then he would be brought to justice too. Corruption had been rife during his investigation into the King and the people of London deserved better.

    Miller of course was offering his assistance but with his earlier exclamation of knowing the King had returned Adrian sceptical. Was this person going to be a help or a hindrance? And was he possibly corrupt as well?. And could he trust any information this person provided? Was he or she the same person who had provided the information to Harry and Miller? More questions than answers and the only way he was going to get them was to talk to his partner.

    Adrian though nodded at the CSI’s response and let Harry take the lead from here. He had said all he ad needed to say, now it was time to get down to business. They had a lead to follow up with the club, and of course with Mr Landau coming in they had to be wary that this could be the King waltzing back into London as if all he had done was go away on a long holiday and returned again as if nothing had happened.

    Harry however seemed to think satisfying his curiosity would be the best way to see whether the King was actually in the building. However Adrain would say to his partner that would exercise caution, severe caution. If the King was back and they did try to arrest him what was to say he would not react violently? He supposed it may be worth the risk, but he and Harry could end up dead on the floor, in their own building. It would have to be somewhere where they would have the advantage, somewhere they would be in control.

    But that would be a thought for later on.

    The meeting was adjourned and Adrian responded “Yes sir” to Harry as he nodded towards the door “After you sir” he said his blue eyes focusing on Harry’s. They had a job to do and a mess to clean up between themselves. The team would alert them if anything came up whilst they were on the road. Justice would come to whomever murdered those girls and Adrian would be more than happy to dish it out. But first of all it was time to clear the air with his partner and perhaps mend his trust in his erstwhile American friend.

    Time to go to work.

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  4. Lawbreaker

    Lawbreaker Jedi Knight star 2

    Aug 21, 2018
    ooc: Leaving Baker Street and Nicholas another 48 hours to reply.

    London Metropolitan Police, Major Crimes Unit, Scotland Yard, The Morgue

    Miller had just given them a nod and had left the room with an uncomfortable silence. The potential return of the King made him obviously nervous. Before he left he gave Montrose a look that was hard to read. Concern? Disdain? He knew the reputation of the man and he knew what it meant for him. Obviously.

    Landau had waited for Dr. Clement and he had not shown up. As expected. So he had taken a cab to the Scotland Yard center and had been escorted to the morgue. A grief counselor had been offered.

    Finally he had been brought to the sterile white room and a single body under blanket and a surprisingly young blonde woman in a white gown had awaited him.

    "Take your time, Mr. Landau. You can take a break whenever you feel like it." The woman said as she removed the blanket. The body was in a terrible state. They had cleaned Laura, but there was little they could do to hide her shattered body, her shattered face and stabbed torso. Dr. Angela Kendrick, the responsible coroner, gave the man looking down at her a concerned look. She wondered why he had insisted on seeing her body in this state. The naked mutilated body was not something easy to look at. Even she had seen few that had been that bad. Usually victims of car crashed, never anybody who had suffered from a violent attack.

    The only thing that was not broken or damaged were her legs and at her ankle the body had a tattoo of a crosse with four numbers in every corner. 4 - 2 - 6 - 9. It was black on the pale white skin. Dr. Kendrick did not point it out as it was the only identification mark that might work. According to her info Laura Landau had got that cross when she was 16 years old.

    Montrose and Dristoll saw Robert Landau from behind as he stood over the dead body. They could not see his face, but only the statue of a man in a black suit. Tall. Skinny in a way. His head had gone mostly bald. He looked like any other man.

    Tag: @HanSolo29, @JerjerrodLennox, @LordTroepfchen

    Bureau above the Kingslayer, King's Cross

    The German replied right away and contact was established through his usual ways. A target and a timeline was required now for him to go work.

    Lindsay's wife took longer. An hour after he send the message she wrote back and was obviously displeased with him.

    Then a third message arrived. Laura Landau's Dad had just shown up to identify her. Robert Landau. A photo of the man was attached to the message as he entered the building. It was indeed the familiar face Lindsay had not seen for ten years.

    Tag: @RachelTyrell

    Chase Street, Whitechapel

    Iosef had given him only a silent nod and Ivan's car had been prepared. He had taken an eternity in rush hour to get to the spot, but arrived in time 25 minutes before his victim was expected.

    Yet, Ivan felt this tingling in his neck. Multi-level living houses always were a perfect spot for ambushes. Flats everywhere. Snipers could hide behind any window.

    It was the second this thought appeared his mobile rang. An unknown number. Nobody except his boys and Flodor and Piotre were meant to know this number. Yet, it was a young females voice on the line as he picked up.

    "Ever wondered how you would die? Because I can tell you. When you go for the entrance a man will shoot you in the head with a VSS. He is waiting for you in number 37, second floor last flat on the left." The woman was serious and surprisingly cool. "Another two await you in the flat if your victim. They have silenced Uzis. Former SAS both. They know how to kill a man kicking down a door." He heard the woman smile. "Yes, Iosef sold you out. No idea to who, but I got to leave some questions to answer yourself, right?"

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  5. SirakRomar

    SirakRomar Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 30, 2007
    Jane Gray
    Coffee Fellows, Baker Street

    The coffee was still cold as she took a sip from it and made a grimace in disgust. She took the photo and had a look at it.

    "Pretty blonde girl, I see." She sighed. "The Devil of London just killed a woman and one of the few things we know about him is he takes breaks. So I guess she might not be dead, actually." She gave the man a sympathetic smile. Loosing someone to this monster was a thought she was very familiar to by now.

