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Drama Marvel Heroes: A New Breed - ~Summer 2020 Best RPG~

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by greyjedi125, Oct 25, 2019.

  1. Ameteth

    Ameteth Jedi Master star 1

    Mar 28, 2009
    IC: Zephyr Vaillancourt
    ‘Sanctum Sanctorum’, NYC

    “Crime never takes a vacation.”

    Zephyr echoed Blue’s words in his mind as he stood before the giant flat screen, gazing reproachfully at the scene unfolding at this year’s Halloween Parade, his eyes searching for the one (or ones) responsible for potentially ruining his evening.

    "Oh...I guess the party's canceled?"

    He heard Casey say as she returned with an armful of gauze for her makeshift costume. The pain in her tone only added to his growing disappointment.

    This was the one downside of super-heroing that was really annoying; villains had absolutely the worst timing ever.

    "Not yet. Go, get your suit on…"

    "Already ahead of you…"

    Upon hearing his teammates readiness, a sudden surge of excitement cleared his mind and lent him focus.

    A normal life was a luxury that not every super hero got to enjoy, due vigilance demanded that one be at the ready at any given time, to help the helpless and if need be, to dole out justice.
    He quickly pushed aside a creeping pang of guilt for having felt inconvenienced.

    “Yes, with great powers…” he whispered to himself.

    Quickly, Blue and Casey went through a ready check, and the young meta also made sure that all the pertinent items were on his person.


    Visor mask…check.

    Spare bandana…check.

    Zephyr carried a black bandana in his suit just so he could match with his teammates.

    He smiled when he saw that Casey was wearing her supersuit already, it warmed his little super hero heart to see that they all had the same level of commitment.

    Blue had already sprung into action going ahead to check out the situation first hand, leaving the other two to get their Halloween costumes ready and gather info or intel from the web or the telecasts.

    With a slight flash of his silver-blue eyes, Zephyr’s stylish casual wear shifted and flowed about his person, the materials moving and reshaping with purpose and precision. In a few seconds his signature hero outfit took shape; sleek black surfaces that looked like hard leather were accompanied by a few silver appointments, fashion and function personified.

    His abilities allowed him to wear his costume at all times, and his predilection for black clothes simplified the process since colors were not an issue. He took a few more seconds to reshape his outfit yet again, this time to look like Cloak, from the Cloak and Dagger crime-fighting duo.

    A few modifications were made to obscure the face and body with a non-reflective layer. Feeling satisfied with the results, the now ‘cloaked’ figure moved to help Casey with her costume.

    “Ok, let’s get you bandaged up then” he said taking a roll of gauze from the young lady and holding out the end to begin the process.

    He thought of using his ability so the wrapping could be done in a flash, but he was still getting used to the idea of having anyone other than the scientists or his parents see him use his powers freely.

    It was true that danger had bonded him to his two new friends, and also true that they had provided each other with emotional support, through personal issues and the reality of unreasonable hatred just for being meta. Certainly it was fine to use his powers on the field…that was expected. But after a lifetime of secrecy and seclusion, it felt strange to be so open with them, it was something he had to consciously work to adjust in his head.

    The flat screen became more alive with images of the situation unfolding at the Halloween Parade and Zephyr gave Casey a reassuring smile as if saying ‘He’ll be fine, don’t worry’, yet deep down he knew that they both could not help but to worry for Blue’s safety.

    So what exactly was going on out there?

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  2. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Chosen One star 5

    Apr 29, 2002
    Blueline, Casey & Zephyr
    Zephyr’s ‘Sanctum Sanctorum, NYC

    As if to answer Casey and Zephyr's unspoken question, the Flatscreen showed the viewpoint from a camera on the ground, which zoomed-in closer to a building where a spotlight shone, revealing the source of the sudden disturbance.

    “Happy Halloween!! AHAHAHAHAHA!!”

    The costumed figure seemed to be on some kind of flying platform, all while tossing hand-held, pumpkin shaped, smoke bombs at the crowd below, causing them to panic.

    Thanks to Zephyr, the volume was up on the Flatscreen.

    […are panicking, due to the smoke caused by yet to be identified objects being thrown at the crowd. And still, the Green Goblin continues to sow chaos as he rampages through the midtown parade. We’re also getting repots that the entire Time Square area is being evacuated and cordoned-off as Law Enforcement officials rush to the scene…]

    The camera panned yet again, showing panicked revelers running into stores, into subways and generally in any direction away from the flying menace; another zoom would reveal the many cops running towards the scene, as well as those urging costumed party-goers to hurry outside the danger zone. The sound of police sirens were growing in volume somewhere in the background, their flashing lights reflecting off the facade of giant stores and venues.

    Understandably, the mass response from the gathered crowd was to flee danger, though safety did not seem to be their primary concern.

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  3. galactic-vagabond422

    galactic-vagabond422 Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Jul 11, 2009
    The Sanctum Sanctorum

    Casey allowed herself to smile as Zephyr's clothes quickly changed into his halloween costume. She often wondered what it was like to have powers that could build up, that could repair and change instead of destroy. She knew he was still coming to terms with using his powers, using them in public or around her and Blue. Standing up she took off her hoodie putting the bandana into her pants pocket. She stood with her arms out letting Zephyr wrap her up in the white fabric, though she kept one eye on the television. Seeing what was happening she felt her heart rate increase. Green Goblin, throwing bombs, she could almost feel the panic and fear of those at the scene.

    She closed her eyes taking in a breath, gently forcing down the fear, locking away her monster, that part of her that came out to protect her. She had come to terms with it, had stared into that mirror and knew what this part of her was. It was a person she created to protect herself, to keep herself safe from the rest of the world. That didn't make it easy on her, knowing and accepting were sometimes two very different things.

    She let Zephyr finish before turning back to the command center to check on something, to see if there was anything going on around Ernesto's party, just to make sure they were safe.

    As she did she opened up a channel with Blue.

    "Blue," She said into the microphone, "It's the Green Goblin, police are already executing evacuations.

    "Good…" Blue paused thinking for a moment, "Could you…"

    "Check on Ernesto's already on it." She said with a bit of a smile. They were already slipping into the same wavelength. Not that Blue was hard to figure out. He wanted to be everywhere to help everyone. And hated the fact that he couldn't. He would always deal with the immediate danger but, he would always worry about others. In the end he was still one man.

    On his way to midtown

    "Thanks." Blue said into the Communicator. He began to pick up his pace. He wasn't a speedster by any means, but once he set a pace he could keep it. He never slowed down, never slacked off. It hurt, it hurt a lot, but with lives at stake he couldn't afford to be late, so he gave his all. As he moved he called Ernesto, a number he had on his personal speed dial. Hearing an answer on the other end he started speaking, not giving the person on the other end a chance to speak.

    "Hey Ernesto, sorry to do this to you, but if you check the news, you know what's going on." He hung his head just a little. "I'll try and be there soon, I'm not blowing you off...again, just...well you know. If you need my help, just tell me and I'll do everything I can. And tell...Tell Lourdes I'm sorry…"

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  4. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Mod-Emperor of the EUC, Lit, RPF and SWC star 9 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Uatu
    The Moon

    “I’ll be sure to provide you with something worth -watching.”

    And with that, he left, and Uatu paused, staring into nothingness. With a quirk of amusement - though it was not demonstrated on his face, nor would an empath pick it out, he said, attempting a sardonic human aside. "That is the only worthwhile thing he said," was uttered in monotone, but it did not seem to be right.

    He tried again, with more inflection, and realised he was mimicking Daken.

    Shaking his oversized head, he refocused upon the task at hand.

    It felt appropriate, right now, to watch Doctor Doom. His plans would either unravel, or not.

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  5. Master Vo'Un'Var

    Master Vo'Un'Var Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 19, 2017
    Combo with the GM @greyjedi125

    Larry Stone

    Midtown, New York

    Larry's eyes widened. He recognized the figure, he'd been seen on the news before. However, Larry never expected that he would meet the Green Goblin in person.

    For a moment, he thought of turning away and running, but this thought did not last long. Larry's bronze wings appeared once again and he launched himself into the air, flying towards the Green Goblin. Larry was fast, and there was a chance the Green Goblin wouldn't expect him. After all, Larry worked mostly under the radar. He soared towards the figure and threw his legs forward, prepping to try and throw himself legs-first at the Goblin.

    The Green Goblin did not see the winged figure, thanks to the spotlights which granted him center stage. Larry flew at the laughing villain who was completely unaware of him. He came in fast, carried by bronzed wings and momentum. Cameras on the ground captured the moment of impact, then saw both Larry and the notorious villain crash through the fourth floor window of a high end department store.

    A new wave of screams and panic rose sharply as pedestrian ran from the danger posed by falling shards of glass.

    Inside the fourth floor and away from any cameras, Larry and the Goblin hit the carpeted marble floors hard, then rolled, crashing and knocking down mannequins and tables. They finally came to a stop as they hit a railing near an escalator. Green Goblin’s glider continued to careen uncontrollably further into the store; it finally came to a stop when it crashed and exploded against a far wall.

    Though momentarily stunned by the collision, Larry would count himself fortunate to have only suffered a few cuts, scrapes and bruises over his shirtless upper body. His wings seemed to be ok as well. The Green Goblin however, lay near him, out cold.

    Larry paused for a moment. He didn't actually believe that he had defeated Green Goblin, but there he lay out cold. Larry quickly moved forward and lifted him up in his arms, and flew out of the building. He glided down to the ground and landed on the street, before laying Green Goblin down at the feet of the police officers who had rushed into the scene.


    Was all Larry heard from the surrounding officers, along with many weapons being drawn and aimed at the both of them, despite his non-threatening entrance.

    "Hands up where we can see them!"

    A spotlight moved from the entry point four floors above and settled on his winged form and that of the unconscious Green Goblin. More sirens could be heard in the distance, as the night air began to be suffused with the unmistakable scent of smoke.

    "You've got to be kidding me..." groaned Larry, as he slowly raised his hands into the air.

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  6. Ktala

    Ktala Force Ghost star 6

    Sep 7, 2002
    Shelly VanKasser
    Phoenix, Arizona, Alhambra

    Shelly smiled as she reached for the smiling pumpkin, right on top of the refrigerator. With a tiny laugh, Shelly turned and headed back to the living room, pumpkin in hand.

