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Story [Disney] The Adventures of Milo Murphy

Discussion in 'Non Star Wars Fan Fiction' started by Chancellor_Ewok, Jun 2, 2019.

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    Nov 8, 2004
    Go watch the show. MML is easily one funniest things that Weird Al has ever done.
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    Wellllll, I'll think about it[face_alien] Right now my one show, Marvel Agents of Shield, is on hiatus and I'm looking for something to watch. I considered Mako Mermaids and Archer, but recently work has become outrageously busy so I dunno about entertainment ...[face_dunno]
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    Nov 8, 2004
    You can binge the entire series in about a week, as there are only 40 episodes. In the meantime, here are some random clips

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    Jan 28, 2007
    Thank you for the clips. I enjoyed the musical numbers and got the gist of the voice acting - [face_cowboy]
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    Nov 8, 2004
    Yeah, there’s a lot of music in Milo Murphy’s Law. One of the things that fans really, really want is the series soundtrack.

    Episode Thirty-One

    Milo casually sauntered into the library as soon as school ended on Monday. Amanda was sitting at a table in the middle of the room, surrounded by a gaggle of other kids. She looked to Milo a bit like a general briefing her troops. “Bradley, I need you to organize the ballots.”
    Bradley nodded. “Sure, Amanda.”
    “Mort, you did a job running the show last year,” said Amanda, “I’d like you to do that again.”
    Mort nodded. “OK,” he said.
    The gaggle of kids turned at the sound of approaching footsteps. “Hey guys,” said Milo with a wave.
    “Oh, hi Milo,” said Amanda. She waved to an empty seat directly across from her. “Have a seat.”
    “Thanks, Amanda,” said Milo. He slipped off his backpack, pulled out his chair and sat down. Milo tucked his backpack under his knees.
    Bradley shot Milo a scathing looking. “What is Milo doing here?” he asked skeptically.
    “Bradley, I asked him to be here,” replied Amanda, slightly annoyed.
    “But The WIBAs are next month,” protested Bradley, “and Milo will ruin everything, as usual. Last year, Milo couldn’t even make on stage to accept his award,” Bradley exclaimed.
    “I remember,” growled Amanda. “What’s your point?” The previous winter, Milo had been nominated for a WIBA for Greatest Perseverance. Murphy’s Law had struck as he has been about to enter the auditorium along with the rest of the nominees, however, and Milo had been accidentally locked out of the building as a result. He had been forced to climb in through a window and had been completely unable to escape from the basement until after the award show had finished.
    “So, ummmm, Amanda,” asked Milo, “what exactly did you want me to do?”
    Amanda looked down at list of tasks in front of her. “Milo, I am going to put you I charge of counting all the ballots, tabulating the votes and drawing up the winners list.”
    Bradley looked as if he were going to have a fit, “but that’s a really, really important job and you want Milo to-,”
    Amanda nodded emphatically. “Yes, I do Bradley,” she said. “Despite what you might think, Milo is usually really, really organized. It’ll be fine.”
    Bradley continued to look deeply skeptical. “Well, alright,” he said, “but I’m going definitely to say I told you so, when he screws everything up as usual.”

    The following Saturday, Milo stood in his driveway early in the morning with his backpack slung over his shoulders. As usual, he was dressed against the early morning chill In his heavy winter coat, boots, spikes, winter hat and thick gloves. The predawn darkness was broken by the sound of Cavendish and Dakota’s beaten up van as it rumbled up the street and pulled into Milo’s driveway, its engine grumbling in the darkness. Milo pulled open the side door and climbed in next to Phineas, Ferb, Zack, Melissa and Amanda. He sat down next to Phineas and tucked his backpack behind his knees. “Hi Phineas,” said Milo with a stifled yawn. “How was Europa?”
    “Morning Milo,” replied the young savant excitedly. “Europa was fabulous. We’re already talking about going back. We didn’t find any direct signs of life, but we did find a liquid ocean and lots of organic compounds. You should come with us next time,” continue Phineas. “You’d love it.”
    Milo was suddenly reminded of the last time he had gone into space. He had been abducted by aliens, who had wanted him to save their planet from an uncontrollable build up of Murphy’s Law. Zack and Melissa had briefly thought that he had died. He pushed the thought away with some effort. “No thanks, Phineas,” he said. “Murphy’s Law and spaceflight don’t really mix.”
    Phineas looked a little disappointed. “Well, OK,” he said, “but you’re always welcome, if you ever change your mind.”
    At the same moment, the van lurched into motion and backed out of Milo’s driveway. “Morning Milo,” said Dakota, with his usual energy, “breakfast?”
    “Hi Dakota,” said Milo. “Thanks.” He took the usual bag of fast food fro Slushy Dawg and tore into the two breakfast wraps. “So where are we going this time?”
    “Out of town again,” replied Cavendish.
    “Really?” asked Melissa. “Again?”
    Dakota nodded. “Yeah, The Bureau is sending us out the middle of nowhere again.”
    Cavendish continued. “It seems that someone has phoned in a tip.”
    “What kind of tip?” asked Milo.
    “The Bureau thinks that someone has stumbled across another Shrinkatron,” replied Dakota.
    “You mean another one of those things that we ran into a few months ago?” asked Amanda. “Didn’t you say those things are dangerous?”
    Dakota chuckled mirthlessly, “Yeah, those things are dangerous,” he said. “You can shrink the entire planet down to size of an atom if you’re not careful-,”
    “Plus the Bureau thought that all of them were accounted for,” continued Cavendish.
    “And there are aren’t all that many of them to begin with,” said Dakota, “as they’re really are to make, well safely at any rate.” He shrugged. “Its technically out of our jurisdiction, but we’re the closest team, so we got the call.”

    The drive to the clean up site took the better part of an hour and a half. The site was located in a very remote corner of Danville Forest. By the time Cavendish turned off of the highway and on to the muddy dirt track, the sun was well above the horizon and peeking through scudding grey clouds. The van pulled to a stop at the edge of the field, Cavendish shut off the engine and everyone clambered out. Cavendish pulled open the van’s rear doors and handed out coveralls, trash bags and picks. They collected their tools and set to work. High above the field, virtually invisible against the dull grey clouds, a drone hovered silently watching as the two former time agents and their charges set about cleaning up the so called alien garbage. The drone’s in board computer received a data packet from the various sniffers and motion detectors that had been hidden in the forest on the edges of the clear. The drone focused its shifted its camera to a very minute degree and focused its electronic gaze on a slender figure wearing a backpack. It beamed the image down to the ground and received an immediate confirmation. The image was then beamed up to satellite, which then beamed it to a computer in a nondescript office building in downtown Danville.

    An alert message flashed on Wolinsky’s computer screen. Negative probability field detected. A file with a picture opened in a separate window.

    Name: Murphy, Milo D

    Address: 5521 Druid Drive, Danville, USA

    Age: 14

    Date of Birth: October 24, 2003

    Height: 5’3”

    Weight: 104 pounds

    Blood type: O positive

    Wolinsky turned and called over his shoulder. “Sir,” he said.

    Director Niblet turned at the sound of Wolinsky’s voice. “What is it Major?” He walked over to where his subordinate was sitting in front of the computer. “We have eyes on the target.”

    Niblet nodded. “Good,” he said approvingly, “alert the ground team.”

    Wolinsky nodded and picked up the radio on the desk in front of him. “Base to ground team,” he said, “heads up. We have eyes on the target.” He got two clicks on the radio in reply.

    Milo had just deposited his third full bag of trash in the back of Cavendish and Dakota’s van and returned to the field when it happened. He was standing in the middle of the field around mid-morning when he saw a silver coloured cube the size of a baseball. He waved Zack over to where he was standing. “Hey Zack,” he said, “I found the Shrinkatron.” He bent over and picked it up. As soon he did, it registered Milo’s negative probability and several things happened at once,

    A second alert flashed across Wolinsky’s computer screen. He turned and addressed Director Niblet. “Sir, the target has taken the bait.”

    Niblet nodded. “Alert the ground team. Tell them to be ready to move.”

    Wolinsky nodded. “Yes, Sir.” He picked up his radio. “Base to ground team, get ready to move.The target has the bait.” Again, he got two clicks on the radio in reply.

    Hidden in the undergrowth, Tennant watched as the target picked up the metallic silvery cube. He heard Wolinsky’s voice in his earpiece, clicked his radio twice in reply and flashed a hand sign to the extraction team. Stand by. Somewhere off to his right, he heard the quiet whir of servos as a dart gun homed in on its targets, followed by the almost inaudible hiss of compressed gas as it began firing.

    Milo was about four feet away from Zack when he felt something strike him in the upper arm. It was as if someone was jabbing him with a white hot needle. “Ow,” he said. He rubbed the spot on his arm and his hand brushed against something hard and cylindrical. He pulled the hypodermic dart of his arm. Milo and Zack looked at each other in confusion.

    “Milo, are you OK?” asked Zack. As he said it, Milo swayed visibly.

    “No, Zack, I-,” Milo didn’t get any farther than that, his words suddenly became slurred, as though his tongue was too big for his mouth. Everything was suddenly going foggy and Milo tried to speak again. “Zack, I don’t feel-,” he began. Milo tried to take a step and started to stumble. Zack lunged forward and just barely caught Milo in time before he hit the ground.

    Zack thrust his hands under Milo’s armpits and held him upright. Milo’s eyes were mostly closed. “Milo, can you hear me?”asked Zack. Milo’s face flickered a little at the sound of his name, but other than that he didn’t respond. Something’s really wrong, thought Zack. He quickly looked around and saw Dakota fifty feet away standing over something on the ground. Zack squinted and looked closer. He saw a mop of red hair and a purple winter coat. Whatever’s happening has happed to Melissa and Phineas as well, he thought. He turned and thrust his arm across Milo’s shoulders and pulled his unconscious friend onto his back. He staggered slightly under Milo’s weight. Milo was slightly shorter than Zack, in addition to being thin and lightly built, but with his body armour and fully loaded backpack, Zack figured that Milo weighed close to a hundred and fifty pounds. He waved with his free hand, opened his mouth and started to shout, “hey, Dakota!” but before he could get words out, Dakota swayed drunkenly and collapsed, landing face down in the frozen dirt. Fighting down his rising panic, Zack started to run toward where the former time agent had fallen. He had taken perhaps five steps at most when he suddenly felt a white hot stabbing sensation in his chest, as though someone had stuck a white hot needle under his skin. Zack felt himself becoming drowsy. Everything was becoming foggy and his limbs felt heavy. He was dimly aware of his body pitching forward and figures running out of the trees. The last thing Zack remembered for several hours was the ground rushing up to slap him in the face.
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    Episode Thirty-Two

    When Zack came to his senses several hours later, it was to the sensation of being gently slapped back to consciousness by Dakota. “C’mon Zack,” he said. Zack felt one of Dakota’s big hands slapping his cheek. “Wake up.” Zack was stiff and cold from lying on the frozen ground. He tried to sit up and everything swam. He felt nauseous and his head rang like a gong with a splitting headache. The closest comparison he could come up was being hit with an illegal tackle in a really rough football game, and he thought that seemed tame by comparison. He slowly raised himself into a sitting position and took a deep breath. Zack could see data scrolling down the inside of Dakota’s sunglasses. “You OK, Zack?” he asked.

