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    I think I have to re-read your latest post. It has so many layers and is witty in wicked, yet cool ways...
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    Danke! ^:)^

    Trust me, the amount of layers here is NOTHING compared to my poems. Kahara has read them (hoping the other two people who have been sent a copy of my book will read them, too) and I think she can confirm that. ;) If you're interested in that, I can send you the PDF, but only after I've caught up with HH.

    Until then, I can make a list of things I did on purpose, if that helps, and spoiler it for people not interested in such stuff. :D


    For everybody else: I hope I will be able to get the fustercluck that is the next chapter up tomorrow. This does not depend on my genius beta, it depends on me - I cannot hold my attent....tee-hee, LOOK, A MOTH. :D
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    Yes indeed -- very interesting to me particularly since they have some not-quite (I think) sci-fi and fantasy-like qualities; kind of hard to explain but it's very cool. :)

    Ewok Poet, good luck on the chapter progress.
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    Teebo does seem to be the only Ewok character in the comic with sharp teeth. And growls occasionally - even Chirpa in a rage didn't do that.

    That said, pointy ears at least seem quite common in the comic - Logray has them, as did one of the guards who brings Agluk before Chirpa.

    Logray's fur looks much darker in Caravan of Courage than in the comic or the movie. Maybe he dyed it for a while?
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    Y U DO THIS, DOLAN? *here goes an image macro of Gooby crying badly-drawn tears*

    I mean, I am so happy that you commented on this at last...if our mutual likes are a sign of anything; we must be each other's biggest fans EVARR. :D

    Since Caravan of Courage and the Battle of Endor will happen "off-screen" at the same time as the events of the next fic, thus reducing all but four characters to cameos at the beginning and the end; I did not think much about that, but my premise, at this point, is that Logray will figure how some of these freaky effects of Wanderer's Force powers can be done in a way that is not temporary. [face_thinking]

    // A typical EP rant coming up. //

    Pointy ears aside...they are pointy-ish in ROTJ, but not as pointy as in Shadows, so I did not imagine that particular level of pointiness at any point, the same way I casually ignore Chirpa's outfit changes, the "white" Latara, but not Wicket's green hood.

    While I absolutely love Zack for:

    - having brought Ewoks back
    - having emancipated Kneesaa and Latara
    - having given all of the "main five" an equal amount of attention instead of the usual ZOMG WICKET111!!!1! approach
    - having given the romantic subplot of the cartoon a logical conclusion *in the very first panel*
    - the over-the-top body-builder manly-man Chukha-Trok who is apparently around 160 cm tall
    - the end of the comic,

    ...I really have a problem with some of the ways he has chosen to interpret Teebo and how much he masculinised him, given that Teebo was always, as Findswoman would say, a "trouser role". Despite his vast knowledge of Ewoks, I have a feeling that Zach didn't do his homework as well as, say, me. While he is not masculinised in an over-the-top manner like Chukha and his soft side is at least somewhat there, the blood-thirsty axe-crazy behaviour does not go well with what we know. And that bothers me. A lot. This is the first character I could identify with as a kid because he was not-too-male, not-too-female and had some uncommon interests and so...seeing that is kinda meh.

    The idea of "Paploo and Teebo being mixed up" is a stupid myth, because...

    - Paploo is a last-minute addition, as we know, and he probably ended up in early Wicket the Ewok material because he turned out to be more kid-friendly.
    - Joe Johnston knew what he was doing, as he created the original duo of Ewoks for Revenge of the Jedi, with Kenny Baker and Jack Purvis in mind...when his character didn't get as much screen time as expected, he gave him a backstory and wrote a cool book.
    - Nelvana knew what they were doing. Filling the blanks for the character that goes from being the creepy kid with synesthesia in Joe's book to being the creepy young adult in ROTJ is not something you do because you mixed that character up with another.
    - Paploo is Leeroy Jenkins in all of his incarnations. Teebo isn't.

    And then that rulebook from 1989-or-whatever totally didn't take the cartoon into consideration and ruined everything.

    The SW film canon needs a deliberately weird character who is not aggressive for the sake of being blood thirsty or whatever. Let's hope somebody, someday, clears this up...or, err, reads this thread.
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    Keep in mind that the RoTJ novelization did characterise Teebo as fiercer than the other Ewoks.
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    Damn you, autocorrect. Mind removing that bit you quoted because it's my most embarrasing autocorrect on here? Continuing...
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    Quote amended.

    Teebo's ferocious streak only really crops up with a loved one in danger - be they friend (Wicket) or romantic partner (Latara).
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    Chapter 21

    Tags: @Findswoman (the best beta EVARR), @glitteryboots

    Warok was sitting on a small stump outside Logray’s hut, with Latara and a bare-headed Wicket tucked in blankets to his right and Chief Chirpa and Princess Kneesaa to his left. A little farther away Paploo was helping his mother collect all she could get from the rubble to which most of their hut had been reduced.On the lookout post above, Graak was looking at the woods through the telescope from the observatory, confused and not quite understanding how to deal with the strange tool. Somewhere off in the distance the bravest warriors of the village were about to attack Patrash and Kaalwar’s Dulok army.

    Only a cloud or two had passed by the strange star dominating the night sky, since Warok had returned to the Bright Tree Village. He was flying above Paploo and Wicket riding on the back of a stubborn bordok named Yago; that had somehow appeared out of nowhere, with a cart.

    And only about half a dozen of clouds had passed by the same star since the moment he had been about to call off the search, the moment when the strange fire he had seen earlier seemed to have disappeared. He was about to turn his glider around when he noticed a cloud of dust rising from the same direction. He steered his glider to the snow-covered meadow nearby and decided to take a closer look. When the curtain of smoke and sawdust parted to reveal a large crater in the middle of the clearing, he thought his surprise could not have been any greater, but what he saw next he saw nearly broke him.

    “Here they are, Warok. Warok?”

    Warok turned around to see Shodu Warrick standing across the platform. She brought Batcheela and Malani along from the hideout. Both of them were sporting spasm-like expressions on their faces. Warok moved a bit for his wife to sit down, as his daughter climbed into his lap. They exchanged a few looks with Kneesaa and Latara. Shodu helped her youngest son put on his old orange hood, then walked off with the chief.

    Batcheela finally broke the silence. “When will we be able to go in?”

    Warok shrugged and looked at Latara. For the past couple of snows, he had not bothered to remember the name of his son’s crush. He knew her as either “Lumat’s daughter” or the “that girl with a braid”. She was always doing so many strange things he had not seen anybody do before. She painted her nails and lips. She happily told the woklings stories of where they really came from, instead of retelling the same old story with how each Ewok baby is found underneath a tree, or in a large flower. She once ran away with the Jindas. She had always made him think of nothing but trouble. And then, earlier that night, he had found her next to his son, holding his limp hand and whispering to him to hold on. The braid was gone, and so was the namelessness. In a vortex of fear for his child and blaming himself for what he used to think before, he had remembered her name. Latara. The one who sings to the moon. He promised himself never to forget her name again.

    Inside the hut, Logray was hurriedly mixing some herbs. Asha was standing next to him. She was nervous, shifting from one foot to the other. She was still sore from running around in the snow all day and from the battle at Bozzie’s hut, and she harboued numerous bruises under her thick red fur, but she did not seem one bit tired.

    “If anybody can pull this, it’s you. I have to stay here and…try and see if there is anything I can do to save my apprentice.” The shaman paused for a while and then added. “I hope you can understand that, Asha.”

    “Chak, Master Logray. If the animals have indeed been freed from the spell of that vicious creature Wicket killed, I know just what to do.”

    They went out. Asha headed to the stable, and Logray looked to the group of Ewoks waiting on the platform.

    “You can come in now,” he said. “No, not all of you. Only Batcheela, Warok and Malani."

    "We don't want our daughter to witness this,” Warok declined. “I know that this has been quite a night for you, but...could you, please, take care of Malani? I know you’re already watching Latara, but…"

    The princess nodded. She hadn’t said much since her father had returned to the village with Umwak and Logray. Right before her eyes, there was a constant, repetitive shadow play of what had happened at Bozzie’s hut. And sat right next to her was her unrequited love of so many years, not wanting any comfort from her, or from anybody else for that matter. Latara was similarly apathetic, still in shock from everything that had happened to her that night.

    Little Malani, in contrast, was doing her best to appear cheerful. For some reason, she was sure that her brother was going to be alright. But Kneesaa and Latara were not paying attention, and neither was Wicket.

    And then Malani remembered something: the piece of parchment that was still hidden under her hood.


    “M-hm…” the flutist turned around.

    "I think Teebo would want you to have this. This is the thing Wiley…” The little girl paused; Kneesaa turned to her, suddenly interested, as she continued. “…the thing Wiley did not eat the other day. I have been saving it for you, Latara.”

    Latara unfolded the piece of parchment. The messy symbols were hard to read at first, but eventually she realised she was reading a poem dedicated to her - the very same note Teebo tried to pass to her before she had departed with the hunting party.