    “Thank you, dear.” Mrs Wesley says smilingly at Shelly as she takes the ornament. Before Shelly could reply, her voice was drowned out by a chorus of voices.

    “Hi Mrs Wesley, Trick or Treat!” Shelly looked up, smiling at the small voices, as Mrs. Wesley gave out the treats. As Shelly watched her, she noticed some kids, close to her age walking nearby. It seemed to be quite a few kids, and Shelly remembered hearing something about some event in Cielito Park. Some kind of party? She didnt really remember the details. As she watched them, she noticed two look her way. A girl wearing a costume that makes her look a leopard right out of the cast of ‘Cats’ waves at her, offering a friendly smile. Well, she looked friendly enough, Shelly offered a friendly wave in return. She wanted to call out to the girl, when she noticed a guy in a ‘Crow’ costumes giving her a once over look, before giving her a playful wink, before looking away.

    Shelly quickly turned and felt her cheeks flush. With the few years of newfound freedom under her belt, she still had trouble dealing with, and understanding .... boys. But he did look kinda cute. It was a new experience. Wild, breathtaking... and kinda scary. But it was just a simple wink, and Shelly was reading far too much. It was similar to the girl who waved at her just moments ago. It did make her wonder about the Halloween party. So many kids seemed to be going there. But Shelly was still a bit nervous about large crowds. And she promised to help Mrs Wesley too. Shelly watched the young children run off laughing, as the next group grew near.

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  7. darthbernael

    darthbernael Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Apr 15, 2019
    OOC: Combo with the ever fun to write with GM @greyjedi125

    IC Daken and Taskmaster
    Emerging into the ‘Festivities’

    followed the Taskmaster as they moved through the underground, still clutching his mask in his hands. They reached a staircase and after the warning Daken lifted his old mask, the familiar feel and weight of it settling about his head as he lifted it into place. A toothy smile broke on his face, fully visible in the open space under the bridge of his nose and mask. ‘A succubus huh, that might have been a lot of fun.’ he thought as they broke out into the noise and press of bodies everywhere.

    He trailed behind the Taskmaster but now that he had the man's scent he could have tracked him across the entire city even in this stew of scents that were assailing him now. Turning north they headed toward the hotel that had been mentioned. He stared around him, so many homo sapiens, so many who couldn’t, didn’t realize the supers that stalked among them. He could smell others in the distance, but too far to raise any desire to hunt them.

    The lights and the aroma of alcohol made him want to grab a bottle and join in, drink, party, take the only too willing men and women that would throw themselves at him when he got in that mood. However he did owe the Taskmaster for bringing him out of the cesspit that he’d lost himself in. And the man had promised food, drink, a shower, and work.

    As he walked and looked around, he just enjoyed, remotely, now the feeling in the air, the fear, the joy, the lusts, the anger, and happiness, all adding such an energy to the city this night. And then a high scream and bodies began pressing against him as people began attempting to flee from whatever had caused such terror to begin.

    And then the wind shifted, and his enhanced sense of smell picked up a scent he recognized well, “Boss, are we the only ones partying tonight? Or is the Goblin meant to distract any that may see us?”

    Taskmaster slows down and comes to a full stop while watching the Green Goblin, all the while ignoring the many costumed revelers running past him and Daken.

    “Hmmmm. Last I heard ‘green hair’ was trying to get Goblin sorted out while he enjoyed a paid vacation at The Raft.”

    Another spotlight came on and Green Goblin reflexively raised a hand to cover his face from the glare and almost lost control of his glider, then he suddenly began to laugh like a maniac once again while releasing more smoke bombs into the fleeing crowd.

    “Hmph!” Taskmaster shook his head, now moving towards the wall of the building and dodging those who fled from the scene.

    “This should be an interesting little distraction - at least until it’s not.”

    Though distant for now, Daken could probably hear the distinct sound made by radio chatter from police officers responding to the threat on foot.

    The fear, terror really, was almost palpable to Daken’s senses now, so many tiny humans running from a man in a mask who’d managed to endow himself with abilities through science, not birth. He laughed at it all, the Green Goblin could be formidable but he doubted the Taskmaster had brought him back for this, as he’d said it was a useful distraction.

    He avoided the onrushing horde with ease. But his smile turned into a hungry grimace at the sound of the police approaching. He’d just gotten out of hiding and didn’t need to be recognized or arrested just as he was tasting fresh air again after so long.

    “Ok a distraction, so should make us disappearing to your hotel that much easier, unless you want that Halloween attraction caught so you can learn more about how he’s out too?” he semi asked as they moved.

    Taskmaster’s head swiveled as he looked around. The sound of police sirens was getting increasingly closer as well as the shouts of policemen urging the crowd to leave the engagement zone. They couldn’t well just stand around gazing like tourists under the present conditions; it would certainly look out of place and draw unwanted attention.

    At that very moment, sudden movement caught his attention as a winged figure rammed into the Green Goblin, then crashed through the fourth floor glass windows of a building. The fleeing crowd erupted, screaming at the top of their lungs and running wildly away, adding to the chaos.

    “Guess that’s our cue. To the Hotel we go.”

    From then, it was quite easy blending among the fleeing crowd; They were all in costume after all. Getting past the cops urging them forward was a cinch. Taskmaster smiled under his mask and waved.

    The two reached the Plaza Hotel within a span of moments and found most guests were busy looking at the developing situation on the screens which hung on the walls, or on their own hand-held devices. Of course, there were those, not unlike themselves, who simply opted to take the elevator up to their rooms. Daken and Taskmaster just happened to share an elevator with two other guests: One dressed as Valkyrie and the other as Lady Thor.

    He got some looks as he entered, given his ‘costume’, as did Daken, for totally different reasons. The four rode up in silence, and thankfully, the elevator ride to their room was short.

    “Stay safe ladies.” Taskmaster intoned with some subtle amusement.

    In short order they arrived at the room, which was actually two adjacent rooms together.

    “Make yourself at home kid, but don’t get too comfortable, we won’t be staying long.”

    Taskmaster remained in the Grim Reaper costume as he quickly showed Daken the room's very luxurious amenities and a closet full of fresh clothes.

    “I’ll ring us up some dinner.”

    He stated as a matter-of-fact, then moved off to his own room.

    Before the Taskmaster had left Daken was already stripping out of the, admittedly, disgustingly filthy clothes he had on, no wonder the women had been staring in the elevator, the Grim Reaper and what looked like a bum with a mask. He took the clothes and found a bag, stuffed them inside, tied it shut and, ignoring his nudity, placed it in the hall.

    Returning to the room, he headed to the bathroom. Seeing a placard by the wash basin, he read the list and whistled at the amenities. The one that stood out for the moment was an in house barber and groomer. Jotting down the number, he called and ordered a shave, hair wash, and overall grooming, trimming. He returned to the bathroom, taking the first of what he was sure would be several showers to wash the Undercity off of him. As he stepped out, drying himself he heard a knock at at the door.

    Towel tossed over one shoulder he peered through the peephole, seeing a barber and several others, he assumed assistants and a mani/pedicurist, besides. Opening the door fully he ushered them in. Unsurprisingly they seemed unabashed by his nudity. A portable barber’s chair was swiftly set up in the large bathroom, and the barber began with his hair, making him lean back and wash it thoroughly in the sink. It took several washes and rinses before all the detritus washed out and it could be untangled, but eventually the barber was able to set about cutting, removing split ends and bringing the mop of hair back to the long flowing mohawk Daken found comfortable.

    As the barber worked another trimmed up the long beard he’d grown and at his request shaved it completely off. He asked that the sideburns be a little higher, he always disliked the muttonchops his hero father tended to wear. The manicurist cut back the claws his fingernails and toenails had grown into, then cleaned and buffed both. Once his hair and beard were cleaned, trimmed, and for the beard removed, the remainder of his body hair he had trimmed. As the crew worked he flirted shamelessly with them, the males it was obvious as his flirting worked and the women, he kept getting soft touches from.

    However he knew the Taskmaster would return and when he did the discussion of what was to come would begin. So, while he enjoyed their attentions such would have to take place later. Once the crew was complete he tipped generously from the rooms bill and, taking several of their numbers down, he let them out of the suite. He returned to the bathroom and scrubbed himself multiple times to remove the remaining grime until his skin shone with the cleanliness.

    Walking back into the suite he perused the clothes hanging from the rack. As he did, he noticed his costume hanging among the garments. Apparently someone had recovered it after it had been stripped from him while in captivity. They had also taken the time to clean the blood and other various stains from it and had the fabric repaired. He slipped into it, letting the familiar feel of it bring back memories of hunts past. Over the costume he chose a Black pair of slacks to complement the boots he tended to wear, then a dark, pressed, shirt and a dark brownish yellow vest.

    Now fully clothed, he turned on the large flatscreen television with the volume low as it still was showing news of the Green Goblin and the winged person who had captured him. He filed away the face of the man in his memory for future reference and wandered over to the large glass windows by the balcony. Standing there he shoved his hands in his pockets, staring out at the cityscape, half listening to the news in case the winged man's identity was revealed, his mind on the past few years and the time spent in hiding as well as what his reappearance could mean for him.

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  8. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Force Ghost star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: SGC / Darwin
    New York, New York

    “A diamond in the rough, that’s what you are.” Tenzin declared. Sadly this answered nothing for SGC, but he was used to that type of answer from most people. It was frustrating but he felt he was beginning to learn that it meant something along the lines of 'How has one lived without knowing these things common of the world.' Of course he could say the same whenever he talked about where the science and mathematics were wrong and needed adjustments to be up to proper standards based on basic quantum entanglement alone. After all these people still operated on theory without base knowledge or sure understanding of what they were doing half the time.

    “I have an idea.”

    The young monk held up a finger, indicating for him to wait, then another finger came up to join the first. With a smooth motion, he donned his Sling Ring. Time for a trip then. This was going to be interesting.