    Zack nodded. “Yeah, I think so.” He looked around as though searching for something. He dimly recalled having had a very heavy weight on his back. He saw a large, dark green backpack lying on its side. Everything suddenly came back to him. Milo’s backpack, he thought. He clambered stiffly to his feet. He wobbled slightly and took another deep breath. He walked over to where Milo’s backpack was lying in the frozen dirt, picked it up and put his arms through the straps. He turned the former time agent. “Dakota-,” he began.

    “-where’s Milo?” finished Dakota for him. “Don’t know. Not here. Looks like he’s been taken again. Do you remember what happened?”

    Zack nodded. “Yeah,” he said and then paused. It had all happened very quickly. “At least I think so. Milo practically collapsed in my arms.” He paused again, try to remember. “He was shot with some kind of dart, and then I tried to carry him, and everything got hazy after that.” He fell silent thinking hard, trying to remember anything else. “I think I saw people coming out of the bushes.”

    “Do you remember what they looked like?” asked Dakota.

    Zack thought again and shook his head. “Sorry, Dakota,” he said. “I tried to carry Milo, but I got shot with one of those darts almost immediately after he did. I don’t really remember much after that.”

    “It’s OK Zack,” replied Dakota. “Don’t beat yourself up. This is starting to sound like somebody set us up.” He started walking. Zack shrugged Milo’s backpack higher onto his shoulders and fell into step next to the former time agent.

    “Is everyone else OK?” asked Zack.

    Dakota nodded. “Yeah,” he said. “They all woke up just before you did. Physically, everyone’s fine, they’re just a little shaken up.”

    Zack noticed that they were walking toward the edge of the field. “So what do we do now?” asked Zack.

    Dakota shrugged. “We’re not sure yet,” he said. “Cavendish took Melissa, Amanda, Phineas and Ferb to look for any signs of Milo.” He continued walking toward the tree line. Zack followed him.

    As they approached, the tall, thin figure of Cavendish appeared striding toward them on his long legs. The three of them met just outside the tree line. Cavendish gave Zack a quick once over. “Its good to see you your feet,” he said, “are you feeling alright, Zack?”

    Zack nodded. “Yeah, Cavendish, I’m fine,” he said. “I just want to find Milo.”

    Cavendish nodded in understanding. “Milo is as much my friend as he is yours,” he said. “We will do everything thing in our power to find him.” He started to turn and walk back into the trees. As he did, Cavendish turned and called over his shoulder, “Phineas has found something.”

    Zack and Dakota started walking again, following Cavendish deeper into the trees. He abruptly turned to the right and continued walking parallel to the trees. Zack and Dakota looked at each other. The teenager and the time agent both appeared to be thinking the same thing.

    “Cavendish-,” began Zack. They needed to be looking for Milo and he was starting to feel as thought they were wasting time.

    “-where are we going?” finished Dakota.

    Cavendish turned to look over his shoulder again and only narrowly avoided walking into a tree. “It’s not far,” he said, “we’re almost there.”

    In the distance, beyond Cavendish, Zack spied Amanda, Melissa, Phineas and Ferb all clustered around something. The four of them had their heads together and they appeared to be talking in low voices. He sped up and thought he saw Phineas point to something and say, “look at this, Ferb.”

    Melissa must have heard them coming because she looked up and detached herself from the other three. She walked over to Zack who had stopped just short of Phineas, Ferb and Amanda. They appeared to examining a charred pile of electronics.

    Zack looked back and forth from Melissa to the charred pile of equipment to Cavendish and Dakota. “So, what is this stuff?”

    “Phineas thinks that this stuff was design to detect probability fields,” said Melissa. “He says that whoever built it knew exactly what they were doing.”

    Zack absorbed this information. “So how does that help us find out who took Milo?” he asked. As he spoke, Milo’s backpack suddenly seemed very heavy, as if it were suddenly twenty pounds heavier. He gestured to the pile of equipment that was still being pored over by Phineas and Ferb. “Have they found anything yet?”

    Melissa put a comforting hand on Zack’s shoulder. “Zack, it’s going to be OK,” she said. “Milo’s tough,” her voice took on a determined note, “and we are going to get him back.”

    Zack took a deep breath and slowly exhaled. “Yeah,” he said, “you’re right. Milo’s disappeared before and he usually turns up just fine with a good story to tell.” Even as he said it, Zack wondered if he was speaking as much for himself as for everyone else.

    While Zack, Melissa, Cavendish and Dakota had been talking, Phineas and Ferb finished their examination and stood up, followed by Amanda. They walked over to join the others.

    “So what have you found?” asked Cavendish.

    The two stepbrothers traded a look and Phineas shrugged apologetically. “Not much unfortunately,” said the young genius. He gestured at the pile of fried gear behind him. “Whoever built this knew what they were doing,” he said. “There are no serial number as any of this stuff.”

    “OK,” said Zack slowly, “what does that mean?”

    “Whoever it was that took Milo was a pro-,” replied Dakota.

    “Yeah,” continued Phineas, “and whoever did it had money too.” The young savant gestured again over his shoulder. “Most of this is custom built to detect probability fields.”

    Melissa took a deep steadying breath, processing this information. A person or persons unknown expended significant time and resources to kidnap her closest friend. “Phineas,” she asked quietly, “how many people would know how to do this?”

    “Not very many,” he said. “This would require really specific skill sets and-,”

    “None of this is getting us anywhere,” interjected Zack, “Phineas, did you learn anything definite about the people who took Milo from this stuff.”

    “We think so,” he said, “well, Ferb does, at any rate.”

    “Well, what is it?” asked Melissa.

    “We think all of this came from Kreitech Industries,”

    “How do you know that?” asked Amanda.

    “Well, we don’t,” replied Phineas, “at least not for sure, but the fingerprints are pretty unmistakable, and if that’s the case, then Ferb and I have a friend who might be able to help us.”

    He pulled his phone out of his pocket and quickly tapped through his contacts until he found the one that he wanted. “Hi, Isabella,” he said, “I need you to refuel the jet. We’re going to San Fransokyo.”

    When Milo initially came back to his senses he wasn’t entire sure that he was actually awake at first. Everything was mostly in darkness and Milo blinked a couple of times, just to be sure that his eyes were working. They were. He tried to sit up and realized that he was strapped to the table on which he was lying. Well that’s not good, he thought. He tried to move his arms and legs and found that he couldn’t. There were restraints across his chest and abdomen as well upper arms, elbows and wrists. Milo’s legs were pinned at the upper thigh, knees and ankles.The only part of his body that he could move was his head. Milo raised himself up to the extent that his restraint allowed him to and tried to look around. As his eyes adjusted to the gloom, Milo began to pick out a few details. The room was large and very dimly lit by faint green light coming from large tanks lining the edges of the room. From the few he could see out of the corner of his eye, Milo could make out indistinct figures in a few of them and a sudden sense of disquiet shivered through him. That’s not good either, he thought. There were several work carts scattered around the room with laptops and other equipment on them.

    Milo wracked his brain, trying to remember what had happened to him. He remembered pick up alien trash with Cavendish and Dakota for most of the morning. He had been working with Zack and they spent had most of the morning laughing, talking and trading inside jokes. Milo recalled being shot in the right arm with some kind of dart. Everything had become hazy after that. He dimly recalled that had nearly collapsed and that somebody had tried to carry him, Zack he assumed. He had blacked out after that and remembered almost nothing until he had woken up a few minutes ago. Milo had no idea how long he had been out for, but he guessed several hours at minimum. He wondered where he was. The opposite wall was dominated by a large computer screen with a screen saver in muted colours, an abstract logo and the words, “Sycorax Bionics,” underneath it. Milo had no idea what that was supposed to mean and tried his bonds again. He was secured with soft Velcro straps. He doubted that Murphy’s Law would have much of an effect on them, but then Murphy’s Law was inherently unpredictable, so Milo figured that that didn’t mean much. His thoughts were interrupted as an array of surgical lights flashed on overhead. Milo screwed up his eyes painfully as the room’s light level suddenly changed.

    The sound of footsteps echoed off of the concrete floor. A pair of gloved fingers gently pried open Milo’s eyelids and shone a pen light in his eyes. With all the light flooding his retinas, it was hard for Milo to resolve the two figures bending over him, but he could tell that they were a man and a woman and they were both blond and good looking.

    Presently, the woman spoke. “Hello, Milo,” she said, “my name is Liv Amara.”
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    Nov 8, 2004
    Episode Thirty-Three

    The jet was almost ready by the time that Cavendish and Dakota’s van pulled into Phineas’ driveway. It sat on a large catapult, pointing almost straight up into the late afternoon sky. Its wingtips stuck out over the fence into the neighbour’s yard on either side by a couple of feet. Cavendish pulled the key out of the ignition and the engine died. They piled out out of the van and proceeded as one body through the house and into the backyard.

    “Boys-,” began Lawrence.

    “Oh, hi Dad,” said Phineas breezily as he hurried by, “we’ll probably be late for dinner.”

    They emerged from the house into the backyard which lay mostly in shadow under the broad swept back wings of the jet. Candace was waiting for him, tapping her foot. “Phineas,” she said. She gestured dramatically at the sleek aircraft filling the backyard. “What is this-,”

    Phineas pushed past his sister without stopping. “Sorry, Candace,” he said with a wave, “perhaps next time.” He turned and called over his shoulder. “Oh, and you should get in the house, otherwise you’ll get cooked in the jet blast.” He walked over to a corner of the yard where Baljeet was unwinding a thick cable from the jet’s ground cart. “Baljeet,” he said, grabbing the heavy cable and dragging it across the yard. “How are we looking?”

    “We are almost ready,” said the diminutive Indian boy, Baljeet was even younger than Phineas, “but I must caution against-,”

    Phineas climbed up a ladder and partially disappeared, so that only his feet and legs were visible. “Sorry, Baljeet,” he said. He was mostly hidden by the jet’s wing and his voice was slightly muffled as a result, “There’s no time. Milo’s gone missing again-,“

    “Why didn’t you say so,”exclaimed Baljeet in his high pitched, sing song voice and waving his arms, “I will write a negative probability tracking algorithm.”

    “Thanks, Baljeet,” said Phineas, plugging the cable in his hands into an exterior power socket. “In the mean time the rest of us are going to San Fransokyo.”

    Baljeet turned his attention back to the ground cart. He flipped up the clear plastic cover on the primer switch and flipped it. “Phineas, we are ready to start the jet’s internal systems.”

    “OK,” said Phineas. He gestured to Ferb, Zack, Melissa, Amanda, Cavendish and Dakota who had all gathered at the base of the catapult on which the jet was poised and pointed at the late afternoon sky. “We’re almost ready to leave,” he said. “Ferb, lets get into the cockpit and start our pre-flight check.” He scrambled nimbly up a second ladder and disappeared into a hatch. The others followed him. The jet’s interior was spartan. Exposed wiring and hydraulic lines snaked everywhere. Phineas and Ferb hauled themselves into the pilots seats with a system straps and footholds. They put on their headsets and began running through their pre-flight checklist. They skipped every step they thought that they could safely omit. Behind them, Phineas and Ferb could hear the others pulling themselves into their seats and buckling their restraints. The two stepbrothers each put a hand on the throttle. With his other hand, Phineas flipped up a plastic cover and touched his thumb to the red button underneath, but didn’t press it. Sitting in the co-pilot’s seat, Ferb did the same. “Ready?” asked Phineas.