    "I can find her. Easypeasy." She leaned back. "And other things sounds just like the thing I need right now. Actually that crazy guy you mentioned ... I took an interest in him. Lately. Got a theory on him, so I might find a bunch of foot soldiers rather useful. Are you tooled up? I mean ... do you have something to defend yourself with?"

    She needed to track down the last guy Laura Landau had contact with she knew of and she did not feel too comfortable sending those guys in "naked".

    "Because there is this lovely guy called Millard, who sells stuff too people. I would love to know what he sold a friend of mine and I need someone to ask him really nicely. You know?" She shrugged. "His stuff is all stolen, so police will probably not be coming into the picture if you get a little rough on him. What about you Albert? Soul for sale? I would owe you one if you provide some back-up."

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  6. galactic-vagabond422

    galactic-vagabond422 Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Jul 11, 2009
    Michael Mcay

    Michael wanted to say something snarky, something biting at the woman for trying to assuage his fear that his sister was murdered by this monster now roaming the streets of London. However looking into her eyes he could see something he'd see before, the look of loss. It was one you never forget, looking into the eyes of a mother clutching her son, the long gaze of a man that lost his closest friend, the teary look of a child that would now grow up with out their parents. It was a look you got used to in war. And he saw it on this woman's face.

    "I'm glad it will be easy for you." He replied without a drop of sarcasm, he was just glad he would find his sister. And was intrigued that she was hunting this beast too. He would gladly help if it meant getting this killer. "And I have my knife I got in the service, a gift from a Yank Marine. Crow can tell you I'm good with it. As to other weapons given the laws and enforcement in London, I'm not carrying a gun. Might need to find one if I'm going to be walking into the lion's den."

    He wrote down the name given waiting for an address or picture or something. Yes he was being asked to 'lean' on someone, but he didn't really have a lot of options. With his sister's life on the line he was willing to bend a lot of rules, to go against the honor that was taught to him in the Army. Not that there was much glory and honor in combat. He looked to Crow before looking back to the very helpful woman.

    "You wouldn't happen to know if Millard sells firearms would you?"

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  7. LordTroepfchen

    LordTroepfchen Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 9, 2007
    Robert Landau
    Vauxhall Inn, Vauxhall London

    Dr. Clement had not shown up. Instead a messenger brought him an envelope with a credit card on his name. Robert had taken it and smiled. The Doctor was out of the picture. He knew even before the blue lights of an ambulance made their way to the Hotel. Robert ignored them and took a cab, leaving the Vauxhall Inn behind as he made his way to Scotland Yard.


    Scotland Yard, Reception and Morgue

    He used his travel passport to identify himself and fighting the hammering headache he mumbled his name and purpose of his visit.

    "Robert Landau. Here to identify my daughter." He said and the man at the reception nodded and asked him to take a seat. He did and nervously played with the passport. Finally a young woman picked him up. Her label identified her as Dr. Kendrick. She asked him to follow her and he gave her a insecure smile and did. Metal detectors, security gates, finally the elevator leading below the earth. He had never been here actually. He had never visited Scotland Yard before.

    They arrived at the morgue, which seemed mostly empty. He was guided by Dr. Kendrick into the room where he would identify his daughter. Laura was already there, still smelling like desinfection. The blanket covering her was finally lifted and he hissed in air.

    She had not been murdered, no she had been slaughtered. Her face was crushed, her body mutilated. Cuts and stabs everywhere.

    "Take your time Mr. Landau. You can take a break whenever you need to." The Doctor said and he gave her an appreciative smile. This was bad even by his standards what had been done to Laura was bad. He had not seen her in ten years. So it was hard enough to identify her anyway. Her legs were about the only thing not damaged. He stepped towards them and smiled as he saw the tattoo. That senseless act of youthful rebellion.

    4 - 2 - 6 - 9

    The numbers in every corner of the cross were a message. He looked at them and then closed his eyes. His mind was no longer foggy. He thought clearly and ... understood the message.

    "It is her." He finally said. "This is Laura Janice Landau, my daughter." His voice was calm, surprisingly calm he thought. Seeing her like this was in a way a blessing. It took away the doubt about what he was about to do.

    "I assume the policemen investigating this will have questions?" He sighed and looked at Dr. Kendrick. But he expected someone else would jump in any second now.

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  8. Jerjerrod-Lennox

    Jerjerrod-Lennox Jedi Grand Master star 7

    Mar 9, 2005
    IC: DS Adrian Montrose
    Location: Morgue,, Scotland Yard, London

    Unfortunately Adrian and Harry had not had a chance to have their much needed hat as yet, which meant that Adrian was still smarting from Harry’s little betrayal back there. But now it was time to get down to business.

    Robert Landau, the father of Laura the latest victim had arrived to confirm the body was hers. He looked like any normal gentleman, unassuming, nothing sinister about him. Well that was on the outside, inside he could be the grieving father or he could be a stone cold killer. Harry and Miller were so set that this person was the King, the underworld kingpin and criminal mastermind. But Adrian was not so sure that someone was pulling a fast one on them, distracting them while the real King came back and marshalled his troops.

    As he approached the morgue he saw Mr Landau looking over the body, Dr Kendrick was there as well which was good news. Unless he tried anything of course, the good doctor could end up injured or worse. Both he and Harry had to make sure they did not overstep the mark too much to set Landu off. Any mention of suggestion that he either was the King or perhaps connected to the King could end up with the interview being terminated. And and Harry and Adrian no closer to finding the so called “Devil Of London”.

