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Your Favorite Fanfics.

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction and Writing Resource' started by SiriGallia, Aug 19, 2001.

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  1. SiriGallia

    SiriGallia Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jan 28, 2001
    Here you can list your favorite fanfics, This way anyone new can know what ones are good. :)

    Things you can include:

    Numbering your favorites from best to worst
    Mentioning the author
    Giving a link
    Giving a bio
    Giving a list of the main charectors

    Have fun! :)
  2. Melne_Crtor

    Melne_Crtor Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jul 9, 2000
    In no particular order:

    [link=]Meant To Be[/link] was the first fanfic I ever read, a dark Luke/Mara AU. By Herman Snerd.

    [link=]In Another's Eyes[/link] is ROTJ canon from Vader's POV. By Clarus, Jairen, and Force_Wielder.

    [link=]Mimicking a Princess[/link] is a finished between-trilogies AU starring Winter. By Miana Kenobi and Maeve Nadia. The sequel, [link=]The Final Destination[/link] is in progress.

    [link=]Dark Mirror[/link] is an EU AU epic about parallel universes, involving just about every SW character ever. By Gandolf the Grey.

    [link=]I Will Wait[/link], [link=]Fighting Stance[/link], [link=]Speaking Up[/link], [link=]Following Protocol[/link], and [link=]Supporting Role[/link] comprise princess-sari's series of handmaiden diaries. A prequel is in the works.

  3. Chocos_Ramabotti

    Chocos_Ramabotti Jedi Padawan star 4

    May 9, 2001
    Here are mine :)

    [link=]The Penitent[/link]
    Fic by: Round Robin
    Main Characters: The Skywalker Family
    Summary: Two years after the death of Anakin Skywalker, his son Luke finds a clone of him. Luke talks Anakin into taking the clone, and now Anakin returns to Naboo where he is to be tried.

    [link=]Acts Of Atonement[/link]
    Summary: A midquel to The Penitent

    [link=]Soldier's Dance[/link]
    Author: Clarus
    Main Characters: Anakin and Padmé, Palpatine, Obi-Wan
    Summary: An Ani/Ami AU

    [link=]Negotiations With Destiny[/link]
    Author: Queengodess
    Main Characters: Skywalker Family
    Summary: A ROTJ AU, Palpatine calls the rebels for peace negotiations, but is it really what he wants ??

    [link=]Anakin and Amidala - Love Found[/link]
    Author: Sabrelight
    Main Characters: Anakin and Padmé
    Summary: Ani/Ami AU

    [link=]What Dreams May Bring[/link]
    Author: LadyKenobi
    Main Characters: The Skywalker Family
    Summary: After Leia has a strange dream, she and Luke decide to find out more about their parents. They go to Naboo, where they find a mysterious woman who tells them the story of their parents...

    [link=]Special Place In My Heart[/link]
    Author: Amidala_Skywalker
    Main Characters: Anakin and Padmé
    Summary: An Ani/Ami AU

    That are just a few, but I can't think of more now. The rest will be added :)
  4. AngelQueen

    AngelQueen Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 1, 2001
    My fav fanfics? Well, here's a few to start. In no particular order:

    [link=]Of Burdens and Choices[/link]
    Author: Clarus
    Summary: Escaping the Death Star barely alive, Anakin Skywalker is nursed back to health by his children. With the burden of living thrust upon him, he finds himself having to live with the choices he made as Darth Vader. Put on trial for these choices, the burden then lies with his children, who risk losing their father once again...

    [link=]SW Ep. II (Insert Pretentious Title Here[/link]
    Author: Jedi_Jae
    Summary: Prediction story for Episode II.

    [link=]The Other Half[/link]
    Part One: Burden of Choice
    Part Two: Dying of the Light
    Part Three: When Morning Comes
    Author: DarthIshtar
    Summary: L/L OT AU.

    These are just a few. I'll probably add more later!

  5. princess-sari

    princess-sari Jedi Padawan star 4

    Nov 20, 2000
    There are so many I could mention here! I will restrain myself to finished fics or fics that look like they have a good chance of being finished, and leave out the ones that appear to have been abandoned, since there?s nothing worse than a story without an ending.
    (BTW, thanks for mentioning me, Melné. [face_blush] )

    Already mentioned fics (see above for links):

    ?In Another?s Eyes? ?This is absolutely superbly done. It has increased my appreciation for ROTJ tenfold. I can?t imagine a group of authors doing a better job of getting inside Vader?s head.

    ?Dark Mirror??This fic is beautifully written, and Gandolf does a great job of keeping track of all his characters and making them all come to life.

