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Star Wars CLOSED Star Wars: Episode X: DUEL OF THE FATES ~ 2021 Best RPG ~

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Sinrebirth , Dec 25, 2020.

  1. The Jedi in the Pumas

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    Jun 23, 2018
    Dol Khan
    -New Ship The Fifth Chow, Coruscant Orbital Battle

    The lights, the explosions, the turbolasers; All absorbed through an insulated viewing window from the pilot's chair of his new ship. Dol Khan was analyzing all of it, even as the trajectory of the Fifth Chow maneuvered to stay in line with the rest of the smuggler fleet. It was easy and, so far, things were proceeding to plan. Albeit, with more warships and firing than he had initially planned. There was a hope, when he first landed on Nal Hutta, that the return to Coruscant could be silent. That he could use the web of intelligence, money, and connections to ensure his entry back to the planet he held dear would be nothing but louder than the squeak of a church rat. This hope was gone and he would adjust accordingly.

    His new suit, equipped with a thin, flexible layer of blaster resistant material rubbed against its black exterior as he took control of the Fifth Chow. The ship began to make much more aggressive actions, firing more often and more accurately.

    "The blockade presents us with a different opportunity. However, we will have to go through it, Nihl. Prepare to drop the first bay's munition supply." He'd hope to use this tightly wrapped large brown bundle to destroy the entirety of the capitol building once on the surface. Instead, it would need to serve as cloud of distraction. Toxic chemicals, explosive unstable bomb mixtures, and detonators formed a large ball of nastiness that dropped from the first bay of the Fifth Chow. It would launch toward the First Order's blockade before Dol Khan would turn his lasers to the dirty bomb concoction.

    It was time to get to the surface. He'd do whatever he was necessary to achieve this end.

    "Prepare yourself, Nihl. This battle will not end in orbit."

    Tag: @Sinrebirth

    -Coruscant Orbit

    "I did not come across the galaxy to die on a ship, Calrissian. Grab me a helmet and get me close enough to their flagship. I'll take it down from the inside."

    There it was.

    That old bloodthirst.

    That indomitable spirit.

    The tearing. The gnashing. The crushing. It had been more than a dozen years, but he remembered it. His body remembered it.

    Take down an entire flagship from the inside? Why not?

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  2. Sinrebirth

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    GM Note:

    Coruscant Players will need to read the entire Coruscant TAG as it weaves for all of you, my friends.

    IC: Lando Calrissian

    Aboard the Lady Luck, orbital, Battle of Coruscant

    "I did not come across the galaxy to die on a ship, Calrissian. Grab me a helmet and get me close enough to their flagship. I'll take it down from the inside."

    Jannah looked at Lando and he looked at her.

    "Sure," Lando said cheerfully, turning the Lady Luck towards the largest First Order ship on the battlefield; the Mandator IV-class Knife 9.

    It was eight kilometers of durasteel and death, but if that was what Abaddon wanted to target, then so be it.

    The personal warship of the Knights of Ren was not to be trifled with, but almost all of them were on the surface at present, save for, of course, The Stranger, if he began a Knight of Ren, of course. Leading a motley array of Ugly starfighters - DIE-wings, X-TIEs, and other kitbashed ships - they blew past a wave of TIE Whispers and there it was.


    Jannah had passed Abaddon the spare flight suit and helmet, and Lando shouted out as they approached.

    "Making the turn, airlock time!"

    He counted down from five as bolts soared by them; the Knife 9 had decent anti-starfighter defenses, and this time, unlike at the Battle of D'Qar a decade ago, they didn't have a hotshot X-wing pilot under the shields blowing apart those turrets.

    But shields stopped missiles and lasers - not flotsam.


    He release Abaddon and gunned back towards the space battle.

    Did the Stranger notice?

    Who knows.

    Atmosphere, Battle of Coruscant

    The ball of toxicity and radioactive material exploded across one of the Resurgent-class Star Destroyers in lower orbit, the Ruthless, and it was entirely smothered, it's fighter screen - and a handful of Resistance E-wings assaulting the screen - falling into chaos and disaster. Nihl grudgingly approved as the Chow was suddenly through the blockade line.

    The atmosphere was strewn with detonations as a set of First Order bombers exploded dramatically - Rhoen had done it. His third miracle.

    But his X-wing needed a fourth to stay in the air now. Not just beeping at him about fuel reserves from the lengthy dogfight, not just explaining his blaster gas reserves were drained, not just complaining about his shot up landing gear, now the chewed up engines -

    He was going down.

    Slowly, inexorably.

    Well, that TIE Whisper on his tail was rather accelerating his descent -

    Syal had managed to land her half-an-Aleph at the far end of the Imperial Boulevard. A good mile away, at the base of the Capitol, was the great land battle. She was crying - over her Sullustan friend, watching Rhoen, watching the Resistance Army being smashed.

    The entire distance between her and the armies slugging it out was strewn with dead, downed walkers, crashed TIEs and even the wreckage of a yacht she recognised as the Pulsar Skate. A pair of Resistance transports that had once been impromptu hospitals and command posts burned merrily; gaily even.

    She had two pistols in her hand, and she knew that Rhoen would need a landing pad. She fired one, lighting a flare. The other was her blaster, and she gulped as she looked at the walkers pouring fire into the Resistance forces.

    Syal wanted to go and help there.

    Even as she watched, she would see support structures rumble on the underside of the massive dreadnought, the Cradle slowly but surely releasing the immense warship. It’s upper guns continued to pump fire after the gnat Resistance fighters that harassed it; they’d start lobbing pot-shots at Dol soon enough. Nihl, for his part, pointed at the Capitol. “We need to get aboard there to do the most damage. If it escapes, your Resistance loses; all of this will be for nothing.”

    But it was worth remembering that Rhoen’s wasn’t the only triumph just then.

    With Lorl Ren dead, Vicrul Ren was diverted to face Eleanor. He could have gone after Finn, or Mirta, or even Madelyn, the latter busy with Vestara Khai, but instead she had drawn his eye.

    She would undoubtedly notice him; he’d just slaughtered Rafe and Dade; he had the Darksaber; he was bearing down on her.

    Imperial Boulevard, base of the Cradle of the Capitol

    A burning bomber crashes into the Brutetroopers and tanks in the square.

    Finn looks up, salutes the X-wing which was falling away, basically aflame, that saved them all.

    "That is one helluva a pilot."

    There is a TIE Whisper on his tail - on Rhoen's tail -

    The Brutetroopers begin to retreat into the Capitol, firing from inside the building -

    Chewbacca roars, and Finn shouts, the Resistance surging forward.

    BB-8 sneaks though - and plugs into the Terminal.

    Capitol, not far from the Jammer

    Rose's eyes blinked as she watched Smith and Johnson battle - with Johnson losing. She marshals her courage to rush in, to stall for more time -

    The feed of her hacked CPU tower lights up.

    The panel is flooded with keycodes.

    BB-8 did it.

    "Atta boy."

    But for Johnson and Smith, the fleshy assimilation by the latter is just not working.

    He frowns, deeply, hard.

    "What is it?"

    He pushes, and the assimilation is complete; even Johnson's face begins to rearrange itself to match that of Smiths; it's painful, of course, but Johnson would feel it, and his new Smith-self would not.

    Pleased, Smith produces a pair of sunglasses for him and hands them over.

    He's won. Now to kill Rose, and end this insurgency from inside the Capitol.

    But he hesitated.

    Lucrecia's voice.

