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Star Wars CLOSED An Uneasy Alliance

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Taylor Neir, Feb 3, 2023.

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    Combo with @Tia and @Kato Sai


    Harerra headed down into the diner level, Aleric stopped. He stood on the roof in his yellow robes blowing in the wind. He searched in The Force for Tia.

    Arn Geddon had plundered enough for the day. He decided the time had come to seek refuge off world, everything was getting a little too factional for his taste. So he made his way back to his ship, where he saw the crashed Doomed Cruiser. Standing outside it was black & red robed figures with ignited crimson sabers fighting the yellow robed ones.
    “This is why I never take sides.”
    Arn boarded his ship and it took off into the atmosphere, his nee coordinates was something he stole off Aleric:
    Decameron Alpha.
    His ship made the jump to Hypsespace.
    Cort/Paroxis followed Harerra down into the diner level and sat on a seat that was half in shadow half in light.
    "So how long have you been with the atoned?" Cort's voice asked Harerra
    Harerra sipped on some tea.
    “A few years. Malum once was a good man. Then his mind became poisoned by a Sith in the ranks.”
    Tia had been sitting in her chambers polishing her lightsabers when she feels a shift in the force
    Aleric sensed her, and went inside and came to her apartment door. He pressed the hail button.
    Tia sighed and looked towards the door "who is it?"
    Aleric spoke into the comm.
    “An old friend.”
    He knew she’d recognize his voice
    Cort/Paroxis fell silent at Harerra's response
    "What does it take to become an atoned?" Came Paroxis's voice
    "Unlike you to say something like that" Replied Cort's voice
    "We have to unite here, Dreit. Just know that I'm nott doing it for your benefit.. I'm doing it for mine" Explained Paroxis's voice
    Harerra smiled.
    “To become one of The Atoned requires you to first fine shame in your current or past path. To seek absolution for it. Once that is done, you join us officially.”
    there was a long pause before the sliding door to Tia's room opened.
    "How does one do that?" Asked Cort's voice as she crossed her arms. Aleric stood with his quad mask and yellow robes.
    “I had wondered.. in the chaos, where you had gone.”
    Harerra took another sip, “Join us? Well after announcing what you wish to atone for, for example your friend Aleric mentioned being a Wound, you take a knee and are given a turquoise scarf. Your badge of commitment.”
    "Well I almost killed Dreit's girlfriend" Replied Paroxis's voice
    "That's nothing to be proud of" Snapped Cort's voice
    "That's why I'm bringing it up" Said Paroxis's voice with a snarl
    "Does that suffice?" Asked Paroxis's voice
    Harerra put the white porcelain colored cup on a matching saucer.
    “Depends.. do you wish to atone for these transgressions?”
    "What do you think Dreit?" Asked Paroxis's voice
    "Let's do it" Replied Cort's voice
    "We do" Answered both voices togetherHarerra smiled. She took her own turquoise scarf and rose, tying it around Cort/Paroxis’ neckline.
    “Welcome to The Atoned!”"Thank you" Replied Cort's voice
    "This'll be interesting" Said Paroxis's voice""
    I take it we are waiting for our freinds, Harerra?" Asked Cort's voice
    Tia looked at Aleric "I like to be away from all that"
    Aleric stepped inside Tia’s apartment. He came to a table and pulled a latch beneath his mouth piece which released some pressurized air that looked like a white steam. Placing the helm on the table, he turned back to Tia.
    “I understand. I have had some time to think on all that has transpired.”
    "oh?" Tia answered "and what have you thought about?"
    Aleric chuckled.
    “Aside from you killing me?”
    The Gray Jedi raised his gloved hands in a kindly manner.
    “I don’t hold that against you by the way. No what I thought of was Mustafar. How back then we were uneasy allies. Things have gone downhill since I expected more than that. And I wish to apologize. I should never have pressure you to feel anything more.”
    Tia turns her head away from him and continues to clean her sabers
    Aleric smiled.
    “So I propose we go back, back to that uneasy alliance. The Force seems to keep bringing us together, and I misread what that meant.”
    Tia continued to clean her sabers, she came here for a reason, and her mission would some come to frution, to eliminate her enemy "are you sure you are not just a bit obsessed with me?"
    Aleric nearly choked, bearing his chest with a fist.
    “Perhaps.. cough.. what matters is I will stand by you in whatever is to come.”
    Tia looked up at him in astonishment, shocked he had admitted it "what makes you think I trust you Aleric?"
    The Gray Jedi wrong his hands.
    “That is how trust works does it not? You can never be sure. That is why its trust, you choose to believe.”
    "May I ask who Norda is?" Asked Paroxis's voice
    "I would much like to know that as well." Added Cort's voice
    Harerra nodded.
    “Norda is my second in command. He is a fighter with no equal. An ace pilot and a good friend.”

    Aleric nodded.
    “I promise you’ll never have to rescue me from shoals of death again or let my shadow come between you and your mission.”
    Aleric picked up his mask and held it the grove of his arm, as he turned his face was painted with a heaviness. He closed his eyes.
    “I recall the words of a Sith Lord, ‘in the end the darkness is all you have.” *
    With that he walked to the door. With each step a crack in his unseen heart, for he could never be close to her, never express the love he wanted to share with her.
    "Reminds me of my brother, brilliant pilot even better duelist" Replied Cort's voice as a smile appered on her face
    Doors flew open as Norda and retinue of Jedi and Dark Jedi poured into the diner. Harerra rose and ushered her hand, “Lieutenant Norda! I would like to introduce..”

    As before she showed no emotion in watching him leave, instead she clutched bother sabers..."Tempestia, I'm comig for you"Aleric went to the lift and pressed a button that took him to the bottom level, he then went outside into the streets, and walked among the sea of faces.
    "Cort Dreit" Came Cort's voice as Cort/Paroxis stood
    "Darth Paroxis" Said Paroxis's voice as Cort/Paroxis offered a red hand to shake Norda's
    Norda shook Cort and Paroxis’ hand.
    “A pleasure.”
    He turned to Harerra.
    “My Lady, I have news. A Schism has developed. The Sith portion of The Doomed have done what Sith do.”
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    IC: Tia/Tempestia

    Tempestia is sat waiting in her chambers when she felt a familiar presence behind her. "So...Virulenta, have you come to finally finish what we started?" "yes...I've come to finish, what I have started" she activated both crimson blades and stood in an attacking stance.
    Tempestia simply smiled at this and stood, activating her own red blade and faced her, "you think you are a match for me then?".
    Tia smirked back "I'll guess we will find out"

    The two charged at each other, Tempestia showing her skill in Ataru, or form IV combat. Tia matched her strikes, and The Tempest could not work out exactly what 'Form' her opponent was using. The blonde Sith seemed to be reading her every move before she took a swing. And yet, Tia herself was not using Makeshi, Soresu or even Shii-Cho, she was simply using both her blades against her single one with simple dexterity, Still they fought, and Tempestia was beginning to tire. That had been Virulenta's strategy all along, she had let Tempestia do all the hard work since she had known her, and it was no different now. Finally, an exhausted Tempestia could not strike any further and dropped her saber and sank to her knees before Tia.

