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    In honor of Valentine's Day, I thought it would be fun to see what people consider their loves in sports, and how they rank them and what analogies and comparisons they do.

    So, here are mine, in some kind of order:

    1. The Cleveland Indians.

    My first true love. Even Mrs. Inty knows, and acknowledges, that the Indians are my first true love.

    How did we fall in love? Well, I grew up, almost literally, at Cleveland Municipal Stadium. I can't remember a year where I didn't take in at least 20-30 games. I would idolize some marginal players that I thought were the greatest ever. And, that was a thing of beauty. Before ESPN and SportsCenter, I wasn't an idiot to think that Joe Carter, Charles Nagy, Sandy Alomar, Corey Snyder, Brook Jacoby, and a bunch of others were some of the greatest ballplayers ever. I was just a young kid who loved baseball. And, part of me misses that.

    Highlights of the relationship? 1994 through the time Jose Mesa took the mound in game seven of the 1997 World Series. 1998-2001. 2007 (for the most part). The day Eric Wedge got fired.

    Lowlights? Pretty much everything else. The death of Steve Olin stands out as one of the lowest. As does 1997 after Jose Mesa took the mound, and 2007 from the middle of game five of the ALCS on.

    Analogy/Comparison: This is the crush you develop in second grade. Too young to know it's not going to lead to the promised land, but still definitive enough in your memories that you can wistfully imagine yourself with them at just about any point in time.

    2. The Ohio State Buckeyes (Football and Men's Basketball)

    How did we fall in love? I'm a Buckeye, born and bred. Ohio State football isn't quite a religion in Ohio, but that's more because people skip church. They don't skip Buckeye games. Buckeye basketball is easy to get caught up in, thanks to booming success in recent years. It's not as hard-wired into your genes as football is, but it's easy to get on that train thanks to the football flowing through your blood.

    Highlights: National Championship win over Miami in Football. Final Four with the scrappy Scoonie Penn/Michael Redd team. The Jim Tressel Era, for the most part, especially Michigan games. The Thad Matta Era, for the most part, except NBA draft declarations.

    Lowlights: National title game against Florida. National title game against Florida. That first beatdown at the hands of USC. Michigan games during the John Cooper Era.

    Analogy/Comparison: Your dad's best friend has a really hot daughter. She's smoking hot, and because of your parent's relationship everyone expects you to go out with her anyways.

    3. The Cleveland Cavaliers

    How did we fall in love? Through pain. The Shot. Jordan over Ehlo. At that moment in time, I chose to buck the national trend, hate on Jordan, and embrace the "David" who would never topple the Goliath. The basketball hoop in my backyard had me imagining I was Price, Nance, Daugherty, or Ehlo, even while my friends were pretending to be Jordan. The Lebron years made the Cavs a little more attractive, and had me flirting with the idea of elevating them temporarily, but I couldn't quite do it.

    Highlights: The Mark Price Era. The Shawn Kemp trade. The Lebron Era. That magical series against Detroit that sent the Cavs to the finals.

    Lowlights: Michael Jordan. Shawn Kemp making repeated trips to the buffet table. Ricky Davis trying a "create your own triple double". The Orlando Magic series. Game five against Boston. The Decision. That losing streak.

    Analogy: The girl you thought was cute, but never got around to asking out. Then, she had some surgery, became hotter than hell, and you couldn't get a date if you wanted to. Then, the surgery went bad, and she became not quite as attractive as she was before. You still think she's attractive, but you're afraid to admit it in front of your buddies.

    4. The Pittsburgh Steelers

    How did we fall in love? Sundays with daddy. Living in Cleveland, it was a special moment. Dad had his unwavering hope and love of his firs
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    Mar 14, 2003
    1. The Green Bay Packers

    Football is my second favorite sport to watch, but the Packers are far and away my favorite team. I have Packers crap all over my apartment. Idolized Favre growing up, then watched in shock as he pulled an Anakin on every Packers fan in the world.

    Highlights: Superbowl 45, Monday night game against Raiders, Ahman Green's 1800+ yard season

    Lowlights: 4th and 26, NFC Championship game against the Giants, 2005

    2. The Arizona Diamondbacks

    Baseball is my favorite sport, and I've been to at least 200 DBacks games since I moved to AZ in 98. They used to have 1 dollar seats, and I took advantage of that. :p

    Highlights: 2001 World Series, Randy Johnson being ****ing awesome(all the strikeouts, Cy Young's and his Perfect Game), Brandon Webb's Cy Young, sweeping the Cubs in the playoffs

    Lowlights: the 51 win season, the Wally Backman fiasco, actually, pretty much everything after 2002 :p

    3. E-Sports

    laugh all you want, [link=]E-Sports[/link] are legit and entertaining as hell. Starcraft is the only one I follow religiously. It's gotten so big that the GSL tournaments have a 1st place prize of 80,000+ dollars. E-Sports have taken over South Korea and I wish it will one day be accepted here as well. Between IdrA, FruitDealer, Machine, NesTea, Boxer, Huk, TheLittleOne, WhiteRa, SeleCT, Dimaga, MadFrod, Ret, MasterAsia, Lalush, Jinro, Day9, Destiny.... aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh... can never pick a favorite player.

