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Star Wars **Forces**

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Rainbow Knight Star, Jun 9, 2010.

  1. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: President of the Galaxy, Captain Cavisek, Corellian supercommandoes (nrcs), Palace of the People, The Galactic Senate
    Location: Coruscant

    The mega-ceilinged throne room of the Palace echoed with the President of the Galaxy's anger.

    His capital planet had had a tough week, what with that apparent Sith wrecking the Red Sector, and the crisis since then.

    He felt like no-one was respecting his authority, and he wanted to punch someone, specifically, if you're asking, the smug Selonian captain of the Corellian Navy Assertor-class Star Dreadnaught haunting his planet's orbit.

    But you could not punch a holograph.

    The nine-foot high translucent blue holograph of the furred felinoid in the centre of the droid-polished floor glared down at the President, with its arms folded, while the President pointed at the wall monitor showing two shuttles that had been tracked emerging from the Dreadnaught.

    "You have no right!" The President shouted.

    "We have every right." The Selonian asserted, repeating his earlier statement, "We have evidence that there is a traitor to the Republic amongst those Senators or aides that have not evacuated the Senate following the bombing there, and since you seem uncapable or unwilling to keep your House secure, it falls to Corellia once again, to do what must be done."

    "Present that evidence to Coruscant law enforcement-"

    "Who will be hampered by those individual's diplomatic immunity, and your own fear of harming interstellar relations."

    The wall screen showed the shuttles slowing to a halt over the glistening glased dome of the mushroom-shaped Senate building, still billowing black smoke from one side, despite the best efforts of the Coruscant Fire tenders that had arrived.

    On rapelling cables or backpack thrusters, maybe forty white-armoured figures dropped to the Senate roof, landing lightly, pausing to take holo-selfies of themselves against the iconic skyline, and then setting about getting down through the glase panes covering the roof.

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  2. Lord Anguish

    Lord Anguish Jedi Knight star 1

    Sep 4, 2012
    IC: Wraith ( Anguish )
    Senate Building, Coruscant

    The first day at work was turning out to be somewhat intriguing. Most of what was happening was quite irrelevant to Wraith real mission, but there were a few notable points of interest.

    Like Kiza, for example.

    Still his lead on the tetrahedron had yet to garner greater momentum, but he did feel that his prize was close by, which in turn meant he’d have to take action, but still be cautious in the process. Frightening one’s prey before pouncing was a classic amateur faux pas while on the hunt. It was always best to make sure your prey was quite preoccupied and totally oblivious to any real danger-only then was a good time to strike!

    All in all, it wasn’t much different from what was happening in the Senate.

    Anguish felt they were all being herded. Clearly the do-gooders were not in control of their situation. Watching the fall-out would be at the very least, entertaining.

    Wraith’s Targeting Visor picked-up movement, which it identified as Kiza, to whom he nodded slightly on her approach.

    “Anything interesting thoughts you care to share?” she asked.

    Wraith wondered as to the real depth of her question. She was such an interesting being. A hint of a charming smile played on his lips as he answered.

    “Actually…yes.” He stated, modulating his tone to peak her interest. He paused ever so briefly just to lend his statement some weight. “Over a warm mug of caffa, that would be best.” He added, subtly informing her that this was not the place to share his ‘thoughts’. Too many undesirables.

    A stirring in the darkside caught the mercenary’s attention just then. His force senses were alerting him of even more intrigue. Ironically enough, this was not his doing.None could see his eyes narrow behind his targeting visor as Wraith let out a slightly perceivable musing sound.


    He resisted the urge to look in a certain direction, for he didn’t need to look at something he could sense. Many somethings. He couldn’t wait to see how the others reacted to whatever else was coming.

    The day, as the old saying stated, was still young, and full of surprises.

    “I wonder if I’ll ever get to see my weapons again…” He mused half jokingly as he glanced around the room. He was pretty sure the senate guards who’d relieved him of his weapons weren’t likely present, as they were not part of any senatorial contingent.