    The Sith Acolyte struck her blade without hesitation into The Tempest's heart "You were never Sith" she hissed before she deactivated her blade which was supporting the now limping body of her opponent, and it fell to the ground. Tia deactivated her other blade, and turned. She was on her way back to the True Sith Empire temple.

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    ***Combo Post***
    @Taylor Neir
    @Kato Sai

    IC: Aleric Qel Droma

    The End

    Wandering in a sea of faces, Aleric came to a smelting yard that went inside a rusted metal interior shipyard warehouse. Inside men and aliens cut metal and there was great vats of molten lava. Aleric walked to the great sqaure pool, there waa a bridge across with see through floor of rib cage like piping. It was as The Gray Jedi peered into the fire below, did he notice the yard had cleared, and standing on the edge of the stairs with an ignited ruby saber, a figure in black.

    Aleric watched as the figure approached.

    “Hello.. father.”

    Amina raised her hood to reveal her pale face and ember eyes.

    Aleric sighed.

    “I sensed your presence.”

    Amina clinched her teeth.

    “I have waited for this moment ever since you left.”

    Aleric placed both hands on the railing.

    “You have come to kill me. To finish your Sith training.”

    Amina made a cry of angst.

    “You are so dense! You never understood that the best things in your life you abandoned!”

    Aleric let go of the railing.

    “I am sorry for that. For my part in it all.”

    Amina let out a cry of anger.

    “I don't want your forgiveness!”

    She thrusted her red tip at him and he activated his yellow jasper blade to meet it.

    “I do not want to fight you!”

    Amina hissed.

    “Then hold still and die!”

    Aleric parried the Djem So blows that beat him back on the bridge, then Amina kicked off the rail and with her high heel boots she ran on the rails and attempted to decapitate her pater. Alric dropped on his back as the blade passed over. Amina somersaulted and began stabbing, the blade cutting the piping floor, causing parts of it to break and fall into sea of lava below.

    Aleric rolled with each strike, and rose back up, his yellow robes singed, Amina heel kicking him in face, and knocking him over as he grabbed the rail, Amina cut it so it swung like hinge over the molten waves, she then lightly stepped on to raio as a thin bridge, it creaking under her footsteps and bending under Aleric’s weight as he held on with both hands. Amina now stood over him her saber poised to cut the end he held on to.

    “Now at last.. you will burn and no more haunt those of us who hate you!”

    Aleric silver eyes grew large. He began to lose his grip, when he realized the struggle was at last over.

    As Amina prepared to cut the raling, Aleric let go with both hands.

    “Nooooooooooooooooooooo!” Screamed Amina.

    She reached out in The Force to catch him, his robes dipping in the lava, catching fire.

    Aleric looked at Amina, reaching out his hand he said,

    “Daughter, I love you.”

    With that he commanded the Force to seeing her on railing back to remaining bridge, causing her to lose her grip of him and he fell, his body fell into molten pool like molasses, and then his flesh and hair burned away, he reached up his hand as legs and torso disintergrated. Amina shrieked.


    With his hand he made the sign of peace, his index and middle finger like fork that then slowly went under the molten liquid.

    Amina fell on her knees sobbing, her saber deactivated, and her black gloves catching the warm tears.

    Aleric was no more. No Ghost returned from the Netherworld this time. Nothing. Only silence.

    Cort/Paroxis felt a sudden shift in the force but couldn't quite put her fingure on what it was.

    "What are we waiting for, Harerra?" Asked Cort's voice as she turned to face her.

    Amina pulled her knees to her bosom in a fetal position as she swooned. She looked over and saw her father’s lightsaber laying on the piping. She moved to grab it before it rolled off and held it tight to her.

    Harerra nodded to Cort.
    “We must strike while our enemy is divided. Prep Razor I and Razor II. We shall descend on the Doomed!”

    "Copy that" Replied Cort's voice as she left the room. She headed to the roof where she found on of the razor crests. She climbed aboard and sat in the cockpit. She had never seen anything like this before. She ran her hand over the controls and she felt at home.

    Harerra took the co-pilot seat next to Cort.
    “Pre-flight check list.”
    The Razor Crests hummed to life. Norda’s Razor II took off, his comm came alive,
    “Taking point!”

    Cort/Paroxis carried out the pre-flight checks.
    "Pre-flight checks are all perfect. Ready for take off on your order Harerra" Said Cort's voice.
    "You sure about that?" Replied Paroxis's voice
    "Not now Paroxis" Snapped Cort's voice.

    Harerra gave the word,
    “Lets do this!”
    The Razorcrest began to rise up into the air.
    Razor II descended on The Gloom and dropped a payload, engulfing some Sith and Doomians in a ball of fire.
    “Good hits!” Cried Norda on the comm.

    "Another round?" Cort's voice asked Harerra as she turned the razor crest away from the gloom

    Harerra nodded.
    Suddenly some rockets flew from open haul of the Gloom.
    “Evasive maneuvers!”

    Cort/Paroxis avoided the rockets as best she could but one just scrapped the Hull.
    "Hull's been scrapped!" Exclaimed Paroxis's voice.
    "Yeah no kriffing hell, Paroxis" Snapped Cort's voice.

    The Hull began to smoke. Harerra spoke with great tension in her voice,
    “Put her down near the assembly area! We will continue the fight on foot.”

    “Copy that" Replied Cort's voice as she manovered the razor crest. They touched down and Cort/Paroxis disembarked the vessel.

    Harerra and small contingent of Jedi & Dark Jedi, including Vemus and Zomulus, descending the ramp igniting their yellow, blue, and red sabers. The ground was laden with corpses, and ahead some Sith and Doomians crossed blades, a boomerang saber blade flew over Harerra who engaged a Doomian, thrusting her yellow blade into the masked warrior.

    Cort/Paroxis ignited her red blade which was then joined by her green blade. She ran forward and engaged a Doomian in combat. Cort/Paroxis sent her green blade upwards and the Doomian blocked it and Cort/Paroxis sent the red blade through the Doomians chest.

    Another came from behind her but Cort/Paroxis didn't see the attack as she was busy dueling another of the Doomians.

    The Doomian Marauder leapt with its Lightclub and bore down from high above at Cort/Paroxis.

    Harerra deflected some bolts of lightning from a Sith with a black hood, and engaged the Darksider in combat.
    Vemus and Zomulus tag teamed some Doomians, one cutting high and the other low, causing several of The Doomed to capsize at the knee and neck.

