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Beyond - Legends Young Jedi Knights: Rise of the Order [Ben S. OCs, AU]

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    Author Notes: Hey guys! It's windu4 here and I'm starting another AU. One of my biggest complaints about post-NJO era is the fact that there is no happy ending nor do the Jedi ever truly become an Order any different from the times before the Empire. As a result I've decided to write my own ambitious story regarding what I would want post-NJO to be like. Except Anakin Solo is actually alive and the ages have been shifted about just a little bit. I've also added OCs simply because Ben needs friends and peers to compete with. Hopefully my adjustment of Ben's character and the campiness of this story will be alright with you! I posted another fic under my ghost account "ofikenobi" and I'm sad to say that I'm discontinuing it in exchange for this one. I'm sorry about that but this subject has captured my interest more and I vow to finish it! Along with my other AU Forever Wars. That being said I will definitely be influenced by some of the adventures in Star Wars and this series might grow dark in the future. That being said I hope you all stick around adn enjoy :D.

    One would think that the morning of a graduation ceremony at the Jedi Academy would mean that its participants would be busy getting dressed in fancy robes and practicing marching down the aisle in perfect cadence. Yet for Ben Skywalker and Zane Solusar that wasn’t the case. The two were currently locked in a desperate lightsaber duel that one would think could possibly dictate the fate of the galaxy. Yet this tension and anxiety only existed in the two rival’s minds. One blue lightsaber clashed against a purple one. Ben was the one who was jumping around like a spastic space monkey. He slashed and stabbed and twirled in an attempt to find a weak point in Zane’s defense. Yet Zane was steady. He had the steely nerves of his father and the grace of his mother. He wasn’t easily shaken.

    Ben Skywalker too had inherited the best qualities of his parents. The Grandmaster of the Jedi Order was no slouch went it came to lightsaber duels. His mother had spent her whole life learning how to use a variety of weapons to end her opponents. Many of them had been melee weapons. Yet Ben’s determination and unpredictable nature was easily tempered by Zane’s patience and willingness to adapt. The thirteen year old Jedi Trainee spun on his heel and slashed at Zane’s head. His silver haired opponent ducked and instead of attempting to block Ben’s next blow instead slashed at his kidney. Ben barely managed to block the blow before Zane struck him in the chest and sent him sprawling.

    Zane deactivated his training lightsaber and hooked it to his belt and walked over to Ben before offering his hand. “Soresu.” He stated. “The act of defense is your best offense. It’s a simple strategy that could outclass the most elaborate fighting style.”

    Ben glared up at his friend before hesitantly accepting his hand and pulling himself to his feet. “Your mom spends all her time looking up information about this type of stuff.”

    Zane shrugged. “Your father is Grandmaster of the Jedi Order.”

    “Remember the old days, Jace?”

    “Yeah. Philosophy. Psychobabble. All that good stuff.”

    “What do you think is going to unite them? We had creatures that couldn’t be touched by The Force.”

    “I don’t know. Maybe snakes the size of a StealthX.”

    “Or bugs. Massive bugs that trick you into joining some type of weird hive mind.”

    Ben turned over his shoulder and found himself staring at his cousins. Anakin and Jacen Solo both leaned against the doorway. He noted that they were both prepared for the ceremony even if they weren’t graduating. Anakin stood just a few centimeters shorter than Jacen and wore his Jedi Robes. His blond hair was as messy as ever but had the strange symmetry to it that made it so attractive. His lightsaber was proudly displayed on his belt and his very presence screamed Jedi. Jacen was dressed different. Even though he was in his mid-twenties he sported a neat beard and long hair that threatened to droop to his shoulders. His dark robes were somewhat more ominous and his lightsaber was nowhere to be seen. If Ben had to choose the one who was more intimidating it’d definitely be Jacen.

    “I see you two are preparing for the ceremonies.” Jacen said as he crossed the training room. As he did Anakin raised his hand and gestured almost casually. The lightsabers on Ben and Zane’s belts were tugged across the room and fell into Anakin’s hands. Jacen spared Anakin the slightest glance and Ben couldn’t help but be amused with the slight sense of reproach his older cousin had. Jacen had never been one to approve of overt use of The Force and tended to see it as some from of arrogance or bragging. It was an age old argument Ben had observed since he was a child.