    I left my heart
    Above the village huts
    On a cold snowy night
    I froze completely
    When I kissed you

    Snowflakes were so big
    The wind was blowing, too
    My heart is in your hands
    Amongst the bright stars
    None of them brighter than you
    The wind should've carried me away

    I couldn't believe you were with me
    I couldn't believe you were mine
    We sank into white pure as your smile

    I want to be there
    With you
    Would you stay here
    With me

    She could not hold back the tears anymore. She patted Malani on the head and then hugged both her and Kneesaa, crying into her hands.

    Wicket, meanwhile, was pretending to adjust the bib of his hood.

    Batcheela stepped inside first and let Logray lead her to his canopy bed, where Teebo lay still in a patch of his own fur which was rapidly falling off, covered in Wicket's green hood. His fair forelock was mostly gone; his jaw seemed too small for his teeth. In his hands there was a long, fair braid.

    "Honeydrop, can you hear me? It's me, your mother." Batcheela touched her son's cheek, causing another patch of full to fall off. There was no response. “Logray…can he?” She put her head on his chest. “His heart is beating. But he’s showing no other signs of life.”

    "He did not wake up during the ride back home," Warok explained. "According to Latara, he regained consciousness right before Wicket killed that creature...what did Bozzie say his name was, the Wanderer...he regained conscience for a moment and said that the eye was a powerful gem."

    "A powerful gem, indeed.” Logray shook his head. “It sucked out most of his life juices."

    “What does this mean, master? Is our son going to die?”

    "No, Warok. There is one thing that can save him. I will have to use the Sunstar."

    "Has this been done before, Master?" Batcheela seemed suspicious.

    "Chak, but not in an Ewok village. There is nothing about this in my scrolls. It’s a secret that I never documented in any way. I saw it done when I was Morag’s servant. She used the purple side of the gem to revive her precious mantigrue once and the beast came alive, right before my eyes, even though it had been badly wounded."

    "Is this safe?" Warok asked.

    "As long as Kazak and the rest of the Council of Elders never finds out about it, chak, it’s safe. The Sunstar’s powers will significantly fade for a while. But just as a good wizard relies on himself first and magic the second, which your son did tonight, this village needs to rely on its warriors in the times of need.”

    Logray put on one of his ceremonial masks. He removed the green hood from Teebo’s head and handed it to Batcheela, together with Latara’s braid. He placed the gem on his apprentice's chest. Warok and Batcheela stepped back, holding each other’s hands, as the old shaman started chanting. The Shadowstone, the dark side of the Sunstar, was now emitting an aura of pale violet light that surrounded the entire bed.

    Suddenly Teebo screamed and shook one of his fists, only to be motionless a second later. Batcheela put her hands to her mouth. “His eyelids are twitching. Is that a good sign? Is my child in pain?”

    Logray stopped the worried mother from touching the violet light. “Teebo is experiencing something. It could be what happened tonight, it could be his life so far, it could be a vision of the future. We must not interrupt it, regardless of how much he might scream and how he might look like throughout. He is not feeling any pain, because all of this is happening to his spirit. His body is responding every now and then, as it needs to draw on enough of the Sunstar's energy to reconnect to his spirit. Once he’s really tossing and turning, we’ll know he’s cured."

    Indeed, behind idle eyes and twitching eyelids, Teebo was in a completely different place.

    "What is this? Why am I here? Isn't this Mount Thunderstone? This is where Logray turned Morag the Tulgah witch into stone and she crumbled to pieces. She tried to take her with him, but he escaped alive. And this tree… "

    The flowers on tree next to him were growing in a strange pattern. It did not take him long to realise that they were forming the outline of the dead witch’s wrinkled face.

    “It’s her. It’s Morag!”

    “Welcome to the Neitherworld, Goldenfur.” Morag’s raspy voice echoed through the remains of the volcano and the nearby gigantic trees. “I have been expecting you. I knew you were destined to fail.”

    “I am not to be stuck with you forever, you monster!” Teebo shook his fist at the Tulgah witch. “I died serving my master and my fellow villagers. I died saving my best friends and the girl I wanted to marry someday. I should become one with my Soul Tree and watch over my parents and my sister!”

    Morag laughed. Teebo knew that laughter too well, for he had heard it often back when he was imprisoned in the mountain with Wicket, Kneesaa and Latara.

    “Foolish Goldenfur. If I, the face of evil, can live as a beautiful tree, then there is one place less left for a soul to live forever. Your master, Logray…he betrayed you. He punished you for endangering him on the day of my demise!”

    "He did not punish me for anything. We were closer than ever after he rid Endor of the plague that used to be you, Morag! And my name is not Goldenfur!"

    “True.” The flower-face spoke again. “Goldenfur was a sweet, foolish little critter who was easy to break. His friends broke him before I came along; all I had to do was to lure him to my lair. The ugliest corpse the Ewoks are about to witness will not remind them of Goldenfur…”

    “I don’t want to die!”

    “Is that fear I am sensing in you? Good. I can offer you a trade: if you promise me you will defeat Logray, you can live again. And be the sweet little, almost girlish Goldenfur again. Otherwise, you will be an ugly corpse covered in bruises, with no single trace of fur left. Perhaps your master could make some drawings of an Ewok body for whoever his new student will be, or even stuff you…it’s not like anybody would willlingly shave their fur for that, right? Right?”

    “Logray is like a third grandfather to me. He would never dishonor my corpse! He is not you! There is no evil in his soul. He can do anything, without even touching the powers of the Night Spirit!”

    “Is that why he is now using the Shadowstone to bring you back to life?” Morag cackled. “Time to shed your ideals, just like you will shed your fur, whether you choose to live for me or die for him.”

    Teebo lay down on the ground, and was surprised to feel the dry grass scratching him. His fur was indeed falling off. Morag kept on cackling, louder and louder, the large face of flowers dissolving and each of the flowers turning into a miniature version of the witch’s face. He tried to cover his ears, but the amount of brown hair that came off onto his hands frightened him. He closed his eyes.

    And then he heard Logray’s voice.

    “She is partly right. I am using the Shadowstone to bring you back to life, but do not trust anything else she says. Snap out of it. You’re the best student I have ever had and the only one who has never betrayed me.”

    “How do I know if this is really Logray and not the Wanderer, like last time?”

    “Because Chukha-Trok could not kill the hand until you had severed the whole arm.”

    Logray’s voice was no longer to be heard. What hand was he talking about? He did sever an arm, but he didn’t remember that arm ending in a hand. Was that it?

    Teebo opened his eyes again. Numerous Morag-flowers were still staring at him, but they were quiet and their eyes were closed. He looked down at his almost bare-skinned grey legs. Never before did he realise how small he was underneath all that fur. Then he sat down, gathering his own shed fur and dry grass around himself. He expected the Morag-flowers to laugh at him, but instead of that, the tree shed all of its leaves. Once bare, it no longer resembled the Tulgah witch in any way. It was a tree, just like any other, bending as the wind was blowing. With every single blow, it seemed to be growing smaller and smaller, until only a pile of leaves remained.

    A fallen leaf found its way to Teebo. He took it in his bare hand and looked at it from both sides. The lines on it were crooked. With one more gust of wind, they rearranged themselves to resemble an unusually clear picture of a small creature carrying a huge box towards what looked like a hut. Before he could even wonder what it was, he felt the weight on top of his head.

    The next leaf was too far for him to reach. He dragged himself out of the pile of grass and fur and crawled to it. Just like the first one, this leaf had a story to tell. The lines looked like a gigantic monster crawling out of a large cave.

    Were these leaves telling a story? Just as Teebo was about to crawl to the next one, the wind blew it into his face.

    The lines formed a picture showing two bodies of water, a large tree next to a smaller one and a clear summer sky at night, with a star falling. He felt a light bite on his ear, warmth on his lips and something was pushing him backwards, as if somebody were trying to sit on him.

    The next leaf did not show as clear a picture, or so it seemed. Large Gorax-like creatures were walking on two legs and shooting fire out of their short hands. Teebo felt an unpleasant sensation in his lower back followed by an unnatural sound that resembled nothing he knew.

    Another, larger leaf, was showing a sky, but there was no ground. He could hear somebody’s voice, speaking in a language he didn’t understand.

    The pictures on the leaves were becoming blurry; the stories they were telling were becoming garbled. There was something that looked a lot like the stars on the previous leaf, but they seemed to be well placed and outnumbering the starks of the sky of Endor. At one moment, he could hear thousands of voices, but he could not make out if they were cheering on or mocking him. The pictures were slowly turning into random shapes, not accompanied by any sensation whatsoever.

    And then he picked up the last leaf. It was blank. He gasped, then looked at his palms. The lines on his palms were showing the pictures from leaves, so fast that it was making him dizzy.

    He fell down. Everything was pitch black. It was cold. And there was something on his chest. He picked it up. It was smooth and cold, in contrast to his warm skin.

    Warm skin.

    Eyelids twitching.

    He was alive.

    He opened his eyes, but everything was still pitch black.

    "" He screamed, on top of his lungs. “I cannot see!”

    As the violet light faded away, Batcheela stepped out and hugged her son. Although Teebo felt her warmth, he was getting goosebumps; she could feel them, as his fur was still falling off with every single movement.

    “Mom…is that you? I can hear you, but I cannot see you.”