    I atoned by completing a cure. But I sinned by remaking your fate, cutting it, modelling it, playing God. I had to implant it within a specimen; a strong host that the SMITH virus would target and want. It couldn't be me, I wasn't physically capable to be an Agent; I could not pass the tests.

    But you could.

    So I had to hope that you would be yourself, and thwart Smith so often he would target you.

    Dr Gast didn't realise; she just saw you as a another variation of her brilliant program, this time tailored to humanity, after her long imprisonment for experimenting on nonhumans for Warlord Zsinj.

    So I needed to hope Smith would try and incorporate you.

    I'm sorry, I know this hurts; will hurt, for a very long time.

    The last memory-message ended, and Smith looked at Johnson.

    His eyes widened behind his sunglasses.

    And he exploded.

    The rewriting of his genetic code faded away, and Johnson reasserted himself, or rather, his own self did.

    He would know, with some certainty, that Smith was gone.

    It was over.

    Rose looks up at him.

    "If that's you, Johnson, we need to get going."

    The entire Capitol rumbles.

    Capitol, inside, lower levels

    With another dark side act on her cachet, Barriss would have no issues sneaking sneaking around the battle into the Capitol itself. Indeed, it was a good thing she chose to do so just then, because the there was a noise behind her; a burning bomber smashing into the Brutetroopers -

    Indeed, as she crossed the threshold of the Capitol, there was a change in the air.

    Behind Rhoen, that last TIE Whisper exploded at long last.

    The Millennium Falcon had ended a long descent into the City, firing it's forward cannons until they jammed dry.

    He had dove into the canyon of buildings, levelling out on a trajectory towards the last of the AT-MTs on the Boulevard.

    The Falcon buzzed over the heads of Syal, then Beaumont, lain out on a stretcher, then Madelyn, Vestara, Eleanor, Vicrul, then Poe and Chewbacca -

    and crashed through the legs of the walkers.

    They toppled off the Boulevard, even as the Falcon sparked out, slamming into the base of the Capitol Building - the Cradle the dreadnought sat on; not far behind Barriss as she snuck in.

    The accumulated pile of fallen walkers and crashed ships creates a barricade on the front steps.

    Silences sounds out.

    Well, until the dreadnought rumbling overtook them.

    It would shortly head into battle and wipe out the Resistance fleet, smugglers and all. Seventy kilometres of power and destructive potential, it was more vulnerable grounded than airborne. It’s shields would crackle to life - though one could not say if Dol Khan made it aboard before or not, if he took that decision - and the sheer power behind them would create a shock wave in the atmosphere of Coruscant.

    Connix, aboard the Eclipse, shouted out. “Target it with the superlaser!”

    But that wouldn’t make any impression on Barriss; the great battle outside. Indeed, her delving into the dark side throughout this week would mean one thing; she could sense the dark side treasure trove that Chancellor Hux had gathered.

    She could head straight there, there was little between her and it.

    They called to her, teased her, demanded her loyalty, her fealty, promised her revenge, gave her images of power and glory and the dead restored at her hand -

    Hux, for his part, was watching Coruscant raise up against him; his fleet embattled by the rebel scum.

    Within the bridge, alarms blare; command officers frantically prepare for departure. Hux eyes the crashed Millennium Falcon in the square below. Willing it to explode and kill all of them.

    Poe Dameron. FN-2187. Chewbacca.

    He wanted them all dead.

    Even the Knights of Ren.

    He'd get them all.

    "Bomb the city," he snapped. "Decimate every last being!"

    Commander Sellik looks forlorn. "Our forces are outnumbered, sir."

    He imagined this was how it would have felt at Exegol, confronted by the galaxy at large. Indeed, he knew that even with the Capitol, the First Order had been shattered.


    The tragic truth slams into him.

    He’d lost the Star Wars.

    He left the bridge.


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    IC: Grey One


    The antechamber door crumbled in as if pushed by a feather of wind.


    The depths beneath the ruined First Order base were dark.


    Decay spoke up.

    Unnatural powers, twisted into one.

    There was the broken though bomb, a swirl of liquid to its glass exterior.

    To stare at it was to lose ones mind.

    It was, it seemed, by the lack of foliage in the area, slowly but surely reconstituting itself.

    As if it was draining the Force from the surrounding area.

    A battle decades ago had seen it breached, and the energy therein dispersed across the planet.

    But it had remained.

    Ready; waiting.

    For him.

    Xundel would feel it.

    It was looking at him.

    It was, somehow, a Void in the Force that had acquired a sentience.

    It did not care for the Light, or the Dark.

    Just the End.

    It was worse than Chaos, the opposite of Balance.

    It was just Empty.

    Careful, came the Grey One.

    It will tempt you.

    TAG: @darthbernael (combo)
    IC: Ruk

    Arkinnea, Expansion Region

    The grand tour continued apace, and the mighty Whiphid pondered the words of Tirran Huxley.

    "Well, you will have to let me know when you do become concerned and warn me before it comes as well. The crystal did not lie, but how matters little in the face of good business."

    Ruk let the comment pass.

    "Your way of approaching business is what I do. I can sell and shift it so no one even knows the grain came from your world if you like."

    "That would be preferable," he said softly, but the Gallusian was just as much thinking aloud, seemingly.

    "Keep the profit margins just below the competition and sell to sectors that might not have the deeper pockets that would appreciate the discount more in exchange for secrecy and looking the other way for where it comes from."

    "Desperation and charity often go hand-in-hand," Ruk agreed.

    "Most will think we be selling stolen goods or grain drones that went missing from a convey in a nebula pass, but that is fine. Yes?"

    "Perfectly," Ruk emphasised. "I can tell that you trade in secrets and half-truths, so I trust you to keep our location secret for as long as it is profitable to you."

    The Whipid sniffed; he may have chuckled to himself.

    There was movement as they passed the grain fields; workers, seemingly wanting to get out of the way, from the discarded tools on the floor. Ruk appreciated that.

    "Which of course requires me to ask what you share will be, my friend. And whether you have any... specific requirements of us."

    His comlink would chime at that inconvenient moment; Tirran had news on the First Order network of an urgent request for more reinforcements; the Capital was imperiled and immediate assistance was required.

    Ruk arched a massive woolly eyebrow. "A signal? Through the Jamming?"

    TAG: @Mitth_Fisto
    IC: Grand Admiral Yage

    Comm loop - Coruscant, Wavett and the Ghost Nebula

    "Your ships are gone."

    Yage did not mince words.

    Not at all.

    Arek actually let out a noise of mild panic, still running through the corridors of the Capital.

    Lyz hissed, almost like a viper, but she was more upset than angry.

    "Oh boy," Sistros said, unsurprised.

    The Grand Admiral was furious, though.

    "I would accuse you lying about their existence, but there was a beacon left for your attention, Vice Chancellor."

    She didn't ask his permission to play it to the others.

    The voice was grave, amused, a cutting inflection with each and every word.

    I have your ships, Aryan Graul. I do so appreciate you stockpiling them for me. They have made my move much simpler, my boy. I will call you and the other Galactic Warlords, and you will come to me, and you will serve as my Chancellor. You and your Grand Admiral and your family and their connections. Hux is no longer necessary. Accept, and I shall save your son.

    Yage spoke up ."That's it all. Care to share who your generous benefactor is?"

    Her voice was sarcastic.

    "Aryan didn't know anything about this -" Lyz cut back.

    "What if we don't accept?" Arek said, concern flooding his voice. "Will something happen to me?"

    "Something like Jalynn?" Yage said, dry.