    Ferb nodded.

    “On the count of three,” said Phineas. His right hand tightened on the throttle.




    Phineas and Ferb pushed the throttle all the way forward and pushed the button under his thumb. On the other side of the cockpit, Ferb did the same. The high pitched whine of the turbofans spooling up was suddenly drowned out by the deep bass roar of four JATO rockets suddenly igniting. In the seat behind Phineas, Zack suddenly as if something heavy was sitting on his chest and fervently hoped that the jet would hold together. The rational part of his mind told him that Phineas and Ferb knew what they were doing, but he thought it anyway. Out of the corner of his eye, the ground fell away as the jet began to move. It accelerated from a standing start to several hundred miles an hour within a very short distance. As they accelerated Zack’s point of view widened from his obscured view of Phineas and Ferb’s backyard to their entire neighbourhood and to Milo’s as well. The jet heeled over hard at six thousand feet, while still climbing and for a brief moment Zack was able to see all of downtown Danville spread out below him like a large map. They were still accelerating and Danville slid out of sight almost immediately. They continued climbing until they levelled off at seventy thousand feet. Then Phineas hit the scramjets and broke the sound barrier for the straight shot flight to San Fransokyo.
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    Yes, indeed.

    Nice action writing. I have visited San Francisco's Chinatown and Little Japan numerous times and am picturing San Fransokyo looking something like these places.
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    Nov 8, 2004
    Yeah, that’s the whole idea behind Big Hero 6. Think California with overt anime overtones. San Fransokyo at night kind of has a Blade Runner vibe, but without all the cynicism and despair. Basically what I did was drop the MML cast into the end of BH6’s City of Monsters arc.
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    Nov 8, 2004
    “Who are you?” asked Milo, “and what am I doing here?”

    Liv Amara put put away her pen light. “My name is Liv Amara,” said Amara again. “I am the CEO of Sycorax Bionics. We want your help, and in return, we might be able to able help you.”

    “What do you want from me?” asked Milo slowly. This feels like the Octalians all over again, he thought wearily.

    “We’re conducting advanced life extension research,” she explained. “We heard about through our sources in Danville and we thought that we might be able to help each other.”

    “So rather than just saying, ‘Hi Milo, we’d like you participate in our experiment,’ you just knocked me out and kidnapped me?” asked Milo sarcastically, “And what about my friends?” he continued, “I’m pretty sure they didn’t just let you take me.”

    “We’re not interested in your friends,” replied Amara, “but we didn’t really given them a choice either.”

    “What did you do to them?”demanded Milo.

    “Not much,” said the man. “We tranquillized them at the same time we tranquilizer you.”

    Amara continued. “They should have woken up a couple of hours ago none the worse for wear-,”

    “-And wondering where I am,” countered Milo defiantly. “I have the best friends in the world. Zack, Melissa and Amanda will be looking for me.” And they have Phineas and Ferb with them, thought Milo, those two will likely cook something up all on their own.

    “But they don’t know where you are,” said the man. “Be reasonable, Milo, the best way for you to help yourself is to co-operate.”

    “Chris is right,” replied Amara. She input a command into her tablet and Milo was bathed in a ghostly blue light. At the same moment, the large high resolution computer screen on the wall opposite Milo flickered to life. Milo saw a slightly abstracted image of himself displayed on the screen. As Milo watched, it slowly dissolved through his body, peeling back the layers like the layers of an onion, starting with his clothes, then his skin, musculature, nervous system and internal organs, stopping only when it had digitally stripped him down level of his skeleton. He could see every fracture and broken bone he had ever had in his life. Amara input a second command into her tablet and medical data began to scroll down one side of the screen. “Milo, according to these scans, you have broken a total of twenty-eight bones.” She paused letting that sink in.

    Milo’s face was a mask, but inwardly he was surprised. Living with Murphy’s Law meant that he was more inclined than the average person to have accidents and mishaps and yes he had broken more than a few bones, but twenty-eight? He suddenly felt as though she was trying to manipulate him and suddenly felt as though something was telling him to be cautious.

    “You don’t have to live like this,” Amara after a while. “We have the resources to help you,” she continued. “We could run some tests, sequence your DNA and-,”

    Milo didn’t let her finish. “You may think you’re trying to help me,” he said, “but you’re not. My best friend used to think like that.” Milo had briefly gone missing the previous autumn as a result of run-in with Cavendish and Dakota and a pair of rival time agents, Brick and Savannah. He had end up in the late 22nd Century as a result. In the process looking for him, Melissa had revealed to Zack and Sara that she had collected a large amount of information on Milo and Murphy’s Law, including a number of very intimate personal items, including two years worth of used toothbrushes. Exactly how she had gotten them, Milo had immediately decided that he didn’t really want to know, but he had appreciated both her desire to want to help him and her eventual realization that what she had wanted for him wasn’t the kind of life that he envisioned for himself. “Fortunately, she knows me a lot better that you do.” Milo emphatically shook his head. “I am not helping you,” he said. “You drugged me, and all of my friends, then kidnapped me, and you expect me to participate in some weird experiment?” Milo forced himself to take deep, steadying breath before he continued. “That is just really, really rude.”

    Liv Amara looked impassively at the hapless and imprisoned teenager. “I had hoped that you would be willing to co-operate, Milo,” she said, “given what we can potentially offer you in return, but if you don’t want we can give you-,”

    “-I don’t,” replied Milo flatly.

    Amara nodded. “Very well.” She turned to Chris. “Let’s prep.”
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    Nov 8, 2004
    Episode Thirty-Four

    Zack, Melissa and Amanda all looked at each other. “Well, at least we know he’s here, somewhere,” said Zack with a note of cautious hope in his voice. He looked around, as if he expected Milo to magically jump out of the bushes.

    “Yeah, but San Fransokyo is a big city,” countered Melissa, “a lot bigger than Danville, so where do we start?”

    “Well, this is Milo we’re talking about,” replied Zack, “so…..,” he trailed off, waiting for Melissa and Amanda to catch his meaning.

    Amanda caught on first. “Of course,” she said.

    “Milo’s usual trail of chaos,” finished Melissa.

    “OK.” The deliberations of Zack, Melissa and Amanda were interrupted. The three of them turned as one and the sound. It was the tall man in dreadlocks who had spoken. “What exactly does, ‘Milo’s usual trail of chaos’ mean?” He looked at Phineas and Ferb again. “Phineas what exactly is going on here?”

    “Oh, I’m sorry, Wasabi,” replied Phineas. He quickly made the introductions.

    “We’re looking for a friend,” explained Melissa. “We think he’s around here somewhere, but we don’t know exactly where.”

    “We were all drugged,” explained Dakota.

    “And when we woke up,” continued Zack, “Milo was gone.”

    “And what makes you think he’s here?” asked Wasabi.

    “You mean here?” asked Melissa, indicating their immediate surroundings. “He’s not,” she said.

    “And how do you know that?” asked Wasabi. “You only just got here.”

    “Well, for a start,” said Melissa, “your house is still standing.”

    For a moment, Fred and Wasabi looked at each other. “What is that supposed to mean?” asked Wasabi. A very fastidious and slightly neurotic man, Wasabi looked slightly alarmed.

    Fred, on the other hand, looked excited. “Oooooh!” he said, rubbing his hands together, “mysterious strangers? Cryptic threats? This is just like Captain Fancy issue issue #242 where-,”

    Wasabi sighed, “no Fred,” he said. As the son of a superhero and an obsessive comic book fan, Fred tended to relate everything back to comic books, but on the other hand, Fred had a way of reading a situation that Hiro, Wasabi, Honey Lemon and Go Go didn’t and while he wasn’t right all the time, he wasn’t always wrong either. “This is not like Captain Fancy #242.”

    Milo’s friends all eyed each other, wondering what to tell Fred and Wasabi. “Milo is-,” began Zack slowly.

    “-special,” continued Melissa, and she quickly explained about Murphy’s Law and Milo’s negative probability field.

    Wasabi stared skeptically at them when Zack and Melissa had finished speaking ten minutes later. “OK,” he said slowly, processing Zack and Melissa’s information, “that’s not supposed to be possible.”

    Zack and Melissa traded another look. Wasabi’s reaction wasn’t unexpected. They frequently encountered people who didn’t believe that Milo’s negative probability field actually existed. More than once Milo had been accused of intentionally creating the trail of chaos that he often left in his wake because he was seeking attention, or to make himself look good. Milo tended to simply ignore such slights when they were thrown at him, but having been Milo’s only friend for over seven years, sometimes Melissa felt that it was her right to act indignantly on his behalf. She was about to open her her mouth, but Zack beat her to it.

    “We don’t have time to stand around talking,” he said, his voice edged with impatience, “Milo is missing, and we have no idea where he is.” He suddenly realized that everyone was looking at him and he felt slightly awkward. He took a deep steadying breath and felt Melissa’s hand on his shoulder. He was suddenly glad it was there. He looked around. “I’m sorry,” he said. “I just-,” he eyed Wasabi and Fred, “look,” he said levelly, “my best friend is missing. Can you help us or not.”

    There were several seconds of silence, during which Zack felt as though Wasabi was appraising him. Finally the broad shouldered man spoke. “Yeah, sure,” he said. “We’ll take my car.” Wasabi turned and walked back toward the sprawling mansion in the middle of the perfectly manicured grounds. The others followed him down the path from the helipad where the jet sat on its landing gear and towards the large, sprawling mansion. They crossed the flagstone terrace, which was dotted with patio furniture. They crossed from the terrace into the house through an ornate set of French double doors and were met just inside by a man in a butler’s uniform. He was almost as tall as Cavendish. He was mostly bald and had a pencil thin moustache. His face seemed to have been carved into a permanently bored expression. A large tray with a glass of ice, a large bottle of lime Pep and a dish under a polished silver cover were balanced deftly on his right hand. His left was tucked neatly behind his back. “Good afternoon Master Fredrick,” he said. The permanently bored look on his face extended to his voice. “Your nachos for your gaming session are ready.”

    For a second Fred looked torn, as if he were being forced to make a difficult decision. Wasabi seemed to read his mind because Zack thought he heard him say in a low voice, “nachos later, Fred.”

    Fred seemed to collect himself. It looked difficult. “Right,” he said, “thanks, Heathcliff, but keep those warm for me. Spirit Samurai IV will have to wait.”

    “Very good sir,” replied Heathcliff, and he turned smoothly on his heel, still balancing the tray and disappeared through a side door.

    Fred and Wasabi kept walking and Milo’s friends followed them. The last afternoon sun cast long shafts of light through the tall windows and left everything in a dappled mix of light and shadow. The floor was covered with a thick carpet which muffled their footsteps. Paintings hung on the walls and the corridor was lined with little tables bearing family photographs dotted the edges of the hallway. They soon came out of a side door, crossed a large tiled entry hall and exited outside through a pair of double doors. Wasabi’s car was sitting on a large circular driveway at the bottom of a flight of wide stone steps. They piled into Wasabi’s car, Zack was never quite able to remember exactly how, and drove off down the long, winding driveway toward the front gate.

