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    IC: Sephinoth

    Sephinoth took some steps when the silence of forest was broken by a voice.

    “You should not have come.”

    The Echani turned back to the obelisk, sitting below it in a hunched posture was a robed figure. The robes were tattered, and the hair unkept which hung from a hood.

    Sephinoth did not give answer, he studied this Ascetic who stepped away from the monolith.

    “I have lived a lifetime here, and all I have known is loss. You should leave while you have the chance.”

    Sephinoth titled his head, noticing the Ascetic was poising his hand for a lightsaber hilt at his side. To an Echani such a gesture was an invitation to due battle.

    “I saw your great ship land. So grand. Tell me Stranger, what did you hope to find here? If its sorrow, if its death, then welcome.”

    The Ascetic took his hand and reached for a flask and took a sip, his face semi-visible. It was riddled with scars and a countenance familiar to The Echani, despair.

    “Nothing matters. In the end we are all toys of the Force, and it cares little for ripping our hearts out.”

    Sephinoth turned his head to walk away.

    “You seek The Caretaker. To begin your training. I was like you once, so certain that I could learn the ways of The Force and make a difference. All I did was get the ones I loved hurt or worse.”

    Sephinoth began walking, the words of this Ascetic unmoving.

    “Look at me!”

    A saber hummed to life and soared in a disc pattern, cutting through some trees in front of Sephinoth, which fell. Branchs crumbling with charred marks and puffs of black smoke. A singular chrome saber hilt lying beside them. The Echani kept walking, and the hilt began to shake, rustling against the limb as it hurled into air out of view. Another ignition sound echoed and suddenly a white hot blade swung over Sephinoth head as he ducked. In one fluid motion The Echani spun around, his robes moving in the air as if in water, and dug his pointed hand into the Ascetic, sending him flying into air, and against a tree trunk.

    Sephinoth reached for a great long hilt slung on his back via a black strap. He took hold of it with both hands. The Ascetic had engaged him, and as an Echani he was now obligated to fight him to the death. With a motion of his index finger, a great blade of ruby color expanded to the length of a spear shaft. The Ascetic recovering lifted his white blade, and charged. With one sweeping motion Sephiroth swept the great blade upward, grabbing the Ascetic’ blade, and lifting him into air, and then leaping up into the air Sephinoth with both hand swung his great blade around his body with great force, knocking the Ascetic like a ball into the trees. The sound of crackle of blades from the strike made a great bang that echoed across the valley, and the Ascetic became a living meteor, flying through limbs, and beating across trunks so that his body was bouncing about like a stone skipping on water. The Ascetic fell like a lump, coughing up blood, when a ruby blade came beating down on him in several downward cuts, the blade scissoring the soil like the Acklay:

    The Ascetic rose to his feet only for the ruby blade to rise upward, grabbing his downward guard, the white blade like a hook, and launching him into the air. He was above the tree line, and could see the clear sky when he began his descent down to earth, and found himself impaled on the hot blade. it dug through his abdomen, making a great molten hole. He coughed as Sephinoth stood no longer holding the handle above him. With a motion of his hand, The Echani deactivated the blade, and The Ascetic rolled off, his body trembling from the truama. Sephinoth stood over the dying warrior.
    The Ascetic despite his condition began to speak,
    “You are good.. cough.. the best I have ever fought.. cough. Perhaps you are hardened enough to do well here.”

    Sephinoth took his great hilt and attached it to his black sling and slung it over his grey robes and cape. He looked at the Ascetic, who was a broken man.

    “I thank you Stranger.. now I shall at last know peace. Before I die.. I wish to say my name one last time.. Nkri.. Nkri Tzenti. Now the soil of this world will cover me as it did my father and brother..”

    Nkri felt himself going cold, time was almost up.

    “If you see a woman with chestnut hair.. tell her she was loved.. tell her.. I.. love.. Kerra..”

