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Terms Of Service Jedi Council Forums Principles of Behavior

1) TheForce.Net and the Jedi Council Forums (JC) desires to create a family-friendly atmosphere of discussion for people of all ages. Visitors are encouraged to be on their best behavior to help maintain this atmosphere.

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4) Users are expected to learn, understand, and follow the rules for each forum that they visit. This includes all games and/or social threads/events (e.g. "get in lines," line-by-line threads, etc.). If a question regarding the rules for a forum develops, contact a forum moderator for assistance with a particular forum or an Admin for global site questions.

5) Users are expected to respect the wishes of those who wish to remain spoiler-free for Star Wars or any other material by avoiding spoiler discussion outside of designated areas. Any information that is officially released to the public by Lucasfilm or its representatives or any official publishers or companies is not considered a spoiler. Also please note that certain Forums have their own rules governing the usage and definition of "spoiler" in this regard, so please bear in mind #4 from above as well.


Legal Disclaimer

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