    The drive from the Fredrickson compound through downtown San Fransokyo took half an hour. The downtown core was dominated by sleek looking, high tech skyscrapers that pulsed with red and orange and purple LEDs. At street level store front signs were brightly traced out in green and blue neon. A broad arch spanned the main thoroughfare sporting a holographic sign that proclaimed “Welcome the. Night Market Square.”

    Wasabi turned off of the main road and on to another long winding driveway.They drove under a sign that read “San Fransokyo Institute of Technology” and eventually pulled up in front of a collection of stark white buildings which had a slightly abstract air about them. A large sign lit by LED floodlights on the broad expanse of perfectly manicured green lawn read “SFIT Ito Ishioka Robotics Laboratory.” Wasabi pulled into a parking space and they all piled out.

    Cavendish got out and stretched unsteadily. Phineas and Ferb had been sitting on his lap and their combined weight had put his legs to sleep. Phineas was looking around avidly and even Ferb, who was normally almost unreadable, looked impressed.

    Zack looked confused. “Wait, I don’t understand,” he said, “how is this going to help us find Milo?”

    “Yeah, I’ve read a little a bit about SFIT’s robotics program,” said Dakota, “it’s supposed to be world class.”

    “Oh yes,” said Cavendish excitedly. He looked at Phineas and Ferb. “Your friend is an SFIT student?” he asked.

    Phineas nodded. “Yeah, this a pretty hard program to get into and Hiro’s pretty smart-,”

    “-If anyone can help us locate Milo,” said Ferb suddenly, making everyone jump slightly, “Hiro can.”

    Wasabi nodded, “yeah, Hiro has a knack for this sort of thing,” he said. He started walking toward the Administration Building. The others followed him. “Let’s go up to his lab and I’ll introduce you.” They walked up the main entrance. The doors opened with a nearly silent swish. They entered in a large central atrium. Clusters of tables dotted the large space amid stands of leafy green plants. The low hum of voices filled the background as students laughed and chattered with each other over their homework or an early dinner. Robots scurried among the tables, clearing away trays of half eaten food. They crossed the atrium and stopped in front of a bank of elevators. Wasabi pressed his thumb to a biometric scanner, which beeped in confirmation and the elevator doors slid silently open. They piled in and a flat electronic voice said, “please state your destination.”

    “Eighth floor,” replied Wasabi.

    A tone sounded and the elevator’s voice said, “Thank you. Destination confirmed. Please stand clear of the doors.” The doors slid closed and the elevator slid smoothly upwards. Another tone sounded a few minutes later and the elevator doors opened. The elevator’s voice said, “You have arrived at your destination. Please mind the doors as you exit the elevator.” They stepped out of the elevator into a wide hallway. Frosted glass doors marched away down the corridor in both directions. “C’mon,” said Wasabi, “Hiro’s lab is down this way.” He turned left and walked down the corridor, coming to a stop in front an opaque glass door. A plaque next to the door had a list of names printed on it. At the top was, “H Hamada, artificial intelligence, robotics, cybernetic systems.” Wasabi pressed his thumb to the biometric scanner next to the door. It beeped in confirmation and the door unlocked with a quiet metallic click. He pushed open the door and they went inside.

    They found themselves in a large, brightly lit work space. The room was dominated by an open area cleared of obstructions. Along one wall stood a series of 3D printers of various sizes. Opposite the door they had entered were several doors that led to a series of private workspaces. On the wall opposite the wall with the 3D printers was a large open alcove with a series of work benches bearing a mix of Bunsen burners, chemical analyzers, centrifuges and computers. Dotted here and there around the room tucked into available spaces were racks of tools, laptop carts and equipment lockers. A door opened and a boy who appeared to be around Milo’s age emerged. He was momentarily backlit by the glow of a computer screen. He was thin and slightly wiry looking with an unruly mop of black hair. He was dressed in a blue zip-up hoodie, a faded Spirit Samurai II T-shirt, knee length Capri shorts and battered looking running shoes. He stepped out of the door and a large white robot trundled through it on short, stubby legs accompanied by the quiet whine of servomotors. The robot was followed in turn by a tall, willowy looking woman with reddish blond hair that fell down to her shoulders and a short woman with an athletic build and a head of short, spiky black hair.

    Hiro Hamada took in Fred, Wasabi and Milo’s friends standing in the middle room. His gaze finally settled on Phineas and Ferb. “Hi, Phineas,” he said. Hiro walked across the room and shook the younger boy’s hand. “So what brings you out to San Fransokyo?”
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    Nov 8, 2004
    Episode Thirty Five

    “Oh hi, Hiro,” said Phineas, shaking Hiro’s hand. Phineas quickly made the introductions. Hiro eyed Milo’s friends again. “So what brings you to San Fransokyo,” he asked again. “Your message was a little cryptic.”

    Phineas shrugged. “Sorry about that,” he said. “There wasn’t time for a more in depth message.”

    Hiro nodded. As the leader of Big Hero 6, he was used to working in the dark. “Let’s step into my office and we can talk.” Hiro turned and opened the door. They followed him into his office. The wall opposite the door was dominated by a large round window. One wall was dominated by several bookcases that reached from the floor almost to the ceiling. They appeared to sag under the weight of a large collection technical manuals and heavy text books, on subjects ranging from biochemistry and genetics to nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, quantum physics and cybernetics. The opposite wall was dominated by a desk bearing a keyboard, a wireless mouse and a pair of high definition monitors. Tools and sundry other objects were scattered here and there around the room.

    Hiro pulled his chair out, sat down at his computer and typed something into his keyboard. The twin monitors that occupied most of the space on his desk glowed to life, displaying an assortment of graphs and images. He swept them aside with a gesture, then clicked, tapped and swiped his way through several menus until he found the file folder that he wanted. He opened it and another assortment of graphs and images, including a picture of Milo, and various scans of the equipment that had been used to incapacitate and kidnap Milo spread themselves across Hiro’s computer screens. He turned to face Milo’s friends. “Well, this is definitely from Kreitech,” he said.

    The woman with the short, spiky hair cut nodded. “Yeah,” said Go Go, “the striations in the microchip’s substrate area a dead give away.”

    Hiro nodded in agreement and looked again Phineas and Ferb. “I agree,” he said. “But I can’t believe that Alastair Krei would participate in the kidnapping of a teenager.”

    “I told you so,” interjected Wasabi.

    Hiro shot a curious glance at Zack, Melissa and Amanda. “Why’s your friend so special?”

    Zack, Melissa and Amanda all glanced at each other, as though having a silent conversation. Everyone was slightly surprised when Cavendish broke the silence. “Milo is indeed a very special young man,” he said.

    “OK,” said Go Go slowly, “what makes Milo special?”

    “Murphy’s Law,” said Amanda simply.

    “Murphy’s Law,” intoned Baymax calmly, “Is the axiom that anything that can go wrong-“

    “-will go wrong,” finished Melissa.

    “With Milo, it’s not just an axiom,”said Zack. “Its literally how he lives his life.”

    “That statement is illogical,” replied Baymax in soothing tones. “Murphy’s Law is not a physical phenomenon.”

    “Cavendish and I didn’t believe it either at first,” replied Dakota.

    Cavendish nodded in agreement. “Yes,” he said, “we initially thought that Milo was some sort of counter agent. We thought he was sent to foil our mission.”

    Dakota continued. “We noticed that weird stuff happens around Milo,” he said, “and we thought that Milo was setting us up.” As Dakota spoke, he suddenly remembered a thin, slightly round shouldered kid, his spine bent under the weight of a heavy backpack, trying to buy a bag of pistachios. Cavendish and Dakota had been tasked by the Bureau of Time Travel with protecting pistachio plants in and around Danville. Their supervisor, Mr. Block had been fond of pistachios, which had become extinct sometime in the late 21st Century for reasons that were not fully understood. As a result, Mr. Block had tasked them with the mission of protecting all the pistachio plants in Danville. Milo’s proximity to their pistachio cart had caused the broiler to overheat and their pistachio cart had exploded as a result.

    Cavendish and Dakota had crossed paths with Milo, Zack and Melissa several more times over the next few months and his knack for dealing with the unexpected had proven useful when the Pistachions had tried to take over the future.

    While Cavendish, Dakota, Zack and Melissa had been talking, Hiro, Go Go, Fred, Honey Lemon and Wasabi had been trading looks with each other, as if having a silent conversation. Baymax stood in a corner watching all of them impassively. Zack was getting fidgety again. This is taking too long, he thought slightly irritably. We should be out looking for Milo. He took a deep, steadying breath and he felt Melissa put a calming hand on his shoulder.

    At the same moment, Baymax said, “your elevated heart rate suggests that you are under stress. Would you like a hug?”

    For a second Zack looked confused. “No,” he said, “I-why would he-,”

    Hiro shrugged. “Baymax was designed to be a personal healthcare companion,” he explained. “He does other stuff as well, but this is part of his basic programming.” He paused. “I understand how you feel,” he said. “A friend of mine went missing today as well.”

    Zack, Melissa and Amanda all looked at each other. Zack suddenly felt slightly awkward.

    “What happened?” asked Phineas.

    “Her name is Karmi,” replied Hiro, “and we’re not entire sure what happened to her.”

    “She interns for Liv Amara-,” explained Honey Lemon.

    “Really?” asked Phineas, “isn’t she-“

    “-the CEO of Sycorax Bionics,” finished Hiro. He suddenly looked thoughtful. “There’s something about all of this that feels off,” he said to the room at large. Over the past several months there had been a number of incidents in San Fransokyo during which Big Hero 6 had been confronted by a number of adversaries with increasingly dangerous abilities. They had never been able to prove it, but Hiro had always suspected that Sycorax was involved in some fashion, and now Phineas and Ferb had shown up in his lab asking him to help them find a friend. He decided to play a hunch. “Help me understand something,” he said to Zack, Melissa and Amanda, “how does Milo cause all the negative events that happen around him?”

    “That’s easy,” replied Melissa, “he was born this way.”

    Hiro, Fred, Wasabi, Honey Lemon and Go Go all traded sceptical looks. “Wait, so you’re basically saying that Milo was born unlucky?” asked Hiro.

    “That is not possible,” interjected Baymax in calm tones. “There is no known genetic condition that can cause a person to be unlucky.”

    “Milo was,” replied Amanda and Phineas pulled his phone out of his pocket.

    “Ferb and I ran some tests,” said Phineas, tapping and swiping through various menus on his screen, “and we found that a field of negative probability radiates directly outward from his DNA. It interacts with all energy fields and physical objects within a two hundred metre radius of Milo.”

    “It automatically skews all outcomes around Milo toward negative outcomes,” continued Zack.

    “And this isn’t the first time that Milo has been targeted,” cut in Dakota. “We need to find him.”

