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    Aww, thanks! [:D] I was thrilled to see that tie in the results, since I'd been wanting both to win though it seemed like a long shot. Sometimes, now and then, you do get to have your cake and eat it too. [face_party] Congratulations, and thanks for introducing the boards to a fantastic canon pairing that most of us had no idea existed. You do a spectacular job of showing just how much these characters and this world are a fascinating part of the Star Wars galaxy. :)
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    I am extremely late to this story [face_blush].

    I have always liked the Ewoks and I think they get unfairly picked on. Yes, they're cute and fuzzy, but they also kick the Empire's butt, and they pretty much saved RotJ for child-me who was terrified of the rancor. That being said, I somehow never got into the Ewoks cartoon or comics, so at first I had a little trouble catching up on all the back story, but the characters have really drawn me in. I especially like Teebo; I can relate being knowledgeable and yet clueless when it comes to matters of the opposite sex. He's so sweet and earnest, I just want to hug him. :). You're a lucky Ewok, Latara, most females would give their eye teeth for a male so thoughtful and dedicated.

    Latara is an interesting character, too. She's an artist and fashionable, but no shrinking violet. She can definitely hold her own against the boys. I love how she puts the hunters who call her a "tart" in their place.

    I'm only on Chapter 14 right now, and I am really enjoying how the story has evolve from a young adult romance/drama to a coming of age adventure with some genuinely creepy suspense. I also like how you used the early part to set up the characters so we can see how they, too, are evolving. I'm sorry if I missed it earlier (I've been skimming the comments so I can read more of the story) but is there significance to the fact that all the dead animals the Ewoks find are young? Also I have a theory about Teebo's vision of Latara's future with the strange hunky Ewok:
    Does it have to do with the fact that Teebo is brown in the cartoon, but black and gray in the movie?

    More to come soon!
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    And I am extremely glad that you're reading it. I've been catching hints that you like Ewoks here and there and hoping for this sofa king much. :D I can't respond to the spoiler BECAUSE REASONS, but the rest, I'm trying to approach it the way your comment deserves - hope I won't fail at it. [face_blush]

    Iwasrightiwasright...but seriously, did you end up watching anything? :D The first season of the cartoon series is a work of art.

    This means so much to me, that you have no idea! I obviously adore him to the point where it's silly, and, yeah, my username is essentially him. [face_love] He's absolutely sweet and would not hurt anybody. Now, being the Force-sensitive of the bunch, in a world that's not evolved past stone age...that's a whole different story.

    And she will be realising this, over the years. He also needs to realise that she's a match for him. :)

    She is rude to pretty much everybody to a certain extent, but those hunters absolutely deserved it. Just because she's a pretty girl who is seductive to a certain extent, she should not be called a tart and she knows it. :)

    [hl=black]Cubs can be run down in stampedos or abandones by possessed animals.[/hl]
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    I've finally had a chance to read a few more chapters....Wow! Action! Danger! Suspense! And to think, I thought at the beginning this was going to be a sweet little YA drama with Ewoks. ;)

    I won't say Gunlaag got what she deserved, exactly, but it was probably a quicker end than she had planned for Bozzie, Asha and all of Bright Tree Village. She was a nasty piece of work, and even her allies don't mourn her passing. Speaking of which, Oh My Goat! The Wanderer :eek: He and his transformed carvings/creatures with their pebble eyes creeped me right out. Ugh. Whatever's in those stones, I'm pretty sure Wicket shouldn't be keeping them as souvenirs.

    And Teebo [face_love] I wanted to hug him before, and now I really do! He's going willingly into the Wanderer's lair, towards what he believes will be his death and Latara living happily ever after with someone else. Someone needs to tell all those macho hunter types that this is true bravery. He reminds me of Sam Gamgee in "The Lord of the Rings," who would like nothing more than to garden in peace, but hikes up Mount Doom for love of his friend. (And who, in my opinion, is the real hero of LotR)

    I am definitely 'shipping him and Latara now :D
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    What is the best "from a certain point of a view" response to this? I mean, it is a YA drama, but some whole new creepy level. :D

    Gunlaag and The Wanderer are like super-homocidal takes on Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd, in some way. That just occurred to me and I am not sure if it's making sense.

    Sorry for creeping you out!