    “We felt that it’d be necessary to brush up on our skills, Master.” Zane inclined his head and Ben snorted; loudly.

    “It looks like you two were squeezing in a final competition before you began your official apprenticeship off planet. “ Anakin reproached calmly as he stood in front of the two young trainees. “There’s no place for that. Not now. The other members of your class are already prepared and sitting in the main chambers. Or did you lose track of time?”

    Ben and Zane again exchanged glances and Jacen laughed. “I’d get dressed if I were you. Master Katarn doesn’t really appreciate it when people miss his lectures. I’m certain that both of you are aware of what happens when you miss them. I’d try and get changed if I were you. After today you’ll grow so tired of waving a lightsaber around that you’ll wish you didn’t spend your time prancing around.”

    “Oh yeah, why?” Ben questioned as he stared right up at Jacen.

    Anakin grinned though even as he did his tone was somber. “Because we’re your future Masters and we know a thing or two about staring out at the galaxy and wanting to do nothing more than carve our names into galactic fame with our civilized weapons. Trust me; it’s not as fun as it seems.”

    ---- ​

    The ceremony had been sentimental, somber and cautiously optimistic. Kyle Katarn had been able to weave a speech together about the purpose of the Jedi Order and the future of the galaxy. It hadn’t exactly brought Ben Skywalker to tears but it had reminded him of the massive legacy that rested on his shoulders. It was a legacy that he couldn’t allow to trickle past his fingers. He wasn’t arrogant enough to believe that he would lead the Jedi Order. There was no Jedi Dynasty. However he did know that he had to give the Order his all and apparently dressing up in heavy robes and listening to speeches was just as important as crossing lightsaber blades. Luckily Ben’s graduation gift had involved him avoiding punishment. Hopefully it wasn’t the only one.

    The dinner that followed the graduation was tight knit and involved the members of Ben’s graduation. He was close friends with many of them. As Ben crossed the courtyard to his table he noticed many of them. Deric Rostu stood near the edge of the courtyard staring up at the rain. He was a dark-skinned teen around his age. He was the son of a legendary Koruun general and a Kiffar Force-Sensitive. His head was literally always in the clouds. He was always focusing on the future, consequences and patterns. He was deeply political and intuitive. Ben often found himself jealous of Deric because he was the one that could systematically deconstruct his plans without much effort.

    Then there was Ryanne Kovani. Her hair was midnight black and her eyes were an astonishingly bright blue. Ben didn’t exactly say this to her face but she was the most materialistic person he knew. She was also gorgeous, spirited and her mind was always in the moment. If there was someone who could rival his snark and ability to come up with plans she was it. Her best friend was Seha Dorvald; someone Jacen had picked up from the bowels of Coruscant. Unlike Ryanne she was quiet and reserved and seemingly lacked confidence in herself. Yet she was the one that Ben Skywalker could depend on the most. He didn’t just say that because they shared red hair. She was someone who gave everything her all and still didn’t think it was good enough. Eventually Seha would overcome this and when she did Ben believed she would surpass them all. Finally there was Zane. Zane and Ben both shared the burden of being the sons of powerful Jedi Masters and as a result were always caught in a deadly competition with each other but they were still friends.

    Ben sat down next to Zane and noticed that Seha and his other friends had decided to sit at another table. Ben idly reflected on the fact that he and Zane were sitting with their family. He knew the segregation wasn’t intentional but he regretted it. Luckily his friends were sitting with their own future Masters which made him feel a little better about the situation. Jysella Horn had opted to train Ryanne Kovani. They were both Corellians and while Jysella didn’t share Ryanne’s piloting skills she also knew how to balance her strong Corellian heritage with humility. Something Ryanne needed to learn. Jaina Solo had opted to train Seha because her twin brother Jacen had discovered her and because she possessed the charisma and leadership skills necessary to nurture Seha into trusting herself and her own abilities. Zekk understood what it was like to live on a planet that was constantly on the brink of destruction and war which was why he had chosen Deric as his own apprentice.

