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Saga Saga - PT Resonance (Pre-OT, young Luke AU)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Starith, Jul 1, 2020.

  1. Starith

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    Apr 5, 2020
    Title: Resonance
    Author: Starith
    Timeframe: Takes place between RotS and ANH
    Genre: AU, drama, action, multi-chapter
    Characters: Luke, Vader, Inquisitors, OCs

    Summary: Young Luke looks forward to a promising future after being accepted into an Imperial academy. But what results is far more than he ever could've imagined... What is Project Harvestar?

    Notes: This is an AU premise I've had for a while. Starting off with something of a prologue... Hopefully it's not too shabby.


    The grey-bearded man smiled as the boy eyed the metallic device with curiosity.

    "This was your father's lightsaber," he said, with a gaze that was both calm and attentive. "The weapon of a Jedi Knight. Now yours, Luke."

    He placed the silver cylinder in his hands. Luke looked at it. And as if it was ingrained in him, his thumb floated over to press a red button on the handle.

    A trail of light shot out, making him flinch. It stilled to make a blade of pure plasma, and it hissed and hummed, softly, and so did his heart. Luke made some swirls in the air, staring at the intense brightness at its core, making "whoas" and "wows" under his breath.

    Lightsaber... Jedi Knight... He was so engrossed he didn't even question what these words meant.

    His father's weapon... and now it was his...

    Ben continued to observe him, his grey-blue eyes scanning the round, tanned face of the boy. His smile waned slightly to something more solemn.

    "Use it well," he told him.

    And Luke looked at him, beaming, and nodded. "I promise... I promise I will!"


    The air of Lothal had a pale sky, empty and unclouded. In its tranquil mist sat a structure. It was jutting out from the blurred depths, its flat surface standing on an overlarge base, far above the grasslands and plains hidden below. The structure stood in the sky, grey, elongated, and narrow.

    Like a floating needle, Luke thought as he looked out from the viewscreen of his seat — he was drawing closer to it. Gradually he could make out more detail of the sky-abiding complex. Its sheer size, the sharp edges of its build, the wide landing platforms docked with ships. Freighters, transports, much like the one Luke was on right now. But the sun was setting, and soon the building was overshadowed in the dusk.

    The shuttle settled down on the landing platform. Luke waited, along with all the other passengers, seated boys and girls who were chatting eagerly. Luke was quiet, as he usually tended to be, lost in his thoughts more than his reality.

    An officer came through the door. The room fell quiet.

    "We will depart now. Line up, single file," the stout man declared with his hands behind his back.

    Luke, his heart taut in his chest, took his bag and shuffled along with the other boys and girls, many of which towered over him, and after getting elbowed a bit he managed to find a place in the line. The officer nodded and turned with a wave of his hand. "Very good. Follow me."

    They followed him. Luke stayed silent, as did everyone else. The officer led them out of the confines of the ship and out onto the landing platform.

    Luke lifted his gaze. The grey structure loomed overhead, stretching out with its steely walkways. The officer brought them to the front entrance, where two patrol-droids stood. Glow panels trimmed the door frames and a large insignia was on the frontmost display, what looked loosely like a black gear.

    Two other officers stood at the entrance, a man and a woman. They nodded at the officer and then took reign of the group.

    "Welcome," the woman said with a smile, "to Pretor Flats Academy."

    Luke felt a wave of bundled excitement, felt like his insides were glowing. His mind raced as the two officers spoke in turns, taking in the barest grain of their words — "strive for excellent", "chosen few", "honor of attending one of the fine institutions of the Galactic Empire" — and he registered that the group was moving again. He went along with it. They entered the building, the patrol-droids inching aside to let them pass.

    Inside it was sleek and spacious. More Imperial insignias were embed on the walls. The man and woman showed them the general areas of the facility, the mess hall, the labs, the training rooms. Luke stared in wonder at the pristine state of everything, the equipment, the tech, and his eyes itched when he got a small glimpse of the flight simulators. Chairs next to huge decked machines on pedestals, all aligned in a dimly-lit room.

    But soon they were moving again. One of the officers began to talk about requirements, space engineering and computer science, and giving them a quick rundown of conduct and rules. Luke tried to listen, but he ended up zoning out.

