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    ...and sometimes you and that girl make up. [face_batting]
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    1. New York Giants.

    My favorite team ever.

    How did we fall in love? My father become a huge football fan when he moved to the United States and latched onto the Giants in particular when he came to New York. We apparently watched the Giants-Bills Super Bowl together when I was 2, and though I fell asleep for most of it, I was woken by his shouts of joy when Norwood missed. I don't remember when I actually became a fan but it was during the Dan Reeves years in the mid 90's. It was rough at first because we had the immortal Dave Brown as our quarterback but its certainly gone up since then, despite our maddening inconsistency.

    Highlights of the relationship? Super Bowl XLII, Super Bowl XLVI, beating Tony Romo in the playoffs on my birthday. Those two Super Bowls aged me by about 5 years

    Lowlights? 2002 Wild Card Game against the 49ers, the Miracle at the New Meadowlands. Let's just say I'm never comfortable with a Giants lead, no matter how big or how late in the game. The Super Bowl loss against the Ravens doesn't bother me that much because we just flat out got beat instead of blowing it (though that Keith Hamilton penalty is still bs)

    Analogy/Comparison: A relationship with your one true love, through all the ups and downs, and who also happens to be slightly bipolar.

    2. New York Knicks

    How did we fall in love? Through my dad, same thing as with the Giants, though Space Jam made me a Michael Jordan fan for a few years

    Highlights: The 1999 playoff run, especially Allen Houston's winner against the Heat and LJ's 4 point play. Also the 2012-13 season for making me think our terribleness was over

    Lowlights: Everything else. And I mean everything. Dolan, Isiah, Larry Brown, Dolan, Marbury, Z-Bo, Dolan, Steve Francis, picking Frederic Weis over Ron Artest, Dolan, sex scandal, trading first round pick for half season of T-Mac, Dolan, this season in particular, J.R Smith's idiocy, D'Antoni ruining Stoudemire, Dolan

    Analogy/Comparison: The marriage was good for the first few years and collapsed. It's been in ruins for years but even though a good looking Russian woman moved in next door you can't bring yourself to leave your wife for her.

    3. New York Mets

    How did we fall in love? I was actually a Braves fan for a few years as a kid. I used to watch Scooby Doo cartoons on TBS which of course then had Braves games soon after. They were great, but after a few years I got tired of them and switched to the Mets since I kind of followed their team more given they played the Braves. Also I never forgave the Yankees for the 1996 WS. So I became a Mets fan in 1998, right as the Yankees were in full swing, and of course the Braves faced them in a rematch in 99, making me wonder if I hadn't made the worst decision of my life in abandoning the Braves. Well the Braves lost again but I was a Mets fan by then. And then the next year came the Subway Series. I was so excited! Needless to say, I hate the Yankees, but they're second to the Phillies so I rooted for them in 2009

    Highlights: 2000 playoff run, the 2006 season. That moment when Endy Chavez made the catch and I thought it was destiny we'd make the 2006 WS

    Lowlights: Losing in 2000, Carlos Beltran not swinging at Wainwright's curveball (WHY DIDN'T YOU SWING), the 2007-08 collapses. Matt Harvey and Zack Wheeler having Tommy John surgery in back to back years

    Analogy: The girl who just can't get it together, even though you left your first girlfriend for her.

    4. New York Rangers

    How did we fall in love? I honestly can't remember. I was in New Jersey at the time when the Devils were supreme, but they never grabbed me. Part of me attributes it to the signing of Gretzky, but I had no idea how amazing he had been at that time, and he was at the tail-end of his career. It might be because my favorite color is blue, which is a trait that all four of my top teams share.

    Highlights: The Stanley Cup run last year. Knocking out the Capitals in back to back years. Hank

    Lowlights: Losing to the freaking Devils in 2012. Whenever the Capitals beat us in the playoffs. The late 90's - early 00's when the Rangers sucked and the Devils were winning and all my friends let me know it.

    Analogy: A rocky start, but things are heating up. You're going to propose soon.

    5. Arsenal

    How did we fall in love? I got really into soccer during the 2006 World Cup and wanted to pick a EPL team so I decided to be the stereotypical American and pick Arsenal

    Highlights: The...FA Cup?