    Predictably Zane and Ben had been apprenticed to Anakin and Jacen respectively. While Ben loved Jacen like a brother he again felt as if it was special treatment. Jacen was a Jedi Master who was largely believed to have won the war. He was a philosopher who had spent years traveling the galaxy learning esoteric talents that soSo me believed even Luke Skywalker didn’t know. Anakin Solo was considered to be the next leader of the Jedi Order and had been a beacon for the Jedi during the war. It wasn’t long before Ben and Zane began talking on their own about future missions when Jacen Solo stood and somehow managed to capture the attention of the dozen odd Jedi in the courtroom.

    “Many of you have proven that you are ready to take your next step in training to become Jedi Knights. I wholeheartedly agree and while your need for adventure and excitement overwhelms the true meaning of becoming Jedi I think that your first mission as a group will put you on the beginning of the next correct path. Which is why we are going to Illum. Hopefully none of you will have to draw your lightsaber for combat for many years….but it is always important to be prepared. So everyone be sure to be ready to leave at 0800 tomorrow. Get some rest and may the force be with you.” With that Jacen turned and strode from the courtyard.
    A/N: So this is how it begins! I know: tons of exposition but hopefully that will change. For anyone whose wondering Ben's parents aren't actually there and we might see why in the future. Unfortunately you can only squeeze so much teenage angst into a chapter so I wasn't exactly able to get around to that. >_> My next chapter will be up soon!​
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    Chapter 1
    They say that a legacy is the most important thing that a father hands down to his son. I haven’t always considered that to be strictly true but then again I did name you after the man who had the greatest influence in my life. Ben, I may have put you under a great amount of pressure by naming you after my Master. However, I feel that you can rise to that challenge and surpass my greatest expectations. That is why I am giving you this gift. It’s not so your job will be easier. Instead it’s so that you can understand the legacy I am giving to you and the role it might play in your life. Being a Jedi will always be your own choice. Yet if you are a Jedi I want to give you the opportunity to follow the footsteps of one of the greatest Masters I’ve ever known. Good Luck, and May The Force Be With You.

    Ben swallowed hard and stared at the case in front of him. It wasn’t all that big. It could fit into the palm of his hand. Yet the power that radiated from the box was tremendous. It was powerful but so sacred that even he feared dropping it. So the young man was extra careful as he set the case on the desk in front of him and opened it. Inside of it was a blue crystal that generated its own light. Ben gingerly picked it up and it fit almost perfectly into the palm of his hand. It didn’t take him much to realize what it was. It was a lightsaber crystal. It was the primary crystal but it wasn’t the focusing crystal that Ben would be hunting for in the frozen mountains of Illum. Ben sighed and closed his hands around the lightsaber crystal and reached through The Force. He felt the loving care that his father had put into packing it. The fierce pride that Mara had felt when she had tracked down the crystal and taken it from slavers only to send it to her son. Most of all he felt as if the crystal surmised his destiny. He didn’t have to be the torch bearer but he did have to carry the legacy of the Skywalkers. That was his responsibility simply because he had been born.

    Ben stood to his feet and picked up a pouch laying on his bed and slipped the crystal inside. As he did the ship rocked unsteadily under his feet and Ben heard the sounds of arguing in the cockpit. The vessel they were flying in was a Jedi Crusier designed to hold the ten Jedi who had traveled to Illum. Jaina and Anakin were piloting and while they were both accomplished Jedi Knights neither of them were beyond bickering. Ben made his way out of his room and walked down the hallway, gripping the wall for support. He walked up a series of steps and found himself right outside the cockpit. “You don’t have to fly right through the ice storm, Annie! You have nothing to prove. You’re a Jedi Knight for kriff’s sake.”

    “I’m not trying to prove anything to you. Besides, it’s not my fault you’re not daring anymore. Ever since you settled down with Mr. Empire you’ve stopped being fun.”

    “And fun means shredding the engines on a cruiser filled with children just to prove a point?”


    Ben held his hand over his mouth to hide a snicker but his amusement radiated through The Force. Luckily Jaina and Anakin didn’t notice. They were too busy arguing over the newly adopted sense of responsibility Jaina had when she had been married. His amusement stopped when he felt a gentle hand on his shoulder. He turned around with an excuse ready but his voice died in his throat as he found himself staring up at Knight Jysella Horn. Her black hair was pulled back into a tight bun which only accentuated her hollowed cheeks, green eyes and red lips. Ben naturally had a fleeting interest in girls but he had to admit that getting caught spying by Jysella was both exciting and somehow exhilarating. “I was just going to ask when they were going to land.”