    “Maybe it’s best if I just show you.” He said with a playful, nigh mischievous smile now upon his face. Why did that smile fill him with a sense of dread and unease, he didn't rightly know. He was after all someone who had chosen repeatedly to leave the comfort of the known to find something better in the unknown. So according to his own analysis he should be full of hope or anticipation, instead he felt unease as he sighed.

    Tenzin drew and weaved the pattern of portal creation, instantly opening a path that led to Time Square, where the Halloween Parade was being held. “You can experience the Spirit of Halloween for yourself. Come.”

    Tenzin was the first one through as he beckoned SGC to follow after him. Stepping forward and through the one point that made his own knowledge seem small in comparison was the mystics abilities that he was trying to learn as well. They relied on manipulating the very fabric of reality in a way that was above his science understanding just as his was above theirs. Different branches of the same vein or . . .shrub. . .tree?

    The evening air was cool upon his exposed carapace, and he felt his back limbs curling under and hugging tight on the sides of his thorax. It was pleasant to breath, if oddly polluted in a way that seemed invigorating. Was it the denser food particles in the air he was consuming as he breathed? Or merely the temperature difference? Or just the freedom of an open sky. Looking up at the clouds he nodded at that, it was nice to be under the open sky.

    Looking down at the throng of people, most of whom he was sure were costumed, if not all of them. It was odd and curious to note that fact. These people, the same that ostracized and were cruel to those that were different than their ideal seemed to be dressing to praise and emulate them now. "Now I really do not understand." he simply sighed as he looked at Tenzin. It was then the sounds of joy and partying that was accosting them changed, changed into sounds of panic and fear. He looked back down at that, "Is it pageantry and and historical celebration?" He asked wondering if some per-ordained shift in tide from masks to humans was about to roll through at this point in the celebrations.

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  9. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Chosen One star 5

    Apr 29, 2002
    The Eyes of the Watcher

    Uatu the Watcher, He who is destined to watch. He who now desires to ‘see’ rather than simply watch. From his location on the moon, he gazes towards the surface of the Earth and focuses on the European landmass, then narrows that focus further, which brings him to the country of Latveria.

    A country which was once a rising power in the world, thanks to its ruling monarch, Dr. Doom, is now a monument to the level of devastation wrought by a clash of super powered metahumans. As far as the eye can see, the landscape is hauntingly reminiscent of horrors brought on during the height of the Second World War. Latveria has been the epicenter of both Latverian Cataclysms and now the eponymous Restricted Zone.

    Castle Von Doom lies in ruins, as does most of the country. The world has turned its back on this nation, politically and economically, with few neighbors rendering little aid in its recovery. Yet, after all that has transpired, there has been no sign of Victor Von Doom.

    To that end, Uatu would need to increase his focus and risk losing sight of Earth, in order to see deeper. Though silent, he still possesses vast and formidable abilities that he must now employ. Through an exertion of power, his vision shifts, and he peers through several ‘verses’, until he finds what he seeks. A place between places.

    The landscape shimmers, then an uncanny and alien terrain is revealed. The land is rocky and barren, the skies are perpetually dark. Within an area roughly the size of Latveria itself, he sees a tapestry of war. There is nothing standing, save for two structures. To the north, a large and imperious citadel who’s architecture betrays the hand of its creator: None other than Doctor Doom.

    He sits on a metal throne set upon a raised dais, still wearing his trademark armor. The Cosmic Cube glows as it rests on a metallic pedestal within arms reach. Several steps below, several super villains consult with the mighty monarch. Exodus, Goblin Queen and the Juggernaut, among others. Many other super villains can be found throughout the citadel, as well as a plethora of creatures and mutants, not to mention the ever present doombots. All his to command. Just outside the impressive citadel walls, metallic cages can be seen. Cages which contain imprisoned ‘heroes’.

    Shifting his gaze several kilometers to the south, Uatu sees a garrison where most of the heroes are gathered.

    Between the two structures lies a battlefield. One that still rages in mortal combat between the two factions.

    It is quite evident that the campaign is ongoing. But for how along?

    A closer look, and Uatu would be able to recognize support structures built by Reed Richards and weapons with Tony Stark’s trademark flair. Clearly, they represent a counterpoint to Doom’s science, while Doctor Strange and Magik oppose Doom with their mastery over the Mystic Arts.

    To think that the world is blissfully ignorant of such a struggle and its significance.

    There’s a faint whisper, in a language he has not heard since…

    Looking now past Doom’s Citadel and past the horizon, the Watcher would notice a dark shadow, nigh indiscernible from the dark sky. An impossibly gargantuan tentacle, languidly unfurling in the darkness. And with that, a thought:

    To establish Order one must first overcome Chaos.

    A long dark red slit in the sky appears and opens up in the shape of a baleful red sun, causing the very air to shimmer and Uatu’s vision to blur, and in a blink, he is once again watching the blue firmament across the surface of Earth.

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  10. Ameteth

    Ameteth Jedi Master star 1

    Mar 28, 2009
    IC: Zephyr Vaillancourt
    ‘Sanctum Sanctorum’, NYC

    The Green Goblin…grrrr!

    Zephyr’s eyes squinted and glared at the screen for a moment, spotting the one responsible for the ruination of a perfectly good evening.

    “So this is his doing...” Zephyr sighed in frustration.
    In his mind, the young hero envisioned throwing rotten tomatoes at the evil interloper and driving him off- however the situation required a real response.

    Looking over at Casey, he saw that she was already manning the ‘command center’ and in communication with their teammate Blue who was afield.

    "Blue,"She said into the microphone, "It's the Green Goblin, police are already executing evacuations.”

    "Good…"Blue’s voice could be heard clearly coming from the speakers, "Could you…"

    "Check on Ernesto's already on it." Casey finished the sentence, completely in synch with the flow of the operation.

    The exchange brought Zack and Ling to mind; without a doubt Zephyr’s friend and his companion would be safe as long as they remained in any ‘Baxter Building’ type facility- that was one less thing to worry about.

    Zephyr’s fingers deftly tapped at his communicator, engaging the various information programs and apps that they’ve built over time.

    The ‘Rogues Gallery’ was a compendium of information from numerous sources on the web. The data had to be filtered and matched to contain information that was reliable or ‘acceptable as accurate’ to a high degree.
    News reports, exposés and interviews with the world’s heroes ranked high as sources of good info. Unfortunately the web was replete with fansites and deliberate misinformation and the compendium was constantly being edited and updated.

    The results on Green Goblin displayed on Zephyr’s communicator screen, there were many categories that were left blank because of insufficient info: eye color and weight for example.
    However there were items that had very high data validation, like the Goblin Glider and the Pumpkin Grenades. The latter coming in various degrees of lethality: from smoke grenades to hallucinogenic and even High Explosive.
    The entry also had a special notation indicating that the Green Goblin was categorized as a nemesis to Spiderman.

    It seemed that with all the ‘cats’ being away, the foul ‘mice’ were free to sow chaos as they pleased.

    “Blue please be careful, this guy is very dangerous” Zephyr warned with some concern.

    “I’m sending you some tactical from Rogues Gallery. Search and Rescue only, OK?”

    Blue certainly didn’t need a reminder of mission parameters, it was true that Blueline was the most experienced member of the trio and had an uncanny way of navigating tough situations. But it was also true that he sometimes tended to be reckless in his desire to protect everyone. More than once, Casey had to talk him out of putting himself in grave danger.

    Simply put, the Green Goblin was categorically out of their league, a chaotic and powerful career villain. The best they could do was to get people out of harms way or help clean up after his wake; a direct confrontation was not advisable to say the least.

    Zephyr gave Casey a firm-reassuring nod, he enjoyed the work they did together and their individual contributions strengthened the team as a whole. His focus returned to the flat screen, paying attention to every detail of the telecast.
    Under the cloak he clenched his fists and then folded his arms trying to balance the mounting tension he felt. He was ready to move out, to go out there and lend assistance as a team, but hanging back and waiting for the ‘GO’ sign was the hardest part.

    Suddenly the screen lit up with a fiery brilliance and the sound of the accompanying explosion filled the room.

    “Blue! We need a sit-rep! Did you see that, are you alright!?”

    Psion’s heart rate shot up, adrenaline coursing through his metahuman physique, he quickly moved to the ‘command center’ to look at the screens knowing full well that Casey would have triangulated Blue’s position and have it on display.

    “C’mon Blueguy, say something…”

    To our anxious hero, said response could not come fast enough.

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    Jul 11, 2009
    Scene approved by GM @greyjedi125


    The Sanctum Sanctorum

    Casey sat continually tacking Blue's location with the built in GPS in the communicators. An invaluable tool for keeping 'eyes on' as it were. And keeping track of the man when he threw himself head first into whatever danger there was. He was moving quick, no doubt motivated by the innocents in danger.

    Blue please be careful, this guy is very dangerous” Zephyr said, Casey looked down. Blue was rarely careful when danger was involved. Tell him someone was dangerous he would throw himself right at it, tell him someone needed help he would leap to save them with no regard for his safety. It terrified Casey more than anything.

    There had to be a limit to his healing factor, and she was scared that one day he would find it. And she would lose him.

    I’m sending you some tactical from Rogues Gallery. Search and Rescue only, OK?

    Her heart was beating faster as Zephyr sent what he could find on the Green Goblin. Her face blanched seeing the aftermath of some of his crimes. Walls blown apart, streets tinged with smoke and violence.

    Her fearful gaze moved over to the other man as he gave a firm nod, it did little to settle her nerves, but it was something.

    "Got it." Blue's voice spoke, the effort from running apparent in his tone. Casey closed her eyes with the background noise she could guess that he was close. While Zephyr busied himself with the television she went back to keeping an eye on Blue, and finding what footage she could of the evacuations and the situation there. It wasn't looking good. Not at all.

    She turned over her shoulder just in time to see and explosion bloom on the screen. Right away Zephyr was at her shoulder noting Blue's location.

    Blue! We need a sit-rep! Did you see that, are you alright!?

    As he said those words Casey's panic shot up, if he was close to that, if he was caught close to that...

    C’mon Blueguy, say something…

    "Please Blue…"

    Arriving at midtown

    There was a brief pause from Ernesto's, before the person on the other end spoke.

    …You don’t have to be sorry, Blue.

