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Fantasy A War of Kings

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by spycoder9, Sep 10, 2012.

  1. spycoder9

    spycoder9 Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 23, 2008
    15 Days Before the Wedding
    Mountains, Shodaire
    Dining Hall

    “Martyn Forsythe?” Lennah pondered that for a moment. “Yes, I believe I saw him from a distance. He seemed to be a rather a calm man, from where I stood. Though I never had the pleasure, or displeasure, to speak to him.”

    Leenah then smirked.

    “Oh, but that sister of his, Lady Ginnifer.” She shook her head, a smile growing larger on her face as she remembered. She raised her glass and took another sip. “Darling girl. Exactly like her mother, and yet. . .” She lowered her voice to a whisper. Though Karridan didn’t want to be seen as snooping, he leaned in even more. “Kinder. More pleasant, in the very least. And gorgeous! The whole family looks perfect. . .” And yet, a name lingered on her lips. She chose not to mention the one child who stuck out in her mind as. . .not as perfect.

    Before she continue, Lord Rolmar, exchanged glances with all of them, tapping his spoon to his glass. Slowly people began to hear it and stopped their conversations, glancing up at the raised dais where they sat. Desmond rose from his seat, smiling at all of them in that Kingly way.

    “I want to thank all of you for attending this feast. It was by chance that my sons and I were able to find such a delicious treat. It must be a sign of things to come.” His face grew somber. “And now, I must tell everyone, of the news I received upon returning to the castle. A few nights ago, while House Harrowmont slept, knights from Reynard’s own army invaded and crushed Harrowmont. It was a complete slaughter, or we assume, seeing as neither Lord Jowan nor his men have surfaced. A message managed to escape, in the last second, and reached Lord Hlaine Gideon, our honored guest seated here.” He gestured to the man. “I plan on sending a legion of our men to confront those of Reynard, a number large enough to crush them where they stand.”

    “This will not affect my daughter’s wedding, as this union will unite the Mountains and the Desert, creating a partnership against Lord Reynard. Also, my fellow brother-in-law, Lord Nathaniel Delmari, shall be attending the wedding along with my sister, in hopes to ignite our cause against this false king.”

    The men clapped and cheered for Desmond, Karridan and Ectarion joining in as well.

    “So eat, and be merry. For my daughter is soon to be wed! And peace will be known to all of us!”

    King Desmond Rolmar sat back down amongst the cheers and claps. A humble smile lay on his face. And then he turned his head to meet Safia’s eyes.

    And his smile faded.

    Safia knew, then, that he wasn’t seeing her.

    He was seeing Corrine.

    TAG: JediMasterAnne

    OOC: Anne, you can go ahead and wrap this up for the night. Be prepared for a time jump. . .and the arrival of the groom.
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  2. JediMasterAnne

    JediMasterAnne Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Apr 24, 2004
    OOC: :D [face_dancing]
    IC: Safia Rolmar
    The Mountains of Mirwyth
    Shodaire, the Tower of Stone
    Dining Hall—15 days before her wedding

    Leenah was able to lessen some of Safia’s concerns about her future in-laws—if only a little—but King Desmond called for everyone’s attention before the princess could inquire further.

    Safia listened quietly to her father’s speech, though he did not say anything she did not already know—Karridan had told her about Harrowmont before dinner, and had also told her of their father’s intent to send out some of his own troops to stop Reynard’s men before they could reach Shodaire.

    The mention of her uncle and aunt made Safia wonder when their Delmari relatives would be arriving. It will be good to see Aunt Kalera again. And Raven. Her aunt was the closest thing she knew to a mother, and she and her cousin usually had a good time together—sometimes in ways that Kalera did not approve of, and though Safia was three years older than her cousin, it was hard to say which of the girls was the “bad influence” on the other. Safia herself was not as rebellious as Raven—she might have been once, but the constraints and expectations of behavior in Valona’s Royal Court, especially for a future Princess of Mirwyth, had tempered her own tomboyish ways during her betrothal to Matheus.

    What would Ser Lawrence think, when he discovered that less-than-proper side of her? Of course, according to Synthia, who was not even a reliable source of information, one of Lawrence’s own sisters, Chelsee, was such a tomboy as well, but that did not mean that he approved of it. And even if he did make such allowances for his little sister, that did not necessarily mean that he would approve of those behaviors in his wife.

    The applause brought her back out of her thoughts; she politely joined in, and was about to resume her conversation with Leenah, until she happened to catch her father’s eye, and saw his smile vanish. Please, Father, don’t look at me like that. She hated that look. She knew what he saw whenever that expression came over his face; he wasn’t seeing the daughter he had sired, but the wife he had loved and lost. And he blames me, just like Ectarion does. But he won’t say it to my face.

    She had wanted to speak to her father after dinner—with Reynard's men running loose in the mountains, she had concerns about those men encountering Ser Lawrence and his party as they made their way to Shodaire. After all, killing the groom is certainly one way to stop a wedding, and Father thinks that is their intent. But the expression on the king’s face brought back all the discomfited feelings she’d had after her unnerving conversation with Ectarion in the dressing room earlier in the day, and her shaky confidence left her.

    She spent the rest of the meal picking at her food and occasionally engaging in idle conversation, and as soon as Karridan had finished his dinner as well, she quietly asked him to escort her back to her rooms—her eldest brother was also her bodyguard, charged with her protection—where she stayed for the rest of the evening.

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  3. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Chosen One star 5

    Apr 29, 2002
    GM Approved! [face_dancing]

    Name: Fleet
    Age: 13
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Fleet is an average height youth, but on the lean side, as he is poor. Still energetic and wiry. A great sprinter and a bit of an athlete. He has brown hair and bright blue eyes.
    Homeland: unknown
    King: none
    Occupation: orphan, urchin, mendicant, errand boy
    Family Banner: none
    House Words: None, except a saying among survivalists, 'Live another day'
    Biography: Fleet has always been poor and lived in the orphanage. All he has known is hardship and he quickly learned to adapt to survive. He has forgotten whatever name he was given, as he earned the name 'Fleet' while out-running 'would-be' authority figures, captors, bandits and the like. Despite sometimes being allied himself with shady characters by force or by necessity, He tries his best to be good. He remembers one of the matrons at the orphanage always being kind to him, and telling him he had 'noble eyes', however, saying such things aloud sparked many a 'brawl', thus the phrase was never again mentioned, though he wondered if there was 'more' to the story, for he had strange dreams of a castle every now and again. Now, Fleet travels looking for work surviving to 'live another day' and perhaps, just maybe, the lady of fortune would smile on him, at least once in his life.
  4. Trieste

    Trieste Force Ghost star 5

    Apr 10, 2010
    OOC: This post was cleared by both HanSolo29 and spycoder9.

    IC: Ser Lawrence Kildare
    Field, The Prairies of Mirwyth
    15 days before his wedding

    Through the slit in his helm, Lawrence watched as the bandits approached, yelling and hollering. It could be an effective tactic and Lawrence could feel with the instinct of a commander that his men trembled a bit despite their earlier encounter with bandits. Then they had come upon an attack. Now the fight was being brought to them. The situations were quite different.

    “Hold!” Lawrence commanded, raising his left hand in a fist, “Hold!” The right hand gripped his scimitar. It was a weapon that these bandits likely had never seen. The raiders of the desert and the pirates of the coast…they were no stranger to such a curved blade. It was time for the bandits to meet it.

    “Hold,” Lawrence repeated. The bandits were closing the distance. They lacked discipline…even if they did attack from two sides. “Rickard, defend the rear!” Lawrence commanded. He didn’t think that his young comrade needed any telling, but it would be good for the men to hear it.

    And suddenly there was no more time for thought for the bandits had reached the edge of the camp.

    “NOW!” Lawrence yelled and he started forward to lead the defense. With a great upward slice of his sword, the knight went to disarm—literally—the first bandit that crossed his path—

    But his sword met the sword of Beldak Darkeyes. And for half a second the two leaders stood there and looked at each other. Lawrence’s eyes were hidden from view by his helm, but those of Beldark were hardly dark. They blazed with the fire of battle. Both men had devoted their lives to battle and in that instant, they knew that only one would leave this encounter alive.

    Beldak, the less burdened opponent and consequently the more nimble one, pushed off from Lawrence, sending him stumbling backwards. The bandit chief used the knight’s unwieldly armor against him by raining down a series of blows to all sides of the armor, each hit ringing but not piercing the heavy armor. The desertman was somewhat dazed by the blows, but had enough sense to slash with his scimitar to attempt to stop the onslaught. It was enough to cause Beldak to jump back and give Lawrence enough time to shake his head and reset his footing.

    Lawrence advanced slowly. Quick rushes would not do in his current armor. He needed to bog Beldak down in slow combat, turn the battle to his advantage. Darkeyes was too experienced an opponent to simply let Lawrence have his way. He continued to thrust at jab at the knight, who was parrying each blow with his scimitar to keep up the defense.

    This wasn’t going to go on much longer, Lawrence knew. He was at too much of a disadvantage in his armor. Though he had a sturdy defense against this bandit, Lawrence was too slow. Curse him for choosing his heavy armor today. But the first lesson that Lawrence had learned at Aqarda was that the conditions on the battlefield were what they were and you had to adjust to them, whatever they were. He was slow and heavy. Beldak was nimble and lightly armored. Well, those were the conditions and Lawrence’s mind raced as he parried a high slash by Beldak. The move brought Beldak close to Lawrence and he could see the snarl on the bandit’s face through the slit in his helmet. He was so close that—yes.

    Lawrence slammed his helmet into Beldak’s head.

    The force from the sudden impact on steel caused Beldak to stumble, nearly crumbling to the ground. However, the bandit kept his ground groggily, falling back to put distance between him and the knight. Beldak couldn’t allow himself to get that close again, not in a frontal assault. He needed to regroup, get behind Lawrence before he could react.