    “Which turned into you standing outside their door with your ear pressed to the floor?” Jysell said with a knowing smile as she crossed her arms over her chest. Her whole look made it seem as if she knew exactly what Ben was thinking. Yet again he didn’t care. He reminded himself to talk to Ryanne about Jysella and how her training with her had gone so far. Jysella was the son of Jedi Master Corran Horn was a proud Corellian. A trait she shared with Ryanne. She always wore the green robes that her father had once made popular and still allowed her Corellian accent to show during normal conversations. Even though it was considered to be slightly more abrasive than that of the normal Coruscanti dialect that Jacen and Anakin tended to use.

    “Yes! I just got distracted…”

    Jysella laughed. “That’s true. Go ahead and strap in we’re preparing for landing. I’ll calm the ego of those two.” Jysella turned and her cape swished behind her as she strode up the stairs. Ben swallowed hard and stood up. That was more embarrassing than he cared to admit.

    --- ​

    The wind was howling so loud in Ben’s ears that he could hardly hear the words of the Jedi Master. He stood a few meters away from the crowd near the back of the group. He had been the last to get off the ship but and was in no match to get involved in the shoving match to get to the front of the crowd. There had been at least a dozen other better places to land but he was beginning to suspect that Jacen had chosen this spot on purpose. So instead of focusing on the frigid pain in the very tips of Ben’s ears or the very real fear of frostbite he called upon The Force. He attempted to read Jacen’s intentions instead of hearing what he had to say. Just when he thought he knew what was going on he felt a very wet and very hard object collide with the back of his neck. Ben stumbled forward and rubbed the back of his neck. He then spun around to see Deric laughing at him, his finger still pointed at Ben.

    “Oh no you didn’t!” Ben yelled and used his sense of humor and frustration to access The Force and draw up a whirlwind of snow. The sheets of ice spun around him and he gestured at Deric. The dark-skinned Koruun took one look at Ben and dodged to the side right before the sheet of snow flew past him. As he did Ben glanced around He saw that most of his friends were engaged in a snowball fight. Zane was already sitting down as water dripped down his face. “Any reason you couldn’t speak a little louder?!” He questioned; clearly annoyed that his focus on Jacen had put him on a losing side of a snow battle.

    “The Force isn’t always the right answer, Ben. It’s a current through which you can read people’s intentions but you forget one thing.” Jacen stooped over and packed a snowball. “People lie.” He turned and whipped a snowball at Anakin who was trying to set up camp. Anakin saw the movement coming and turned to intercept…only to get struck in the chest. He toppled back into the tent he had been putting up and quickly undid all his hard work. “If you wanted to know what I had to say you could have stepped closer and listened better. The day you’ll be able to easily glean the thoughts or intentions of a Jedi Master without permission is the day you’re a Jedi Master yourself.”

    Ben grinned and raised his hands yet again and with minimal effort managed to pull a large clump of snow out of the mountain. He formed it into a snowball and cocked his arm back before hurling it at Jacen. “I think you underestimate my power.” He said with a grin.

    Jacen held up his hand and the snowball stopped directly in front of his palm. He made a flicking motion and the snow dissolved. “Or not. Since you missed out on my lecture all I said was for you to have a little fun and then set up camp. We start searching the caves tomorrow.”
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    Ooh, I love post NJO reboots [face_dancing] [face_dancing] Your OCs sound like they'll be a blast to read about and I agree Ben needs some buds to hang out with and share triumps and trials with. LOL -- sounds like he's noticing the beautiful Ryanne. ;)

    Also had a chuckle about Jaina being no fun since she took up with Jag [face_mischief] My opinion of what she does with Jag for fun [face_love] certainly doesn't qualify for something her brothers need to know about [face_laugh] :)


    Glad that Forever Wars is continuing. :cool:
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    This is interesting. The interactions Ben has with his fellow peers, great OCs that you created by the way. Also loved the little banter between Jaina and Anakin as well. I agree that anything post NJO depresses me, it's just one bad thing after another that happens to the SkySolo family, the Jedi, and pretty much every single good thing in the galaxy.
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    Great beginning! I'm a sucker for a Ben main character story and I especially like that it's an NJO reboot. Your OC's seem really interesting and well thought out.