    As Hiro, Amanda, Zack and Dakota had been talking Hiro’s computer chimed and Baymax said, “Hiro, you are receiving an e-mail from Flynn, Phineas.” Hiro turned back to his computer and opened the e-mail that Phineas had sent him. Various video clips, pictures, graphs and scans spreads spread themselves across his computer screen. A kid who causes utter chaos everywhere he goes just by showing up, thought Hiro, out loud he said, “this definitely sounds like Sycorax, OK, we’ll help you.” He opened a second file and lines of computer code and complex mathematical formulas began scrolling down his other monitor. “You wrote a tracking algorithm?” he asked.

    “Actually, Baljeet did,”replied Phineas.

    That answers that question, thought Hiro. He had wondered why Phineas had thought to fly Milo’s friends all the way across the country in the first place. He studied the cascading waterfall of computer code and complex math scrolling down the screen. “Hmmmm,” he said to himself as he examined the waterfall of data scrolling down his screen. “This isn’t bad,” he said, “but it’s a little rough.” Hiro input a string of commands. His computer chimed again and something flashed on his screen. “Yeah, this is a lot better.” He turned to others, who had been watching him work. “Baljeet did a pretty good job,” he sad to Phineas, “but I’ve made a couple of adjustments to his program that will improve the accuracy of his program.”

    “By how much?” asked Zack.

    “By around 75%,” replied Hiro.

    “And what does that mean?” asked Amanda.

    “Instead of being able to pinpoint his location to with five miles,” replied Hiro, “we’ll be able to pin down Milo’s location to with ten blocks.”

    He pushed a button on his keyboard and brought up a graphic. “Milo acts a bit like an inside out magnet. His negative probability field radiates outward from his DNA and pushes all the negative probability ions in his vicinity away from him-,”

    “Skewing everything around Milo toward negative results,” finished Go Go.

    “This is going to take awhile to compile,” said Hiro, “so we may as well go get something to eat.”
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    Jan 28, 2007
    I'll say!

    It's true, comic books hold excellent life lessons! *only half joking*

    Nice exposition for any readers not familiar with canon here. Someday I'll watch the film, but that day is not today. It's not on Netflix.

    Again, reiterating Milo's astounding status in life is a good idea.

    I like how they're all depending on each other and using the other's strengths.
  14. Chancellor_Ewok

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    Nov 8, 2004
    This isn’t from the film. I dropped Phineas, Ferb and the MML cast into the TV show. City of Monsters is the mid-season cliff hanger for season two. I’m not sure if Big Hero 6: The Series is available on Disney+ yet, but you can download both the movie and the TV from iTunes, and yeah they are both really, really good.

    Milo’s relationships with the people closest to him are weirdly counterintuitive in various ways, as Murphy’s Law seems to make them stronger and pull them together rather than push them apart.
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    Jan 28, 2007
    Maybe you've covered this, but does Murphy's Law affect things only, so that naturally if they go flooey then bad can happen to the people around them, but the law doesn't apply to people, as in things going wrong in relationships and so on? Relationships with people, animals, etc. ... *ponders*

    EAD: A possibility of Disney+ coming into view for me is that a friend may send an email and password, I'm totally guessing here how that works to get + so I can use it, but it's more than I had ten minutes ago, so yeah.
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    Nov 8, 2004
    Yeah, that’s a good question. I hinted at that a little bit with Reggie and Nate, but didn’t really develop that idea very much. That’s part of what makes Milo so interesting to write about. On the one hand, there are some people, like Bradley and Elliot, who don’t want Milo around because they see him as dangerous and he has actually called himself hazardous before, but on the other hand, Milo’s relationships with the people that he has deep emotional attachments to, particularly with Zack and Melissa, seem to be virtually indestructible. I’ve wondered before if that is at least part of the reason why Milo doesn’t have a romantic relationship with Melissa. She was his only friend for seven years, so basically she’s his rock of stability. It’s occured to me wonder if he has deeper feelings for her but put his feelings on the shelf so to speak, because he’s afraid that Murphy’s Law will somehow force him to end their friendship, and that would just about kill him. I am trying to move Zack toward having a conversation with Milo about how he feels about Melissa and it’s possible that this might come up in some fashion, I haven’t really worked out what that scene is going to be like, only that it’s going to happen.
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    Such is the joy of fanfiction, unfolding plots like sunflowers following the Sun Muse ... *gets cosmic*
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    Nov 8, 2004
    Episode Thirty Six

    The first thing that Milo noticed when he regained consciousness was that he was no longer physically restrained. He was lying on a metal cot with a thin blanket and a mattress. Milo tried to sit up. Everything swam and he was forced to lie back down. There was bitter taste in his mouth and he was suddenly aware of a sharp pain in his neck just below his right ear. He touched the spot and winced. It was very tender. He felt what seemed to be a square piece of metal under the still tender sutures. He suddenly felt a thrill of disquiet. Milo’s thoughts were interrupted by the sound of somebody talking to him.

    “Are you OK?”

    Milo tried to sit up again, this time much more slowly. Everything swam again, but not as badly. He swallowed several times. His mouth was very dry, as though it were full of cotton balls. He stood up very slowly. Milo’s legs were slightly wobbly. He looked around to see who had spoken. He saw that he was still confined Thick metal bars blocked the entrance to his holding cell. Well, this is a problem, thought Milo and he wondered why Murphy’s Law hadn’t hit yet.

    “Are you OK?” Milo turned. There was a girl in the cell across from his. She was the one who had spoke to him. She was wearing a white lab coat over a cream coloured blouse and an orange skirt that came down almost to her knees. Her dark brown hair was pulled back into a pony tail.

    Milo turned. His hand immediately went to his shoulder, thinking of the googles and cutting torch in his backpack, then he stopped. He suddenly remembered that his backpack was missing. He hoped Zack, Melissa and Amanda had it. “Are you OK?” asked the girl again.

    Milo nodded. “I-uhhhh-I think so,” he replied. As far as Milo could tell they hadn’t done anything else to him. He absently rubbed his hand over the scar on his neck. As he did he noticed that the girl had a bandage on her neck in the same spot as he did. “Do you know what this is?” He asked.

    The girl’s face suddenly adopted a pained look. “It’s a biochip,” she replied. “I designed it to control the parasynths.”

    “To do what?”asked Milo. He suddenly had a feeling that he was going to need Phineas and Ferb before this all over. “I’m Milo Murphy, by the way.”

    The girl looked momentarily surprised, as if no one had ever asked her that before. “My name is Karmi Yashida,” she replied, “and the parasynths were designed as key part of Sycorax’ life extension research. They’re designed to repair genetic defects and slow the aging process.”

    Milo felt his sense of disquiet return. Those parasynth things are in my DNA?! he thought, that can’t possibly be good. “And what does the biochip do?” he asked, half wondering if he really wanted to know the answer.

    “The biochip is supposed control the parasynths,” said Karmi. She paused, “the only problem is none of it works properly.”

    Milo spent several seconds absorbing this information. The thought that Liv Amara was actively trying to manipulate his DNA in this manner, fully knowing what who and what he was, made Milo’s skin crawl. Milo’s thoughts must have registered on his face because he suddenly heard Karmi ask, “Milo, what’s wrong?”

    For a second or two, Milo was unsure of how to answer her. “Manipulating my DNA isn’t a good a idea,” he said at last, “it could have consequences.”

    Karmi looked confused. “I don’t understand,” she said at last,

    Milo chuckled. “No, I guess you wouldn’t, would you,” he replied. “I was born with a condition called Extreme Hereditary Murphy’s Law,” he explained. “Anything that can go wrong around me will.”

    Karmi looked sceptical, “wait, you were born unlucky?” she asked.

    Milo nodded. “It runs in my family,” he replied. “Dad has it too. So does my grandfather, my uncle and two of my cousins.”

    Karmi continued to looked sceptical. “Bad luck as an inherited disorder?” she said, more to herself than to Milo, “that’s not possible.”

    Milo shrugged. “It’s possible,” he looked around and as he did, he finally put a finger on a nagging thought that had been in the back of his mind. “In fact, I’m surprised that Murphy’s Law hasn’t hit yet.”

    “So you’re saying you can predict Murphy’s Law, as well?” asked Karmi.

    Milo laughed. “No,” he said, “that would make my life a lot simpler, but still I would have expected that my negative probability field would have caused something to happen by now.”

    As he spoke something clicked in Karmi’s memory. “Oh,” she said, “actually I overheard Liv and Chris talking last week about-,” she paused, wracking her memory for the details of the conversation, “about the positive probability wave generator.”

    “Well, that would explain that,” he said. He flexed his hands subconsciously, remembering the effects of the Murphy’s Lawinator had had on him last year. The symptoms had started with numbness in his left pinky finger. “I don’t suppose you actually saw it?”

    Karmi shook her head. “Sorry,” she said. “Waveform physics isn’t my field.”

    Milo nodded and looked around again. “If only I had my backpack,” he said, mostly to himself.

    Karmi looked confused. “I don’t understand,” she said, “how does that help us?”

    “As it’s not here,” replied Milo with a sigh, “it really doesn’t, but I pack my backpack every day. I carry my backpack everywhere. I use it to help me manage Murphy’s Law.” He looked around again. “So how do we get out of here?” He thought of Zack, Melissa and Amanda again. I hope they have my backpack, he thought.

    Hiro was finishing his bowl of stir fry in the atrium of SFIT’s Ishimoto Robotics Lab when his phone pinged. He swallowed the last forkful of his dinner, threw down his cutlery with a clatter and pulled his phone out of his pocket. He logged in and quickly tapped and swiped his way through his texts until he found the one he wanted. “The algorithm is finished compiling,” he said. He gulped down the last dregs of his soda and stood up. “C’mom,” he said, “let’s go back up stairs and upload it into Baymax.” The others stood up and followed Hiro back toward the elevators. A few minutes later the elevator doors swished silently open and the stepped out into the hall on the eighth floor. They trooped down the hall and Hiro pressed his thumb to the biometric lock and pushed open the door. They crossed the large outer workspace and filed into Hiro’s office. He sat down at his desk and typed in his password. A file was flashing on his desktop. Hiro rummaged through a drawer in his desk and pulled out a blank data card. He plugged it into a slot in his computer and downloaded the algorithm. When the download was complete, Hiro pulled the data card out of the slot in his computer and turned to Baymax. The large white robot trundle over to Hiro with a quiet whine. Hiro opened Baymax’ data port and plugged in the data card.

    “New software detected,” said Baymax. “Please stand by.” A progress bar appeared on his chest as the algorithm was uploaded. “Upload complete,” said Baymax. “Hiro, would you like me to run the negative probability search algorithm?”

    Hiro nodded. “Baymax, perform scan.”

    “Performing scan,” replied Baymax calmly. “Please standby.” A blue laser grid projected from the large robot’s right eye. His servos whined quietly as he walked in place in a tight circle searching, searching for any nearby negative probability fields. After ten minutes Baymax finished the scan. “Scan complete,” he said soothingly. “One negative probability field detected.”

    “Where?” asked Zack, Melissa and Amanda together.

    “Sycorax Bionics,” replied Baymax at once.

    Milo’s friends all looked at each other, confused. “So what does that mean?” asked Amanda.

    “I’m not entirely sure,” replied Hiro.

    “Over the past year, San Fransokyo has experienced a number incidents involving crimes committed by known individuals who’ve been given upgrades,” said Wasabi.