    Highlights: FruitDealer winning GSL S1, IdrA's flawless performance at MLG Dallas, Day9 being Day9, [link=]this game(split into 4 videos on youtube)[/link]

    Lowlights: haters, IdrA rage, the overwhelming amount of pro Terrans

    4. The Phoenix Suns

    Even though the Suns betrayed me last year by bringing a Turk onto the team, I came back with open arms after they traded him away. :p

    Highlights: being able to see Nash night in and night out has been a real treat. I don't think other NBA fans really get truly great a player he is. Also, Raja Bell's clothesline on Kobe.

    Lowlights: Constantly losing to the Spurs and the Lakers...

    5. The Arizona Cardinals

    If I didn't already have a football team I was rooting for before I moved to AZ, the Cardinals would undoubtedly be a lot higher on my list.

    Highlights: [link=]McCown to Poole(go to 5:50 to see the play)[/link], their amazing run to the Superbowl, getting to see Larry Fitzgerald play every week

    Lowlights: being a Cardinals fan

    6. Albert Pujols

    I'm not a STL fan, but I'm still a huge Pujols fan. He's my favorite player in any sport. I heart him dearly.
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    Jun 24, 2006
    1. The Colts

    How did we fall in love? Peyton Manning. I picked the team on a whim because of the name Colts when I was young. Peyton Manning's love of the game solidified a fluke choice so many years ago. At the time that I picked them the Broncos were on top and people kept trying to convince me to choose the Broncos. I did not.

    Highlights: Superbowl XLI, any victory over the Patriots, picking up Melvin Bullitt

    Lowlights: Most of the 2000's. It sucks watching your team consistently go 12-4 in the regular season and then not be able to do anything in the playoffs.

    Analogy: There is this successful guy that people want you to choose, but you don't. You choose this other one and eventually he turns out to be more successful. You learn to always trust your instincts.

    2. Texas A&M

    It is true that you can't go to Texas and not fall in love with football. I went to my first A&M game in 2005 and have been brainwashed ever since. To be in the midst of that many students cheering on a team that has potential but is being held back by a coach sucks, but that we go anyways to cheer them on is amazing.

    I was also blessed to be at A&M when Basketball started to mean something. Acie Law's "The Shot" to give A&M the win over Texas solidified the Aggie fans being behind the Basketball program as well. I was even at the game against Ok St where they retired Law's jersey.

    Hightlights: Midnight Yell Practive, The Fightin' Texas Aggie Band, 2010 Season (both teams that played for the Big XII title lost to A&M), 2006 beating 10th ranked Texas in Austin.

    Lowlights: Dennis Franchione's era, Gillispie making a name for himself at A&M and then choosing to walk away

    Analogy: I semi-want to liken this to a person using a love potion on you and then upon sleeping with them you decide that you can't live without them, but you probably wouldn't have willingly gone after them in the first place.

    3. Murray State University Basketball

    I used to go to games to primarily support the band because I knew quite a few members and that was definitely one of the reasons I went to the Football games (that and to watch Racer 1 run around the track if we scored). Murray State is one of those thing where when I tell people I went there they go "Oh I think I got that team on a coke cap once. Are they good at Basketball?" While not always good, they do tend to win their conference and get a bid in the brackets.

    Highlights: Beating Vandy in 2010 during the NCAA tournament

    Lowlights: Any loss to Austin Peay St. University

    Analogy: You never really expected much from the relationship, but sometimes they can surprise you

    4. Theodore O'Connor

    "Teddy" the wonder pony was going to put Eventing back on the map. For someone who grew up riding ponies most of her life and believing in pony power, it was amazing to see one in the Rolex.

    Highlights: 2007 3rd at Rolex, 2008 6th at Rolex, slated to be on the Olympic 3 day event team

    Lowlights: Untimely death in May 2008 because of a freak accident on the barn.

    Analogy: This is where you start dating a guy and the relationship is destroyed before it can reach its full potential.

    **I might have to do another one of these with Athletes, I tend to like people over teams.**
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    Feb 11, 2008
    1. The Atlanta Braves
    My first team. Started watching (when I was old enough) sometime in ?97 probably. I loved watching them play: Maddux, Glavine, Smoltz, Lopez, Jones&Jones, Perez, Weiss, Boone, Galarraga, Klesko, Ligtenberg, Jordan, Millwood, and the rest. By ?98 I was paying full attention to the games, and had read of the history, of Hank Aaron and Eddie Mathews and Phil Niekro, and of our recent successes. And of our failures. Ever since I started watching baseball, I have hated the New York Yankees. As bad as the loss to the Padres in the NLCS was, I still wanted them to beat the Yankees. Next season rolled around. Another good regular season. I remember listening to the game against the Mets on the way to a concert, and when we got back in the car, the game was still going, and ended up going 15 innings, and a loss on a grand slam single: NLCS, game 5. And finally, the World Series. This was the first Series I had been able to watch the Braves play in, and it was against the hated Yankees. Game 1 hurt. Game 2 left me numb. Game 3 left me in despair. And Game 4 finished me. As a 9 year old kid, baseball was huge. The Braves haven?t been to the World Series since.
    I moved away from Georgia in 2000, and wasn?t able to follow as many games until I moved back in ?05. By this time, fresh blood was finally coming up and looking like it would fill in the holes left by the players I had watched in the 90?s. Jeff Francoeur was a bust, and we traded Furcal early. McCann has been one of the few bright spots until recently. Baseball remained an interest, but one that still didn't have the passion of the 90's back.
    Last summer, my friend was graduating and gave me his TV. I could watch TV anytime I wanted to, so I watched baseball. Chipper and McCann were good familiar faces, and I got to learn about the rest of the team. Heyward was a bright star, and got all the attention and hopes for the future, but I truly fell in love with the Braves all over again watching Jonny Venters pitch during an early June road trip against the Dodgers. Even after Chipper and Medlen got hurt and the team started to decline, they fought to the very end, even against bad calls (NLDS game 1, Buster Posey given 2nd base). Bobby Cox has been manager my entire life, and I got to be at Turner Field to see us win his last regular season game. Here?s hoping for 2011. 54 days ?till first pitch.