    Of course, it was then that the withdrawal symptoms kicked in.

    There was a flutter of a memory; a triangular headed woman drawing an unlit lightwhip; it was already made up of leather studded with crystal and metal strands. She lashed out at him.

    The negative side effects of Refrain were your very worst memory.

    Sistros winced as he sensed the chance in Aryan.

    "And here comes Skelm."

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    TAG: @QueenSabe7 (outstanding TAG)
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    OOC: Combo with @Sinrebirth

    IC: Barriss Sunrider

    While the Battle of Coruscant raged on outside, Barriss stayed focused. Through a combination of sneaking around and mind tricks, she made her way to where Chancellor Hux kept his collection. Any doors in her way we're of little obstacle, since the blue blade of her lightsaber easily sliced through them.

    And eventually, she found it.

    It was a curious room.

    There was a lightsaber in a case, medallions from Corellian Jedi, a variety of half-broken Holocrons, murals half-burned, and all manner of piece of writing. On a datapad, clear as could be seen, was a treatise on how to amplify Force sensitivity in individuals.

    But the centre of the room was dominated by a variety of images and connective ties between them all.


    The Scepter of Ragnos (destroyed in the Battle of Korriban)


    The Staff of Light (captured on security camera footage in the possession of Ahsoka Tano)


    The Staff of Sistros (last seen in the possession of Mas Amedda, whereabouts unknown)


    The Darkstaff (last seen in the Cularin system)

    They were all labelled as the Four Scepters of Power.

    Questions floated in the air, as if for Hux to move around at will.

    Who were the Protectors?

    Were the Sunrider's Chosen Ones?

    What are the Old Ones?

    What were the Twilight Wars?

    Who was the Prime Jedi?

    Did the Je'daii exist?

    Is the Sith'ari always a Chosen One?

    Is Tython a real place?

    Is Dwartii a place, or a person?

    Are the Knights of Ren really the Knights of Ruin?

    Who was Ravijari?

    It all tied together into overriding question.

    Is there a source to the Force?

    Hux was researching it all.

    Barriss walked toward the images in the centre of the room. In particular her attention was drawn to the Staff of Light... and the one holding it. Her eyes widened in recognition.

    "Ahsoka," she whispered to herself, wondering what this all meant.

    Her gaze went around the room, looking at everything that Hux had collected and been studying.

    "Just what is he trying to do with this?" she asked, curious.

    Barriss found a console and decided to start downloading all of the information Hux had onto a datapad. It would take some time, but Barriss had a feeling that this knowledge could be useful even if she did intend to destroy his collection. There was something more to this and Ahsoka was a part of it. Though Barriss was annoyed that she had to do with this just a single hand, her artificial arm still in pieces on a battlefield thanks to Vircul Ren. It was a frustrating inconvenience, at the very least.

    "Come on, come on," Barriss said to herself, waiting for Hux's research to be transferred to the datapad. Her instincts were telling her that she couldn't be here too long and she suspected that they were right...

    The data flickered by, but then froze for a moment, stuck due to the sheer amount of data being transferred.


    It hung there for a long, long, long moment.

    Barriss sighed in irritation. "Karabast."

    She scanned the rest of the room, considering how she was going to destroy the rest of the artifacts to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands...

    The data moved on, as if it had wanted her to see that, when there was a clatter of noise at the door. The Force told her it was three individuals, two of which were dangerously armed -

    It was a museum as much as a private area -

    There was the desk, a couch, a small bar to the corner of the room -

    Barriss turned toward the door, her hand on the hilt of the lightsaber just in case she had to fight.

    It was Hux and two Sovereign Protectors.

    The Chancellor saw her, and his eyes took in the room swiftly. He saw the datapad downloading, and came to an instant decision.

    “Kill her!”

    The two Protectors wielded blasters with beskar blades and armor, rushing her -

    Hux for his part turned to head towards his collection, around the room -

    Barriss took a deep breath and spoke, calmly and powerfully.

    "You will leave," she told the Protectors, attempting a mind trick. "You see nothing wrong and will move along. Everything is as it should be."

    They didn’t stop; Hux had trained them to be resistant to mind tricks and personally loyal to him - a variation of Dr Gast’s genetic coding technique. They lunged at her -

    Hux vanished into a side room, simply frustrated by the fact that even his private quarters were being breached. A Jedi, undoubtedly sent by the Scavenger to murder him.

    Was it all over?

    Barriss cursed under her breath as she ignited her lightsaber's blue blade. She had hoped to resolve this without taking any other lives if necessary, but clearly it wouldn't be that easy.

    She stepped out of the way, avoiding the Protectors as they lunged at her. When she swung her lightsaber, she aimed for their limbs with the intention of ending this fight as quickly as possible. She couldn't afford to waste any time, something that she knew she was quickly running out of.

    The Protector flicked up a bracer and her lightsaber would rebound off the armour - it was beskar, of course. His blade connected with hers, and she would fall into a field which jarred her nerves and vibrated the very bones in her body; a sonic countermeasure. Extremely painful on the user, and she would now be able to detect the whine of it beneath to the noise of the battle outside.

    The Force would prove difficult for her to touch as long as she was in the field, and the second Protector stepped back to adjust a dial on his oversized weapon and fire a stream of projectiles rather than laser fire at her side -

    These two were equipped to face Force users!

    It was painful for Barriss, but it was nothing new for her either. As the second Protector fired a stream of projectiles at her, Barriss stepped back and attempted to drag the first Protector into the way of the projectiles with the Force. Frankly, Barriss was just tired of fighting. The Brutetroopers, Vircul Ren, and now these Protectors. It was all getting rather tedious to her... and annoying. This frustration fed her determination as she looked for a way to end this fight as soon as possible. Because if she didn't, she wouldn't be able to do this for much longer. Especially not while one-handed.

    The first Protector slid across, but not as far as he would have otherwise - but still into the stream of the weapons, which reflected off his armour. He lifted his blaster and slashed down with the blade at the bottom, even as the second adjusted their weapon again. It had a third setting seemingly, as there wasn't remotely infinite space for a steady stream of bullets and blaster gas.

    Barriss put some more distance between herself and the Protectors, trying to stay out of reach of their weapons. She quickly glanced around the room, looking for anything that she could use to her advantage. When she remembered the artifacts on the shelves around her, she called upon the Force and sent them flying toward the Protectors in an effort to at least disorient them.

    The broken Holocrons exploded into fragments upon their armor, but it definitely disrupted their approach. If she had the presence of mind, she’d recognize that the lightsaber in the display box had vanished, but the datapad behind her pinged -

    Her download was complete!

    The second trooper had completed his preparations and pointed his weapon at Barriss - and a net shot out at her!

    Barriss decided that this would be the perfect time to make a strategic retreat. She had the information she wanted and it wasn't like she had to stick around, especially for a fight that she wasn't confident she could win. Not in her current state.

    She leapt over the net and deactivated her lightsaber, pulling the datapad to her with the Force. By the time she landed, Barriss had slipped the datapad into her robes. Then in an attempt to buy herself some time at least, she reactivated her lightsaber and threw it at the ceiling over the heads of the Protectors. When her lightsaber struck the ceiling, she called upon the Force and tried to bring it down on top of them.

    The Protectors vanished beneath the shattered ceiling but weren’t down and out. They were already struggling against the light fitting.

    But she had her data - would they chase her?

    Barriss was about to get out of there... but she stopped.