    I look forward to seeing where this goes!


    Would you mind tagging me when you update?
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    OOC: Sorry for the wait guys! My finger got cut open at work and was badly infected. So basically I'm just now recovering the ability to type. This chapter has a ton of set up for our young protagonists. There might be some typos due to my finger. :p

    Jade_eyes smash128 mavjade

    Chapter 2
    Chance favored the prepared mind.

    This was something that had been drilled in Zane’s mind multiple times over the years. His father had been a man who had fought in wars and skirmishes for nearly all his life. His need to be prepared and ready for anything enemy had in store for him had saved his life. His mother was an educator and a woman who had spent years traveling dangerous planets and speaking with hostile cultures in an attempt to learn more about the Old Jedi Order. The two of them were so good at their jobs because they had prepared for the outcome of every situation. So when Zane had learned he was coming to Illum to construct his lightsaber he had decided to do the same.

    The Jedi Apprentice leaned over the edge of the cliff and frowned. He had a grapple hook and the skill to use it but he couldn’t be sure if it was long enough. Naturally this would happen to him. All the preparation in the world and all he knew was that he needed a longer rope. Zane sighed and hooked the end of the grapple rope onto a secure piece of rock and stood at the edge of the cliff. Anakin had told him that he thought too much and acted to little. That his patience was a powerful ally but could also become a powerful foe. Zane respected Anakin Solo greatly and knew that the Jedi Knight had a habit of rushing headlong into danger without thinking like the Solo/Skywalker clan tended to do. Except Anakin had the skills to compensate and Zane did not.

    Zane took a quick breath and jumped. He called on The Force to strengthen the durability of his rope and to balance himself as he fell through the air. For a moment all he heard was the shrill whistling in his ears. Then the rope came to a stop and Zane was dangling over the edge of the cave he had been hoping to swing into. Zane cursed as he hung there; not entirely sure what to do. The wind continued to shriek in his ears and eventually the heavy hood he had been wearing was tugged free from his head. Zane’s silver-blonde hair was too short to be shaken by the wind but that was a small comfort to him. Zane was simply wearing too much gear to start swinging through the air until he landed on the jut of rock below.

    So instead he just hung there and tried to think and figure out what to do. Instead of acting immediately and trusting The Force to guide him he instead waited until he was prodded with an idea. Something that didn’t involve immediate regret. He closed his eyes and slowed his breathing. The cold air didn’t matter to him. Slowly Zane began to rock. His gear was too heavy but that also meant that he wouldn’t easily be thrown around by the wind. He’d have a better chance of having a controlled fall as long as he didn’t become distracted. Zane managed to swing forward and plant his heavy boots against the side of the cliff wall. He pushed off of it and then repeated the action six more times. By that time he had serious momentum and after he pushed himself off of the cliff face for the last time he let go.

    Zane fell straight down and as he did he stretched out his arms and slammed into the jut of rock. As he did he nearly lost his grip but he held on with manic desire. His life depended on it. Zane groaned in pain and began to claw his way up to the cave. Finally he managed to get to safety. He inhaled and exhaled sharply before he shakily stood to his feet. As he began to move he realized that he had somehow managed to slam his leg into the side of the mountain hard enough to bruise it. He sighed. Ben often bemoaned the fact that Zane had the grace and speed of his mother. Zane was glad Ben wasn’t here to see that particular stunt.
    --- ​

    There were steps. Initially the other group hadn’t noticed them. When they had all charged off in an attempt to find a cave with crystals they hadn’t figured there would be an easier path. Ryanne Kovani had decided to create some type of makeshift sled mechanism and had chosen the most dangerous slope to ski down while looking for a cave. Ben and Zane had both rushed off for the nearest cliff to jump off of. Deric and Seha had simply waited and searched the entirety of their surroundings before they had found steps that could arguably lead them to where they needed to go. The path wasn’t easy. The steps were carved out of ice. They were slippery, the fog was so intense that they couldn’t even see a meter in front of them and there were sometimes gaps in the steps. Yet it oddly fit Seha’s own skillset. She was an explorer who had lived in the bowels of Coruscant. Navigating through darkness was her expertise.

    Seha closed her eyes as she slowly walked down the flight of icy steps.