    Lowlights: Our annual swoon, except for this season where we just decided to play mediocre from the beginning. Losing RVP

    Analogy: Ross/Emily

    6. NYCFC

    I imagine this will be above Arsenal soon.
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    I love this thread. One of my better creations
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    1. Chicago Cubs

    The username and picture probably give this one away but I am a lifelong, die-hard Cubs fan. I was cursed blessed with becoming a Cubs fan because of my grandpa, who made sure that everyone in his family became Cubs fans, especially with me when I developed a love for baseball at an early age. Baseball is by far my favorite sport; I played it from the time I was old enough to join a league all the way through high school. I watch or listen to every Cubs game I am able to (and attend 2 or 3 games a year) no matter how good or bad the team is. I'm one of the crazy ones who rode the school bus home listening to games on my headphones as the Cubs started 0-14 in '97 and who always believes it just a little bit when I say "wait 'till next year". In a way, being a Cubs fan is a cruel fate for someone who loves the game as much as I do, but in another way, it's an amazing experience that only other Cubs fans can understand. When the Cubs do finally win it all, there are no other sports fans out there who will understand or be able to appreciate winning a championship the way we will.

    2. Miami Dolphins

    This is kind of the odd one out of my group because I've lived in central Illinois my entire life. My father, however, was a big time football fan who grew up in South Florida in the 1970's. When he moved back to Illinois (where he was born) he continued his love for the Miami Dolphins and passed that love on to me when I was born. Because Florida had no other sports teams when he was a kid he actually rooted for Chicago teams and encouraged me to do so as well with the exception of football. Growing up a Dolphins fan in the 80's and 90's was pretty easy, even though they never did win the Super Bowl. Still, they were almost always contenders and had Dan Marino, the best pure passer of all time playing for them so games were a lot of fun to watch. It's become more difficult in recent years to be a Dolphins fan but I still manage to make sure I watch every game every year and hopefully the team is moving in the right direction with Tannehill at QB.

    3. Chicago Blackhawks

    I started following the Blackhawks in 1992 after developing a love for the NHL Sega game and because the Blackhawks made the Stanley Cup Final that year. After a while it became difficult to be a Hawks fan due to games being difficult to watch because of how bad the team was and because ownership made it almost impossible to see games on TV. Still, I love hockey and continued to watch the playoffs every year and Hawks games when I could. Fortunately, ownership switched and games became easier for me to watch, and just in time for the team to turn it around and win 2 Stanley Cups. Right now being a Blackhawks fan is pretty easy and it's really hard to believe this is the same franchise that existed in the early 2000's.

    4. Chicago Bulls

    Growing up a Bulls fan in the 1990's was obviously awesome; 6 NBA championships and the pleasure to watch the greatest basketball player of all time do his thing was just amazing. It got a little harder after after Jordan left the team for good but fortunately the Bulls have been more fun to watch in recent years, even if Derrick Rose can't stay healthy.

    College sports:

    Illinois State University Basketball

    My Alma mater and hometown school, I've been a fan of Redbird basketball for as long as I can remember. I've gone to the majority of home basketball games since I was in grade school and was able to see some great teams in the late 90's. The future is looking bright as the Missouri Valley Conference seems to be demanding more respect and the Redbirds have a young team that played well in the NIT this year and has a legitimate shot at making the NCAA Tournament in the next couple of years.

    Duke Basketball

    I've watched the NCAA tournament since the early 1990's, but outside of rooting for ISU I never really had a "major" college basketball team to root for. I decided to pick a big time school to root for at a time when the Cubs were still the Cubs, the Blackhawks were enjoying the longest Cup drought in NHL History, and the Bulls and Dolphins were on the decline. I decided to pick Duke for a few reasons; 1. They were good and every other team I rooted for was decidedly not at the time, 2. the Christian Laettener game was one of the first games I really remembered watching and always stuck with me, 3. One of my best friends was a Duke fan, and 4. Coach K. It's worked out for me as they have won a couple of NCAA Tournaments and been the only team that I root for who has been consistently good throughout me being a fan of the team.


    1. Dan Marino
    2. Michael Jordan
    3. Mark Grace
    4. Ryne Sandberg
    5. Johnathan Toews
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    Aren't you happy I bumped it back up. :p
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    It's hard to rank, but I'll give it a go. When Wofford is playing, then I pay attention to none of these teams. Since they aren't playing a lot, here's my list:

    1. New York Rangers
    Hockey is the greatest game on the planet, that is an indisputable fact.

    2. New York Yankees
    Next to my dad, Paul O'Neill and Bernie Williams were my childhood heroes. I love the damn Yankees.

    3. North Carolina Basketball
    Been a Heels fan for as long as I can remember breathing. Ed Cota, my favorite player. JJ Reddick should not cross the street when I am controlling a motor vehicle in his vicinity.

    4. Tennessee Football / Kansas City Football
    My football allegiances are very, very weird. But consider that I grew up in Columbia, SC, when the Gamecocks were absolutely awful, and the Panthers didn't exist yet. So I gravitated to Joe Montana and the Chiefs in the early 90s, and Peyton Manning and the Vols in the mid-90s. I'll always have a soft spot for South Carolina athletics, and pull for them against anyone except Tennessee.