    No, she thought to herself. She had already come this far and Hux was so close. She would not run away. Especially not after she had failed to stop Vircul Ren. She had a chance to stop Hux right now and she could not afford to let it slip away.

    After Barriss' lightsaber returned to her hand, she considered the Protectors. While they struggled, she had an opening. So with the Force she reached out... and grabbed hold of them. Then her hand tightened into a fist as she decided to execute them cleanly and quickly.

    There was a crunch of armor and bone and they stilled.

    Her skin seemed to grow paler as she did; more taut across her bones.

    It passed, and she was fine again for a moment.

    The door to the next room was there, and she could go through it -

    Barriss took a deep breath, coming to terms with what she had done, what she had needed to do. She did not dwell on it for long, for what was done was done and she still had work to do.

    So turning away, Barriss moved toward the side room where Hux had fled to. It was time for her and the Chancellor to have a little talk...

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    Rhoen Aquilla

    Behind him the squad of bombers detonated in a glowing orange fireball. He'd done it, a third miracle, he'd saved the Resistance, at least for now. That was where his luck ran out. Chased by a TIE and one engine giving out and his shields gone he'd have to rely on his piloting skills to get out of it. In the distance he caught sight of a red flare sent up, that must be where Syal landed...good she was ok. He jined to port just avoiding a burst of fire meant for him then back to the other side to avoid another burst of fire. His erratic movement kept him safe but, he couldn't be too unpredictable, he still had to get to the boulevard. He also couldn't do too many moves with his fuel mostly gone he couldn't keep adjusting his course and wasting what glide he had left.

    Ace, his astromech was out of tricks to keep him airborne and it was time to set down, though that would be easier said than done with a bandit behind him. He was locked in to his flight path he would land just a little away from Syal and skid to a stop. At least that was the plan, his little shifts left and right kept the TIE guessing but it wouldn't hold for long…

    Taking a breath he gave a silent prayer that his armor would hold just long enough to see him to the ground. That was when Poe swooped down taking out the TIE and leaving Rhoen to have a controlled crash. If Rhoen wasn't so busy he might have sent a thank you to the Resistance Pilot.

    As it was Rhoen had just one shot to do this right. With fuel now completely gone his power was starting to fail. He started to shunt all power to his repulsors giving him just enough for one burst, his stunt earlier having blown out about half of them he was really taking things right to the limit.

    At the last possible moment he pulled back on the stick his ailerons holding just long enough for him to get his nose up and flare the repulsors to slow him that little bit to turn a deadly landing into a rough one. His tail hit first, sending a bottom engine tumbling behind him. Hands gripped tightly to the harness the bottom of the fuselage slammed into the durasteel. His head rattled and his ears echoed with the screeching sound of metal on metal, sparks flew up around him as he started to slide to the side before coming to a halting stop as it crashed into a bit of rubble.

    A breath he didn't know he was holding finally left him as he looked around. He was still alive, his ship hadn't blown up. Slamming the control for the explosive bolts in the canopy he closed his eyes and lowered his head as the transperasteel enclosure blew up and away.

    Quickly doffing his harness he lept out of the cockpit coming to the ground and drawing the heavy blaster pistol from his shoulder holster. From across the boulevard he locked eyes with Syal quickly rushing up to her as she came to him. As the war raged around them he embraced her holding her as close as he could.

    He reveled in her warmth her touch, she felt his beard rub against her cheek. His helmet was clipped to his belt but out of the way. Not that it mattered they were finally together again. Separating for only a moment they shared a passionate kiss, grateful to have survived the fight. He held her tighter never wanting to let go.

    But he had to, to catch his breath if nothing else. They pressed their foreheads together letting out panting breaths.

    "We have to help…" Syal said breaking the moment.

    "How?" Rhoen replied brow furrowing, "We've been shot down."

    "We can do something, we have to take out those walkers."

    "The time for that was when we were in our craft."

    "Just like Skywalker on Hoth." She shot back simply recalling a legend from their parents' era.

    "You got a lightsaber?"

    "No but," she looked out over the wreckage. "Those transports might have a plasma cutter, for rescue operations."

    "And how do you plan to get up there?"

    "Um…" she looked around again. "One of the troopers might have an ascension cable launcher."


    "It's the best I've got, maybe the Skate will have one, but we'll find something I'm sure."

    "And the grenade?"

    "Again troopers." She said starting to move away.

    "You're crazy you know that." He said following.

    "Come on, you know you love me…"

    "Force help me I do…" He said with grim determination. There was no stopping her and he knew it. He might as well keep close.

    And hope he hadn't gotten too rusty with his blaster shooting.

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  5. AgentViper007

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    Mar 9, 2005
    OOC: A combo with @Sinrebirth

    IC: Agent Bernhardt Johnson, Rose Tico
    Location: The Capitol, Coruscant

    It was done.

    Johnson had lost.

    And it was painful.

    Another mental war was now starting up. But instead of his own personality and the Agent one, it was now his personality and Smith's.

    Sorry Rose, didn't do enough.

    But now another voice intruded...Lucretia.

    And it seemed she had a master plan to defeat Smith. By using the man she claimed to love, Johnson, to use as bait to lure Smith out, get assimilated and hopefully destroy him.

    It worked.

    Smith exploded rather spectacularly in front of him, and Johnson pushed with all his might...and felt his body respond, the Smith shell melting away.

    His body was totally exhausted and all he wanted to do right now was lay down on the floor and rest, but that rumbling did not sound good.

    He turned to Rose, his eyes now visible as his sunglasses were off "I agree, I think that might be our cue to exit".

    He nodded slowly moving forward his limbs feeling like iron "We need to get aboard my ship and get off this thing. And maybe I can help those downstairs with a bit more firepower".

    "Where's your ship?" Rose said, trying to get herself moving after her own torture session and stress and trauma.

    "I hope it's close and not in a hangar as that's a few kilometers away..."

    She knew their luck wasn't that good.

    Johnson sighed "Unfortunately it is in a hangar, one of the main ones I think" he bent down with a wince and retrieved his blaster.

    He then shook his head at her "And don't even think about suggesting we get another one. She's my ship and if you want to get off she's your ticket off and I'm not leaving her behind. She's a Firespray and a damn good one".

    He turned around and began making his way towards the exit.

    Rose eyed a map drawn on her hand. “I mean the escape pods aren’t super far from here and we’re gonna be in orbit pretty damn soon and we don’t want to be aboard when that happens.”

    She looked a bit panicked. “How long do you think it’ll take for us to get off the ground and to a jump point?”

    "Well if the worst comes to the worst i'll shove you in an escape pod and launch you, i'm still not leaving my ship behind. Besides you are part of Resistance Command you are more important than I am".

    He continued forward looking in front of him for threats ``I'd guess probably not long? If this is a mobile command centre then they will want to get out of here as quickly as they can. And take out anyone below to snuff out the uprising".

    "They know Leia's message started it all, they will need to show that they can still rule with an iron fist".

    “Great,” Rose said, glumly. “You need to tell the Resistance something.” She leaned on tip-toes and tugged him down to her level lightly; whispered. She couldn’t risk the First Order overhearing.

    “If I don’t make it back,” she said, settling to her feet. Rose looked away, and then back again; held out her hand. “Thanks, Johnson. I hope you find what you’re looking for now you’re free.”

    Johnson nodded as she spoke to him in understanding.

    "I'll make sure it gets there, don't worry".

    He returned the hand shake "Well there is one person I need to find who perhaps has all the answers. About why I was chosen to become an Agent and more. Whether she'll actually give them to me is another thing".