    "How many of these guys are there?" Cort's voice asked as she plunged her green blade through a Doomed.

    Harerra shouted as she cut across the Sith’s hooded face.
    “Press forward!”
    They were now at the hole in the hull, which had green bolts flying out of it in sporadic fire. Harerra deflected some bolts, grabbing a Doomian with the Force she used his body as a shield as she inched forward.

    Cort/Paroxis pressed forward and launched her red saber through the face of one Doomian whilst slicing another in half with her green one. She was blasted off her feet and a blade was coming down on her but a blue lightsaber blocked the attack. The blue bladed saber cut through the Doomian's chest and a hand appered in front of her.

    "Come on up you get" Said a male voice from beneath a yellow hood. As Cort/Paroxis was lifted to her feet she realised that the voice that had spoken sounded familiar.

    "You better watch youself, kid" The male voice said before running off towards Harerra with Cort/Paroxis close on his tale.

    "Come on kid, stay close to Harerrea and you'll be fine" The male voice explained.

    Harerra reached the edge of hull opening, Remus on the other side. She plucked thermal detonator from her belt as did Remus and tossed them in, the brass and brown orbs beeped with white lights and there was loud bang, and cloud of black smoke pourer out of the openinf like a chimney. The blaster fire had stopped.
    Harerra took her staffsaber and held it tightly and waved to Cort/Paroxis and other Atoned.
    “Into the belly of the beast!”

    Cort/Paroxis and the other atoned entered the hull opening and held their sabers high. The other atoned reached his hand backwards for Harerra.
    "Mind you step your step, Harerra" He said.

    Harerra felt herself steadied.
    “Thank you.”
    She ignited the other saber blade of her staffsaber.
    “Take prisoners only if they throw down their arms, and beware of traps, Remeber most are Force Sensitives.”
    Harerra stepped forward, the inside lights flickered white, the walls of purple metal reflecting their shadows.
    Ahead was barricade, and a turrent that was smoking.

    "What if they don't?" Asked Cort's voice
    "You kill them" Replied Paroxis's
    "I like the newcomer already" Said the atoned to Harerra. His eyes then glanced towards the floor and he noticed two tripwires.
    "There's a tripwire two steps from us and roughly five steps until there's another. They are both freshly placed." The atoned explained.

    Harerra nodded.
    “Everyone watch your step. Can you disarm them?”
    Remus and Zomulus were in the back, they kept watch on the opening in hull.

    "Ummm" Replied the atoned before turning to Cort/Paroxis.
    "What's your name?" He asked
    "Cort Dreit" Came Cort's voice. The name made the atoned fall seilent until he spoke again.
    "Michael. Okay Cort, you see that I'm gonna need you to hold that in plac" Explained the atoned pointing at two machines way above their heads. Cort/Paroxis held her palms towards the machines as Micheal cut the tripwires connection to them with his saber. He wound the connectors around beams that ran across the walls and he and Cort/Paroxis stood ahead of Harerra.
    "Disarmed but had to improvise" Said Michael.

    Harerra smiled,
    “Good work! Keep it up!”
    Behind them at the opening, something stirred. The light suddenly were cut, and Remus cried out, slashing.

    Cort/Paroxis ignited both her sabers so that she could see. Michael did the same and saw a great shadow darting towards the group.
    "Harerra. We got company" He said calmly.

    It had been a trap!
    A Roggwart clawed at Remus and bit him with its hooked teeth. Zomulus tried to help his friend, but the pitchfork tail struck him in the eye and threw him.

    "What do we now, Lady Harerra?" Asked Paroxis's voice as she watched a Roggwart claw at Remus and bite him with its hooked teeth.

    Harerra let out a cry!
    “For the Light!”
    She charged the creature swinging her blade in Shien spins and flurries.

    "She's nuts" Said Cort's voice
    "I'll agree with you. She is sometimes" Replied Michael as he launched forward gripping his hilt with both of his gloved hands and let a fury of Ataru strikes.
    "Well, thats death looking us in the face" Explained Cort's voice as she too launched forward.

    The Roggwart became overwhelmed as a cage of sabers blades surrounded it, stabbing into its hide.
    Remus rose up and cut at the underbelly, the creature cried out in a shriek.

    Cort/Paroxis sent her saber towards the creatures neck and the red blade dug in. The creature cried out in pain Cort/Paroxis was flung off her feet and was knocked out. Michael sent his blade into the other side of the creatures neck and turned to Harerra.
    "You wanna finish it off?" He asked.

    Harerra at Michael’s words leapt in the air and dug her saber blade in its head, killing the creature.
    She then went to Remus who said, “just a flesh wound.” Zomulus on the other hand was silent as the grave. Remus went to his blade brother and swooned aloud.
    Harerra then went to Cort/Paroxis.
    “Is she alright?” She aaked Michael.

    Michael placed his black gloved hand on Cort/Paroxis's forehead
    "She's only knocked out. She'll live. Or what would that be they'll live since there's two of them in one flesh?" Michael replied.
    "What are your orders?" Micheal asked as he slung Cort/Paroxis over his shoulder and called his saber to hand.

    Harerra sighed.
    “Further in.”
    As if prompted by her words the lights came back on and sealed doors of violet opened ahead of them down the hall.
    Remus joined them,
    “I have a bad feeling about this.”

    IC: Malric Keto

    He felt it across the galaxy…
    The bond of twins, especially those of Force Sensitives was strong. Many times he felt his brother’s spark go out, and yet there was still an imprint, a tether to the living realm. This time he felt a severance, there was no shadow or echo, only silence. Standing in a room with a pillar, and black waters swirling on the hollowed out basin, a familiar face poured over white lights in the dark liquid, he came to one, Corellia. Holding it up in the Force the pale Aleric Dopplaganger eyed it with carmine pupils. The Dark One left the cave and came to the steps of a ruined city, and made his way to a black vessel that matched his black leather outfit and cape. He leapt into the cockpit and set coordinates for Corellia. His thrusters came alive with a blood orange and made the jump to hyperspace.

    The sleek black ship came out of the stars and descended on the planet of shipyards, the rains had begun anew, and he landed near the smelting area. Exiting the ship he made haste, his gate of step broad, taking in one step that would take others two or three. He came to the bridge over the molten pool, and examined the damage. He then looked at some bubbling magma, and saw on the railing some torn and melted glove hand prints. Taking out a scanner from his belt he got some prints and eyed the numbers calculating the sample.

    There was a beep as it collated and he saw on the screen confirmation of D.N.A. He then looked and saw footprints that lead away.

    The hunt for answers had begun…

    Micheal walked forward carrying Cort/Paroxis's unconcious form. The ship had taken significant damage as there was water along the floor. He turned his head back.
    "Hope you don't mind getting wet, Remus" He said as his boots were soaked.

