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Beyond - Legends Can Love Be a Sin? OTP Pairing Challenge #21

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Mira Grau, Aug 14, 2021.

  1. Mira Grau

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    May 11, 2016
    Title: Can Love Be a Sin
    Author: Anedon
    Characters: 'Kat'harina Ricter, E'Liz'abeth Barton, Ilona Malek
    Genre: Romance; Friendship; Drama.
    Timeline: Around 41 ABY
    Summary: During one of the early days of their relationship Kat and Liz discover that Love can somtimes be quite sinfull...
    Author's Note: Part of the OTP Challenge #21 Seven Deadly Sins

    The story is loosley connected to Shadow over Curean, but can be read on its own.
    Thanks to @Adalia-Durron for the beta and support.


    "Out of the feathers, work calls!" Liz voice called into Kat´s ear.

    Kat slowly opened her eyes, her head was foggy, tired.

    Why did I agree to this?
    She asked herself again as she made an attempt to keep her eyes open. But it was too hard and she felt how she drifted to sleep again.

    Then she felt how she was grabbed and shaken. "Get up, don't be a sloth." Liz said, laughing.

    "Not yet... too tired." Kat replied.

    Liz looked down on her, even with messy hair Kat still looked beautiful and for a moment this beauty almost got her to give her friend some mercy, but they needed her.

    Work needed to be done. So she grabbed Kat's covers and pulled them from her. "No excuses, you said you would help."

    Kat shivered a bit in her short nightgown. "I saved your planet, wasn't that enough," she muttered, letting her eyes close again.

    Liz could only shake her head, "I saved you if you have forgotten."

    A few days had passed since she had killed the duchess. A few busy and chaotic days, but now ORSF forces had arrived on Curean to secure the world and restore order.

    "Well you asked for it," Liz smiled as she jumped onto the bed and began to tickle Kat.

    Kat exploded with laughed as she felt Liz's fingers all over her bare arms and legs.

    She tried to fight back to in her dazed state she was no match for Liz. "Please, mercy. I surrender" she eventually managed to get out. Liz stopped tormenting her.

    "Fine, but I want to see you down there in five minutes, or you will wish you were still trapped inside that Wicker Man."


    Liz couldn't help but admire Kat in the simple outfit of a tavern maid that she had given her. "My eyes are up here," Kat said with a playful grin as she waved a finger in front of Liz's nose.

    "Says the right one." Liz replied. "You have been starring at my cleavage since we first met." Kat's face turned red.

    "I didn't..."

    "Oh you very much did." Liz said firmly.

    "Not that I mind, you lusty little piece of gold."

    Kat couldn't help but laugh. "What kind of compliment was that supposed to be?"

    Liz stepped a bit closer to her. "Who said it was a compliment?"

    Kat raised an eyebrow, "I did."

    "So? And what if it wasn't?" Liz asked playfully as she gently pushed Kat against the wall of the room.

    "Then I would be rather disappointed, and demand an apology" Kat replied, playing her game.

    "Well then," Liz leaned forward and kissed Kat on her mouth.

    Kat returned the kiss her hands running over Liz's backside down towards the lacing of her corset...

    "Girls, girls, girls..." Ilona's voice pulled the girlfriends out of their hug. "Is that what you call working?" The two of them turned to her. Ilona wore a similar outfit and gave her friends a smile. Both Liz and Kat looked at each other. Less embarrassed then, disappointed.


    "You are quite a big eater aren´t you?" Liz jokingly asked Kat during their lunch.

    Kat was already eating her third bowl of noodles with the spicy sauce. "It's hard work, I need something to eat." Kat excused herself.

    "Well if you continue like this then you will end up eating all our profits." Liz said sternly.

    Kat stopped for a moment and looked up to her. "Really?" Had she been eating too much the last few days? Was she stretching their hospitality too much?

    "Oh yeah, Georg is already complaining about how much you and Ilona are costing us." Liz continued but there was a smile on her face. "You saved our lives. You can eat as much as you want."


    Kat wiped the sweat from her forehead and took a deep breath. She had never assumed this would be so exhausting. She picked up the next tray with ale and made her way through the main tavern room to the ordered table. The soldiers there where a squad of young women, probably fresh from the ORSF training academy. Kat blushed a bit and hoped they wouldn't recognize her. Katharina Ricter, ORSF Major and War Hero, working as a simple tavern maid. But of course they did.

    "You are Katharina Ricter aren't you?" One of the younger ones asked her.

    Kat felt how her face turned red. Great, so much for my pride... "Yes," she said. The girls eyes lit up. "we've met many years ago. You and Colonel Malek visited our class to talk about the ORSF. You've been my hero ever since... I heard you helped liberate this place from that evil sorceress. Still a hero even if you are no longer in service, right?"

    "I didn't do it all by myself," Kat said, flattered, beaming with pride.