    With that name the tortured one breathed his last. A great wind came, rocking the trees and the body of Tzenti. Peace having eluded him despite his namesake. Sephinoth took his body and placed it beneath the obelisk. He did not anoint his head with soil, so that he may be identified, he simply took his beads and said a prayer in silence. The words of the Ascetic had no roots in the Echani. He could see from a glance that the man was tormented by demons, and disillusionment had been his cup. For Sephinoth this encounter only solidified his resolve, and belief that to learn the ways of the Force one must be worthy or go mad.

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    OOC: An informative combo with Adalia and Polmath

    IC: Uzuriel, Adalia Durron, Polmath

    Adalia was gathering her equilibrium back when she knelt down to gaze into the pool, all she saw was her reflection, and his. "What am I supposed to be seeing?"

    "Do not anticipate, for your eyes can deceive you. Clear you mind, let the Force flow...." Polmath said, his voice calm, his tone even, as he attempted to guide Adalia.

    Uzuriel smiled softly as Polmath guided Adalia. His finger touched the pool, the ripples forming, spreading, bouncing from the edges of the pool before they stilled again, the vision that the Caretaker had shared earlier returned.

    The ripples reached the edge of the pool and an image came into view, or more accurately, was revealed. At first, there was nothing but darkness, nigh impenetrable blackness. But, Lo! ’twas but a shroud, that was soon seen to be one of innumerable black tendrils seeping into the known galaxy, as they bled themselves out of a tear in the veil.

    A tear, in the unknown regions, perhaps as large as a parsec, if not more. It was a massive black starless gash in the middle of nowhere.

    The view moved closer to the tear, then penetrated its blackness, traversing in cold silence for a long time, before finally emerging on the other side.

    There was nothing there.

    Nothing but a starless void….
    devoid of light.

    There were no stars. No suns. No constellations.

    Just darkness.

    The view roved for a time, continued moving at unguessable speeds, until it finally spied a planet.

    Or what was left of it.

    It was lifeless.

    Covered with the stench of death. Horribly scarred by the passage of a titanic battle. What resembled remnants of sprawling cities lay devastated, in absolute ruins, as if visited by several cataclysms all at once. An orbiting graveyard of a fleet of ships, all broken asunder, ambled hauntingly all about, like some sinister decoration.

    But this wasn’t the only planet.

    There would be many more.

    They would encounter countless more planets, or what remained of them. They would all be thus stricken. They would all be lifeless. Lightless.

    This time though, he could feel his own sense of grief in the image, the sadness at the massive loss of life, even though he knew just where that life would end up. Just because he knew the destination did not mean that he didn’t mourn those that had to take the journey. He lifted his head, his swirling eyes dim as he looked at two of his oldest friends. ”It goes on, grows darker, Adalia…”

    Polmath released an audible breath.

    Seeing the vision once again did not make the tragedy of it any easier to withstand due to repetition, in fact, the effect was the complete opposite. The Caretaker was tempted to take a step closer, to bolster Adalia should the vision prove overwhelming, but he stood his ground. The gravity of what was coming could not be sufficiently impressed otherwise. Polmath's gaze momentarily rested on Uzuriel, before returning to the pool and the Lady Jedi.

    Sitting back from the knelling position she'd unwillingly taken, Adalia swallowed, hard. ", or to come?" Her voice smaller than usual as the devastation she'd witnessed was mind numbing. "" Words were failing her.

    Lifting his hand from the pool the vision faded, to a degree. Uzuriel turned to face Adalia, ”It is happening, it has happened, and will continue if it is not stopped.” he replied in a somber tone. ”There is more, but I warn you, it is darker.” he went on, fingers now just millimeters from the surface of the pool.

    Giving her head a shake, Adalia tried to focus. She didn't want to see it but the Force was telling her, no, compelling her too. With a broken voice that showed she was emotionally fortifying herself, she muttered, "show me."

    Smiling sadly, ”As you wish, my friend.” Uzuriel murmured. His hand dipped into the pool again and the vision rose up around them once more.

    The images upon the pool continued, as now what seemed like a derelict Star Destroyer came into view.

    But it wasn't derelict, not abandoned.

    The viewing came closer, enough to reveal the severe damage and scoring on the ship. Several decks had been breached, becoming uninhabitable and in desperate need of repair. Many of the mounted weapons were destroyed or simply missing. The lights seemed to be barely on. This was indeed a wounded vessel of war.