    “If I was a betting man…” Wraith’s words were now laden with a certain sense of sarcasm as he spoke them, “…I’d bet the morning’s festivities are far from concluded.”

    The grin that followed was somewhere between chilling and amusing, though it hinged more on the furthering of his plan.

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  3. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Lord Nelf, Imperial Garrison vehicle bay, AT-AT interior

    Rasa twisted, her cat reflexes once again coming into play as she sent the strange object towards the open doorway to the side of her. She then switched directions, angling herself towards the opposite corner. She went sliding.

    The grenade, or whatever it was, curved sharply to the Cathar's right, and flew unerringly and silently out into the darkness.

    The MagnaGuard red photoreceptors lanced twin beams through the passenger area as it sought to re-acquire its adversary. However, she had disappeared from view.

    It held the RD-4 launcher up, ready to pop her as soon as it saw her again.

    * * * *

    It was a few seconds before Nelf realised that he was no longer working in total darkness.

    Laying on his left side, messing about with components, wires, cables, interfaces, his vision drifted to the right, up towards the ceiling, which glowed faintly with red, yellow and green light.

    "Well, hello." He greeted the working systems, levering himself up into a standing position to look down upon the console. "Okay, lets see what you can do."

    The half-elf Inquisitor brushed his hands over the console, removing rust and destritus, to find the sensor controls that he needed, as well as the data input he would need to insert Ysanne's DNA.

    A distant rumble spoke of an explosion somewhere, outside of the AT-AT, and he could feel through the Force, a worrying vibration of the distant skin of the vehicle bay.

    "Okay, that doesn't feel good." He furrowed his eyebrows as he queried aloud, "What is my apprentice doing?!"

    A green cone of holographic light emitted from a hidden projector, and shone down towards the floor of the cockpit to his left.

    Nelf peered at the image, and realised it was a partial view of the ice-flooded vehicle bay in which the Imperial Walker was standing.

    "Gotcha." Nelf smiled in satisfaction, and dug one-handed for the data file containing her DNA.

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  4. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Corellian supercommandoes, Senate Guard, Galactic Senate rooftop
    Location: Coruscant

    Protected from the frigid wind whipping over the curved rooftop by their armour and undersuits, the Corellian invaders finished opening triangular holes into the glazed roof, two of them unpinning flash bang grenades from their bandoliers, and dropping them into the darkness.



    They waited a few seconds, then the first element, less than ten men, dropped down on synthropes that they had already secured, just in case there wasn't a floor down there.

    * * * *

    Inside, the first troopers saw wooden and metal packing crates haphazardly placed on an expansive dusty floor, two blue-caped Senate Guards bent over and staggering from the effects of the grenades, and a couple of hundred metres distant, a set of double doors, hopefully leading off this level.

    The Corellians blasted the men without mercy, putting them down with lethal fire.

    The team leader signalled his men and proceeded past the boxes towards the distant doors.

    "Stand down, in the name of the Senate" called out from the direction of the doors, and more Guards, in their blue capes, armour, and the silly-looking feathery plumes on their helmets, appeared, kneeling down by the door frames to present smaller targets than the raiders who were now in the open.

    Blaster fire criss-crossed the hall, dropping three of the supercommandoes before they could retreat to cover.

    * * * *
    Approach to Regional Hospital

    Selma Spring's eyes snapped open, and she gazed a moment at the ceiling inside the hover ambulance.

    She paused a moment to rip sensors and sticky pads from her bare chest and arms, and set about unbelting herself from the stretcher, whilst a human female paramedic in two-piece greens watched her from the corner, an open datapad on her knees.

    "Lie still," she advised, "we are almost at Regional."

    The latch of the belt over Selma's top half snapped open, and she was able to sit up. "Turn us around."

    "We are almost at the hospital."

    Spring looked around for her tunic and the armour pieces she was missing. "Don't make me ask a second time. Something is happening at the Senate, and I am not in the drokking mood."