    The knight advanced, steadily and with well timed blows to keep Beldak’s mind on the here and now, not on his next moves. The knight’s blows were powerful, precisely directed to aim at vulnerable spots on the bandit’s body. Beldak even at a disadvantage was still a good swordsman and was able to keep blocking Lawrence’s attacks, but now he was moving backwards on the defensive. On the offensive, the armored knight was too powerful. Beldak needed to turn the tables again and get the momentum back on his si—

    The world went upside down for Beldak and he hit the wet, soggy grass before he knew what happened. So focused on blocking, Beldak Darkeyes had not realized that Ser Lawrence Kildare’s attacks had been moving him backwards in a concerted effort, towards a chest that had been left in the open in the camp. A chest that Beldak had tripped over.

    Beldak realized his sword had come out of his hand and he looked about wildly for it. And then the armored foot of Lawrence Kildare came down heavily on Beldak’s chest, knocking the wind from his chest. The bandit grabbed hold of Lawrence’s leg to wrest it off him, but Lawrence put his weight into Beldak.

    Then he put his sword into him. The pain caused Beldak to scream and he dug his fingers into Lawrence’s leg, but he couldn’t budge it. Lawerence twisted the scimitar and drove deeper and the scream stopped. Beldak’s hands still gripped Lawrence’s leg, but they didn’t cling so tightly. And the light faded into dark eyes.

    Lawrence shook off the hands of the corpse and turned to survey the battle around him.

    The few bandits that remained were fleeing. The disciplined Desertmen had suffered losses, but they’d inflicted much more than they’d suffered. The horde of Beldak Darkeyes was defeated and scattered. At the opposite end of the camp, Ser Rickard removed his helm. It was funny, to Lawrence he seemed much less younger now. There was a look on Rickard’s face. It was serious and seemed to sit heavily on the knight’s face. The pair shared a look, a look that the other Desertmen who had not taken holy vows could not understand. It was a look of two men who knew the battlefield.

    “They are routed, Ser Lawrence,” Ser Rickard reported.

    “Well done, Ser Rickard,” Lawrence said, removing his own helmet, “Let the survivors flee. They are men of low moral character. After a beating like this they will save their own hides. Set the usual watch and begin to collect the dead for ritual burning.” He turned to find his squire, who had taken part in the action approaching. His light armor was bloodied. “Are you unhurt?”

    “Yes, ser,” the squire said.

    Lawrence handed his squire his helmet. “Good. Let us remove this armor.”

    In the afternoon, the bodies of the dead bandits were stacked and set aflame. Each of the fallen desertmen were individually lit, the honor done by Ser Rickard who had led the majority of the defense. Illiza gave them all their final rites as devoted servants of V’hallar deserved.

    Ser Lawrence Kildare lit the bodies of Beldak and Anyanka himself. After the peasant girl began to be engulfed by flame, Lawrence returned to the group and put a hand on the shoulder of the young boy that Anyanka had come looking for, the boy who was the reason for so much death. Lawrence wondered if he knew it. The knight hoped the boy didn’t know this had all been about him. It would be a terrible thing for a child to carry with him. A terrible, terrible thing.

    “I am sorry,” Lawrence said softly, “All that remains now is the Tower of Stone.”

    Or so Lawrence earnestly hoped. There had been enough strife on this journey for now. If V’hallar was kind, the remainder would pass in peace.

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  5. spycoder9

    spycoder9 Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 23, 2008
    16 Days Before the Wedding
    Cyrell, Mountains


    The chief advisors went over the speech, making comments on it here and there. Though every few seconds one suggested a change, the others quickly snuffed it out, realizing how wonderful it was as a whole. Frightening, perhaps, but also inspiring.

    And then the time had come. Knights scurried about, gathering the denizens of the castle to gather so that the Lord may speak. They whispered amongst each other, wondering what all the chaos was about. Of course a rumor or two had been leaked, and a few of them already knew what was going on. They were the most scared.

    Children cried, or laughed and played.

    And the air was thin, when Lord Gordon came out, though cheers and clapping was heard. He was a respected lord, having earned the happiness of his people.

    And as Gordon readied himself, he might even notice his wife standing somewhere in the crowd of people, along with his son. They were all relying on his words and the wisdom they held.

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  6. spycoder9

    spycoder9 Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 23, 2008
    19 Days Before the Wedding
    Small, Abandoned Town - Desert

    When Lorain entered the main room of the place she now realized was a small tavern, she would notice no people standing around. Just this woman who was sprawled against the wall, her hand stretched out and her legs splayed. Her almond eyes were wide open, and whirled around at Lorain. Her clothes were drenched in dried red blood from a deep gash on her chest. She almost smiled at the sight of the large woman, a little odd, and then it quickly dropped off her face.

    A groan, loud and slow, came from her dry lips. Her eyes rested on Ser Kaleb, who had entered behind Lorain. She shook her head back and forth, trying to move off the floor, away from him, but she was too weak.

    All the while, the dying woman’s young companion was crouched behind the bar used in this tavern. Fleet, as he had been called for most of his thirteen years, had heard them entering the small village. For the past three days, he had been constantly trying to nurse Kaili back to health. Bringing her water, food, etc. She had found him a while ago, many towns from their location, starving in the street. Dark skinned, pretty in an exotic sort of way, she had stolen him some food. And in exchange for his company, she would make sure he had food. Most likely not even twenty herself, she never told Fleet anything about herself. She was a live-for-the-moment kind of woman.

    And as the walked along the coast, they discovered some no matter town. Kaili decided to stay the night to get a good drink and some rest.

    That very night, the entire town went silent. Of course there had been screams, scuffles, and a lot of shouting, but Fleet woke up as it was ending. Kaili had shaken him up, and they had hurried to the bar, hoping to find someone who would explain everything. There the auburn haired knight had stood, with his bloody sword in hand and eagle emblazoned across his chest. Kaili had enough sense to hide Fleet, but she herself had not been as lucky. A hard blow to the side, and the knight assumed she was dead. He then left with his own companions, leaving Fleet to an empty town and his dying friend.

    And now they were back, with a woman. A large, bulky woman, at that. Fleet would recognize the red haired knight as well.

    And through a window beside the bar, he could see outside. The man in robes from a few nights before was there as well. And he was unsheathing a dagger from them as he approached the doorway, his face very frightening. By the look on the bulky woman’s face, she didn’t understand particularly what was going on.


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  7. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Chosen One star 5

    Apr 29, 2002
    IC: Fleet
    19 Days Before the Wedding
    Small Abandoned Town, Desert

    Please live another day, please live another day, please live another day….

    These words Fleet repeated in his mind like a mantra, not concerning himself, but his new friend and traveling companion.

    She was dying, and that terrible mix of feelings, helplessness, anger, frustration and fear, they all threatened to overwhelm him, but he needed to keep them from taking over, no matter how bad he felt them. Kaili's life depended on it, and he owed her his life.

    How long had it been since they'd met? Well over a moon for sure. He didn't even remember the name of the town he was in, as he lay like a newborn babe in the mud, starving to death, not a soul caring if he lived or died…just another street urchin. He didn't know why she did it, but he was grateful that she did. She'd fed him until he was able to travel again. It wasn't out of pity, he could see that in her eyes, so pretty they were, almond shaped and bright like jewels of amber. He really liked the way she said his name, he could swear he heard some kind of accent,(perhaps he imagined it) or the way she'd smile more after he'd laugh at one of her jokes or jabs, such a wit she had on her.

    Three nights in this god's forsaken town. Sneaking around getting food for her. He'd hardly eaten himself and couldn't tell if she was getting any better or not. She certainly had no strength to travel, and not a soul had passed through the town after that night. The night of the attack.How many times had he searched that bloody bar for anything like a weapon. Keeping out of sight hadn't helped his search either, so he'd settled for a branch as long as his forearm, with a crudely sharpened point. Fleet was feeling desperate as his hopes for Kaili were fading. What little water they had would not last the night. Worst of all, no one would find them in time, for no one had passed through the town…not until now.

    Had he fallen asleep again?

    A sudden sound roused him, and Fleet quickly raised his head, blue eyes snapping open with a start. He didn't even notice when he'd drowsed. He quickly searched the room, as he felt a pang of panic when he didn't see Kaili on the spot he'd left her resting. He saw her trying to get up, struggling to prop herself against the wall. "Kaili, no…what are yu doen? Yu need ta rest…" That's when he saw the BIG woman at the door, the biggest he'd ever seen.

    She had caught them by surprised somehow, but one glance at her….she had skin like Kaili's. For a brief second, his eyes grew large! Finally, someone that could help them - then he froze. Behind the large woman! The Knight from the night before!! Fleet's eyes narrowed as he shot a baleful glance at the armored man behind the towering female, He'd glimpsed the eagle on his chest - then a shadow caught his peripheral vision and his head snapped automatically toward the window, revealing the 'the man in robes' as he unsheathed his daggers. Fleet tried to burn his fear with the anger he was feeling, but it was only marginally working. He quickly grabbed the pointed stick and aimed the business end of it at the large woman, for all the good it would do him. It seemed Lady Luck wanted nothing to do with him after all.

    "Bloody 'Ell, not again!!" He snarled, venting vehemence."Comin ta finish the job, eh!? C'mon then! Let's have it!!

    It was the best bluff of his life and all he could do to mask his fear. He knew what these base men did to women and children, how they treated those they viewed as weak. He'd heard the screams but a few nights ago, and heard the stories of slavery from the dockhands. He was angry, furious with himself as his shame burned within his chest for wanting to flee! There was no way he could get past the big woman, and jumping out the window was a truly desperate notion. Kaili would fight, so how could he not do the same! He hated being weak, but he was no coward. If the gods demanded his life, then he would try to take one of the bloody pirates with him, and hope that Kaili would die before some horror was visited upon her.

    And so, Fleet would not flee, but instead, he jumped in front of Kaili, resolved to fight.