    "Be careful. He's very weak." warned Logray, as he helped his apprentice drink some water.

    “And blind, by the look of things.” cried the mother, “Will he be able to see again, master Logray?”

    The old shaman shrugged and patted Batcheela on her shoulder. “Only time can tell. I need to look through the scrolls to see what else I could do for him. In the meantime, you can wrap him in some blankets and carry him home. If everything goes well, the Duloks won’t come any closer to the village...which is good, as he would freeze in the shelter.”

    "He does not have anywhere to sleep,” remembered Warok. “He broke his hammock beyond repair the last time he slept in it."

    "I had Lumat and his apprentices build me a new wooden bed. You can take it; I will request a new one. Tuck Teebo in, and use as many blankets as possible. Make sure the fire pit in the chamber is always lit. He will grow new fur, but until then, he is very, very vulnerable. Be careful.”

    Out on the platform, Wicket, Malani and Kneesaa were still waiting when an angry figure approached them. Latara, who was sitting in one corner, holding a piece of parchment close to her chest, turned around to find herself face to face with Lumat. He was fuming.


    “What has happened here and why are you waiting with them in the first place?”

    “There are many things we have to talk about, many things I kept a secret for years…but that does not matter now. If my love doesn’t live, nothing matters anymore.”

    “Your love? I knew it; the two of you were secretly canoodling before my eyes all along!”

    “The Wanderer was aiming at me and Teebo took the impact.” Latara continued. “Then…then I distracted that creature until Wicket killed him. Then there was a lot of dust…”

    Lumat shook his head. Whatever had happened was beyond his understanding. He looked over to the rest of the group, but he did not find the approval he was seeking.

    “Wicket! You’re the only male here. Do me a favour and escort my daughter home. I will deal with her later. I need to check on the catapults and…I could really use that knife she stole now. K’vark! What kind of a filthy creature did I father?”

    Kneesaa tried to say something, but Wicket winked to her and took Latara by hand. Once they were on a lower platform, he stopped for a moment.

    “Don’t worry; your father is not going to deal with anybody, as long as we’re here. Paploo and I will stick up for you and not just Lumat. The whole village will know that you fought as hard as we did. For now, you’d better hide somewhere. At least until we know if Teebo has made it.”

    “What do you mean, ‘if’?” Latara protested. “He must make it. Otherwise nothing will make sense anymore.”

    “You really love him, don’t you? How come I never noticed this before? The two of you are in love with each other!”

    There was no response, just crying, as Latara ran down to the lowest platform.

    The character standing at the lookout post, Graak, previous appeared in the notoriously boring fourth chapter, he is the one whom Kneesaa stops to ask about the hunting party. He otherwise appears in ROTJ, as a scout and he is not to be confused with another Graak.

    Latara's name, according to a character sheet, does mean Sings to the Moon.

    I am implying that Logray just toyed with the dark side, in a content that may make sense. He is not a Jedi, so why should he act like one? Then again, it's not that Jedi are completely innocent when it comes to this. Cade Skywalker did this in the Legacy comics on more than one occasion, didn't he?

    The Sunstar Shadowstone was never used to revive anything or anybody like this, so this is fanon.

    Morag the Tulgah Witch is a villain from the first season of the Ewoks cartoon. She dies in my favourite episode, Sunstar vs. Shadowstone, trying to take Logray with her, but he survives and Morag's spirit comes back as a heart-shaped tree that resembles her face. So, in this case, she can be anything from a hallucination to a Force ghost triggered by specific events. Or a little bit of both. But she is definitely not alive.
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    Excellent winding-down of the finale events. :)

    I especially liked Teebo's dream state confrontation with Morag (the sheevery about her being a tree-thingy meaning there's nowhere for him to go is brilliant :eek: -- just the kind of thing that a being like that might say, whether they could follow through on it or not.)

    And the section with Teebo's dad reflecting on Latara was wonderful.

    =D= I just really liked this; while there's a broader symbolism/meaning in there, it's also about the intensely personal and specific way that parents have to adapt to the friends and loved ones of their children -- which will almost inevitably be different from what the parents would choose out of a catalogue. ;) Warok's realization that Latara isn't just the laundry list of faults and eccentricities (and perhaps that many of those make her who she is -- for better and for worse) is really profound and touching.

    And the poem returns. I like that we don't find out what it even says until this appropriate moment, when its message is both a gut-punch and possibly a needed anchor for Latara as they navigate whatever changes may come after this. Whether or not they will be together, it seems good to have that expression of feelings out there (and yes, they've said as much to each other if I remember correctly, but there is something unique about the written word too).
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    Poor Teebo—it's just one thing after another for him, even in this recovery phase. As if that Wanderer showdown weren't traumatic enough, he has to encounter another demonic personage from his past. The way you have Morag make her return—as a face of flowers on a tree, and then as myriad faces on myriad flowers on that tree, rather than as her normal self or even as some bigger, more souped-up version of her normal self—makes her return all the more freakish and disconcerting. Especially given how the Ewoks revere trees as bearers of life energy—it's a sort of dark, sacrilegious (!) twisting of that concept. (How much of her really is in that tree? How much in Teebo himself?) Very EP work, there. :D

    "The ugliest corpse the Ewoks are about to witness will not remind them of Goldenfur": very cool parallelism with Latara's "beautiful corpse" comment from the showdown chapter.

    I imagine the meaning of Logray's cryptic words about "kill[ing] the hand" before "you severed the whole arm" will become clear later. But it's nice that even bumbling old Chukha-Trok had an important role to play in abating this scourge.

    Another thing that I'm hoping will become clear later, either in this story of its sequel, is the meaning behind the leaf images, which are probably my other favorite thing about this chapter (though gosh knows it's hard to choose). They're clearly telling a story, and that story could be Teebo’s own story, the story of something that happened earlier in history, something that could happen in the future, or maybe all those things. As I mentioned in our PM conversations, it got me wondering about how the Ewoks view time and history: do they view current happenings as a cyclical mirror of past events? Could be a fanon post, I suppose. :p

    For some reason the image of Kneesaa, Latara, and Wicket waiting together for news of Teebo brought me back to the end of the showdown chapter, where the four friends are all huddled together in the crater. They've all grown so much and learned so much about the true meaning of friendship, all because of these horrific things they all experienced together. And I like how Wicket reassures Latara—he's definitely showing what Findsboy's preschool teachers would call his "better self" there. Heartwrenching ending with her running off in tears, all self-conscious and scared to the core of her being for the boy she loves—but I hope she will also find some comfort in the support of her friends.

    Finally, like Kahara, I too was struck by Warok's acknowledgment of Latara's name and personhood (and the connection he draws between those two things reminds me somewhat of another GFFA alien culture that I happen to be fond of writing about ;) ). It's now not just Latara's immediate age-group peers who have realized that she's got a heart of true friendship and courage inside that flirty-diva exterior—now at least one of the adults knows that too. And that seems like an important step for her, and indeed for her whole group of friends. I like how he even ponders on the meaning of her name, "the one who sings to the moon": it's an apt name for her and a reminder that her love of performing has a nobler purpose behind it too. (Arguably, she couldn't have stood up to the Wanderer the way she did if she hadn't had that diva streak.) The (potential)-in-law relationship is an interesting one to read about for me, since it's one I wish I had been able to develop more in my own life—but it's definitely one that's not written about much in the realm of fanfic. So thanks for putting that in there. :)
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    Squeezing some replies while I'm wrapping up the chapter 22, which I got stuck on. Ironically, 23, 24 and 25 are complete. If anybody of the other five (I think) usual suspects finds chapter 21 too weird, don't be scared to ask questions. I don't bite...much. :)

    Thank you. :)

    She becomes a tree at the end of Sunstar vs. Shadowstone. The rest can be seen in so many ways, but the below quote from Findswoman is spot-on.


    I was struggling with that a bit, as I didn't want the readers to assume that Latara has no purpose other than becoming a girlfriend, fiance, wife in Warok's eyes; but from what I know of all of you, you would not see it that way, either way.

    I can see Warok and Lumat having a conversation at some point. Having Batcheela talk to Zephee wouldn't really be as interesting, would it? :p

    And YES to the bolded parts. A big, big yes.

    Well, you have read About a Boy, so you know [hl=black]that they will be together[/hl], which is not to say that this is where all of their differences get magically patched. There are so many things they can and will disagree on, given their different personalities, different energies and so on. Stay tuned for the next story!

    Precisely what it is. Thanks. :D

    Nope, he just wanted to make Teebo sure that it really is him and not Wanderer resurrected this time and he gives him an explanation on what happened in the lair.

    As I said in that PM, the whole GFFA seems to be functioning that way; but I will need some time to elaborate on it from the Ewoks' point of view.

    The leaf images are relevant to [hl=black]future stories[/hl] and, to an extent, Return of the Jedi, so yes. :)

    This was not intentional, just like your parallelism with two exact scenes eight chapters apart in your main fic, but thanks for pointing it out.

    Wicket had to improve, eventually; but just like this is not the definite state of Teebo and Latara's relationship, this is not the definite state of Wicket's feelings and the way he sees the world around him.
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    “It’s her. It’s Morag!”