    "After what I've done the Resistance won't want me back, but I'll make sure to continue the fight from the shadows. It's the least I can do to atone for what I've done" which of course included killing Ilsa.

    "You take care, you, Poe, Finn and the others. Keep that fire burning. The galaxy will need you guys."

    He faced forward again and forced his tired body to start jogging.

    Rose sketched an informal salute and started running towards the escape pods. There was a type of pandemonium aboard the Capitol; the lift-off had not been planned and the orbital scrum was definitely not the anticipated turn this battle would have taken. Crew were everywhere and nowhere, they were busy and paid Johnson no need even if they saw him.

    The entire ship shook for a moment; hammered by the Eclipse. There was a counter rumble, but not as severe. Superlaser versus turbolasers it seemed. A clatter of boots and a running fire fight a few corridors over, but not the way of the hangar.

    Then, standing in a corridor was her.


    Johnson kept on jogging and it was as if he wasn't there or certainly not being noticed which was very good for him.

    The shaking of the ship didn't bother him much either; he had just one destination in mind. The hangar.

    Why was there a firefight aboard though? Were there Resistance fighters now aboard? Can't think about that now.

    But he was stopped by seeing a familiar figure in chrome like armour. A figure both recognised in both Resistance and First Order circles. Someone who should be dead.


    Luckily she was not standing in the way so he could dodge her. There was no way he was in any shape for another fight. One blow from her and he would be knocked down. And probably would not get up again.

    Think the Resistance might want to know about this too. Time to keep going.

    So he did and ducked down a nearby corridor to try and avoid her.

    Phasma missed Johnson, or, rather, may have simply ignored him. She stomped off with a squad of black-armoured Stormtroopers behind her.

    Johnson would see a wave of shot-out cameras in their wake; Phasma was sneaking aboard in the pandemonium, it seemed - which gave him a clear route to the hangar bay!

    Luck was on his side….

    But this looked too easy.

    Phasma being on board though was keeping the First Order occupied. But how and why was harder to tell. Judging by the firefight...were they her troops?

    Get aboard the Silencer first, then worry about the specifics…

    He pulled out his blaster just in case and pushed his body one last time to jog to the hangar bay.

    His concerns were necessary - sitting in the so-called Agent Hangar were three ships. Not just his Firespray, as well as the command shuttle that had been used to evacuate the Armand Isard facility, but also a brilliant chrome-plated Nubia yacht, looking quite like Phasma herself.

    Standing in-front of it was a black Stormtrooper, and across the floor were a dozen First Order troopers and even a Brutetrooper, bolts rising from the gaps between its beskar armour. And there - a downed Mechtrooper, the trooper inside shot up. All in all… quite the concerning sight to poke around the corner and glance at.

    Johnson poked his head around said corner...yep not great.

    But that is one sexy yacht. The Nubian yacht looked splendid, he wished he could afford one of those. But the Silencer was still there and hopefully untouched.

    But it seemed he would have to make a run for it, get aboard and hopefully not have to blast his way out with the cannons.

    There was no way he would get through unseen. So he would definitely have to blast his way out on the ground.

    He straightened his posture, and adopted the stare of an Agent, more penetrating now with no sunglasses on.

    Johnson took a deep breath….and strode out.

    The trooper - a Shadowtrooper - lifted his oversized blaster rifle and didn't even hesitate.

    He took the shot -

    He wasn't on the First Order's side, clearly.

    He was with Phasma.

    Yep, got to run now!

    Johnson pushed his body forward and began to run, pulling his blaster out and taking a few shots at the trooper as he tried to sprint towards the Silencer.

    He really needed to sit down soon enough as his body was literally aching all over.

    The bolts impacted the armour, but the energy blossomed into star-fire and it didn’t reflect off like beskar. It was something different.

    The Shadowtrooper chased him with shots, but missed, though one blaster bolt clipped the bottom of his foot. The Firespray ramp dropped down as he approached -

    The blaster fire began to slang off the hull -

    Johnson stumbled, feeling the shot hit the bottom of his foot, managing to push himself towards the Silencer and falling onto the ramp.

    He kept firing backwards at the trooper even if it was futile. Maybe it would keep him busy but he was now shooting at his ship instead.

    Johnson crawled up the ramp as fast as he could, but it was slow.

    As he made his way aboard he was hobbling now thanks to the shot to his foot. But he managed to pull himself into the cockpit. As he sat in his chair he activated the Silencer's systems.

    So Lucretia it seemed was not aboard the Capitol, now he would have to find information on her. First off though to get out of here and maybe pick up Rose, complete her mission and help his former Resistance comrades.

    He maneuvered the Firespray up into its vertical position...and decided to let rip with the cannons.

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    IC: Tirran Huxley
    Arkinnea, Expansion Region

    "Perfectly," Ruk emphasised. "I can tell that you trade in secrets and half-truths, so I trust you to keep our location secret for as long as it is profitable to you." The Whipid sniffed; he may have chuckled to himself. It was hard to tell with giant mammals.

    There was movement as they passed the grain fields; workers, seemingly wanting to get out of the way, from the discarded tools on the floor. Tirran was suspicious of that, part of the tour should of been seeing the workers do their simple and profound work. Still, as this world wanted secrecy Tirran would simply move a couple more percent of the profits into his own side of the ledger for being kept in the dark.

    "Which of course requires me to ask what you share will be, my friend. And whether you have any... specific requirements of us."

    His comlink would chime at that inconvenient moment; Tirran had news on the First Order network of an urgent request for more reinforcements; the Capital was imperiled and immediate assistance was required.

    Ruk arched a massive woolly eyebrow. "A signal? Through the Jamming?"

    Tirran looked at the private message on the inside of his tank and lifted himself by his tendrils to approximate a shrug. "How else do you think I could do business efficiently? Besides, it's not really jamming if you know how to use the proper frequencies." Shutting down his chip for now he looked at the Whipid, he would check further messages later. "Looks like Coruscant will either fall to the Rebels or be razed by the First Order this week. Consider that a freebee."

    Pulling up the tables and other data on his tank displays he hummed to himself a few bars of an old ditty as he adjusted the projections and values. "Expenses are a non-sequitur from my end and same from yours, they are what they are and so far you have been able to handle them although I would like hard figures to adjust the margins appropriately as yours will be by necessity more fixed than my rotation of shipping vessels and buyers from different markets and the variety of the cost of fuel and repairs. So lets just assume profits in the abstract? Yes, that seems easier. As purchaser of the world that would set me in a position of landlord and sales manager as well as distribution manager. That brings my share of the profits to, 68, 74, 77 percent to start with." he stated matter of factly.

    "That leaves you and your end with 23 percent of the profits. Unless you wish to be clear and open with me about your simple magical methods, or at such time as I have a good portion of my initial input recouped, or if you can sit down and justify why you now need more currency. Do these terms seem clear and equitable?" Tirran asked with a questioning sideways gaze as he summoned his drinking straw to extend so that he could have a soothing sip of formaldehyde now that initial terms had been actuated.

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    IC: Rey
    The Temple of Mortis

    The pain was almost beyond her; where had once been her windows to the world was now a darkness so deep it filled the depths of her soul. Rey’s body was quaking severely, blood dripping from her nose, dried streaks of crimson fanning out from where her eyes had existed. The cauterized and charred gash across her face still hot to the touch.

    She whined in pain as she attempted to feel out the severity of the wound, her fingers recoiling the second they landed on the ruined flesh.