    I guess that covers most of the high and low points. The Braves have been only real chance for an Atlanta team to win anything. We have ?95, and that?s it (not counting college sports, but they?ve been even more mediocre lately?). The Braves are our champions in the national arena.

    I?ll post more later, but need sleep now?
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    Feb 26, 2006
    1. Liverpool FC

    I'm from Yorkshire, and most of the guys my age either support Leeds, or are glory-hunters, and thus are Manchester United supporters. My brother however was a child of the 80s, and the glory-hunters in those days supported Liverpool. I ended up following Liverpool simply because he did.

    Highlights: That night in Istanbul, 2005. I remember getting a text from my friend at half time saying "if Liverpool win this, I'll pee in a pint glass and drink it". Anyways, we overturned Milan and pulled it back from 3-0 to win it. Finishing 2nd in the table 2 years ago, and only losing 2 games was pretty good, but going so close and not making it was pretty hard to take. Steven Gerrard is a perpetual highlight. While he is never outstanding for England (though he was our best player in South Africa), I think he is easily the best English player in recent years. Players like Rooney and Lampard come close, but Gerrard has been better for longer.

    Lowlights: This season was pretty bad, but not quite as bad as last season. This season has seen really bad losses to teams like Blackpool, but ditching the girly Spaniard, getting Suarez, Carroll and Dalglish was good, and it's looking likely that we'll improve on last seasons 7th place finish.

    Analogy: It's a bit like my relationship with my brother I guess. He's a great guy, and we're great friends really, but sometimes we have our fallouts, and can't stand eachother.

    2. Miami Dolphins

    My liking for the Phins started when I watched Ace Ventura when I was a little kid, which was pretty much my first exposure to the NFL. Whenever I managed to watch it, I always looked for the Dolphins scores, I guess it blossomed from there.

    Highlights: I remember us having probably the best D outside of Baltimore back in 2003 or so, when there was Taylor, Thomas, Madison, Surtain, Seau etc etc. I think we were only short of a good QB back then. Bouncing back from the 1-15 season (see below) was a highlight too.

    Lowlights: The 1-15 season. If the Lions hadn't pushed the boundaries of mediocrity even further and gone 0-16, I think that season would have hurt even more. There was an American girl at Uni who used to tease me every time we'd notch up another 'L' for the records. What was really satisfying (in the smallest possible way) was that our one victory came against her Baltimore Ravens.

    Analogy: It's like having a girlfriend that isn't overly pretty, isn't overly smart, and not everyone likes her. All your friends have prettier girlfriends, but you feel bad about leaving this one, so you stick with her. Also, like rolling a dice; the Dolphins are a 4. If you roll again, you might get a 5 or a 6, but you could get a 1, 2 or 3, so I don't mind my Dolphins too much.
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  6. Master_Jaina1011

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    May 20, 2002
    1. UCF Knights - football and basketball

    How did we fall in love? Oh UCF, my alma mater, my number one team. I have been through thick and thin with them for the past 7 years, ever since i started there. In the past seven years, we have gained national attention, which makes me proud. Second biggest school in the country. Nothing can compare my love for this team.

    Highlights of the relationship? 2005, when we finally overcame our 15 games losing streak, and beat Marshall. Nothing could ever beat the feeling of being on that field with other relieved UCF fans. 2007 conference championships, 2010 Conference champions and we won our first bowl game in school history. Oh and that narrow loss to Texas the day we opened Brighthouse Stadium. Oh and for basketball, this season with fourteen wins.

    Lowlights? 2004 0-11 season. the past six losses for the uCF basketball team.

    Analogy/Comparison: That someone you have known for years, but now is becoming something more.

    2. Florida Gators - football

    How did we fall in love? Oh my Gators. We fell in love before UCF, probably about my senior year in high school. Our love blossomed though in 2006 with that amazing season. Tim Tebow kinda of soldified our relationship, but our love is still strong ever after Urban Meyer and Tebow left.

    Highlights: 2006 national championship win over Ohio State, 2008 National championship win over Oklahoma. despite everyone saying 2009 sucked, I don't think so. I think Tebow improved immensely and played his best game in the Sugar Bowl.

    Lowlights: 2010. Period. Urban Meyer leaving then coming back. Urban Meyer leaving.