    Adrian focused his eyes on the man in front of him as he identified that the body was Laura. But he sounded as calm as anything as he was staring at the body and speaking to the good Doctor. It was like he had seen possibly some dead bodies in his time, perhaps it was the way he was dealing with his daughter's death. Something seemed off though but Adrian was not expecting the man to fall to his knees and bawl his eyes out. Men dealt with grief in different ways, perhaps this was Landau’s.

    Landau also asked if the policeman investigating her death would be asking any questions and that was his and his partner’s cue to come in. “Well here goes nothing” said Adrian straightening his suit jacket. Adrian was dressed in a dark blue suit, white shirt and red tie, his black shoes polished to a sheen. He was proud of his appearance and his with graying hair slicked back and to his side he looked the dapper gentleman.

    As he walked he noticed his partner had not yet followed him, maybe Harry had decided to fall back and let him handle the first round of questions and see what happened before he entered the fray. Or maybe he would let Adrian take the reins fully. Whatever his partner was doing Adrian hoped that what had happened upstairs had not affected their partnership massively.

    Adrian made his way towards Landau giving a nod to the good Doctor as he entered. “Mr Landau?” he said, his Northern Irish lilt hopefully sounding gentle and not too harsh “I am Detective Sergeant Montrose, Major Crimes Unit. I am so sorry for your loss and my condolences to you at this sad time”

    He clasped his hands behind his back “Unfortunately as you well know we will have to ask you some questions regarding your daughter and yourself, this is to help us in or investigation into your daughters murder and for us to find who did this to her. I hope you can understand and apologies if these questions are upsetting or personal in any way”

    “First of all regarding your daughter. Did your daughter mention anything to you regarding anybody suspicious hanging around? Anybody following her, acting suspiciously or perhaps nuisance phone calls? Any abuse over social media she mentioned?. Anybody that would want to hurt her at all because of something she did or said?

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  9. LordTroepfchen

    LordTroepfchen Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 9, 2007
    ooc: Seemed more natural I answer before you post @HanSolo29, hope you don't mind.

    Robert Landau
    Scotland Yard, Morgue

    He smiled at the two Inspectors of Scotland Yard and his eyes remained on Driscoll. They had met many years ago. He wondered if Driscoll remembered. He wondered if he recognized him.

    "I understand the need for questions. I want the bastard who did this as much as you do." He avoided the eyes of the policemen and cleared his throat. "I ... I am just afraid I cannot help that much. I have a serious medical condition for which I have been treated the last years. I avoided any contact with my daughter in that time to spare her any suffering. So I have not spoken to her in a long time. I am the last person to know if anything suspicious happened in her life." He frowned, feeling uncomfortable talking about this. His eyes went down to his shoes. "Are you interested in history? Gentlemen?" He asked then and looked up with a tortured and sheepish smile. The question seemed random, but Robert was a very educated man and had for many years studied history. There was one fact he wanted to share. One thing he thought was better suited for these two men than wild and angry Nicholas.

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  10. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 2, 2007
    Nicholas Anger
    Cigar Lounge, 10 Manchester Street Hotel

    There were not many places in the world where you could still find a Cohiba Behike 56 cigar nowadays. Nicholas had boxes of those back in the days. Often sharing the rare limitada edition with Ivan and the Reds. He wondered if they were still around. He needed to find out. But everything when the time was right.

    Nicholas now had a different purpose. He put his hands on the grey folder he had received and then slowly opened it. He looked through it and patiently studied the brutal details described within. The murder itself was a display of cruelty and a certain mindset that had left the borders of all you could consider 'normal'. That could be fake though. Someone could have wanted it to look like a psychopath. Maybe that was why the limbs were still there. People underestimated the task of cutting bodies to pieces. It was slow and hard work. Rather bloody.

    So he turned his mind to the fact that was harder to fake. No forced entry. Someone had been let in. Cops, boyfriends, lovers, good friends ... the list of people you let in at 2 o'clock in the morning was limited.

    "Did she mess around?" Nicholas asked the other man who had been sitting there and stared at him for ten straight minutes now. Lyle Christians shook his head. "Wasn't particularly known for it. But a hot 27 year old got her needs and she was single I suppose." Lyle swallowed. Nicholas sighed and nodded. Then he saw his pale fearful old friend and laughed.

    "Lyle you need to know two things. First, yeah I am real. Second ... cigars don't light themselves." Nicholas pointed to the cigar in the ashtray. His was half done and Lyle had not even lighted his.

    Lyle looked at it and then cleared his throat. "Word got around, you know? Word of her ... royal heritage. I didn't tell anybody. Someone did though."

    Nicholas looked up and nodded. "I am aware this might be a trap, thank you for pointing out the obvious. If so it must be personal, as I haven't been in business around here in a while." He shrugged. "You also got a hunch who, I can see this. But you don't tell, because of all those cowards out there ... you fear my return most. Not because we are enemies, but because we are friends." Nicholas sighed. "Who did you say paid for your lavish lifestyle nowadays?"

    Lyle had to smile. "I see your mind did not loose it's sharpness. My lifestyle got a little less lavish. I am working for PM Darren nowadays. The guys from downtown don't pay as well as you did."

    "An honorable man then. Afraid I drag him back into the dirt. But gold is found in the dirt of course. Don't worry. I am here to find who did that. But if I need to reclaim my throne to do so and kill each and every other candidate we both know I will walk knee deep through blood and probably enjoy it even. So I guess it is a lot of people's interest that I solve the case. Isn't it?"

    Lyle gave him a tortured smile. "So what can I do to help you?"

    "Tell me who did it?" Nicholas smiled.