    OOC: Sorry for the big post got a bit carried away. [face_blush]
  8. HanSolo29

    HanSolo29 Manager Emeritus + Official Star Wars Artist star 7 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Apr 13, 2001
    IC: Emilia Reynard
    Dining Hall, The Capital

    Her Highness, the rightful Queen Emilia Reynard, sipped her tea intermittently as she observed the other women gathered around her. All of them had come from very influential and powerful Houses from within the Kingdom and the Queen admitted silently to herself that she disliked every single one to some extent. Not the houses, mind you, it was the women as individuals; the bickering, the gossip and in some cases, the obnoxious behavior that accompanied most women with standing. Emilia, herself, had been raised better than to publicly make a spectacle of herself in front of someone of such importance, but as long as these women got their voices heard, they did not seem to care either way. Such a shame, really. A true shame.

    The Queen smiled and offered a polite nod of gratitude as one of those women, Lady Jenane, gave her compliments to the new guest wing of the castle. It was the least she could do - smile and nod and shower them with the necessary attention they sought so hard to achieve. If she had it her way, these functions would be permanently outlawed in the land, but her husband, King Fenton, had other motives. His plan had been to feel out the other Houses and gauge their reactions to the current schism. The Queen had protested, of course, but in the end, what other choice did she have except to agree? And so, this tea time was a necessary evil and only part of the problem.

    “Ah yes, I saw that!” Lady Gelsi exclaimed, effectively ripping the Queen from her private thoughts. She could be considered to be the most obnoxious one of the bunch and as soon as the Queen heard her voice, she set her back teeth on edge in preparation of the filth she would spill forth.

    “Rather large and intimidating, don’t you think. Why yes, the décor was pleasant and all, but couldn’t it of been fashioned out of something other than that drab grey stone.”

    Emilia fought the urge to cough as she nearly choked on her tea. The nerve of that woman! She covered up her growing annoyance with a smile as she gracefully lowered her tea cup to the table and turned her head to address Lady Gelsi.

    "It is only the best, Lady Gelsi, I can assure you," she offered with a fake smile to smooth over her true emotions. "But perhaps next time we should consult you in such matters, especially if you are truly as knowledgeable in interior decorating as you make yourself out to be. But that is all rather quite trivial, don't you think? Especially with a war ravaging the land." She dabbed her lips with her napkin and turned away from the outspoken Gelsi.

    "The nerve of some people," she muttered quietly to herself so that the others could not hear.

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  9. Ktala

    Ktala Force Ghost star 6

    Sep 7, 2002
    OOC: Hopefully, I did not step on any toes...unless they are the knights! :p

    Lorain Ashkey
    Tavern - Small, Abandoned Town - Desert

    Lorain entered the tavern cautiously, and the first thing her eyes found was that there was only one person immediately within the building, which appeared to be a tavern. A woman, sprawled agains the wall, lying there as if she had been thrown, hard. Lorain resisted the urge to frown, he thoughts thinking back to the attack at the other town, as she moved towards the woman quickly. The woman's clothing was drenched from dried blood. That meant the attack had happened long ago. And she had a wound, on her chest. Like her pa....

    Lorain blinked hard, clearing her mind, as she took a slow step forward. The woman's almond eyes were wide open, and she turned to stare at Lorain. Her clothes were drenched in dried red blood from a deep gash on her chest. She almost as if she was going to smile, but suddenly the look on her face changed. A loud groan, as she stared behind Lorain. Ser Kaleb. She then tried to move away. Lorain did not need to guess the woman's reason. Like a dog, who had been badly handled by her master, and now shied away from him. Her bad feeling about why these men had
    been staring back and forth at each other strangely, was confirmed. She gathered they had something to either do with it... or knew what had happened. The woman recognized them, that was sure. Lorain's mind worked furiously. If
    what she feared was true... no way she could handle a group of well armed and armored knights.

    She needed ...

    Suddenly, her thoughts were interrupted by movement and a voice!

    "Bloody 'Ell, not again!!" It snarled, venting vehemence."Comin ta finish the job, eh!? C'mon then! Let's have it!!"

    That was all Lorain needed. Thoughts became movement, and with a swift movement, she mule kicked hard to the rear, doing her best to catch Ser Kalen square in the chest, to knock him backwards, and away from the doorway. She then threw herself and her entire body weight at the door, closing it quickly, and pulling the bolt to lock it in one swift motion. Taverns tended to be built reasonably well, so the door should hold for a bit. But that left them rather
    trapped at the moment. One issue at a time. With that done, she now looked at who had stepped out from behind the bar.Lorain looked at the figure. It was a boy, and then the woman behind him. A child, and all he was armed with was a stick, but he obviously did not care. He was trying to protect the woman.

    She gave him a sad smile. "Boy, you want to live, same as I do methinks. They be no friends of mine. And that door might not hold them long, so I think we better find a better place to be, or at least, a better weapon than your stick." Lorain took a few steps forward, to check on the woman. She all but batted the stick away from her that the boy held out in front of him. She didnt want to hurt him, but she didnt have time to argue the point. If he tried to attack
    him, she would swat him, hard. "Move quickly, young Ser.." she told him, "Your friend needs our help," as she pushed past him, and in a swift move picked up the injured woman. She was not sure of this woman would live or not, but she was not going to leave them to the knights... not if she could help it. She wanted to find out what had happened, but right now, she knew that they needed to move quickly. Barely slowling down, she turned, and looked around the tavern. Nothing but silverware down here. Perhaps the tavern keeper had something hidden in his area?

    Lorain had noted the stairs, so she headed quickly up the stairs, cradling the woman in her arms, as she tried not to cause further injury while praying that the door would hold. As she ran, Lorain's mind was racing furiously. Why had they saved her then? Why did they even TELL her of this place?!! They could have just left her wandering? To pretend otherwise... were they working with the pirates? Is that why their master had acted so strangely? Lorain's eyes scanned the second floor furiously, looking for a place to go. As she did, she noticed a rope, dangling down from the ceiling. An attic? If nothing else, it would be a difficult place for the knights to reach them. They could not run far. Not for long. If nothing else, it would give them time to try and find a way out of here.

    Lorain pointed towards the rope. "We hide up there. And pray there is a weapon as well." she added as she moved over to the rope. She gently set the woman down, and then pulled on the rope. A small ladder came down. She looked towards the boy. "Go! I need your help to get your friend up there." Lorain focused on the task at hand. If there were any noises coming from downstairs she ignored them. Her efforts were to get the boy up the rope, and if he even looked like he would freeze, she would lob the child up there, and then the woman.

    Once they were upstairs, Lorain made sure to pull the rope up, so that the knights would not be able to use it to open the staircase. She sat on the trapdoor, breathing hard as she tried to figure out what in the nine gods was going on!!!

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  10. spycoder9

    spycoder9 Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 23, 2008
    12 Days Before the Wedding
    Shodaire, Mountains
    Throne Room


    She awoke with her brother Karridan standing over her. A look of urgency had crossed his face, though it wasn’t one of fear. He looked more excited than anything else.

    “Safia, wake up!”

    Once he had made sure she was up, he allowed for her maids to dress her in her nightgowns. Then he turned his icy blue eyes back to her and a smile was bright on his face. Nothing pleased him more than making his sister happy, and he knew this would.

    “Safia, the Desertmen have almost arrived. Sentries noted their incoming to Father, and he to I. We are to meet in the throne room, where their entrance will be made formally.” He laughed, a nervousness that he had felt for his sister finally lifting. He exited the room, allowing her time to get dressed. Her maids dressed her in a beautiful, satin gown in her House’s colors. Delicate, and form fitting from the waist up. Finally some comfortable slippers were put on her feet.

    She was rushed to the throne room, where her Father already was seated.


    Karridan led her to her seat beside Desmond, and then took his place behind the throne. Ectarion stood on the other side, actually looking rather becoming for once. The royalty of Shodaire entered, including even cousin Synthia. She tried to seem happy and pleasant, but it was obvious she wanted this to be her.

    And once everyone had taken their place, Safia would then realize. . .she was about to meet her soon to be husband.

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  11. Trieste

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    Apr 10, 2010
    IC: Ser Lawrence Kildare
    Throne Room, Shodaire, Mountains
    12 days before his wedding

    Outside the gates of the Tower of Stone, the caravan from the Desert paused. Ser Rickard turned to look at their leader. "Are you ready?" Rickard asked.

    "Yes," Lawrence replied. His outward calm was no accident. He had steadied himself with deep breathing, much as he had when they had faced down the bandits just days before. It was a familiar calming technique. Funny that a woman should require such measures from him, but this woman was to be his wife. A woman he was about to meet for the first time. Perhaps some nerves were not so unwarranted.


    "Ser Rickard Dondare," was the announcement of the herald at the entrance of the hall.

    In full armor, save for his helmet allowing his flaxen locks to flow freely to his shoulders, the young knight strode into the throne room, shining and gleaming. It was likely good that he had been announced for he looked the part of a knight from songs that it might not have gone over well for the people of Shodaire to accidentally think that this was the betrothed of their princess. Rickard advanced halfway down the length of the throne room and stopped, and made a crisp bow.

    "Your highness," Rickard said, before assuming his erect position again, "It is my pleasure to present to you Ser Lawrence Kildare."

    Rickard stepped aside and attention naturally drew to the entry to the throne room. In slow procession in two lines entered the soldiers of the caravan. Each of them wore the best armor that they had and polished anything that they could to look their very best. They had been told that nearly everyone in the Mountains would never have seen anyone from the Desert before. The impression that they made would be one that would not be easily undone and as the wedding of Lawrence hung in the balance they needed to do everything they could to ensure the impression was a good one.

    Even with their best face forward, to the people of the Mountains it might perhaps seem that the exotic dust of the Desert clung to these foreign men. Their dress was unusual, not at all what one needed to survive in the Mountains, which perhaps made these Desertmen fascinating to some, if not most. In fact, as they strode down the long throne room, it was almost as if they brought with them the gentle warmth from their homeland. The two lines parted crisply and turned to face each other, creating an aisle but spaced generously that those assembled in the throne room could still see.