    “Ben…” Rey whispered in between dry sobs, her rage ebbing and flowing against the light within. Her mind warred with itself – between fighting for calm and focus, and allowing her pain to consume her.

    Letting her anger flow free.

    It was a fine line, one she hadn’t yet experienced walking as closely as she was now. The Jedi was teetering on the precipice and as much as she was aware of the dangers, the palpable betrayal she felt was too strong of an allure.

    BEN!” she said again, her voice rising to a hoarse shout. Hastily untying one of her arm wraps, she gingerly covered her injury, securing the makeshift bandage behind her head in a knot. Then her palms pressed into the earth and she leaned forward, slowly and unsteadily climbing to her feet. Her lithe frame swayed, not able to focus on a horizon to provide her with balance and any movement stinging her with fresh suffering. Her body tingled with the pull of unconsciousness, but she fought against it. The darkness swelling inside her assisting as she asked it to… and she was pleading.

    A warmth reached inside her at that moment, a strength and reassurance she had not felt in some time. It knocked her back down to her knees.

    “We’re connected…” came a voice inside her head; Luke’s.

    And it continued.

    “The Force surrounds us… It penetrates us… It binds the galaxy together…”

    Each new line washing over her and battering the negative currents that had almost taken control. The body tremors became less violent and her breathing less irregular. Her wound was still throbbing and raw, but the pain was slightly easier to not focus on. Instead, the Force demanded her attention.

    Master Skywalker’s call dominated.

    Fight, Rey. Fight.

    Finn. Her closest friend; her ally; her companion. His voice strong in her thoughts, joining Luke’s. Their encouragement combined, along with many others she could not name, crashed over her in a wave that wouldn’t drown her. Rather it carried her completely out of the darkness, bringing her back to the surface and into the Light.

    It took a few seconds for her to realize she was now standing again, strong and unwavering, calling her discarded saber hilt to an open palm. Much as she had been given a way to “see” Kylo enter the temple before her, Rey now took a careful step forward, sensing her way in the Force. The intensely powerful energies lighting her path and showing her where her foe would be. Waiting for her.

    She was reminded of how she had felt on Exegol, the legacy of the Jedi at her back as she faced and then destroyed Emperor Palpatine once and for all. She was injured and weakened, but with the aide of every being fighting along side her from afar, the Force made her whole.

    Entering the main cavern, already knowing where Ben – Kylo Ren, she corrected herself – stood, his fury a void in her senses, Rey stopped at the outer ring of statues.

    The entire room pulsed with mixed energy, like a heartbeat, raising her chin as she breathed them in.

    Her cracked, dried lips parted, her destiny fully realized. What she had previously believed about Han and Leia’s son evaporated to allow only the truth to remain.

    “I understand now,” Rey tells him, her feelings projecting in all directions, poised for any reaction. “You are lost, and I cannot save you.”

    With a twitch of her finger, both blades activated at her side to cast her figure in a burnt orange glow. “I can, however, and will, stop you.”

    Even with all the resolve that was her own, and that of uncountable others, her heart ached for the memory of Ben Solo. Wherever he may be.

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    IC: Vice-Chancellor Aryan Graul
    Private Shuttle

    The Grand Admiral’s report triggered a series of events that plunged Aryan into a dangerous spiral. His fleet—which he had painstakingly assembled from various sources over the past decade—had gone missing. But perhaps more damning was the beacon, and the embedded message, that Yage had recovered from the site within the Ghost Nebula itself:

    I have your ships, Aryan Graul. I do so appreciate you stockpiling them for me. They have made my move much simpler, my boy. I will call you and the other Galactic Warlords, and you will come to me, and you will serve as my Chancellor. You and your Grand Admiral and your family and their connections. Hux is no longer necessary. Accept, and I shall save your son.

    In that moment, Aryan was grateful for the distance that separated them; he was alone onboard his shuttle—except for Sistros, of course—without the convenience of a video feed. And so, his family could not see him when he literally wilted under the burden of this latest development. It sapped his strength and left him vulnerable. Not only had this mysterious ‘benefactor’ robbed him of his legacy, but he was forcing him to make an impossible decision.

    And the Vice-Chancellor was uncertain whether he could endure.

    Aryan had led a long, arduous life. After spending his twilight years forging the New Order from scratch, an endeavor that he perceived as his final opus, he had become fatigued. He would’ve been content to retire with the knowledge that his achievements would persist through future generations. As a result, he had no desire to start over in the role of Chancellor, nor did he want to serve as a pawn under another petty despot. He had tolerated enough adversity under Hux and the First Order.

    But under these circumstances, what other choice did he have? This elusive man had stolen everything from him; he had no fleet, no hope, and no future. If he ever wanted to see Arek again, he had to comply.

    After the fate that had befallen Jalynn, his family was the only thing that mattered. Nevermind that it would doom him to repeat the same endless cycle, driving him back into a life of duty and servitude as the consummate politician; the charismatic and faithful leader.

    However, before he could express those opinions, the room began to tilt at an unnatural angle. He felt faint, causing the ongoing conversation to fade into mere background noise. When he instinctively brought a hand to his forehead to steady his sudden vertigo, he discovered that he was also sweating profusely. While he had tried to prevail against his dependency problem up until this point, the rapid onset of his symptoms informed him that he could no longer proceed down that path without consequences. He realized that he was experiencing withdrawal from the Refrain, and that demanded—



    Aryan slowly shook his head in an attempt to clear the mental fog that had abruptly descended upon his ailing mind.

    Nevertheless, that proved ineffective; it only accelerated the process.

    A sharp gasp slipped from the Vice-Chancellor’s lips as the interior of the shuttle rippled and began to dissolve—and then it reformed around a dark figure that had materialized from the ether. With a slender frame accentuated by a form-fitting jumpsuit, she was plainly female. But perhaps more distinctive was her triangular headpiece and the uncoiled whip that swayed in her clenched fist.

    "Lumiya," Aryan murmured hoarsely, seemingly unaware that he had uttered the name aloud for the others to hear.

    The Dark Lady was a specter from his troubled past—or was she real?

    In response to his unspoken question, Lumiya retracted her hand and then lashed out with deadly precision. The whip’s studded leather, implanted with crystal and metal shards, whistled through the air before finding purchase on his back. Pain blossomed from the point of impact, forcing a withered howl to escape from his throat.

    She pulled back and hit him again, and again...and again.

    Through his agony—through his memories—a single voice echoed in his ear.

    Or was it within his mind?

    "And here comes Skelm."

    Aryan’s chin snapped up, instantly recognizing the distinctive drawl of Sistros. But how did he know that name? It was an identity attached to an alternate version of himself, one that he had perceived through a strange mindscape many years ago—or had it been much more than that?

    That notion allowed him to temporarily break through the cognitive dissonance to glare at the Holocron. The pain was still evident on his face, but so was his determination. "W–Where did you hear" he growled through clenched teeth, looming closer to the tiny hologram.

    But then his body writhed once more under the invisible onslaught, and he unleashed another stifled scream.

    When his suffering dissipated to a manageable level, he returned his attention back to the comm relay, catching the end of the conversation. "Don’t you…dare belittle my daughter’s sacrifice," Aryan stated firmly, admonishing Yage for her distasteful comment about Jalynn’s death. "I promise you, Grand Admiral, I had nothing to do...with this. We were all—all caught...unexpectedly by this snare. But I can assure son—all of us—will prevail; we won’t suffer the same fate. I’ll—AUGH!"