    "I don't really know. Nobody knew she was yours, as far as I can tell. I told nobody." Lyle looked at Nicholas and Nicholas took another breath from his cigar.

    "I could never tell if you lied. Ten years apart hasn't made you easier to read." He looked at Lyle and Lyle finally folded his head.

    "If you think I killed her, don't hesitate. Kill me right away." Lyle said and looked at Nicholas. Nicholas stared back at him. A second passed. Another breathe from the cigar. Another second passed. Another. Then Nicholas laughed.

    "That was intense, hm?" He leaned back and looked at Lyle.

    "So what happened to London? How is Sergej? Who is running the show nowadays?"

    Lyle frowned. "Sergej retired and then ... well was pretty quickly permanently retired. The Russians are now run by Fjodor. The Reds are still around. Seem to do wetwork for Fjodor."

    Nicholas sighed. "The accountant probably waited for years to make his move. Did not take long once I was gone."

    "Things changed. Drugs? Albanians, Chinese, Ukrainians and even Turkey. We got so many players nowadays ..." Lyle laughed.

    "Who took over my business?" Nicholas asked and leaned back enjoying his cigar.

    "A guy called Abelard Lindsay. If there is any contender for the throne nowadays it is him. International weapons trade, contract jobs, Government contacts. He is pretty much an updated you. Not yet the size we had, but he is getting there. He has a Club downtown. Not friendly with the Russians. Maybe why he never fully made it to the top." Lyle sighed.

    "Lindsay." The name rang no bell with Nicholas. "So who could have targeted Laura to get to me then?"

    Lyle raised his brows. "You think this is because of you? Really?"

    Nicholas shrugged. "Laura's Dad thinks so."

    A shiver went through Lyle as he mentioned Robert. It was almost a spasm. But the man remained silent.

    "A serial killer getting of all the blonde girls in London Laura Landau? Seem improbable also not impossible. A murder to get my attention? Much more likely. Also I would not see a clear suspect yet." Nicholas closed the file before him.

    Lyle nodded in agreement and the took out an envelope. "Credit cards, account info. One of the smaller stashes. Five million. Credit Suisse. Three mobiles are in there, too. Registered to nobodies." He pulled it over the table. Nicholas took it and put it into his jacket. His cigar was almost burned down.

    "Thanks. Maybe we should meet again when we both have looked into that?"

    Lyle nodded. "I still got a few people I can ask. But ... you have no allies anymore. Police won't be happy to see you around. Won't take them long to figure out who you are. Maybe take your money and leave. Asia? Singapore? Dubai? You could have a splendid life with that money, Nick."

    Nick, he had not been called Nick in a long time. "Need to help Daddy Landau settle the score first. It's his daughter. She was all that is left of him." Nicholas winked at Lyle. "And not so sure about having no allies."

    Lyle nodded. "We were quite a team back in the days. But I cannot get involved like I was back then." He was obviously nervous to say that. He was afraid Nicholas would not accept no as an answer.

    Nicholas smiled and padded his shoulder. "I know. I know. I can see you lost that edge. So give me a name. Who is the most likely of all those new players to be her murderer if it wasn't a serial killer?"

    Lyle gave him a long sad look. Nicholas felt he was keeping something from him.

    "Fjodor." He finally said. "He looses ground quickly and Moscow has begun to realize that. He might need you here."

    Nicholas nodded. "You can go now. I call you when I need something."

    Lyle nodded and stood up. "Your Grace." He smiled and left the lounge. Nicholas looked after him and ordered a Tomatin 18 years old and another Partagas E 2. He paid with the new credit card and mused about how ridiculously expensive cigars were nowadays while carefully planning his next steps for the next day once Robert had been to the police.

    Fjodor was not the most likely choice. Word had gotten around Lyle had said, but not to who.

    It was always hard to know who to trust in this game. Lyle was the first name on his list now.

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  11. Master Vo'Un'Var

    Master Vo'Un'Var Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 19, 2017
    Ivan Morozov
    Chase Street, Whitechapel

    Ivan stopped dead in his tracks when he listened to the phone call he received.

    "Who the hell is this?" he hissed into the phone.

    No answer. The line had gone dead. He stood there for a moment before going back to his car and sitting there. It was a moment of silence before he slammed his hands down on the wheel and roared in anger. Iosif was his most trusted. He didn't want to believe, but he couldn't see a way for his "mystery caller" to know what he was about to do and have his number without inside knowledge. He would have Iosif killed for this, if it were true, and it would be painful.

    Something in the back of his head felt as though this were connected to the graffiti that was found recently, but he would deal with that later. Iosif had just begun gaining information on this subject, so he found it unlikely that his other boys would be on Iosif's side. After all, Iosif was their newest member, yet his performance had earned him such a respected place in the gang. Why would he do this?

    He looked through the contacts on his phone and rang Leonid. The two had gone back a while. Leonid had been the right-hand man until Iosif took his place after proving himself over and over. It would seem that Leonid would regain his former position. If Ivan could not have the assurance that Leonid was on his side, his paranoia would cause him to flee.

    "Leonid. I need you to apprehend Iosif. Make sure he doesn't get the upper-hand on you. I need him alive, but that doesn't mean you don't have to hurt him."

    Ivan hung up and sat there fuming. Whatever was going on here, he was going to find out, and he would bring hell down on the person who tried to kill him.