    Jedi-Jae?s Episode II fic?This is the first Episode II fic that I read and it?s wonderful! Jae not only gives attention to the romance blossoming between Anakin and Amidala, but she also includes lots of great action scenes, plenty of political intrigue, and enough humor to keep you laughing even in the most serious scenes.

    Not yet mentioned and in no particular order:

    [link=]Echoes of the Future[/link]
    by Jairen
    This is an awesome story?I can?t say that enough. It takes place not long after Episode III, while the purges are still going on. The focus is on Keiran Dreen, a Jedi Master who has to cope with keeping his family and the remaining Jedi safe, Darth Vader (without his mask, at this point), and his own struggle with the dark side. I can?t write a summary that would do it justice, so just trust me and go read it!! :)

    [link=]Destiny's Shadow[/link]
    by Jairen
    This is the sequel to ?Echoes? and it?s still in progress. I can?t wait to see what Jairen does with Kieran, his family, the Jedi, and Darth Vader in this fic!
    (Hint, hint, Jairen, if you happen to read this. ;) )

    [link=]Gone But Not Forgotten [/link]
    by Melné Cr?tor
    Melné always puts it down, but it?s really good! The story is about one of the Emperor?s Hands who returns to her homeworld and has to choose between service to the Empire and a friend from her past. It's a great read. Now if I could just convince Melné to write another story...

    [link=]Galaxy's Reflection[/link]
    by Padawan Lunetta
    Actually, I love all of Lunetta?s fics, but I think this is the first one of hers that I actually got to read from the start. It?s an earth/SW cross-over, in progress, and a lot of fun to read. A lot of the NJO characters are in there, plus some original characters from earth.

    [link=]A Force to be Reckoned With [/link]
    [link=] Jerjerrod?s Gift[/link]
    [link=]Of Bonds and Beauty[/link]
    [link=]The Curse of the Jedi? Tomb[/link]
    by Mistress Renata
    "Force" is a pre-TPM fic about the handmaidens of Naboo, which also features Bant. It's an awesome take on how the handmaidens might have become as valuable as they are in TPM.
    The other fics are also wonderful. They deal with two original Jedi, Master Rendell Trett and his Padawan, Arwen-dai Istarri, both of whom are fascinating characters.

    [link=]The Wandering Fire[/link]
    [link=]The Warrior's Sojourn[/link]
    [link=]Defenders of the Galaxy[/link]
    [link=]Through the Ages[/link]
    [link=]Ghosts of Horrors Past[/link]
    by Rokangus
    These stories all deal with an NJO-era Jedi named Kelak Raederth. The first four comprise the Battlemaster series, while the fifth is actually the first in a new series. Its sequel, Dark Spirits is co
  6. SiriGallia

    SiriGallia Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jan 28, 2001
    These are great you guys! I'm going to put mine together sometime soon. :)
  7. Jedi-Jae

    Jedi-Jae Jedi Master star 4

    Feb 12, 2001
    There are so many good ones out there, but here are the ones I came up with immediately:

    Already mentioned (see links above):

    Soldier's Dance
    Author: Clarus
    A wonderful Ani/Ami AU that starts out light-hearted and deepens into Ani's struggle to cope with impending darkness and threats to those he loves most.

    The Other Half (parts 1-3)
    Author: Darth Ishtar
    A Luke/Leia AU that examines the relationship between the twins and Leia's retrieval of Luke from darkness. Not for the faint-hearted!

    princess-sari's series of diaries. I would add the to the ones listed above [link=]Don't Look Back[/link], Shmi Skywalker's Diary.

    Stories not already mentioned:

    [link=]Full Circle[/link]
    Author: Senator Lorena
    Amidala wakes up after 43 years in stasis to assist her children and grandchildren in fighting the Vong. Lots of fascinating tie-ins to the EU and unexpected attractions for Ami and Sabe!

    [link=]The Fugitive[/link]
    Author: McCord
    An Ani/Padme post-Clone Wars AU. Anakin is the last of the Jedi - a fugitive in the galaxy he has sworn to protect. Written in the first person from Ani's POV. Lots of great action and suspense!

    [link=]Pieces of Eight[/link]
    Authors: Teflon Billy and Amidolee
    A TPM AU with pirates, action, and lots of humor. Arrrgh!

    [link=]All The Wrong Places[/link]
    Author: Darth Ishtar
    Ishy's self-challenged mush-fic featuring Ani and Padme. She's very good at it despite her sadistic tendencies. It will follow through to Anakin's fall.

    [link=]The What If The Empire Sequel[/link]
    Authors: Darth Pipes and ami-padme
    A OT/PT cross-over. Sequel to What if the Empire Went Back in Time to Episode 1? (I will see if I can find the link to the first story). Anakin Skywalker defeats Vader and the Dark Side and helps his wife and children battle the Empire as part of the Rebel Alliance. Fantastic suspense and action!