    When it was finally over and they were dismissed, they were told to wait until they were assigned to their personal quarters. Mouse droids wheeled in, ready to do just that. Soon the other boys and girls scattered, a few murmuring goodbyes to each other. Finding himself suddenly alone, Luke looked down at the tiny machine as it waited, blinking, beckoning for him to come. It zoomed on the polished floor, gently squeaking.

    Luke smiled. "Okay, I'm coming." And he followed the tiny droid.

    After a couple minutes of walking through the walls, and trying to look composed as faculty and much older-looking students passed him by, Luke found his quarters easily on the third level. After thanking the mouse droid, he entered and started to unpack.

    Hours later, he lay in his cot. A holograph of TIE fighters glided over his head. He watched them, mesmerized.

    Everything was so... new-looking here. Not like home. A cooling unit circulated pleasant air into his room. The door was automatic. He had his own room, his own refresher, and provided gadgets like a data-planner, a holoprojector, a stationary chrono. Grey uniforms were set up in a dresser in his size.

    It felt odd. All these commodities, just for a simple living space. To think that this place was called ''the Bottomfeeder's Academy"... Was he just too oblivious to the wide galaxy outside of Tatooine that he couldn't see why? Most kids here would probably be used to all this, he guessed, and the thought made him slightly nervous. He hoped his unfamiliarity in this environment wouldn't show too much... or worse, that he'd prove to be too much of a rube even for this ''low-level'' school. Pretor Flats was the best Luke could've aimed for, being one of the few academic establishments in the Outer Rim.

    And when it came down to it, it still offered him what he wanted. He had gone through a lot to get here... it had to be worth it...

    Luke remembered his pre-training examinations, determining his education, his piloting, his technical skills, his problem-solving... The importance of Imperial protocol —Respect. Obedience. Diligence.— repeated like a mantra on all the ads and pamphlets he'd studied beforehand. He had dreamed of attending a flight academy for years... and now he had succeeded. He'd get the experience he needed to win real battles with real starfighters... learn to defend himself, how to handle a blaster...

    And then I'll leave, Luke determined. Attending an Imperial school was one thing... nearly all militaristic schools were under Imperial regime... maybe he'd even go on to Skystrike Academy after this... but there was no way he would join the Empire. There were plenty of jobs in the galaxy that needed a good pilot... Lots of people probably didn't go on to serve the Empire, went elsewhere with their careers...

    Luke let out a breath, his chest caving. Thinking about his future always made him uneasy. He looked around and noticed the time. I should probably get ready for bed...

    Suddenly locks triggered on his door. The sound made Luke jump. He chewed his lip. The locks were automatically set for the evening curfew, he realized. He took in a deep breath, released it, and repeated. He sat cross-legged and close-eyed on the bed for a while. It was a practice that sometimes served to calm him. After a minute or so, he felt more relaxed and sleepiness began to dull his senses.

    Luke turned off the holographs, then the lamp, and he settled in. His head sunk into a soft pillow. Slowly but surely, his thoughts emptied and he drifted off.

    He didn't know how long it had been when he was awakened by a loud thudding sound: the sound of his door unlocking itself.

    Luke started. He sat upright in his bed and floundered in the encompassing dark, but he couldn't find the light switch. His fingers found only air.

    The door shifted open. A very faint light bled into the room, and in the threshold stood a dark, misshapen figure. His throat tightening, Luke could only stare as it made its way into his small quarters.

    "Stay where you are," Luke heard. It was the bland, electronic voice of a droid. As it came closer Luke could make out the tall form and can-shaped head set atop an unfittingly thick body. The droid set a tiny glowing eye on Luke, which made Luke fidget, suddenly feeling like a targeted animal locked in a crosshair. This was no service droid programmed with protocol in mind.

    His mind raced momentarily, panicking, worrying that he was in trouble, but trying to breakdown what was happening. Was this a surprise drill? Some kind of emergency?

    "W-What's going on?" he said, his voice jittery. He scrambled out of bed. "What—"

    "Quiet," came the the droid's buzzing monotone, and the plates on its arm folded away to reveal a blaster. The droid pointed it straight at Luke. "Make no sound. Make no resistance."

    Horrorstruck, Luke slid back until his back hit the wall. "What?"

    The droid lunged forward. Before he knew it, Luke felt his arms being grabbed and he was pulled out of bed, to his feet. Binders were being clasped around his wrists.