    Then, a flourish of flame suddenly ignited in the entry of the throne room. When the light was gone and everyone could see again, there stood Illiza, clad in scarlet and rouge. As the priestess of V'hallar moved towards the throne, it seemed that a wave of heat trailed behind her. A quarter of the way from the throne, Illiza stopped and gave a deep curtsey to both king and princess before withdrawing to one side, one hand motioning back towards the entrance.

    And there stood Ser Lawrence Kildare.

    He was dressed in clean white robes, so different from the shining armor of the first knight who had entered the throne room. These robes were so pure in their whiteness that it was stunning.The entire trip they had remained safely stowed away for this moment, this presentation to his bride to be. A keffiyeh adorned his head, unnecessary here in the cool Mountains where the sun did not beat harshly, but it was part of the Desert culture that Ser Lawrence represented today and so he wore it. His scimitar, its scabbard gleaming, hung outside his robes, which flowed smoothly around and behind the knight as he took long strides down the throne room, was likely a novel weapon to many here, but it was also a reminder that Lawrence Kildare had made his name through use of such a weapon. This was no dandy who had come to marry their princess. This was a warrior.

    His bright, light blue eyes were fixed straight ahead with characteristic intensity and penetration, seemingly oblivious to those gathered around him. He looked only at the throne, at King Desmond. Mere steps from the throne, the knight stopped and bent on one knee and bowed his head.

    "Your Highness, I bring the salutations of my sister, Lady Ginnifer Kildare, who reaffirms the bonds of affection and alliance shared by our houses. To further encourage this kinship between the Mountains and the Desert, I humbly present myself to honor the covenant made by House Kildare with Your Highness."

    Lawrence's head came up and he looked right at Safia. "With your blessing and permission if you see fit to grant it, I ask to take the Princess Safia's hand in marriage."

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    Apr 29, 2002
    IC: Fleet
    19 days before the wedding
    Small Abandoned Town, Desert-Tavern

    Fleet was expecting the big woman to attack him and Kaili without hesitation, since he suspected he didn't look all that intimidating with a sharpened stick in his hand and shaking like a leaf. In his mind, he visualized what he planed to do: He was going to stab her in the eye, then quickly move out of the way. He HAD to time it right…but, the thought of killing another person was sickening. He'd seen horrible things, victims of violence, corpses, cripples, killings, poor saps getting gored…He couldn't understand the 'why' of it, but knew it was just the way of the world. If he was going to defend Kaili…

    His grip on the stick tightened to the point of making his knuckles white. But why couldn't he stop shaking! He had to time things right as he would only get one chance at it. Breathing heavily, he waited for the woman to rush him. At least he'd make one of them pay before being gutted like a farm animal by the Knight's sword.

    And then, something totally unexpected happened.

    The big woman moved so quickly and so suddenly, at first he thought he'd missed it. She'd mule-kicked the Knight with such force, he disappeared out of sight, then the door shut with a great resounding SLAM! The force of it lifted the very dust from the floor. It all looked very spectacular and quite amazing really, so much so that he'd almost forgotten his situation. Then the woman turned towards them after bolting the door.

    "Yu stae away from us!!" he shouted as a warning, bringing up the stick and pointing it as if it were some knight's sword to ward off a brigand, the very volume of his voice granting him a much needed measure of courage, "Or I swear I'll…"

    The big woman gave him a sad smile and cut him off : "Boy, you want to live,same as I do methinks. They be no friends of mine. And that door might not hold them long, so I think we better find a better place to be, or at least a better weapon than your stick."

    "Wh…whot?" Was all that Fleet could say, as he blinked with some confusion at what the big woman had said. She wasn't here to kill them? He looked down at his stick. It was NOT a sword. But….

    Before he could get his mind around what was happening, the big woman moved toward him and Kaili. She was so big and imposing. Before he could do anything at all, she batted the stick away from his grasp! How easily she disarmed him. Fear, surprise, helplessness, anger! These feelings wrecked havoc inside of him, but fear for Kaili's safety won over.

    The woman was already upon Kaili, picking her up.

    "NOOOO!! Leave her alone…!!"

    Fleet had balled his fists and was about to pounce on the big woman. It was all he could think of doing to defend his friend, hot tears of frustration already welling in his eyes, but again, the big woman surprised him. "Move quickly young Ser…" She said, "Your friend needs our help."

    Young Ser? No one had EVER called him that, why had she called him that…but, seeing Kaili's form cradled by the large woman…that sight brought everything back into focus. The big woman was here to help them. All he could do was nod several times, as he tried to get his wits back, clean lines ran down his cheeks were the tears removed the dirt. The big woman pushed past him, which helped him regain his presence of mind. They weren't dead, not by her hands, so they could trust her. At least for now.

    Fleet followed quickly and caught up to her. He could keep up with her large strides. When she stopped after a moment, he could see her thinking expression, and immediately pegged her for a survivor. He knew that look!

    "That's were they be keepin' the silverware." He confirmed as he followed her gaze. On impulse, he ran over and looked through the silverware again, but as expected, did not see or find anything he hadn't seen before. That's when his foot hit something near the cutting table. He looked down and his eyes lit up. A dirk!! Why hadn't he noticed it before? He must have been sick with worry not to have seen it.

    Nimble hands reached out and snatched up the small weapon. Fleet rose up and showed the weapon to the big woman, a silent and triumphant smile on his face, but she didn't notice, as she was already moving on towards the stairs. Fleet picked at a bread crumb he'd noticed on the nearby table and ate it, then dashed after the big woman and Kaili. Lady Luck had not forgotten them after all.

    It took a moment longer than he imagined to catch up to their helper. The big woman was running while holding Kaili? How strong exactly was she? Perhaps she had giant's blood in her. Fleet couldn't help but feel more than a bit amazed. He wanted to be that strong. He needed to be. After catching up, once again he followed her gaze and saw that she was looking at the rope that fell from the ceiling on the second floor of the tavern.

    "Attic." he said, perhaps overstating the obvious, but he was feeling some confidence returning. His voice was not as shaky as before, and certainly a lot less earnest. He needed to know how far he could trust this large woman, who for all appearances, was helping to save their lives.

    "We hide up there." The woman stated, her voice full of confidence. "And pray there is a weapon as well." The woman slowly placed Kaili on the ground, and Fleet came to her side, worry once again coming to him. "Live another day…" he whispered to her, hoping she could hear him. He turned to watch the big woman bring down the ladder that lead to the attic. "I found a dirk down by the kitch'n." He informed. " 'Fraid I'm not very good with it."

    "Go!" the big woman commanded, leaving no room for question or debate. "I need your help to get your friend up there."

    In the next moments, Fleet found himself struggling like he'd never done before. His muscles ached and burned, and his brow was now drenched with sweat, as he helped lift Kaili. He never realized how truly heavy she was, as she always appeared so light. Many times he felt as if she would slip through his fingers, his grip loosening, but he would not give her up. Gritting his teeth and groaning, he pulled harder than he ever imagined he could…and just when he thought he might pass out from the effort…


    Kaili was safely inside and he was panting for breath as he lay next to her. He looked over to see the big woman was breathing hard as well. He chuckled at that, smiling a little. His blue eyes darted around as he regarded the room from where he lay; He'd been up here before, but briefly. He also noticed that he large woman sat on the trapdoor. Now it was his turn to have that searching look on his face. Fleet got up suddenly, and went over to the nightstand. He searched it, and saw nothing but papers he couldn't really read and a dried-out quill. One of the matrons at the orphanage had tried to teaching him a few things about words, but circumstances were less than ideal, and that's putting it nicely. Next he tried the bookcase. More words which only made his head hurt. Finally, he went to the bed and looked under it. Nothing. He threw back the covers. Nothing. Removed the pillows. Nothing. A gleam came over his eyes as an idea formed. With his right hand, he reached behind the wooden headboard, and after a moment, his eyes grew large as he smiled.

    "There it is."

    He gave a bit of a pull, then came away, a dagger still in its sheath was now in his hand. Without hesitation, he turned and handed it to the big woman. "Here, this un is fer yu." With his left hand, he'd dragged the bed covers, which he used to place with great care over Kaili. She wasn't looking good at all…not at all.

    Without saying a word, he picked up the dirk he'd placed next to her. His eyes were getting red again, so he didn't look over to the big woman."We can't stae here…" he declared simply. He had no doubt the large woman knew this hiding place was also somewhat of a trap, and at best, a temporary hiding place. If they could find it…so could the killers. They had to find a way to escape, and soon. Especially if the evil men decided to burn down the tavern.

    "Best place the bed on-top the trapdoor ma'am…"He began to say, then turned towards the large woman. "No tellin' if they'll prick the underside of it with their swords. Won't want yu getting injured."

    It was his turn to return the sad smile, but that lasted only a moment as he gave her a solid nod.

    "Name's Fleet. Thank yu fer helping' us."

    With that, he slowly turned towards his sleeping friend with the beautiful almonds eyes. He watched her face and absently began to stoke her hair. Closing his eyes and with trembling lower lip, he buried his face on the covers by her neck, and quietly sobbed.

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  13. afellowjedi

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    May 22, 2011
    Diana Cupidtas

    12 days before the wedding.

    Delmaristead Streets

    Diana walked along the street towards the harbor, from her window she had seen a ship heading towards the mainland and she wished to see how the ship would be received. The town was in chaos, Diana needed to get in contact with the remaining knights and become updated on the current situation, but an opportunity had yet to presents itself. She carried her satchel , never assume to have a the same bed every night, it was a rule she had learned in the desert, life was always moving and one had to move with it; Diana would of liked to return to “her” house but something told her this would not be.

    "Excuse you!" A man tried to open a shop door and almost hit her. Diana set a cold glare his way and considered slamming the door back in on him, but that would only cause a scene so she continued walking. “Snagga” she snarled under her breath in disgust. She fingered the knife hidden beneath her cloak almost daring the man to follow her, she was in a deadly mood because of all this; but alas the man had some sort of sense and left her alone.