    Again, he faltered, slumping under the tendrils of Lumiya’s imaginary lightwhip. The pain was becoming unbearable, and when he gathered enough strength to speak once more, Aryan closed his eyes to focus. His responses were turning erratic, matching the discord within his mind. He had to carry on quickly before he succumbed to his madness.

    Inclining his chin, he then reached out to the strange entity. "I...I—ehh...accept."

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    GM Approved

    The Stranger

    Coruscant Orbit, Arrival at the Battle

    The Stranger, approaching towards the battle of Coruscant, would stop as he would recall... Coruscant. He had been here before. His body shrouded in black armour and cloth.

    He had come closer to finding out who he was. Perhaps the Knights were his destiny. But then reality forced him out of his thoughts. He had flown into the middle of the battle. Something stirred inside of him. Almost as if he was... glad to be here, at this moment, surrounded by chaos and death.

    An immense black warship, spewing forth smaller ships, garnered his attention. Starfighters spat out shots, and many quickly engulfed themselves in flame. The Stranger watched this fireworks display, all the more enticed with the thought of the death that occured.

    He was, for the first time in a long time, excited. His TIE Whisper painted out his friends and foes for him. First Order in blue, and Rebels in blood red. He grinned, and spurred his ship closer to the fun. Once again his memory flickered, a battle with a lightsaber of green, but it went once again.

    He drew closer to the swarm of violence, and fired a volley of shots at some Rebel stragglers. He laughed, out of excitement more than anything, as they burst into flames of red and orange. He then darted into the storm, elegantly dodging fire as he swam through the sea of death.

    He sensed a few figures of importance. Their names he knew not. In fact, they were of no import to him, but he sensed the weight they held. He noticed another force user trapped in the storm. He didn't care about them, until...

    He saw it. What the hell was it? Some kind of Corellian freighter. In truth, the Stranger would have found it amusing, had it not been leading the charge past the other TIE Whispers and... dropping something... no, someone, towards the First Order Flagship?

    The Stranger narrowed his eyes. He could just leave and find the other Knights of Ren, but this intrigued him. He smelled a plan.

    He sped forward, darting past enemies, or shooting them down. He wanted to see why someone would leap out of a rusty Corellian freighter towards the warship of the Knights of Ren. Did they suddenly decide that they were doomed and wanted to end it quicker, or just stupid?

    He prowled around them, watching like a beast for its prey, to see what they would do.

    @The Jedi in the Pumas @Sinrebirth
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    IC: Captain Peavey
    Aboard the Knife 9, Battle of Coruscant


    Captain Peavey had no words for the disaster he watched today. He had been Hux's captain at the Battle of D'Qar and subsequent pursuit, transferred with him from the Finalizer and to the Supremacy and after being the watch offer for that particular disaster, was shuffled off to some distant post aboard a Maxima... after commanding Star Destroyers.

    The old school Imperial had been happy that Allegiant General Pryde had put the bastard Hux in it's place, but he had somehow died at Exegol and the man-child had became Chancellor. Nine long years later, he was assigned one of their few remaining Mandator IV-class dreadnoughts... and was given babysitter duty for the Knights of Ren.

    He'd done what he could, destroying rogue settlements, hunting down Jedi outcasts, and finally couriering a million Mandalorians to Coruscant for a proposed mass subjugation of the Expansion Region - alongside the Eclipse Fleet, originally, but instead the Eclipse's was undone, with the only functioning ship of the line in the hands of the Resistance.

    And his new army had been enmeshed defending Coruscant from an uprising!

    It was one disaster after another this week.

    To think it had started so simply, hunting Force users at Akiva...

    Of course, he didn't have notification that Abaddon had arrived on his ship.

    Why would he? He was one man, a piece of flotsam...

    ... but he did have notification that a Knight of Ren had deployed from Kuat aboard a TIE Whisper-Interceptor (he secretly wished they'd just give it a better name), and was now en route to his ship.

    "Right, let's see who it is."

    He hated Hattaska.

    Jaedec, he had been the easiest to work with.

    Vicrul just seemed to want to kill Hattaska, and while Peavey sympathised, it wasn't a safe starting point.

    The twins, Lorl and Ott, well, they were mad.

    He'd only briefly met the prior iterations of the Knight of Ren, but they always had erratic destructiveness in common - epitomised by the Supreme Leader, Kylo Ren, who, Peavey reluctantly admitted, had proven a much more effective ruler than he had expected. Notwithstanding the Galactic Rebellion and Battle of Exegol, the youngest child of Han and Leia Solo had given them a decade of dominion of the cosmos.

    As such, he trusted his judgment, and so he would greet the Knight as if he was Kylo Ren.

    Or, at least try.

    There was a battle going on, and his underside weapons had been disabled by a superlaser strike - he'd been lucky to not lose the Knife 9 entirely. Concentrating, he checked his uniform and went to greet the Knight of Ren - the Strange - at the furthest hangar to the nose of the ship. Why the Knight had docked there, he wouldn't know, but he would obey.

    Keeping the Knife 9 out of that horrific battle was fine by him - it was continuing, after all, above the Capitol, still settled within it's cradle -

    And then the Capitol lifted off.

    The dreadnought was airborne, leaving the building beneath to the Resistance.

    TAG: @Master Vo'Un'Var, @The Jedi in the Pumas

    Imperial Boulevard

    The two of them charged down the length of the battered, horrific pavilion.

    At the very end, at the base of the Capitol building, there was a continuing skirmish with the very last of the troopers - as they advanced, they would see the Millennium Falcon take down the last of the walkers, but the lightsaber fighter continued - but now there were two crimson blades against two Jedi -

    Vicrul and Eleanor were continuing their fight, even if the ground battle was ebbing -

    Along the way, a good half a mile out from the main fight, Syal took shots at errant Stormtroopers that fired first, because she noticed at least some of the troopers were on their side - her and Rhoen would see a group of five beating on a beskar armoured Brutetrooper -

    But it was a long boulevard, and littered with corpses, shattered shuttles, downed fighters, and crippled men and women of many species.

    When they slid up to the wreckage of the Pulsar Skate, they were immediately accused of attacking the ship by an astromech -


    He had a buzz-saw out, and a flamethrower, and an electro-prod.

    "Hey, hey!" Syal said. "It's me, Syal - Wedge's daughter?"

    Whistler looked at Rhoen and tweetled.

    "And that's Rhoen."

    He looked behind them and tweetled again.

    They would glance behind and see what looked like a Stormtrooper in a battle suit - a Mechtrooper.

    The trooper swung a hand over and a gout of flame emerged -

    Whistler screamed, switching to a fire extinguisher of all things and releasing a blast of liquid that caused an explosion of smoke as it was instantly converted to steam -

    And then the Capitol lifted off.

    The dreadnought was airborne, leaving the building beneath to the Resistance.

    TAG: @galactic-vagabond422, and @TheSilentInfluence and @Shadowsun to continue their combo

    In low orbit

    The Silencer inverted and let rip with cannons, which of course bit into the surface of the Capitol as it was under the shields, and were hurled into the hangar -

    The shields there hung out for a few moments -

    And all of sudden Johnson would be warned of a targeting lock -

    A turbolaser turret had already painted him -

    Sensors cried at him, he had in-bound - a trio of TIE Whispers, shields up, missiles prepped -

    There were other ships inside the shields, including half a dozen X-wings, among them Jess Pava but also the latest iteration of the Chow, commanded by Dol Khan and assisted by Nihl. The Chow's name was evident, and whether Johnson would remember - or care - that is was a Kubaz that piloted a ship known as the Prime Chow that had killed Jalynn Graul a few days ago was another question.

