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Star Wars Star Wars: Episode V: Twilight of the Force II: A Father’s Fate

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    Mhi solus tome,

    mhi solus dar'tome,

    mhi me'dinui an,

    mhi ba'juri verde,

    Ni kar'tayl gar darasuum...

    Some six years later, seven years before the present day.

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    OOC: A combo with @Sinrebirth :)

    IC: Pascale Rouser, Ike, Qwi Xux
    Location: Nouane City University, Nouane City, Nouane

    It was high time he checked in on their resident war criminal, so he did so. In the intervening years since he had arrived, Ike had kept an eye on Pascale Rouser, if only because it broke up the monotony of his daily routine. The guards and staff essentially rolled their eyes at the blond man, his hair slicked up into a point like an unnecessarily dramatic animated character; the shoulder inserts to make them to point outwards in his clock didn't do much to negate the impression.

    But Ike enjoyed being underestimated, so he played into it.

    Inevitably, he found the archaeologist in the library, and Ike often dropped off tidbits of news about the New Republic, or things 'he had heard', because why not? He'd never left Nouane with the man, as and when he did risk it on a job of some kind, or some other. Dancing around a Umbaran librarian, who squeaked in surprise, Ike swept up to Rouser and planted his backside on the corner of his desk.

    "Helloooo," he whispered, not all that close to the mans ear.

    Just close enough, am I right?

    It was time to look for another adventure.

    Well one that had a bit more danger than he was used to.

    The last couple of runs he had done had involved picking up a couple of vases, and pretty ones at that. One he had managed to steal before a competitor came calling and spotted him, the other hidden in a rather dark and dusty cave. After a few years of living on Nouane and keeping a low profile he needed to make sure that he kept his coffers topped up. An underworld client and a collector had thankfully paid him a good sum for both vases and now here he was back in the university library looking for more artefacts he could claim.

    Being a war criminal meant he had to hide away for a bit until the noise died down. He had managed to pop to systems nearby and grab these gems but he was beginning to get restless and make his way back into the wider galaxy. But he had to be patient and bide his time, these quick runs would keep him going and on edge.

    And he had his new Force abilities to play with. He had researched in the libraries of Nouane about the Force, both it’s light and dark aspects and had not decided which to embrace as yet. He didn't want to be a monster like QI’ra though, all he wanted to do was stay sharp and beat his competitors at all costs. He was his own Master, trained by no-one, ordered by no-one. He had learned the art of mediation, calming his mind and centering himself, and it came in handy when trying to dodge traps and solve puzzles, but his mind was still sharp as a blade. He still kept up his archaeological studies as well, he needed to keep abreast of any artifacts that would be worth a lot of money.

    Firenze, his Baudo class yacht had been upgraded back up to Fortuna’s specs. A security system was installed, weapons and supplies had been restocked and his wardrobe had been replenished with his suits. Whereas Fortuna, his beloved previous yacht was grey with white, Firenze was red with golden yellow. She was now parked up at the spaceport, always packed and ready to go, his tools of the trade on board, both archaeologist and mercenary.

    But a part of him wanted to settle down for a bit, perhaps find a woman to be with, to lavish upon and who would listen to his stories. Pascale was only interested in beautiful and intelligent women and they would never get in the way of his job. But perhaps he could give the job a rest for a little while.

    And he had his eyes set on one woman….

    As he looked at his latest entry to add to his archive, which was a place that carried an Ark of all things, he was interrupted by Ike poking his backside on his desk and whispering at him. He sighed and saved his entry before leaning back and folding his arms.

    “Now to what do I owe the pleasure of your presence?” he said his blue eyes narrowing.

    “How were the vases?” Ike said, without preamble. “Telerath this time of year is so beautiful.”

    He didn’t allow Rouser to answer. “So you’ve still not picked a side to the Force, yet stealing and criminality remain your go-to’s.” Ike laughed, no longer whispering that noise, and was shushed by someone deeper in the library. He glared their direction, and looked back. “You’re interesting, I must say. You saw Qi’ra, and even Amedda, at their darkest and mad. Yet, all you know is that you don’t want to be them.”

    “Curious, no?” Ike said, leadingly. He felt a winsome, feminine curiosity and concern drape upon the two of them, but Ike ignored the attention. Rouser would probably turn to look at the fragile Omwati peering around a bookcase.

    "It's a job" Pascale said simply "Besides I have to pay the bills some way, and I would rather stick to what I do best," he smiled slightly "And it's not stealing, it's procuring. Those vases had a large credit value attached to them both and besides, on a resort world who is going to notice?These vases once belonged to an ancient civilisation and should be shown off, not sitting there gathering dust".

    "As to taking sides in the Force at the moment I am taking the middle path. I have seen darksiders at work and I would rather die than be like them, but I am not good enough for the light. Besides being my own master has its own perks"

    He felt more than saw the Omwati approach and he turned and gave her one of his most charming smiles. This Omwati he had seen around the library, mostly in science section and mostly in a group. He had given her just his repertoire of charming smiles as he passed her. Pascale thought this woman looked deliciously beautiful and she seemed intelligent too. Exotic, too. This was ticking Pascale's boxes and this seemed the time to finally go in for the kill. He wanted to settle down with a woman and this could finally be the one.

    He turned back to Ike his face turning serious "Now that you have broadcast my status to everyone, do you have something important to tell me?"

    "I whispered most of it," Ike said, petulant. He shrugged again,standing up. "I just wanted to see how my tip went down. I may be recused, but I am not dead. Needs to be some profit in it for me, and all that." He went to turn, gesturing lazily, as if discarding the discussion. "Seeing you flourish on this little world is enough reward for me."

    He walked away, heading towards the pale-blue skinned woman. Ike glanced back at Rouser, looking mischievous, but he merely slid by her with a smile, not adding or saying anything. It did, however, bring her into the conversation, and Qwi Xux didn't have an actual reason to be chatting to the eligible bachelor, nor did she hear what they were actually talking about, so she couldn't even pretend to be knowledgeable about the same.

    "Um," she started, about ready to turn away and flee.


    Maybe if you are good, I'll cut you in for a bit of the profit next time he sent through the Force with a smirk keep providing those tips and I may even be impressed….

    Now to turn his attention to the woman who looked like a rabbit caught in the headlights. He had to be his usual smooth and suave self and not frighten her off. Because this was a chance and a risk worth taking…

    She was a lot younger than him but it didn't matter. If the right one dropped into your lap then so be it.

    He pulled out the chair next to him the smile still radiating on his face, his blue eyes entirely focused on hers. "Please my dear, come over and" he said, his Commenori accent turning gentle "I don't bite" he gave her a wink.

    "I have seen you about in the library and am interested in what you are studying. I believe you do hang round the science section quite a lot, why did you choose that if I may ask"

    He held out his hand ready for her if she did decide to approach "My name is Doctor Pascale Rouser and I am an archaeologist. It is an honour to finally chat to you in person"

    She held out a pale hand, smiling slightly. "Doctor Qwi Xux, and I daresay that you do me the honour, Doctor Rouser."

    To his question, she indicated the books in her arms. "I am a scientist by profession, indeed, but I teach in the University. I used to work on proof-of-concepts for planetary projects; solving energy consumption equations and the like."

    The woman managed to make her smile fixed for that re-framing of what said projects and equations had likely, in terrible, monstrous, hindsight. Superweapons, she had, in the last year, came to realise, when the Empire fell and she was released into the real world again... not her safe, scientist bubble, created by the murderous threats of Grand Moff Tarkin.

    But here, on Nouane, she had a different kind of bubble, not quite as safe, but she was allowed to teach, and so she could, placing the subtle emphasis upon the ethical responsibility of their craft to the students... penance, privately completed, for what she had done, without thinking.

    Before her smile slipped, she gestured to the man leaving them. She didn't want to miss interpret a hint; her social equations were running at overdrive. "Is that an associate of yours? He seems very involved with you, considering how much he stands out."

    She may as well have asked. Are you two a thing?

    Pascale released her hand keeping the smile on his face, he knew the Omwati were a fragile looking species and he didn't want to crush her hand in the first instance. "It's nice to see someone doing good in this galaxy, teaching the students of the future. I've seen enough death and destruction to last me a lifetime and it's brilliant to see someone like you bringing hope into a galaxy that was once in chaos"

    He leaned back in his chair, crossing one leg over the other " Equations must be hard work, science and math were never my strongest suits but it must be refreshing that when you have solved it you can do something good with it. I equate it to finding an artefact in archeology, once you know how to find it, it is rather satisfying." He looked at her right in the eyes "I can see that such an intelligent and beautiful woman as you enjoys her work and i'm sure the students appreciate you for educating them"

    "As to that man you saw, that's Ike. He's not my associate he mostly just provides me tips on where to find artefacts and treasures in the Nouane system, and he gives me updates of what is going on in the galaxy." Pascale's voice turned slightly sad " I only wish that I could head back out to the wider galaxy again someday but alas I cannot"

    His voice then turned back into his smooth tones "I am happy to say I am free and single, alas I am not so young anymore" he chuckled "Nouane though is a lovely planet and I hope to settle down here and perhaps find someone to share all my dreams and desires with".

    Qwi allowed her eyes to express her intrigue, and surprise. He was very forthright, and Qwi appreciated that. He was like an equation of sorts, but she had yet to unravel much. She was tempted to follow-up on the point about the wider galaxy, but fear colored her thoughts and she allowed him to continue to speak, softly continuing.

    "That would seem to be my dream, I admit." She squeezed her books to her chest. "It has been a lonely few years, since the Empire fell." She rushed her words to cover it. "Not that I am an Imperial sympathiser, but that it has been so chaotic that I didn't want to settle down until everything else settled down. I'm still not sure that it even has."

    She sighed. "What with all the War Criminals missing, and that message Luke Skywalker sent to the galaxy... what do we do? Put our lives on hold until the New Republic tracks him down? Or, try and carry on...?"

    Qwi wilted a little. "I am a little tired of not having someone around, to be honest." A smile. "I'd take random discussions with the infamous Ike, at this rate."

    Luke Skywalker. Well he and everyone else in the galaxy had seen that message. On board Firenze all could think about as he watched Darth Zorn as he called himself spouting a message of fear and hate was oh great another nutter on the loose.

    Pascale's stomach lurched though as she mentioned the missing war criminals. He had to tell her, he knew there was no way that if he did succeed in asking her out he was going to leave it to later Pascale might as well ruin his chances now than ruin the whole thing later. It would all depend on how she reacted afterwards, he just had to be honest and truthful.

    He rose from his seat looking around to make sure that no one was listening or nearby and moved as close as he could to her, hoping to make sure that he did not look intimidating. He looked deep into her eyes as he spoke and spoke in a voice that only they could hear.

    "I am one of those war criminals Qwi" he said solemnly, "I don't know why I was branded one. I never killed anyone, I never blew up Alderaan, I never burned Coruscant to the ground. All I did was join Black Sun and I became it's Underlord for all of a day or so and helped the Separatists out"

    He shook his head remembering it all It was supposed to be a simple archaeological mission, pick a kyber crystal for Black Sun. But I made a wrong choice in a Temple that ended up with me being inhabited by a Sith God. I then found out from a Sith Lord of all people that I died in that Temple. I was reborn again and had that Sith God extracted from my body and killed. I was nearly killed twice, once by a Dark Lady of the Sith and a Sith spirit. I have seen death, destruction, people dying around me. And in the end I chose here, to get away from all of that. I just want to do my job, get away from it all. Nouane has not reported me to the New Republic and I am grateful for that. I want a second chance at life, and I want to spend it with someone whom I can love and treasure"

    He then looked at her intently "We both are lonely, we both want to settle down and let the galaxy sort itself out. Darth Zorn may want to kill us all, but we need to enjoy life and embrace whatever comes our way. Live life to the full and enjoy every minute of it" Pascale then smiled "And hopefully have someone to enjoy it with. Perhaps it could be you, who knows. I don't care if you an Imperial sympathizer, i'm not exactly a beacon of shining light, I would love a person for who they are not who they support"

    He turned serious again "I have been alone for too long, it's time to share all that I have and all that I am with someone and settle down to some peace and quiet." He smiled again "And Ike would no way be quite as interesting, he would probably spout some nonsense. I can tell you some stories that I'm sure you would rather enjoy".

    Qwi looked at Rouser, blinking hard. He was a war criminal? She took a hesitant step back, but she was held from turning away entirely by just how brutally honest he was.

    She wished that she could be like that.

    He was being so forthright with her. Nouane wasn't prosecuting New Republic War Criminals, having apparently examined the cases of several and found the evidence lacking, and the likelihood of an execution likely, refused to look for them in their borders. 212 worlds was plenty to govern and paw through, and the New Republic had thus far been unwilling to cause issues with the neutral systems due to the risk of the various states that had joined the union being scared off; the Hapans, Centrality, Senex Lords, and the like, who had been independent for years and had jumped on the victory parade only after the Battle of Mandalore had been won and the Separatists collapsed.

    Had the New Republic appeared, Nouane would have angrily appealed to the Hutts and Mandalorians for assistance, also neutral systems. It was almost like asking for a new war; so it hadn't happened. Qwi Xux knew this, because she had picked Nouane over rustic Mandalore or criminal Nal Hutta as the most academic of the various neutral states.

    Without much else to add, she simply nodded, and held out her hand. "I understand, Pascale. I really do." It was all she could say.

    She couldn't bring herself to give voice to what she really was.

    "I need someone too."

    When Qwi took a hesitant step back Pascale kept the smile on his face but inside his heart broke a little. It seemed that perhaps with all that he had said to her that she might be scared off by who he was. But she didn't run away to Pascale's delight.

    It seemed she had accepted him for who he was, a man simply trying to find his way on a strange planet, a man that wanted to simply take a break from all that had happened and just wanted to enjoy himself. And perhaps she could be the one to help him not be lonely anymore and vice versa. Thankfully Pascale had chosen a neutral world to park up in and he was glad he did. He wouldn't have been able to take jobs, or meet people like Qwi. He would most likely be in a jail cell, or dead.

    But how did this exotic and intelligent woman find her way here of all places? And did she have any stories to tell?. Even if she just spouted science he would still listen to her.

    He stepped forward again, clasping her hand in his "Thank you Qwi" he said softly, his voice one of relief "You do not know how much those words mean to me. I hope you don't have as many skeletons in your closet as mine, but it is refreshing to release all of what I have done, what I am, what had happened during the war. I thank you again for listening to what I had to say"

    "I would never harm anyone I loved nor hurt them. I would never break their heart or cheat on them. I would be honest and true like I have just been and I hope my partner would be the same"

    He released her hand and smiled again his blue eyes sparkling "I am going to be honest here, we both need somebody as we both stated and you interest me greatly Qwi. Perhaps you would honour me if you could meet me for drinks or even dinner, my treat" his smile grew wider "I know you must be a busy woman so I am happy to schedule it when you have the time. I could give you my comm number, you can call me anytime even if you just fancy a chat"

    Pascale was literally going in for the kill here, he hoped she said yes to his invitation or just to even accept his comm number would be a win in his book. However it was entirely up to her and he wasn't going to push it.

    “Well, it’s pretty full-on, but I think I need full-on... otherwise I’m going to analyse the hell out of everything you say.” Qwi laughed, lightly. “So yes,” she said, holding out her comlink. “I’m more than happy to accept your number.”

    “But only if you promise to use mine.”

    She flushed; she was never this forthright. But she stood her ground; it had been too long that she hadn’t lived, and now she wanted to.

    Rouser made her want to.

    She looks pretty when she's flushed Rouser thought watching her. He hopefully would see her again and he was looking forward to it immensely. This scientist lecturer could be the one to unlock the key that was his heart. And perhaps this could be the one…

    It wasn't time to hang the bunting up just yet. This was only stage one after all. This equation was in it's infancy in Qwi's terms.

    Pascale chuckled as well "Full on is always good, besides it keeps the old brain ticking over. And perhaps dinner or drinks with me can hopefully provide a much needed distraction from teaching students"

    He accepted her comlink and programmed his number in whilst putting her number into his before giving it back. He then placed a gentle hand on her shoulder his smile and aura radiating warmth "I hope to meet with you again soon and thank you for listening to all I had to say, some of it was pretty intense but you are still here so that is a bonus" he chuckled again.