    To me, there are two types of fictional and non-fictional crushes - people you want to have for yourself and people for whom you want to end up in the most beautiful of the relationships with those whom they deserve and those who deserve them. Teebo has always been the second type to me. I guess that little girls drawn to non-macho characters who see things and talk to trees to that extent (seriously, he establishes himself as that from episode one) are not a common thing, but I was one.

    And the Sam comparison is spot-on, especially given how Wicket is a designated hero in almost all episodes, sometimes in situations where the other characters would have solved the things better. There's one that irritates me in particular, which is the worst of the whole Ewoks cartoon, The Season Scepter.

    Once again, thank you so, so, so, so much for reading this. @};-
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    Nov 22, 1999
    I finally finished and SQUEE!!!! I am so happy that Teebo and Latara get their happily ever after [face_love] I love the fact that the vision Teebo thought was predicting his doom was pointing towards his happy ending the whole time (I had my suspicions, but it's always good to see things confirmed.)

    I just have to say =D= =D= =D= for a marvelous story. You've really done a great job in creating an entire world that really lives and breathes. It's always interesting to find fan fic that showcases non-human species, particularly when they have a believable (and believably non-human) culture. Your encyclopedic (wookieepedic?) knowledge of Ewok culture let you include all the little details that make it so well rounded and make the Ewoks seem like--well, Ewoks and not just small humans transplanted to Endor. They have their own religion, traditions, and way of thinking that makes them unique.

    I think what makes this story really great, though, is your cast of characters. Even the minor characters are well drawn and feel real, but of course it's Teebo and Latara who really shine. Both of them start out being dismissed by others, Latara because she's a "tart" and Teebo because he's a dreamer who doesn't fit the mold, but they both get the chance to show that they have hidden strengths. Can I say that I love that Latara gets to be a girly fashionista AND kick some serious butt? Because so often it's either/or (female warriors can be beautiful but the Force help us if they WANT to be pretty, 'cuz that's not feminist :rolleyes: ) And likewise Teebo is sensitive and kind, but incredibly brave and strong at heart. I think every author wants their readers to love their characters as much as they do, and you have totally succeeded with me. :D TEEBO 'N' LATARA (Lateebo? Teebara?) 4 EVAH1!!1!

    (This was a prize drawing I made for Ewok Poet, of Teebo and Latara, as they appear at the beginning of the story. I love the way it turned out, but it wouldn't have had as much heart without your story to inspire me [face_love])
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    You're the only person who got that right, actually. I was amazed from the moment you spotted it on.

    And they have to work on their happily ever after, obviously, but it's there. :)

    You're welcome. [face_blush][face_blush][face_blush] I'd take a bow, but I'll probably fall down if I do or somehow hit my head or pinky toe against a random object.

    While I did my best for the main five to be equally important, I'm glad that these two shined, because at the end of the Ewoks cartoon, in the second season, they were reduced to these absurd comic relief characters, most of the time.

    Well, there's always Buffy Summers...though I find her a bit too extreme, to the point she makes us nerd girls who look semi-girly and semi-nerdy feel lonely. On the other hand, the stereotype nerd girl characters do, too! Thank goat for Dr. Aphra!

    In some way, all Ewoks defy a bunch of tropes that way - from Return of the Jedi on. They're cute, but they're deadly. They look stupid, but they're resourceful. And so on!

    Latara does kick some serious butt, but the person whom I feel obliged to credit for that is Zack Gialongo. He had her hold a blaster and save herself despite being hit by a Stormtrooper in Shadows of Endor. Totally badass. :) And after that, she still snuggles to her boyfriend at the Sacred Horn of Soul Trees ceremony, with her arm bandaged.

    And he remains sensitive even when he's this tough stripey Ewok with the gurreck skull headdress and the tooth necklace (best fashion in SW, definitely!). I am this nutjob who thinks that his feelings were really hurt when Artoo was messing with him. :(

    I do have some folks who are unlovable on purpose, but that's a different story. XD These, though, YES, I wanted them to be loved and understood, especially given how much Ewoks are dismissed.


    When an artist puts their heart in what they created, it's a big deal. The biggest deal of them all. And I'm so, so happy that I got to pick you and get this. It was one of my wildest dreams from the first time I saw your drawings on here. THANK YOU. :)
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