    Analogy/Comparison: This is your best friends in high school, and lose contact during the first two years of college. Then you suddenly miss them, and get back in contact and been close friends ever since.

    3. The Orlando Magic

    How did we fall in love? we fell in love 3 years ago when i started to get back into basketball. This overpowered my love for any other team out there, and when we went to the Finals, our love just grew. Dwight Howard, Ryan Anderson, Jameer Nelson... my loves.

    Highlights: 2009 season. probably one of our best seasons ever. Going to the Finals, beating the Celtics and Cavs, and watching Lebron stalk off the court. Even last year was a good year for us...

    Lowlights: Losing the eastern conference championship to the Celtics. Oh and maybe these trades. we shall see.

    Analogy: This is the one guy your family hates. Well everyone except my mom. and that is what counts.

    4. The Pittsburgh Steelers

    How did we fall in love? I may be from CA, but I am a Steeler born and bred. if I don't root for them, I get disowned. This love is just... fun.

    Highlights: Super Bowls XL, XLIII.

    Lowlights: Most of what Ben Roethlisberger does when he's not on the football field.

    Analogy: This is the one guy your family insists you be with. and sometimes you agree.

    5. Los Angeles Dodgers

    How did we fall in love? From the moment I stepped into Dodger stadium from the wee age of... who knows. All I know is this is the only CA team that I root for. I would love to see a game again. oh the loathsome of being 3000 miles away.

    Highlights: Honestly the memories I have of going to games.

    Lowlights: Moving away from these games.

    Analogy: the one person who has been steady throughout your life, and lost contact with but you wish you could speak to them again.

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  7. DarthTunick

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    Nov 26, 2000

    [hl=white]#1: Los Angeles Dodgers[/hl]

    Baseball was my first sports love, as I began to play the sport through various little league's in my early formative years (1991-1994). Naturally, with great help from my father, I began to follow the team that played in my city: the Dodgers. As I grew older, and began to understand all the intricacies of the sport, and the great history of the organization, I was set for life. From the early days in Brooklyn, to the building/success of Ebbets Field, the signing of Jackie Robinson, the triumph of '55, the move West, the glory years of the late 50's/early 60's, etc. (and the great Vin Scully still calling games, after 61 years with the organization), the Dodgers have had quite the history/historical impact on the game of baseball. I'm so grateful/proud that they represent my city.

    Pros: Kirk Gibson's game 1 walk off home run in the 1988 World Series happening on my 2nd birthday, shouting 'Rauuuuuuuuuuuuuul' in the stands at the stadium during the 90's, going to at least 1-2 games every year at Chavez Ravine for as long as I can remember, soaking up the greatness that is Vin Scully, the beach balls that always float through the Dodger Stadium crowd, Adrian Beltre's 2004 season, Steve Finley's walk off grand slam to beat the Giants & secure the NL West division in 2004, new seats installed at the stadium before the start of the 2006 season, the 4 home runs in a row in the bottom of the 9th to tie the game & Nomarrrrrrrrrr's walk off home run to win it in the 10th game in September of 2006 (was in attendance for that! :D ), going to 29 games at the stadium during the 2007 season, Joe Torre as manager from 2008-2010, the Mannywood sizzle from August 2008-the wee early part of the 2009 season, being in attendance for game 3 of the NLDS in 2008- Dodgers complete the sweep over the Cubs, securing their 1st postseason series win since '88.......that night was one of the greatest nights in my entire life......that feeling I got when strike 3/the last out was recorded, as I was jumping up & down, was incredible-, consecutive NLCS appearances in 2008 & 2009.

    Cons: Getting swept in the NLDS in 1995 & 1996, Piazza's treachery, the sale to FOX in 1998, Frank McCourt being schmuck (despite the good he has done), losing in the NLDS in 2004 & 2006, the Phillies clinching the pennant in 2008 at Dodger Stadium..........on my birthday, Manny's 50 game suspension in 2009 (Mannywood was never the same after that), losing again to the Phillies in the 2009 NLCS, the losing seasons of 1999/2005/2010, no World Series appearances since 1988.


    [hl=purple]#2: Los Angeles Lakers[/hl]

    Coming in at a very close 2nd are my beloved L.A. Lakers. Though my fanship for this organization hasn't run as long as it has for the Dodgers (interest started in 1996 with that last Magic Johnson comeback attempt, with my fanship solidified during the 1999-2000 season/ensuing title), my passion/interest is every much the same. Like with the Dodgers in MLB, the Lakers have an incredible rich history throughout their time in the NBA, spanning multiple & multiple legends (Mikan, West, Baylor, Chamberlain, Jabbar, Magic, Worthy, and Shaq just to name a few players- you can never forget about Chick Hearn, of course) & titles. I cannot being to tell you what the Lakers (and Dodgers) mean to the city of Los Angeles. And, it being L.A., I couldn't go without mention the Lakers history of celebrity fans, starting with Doris Day in the crowd at the old L.A. Sports Arena, Dyan Cannon following suit, with Nicholson & the others following them/the team to The Forum, and eventually the Staples Center. I've been very fortunate to have witnessed (so far) 5 titles that the Lakers have won during my life (I was but a wee baby during the last 2 Showtime era t
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    Apr 17, 2008
    1. The Toronto Maple Leafs.