  12. SirakRomar

    SirakRomar Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 30, 2007
    Jane Gray
    Coffee Fellows, Baker Street

    Albert nodded in confirmation he would be in on this. Jane nodded back in honest appreciation. Then she turned back to Michael Mccay. "Not exactly a lion's den. Millard sells electronics. The kind that are not registered and come with little history. Doubt he owns a gun, but if so just take it from him. But he is an angry guy, guess some substance problem. So good to have a knife and a friend maybe. I just need to know what he sold to Laura Landau. Exactly what it was." She nodded and made a photo of the sister of Michael. "Will need better Wifi to find her. So might need an hour or two. Shall we meet in the afternoon? Maybe at a Starbucks near Picadelly? They got better Wifi there."

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  13. RachelTyrell

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    Feb 15, 2009
    Abelard Lindsay
    The Kingslayer, Office

    Abelard Lindsay stopped breathing for a moment as he saw the picture. It was indeed him. Now he had a name. Robert Landau. The Return of the King.

    Breathing resumed and he grinned broadly as he hummed the title melody of Lord of the Rings. He left the office and took quick steps down into the central club.

    The man had walked directly into the Scotland Yard. That was actually brave. It was almost ... funny. They probably had nothing on him. He would just walk in and walk out again. The world would know he is back and the police would know they could do absolutely nothing about it.

    Lindsay had hated the legend for years, but the more he learned about him the more he had admired the man. He was intelligent, a rule-bender, almost entrepreneurial in nature. Lindsay had adopted all these traits as he had created his own criminal Empire. The methodical madness was the easiest part to adopt.

    He told the contact to let him know when Landau left and messaged Laslo, one of his best spotters to go there and follow him. He should also get Newmarks involved. An agency of private detectives who had the capacity to organize a full surveillance. From now on he wanted to know where Landau went and when. He wanted to know his habits, patterns, activities. Who did he reactivate? Who did he visit? He wanted to prepare.

    A second option was the German. He needed him for another job though. He texted him the meeting point and left the club, ignoring the African immigrants cleaning it up.

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  14. galactic-vagabond422

    galactic-vagabond422 Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Jul 11, 2009
    Michael Mcay

    Michael nodded his head taking in the information like a mission briefing. They didn't have to deal with firearms, didn't have to deal with trained killer. He could be intimidating, especially with a knife in his hands. Another name came up, Laura Landau. He wasn't sure who that was but it would be useful to know exactly who he was looking for. Part of him wanted to ask why this woman was so important, or what she bought from this Millard. Though he kept the question to himself, he'd just met this woman and he didn't have any real reason dive in on that. She was doing a favor for him so, he didn't want to look a gift horse in the mouth.

    "Two hours Picadelly." He said repeating her deadline and meeting location. Getting up from his seat taking the picture back and slipping it in his coat.With a final nod he moved to the door, heading out to have a chat with an electronics reseller.

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  15. HanSolo29

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    Apr 13, 2001
    IC: DI Harry Driscoll
    Morgue, Scotland Yard, London

    Harry remained silent as he hung back near the doorway, his right arm crossed casually over his chest with the left hand resting against his chin to stroke his beard. It was rather unusual for him not to immediately step up to take the lead on questioning – he had a reputation to uphold, after all – but in this case, he simply wanted to watch and observe the man known as ‘the King’. With his lanky build, receding hairline, and classical black suit, Robert Landau was fairly unremarkable – the type of man who could easily blend in with a crowd. But if there was anything that set him off, it was his eyes…

    Even as Adrian approached the man to begin his probe, Harry noted the way he stared back at him with that icy, calculating gaze. It was the same gaze he remembered from all those years ago, his blue eyes reflecting a very terrible truth that he could not ignore. Driscoll realized that it was a reminder; he might have grown 10 years older, but Landau still recognized him...and he would not allow him to forget what happened…

    What happened 10 years ago…

    Lowering his arms back to his sides, Harry pressed his lips together firmly and pushed that thought from his mind. He needed to focus. After the blunder upstairs, he couldn’t afford to leave Adrian hanging like that again. He already had enough to explain without adding to his partner’s suspicions.

    As Adrian finished his inquiry, Harry inhaled deeply and noted how Landau remained unnaturally calm. The man then proceeded to carefully navigate around each question with expertise and precision; he knew exactly what he was doing. Driscoll had to wonder if this was yet another subtle warning about the King’s influence – he might have found his way into the very heart of Scotland Yard, but he was still in complete control. They couldn’t touch him.

    It was clever, really, and Harry might have even given him credit for his efforts...if it hadn’t raised his ire. His annoyance manifested itself as a wan smile tugging at the corner of his lips, but it quickly faded when Landau turned the tables on them and posed his own question:

    "Are you interested in history?” Robert asked with a sheepish grin. “Gentlemen?"

    “History?” Harry blurted out before he realized what he was saying. He felt a lump forming in his throat, his mind instantly devising a worst-case scenario – Robert Landau was about to reveal their past. But would he really be so careless? Would he resort to that now when so much was at stake with his daughter? Driscoll didn’t think so, and yet there was still so much that he didn’t know about the King’s behavior.

    Was he confident enough in that decision to take a chance?

    Maybe he was.

    With a heavy sigh, Driscoll sauntered forward to stand beside his partner, his eyes narrowed as he studied Robert Landau closely. “If it will help us track down your daughter’s killer, then yes...we would appreciate any information you can share.”

    Harry clenched his jaw, his blue eyes unwavering. He hoped he was right about taking this gamble.

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  16. Lawbreaker

    Lawbreaker Jedi Knight star 2

    Aug 21, 2018
    Coffee Fellows on Baker Street

    Albert nodded. "He is a sleazy worm. Nothing too hard to handle." He said with a sigh. "Isn't he working for that British dude sometimes? The one owning Kingslayer? Anyway, we should get going. I call an Uber."