    “Welcome to the Neitherworld, Goldenfur.” Morag’s raspy voice echoed through the remains of the volcano and the nearby gigantic trees. “I have been expecting you. I knew you were destined to fail.”

    “I am not to be stuck with you forever, you monster!” Teebo shook his fist at the Tulgah witch. “I died serving my master and my fellow villagers. I died saving my best friends and the girl I wanted to marry someday. I should become one with my Soul Tree and watch over my parents and my sister!”

    Morag laughed. Teebo knew that laughter too well, for he had heard it often back when he was imprisoned in the mountain with Wicket, Kneesaa and Latara.

    Just saw that we both have a character named Morag in our stories, but mine is written Mòrag. But both our Morags seem to be crazy, power thirsty & creepy.
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    This Morag is not an OC, she appears in four episodes of the Ewoks cartoon and in the fourth of those appearances, [hl=black]Logray kills her, retrieves the Sunstar and then she turns into a tree[/hl]; so this is basically a spin on things from the recent past. She indeed called Teebo "Goldenfur" on an occasion and was generally...a merciless, power-hungry monster.

    I need to resume reading your story, so I can see *your* Morag in action.
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    Ah, now I vaguely remember her.

    *feverishly goes to Wookiepedia

    Strange how the subconscious works, does it not? We weave facts & figures into our own fanfics from this that we heard/ saw/ read as children.

    Yes, your´s is not an OC character. [face_blush]

    You just wrote her so brilliantly that I almost forgot that she did not jump out of your skull in full battle armour. Like the goddess Athena is said to have jumped out of Zeu´s brain. ;)
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    Finally getting around to commenting!

    This initially feels like the calm after the storm - it definitely works that you included flashbacks to the return journey but didn't write it in full. It makes those moments all the more special or powerful, like this one... "And then, earlier that night, he had found her next to his son, holding his limp hand and whispering to him to hold on. The braid was gone, and so was the namelessness. In a vortex of fear for his child and blaming himself for what he used to think before, he had remembered her name. Latara. The one who sings to the moon. He promised himself never to forget her name again." - AWW. This is beautiful, especially as it is from Warok's perspective. On a lesser note, I love that you chose to use the note on that cel as the meaning of Latara's name. :)

    Then, of course, Malani remembering and giving Latara the poem (which I have to say is also beautiful and just how I'd imagine Teebo to write about love). Although it's sad, there's also something special about seeing Latara's, well, Latara-ness fall away to reveal sensitivity and her love for Teebo when she cries. I know we see her cry a couple of times in the cartoon, but it's not quite the same as this.

    Poor Kneesaa, too. :( Not only is she in such shock, but if her feelings for Wicket are on her mind at a time like this, they must be truly torturing her. It's nice to see someone acknowledge the negative side of that rather than approaching it as "Wicket is perfect and would never make anyone sad!".

    And worst of all, where we realise this chapter won't be calm at all, poor, poor Teebo. :( The Morag visions are scary but perfect, especially the flowers. I wonder if this is really her or if it's his own thoughts and pain morphing into horrible images - or a bit of both. Her calling him Goldenfur is an eerie and sad reference to how he'll no longer have golden fur after this, and it could be interpreted as a premonition of the struggles he may now have with his body image. The leaves that follow remind me of when he defeated Zarrak using leaves - this could be a sign of his unexpected triumph repeating here, representing how he beats death again. Or maybe it's just related to how Ewoks view trees... or neither of those!

    What a relief he does survive, though. :) Of course, we know he does because he appears in ROTJ, but still, this experience is convincing.

    And ugh, Lumat's reaction... now it's poor Latara. :( I can't believe he spoke to her like that in in a situation like this, but then really, of course I can - he's unfortunately a typical abusive dad, who holds his own misplaced pride and values above his daughter's feelings. I've probably said this before but although the reader hates him for it, I'm glad you took that approach based on his behaviour in the cartoon and by doing so, "shamed" him in a way. At least that Warok doesn't also react like this.

    So, overall, great chapter, and I'm looking forward to the next one. :D
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    Replying to the second round of comments. I'm hopelessly stuck with chapter 22, because of a single scene I cannot seem to get right, so this may motivate me to finish it. On top of it, the growing interest the sequel has sparked is not helping me much. :p So, I hope I can get this done soon and that you folks will like the remaining four chapters.

    I would not like her in my skull, especially not when she's a pile of lava, but I get what you mean. There will be a place for her in a short story I am planning to write, but don't tell anybody. [face_whistling]

    And yup, subconscious is a miracle and that cartoon is the kind of a thing that remains deep in memory and decides to come out all of the sudden. Or at least that's what happened in my case. :D

    No worries, as long as your uni year ended and all those projects are gone. And I got one of the best comments ever. :D

    One of the most important things in this story was to continue what Zack Gialongo has started, by showing that Latara isn't an useless, snarky egoist with love for all things shiney. The second season of the cartoon ruined her, the straight horny men into cartoon porn see no depth to her character and whatnot. Enough of that, she is as deep as the other four. :) And I am glad it comes across.

    Glad you like the poem, too. I went for something simple and half-abstract.

    Another thing that needed to be fixed after the second season of the cartoon. First of all, I was never big on them being

    OMG. I didn't even think of the leaves're brilliant, truly brilliant. :D It makes perfect sense.

    As for everything else, Findswoman said that the vision was sacreligious...remember that. ;)

    He'd better survive Episode VII, too. There have been these awful rumours about an Ewok massacre when the new big bad guy goes to retrieve Vader's mask; and given that Teebo, in his adult form, is not a kid favourite, is often referred to as the ugly and mean Ewok and so on, I sort of have fear that, if they choose to kill some Ewoks, they could kill him. Hope I'm just being paranoid. :(

    He may come to his senses, which does not mean that he will go back to his old self once the next threat comes along...

    Forgot to reply to this and I am sorry. I have noticed it and I guess it can be transformed into a character flaw, similar to the one we see with Antares Draco (whom I probably like because he reminds me of Teebo in that way). Niiice.
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    Chapter 22

    Tags: Findswoman glitteryboots

    Weechee Warrick came running back from scouting the area around the cave that the hunters had been sleeping in for the past two days. He stopped for a moment to catch his breath and take off his snowshoes. Except for Wunka, the expedition leader, everybody was fast asleep.

    "Keep it down, Weechee." Wunka got up and put a finger in front of his mouth. You will wake them up!"

    "Something is going on! I am pretty sure I saw Gorneesh's warriors…you know, the ones with err...things drawn on their bellies!"

    Wunka lit a large, four-candle lantern and ran for Paploo to sound the battle cry. Then he stopped and remembered that Paploo was not there, that he went after Wicket and Latara to protect them on their way home. He turned around to Weechee, who was shaking his head.

    “I can see what just happened." Weechee rolled his eyes. "No Paploo, huh? Admit it, Wunka, you were wrong to exclude my little brother from this hunt. He would have been able to sneak up on the Duloks unseen. And Latara, the one your friends mercilessly shamed, would have helped us by fixing the net you tore earlier today when you caught a rock and tried to pull it."

    "I thought it was a yayax!"

    "Really? You would've probably thought I was a lantern bird. Either way, at this point, I am pretty sure I will be testifying against you before the Council of Elders. But first, we have to survive this battle." Weechee started nudging the warriors closest to him. "Come on, give me a hand!"


    “Ready?” Chukha-Trok gently nudged Asha.

    She winked and nodded her head. “Ready.”

    With these words, they parted. There was no need to wish each other good luck or pray to the trees, because they didn't have much time and they had to be faster than a teek.

    Asha was leading a group of older warriors towards the location Umwak had disclosed to Logray and Chirpa. Behind her walked Deej Warrick. Relieved that his youngest son had returned home safely, he was determined to save his older sons. He was slightly suspicious about Asha being supposed to deal with the animals and confused that Logray had chosen to tend to his apprentice instead. Even more confusing was the fact that she was tossing seeds in the snow and taking a very peculiar path towards the meadow near the cave where, according to Paploo, the warriors were when Wicket was expelled.

    After a couple thousand steps, Asha stopped. She gestured to the group to be quiet. One by one, the warriors took their places on the lower branches of the closest trees, looking for safe vines to swing on.

    "Whatever you see, don't be tempted to react before I've given you a sign," she warned Deej.

    "These are Gorneesh's Duloks. We are not saving the hunters from them – we are saving everybody from being crushed under the animals' hooves and devoured by the sharpest of the fangs."

    "I still don't understand why we are doing this." The Ewok by the name of Pondo was sitting on a branch and playing with snow. "Would they ever do that for us?"

    "Listen, Pondo. I defended the forest from these vermin for as many snows as there are fingers on my hands and my feet. Before I learned how to wield my know-how weapons, they had slaughtered many innocent rabbits, munyips, maramus and other harmless creatures right before my eyes. If anybody had the reason to wish them death, it would be me. But you know what? I may not have nature powers or a bond with the Light Spirit, but I don't need them to know that slaughtering a bunch of foolish creatures who were clearly deceived is not something an honourable warrior does."