    He dropped his hand off her shoulder "You and I are very much alike and I am thankful to have met you. Perhaps fate has played a hand here and perhaps it has even more in store for us." He moved back to the desk and picked up his datapad before coming to stand before her again "Stay safe and well Qwi and I hope to hear from you again whenever you want to just chat or to sort a date for our meeting"

    Rouser tipped his hat to her as any gentleman would before leaving. He didn't want to part from her but he knew that someday they would meet again.

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    Meet again.


    Meet again.


    Two years later, five years before the present day.

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    Combo with Sinrebirth! :D

    IC: Aryan Graul and An'ya Kuro
    9 ATA
    Abandoned Apartment Complex, Salis D'aar City, Bakura

    With her purple blade ignited, she pivoted away from Aryan Graul, allowing his riposte to slice where she had once been. He wasn't terrible at lightsaber training, but his fencing skills from the Academy interfered, and he thought too much.

    He always thought too much, An'ya lamented.

    In the background, the rest of their apartment was evident.

    She said their because it was technically where they lived, in a block which was semi-permanently on sale due to the presence of an issue with the structure of the tower, which was enough to make it unsafe to occupy but also illegal to also. The construction firm had gone all-but-bust with the build, and then for the structural issues to be discovered before they had managed to sell off a single apartment, they had gone busy entirely.


    It was furnished and liveable, and the incline wouldn't become unbearable for a few more years yet.

    Unbearable as in 'oh gods oh gods there's a tower block on top of me', that is.

    An'ya and Aryan had gone to lengths to soundproof and blackout various windows, so it would appear unoccupied, and indeed sound unoccupied, so in an effort to drown out his inner monologue, the holo-repeater was on showing the news, the clothes-drier was blaring away, and the radio was emitting some kind of scrawl-music that was more screaming than notes, yet was all the rage.

    An'ya lifted her lightsaber to block, but feinted her defence and lashed out with a boot at his midriff as he inevitably advanced; a technique accentuated by her tug of the Force to draw his gut into said foot.

    For his part, Aryan Graul failed to recognize her feint until it was far too late to fully compensate. His momentum was already carrying him forward, his blue blade slicing down and around in a sweeping arc to deliver a decisive blow. But it would never connect. As he neared An’ya’s position, he noted a subtle shift in her demeanor; it was the only warning he had before she extended her left foot toward his stomach.

    Aryan cursed as he realized his mistake, his blade wavering slightly with the sudden loss of concentration. He acted on pure instinct and lunged to avoid the kick, though he still wasn’t able to clear the path completely. Her heel caught him in the side, the impact sending a jolt of pain through his ribs and down across his abdomen. Gritting his teeth, Aryan landed awkwardly on his feet and immediately lowered himself into a crouch to catch his breath. The blow had forced the air from his lungs in a rush, leaving him wheezing and humiliated.

    And yet, he would not admit defeat. Not this easily.

    They weren’t exactly fighting on equal terms.

    An’ya had explained that he had a habit of overanalyzing a situation...much to his detriment. That was why she had insisted on using the holovid, the radio, and a variety of other electronic devices when they dueled. She claimed that the noise would help him concentrate – to distract him from his wayward thoughts so that he could focus on the task at hand.

    But of course, he didn’t view it that way. The constant buzz of the dryer; the insufferable commentary by the political pundits on the HoloNet; the incessant pounding of the raucous music blasting from the radio. It all came together in a deafening cacophony that prevented him from utilizing the Force to its full potential. In this case, he had failed to anticipate An’ya’s actions, and it had nearly cost him his life.

    Aryan knew he could not afford another misstep, and to ensure that it wouldn’t happen again, he unconsciously reached out with the Force and snagged the radio in an invisible grip. Thrusting out his hand, he smashed the offending device into the far wall and forever silenced the awful clamor that passed for music in today’s galaxy.

    Exhaling heavily, Aryan then rose back to his feet and inclined his chin to regard his master carefully. “Let’s try this again,” he stated evenly, holding his blade in a defensive position across his chest.

    An'ya smiled at the act, and stepped forward, going through the motions of the forms.

    Form I; the basics. Form II; Makashi, more focused upon lightsaber combat. Form IV; Ataru; a more acrobatic Form which their respective ages interfered with. She was not the master of any Form, preferring to have a vague understanding of three or four Forms rather than mastery of one or two. (She had a working knowledge of Forms I, II, IV and V).

    Otherwise, someone like Dooku would turn up and cut you apart without even trying. At least with some understanding of more than one Form, you had a chance of surviving the first encounter.

    She removed herself from the patterns, cycling up and then to the start again, before swapping the order. It was a slow process, and it was more about making the routine into muscle memory than not; a difficulty for Aryan as he had some fencing training from military school.

    As she did, she tweaked the sound on the Holoproj up, aware Aryan had chosen to remove the music rather than the political correspondents blathering.

    "The Hutts finalised a series of treaties with the New Republic today, fixing the eastern border of the new government, and allowing for an investigation into the territories to the edge of the galaxy. An enquiry will follow as to whether the Hutts will retain those territories or not, though critics note that the Hutts will undoubtedly retain economic control of the area. Such proceedings have been watched with interest as a method for systems in the Western Reaches to retain independence, including Mugaar, Eriadu, and our own Bakura. Observers, however, expect that most efforts to remain independent from the New Republic will be difficult to achieve for those selfsame economic reasons, and the debate should become about when and how Bakura joins, rather than it and whether."

    An’ya Kuro sighed inwardly, and took that final sentence as an opportunity as a moment to use a Form she hadn’t taught Aryan; as she slipped between Form II and IV Ataru she riposted with a feint from Form V; a Shien whipcrack at his ankles.

    Much to Aryan’s chagrin, her intended distraction had caused the desired effect. With a sharp jab to his ankles, Aryan staggered and fell backward when his feet were swept out from under him, his backside impacting with the old floorboards with a resounding thud. An involuntary moan issued from his lips as he rolled over onto his side and deactivated his blade. Perhaps her tactics had been a little too effective.

    Caught up in his own ruminations, he had failed to recognize the ploy for what it was. An’ya was clever like that, always looking for ways to exploit his weaknesses. In this case, it apparently wasn’t good enough for her that he was finally starting to learn discipline when it came to utilizing the various saber forms. Despite the tedious drills and endless repetition, he had kept up with her quite well this round, matching her through the paces with very little exertion, though she seemed to have doubted his sincerity. That was why she had decided to pump up the volume on the Holovid. She knew he still kept an ear to all the political happenings around the galaxy and that he silently longed to return to that role one day...

    It was a test to see if he would succumb to those temptations, a major vulnerability that he was still struggling to control. Unfortunately, he was unable to resist, and he fell right into her snare like the fool that he was.

    And yet, he hardly seemed to care that he had faltered. He was far too enthralled by what he had learned through the local news report to worry about anything else.

    “I don’t…ever recall you using that one before,” Aryan finally grumbled as he forced himself up into a sitting position, reaching around to rub at his lower back with a wince. “That wasn’t a fair move, particularly when you recognize the implications of that.” He gestured lazily toward the holo unit, his brow furrowed. “Bakura is considering unification...or at least, they are making their intentions known by condoning this report.”

    Aryan angled his chin to meet An’ya’s gaze and flashed an impish grin. “They want to play hardball.”

    An’ya paused, drifting through the moment. She deactivated her blade and placed it on her belt, not addressing her use of the Shien move. “I’m done, I think.” She began to wander around the room, gathering items and so forth.

    “You’re more balanced, more adept, yes, but you’re still eager to prove yourself. You’re not a failure, no, Aryan, you’re an unfinished project. But the person who has to fix it... is not me.” She levitated a travel duffel to the table, before looking back at Aryan.

    “You want to return to the world of politics and test yourself in that arena with the Force as your ally, yes?”

    Narrowing his eyes, Aryan rose slowly back to his feet and sauntered over to the table, his lips parting slightly to release the breath he hadn’t realized he’d been holding. Her statement had taken him by surprise, but it wasn’t entirely inaccurate. He hadn't exactly made any attempts to conceal his passion and longing through the Force; it had all been fairly transparent. The news report currently blaring over the holovid only intensified that calling until he now burned with eager anticipation.

    This was where he belonged.

    “I believe I can be an asset, yes,” Aryan replied smoothly, not even bothering to curb his enthusiasm. “As long as they will have me. I’m well aware that it will be a difficult journey after everything that’s happened, but I feel that we’re far enough removed from the war that I may find the traction I need to succeed. We’re in a different era, and many in the current administration are in favor of a good redemption story. I could ride that right on through to the election.” A hint of a smirk crossed his lips. If I ever decided to pursue it, that is.”

    Aryan raised his brow as if he wanted a challenge, but he ultimately decided not to push his luck. He knew he was likely getting ahead of himself, and that his master would not approve of such complacent behavior. Instead, he rested his saber hilt on the edge of the table and leaned forward to observe An’ya as she busied herself with the duffel. He noted that her actions were very deliberate...if unexpected. This change of pace caused a persistent nagging in the Force that he could not ignore.

    “What about you?” Aryan continued warily, nodding his chin toward the items she had gathered on the table. “Going on a trip?”

    Kuro shrugged. “I’ve places I could be, after all. There is a New Jedi Order in the making, and Grandmaster Ood Bnar will need me at some point.”

    She wagged a finger. “I had a life before you, Aryan Graul, and I’ll have a life after you. I am a Jedi Master; I have responsibilities beyond making sure you’re not a new Palpatine in disguise.”

    Her smile was genuine, but it was a point, so she sought to make it. “If I see evidence of Force misuse, I will be there. Mind tricks aren’t going to work on most of the Senators after all - you’ll stand out like a sore thumb if you try it.” The grin grew somewhat carnivorous, and she threw him a comlink.

    “It has a direct emergency frequency to me. If you use it, I’ll come; you don’t even need to speak - just activate it, and I’ll find you.” Her bag was done, and she zipped it shut, checking her lightsaber.

    “So, this is it, then,” Aryan muttered under his breath, his gaze focused solidly on the comlink as he turned the small device over in his hands. He made a point to study the inlaid designs etched into the grip, but it was more of a distraction from the thoughts and emotions that now plagued his mind. An’ya’s advice had certainly given him pause, and he found himself wondering about his future and all that would eventually transpire.

    In many ways, it left him feeling uncertain of himself. It was something he was not accustomed to, especially with who he used to be, but perhaps that was proof of how much he had changed over the years. An’ya had worked hard to shape and refine him. And despite his reservations, he knew that this was his path now – he would need to learn how to adapt and find acceptance.

    Inhaling deeply, Aryan slipped the comm into his pocket and moved around the side of the table to approach his master. “I’d like to thank you...for everything,” he conveyed with a warm smile. He hesitated for a moment before leaning in to embrace her. “You took a huge gamble by accepting this challenge, but you never faltered. You brought me back from the brink and set me on a course that I can be proud of again. I’ll never forget that.”

    Stepping back from her, Aryan started to turn away but stopped as another thought occurred to him. “And please know that if I ever make it back to the Core, I’ll continue to honor your teachings,” he stated with a slow nod, his blue-gray eyes unwavering as they sought her face. “I won’t fail you.”

    An'ya accepted the embrace and drew back into a smile as he continued to speak, turning back. "You won't fail me, no, you won't; it was a gamble, Aryan Graul. You still have much to learn of the Force, my Padawan, but I have taught you all I have time for."

    "I release you from your apprenticeship to me," she went to turn and was suddenly merging into the shadow of the walls. "May the Force be with You..."

    "... I shall be watching your career with great interest."

    With that, she was gone, leaving him with that last exchange... and that was the last time they ever saw each other. An'ya Kuro vanished from the world and became the Dark Woman again.

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    Great interest...



    Some five years later, not long before the present

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    Combined with Sinre and especially Lawbreaker, for the last time as Obi-Wan Kenobi ...

    Anakin Skywalker

    Roots and lizards were his daily diet by now. He had actually learned to make an acceptable stew from those. Fourteen years were a long time to learn to cook. Even with such limited ingredients and his natural lack of talent.

    Fourteen years he had waited. He had waited to die. Yet he was still alive. Anakin had considered taking his life, yet he had decided against it many years ago. The Force ... the energy field he had not touched in all those years ... was a natural flow. He had abandoned it, but yet he respected it's existence. Suicide would have disturbed this natural flow. It would have to be time that ended him.

    Once, only once he had dared to journey into the dark cave. He had faced his past and future. He had faced Vader. The man he had not become. Palpatine ... Darth Sidious had failed, but so had Anakin. A failure leading to Alderaan, to Luke ... inevitable . The word echoed in the dark cave.

    The galaxy had probably become a different place. The Rebels had won Obi-Wan Kenobi's spirit had said. Sometimes he was tempted to reach out and see. But every time the temptation became too great, every time he even dared to feel the presence of the force ... he had felt darkness. A darkness longing for him. Luke. His son was searching for him, was hungry to face him. It had reminded him of his only purpose: Never to be found. So he had withdrawn again and retreated to the darkness of solitude. The solitude was his weapon.

    It had been disturbed once. A few month ago if his perception of time was still reliable.

    Once an explorer had crashed here. Joren Sole, a young and reckless man. Anakin had been fearful to approach him, but had not been ready to watch the man die. So he had saved him from death and given him food and shelter. They had repaired his ship together. Joren had been good company. He had been telling him about the New Republic and Chancellor Feyna. About the age of peace. No Sith, no Empire. No more Death Stars. Prosperity. Luke had not been seen since the war had ended. There had been one last message of him before he went into hiding though. A demand to hand over Anakin Skywalker. Yet, his son had stayed in hiding and also deep down Anakin knew he would not stay forever away from the galaxy ... he hoped with every day he stayed away so would Luke.

    He had never told Joren who he was. The man had offered him to take him off planet, but Anakin had refused and bid him farewell. Every day he hoped the man had forgotten about the friendly hermit on a planet far away.

    Nobody had come though. Nobody had found him. His concern vanished and he treasured the memory of their few days of companionship they had shared. A gift to a man whose fate was to die alone.

    Or the will of the force?

    He knew it wanted him to be found.

    Too long you have been hiding old friend. The time to return is about to come. The voice echoed in his mind. Fourteen years his old Master had needed to pierce the barriers Anakin had build. Time probably meant little to his old Master now. The familiar voice made him smile.

    "You can't give up on me, can you?" Anakin asked out loud.

    Never. The voice sounded as if it was carried by the generous warm smile he had given him so often when he had done or said something exceedingly stupid.

    "The galaxy seems to do fine without me. Maybe the days of the Jedi are finally over." Anakin hoped they were. He hoped the eternal cycle of conflict was finally broken.

    Oh there are Jedi ...

    Anakin sighed. "Of course there are." He laughed a little. "But I am none of them."

    He has searched you for so long ... he has grown powerful. And now he is about to return. If you dared to feel it you would feel his darkness already spreading among the stars. Obi-Wan's voice was full of concern.

    "I cannot stop him. Somebody else will. The light will pick it's champion. It always does." Anakin nodded. "I have withdrawn from the force, I have grown weak."

    Are you still angry with Feyna?

    Anakin shook his head. "Of course not. I am proud of her."

    Do you still feel the burning rage over Padme and Leia?

    Anakin again shook his head.

    "They are one with the force and in the force and the memory of the people they will live forever. I am proud of them, too." Anakin admitted.

    How about your own destiny? Do you still hold a grudge against the force? I know you faced Vader in that cave.

    Again Anakin shook his head. "That night I ended Palpatine ... I did not defeat him. I defeated Vader. The Vader inside of me. I have nothing to fear of him."

    Then you have become more powerful then you have ever been.

    Anakin nodded. The philosophy of a true Jedi Master.

    "I fear Luke." Anakin finally admitted.

    Yes. Yes I know. That is what gives Luke his power. You allowed his darkness to grow and feast on your fear. Your absence made him stronger also he felt it was a weakness. His hunger was nurtured until it became the essence of his existence.

    "I am old now. I have not ignited my blade in many years." Anakin sighed. "I cannot defeat him. Not even if I wanted to."