    I was a Leaf fan since I can remember. They have always been my first love and my wife knows it as well. Allan Bester was my favorite player as a child, as I always admired the goal tenders because that was the position I played. Wendel Clark was my fav position player and other than Gary Leeman scoring 50 goals in the late eighties there wasn't much to cheer for except for the exceptional heart Wendel displayed. Then Felix Potvin became my favorite player as he and Doug Gilmour came and ignited the city with their magical two seasons taking us to the final four in 93 and 94. Mats Sundin led us to a couple final four appearances as well and led some enetertaining teams which I fondly remember in the late 90's and early 00's. Now they just suck, but I will always heart the Leafs.

    2. Ferrari F1

    When hockey and basball were both on strike I started to follow European sports more and Formula One was right up there. Being of Italian decent I naturally became a Ferrari fan and haven't stopped since. I wake up and stay up at ungodly hours to see races on TV live. I haven't missed many races since 93, you could probably count them on one hand. I have been to three live races, 2 in Montreal and one at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for a US GP in 2004. Amazing experiences I will cherish forever.

    3. New Orleans Saints

    I started following the Saints in 94 because I wanted to be included in this group of guys that followed the NFL. So I took the sports section looked at the standings and saw the Saints were 5-0 and picked them as my team. I know band wagon jumper, but I have followed them since. Through Jim Evertt, WIlle Roaf, to Joe Horn, and my all time fav Saint Deuce McCallister, to the mighty Saints of today. I love them.

    4. Juventus FC/Italian Football, The Azzurri, same as the F1 story really and culmiated in the World Cup win in 06! I cried, my Dad cried, it was beautiful. Never forget that.

    5. NY Yankees: Since I loved Don Mattingly because he reminded me of Wendel Clark. Nuff said, they're awesome and it can't be denied. Jeter is my Favorite player of this era. Maybe of any era, sorry Reggie. Went to my first Yankee stadium game this year against my second fav baseball team the Blue Jays. Another great experience.

    6. LA Lakers: Always loved Magic/Worthy/Kareem to Shaq and now Kobe minus the rape.
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  9. s65horsey

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    Jun 24, 2006
    Ok I'm doing this with specific players now.

    1. Brett Hull

    I fell in love with Brett Hull when I was young. I had a fantastic hockey poster hanging on my wall and he played his heart out for the St. Louis Blues.


    I followed Hull to the Dallas Stars and watched him score the controversial Stanley Cup winning goal on my brother's favorite hockey player Dominik Hasek in triple overtime.

    I semi-followed him to the Red Wings. I grew up not liking the Red Wings so that was a little rough, I think it would be close to Manning going to the Patriots. He did end up getting another Stanley Cup with the Red Wings, but my interest in hockey was fading as they made all sorts of rule changes and had a strike as he headed to the Coyotes. He is and always shall be my first famous crush.

    2. Peyton Manning

    I don't think I need to say much about this. Y'all know me and my ridiculous Manning love.

    3. Landon Donovan

    Landon and I started our relationship this past summer. We're still feeling each other out, but so far things are going well. Anytime I see my niece (who was two and a half at the time of the World Cup) I have her say "I love you Landon Donovan".

    4. Tiznow

    About 7 years ago I went on a trip with some of the equestrian students to the Kentucky Rolex. While we were in Lexington we got to take a tour of some of the facilities and we went to Winstar farm to watch a breeding. They led us through the amazing barn facility (seriously these horses live better than I do) and one of the horses they let us visit with was Tiznow. I got to feed him a peppermint and we fell in love over our love of peppermints. I cheer for his babies in the Triple Crown races and hope no one catches his record of back to back Breeder's Cup Classic victories.
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  10. Eeth-my-Koth

    Eeth-my-Koth Jedi Grand Master star 9

    May 25, 2001
    1. Derek Jeter
    The most underrated overrated player in history. :p
    For reals, dude is a gamer. No one works harder. I've never seen him dog it down the line on a routine grounder. Are there better shortstops? Yes. But Jeter is the el capitano. My favorite Yankee. His only downfall is his tired "Peyton Manning" say the right thing all the time answers.

    2. Mariano Rivera
    He's cut more lumber than the entire pacific northwest. As someone who grew up in the 80s and 90s with the endless Yankee debacles, players like him were a breath of fresh air.

    3. Emmitt Smith
    Dudes thighs were as thick as my waist. That game against the Giants for the NFC East was the pinnacle for him. Separated should and still trucking the Giants defense into the ground.

    4. Mike Tyson
    Not sure if he belongs here, but no one made my jaw hang lower than this guy. I paid $30-40 for PPVs and didn't care if they lasted 91 seconds. Without him the entire sport has pretty much died.

    5. Clyde "the glide" Drexler
    I've never been the biggest NBA fan. Something about those early 90s Blazers caught my attention. They were the poor mans Bulls. Clyde playing the Jordan role.

    5.Don Mattingly
    My childhood baseball hero. Donnie Baseball.
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  11. DarthTunick

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    Nov 26, 2000
    Donnie Baseball in Dodger blue, HA!