    Cavendish and Dakota traded looks. They seemed to be having a silent debate, as they were trying to decide who was going to ask the question neither of them wanted to ask. Evidently Dakota lost.“‘Upgrades’ meaning what, exactly,” asked Dakota slowly, as if he wasn’t really sure he wanted to know the answer.

    “Shapeshifting,” replied Go Go, “gills, super strength-“

    “-the ability to communicate with plants,” continued Honey Lemon, “super speed, resistance to radiation, graphene finger nails-,”

    Wasabi and Go Go both shuddered slightly at this, they both remembered the first time they had encountered Momokasse and her extendable graphene fingernails. “Seriously?” asked Zack, “graphene fingernails? How is that even- actually, never mind, I don’t really want to know.”

    Hiro continued, “We’ve suspected that Sycorax that behind all the activity, but we’ve never been able to prove it until now. If Milo is at Sycorax, it’s possible he’s seen something.”

    “OK,” said Zack standing up, “so, let’s go get Milo.”

    “Are you sure?” asked Hiro, “we have no idea what we’re walking into-,”

    Cavendish cut him off. “I realize that you don’t know us very well,” he said, “but Milo’s friends are made of sterner stuff than you realize.”

    Dakota nodded. “Yeah, Zack, Melissa and Amanda go through a lot for Milo, and most people don’t really want Milo around because of Murphy’s Law, so he picks his friends very carefully.”

    “Nobody gets left behind,” said Amanda with a note of finality in her voice.

    Hiro surveyed Zack, Melissa and Amanda and their shared look of determination and he nodded. “And want about the two of you,” he asked looking at the two former time agents.

    “We’re also Milo’s friends,” replied Dakota, “and you’re definitely not stopping us.”

    They walked out of the Ishimoto building five minutes later. Again, Zack was never quite able to remember exactly how they had all managed to fit in Wasabi’s car. The drive from SFIT to Sycorax’ corporate headquarters on the outskirts of San Fransokyo’s business district took twenty minutes. A sleek fifty storey office tower stood in the middle of a large collection of building a of various heights. The entire complex was set in the middle of a large expanse of green lawn, which was dotted with placidly turning wind turbines. Multicoloured LEDs wandered up and down an abstract double helix that corkscrewed around the building from the bottom to the top.

    Wasabi parked in a public parking lot a block away from the Sycorax campus and they all piled out. They walked across the parking lot and threaded their way through the stream of pedestrians going in the other direction. Baymax trundled along on his short legs, bringing up the rear. He took up most of the sidewalk forcing the stream of pedestrians flowing in the other direction to step on the the road or flattening them against the shopfronts. They reached the intersection and stopped at the street light, looking at the Sycorax campus. It suddenly seemed large, imposing and impenetrable

    “Is Milo still in there?” asked Amanda.

    Baymax scanned the assorted buildings. “There is a negative probability field on Sub-level Nine.”

    Hiro, Wasabi, Fred, Go Go and Honey Lemon all traded surprised looks.“That’s Liv Amara’s private lab,” said Go Go.

    “So what does that mean?” asked Zack, trading worried looks with Melissa and Amanda.

    “We won’t know until we get inside,” replied Hiro.

    “So how do we do that?” asked Phineas.

    Hiro thought for a second. He has been asking himself the same question. “Baymax, scan the Sycorax campus. See if you can find a way in.”
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    Nov 8, 2004
    Episode Thirty-Seven

    “Scan complete,” replied Baymax after a couple of minutes. “There is a storm drain three hundred metres to the west.” A map indicating the location of the storm drain appeared on his chest.

    “OK,” said Hiro, “let’s go.” He started walking and the others followed him. It took them them twenty five minutes to reach the storm drain, partially as a result of Baymax’ slow gait. They could have crossed the Sycorax compound more or less directly and gotten to the storm drain in half the time, but they were uncertain as to how much attention they would attract doing this. As it was, none of the pedestrians streaming in the opposite direct toward Night Market Square and the entertainment district seemed to take more than a passing interest in a gaggle of teenagers, followed by two older men and a large white robot walking down the street.

    They eventually worked their way around to the far side of the Sycorax campus. They eventually came to an open air concrete culvert. It was wide and mostly dry at the bottom, save for a few puddles here and there. It had rained the night before.

    “The storm drain is one hundred metres this way,”said Baymax, pointing.

    They carefully picked their way down the steep concrete bank of the drainage culvert. They reached the bottom, turned and eventually reached the storm drain that Baymax had detected earlier. They were brought up short up reaching the entrance to the storm drain. The mouth of the tunnel was blocked by a heavy metal grate. Hiro frowned and turned to Baymax. He began to say, “Baymax, see if you can find another way in,” but stopped. Zack had unslung the heavy backpack he had been wearing all afternoon. He put it on the ground, opened the top flap and began rummaging through its contents. A piece of paper taped to the inside of the top flap read:

    If lost please return to

    Milo Murphy

    5521 Druid Drive,

    Danville, USA


    “So, this is Milo’s backpack?” asked Hiro.

    Amanda nodded. “Milo goes everywhere with his backpack,” she said. “He repacks his backpack every day.”

    “So it’s like his tool box?” asked Wasabi.

    Zack’s head was buried in Milo’s backpack and his voice was slightly muffled as he answered, “yeah, kind of.” Zack frowned slightly as he sift through the contents of Milo’s backpack. Among other things he found an extra sweater, Milo’s usual spare change of clothes, a pair of steel toed boots, Milo’s first aid kit, splints, bandages, several of Diogee’s chew toys, several flashlights and a handful of batteries

    “Milo’s pretty good at planning ahead,”explained Melissa, as Zack continued to search through the contents of Milo’s backpack. “He basically lives out of his backpack-,”

    “Yeah,”said Zack in agreement, “I thought that he might have packed-,” Zack’s hand closed over something hard and cylindrical attached to a long length of heavy duty rubber hose. He pulled the object in question of Milo’s backpack. “-yes,” he said triumphantly, “a cutting torch.”

    Ferb immediately took Milo’s cutting torch and the attached bottle of propane from Zack. “You might want to step back,” he said. Everyone else took about ten steps back. He produced an pair of welders’ goggles from somewhere and walked over to the heavy metal grate blocking the entrance to the storm drain. A bright blue flame appeared at its tip and sparks flew as he touched the nearly white hot flame to the metal.

    Hiro, Fred, Wasabi, Honey Lemon and Go Go traded surprised and impressed looks. Evidently Milo was much more resourceful than they had been initially led to believe. “So, what made him think to pack a cutting torch?” asked Go Go.

    Zack, Melissa and Amanda all chuckled. “Good question,” replied Melissa. “I’ve been friends with Milo since we were six, and honestly I can’t figure out how he does it.”

    “So what happens if he packs the wrong stuff?” asked Wasabi, “I mean that must happen sometimes, right?”

    “Not according to Milo,” replied Zack, “well, OK,” he amended, “it happened last year.”

    “Oh you mean that time you wound up dangling upside down from a statue?” asked Melissa with a chuckle.

    “Yeah,” replied Zack shortly. He preferred not to remember that incident.

    Milo, Zack, Melissa and Amanda had volunteered to clean up Hamilton G County park after the school football field had been flooded with maple syrup and the school picnic had been threatened with cancellation. Murphy’s Law had hit almost immediately and Zack had wound up suspended upside down from a statue. To his own very great surprise, Milo had packed mostly the wrong things in his backpack.

    “Yeah, it happens occasionally,” replied Melissa in agreement, “but it’s pretty rare.”

    “That is statistically impossible,”interjected Baymax calmly. “It is not possible for an adolescent human to have to the predictive capabilities that you ascribe to Milo.”

    “Yeah, I have to agree with Baymax,” replied Hiro. “No offence, but as far as I know that’s not supposed to be possible.” Hiro was interrupted by a defeating crashing as the storm drain grate fell inward.

    Everyone flinched at the sound. Somebody must have heard that, thought Zack uneasily. He rummaged through Milo’s backpack again and handed out flashlights. Ferb handed him the cutting torch and the bottle of propane. Zack noticed that it was substantially lighter. He repacked Milo’s cutting torch and shouldered his backpack. It was noticeably lighter.

    “Well, when we find Milo, perhaps you can ask him,”said Melissa.

    They approached the mouth of the storm drain. Zack stopped, suddenly feeling apprehensive. The storm drain yawned blackly in front of them. It seemed to swallow the light from their flashlights. Zack suddenly felt as if someone had placed iron bands around his ribs. He suddenly realized that Melissa and Amanda were looking at him with concern.

    “Are you OK, Zack?” asked Amanda.

    “Yes,” he said, “I mean no, I-,” he took a deep breath and let it out slowly.

    “Claustroavoidance again?” asked Melissa.

    Zack nodded wordlessly.

    “OK,” said Melissa soothingly, “OK, just take a deep breath and think about Milo-,”

    Zack inhaled and exhaled slowly, “right,” he said.

    “This is just a storm drain,” said Melissa, “you remember that time you saved Milo and me from a cave-in in the subway?”

    Zack nodded.

    “This is just like that,” said Melissa.

    “We’re right here beside you,” said Amanda. She put a reassuring hand on his shoulder.

    Melissa nodded. “Amanda’s right,” she said. “You’ve got us and Milo’s backpack and Cavendish and Dakota.”

    “Right,” said Zack. “Right,” he said again with more confidence. “We’re going to find Milo and everything’s going to be fine.” He took a tentative step forward and then another and another. Together, the three of them walked into the dark tunnel. The light from their flashlights played over the bare concrete walls and their foot steps echoed loudly. Zack continued to take deep steadying breaths. The weight of Milo’s backpack on his shoulders was a comforting presence agains the oppressive darkness, which their flashlights seemed to only just hold at bay.

    “So how did the three you become friends with Milo?” asked Hiro. He was slightly surprised that he had asked the question, but at the same time, he couldn’t help but like Milo’s friends. The relationship they seemed to have with Milo reminded him a little of the relationship he had once had with his older brother, Tadashi, before he had been killed.

    “Huh-,” said Zack, who, was grateful for the momentary distraction, “oh, I moved into Milo’s neighbourhood last year. We met at the bus stop at the end of Milo’s street. We were almost run over by a section of concrete drainage pipe and eventually ended up in the sewer.”

    Amanda paused, wondering how to answer. She had peripherally know Milo since they had both been in the first grade, but she had always kept him at arms’ length on account of his condition. Amanda had been diagnosed with obsessive compulsive disorder when she was seven. To any outsiders, that would have seemed to make a relationship between Milo, with his reputation as a walking disaster magnet, and Amanda, with her obsessive perfectionism, extremely unlikely. “I can thank Zack and Melissa for that,”she said at last with a small chuckle. “They roped me into planning his birthday party last year, and the rest is history.”

    “Oh, that sounds so nice,” gushed Honey Lemon.

    Zack nodded. “Milo’s family doesn’t usually do big celebrations-,”

    “Really?” asked Hiro. That seemed to Hiro to be a bit lonely, but he thought it might a bit rude to actually say it.

    Melissa nodded and continued “-Murphy’s Law makes family gatherings complicated for Milo’s family. Milo surprised his parents for Christmas last year by flying his his grandparents, his aunt and uncle and one of his cousins in to Danville for Christmas. The more Murphys there are in one place, the more chaotic everything gets, so they don’t get together that often. It was kind of a big deal.”