    Yes you can. But only if you defeat your fear. Fear is the source of suffering and suffering leads to the Dark Side. It feeds on it. You know that. You have seen it so often.

    Anakin sighed. "I know. But I cannot defeat this fear. I have locked it away. I will deny him what he wants. That is my final move, my way of defeating even him." Anakin hoped Obi-Wan Kenobi understood.

    I know. So does he. What price are you willing to pay for that victory Anakin? What price will you let the galaxy pay? His hunger will consume him, yes. Before it does he will consume the galaxy. You must face him. Only then you will be free.

    Anakin raised his head. "Free of what?"

    Fear, Anakin. You will be free of the fear that has been with you all those years.

    Anakin had never considered this was even possible. Yet, he knew the path his old Master wanted him to take was a dangerous one. He could not risk it. He could not risk Luke being victorious. He could also not kill him. He was his son. Even now he was his son.

    "I do not deserve to be free of that fear. It is all I got." Anakin said.

    You will see that this could not be farther from the truth. The force will be with you, always.

    With these words Obi-Wan Kenobi was gone. Gone forever. Anakin felt it was the last time his old friend and Master had talked to him. Free of fear? Was that even possible?

    He wiped the thought from his mind and turned to his stew. It smelled delicious.

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    Leads to...


    The Present Day

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    Darth Zorn
    Ancient Ruins, Unknown Planet

    Darth Zorn opened his eyes and hissed out in frustration.

    "Where are you hiding? WHERE ARE YOU?!?"

    He knew his father was alive, yet he could not find him. No matter how attuned he became or how deeply he dived into the Dark Side, his father was not there. Anakin Skywalker had cut himself from the force, he assumed. There was no other explanation by now. Fourteen years. His agents had searched every inch of Naboo and Tatooine, Coruscant, Corellia and every planet that could remotely be the choice of Anakin Skywalker. Hundreds of Bounty Hunters had been hired. Dozens of Sith send out into the galaxy. They had found NOTHING! A slight loss of concentration and Zorn's anger unleashed and a tremble went through the cave.

    Anakin Skywalker was smart. He had always been. Many Jedi were wise, but Anakin was crafty and unconventional. Zorn had tapped deeply into his memories ... his life as Luke Skywalker ... to understand his father and figure out how he had vanished so absolutely.

    His father had chosen a place with no connection to his former life. A place Luke Skywalker had not known about. A place Darth Zorn would therefore not find. Many of his old missions were no longer recorded after Order 66 wiped out the Jedi archives. What remained was mostly destroyed in the burning of Coruscant.

    He had hunted Jedi and former Republic officers to reconstruct what he could of Anakin's years in the Clone Wars and had two dozen more planets searched. Again ... NOTHING.

    So Zorn had withdrawn from his order and spend a year in meditation, searching for his father in the force. Nobody could hide from an energy field that connected all things. Yet, Anakin Skywalker had left no trace, not the slightest ripple. His echo was everywhere. On Naboo, Ossus, Coruscant, on a thousand planets ... but it was the fading echo of deeds long past. An echo of a man absent from the force. Impossible and yet true.

    Fourteen years of preparation and his father had never returned to the galaxy. He had not joined the new breed of Jedi. He had not helped the New Republic. He was gone. Hidden.

    Darth Zorn had spend years to prepare for him, he had honed his skills, had dived deeper into the Dark Side than any Sith before him. He had unearthed ruins on Malachor, Xer and Ziost, Roche and even on planets so long forgotten their names were no longer known. Secrets had been revealed to him too ancient to be remembered. Lettow, Ragnos, Bane and Sidious. He had absorbed their teachings like a black hole. The Embrace had ascended him above all others. Those secrets not given he had ripped from the force. In his early years he had found joy in hunting down those who considered themselves rivals. They rarely were a challenge. Darth Zorn had risen above them. His powers were far beyond what mere mortals could understand. Stars, thoughts, souls he destroyed through sheer will. A Sith like none before him he had become. Yet, he failed to find one single man. A man who should burn like a wildfire in the force. The greatest Sith Lord of all failed every day of his existence. Fear. It slowly crawled into his thoughts. The fear his father would die without ever giving him the chance to take his destiny was omnipresent now.

    Darth Zorn had prepared a different approach to the problem in recent years. The numbers of their ranks had grown, his apprentices had become his Hands. Trained in the art of the Dark Side and powerful in the ways of the Sith.

    But there was more than the Sith. Darth Zorn had become something else. An idea! An idea spreading between the stars.

    If his father was hiding, he would pay for it. There would be a terrible price to pay for denying the Dark Lord of the Sith what was rightfully his.


    He returned to the fortress build from the ancient ruins he had brought his first apprentices to so many years ago. Slowly entering the courtyard he ignored the Sith assembled there as they knelt before their Dark Lord and instead he made his way to his tower. The disappointment of them rang in the force and their fear, too. They all felt he had grown beyond their limited understanding of the Dark Side.

    A thought ... it was enough to summon The Voice. Darth Tempera, the woman once known as Mara Jade, followed his call without hesitation. When he arrived in the private chambers she awaited him amidst the many Sith Holocrons he had assembled and the ancient scrolls he had collected. She was among the few allowed to even enter these rooms. Zorn smiled how thrilled he had once been for every piece in the room when he acquired it. How excited he had been to delve deep into the secrets. He had eventually grown beyond any of the teachings of these lesser Sith Lords. Sidious and his many students had been fools to believe they would find ascendancy in the teachings of those who had failed. Only by going beyond their teachings a true Dark Lord had been born.

    One scroll in the center of the room had been the key to all secrets of the Dark Side. A simple scroll as ancient as the force itself. Just one sentence was written in an ancient dialect no living creature in existence knew anymore. Darth Zorn had ripped the knowledge of the scroll from the force itself.

    Only the Dark Side remains ...

    Oh indeed.

    "My Lord you have returned." Tempera greeted him and knelt. He gestured for her to stand up. She followed the gesture as if it was a command without hesitation. Everything she did was without hesitation.

    "I have never been away. My physical presence is not of relevance." He whispered the words. Indeed a portion of his attention had always known of every Sith of his order. He had felt them grow and die, rise and fall. Slowly he turned.

    "I have failed to acquire the location of Skywalker." He said and felt the nervousness of his servant. The woman he had broken twice. Once her body and once her very soul.

    "He can't hide forever my Lord." She faithfully said and he curled his lip in disgust.

    "Hope? You dare to offer me hope?" He asked and his yellow eyes pierced her. She shook her head.

    "Forgive me." She quickly replied. He nodded as a gesture he actually did.

    "You underestimate his power and will. Indeed he can hide forever. He is the Chosen One. He can achieve anything he sets his mind to. His tragedy is all he does with this ability is ... flee from his destiny." He sighed. "Which is why I am gonna take it from him. Why I am gonna destroy the balance, he was meant to bring." Darth Zorn folded his arms behind his back.

    "We will change what he wants. We need to lure him out of his hiding." His voice was a hiss now. He put the hood over his head, unaware how much he resembled his predecessor in this form.

    "We have prepared for this." Tempera smiled with a wicked anticipation. She had wanted to unleash the Sith for many years. She had longed for it. The plan had been revised by her a million times. She had gathered the necessary information and brought the assets into position.

    "Yes, you have prepared them well." Zorn turned to the scroll and extended his hand. He knew if he touched it the ancient paper would crumble to dust. Therefore he restrained himself.

    "We start with a planet that means something. A big name. Ladies choice." He said and closed his eyes. "He has hidden his soul, his very essence and even his fear. We shall see if he can hide his pain." Zorn sighed and his head slowly lowered.

    "Execute the plan." Darth Zorn whispered. "We shall begin."

    "With great pleasure my Lord." Darth Tempera smiled. "With great pleasure."

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    IC: Prince Isolder
    Coruscant, the Senate District, Senate Tower

    It was an auspicious moment.

    The New Republic, after fourteen years undoing the efforts of the greatest of all the War Criminals - Qi'ra Ananke - was moving the capital back to Coruscant, in a moment of supreme unity and effort. While the New Republic generally advertised that the Death Watch had attacked Coruscant, the Chancellor's Office had the list, and they had the knowledge that she was behind the Great Inferno.

    But today was not about her.

    The Senate was gathering, and the galaxy was watching.

    Winter and Isolder stood beside the Chancellor, Winter as ever her aide in Feyna's second term. The prior Chancellor, the Wookiee Triebakk, had been between Feyna's terms, which of course was perfectly legal and reminiscent of the days where Padme Amidala Skywalker and Mon Mothma rotated with the voters. Generally, the harder political voices were being silenced by the general masses contentment with peace, but those voices remained - a testament to the fear that Darth Zorn had also put into the populace.





    Isolder grimaced; the Sith remained in the New Republic's shadow.

    But not the Empire's, at very least, he reflected.

    Though the Empire was gone, though the Imperial Remnant existed in eight sectors in the far Outer Rim, watched over by their caretakers in the New Jedi Order, which was based on Yavin 4 with Ood Bnar. The debate to allow Grand Admiral Piett to have the eight sectors had been a long and difficult one, but Chancellor Organa had already decided not to block the Motion, which cut at the undercurrent of anti-Imperial semitism; if the Chancellor could allow it, then why couldn't the Senate?

    So, they had. Eight Imperial Senators had thus formed a quiet cornerstone of the New Republic, but then that triggered a myriad of small parties through the Senate. The Populist party, the largest such party, sprung up around Organa, but there were dozens of others; the New Separatists; the Inner Caucus; the Rim Faction; the Rationalist Party; the Agro-Militants; the Rights of Sentience Party - to name a few. The second largest party, albeit by a rather large distance to Feyna's supporters, was the Centrist party, which was attracting the newest members of the New Republic - those who wanted the government to have a larger say in the governance of member states... as long as it was them doing the governing.

    That angle had appealed to the newest world to join the New Republic; Bakura.

    It was today that this world was being welcomed, having kept secret its governments nomination to Senate secret. Isolder snorted; contrary little world, that had held off joining for fourteen years. As the limo pulled up, and all manner of holojournalist swarmed the edge of the Senate; as he and Winter stood waiting for the Chancellor to join them at the top of the steps into the Chamber; Isolder growled at their obstinacy; indeed the obstinacy of the Nouane, Hutts and indeed the Mandalorians, though at least they were on friendly terms with the Mandalore Linnett. But as soon as the formalities were observed, Isolder intended to ask New Republic Intelligence to scour the Bakura Sector for the war criminals.

    Beyond Ananke; Pascale Rouser, Aryan Graul, and others among them.

    The limo opened, and stepping out can a woman, one Gaerial Capiston, who was known as connected to various political families on Bakura. With that in mind, it wasn't terribly surprising to see her, but she had been on the holovids enough times speaking that they knew it wasn't her who was to be the Senator.


    Gaerial Capiston

    And then... he stepped out.

    Isolder swore.

    Live on the HoloNet.

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    Elsewhere on Coruscant, Senate District

    The event was a bodyguards nightmare, and new security teams had been called in, screened within an inch of their lives, and among those new recruits was Gil Fortis, who had been directed to prowl the edges of the Senate. The older and longer serving members of the Coruscant Security Force were presently at the front of the building managing the grounds while Gil and his recently-assigned 'partner' a Rodian identifying as Berko, had a rear and quieter entrance, draped in the shadows cast by the Senate.

    It was in those shadows that Berko warbled softly. "There is something there." It raised a sucker and pointed into the alleyways leading to the Senate. There would be nothing on their scans, but Berko wiggled his snout. "I can smell it."

    "After you, Fortis."



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    IC: Ike

    Nouane, Independent Worlds

    It was an overdue visit, and he hadn't really made one for a year but what could he say.

    Nouane this time of year, and indeed Nouane City, the ancient metropolis, was beautiful. If one was to perch on the hills above the city, one would be able to see the sun crest the hills at just the perfect angle to set the sky alight in pinks and oranges, no matter the dawn or dusk. A perfect twilight, it could be said.

    Fresh off visiting the northern clans and making sure all was well, Ike travelled into the City. Long gone were the historic tensions between the humans and non-humans here. With the end of the Twilight Wars, hyperspace travel eventually connected Nouane to the distant Core, and their philosophers, inspired by the Sages of Dwartii, taught political strategy to the rulers of distant Coruscant, assisting the Core Founders in the foundation of the Galactic Republic. Twenty five millennia ago now.

    For twenty one of those millennia, Nouane remained independent, their ministers walking the halls of power of the Republic regardless the generation. Until of course the Old Sith Wars forced the 212 worlds of Nouane to ask for Republic assistance, and the Republic, no longer the student but the master, acquiesced on the basis that Nouane became a member sector. Which it did, of course, but reluctantly. Nouane's influence over galactic affairs managed to last for another four millennia with the creation of the Dwartii Exchange Program, a cycling group of students that were drawn from noble and powerful families, but even that came to an end some seventy years ago.

    Devastating, really. When the Republic fell - undoubtedly due to the lack of Nouanese advice - the sector declared independence and sat out the nineteen year Galactic Cold War behind its borders... and had sat out the fourteen years of New Republic in much the same way. With Bakura having surrendered to the grim economic weight of a unified galaxy, only the Nouane and Mandalorian Sectors remained apart as single-sector entities, and only the relative proximity of the Mandalorians had stopped the Hutts from interfering...

    If Nouane felt imperilled it might rejoin the Republic... but that would inevitably mean that they handed over any known War Criminals within their boundaries... or allow the New Republic to investigate. Ike knew that it was pretty likely that the Republic knew the location of at least some of their Most Wanted, but what could you do; the Senate had been reluctant to agitate the neutral worlds and risk antagonising their members, preferring the slow grind of economic realities - a plan which had seen Mugaar, Eriadu and now the aforementioned Bakura join the New Republic... all reluctantly, of course.

    As such, Ike felt it prudent, when the news of Bakura reached him, to visit his old friends.

    Fresh from his wanderings, safe in the knowledge that as a Protected Citizen classed as a Recusant, he traipsed the City, visiting a few of his old friends, and taking several days to enjoy the visit. As such by the time he reached the door to the home of Pascale and Qwi he was shaven, clean, and even his robe, marked with the X, was in decent shape.

    With a soft knock, Ike judged he was probably about to interrupt the afternoon meal.

    Which worked just fine, he thought, grinning, because he was famished.

    Yet Ike knew that his arrival would be sensed… and more besides it.

    The Force had been silent for fourteen years.

    Now, it stirred, thus this moment.

    Had something awakened?

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    IC: Luka

    Metellos, Coruscant Sector, Floating City Orcust, Control


    It was a typical day on Metellos, the massive ecumenopolis that consumed the world. The violence fourteen years ago had not touched it, nor had the Clone Wars of nineteen years before. Billions of individuals just lived their everyday life, no matter who ruled Coruscant. Metellos was in the Negs, those coordinates that minus numbers, thanks to Coruscant being 0,0,0 on most maps - Triple Zero, in clone parlance.

    As such it was marginalised as if in a lower class of Core world, but it was still a Core World, and nobody on Metellos cared what Coruscant, Corellia or Kuat thought of it. The most enthusiasm anyone could summon about the New Republic was the fact that at least Alderaan couldn't look down on them anymore, and they had welcome the years without a prosperous Coruscant whining orders at them.

    Humans comprised 90% of Metellos's population of 900 billion, which made the planet among the most densely-populated in the galaxy. Overpopulation was the greatest problem that affected Metellos. The population was divided into two social classes: the gentry, who controlled the floating cities and the upper levels of the stratoblocks, and the groundpounders, who consisted of datapushers, plant laborers, con artists, thieves, and indigents. Galactic Basic was spoken by the planet's inhabitants, who typically felt that their homeworld was unimpressive by the standards of the Core Worlds, but looked down on everyone else outside the Negs and indeed Core as much as anyone else from Coruscant.

    Control was no different, lazily looking into the scanners, not especially concerned by matters. Sure, there was an increase in arrivals from the Core, but that was within acceptable variations. Today 'Control' was Luka, an Abednedno.



    The first sign of something curious was that a ship had arrived from the western Core. Anything further around the Core than Metellos was almost Wild Space; there were parts of the region which had been poorly mapped and the Empire and Republic hadn't needed to be concerned about it. Notak, Galantos, and other worlds, all low-population, low-tech, and low-importance.