    Harerra pressed forward to a intersection of doors where Norda and eight other Atoned approached.
    Harerra took a breath.
    “Thank The Force!”
    Norda nodded.
    “We came in from South East entrance. It was crawling with creatures that took half our number.”
    Harerra sighed.
    “So there are more..”
    Norda looked at the open trail o doors ahead.
    “I sense it.. a trap, what do you want to do?”
    Harerra smiled.
    “Spring the trap.”
    Remus turned to Michael,
    “I would walk through oceans if it meant Zomulus would live.”

    "Then let's not allow Zomulus's death to be in Vain." Replied Michael as he walked through a set of doors after Harerra's command.

    The path forward was quiet still they came into a great white room with a throne, upon it was Lord Malum, and beside him on each side was Roggwarts, that he rested his purple arms on.

    Harerra stepped forward,
    “Your ship is crippled, and your cause lost. Surrender and you will receive mercy.”

    A laughter rose from Panther mask of Malum and filled the room. it was deep ans unnerving.
    “There is no Surrender.. only Doom!”
    The Lord Marshal rose from his throne. With a wave of his hand, the door shut behind and the two Roggwarts pounced. Malum ignited a purple saber and unleashed a current of purple bolts at Atoned Warriors.

    Micheal dropped Cort/Paroxis as he dived out of the way of one of the Roggwarts. He ignited his blue blade and launched forward. He sent his blue blade towards the Roggwarts legs as he preformed a saber throw.

    Malum and Harerra crossed blades, her yellow edge against his purple, the crackle was loud. Malum swung as if his weaponed weighted twice that of a speeder bike. Harerra rolled and swung her blade in corkscrew manner that Malum barely evaded. She landed in the throne itself and igniting the other end of her staffsaber, cut the head rest off which sparked as she lunged at Malum.
    Norda had one of Roggwarts on top of him mawing and clawing, he used both hands to grab at the two crests protruding out of the head and kept the teeth from sinking deep. The other Roggwart’s legs tore asunder at Michael’s spinning saber, it fell with a yelp.
    Several of the Atoned fell to the ground from Malum wave of Force Lightning, but they recovered. Remus leapt ij the air with his saber in both hands and cut down on Roggwart who pinned Norda. A door to the side swung open, pouring in Doomians with pike sabers and scythes, they charged the recovered Atoned.

    As Micheal's saber returned to his hand he lunged forward and dug his saber into the Roggwart's head killing the foul best. As he hit the floor of the room Cort/Paroxis awoke and as one dommian brought it's saber down she rolled out of the way. She ignited her red saber and struck the doomian through the waist as Micheal joined her.
    "Nice of you to join us, sleepy beauty" Said Micheal as he and Cort/Paroxis were sorrounded.
    "They seem to like us" Said Paroxis's voice angerly
    "I was about to say that" Replied Cort's voice as Cort/Paroxis ignited her green blade.

    Malum used the Force to make his blade heavier and heavier so that we he cut downward, the force of it knocked Harerra of her feet. Trying to parry another stroke, the purple blade hit her wrist and it sparked, she cried out,
    Malum stood over her poising his blade for another cut.
    When Norda rushed to block it. He felt the bones in his arms crack, and Malum peering at him through Panther Visor, raised the blade up and unleashed more bolts on him, Harerra shouting,
    Norda fell to the ground, smoking, and Harerra in a rage rose up and betan a flurry of cuts that pushed Malum back until he was seated on the throne, and one sweep across his belly sparked the armor and flesh, spraying red powder in the air.
    Malum dropped his saber, it rolling away, and hung back against the broken head rest.
    Harerra shouted,
    “You are beaten!”
    Malum laughed with that haunting voice.
    “Doom.. doom!”
    There was sound of fsint beeping, and then an announcement on the comms.
    “T Minus 1 minute tell self destruct sequence! You have 60 seconds to reach minimum safe distance!”
    Harerra shouted to Michael, Cort/Paroxis, Remus, and the others.
    She grabbed Norda who pushed her away.
    “There is no time, leave me!”
    Harerra shed some tears as she dashed for the door that began to seal.
    “Pry it open! Use your sabers as a wedge and lever!”
    The Atoned dug their blades into door like crowbars and got through, but the rest of the doors were in a row beginning to descend.

    Cort/Paroxis and Michael ran. As they reached the doors Cort/Paroxis threw her green saber forward and Micheal force pushed it forward which made the saber dig through multiple doors before it returned to Cort/Paroxis's hand. Micheal then heard the sound of water.
    "There's water on the other side of that door. We're close" Micheal said to Harerra.

    Harerra eyes began to tremble with worry.
    “Open it! We’ll swim if we have to!”

    Micheal dug his saber through the door and as it opened water gushed into the hallway that reached the ceiling in mere seconds. Cort/Paroxis swam on ahead thanks to her being a nutolan. Micheal followed behind her.

    Harerra took a deep breath, and made strokes with her hands, and kicked with her boots. The lights flickered on and off, she tried to focus on the light ahead.
    Remus came up behind and pushed Harerra’s boots, trying to speed her swimming. They came to another door that was sealed. Bubbles floating out Harerra’s nose as she motioned to Michael and Cort/Paroxis to take point in the situation.

    Michael looked over at Cort/Paroxis and she understood. She ignited her green saber and dug into the door and created a circular hole that they could swim through. As she swam through her head broke the surface of the water and she climbed out closley followed by Micheal.

    Harerra and Remus followed them through the hole and out of the water. The Atoned Zabrak took a breath, when the comms chimed,
    “20 seconds till self destruct, you have twenty seconds you reach minimum safe distance. 19
    Harerra shouted,
    “Move! Get clear of the ship! Survive!”
    The clock kept dropping, Harrera Force pushed Remus out the hull damaged hole.
    She leapt out and ran screaming to some scavangers pilfering the dead and damage.
    “Get clear! Bomb!”

    Micheal and Cort/Paroxis ran directly behind Harerra.

    The count down reached zero and the great chrome anythest ship heaved and released a great ball of flame and snoke that took the form of a shroom, the wave of fire, ash and smoke reached some buildings, and one skyscraper fell from the shockwave.
    Harrera dove behind some wreckage as the cloud of ash and the shockwave came, throwing her into air as she grabbed two circuit wires and hung on.

    Cort/Paroxis was flung and the air and reached for a wire but missed it. Micheal was too busy holding onto a metal beam to help Cort/Paroxis.
    "Harerra" Michael cried gazing at Cort/Paroxis.

    Harerra saw Cort/Paroxis tumble in the air with ash like a tumbleweed, and she let go of one wire and reached out in the Force, using the mystical energy as an invisible hand.
    “Cort, Paroxis! Hold on!”

    "Cheers" Replied Cort's voice as she caught hold.
    "Yeah thanks" Said Paroxis's voice.