    “That’s a really a nice gesture,” said Hiro, a little wistfully. He still missed Tadashi. “So what about you,” he asked Melissa, “how did you first get to know Milo.”

    Melissa shrugged. “Actually, my story isn’t that much different than Zack’s,” she said. “We were six, and we met on the way school. Murphy’s Law hit and a rocket engine became lodged on the roof of the school bus. We were thrown through the emergency door. Milo’s grappling hook got caught on the back bumper and-,”

    She was interrupted by the sound of Cavendish dropping his flashlight. It hit the concrete floor with a loud clatter and rolled away casting wild shadows all around them. The two former time agents looked at each other in surprise for a moment that seemed to last for several eternities. “You were thrown,” finished Cavendish. It was not a question. He walked over to where his flashlight had stopped and picked it up.

    Zack and Melissa looked at each other in confusion. “Cavendish, how did you know that?” asked Melissa.

    “The two of you were airborne,” continued Dakota.

    Melissa nodded. “We were being dragged behind the school bus. It took a corner too fast and-,”

    It suddenly clicked. “You two were there weren’t you,” asked Zack.

    Cavendish nodded. “It was my time vehicle driving test,” he said.

    “The driving test is the last stage in the time agent training program,” explained Dakota.

    “Yes,” said Cavendish, “in order to become a fully fledged time agent it necessary to be able to operate a time vehicle safely.” He paused and shot a sidelong glance at Dakota. “I nearly failed my driving test because someonewanted a burrito.”

    “Hey,” Dakota held up his hands in mock defense, “I was hungry,” he gestured at Melissa, “and we probably saved their lives.”

    “Yeah,” said Melissa, “I-uh-thanks.”

    Cavendish waved away Melissa’s thanks, “there’s no need to thank us,” he said. “We were just doing our jobs.”

    “Yeah,” said Dakota in agreement, “what are you gonna do.”
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    Nov 8, 2004
    Episode Thirty-Eight

    They kept walking until they entered a large, round concrete cistern. Their foot steps echoed loudly. Zack slowly let out a breath and felt himself relax slightly. In the larger space of the cistern he felt his sense of claustrophobia eased and the tension in his muscles ebbed slightly. The imaginary iron bands around his ribs disappeared. A metal staircase wrapped part way around the curved wall of the cistern. There was no other way out. They climbed the staircase and came to a nondescript looking door covered in dull grey paint. It was locked.

    A little bit of Murphy’s Law would be helpful right now, thought Zack. Door knobs frequently came off in Milo’s hand as a result of his negative probability field.

    Melissa started to say, “I don’t supposed anybody knows how to pick a lock?” but stopped. Phineas and Ferb were both patting their pockets, as though looking for something and Phineas produced a small tool kit. He extracted a screwdriver and proceeded to start jimmying the lock. After a couple of seconds it swung open with an audible click. They stepped into a deserted corridor. Fluorescent lights hung from the ceiling at regular intervals. Piping and thick bundles of cables lined the walls. A sign set amongst the tangle read “Sub-level 12.”

    They all studied the sign for several moments, as though hoping it would reveal something more. When it didn’t, Melissa turned to Baymax. “Can you tell where on Sub-level nine Milo is?” she asked.

    “I can not,”replied Baymax soothingly. “The building is blocking my ability to detect Milo.”

    Hiro frowned. He had hoped that Baymax would have been able to provide Milo’s exact location. “So, we’re going have to do this the hard way.”

    It was Amanda’s turn to frown. “Something doesn’t feel right,” she said.

    Zack, Melissa, Cavendish and Dakota all stared at each other in confusion for several seconds. “I don’t hear anything,” said Cavendish at last.

    Melissa figured it out first. “No, Amanda’s right,” she said. “Milo’s here somewhere, but there are no burst pipes, no flooding, no fire alarms, no nothing.”

    Phineas nodded in agreement. Murphy’s Law had comprehensively wrecked one of Phineas and Ferb’s workshops the first time they had met Milo in about a minute flat the previous year. “So what do we do now?” he asked.

    “We need to find a way up to Sub-level nine,”said Zack. “Maybe we’ll find something up there.”

    They picked a direction and set of. They eventually came to a T-junction, turned left and came to a fire at the end of the hall. They went through a door into a large open space. A computer station stood in the middle of the room and a large screen occupied one wall. A workbench with equipment occupied the opposite wall. A red exit sign glowed over a door at the opposite end of the room. The room was slightly chilly and bathed in a harsh electronic green light.

    The silence was broken unexpectedly by Fred, who shivered in the slight chill and said, “OK, this place is right out of Captain Fancy #192, and totally not in good way.”

    Zack and Wasabi nodded in unison. “Yeah-,” said Zack

    “-This is kind of creepy,” finished Wasabi.

    “Well, Milo obviously isn’t here,” replied Melissa.

    “Let’s keep going,” replied Hiro.

    They quickly crossed the room, pushed open the door and stepped out into the hall. They were met with the same nondescript tangle of cables and piping. Another red exit sign glowed from amid the overhead tangle at the end of the corridor. They walked down the corridor and pushed open the heavy metal fire door. They entered into a concrete stairwell. There were stairs leading both up and down. A sign on the wall had arrows pointing both up and down.

    Sub-level 9

    Applied Genetics

    Sub-level 10

    Eco Engineering

    Sub-level 11

    Atmospheric cycling

    Sub-level 12

    Waste Water Reclamation

    Sub-level 13

    Building Dynamic Stabilizers

    They read the sign and Amanda had a sudden moment of disquiet.“Do I want to know why Milo would be in an applied genetics lab,” she asked.

    “Lets keep going,” replied Zack by way of an answer.

    It didn’t take them very long the climb the three flights of stairs up to Sub-level nine. They pushed open the door and found themselves in another deserted hallway. There were no exposed pipes or bundles of fibre optic or electrical cables. Instead there were doors marching away down the corridor in both directions. They were all locked with biometric locks.

    “Baymax, perform scan,” said Hiro, “see if you can get a fix on Milo.”

    “I am unable to locate Milo,” replied Baymax calmly after he had complete the scan. “A section of the building is being shielded-,”

    Hiro frowned again.

    “-but I am detecting a strong negative probability field from the building’s southwest corner.” Baymax indicted the desired direction.

    Zack hitched Milo’s backpack higher up on his shoulders, which were starting to ache. He had been wearing Milo’s backpack almost non-stop since they had arrived in San Fransokyo that afternoon. He looked his watch, it was close to midnight. “OK,” he said, “let’s go.”

    They set off and eventually came to a heavy set of fire doors. They were made of dark grey metal and had no windows. Set in the wall next to the heavy looking double doors was a retinal scanner, a palm reader and a digital key pad.

    “Hiro,” said Baymax, after yet another scan, “I am unable to scan beyond these doors.”

    “So how do we open those doors?” asked Dakota.

    Phineas and Ferb were both studying the multiple biometric locks preventing them from going forward. “We should be able to bypass these locks,” said the young genius, “but this is a pretty sophisticated set-up. This’ll take some time.”
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    Nov 8, 2004
    Half an hour later, the heavy double doors swung slowly open. They found themselves in a large open room. In the middle was a medical examination table under a cluster of surgical lights. One wall was dominated by a large screen with a abstract corporate logo. Various pieces of equipment lined the other walls. Work carts with computers were scattered haphazardly around the room.

    “OK, Hamada,” said Cavendish, “where’s Milo.”

    “Baymax,” said Hiro in response, “perform scan.”

    “Hiro, there is a strong negative probability field twenty metres away,” replied Baymax after a couple of minutes.

    “Can you be more specific?” asked Hiro.

    “I can not,” replied Baymax.

    “Why not?” asked Hiro.

    “I am uncertain,” said Baymax, “I am detecting a field of positivity probability ions in addition to the pre-existing negative probability field.”

    “Well, that would explain why we haven’t seen any signs of Milo,” said Melissa.

    Zack nodded in agreement. “Yeah,” he said, “It’s like-,” he suddenly stopped, remembering how the Murphy’s Lawinator had left Milo in substantial discomfort after the Octalian Incident.

    Melissa must have noticed the look Zack’s because she said, “OK, everybody spread out. Milo’s here somewhere and he may be in a lot of discomfort.”

    They paired off and spread out down the various side corridors that radiated outward from the room they had initially entered.

    “Are you think what I’m thinking?” asked Zack.

    “Doof’s inator all over again?” asked Melissa in reply.

    “Yeah,” replied Zack. He suddenly felt tired. They had had a long day. He suddenly realized that Melissa was looking at him.

    “Are you OK, Zack?”she asked.

    They were walking past what seemed to be endless rows of suspended animation pods. They were all empty, but they were lit from within by a faint green glow. Zack found the effect to be a little unsettling. “Yeah,” he said, “This place gives me the creeps, and I’m worried about Milo.”

    Melissa put a hand on his shoulder and Zack was suddenly grateful for the gesture. “It’s going to be OK,” she said. “We’re going to find Milo, he’s going to be fine and go home.”

    Zack nodded. “Right,” he said. They turned a corner and left the suspended animation pods behind. They were walking down a different row with what appeared to be cages on either side. Some of the had a metal cot and a stainless steel toilet. Others contained nothing at all. All of them appeared to be unoccupied. Except for two opposite each other at the end of the row.

    “Milo!” exclaimed Melissa in relief.

    “Zack! Melissa!” cried Milo, he looked a little dishevelled, but aside from a bandage on his neck below his right ear, he appeared to be unharmed. He spied something large and heavy hanging from Zack’s shoulders. “And you have my backpack!” he cried in relief. Milo nodded at Karmi. “See,” he said excitedly, “I told you my friends would find me.” He turned back to Zack and Melissa. “There should be-,”

    “-a cutting torch and a pair of goggles in your backpack?” asked Melissa.

    “Yeah,” said Milo, slightly mystified, “how did you-,”

    “You might be out of propane,” replied Zack.

    “We used it to cut through a storm grate to get it here,” explained Melissa. “Are you OK, Milo?” she asked. She motioned to bandage on his neck. “What did they do to you?”

    Milo’s hand went subconsciously to the spot where the biochip has been implanted under his skin below his right ear. “Oh,” he said, “yeah, I’m not entirely sure.” He spent the next fifteen minutes quickly what had happened to him since had initially woken up here.

    “So Baymax was right-,” began Melissa, when Milo has finished talking.

    “Did you say that Baymax is here?” Melissa and Zack both turned. The holding cage opposite Milo’s was occupied by a girl who appeared to the same age as they were. Her dark brown hair was pulled back into a ponytail.

    It suddenly clicked. “You’re Karmi,” asked Zack, “Hiro’s friend.”

    For a second Karmi looked uncomfortable, as if no one had ever called her a friend before. Then she composed her self. “We are colleagues,” she said at last,”we go to SFIT together.”