    "Besides, Pondo," Tak added, smiling at his girlfriend. "Think of it this way: they know how to deal with the other faction better than we do. We need them. And they need us. Does that make more sense to you?"

    Ponto nodded and got his slingshot ready. When everybody else was perched in their branches, Asha dug a hole in the snow and placed her ear on the moist soil below.

    "I can hear it. A stampede. The animals are coming. I can smell the Duloks, too. Now it's only the matter of who comes here first."

    Seconds later, a spear landed near Asha.

    "Freeze, tree rat!" A Dulok with an X shape drawn on his belly came forward. A few of his companions remained behind, holding the tied up Ewoks in front of them.

    Asha came out of the shadows. She was calm.

    "Aaaah, it's the Red Ghost!" one of the Duloks screamed as he started hitting the nearby Ewok hunter on the head. The X Dulok remained focused.

    "She is just an Ewok. And a princess, for that matter. Why would anybody be afraid of a princess?"

    "Awooooo!" Asha was standing still, making animal sounds.

    "That is not going to help you, princess. The animals have been captured by a monster. This time, nothing is going to save your skin!"

    "Awoooooo!" Another animal call echoed.

    "I said quit!" The Dulok was clearly annoyed.

    "I don't think it's her!" The Dulok with the diamond marking stepped out and poked his friend. "D-d-don't you feel the earthquake?"

    "It's not an earthquake!" cried the Dulok with the O symbol. "It's the animals! They are coming!"

    Indeed, large animals were stampeding from all directions – gurrecks, yayaxes, blobes, korrinas, frosches, foornars, boar-wolves, vorshaks. The ground was shaking under the weight of their hooves and feet.

    "You lurdii, what on Endor do you think you're doing?" Wunka put his hands on his face, clinging to the nearest Dulok. Both were screaming. "We are going to die!" The X symbol Dulok stepped back and joined the group.

    The animals were getting closer. To everybody’s surprise, Asha did not stop calling them. At this point, the Duloks and their captured Ewok hunters were nearly crying, unable to escape and scared to even try.

    "Is she trying to get everyone killed?" a worried Pondo asked Deej.

    To everybody's surprise, the beasts turned around a couple of hundred steps from the group. The echoes of Asha's animal calls were now coming from everywhere. Only one pair of korrinas was still running towards Asha; once they reached her, they started snuggling up against her. The Duloks were puzzled.

    "Now!" Asha jumped and gesticulated towards the night sky.

    A bunch of Ewok warriors swung in from their vines, surrounding Gorneesh's Duloks, brandishing their spears, machetes and slingshots.

    Asha jumped on a korrina and approached the X Dulok. "Do you surrender?"

    "We do. That was...that was the Red Ghost I know from my worst nightmares." The X Dulok reluctantly put up his long arms and swallowed a lump. A korrina breathing in his face was not a pleasant sight.

    "Good for you, I guess. Now, would you like to be a hero and save your king from certain death, and your wives and children from slavery?"

    The Duloks were confused. They were expecting to be taken prisoner. One by one, they started nodding their heads. Eventually, the group leader uttered a barely audible "M-hm".

    "Lead us to Patrash's hideout, then."

    "But we know..." Pondo started, but Tak subtly stepped on his foot.

    "Chak, lead us there. Your king is in danger."

    Deej Warrick untied Weechee and Widdle and hugged them. "I am so glad you are both alive, my sons."

    "Did Wicket get home safely, dad?"

    "Long story short, he did. And without him, you wouldn't have been alive now."

    "Asha, just one thing before we go. Please." Romba timidly approached the red-furred warrior on the korrina after Weechee set him free. "Was a female shaman of the Mountain Spring Village involved with this in any way?"

    "She indeed was. Gunlaag was her name. My sister and I killed her."

    "Kneesaa did…what?" Widdle gave Asha a blank stare and looked at his brother, who just shrugged.

    "Wunka, what do you have to say about this? You refused to listen to Romba when he mentioned his grandfather and we could have warned everybody else long before anything happened! What do you have to say for yourself?"

    Wunka looked down, unable to utter a single word.

    Chukha-Trok's group headed in the opposite direction from what the Dulok con artist had told Chirpa and Logray, hoping to find Patrash's camp. If all was to go well, his group was to be accompanied by Asha, elders, warriors and Gorneesh's Duloks at some point. Now that the blizzard had stopped, the caves seemed much closer to the village than Asha's long trip home earlier that day would have implied.

    "Chukha, Chukha, wait up!"

    He turned around and saw Paploo, Warok and Umwak riding on the bewitched bordok, who seemed to be having the time of his life. Warok's glider was clearly visible in the large satchel on the animal's side.

    "But…why?" The woodcutter scratched his head.

    "This poor Dulok wants to save his nephew. And given his reputation, I'm afraid he needs at least two people to save him." Paploo was trying hard not to laugh. "Not to mention that the Great Horn of the Sistermoon will come in handy!"

    Warok looked down. "As for me, I know that Patrash and Kaalwar want my head and that my son is barely alive… but it's my duty to protect our people. Now, is there any tree I could take off from? You know every single tree in the forest."

    Chukha-Trok pointed at an oddly shaped conifer nearby.

    "This is a good tree for taking off. But what are you going to do? They are in a cave. How can you fly into a cave on a glider?"

    Warok rolled his eyes.

    "Of course that’s impossible. But who ever said that I was going to do such a thing?"


    "Speak, you little piece of green slime! Speak! Where is your uncle and why did he disappear?"

    Patrash was furious. The young Dulok from Gorneesh's tribe refused to say a word.

    "T-tell him, Galak!" Gorneesh, his legs and arms tied together, was shaking with fear. "Tell him everything!"

    Galak shook his head. "You're going to have to beat it out of me."

    Kaalwar approached Patrash.

    "Let's not waste our time on him. Umwak is so clumsy that he probably slipped off the cliff. The bratling is clearly trying..."

    "He is not your father to slip off the cliff, swamp-breath."

    The warlord hissed and looked at Galak and Gorneesh. The young Dulok was staring back at him, his eyes wide open, with no fear, whatsoever.

    "How about we have him wrestle Kalgoto? If he wins, we forget this, proceed and..."

    Patrash interrupted Kaalwar. "...if he loses, we'll get rid of Gorneesh's other eye and other tuft. Maybe some more of him." He turned to Galak. "Are you up for the challenge?"

    By now, Gorneesh was squeaking with fear. He tried to reach Galak's tail with his teeth, but one of the Duloks in Ewok-fur vests kicked him in the teeth.

    "I accept. Let's go outside."

    Once again, under the light of the strange star, the young Dulok swallowed a lump. The whole group of bloodthirsty warriors from the other faction had formed a circle around him and a particularly large dark-green Dulok who was covered in numerous scars so deep that his fur was no longer growing in a couple of places. The crowd was clearly against Galak.

    "Kalgoto is going to slaughter this one!"

    "Take the fur vest off my back if the foolish bratling makes it alive!"

    "Can I have Gorneesh's headdress? No, wait... I want his wife!"

    Patrash clapped his hands. Kalgoto growled and threw himself at Galak before the young Dulok could even prepare himself for attack. The crowd laughed.

    "So, what do we cut off Gorneesh first? How about his –"

    Just then the sound of the Great Horn of the Sistermoon tore through the cold air, stopping Patrash in mid-sentence. He looked up. A shadow was standing above the cave entrance. Several shadows were lurking in the nearby trees and bushes. Paploo came out of his hiding place and sounded the horn again.

    "Dengar, Ewoks!" Chukha-Trok yelled as he jumped onto Kalgoto, then hit him on the head with a club. "Run, Dulok bratling, run!"

    Galak managed to extricate himself from underneath the bulky wrestler and crawl to the relative safety of a nearby rock. The battle he had been told about was taking place right before his eyes, but it looked nothing like what the Wanderer had promised. Ewoks were everywhere, swinging in from the vines and throwing rocks from nearby trees, and they had no fear of Patrash and Kaalwar's tribe. The Red Ghost had arrived with a pair of korrinas, one of which was about to strangle a particularly bulky Dulok warrior.

    But nobody touched him or Gorneesh.

    Warok was watching from his tree, relieved that Asha and Deej's group had joined them on time. It was his turn to strike.


    The snowy meadow was now a full-fledged battlefield. King Patrash was cutting through the battlefield with his spear. By now, he had realised that those above him were long gone and that he was now the leader. He was determined to get rid of every single furball attacking his warriors and get what he had always wanted.

    Boiling with rage, he knocked two Ewok warriors unconscious and was ready to stab the smaller and weaker one to death. And then he spotted a glider. Whoever was piloting it was more skilled than any of the Ewoks he had slain and skinned for trophy vests and bone necklaces in the past.

    "Warok! It cannot be anybody else," he thought to himself. The two unconscious warriors were suddenly no longer interesting. He spat in the smaller one's face and ran to Kaalwar, who had managed to wound a young korrina and was bleeding from a bite wound on his thigh.

    "Look up there! The one throwing rocks! It's him! The one who killed our fathers!"

    "I can see him. But I cannot get up. And I no longer think it's –"

    "Coward! One can see you're the son of Ulgo. I am going to get rid of him myself."