    Moving inside, there seemed to be containment cells everywhere. Most were filled with non-human species, all pouring out their misery, filling the walls with an unending chorus of lamination. Those in charge seemed to be definitely human or near-humans, all wearing dark robes, while others also wore masks of varying designs. The robed ones felt 'sickly',
    twisted, as if there was a stench, an entropic malady inherent in the fabric of the force. A sense of decay.

    The interior of the ship was scarcely lit. Purposefully so, it would seem.


    The viewing shifted as it moved below deck to strange chambers, that seemed indistinguishable from sacrificial altars, experimental laboratories, or torturous dungeons. Unspeakable sights were many, but one was more frequent than others. That of robed figures 'stealing energy', consuming it, from a living host.

    A metallic cylinder would be hanging from the side of each robed figure, an artifact they would all have in common.

    The view changed as it roved through the dark ship, heading for the darkened bridge. More sacrificial sentients were found there, in different stages of preparation. Of the many dark robed figures, only one began to turn, his black helmeted head swiveling slowly, but before more could be revealed, the image faded as did the ripples upon the pool.

    Slowly, Uzuriel lifted his hand from the pool aware that, as the vision had continued, his own energy had begun to blaze, wind whipping up around the trio and the pool, causing the Force to eddy and flow in response. Closing his eyes, he calmed his thoughts once more before turning his gaze back to Adalia, ”That was the last of the vision, ending just before you arrived.”

    The feelings that went with the images she was seeing were reverberating though the Force, despite the fact it was an image, she was feeling the despair, the pain and suffering being felt by those she saw. It was almost overwhelming as her eyes focused again when it ended. Sitting back and leaning to the side on one hand, Adalia closed her eyes and attempted to breathe through the emotions.

    "Something was feeding their life force, their souls, so much....pain." Her voice strained as she spoke. Adalia knew of a species that did something like this, but there was no way they'd be doing it on this scale. No, what she was was way bigger and deeper and way more powerful. Slipping to her butt and drawing her knees up to her chest, she wrapped her arms around her legs. "What....can I do?" Adalia was not trained, she was not a Jedi, she was just a Force user who learned over time to master the few things she could do, and often powered by emotions.

    "Help us, Adalia." The Caretaker spoke, his voice soft, his tone plaintive and thick with emotion despite his sagely demeanor.

    "They are coming and may be here amongst us already." Polmath informed, as he attempted to deliver the news as neutrally as possible, though he suspected he may have failed in that endeavor. In that moment, he tried not to think of his recently fallen apprentice; a one time visitor who had become an inhabitant of Decameron Alpha. One, who after many trials, was utterly consumed by loss and despair; For as their Caretaker, were they not all his students? Were they not his children?

    "Help us to wake the slumbering people of this galaxy, before 'all light' is driven from it, consumed, and we too fall into eternal darkness."

    Polmath's green eyes searched Adalia's countenance, not for confirmation of concern, for he could feel her emotions like one would crashing waves, but for signs of inner strength, the likes they would all need to withstand the coming storm.

    Staring at the ground Adalia had to wonder what a simple human like herself with no real skills could do against, this? She was weak compared to the others around her and she wasn't particularly Force talented either. What did she have, what could she offer. Staring at the ground she began to think about her family, they were doomed according to this vision.

    Her family.

    That was the key. Lifting her head and straightening her legs she drew a deep breath. If she was her family's only hope, then she had to do whatever it took to make sure they lived, lived long and healthy, happy lives. Slowly she stood. "What do you want me to do."

    Uzuriel smiled softly, holding out a hand to her, ”Work with me, for now, and we’ll prepare, I’ll assist you to prepare as best you can, as Bernael has done in the past.”

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    IC: Sephinoth
    Vigil and Venture

    The body of Nkri had long been cold, and The Echani lot a fire, a great pyre that could be seen from space. Sephinoth did not caste the felled Ascetic on the fire, and instead propped his head upon the monolith. It was then because of the great orange glow he saw the scars riddling his face like ravines. The Echani had his share of war wounds, but this poor soul was carved in flesh and spirit. Their encounter made Sephinoth sense this was the will of the Force, a warning on the path he now sought to embark. Taking a folded red cloth he wiped the brow of Tzenti and cleaned blood from his lip.