    Diana’s mind went back to the problem of information, perhaps if she could come in contact with palace officials who had not departed with the royal family.

    She had entered the harbor and was about to start towards the palace to begin in her newest quest when a commotion caught her attention. The ship she had come to see in originally had docked and a crowd had come to “welcome” it. It was a trader’s ship from a distant place based upon their lack knowledge of Diana’s home language; she couldn’t quite place the language but had a rough understanding of it though. She hung back and watched the event unfold. They were a warrior based society it seemed, handling weapons with precision and ease. A rioter had tried to confront what the Diana assumed was the captain of the ship and now said rioter laid crippled upon the deck. Another rioter shot an arrow at another crew member and soon was struck down his self, arrows flew into the crowd from the ship, they weren’t trying to kill just ward off the rioters. But this method was going to get nowhere, the crowd wanted the ship to surrender and the ship’s crew wasn’t going to let this happen. A lot of blood was going to be shed, and while these rebels were earning this more and more, it wasn’t necessary.

    An idea formed in her head, if she could somehow form an alliance with these traders then they would be a great help for the fight to take back Delmaristead; but first she need them away from this murderous crowd. She made her way to the front of the crowd. She took a deep breath and shouted, “Stop!”
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    Apr 24, 2004
    IC: Safia Rolmar
    The Mountains of Mirwyth
    Shodaire, the Tower of Stone
    Throne Room—12 days before her wedding

    Safia sat in silence beside her father, gently gripping the arms of her seat to keep herself from fidgeting, and to keep her hands from shaking. From the moment Karridan had woken her and told her that the Desertmen were about to arrive, she had felt as if her heart would pound itself right out of her chest, she was so nervous. She had not broken her fast this morning—there had not been time—and perhaps that was a good thing, the way her stomach was fluttering. She might have imagined it, but when she had looked in the mirror before heading down to the throne room, she’d thought her complexion had looked even paler than normal.

    Calm down, she told herself, taking a few deep breaths to steady herself as she watched the Desertmen file into the throne room. A bit of a dramatic entrance, but it would certainly make an impression (obviously the intent); Synthia and her little gang would probably be gossiping and whispering about it later. Her cousin was standing with her parents nearby, with a very fake smile plastered on her face. But Safia was a bit more worried about Ectarion causing trouble than Synthia. Just let him be quiet. If he can’t say anything nice—and Ectarion very rarely had anything nice to say—let him keep his mouth shut. Currently her brother was standing at the other side of their father’s throne, and she couldn’t quite see his face, but she could imagine the scowl he might be wearing just now.

    After the contingency of knights had entered, there next came a dark-skinned woman, seeming to appear in a flash of flame and dressed all in reds. A priestess; Safia had seen one or two others of that order as she had passed through the desert on trips to Valona. What was their god called…? Vollor, Vahllar—V’hallar. And if the princess was not mistaken, this particular priestess would be presiding over Safia and Ser Lawrence’s wedding.

    And speaking of Ser Lawrence...the red-robed woman gestured back towards the entrance into the throne room, and there he was.

    Though all of his companions—save the priestess, of course—wore their finest armor, the only hint he gave of his status as a knight was the curved sword in its scabbard on his belt, otherwise he was clothed all in robes as pure white as Safia’s wedding gown. A sort of cloth headdress covered his head, but did not hide his face. He was handsome in his own right, but Safia had to consciously tell herself not to compare him to Matheus. Don’t even start that. If I do that, I will make myself miserable. If I do that, I will never be happy with him.

    Her eyes never left him as he approached the throne, but he kept his eyes straight forward, more towards her father than her, right up until he knelt and bowed his head, speaking to her father first. His voice was smooth and deep, his words eloquent and carefully chosen.

    "Your Highness, I bring the salutations of my sister, Lady Ginnifer Kildare, who reaffirms the bonds of affection and alliance shared by our houses. To further encourage this kinship between the Mountains and the Desert, I humbly present myself to honor the covenant made by House Kildare with Your Highness." He raised his head, and his eyes met hers, though he continued to address the king. "With your blessing and permission if you see fit to grant it, I ask to take the Princess Safia's hand in marriage."

    Though their betrothal was already a done deal, so to speak, there were still certain formalities to keep. And though Safia’s first meeting with Matheus had not been quite this formal, she and the prince had still gone through a similar rite as this shortly after, where the entire Royal Court had borne witness as Matheus had formally asked for her hand, and she had formally accepted, and both had sought her father’s permission. Of course Desmond had not refused then, and for certain he would not refuse now; it was far too late for that. But the proprieties had to be observed.

    She held Ser Lawrence’s gaze for a few moments longer before she turned to her father, whose eyes were still on the knight, and gently laid a hand on his arm. Her hands no longer shook, yet she still hoped that her voice would not betray her lingering nervousness. “My lord father”—she addressed him in a style keeping with the strict formality of the situation—“with your blessing and your permission, I accept Ser Lawrence’s proposal of marriage.”

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  15. Ktala

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    Sep 7, 2002
    Lorain Ashkey
    Tavern - Small, Abandoned Town - Desert - 19 days before the wedding

    Things just seemed to happen so fast.

    A blur of actions and of motion. A young boy. A woman, badly injured. Lorain just didnt have the time to ponder. She was too busy trying to keep them all alive. She had a mind full of questions, but right now, they would have to wait. She had to keep them alive. She had managed to find a room, up in the attic. Probably the tavern owners. The boy told her, "I found a dirk down by the kitch'n." He paused. "Fraid I'm not very good with it." Lorain nodded. "Hopefully, ya wont have to be." With the young boys help, Lorain managed to get the woman up the ladder, and into the attic room.

    It took several long moments, but they finally got the girl up the stairs. She slammed down the doorway, the rope pulled up, so that they coudlnt get in. She then sat back, breathing hard. The boy laid next to his friend, obviously very worried for her health. Lorain sat on the trapdoor.

    What was going on?

    Suddenly, the kid got up, and starting searching around. At first he checked the nightstand. Papers went flying. He moved around to some other places. Lorain moved over to check on the woman. She gently picked her up, and moved her over, a bit further away from the door.She then heard the young boy call out.. "There it is."

    Lorain looked up. The boy was reaching behind the headboard, and yanked something out. A dagger, still in its sheath was in his hand. Lorain was surprised when he turned and handing it to her. "Here, this un is fer yu." He then carefully grabbed the bed cover, and and covered his friend with them. His friend? She didnt think she was the kids mom. But obviously, there was something there. Still staring at his friend, he declared softly. "We can't stae here..."

    "I know." Lorain answered the boy. He then spoke once more. "Best place the bed on-top the trapdoor ma'am..." Another pause. "No tellin' if they'll prick the underside of it with their swords. Won't want yu getting injured." He gave a quick sad smile, before giving her a nod. "Name's Fleet. Thank yu fer helping' us."

    With that, he looked back towards his friend, gently and very tenderly stroking her hair, before finally closing his eyes. The shock from the events, finally catching up to him, and he buried his face on the covers by her neck, and sobbed quietly.

    Lorain looked at the boy. She wanted to reach over and touch him, but she let him be. She knew how he felt. She had already gone through the motions herself. Except she did not get to morn over the body of her father. She was dragged away, before she could. She got a good look at the boy now, and in some ways, he reminded her of her younger brother. Younger perhaps? She sighed softly, and stood slowly. The boy had a good idea. With a bit of effort, she managed to put the bed over the trapdoor. That would by them some time at least. But sooner or later, they would find this room. So they would need to find a way out from here.

    Lorain took another bed sheet, and tore it into pieces. Afterwards, she turned, and moved towards the woman. She didnt want to pressure the boy, but he was smart. He knew they would not be sticking around for long. She looked at the woman, and then to look at the woman's wounds. the fact the blood was dried was not a good sign.

    "What's your friend's name, Fleet?" Lorain asked him gently, as she moved some of the woman's clothing to take a look at her wounds. She wanted to get him talking, and to take his mind off of what she was doing. She moved slow, trying to be gentle, and to see just how bad was the wound. She cleaned the woman's wounds, and put fresh bandages on her. If she could talk, Lorain would ask her what happened. But right now, she would leave the two be. She figured the woman might not be conscious for long, and that Fleet would want to spend his time with her. Lorain wiped her hands, and then slowly stood. She had a chance to remember that she was still somewhat wet. She needed other clothing. Moving quietly, to not make too much noise, in case the knights had made it inside yet, Lorain moved to search the room. Nightstand, a bookcase, bed...ah wardrobe. Lorain opened the doors, and looked inside. Lorain had dressed rather fancy, as her father had wanted her to look more 'normal'. But right now, a chance to hide, would be more welcomed. So pants, tunics, shirts...yes, things she was used to wearing. A bit on the small side, but still, something she could wear. A bag... Something she could carry stuff in. It was a start. And she could carry her other stuff on her hip. As she searched, she talked to herself. "This dosent make sense." Why were those knights hanging around the beach? Unless they was working with the pirates. Or worse....they were waiting on others to catch up with them. Maybe pick them up?" Lorain frowned. That didnt make sense. But it was obvious, they knew about the town, but tried to hide it from her. She could not fight three knights. Well, she COULD, if she had the right weapons. But they were fully armored. That made it much harder. But why attack the town? And removed everyone. No bodies. No animals? Again, it made no sense. But if they were waiting for someone to show up, they didnt have much time. If others came, they would be in trouble...unless it was night.