    Metellos sniffed at them with derision.

    So for a ship to be jumping from there, that was odd.

    He keyed the comm. "Freighter, please identify yourself, and where you have arrived from."

    The occupant, that was Bernael, the Anzati who had lost all sense of self thirty-three years ago.

    The bodies of the crew were still warm by his feet.

    Elsewhere atop the Orcust



    Metellos was also of import for one single, other reason.

    Nearly twenty three millennia ago, a Jedi completed an especially unlikely feat; he plotted a direct jump from the Core to the depths of the Unknown Regions on the strength of a vision of a world of crystal caves, discovering the Jedi holy world of Ilum. There, adegan and kyber crystals slept, ready for a Jedi pilgrimage to connect with a crystal and forge their first lightsaber.

    It was Galen Marek that was connecting those dots now, though the New Jedi Order had not launched such a pilgrimage in its lifetime. The Empire had raided Ilum, and nobody had sought to check the world which was so removed from the galaxy as to be dangerous to travel to.

    The architect droid, Huyang, who had once made lightsabers for children on their pilgrimage to Ilum, had been at a loose end, surviving the initial attack upon the Jedi survivors and crossing paths with the Jedi parents of Galen Marek. The Jedi Order had sequestered itself, and the two simply cooperated in the interim. Later discovering that the Order was on Ossus had been a mild irritation for the droid.

    Within the week of the Galactic Civil War the Jedi were rediscovered and destroyed, and they had been unable to assist – everything had gone too quickly, and it was, essentially, was what it was. Galen’s descent in the pursuit of the so-called Darth Zorn had filled Galen’s focus, and Huyang felt obligated to continue on with him.


    After the deaths of more than one Sith, though, the trail had gone very, very, cold.

    It was here, at the edge of the Core, that Huyang and Galen pored over New Republic records. Finally, into the silence, the droid spoke.

    “It would seem we are reduced to one of two choices, Master Marek.”

    “Either we approach the New Jedi Order with what we have,” who might very well arrest you for your conduct on certain worlds, “or we begin to widen our search to states outside the Republic, and risk triggering a galactic incident if we are caught.”

    A tap, and a handful of entries floated above them in their makeshift base.

    “Nouane, the Corporate Sector, Mandalore, the Hutts…”

    This was not the first time that Huyang had made this suggestion.

    Nearly a hundred Jedi Knights wandered the galaxy now, with six Masters from the original class; Havet Strom, Corwin Shelvay, Dal Konur, Kyle Katarn, Erling Tredway and Keyan Farlander, among them. They had thus far managed to avoid them, and much of the Order on Coruscant, keeping the peace for the latest iteration of the Senate.

    He clicked over, waiting for Galen to reply.

    He didn’t know that the Force had stirred at the words Nouane and Mandalore.

    Then it stirred about something more generally, something nearly here.

    The Force had been silent for fourteen years.

    Now, it stirred, thus this moment.

    Had something awakened?

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    IC: Nowhere, somewhere


    On Dagobah, there was a Dark Cave, which had long beckoned to Anakin Skywalker, as a place that he needed to confront. Here, he had faced many demons. Here, he had conversed with old friends, and let them pass. Here, he had saved a shipwrecked pilot, and changed his life.

    The Dark Cave had hidden him, as a negative makes a positive into nothing, making it impossible for any who scryed in the Force to find his location. But as Anakin lost himself to time, his light faded, and the Darkness deepened, but as the Force was gradually darkening, in-spite of the light of the New Republic, Dagobah's slow incline to dusk was not detectable in the wider Force.

    But today, the Dark Cave pulsated differently, because it had connected to somewhere, and nowhere. It ensnared the man in sleep, bringing him a vision of a place.

    On Mortis, there were many places that defied knowledge, description and classification.

    Here, Mace Windu had spoken with Depa, before she was unable to remain.


    Mortis Holocron

    Here, he had found instructions to forge a new Dagger of Mortis in a Holocron shaped like Mortis itself; it regaled him a tale of ships of this design known as Tho Yor, of which this realm was the largest every forged. For millennia it had stood in the Tython system, until the Rakata came, and they left the safety of the Deep Core. It had remained undisturbed for many years, until the Father reached out for those who could re-balance his children, the Son and Daughter, who Mace would know from the reports of Obi-Wan.

    He lamented having reached out to Xendor, to Revan, to Phanius... the Father felt that he had interfered in the Balance of Things. There was the hint of other interventions through history; something mentioning Tenebrae, and another whisper of Recusants, which of course was a reference to the Pius Dea era. Titbits, all from the perspective of what could only be described as deities.

    The moment the Dagger was reforged, however, it erupted into a vision, which drew Windu...


    The Blank of Space

    Master Windu would innately know that he was walking in the dreams of another; the Force had allowed him to lightly visit others in his fourteen years away, and Anakin Skywalker would sense an interloper; not yet unwelcome, though he may soon be; not yet welcomed, though he may be embraced...

    Who knew?

    In their own ways, they had learned the truth of the galaxy; what should have happened.

    What hadn't.

    Neither would have a sense of where the other was; such things were impossible in dreamspaces like this.

    The Force had been silent for fourteen years.

    Now, it stirred, thus this moment.

    Had something awakened?

    TAG: @BobaMatt, @DarkLordoftheFins
    IC: Braata
    Malachor, at an unspecified point in time

    Here was where they often returned; a home from home. In the years that had came, they had wandered the galaxy under shadow, the Holocron of Braata espousing her heresy; that the galaxy had been changed by someone, and in that change there was great power.

    The spectre of Darth Maul the Resurrector was long gone; it had been undone; defeated. Whether it had been truly him, and it truly anointed Ananke, it was not relevant, for she had passed beyond the Sith, and searched and hunted for secrets of Older times. The True Way, one could say.

    Braata told Qi'ra of the enemies to come and go, of the great enemies that percolated the galaxy; the rediscovery of the Holocron's of Rivan, Adas and XoXaan; the return of the Sith spirits of Exar Kun, Marka Ragnos and Ku'ar Danar; the infiltration of the Ssi-Ruuvi, Nagai and Yuuzhan Vong; the Sorcerers of Rhand, Vagaari and Tofs hiding in the Unknown.

    That had been plenty, though knowledge of events a century thereafter Braata had yet to bequeath.

    In time, with Qi'ra's increase in power and skill, they had managed to bypass the remaining traps within the broken Temple, all of which were based on the defunct Rule of Two. They had discovered a weapon, buried, but not destroyed; the world was a battle station, but inert. They discovered a record of battle between Jedi and Inquisitors over the Sith Holocron here, which had been taken by the Jedi. They saw one of those Jedi, in the final moments of Ahsoka Tano, being saved by a similar portal to that of the one the Cloaked Man had used to visit them on Ach-To, the ancient Jedi world. They saw Ahsoka Tano return to this world, and wander it, before vanishing from sight.

    Eventually, they discovered what Braata had promised, some years into their quest to take the world's secrets, deep in the dark of this world.

    A Holocron.


    It was an impossible shape and design, but they managed to carbon-date it to 35,000 years ago, at very least. Much as Braata was, and she had allowed Qi'ra to check the age of her Holocron... she'd had to, to prove the validity of the Holocron, and why they should persist with it.

    Because the Holocron refused to speak to them.

    They had achieved a great deal, but still it had not budged, and Braata had cautioned slyly that attempting to force the Holocron to speak could corrupt the personality within - or give it a bridge to a body. Of course, Qi'ra might lose her patience any moment, though Crimson Dawn and resurrecting its malicious influence had kept them busy enough; but it was here and now that Braata bequeathed the final gift she held.

    Not once had she removed her hood entirely.

    "Qi'ra," she said, for they had long abandoned her Sith name, though it named her as much as any other name; a label for what she was? That was impossibility itself. "You have proven yourself dedicated to more than just the Dark; you are beyond such labels, and our true work now begins."

    Her hologram vanished, and the Holocron opened, revealing the hilt that she had hidden for all these years. Where she to take it, a blade would appear, one she would recognise; the location of the original Dagger of Mortis that they had long ago fought over.

    "I have found the words that you require in my memories; we have plumbed the dark depths together and our heresy has born what we always knew it would; the name of the title that we truly seek for you, Qi'ra."

    "We shall remake you as Destructor, and all shall burn before you."

    She said this in the presence of the Holocron which seemed to rustle with intrigue.

    Braata had been correct, as she suspected; it had been watching all along.

    "Do you accept?"

    The Force had been silent for fourteen years.

    Now, it stirred, thus this moment.

    Had something awakened?

    TAG: @QueenSabe7
    IC: XoXaan


    Darth Tempera

    His Voice, the woman formerly known as Mara Jade, and now Darth Tempera, she did as instructed. They selected a world, and they would strike. It was as inevitable as it could only be. As she peered into the Force, snatching at the future sight that she wished that she possessed, she sensed...

    ... an incongruity.

    Her first concern was that it was an uncertainty in herself; she had enjoyed rule in Zorn's absence, the prestige afforded to her. She had little doubt that he knew, and she hated herself for the weakness. When a Sith had strayed under her guard, she had sent them to be refreshed by the Holocron of XoXaan, a seven thousand year old Sith who had founded the Sith Order, and completed its evolution with the assistance of Zorn into not a Rule of the Strong, but a Rule of One.

    The Order itself, above all.

    In speaking to XoXaan, she identified the reality of matters, and that there was her ambition, yes, of course there was, her secrets, yes, but what had drew her eye she could identify on a map, and she spoke up as she entered the Throne Room; a variety of HoloNet displays were showing the galaxy; the Senate; the arrival of the Bakura Senator; the various news channels covering lesser events across the New Republic.

    "My Lord, there is a disturbance in the Force; on the target world."

    She bowed to him, knowing that if she had interrupted him, she would be punished. He was impatient, and though his Revenge was beginning, she knew that he wanted more; he wanted to confront his father and end matters.

    "On Metellos."

    The Force had been silent for fourteen years.

    Now, it stirred, thus this moment.

    Had something awakened?

    TAG: @LordTroepfchen
    IC: Xaverri
    Mandalore, Eravana, edge of the system

    It was, arguably, almost inevitable that a job would take them here. Smuggling jobs were becoming fewer and farther between, especially as more and more worlds joined the New Republic, and their trade tariffs were so low that it was cheaper to just ship items rather than smuggle them. But money was tight, and they needed work.

    The rest of the crew had changed over time, but today it was a Zabrak named Undry, and an Ardennian named Plo, the same species as Tio, from Han's first crew with Tobias Beckett. A name from decades ago now, before he had lost Qi'ra. The name which, Xaverri knew, haunted Han. The exact details of what had happened fourteen years ago had taken some time to tease out of the man who shared her bed - not exclusively, however, as she was allergic to commitment... not that she had been with anyone else for years.




    Today, they were smuggling Mandalorian beskar out of Mandalore, a neutral state. It was a pretty dangerous run as things went, but they were to steal the supplies from another ship lifting off legally here. Xaverri regarded the planet, scarred by the last few wars, and looked back to Han.

    "I don't have a bad feeling about this, for once. What about you?"

    Undry and Plo didn't reply; they knew she was asking Han.

    The system before them was pretty quiet; a stream of minor vessels, but at the same time, they all knew that their ships were modified and armed to the teeth beneath the seeming innocuous exterior.

    Landing platform, New Keldabe

    Yet another spell of good luck; Joren had been offered a job because the existing pilot's child had been born two weeks earlier than expected, and so here he was, about to accept a delivery of beskar for delivery to Kuat, with extra pay for how late notice the job had come up. This had been his life since meeting the mysterious man on that swamp world; things happened, and he was positioned to take the windfall.

    Money was good, and what had previously been a career fraught with the peril of where is the next job coming, had been one where he was known for his luck, and companies liked lucky pilots, and kept him busy. There were a dozen freighters here, ready to make such pickups.

    The surly looking Mandalorian wrinkled his nose at the man as he arrived. Her helmet was off, and his black-yellow armour was a distinct contrast to each part. His name was Makin Marec, and he glowered at Joren. "You're not Harper," he said, referring to who should have been doing the pick-up. "Where's Harper?"


    Makin Marec

    The Mandalorian's hand was already on his blaster.

    Friendly people, these ones.

    Mandalore's Estate, New Keldabe

    The City had been recreated over the course of the near-decade and a half, and most of the scars of the battle had been erased, or just ignored. The Mandalmotors tower was back, of course, and the Oyu'baat resurrected, both with all manner of damage kept for posterity rather than replaced. The city had earned those scars, after all.

    To the south of the City, on the fringes, was an estate owned by Linnett and her family, and today was the yearly catch-up between the larger families of her and Ka'rta. This year was an important one for Ka'rta and Mirdala's child, Tor, who was about to come of age. Even Owen and Jerrod were present, having became relatively well-off in their advanced years due to setting up a security firm in the Corporate Sector - which had yet to join the New Republic and liked the rougher edge of former mercenaries to keep the order.

    The ages of Linnett and Arthur's children were such that Tor didn't necessarily have a lot in common with six year old Leia and five year old Alfred, but Alfred liked to try and spar with Tor and was not quite obsessed with her but it probably wasn't too far from obsession. But he was five, and Tor wasn't, so.

    Dinner was imminently being served, with Mirdala running the barbecue, while Arthur supervised the children. Tor had only agreed to attend on the basis that Ka'rta would take her out into the larger forest to the rear of the estate where wild boar lived. She wanted to go hunting.

    That left Ka'rta and Madelyn a few moments to catch-up.

    The New Republic was about to accept Bakura into the Senate, and their Senator was about to be revealed.

    It being Aryan Graul might be a talking point, but they also had other things to deal with; beskar smugglers, another invite from the New Republic Senate to request they join up (not from Feyna, who hadn't really spoken to them in the last fourteen years, nor nagged them to join), and a variety of trade agreements being requested by the Corporate Sector and the Hutts... agreements they hadn't had chance to sit down and discuss.

    The Force, however, it whispered that something was afoot, and Madelyn was the only one present who was sufficiently Force sensitive to pick up the subtlety of a whisper. Her Force powers had not been unused, but her master, Zey, he had not spoken to her again since the final battle all those years ago.

    The one where they had nearly lost everything.

    The Force had been silent for fourteen years.

    Now, it stirred, thus this moment.

    Had something awakened?

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  10. DarkLordoftheFins

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    Apr 2, 2007
    Anakin Skywalker
    Dagobah ... more or less ...

    He breathed out. First Obi-Wan, then the cave and now this ... the force obviously was on the offense to draw him back in.

    He knew right away he was in a dream. Dangerous places, dreams. A presence. He was not alone. It was not his son, he knew right away. Not feeling his power or gaping void. It was not his old Master either. So he would have to find out the old fashioned way.

    "Who is this?" He asked and calmed himself. Whoever it was, this way they would not locate him, ever. "How did you find me?"

    Anakin drew a defensive bubble around him, using the force for the first time in many years ... or dreaming of using it. Probably this did not count. Probably this would not matter or help either. So how had he been found after 14 years?

    He felt a tremble in the force. An awakening of sorts ... that was what he felt. Hard to say if it was a good or bad thing. It was what it was.

    Tag: @Sinrebirth, @BobaMatt

    Joren Sole
    Landing Platform, New Keldabe

    Joren looked at the man Wohnhaus asked if he was Harper and smiled.

    Note to my auto-biography: That was the moment I knew I worked with a gernius.

    "No I am not Harper. What gave me away? The completely different look and height?" Joren sighed. "Harp is having a baby. Well, his wife technically is, but he took some family leave. So he send me, as I guess I am more than a worthy replacement." He shrugged. "Not a smuggler, you know? I am an explorer. Just doin' a friend a favourite here."

    Those favors where all he had done past months. When everyone was getting out of smuggling, had Joren funny enough made a living out of it?

    "So are we gonna load or are we gonna chat?" He tried to stand a cool as possible, as he said this. He knew how smugglers behaved. He had seen the vids.

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  11. Bodhran777

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    Nov 1, 2019
    IC: Gil Fortis
    Senate District - Sniffing through alleys...