    Millard's flat

    London was actually easier to navigate with an Uber than in the underground. The flat was in a block that had certainly seen better days. Some hooligans hung out before it and used a baseball bat to demolish a bus station. They were obviously drunk. Well, it was already noon was it?

    "Lovely neighborhood." Albert said and sighed. "So are we gonna knock or do we take the shortcut?" He asked and stretched himself.


    Jane used the photo of the picture to Michael's sister and had her self-written search routine scan half a dozen social networks. She had not used her own name, but her biometrics revealed five profiles rather quickly. She had posted pictures with her new boyfriend Scott. Scott seemed to manage a club. Kingslayer. She had been there almost every night. Shopping sprees on Oxford Street. Sightseeing in Westminster Abbey. Five Star Hotel Suites in a gown with a bed in the background that looked like it had not only been used for sleeping. A girl met a rich guy and had fun. Lots of fun. Pupils on some pictures so widened maybe too much fun.

    Two days ago her accounts went silent. No posts anywhere. She had actually not logged in.

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    Hyde Park

    The German was tall, thin and wearing his trademark glasses and blue suit with a simple stylish coat that was from Porsche Design.

    Blonde and blue eyed he was looking like the quintessential German bureaucrat, also Abelard knew he was meeting one of the most dangerous people on the planet probably. "Lindsay." He simply said and sat down on the bench next to him.

    "I brought coffee." He remarked with a smile. He handed Lindsay a cup. "Americano black for you and a white flat for me." He sighed and looked over the park.

    "I know you don't appreciate smalltalk, so what can I do for you? Must be important if it is me. You have more cost effective murderers I assume." He looked at a young mother with two kids passing by.

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    Chase Street, Whitechapel

    "Iosef left." Leonid simply replied, not a man of many words. "But we heard Fjodor is meeting Lindsay. He asked us for back up. Shall I send Sergej?"

    Leonid did not ask why Iosef had fallen from grace. In his heart he was still a soldier. He followed orders. He took pride in not questioning them.

    A window was open at the house the mysterious caller had identified as the one where the sniper was sitting. Ivan could virtually feel a man watching him from there through a scope waiting for him to leave the car to end him.

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    Streets of Mayfair, London

    Nicholas was the last guest at 10 Manchester when they closed up. The streets were empty that late at night. Only a cab could get him to his hotel now and the next one he might catch was a five minute walk at Bond Street.

    The man following him was good. As good as they got. But there was no way to follow someone on an empty street like this without being recognized if it was that empty.

    Sporty and tall, black hoodie and jeans, sneakers from Nike. Maybe 30. The way he carried himself had "military" written all over him.

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  17. LordTroepfchen

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    Apr 9, 2007
    Robert Landau
    Scotland Yard, Morgue

    Robert looked at Driscoll again and appreciated the moment of recognition. He remembered. The Inspector remembered him all too well.

    Some said the King had infected the city like a virus once. This was the moment he realized this could not be farther from the truth. The King was more like a radioactive contamination. It never truly was completely gone.

    Before Montrose picked anything up he nodded and looked down. "October 1888, Whitehall. The old Scotland Yard was still a construction sight back then. Then Thames. Pinchin Street in 1889. Female Torsos were found. Of course the whole city was looking for Jack the Ripper back then, but actually a second serial killer was on the loose. Leaving only the torsos of their female victims behind. They never got him, so Scotland Yard had an unsolved murder basically in the very core of their foundation. Literally." He said this without mockery. "Same city same method. Thought I point it out in case you are not familiar with the case." He shrugged. "A bit of a cold case, isn't it? They never got him." The police had probably not made that link. Yet it was interesting enough to be mentioned.

    "Is there anything else?" He asked with an exhausted smile. "Been kind of a rough morning for me." The amount of interaction was actually draining his strength. He felt he was not yet ready for it. But something inside of him was also feeling ... the control. The feeling of being in absolute control of every aspect of the game. It was frightening familiar.

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  18. Jerjerrod-Lennox

    Jerjerrod-Lennox Jedi Grand Master star 7

    Mar 9, 2005
    IC: DS Adrian Montrose
    Location: Morgue,, Scotland Yard, London

    Adrian could see Robert’s eyes move to Driscoll and stay there. It seemed as though he was quite interested in his partner for some reason, whatever that was Adrian could not tell at this time. But Adrian was being completely ignored here and his suspicions began to mount.

    Robert then revealed he was basically not here the whole time as he had been treated for a medical condition that excused himself from being involved with his daughters death and that he had no idea of what she had been up to in that time since he had last spoken to her. Adrian though had a thought, even if you had a medical condition would you not contact your daughter just to hear her voice or find out how she was? The only places that you could do so were in an intensive care unit or if you were sectioned under a mental hospital.

    Perhaps if this man was the King he may probably lock himself away in order to maybe lick his wounds or just to get away from it all. But why leave your empire when you reigned supreme? But maybe even criminal geniuses wanted to go on holiday or even break down. And now it took the death of his daughter to bring him back into the fold. Ready and waiting for Harry and Adrian to take him down.

    But first, the Devil needed to be dealt with. And perhaps maybe Robert had some clues, or was just jerking them off.

    His partner hadn't spoken up yet, but when Robert mentioned history it seemed that they could be either veering off topic or something could be coming. And his partner’s silence was troubling Adrian. The rough and ready American it seemed had so far been silenced. And Robert was way too calm for Adrian’s liking and his dodgy o meter was going off. He had faced off against crooks and bent cops, hell even the IRA would be tough but this was a new kettle of fish.