    [hl=purple]They beat Boston!: 2009-2010 L.A. Lakers: Back-to-Back World Champions [/hl]:cool:
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  12. Eeth-my-Koth

    Eeth-my-Koth Jedi Grand Master star 9

    May 25, 2001
    Doesn't bother me in the least. His entire playing career consisted of one playoff appearance which came in his last season.
    After he left the Yanks became the dynasty.
    When he came back as a coach we stopped winning championships.
    He leaves for LA and we win another championship. :p

    Donnie Baseball is Donnie Jinxed. Enjoy :)
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  13. Darth_Furio

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    Apr 17, 2008
    It took awhile to see Joe Torre in Dodger blue. This will take time as well. [face_laugh]
  14. DarthTunick

    DarthTunick SfC Part IV Commissioner star 10 VIP - Game Host

    Nov 26, 2000

    I'm going to personally reverse this jinx.

    [hl=purple]They beat Boston!: 2009-2010 L.A. Lakers: Back-to-Back World Champions [/hl]:cool:
  15. Jedi_Hood

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    Feb 10, 2000
    Red Sox and Patriots, in that order.
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  16. JMJacenSolo

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    May 21, 2006
    The Philadelphia Eagles

    Born and raised in California, but, for whatever reason, it was and has never been in my DNA to like and follow the local sports team. When I was very, very little, green was my favorite color and the Philadelphia Eagles and New York Jets became my favorite NFL teams. Over time, I gravitated to the Eagles because of Randall Cunningham. I had Eagles memorabilia all over my room. That being said, even though they were always my favorite team, I was a total nerd as a kid and didn't follow the NFL all that much because I was too busy with my Super Nintendo and issues of Nintendo Power. (I actually followed my favorite NBA team more at this time).

    That changed big time on December 22, 2001. My dad took me to the an Eagles at Niners game. Going into this game, the extent of my knowledge about this Eagles team was that Donovan McNabb was their quarterback, and that they'd clinch their first NFC East title in quite some time with a victory. The Eagles ended up losing the game in quite embarrassing fashion(they ran literally 6 consecutive plays from within the 5 yard line in the fourth quarter that would have given them the lead, but couldn't score a single point), but that didn't matter. I was hooked. I joined the Philadelphia Eagles message board, talked with other fans, and learned all about their current team and history. As I was still learning, the Eagles ended up making a miracle run all the way to the NFC Championship Game, coming very close to beating the invincible St. Louis Rams in St. Louis. I was utterly heartbroken by the loss(this is, to this day, the only sports loss I've ever cried over), but I'd found a new passion in life. I spent that entire, and I mean entire offseason reading books about the NFL and becoming an almost literal NFL encyclopedia. I will probably never be as knowledgeable about the NFL again for the rest of my life(relatively speaking, of course, as there's ten seasons' worth of new history since then) as I was during that offseason. When the next season finally came, the Eagles did indeed host the NFC Championship Game, as us all Eagles fans knew they would, but as I recounted in just days ago in the "iconic image" thread, they lost it in just about the most heartbreaking fashion possible. My parents actually went through a very nasty divorce in the course of that season, and with my crutch lost, I actually went into a state of clinical depression after this loss, which I wouldn't even realize until 2008. Being diagnosed and treated for that turned my life around big fact, I'd probably have killed myself by now had I had not bee diagnosed. But I digress.

    I'll never be as emotionally invested in the Eagles (or any team) I was during that one year, but they're without question my biggest sports love, and always will be.

    Highlights: Divisional round upset over the Bears in '01, NFC Championship win over Atlanta in '04, Divisional Round upset over New York in '08

    Lowlights: Losing 3 NFC Championship Games in a row from '01-'03. Letting Arizona march down the field for the winning score after pulling off the biggest comeback in NFC Championship Game history in '07. This included not stopping them on a 4th and 1.

    The San Antonio Spurs

    As I said at the start of the post, it's never been in my DNA to root for the local sports team(which in this case would be the Sacramento Kings). What was in my DNA(speaking metaphorically) was a deep love of God and Jesus Christ(yes, I'm rolling my eyes, too). I had been raised by a deeply religious father and took my Christianity very seriously. For that reason, I guess,I gravitated to David Robinson as my favorite NBA player. Of course, it has to be said that he wasn't just a devout Christian but a phenomenal player. Every year when the Spurs came to visit the Kings my dad would take me to go watch the Spurs crush the hapless home team. Oddly enough, when I was 7 years old, we moved from Sacramento to Austin, Texas, which cemented my love for the Spurs even further. We atte
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  17. JMJacenSolo

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    May 21, 2006
    Came across this today while rummaging through old pictures

  18. Darth_Furio

    Darth_Furio SFTC Bonanza Winner star 8

    Apr 17, 2008
    Great PIC, reminds me of when I got my first Leaf Jersey.
  19. yankee8255

    yankee8255 Jedi Grand Master star 6

    May 31, 2005
    You're probably all assuming the Yankees will be number one. You are all wrong, by a considerable margin. In coming up with an order, I essentially asked myself the question, "If all of my favorite teams were playing a key game, and I could only go to one, who would it be?"