    5. Chelsea FC
    In contrast to my pal halibut, I am an awful Chelsea fan. I only started to follow them after a) they got Russian oil money, and b) I decided I could not be like the rest of the dorm, who all supported Man U. But I do love the club, and one day hope to make it to London to see them.

    6. NYCFC
    My newest club. Can't wait to see what they do.

    In addition, I love motorsports (F1/Nascar), tennis, boxing/mma, and golf. It's an illness, I can get hooked on nearly any sport. I'm trying to learn cricket, I have never been an NBA fan, and I don't like horse racing due to the treatment of the animals. But that's all.
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    1) [hl=white]Los Angeles Dodgers[/hl]

    So the Bums have yet to win a pennant during my adult life, Puig has the potential to flame out into possible obscurity, the Time Warner television dispute/blackout rages on, Lasorda & Scully aren't getting any younger, Kershaw is a nightmare in the postseason, and I worry that Matt Kemp is going do some great for the Padres... however, of course, that hasn't deterred me at all in my ever-loving devotion & pride for this franchise. It's impossible to put in exact words just what the Dodgers mean to me, but I get teary-eyed/all sorts of emotional just thinking about 'em winning a title (and at the very least, a pennant). Shall they ever do so....

    2) [hl=purple]Los Angeles Lakers[/hl]

    Ahhh, that recent championship vintage. What the Dodgers haven't done for me, the Lakers have in droves since 2000 (7 conference titles resulting in 5 championships! :D ). The absurdity of that success makes their current struggles a bit easier to deal with... for now. That, and the overall love of the sport & the franchise, duh. So much rich history & culture, on & off the court...



    3) Football, the American version... as much as I loathe a lot of the current NFL culture (not just the league itself, but some of the fans act towards it), I'm still rather fond of the sport. Having gone to a particular friend's house now for 12 consecutive Super Bowls is a great source of pride, and when the Rams make their eventual return here*** to La La Land, I may shed a tear or two. I can tolerate NCAA football a hell of a lot more than NCAA basketball, for it more resembles the NFL style of play than NCAA basketball does in regards to the NBA.

    4) Football, specifically the EPL... call it my "soccer moment" if you will, but ever since NBC gained the rights for the Premier League in 2013 (I can't speak enough towards how much I love their presentation of the games), I can't get enough. I've easily watched more football in the past year & half the preceding years of my life, and some of that of course spilled over to the 2014 World Cup (1st one I was legitimately interested in/excited for), and will eventually spill over to the MLS/other forms of the game. Still haven't chosen an EPL team, though I've narrowed it down to 3: Liverpool, Newcastle United & Tottenham. It will not be an easy choice.

    5) Everything else. :p

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    1. west ham united.

    how i fell in love - victim of geography

    the hammers are perpetual underdogs, but have generally played attractive attacking football. you'll see a lot of goals at a west ham match (for and usually against). we play in the premier league, and are always flirting (and occasionally achieving) relegation from it, but we are actually one of only eight teams in english football who have never in their history fallen below the second tier of our football leagues. we are a team with a good tradition of creating top level footballers - the core of the 1966 england world cup winning team were west ham players (bobby moore, martin peters, and the bloke who scored a hat-trick in the final against ze germans, geoff hurst). in more recent times, our youth academy has produced players such as joe cole, rio ferdinand, and frank lampard. our problem is, as soon as they show potential, we sell them on.

    we had a billionaire sugar daddy for a brief period, but as per our luck, he went skint in the credit crunch. in recent times, things are looking up. in two seasons time we move from upton park - our current home in east london, a few miles across town, into the 2012 olympic stadium, this should bring in more revenue, and attract quality players.

    it's a great club, but don't take my word for it. notable hammers fans are ray winstone (see my avatar), the queen, barry obama, and before he shuffled off, alfred hitchcock.
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    1. North Carolina Tarheels

    How we fell in love: my father threatened to disinherit me if I ever pull against them. :p

    No, really, I grew up on the Heels. I'm almost the only one in a (large) family who did not get a degree from UNC-Chapel Hill. My Dad's favorite bumper sticker, on his Carolina blue Toyota that he drove at the time, was "If God is not a Tarheel, why is the sky Carolina blue?"

    Highlights of the relationship: there are many, but here goes a couple.

    The 1982 NCAA championship: I was in 5th grade and there were many of us wearing Carolina blue to school with footprints painted on our cheeks the next day. Michael Jordan was a freshman, and had hair. I remember being impressed with him the first time I watched him make a free throw.