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  5. Ktala

    Ktala Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 7, 2002
    Rasa Ruu'ta-Li
    Imperial Garrison vehicle bay, AT-AT interior, Coruscant and Ciutric IV

    Rasa went sliding, a growl deep within her throat. These droids were certainly a pain, even if they were as ancient as a muth rat in a varak! The device the droid shot out into the darkness, outside of the droid. Well, at least THAT worked. But that still left the issue of the drokin' droid that was sitting there looking for her. Her little trick that had worked wonderful before no longer seemed to work. And she had to be careful not to blow up the AT-AT that they were currently in as well.

    Dark words swept throught Rasa's head, as she cursed the mechanical man in her native language. That durn thing had a FLAME thrower! Rasa flexed, her shoulder hurting just a bit. That thing almost got her fur! Rasa's brow furrowed, as she tried to figure out her next move. She knew if she waited too long, that thing might decide to lob something else.

    Rasa then remembered there were some other droids still sitting there. But they had not moved. Perhaps they were not able to? Could she use them? Well, one way to find out. At least she knew if she moved fast enough, she could get close. Her saber could still damage it. It would just take longer. So... try something else.Rasa got down low to the ground, her eyes on the droids that were still seated.


    With a burst of Force speed, she quickly moved into the room, sliding straight towards the sitting droids she had landed in front of earlier.
    She became a blur of motion, her lightsaber whirled to life, as she moved to see if her lightsaber would have better luck on the droids still
    sitting. If the droid threw something towards her now, it would risk its own partners. If it didnt care, that would just make things more in her

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  6. HunterPrime

    HunterPrime Jedi Master star 2

    Apr 17, 2004
    IC: Kiza - Galactic Senate - Inside the Senate Building, RM 41165A

    “Anything interesting thoughts you care to share?” Kiza had asked Wraith. Since earlier events, she knew he was holding back on something. That much was again evident, as she noticed the hint of a smile on his lips.
    “Actually…yes.” He replied, his tone carefully stated. He paused for a moment, before adding, “Over a warm mug of caffa, that would be best.” Kiza looked around the room, and then nodded in understanding. The room
    was a bit more crowded than Kiza liked.. at least in the muscle department. But with this clandestine meeting, it was par for the course. The reasoning for this, especially with the big galla tonight was a bit unusual. As were the fact that the elder's Senator's two usual bodyguards were also missing, was also highly unusual. What was the Senator trying to accomplish?


    That caused Kiza to look back towards Wraith once more, and as she kept her senses cloaked, began to search out around them with the Force. Something was going on. But she could not quite register what. There were
    still too many beings within the building, close to them. But it did seem that whatever it was, it was coming closer. Towards them. Then Kiza heard Wraith as he spoke, “I wonder if I’ll ever get to see my weapons again…”
    Wraith mused. "I doubt that it would hinder you." Kiza added cooly as Wraith continued to speak. "If I was a betting man…” the sarcasm all but dripping from his words, “…I’d bet the morning’s festivities are far from concluded.” Kiza gave Wraith a withering glare, but said nothing as she turned her head. She noticed that the other guards chatter was picking up. She turned to look towards the area where the Senators were talking, and voices were beginning to grow spirited inside the room, but nothing that gave her warning. It was then, the voices from the other guards,
    that had been updating them on the attack on Sledon's apartment, suddenly ceased. Kiza frowned. "There has been more coinsicences than I prefer for one morning." she stated calmly to Wraith. She turned, and began to walk
    towards the door where the Senators were having their discussions. One of the other Senators guards, stepped up to Kiza, a huge Barabell stepped up to her. Kiza stopped, looking towards the large alien. "Well?" she finally asked him, prepared to physically make him regret any mistake he might make. But Kiza was surpised. He smiled, showing large triangular teeth. "Thisss one sensess sssomething wrong." He hissed at her. The other hunters had grown quiet. Kiza raised an eyebrown. Senses? She was not well versed in Barbels, cept for the fact that they were really strong, and rather difficult in a fight. Make that extremely difficult, if they were rilled up. Insane came to mind. But this one, seemed more on par than the others in the group. Kiza nodded. "Yes." she replied. "I think it would be best..."