    It was Lourdes. Blue felt his heart drop, he didn't want her to hear it from him.

    I’ll tell my Father you’ll be here. He’ll be glad to hear that.” Blue could detect it in her voice, the worry, the relief, the happy expectation.

    Please… be careful.” Blue let out a breath, before he could say anything, Zephyr got a hold of him.

    I’m sending you some tactical from Rogues Gallery. Search and Rescue only, OK?

    "Got it." He started having to fight his way through the crowd evacuating from the parade. The cops were already establishing a parameter through Blue knew his way around and could slip past it, which he did. As he moved he encouraged people to keep moving to not keep watching the spectacle going on. Blue himself got a little caught up in it as well. He watched as a winged man took to the skies. Rushing he saw them crash into a department store. Knowing that destruction follows superhuman dustups Blue rushed into the building hearing the sounds of a struggle above him. Rushing up the stars that still had people filling out Blue saw a glider without a rider careening around seeing it on a collision course, his eyes widened. Right in the path was a boy looking around scared.

    Without a second thought he moved as fast as his legs could carry him. He could hear the hiss of the machine coming closer and closer. With a final dive Blue pushed the child out of the way, his arms wrapping around the boy to keep him from crashing into the hard floor. Behind him the glider detonated sending flames and shrapnel flying everywhere. The force of it sent him and the boy flying Once again the hero put his body on the line turning the child away from the growing fireball, and then maneuvering so he slammed into the support pillar and not the boy. His back burned and he could feel the sharp stabs and cuts from the flying debris, the ache of broken bones quickly healing themselves. He grit his teeth fighting through the pain. It was only a moment before he looked back to the boy. Blue was curled around the child using all of himself to keep the other life safe.

    He would heal.

    "You ok?" He asked, letting go and letting the child get to his feet.

    "You're bleeding." The boy's small hand pointed to a shard of glass protruding from Blue's side. The hero was a little slower getting to his feet his body still recovering from the thrashing it had been put through.

    "I'll be fine." Blue replied smiling under his bandana. Bending down to look the boy in the eye. "Go, Exit's that way."

    "But, my mom."

    "Go, You mom wants you to be safe...find a police officer." He pulled on the hoodie he wore. "We wear the same colors." The boy nodded once Blue was sure he was out of sight he gripped the glass shard pulling it from his side with a growl.

    C’mon Blueguy, say something…” He became aware of Zephyr trying to reach him. Shaking his head he tapped on the communicator.

    "Blue Please…"

    "I'm fine...I'm fine." Looking up he found himself standing in front of a growing inferno. The sprinklers not activating, or were they not in this building? Didn't matter, lives were in danger. "Psion, I might need some help." Was all he said before diving into the fire looking for survivors.

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    Apr 29, 2002
    A moment in time

    Shelly would experience the moment while helping Mrs. Wesley give out treats at her Home. Two small kids were accompanied by an inattentive older teenage relative, who was too busy and disconnected from the little one’s gleeful moment, as he watched the dramatic events unfolding at the New York Halloween Parade on his smartphone. The volume was loud enough for all to hear. He was facing away. Should they glance at the screen on his hand, they would be able to see what he saw, and the reason for his inappropriate expletive.

    From his room at the Plaza Hotel, Daken would have sensed Taskmaster, as his new ‘Boss’ entered his room, still in his Grim Reaper costume. Perhaps he had something to say, but for the moment, the events unfolding on the HD Screen had his attention. Which was something Daken could not miss, even if he wanted to.

    Casey and Zephyr also had a view of the unfolding events from a flatscreen, right in their ‘command center’. Blueline was down there already, in the middle of the growing chaos. His healing factor was a blessing, mending him, allowing him to continue in his crusade. However, the same could not be said for his clothes. They were burnt, shredded and tattered. He looked a frightful mess- perfect if he wished to pass for a zombie.

    Fortunately for him, he was in the right place to remedy that issue - if he hurried. Outside, police sirens mixed with those of the Fire Department and likely a few ambulances as well, lending a strange wailing musicality to the cool night. But his attention would be drawn to the Jumbo screen right outside the broken window. There, he would see it with his own eyes.

    In a similar manner, SGC and Tenzin would see it happen. Even before the Tutor could respond to his Pupil’s question, a giant screen across their building displayed the scene captured by a nearby camera.

    Not too far from the action, several sets of eyes also watched.

    "You've got to be kidding me..." groaned Larry, as he slowly raised his hands into the air. His bronze wings out on display for all to see. Of course, most thought it was a genius and elaborate costume, as no harness could be readily seen -except there were those who actually saw him fly in.

    Namely the cops who now aimed their weapons at him.

    There was another groan uttered, this coming from the Green Goblin.


    “HANDS UP where we can SEE THEM!!”


    “HANDS UP! NOW!!”

    The Goblin’s mask was halfway off, revealing a young face, clearly scared and confused at seeing police officers with their weapons drawn.The voice cracked with uncertainty. Eyes squinting away due to the spot light.


    As the ‘Green Goblin’ slowly rose to his feet, his gloved hand brushed against one of the last remaining pumpkin shaped devices strapped to his belt. It almost seemed that it fell to the ground in slow-motion, before it hit the grey and indifferent pavement -and burst into a sudden cloud of smoke.

    Was this just another one of the villains many tricks?

    If it was reflex or panic, no one would really know, for no one could really see. A staccato of guns being fired rang out, their flashes alone discernible in the smoke filled area.

    More screams of panic surged from the fleeing crowd.

    “Get down! get down!’ someone yelled, off to the side.

    [Control, Shots have been fired. Repeat: Shots Fired.]

    For a moment, there was only silence...and the wailing of sirens.

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    Sep 7, 2002
    Shelly VanKasser
    Phoenix, Arizona, Alhambra

    Shelly put her mind back to the task of handing to candies to the kids, smiling as she looked at some of the fun costumes the kids were wearing. As she helped Mrs. Wesley hand out the candy, a teen with two smaller kids in tow was busy watching his phone. He wasnt even looking their way. He let loose a curse word, and Shelly frowned as she looked up to see what could possibly have his attention.

    It looked like a war scene from a movie. Except this was no movie. She could see fires of some sort. She quickly realized it was something happening at the New York Halloween Parade. She gave a soft snort. New York was strange. She had passed through the city when she left home. Not a place for her at the time. She looked back over at the teen's screen. All heck seemed to break out, as the cops started shooting, and smoke filled the area...

    Shelly looked away, looking back at the smiling faces near her. Yes, this was a much better thing to watch, than whatever was going on there. She would certainly hear more about it on the news.

    Shelly looked down at the small children and gave them a huge smile.
    Tonight was a night for fun. Screw the other stuff. At least, for one night.

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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Liz Merrick (on the phone), Mary Formal, the Gravely residence
    Location: Portland, Oregon

    "Yep, still here," Liz acknowledged, and Mary could hear the smile in her friend's voice. They had chatted several times over the past days, arranging the logistics of the trip.

    "So what's up?"

    "I wanted to get your flight number, and the time that you expect to land at..., which airport is it, LaGuardia?"

    There were three airports serving New York City, two in Queens, a part of the city, and one out in New Jersey.

    "I'll be landing at JFK." That was one in Queens. "I couldn't find a direct route. I need to fly north to Sea-Tac, then from there to JFK. Alaska Airlines." Sea-Tac was the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

    "I'll be sending Bryan to pick you up. When does your plane get in?"

    Mary paused to consider this, having made an effort to memorise the important stages of her trip. "About twenty-two hundred hours, tomorrow night."

    "Hang on..."


    "10pm! When do you take off?"

    The Arcateenian frowned, not understanding the reasoning behind her friend's shocked tone. "I'm taking off from Portland International at seven-thirty in the morning, getting into Seattle an hour later. Then I have to play 'I-Spy' with myself till my plane to you goes at ten-twenty."

    "That's about twelve hours in the air, what are you doing, flying the long way round the world? Shouldn't take you TWELVE hours....twelve."

    "SHIELD Condition is Red. SHIELD Condition is Red."

    Formal's eyes widened at the familiar sounding artificial voice that she heard from her phone receiver. "Jocasta!"

    "Sorry, no. Just a SHIELD phone app that sounds like her. I downloaded it onto the work mobile whilst we were with the A-Team. Not that the Appalachians aren't fantastic, I felt isolated away from the rest of the organisation, and wanted something to feel connected. Give me a moment to check why the city has upped the alert status."

    "While you do that, I will run upstairs and get the plane tickets." Mary's spirits had dampened slightly upon learning that her AI sparring partner was still offline.

    She placed the receiver down by the phone and stepped over to the staircase, sliding her hand up the lacquered black safety railing as she ascended quickly, overhearing her daughter scold her friend for wanting to take a picture with her phone, then turned away from their raised voices, or at least one, anyway; towards the main bedroom where the slim Alaska Airlines travel documents folder was sitting on her bedside table.

    She grabbed it up, and went back downstairs.

    "The Green Goblin got spotted during the Halloween Parade." Merrick reported as soon as they were back on.

    "Halloween Parade?" Mary echoed with a tone of concern. "That's tonight?"

    "Was tonight. I think the Goblin has spoiled it somewhat."

    "That means I need to take Nikki trick-or-treating later."

    To be continued...
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    Apr 29, 2002
    Shelly VanKasser
    Phoenix, Arizona, Alhambra

    After quickly glancing at the little ones to make sure they were none-the wiser, she too noticed Shelly’s unspoken objection.

    Mrs.Wesley cleared her throat quite loudly at the older teen’s use of profanity.


    “OH!!…..Uh….I’m Sooooo SORRY…..Mrs.Wesley…..I…..Uhhh.”

    The teen reacted as if he’d been just hit by a bucket of ice-cold water.

    “It’s Ok, Martin. Please be more aware.” She said, inclining her heard towards the smiling children. “And please make sure they get them home safe, if you don’t mind.”

    “Oh, f’sure Mrs. Wesley. I will…uhhh….thanks for the candy?”

    “Have a Happy and safe Halloween.” Mrs.Wesley intoned with a genuine sentiment. “Bye Rebecca, bye Daniel!”