    The Echani took care of the corpse, a matter of honor. For all of us are one fight from the grave, and the dead deserved respect. The Echani took a seat next to Nkri and waited, keeping vigil through the night. At dawn Sephinoth rose and placed three fingers upon the brow of the Dead and said,
    Bless this son of the Wind, who you breathed the breath of life in and who I have quieted. Take him across the Netherwaters to your bosom and may he know ‘no more pain, no more sorrow, no more tears’ [1]. Ashmen.”
    With that the Echani rose up and took his grey hood and obscured his eyes from seeing Nkri and began his trek into the forest.

    There on a winding road he saw pedals of a purple flower floating in the air. The Echani approached the phenomenon and held out his hand, catching a pedal. There was a drop of dew on it that reflected his face. Was the planet weeping and casting flowers in a dirge? He then heard what sounded like pipes playing, and turned to see a figure in leaf shaped tights of emerald. The creature had black hair that rose like a crown, and ears that came to points. The figure had the features of a girl, its cyan blue eyes fixed on Sephinoth as it blew into a harp shaped flute. The Echani took a seat on a stump as the sound of the play rose with the day.

    Then suddenly it stopped, and Sephinoth raised his head from a trance to see the Sprite standing with bent legs on a log near him.

    “You smell..”

    The Echani eyed the Being who followed up its words,
    “You smell of war.. you bring war here.”

    Sephinoth nodded and said,

    I am war.. my bed is never empty, my blanket is blood.

    The Sprite giggled.

    “You are like them all.. ready to maw, without thought to what will befall.”

    Sephinoth smiled,

    My halls are filled, with skulls and skins, and not just of men.

    The Sprite giggled once more,

    “Loss and woe, you shall know, with each and every blow.”

    The Echani bowed his head, he already felt that. The slaying of Nkri marked him as all the others.

    The Sprite leapt over him and landed by a bush.

    “Far you have seen, beneath the veil, the Netherealm.”

    Sephinoth nodded, and replied,

    Across the sea, that unseen, I have rowed to joy untold.

    The Sprite giggled.

    “Follow me, you shall see, a great many things.”

    The Sprite took off into bushes and Sephinoth followed as a cloud descended upon the wood, causing it to be in a fog. The Echani follower the giggles like a flute, his field of vision tree trunks. He felt he was entering a maze made of trees, and he felt at the end of it would not be cheese.

    There was a clearing near the edge of a chasm, a stump there where the Sprite played its tune. Sephinoth approached and the Sprite looked up and giggled.

    “Far below, you will know, how deep a fall.”

    The Echani looked down and saw no end to the pit and then looked to Sprite and said,

    War does not sleep, does not weep, no matter your urge to leap.

    The Sprite giggled.

    “Wise you are, see through my art, before I break your heart.”

    The Sprite leapt back into the fog and forest, giggling. Sephinoth’s face now was chiseled with a sternness, for he was now certain this spirit was not harmless, nor innocent.

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    [1] Revelation 21:4

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    Name: Zoe Ramphal
    Age: 26
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Naboo
    Brief Description of Appearance: [​IMG]
    Weapons: 1 double bladed blue lightsaber
    Personal effects: None
    Personal ship: Y-wing
    Short Bio: Zoe was born on Naboo but rised in the jedi temple on Tokadana. She rose near the top of every class and became a great duelist mainly speicalizing in form 3 and jar kai. She also developed a strong connection to the force. She became the padawan of Gerald Neir at the age of 14 and the two grew really close until Zoe became a jedi knight abd took on her own padawan called Hilda Mopol at the age of 22. She later stumbled across her current girlfreind, Cort Dreit, whilst on a personal assignment to Kamea. Zoe watched on helplessy as Cort became more and more entangled with the darkside even going as far to become a sith herself. Zoe had sought out a freind of Cort and learned the location of the grey temple and went to Decameron Alpha on Cort's orders to keep her safe. Now she seeks out Caretaker polmath.