    Gil pulled his eyes from the small vid screen set into the front of the small shop he and Berko walked by. The new senator had just stepped out, but it was impossible to tell who it was from the tiny face on screen. Regardless of who it was, he was somewhat glad he wasn’t stuck in the thick of the fanfare. Cities were the worst places to guard high-profile marks, and Coruscant was chief among them. Most likely every guard there was feeling high-strung right about now trying to keep watch for danger. Alleys and small streets weren’t glamorous, and certainly not safe, but working here was preferable in his mind to having a target painted on your back out in the open.

    What’s more, he had some help on this job in the form of a Rodian that called himself Berko. Gil was used to working alone, so the added company was strange at first, but he found it more of a relief after a while than a liability. Considering what he knew about Rodians, with infrared vision and all, he welcomed the tactical advantage it gave them. He just hoped his aim was as good as his sight.

    “There is something there. I can smell it.”

    The statement made Gil stop for a moment and peer down the alley Berko had indicated. The alleys around Coruscant ranged from wide to very narrow, and the thought of shuffling down one fatal funnel after another was not an appealing thought to him. Quickly producing a scanner, he gave the alley a once-over, seeing nothing come up immediately. With a sigh, he knew it was going to be a manual inspection this time.

    “After you, Fortis.”

    He glanced at Berko with a smirk, adjusting the sling on his A280 to a more ready position.

    “You’re too kind. Though, if you ask me, all I can smell is the sewer.”

    Putting his off-hand farther up on the rifle, he clicked the weapon light and began sweeping its beam from side to side, illuminating the shadows as he proceeded and occasionally glancing up to make sure the air space above them was clear.

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  12. darthbernael

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    Apr 15, 2019
    IC Bernael
    Inbound to Metellos

    33 years it had been, 33 years since Bernael ceased being Bernael, ceased being the guardian of the balance. He wasn’t truly Bernael anymore, he was both less and so very much more. The years had not been wasted, he’d followed the imperatives that drove him now. And now those imperatives were bringing him out of the backwaters of the galaxy and back onto the galactic stage.

    The grey of hyperspace gave way to the almost static display of stars, a planet slowly approaching. Bernael did not know or care too deeply what the name of the world was. His jet black eyes, darkness dripping from them, surveyed the controls only vaguely, before returning to staring out of the viewscreen. His proboscises continued to sway in the air, tasting the iron scent of blood. But there was nothing left to feed on, only bodies ringed his feet.

    Energy swirled around and through him, deep as pitch. If any other being had been present they might have heard sounds like the dark energy whispering to Bernael. The hem of his cloak dripped with blood and one, clawed, hand still held the top of a skull like a cup, talons curled around the rim. If one’s gaze traveled downward they would see that every body at his feet was likewise missing the tops of their heads, cut clean across, empty of any grey matter inside. He’d fed so often, so regularly that the euphoria of his kind barely registered anymore unless he fed upon a particularly strong Force User.

    The navicomp chimed “Approaching Metellos, Population 900 billion, within orbital control space in two minutes.” the flat, toneless, voice of the computer stated. Bernael’s head tilted, raptorlike, black eyes skimming the display at the words.

    ‘Another world, another shining beacon to be extinguished.’

    For a moment he was lost in the memories of the last 33 years, blood, death, pain, terror, he’d dealt all of those and more. Since the day he’d been subsumed and reemerged as he was now, Darkness made flesh.

    Only the strongest of souls survived the hellscape his mind was now. He truly did not need to feed anymore, but did so because he enjoyed it, even when it was mind after mind, wholesale feeding, towns, cities, worlds. His only purpose now was death, destruction, bringing true Darkness to the galaxy. He’d fed steadily, small, low population worlds, then more populous as he drew closer to the core. And then he’d found this ship, headed deeper into the heavily populated core.

    His musings came to an end as he heard the comm chime and a voice spoke. "Freighter, please identify yourself, and where you have arrived from."

    His head tilted again, regarded the comm. A smile, twisted and devoid of humor, crossed his face as his free hand’s talons tapped a series of keys. He’d prepared thoroughly for this moment, and in a handful of seconds the voice of the captain, trembling, terror bleeding through each word, almost shrieked the reply. “HELP…….please for the love of the Gods….Help! This is… is Captain Wraster….the Even Star…..Something….darkness...they’re gone...the worlds are empty….Just got away….”

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  13. Jerjerrod-Lennox

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    Mar 9, 2005
    IC: Pascale Rouser, Qwi Xux
    Location: Rouser/Xux residence, Nouane City, Nouane

    It felt strange yet a nice feeling to be with someone, especially since you had spent most of your life traveling places and being a loner.

    But Pascale Rouser was quite content with his lot at the moment as he watched the HoloNet in the living room of his and Qwi’s residence. It had started out as his but now he was sharing it with one of the most, beautiful, intelligent and exotic women he had ever met. Seven years together and still going strong.

    Qwi Xux, Omwati genius and teacher looked at her erstwhile lover as she began to make dinner, humming as she worked. It was a trait she always did whilst cooking or reading coursework or exam papers or even sometimes when she was just bustling about doing things which Pascale seemed to enjoy too, he enjoyed her being happy and content. When she had met Pascale seven years ago she would never have thought she would have moved in with him and yet here they are together loving and living life. And this was one equation she was glad to have solved, it had taken a while but they had both got there.

    But nagging away at her every day was the secrets she had kept from him. Pascale had been brave and honest to bare all to her in the library that day but she had chosen not to do the same. Qwi was frightened of what could happen when it all eventually came flooding out, that they could end up breaking up, or even worse, ending up with either one of them being kidnapped, tortured or even worse killed. And that the equation that she had fought so hard to serve turned out to be a wrong answer.

    Pascale was beginning to suspect things as well, especially with his new found Force powers. He could sense whenever she was having a nightmare and would she would end up shooting up in bed covered in sweat and nearly in tears. And he would kiss her, tell her it would be alright and for her to tell him what was wrong. But she would deflect him, say it was only a dream and fall asleep again in his arms. And then Qwi would wake up in the morning as if nothing had happened and headed off to work leaving Pascale to wonder what was going on.

    Most days Pascale was in the university library, reading up on treasures he could possibly add to his collection or sell on and usually caught up with Qwi on her lunch break usually catching up on her morning and perhaps what adventure Pascale would go on next. She always missed him when he went away to find some treasure or painting or artefact that could earn him some credits, and when he came back home their time together more than made up for the time they spent apart. Pascale loved this woman with all her heart and Qwi felt the same towards him. She made him feel young again and made him feel like he was special whereas he made her feel safe and wanted, he made her feel like all the atrocities that had come as a result of her research were washed away and that she could start a new life.

    A new life that she was thoroughly enjoying her job was busy but satisfying and she had finally found a man that would accept her for who she was. Okay so he was much older than her but to her and Pascale it didn't matter. So long as they had each other and loved each other they didn't care what anyone thought.

    Dinner was on the go so she headed back towards Pascale where he was sitting on the sofa watching the latest news. Pascale was radiating love and contentment in the Force towards her, as a non Force sensitive she wouldn't feel it but Qwi would see it on his face. His blue eyes were sparkling and he smiled at her as she joined him, they both slipped their arms around each other and enjoyed a quick kiss before Qwi settled her head against Pascale's chest.

    "Coruscant is looking pretty again" he said with a smile, "I've been there, and it is a beautiful place, although the underlevels are a bit unsavory" he shrugged "Business is business I suppose And it seems to have recovered well from what Ananke did to it" he shook his head “Disgraceful”.

    Pascale had also told Qwi about what he did for a living and Qwi had understood that he had chosen this life and that he was no angel, Pascale had told her it was just a way to make a living. Qwi may be doing an honest job now but she knew she was no sweet person, especially sympathising with the Empire in its heyday. Well they never understood why Pascale had been labeled a war criminal especially since Ananke had literally burnt Coruscant to the ground.

    "Coruscant" Qwi breathed "I had always wanted to visit it. The center of the galaxy and a planet entirely covered in a city. It is a scientific marvel, how they could construct such a planet in this way. It must have taken them an age to do this. A planet that could be considered a capital of the galaxy, that spawned a Republic and an Empire", she knew Pascale was never interested in politics but she was always fascinated by it, an equation that was always difficult to work out.

    Pascale ran a hand through Qwi’s downy hair which was always gorgeously soft “Cheri, I would love to take you there. I could find us a nice place to live, perhaps a penthouse apartment. I could find good contracts there and you could teach there too, there are some good academies and universities there” his face turned thoughtful and Qwi looked up at him “Unfortunately due to me having the mantle of war criminal it would be impossible. However perhaps it is time I finally stepped out of the shadows and into the galaxy…”

    Both Pascale and Qwi had been glad that they had settled on a neutral world, but Qwi sometimes had dreams where New Republic agents would come for her lover in the middle of the night and take him away just when she thought it was safe. But nobody came and no-one was too concerned that they had a war criminal in their midst, or maybe they just didn't know. But there was one thing they both knew, no-one was going to take them away from each other. NO-ONE.

    Another subject of contention was Pascale heading back out into the galaxy. Qwi was quite happy staying on Nouane but over the past couple of years Pascale wanted to get back out into the “real world” as he put it. And even Qwi was starting to feel that itch a little, to explore the galaxy with Pascale and perhaps as he mentioned getting a job teaching or maybe in the sciences, maybe even work for the New Republic using her knowledge and expertise to do good this time.

    “Perhaps we will one day” she replied giving him one of her genuine smiles which made Pascale's heart melt before she turned back to the HoloNet with Pascale still stroking her hair which she melted into. On the News Chancellor Feyna Organa was waiting for a limo to pull in. Pascale had only seen the former Princess briefly on Takodana sadly he had never talked to her in person but she seemed like a competent and intelligent woman to lead the galaxy. Next to her was a beautiful white haired woman and Prince Isolder of Hapes. Hapes was on Pascale’s wish list of places to visit, especially since the Hapes Cluster itself held treasures beyond compare.

    As they watched the limo door opened, out stepped a woman first whom Pascale did not recognize and then a gasp from Qwi as she spotted the man getting out.

    “Isn't that...Aryan Graul?” Qwi said in shock “What is he doing back in politics?”

    Pascale snorted as Isolder then swore live on the Net “I think they might have forgotten the censor on that” he said shaking his head “I only met the man briefly on Ach-To, he’d lost his wife and son to that maniac Ananke and I think he was petty angry. Being a former Emperor of the Galactic Empire gives you a taste for power and it looks like he wants back into the big time. Guess he just got his chance after being voted in”

    “A war criminal being chancellor” Qei shuddered at the thought and st up still keeping one arm around Pascale “Who knows what he could cook up, possibly another superweapon if he felt like it” her eyes narrowed “He would even squander all the children of the galaxy’s education if it meant he could have a new toy to play with” she sighed “Sorry my love, but this man annoys me, that a man like that would come back into politics and perhaps even risk the galaxy slipping into war again. He preached for peace in the past and look where that got us”

    Pascale studied her as she talked and her passion for things was what he loved most about her, the desire to do good in this galaxy which was better than he deserved being a mercenary. “I suppose everyone deserves a second chance” he said “I got mine after I was brought back to life and I decided to start my life over again, I suppose Aryan has done the same. Let’s see how he carries in front of the Senate with the whole galaxy watching, and perhaps cheri he will be a better person after fourteen years” he smiled “I would never have met you if I didn't take my chance”

    Qwi turned to look at him and smiled moving closer to him with a smile on her face staring deeply into his eyes “I guess you’re right. We were both two lonely souls orbiting a star, we didn't know where we were going to go, what we were going to do. But i’m glad we found each other, because there is nobody in this universe I would rather be with”

    They both leaned forward to share a kiss and as they did so Pascale felt the Force begin to stir, it felt like an awakening of sorts but he couldn't place where it was coming from. And then he felt a familiar presence heading towards their residence. Ike it seemed had decided to return and make an appearance, probably back from some travels with tales to share or news or maybe even hopefully another job. Meanwhile both he and Qwi were engaged in a long and lingering kiss which after a minute or so they broke.

    Then came the knock on the door and Pascale sighed disengaging from Qwi “Ike is here” he said “I wonder if he will be as annoying as ever. But perhaps he may actually have something useful to share this time”

    Qwi swatted him on the shoulder with a smile, “I thought you were always the quintessential gentleman. Besides as you say he might have something useful for you. Maybe invite him in for dinner, perhaps if you knew him better you may think differently” she rose up brushing her hand through his hair as she moved to the kitchen to check on dinner.

    Pascale rose from the sofa his joints creaking as he did. He wasn't as young as he used to be and he was feeling his years a little now. But he could still keep up with the kids as it were and he wasn't ready for the scrapheap yet, Qwi could attest to that one.

    Their residence wasn't too opulent but it wasn't sparse either. Bits and pieces of art and others that Pascale had collected and lots of books of Qwi’s were scattered about in places. They had enough money to spare and then some thanks to Pascale’s wealth and they never wanted for anything. But they had both decided that their residence should look homely and not too in your face. Pascale reached the door opened it to reveal Ike who was actually looking rather freshly shaven and cleaner than usual.

    “Ike” Pascale said with a smile, “What brings you to our humble abode?”

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  14. Lawbreaker

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    Aug 21, 2018
    Galen Marek
    Metallos, Cockpit

    Huyang laid out the options. First there was the Jedi Order. Galen leaned back in his seat and put one leg against the wall.

    "The Jedi. Well, when have they ever stopped the Sith in time? Seriously, ever had a look at the history book? Sith rise and Sith attack. Never have the Jedi found them early, never have they stopped them. No, the Jedi are not an option." They would probably also dislike his methods. He remembered torturing the last Sith he captured. He remembered the fanatical almost amused silenced the man had returned in exchange for all the pain. Not speaking about the Imperial he had slaughtered. He had heard the New Republic was offering them their own space. Amnesty at a galactic scale for hundreds of thousands of participants in mass murder and genocide. How could the Jedi turn such a blind eye on justice? No, the Jedi were not an option. He would not be lectured about how he should not be so hateful. He would not be a student. Not while Darth Zorn was out there plotting for his return.

    What was the Sith's plan? No armies seemed to be raised. No wars raged and threatened the Galaxy. Maybe it was something even more sinister?

    "So the fringes it is. Hutt Space would be hard for him to hide in. He could threaten and bribe but from time to time he would need to kill a lot of them to remind the slimy schuttas who is the boss. Heard nothing about it. No, I also guess Corporate Sector is a bit to tightly controlled." He expected the Sith to hide somewhere nobody cared to pay attention to. That left a few billion worlds maybe. Not mentioning abandoned mines or shadow ports. Galen closed his eyes. The force did not speak to him as it had to his father. No, it whispered at best. In combat it gave him a superior might. In moments like this he painfully understood how useless that actually was. Maybe he was able to kill the Sith Lord. He was a great warrior. But what did it help if he failed to find him?

    "Mandalore. The Sith have a history with the Mandalorians." He sighed. That was paper-thin. It was the best he could do. "Let's go to Mandalore then."

    He was just about to lean forward to deactivate the hologram of his droid as he ... felt something. A tremble spreading ... through the force. He almost asked if the droid could feel it, but of course he could not.

    "What is this?" He asked and closed his eyes, trying to locate it. Something like this he had not felt in a long time. It was nearby. This planet. Here.

    It would draw them in. The Jedi ... but also the Sith.

    "Departure postponed." He said, killed the line and ran out of his ship. Closing the eyes he reached out into the force. He tried to locate it. He had to locate it.

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    Jul 11, 2009
    (A combo post with the wonderful @TheSilentInfluence)

    , Tor, Madelyn Linnett, Leia and Alfred Skirata Linnett
    Mandalore's Estate, New Keldabe

    Without her helmet Ka'rta took a deep breath, letting the smell of cooking meat and flowers fill her nostrils. Opening her eyes she could see Tor looking up at her eyes nearly begging.

    "Go watch over Leia and Alfred ad'ika," She said her voice gentle yet with an edge of bes'kar in her words.

    "Buir," Tor shot back slumping her shoulders, "You promised we'd go hunting." Tor was dressed in her green cloak light armor underneath, her light blaster pistol and hunting rifle on her back. She'd come here with a purpose and it wasn't playing with kids half her age.