    “BYE MRS.WESLEY!!” The children cried in unison, looking too adorable in their costumes. Little Princess Aurora and Little Prince Philip, bless their hearts. It was quite ironic, since they couldn’t possibly know that Mrs. Wesley was dressed as the good fairy Merryweather.

    “Well, seems we’ll be soon running out of candy.” Mrs. Wesley notes, silently wishing such wonderful moments wouldn't end.

    The voice of an announcer on a loudspeaker some distance away can be heard just then, but barely understood once the sounds of Michel Jackson’s Thriller begin to blare.

    “Sounds like the costume dance-off is just starting.” Mrs. Wesley informed with an amused smile. The community organizers were good on their word to sponsor and deliver this year’s Halloween Dance Event at Cielito Park.

    “You can go take a look if you want.” the retired English teacher said with a slight hint of encouragement. Shelly was a very bright young lady and helpful guest, always present and respectful. She was yet to get better acquainted with the youth in the area, and that too was a natural process; Mrs.Wesley knew to respect the comfort zone of others as she expected the same in return.

    “….Or, you could help me clean up?”

    At that, she offered Shelly a candy corn after taking one for herself.

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    Mar 28, 2009
    Combo with the superb @galactic-vagabond422

    Blueline, Casey & Zephyr
    ‘Sanctum Sanctorum’, NYC

    A deep sigh of relief escaped Zephyr’s breath as he heard Blueline’s voice come through the speakers.

    "I'm fine...I'm fine." Said the young hero from the other end.

    “Thank goodness. But what’s…”

    "Psion, I might need some help."

    Blue’s words brought about some alarm; the situation must have been dire indeed for the reckless member of the group to actually ask for assistance.
    Beneath the hood, Zephyr’s expression steeled with determination, the time for action and risk had come; this was the ‘GO’ signal.

    “Roger that, we’re on our way” replied Zephyr in a serious tone, his eyes fixed on Casey as he spoke, giving her a firm nod.

    He was probably going to get an earful from Blue, he could almost see the bandana hero vehemently objecting to adding Casey to the mission and risking an ‘episode’ because of the high stress.
    But Zephyr was confident that their togetherness would help Casey manage any stress level, their teamwork and focus would lend each of them what they needed to be at their best.

    Psion and Aegis are needed.” He said by way of invitation.

    His gloved hands deftly flew over the keyboard, making preparations for their absence from ‘Headquarters’.

    “Security. Triangulate and Synch all active communicators. Plot a course to Blue. Engage Safety One upon our exit.”

    Several pleasant tones and chimes could be heard coming from the Command Center, signaling positive confirmations.
    The giant flat-screen continued to display various images from the now ruined and embattled ‘Halloween Parade’ in midtown.
    The ‘New Data’ window had just popped up- as usual the web was busy analyzing the situation, and all kinds of entries on ‘Flying man’ were beginning to appear.

    Psion looked on trying to gauge the situation and the impact on their imminent outing. Part of him wanted to simply be amazed and awe- struck with near disbelief, but such simple pleasures were for those with simpler lives.
    His brow furrowed as he saw the sheer chaos of it all; Winged meta defeats the Green Goblin? Gets arrested, The Green Goblin appears to be a kid?? And then another ‘explosion’.Utter bedlam.

    By now his adrenalin had spiked considerably and his Kree-Terran physiology was ready for the trek that lay ahead.
    His Cloaked figured moved quickly to the doorway.

    “Aegis, we’ll need to hurry…” his costume invariably adding a grave tone to his words.

    A cold sense slithered down her spine hearing Blue ask for help. Was he getting used to having a team and asking for help, or was it just that bad that he, the undaunted Blueline, needed help? As Zephyr said her alter ego the cold feeling hit again. She was heading out there, Blue needed help, the people in that square needed help. Standing up from the chair in front of the 'Command Center' she moved to her room grabbing something important to her.

    As she moved she put on the hood/mask of her supersuit up, it helped her get into the right head space. She wasn't the scared girl anymore, she was Aegis, a hero. Under her clothes she could feel her father's dogtags against her skin. A reminder of the man she tried to emulate, to keep him focused in her mind. His strength, his kindness, his duty. Stepping into her room she grabbed the long tartan scarf and tied it around her waist.

    She knew Blue would be angry would be very displeased at her stepping out in this the most dangerous of situations. But, people needed help and she could help. Flexing her fingers she closed her eyes seeing a set of scared yellow eyes looking back at her.

    'You need me now do you?'

    An angry voice yelled back at her in her mind.

    She didn't like it, she hated when she became that girl, that scared terrified person that lashed out with all her strength. It made her feel like something else possessed her, that she gave herself over to another force. It didn't feel good and she worried that one day she would go under, and never come out.

    But, how could she stand by and do nothing while Blue put his life in danger, while people were under threat. Her father wouldn't stand aside.

    Psion called from the other room. Time was of the essence, she had to move now. Taking another breath she stepped out of her room gazed hardened, but hands still shaking.

    "Let's go....don't want to keep Blue waiting." She said putting on her communicator.

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  17. Master Vo'Un'Var

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    Mar 19, 2017
    Larry Stone
    Midtown, New York

    Larry cursed as the smoke clouded the area. Quickly launching himself into the air, he started to rapidly gain distance from the ground, in case of gun fire. As he took to the skies, he looked down to survey the area. He scanned what was happening and tried to discern what just happened. Where had the guy gone? Was he Green Goblin, and was the smoke on purpose or on accident? If anything was going on down there, he would have a damn good view.

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  18. Mitth_Fisto

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    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: SGC / Darwin
    New York, New York

    A large viewer across from them had a fast shift from it's current point of view to one more on the ground closer to someone. Not too far from the action, several sets of eyes also watched.

    "You've got to be kidding me..." groaned the costumed individual, as he slowly raised his hands into the air. His bronze wings out on display for all to see.

    There was another groan uttered as the cameras point of view shifted and changed. This coming from the Green Goblin. SGC couldn't remember if he was one of the recently missing individuals. Although from learning his local history he at least recognized the costume as a 'villian'.


    “HANDS UP where we can SEE THEM!!”


    “HANDS UP! NOW!!”

    The Goblin’s mask was halfway off, revealing what appeared to be a young face, clearly scared and confused at seeing police officers with their weapons drawn. The voice cracked, eyes squinting away due to the spot light.


    As the ‘Green Goblin’ slowly rose to his feet, his gloved hand brushed against one of the last remaining pumpkin shaped devices strapped to his belt. It almost seemed that it fell to the ground in slow-motion, before it hit the grey and indifferent pavement -and burst into a sudden cloud of smoke.

    Interesting, a feint? A ploy? The truth? He began trying to reach out, to feel what he could with still rather new abilities. . .as a staccato of guns being fired rang out, their flashes alone discernible in the smoke filled area. Good panic action or poor reflex control? He didn't know nor care.

    More screams of panic surged from the fleeing crowd.

    “Get down! get down!’ someone yelled, off to the side.

    [Control, Shots have been fired. Repeat: Shots Fired.]

    For a moment, there was only silence...and the wailing of sirens.

    "That wasn't part of the celebration. Was it?" he simply asked in reserved sadness. Perhaps if he had known he could of done something. But he had not, and he did not. "Should we help?" he wasn't sure there was anything left for him to help with, or to do. Nothing but give the moment some degree of solemn acknowledgement by watching it pass.

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    Apr 15, 2019
    OOC More fun with @greyjedi125 in a combo

    IC Daken and Taskmaster
    Hotel Suite and more

    From this height Daken could see the flashes of the lights on the police vehicles where the Goblin and the winged man had created their spectacle. He heard the man trying to reason with the cops and so he reluctantly turned from the window and focused on the television. As he did he saw Taskmaster enter the room, but the events unfolding had more of his attention so other than a grunt he stayed watching the show.

    Then the Goblin rose to his feet, mask half off. Daken took a step forward involuntarily. He didn't need his preternaturally sharp senses to know the being behind the mask was not the Goblin he knew. He watched, enraptured, as the "Goblin's" hand drifted past his belt and a grenade dropped, pluming into smoke as it hit the ground.

    The rapid fusillade of shots was not a surprise at all, not to a being who was used to police shooting at him first and asking questions later. However the billowing clouds of smoke hid the two supers for a moment so he could not tell if or whether they survived.

    Even his eyes couldn't pierce the smoke, especially as he wasn't on sight to see himself, but was relying on the lens of the camera to show him the scene. Tearing his eyes from the screen, for a moment, he turned to the Taskmaster, "Boss, don't tell me you've taken on brainwashing norms these days, doesn't seem your style." He gestured in the general direction of the screen and the window as he spoke.

    The smoke at the scene was being dramatic as it was taking its time to clear and reveal that which it hid. Taskmaster gave a huff, then turned to face Daken.

    “That’s because it’s not my style, kid. No idea what that’s about.”

    A hand came up to lower the over-sized black hood, then both were used to remove the skull-face mask, revealing a perfect replica of Steve Roger’s face.

    “Or my name isn’t Captain Am…oh wait, it isn’t.”

    Taskmaster graced Daken with a wicked grin then turned his face from side to side so the young mutant could appreciate the masterful prosthetic artistry displayed upon his visage.

    “Not bad, eh?” He said with undisguised amusement, sounding like the Captain whose face he was ‘borrowing’.

    “It’s for the job.” He confessed after a pause, by way of explanation.

    “By the way, dinner is here, and there’s a joint dining table in the next room. Let’s see…” He was now back to what passed as his ‘regular’ voice.

    “We’re having chicken pate, french bread, a selection of choice cheeses, coquilles St-Jacques, Winter salad with Buttermilk Dressing, Blanquette de Veau, followed by chocolate Mousse and a very expensive bottle of Pinot Gris.”

    Taskmaster made the ‘Ok sign’ but to denote excellence.

    “Might as well dine like a Dauphin while you’re here. Afterwards, you can go show-off your haircut at the piano bar if you want. Just don’ forget we’re checking out in the morning.”