    "Can you tell us more about this?" Another soldier asked her. Kat looked around, Liz and Ilona where quite busy but she thought she could take a moment to talk to these girls and enjoy the attention they gave her.


    Liz watched Kat talk to the young soldiers, and felt a sting in her heart as she saw the admiration they had for her girlfriend. The laughter they shared. But every moment they talked, every moment they wasted taking care of these soldiers was a moment less for the two of them. Liz knew it was greedy to want Kat all to herself the entire time, but at the same time... Kat would only stay here for a month, then she would leave, return to her university, to her studies and leave her behind again here on Curean. If she could, Liz would have wanted to spent every precious minute with her. To prevent her from ever leaving. To lock her inside their room for the rest of their lives and never let her out again, nor leave herself.

    "The soldiers said they wouldn't stay for too long," her mother reminded her as she stepped next to her daughter. "You will still have a few weeks together with her."

    Liz nodded slowly. Her mother gave her a grin, "but given how loud you two are at night, there is a part of me that wouldn't mind her leaving earlier."


    Kat finished another autograph on the bag of one of the young soldiers. There was something nice in their excitement at meeting their idol, but at the same time, seeing them and hearing their stories reminded Kat of her life. Brought back dark memories of war. Memories that had caused her endless nightmares until it finally began to fade. And even now she was time and time again dragged back to the days she wanted to forget. Treated like a celebrity for things that made her feel guilt and not proud. Living here, the simple life of a tavern maid. It had been easier, and she had been happier than she had been for a long time. She could almost feel herself envy Liz as she watched her chuckling with her mother. It was a simple life, but a happy one. When she had been a kid Kat had held big dreams, rising beyond her birth, conquering the galaxy. And she had done it, so why did she felt envious of a simple tavern maid?


    "Had fun with the soldier girls?" Liz asked Kat later that day as they finally returned to their room.

    "I..." Kat was a bit confused, but then she smiled. "Yeah, I am a heroine to them. And they asked if I could give them some training lessons while they are here."

    Liz looked at her coldly. "Training lessons, huh?"

    So this was it?

    Why Kat didn't seem worried about leaving in a few weeks. Because she had other lovers waiting for her? She felt how her disappointment and worries grew, how she became angry. She had been the one to kill the duchess, not Kat, yet she would remain stuck here without the woman she loved.

    "Yes, nothing major just a bit of sword fighting." Kat said. "You could come along."

    "Do you think I can't defend myself?" Liz asked, more bitter than she actually was.

    "I'm... I'm sorry have I offended you?" Kat asked confused.

    "We agreed to take care of the customers together," Liz said what aggravated her. "Is it fair to me and Ilona for you to sit down and talk with them all evening instead of helping out? Is it fair for me to give you, my heart and for you to just turn your back?"

    Kat looked at Liz, having never seen this wrath with her, but she knew what worried her.

    So she took a deep breath and took Liz's hand. "Liz, I'm not turning my back. I'm sorry I left the work to just you and Ilona tonight, but... I'm still my own person. You own my heart, but I'm still my own person. These girls look up to me. I won't turn my back on them either."

    Liz swallowed hard, "I... I'm sorry. You... I never had someone like you, I don't want to lose you."

    Kat gave her a smile. "That won't happen, trust me. I stand by those I love." She leaned forward to give Liz a quick kiss on the cheek.

    Liz felt happiness inside of her as she laid her hands around her girlfriends neck, "love can be quite a sinful thing at times can't it?"

    "A love like ours is never sinful darling," Kat replied. "The goddess approves of it as long as the flower blossoms on happiness." Returning the hug she moved her hands down to the lacing of Liz's corset again. "Now, let's continue where Ilona interrupted us, shall we?"
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    Love the story trail, but please don't thank me for anything as I am no Beta reader, I just look it over for grammar and spelling, not quite the same. I do love the premise and the thread that runs through it all.
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    "I didn't do it all by myself," Kat said, flattered, beaming with pride. I pulled this quote because pride is generally considered the worst of all sins and this quote shows so much, Kat's flurry of worry about being recognized, rueful acknowledgement of her identity to the cadets, and eventual enjoyment of the attention. I think of pride as discrete, whether "justified" as it seems to be here, or "unjustified" as it would be if Kat truly weren't a hero. Nice work on the sins! :)
  4. earlybird-obi-wan

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    Aug 21, 2006
    great work on the sins showing the various ones and the reactions
  5. amidalachick

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    Aug 3, 2003
    Oh, I loved this!

    Great job using all the prompts and weaving them into a single story. You have such a great mix of emotions and glimpses into Kat and Liz's feelings and their relationship.

    This sounds delicious.

    And I'm glad they worked things out in the end.

    Beautiful ending!

    Awesome work on this. =D=
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  6. Mira Grau

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    May 11, 2016
    Still, Thanks :)

    Its definetly one of the harder hitting ones. Glad you like it.


    Thanks, glad you enjoy it all the way to the end. Took a bit of back and forth but I´m happy I was able to include all of them.
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