    The king turned around. Half of his warriors were wounded, a handful was dead; and at this point, this was no longer a war for new territories, it was his personal revenge. One toss of the spear could have been enough to knock Warok down. But he wanted more. He wanted him to suffer, just as much as his father did under the feet of the Grudakk.

    And then the opportunity presented itself.

    In the middle of the battlefield, he spotted one more of Gorneesh's Duloks – the one who had been missing before the battle, the con artist whose name he had not even bothered to remember. He sneaked towards his target. Umwak turned around. The next thing he knew, there was a stone knife against his throat.

    "King Patrash, sire? What is going on?"

    "You are going to put my headdress on. Now!"

    Umwak did not understand what was going on, but he could see that Patrash was not joking. He allowed Patrash to put his headdress on his head.

    "He's going to think you’re me and kill you. Once he has, I’ll kill him!"

    Warok threw a stone and missed. Just then, a smaller green shadow popped up from behind one of the snow-covered bushes. Galak, who kept quiet during most of the battle, quickly realised what was going on.

    "Uncle Umwak!"

    There was no use. Umwak was paralysed with fear. Rocks were falling around him, narrowly missing him.

    Galak turned around and came face to face with the Red Ghost herself. She snarled and pushed him forward. The next couple of moments were a blur. He picked up one of the rocks Warok had previously thrown and tossed it towards Patrash.

    "Uncle Umwak, duck!"

    He yelled and threw the rock, which hit Patrash in the back of the head. The Dulok king collapsed in the snow, releasing his hold on Umwak. Galak screamed and started waving his hands.

    "Don't throw any more rocks! We were with Gorneesh!"

    Warok quickly landed next to the corpse. Once he came closer, he recognised the yellow mark around Umwak's eye.

    "You are not Patrash...then the one who's lying here dead..."

    " him, yes." Galak nodded his head. "He wanted you to kill my uncle, but I...I..."


    "King Patrash has been murdered! At the hand of one of Gorneesh's bastard weaklings!"

    One by one the Dulok warriors were dropping their spears, very much to the confusion of the Ewoks. They were now waiting for whoever was next-in-command to proclaim that the battle was lost.

    "I surrender." Kaalwar got up, still bleeding from the wound and threw his spear in front of Warok. "Do whatever you want to do with me. Kill me, just like you killed my father." He looked over to Patrash's corpse and young Galak standing beside it, still trembling over what he had done.

    "No. I never wanted to kill Ulgo in the first place and I won't kill you, either. Back in the days, King Vulgarr, Patrash's father, knowingly sent me and my group of warriors to the cave where your father dwelled in exile. Ulgo died by accident – he hit himself on my glider and slipped after I tried to set free the lantern birds he was to eat – but ultimately, Vulgarr wanted him dead and I was the scapegoat. You didn't know this, did you?"

    Kaalwar's earliest days, when he spent his time wallowing in the mud with his father Ulgo, had long been overshadowed by memories of the days when he had asked everybody where his daddy was, never getting an answer. Once he was old enough to get an answer, he was told the story of the blood-thirsty Ewok named Warok.

    To everybody's surprise, the Dulok warlord removed his Ewok-fur vest, the only relic of his late father, and knelt in front of his captor, his face down.

    "A warrior can be wrong, Warok. And I was wrong. You are free to do whatever you want with me. Or get your actual magician to deal with me."

    "Magician?" Deej scratched his head at what he presumed was a clumsy description of Logray, but his sons signalled him to keep quiet.

    The remaining warriors gathered around. Warok looked at his his enemy for a while, then ordered him to get up.

    Kaalwar stood there, his mouth starting to wibble. "What?"

    "Get up. I am not going to kill you. My son almost died tonight at the hands of the menace that recruited you and Patrash. And I am grateful to the Great Tree and Brother Sky. In return for their mercy, I have decided to spare your life."

    Asha came forward. "All the Duloks we have ever seen were cowards and unfair fighters. You seem to be an exception. I agree with Warok – we are doing this in good faith."

    "That's right." Deej joined in. "And if you ever forget this night and how all your fellow Duloks deceived you, only for your enemies to end up being the ones telling you the truth..."

    "I know. And I am not going to forget it."

    The warriors from both sides were counting their losses and getting the help they needed for their injuries. Umwak and Paploo walked over to Gorneesh, who was still trying to free himself from the ropes, now unable to get his head out of them.

    "Umwak! My dear sweet shaman, get me out of here. Please."

    "Sorry, sire. It's best for everybody's safety if you remain tied up."

    All things that do not seem familiar from the story are direct references to The Adventures of Teebo: A Tale of Magic and Suspense. Kaalwar's memories, however, are fanon.
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    Sep 2, 2012
    Interesting to see Asha take center stage. I liked that final episode of Season 1.
  20. glitteryboots

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    Feb 18, 2015
    With all of the action and emotion of the previous couple of chapters, I'd almost forgotten that the Duloks still had to be dealt with. :eek: I agree that it's definitely interesting to see Asha take the lead. She's an awesome character and you've managed to communicate that. Also, I'm glad Wunka gets what he deserves and realises he was wrong to treat Wicket - and especially Latara - the way he did. Great battle scene (go Ewoks!) and it's great to see the Ewoks and Duloks begin to accept each other, too, even though Gorneesh and co. will undoubtedly start bothering them, in their silly way, again soon. I hope Kalwaar means that he'll never forget it and will perhaps even repay the Ewoks for sparing him at some point in the future... though he is a Dulok, so maybe I'm expecting too much. :p

    My favourite part, though, has to be Galak saving the day. :D It's always nice to see "lesser" characters end up as heroes, and he definitely deserved more of a presence in the cartoon.
  21. Findswoman

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    Feb 27, 2014
    We know, of course, that Asha's got an ability in communicating with animals that's at least as valuable as any skill that could be classified under the heading "nature powers" (and yes, I know they're technically different). And we see it in action here, but we also see that she's a capable, astute, and highly principled leader of sentients too. That is summed up when she says:

    ...which is 100% spot-on.

    And Asha practices what she preaches by treating her enemies equitably, giving them the chance to help her and her warriors save their ruler rather than taking them prisoner. And I can see where that move initially baffles the X Dulok and his companions, given that that kind of mercy toward enemies doesn't seem to be a thing most Duloks value.

    And yet valiant behavior isn't lacking among the Duloks either, for we see two examples here, in Kaalwar and young Galak. I just love how you've written Galak's youthful gumption in the face of Patrash's goons in order to protect his uncle, and it's fitting that he ends up being [hl=black]the one to kill Patrash, the headdress ruse notwithstanding[/hl]. And Kaalwar shows that he is a mensch and an honorable warrior by removing his fur vest before Warok and admitting that "a warrior can be wrong." Here it was especially interesting to get a glimpse into the history between Warok and Kaalwar's father, and to see Kaalwar's thought processes in realizing that the long-drummed-into-his head image of Warok as a bloodthirsty, vengeful murderer is not at all true.

    Great job with all the battle scenes on this one: spot-on timing, pacing, wording for each of these pivotal battle moments. And just the right amount of detail too: it's easy with battle and action scenes to get bogged down in a lot of inessential violence just because it sounds cool, and you don't fall into that trap here at all. When the time comes for me to write scenes like this, I'll be coming back to this chapter as a model.

    I am curious now to see what will become of Gorneesh and especially Umwak—Umwak in particular, since he's arguably another one of those Duloks with a deep-buried streak of good, or at least of nonevil. And I love the last two lines, which are so in character for them both, and which I can totally hear in my mind's ear performed by the voice talents from the cartoon:

    Because of course the only time anyone's ever going to be "dear" and "sweet" to an old meanie like Gorneesh is when it's a matter of saving his own bacon. Plus, it's refreshing somehow to see Umwak saying no to Gorneesh, even if it is basically just out of necessity. :D
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    Jul 31, 2014
    She is easily my second favourite Ewok. Sure, there is a huuuuuuuuge gap between the first and the second, but still, 'nuff said.

    That episode is a major tearjerker, though I wish they had kept the campfire scene in the end that is otherwise seen in the picture book.

    But of course. We are the E-e-e-e-e-e-e, and not the Doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo!

    Asha FTW!

    We're yet to see what he got in one of the last two chapters. :p But yes, basically that.

    Well, Shadows of Endor has [hl=black]Agluk doing what he's doing and he is from Gorneesh's tribe, yet the Duloks whom Wicket sets free attack the Stormtroopers and the Griagh, but not Ewoks...[/hl], so it can be looked at from two different perspectives.

    I didn't plan out his future yet, so we'll see. Anything is possible.

    He could've had a rule of the only vaguely sane Dulok in Gorneesh's tribe, really sucks that he never got an official name and so on. Glad you appreciated the unexpected role I gave him.

    I think the moment where the difference is shown in the episode where Asha is introduced is often ignored. That scene where she and Teebo look at each other before she even acknowledges Wicket and Paploo is a big deal. He frees the maramu stag calming him down by using his powers and then biting through the Dulok net. She calls her korrinas by howling like she's the leader, the alpha of the pack. And neither of them seems to understand what the other is on about.