    “Right,” replied Melissa slowly. From the way Hiro had spoken earlier, she had gotten the impression that he and Karmi were close friends, but apparently Hiro’s friendship had gone unreturned. She turned to Zack, who had pulled his phone out of his pocket. He was tapping and swiping through his apps. “Zack you should tell Cavendish and Dak-,”

    Zack nodded as he fired off several texts in quick succession. “Yeah, way ahead of you, Melissa,” he said. No sooner Zack spoken than Phineas and Ferb popped into existence as if the genius stepbrothers had been simply conjured out of thin air. Zack jumped slightly. “What the-how did you do that?”

    “Our phones have features that are rather after market add-ones,” explained Ferb.

    “Yeah,” said Phineas, “like voice activated teleportation. Oh, hi Milo,” he said, as casually as if they had simply run into each other over lunch at Slushy Dawg.

    “Hi, Phineas,” replied Milo.

    Melissa had opened her mouth and was about to speak when Cavendish and Dakota round a corner with Hiro, Wasabi, Fred, Go Go, Honey Lemon and Baymax in tow. Cavendish looked relieved and immediately went over to Milo’s holding cage.

    “Oh, hi Cavendish,” said Milo.

    “Hello Milo,” said Cavendish, “are you all right?”

    “Well, I think so,” replied Milo and he quickly told them what had happened to him.

    Cavendish’s face wore a look of outrage. “But that’s absolutely-,” he began.

    Dakota cut him off, “hey Flynn,” he said to Phineas, “see if you can get this open.”

    “Oh, right,” said Phineas. He turned to his stepbrother, “C’mon, Ferb,” and the two of them set to work on unlocking the holding cage.
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    Jan 28, 2007
    That's a neat way of getting around logistics, ha! If this were a Star Wars story, you could 'blame it on the Force,' which always works.

    It's creepy to think of humans chipped in this way.

    Nice group writing about their rescue efforts. I hope to see Big Hero 6 sometime in the next few weeks and view San Fransokyo for myself. :D
  23. Chancellor_Ewok

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    Nov 8, 2004
    It’s actually something of a running gag in Big Hero 6: The Series. Wasabi is kind of built like an NFL linebacker, but he drives a really small car. I’m kind of stretching the joke a little bit, but the image of six people, plus a seven foot tall robot stuffed into a compact car is rather amusing.
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    Nov 8, 2004
    Episode Thirty-Nine

    Phineas and Ferb were half way through hacking the biometric lock on Milo’s holding cage, when the sound of foot steps interrupted their work. Everybody turned at the sound to see a man and a woman, both tall, blond and good looking walking down the corridor between the rows of empty holding cages, from the opposite end of the corridor that Zack, Melissa and Amanda had come down. Milo and Hiro both stared at them with narrowed eyes.

    Zack suddenly realized that Hiro, Wasabi, Honey Lemon, Go Go and Fred had all stiffened at the sight of the two figures.

    “Milo?” Amanda started to ask, “who is she-,”

    “Liv Amara,” said Hiro. It was a statement, not a question. His hands were balled into fists. “I knew it,” he said

    “Hello, Hiro,” said Amara, she seemed genuinely pleased to see him. “I was wondering when you’d make it down here.”

    “What did you do to Milo and Karmi?” asked Hiro. “Baymax, perform scan.”

    “What would you like me to scan for, Hiro?” asked Baymax.

    “Hiro, we already know about the parasynths,” interjected Melissa.

    For a brief moment, Hiro took his eyes off of Liv Amara He looked at Milo. He had briefly spoken to Karmi, but he had not yet had the opportunity to talk to Milo, and he had not had the opportunity to ask either Karmi or Milo exactly what Liv had done to them. “Milo, is that true?” he asked.

    Milo nodded.

    “Messing with Milo’s DNA-,” began Zack hotly.

    “-is probably very, very dangerous,” interjected Cavendish.

    “Yes, we know,” replied Amara. “We do our homework. That’s why we built the positive probability wave generator.” Amara paused. “Hiro, I have not been completely honest with you,” said Amara.

    Hiro looked at her suspiciously. “What do you mean?” he asked slowly.

    Amara looked as if she was wrestling with something. “I am not actually Liv Amara.”

    Hiro, Wasabi, Fred, Honey Lemon and Go Go all looked at each other in utmost confusion. “That’s just-I-,” Hiro stammered.

    “I don’t believe you,” said Go Go bluntly.

    “Neither do I,” replied Wasabi. “Baymax perform scan.” He jerked his head at the woman they had all thought until a few seconds ago was Liv Amara, the CEO of Sycorax Bionics. “Let’s see who she really is.”

    Baymax waddled over to where Amara was standing. “Please remain still, while I complete the scan.” She was bathed from head to toe in a grid of blue laser light as Baymax carried out the scan. “I can confirm the presence of Liv Amara’s DNA,” said Baymax calm a few seconds later, “however, I also detect a number of genetic anomalies that I can not account for.”

    Amara eyed Hiro. “Satisfied?” she asked.

    “Why would Liv Amara clone herself?” asked Hiro by way of an answer.

    “Because she’s dying,” replied Amara.

    Hiro, Wasabi, Fred, Honey Lemon and Go Go all exchanged surprised looks. “What happened?” asked Hiro. He wanted her to keep talking. He had always suspected that Sycorax was connected to the monster attacks that had been occurring all year, but he had never been able to work how. If he could keep her talking he be able to answer a lot of questions.

    “My name is Di Amara,” said Di. “Liv was engaged in cutting edge life extension research-,”

    “-the parasynths?” asked Hiro. Di nodded. “what do they do?” he asked.

    “They’re supposed to attack foreign organisms in the body and repair genetic defects,”

    Di answered, “but something went wrong and the parasynths began to attack Liv’s cellular structure instead. Liv tried to find a cure, but she wasn’t given very long to live, so she had me grown and had herself placed in suspended animation-,”

    “-wait, I don’t understand,” interjected Amanda. She had been following the conversation as closely as everyone else, but she felt as though something was missing. “How does Milo fit into all of this?”

    “Human experimentation is subject to strict government oversight,” replied Di, “and even stricter funding rules,” she said. “So I had to find a work around.”

    It suddenly clicked. “You’ve been selling upgrades,” said Hiro, “haven’t you? Orso Knox, Momokasse, High Voltage, Mr. Sparkle, you wanted Milo because you wanted to weaponize his negative probability field and-,”

    Cavendish was suddenly shouting at Di Amara. “You kidnapped a fourteen year boy with a complex and highly unpredictable hereditary condition! And you subjected him to unethical genetic experiments! Without his consent! Do you have any idea how dangerous that was?!”

    Hiro gazed levelly at Di Amara. “Sounds like you made a mistake Ms. Amara-,”

    “You’re damn right she did,” cut in Dakota.

    “Let Milo go,”demanded Melissa.

    Di gave all of them searching look, which came to rest on Hiro, who gave her a determined look in return. “I’m surprised at you, Hiro,” she said with a slightly reproving note in her voice. “I thought you’d be more understanding.”

    Hiro shook his head emphatically. “What you’ve done is wrong,” he said. “You need to let Karmi and Milo go.”

    Di sighed and shook her head. “I’m sorry, Hiro, but I can’t do that.” She turned to her assistant. “Chris, our guests will be leaving now.”

    Chris smirked at the assembled group. “I hope you’ve enjoyed your visit,” he said, “but it’s time for you to be going.” He began walking towards them.

    Dakota began moving as well. “The hell we are,” he growled. “We’re not leaving without Milo.”

    Chris was faster and got to Dakota first. By the time he did, he had undergone a dramatic physical transformation. He was a foot taller and had some how packed on an additional two hundred pounds of muscle. Dakota’s eyes went wide in shock and he heard Hiro say, “how did you do that?”

    He smoothly dodged Dakota’s thrown fist. “Basic CRISPR technique,” he said with another smirk, “this is a mix of dog, bear and gorilla DNA.” He turned his attention back to Dakota and cold cocked the time agent. He dropped, stunned, like a sack of potatoes.

    At the same moment, Milo gasped. It was as if the scar in his neck were suddenly on fire. Milo’s hand scrabbled at the biochip implanted under his skin. His nerve endings were firing wilding and he felt as if his insides were suddenly full of writhing snakes. He suddenly doubled over clutching his abdomen.

    Zack, Melissa and Amanda stared wide-eyed at Milo. His skin was become scabbed. As they watched it hardened into hardened into scales. They were suddenly aware of the sudden outburst of babbling voices behind them and turned.

    The dazed Dakota was supported by Cavendish and Wasabi

    Hiro was saying, “Karmi! No, no, no, no!”

    Cavendish was swearing and Amanda said, “Madre de adios.” Karmi was covered from head to foot in glistening fish scales. Gills gaped wetly on either side of her neck and her fingers ended in razor sharp talons. She took hold of the bars in front of her and wrenched them apart as they were made of rubber.

    “Oh, this can’t be good,” said Wasabi.

    One of the bars went whistling past Zack’s ear, nearly taking his head off from behind and he turned. He if he could have blanched he would have. “Milo?!” Milo had mutated like Karmi. He had hard, scaly skin like a lizard’s. His pupils had become elongated and a long forked tongue flicked out, tasting the air. Milo was surrounded by a hazy blue energy field and for a moment Zack wondered what it could be. Then it clicked.

    Evidently Melissa had been thinking the same thing because she started to say, “we need to get out of here,” but she never got all of the words out. Ghostly tendrils of probability lashed out and the bars separating Milo from his friends were suddenly blown outward at high velocity. Zack had only a split second to register what was happening and he flung himself at Melissa and Amanda, knocking the three of them to the ground. He saw Milo’s feet running into and then out of his field of vision. He left cracked footprints in the concrete floor.

    “Are you all right?”asked Zack Melissa and Amanda. They both nodded.

    Phineas and Ferb were disentangling themselves from the pile of metal that Murphy’s Law had unexpectedly hurled at them when Zack had tackled Melissa and Amanda to the floor. Phineas pressed a hand to the left side of his chest and Ferb’s square nose was squashed and turning purple. Zack guessed that it was broken. Hiro and Go Go were in the process of levering Baymax back on to his feet. In the ensuing chaos the big robot had deflated and collapsed.

    Baymax swayed, as if he were drunk. His low power indicator was flashing and his speech was slurred. “I like puppies,”he said thickly

    Hiro looked around wide eyed at the chaos Milo had left in his wake. Di Amara, Chris, Milo and Karmi were all gone. “Was that-,” he started to ask.

    “-Murphy’s Law,” said Zack. He shrugged Milo’s backpack higher onto his shoulders and was heading for the exit. “C’mon, we need to get to Milo before he hurts himself or-,” he stopped. He couldn’t bring himself say, “someone else.” Milo was clearly not in his right mind, but Zack, Melissa and Amanda knew that he would never forgive himself if somebody else got seriously hurt because of him. The others fell into line behind Zack as he made for the door.

    “So how do we find Milo?”asked Honey Lemon as she followed Zack, Melissa and Amanda out of the room.

    “Simple,” replied Melissa. “Just follow the chaos.”
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    Wow, this is a great twist - mutated Milo.

    I just finished watching Big Hero 6 the movie and have a more secure notion of how these characters act and look like. It was very enjoyable, so thanks for supplying the impetus to watch it on a relaxing holiday!

    Brrrr, this is reminiscent of Hal on 2001 Space Odyssey.
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