    “Seha, I know you’re an adventurer and all but walking down what’s basically a steep slope isn’t doing you any favors. Force or not.” Deric was always the logical one and the group respected that. Seha didn’t feel as if she was being pushed into a massive competition or anything of the sort when she was with Deric. That’s why they were friends. Yet Deric wasn’t afraid to point out when there was a better option. As of right now Seha didn’t see one.

    “Oh really?” She questioned. “And what can you see in this fog?”

    “If there’s a fog we can just move it….” Though Seha couldn’t see him she could hear him take a preparatory breath. The fog in front of them thickened for a moment and then slowly began to part. So instead of a thick fog the two Jedi trainees saw the bright blocks of ice that seemed to go on forever. The light reflected off of the steps and Seha held her hands over her eyes for a moment as she attempted to adjust.

    “You exchanged one form of blindness for another.” She pointed out.

    “You’ll adjust.” Deric said with a hint of smugness in his tone. He turned and walked past her. “You’re also able to see where there are massive gaps in the stone so we don’t trip and die.”

    “Good point.”

    They continued in silence for nearly an hour and as they did Seha found it more and more difficult to ignore the physical consequences of traveling down a frozen mountain on an essentially frozen rock. The sun provided little comfort and merely reflected its brightness into her eyes continuously. As they continued to move they eventually found themselves at a crossroads. To Seha’s left was a path that had been trodden over with snow. To Deric’s right there were even more stairs but Seha could see the opening mouth of a cave even further down.

    “I think this is where we’re supposed to separate…” Deric said with a frown as he stepped beside Seha.

    “It couldn’t be more obvious…” Seha chewed on her lip and realized that she didn’t want to travel alone. Even as these thoughts crossed her mind Deric put his hand on her shoulder.

    “I’m sure you’ve got this. Don’t worry about it.”

    “I know…I’m just worried about you.” She teased with a small smile before she turned and started down the snow path. Even though she felt fear she pushed it away. “Try not to get any frost bite. I doubt Master Solo wants to spend her time looking for someone because he didn’t bundle up his coat properly.”

    “Ha…very funny.” Deric turned and adjusted his hood and waved at Seha’s departing figure. “Have fun creating your lightsaber and if you see any visions of you turning into some type of dark woman and bringing the galaxy to war don’t let it bother you. I hear that every Jedi has those visions every now and then.”

    --- ​

    The eerie darkness of the cave reminded Ben of the nightmares he had as a child. During the Vong War he had often dreamt of walking down a dark path towards a creature that seemed to be a swirling mass of tentacles and filth. Right before he would reach out the creature he would wake up sweating and screaming. It had always been Tionne who would comfort him in the night. He had begged her not to tell his parents in fear of them assuming it was some type of vision of the future instead of a simple nightmare. As much as Ben loved his parents he knew that they had a tendency to overreact. Yet at the same time Ben was glad that he hadn’t experienced anymore of those nightmares. Deep down inside he feared that they really were visions.

    Ben sighed and reminded himself that anxiety and fear were the emotions that common resulted in nightmares. This wasn’t what he needed when he was about to sit down and completely open himself up to The Force. Ben turned a corner in the hallway and stopped short when he found himself standing in front of dozens of focusing crystals. Ben grinned and reached into his pocket and pulled out his own focusing crystal. The Agedan stone radiated its own weak force signature. With an advantage like this Ben was certain that he’d create a weapon truly worthy of a Jedi Knight. The red-headed thirteen year old dropped to his knees and pulled out a service pack. He opened the pouch and found all the tools he needed for a lightsaber. He set down a leather cloth and emptied the pouch onto it. The love for engineering and mechanics was strong in the Skywalker family and Ben grinned as he allowed himself to feel the pure excitement that he’d use his talents to create the ultimate tool.

    --- ​

    Four days later

    Ryanne Kovani stood to her feet and triggered the ignition panel with her thumb. A dark green blade sprung from her hilt and she smiled. Ryanne was a Corellian and she had every intention of paying homage to the planet she had been raised on. The fact that she was training under Jysella (and would presumably be able to meet her brother Valin) only made her more excited for her future. Ryanne deactivated her lightsaber and clipped it to her belt. She liked to think that she had been the first to complete her weapon. Piloting had always been her greatest love and modifying them had been her second. To her wielding a lightsaber required the same skills that piloting did. As a result she had no problem applying what she had learned from her father to building her own weapon. Granted at 13 she wasn’t as skilled as she would become but she knew that she was on her way.