    The rest of her response, was interrupted by the sound of blaster fire going off in the room the Senator's were in. WHY didnt she sense that emotions were rising to that level? Especially from that twit Slendon? Or the Senator? Something was deffinately going on. Another in the long list of curses she would be using this day. Kiza moved, quickly, as she could imagine what was going to happen next. And Kiza was not going to be caught in the middle. Literally. She dodged past the Barabell, even as he moved, turning arouand to also enter the room as well. If there wasn't someone already dead in that room, their might be soon enough, unless someone had a good explantion on what was going on and quickly.

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  7. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Senator Eno Fadov (Ryloth), Senate Blue Guards, Selma Spring, Galactic Senate
    Location: Coruscant

    The blue-skinned Twi'lek Senator presiding over this important meeting, felt his peers had chatted and networked enough now, and stepped up onto the dias to get the meeting in order.

    With his pricey material'd robes swishing around him, he raised both arms as a visual sign to shut up, and then spoke into the microphone handily placed at chin height.

    ""Gentlebeings, settle down now. Find your seats please. Time for the appropriations committee to come to order."

    The loud and frightening retort of blaster fire echoed through the chamber, prompting Eno to dive to the floor, with his hands over his head. Like that'd help.

    There was screaming and shrieks has other diplomats dove for cover, or tried to run towards a sealed exit.

    * * * *
    Top Floor

    Every one of the twenty or so Senate Guards retreated a few inches under better cover, and concentrated on the calls coming over heach of their personal comlinks.

    "Shots fired, shots fired. Conference Room Akbar."

    One of the guards pressed a hand to the side of his plumed helmet so he could hear betterm and transmitted down, "Control, none of these Corellian bastiches up here are anything to do with that. We've got them pinned down, and no-one has gotten past us."

    * * * *
    Hover Ambulance

    Selma's ambo lurched out of the line of emergency vehicles heading to the regional medical centre, and pulled a mid-air u-turn that turned out to be fairly unpopular with the surrounding air traffic, several needing to take drastic action.

    Sirens dopplering in the evening air, the ambulance roared back to the distant reflective mound that was the Senate Building, heading to the top where some of the intruders still situated.

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  8. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Lord Nelf, AT-AT cabin

    The half-elf Inquisitor was on his side as the sensor suite accepted the genetic data that he had brought from Imperial Centre, and started doing sweeps of the ice floor outside the combat vehicle, trying to track down the one containing Isard's DNA.

    He could feel his left arm going arm numb under his weight as he lay on the floor, but he was so close to this goal that he was willing to put up with the discomfort for a few more seconds.

    He looked back over his right shoulder at a dark green holographic dome showing the glass balls peppering the ice, a brighter band of green sweeping left and right in a windscreen wiper motion.

    After three passes, one of the glass balls was glowing brighter than the others, clearly the one with her DNA!

    Nelf jumped up, ducked through the neck module connecting the cockpit to the main body of the AT-AT, and turned left to stand on the lip of the open hatch, out into the darkness.

    After a moment's confusion, Nelf realised, the glow of the sensor was not being translated to real life.

    He was going to have to...

    Nelf's Force Sense kicked in belatedly - the Magna Droid that his apprentice had been engaging, was behind him, it's main weapon turning from her, to his unprotected back.

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  9. Lord Anguish

    Lord Anguish Jedi Knight star 1

    Sep 4, 2012
    IC: Wraith (Anguish)
    Senate Building Coruscant

    Oh, how he loved a good mystery. Kiza was certainly a mystery which he deemed interesting enough to at least pursue a little further, just for the sake of curiosity.

    Also, to make sure she was not after his prize as well, seeing how he did not believe in coincidences. From her words, it seemed Kiza herself did not believe in such things, to which he offered a slow and solid nod. He was agreeing with her, but on a deeper level.

    In addition, it even seemed she actually understood his brand of humor. Wasn’t that something!