    Lorain grabbed a bundle of clothing and moved over to the wardrobe. She pushed it to the side, opened one of its door, and stepped around, using it for a modest covering. Lorain turned her back to the young boy, and quickly changed clothes, opting for dry clothing, over modesty. But the dagger he had given her stayed close. Her hair had dried, and she quickly tucked it up. One of the cloth strips, she could use, to cover her hair, and pull it out of her way. Pants, shirt, tunics. Much better. She felt more like her old self, when she worked in the shop. Hmm. An apron. Probably for when the person worked the bar. That was useful. She adjusted the clothing to make it work for her. She looked back around the wardrobe. Fleet was still cuddled close to his friend. Lorain have him a careful look. Thin. Skinny. Probably had not eaten a good meal in ages. And someone he cared about was in a bad way. Her brother was probably doing the same, over their da. Lorain sighed softly. Too bad they didnt get a chance to eat. Or find any cash. If they were going to leave, they needed money. Food. Transportation. But first of all, they needed to get away from these knights. Especially before anyone else showed up. Lorain turned her head, and looked at the pair. And with an injured woman, that made things worse. Maybe she could find something and then come back for them? No. That was not good. Anything could happen. She then looked up, at the buildings rafters. There might be a way to to push their way through to the roof. Also, there was a chimney. They might be able to make a hole through that, and them shimmy their way up to the roof as well. She walked a few steps, and stared at the roof, looking around to see if she could find a trap door that led outside.

    Lorain walked over towards the pair. Lorain then laid a hand gently on Fleet's shoulder. "Fleet. I needs ya help. I know its hard, but ya gotta save your tears for later. I understand, cause I lost my pa a few days back, when the port were were waitin' at, was attacked by pirates. But we got to think now if we want to live, and make them pay. We need to find a way out of here, and get away from those insane knights. I take it ya seen them before? We have to go. Maybe we can get out through the roof. How well do ya know the city?" She asked him, trying to get him to focus. "Also, do you remember a blacksmith's or weapon's smith shop nearby?" She asked him softly.

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    Feb 13, 2003
    OOC: A fairly long combined post incoming between myself and the ever patient GM


    IC: Gwenn Cliffe
    Isles, Breeze croft - Castle

    "Ah, wise as well as cunning. Something not expected from the average illegitimate child."

    Gwenn frowned, though it was more of a knee-jerk reaction. Bastards were often called names and had their intelligence insulted and mocked. But the king had just given her a compliment, another thing she wasn’t fully used too. The king turned his head to gaze out onto the vast oceans through the balcony doors, and for a few moments she did not see a king, just a man, troubled, a little world weary too.

    "You are correct, my dear. Delmaristead is. . .under great duress in these times. Only few a man can trust. Not even his own family, at times."

    Gwenn was surprised to hear that. She had expected trouble to brew up at some point, but not within the king of the Isles own seat. And what did he mean about trust? A king usually had all manner of advisors aides and counsellors to confide in. Yet here he was, telling his woes to a bastard girl he had only just met the night before. The man turned away from the sea view and she heard him sigh as he placed his glass of water back down on the table. Her gaze met his own once more

    "You know, grey eyes run in House Delmari? Yes, yes. Every female Delmari born in the time before had beautiful grey eyes. Almost like mist that comes in from the sea on an early morning. My daughter, Raven, of course, was one of the exceptions. Perhaps because I never had a true born son, she was to make up for it. But yes, all Delmari women possess those mystic grey eyes."

    Gwenn blinked, Confusion crossing the dock-workers face, the feeling clearly reflected in her own so-called “mystic grey eyes” She hadn’t inherited her eye colour from her mother, Harriet’s eyes had been a soft sky blue. Gwenn’s eyes were one of a few traits passed on from her father. Though without knowing the man it was hard to paint a picture in her mind of what he looked like. Yes, grey eyes were uncommon, but were they really that rare? For every woman in the family to possess the same eye colour, it must of meant that his bloodline was stronger than most. She supposed it was the same with the Moorecroft family too, the way that the majority of them possessed light blonde hair and green eyes.

    “Beggin’ pardon yer grace, but just coz I got grey eyes…it don’t mean nothin'…”

    She said, but the response sounded less confident coming out of her mouth then it had sounded in her head. She sighed heavily and glanced back down at her hands. She found herself thinking about her first encounter with the king not twenty-four hours ago in the bloody breeze…the things he told her and her fellow workers, the tales…

    “…You know, of course, I used to be a sailor. Roamed all over the Isles, I did, and many lands beyond…”

    “…And so it went that there was a young woman here, fairest I'd ever seen. She was sipping on a drink, ignoring the advances of the man nearby her. We'd met gazes a few times, and I was much interested in knowing her better…"

    “…She was a servant in the house of Moorecroft, a maid or some such. We spent many beautiful nights together, until my ship left, me aboard. I never did see her again..."

    “…Every female Delmari born in the time before had beautiful grey eyes…”

    Gwenn’s breath hitched. Could it be?…No, coincidence, it had to be coincidence. She forced herself to look back at him, but she was visibly tense.

    “…Why do ye have so much interest in me? Why ask about me mother? About anything? I’m nothin’ to ye…”

    Nathaniel eyed Gwenn for several seconds, letting his words linger on his lips. A leader, especially a king, must always consider what he was to say before he said it. And this revelation. . .especially one of this nature, needed special consideration. Of course, he'd had all afternoon to think of it, but now words seemed to fail him.

    "Why so much interest? Perhaps because, all those years ago, when I was a young swashbuckling sailor with my life ahead of me, I bedded a woman by the name of Harriet. The love of my life, that I know for sure now. My marriage to the Queen is a. . .fragile one, built upon bloodlines and house alliances. Love, if there ever was any, has faded fast. And when love faded, I found myself laying in bed imagining Harriet as she had been."

    He smiled at her.

    "I never knew, Gwenn, that she had given birth to a child. She never told me. Probably understood what would happen to my public image should that ever come out. If only she had known that I was not concerned with those menial things." His voice cracked.

    "Gwenn," He met her eyes, and she might even notice a few tears in his eyes, "you are my daughter."

    The words hit Gwenn like a punch in the gut, and shock rippled through her. For a few long moments she just sat there in stunned silence as her brain tried to process the enormity of what he had just said. This man…was her father? Nathaniel Delmari, the king of the Isles? She realised that she was holding her breath, and could hear her heartbeat pounding in her ears. She let out a shaky breath, a lost look in her grey eyes.

    “What?! Y-you’re me father?...No…no ye can’t be, me father was a sailor…just a sailor!...”

    She stammered out, still clearly in shock. Harriet had told her that her father had been a sailor, never mentioning anything about a highborn or a lord, and definitely not a king! But he had once been a sailor in his family’s fleet when his older brother was still lord of Delmaristead…She looked him in the face, trying to find the smallest trace of a lie, but his eyes…his eyes said it all. Was it regret that she saw? Guilt? She noticed the tears, and in that moment she knew he wasn’t lying.

    “You’re me father…”

    She choked out, disbelief evident in her voice. The revelation rocking her to her very core. A wave of emotions flooded over her, anger, frustration, confusion, and she didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, shout or curse. Embrace him or punch him.

    She found herself replaying his words in her head. He didn’t know that Harriet was pregnant? For an uneducated commoner, Even Gwenn knew what was likely to be the result of a man and woman bedding each other; willingly or otherwise… did he not consider that? Did he not even suspect he might have gotten her with child? No, he was probably sailing to his next exotic landmark by the time her mother had discovered her pregnancy.

    The king had said that perhaps her mother didn’t want to ruin his public image by revealing that she was carrying a bastard child …but maybe she wanted to tell him, but was scared of repercussions from house Delmari? And how would she have contacted him all the way out on the ocean? So many questions surfaced in her mind, but in her stunned stupor she couldn’t bring herself to voice them.

    She often wondered about her long-absent father, but she had not expected anything like this. A kings bastard…The shock and stress she was feeling inside built up rapidly, and she suddenly started to feel light-headed. She needed some air, needed space to think, she needed to get out of this room…She stood up quickly and the room spun a little. Her eyes were wide, a conflicted look deep within them

    “I’m sorry, yer gra…I mean, I need te go…need te think…”

    "Go, think." Nathaniel offered a sympathetic smile. He couldn't imagine what was going on in her mind. "We leave two days from today, and ride back to Delmari, before then heading on to Shodaire, for my niece’s wedding. It would be a pleasant ride to have you onboard as well."

    Her hand was around the door handle, but Gwenn hesitated at his words. He had practically turned her life upside down with his revelation, and now he was planning on swanning off in two days? And he still wanted her to come with him…It was a bold thing to ask of her. Yes, this man may be her father, but for being absent for 26 years of her life, he was still nothing but a stranger to her, not to mention that she would have to leave the place that had been her home all her life.

    “No promises…”

    She said coolly to the door, not being able to bring herself to look at him else she lose what little composure she had left. Not giving him time to respond, she quickly opened the door and stepped out into the hallway closing the way behind her. She did not stop to see if Abbott was still conducting his business, she just wanted to get out of there. Her steps were hurried, and she stumbled a bit after catching her foot on the hem of her dress as she made her way through the corridors and stairwells of the Moorecroft castle. A few of the house staff gave her curious looks as she hurried past them, but in her dazed state Gwenn barely registered the stares or whispered words.

    Exiting the castle, she walked quickly through the gates, ignoring the looks from the Moorecroft
    household guards that stood on duty. She walked the streets of the town, but her mind was clearly somewhere else, the sounds of the market traders crying their wares and the lively hustle and bustle outside the inns and taverns sounded dim and unintelligible to her ears as she walked. Turning off the main streets, Gwenn made her way further towards the outskirts and towards the shore. It was quieter there, more private, and she wanted very much to be alone. The wind picked up some, the clouds above swirling in a mix of white and grey.

    The cool wind caught her face and she welcomed it, closing her eyes and drawing in a few deep breaths to try and steady and calm herself. She could hear the sound of the waves crashing against the stony shoreline, and could smell the salt on the sea air. The light-headedness faded after a few moments but she was still feeling a little shaky. Opening her eyes she glanced down at her fingers, and sighed in frustration as her hands still trembled some. She was so used to keeping her emotions hidden away. Growing up as she did, it was hard to trust or confide in anybody, so she put up walls, kept herself to herself as much as possible. There was less chance of getting hurt that way...She felt angry with herself for losing control. Staring out onto the vast ocean, she started thinking on all that she had experienced in the last two days. To think this all started in the bloody breeze. If she had just been sensible and declined the invite from her co-workers maybe she wouldn’t have crossed paths with the king, and maybe she wouldn’t have found herself in this bloody mess…

    Could she really do this?