    Harerra began to reel Cort/Paroxis in by titling the invisible lifeline,
    “Watch out for debris!”
    There was some jagged edges and broken pieces of wire metal that looked like monoliths of teeth.

    Cort/Paroxis did her best to avoid the debris but caught her arm on a jagged edge.
    Michael watched this happen. He then wiped the screen of his quad visor.

    The vacuum that tossed everything not weighting a ton suddenly subsided as quickly as it came, and Harerra dropped running to Cort/Paroxis, she laid her hand on the wound and called that heavenly glow of white and teal blue light. The moment was disturbed by sirens as Fireships sprung into action, and Corellia Peaceofficers conducted their search, their green and white lights flickering.

    Harerra saw one coming.
    “We need to get back to the apartment and lat low, tell this all blows over.” Remus emerged covered in ash, his armor no longer shiny.

    The aim was now to make haste on foot to the apartments.
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    Corellian Police poured into the city byways and began firing blue rings from their rifles to stun and capture who they could. Harrera and Remus dodged some rings that flew overhead and kept running.

    Cort/Paroxis dived rolled to dodge a few blue rings and ignited her green saber to block others. One officer manged to get ahead of her but Cort/Paroxis elbowed him in the face before he could react. Michael ran behind Cort/Paroxis and an officer came from either side of him. He used the force to knock them both into a pile of rubble and continued on.

    Harerra and Remus with several Atoned in yellow robes made it in a dash for the apartments. Harerra stood at the door, ushering them inside when she saw Michael and Cort/Paroxis, she waved at them to move swiftly inside.

    Cort/Paroxis ran inside just as Michael was forced to roll through the doorway to avoid being stunned.

    Harerra locked the door and breathed a sigh of relief. She was exhausted from the duel with Malum, the flight from the exploding Gloom, and this chase by Corellia Police. She slid down the wall on to her bottom and breathed heavily, panting.


    Meanwhile Malric had followed the footprints to a garden in the center of the city:


    Amina Qel Droma sat on a bench and held her father’s saber in her hand, her mascara ran and made spiked like black marks under both lower eye lids. She sobbed when Malric stood over her, his breaths frost like. She looked up and fell off the bench. Amina began crawling backward on the soft grass, her face quaking and her mouth gapping. Malric slowly pursued her, his black figure casting a shadow over her. Amina finally got up on her feet and began to sprint to the apartments, she made it in little time. The door was locked, but she used the Force to remove the pin lock from within and dashed inside. She made for the stairwell and came to a door opened, and looked inside to see Tempestia felled.

    “What in the farrik is happening?!”

    A haunting voice responded.


    She turned to see Malric who seemed to appear in gust of black smoke.

    She tried to run, but he placed his black leather index and middle finger on his forehead and she felt a sharp pain strike her mind and she fell back.

    “No more running.”

    Amina cried out.

    “You are dead! I saw you die!”

    Malric drew closer, his gate erratic as if he was phantom.

    “I am not Aleric.”

    Amina eyes bubbled her mouth open.

    “I am his brother Malric. I have come to find why my kin no longer can be felt in the land of the living.”

    Amina cried out.

    “You look exactly like my father!”

    Malric lowered himself in a stoop.

    “So you are his daughter? Truly I did not know my brother had a daughter.”

    Amina shook all over.

    “its like looking at a ghost..”

    Malric gave a slight smile as he offered his hand, helping Amina to her feet.

    “What can you tell me about Alric’s death?”

    Amina sighed.

    “It was my fault. He died because of me!”

    Malric seemed unmoved.

    “He died by his own hand not yours.”

    Amina gasped.

    “How could you know that?”

    Malric persed his pale lips.

    “He had a thing for self sacrifice, not something we share, I believe in survival, no matter the cost.”

    Amina crossed her hands.

    “That is my view as well.”

    Malric placed his gloved hand on her shoulder.

    “Remorse, regret, they are a waste. What is done is done. Learn from it and move on.”

    Amina turned to look at the Carmine red pupils of her Uncle.

    “You are wise Uncle.. perhaps you would not mind if I tutored under you?”

    Malric nodded.

    “Yes, but we shall be equals. I will teach you The Krath arts and you shall show me the Sith mysteries of the Dark Side.”

    Amina smiled.

    Malric then looked at the corpse of Tempestia and hovered his hand over her.

    “A faint flicker of life still beats in this body.”

    He took the felled Dark Lady and carried her over to a bed.

    Holding his hand over her head he called on the Krath magic and chanted some words, which sent black like vapor into her eyes and mouth.

    Malric said one more chant, “Bind up the wounds, return from the tomb, darkness and gloom.”

    Cort/Paroxis turned to Harerra.
    "Are you alright?" She asked.

    Harerra looked up at Cort/Poraxis and huffed.
    “Just tired. It has been a long day.”

    "It has been for all of us. What do we do after this? Surely the doomed are destroyed?" Cort replied.

    "I'm afraid not" Michael explained.

    Harerra looked over at Michael.
    “What do you mean?”


    Meanwhile one of yellow robed Atoned with blue scarf, tore it off and seeing another Atoned standing idle in the hall, drew a dagger and plunged the tip into their neck.

    "Not all of us are as we seem." Replied Michael
    "You saying there's a traitor amoung us?" Asked Paroxis's voice. Micheal looked around the room and slowly nodded his head.

    Harerra shuddered.
    “As long as one of the Doomed lives the galaxy is in danger.”

    "I agree" Replied Micheal.
    "How do you know this, Micheal?" Asked Cort's voice as she crossed her arms.

    Harerra looked at Cort/Paroxis.
    “You are not seriously questioning Michael’s loyalty?”

    “Well he's betrayed someone before." Replied Paroxis's voice

    "He has indeed" Said Cort's voice.

    "I have?" Asked Micheal.

    "Yes." came the short reply from Cort's voice.

    Harerra rose to her feet.
    “What betrayal do you speak of?”

    "He knows what I'm on about. Don't you brother?" Replied Paroxis's voice.

    "I do" Answered Michael

    "It is one that I find does not matter, sister." Explained Michael crossing his hands behind his back as he spoke.

    Harerra raised an eyebrow,
    “You are both related?”

    "We are." Replied Michael and Cort/Paroxis simultaneously.

    Harerra rubbed one of her horns.
    “Well this is quite a revelation. Truly Michael, I did not know you had a sister.”

    "I did but I kept quite about it." Replied Micheal

    "I wonder why" Snapped Paroxis's voice.

    As this discourse happened, Remus walked in and rolled his arm across the wall covering it in blood and fell. Harerra rushed to him.

    “Remus! By The Force! What has happened?”

    Remus spat up some blood.
    “The.. Doomed.. are.. here.”

    With that he flatlined and Harerra quickly tried to conjure The Force to heal, she pressed on his chest with turquoise light.

    “Remus! Remus!”