    Giving up at attempting to peer through the cloud of smoke on the screen, Daken turned back toward the Taskmaster in time to acknowledge the retort about whether “Goblin” was his or not. He snorted at the revealed appearance of Taskmaster. “So you’re the pretty boy for this job? At least it’s not the Pool’s face, but doubt that’d appeal to you anyway. And yes, I never know when the next high quality meal will occur so I might as well stuff myself, I need the calories after all, especially if I’m playing later.” He replied with a grin, both at the double entendre and the dig at the Taskmaster, considering Deadpool was one of the few he ever had trouble with.

    “Morning sounds good otherwise Boss. No idea what the job is but if you’re involved there’s bound to be plenty of times to get my claws bloody.” His claws peeked from their sheaths, then retracted as he thought of imminent violence. Eyes glittering, “Sex and destruction, two of the most appetizing things out there. There will be destruction, yes?”

    He swept his hand through his hair as he walked past the other man, headed toward the dining room Taskmaster had mentioned. “I’m sure you’ll tell me exactly as little as I need to know to do my part of the job, but we might as well get that food into us before it goes to waste, while we discuss it. I’d say after you, but I want first dibs on any of the best tidbits.”

    Heading through the door he called over his shoulder, “Hurry up or I just might eat it all.”

    Taskmaster gave a snort of derisive irony upon hearing Deadpool mentioned. Of all the ‘heroes’ who’s fighting styles he’s been able to steal and mimic, Deadpool has been the only he’s not been able to copy. That made fighting him all the more interesting as well as frustrating. No matter, now was not the time to dwell on that fact.

    “Oh, there will be plenty of destruction, you can count on it.” He said, flashing Daken a smile with Steve Roger’s face.

    “Go, go, dig in.” he added, waving for Daken to go ahead and have a seat.

    Both men ate to their enjoyment, their appetites quite healthy, given their line of work. But especially Daken, as it’s been a while since he’s had a decent meal to eat. The menu for SHIELD prisoners was pathetically dismal; it was just marginally better than what one could hope to find in the streets.

    This was neither a SHIELD prison, or the streets of New York.

    After their ambrosial meal, glasses of wine were poured and shared. Taskmaster took a tasters sip and sighed in satisfaction.

    “Now, that’s some good wine.” He intoned, admiring the glass before leaning in.

    “Tell me kid, have you heard of Isotope-8?”

    Daken could clearly appreciate the unmistakable smirk of mischief etched upon the Taskmaster’s borrowed face

    Daken was stuffing his face, he didn’t care for propriety here, not if it was just Taskmaster and himself, and the food, after subsisting on what little he could find for so long, and especially after the prison food, was beyond delicious. He was glad, though, that his metabolism meant that he could eat and eat or he was sure he’d be having stomach pains rather rapidly, due to the content and richness of the food. Instead he could feel his energy levels soaring to heights they hadn’t known since before he was captured;

    He took the proffered glass of wine and sipped it. Taskmaster had been right, this was extremely high quality food and drink. He would have preferred a glass of scotch, or tequila, but he also didn’t need his senses dulled, especially if he was going to have some fun after this dinner and before they set to work.

    Hearing the question, he swirled the wine in its glass, not quite bringing the liquid to the brim as he did so. “Boss, you know I worked with Norman Osborne and the Dark Avengers, a time back. So yes I am familiar with Isotope-8. I know there are several varieties of it that can work in different ways to enhance both norms and supers. So many different groups want it or have it in their possession and want to change the world to their own design. I’m guessing tonight’s “Goblin” was a test subject of someone, if that’s what we’re discussing now.”

    He thought back to those days, working so many sides at once. He’d been a good guy, a bad guy, an in between guy, and those days had been full of intrigue and destruction. He’d never gotten his hands on any Isotope-8 and he was sure that had been Osborne's doing as it would have made him damn near unstoppable.

    “So do we have some or are we hunting some, to acquire it for your own purposes, Boss?” he asked before taking another sip of the wine and putting his boots up on the table as he leaned back in his chair.

    Taskmaster nodded as he listened, unsurprised that Daken was so well informed. The kid was still as sharp as his own blades.

    “After months of planning, the opportunity is finally here. I’m lucky to have found you when I did.” Not-Rogers said, knowing sagely at his fortune. “Should we pull off this heist successfully, well, we’ll all become filthy rich.”

    Taskmaster leaned back now, relaxed and comfortable, taking another sip of his wine.

    “A toast then. To being filthy RICH.”

    A grin uncharacteristic of Roger’s returned to his face as he raised his glass. He could already feel the thrill of success, even before it happened.

    Daken raised his own glass, returning the toast. “Filthy rich, I like that.”

    He downed the glass, satiated with all the food and drink. Even after having helped finish several expensive bottles of wine with Taskmaster there wasn’t even a hint of a buzz yet, damned metabolism.

    “You mentioned the piano bar, Boss. Think I’ll take my leave and see what I can find there, alcohol, women, men, doesn’t matter.” He stood, nodded to the not Steve Rogers, and headed out the door.

    Making his way downstairs he found the piano bar easily from the sound of the keys tinkling, the smell of the drinks, and the scent of desperation and desire inside. Laying his long mohawk back, he walked in, eyes picking out various people and couples around the room.

    Walking up to the bar he eyed the slinky dressed bartender, ‘Hot, but working and would take to long to get enjoyment tonight.’ Sliding onto a stool, he raised a finger and when she approached, “A glass, a bottle of Tallisker, and keep it coming till I leave. Put it on my room,” he said giving her the room number as the glass and bottle appeared before him.

    Looking around the room, sniffing the air, the wanton desire was almost palpable even to those that couldn’t taste it like he could. Beginning to exude pheromones, he waited, knowing people would come to him. He opened the Tallisker and poured a finger of the scotch. Letting it breath, he looked up to the mirror behind bar and watched the currents of people ebb and flow.

    And then a wonderful opportunity presented itself. He saw a couple, looked to be in their early forties, begin to argue. She was in a long, red, form fitting dress and he in a suit, but her eye kept drifting toward the bar even as they argued. Daken directed a flow of the pheromones toward her and he saw her begin to squirm in her seat, her eyes almost always turned away from the argument now.

    The man she was with finally gave up, gathered his coat with a huff, and left the bar. She lifted her drink from the table and made her way to the bar. Daken kept an eye on her as he continued to survey the crowd, knowing one wouldn’t be enough to satiate his wants tonight, after having been so long without. A few moments later he felt a bump against his elbow behind his back.

    Turning, his eyes traveled up, along a red dress, momentarily eyeing the large diamond on her left hand ring finger, then further. He could see the crinkle as her body betrayed the excitement of him studying her, before his eyes left her chest and reached her own deep blue ones. “I….I’m Laura.” she shyly said.

    “James” he replied, as usual using his dad’s true name when out for adventures. It amused him that people, if they got the reference, would associate his dad with his ‘bad’ behavior. “Are you staying here too, or just enjoying the music?”

    She giggled slightly, “Both, but I think I need a different room tonight, yours perhaps?” the desire and nervousness in her words were both evident. He could tell she wasn’t used to this and was trying to experience something new to her.

    “You may certainly join me in my room.” he said as he downed the scotch. Beginning to turn to the bartender he felt another bump on his other side. Looking in that direction his eyes took in a pair of, had to be barely 21, women, a blonde and a brunette.

    “Can we stay in your room too?” the brunette asked, “I’m Rose and this is Dany.” the brunette gestured to her friend as she said her name. Daken looked back to Laura and raised an eyebrow. The desire was even more present with the question from the young women.

    “Ooohhh James, you, me, and them, can you handle us all?” she purred.

    His face split in a large grin, “We shall certainly see.” Raising a finger to the bartender, “Taking the bottle to my room, so charge it in full, sexy.” He saw her blush as well as the sadness he’d not chosen her.

    Taking the three ladies in arm he headed toward the exit. Just before he left a voice spoke up, young, but definitely male. “Just the girls or room for one more?” He looked over, seeing a twenty something male, leather pants, dark shirt, another brunette. “I’m Tony, and hope it’s not just the women you're after.”

    He laughed, “Just what we need for this party, sure Tony, join us.” Looking back over his shoulder he called out to the bartender, “Send up about, hmmm, three more bottles of the Tallisker.”

    The group headed out, into the elevator. Not letting anyone else on, all four of the others were all over him, rubbing against whatever free space they could, kissing him and each other. Arriving on the floor his room was on he had to free an arm for a moment so he could insert the keycard and let them all in. He entered, smiling broadly, these four were going to have an evening they wouldn’t forget the remainder of their lives.

    He strode to the windows, seeing the flashing lights in the street still, the police must still be cleaning up the mess they’d made down by the parade. Then a flash in the window caught his eye. Turning he saw nothing but skin. There was desire, shyness, wonder how it would all proceed, and wantonness for him and him alone, ‘Gods I love my pheromones!’ he thought as he approached the four of them, shedding his clothes to join them in their nakedness.


    Rays of sunlight filtered into the room falling over the bed. Daken was smiling, a sheen of sweat covering his skin. Snuggled close under one arm was Laura, her body still having mini peaks. Under his other was Tony, pressed against him, the scent of his arousal was mixed amid that of the other three and Daken’s own scent. Cuddled atop him, curled around each other, were the two younger women, both still sleepily kissing each other and him, eyes dulled with all the energy they had spent and all the peaks they had achieved over the night. He knew he’d have to rouse himself soon to prepare, but for now he just enjoyed teasing each of their bodies before the true work began.

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  20. Ktala

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    Sep 7, 2002

    Shelly VanKasser

    Phoenix, Arizona, Alhambra

    Shelly silently laughed, as Mrs. Wesley spoke of the young man's outburst. Even when she was correcting someone, she was so pleasant and nice, it would be hard to take it personally, or get angry. At least, that what it felt like. What was amazing to Shelly was that Mrs. Wesley seemed to know almost everyone. And they seemed to know Mrs. Wesley as well. It must be so nice to grow up in such an environment.

    “Well, seems we’ll be soon running out of candy.” Mrs. Wesley stated, breaking Shelly out of her pleasant memory. Shelly looked over at the bowl, and nodded in agreement. It was kinda sad in a way, as Shelly was really enjoying watching the little kids in their costumes. In the distance, the voice of an announcer on a loudspeaker could be heard just then, but barely understood once the sounds of Michel Jackson’s Thriller begin to blare. Shelly loved that song.