    "And we will, but I need to catch up with your Aunt and Uncle." She said looking up to Owen and Jerrod. "And I have to talk with the Manda'lor."

    "You talk with her every day buir…"

    "And we need to talk again...she is only the leader of all mandalore." Tor pouted turning away.

    "Don't go too hard on Alfred...He is trying."

    "Not hard enough." Tor said looking over her shoulder.

    "Give him time, you weren't very good either at his age."

    Tor turned away shoulders still hunched over face screwed up into a scowl. Begrudgingly she moved towards her younger compatriots giving one last cross look to her mother. As she crouched down to get on eye level with Leia and Alfred Ka'rta turned around, wrapping Owen and Jerrod in deep hugs thanking them for coming. Afterwards she made a wide sweeping route towards the Manda'lor stopping to give Mirdala a kiss on the cheek. She didn't want to distract him too much as he was putting his focus on cooking.

    Finally she made her way over to the leader of all Mandalorians. "Madelyn." She started with a smile taking her friend into a light hug. "How have you been in the 25 hours since we've spoken last?" She asked making a light joke at how much time the pair spent together. One the leader of all mandalorians, the other her hand, her shadow.

    Madelyn surveyed her home with a quiet expression. She was used to ruling now, had accepted it completely and yet still there was something nagging at her. The force? Perhaps; but Madelyn knew she was not as connected as when she first picked up the darksaber.

    She smiled her at husband Arthur who was watching their children from a distance and let her gaze fall to Leia, who was six and so much like her father and Alfred who was so much like her with Ka'rta's daughter Tor.

    But when Ka'rta distracted her by wrapping her in a hug she turned her focus to her friend. Her sister. "Leia may or may not have tried to take a Mandalorian fighter up for a spin yesterday." Madelyn smiled a little at Ka'rta. "I shouldn't be amused, but I did something similar when I was her age." She laughed.

    Ka'rta gave a somewhat bemused smile hearing about Leia's attempted joyride. "Tor was always trying to get into my weapons locker...Took my speeder bike for a joy ride." She commiserated with her sister, "They are strong willed, and determined." She gave a slight smile, "Just like their mothers." The warrior laughed a little recalling finding Tor in a ditch the speederbike in a twisted wreck.

    "You've heard that Beskar smuggling is up." She started, bringing a bit of business to this family event. "Just curious if you want me to 'look into it'." The edge to her voice made her point clear. Find whoever was involved and end them, violently. "They are stealing something precious from us..." she looked into the distance, seeing her daughter playing with Alfred...though it looked more like Tor running circles around him. "Tor will need it to make her own armor one day." The young girl's verd'goten was coming up, it wouldn't be too much longer before she fitted for her own Beskar'gam.

    Madelyn grinned back, "Hopefully they find less trouble then we did." She paused at Ka'rta speaking about Bes'kar and looked serious; keeping her voice low. "Yes. I want those smugglers gone. But if you can capture one...bring them to me." Madelyn added. She stepped away to look at Tor for a moment. "I have a gift for her. I was hoping to wait until her verd'goten...." Madelyn trailed off, shrugging her shoulders with a smile.

    "Understood Manda'lor." Ka'rta said with a nod of her head, her voice firm. She joined Madelyn in watching their children. "And I do hope that they do not have to face what we did...but we should still prepare them for the worse." Ka'rta lowered her brow a little, taking a breath she considered the other woman's words. "You are Manda'lor you can do what you wish, Tor's verd'goten is very close, you will not be waiting long to give it to her. Though I will not stop you from giving it to her."

    Madelyn nodded in agreement and looked at Ka'rta. "I wasn't asking as Mand'alor, I was asking as you're friend." She looked back at Tor, Leia and Alfred. "I know Tor hates the age difference, but Leia and Alfred look up to her. I know we can't protect them from everything, but it would be nice if this peace...this calm would last."

    There was part of Ka'rta that wanted to make Tor wait, to have her wait even unknowingly for a gift. Though she looked at her long suffering smile as she once again dodged out of the way of Alfred's latest attempt to push her over.

    "I know she would like to be around kids her own age." Ka'rta hung her head a little, "But, I think it is important for her to be around those two. Have her learn how to comport herself around those that need her protection. Trying to train her to be a guardian, not a warrior." She let out a breath looking up to the trio, "I do hope that her skills are not put too the test too soon. That she gets to enjoy this peace we forged." Turning with a smile she looked to her friend. "If you wish you can give her your present..."

    Madelyn turned to Ka'rta, eyes bright and excited like when Ka'rta had first let her hold her helmet. "Thank you!" She squeezed Ka'rta's shoulder and nodded to one of her guards who disapeared for a moment before bringing back something wrapped in cloth. He handed it to Madelyn with a bow and she turned to Ka'rta again before calling over Tor, Leia and Alfred.

    "Come over here, I have something for Tor."

    Ka'rta smiled letting Madelyn squeeze her shoulder, it had been a long time since she'd seen the other woman so happy. It seemed she needed to give that gift than Tor needed to receive it. The warrior stood to the side letting Madelyn collect the gift and call out for the children to come close.

    "Yes mam'," Tor rushed forward out running Leia and Alfred with her longer strides. "What's it?" she asked her shoulders shaking just a little. Though she was trained as a Guardian, she was still a child, just as excited as any other when presents were offered.

    "I have something for you." She held out the cloth wrapped item and loosed it, pulling out a beautiful looking vibroblade, the blade made of beskar. She pressed the handle into Tor's hand.

    "Verd ori'shya beskar'gam." Madelyn said firmly. "May this weapon help protect you and the people you love."

    Tor looked stunned witnessing the blade in Madelyn's hand. As it was pressed into her hand she gripped it feeling the weight of it, the balance, was exquisite. She looked into the iron of the weapon the light of the sun glinting on the edge.

    "What do you say?" Ka'rta prodded.

    "Uh..thank you...thank you Vode." She swapped the blade in her sheath with the gift it fit perfectly. Ka'rta gave Madelyn a half smile.

    "Be careful with that, it is very sharp and will hold its edge for a very long time." Tor nodded her head at her mother's instruction.

    "Thank you again." The girl said turning away and returning to playing.

    "You're going to spoil her you keep doing that." Ka'rta said playfully shaking her head.

    Madelyn smiled gently at Tor's thanks. "You're welcome." She turned to Ka'rta and laughed at her remark. "That's what family does." She motioned her head and led Ka'rta away from the children. "Arthur and I have been trying to have another baby. But the healers don't think its possible."

    Madelyn looked disappointed and turned to look at Leia and Alfred, "I overheard Leia telling Alfred she has no interest in leading. At least not on the throne..." Madelyn lowered her voice. "And Alfred is force sensitive. I'm afraid the Jedi will try to take him away."

    Ka'rta put a gentle hand on Madelyn's shoulder. "I'm so sorry Madelyn." The pain in her voice was evident, Madelyn loved kids, loved her children. To have that taken from her it must have been horrifying. "Aliit ori'shya tal'din" Family is more than blood. A reminder that family is not just blood, it is connection, and care.

    "The jetii will have Alfred over my dead body." She spat, "He is mando'a, we are his people. And I will fight them to the death if they wish to take him from us." Looking into Madelyn's eyes Ka'rta's eyes softened a little. "I won't let what happen to you...happen again."

    Madelyn sniffed and wiped her eyes. "I wouldn't be where I am without you." She looked over the room and caught Arthur, her husband smiling at her. Madelyn smiled back and blew him a kiss before returning her attention to Ka'rta.

    "The galaxy isn't what it used to be. What if-" Madelyn felt herself lurch internally, realizing all too quickly that something was wrong. She physically flinched and held a hand to her chest, suddenly gasping for breath.

    Elsewhere in the room Alfred felt sick and started to cry a little, reaching out for Leia as she held him close.

    "Tor get mother." Leia said quickly, an order. "Get her quick!"

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    Darth Zorn
    Ancient Ruins, Throne Room, Unknown Planet

    Darth Zorn had never needed a throne. He never wanted to rule. He wanted to shape. He wanted to break and resemble the Galaxy ... the force itself if he needed to. Yet, his underlings with their limited understanding had created one.

    He had adopted his throne room for his own purposes though.

    Darth Tempera. His servant entered the room and he was kneeling in it's midst. He never used the throne, as such vulgar displays of rulership were unnecessary for someone like him. His eyes closed he felt her presence and his yellow eyes snapped open as he felt how agitated she was.

    "My Lord, there is a disturbance in the Force; on the target world." She said. Then she mentioned a name. The world had been chosen by her. Details did never interest him. He had not expected the first world to have the desired effect. It was only the beginning.

    "Perfect, isn't it?" He simply said and slowly raised to his feed without his hands touching the ground. His simple black robes around him he slowly turned.

    "Attention. We want to have his attention. I think he felt it too. The planet will have all of their attention now."

    Or was it his father? The thought had crossed his mind the moment he felt it. Could it be his father or whatever power his father used to hide himself? It did not explicitly feel like his father but as long as he did not know how Anakin Skywalker accomplished the task of remaining hidden ... could he rule it out?

    "I will oversee the performance of your plan personally." He then simply said. "With this disturbance, we cannot rule out Anakin Skywalker will be drawn there." He walked past her. "I know you will enjoy the illusion of power in my absence." He stopped as he passed her. This was an opportunity. "Send one of my hands there to kill any Jedi he can find. I want to add as much mystery to this as possible." He leaned over to her. "I want them to feel my despair, my hunger shall become a reality they cannot hide from. So don't you fail me with your arrogance and vanity. You hear me little girl? Don't. Fail. Me."

    He walked past her to board his ship and almost forgot to allow her to breath again. Truth was he was hungry. Hiding and searching had barely sustained his more profound needs. Needs all his power could not be control. So he nurtured them.

    He wanted to feel them all die. He wanted to feel them all die and scream and fear. It would make him stronger. Every death would make him stronger. Fear would make him stronger. Beyond the limits of an ordinary Sith lay only the vast darkness of his existence. An infinite darkness in which the own thoughts were the only existing limits.


    The word echoed into the force again. One day this echo would reach his father. Darth Zorn would make him show himself. He would also let him pay a terrible price for his absence.

    He remembered Alderaan. A billion voices screaming and then silenced forever in a second. The screams he would cause would last much longer ...

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    Apr 24, 2004
    IC: Chancellor Feyna Organa
    Senate Tower, Senate District, Coruscant

    HOW IN THE---

    Isolder, standing next to her, swore, a bit more loudly than he ought, and though Feyna agreed with the sentiment, she discreetly reached for his hand and squeezed, gently reminding him of the time and place.

    Though, considering who had just arrived, her love cursing live on air was the least of their problems.

    How in seven Sith hells had Aryan Graul, a known war criminal, been elected Senator of Bakura?

    Her own shock might have registered on her face for a moment or two, but, mindful of the press, she quickly adopted a more stoic expression. She wasn't smiling, though.

    Right under our noses, too. Now we know why Bakura wanted to keep their election proceedings a secret, Feyna thought ruefully. It had been an odd request, but the Republic had allowed it.

    More fools them.

    The first war criminal to re-surface after fourteen years…and he’d been elected back into the Senate.

    Feyna had something of a reputation of being rather forgiving with former Imperials—perhaps more forgiving than people expected, or wanted, her to be—but Graul was a special case. Her personal opinions about the man were complicated; she didn’t hate him as she did Tarkin or Krennic, but his actions hadn’t exactly been helpful fourteen years ago, and the legal and political reality was that he was one of the Republic’s most wanted war criminals.

    She would have liked to have arrested him here and now, and many in the Senate would probably be demanding it soon enough, but Bakura’s entrance into the New Republic was already becoming something of a political headache; though Feyna had once said that no system would be forced to join—and technically, they still weren’t—some worlds felt pressured to join for economic reasons as the New Republic continued to spread its influence, and people on those worlds weren’t always happy about it. Feyna wondered if the people of Bakura were voicing their displeasure now, via Graul’s election. Either way, arresting their newly elected Senator live in front of the whole galaxy wasn’t going to endear the New Republic to them.

    And truth be told, after fourteen years, it might be wiser to wait, to re-examine the case against Graul before making any rash decisions. There was no point making a tense situation worse by arresting him on charges that didn’t stand up in the courts later.

    She didn’t like it, hopefully she wouldn't have to regret it later, and the rest of the Senate might tear her apart for it, but she wouldn’t arrest Graul tonight.

    Not yet.

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    Aug 19, 2002
    Mace Windu

    He'd gotten more used to dreamspace, spaces between spaces, the underlying fabric of reality. It had gone from wondrous and new to fairly routine surprisingly quickly over the last decade and a half, to walk in these spaces and explore the galaxy from behind the scenes.

    Anakin would think this was a dream, only a dream, a place where the Force couldn't find him. Did he realize how much effort it took for him to quiet the Force's call? How much constant strain? Or had it become normal to him, like having a crick in your neck or sore ankles?

    Mace Windu responded, a smirk on his face. "You know me, young Skywalker. Not so young anymore, maybe. Younger than me. At least we're both younger than Master Yoda. Younger than he would have been." The joke held a note of bitterness. He pushed that away. "You were easy to find. 'A vergence,' Qui-Gon said." He bit down on that, too. Another death. Another loss to the Sith.

    "You've seen how things were supposed to be, and how things went. We have to do something to make things right, Skywalker. We need to do it for the Force, for the galaxy...for your son, Anakin. My goodness. It pains me what happens to you in The Way Things Should Have Been. The burning. The black mask. Pain beyond reason.

    "We'll do it right, this time. Somehow."

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    IC: Senator Aryan Graul
    Senate Tower, the Senate District, Coruscant

    As the limo descended through the bustling traffic lanes and arrived in the main Senatorial Plaza, Aryan Graul leaned forward to peer out at the gathering crowd through the tinted transparisteel windows. What he saw initially made him smirk, despite the underlying solemnity that beset this moment. After being away for fourteen years, it felt good – if a little surreal, to return to the complex world of galactic politics. He basked in the publicity it brought in its wake, and in many ways, it was as if he had never been gone at all.

    The event itself was a grand affair that had attracted a wide array of spectators, ranging from dignitaries, Senators, media crews, and civilians of all shapes and sizes. All of them had assembled to bear witness to the arrival of the New Republic’s newest member state – Bakura.

    Or more accurately, they had come to see him.

    As Bakura’s newly-elected Senator, they were both intrigued and hopeful about his presence. That sentiment had only been compounded by the shroud of secrecy that had surrounded the entire election process. The Bakurian government did not want to reveal his identity until this precise moment – and for good reason. There were many throughout the Republic and beyond who would not approve of the idea of having an alleged war criminal serving on the Galactic Senate.

    Nevertheless, Aryan had resolved to overcome that minor complication and make a difference. The morals and teachings instilled in him through his Jedi training with An’ya Kuro had made a profound impact on his life – perhaps more than he cared to admit at times. He was no longer the man he was fourteen years ago, and he now sought redemption above all else.

    However, he knew it would not be an easy journey. He would face indignation and scorn from colleagues and strangers alike, an uphill battle that would surely test his limits.

    Even now, as the limo settled down on its repulsors in the midst of the sprawling esplanade, Aryan could feel the disparity emanating from the crowd within the Force. It was a rich mixture of anticipation, excitement, uncertainty...and fear.

    The Senator latched onto that last one, prodding it gently to sample it further…

    That’s when the Force decided to stir with a perceptible change, almost as if there had been an…awakening?

    The smile instantly faded from Aryan’s features as he reclined back against his seat, his brow now furrowed with concern. He would’ve preferred more time to meditate on what he had just experienced, but the demands of his new position would not allow it. The only consolation was that his somber mood had not gone unnoticed. A slender hand moved to his thigh and gave it a reassuring squeeze.

    “Are you alright?” Gaeriel Captison intoned softly from beside him, her round eyes peering out beneath her delicate features. She was beautiful in the natural light streaming in from the limo’s overhead viewport, her blond hair and white frock practically glowing with an angelic quality. Even with their apparent age gap and the tribulations they would likely face together as a couple, it was no wonder he had fallen in love with her.