    But all that sweet intrigue was just going to have to wait.

    The stirring in the force he’d felt moments earlier became a lot more palpable, quite suddenly. Kiza had moved to ‘interview’ some of the other guards. Wraith minimally acknowledged their presence.

    Slowly, he gazed around the room as he probed with his senses. Wraith looked upwards, just as the echoes of blaster fire filled the chamber, causing the senators in attendance to scamper off as they sought cover.

    Wraith tried to fight the urge to shake his head and imagined he succeeded, just barely.

    Over his security comlink, he could hear some of the comm-chatter.

    [Shots fired, shots fired. Conference Room Akbar.]

    [Control, none of these Corellian bastiches up here are anything to do with that. We’ve got them pinned down, and no-one has gotten past us.]

    “Pity.” Wraith mused aloud as he continued to use his senses for a better understanding of what was really going on beyond what was readily apparent.

    First the exploding ship and now this. No. None of this was coincidence. Sadly, all the action was in Room Akbar. Calling up a general senate floor plan on his datapad, Wraith looked up the room in question. He needed to know the exact location and access points to and from that room, especially in relation to the room they were all in.

    Eliminating some insurgents could be fun, but right now he was getting paid to protect the senator…and his soon to be prize.

    “I’ll go check the door…”

    These words he spoke to Kiza as he walked past her. He let her see his impish smile as he strode by. To anyone watching, he’d look pretty confident for someone without a firearm in hand.

    Maybe he’d keep them wondering about that.


    For now, making sure no one made it down the hallway was the order of business.

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    OOC: I assume we are all on the same security com-channel as the senate guards. If not, please ignore that portion of the post.
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  10. Ktala

    Ktala Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 7, 2002
    Rasa Ruu'ta-Li
    Imperial Garrison vehicle bay, AT-AT interior, Coruscant and Ciutric IV

    Things were FINALLY going her way. This droid was slow. Perhaps all of its years standing in one spot, or whatever, but the thing was slow as slop. Rasa barreled past it, and she was happily prepared to wack and destroy the sitting droid when suddenly the Force seemed to burst its way into her thoughts, all but screaming a warning.

    In a crouch, she quickly scanned around, trying to discover what was wrong, when she noticed that Lord Nelf had picked NOW, of all times to come into the room, and that droid that had been trying to track shoot Rasa was now aiming it's weapon towards Lord Nelf.

    'POO-DOO!' Rasa's thoughts exploded. Had he not heard all the noise going on, to not simply run out?!! The first thought was to rush in, but getting between Lord Nelf and the droid could turn her into a rather messy puddle. So, if she didnt move to intersect, then....

    With an almost devious grin, she nuged with the Force....

    Alright, so it was not a nudge. More like a yank to the side, as she moved Lord Nelf just enough to keep him from either tumbling straight out over the opening, as she was not sure how well his 'flying' skills were, and to keep his back from being perforated by the droid. As she did so, she swung on the sitting droids, hopefully doing some damage to them, while she prepared to deal with the still moving droid. Her last attempt to move him had not worked. But if he had anchored himself to the floor, it would be interesting to see just home much he could bend. She hit him with a brutal force push, trying to bend him all the way over to the floor, while she moved in, hoping to deal with him once and for all, while he was trying to recover. So far, he had not noticed her, and she hoped that would be enough. If not, she would simply use her speed to keep him busy.

    Meanwhile, she hoped Lord Nelf had found whatever it was he was looking for, so they could get the frell off this planet! Between the dampness, and the strange droids, she had her fill of FUN for the moment. And she was even beginning to miss Billings.