    1. University of Notre Dame football. University of Notre Dame football. Oddly, my first exposure to the Fighting Irish was a negative one -- the 1977 Cotton Bowl, where Joe Montana and co. upset the #1 ranked Texas Longhorns. It was the first college game I ever watched, and since I had no idea about the teams, I went with Earl Campbell and the 'horns. I actually continued to root against the Irish until I actually decided to to school there. That initial dislike turned to insane, all consuming passion about 5 seconds into my first game in ND Stadium (a rather lopsided loss to Michigan State in Gerry Faust's final season. Three years later, as a senior, I attended 9 of 12 games (including at Pitt and USC, and the Fiesta Bowl) as we won the National Championship. Not even attending Game 4 of the 1999 World Series will ever come close to the '88 win against Miami, and the devastation of the 2001 Game 7 WS loss is a pittance compared to the loss to Miami a year later.

    2. The Yankees. My Dad came to the US in 1959. Was drafted, and stationed in Germany. Got out in '61, immediately got caught up in the M&M home run race, has been a Yankee fan ever since. I love my Dad, and root for the same teams he does. I actually grew up in Flishing, where almost everyone was a Met fan. Not me. Most of you hate the Yankees. You are losers.

    3. New York Giants. I actually started out as a Steeler fan, and still root for them. But the Simms-Taylor Giants absolutely commanded my attention as they went from laughing stock to Super Bowl winners. Taylor is still the most incredible player I've ever seen in any sport, bar none.

    4. Notre Dame Basketball. Home games were always a blast, some times more than football. But come March, it's always a let down.

    5. NY Islanders Next to the Yankees, my first sports love. My Dad was actually a Rangers fan originally, and so was I, but when they traded Ratelle and Park to Boston for Phil Esposito, they lost us. Islander tickets were easier to get, and the Nassau Colosseum was easier to get to. We started going to games when they were still an up and coming team, sadly didn't get to go to games often when they were in their glory years, but listened to almost every playoff game on the radio (home) or watched on TV (road) in the pre-cable days. If you told me at age 12 that the Islanders would only be 5th on this list, I have laughed at you.

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  20. Darth McClain

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    Feb 5, 2000
    Unlocked and bumped.
  21. DarthIntegral

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    Jul 13, 2005
    Thanks, DMC!

    A year later, and no one to remove from the list, but I do have a new entry in regards to teams.

    Columbus Crew

    How did we fall in love? Well, I needed a soccer team to love. So, why not the team that plays in the building where I fell in love with the sport. I can't explain why, but I feel the need to support/cheer/love this team. Maybe it's the fact that the league still has reasonable average salaries and you can see the love of the game and the passion in the players? Whatever it is, it's to the point where I couldn't quit them if I tried.

    Highlights: Chad Marshall coming over to our section to shake hands after the Crew were eliminated from the MLS Cup last year with the four of us sitting in the Crew section. Being referenced in the Columbus Dispatch as a "friend of Robbie Rogers".

    Lowlights: Getting knocked out of MLS Cup two years in a row by Colorado Rapids. Getting rid of GBS.

    Analogy: The girl you hang out with in a friends-only kind of way, but eventually decide you like more than that, end up marrying and having 2.7 kids with. You're never quite sure how you ended up married to her or what might have happened if you'd tried a prettier girl, but you're happy enough.

    Not sure where to rank them. It's like if your wife asks you how hot she is compared to a super model. There is no right answer.

    Anyways, I also have to include this one, even though it doesn't fit my mold of teams:

    The Sport of Soccer

    How did we fall in love? "Donovan has scored! Oh, can you believe this? Goal, goal, USA! Certainly through! Oh, it's incredible! You could not write a script like this"

    Highlights: The first two goals of USA vs. Mexico - Gold Cup Final. Discovering the joy of cheering for a relegation threatened team. The joy of hating Man U. Going out of my way to watch the finals of the African Cup of Nations. Joining AO. Sitting in a visitor's supporter's section. Being known as the #1 fanatic among my friends. The Free Beer Movement.

    Lowlights: Going out of my way to watch the finals of the African Cup of Nations. Being known as the #1 fanatic among my friends. That odd look from Mrs. Inty as I explain why I care about certain games.

    Analogy: Ummm ... porn? It's easy to find on the internet, harder to find in "mainstream", addictive as hell once you get into it ... and I don't really want to take this analogy any further.
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  22. DarthTunick

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    Nov 26, 2000
    During one morning last November, I was looking for an extra article of clothing for work, when I came across a box of VHS tapes. While looking for that, I found a tape labeled 'Magic/Michael'. It was then I realized it was the tape my aunt had recorded for me back in 1996, during Magic's last comeback for the Lakers, in a game at The Forum against the Bulls.


    I already had Magic's comeback game (at The Forum against Golden State) on my DVR thanks to a re-airing on the Lakers cable home, but that was a TNT broadcast. But, to have a full game tape/another game (have game 6 of the 1991 WCF on my DVR from another cable re-airing, this game featuring the duo of Hearn & Lantz) with Chick Hearn & Stu Lantz announcing? Hell ******* yeah. Had an incredibly giddy smile on my face when I first popped in the tape (I still have a VCR), and it lasted throughout the game. The Lakers lost this game by 15, but that is irrelevant. Just having a random old school game to watch is all that mattered/matters. There's something about The Forum (I only attended 1 game there) that I've gleamed from watching old games/YouTube clips (and from talking to season ticket holders during my various trips to Staples Center over the years) that the Staples Center just doesn't have. My favorite moments from the game. :

    -Nick Van Exel hitting a shot to beat the 1st quarter buzzer.