    Inhaling deeply to compose himself, Aryan offered a short nod. “Yeah,” he murmured quietly, his gaze still unfocused. “It was of those moments. It’ll pass.”

    Gaeriel canted her head to regard him carefully, but ultimately decided not to press the issue. She knew she would never truly understand the Force and its many mysteries. Instead, she flashed a warm smile and leaned in to peck him on the cheek. “I’ll throw myself to the wolves first and give you some time,” she stated evenly, her brow lifting expectantly. “Don’t be too far behind. Remember, they came to see you.”

    She gave him another kiss – on the lips this time, and then she was gone.

    Aryan watched her go with a pensive look. It was his game face; he would certainly need it to confront the frenzy that awaited him beyond the confines of this transport. He bided his time for a minute or two, and then dutifully followed behind his partner and lover.

    With a sharp intake of breath, Aryan Graul raised his chin and stepped back onto the galactic stage.

    Immediately, the multitudes greeted him with shouts, jeers, and the constant strobe of flashbulbs as the media captured this moment for posterity. He was also aware of the live HoloNet crews and their reporters jockeying for his attention, but after a while, it all seemed to conflate with the cacophonous blare of the mob. It became difficult to discern whether they were cursing him or praising him.

    And really, maybe it didn’t matter.

    Maintaining his poise and smile, Aryan called upon the Force to dampen the noise and slowly worked his way through the crowd toward the front of the plaza. It was upon the steps leading up to the Senate Tower that he spotted Chancellor Feyna Organa and her consort, Prince Isolder of Hapes.

    His blue-gray eyes lifted above the crowd to greet her with a penitent gaze. It was a simple gesture, but it was the best he could do at this distance. Hopefully, it would be enough to extend the olive branch and start them off on the right foot.

    Without waiting for a reaction, Aryan met up with Gaeriel and linked his arm through hers, seemingly unconcerned about the outward display of affection or the kind of gossip it may generate from the masses.

    They remained hand-in-hand as they began the slow climb up the steps toward the dais.

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    IC: The Narrator
    Somewhere Between

    The Awakening in the Force was mere ripple, and it came to an end as swiftly as it did come.

    But it was felt, here, between Mace and Anakin.

    And there was a laugh.

    A laugh they both would recognise.


    It was a man in a black hood, but his voice was unmistakable.


    Another wheezing laugh.

    This will be the final word in the Story of Skywalker!

    The last word was all but spat.

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    IC: Makin Marec

    Mandalore, beskar loading area

    "So are we gonna load or are we gonna chat?"

    The Mandalorian pulled a face, and regarded his datapad, flicking through messages. This data work was for droids, not warriors, Marec thought, scowling. But beskar was important; the planets life-blood and pride ran through the veins of metal that crisscrossed the planet. Without it, they were just another world, ready to absorbed into the New Republic and its culture subsumed to the point of nothingness.

    There it was.

    A note that another pilot was going to collect this load. Joren, of course. "Fine, your story checks out." He gestured to the actual droids, load-lifters, that beeped away to themselves sullenly as they picked up the crates. Marec was going to let the spacer know that he was welcome to grab a drink or food at the Oyu'baat in the meantime - it would take a couple hours or so to fully load everything - when a noise ran out.

    "People of Mandalore! Rejoice! I come bearing good tidings from the Beyond! You have been freed from choice, from freedom, and chaos itself!"

    Marec turned behind him, and realised it was one of those kooks in the sparkling robes. "Damn Acolytes again."

    There he was; tall in his robes, preaching from a book.


    Prophet Jedgar

    "Come one, come all!"

    As Marec turned and stepped back, inadvertently towards Joren, he watched as a few passerby's stopped. They were a bit overdressed for Mandalore, which told Marec that they were people planted to appear as if they were genuinely listening. Lovely, he thought with a grimace.

    As everyone turned around, however, a shadow moved in the peripheral vision of Marec and indeed Joren, walking the ramp. Joren might notice, and he might not. It depended on how enamored he was with the worshiper.

    "We will be freed! You can be freed with us, if you only supplicate to Him!"

    Then there was an explosion, consuming one of the other transports besides them -

    TAG: @DarkLordoftheFins

    Mandalore's Estate

    The moment in the Force passed, but Alfred still cried. Leia tried her best, and then they heard the explosion, which shook the estate - a plume of smoke was visible in the distance. Both Ka'rta and Madelyn would recognise that it was coming from the loading area, and that meant someone was after beskar. Owen and Jerod looked concerned, and Mirdala moved closer to Tor, as much as a family would convalesce around itself against a thread.

    There were no other explosions, but if they checked their comlinks, they would hear only static. Owen, who had reacted first, scowled.

    "Jamming; its not an accident, guys."

    Sure enough, an alarm rang out, consuming the city.

    Mirdala found himself looking at Tor, knowing the youngster would want to be involved.

    The family barbecue was interrupted, and forever so.

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    IC: Darth Tempera

    Bowing, watching the Master leave

    "I shall never fail you," Tempera said, quietly seething as Zorn left. Batting her red hair from her eyes as she stood, she knew that this was all she could achieve. He was simply too powerful for her, and to do anything to oppose him was to court Death herself.

    The One Sith were salivating to act; fourteen years in the shadows, in hiding, not being able to reveal themselves accept in a narrow circumstance, such as recruiting the Acolytes of Beyond, in setting up their broken and mad Prophets. They chafed.

    But the plan was underway.

    The formula they applied to the target would be relatively simple.

    The explosion was the distraction.

    The violence was mere puppetry.

    The true strike would be all the more at the heart of the world they chose.

    The first to be Converted to the Dark.

    The Force would cry out; Skywalker would reveal himself; Zorn will slay, or be slew.

    But for now, she need only begin matters; she had plenty to use at this point.

    With the press the comlink, the signal went out, and a Hand was activated, and they were informed that the Dark Lord cometh.

    Other signals were sent out too.

    In his ship, however, was more silence, more empty, craven, silence. Darth Zorn had been secluded for many months, and a galaxy of updates were handed to him by his replete network of informants. The New Republic; the quiet Imperial Remnant; the membership of Bakura, and, just now, the revelation of Aryan Graul.

    Many things were missing, too; Tempera had tasked the network with picking out all manner of potential threat to their plans. Darth Ananke remained as unaccounted for as Mace Windu; Rouser, one of the lesser war criminals, also.

    But in the center of Zorn's personal bedchamber aboard his ship sat someone, wound in a ball as if feline and asleep.

    On his arrival she uncurled, and crossed her legs, allowing the Force to identify herself to him; beforehand, her Force presence had been entirely invisible to any, thus her having snuck aboard.

    "Luke Skywalker, I come in greeting."


    "My name is Vergere, and I come with a Dark Greeting for you." A slight chuckle. "That is what your Acolytes say to each other, is it not?" She shrugged. "Not your One Sith, that is, of course."

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    IC: Prince Isolder

    Coruscant, Senate building, front plaza

    Isolder was about to continue to spill out with the words, but Feyna reached for him and squeezed, reminding him that he was live on the HoloNet. And a Prince, too. If his mother was watching... to be fair, she probably had a servant watching for her, but still, she would hear of his colourful language.

    The rest of the crowd was in a titter, with holo-snaps being taken by droids and journalists and of course the guests on their comlinks.

    The red carpet lay between Aryan Graul and Gaeriel Captison, allowing them to advance the Chancellor and Prince.

    Isolder managed to plant a smile on his face, reaching out with his hand to shake Aryan's, preparing a brutal squeeze of the mans hand. Gaeriel managed a more honest expression, warmth filling her cheeks and Isolder could tell she was a better politician than he was. The woman reached up to take Feyna's hand, softly and pleasantly.

    "Madam Chancellor, Your Highness," Gaeriel said, curtsying to them.

    The entire galaxy watched on.

    @JediMasterAnne, @HanSolo29

    Depths of Coruscant

    The Jedi droid paused, listening to Galen. It was dead to the Force, like all machines, and merely canted its head sideways. "A disturbance, Master Marek?" The Force receded, leaving no trace of whatever had dropped into it as if a pebble into water.

    No, wait, there was the faintest slither of something. Something that Galen could follow...

    ... but there was also a threat, burning into the Force.

    Someone of ill-intent existed on Coruscant, higher up. Danger poured outwards, more than the typical ramshackle cutthroat politics of a gala by the Senate. But it was something a lot deeper than that; there was a shatterpoint running through the Coruscant, and for the briefest moment in his minds eye, Galen could see it had the potential to connect to the entire galaxy.

    A shatterpoint stinking in fear.

    "Sir?" Huyang said, concerned.

    TAG: @Lawbreaker

    Back street, Senate District

    warbled amusement as Gil stepped forward. Ever the appropriate action, he spread his light over the noise, revealing a purple-robed man. He peered back at Gil, looking squat under his robes. "It is merely I, Orloc, Acolyte of the Beyond." He staggered forward into the light, smelling like so much alcohol and urine.

    The Rodian pursed his lips. "It's one of those religious nutters, going on about Him, whoever 'he' is."

    "He! You have not taken the Oath of the Old! You have not known His face! He slept, searching the the One, and now he has awoken! To tell his truth is a privilege, hiccup," the man tripped, and fell, staggering up, a few steps closer. He held up the palm of his hand, catching the streetlight.


    "See the Truth!"

    His robes hung open... revealing the detonator.

    TAG: @Bodhran777 (PM me your reply, we shall combo)
    IC: Ike

    Nouane, the Rouser Residence

    was as pleasant as ever, and Ike drew the man into a warm hug. "Rouser! A pleasure to see you." He looked around the man and saw his partner. "And Qwi! Excellent to see you too - I needed to speak to you both, actually."

    Not quite flouncing in, Ike headed to the kitchen and reaching into his cloak. "But first, business," he said, his voice dropping an octave. Ike produced a small hand-sized statue. "Nothing special, just found it in the ruins to the north." He placed the golden statue on the table.


    "I believe it's Faya - the sword gives it away. The, um, what was it. Sword of Judgement." Ike didn't really pay attention to it; he was back to rummaging in his cloak, which included pockets. "I am sure that I had a ring or something. The northern tribes didn't want me really taking things with you." The man waved his free hand. "Details, details."

    "But what I wanted to tell you was about something I hear the Lords and Ladies of Nouane are discussing now Bakura has joined the New Republic -"

    Then there was a bang, and Ike paused. "That was a bomb." He looked out the window, towards the former Clock-Tower, which had been long abandoned due to it being structurally unsound. It was down, smoke rising from where it had been. "Someone blew up the Clock-Tower..." Ike blinked, almost wordless.

    It was then that the door blew in, and a woman came bursting through the entrance, pointing a blaster at them.

    "Found you at last,"


    Jyn Erso

    TAG: @Jerjerrod-Lennox (twice - combo)
    IC: Luka

    Metellos, Control

    “HELP…….please for the love of the Gods….Help! This is… is Captain Wraster….the Even Star…..Something….darkness...they’re gone...the worlds are empty….Just got away….”

    Luka sat up straight in his seat, not laconic any longer. "Captain Wraster, please clarify. What has happened?" He waved at his colleague, a human woman he hadn't cared to learn the name of.

    She tuned in, and then muted her end of the interaction, so she could direct a orbital patrol ship to move to intercept the new arrival. It would be the light corvette Sundance, an elderly Guardian-class ship, and it deployed a pair of TIE fighters that were, impressively, only fifteen years old.

    The light corvette moved forward as the TIE fighters did a quick sweep, not picking up any external damage and no evidence of weapons being activated. The Sundance activated its tractor beams, drawing the ship in. A knot of battle droids, officers and medics were on duty, ready to sweep in.

    As Luka noted all this, he stayed on the line. "It's okay, help is on the way, just keep talking - "


    An explosion in the City; lights began to go out across the buildings, heading towards them. Luca cursed, reaching for the backup power switches as quickly as he could. Most government offices had one on Metellos as power cuts were not a new thing, but soon -

    All while this happened, the corvette drew the ship, and Bernael, in.

    TAG: @darthbernael

    @QueenSabe7 (outstanding TAG)
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    Apr 9, 2007
    Darth Zorn
    Personal Ship, Unknown Planet

    Darth Zorn had seen and felt many things in his search for his father, so he was aware how incomplete the reports were. They did not matter to him. Nothing of all of this was important in detail. As long as it served to hide his true intentions and execute his plan he did not care. It was a myriad of facts that painted a picture. He would burn this picture.

    Aryan Graul. He needed some time to remember. The last Emperor. A terrible weakling who now returned to the stage of the Republic affairs. He remember his father had a conflict with him before he vanished. He reminded himself to not allow the Sith to kill him. His presence might be another reason for Anakin to finally return.

    But that was not his main focus.

    No, his attention was directed to the presence. He turned and was greeted by his birthname. A feathered creature identifying himself as Vergere sat there. Zorn raised his brow.

    "Call me by that name again and you will regret it." He said this without aggression. It was a simple fact. His interest was awakened by a creature who had the ability to find him here and sneak into his ship. He also felt the urge to unleash his power on it. Just because he would like to see the creature realize it's mistake. He resisted the urge. Too many questions had been risen in his absence. Too many uncertainties his order had allowed to exist. Maybe this creature offered some insight.

    He could kill it later.

    "My name is Vergere, and I come with a Dark Greeting for you." A slight chuckle. "That is what your Acolytes say to each other, is it not?" She shrugged. "Not your One Sith, that is, of course."

    Zorn raised a brow and laughed. He had to laugh. This was a nice change. Usually he had to hunt them down. "Oh you know. They say knowledge is power. I guess they don't know true power. What do you think I do to those who know about my plans?" He fought the laughter down. "I am listening. I guess whatever you have to say to make this a civilized encounter ... now is the time."

    He slowly picked his lightsaber from his belt and walked a step towards the creature. He hoped it had a lightsaber. He would prefer to duel it physically. The creature was obviously skilled. It could be a challenge. He longed for a challenge. Even a small one.

    "So?" Zorn smiled at it. The smile of a hungry predator.

    Tag: @Sinrebirth
  22. Jerjerrod-Lennox

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    Mar 9, 2005
    OOC: A combo with @Sinrebirth :D

    IC: Pascale Rouser, Qwi Xux, Jyn Erso, Ike
    Location: Rouser/Xux residence, Nouane City, Nouane

    Ike drew Pascale into a hug which Rouser was surprised about but decided to reciprocate, mostly to be friendly and polite.

    Behind him Qwi was smiling as she peered around the corner watching these two, at least Pascale was being polite as he always was, even with people he despised or were his rivals. Ike Pascale had managed to tolerate now.

    "Good to see you too Ike" Qwi replied "Come on in, i'm just finishing dinner"

    Ike then produced a statue as he came in and it was a beautiful golden statue at that. Modeled after Faya, one of the fabled Sages and of course the former Darth Wyrrlok was interested in these. Now Pascale had one of his own and his blue eyes lit up and he smiled. Qwi moved next to him looking at him with a warm smile.

    "See?" Qwi said tiptoeing up and kissing Pascale on the cheek " Ike does give you some gifts sometimes. And something you have heard about in the past"

    "Indeed cheri, indeed" he said smiling back at her before nodding to Ike " Thank you Ike, it is a beautiful statue, something else to add to the collection" he also heard Ike mentioning a ring but the statue itself was good enough. It stood there pride of place on the kitchen table.

    As Ike was talking about what the Lords and Ladies of Nouane were discussing now that Bakura was joining the New Republic a loud bang went off. Qwi looked shocked and Pascale immediately went to grab his blaster which was in it's holster and his jacket. He managed to grab his holster and secure it as well as putting his jacket on. Ike was correct it did look like a bomb had gone off and the Clock Tower that had stood for thousands of years had gone.

    "Why would someone want to blow up the Clock Tower?" Qwi asked looking towards Ike "I know it was dilapidated but still…."

    The door then blew in, Pascale pulling his blaster out and Qwi screaming and then moving to stand behind Pascale. Pascale was going to make sure no-one harmed his girl. If they were finally here for him he would ask they let her be free.

    A rough and ready looking woman burst through pointing a blaster at them. And she said she had found 'you' at last.

    "If you are here for me then I advise you turn around and exit right now. Me and my partner have been living here in peace, and I don't need you ruining it"

    Qwi was still behind Pascale wondering what was going on?Was this a bounty hunter or assassin about to take Pascale away like she had had in nightmares?.