    Tempestia opened her eyes wide with a gasp, and immediately fell unconscious again....but she was alive.

    Malric holding the Dark Lady felt her stir briefly.

    “She lives.. quick my Niece, we need a Becta Tank.”

    Amina lead Malric who scooped Tempestia in the shadow of his robes and headed to the lift, and made it outside, and crossed the street to a medical station, which was busy with wounded from the explosion and attacks from The Gloom. Amina lead Mlaric to a basment with three tanks of emerald green becta. A man turned who had red glass over one eye, his hair white and spiked.

    “Dr. Aphra, we have need of your skills.”

    The Old Man smerked and pointed to a table, where Tempestia was laid. He insoected her pulse and used a scanner of orange light.

    “Poor girl, her wounds are malignant. She should be dead.”

    Malric stood not mentioning the Krath art.

    “I shall peace her in my special Becta, it will do its work, if she has the will to heal.”


    At the Smelting yard, as the molten lava bubbled, near the bridge, a mechanical hand reached forth from shoals of the inferno.

    Dr. Aphra examined Tempestia on the green waters, in a tank next to her was a Mando, who helm remained on, her arms restored to their sockets via the Doctor’s work. Malric and Amina had returned to the hotel, and so when the doctor heard footsteps he stirred. Turning he saw a figure in molten flow, body incased in lava that kept swimming around the body.

    Dr. Aphra looked through his spectacle.

    “Most curious.”

    The Lava Being raised its hand a the last empty Becta. The Doctor prepared it and placed the figure in it, the lava meeting the water sent steaming up in the air and it became a black crusted shell around the Mysterious Figure.


    "Hate to say I told so" Said Michael

    "Shut up" Snapped both Cort's voice and Paroxis's voice at the same time rushing to Remus's side.

    Harerra used her healing power on Remus. She then turned to Driet Siblings.
    “We have to catch The Doomed! We need to gather all The Atoned into the largest room and find out who is the Traitor!”

    Meanwhile the whole hotel was astir, Malric stood at a window looking at the rain falling in great drops on the pavement. Amina walked into room and stood beside him.

    “I find it comforting, the rain.”

    Malric nodded,
    “It tests everything, the wet. It is one thing to be a masted on dry ground, another in the mud.”

    Amina nodded,
    “Shall we check in on her?”

    Malric gave a nod.

    The Two walked to the tube.

    “Tell me, niece, what did this Dark Lady have to do with my brother?”

    Amina coughed, clearing her throat,
    “She was mostly an antagonist, her ally, Tia, was the object of my Father’s affections. She came between them, attempting to thwart their connection, though I never had concrete evidence Tia felt anything but uneasy around my Father. He laid it on very thick.”

    Malic chuckled,
    “Yes.. he was one to throw himself into his passions with little thought to the consequences.”

    Amina smiled,
    “Sometimes I feel more like I should have been your daughter.”

    Malric raised a brow,

    Amina nodded,
    “We are more alike in our sympathies.”

    Malric gave a cold smile,
    “Careful.. do not be to hasty in presuming to know me or my.. ‘sympathies’, I am nothing like Aleric who wore his thoughts pn his sleeve.”

    Amina nodded,
    “My apologies. I just see some similarities in you and I.”

    Malric face was unmoved,
    “We often see what we want to see.”

    Amina sighed,
    “I suppose.”

    The tube opened and they headed to The Clinic, where they found Dr. Aphra examing his trio of patients.

    “Good doctor, any news?” Malric asked.

    The Doctor turned,

    “She is making a standard recovery..”

    Amina looked at the Mando in the other Becta Tank.


    Dr. Aphra walked over to the tank,
    “Poor thing, both arms had to be re-inserted into their sockets, and I do not want to bore you with the amount of work connecting nerved, veins, and tissue took.”

    Amina looked in the last Tank,
    “Who or what is this?”

    The Doctor moved his spectacle,
    “Not quite sure, bit of oddity, that one.”

    Malric walked to the glass of Cacooned Lava Rock Figure, his eyes squinted.



    "Copy that. I'll go find what Atoned are still in the sorrounding area. With your permission Harerra I would like to come with me, just so we have eachother's backs." Replied Cort's voice as she stood up.

    "I'll go with you" Said Michael

    "No. After you leaving us on Endor. We don't think so brother" Snapped Paroxis's voice

    "I saving us" Explained Michael

    "More like yourself. I agree with Paroxis on this" Replied Cort's voice

    "Sister" Said Michael stepping forward before a red blade was at his throat

    "Don't take another step" Said Paroxis's voice angrly. The expression on Cort/Paroxis's face strongly advised you not to push her.

    Harerra nodded in approval. Her mind was overwhelmed by events, and her strength sapped from healing so many. Remus came to and sat up.
    “Go with them Remus. I need to rest and regain my strength.”

    Remus stood up and bowed to the Zabrak, he walked over tp Cort/Paroxis and with the Force channeled around his hand, touched the red blade with back of his hand, moving it from Michael’s throat.
    “We have a threat in house already, let us turn our attention to it. Old scores you can settle later.”

    "I agree. Let's move out" Replied Cort's voice before deactivating the blade and clipping the saber to her belt. She then left the building leaving her brother with the atoned. Michael's face grew a pained expression. He had become an Atoned for this reason but never thought his sister would join them as well.

    Remus looked to Michael,
    “There are bound to be Doomed hiding out in the city as your Sister now searches. But I shall search here first, I since my attacker is within the hotel. But we cannot ignore The Doomed lurking outside these walls.”

    "I understand. I'll join you afterwards" Replied Michael.

    Remus nodded as he headed to the tube and ignited his yellow lightsaber. It stopped at the second level, where he found corpses and two Atoned dueling. Their sabers crackling. He understood how The Doomed was going to destroy them, distrust and fear.
    Remus tried to stop the fighting, but one Atoned cut the other’s head off. Which made Remus pause, the Atoned turned with a dagger in his left hand.
    “It’s you!”
    Remus charged, he could hardly believe he had found The Attacker so quickly when he was launched backward by two pointed fingers of the Doomed Warrior. Remus rose only to be levitated up against the wall.
    The Doomed put the dagger away and drew closer.
    Remus cried out,
    “I see what you are doing! Turning us on each other!”
    The Doomian paused,
    “You fail to understand it is in their nature to destroy one another.”
    Remus writhed on the wall.

    “You cannot win!”
    The Doomed drew closer.
    “It is inevitable.. you merely give hope to a hopeless reality. Sooner or later Doom comes for us all.”

    Remus fell from the wall and was grabbed by the throat.

    “Tell me Atonian.. have you seen the Shadows who walk among you? Sith and Krath right under your noses. I have.. one of them is my son.”

    Remus choked.