    Harry then blurted out the word “history” and Adrian nearly turned to give his partner a look, but he still kept his blue eyed gaze on Robert watching for anything that could set him off. His daughter was lying dead before him and Robert was treating this as if it was a normal conversation. And what was Harry doing? Was he hiding something again? This was getting on Adrian’s nerves. Finally Harry spoke up basically saying that any information he could give would be useful. But there was still the elephant in the room: why was his partner so quiet, and why was Robert acting so calm?

    Meanwhile the Devil was planning his next kill….

    And why was Robert constantly looking at his partner again? This was going onto the list of things he was going to ask his partner when he was alone.

    "October 1888, Whitehall. The old Scotland Yard was still a construction site back then. Then Thames. Pinchin Street in 1889. Female Torsos were found. Of course the whole city was looking for Jack the Ripper back then, but actually a second serial killer was on the loose. Leaving only the torsos of their female victims behind. They never got him, so Scotland Yard had an unsolved murder basically in the very core of their foundation. Literally."

    "Same city same method. Thought I point it out in case you are not familiar with the case." He shrugged. "A bit of a cold case, isn't it? They never got him."

    Well this was news to Adrian, and thankfully they had asked the team upstairs to look into old cases with the same MO as the Devil. Now this could be a lead, or the King playing with his food. Hopefully Harry would be on the same wavelength as him and perhaps it was worth looking into. Did this relate to any authority figures, did the killer have a problem with authority? Did the victim have any links to authority figures, the underworld or did they just step on someone’s toes? Only time would tell.

    "Is there anything else?" He asked with an exhausted smile. "Been kind of a rough morning for me."

    Oh really son? Adrian thought sarcastically because you are not not grieving over your daughter, nor have you shown any remorse for not being there when she was killed, or speaking to her at all. So either you are a very good liar or you think you are in control. Well guess what sonny Jim, you haven't met Adrian Montrose. We are the police, we are the law. And if you are the King we will deal with you once the Devil is behind bars.

    Outwardly though he nodded and smiled slightly “Nearly sir, we would like to thank you for your information and hopefully it could help us in identifying your daughter's killer. We will leave no stone upturned and will bring him and if as any accomplices to justice”

    He turned serious again his hands still clasped behind his back “One more question from me. Your daughter was moving into investigating human trafficking. Did she have any connections to underworld figures or did she rile anyone up in the underworld so much with her investigations that they would want her dead?”

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  19. DarkLordoftheFins

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    Apr 2, 2007
    Nicholas Anger
    Streets of Mayfair

    He wanted one of these wonderful black cabs, but on a small sidestreet like Manchester Street he could hardly expect one. He pulled his hands into his pockets where the plastic grip of the .375 Smith and Wesson was and began to walk, thinking about what he had learned tonight. London had changed and yet London never truly changed. Updates to a situation unchanged for centuries. Fjodor had taken over the Russians and adopted the Reds. He felt like he would have to explore this a little more. Yet, new players had arrived including a man called Lindsay who seemed to be a serious contender for the throne.

    He was still in thoughts when he took a corner and heard the steps behind him followed. He had seen the guy. Hoodies. Trained. Military probably not too long ago.

    Nicholas took a corner also it brought him away from his original target of Oxford Street and drew his gun. He turned and gently waited for the man to follow, preparing for a confrontation if necessary, but counting on taking him by surprise.

    "Don't." He simply said as the man turned and stopped. The younger man stared at him, estimating his chances of lying. Nicholas saw in his eyes e decided it would not work.

    "So a few questions, if you decide you wanna live. I assume you know who I am, so I suggest you do not try to draw your gun. You would be dead before your hand touches the handle." He sighed. "Who are you and who send you?"

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  20. SirakRomar

    SirakRomar Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 30, 2007
    Jane Gray
    Coffee Fellows, Baker Street

    Jane leaned forward and took the info in. Sex, Drugs and Shopping Sprees. She had the signs of a future tragedy written all over her instagram dream story.

    Yeah, you can have the good life! Just sell your body and soul to a dude with money.

    Tragedy had probably already catched up. She had gone dark two days ago. Jane smiled. Well, good thing was she had already hacked into the police database.

    Quickly she looked for victims with the description of the young lady. No murders of young woman except Laura Landau.

    Also no assaults. No robberies. Hospitals had not reported any overdose victims.

    Okay, so she had to find Scottyboy. Wherever he was his trophy girl would also be. He was still active at least. Had posted some advertising stuff on his Facebook account. Some famous DJ was coming to Kingslayer tonight.


    Laura had often been there. Jane had even accompanied her once or twice, but next to long legged beauty of Laura she had felt like the ugly duck in the swan family.

    Scott was part of the management. Which meant he was an associate of Lindsay. Not good company for a young girl.

    Jane leaned back and scrolled through Scotts history. Promotion for the club and trips throughout Europe. Nothing that helped. At least she knew where Michael could find him tonight.

    Turning back to the investigation she saw there was a lack of updates. But OC had accessed the file. Organized Crime? Why would they look at a serial killer file?

    A video feed was running but Wifi did not allow her to watch.

    Then she saw something. Robert Landau was identifying his daughter. Robert Landau? Laura's Dad? Had Laura not said he was dead? She looked up his police file. He did not have any. Nothing. Not even a parking ticket. A ghost.