    Should she do this?

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    Jul 23, 2008
    12 Days Before the Wedding
    Delmaristead, Islands

    The barbarians, as labeled by the foreigners, halted in their advance. They didn’t like these new arrivals, but understood that they were trained in arts of fighting.

    And then there was the upcoming shape of a new arrival, though this one came from inland. She shouted at them, her cloak hood having fallen back over her head. The captain of the ship rushed past Kenji, craning his neck to see the approaching woman. He could have swore he knew her from somewhere. Pretty face, looked a lot like. . .

    It was obvious, the Captain recognized her. Yes, a few years older, a little more wise beauty on her face, but she was the same woman he had known before.

    The barbarians were smart enough to realize that this would be their chance to slink away and allow these men visitation to the city. Wounded and tired, they decided that these men weren’t affiliated with King of the Isles.

    The men slowly exited the ship, mumbling to each other about what had happened, why it was going on, etc. Last time they had been in Delmaristead, things had been as peaceful as ever.

    The Captain himself came off the ship slowly. One step at a time, he pondered in his mind what he was going to say to her. She was amongst his men as he approached. The foreign duo would see the trepidation on his face. He was truly scared about facing her.

    Finally he came to a stop in front of her, and brought out his hand awkwardly.

    “Diana Rynquist,” He smirked, though the corner of his mouth twitched nervously, “It’s been awhile indeed.”

    And he truly did hope she might recognize him. After all the time they had spent together, training, talking. . .hopefully she might know just who he was.

    The Captain

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    Oct 15, 2008
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    IC: Gordon Cyrell
    16 Days Before the Wedding
    Cyrell, Mountains

    Gordon took a deep breath and began, “Citizens, men of the watch, and knights of the realm we stand on the edge of a new dangerous venture, and we must not falter in our duties or our resolve.”
    Gordon paused and shifted his gaze and continued with frown, “I regret to inform you that Harrowmount has been attacked and we do not know of any survivors that have been found. Lord Harrowmount was a good and decent man, and I counted him as one of my friends. These men responsible for this deed are murders without honor or sense of decency. They plan on destroying every castle, including this one, all the way to Shodaire.”
    Gordon paused with fire blazing his eyes and continued resolve in his voice, “In response, I plan on assembling the armies under my personal command and hopefully many others with the support of King Rolmar. We must unite together in the cause of defending our lands and our lives. These men and all those like them have proven that they do not care about us. I on the other hand care about the people, those who have given their allegiance, and efforts to make this castle and this region prosper. I along with the knights and all fighting men among you swore to protect this land and your lives and that is what we will do.”
    Gordon shifted gaze again pausing for another moment, “Put your faith in us and yourselves, be strong, console those who feel loss, and be stout in your resolve. Together we will win and together we will build a better tomorrow.”
    Gordon waved to the crowd and smiled knowing this was the best speech he could give under the circumstances. Gordon motioned to his chief military advisor as Gordon head to the main hall.
    Gordon said to him as he drew near, “I want updates on preparations every hour or so. I will not be caught flat footed like Lord Harrowmount was. On that note, I want the guards to be on alert for any unusual activity.”
    Gordon flashed back to the advice of his mentor.
    About 16 years ago
    Capital City Valona
    Gordon said, “So captain your telling me that you would send spies in to a castle in hopes of finding them unprepared?”

    The captain of the guard replied, “That is a better way of winning then taking them head on and one would loss less men that way.”

    Gordon relied, “That seems rather underhanded to me.”

    The captian replied, “Not really one thing you have to know about war is that you must search for an advantage were you can find it or you will lose the battle and potentially the war.”

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    Apr 29, 2002
    IC: Fleet
    19 Days before the wedding
    Small Abandoned Town-Desert Tavern, Attic

    He wasn't sure how long he held on to his wounded friend and silently sobbed next to her. The thought of her dying and leaving him alone was distressing enough, being killed by murderous knights just compounded the horror.
    But the truth of it was, he wasn't alone. She was still with them, though barely, and Lady Luck had sent them a rescuer. The big woman with gian'ts blood.

    "What's your friend's name, Fleet?" The large woman asked, concern evident in her voice.

    "Kaili" Fleet answered with a bit of a sniffle. He heard the big woman approach and turned to look at her, upon seeing the strips of torn sheets, Fleet understood what she was meant to do, or rather guessed, having seen something similar before. He scooted over to one side, wiping at his eyes with the back of his sleeve and creating circular clean spots around his eyes. The look he created was inadvertently comical, or would have seemed that way under normal circumstances. Curious, he watched as the big woman re-dressed Kaili's wounds with fresh bandages. He had placed what he prayed was a clean rag from the kitchens on her wound, and fed her as best he could, it was all he knew how to do to keep Kaili alive. He had only watched the matrons of the orphanage tend to kids wounds, he'd never done it before himself. He watched the big woman wipe her hands after the procedure was done and inwardly cursed, now finally remembering the one step he had forgotten. Fleet watched her get up and move away. He put on a brave face and gave the big woman a nod and a weak smile before scooting back next to Kaili. He did notice however how the large woman walked quietly while she moved about, searching the room. He heard her talking to herself then, and he listened, even as he tried to make kaili comfortable as best he could.

    "This doesn't make sense. Why were those knights hanging around the beach? Unless they was working with the pirates. Or worse....they were waiting on others to catch up with them. Maybe pick them up?"

    Fleet stopped stroking Kaili's hair and took a moment to think, searching his memory. They had arrived in town during the day, tired and hungry. Kaili had somehow managed to get them a small room somewhere. He'd been asleep when the attacks occurred. He couldn't offer the big woman any useful information in that regard, but the thought that knights might be working with pirates, that notion was something to be afraid of. A grating sound caught his attention and he looked back to see the big woman slipping behind a wardrobe she had moved. How strong was she? More and more he was convinced of her having giant's blood. It was the only explanation. Fleet felt the urge to ask her name aloud, but understood by the way she moved that noise was being kept to a minimum, so he decided he'd ask after they'd escaped to safety. Yes, safety. Fleet lay back next to Kaili to keep her warm as she had done for him. He gave her a soft hug, hoping that could help her recovery. She hadn't said a word during the last part of their ordeal. He could not imagine her pain.

    For a moment, he was unaware of the world around him and almost jumped out of his skin when he felt the large woman's hand on his shoulder so silent she'd been on her approach. "King's bones! Yu almost scared me ta death!!" he exclaimed. His eyes grew wide as he hardly recognized the big woman with her new change of clothes. In fact, she hardly looked like a woman at all anymore.

    "Fleet. I needs ya help. I know its hard, but ya gotta save your tears for later. I understand, cause I lost my pa a few days back, when the port where we were waitin' at, was attacked by pirates. But we got to think now if we want to live, and make them pay. We need to find a way out of here, and get away from those insane knights. I take it ya seen them before? We have to go. Maybe we can get out through the roof. How well do ya know the city?" She asked him, trying to get him to focus. "Also, do you remember a blacksmith's or weapon's smith shop nearby?"

    His big blue eyes looked into her face as she spoke, taking in all the nuances he could. She wasn't playing a trick on them, he could trust her. She was really trying to save them. And when she said her pa had died, he saw the truth of it in her eyes, because eyes never lied.

    "We were in toun no more 'n half a day when we arrived. The attacks happened that very night, but we did walk about some, before Kaili found us some lodgin'." Fleet sat up now, thinking. "Never seen them 'before the night of the attack really, those Knights.That was the only time, and it was dark. Lots of smoke and fire and screamin'." Fleet winced at the memories the words brought back. They had walked into a doomed town without even knowing it. "But I do 'member some sorta trade shop near the middle of toun, not far from here." He got up now, his movements more animated, more certain. Fleet grabbed one of the torn pieces of cloth and spat on it, then wiped at his face. Once he finished, most of the dirt was on the rag. He looked up at the roof, then at the wardrobe to which he walked to as quietly as possible. "Already took all the food and water I could find, I think..." He rummaged through it quickly, finding everything too big for him, except for an old tunic, which he swiftly change into right then and there. It still seemed somewhat large for his frame, but it mattered little. He was so happy to change out of the dirty torn-up top he currently wore, he forgot that the big woman was watching. The scars on his pale and bony back stood out plain to see, but only briefly. Taking only a moment to look at the wardrobe and the ceiling, he looked around for a stool or a chair, anything to give him purchase. The nightstand was taller than either choice, and he could move it. Fleet did so, diligently, but as quietly as he could. Placing the nightstand next to the wardrobe, he climbed it first, then the wardrobe. From there, getting onto the rafters was very simple. Once there, he tested his balance, then proceeded to walk along the support beam, palming and padding the underside of the roof as he went along, hoping to find an area to would 'give' from the pressure.

    " So, yu have a plan then...?" he asked the big woman as he continued to probe the underside of the roof.

  20. Ktala

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    Sep 7, 2002
    Lorain Ashkey
    Tavern Attic - Small, Abandoned Town - Desert - 19 Days before the wedding

    Lorain tried to comfor the woman, who's name she now found out was Kaili, as she had changed her bandages. She also felt sorry for Fleet. What a thing to be thrust into, at such a young age. She knew that the surrounding areas had gotten active lately. But why this? What had happened in the town? After she had changed her clothing, she walked back over to Fleet. She needed answers. Those knights had been waiting for something. If others showed up when it was still daylight, they would be trapped. So they needed to find a new place to hide, at least
    until dark. And they needed supplies. And a weapon. But right now, she needed answers. Lorain turned to Fleet, and listened to his reply.