    Force Skills:
    Force pull/push
    Force speed
    Force jump
    Force forshight
    Levatation (objects only)
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    IC: Aleric Qel Droma
    Rhen Var
    Continued From Uneasy Alliance

    Aleric descended into the cave system, following his guide. Deep inside the shadow of rock he found his breathing the only sound. Them he came to a pool of dark water, where Ulic in his larimar blue light stood beside.
    “Into the pool you must go. Be warned, there is no turning back once you make the plunge.”
    Aleric took steps into the shoals, his tunic becoming submerged, the liquid seemed to cone alive, rising up like strands or webs that latched on to him and pulled him underneath.
    All went dark and then there was a bright light, Aleric then saw around him great grey roots like that of tree trunks. He looked about, and saw not a soul, save one who as they drew near, he noticed in the white robes that their feet were upward and their head upside down.
    “You come to the Threshold.. warrior.. Jedi.”
    Aleric felt his movement staggered as if in water.
    “What do you seek? What do you seek?”
    Aleric motioned with hands, he felt his speech hindered, that if he tried he’d drown.
    The floating being drew near and place a pale hand on his throat.
    Aleric uttered,
    The Being swirled around him in its garment like a leaf in the wind.
    “You seek.. oblivion.”
    Aleric nodded his head, bubbles rose from his nose.
    The White Robed Figure hissed.
    “The Undoing is a violation of The Mystery.”
    Aleric gasped
    “I do not care..”
    The Being swirled once more.
    “All life creates it, even in the Nether, you seek to reverse what is natural..”
    Aleric let out a cry,
    “Make it so! I wish to be no more, as if I had never been born.”
    The Bottom Up Being hissed.
    “If that is your wish.. before The Undoing is preformed, you shall be shown its effects.”

    A vision of many faces, one of a blond who Aleric recognized, ice her clothing, her head adorned in icicles spikes, and a throne of skulls. Another was a Twi’lek who was a flame and full of rancor cutting down Jedi. Another was a young woman with black locks being burned on a pyre on Dathomir.

    Aleric was unmoved.
    “These visions change nothing. If I live nothing is to day they will not end up that way if I am no more.”
    The Upended One hissed and swirled around like a squid in water.
    “Fool nothing is set. Your life is not a ripple, it is the pool itself. Life is precious not for its effect, it is precious for the breath.”
    Aleric eyed this being,
    “You are saying I must live for the sake of living, not because of my relationships with others who live. That a life is to be lived, even if it effects nothing.”
    The Upturned One nodded its hooded head.
    “In The Mystery you were made. Disgrace not the gift.”
    Aleric had more bubbles float from his nose.
    “If I live I am to live for the sake of living.”
    The Upside One nodded.
    “Can you Aleric, House of Qel Droma, choose to live for the sake of living?”
    Aleric shook his head.
    “There has to be a purpose, a destiny, a reason for life to have meaning!”
    The Upended One hissed.
    “Life is meaning. In The Mystery you were wrought, as the waters, the sky, the stars were so. Content they are in their spheres to be, as you should be.”
    Aleric had more bubbles rise.
    “The pain.. I have loved the impossible, it stills my breath to keep living”.
    The Bottom Up Being drew close and placed a finger on his cheek.
    “Love is of the Mystery, and yet as in all things it too can be polluted.”
    Aleric lashed out.
    “Polluted! How can you call..”
    It hit Aleric like a bolt yo tue heart. His love had been selfish, he relished secretly, greedily his impact on those he loved. What he desired from them was his own image of them, not accepting what they are in The Force, letting them live as they choose in The Mystery.
    Aleric lowered his head, and gasped.
    The Upending Being hissed.
    “You begin to understand.”
    Aleric raised his eyes, the grey blue orbs quaking.
    “All my life I was part of a cause or piece in a game. Everything was cause an effect. How do I accept that my breath is enough? That I must let go?”
    The Upending Being raised Aleric up in the watee with its hand.
    “As with many things, a life time it may take. Some truths take the scores of many years to embrace. Begin with a step.. choose to live for life’s sake and you will be reborn!”
    Aleric took a breath.
    “The Undoing?”
    The Bottom Up Being nodded.
    “The Undoing of your dependency. The Undoing of your need.”
    That word was like a jolt and Aleric awoke in the black pool. He rose to surface and cried out.
    “Wait.. cough.. who are you?!”
    A word echoed in the cave.
    Aleric reached the shoreline where Ulic in his splendor and glow stood.
    “Did you find the answers you were looking for?”
    Aleric shook his head.
    “No ancestor. What I found instead was something more.. I begin my training anew.”
    Ulic smiled.
    Aleric nodded.
    “I am Reborn.”