    Ryanne stretched and sighed as she glanced around the cave. She had to rendezvous with her Master. The earlier she got there the sooner she’d be able to officially practice with her lightsaber. More importantly she’d get to sleep in a real bed. The thought was enough to speed up Ryanne’s efforts to get off the massive crystal mountain and back to the Jedi Twilight. She quickly packed up her bedroll and bookbag. After looking back at the focus crystals that glittered in the darkness one last time Ryanne turned and began to walk down the tunnel that would lead to the exiting mouth of the cave. As she continued to move down the hall she found her self keeping her right hand on the pummel of her lightsaber. At first she thought it was due to excitement but after a few more minutes of walking she realized she didn’t feel entirely safe.

    As a child Ryanne had never truly gotten along with her family. As a result she had spent most of her time wandering the streets of Corellia. Sometimes she’d watch the swoop bike races or the scrap fights that happened in the alleyways of Kor Vella. One day she had an odd feeling that she was being followed. Ryanne’s fear had strengthened until she began to run. It hadn’t been long before she had been cornered by a gang of Rodians. The experience could have become much worse but a man dressed in green robes had come to rescue her. All he did was approach the group from behind and speak a few simple words. The Rodians had left as if nothing had happened. That man had been Corran Horn and that was how she had learned she was Force-Sensitive.

    Ryanne had come to trust this instinct and she was feeling it now more than ever. Except there wasn’t a Jedi Master here to save her. Ryanne paused as she saw the open mouth of the cave. Light shined through the entrance and Ryanne saw her skis she had used to get there. She then paused, swallowed hard and then ignited her lightsaber. She spun around to see ancient droids. At least a dozen of them stood there holding blasters in their hands. Ryanne paused and blinked. They were old and rusty and had to be at least twenty years old. Ryanne paused as she struggled to remember where she had seen them before.

    “Set to stun.” One droid ordered.

    “Roger. Roger.”

    Ryanne paused. They had to be at least sixty years old. Were they from the Clone Wars? “Stun this one? I don’t think so.” Ryanne jumped forward as the droids tracked him with their weapons. He landed in the midst of them and with one generous slash of her blade disassembled four of them. She felt a sudden sting in her back and spun on her heel. She raised her weapon and deflected a blaster beam that could have struck the lower part of her back a moment before. The stun blast struck the droid and it awkwardly stumbled backwards and shut down. 5 down. 7 to go. Ryanne turned on her heel again and stabbed her blade forward into a droid’s chest.

    Ryanne closed her eyes and despite the sound of energy blasts, sense of danger and fear immersed herself in The Force. She knew that she needed to escape to freedom. She couldn’t do that just by lashing out with her lightsaber. So instead she focused on telekinesis. Moments later an explosion of energy sent the surviving droids around her crashing into the walls on either side of her. Ryanne kept her eyes closed for several moments after her even though she knew it was safe. Her heart was pounding and she was gasping for air. She knew she had succeeded but more importantly why were there battle droids on Illum?

    “You are strong in The Force.”

    Ryanne blinked and slowly straightened to her feet as she raised her lightsaber. In front of her a man nearly two meters tall. In one hand he held a lightsaber nearly twice the size of her master’s weapon. Ryanne took one step backwards. His robes were blood red and his hair was so white it looked as if it had been bleached. Ryanne swallowed hard as the man’s dark eyes burrowed into her’s. He smiled before he raised his hands. Blue lightning streaked from his fingers and crashed into Ryanne’s lightsaber. She was able to deflect the lightning for four seconds before the sheer amount of energy over rided her lightsaber and sent her spiraling across the cave. Ryanne struck and impaled her shoulder on a focus crystal before she slumped to the ground; unconscious.
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    :eek: Well I didn't see that coming!

    Can I be cliche and say, I have a bad feeling about this?? ;)

    Great update! I look forward to seeing where this is going!

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    just am now getting done with chapter 2 and i gotta admit this story is well done. but you said that jysella was the SON of Corran Horn instead of Daughter. can't wait for more.
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    Love the cliffhanger! :)