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  21. Master Vo'Un'Var

    Master Vo'Un'Var Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 19, 2017
    Ivan Morozov
    Chase Street, Whitechapel

    "Yes. Send Sergej..." Ivan murmured to the phone, before hanging up. He rubbed his eyes in frustration, and then decided what to do.

    Ducking down his head and starting the car, he slammed his foot down and starting speeding away from his ambush. He needed to get away quickly. He needed to think.

    Who was this mystery caller? He shook his head, frowning, as he headed back towards the Red's Headquarters. When he was safely back would be the time to ask questions to himself.

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  22. LordTroepfchen

    LordTroepfchen Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 9, 2007
    Robert Landau
    Scotland Yard, Morgue

    Robert looked at Montrose and he felt a connection there. He was dedicated, probably even honorable. Robert knew all the shady ones that age ... he also had this unshakable believe he could win. The Angels who fall are the most dangerous of all.

    "She moved into investigating human trafficking? Was she a cop or journalist of sorts?" He folded the hands behind his back. He needed no second to imagine the conversation he would have with Nicholas about that bit. The Russians. They had dealt with human trafficking. There was also the shoulder wound. The numbers. The picture began to form. Or was it a picture painted for him? It was all a bit too smart, too hard and easy the same time.

    "Last time I heard of her she was a teenager. I would not know about her job, sorry."

    His brain suddenly flashed alive. It was so sudden it leaped back to full capacity he blinked a few times and rubbed the palm of his head, right where the hair grew thinner. The headache. It returned for the first time in ten years, too. As if his mind being send in overdrive caused the pain.

    Laura had looked into human imports. He had never been active in this field, but had left it to the Russians back in the day. Beating women into submission and then selling them was so pathetic, it was nothing he felt he wanted to be part of. But sometimes girls ran or were even bold enough to try and turn to the police. They made an example of those girls. Sergei had a man to do that.

    "There were Russians among the victims, right?" He suddenly asked and now smiled.

    He had got a suspect. Without Nicholas even getting involved. Nicholas would have to find him for him. Nicholas would have to deal with him. He would be more effective than the police.

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    Abelard Lindsay
    Hyde Park

    Lindsay watched the German approach and wished he had brought something to drink. The man looked so unassuming and bland that Lindsay was not sure if he would recognize him if he one day came after him.

    The coffee he was offered made him more nervous than anything. Poison was among the Germans tools he knew. But a potential client he would not kill. Lindsay took a sip and nodded in appreciation. "Thanks." He said and leaned back.

    "There is a man I need to be taken care of. In a certain way at a certain time." He answered the blunt question. "My guys can do that, but they lack your depth and caution. I cannot have them mess this up." He leaned back. He also did not wanted their involvement for other reasons, but the German would figure that out all by himself. Lindsay took an envelope from his jacket, making sure he only touched it with his right hand which was wearing the leather glove.

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    IC: DI Harry Driscoll
    Morgue, Scotland Yard, London

    The moment had passed and Harry allowed himself a small sigh of relief. He had been right about Robert Landau’s state of mind – he had only intended to send a message, and the ‘history lesson’ he touted had nothing to do with their troubled past. In fact, it was a very sordid tale to tell of London’s olden days, but he could certainly see why he had decided to share it with them. There were far too many similarities to the Devil’s current streak to simply ignore; it was all a little too convenient.

    Was it meant as another message or something much deeper?

    Inhaling deeply, Harry stole a glance at his partner, his expression hard and unrelenting. It was clear from his demeanor that he had relaxed back into his own and regained some of his former confidence. Montrose seemed to take this as confirmation to carry on with his questioning, and at this juncture, Harry did not make a move to intervene. He was too intrigued by Landau and how he would ultimately respond.

    And sure enough, Adrian hit on all the right points – the other man soon revealed a possible connection with the Russians.


    Keeping his features carefully guarded so that he didn’t betray his satisfaction, Driscoll sauntered forward with the thumb of his right hand hooked through his belt. “Your daughter worked primarily for lifestyle magazines as a freelance journalist, yes,” he began evenly, providing some background information to help him understand. “It was only in recent months that she developed a keen interest in more serious subject matter.” He shrugged, almost as if he was trying to appease to Landau’s pain. “Unfortunately, someone didn’t like what she had to say.”

    Driscoll paused for a moment, pressing his lips together to regard Robert carefully. “We did manage to identify four of the other victims as Russian descent, but…” He stepped closer, narrowing his eyes slightly. He was close; he could feel it. “Why would that interest you, Mr. Landau? That’s a very specific question to ask, don’t you think?”

    His eyes shifted briefly toward Adrian to gauge his reaction before returning to Landau. “Maybe you can help us understand…?”

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    Michael Mcay

    Michael arched his brow at Crow's last comment. "What british 'dude'?" He asked following his former comrade in arms out of the coffee shop. Crow was free to say as little or as much as he wanted about this man that ran a place called the 'Kingslyer' a lovely name, sounded like a place Michael would never be allowed in, nor would he want to go there.

    "How are ya'" He said getting into the Uber. If the driver was up to talking Michael would though he wouldn't push the issue. Not a lot of people felt like talking these days.

    Once they arrived, and paid for the ride Michael took in the place. Not the most upstanding of areas, not with a group of brash young people knocking over a bus stop with baseball bats. They were clearly getting an early start to the day. He walked past, not giving them any attention. He had a job to do.

    "So are we gonna knock or do we take the shortcut?" Crow asked stretching a little.

    "Let's keep it civil, knock invite ourselves in...handle things from there...if he resists...You remember how to breach and clear right?" He asked making his way towards the building checking to make sure his knife was ready.

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