    The woman held up her blaster, and shot Ike. It happened so quick, that Ike simply toppled back in shock. His hands rushed to cover the wound, which had caught him in the stomach. "My name is Jyn Erso. My father built the Death Star; he was a war criminal, and he died attempting to fix his sin."

    Her blaster tracked Qwi and Pascale. "You haven't done anything to remedy what you did. You've built yourself a comfortable life, and a quiet one. It's time you paid it back."

    Ike moaned, and Jyn continued. "He'll survive; if he gets medical attention. I've shot a lot of people hunting people on the List. "She referred to the 52 playing cards distributed in in delicate circles by some members of New Republic Intelligence - most of which were dead. The highest value cards? Qi'ra Ananke, Pascale Rouser, Aryan Graul, Luke Skywalker. Not that such cards were in common circulation.

    "I want Qwi Xux, and then your punishment can begin, Pascale Rouser. The Nouane government will deal with you, but they won't her; they won't give me the justice that the victims of the Galactic Civil War deserve."

    Ike pawed for Rouser. "The government - it's thinking of," a cough interrupted," joining the New -"

    "The New Republic," finished Jyn. "But that won't be enough. No prison would be punishment enough."

    And so it has come to this Pascale thought our new life in ruins. Perhaps Qwi's nightmares were about this very moment….

    But what was confusing Pascale was one question, why would they want Qwi? Jyn must not be working alone.

    Qwi however had heard of Galen Erso, he had created the Death Star using he designs. He had tried to atone for his sins and now Qwi was about to atone for hers. She thought she could live the quiet life, make the galaxy a better place by teaching future generations how to build things that didn't destroy whole worlds but could rebuild them. And now her secrets were about to be laid bare right in front of the man she loved, and the equation that she had finally solved could be rubbed off the board forever.

    Meanwhile Pascale was speaking "My dear, the only reason I can think of of being on that dreadful War Criminal list was that I was head of the Black Sun syndicate for all of a day. I may have also conspired with the Separatists but I never killed anyone " he shook his head "My partner has done nothing wrong, she is a teacher here. All she has done is teach students and make herself a life here. The New Republic can't have me or her, unless they want our services same with the Nouane government if they decide to betray its neutrality"

    With Ike down Pascale knew he would have to use his wits now for them both to survive.

    Qwi meanwhile was close to tears. They were both about to be punished, Pascale could end up in a prison cell for most of his remaining life or even worse dead. She couldn't live with that. But what would Jyn want her for?. To stand trial?. To be executed like the criminal she was?

    Pascale deserved to know the truth, now was that time. It would devastate them both but he deserved to know everything.

    She stepped forward moving in front of Pascale who nearly said something but she held her hands up "Take me, but promise me one thing, Pascale does not get hurt. He doesn't deserve this, I do. Please just let him and Ike go, that's all I ask"

    She turned to Pascale who was looking rather confused "You deserve to know everything and i'm sorry I never told you when we first met" tears were falling down her face and Pascale could feel her anguish in the Force "Galen Erso used my designs to create the Death Star, someone else must have used them to create the Ultimate Weapon too." she swallowed "Grand Moff Tarkin used me as a guinea pig for a project, a project I thought was meant to do good, but I later learnt it was used for evil purposes. It was used to kill." She shook her head, "I supported the Empire back in the day thinking it would be a beacon against anarchy and chaos but it turned out to be monstrous"

    Qwi looked devastated "I wanted to tell you but I could'nt risk losing you, the man I fell in love with. The one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. To atone for my sins. I guess that one day, karma does come back to bite"

    Pascale was devastated, she had lied to him?. She had deceived him?. His heart was breaking into tiny little pieces. He had been honest with her and she had repaid him with this?. This beautiful intelligent woman had hidden a dark secret like this?

    "You…" he managed to reply then shook his head trying to process it all. His pain, loss, anger and thoughts of betrayal poured into the Force, he couldn't help it.

    "I'm so sorry my love" replied Qwi looking absolutely miserable she turned back to Jyn "Happy now?. My relationship is now in ruins, thank you ever so much. You are an equation I didn't want turning up in my life. So take me, and get whatever you wanted done over with"

    Jyn was unmoved. Saw had taught her not to care about anyone else but herself, and notwithstanding however Feyna managed to have empathy when all the other Alderaan survivors didn't, Jyn wasn't Feyna, as much as she admired the woman from afar.

    She stepped to Qwi and put her blaster to her head. She eyed Rouser. "I know that you can, apparently, use the Force now. I know you were, like you say Dark Underlord for a day, and that day you tried to help the Separatists complete the Ultimate Weapon. Feyna told me; she's Chancellor now ,remember."

    Ike coughed, blood in his mouth. "Rouser, let them -"

    "- let them go," he managed to say.

    "Please," is all he was able to add before he collapsed.

    Jyn sniffed. "What will it be, Pascale? Are you fighting for this lying Omwati, or are you going to save the only person in the galaxy who is probably still your friend?" She pushed the blaster into Qwi's head.

    Qwi was still trembling and Pascale's eyes looked like ice. Rouser was still pointing the blaster at Jyn but inside his heart had shattered. Qwi had lied and deceived him was any part of their romance genuine? Well with what he had felt in the Force from Qwi she did seem genuinely devastated and heartbroken as he was. But was that a lie too?

    You had to be rather clever to mask your true thoughts from a Force user and if she truly had no regrets she wouldn't be broadcasting them like a beacon to him. She would be hiding her thoughts, draping a cloak over them to hide her true nature. But she wasn't so that was a plus point in this whole horror show. Now Qwi was in danger, they were both in danger. Ike was down and needed help. He would need to trust Qwi to get herself out of trouble or he would have to find her.

    Because they needed to get themselves sorted and whether to continue or end it all.

    Qwi meanwhile was looking at him with pleading eyes. Let me go she thought at him. These are the sins I must atone for, I don't want you or Ike to suffer any more because of me. Please know that I love you, I always have and I always will.

    And Pascale was feeling it all still, but her love for him outshone everything else. Pascale was still uncertain over things, but it seemed they were a match for each other. They had both been monsters and they had tried to atone for them, well Qwi more than him. But he did look at her deep in the eyes as he thought back at her.

    I will find you again cheri and we will have to have a rather serious talk when we do find each other….

    He lowered his blaster and nodded "Take her, but do not harm her. She deserves to be alive to atone for her sins, to think about what she has done. I will not follow but make sure she goes somewhere where some trigger happy bounty hunter or assassin can't get to her".

    Jyn rolled her eyes. “Sure. The New Republic doesn’t execute war criminals as a rule, so she’ll get a nice and cozy cell.”

    With a prompt of her blaster, she nudged Qwi to go. “Say your goodbyes, we’re going.” Jyn was going to get through this without balking.

    Feyna’s face loomed for her, but she pushed Qwi harder. They had to go. Now.


    Pascale and Qwi looked at each other, thoughts and feelings intermingling between each other through their expressions and Pascale feeling it all through the Force. He wished he didn't feel all these things but he was. Qwi meanwhile looked miserable as if all her nightmares had come at once. Pascale didn't blame her, and the expression on his face probably didn't help either.

    He didn't want to see her hurt and she had decided to take the step of leaving with Jyn, to protect him from harm. But they would need to work on the healing process and Qwi did not deserve to rot in a disgusting cell and in a prison where everyone would be gunning for her. A public trial possibly loomed too which Qwi was prepared for, perhaps it was time to air the dirty laundry so to speak.

    "Take care Pascale" she finally said, she wanted to step forward and give Pascale a goodbye kiss but Jyn wouldn't have it "Take care and hopefully this is au revoir, not goodbye"

    Pascale nodded "Goodbye Qwi, hopefully one day we will see each other again. And you will have plenty of time to think about what you have done in your past and present and think about your future" in the Force he sent And we can begin our healing when you get out. I will come for you, I promise. I will find a way to see you again…

    He watched her go, Qwi looking back one more time before being shoved out. First things first, get Ike medical attention then turn the dinner off before the residence got burnt down. Perhaps it was time to get in touch with his underworld contacts once again, see if he could get back into the swing of things. Integrate himself with them again and then perhaps they could help spring Qwi out. Maybe Black Sun if they still exist would have him back again as client or Underlord he didn't care which.

    But it was time to get back into the galaxy, shake off the war criminal mantle, get his girlfriend back and perhaps make some waves...and money.

    Time to get to work.

    TAG: @Sinrebirth
  23. DarkLordoftheFins

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    Apr 2, 2007
    Anakin Skywalker
    Dagobah, Dreamscape

    Anakin breathed in and out. He was aware it was not really breathing and he was not sure himself if he sighed or if it was relief he expressed.

    "Master Windu, you survived." He did not feel dead, he felt present in a not-so-present way of dreams. Anakin felt not exactly enlightened the force found another Jedi Master from his path to try to persuade him. Master Windu and him had many conflicts over the years. Long ago. Obi-Wan Kenobi was a friend. Windu probably only wanted to do the will of the force. Without fully understanding what he asked for.

    Then you should have died, right?

    Anakin patiently listened as Master Windu dreamt of making things right.

    "Master, you obviously did not see everything." He gave Windu a sad smile. "You want to repair the changes? It does not stop with the mask. Or your death, Master Windu. I killed all of them. Every Jedi I could find. Masters. Padawans. Younglings. Then every child, woman and man sensitive to the force. Finally I simply killed millions, billions of people." He closed his eyes. "Compared to what could have been, the events that came to pass were a better future. That day we succeeded. Not to fulfill the will of the force, but to avoid endless tragedy by blindly obeying it. I do not embrace my destiny, Master Windu. I defy it."

    Then there was the hooded figure and mocked him with his name. Palpatine. Sidious. Anakin wondered if he had added him to the Dream or did the dead Sith somehow had found the ability to enter dreams from the afterlife? The Dark Side served one man now and he could not give this specter of his past the slightest chance to find out where he was.

    "A dead Sith joins us. Well, the Skywalkers story will end. Just not how you imagined it, did you?" There was no reason to be provoked by the man. He was dead. Anakin had killed him.

    Tag: @Sinrebirth, @BobaMatt

    Joren Sole
    Landing Platform, New Keldabe

    Joren was irritated by this preacher promising ... what exactly was it he promised? Freedom of what?

    "Lunatics, hm? Thought you Mandos are more the reasonable and rough kind." He could not help but watch the man though.

    Then the shadow moved ... Joren looked to his ship and wondered if it had entered it. Or had it been an overactive imagination? Probably second. Why would someone Board his ship? The computer was locked and nothing of value was in there. The cargo had not even begun to load.

    He never came to a conclusion as next to him a transport blew up suddenly and without warning. He could not help but draw his blaster as he went behind a large box nearby to take cover. Ships landed in Hangars did not explode like that. Reactors were powered down and fuel burned before it exploded.

    "A bomb, call security!" He shouted and looked around the corner to see if his ship was clear of damage.

    The shadow. Was someone planting bombs? What the hell had he got himself into. "Guess the shipment is postponed, hm?" He asked the Mando and made his way to his ship, his blaster in front of him.

    Tag: @Sinrebirth
  24. darthbernael

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    Apr 15, 2019
    OOC: A fun combo with @Sinrebirth being the NPC's

    IC Bernael
    Onboard a Ship of Death

    In the silence on the Even Star a talon clicked against the console, as it lurched, beginning to move toward the corvette and the boarding party. The being behind it was full of grim humor. Bernael tapped a couple more studs and the comm hissed to life.

    "Exec….Amanda Trieste….Captai…acked…It's here! Contr…unr...sive...Help!" The woman's voice was loud and shrill. In the background a sound that only generously could be described as a laugh, cold, filled with malice that clashed with the sound of metal on metal, someone was fighting for their life.

    “Hurr...please….don….think we can off.”

    He finished his preparations, laying an object on the console, white with a touch of red, before finding a small space deeper in the ship, mostly hidden from sight. Instructing his cloak to bring out the appearance of a torn, dirty rag. Focusing, he changed the color of his eyes to a washed out blue, wiping ash and grease across his face and hands, as though he’d crawled through grime to find his hiding spot.

    As soon as the ship was caught in the embrace of the corvette and a docking cylinder secure, soldiers rushed in, one of the two B2 series battle droids among the three flesh-and-blood men and women, one of which was Aqualish. The access spiraled open after an interrogative from the droid, and then, when nothing immediately emerged, the soldiers stepped in, ready to give the all-clear to the medics.

    The battle droid had already turned to head towards the sole life sign, speaking aloud. "Please remain calm. This is the Metellos Patrol Force. We are here to secure the ship for your own safety." The human female kept up, and swore as they crossed the ships bloodied and damaged innards.

    The lights flickered with emergency power, and the jagged rends in the inner bulkheads suggested some oversized hand had attempted to yank the metal from the hull, and it was not long before they reached the survivor. The droid swept an arm, a torch active but also of course weapons ready, as the woman tried to hold her stomach's contents inside.

    Bernael had calmed himself, damping his Force presence to that of the background, as he heard the two ships connect. There was the sound of droids and beings as they entered and a group of them headed in his direction. As they approached he called out weakly, but just loud enough to be heard, “Here! I’m here.”

    He heard the droid as it approached, and it’s words of comfort. Internally he was grinning, enjoying playing these beings. He sincerely hoped they “enjoyed” all the touches he’d created with the interior of the ship. Every artist enjoys being appreciated, in this case by the stomach churning of his audience. As the torch lifted toward his face he couched it in an expression of fear and hope.

    The arm and torch moved closer and he lifted a trembling arm, “Help, please! I’m stuck. I ran from it and found this niche. The crew was screaming and then silence. Is it gone?” he asked as he reached out, from his hidey hole his arm was just too short to reach the droid yet.

    Managing to keep down her gorge, the woman reached out. "Nobody is here, from what we can tell. Whatever it was, it's gone. We need to get you out of here." The sooner they did, the sooner the droid could initiate a deep scan, perhaps start to make head or tail of what had happened.

    She hadn't yet noticed the mask, but she would be drawing Bernael into eye-sight of it.

    The droid stood stonily, assessing continually the danger.

    Bernael let himself be drawn out of the hiding space he’d secreted himself in. Every creak and groan of the ship he twitched and drew close to the officer. When she brought him to the bridge, he first spied the crew, “Gods! Ohhh...gods, they’re dead.”

    And then the mask came into sight. He shrieked and came close to pulling the arm off of the officer as he tried to flee again. “It’s here, that’s it’s face. Can’t stay here!!!” he screamed as he continued to pull on the arm of the officer.

    “Calm down!” The woman cried out at him, and the droid turned to the mask. It assessed it, found no threat, cycled its weapon to another setting, and shot Bernael.

    It was a sedative, and a potent one at that.

    If he wasn’t a Force user, that is.

    In his ‘terror’ Bernael barely heard the female officer. He kept pulling on her arm, trying to get away. And then he heard a ‘phuut’ and a sting in his side.

    “Whaaa…” He began, even as his body recognized and processed out the sedative. However, knowing if he continued they’d begin to suspect him he collapsed to the floor, allowing his body rhythms to slow, as though he had fallen into a deep sleep.

    TAG: @Sinrebirth
  25. TheSilentInfluence

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    Jul 15, 2014
    IC: Madelyn Linnett
    Mandalore's Estate

    The pain passed as quickly as it had come; and Madelyn found herself on her knees, on the ground. She winched, could faintly make out Leia and Alfred's panic; and then the sound of the alarms rose through their estate. She stood up slowly and looked around, spotting Arthur running towards her.

    "Arthur." Madelyn managed to get out, before she was swept up in his arms and a kiss was shared between them. "Get the children somewhere safe, I need to go with Ka'rta and deal with the situation." Madelyn reached out for Ka'rta and steadied herself on her shoulder. I think Tor wants to come to, but that's not my decision.

    "Take care of her." Arthur said quietly before he turned and ran over to Leia and Alfred. Madelyn watched him go and turned her head towards her friend.

    "We need to hurry." Madelyn said firmly.

    I just hope we can intercept them in time.

    Tag: @Sinrebirth @galactic-vagabond422