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    IC: Sephinoth
    Maze of Madness

    The Sprite had lead Sephinoth into a great maze of tree trunks, a labyrinth. The Echani Warrior looked for miles and saw nothing but trunks of wood faceted together like a wall. He heard the laughter of the sprite. Sephinoth walked down the line of trees, tell he saw knothole and pressed on it. Stepping through he came to another endless row of trees as he looked to his left and right. Hanging above some rolls of bark was claw marks. He examined them. There was a howl that turned his blood cool.
    A Twi’lek boy with yellow lekkus ran towards him, behind was a Massiff, a hound like creature with a lizard’s snout of black, pointed and bearing serated teeth. The child cried out. Sephinoth began to removed The Great Saber from his back, he took the great long hilt and yelled,
    The Twi’lek fell down and he ignited the long red beam blade as the Massiff leapt. The blade skewered the hound, which fell in two as the blade crackled. The Boy Twi’lek got up and dusted off his suspenders at the neckline.
    Sephinoth turned, holding the great blade.
    You owe me a life debt.
    The boy was startled.
    “A what?!”
    The Echani Warrior deactivated his saber and slung the long black strap to his back.
    “I saved your life, you now shall serve me.
    The Twi’lek wrinkled his nose.
    “That’ not fair!”
    Sephinoth slapped the cheek of the child.
    You could have been this thing’s meal. Show respect, it is dead, you live.”
    The Twi’lek rubbed his cheek as The Echani Warrior began walking down the walls of wood.
    “Wait.. wait up!” said the Child as he followed.
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    IC: Zoe Ramphal and Cort Dreit.
    Continued from an uneasy alliance.

    Zoe came out of hyperspace to find empty space. She quickly checked the corridents that Aleric had given her. They were absolutely correct. Her brow furrowed.
    "Aleric" She said through gritted teeth before she felt a call in the force. She unconciously put in corridents unknown to her and made the second jump to hyperspace. When she came out next a planet loomed ahead of her.
    "Must be Decameron Alpha" Zoe said to herself before taking the Y-Wing into land. She jumped out and looked around her, observing her sorroundings. She didn't however know that she was being watched. Cort had arrived sometime earlier and as she passed many heads had turned. She was one with the darkness and she wouldn't rest until her current assignment was complete.

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    **Combo Post**
    GM Approved
    @Kato Sai
    @Tay Neir

    IC: Aleric Qel Droma

    The Reborn One walkee with his glowing Ancestor back to the ship that was finishing loading some barrels.

    “I need a ride.”

    The Pilot huffed.

    “Where exactly?”

    Aleric smiled.

    The Freighter came out of hyperspace over Decameron Alpha, a site Aleric had not seen in some time.

    The Pilot broke silence on the comm.

    “This is going to be a rough drop. Use the cable and May The Force Be With You.”

    Aleric tied a piece of black cable that was connected to a roll of the same cord. The ramp opened uo, and the air howled. Aleric stood on the ramp and nearly blew off by a sweep of wind. He grabbed tightly the metal joist and then looked down at treeline below, it looked like a sea of dark green, no leaf seen.

    Closing his eyes, Aleric leapt off and the cable began to ferrying out of the rolled up bundle on the wall, the Gray Jedi descending like a comet with a black tail, as he came closer and closer to the sea of greenery, until at last he reached the end of the cable which jolted him back into air and left him hanging above the treetops.