    Just Michael Jordan, overall.

    And Tyler Hansbrough. My nephew learned how to say his name as soon as he learned to talk.

    Bad times for the relationship: Matt Doherty. Let's not go there.

    2. Carolina Panthers

    I've still got the original Charlotte Observer from 1993 with TOUCHDOWN!!! and the Bank of America building lit up with "NFL" on it. Went to a few games when they were playing at Clemson, watched the stadium change from Carolinas Stadium to Ericcson Stadium to Bank of America Stadium.

    I actually went to more games before I moved to Charlotte than I've been to since I moved here but I digress.

    Highlights of the relationship: Kicking Falcon ass to get to the playoffs last year, and getting there again this year.

    Super Bowl 2004, although I call that a bit of a mixed bag, given Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake's antics ruining the halftime show and diverting all attention from the game, plus the Patriots win.

    Charlotte Hornets: Been a fan since 1988. I kind of miss Muggsy Bogues and Alonzo Mourning.

    But this season has been decent, especially after the Bobcats were a national joke.

    Highlights: beating the Bulls in December 1988 when Jordan was still playing for them. Getting the team name back from New Orleans.
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    1. New York Rangers

    Why I love them: Thanks to a 'Cup Tour' orchestrated by the players, I actually got to hold THE STANLEY CUP over my head! This occurred immediately after the epic 1994 season. Need I say more? :)

    Seriously though, I promise to elaborate later because...

    speaking of epic seasons, the game starts in TEN minutes. Gotta go!
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    It's not Donnie's fault that Kershaw turned into mush during game 6 of the '13 LCS & during games 1 & 4 of the '14 LDS. :p
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    Bumping this thread for the annual love fest.

    Need to add a few unranked entries.

    Borussia Dortmund

    Famous statements I made about soccer include "Don't worry, this won't take up too much of my time/money, because I'm literally only going to watch International Soccer, not club games" and then "Soccer is best enjoyed local, that's why the only clubs I'll invest my time in are local clubs".


    How we fell in love? It's the majestic Yellow Wall at Westfalenstadion. It captured my imagination the first time I saw it. The fans creating such a festive, inviting environment. It felt like sports should feel. It pulled me in, and I started to research the club, and get an appreciation for the fans and the history. Then, came the run to the 2013 Champions League Final, falling in heartbreaking fashion to League Rival/Behemoth/Bully Bayern Munich in the Final. Signs of "Clevelandism" both warned me away, but drew me in. Then, when Bayern signed an agreement to poach away their best player - Robert Lewandoswki - the complete feeling of "Clevelandism" was there, and despite denying it, I knew I was hooked.

    Highlights: Every home game is a highlight, I love the fans, and I am hoping my sons are into Soccer (and BVB) so I can justify a trip there. Getting a preview in to the rise of Christian Pulisic before most other American fans, the DFB Pokal Win in 2017.

    Lowlights: For what I love about this team, there haven't been many. Champions League this year, I guess.

    Analogy: The girl you deny liking for years, know is way out of your league, but always pine for from a distance anyways.

    Boca Juniors

    How we fell in love? Well, I started watching the Copa Libertadores, and fell in love with that competition. Decided I needed a team to follow to make it better. Briefly considered Los Xolos of Club Tijuana due to their tendency to sign Americans, but eventually went with Boca for three reasons. First, I watched a Boca-River game, and immediatly put it on my Bucket List (though I am not bringing my sons to that one). Two, I researched their history (seeing a pattern here?). ANd then three, and most importantly, they were the club home of Lord Guillermo Barros Schelotto before he became the God of Columbus Soccer. This isn't a "watch as often as possible" type of sports love, but a "I really like Copa Libertadores, and I really like having a team to root for (and against, since as virtue I must now hate River)" type of thing.

    Highlights: Any time I watch Superclásico ...

    Lowlights: Except in 2015 when the fans of Boca used pepper spray on players from River.

    Analogy: I'm Charlie Brown, and they are the little red hair girl? I dunno. Seems close to right.
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    1. Kai Greene

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    Aww I was just about a year and a half away from the weirdness, nerves, agony and then unbelievable joy that was Game 7 of the 2016 World Series - which is my ultimate sports love now:


    (sorry Inty)
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    cubman, i can't imagine what that must have felt like. i'll never forget where i was when that final out was recorded, and that's as a fan of another team.

    the closest for me in sports was probably phil's first masters. i essentially grew up expecting the yankees to win series, carolina to win in march, and tennessee to compete for titles (roflcopter). it would be great to see kc win a super bowl in my lifetime, but lefty winning at augusta was a bit unexpected, and the nature of the win was so remarkable. chelsea winning the champions league is probably a close second, aaron boone's walk off (even though the eventual ws loss blunts it) third.
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    [face_love] [face_love] [face_love]

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    you gotta replace the text on the jr smith card with his last comment to lloyd on draft day
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    As a Yankees fan, I've certainly had my fair share of awesome and nostalgic moments. But none of them could ever top when Donnie hit the home run at THE Stadium in Game 2 of the '95 ALDS. Just picture the scenario: 14 years in baseball. His first playoff series. A player on the last legs of his playing career. Among the most beloved ballplayers of any franchise (especially the clean ones). Someone not known for his power. Yeah, "hang on to the roof!"