    "We were in toun no more 'n half a day when we arrived. The attacks happened that very night, but we did walk about some, before Kaili found us some lodgin'." Fleet sat up now, thinking. "Never seen them 'before the night of the attack really, those Knights.That was the only time, and it was dark. Lots of smoke and fire and screamin'." Fleet winced and Lorain nodded in sympathy. It reminded her of when the pirates attacked. She bent down, and listened carefully to his words. "But I do 'member some sorta trade shop near the middle of toun, not far from here." He got up now, his movements more animated, more certain. Lorain stood up, watching the young boy, as he began to move around now. She smiled, as he 'washed' his face as best as he could, then moved to check out the wardrobe. He looked up at the roof, then at the wardrobe."Already took all the food and water I could find, I think..." He rummaged through it quickly, finding an old tunic he could wear. He quickly changed, and Lorain caught a glimpse of
    his back. She could tell his life had been a difficult one. And it was about to become a much more difficult one, if they did not find a way out of this town. Then she saw that Fleet was looking up again. Obviously, the boy had an idea. As Lorain stood, she watched fleet move the nightstand over to the wardrobe, and then began to climb. She smiled at the boy's ingenuity.

    He climbed quietly, and then moved over from the tops of the furniture to the rafter above. Once there, he tested his balance, then proceeded to walk along the support beam, palming and padding the underside of the roof as he went along, hoping to find an area to would 'give' from the pressure.

    " So, yu have a plan then...?" Fleet asked her.

    She walked softly, staying underneath where Fleet walked. "Name's Lorain. You can call me Lore." Lorain stated, as she gave him a gentle smile. "And yea, I got a plan. See, when I met them knights, they were out on the beach, not too far from here. I figures they were waiting for someone. Though, why they led me back here, is strange..." Lorain muttered softly.

    "Anyway, I figure the group that you heard, might come back for them. We cant be here when that happens. So we gotta find another place to hide, till night comes, then we can use the dark to hide us." Lorain moved gently, staying quiet as she thought. She then spoke softly once more. "So, if the buildings are close, we can go out on the roof, and get out of here. I need to find a blacksmith shop. Doubt they would look for us in there. And I'm sure they
    already cleaned it out everything else. But they aint commoners. Always got stuff stashed away someplace. And that man, who was with 'em. They called him Master. Something not right about him. So I says we stear clear of them." Lorain looked down, at the woman on the floor. "Dont worry about Kaili." she added softly. "I can carry her. But not for too long. If we had some rope, might make it easier. But right now, we just need to get out of this building before
    anyone else shows up."

    Lorain moved over to check on Kaili then, to see if she had a fever or anything else she might have missed. If the woman had been laying there for awhile with only Fleet to watch her, she might have already bled too much. Lorain did not know. But Fleet had done the best he could, and that she was still breathing was a testament to that. Lorain sighed. One thing at a time.

    She looked up, watching Fleet as he tested the roof.

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    Jul 23, 2008
    12 Days Before the Wedding
    Mountains, Harrowmont
    Near Remains of Castle

    After breakfast (an assortment of berries and cooked rabbit) had been fixed, served, and eaten, the group began to pack up their things. Though a direction had not been decided upon, they all realized the danger of staying in one place for too long. While the knights were a threat, bandits and wild animals ran rampant in the Mountains.

    Malik plopped one last berry in Rosa’s hand as he stepped by her to pick up the knight’s sword. Even in a depressing time as this, with memories of his home place centered in his mind, he knew that Rosa was having a harder time than him. Even though the knight and squire had tried their best to explain exactly what had happened, she still acted a bit confused. No, she hadn’t lost anyone she loved particularly well, but still. . .it had been her home as well.

    Rosa smirked at him, and as he wandered off, she ran up behind him. The knight and squire were a little ways off, and wouldn’t be able to hear.


    “Malik. . .Malik, listen.” She waited until he turned around. “I know these knights saved us from the castle, but can. . .can we trust them?” Rosa glanced at them from the corner of her eye.

    “For the moment, we have to.” Then Malik picked up the sword and brought it over to the knight, handing it to him. “I was wondering, in what direction do you plan on heading? I know my father wanted to wed me to some Gideon girl, but I believe that is the direction the knights went. And we’ve already sent out the messenger birds to warn them. . .”

    He paused.

    “There’s not much more we can do, for the moment.”

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    Apr 10, 2010
    OOC: Containing a mini-update from spycoder
    IC: Ser Lawrence Kildare
    The Mountains, Shodaire, the Tower of Stone Throne Room
    12 days before his wedding

    The King acted as if he pondered the request for a moment, taking into mind his daughter's acceptance as well. Then he offered a pleasant smile, and nodded his head.

    "Yes, Ser Lawrence Kildare." He continued to shake his head and up and down. "You have my permission to wed my daughter."

    And then, of course, the crowd erupted into cheers and applause.

    Lawrence rose from his kneeling position and waited for the hall to quiet again. "You honor me and my family deeply," the knight said, "This day has been too long in coming and I hope you will forgive me for being eager to become closely acquainted with Princess Safia." He extended a hand to Safia. "I personally find such things are best done in private."

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    IC: Safia Rolmar
    The Mountains of Mirwyth
    Shodaire, the Tower of Stone
    Throne Room—12 days before her wedding

    As she had known he would, her father consented to the marriage, and a cheer went up amongst the assembled audience. The formalities completed, Ser Lawrence rose to his feet, waiting for the ruckus to die down before speaking again. "You honor me and my family deeply," the knight said, "This day has been too long in coming”—Safia couldn’t help feeling the same; even though her father had only told her of the betrothal nine days ago, she had already grown sick of the waiting—“and I hope you will forgive me for being eager to become closely acquainted with Princess Safia." He extended a hand to Safia. "I personally find such things are best done in private."

    Though she was still a little nervous, Safia managed a smile. “I quite agree, Ser Lawrence.” She had no desire to remain under the prying eyes of certain relatives. Synthia was still wearing that fake smile, but Safia didn’t like the look in the other girl’s eyes, and she didn’t dare look to see what expression might be on Ectarion’s face; he was probably seething. There were plenty of places where she and Ser Lawrence could talk without the awkwardness of being watched by her entire family.

    She rose from her seat and took his outstretched hand. “I have been looking forward to getting to know you better as well.”

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    Jul 23, 2008
    15 Days Before the Wedding
    The Capital of Mirwyth, Valona
    Dining Hall

    “Oh yes, yes. Apologies, your Grace.” Even though no hostile words had been spoken from the Queen, Lady Gelsi sensed when she had overstepped her boundaries. She pleasantly took another sip of her drink, letting the silence fester for a second.

    “On the topic of this war,” Lady Wryma Rohnill, with only one eye, spoke for the first time from her seat near the Queen, “Dreadful, is it not?

    “And foolish.” Lady Gelsi grumbled from her spot. “Lords Rolmar, Santagar, and Delmari have always been such brash men, but to declare themselves Kings?” As she shook her head, her wig became a bit ill proportioned. She adjusted it with a slight tap of her hand.

    “My Grace, if I might ask, what are these rumors coming from the Mountains?” Lady Trysta Mannderly, one of the youngest among them, addressed the Queen herself. “My lord husband spoke of a assault in the night, of House Harrowmont? Capitalmen bearing the King’s crest razed it to the ground. Of course, this is if the tales are to be taken as truth.”

    All of the ladies looked to their Queen, stunned by the news. Emilia did know of these rumors, considering she slept in the bedroom with the man who ordered these acts to be committed. She had known about it before it had even happened.

    The reason of the great shock to the ladies was because, before now, this war had only been rivalry and threats between true and false kings. If a whole House had been destroyed overnight. . .a war might very well be on the horizon. Especially considering the upcoming nuptials of Ser Lawrence Kildare and Safia Rolmar were to happen in the mountains, near the marauding capitalmen.

    Yes, a serious matter indeed.

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    Apr 29, 2002
    IC: Fleet
    19 Days before the wedding
    Small Abandoned Town-Desert Tavern, Attic

    Carefully as he could manage, Fleet walked the length of the rafter, poking, padding, prodding with his hands, looking for anything telling. There had to be something! Lady Luck wouldn't abandon them like that. She just wouldn't.

    Below him, the giant woman walked softly, staying underneath where he walked. "Name's Lorain. You can call me Lore." The large woman said by way of introduction. Fleet quickly looked down and paused for only a second to meet her gaze. Her smile filled him with confidence, and he couldn't help but smile back in return. "Much obliged." he said, before returning to the task at hand with renewed purpose.

    Fleet listened carefully to Lorain talk as he worked. He'd learned the great benefits of 'listening' many years ago, and how it could save lives. He nodded softly in agreement, liking Lorain's plan the more he heard it. He was right about her, she was a survivor too. Taking to the roof seemed like the only option, but finding how was proving a bit elusive, that is, until he came to the middle of the rafter. A soft spot.

    "Don't worry about Kaili. I can carry her." He heard Lorain say. Fleet nodded and bit his lower lip, trying not to let worry well inside him as he continued to scrutinize the spot. He pressed harder and that portion did yield, on closer inspection, he noticed how much darker that section was.

    "Gods Old n' Neu! I think I fownd somethin'!!" He exclaimed with some excitement in his voice. "A soft spot!" He looked down now, blue eyes wide with expectation, glinting with hope, a triumphant smile on his face. That's when he heard the loud thumping sound! It was coming from right below the attic door. His blue eyes grew impossibly large then, as realization hit him, causing his heartbeat and breathing to quicken. They'd been found.

    His mouth fell open to speak, but he quickly shut it. The banging continued, but there were no shouts demanding them to open the door, or calling out for them. Perhaps the killers didn't realize they were least not yet.
    Fleet looked to Lorain for instructions. And as if things weren't getting bad enough, Kaili began to moan and call his name in her delirium. The sight of her, so helpless, unlike the quick-witted lass he knew her to be, grieved his heart, but he knew he had to stay strong for her sake, for ALL their sakes.

    "We needs ta git goen'!" he mouthed at Lorain, his hand still on the raised portion of the roof.