    He with wave of his hand, commanded The Force and the harness uncoupled and he fell, this time landing on a branch. He grabbed it as his body pounded the bark, knocking the wind out of him.

    The cable recoiled and the Freighter took off, its thrusters disappearing into the sky.

    IC: Zoe Ramphal

    Zoe could've sworn she had seen something or someone jump out of the vessel but when she watched the vessel fly off again she thought it must've been her eyes playing tricks from her and she saw a red being disappear from sight.

    Aleric began the climb down, he slipped and fell catching a branch and hanging from it.

    Now that he cared about living, he found feats like climbing down a titan tall tree difficult.

    It took long because he was being so careful, that the sun began to set.

    He decided making a fire might be wise. He lit some kindling which smoked.

    Zoe ignited her saber and saw the smoke coming from the trees. The sun was setting and she could now only make out the shape of the grey temple. She decided to go into the trees. What she found on the other side was not what she was expecting.

    "Aleric?" She asked as one of her blue blades gave the area a blue glow.

    Aleric sat with his legs bent, his back against a tree trunk, the smoke rose from the kindling like incense. He then saw motion in the treeline and a blue glow. Then the face of a friend broke through the shadow into the light.


    The Son of Qel-Droma rose up and walked to her and offer his arms in a gesture of friendship.

    Zoe took the offer. She then deactivted her saber and clipped it to her belt.

    "What are you doing amongst the trees?" She asked.

    Aleric smiled.
    “Well I kinda dropped in..”
    He looked to the sky,
    “from above.”

    "So it was you?. Wow, quite an entrance mind you." Zoe replied a smile appering on her face

    Aleric chuckled.
    “Well the pilot wasn’t gonna land, so I had to improvise.”

    He motioned for Zoe to get cozy by the fire.

    “Did you just arrive?”

    Zoe sat down by the fire and crossed her legs under her brown robes.

    "Yeah, I was not aware however that planets could move"

    Aleric placed a rock near the coals and put a saucer, he put a chrome cup on it with water, and removed a tiny bag of yea that he poured into the water as it boiled.

    “Decameron Alpha is unique in that way. Only those Called can find it.”

    "Nah really?" Zoe replied sarcastically.

    Aleric smiled.

    “Well if the tales are true. For myself, I return to resume or rather begin my training anew.”

    "Each to their own. I'm only here to get out of Cort's way. I'd rather live thanks" Zoe said laying down on the grass and looking at the stars above that were reflected in her electric blue eyes.

    Aleric took the larger chrome cup and levitated it to pour in a small two tan cups for tea.
    “Has he gone that far? Would he hurt you?“

    "I don't know anymore Aleric. She's going deeper into the dark side to the point that she's unperdictable" Zoe replied waving her right hand in the air as she spoke.

    Aleric sighed.
    “I share your sorrow. Cort helped me break from the abyss of wound, and I wish I could help her as she did me. But this new path I tread requires a different answer.”

    "Is that so, son of Qel Droma?" Asked a dark voice. Zoe regonized it immediately

    "She's here" Zoe said aloud.

    Aleric heard the voice, and recognized it from when he left Corellia.

    On the mention of her former name, the dark lady stepped into the light with a lightsaber hilt in each hand.

    "Your grey sister is gone. I am what remains. I will finish the task that my master has set me, one way or another" Cort replied, her voice digging in like daggers.

    Aleric did not reach for his saber hilt.

    “You have made your choice. I do not seek a quarrel with you. We must all walk our own path.”

    "Then you'll stay out of this?" Cort asked.

    Aleric fought the desire, his savior complex had to die.

    "Good" Cort replied before igniting a blood red blade and a emerald green blade. Zoe then unclipped her staff saber and ignited her shappire blue blades.

    "You sure about that?" She asked, her voice terrified.

    Aleric rubbed the back of his neck.

    “I will observe.. for now.”

    It was hard, Aleric wanted to keep Zoe safe from Cort’s wrath, but he also had to stop interferring.