    All of that lead me to think that, with Teebo missing and Logray tending to him, Asha would do the job just fine, with no magic involved. :)

    Asha knows that Patrash introduced Kaalwar to a steady diet of hate; and that he got Gorneesh's Duloks into a trap with the intention of killing them. There's this scary subtext implying that his followers would [hl=black]treat the wives of Gorneesh's Duloks as material posessions and adopting their children, introducing them to more violence....

    There is a similar thing in AzureAngel2 's fic, but it seems normalised from what I have read so far, plus they have poligamy. I never thought about how would Patrash's rule look like, had he got all he wanted, but now I am sort of wondering. At the same time, I doubt it would last long. [/hl]

    And in case anybody wondered, what he wanted to cut off Gorneesh's body is what you all thought it was. :p Since it's Gorneesh, it's more comical than scary; but yeah, I never wanted it to actually happen.

    That particular Dulok was leading the group that wanted to slaughter the above-mentioned maramu stag for his horns, he and another Dulok kidnapped Latara when she was travelling with the Jindas...not a nice creature, not at all.

    Kaalwar is a mensch, indeed. Just like Galak exibited uncommon Dulok traits - brains, bravery and willing to sacrifice himself for somebody else; Kaalwar is displaying brains, bravery and honour.

    Thanks. There are not many action scenes on here, so I didn't have much to look at, so I went by visualising it all in my head. :)

    His own bacon and, as we say here, white kidneys. [face_whistling]

    And I wanted Umwak to somehow tell Gorneesh off at some point, so this was a great opportunity. And in-character...he is still somewhat slimey while saying it.
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    Chapter 23

    Tags: Findswoman (the Findsbeta) glitteryboots

    It was close to dawn and so cold that even water in the heated tank in the centre of Bright Tree Village was starting to freeze close to the top. But nobody was sleeping. Numerous non-warriors, children and the elderly were returning from the safety of the nearby shelter. Master Logray was treating the injured with the help of Shodu Warrick and Bozzie.

    Kneesaa and Wicket had been looking for Latara all night. They found her where they had least expected to find her – at the bordok stable. She was hiding behind a large mare and two of her fillies, clutching a piece of parchment to her chest and crying.

    "We brought you some food and water." Kneesaa placed a wooden tray on the floor, knelt next to Latara and reached for her hand. "The other Duloks have been defeated, one of their leaders is dead and we are safe."

    Latara turned her face to the wall, hugging one of the bordok fillies.

    Wicket shook his head and sat next to both girls. "We forgot to tell her the most important thing! Arandee, Latara, Teebo has made it! He's very weak and, from what Batcheela told my mother, almost all of his fur has fallen off, but he's survived."

    "Really?" Latara turned around and pulled Wicket by the bib of his hood. "You are not just saying this to get me out of here and find my father in front of this stable, are you?"

    "Chak, really. He won't be accepting visits for maybe half a moon, but Malani is very keen to keep us updated on how he's doing. In her own words, the two of you are like her and me...whatever that is supposed to mean!"

    Latara let the filly go. She turned around and hugged both her friends.

    "You have no idea how happy I am right now. But my father looking for me?"

    "I told him that you ran off and he went out to look for you, along with a young scout I recommended. They are searching the grove high and low." Wicket giggled at the thought of Lumat being left to his own devices with young Gwig. "I reckon they will be busy for a day or so. In the meantime we need to find you a new place to hide. You can't stay in this stable."

    "I can. I don’t even mind the smell. I’m not getting out of here. Ever. I don't want my father to find me."

    Kneesaa had an idea.

    "Come and stay with us for a while!"

    "Aren't Bozzie and Paploo staying with the three of you? It's going to be crowded."

    "Crowded, chak, but you'll be safe. No Ewok has ever been able to avoid the rage of Bozzie without consequences. Come on. I will fix you a warm bath and Wicket will tell the Elders what role you played in defeating that evil creature. He is testifying before my father and the Council of Elders later today."

    Lumat returned to his hut at the break of dawn. Zephee got up from her hammock and ran to the main chamber.

    "Any news of Latara? I am worried about her."

    "No. I could not find her. I wonder whose idea it was sending that useless wokling to help me. But never mind. I have come to the conclusion that Latara is hiding somewhere in the village. And I am not going to search through everybody else's huts...nor can I, for that matter. We will wait for her. Once she is no longer hiding, she will be in trouble!"

    "You're being too hard on her!"

    "Silence! On top of her disobedience and stealing my knife, her running away makes me think she’ll try to get to her lover at some point. And that...that no-good bard might as well remain blind for life. What kind of a future would she have with him?"

    "The kind of a future that she wants, not the future you are trying to carve out for her," Zephee said sotto voce, then went to check on her younger children.

    Lumat yawned and sat at the table, eyeing an empty plate.


    Half of a moon had passed since the Ewoks had saved their home from the Wanderer, Gunlaag and Patrash's Duloks. The Council Hut was full of villagers who were about to witness an unexpected warrior initiation ceremony. Shodu and Deej Warrick were among those sitting in the front row. Head Elder Kazak, Chief Chirpa and Master Logray were standing on one side of the improvised stage, Wicket on the other. "Behold, Ewoks!" Chief Chirpa addressed the present villagers. "Today we have gathered for an important ceremony in the middle of the winter. One might say we have lost our minds, but I don’t think we have. Right, Kazak?

    "Right." Kazak pulled his face into a grimace that was supposed to signify approval.

    "Our young friend Wicket Wystri Warrick stood out since his earliest days. He was always breaking the rules and getting in trouble. If we were to say that he is the most reckless soul to ever see the light of day in Bright Tree Village, that would not be an understatement. He was only twelve snows old when he tagged along with the expedition sent to revive the Tree of Light. After the next snow, we gave in and presented him with a belt of honour. He got into even more trouble trying to complete it. Close to one snow ago, he lost it in a battle with a wizard of the Night Spirit. Some of us were grateful for that…by that time, we were questioning our decisions."

    The older Warrick brothers were close to laughing, but Chirpa continued.

    "We should have probably bestowed the rank of a warrior upon him when he brought his friends back from the skies, where no Ewok had gone before, but we found a way not to. We introduced a minimal age for warriors and managed to hold back his initiation a bit longer. However, in the light of recent events, and knowing that the stars had predicted rough times ahead, I have decided to lower the number of requirements necessary for an apprentice to advance to the rank of a warrior. Why? Bright Tree Village needs more warriors. And warriors come in all shapes and sizes. In some cases, their flame burns from the day they were born and it would be a shame to put it out. Chukha-Trok, would you please bring the last item for Wicket’s belt of honour?"

    The burly woodcutter stepped out of the crowd, carrying a pebble eye. He removed Wicket’s belt of honour to stick this new trophy on it.

    "This is a mem...murm...mam...a thing from the hunting party, a pebble we found in the rubble remaining behind from the Wanderer's lair. It's the last item on the young one’s belt of honour."

    Chirpa waited for Chukha-Trok to be done and then he called Wicket over.

    "Wicket, please join me."

    The diminutive Ewok stepped forward.

    "Kneel down before your Elders and promise to serve your tribe."

    "I promise. And I will never let anybody down."

    Wicket stood back up. The belt of honour remained on the floor.

    "It looks like we’ll have to get the leather workers to make this a bit tighter for him. Or maybe not?" Logray said and pointed his staff at the belt, which then lifted into the air and was placed back on Wicket’s shoulder, this time tighter than it was. "The size should not matter in this village anymore."

    The crowd clapped their hands and jumped. Wicket looked down, let out a single tear and then bowed to everybody.

    "I would like to say something." Wicket turned to the Elders. "Unless it’s against the rules?"

    "Like you ever called about the rules, young one…"

    "Kazak! Let my son say what he intends to!" a clearly irritated Deej Warrick yelled from the crowd.

    "You may speak, Wicket."

    "Honourable Elders and fellow villagers, I was never much of a speaker, so I’m sorry if this does not sound as good as it should. I’m more than flattered to receive the honour I have been determined to receive ever since I was old enough to understand what warriors do. At the same time, I am not particularly happy about how this came to be. Two of my close friends were almost murdered by the Wanderer. If it hadn’t been for the presents they gave me for my birthday, which I took for granted, they would both be gone now. Dead, under the rubble." He paused. "I might be young and inexperienced compared to most of the Ewoks present here today, but there is something I want to share with everybody. Never laugh at your friends. Never make fun of the ways they express their loyalty to you and respect them. Thank you once again!"

    He put his hand on his heart and closed his eyes. The spectators were silent. Then Kneesaa clapped and nudged Paploo, who was standing next to her, and he clapped too. Soon, the whole hut was cheering for Wicket.

    "Wicket reminded us of another important thing we would have otherwise discussed only at the next council meeting, so thank you, Wicket. The recent events almost cost us the lives of two young people and while one is here with us, the other will take some time to recover. However, that does not mean we cannot honour both of them. I would like…Latara, the hoodmaker apprentice, and Warok, the humble fisherman and the best on glider that this village has ever had to please come forward."

    Latara swallowed a lump. She had not expected to be honoured. She got up in front of the crowd and looked for her parents among the hoods present. And indeed, Zephee was standing close to the window, smiling.