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  11. HunterPrime

    HunterPrime Jedi Master star 2

    Apr 17, 2004
    IC: Kiza - Galactic Senate Building - Coruscant - Galactic Senate - Inside the Senate Building, RM 41165A

    Well, if nothing else would have happened, Kiza would have givien more thoughts on the Barbel. Having admitted to have feeling something was wrong, was in itself, a very strange statement. Too bad, the moment was interrupted by the sound of blaster fire going off in the room the Senator's were in. WHY didnt she sense that emotions were rising to that level? Especially from that twit Slendon? Or the Senator? Something was deffinately going on. Another in the long list of curses
    she would be using this day. Kiza moved, twisting to move herself out of the way of the Barbel, who decided he was NOT going to wait, moving towards the door, to open it. If there wasn't someone already dead in that room, their might be soon
    enough, unless someone had a good explantion on what was going on and quickly.

    "I’ll go check the door…”, Wraith responded with an odd grin on his face as he moved away from her, to check the door that they had all entered. Wraith was an odd one. But Kiza didnt have time to wonder about Wraith, as the Force seemed to have flared all round her now, without her having to seek it out. Someone was injured. The fear in the room the Senators was in was palatible. Sledon was in meltdown mode as usual. Strangely, Kiza noted that Senator Tesslor, while quite active and agitated, was NOT in a panic mode. The man was used to conflict. That was good. But he was worried about something. Various other Senators she could also feel, some scared but moving, others frozen in fear. It was a deliciously wonderful taste within the Force. But now she sensed something else. A darker presence. Was it coming from a Senator, or perhaps someone else? She would not find out, until she got until the room. Her comlink had grown silent, except for local traffic. By now, the other guards were beginning to move now, also wanting to get into the room. The Barbel was busy ripping the door away from its frame, when it refused to open. Kiza could see this getting ugly very quickly, depending what else might be in the room. She would let Wraith handle the door for now, she
    now had other concerns in mind. Who was interfering with such an supposedly innocuous meeting? She did not believe in this many coninsidinces in a row.

    As the Barbel roared and rushed into the room, Kiza ran, slipping her hand into a hidden pocket, even as she ran behind the creature. Several other 'bodyguards', were running behind her, also intent on getting into the room as well. The Barbel
    was not a total idiot at least, using the door as a sort of shield as he came running into the room. Kiza ducked down, and moved into the room, sliding a small device across the floor towards the center of the room. She was already prepared
    for what would happen next, as the flash bang device went off into the room. Eyes shielded, she was looking for something she could hurt.

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  12. Rainbow Knight Star

    Rainbow Knight Star Game Host star 5 VIP - Game Host

    Apr 18, 2005
    [GM Post]


    Greetings to all players and readers of this game. I am sorry for my extremely long absence but I have been having quite a struggle with RL. The Jedi and Sith orders that I lead have been silent for much too long, in my opinion, but I am about to wake them out of sleep. It's wonderful to be back.

    IC: Master Joy: Coruscant, Forces of Light Interior, Grand Master Chambers~

    It was quiet in the temple. even the younglings could not be heard. Master Joy had been in deep meditation since the meeting's strange end. She wondered about Master Shayla Breian, and if the woman were still alive. Then, while meditating she felt her presence through the Force, and was relieved and overjoyed at the discovery. The young councilor didn't seem to be in any danger, nor was she hurt, and that was very good news indeed.

    Just then, a knock pulled the Grand Master from her thoughts. "Come in," answered the Jedi leader.
    The door swung open slowly, and in walked Ellen and Luke.

    Master Joy motioned to two chairs next to her on the East side of the room. "Greetings, young Jedi Knights. What brings you to my quarters after so very long?"

    Luke shook nervously. "Well, Master Joy, we were just wondering about Master Breian, and if you had heard from her."
    Ellen brightly smiled. "Is there anything we can do to help, Master?"
    Master Joy smiled back at the knights proudly. "Yes, my friends. I want you to go out and search for her, and bring her back home to the temple."
    Luke and Ellen were delighted. "Oh, thank you, Master Joy!" Both knights exclaimed all at once. They started to run out, but then remembering whose presence they were in, turned again toward Master Joy, and awaited her permission to leave.
    Master Joy laughed: "No, thank you, brave young Jedi. Go now, and may the light side of the Force be with you, and guide you every step of your journey."
    Luke and Ellen [bowed to the Grand Master, and exited her quarters.

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