    Cort leapt forward with incredible speed that Zoe only barely managed to block the blades of her girlfriend. Red, green and blue collided. Both women using the jar kai lightsaber combat form. Cort sweapt for Zoe's hip and head but Zoe caught the two blades with her own. Cort then sweapt for Zoe's right leg and her head. Zoe then did the unpredictable. She separateed the two halfs of her saber and blocked the blades of Cort. The lightsaber design had only been created by one jedi. Tay Neir was famous for using the design in battle. Zoe force pushed Cort backwards and Cort starightened up. Zoe clipped the two halfs back together to form the double bladed saber once more. The two stared at eachother. Cort's full of flames. Zoe's full of ice.

    Aleric watched as the couple struggled, a tumult of sabers, and so far Zoe prevailed. He had been right to refuse to help, because this allowed them to resolve their issues, to allow Zoe to see she is strong.
    Aleric sipped some tea.

    "You will die, Zoe Ramphal. None can save you. You are alone" Cort said. Zoe just let a tear flow down her cheek and the two launched into battle once more. Within seconds thw two had disarmed each other and switched to martail arts. Cort swung and her boot colkided with Zoe's nose. Zoe then managed to get Cort in a headlock. Cort struck Zoe on the back of the head and she tumbled to the floor. Cort called her red saber to hand and ignited the red blade.

    "You can't say I didn't tell you" Cort said and she swung her saber above her head ready to make the killing blow. It was a surpise that the grey jedi hadn't found them and put an end to it yet.

    Aleric had resisted intervening tell he saw the killing blow. He reached put with his hand and through his command of the Force attempted to stay the blade.
    “Cort! Enough!”

    Cort was flung backwards and landed in a crouched positon. She straighted up.

    "That's Cortina thank you and what part of stay out of it do you not understand?" Cort spat Aleric. Zoe had gotten herself into a standing position and backed away from Cort. She saw her saber at Aleric's feet but didn't dare grab it.

    Aleric stepped back.
    “Very well Cortina. Why are you bent on killing the woman you love?”

    As he said this, Aleric reached for his saber hilt.

    "I have my orders, Droma and I intende to fulfill them" Cort replied.

    Aleric gasped.
    “Orders? Let me venture a guess, you are told to strike down the one you love?”
    He knew who gave him such an assignment, the Tempest.

    "You're smarter than you look." Spat Cort swinging her red blade ahead of her.

    Aleric called on the Force to raise pieces of blazing wood out of fire to meet Cortina. The act might set his friend on fire, which pained Aleric.

    Cort batted aside the wood and she called it to hand, igniting it just before Aleric's neck with a flick of the wrist.

    The fire backfired, and Aleric’s red cape and neck clasp was set on fire, he tossed the relic of his ancestor into the fire pit and backed off, his neck singed and marker with black coal like streak.

    Aleric was faced with hard choices. His new training called for him to stand down, to stop being controlled by the fates of others. Then again his precious life force was not superior to his friends, they too deserved to live.

    “I.. I.. don’t know what to do.”

    Cort smiled at the remark and lunged forward. She knocked Zoe against a tree and stood infront of her facing Aleric.

    "Good" She said before plunging her red blade through her stomagh dirctly into Zoe's. The two cried out in pain as the saber deactivted. Cort stumbled to the side wheras Zoe fell forwards hand clenched over her stomach.

    Aleric dropped to the ground to catch Zoe.

    “What have I done? I did nothing! Zoe!”

    "Aleric. You did the right thing. I can survive with right medical attention but we need to get out of this area." Zoe said between deep breaths. Cort smiled before fleeing the scene. She had done her job and needed urgent medical attention herself.

    Sirens sounded as troopers in white with blue glowing muzzles appeared.

    “Help! Help! She needs medical attention!” Said Aleric.

    One Trooper shouted,


    A stretcher was brought that floated, and Zoe was asked if she was alright with them moving her on it and on to the Landspeeder that was elongated and white.

    "I'm fine with that" Zoe replied.

    Aleric leapt on to the speeder and held Zoe’s hand.

    The Speeder made haste to Medical Bay, where rushing out was Dr. Holloway, who’s face was heavy with the sight of another wounded Force Sensitive.

    “Prepare a Becta! Stat!”

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