    “I think I will not kill you. No.. that first attempt on your life was not by me. You see this place is a cauldron, and each of us is swirling towards a fate.” Said Quell Qel Droma as he let go of Remus and headed into the tube that headed for the roof.

    Inside the basement the three becta tanks bubbled and glowed emerald. Dr. Aphra had left to collate some information, when the far left one began to shake, the bubbles churned into massive amount and the glass cracked, leaking fluid on the floor, that lapped at a desk. Inside a figure stirred, skin white as bone, and eyes glowing white. The tank shattered altogether and the figure stepped out on the broken glass, his torso etched with lines of muscle and his hair was a bright blond, yellow even. Black shorts covered his groin area as he turned and looked into the tank at a Lady floating in the bubbles. His eyes peered at her like white lights, and then he turned to a table that had folded robes, belts, and lightsaber hilts. There was one robe of white, he took and a matching tunic, greaves and bracers of brown leather, and a mask of the Atoned that was brown that he held and looked at the Tau symbol that made a visor. He took it and rifled through a bin of lightsabers, all collected from Atoned and Doomed. One hilt he held up and ignited the purple blade, and deactivated it, clipping it to a fresh belt. He held the mask in grove of his arm, and looked back at the tanks once more before donning the mask and sealing the thing on his face.

    He breathed and turned to a stunned Dr. Aphra holding a datapad.

    The Pale Knight stepped towards the Doctor, his mask coming up to his face, breaths only exchanged before he walked away in his white mantels.

    The Doctor turned,

    “Good Luck!”

    The Pale Knight turned his helm and titled the mouth piece down, as if in a nod of recognition before leaving the medical facility.


    Cort/Paroxis searched high and low for any Atoned in the sorroundig area. She found one trapped underneath a metal beam. She rushed forward and knelt beside her.

    "Are you alright?" Cort's voice asked.

    IC: Darth Terenta

    Near Cort some debris stirred and levitated into the air and was thrown violently, a beam of obsidian rose up and fell on its side. Rising out of it was a black robed Togruta, with a ruby red face and black lekku and crown.

    She placed her hand on her cone like horne, and her red eyes opened to reveal orange irises, crackling like embers. She saw Cort helping an Atoned, her enemy. She a Lost Sith, by the name of Darth Terenta.
    She snapped his fingers and a staff lightsaber hilt flew out of wreckage into her hand, and she pointed her left hand to unleash a gnarled stream of red blood vapor that former tentacles that soared towards The Atoned, and Paroxis.

    "I'm fine" Replied the atoned.

    "Cort" Said Paroxis's voice

    "I sense it" Replied Cort's voice before igniting her green blade as she turned to block the incoming attack.

    IC: Darth Terenta

    The Force Drain was deflected by the Jedi. Terenta smiled, the path of ease was not that of a Sith. She ignited both crimson blades of her staffsaber and did a somersault, and dashed with a burst of Force towards Cort/Paroxis, her saber blades spinning in great red and white discs.

    "Let me deal with her" Said Paroxis's voice calmy
    "She's all yours" Replied Cort's voice as she ignited her red blade. She leapt aside as the sith approched her and straightend
    "The sith really do like kill eachother. Who are you and why you coming at us?" Asked Paroxis's voice gripping the red blade to her left and the green blade to her right.

    Dark Lady Terenta met the blades of the Jedi who ignited a red blade, causing her to tilt her crowned hea,
    “Curious.. did you steal that Sith blade from my people?”
    She spun the sabers to cause a crackling,
    “I am fighting because this is battlefield and many of my brothers have fallen to the likes of them!”
    Her voice seemed to rise an octave in that retort.

    "Number one, the red blade belongs to me, the green one belongs to my twin sister and second of all who's them" Snapped Paroxis's voice as her voice became dark much like it had been when she was a living in her body on her own accord.

    Darth Terenta parried another cut and dropped down in crouched posture,
    “I speak of those yellow robed fools and their deranged philsophy of doom. They are a plague!”
    Terenta spun her blade and thrusted one blade like a spear tip.

    Paroxis sent her body backwards to avoid the blade of her attacker. She relased a force lightning attack towards the dark lady.
    "Those yellow robed fools are our brothers and sisters. We are not the plague. You are!" Exclaimed Paroxis's voice raising her demonic voice to be heard over her attack.

    Dark Lady Terenta spun his sabers to make a great disc of white and red swirling light to catch the bolts of lightning,
    “You call on the dark side? What kind of Jedi are you?”
    Terenta leapt into air deactivated one blade and came down with both hands gripping the long silver hilt to deliver a Djem So blow.

    Paroxis brought her blades up to form an X to aiming to block the attack whilst she also threw herself onto one knee. She repeated the words she had just heard before saying
    "I'm no jedi" as she said this her eyes grew bright orange to prove her point as her two sabers crackled above her head.

    When Darth Trenta came down on X blades, a piece of shrapnel in his lower abdomen dig in deeper from over hand motion and force of the clash, she let out a gasp and stepped back, her lungs feeling squeezed. She deactivated her blade and leaned on the staffsaber, she looked at Cort/Paroxis and waved her hand to kick up a cloud of dust and was gone.
    The Dark Togruta made a mad dash for inner city of Corellia, past crowds going to and fro. She saw the hospital symbol and made her way inside, finding her self in Dr. Aphra medical wing. He turned to see the black and red skinned Togruta, she exposing her waist to show the bleeding and wound. Dr. Aphra placed her on a table, and began cutting with a red laser, free tissue from the metal shard of shrapnel. He then repaired the opening and cleaned it. Darth Terenta was unconscious.
    A nurse with blond hair in bin came to check on her as Dr. Aphra stepped out. She stood over Dark Togruta, when suddenly tentacles of red vapor rose behind the nurse facing the other way and latched on to her. There was a scream and a crashing noise. Standing and adjusting her robes was Terenta who hovered over a pale skeletal nurse. She then felt something in The Force and turned, there was two Becta tanks of green liquid, one had a Lady floating in it. Terenta approached and touched the glass with the tip of her ruby finger.

    Paroxis deactivated her blades and clipped them to her belt before her right eye returned to black to symbolise that Cort had returned to the surface. Cort/Paroxis walked backover to the trapped Atoned and used the force to free her. The atoned was helped to her feet by Cort/Paroxis and she rested her weight against Cort/Paroxis.
    "Who are you?" The atoned asked as she and Cort/Paroxis began to walk back.
    "We are Paro Dreit" Replied Cort's voice as they walked.
    Michael heard the name spoken by his sisters through the force and smiled to himself.
    "Finally" He said aloud.


    "She's called Avela" came the voice of Captain Jacin behind Trenta "also known as Darth Tempestia, she was attacked by a lightsaber wound"
    The Shadow Togruta turned to face Captain Jacin.
    “A Darth? I am a Darth. Though I do not recognize her from among my tribe. Tell me, was she felled by a Jedi or one of those fanatics in yellow mantels?”