    "Kneesaa, would you please give a speech on behalf of your friend?"

    The village's princess joined the elders and the honourees.

    "For hundreds, thousands of snows, there was a belief that girls are not supposed to be warriors, and our society was always looking down on them. Still, we always had a handful of incredible female warriors, most recently Asha and Chirita. But that is not enough. Look at me, for example. I was held back so many times. I had to disobey my own father a couple of times, until he assured me that his disapproval was not about my gender. He was afraid of losing me, like he had lost my mother. But I know that many other older Ewoks don’t share his views, so this is important – from this day on, each female in this village is granted the right to carry a knife, an axe, a spear, bolo-slings or whatever she sees fit, whichever weapon suits her best."

    "Chak." Chirpa nodded his head and backed his daughter's statement up. "Our legends keeper is female, our heir to the throne is female…and we’re sure that every woman in this village can be whatever she wants to be."

    Wicket and Warok both clapped. Kneesaa gestured to them to stop.

    "All of this said, I would like to present my friend Latara with a new knife, similar to the one that helped her in the fight against the Wanderer." She handed the knife to her friend. "Now you can clap!"

    Latara raised her knife in the air and smiled broadly, then winked. Head Elder Kazak was looking at her with disapproval, but she did not seem to care about it. After the applause died down, she hugged Kneesaa, who then finished her speech.

    "Father, I’m done. You may now address Warok."

    "Thank you, my daughter. Warok, you have always been a respected member of the tribe, but we feel like we never took your son seriously and on the behalf of the council. We would like to apologise to both him and you. Logray?"

    The old shaman began speaking.

    "Young Teebo was my prospect from the day I had realised that he sees what many of us don’t. I took him as my apprentice two snows ago. He helped me retrieve the Shadowstone and defeat Morag; later on he defeated Zarrak, my former apprentice who turned to the Night Spirit. Through these quests, as well as the most recent one, which almost took his life, he’s not only shown a great understanding of the powers of the nature, but also great bravery – something many of the villagers present today were too quick to judge him about. Warok, while I will understand if your son wants to step back from magic for a while, I want you to know, and to tell him, that we are very grateful to him. And this axe is for him. Chukha made it to resemble his own, but it’s slightly smaller, therefore more suitable for hand-to-hand combat. The next time Teebo proves his bravery, we’ll be happy to bestow the rank of warrior upon him as well. After all, I started out as a warrior myself!"

    Warok humbly accepted the axe. Malani in the crowd smiled and hugged her straw doll. For the first time in her young life, she was more proud of her brother than her crush.

    "Great danger lies ahead of us," Logray continued. "But, with so many brave young Ewoks joining the warrior circle, our village will remain strong!"

    Now that the Elders were done, the musicians came onstage. A celebration was about to start. Kneesaa rushed to congratulate Wicket. Warok and Malani were about to head home to join Batcheela and Teebo. Latara returned to Bozzie and Paploo, and then she saw Lumat approach her. She took Paploo's hand and he immediately pulled out his slingshot. Bozzie stepped in front of Lumat.

    "This girl is so much more than you ever thought she was. And I don’t care if she was born from your seed. We won’t let you hurt her."

    "Bozzie, calm down. Paploo, put that slingshot away. I want to apologise to my daughter and talk to her on my own."

    "Only if she wants to…"

    "It’s all right." Latara winked to her protectors. "I’ll yell if I’m in trouble."

    The two stepped back and Lumat kneeled on one knee.

    "Latara, would you forgive me? Will you come back home? We’re missing you."

    "Hmmm…I am pretty sure you lied to me about my mother being ashamed of me. And, for the past half of a moon, you were not there for me when I was heartbroken and bruised. You only cared about what you’d heard about me from others, as if that was the only thing that mattered."

    "I know and I’m sorry. I would hate to lose my beautiful, brave, outspoken girl."

    "Is that just because you and mom are having a hard time with Nippet and Wiley?"

    "No, absolutely not. You are old enough to know your responsibilities. You can play your flute whenever you like. And I promise I won’t stand between you and Teebo. If I see him hug you in the main square on a particularly busy day, I won’t mind."

    "Dad, I’m more likely to do that than him!" Latara laughed. "I’ve always been the more mischievous of us two."

    "Are you coming home with me and your mother, then?"

    "I will be home by sunset. Warok, Malani, wait up!"


    Latara entered Teebo and Malani's chamber. Her loved one was tucked under a pile of blankets, covered by a large piece of animal fur up to his neck. He looked nothing like the boy she had fallen in love with. Gone was the silky light brown and ochre fur. His face and lower arms, the only parts of his body that she could see, were covered in barely visible black stubble. His eyes were not following her.

    "Latara, is that you? I can smell you, but I cannot see you."

    "Go ahead, tell him something," Batcheela reassured the girl, who just stood there, surprised.

    "Chak, Teebo. It's me and I’m here for you." Latara was trying to keep herself from crying. She took the bare hand that reached out to her. Teebo rubbed her palm against his cheek and kissed it. The stubble from his growing fur tickled her.

    "You weren’t hurt as badly as I was, I hope?"

    "I had some minor bruises, but other than that, nothing."

    "And your braid..." Teebo reached to the stump next to the bed. "I wish there was a way I could put it back onto your head, with magic." He started coughing and took a deep breath. "I'm sorry, I'm so weak and I need to sleep again. Will you come to see me tomorrow?"

    "I will." Latara gently tapped him on the shoulder. The emotions were overwhelming her and she hastily left the chamber, not wanting Teebo to sense that she was close to tears. Warok and Batcheela were waiting to speak to her.

    "What did Master Logray say about Teebo's condition?" she asked them.

    "He will probably get his sight back after his new fur has grown." Batcheela hugged Latara and smiled. "The Wanderer was very powerful, but he couldn't kill him, and that says a lot."

    "M-hm." said Warok. "While it’s always been somewhat of a curse to have a son who can feel and see beyond what we know, it was his nature powers that helped him resist the dark magic for as long as he did. We did not find one single thing remaining behind except the stone blade of his old knife – his cap and pouch had literally burned to crisp."

    "And the two of you aren’t…angry with me?"

    "Why would we be? Come around again tomorrow...or any other day, for that matter."

    The trip to space referred to in Chirpa's speech takes place in the last episode of the Ewoks cartoon, Battle for the Sunstar.

    The "legends keeper" Mistress Kaink appears in Caravan of Courage film, as well as the first season cartoon episode Wicket's Wagon.
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    Feb 27, 2014
    A nice life-affirming ceremony and celebration after hardships, trials, and troubles—the true Star Wars way, and our young heroes deserve it. It is nice (and about time! ;) ) to see them getting publicly recognized by the whole village.

    I'm particularly stoked about Latara's honor. Given the (not totally rightful) reputation she has among the villagers (hence her own surprise, no doubt), this is an important way for the whole community to see that there's more to her than meets the eye. It is fitting that Kneesaa is the one to bestow her honor, and I imagine that in her future career as Chieftess Kneesaa will be a tireless advocate for the advancement of the women of her species.

    The gift of the axe to Teebo (by proxy), along with the explanation of why he might decide to put his magic on hold for a time, is a cool and sensible way of bridging the seeming disconnect between the cartoon series's shaman!Teebo and ROTJ's warrior!Teebo. Nice work there in making that all make sense, because it's one of those things that can royally confuse the lay viewer (meaning myself :p). And it's just so cool that you had Logray reference his own background at that moment—because yes, he DID get his start as a warrior. I'm now curious to know more about his youth and hope that has some chance of being a future EP story! (I imagine too that his time with Morag was instrumental in his turn to shamanhood.)

    Encouraging too to see reconciliation between Latara and her dad (though I hope he really means it!) and a renewed understanding between Latara and Teebo's parents. I find (prospective) in-law relationships like this very interesting, and not enough fanfics explore them, so thanks for doing so. :D

    And the visit to Teebo was a nice way to end. Just shows how full of real, true-blue heart both these two are, but at the same time we get a sense that Latara's still processing the change that's come over her beloved and needs time for it all to sink in—which is completely natural and in no wise diminishes her love. [face_love]
  25. glitteryboots

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    Feb 18, 2015
    Ahh, a heartwarming chapter. [face_love] Though a little bittersweet, as Teebo can't be there himself and is still suffering.

    As usual, I'm glad to see Wicket behave less arrogantly and to acknowledge his friends over himself. The Wicket of the second season cartoon would have behaved much more selfishly when this moment finally came, and it's great to see that he is changing.

    I love how you've incorporated the feminist themes of the cartoon into this story and explored them more. Echoing what Findswoman said, but I can't wait to see how Kneesaa will continue that when she's Chieftess, because I'm sure she will. I'm also intrigued to know more about Logray's past now - I don't think I knew that about him starting as a warrior, or I'd forgotten - and I'm glad there's a chance for Teebo to continue studying with him.

    I have a nagging feeling that knowing Lumat, his apology is only temporary, but I hope it isn't.

    Of course, also as usual, it's lovely to see Latara's softer side revealed with her love for Teebo - and also her returning a bit to her usual, well, Latara-self. Excited to see where they all end up next. :D
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