    Luke swayed violently, trying to slip free, his heart hammering. "What — what are you — let me go! I'm not — you can't—"

    A cold metal hand covered his mouth, quieting him, and he felt the blaster being pressed against his neck. Luke froze completely. Then he felt himself being pulled toward the door. Too petrified to struggle, he was dragged out of the room.

    Then further out, down the quiet corridor. Past the main hall. Gradually Luke's nerves began to thaw from the fear, and he felt stirred awake, compelled to take action. He squirmed, tried to scream, tried to kick the droid's non-existent shins, he used every ounce of strength in his scrawny body to wrestle free, but it only managed to slow the droid down slightly. It continued hauling him along.

    Luke tried to cause a sound, a thump in the night loud enough to wake someone or attract a patrol-droid. He managed to kick a table that had a decorative statuette, which fell and shattered to the floor. It made a sharp, echoing crack, but was followed by dead silence. Nothing happened. Nobody came.

    They passed a few doors until eventually they came to the lower levels. Luke felt his muscles ache, both from the droid's mechanical grip and from his own struggling.

    They entered a dark, spacious hangar garage. It looked empty as if it had been cleared out, save for one active vessel: an Imperial shuttle.

    Its ramp was lowered and Luke watched, nonplussed, as a large female Dowutin strode down it. She was covered in an armored bodysuit and wore two large visor lenses over her eyes. In her clawed hand she held a datapad, which she regarded. She spared a glance down at Luke, then regarded the datapad again.

    "Wow," she said, her tone devoid of enthusiasm. "Nice record here... Luke. Top performance results in the pre-testing selection. Inhuman reflexes, they said... yeah, real special." She made a snide frown. "Too bad your blood results were botched up though, eh?... And faking your age to enter the academy? Tsk... Still, not bad for an eleven-year-old runt from the Outer Rim."

    Luke felt the blood drain from his face. He weakly shook his head. He tried again to make a sound, wanting to question, to deny, to explain himself... but his voice was still muffled and quivered against the droid's metal hand, instead making a squealing semblance of Who are you?

    The Dowutin twisted her lips, then turned around. "Who, me? I'm Ninth Sister. Part of the Inquisitorius. If you don't know what that is, or what this is all about, don't worry. You're about to find out." She headed up the ramp, gesturing with a lazy wave. "Bring the special little gundark onboard."

    Again Luke tried to jerk out of the droid's grip. Again he failed, and Luke could do nothing but wriggle and groan as he was shoved onto the awaiting starship.
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  2. mavjade

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    Wow, what a fascinating look at an AU for Luke! I've read a few Luke goes to the imperial academy stories in my time (I do love them so I'm always open to more!) but this is really unique.

    I really loved Luke in wonder about all of the things that were so new to him having grown up in a place that didn't have those resources. That others probably think nothing of those things because they are a part of life for most is really a fantastic point that can really be applied to a lot of things for us. I also really liked that he's planning on using the academy to learn and then get out, that he has a bad feeling about the Empire. That shows us some of that instinct from the Force we know he has in there and it's already serving him well.

    And one of the Inquisitors coming for him.... uh oh!

  3. Thumper09

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    Great start! Luke definitely has that sense of wonder and "head in the clouds," so to speak, that Yoda wasn't too happy with in another timeline. ;)

    I agree with mavjade - it was neat to see the basic academy room from the perspective of someone who'd never had access to those resources before. It was made even more realistic by Luke's concern about what the others would think if his unfamiliarity with these "everyday" items showed too much.

    Though now it looks like it might become a moot point with an Inquisitor taking him away. Blood tests and Skywalkers don't mix, apparently. :p

    Keep up the good work!
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  4. Kit'

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    Oct 30, 1999
    Amazing start! Want to see how Luke wriggles out of this one. Also a nice look at the difference between the world he grew up on the the privileges that he's now encountering (or was encountering before it all got stuffed up).
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    I was fascinated by Luke getting his father's lightsaber so early and then joining the Imperial/pilot academy. I can believe that he would not want to automatically join the Empire after completing the training but do something else with the pilot certification. I'm also not surprised he maxed out at the top of all the examinations.

    Yikes, the Inquisitorus!
    Things have taken a very ominous turn. =D=
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    An Inquisitor! Uh-oh. [face_nail_biting]I enjoyed Luke's fascination and awe of everything he was seeing. Very descriptive. Nice start. =D=
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