    -When Hearn & Lantz were pointing out the various celebs in attendance, they show Charlie Sheen sitting next to John Cusack, and Lantz comments "There's crazy Charlie". :p

    -During the 4th quarter (a blowout at this point), Hearn & Lantz discuss how different the personalities were of Pippen & Jordan (Pippen not playing in the 4th quarter, Jordan getting some minutes in). Lantz mentions just how much of a cold blooded competitor Michael is, while Scottie is more laid back in his approach. Hearn chimes in (paraphrasing a bit) "I'd be laid back too if I was getting paid $8 million a year. You here that, Jerry (Buss)? I want a raise." Loved that tongue in cheek joke there; awesome to hear.

    [hl=purple]Los Angeles Lakers: Drama, guaranteed. [/hl]
  23. KenKenobi

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    Jul 11, 2002
    This is hilarious and awesome and I'll contribute, even though nobody will read it.

    In not necessarily the exact order...

    1. Shaquille O'Neal

    Didn't matter who he played for, the big guy was my guy.

    Highlights? Anytime he touched a microphone. Having his cardboard cutout. NBA Jam. Watching him play for the Cavs. Shaq-Fu for Sega Genesis. Kazaam.

    Lowlights? When he went to L.A. and I got made fun of for still having his Magic jersey. I wish I could punch that kid in the face now. Oh, and Kazaam.

    Analogy: That hilarious/kind of crazy girl I semi-dated and remained a funny friend even past our prime.

    2. Cincinnati Bengals

    Yeah. I know.

    Highlights? Anytime Ochocinco scored. That 2005 season. That 2009 season. Jerome Simpson's flip. Andy Dalton to AJ Green.

    Lowlights? The end of that 2005 season (****ing Steelers). And every other season. Carson Palmer *****ing out on everyone.

    Analogy: I don't have an actual analogy, just imagine you have a really, really abusive wife back home.(Or if you're female, just imagine you're married to a Cincinnati Bengal)

    3. Green Bay Packers

    Favre. Aaron Rodgers. Enough said.

    Highlights? The shiny Favre card I had. The giant Packers coat I wore in elementary school. Sending home the Steelers in the Super Bowl. Rodgers in fantasy (football and my own).

    Lowlights? Favre leaving. I'd say that Giants game, but...I think that was just meant to be.

    Analogy: That overachiever girl I dated in college which when it didn't work out was...probably meant to be. And she's still does great things.

    4. LeBron James/Hating LeBron James

    Anakin...Anakin you're breaking my heart!

    Highlights? The shot against the Magic. Playing with Shaq. NBA 2k9/2k10. / GAM OVER HORNET!!!!! Booing his ass in Cleveland. Losing to the Mavs.

    Lowlights? Giving up against the Celtics. / The Decision.

    Analogy: That girl I loved for 5 years, then we broke up and instead of re-upping she chose some other dude.

    5. Cincinnati Reds

    My first real sports fling.

    Highlights? Bragging about the Big Red Machine in the 90's. Games/autographs with my family. The Griff when he wasn't hurt. Pretending I was Ryan Freel in softball.

    Lowlights? No playoffs. No-hit when we DO make the playoffs.

    Analogy: That girl I had a crush on early in high school, never really went anywhere and you moved on even though she appears on your newsfeed now and then.

    5. New York Knicks/Linsanity

    Adopted as my New York team when I moved here a year or so ago, then...JEREMY LIN.

    Highlights? Watching them beat Atlanta on Feb 16th. And the Magic in overtime. LIN.

    Lowlights? Not hearing "Daaaaniiillloooo Gaaaallllinaaaarri!" at the Garden anymore.

    Analogy: That model girl who looked really flashy, then was like...nah, letdown...then was like WAIT, AWESOME

    6. The Jedi Draft

    Oh come on like I wasn't gonna put this here.

    Highlights? Kenobi/Skywalker. The cool people.

    Lowlights? Bans. That ****ing dinosaur Thon.

    Analogy: This isn't even a lover, this is just a good old friend.

    Honorable mentions include Eli Manning and the Giants (American heroes), Ohio State Buckeyes (Columbus represent), and Cam Newton (aka SUPERCAM in fantasy).

    And I'd say track & field/softball but those were to compete in and I'd end up writing a book.
  24. DarthSubZero

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    Nov 10, 2006
    I always remember Bob Sheridan's quote after Iron Mike won the WBC strap from Trevor Berbick.

    "The only thing that can beat Mike Tyson, is Mike Tyson himself. That remains to be seen..."

    1. Mike Tyson

    2. Alexis Arguello

    3. Joe Frazier

    4. Muhammad Ali

    5. Dan Marino

    6. Dwyane Wade

    7. Alonzo Mourning

    8. Chris Bosh

  25. Darth_Furio

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    Apr 17, 2008