    Captain Jacin shook her head "we don't know for sure, but we have our suspicions" she gazed at the young woman in the tank. "We should know more when she awakes..."

    Dark Lady Terenta crossed her arms in a resting position as she watched Captain Jacin approach the Becta Tank,
    “My people lay on pyres across this planet. I want to avenge them!”
    Terenta’s rage created swirl of shadow and red energy. The room pulsing with her rage.
    It was at this Malric and Amina entered the chamber, noticing the Dark Togruta and Captain,
    “I see we are not her only visitors,” said Malric.


    The Pale Knight made his way into the apartments, and seiftly he ignited his saber and stabbed a Doomian who was about to kill an Atoned. The amythest blade burning a hole through the chest caveat. The Atoned looked up at the White Warrior who mover down the hall and slashed another Doomed Acolyte across the neck, he seemed to be able to discern who was who despite the matching robes of yellow.

    Micheal left the main room as Remus had not yet returned. He went in the same direction that he had last seen remus go and instead came across a pale being. Michael's yellow robes flapped around him as he walked and he stopped centimetres from the being. Michael knew the being was not a threat considering the two dead Doomians.
    "You are?" Michael asked.

    The Pale Knight stood and lowered his saber to his side. For a moment the White Robed Warrior was as a statue before answering Michael,

    "Justice?" Michael asked crossing his arms ahead of him in a respectful manner.
    "I take it you fight against the Doomed?" He asked indcating the two bodies.

    The Pale Knight deactivated his saber and held the hilt to his side,
    “My enemies are many.. I have come to turn the tide.”

    "As have we. The Atoned are not your enemies I presume" Replied Micheal

    The Warrior in White titled his brown Tau mask,
    “No.. your people are for the Light. You are not an enemy of

    “May I ask who or what the Dýnami are?" Michael asked tilting his masked and hooded head slightly.

    Paro stumbled through the doorway of the main area and both she and the atoned she had helped laid there, Paro catching her breath and the other atoned passed out.

    The Pale Knight raised the saber hilt to his chin,
    “The Dýnami is everywhere, it fills all things and binds them together. It is what gives a Jedi their power.”

    "You speak of the force don't you?" Michael asked.

    The Warrior in White nodded his helm,
    “That is the common tongue for it. Alas It is more than force and strength, so much more.”

    "The force is a mystery to most beings. Very few, if any truly understand it. My sister is learning about the force but I fear she has become conflicted on both the views of the jedi and the sith." Replied Michael as his own visor glistened.

    The White Robed Warrior lowered his hand and hilt,
    “You speak true words. The philosophies of the Jedi and Sith are incomplete. Though the Jedi are closer to the Mystery.”

    "At least I am not the only one who believes. What do you mean by the Jedi are closer to the mystery? Surely you need to understand both sides of it?" Asked Michael
    "Apparently not" Came Paro's voice as she stepped forward to join her brother.

    The Pale Knight recognized Paro,
    “The Jedi serve the Force, the Sith bend it to their passions. You cannot truly know The Mystery if you enslave it to your will, it shall become but a mirror of self. Both sides are to be in balance, alas The Sith philosophy of dominating The Dynami is wrong.. so wrong.”

    “What do you know about it?" Snapped Cort's voice
    "Cort, calm down" Said Michael placing his hand on Paro's shoulder. Paro instantly reacted by igniting her green saber and bringing it up to Michael's throat
    "Lay another hand on me brother and I will slice you neck in cold blood" Snapped Paroxis's voice darkly
    "My bad, Sis," Replied Michael his gaze flicking between his sister's face and the green blade at his throat.

    The Pale Knight raised sealed underneath his mask and it decompressed, revealing a chiseled jaw, glowing white eyes, and spiked blond hair.
    “I know because The Dynami chose me. I fell into flame and was reborn.”

    Paro turned to face the knight before kept her blade to Michael's throat
    "Who are you?" Cort's voice asked in a disgusted manner.

    The Warrior in White held his mask in the grove of his arm,
    “Qel Droma.. Aleric.. yes that was my name.”

    "Where have been?" Snapped Paroxis's voice
    "You know my sister?" Michael asked Aleric
    "If you don't shut the kriff up, then force won't be able to help you once I'm done with you. Brother" Paroxis's voice explained as she bared her razor sharp teeth. She spat the word brother as Paroxis hated Michael as much as Cort did.

    Aleric looked at Cort/Paroxis and replied to Michael,
    “She is familiar. I think we were allies?”

    Paro's gaze at her brother reminded him not to say a word. Michael aknowleged this and install nodded towards Aleric,
    "Don't tell us. You died again, didn't you?" Asked Cort's voice turning her gaze back towards Aleric.

    Aleric stepped towards Cort/Paro,
    “I consider this realm death, for I was in fullness of Dynami, here this mortal coil limits access to it.”

    “How many times is that now, Aleric?" Cort's voice asked with a sneer.

    Aleric looked at Cort/Paro,
    “I know not, those memories are a fog. ‘Shadows and dust.

    Paro chuckeld at this
    "All memories are a fog for you. For us they are clear" Paroxis's voice said darkly.
    "You said it Paroxis" Said Cort's voice.

    Aleric stepped closer and held out his hands,
    “Is your intent fratricide?”

    "If it comes to that. Give us one good reason why we should spare our brother." Replied Cort's voice.

    Aleric raised his helm back to his face and sealed it back on,
    “Family is precious, they define us.”
    As Aleric said this a voice from behind echoed.
    “Listen to my son, he is wise.”
    Stepping out of the shadows was yellow robed Warrior, who came and stood by Alric’s side.

    "Not when they leave you for dead" Snapped Paroxis's voice.

    Aleric drew closer,
    “And yet you would not be who you are had that not happened. A Jedi and Sith.”

    "Someone who knows what
    their talking about" Said Michael as the green blade deactivated. He regreted this however when his sister's red fist hit him square in the face breaking through his visor. The force of it knocked Michael to the ground with blood dripping from the punture in his helm. Paro then turned to Aleric with the blood of her brother dripping from her fist.
    "We have gotten along just fine without him." Replied Cort's voice coldly.

    Aleric walked over and lowered his brown leather gloved hand to Michael,
    “Are you alright?”

    "I'll be fine, I've dealt with worse" Michael replied between breaths.
    "I'd step away Aleric. This has nothing to do with you. This is my family why don't you go find your little excuse for a daughter." Said Paroxis's voice as she drank the blood off her hand.
    "So refeshing, don't you agree?" Cort's voice asked Aleric, "After all you should know as you were once a wound." Said Paroxis's voice with a sneer.

    Aleric looked through his visor at Cort/Paro,
    “The Dynami calls me to serve, to help others. I will not circumvent its call for you.”
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