    [link=]Galaxy High - Yoda's Revenge[/link]
    Author: Amidolee
    USJS story. Yoda sends Obi and company to the Galaxy High studio as punishment for embarrassing pranks on the Council. Hilarious!!!

    I will add more as I think of them. Thanks for the mention, sari and AQ! [face_blush]

  8. DarthIshtar

    DarthIshtar Force Ghost star 9

    Mar 26, 2001
    I'm so flattered. I've been mentioned twice already. Love the "not for the faint-hearted" disclaimer, ID! I will post mine when I can get the links. But for now, here they are sans links.

    Insert Pretentious Title Here
    By Jedi-Jae
    Not quite sure how you'd summarize it, but it's an Ani/Ami Episode II fic with some wicked twists. Go read!

    Soldier's Dance
    See above

    Of Burdens and Choices
    By Clarus
    What if Anakin Skywalker survived Endor? A splendid Skywalker familyfic that deals a lot with redemption and forgiveness.

    The Penitent
    By JediGaladriel and BelleBayard
    Anakin on trial for Vader. What will the outcome be?
  9. Ty-gon Jinn

    Ty-gon Jinn Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jan 12, 2000
    In my newest fic, I included a listing of fics I reccommend. Here's a copy of the list:

    "And I Have Cried Myself To Sleep- Princess Leia just after Star Wars: A New Hope (a very short story)"
    This is the first of Casper_Knightshade's one-posts stories. It's really very well written.

    "And The Fire Will Keep Us Warm- Chewbacca finds peace after death"
    The second of Casper_Knightshade's one-post character thought stories delves into the EU after Chewie dies in a powerful piece.

    "I Can't Believe I Kissed Him- Once again thoughts from Princess Leia in one post."
    Casper_Knightshade writes another one-post character thought story, and this one is hysterically funny.

    "The Wandering Fire (A Jedi Academy Fanfic)"
    The first of Rokangus's BattleMaster series, this story gives us insight into the characters in the subsequent stories and is truly entertaining.

    "Warrior's Sojourn (Sequel to TWF)"
    The sequel to the Wandering Fire, the Warrior's Sojourn further develops the characters of the Wandering Fire and comes off as an exciting read.

    "Defenders of the Galaxy (Sequel to Warrior's Sojourn)"
    Another entertaining read in the BattleMaster series, Rokangus gets better with every story.

    "Through The Ages (Sequel to DOTG)"
    In the most complicated of the BattleMaster series, time travel and a long-lost ancestor help further the plot of Rokangus's excellent story.

    "Ghosts of Horrors Past (Part One of the Era of Tribulation)"
    The ultimate culmination of the BattleMaster series, the masterfully written "Ghosts of Horrors Past" will eventually serve as the launching base of the Era of Tribulation quadrilogy.

    "Immortality- A JA Fan-Fic by Jedi Chikara and Jedi Obi-Wan"
    Jedi Obi-Wan is a wonderful friend of mine, and Jedi Chikara is a great writer, so their collaboration is incredibly good.

    "Fitting In (A repost of the Rohinin Darkhil trilogy)"
    I read the original "Fitting In," but lost track of the two sequels, so I?m glad to see Kit' reposting.

    "DARTH SKEET: Short Son of Skywalker- 'I weow woo da hoe pannet!' Mischief! Mayhem! Madness!"
    The repost and continuation of a comedic classic, this fic simply MUST be read.

    "Steve Irwin: Rancor Hunter (Round Robin)"
    This is a round robin monitored by the delightful Miana Kenobi and featuring some of the funniest "skits" on the board.

    ?Hear No Evil, Feel No Pain?
    This is a suspenseful new JA story by Cheryl_Kenobi.

    ?You Know You?re Addicted to Fan Fiction When??
    One of the most hysterical lists ever started on the fanfic forum.

    ?The Misunderstood ? JA, AU?
    This touching story by p_stotts brings the intriguing world of vampires to the SW universe.

    ?Fire From the Past and Hopes For the Future (OT, post ROTJ)?
    This is a story based on a wonderful idea by Neon Star.
  10. Miana Kenobi

    Miana Kenobi Admin Emeritus star 8 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Apr 5, 2000
    I'm so flattered! 4 of my stories have been mentioned!

    I don't have the link anymore, but my most favorite fan fic has to be The Crocodile Hunter takes on Sith Lord. It's buried way way back in the depths of the forum. If you think Steve Irwin's a hoot, this'll make your sides hurt so bad from laughin.
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