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    Detroit Lions/Barry Sanders

    How I fell in love: Barry Sanders. He was so spectacular, to this day the most exciting, dazzling athlete I've ever seen. I've seen every single game of his Lions career (yes, I got tapes of his games from when I was too young to watch). He was almost like the Mike Tyson of the NFL, he was so exciting, breathtaking and sudden. Every time he got the ball, you held your breath, not knowing what would happen, because truly anything could happen. He could go for 50 or -5. He'd nearly lull you to sleep with mundane plays....and then, BAM. Some crazy move, and you'd snap back in shock and gasp, as if Tyson had just crushed someone's skull. Whoa! Did you see that? Barry could certainly discombobulate defenders. He'd score on some outrageous play...and then he'd just lightly toss the ball to the ref. I loved that. No sad attention whoring, he's Barry Sanders. Humble. He makes plays and scores touchdowns all the time, for him it was just another Sunday.

    My first clear memory was the 91/92 playoff blowout win (I always loved blowout wins as a kid) against the Cowboys. Somehow, I always had an instinctive hatred for the Cowboys. America's Team? Go **** yourself. THANKSGIVING IS OUR GAME! IT'S OUR GAME, WE INVENTED IT! WE INVENTED IT! You have five Super Bowls, don't you dare try to claim Thanksgiving as your day. It's our day. You can play on Thanksgiving, that's fine, but RECOGNIZE that it is OUR DAY.

    Anyway, playoff win over Cowboys. My brother had to explain to me that, with one more win, we'd be in the Super Bowl. I was so excited...and naive. Redskins beat us 41-10. I was devastated. I thought we were going to the Super Bowl, Matt! (my bro) You said we were going to the Super Bowl! It was a sign of things to come. The Lions giveth, and the Lions taketh away.

    Highlights: 2000 yards. Herman Moore. Chris Spielman. Jason Hanson. Barry's 40 carry game in a win against Dallas on Monday Night in 1994, back when Monday Nights meant something, after the Cowboys had won back to back Super Bowls and there was an argument over who was better, Emmitt or Barry. The argument was that Barry couldn't carry the load. Well, 40 carries.

    Lowlights: 0-16, the heartbreaking dealbreaker. I gave up after that. Scott Mitchell. Matt Millen. Mornhinweg, Mariucci (he wasn't that bad), Marinelli. The Curse of the M. "With the...pick in the...NFL Draft, the Detroit Lions select...Wide Receiver. Charles Rogers. Roy Williams. Mike Williams. The Curse of the WR. (Calvin Johnson turned out great) Joey Harrington, who was such an a-hole he was hated by the entire team. Pat Swilling signing and proceeding to suck, then leaving and being suddenly awesome again.

    Comparison: Your first love, your childhood sweetheart, the girl next door. No one else sees it, but you think she's beautiful. You grow up together, go through school together, spend every (Sun)day together. Maybe you notice other girls, but your loyalty is unshakable, she's your true love and there could never be anyone but her. Naturally you get married...only, after a few years, she completely lets herself go and stops caring about you or anything else, she's super depressed/depressing and just being around her is miserable. You don't know when it happened but you no longer think she's beautiful. You don't stray, you don't look for comfort with anyone else, but you spend more time alone, away from her, and for the first time, you don't really miss her. Intellectually, you realize she's always been this way. This has always been her, but you looked at her with rose colored glasses. She had that one feature, that highlight, that you really loved, and that was enough for you, but that's long gone, you can't see it anymore and you never will again, but what you see now was always there. Though you know this was always her, intellectually, you still don't want to admit it. You cling to the joy of those early days. Maybe because you have given up hope for the future. You never had any, broken-hearted, you divorce her and rarely look back, but when you do, you feel bad and wonder if somehow you failed her. But the one thing you do know is that you will never love again.
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    I'm going through a Love/Hate stage with my favorite team at the moment because I still support my team, but our owner's an idiot.

    Right now I'm LOVING the Winter Olympics.