    “Sounds like the costume dance-off is just starting.” Mrs. Wesley informed with an amused smile. "Costume dance-off?" Shelly echoed. Hmm. Is that where the other teens had been going? Almost as if on cue, Mrs. Wesley spoke up once more.

    “You can go take a look if you want.” The sound of her voice seemed to go up slightly, and Shelly grinned. Mrs. Wesley wouldn't say that she should go - but a hint... Shelly smiled as Mrs. Wesley continued, “….Or, you could help me clean up?”

    At that, she offered Shelly a candy corn after taking one for herself. Shelly took a candy corn, and quickly popped it into her mouth, grinning happily. Normally, she would jump at the chance to help Mrs. Wesley. After all, the woman helped her out so much. And she just loved helping the woman. But, a costume dance-off did sound interesting. Ane Shelly was painfully aware of how awkward she was around other teens. But a costume AND a dance contest sounded kinda fun to go and watch.

    "Well, Mrs. Wesley, if you don't mind.." Shelly gave the woman a nod. "I think I would like to go and see this contest. At least just a little bit of it." Shelly told the woman. "If there is anything else left to clean up, I'll do it when I get back." she offered. Shelly smiled again, excited at the thought.

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Uatu
    The Blue Area

    Don't think it.

    Your concern.

    Your trepidation.

    The Watcher was shaking, and he examined his hand as it did, curious as to the feeling that the tentacle had evoked in him. What a strange moment. Did it signify some kind of portent?

    He became so engrossed in his bodily response to the creature that the surge of energy that announced the conflict below did not draw his eye until it was well established. There was a line of connectivity between the former and the latter, the workings of a maker incarnate as coincidence and probability and fate and possibility.

    Entwine them together and it was impossible not to believe that a higher power was playing with them, for the sake of, indeed, and this is but one reason that the Watchers steered clear of all matters; a story.

    One was being woven.

    He refocused his eyes, curious to see how this entangling would connect to the one on-going in Europe.

    New York.

    A Green Goblin.

    And so he watched along with the others... with a world.

    Uatu wondered if he needed a closer look; if a momentous moment was about to occur.

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    Apr 29, 2002
    Shelly VanKasser
    Phoenix, Arizona, Alhambra

    The walk to Cielito Park was not a long one, and was likely one that Shelly would be familiar with. Truth be told, now that the music was playing and the Costume Dance-Off was on, several residents were also making their way to the park, as they were ‘thrilled’ by the occasion; thus, Shelly was not the only one making a trek there.

    Upon arrival, she would be greeted by loud music and lots of cheering as many of the costumed participants had friends and family rooting for them. An event promoter would kindly approach her and offer her some ghoulish-yet-yummy treats as well as a red drink with floating ‘eyes-cubes’.

    “Go right ahead and join-in the dance if you want!’” An woman would encourage her smilingly. She wore a name tag with the words ‘chaperone’ on it.

    Both young and old partook of the festivities. There were costumes a-plenty. Many which were quite inventive. One could find dancing superheroes, wizards, witches, animals and giant utensils. To the left side, there were three judges happily watching the dance-off. They were next to the D.J.

    After a moment of surveying the event, Shelly would spy the girl she saw before in the ‘feline’ suit dancing away, the ‘crow’ was next to her, merely standing there, but having a good time just the same.

    A moment later, two ‘costumed’ heroes were walking over, holding red solo cups in their hands, their expressions friendly. If Shelly was familiar with her ’heroes’, she would identify the girl with the red wig and black catsuit as ‘Black Widow’ or rather ‘Classic Black Widow’, and the boy with the bright yellow shirt and silver headband as ‘Classic Power Man’, not to be mistaken with the current iteration of Luke Cage.

    “Hi!!” The girl would say loud enough to compensate for the blaring music, smiling at her. “We were trying to figure out who’s your CosPlay. It’s really good!!”

    Tag: @Ktala

    Zephyr & Casey
    Downtown location

    Dressed-up as the two young heroes were, in ‘original’ costumes, it would be a simple matter to call an Uber, Lift, Cab, or any service to deliver them close to the now cancelled Halloween Parade.

    Aegis and Psion had Blueline’s location, but the trick was getting to him, as he was literally in the middle of the presently cordoned-off area. Thanks to their preparations, their identities were protected behind masks and such, a much needed precaution. Their main concern now was transportation. Especially now, since all of Time Square and surrounding areas were in the midst of a Traffic Jam made worse by Police Action.

    Midtown location

    Blueline on the other hand, was nearly completely healed from the wounds he had suffered while saving the young child. Many parts of his back were still red from where he’d suffered burns, even as shards of glass were pushed out by regenerating flesh and fell to the floor. There was still discomfort, but quite negligible considering the things he had survived in the past.

    He looked worse for wear, his clothes in tatters.

    Outside, Fire Fighter lights and sirens blared closely as the fire caused by the exploding glider continued to spread. Down on the main floor, he could hear someone screaming for help. They were trapped inside the elevator, as the doors were stuck and would not open fully.

    Tag: @Ameteth, @galactic-vagabond422

    SGC/ Darwin
    Midtown, New York

    SGC asked a simple question after seeing the events unfold on the big screen.

    “That wasn’t part of the celebration. Was it?”

    Tenzin could hear it in the tone of his voice, the recognition of what could only be described as a tragic event.

    “No. No, it isn’t.” The young monk said in a solemn voice, slowly shaking his head. This was not what he wished to show his pupil. This was not in the spirit of Halloween- not in the way he understood it.

    “Should we help?” He heard SGC ask, but before he could answer, he saw something rise from the smoke.

    It was the winged man!

    “It looks like he’s ok!” Tenzin exclaimed with some excitement, looking now towards SGC. That moment however, was short lived. First he heard it, the radio-chatter coming from a roof slightly below theirs, and then he saw the two SHIELD agents. One had a sniper rifle pointed at the flying man.

    [Come in control: We have the aerial target on sight. Unidentified meta still on the scene. copy?]

    [We copy Argus. Neutralize and Capture. Repeat, Neutralize and Capture.]

    [Roger that Control.]

    Mentor and Pupil witnessed as the SHIELD agent readjusted his weapon and prepared to fire.

    Tag: @Mitth_Fisto

    Larry Stone
    Midtown, New York

    The spotlight had not followed him, but remained focused on the smoke filled area that was slowly clearing. Larry was now airborne, and rose above the smoke, but his curiosity was such, that he had not gone far away enough, despite the distance he’d covered. Neither did he truly feel the graze a bullet had left on his arm, as it now began to heal, though slowly. It was a mere momentary discomfort.

    Down on street level, the smoke was clearing and several police officers approached with caution, their weapons drawn.

    Green Goblin is down! Green Goblin is down!”

    “Someone call an Ambulance.”

    “Where’s the other one…!!?”

    It was then that Larry heard a voice quite clearly in his mind.

    “Move Damn it!!”

    It was a woman.

    Many of the officers down below began to look up through the dissipating smoke, guns at the ready; but there was another danger which Larry could not see, one on a rooftop several buildings away.

    Tag: @Master Vo'Un'Var

    Plaza Hotel

    He stayed up, albeit not for too long, watching the ongoing developments on the flatscreen within his room. The Halloween Parade was now cancelled, thanks to this ’Green Goblin’. The smoke was clearing and an ambulance was now at the scene. Green Goblin had been shot several times and was reportedly in critical condition. What’s more, the mask had been removed. The one in the costume was clearly NOT the notorious Green Goblin of infamy, but a thus-far unidentified young man.

    Satisfied at being correct in his initial assumption, Taskmaster moved over to his laptop and began entering the final touches to the mission, now that Daken was officially on board. As he typed in the details, Not-Rogers slowly began to smile.

    TBC *( @darthbernael, mentioned, @Sinrebirth / Uatu )


    OOC: More Updates soon to follow
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    Blue's hands burned as he lifted up a bit of flaming rubble. He grit his teeth through the pain, behind him broken glass crattered to the ground, his body forcing it out. It was still doing it as he moved on to the next person lowering his shoulder to roll the debris off a woman that had her leg caught under it.

    "Go, I got this." he said the front of this blue hoodie starting to catch on fire. His hands stung again as he slapped at the flames putting them out with his bare hand. He was going to need a new set of clothes after this. The heated air seeped through the gaping holes in the back of his sweater, flames licked at the bloody tears in his jeans. He was hurt, but the adrenaline was still flooding his veins deadening the pain if only a little. His gaze cast around looking for other survivors, anyone else trapped in the store. The sirens of the NYFD started blaring. He'd have to get out of here, get out of sight before questions started being asked.

    A cry of terror reached his ears, from below. Rushing out he found an elevator stuck on the main floor with flames growing closer he needed to get to the ground floor, now. Taking a few steps back he rushed forward jumping once planting his foot on the railing and springing off that and flying out into the open space of the atrium. Using his arms he kept himself up right, his stomach fluttered coming up into his throat as he began to fall. His knees came up his shoulder tucking in a little as the ground came closer. The wind rushed past his ears, his muscles tightening as he saw the hard ground come closer and closer. The lights were flickering, orange flames casting long shadows in the corners, the marble floor dancing with bright orange and red. He could hear his breath his heart beating faster. There were stairs, but this was the fastest way. The fastest way between two points was a straight line. Even if that line was straight down.

    He landed hard, softening the impact with a roll, but he could still feel his ankles nearly shatter from his landing. Quickly getting to his feet, limping a little from his landing it soon turned into a full sprint as his body healed once again.

    Getting to the door he wedged his arm in, then his leg just slipping his shoulder into the wider upper part of the door. With a heave he pushed with all his might pushing the back of his shoulder into one side of the door, and his hand into the other as the door slowly came more and more open he put more and more of himself into it. He was the strongest, but he would never give up even as the flames starting to bite at his leg. He kept pushing kept gritting his teeth as the door was almost open.

    With a final grunt he pushed it fully open and stepped aside letting the trapped occupants inside out, breathing heavily.

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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Mary Formal, Liz Merrick (on phone), Nicole "Nikki" Gravely, Amy Gazanian, The Gravely residence
    Location: Portland, Oregon

    "Now that's odd." Agent Formal remarked down the phone, holding the flight information in her free hand. "There are four times shown on the ticket."

    "What's odd about that?"

    "Shouldn't there be just two? Lift-off-"

    "You mean take-off." Liz corrected, "You are thinking of Thunderbird Two." She referred to the famous green machine of the fictional International Rescue organisation.

    "Or a quinjet."

    Liz giggled. "Considering our employers, you would think I would have thought of them first."

    "I miss quinjets." Mary admitted with a sigh. She took a breath to rally herself. "So! Take-off and Touch Down. One time each. What are these extra two times about, in-air refueling?"

    "Yeah, that never really caught on in the commercial airline industry. Besides, I doubt they would put those times on the ticket. They'd probably just put up the no smoking sign, and hope for the best."

    "Oh, that reminds me. If you hear from The Executioner, a bit of his heli-carrier washed up at Hug Point, just in time for razor clam season. Perhaps he even felt a tremor in the Force, as if a thousand razor clams looked up in exasperation, and moaned, '**** sake'."


    "Ha, you are so gullible, sometimes." Mary chuckled down the phone, tucking the receiver between her jaw and shoulder again, so that she could use both hands to check the rest of the paperwork. "Ah, I know what's going on; I'm flying down to sodding California, refuelling there...."

    The pause must have gone on too long, for soon Merrick's voice was coming through. "Hello? You still there?"

    The Arcan blew up past her nose to get some hair out of her face. "Well, I clearly have no idea where California is. I've got a two hour flight to get to San Jossy."

    "Pretty sure you are saying that wrong, but what do I know."

    "I'll ask Nikki in a sec'. She'll have local knowledge, or more than us at any rate. So I take-off again, not lift-off, at 1:35pm, and hopefully third time's the charm. 2:35, 3:35......" She switched to silent running to finish the adding up of the time. "Eight hours. How hard is it to find a direct flight from the Pacific Northwest to wherever New York is?"

    "East Coast."


    "No problem."

    As they continued conversing, Mary gazed wistfully into the living room, wishing that she could sit down. For as much as she allowed Nikki to badger her, which wasn't that much, the young one had been on at her to get a longer cable for the landline.

    She stepped forwards as far as the lead would allow, and directed her voice upstairs, calling her daughter.

    "It's alright, we're not fighting!"

    "Honey, can you-" Mary was acting on hearing Nikki's voice, but then her actual words hit home, along with the plaintive tone. "-wait, why was that your opening gambit?"

    ".....No reason!"

    She shook her head, choosing to ignore it. To do otherwise, would be to think of both of them as children, with the knock-on effect of not being comfortable, entrusting Gazanian with Nikki's care.

    "Alright, fine. Can you come on down and bring a pouffe through for Mummy to sit on?"

    There was an affirmative response, then pounding down the stairs whilst Mary continued with the phone call. "Okay, the flight number for Bryan to look out for, is-" She swept her gaze over the ticket. "1-5-2-2, Alaska Airlines as I said." She listened as she heard her friends conferring at the other end, although their speech was quite indistinct.

    "Bryan says, that if they've got a website, there might be the ability to track your flight."

    "Sounds good. I'll see if Nikki knows the web address."

    She looked up as Nicole shuffled in from the living room her arms crossed around the worn, but shiny fabric of the cube-shaped bit of furniture. Gazanian trailed her, and she could see that the hair on both was in some disarray. "Liz, hang on a moment."

    The E-Branch operative smiled her thanks at Gravely, waited for the soft thing to thump onto the carpet, then toed it herself to the wall, so that she could sit on it without any danger of falling off the back.

    Her gaze dropped to Nikki's bare knees to check for any yellowing bruising starting to form, which would be a visual clue that they had been fighting, and as physical damage to her child, would be extremely bad news for their guest.

    But no, Nikki's knees were clear, however below them, her white pelerine-patterned socks were sagging messily around her ankles.

    "Pull your socks up, Sweetie." Mary knew that there were plenty of grippy kneesocks that would dispense with Nikki having to monitor them, but got a kick out of getting her this type instead. "Is there a town in California called 'San Jossy'."

    "Well, the 'san' sounds likely." Nicole lifted her right knee enough so that she could reach the top of her sock and pull it up to just below the knee. "How's it spelt?"

    "S-A-N space J-O-S-E."

    Nicole's steadied herself for a second, then brought up the other knee. "Yeah, that's pronounced, San Hos-say, Mom. Why?"

    "Mummy's plane is stopping there. I thought going to Seattle was the only flying in the wrong direction that I would have to do, but apparently that is not the case." She pointed a finger at the phone. "Auntie Liz would like the airline's web address, so she can try to track my flight."

    "Alaska Air dot com, with Alaska Air as one word."

    Mary furrowed her eyebrows, and put a hand on one hip. "You sure?"

    The detective gestured for the paperwork and the phone. "Give it here."

    "Liz, I am handing you over to Nikki." She relinquished both, and led Amy back into the living room, eager to be sitting down again.

    She watched the other woman, as she settled opposite her. "Mrs Gazanian, do you have any last questions? You are clear on what she is allowed to eat, and how late she can stay up?"

    "Absolutely. And is it still alright if she stays over at my place for a couple of days a week? I would get to see my apartment, and be able to sleep at home, I assure you that Nicole would be quite safe there. Her bed perhaps wouldn't have quite so many minarets..."

    "Well, as long as she is okay with the idea. She can show you where we keep the bed guards." She advised, referring to the barriers that locked to the side of a bed to stop children rolling out whilst asleep. "Have I already given you the front door key?"

    "Yes. And the alarm code."

    Formal cupped her hands over her knees, "So I have a flight out of Portland International at seven-thirty tomorrow morning. How early can you be here to get her ready for school."

    "Work." Gravely corrected as she walked in from the hallway.

    "Let Mummy have her little fantasies, Dear."

    "What about mine? How about letting me wear jeans occasionally?"

    Mary glanced sharply up at her. "What was that?"


    "Better be nothing." The Arcateenian liked to think that that wasn't a Berzerk Button issue for her, however Nikki hadn't brought the matter up since L.A., and she suspected that it was only the presence of...well, let's call her a witness, that she had gathered the courage to mention it at all.

    [The witness] interjected into the clearly tense moment. "If I head off now, Mrs Formal...." The woman paused to examine her hostess's expression for a clue as to her preferred title. "Miss Formal? Ms? Muh?"


    "Agent Formal it is. I can be back later this evening, and stay overnight so I can be here already after she kisses you goodbye, and sees you out the door."

    The detective swept a palm down the back of her kilt, and dropped unceremoniously onto the sofa, her knees coming up as she sank back into it. "Oh, I'll be going to the airport with Mom. I want to make sure she gets on that plane."

    "Don't be silly, Dear. The airport is miles out of town. How are you going to get back?"

    "They have taxi ranks."

    "By yourself? I don't think so." Mary turned to face her child and looked at her earnestly. "Honey, do you want to come with Mummy to New York?"

    "I would rather-" Gravely paused and deliberately affected a brighter disposition, even managing the slightest of smiles. "I can't fly out with you, Mom; I haven't booked any time off."

    "If you accompany Mummy to the airport, you need to know that the possibility of me leaving you behind as an unaccompanied minor, are approximately 3,720 to 1."

    Nicole audibly sighed, her shoulders drooping as she murmured,
    "Never tell me the odds."

    Amy frowned at both of them, till Gravely explained that they had mangled a Star Wars quote, adding, "The Empire Strikes Back."

    Mary leaned towards her, sliding Nicole along the cushions and onto her own lap, fondly embracing the visibly cringing redhead with one arm, and proudly ruffling her hair. "That's my girl."

    To be continued...
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    Apr 15, 2019
    IC Daken
    Plaza Hotel

    Daken smiled wickedly as Laura, Tony, Rose, and Dany all competed to get one last shred of attention from him as they dressed. He’d simply wrapped a towel around his waist as they’d gathered their clothes. He slowly herded the group to the door, taking the little slips of paper each had surreptitiously pressed into his hand, hoping the others hadn’t seen. He held the papers, as he gave final, lingering kisses to each as he shooed them out of the door.

    “That was more than fun, but need to tone down the pheromones some while working, or Ill never get anything done.” he said to himself as he took up the remote and turned the TV back on, the sounds of news reports from last night and how the situation was evolving battling each other for airtime.

    He called down to room service and, as he hadn’t seen the Taskmaster yet, he ordered a filling breakfast. His next call was to the number he’d seen on the list in the bathroom, the masseuse.

    The food arrived before the masseuse and he sat at the desk with the food around him, eating his fill. He’d used up some energy last night but his stamina had kept the energy loss to a minimum. But, given what was to come, and the fact it was the Plaza and when would he have the chance again, he splurged outrageously.

    He was finishing off a mountain of an omelet with smoked salmon and anything else he could think of to have in it when there was a knock at the door. Opening it, he allowed the masseuse to enter with their portable massage table. While they set up he sat on the still rumpled bed, continuing to get his initial impressions of the news. His mouth turned up in an unrepentant grin as the masseuse’s nose wrinkled, the scent of last night’s activities certainly still hung in the air.

    At a gesture he stood, letting the towel drop, and laid down, head facing the TV to continue watching the news. As the masseuse worked he could feel his body’s muscles losing their tension. The picture now was focused on the scared, young, face of the person in the Goblin suit. ‘Hmmmm, wonder who would or could brainwash or control a person to do that. I get the feeling they’re going to be working in opposition to the Boss.’ he thought, even as he murmured his appreciation of the massage.

    He continued watching but so far the authorities weren’t releasing much information so there were still no names to put to the faces of the ‘Goblin’ or the winged man. Most of what he heard was speculation and fear from the reporters and anchors in the studios. Things had devolved so much since he went underground, well since last he’d truly seen the light of day, even from a cell, that both heroes and villains alike were feared. That brought a smile to his face as he realized it would make whatever they were doing easier, at least until they came into contact with those in positions to know better, or cause him and the Taskmaster ill will.

    After his considerations he just relaxed, eyes and ears taking in the news as his body was rubbed down thoroughly, as he waited for the Boss to make his first appearance of the day.

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