    The Nagai was staring intently at the surface of the Capitol, and turned his eyes on the Kubaz.

    "What is your plan now?"

    As the great orbital battle continued, that was the question on everyone's lips.

    And then the Capitol lifted off.

    The dreadnought was airborne, leaving the building beneath to the Resistance.

    TAG: @Jerjerrod-Lennox, @The Jedi in the Pumas
    Aboard the Capitol itself, going up

    While Rose made her way off, and Sellik took over command in the absence of the Chancellor, and while Connix fired the superlaser and watched the magnificent shields of the Capitol take the hit, and while Lando cursed as the First Order fleet rallied now their flagship was joining the fray -

    Hux held the lightsaber in his hand.

    He ignited it.

    It was crimson, of course.

    It was Palpatine's old lightsaber, the one he inherited...

    He plunged the blade into his chest.


    He knew he had lost.

    He looked up as the door opened.

    It was Barriss Ofee.

    "Can't I... die in peace."

    He growled at her.

    TAG: @CosmoHender (combo)
    IC: Grand Admiral Yage

    First Order HoloNet space, at Wavett and the Ghost Nebula and -

    "Lumiya," the Vice Chancellor had said hoarsely, and even through the grainy hologram, Yage was sure she had seen Lyz pale, definitely Arek looked at the feed, wide eyed, running through the corridors of the rumbling Capitol.

    "And here comes Skelm."

    Yage didn't know who that voice was, even as Aryan clearly reacted to it, his chin snapping up.

    The three of them watched their nominal leader going through some kind of manic episode.

    Lyz actually had her hand to her mouth, tears in her eyes. "Admiral, my husband takes refrain medicinally, and it turns out that the Chancellor locked up the market for it and, well, cut him off, we've been waiting for him to have a negative reaction but -"

    The Grand Admiral looked at woman as if she was mad.

    "W–Where did you hear"

    No, that's him
    , she realised. She made her comment about Jalynn if only to get the mans attention -

    "Don’t you…dare belittle my daughter’s sacrifice," Aryan stated firmly, and for a moment his entire demeanor before vanished - he was back, and Yage felt the most perplexing sense of hope. "I promise you, Grand Admiral, I had nothing to do...with this. We were all—all caught...unexpectedly by this snare. But I can assure son—all of us—will prevail; we won’t suffer the same fate. I’ll—AUGH!"

    And there he went.

    He looked up, and Yage knew that Aryan had really lost it; the comm wasn't open to anyone else.


    Yage was about ready to cut the channel and head for Bastion when a voice replied, one Yage had no data on its connection to their channel.


    It was harsh, and jagged.

    Yage didn't recognise it, and she was sure, if it was Palpatine, reborn through yet another impossibility, she would have recognised him.

    She looked at the beacon, realised it must have joined their conversation -

    "Captain Phasma, you may secure the Graul child. Bring him and Senator Treen to me."

    A metallic voice; female, another ghost of the past.

    "At once, Supreme Leader."

    The line cut, and Yage mustered herself.

    "You can do what you want. I'm going to take what I can into hiding and prepare for the worst. I'm not propping up the next maniacal sadist to come along." Without another word, Yage cut the channel, and Arek left it too, as there was a clatter of boots and he announced he would cooperate.

    That left Lyz and Aryan.

    And Sistros, of course, sitting there, watching, arms folded.

    "Talk to me, Aryan," she begged. "It's all fell apart. We can hold onto our gains with the Diplomatic Corps warships, but not for long. We either join this... 'Supreme Leader', or we lose everything - and Arek. I don't want to have to tell our grandchildren we got their father killed too."

    Of course, they did have children of their children.

    "You know that Lumiya is dead. Skywalker killed her before - for sure this time. It was nearly fifteen years ago, Aryan."

    TAG: @HanSolo29 (combo)
    IC: Ruk

    Arkinnea, negotiating away

    "Coruscant is embattled, you say," Ruk said, thoughtfully. "You're keyed in, as they say."

    The Whiphid stroked his long chin.

    Tirran launched into all manner of fact and figure, but Ruk's eyes glossed over. "I am sure you are being both fair and competitive, keeping in mind my prior conditions."

    He turned and leaned closer to Tirran, as if trying to read the truth on his eyes. After an awkward moment he continued. "You strike me as a trustworthy sort, Huxley, notwithstanding your understandable avarice." He nodded to himself. "I can work with that; you honour your deals, and your word. Yes, you'll leverage us against something more profitable, but that is my role - to keep it profitable for you. To ensure the Ag workers keep the fields plentiful."

    "But would you object to supplying me with memories from the Core? We have been isolated for several decades, essentially hoping one day we can go public, but clearly that is not going to happen anytime soon. It's our fifth war in a century, after all." Most modern historians had lumped the entire Second Civil War era into one galactic chaotic lump, coming to an end a year after the Battle of Exegol, when the First Order switched on the Jammer and basically won. Notwithstanding the wildly varying opponents and combatants, the essential conflict was between Liberty and Autocracy, last represented by the Resistance and the First Order. Rather clearly, the Jamming had simply placed a pause on the conflict, but an eight year pause was still a pause.

    "One day the galaxy may be safe enough for my kind," Ruk said mused, and then abruptly held out a hand. "On that basis, and everything we have discussed otherwise, we have an accord."

    TAG: @Mitth_Fisto
    TAG: @darthbernael (combo continues)
    IC: Kylo Ren

    The final battle - Mortis, Temple - night

    She had resolved, and Kylo Ren loved her more then than he ever had.

    Of course, he never had.

    His weaker, pathetic, deceased light half had loved Rey Skywalker, and died for her.

    She was no longer light, though - he could see that now.

    The former scavenger had embraced both sides of the Force.


    Especially when he struck her down.

    Kylo Ren leapt for her clashed with her; she would be able to match and counter his every move. They were evenly matched, two sides of a coin, but not the same one - flame and shadow.

    Fighting to the death.

    This is the end.

    A swing - vicious? merciful? - it would shatter his hilt and remove several fingers on his left hand, cut across the palm -

    He looked at it with disbelief, stumbles back towards the empty Well; falls to one knee.

    Her anger would peak, he was at her mercy; the dark side would speak to her.

    Her merest decision to oppose him, to stand with the galaxy - to glow in the Force, it meant he could not stand against her.

    He could only in that moment clench his teeth, a rage emerging that we haven't seen since Anakin Skywalker -

    Kylo Ren reaches out the open palm of his good palm...

    ... and extracts the Living Force from Rey...

    ... just as Tor Valum taught him.

    He lifts her, ensnared, entrapped, entirely in his mercy -

    "They were wrong," Kylo Ren says. "All of them. The power of this place can't be taken... it can only be unlocked."

    He looks from the Well to her.

    "But it's nothing compared to you."

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    IC: Tirran Huxley
    Arkinnea, Finishing the Art of the Deal

    Things seemed to go over well as he gave fact and figure, even as he had laid out the plans. In truth it was going too well, and like the art of the current one had to be sure the warm current didn't drag you to a cold death in your complacency.

    Ruk turned and leaned closer to Tirran, as if starting a staring contest which Tirran was suddenly determined not to loose. With these large mammals you never knew what would set them off and get your exosuite or life wrecked over, and if he was going to end that way he would at least go out on top. "You strike me as a trustworthy sort, Huxley, notwithstanding your understandable avarice." He nodded to himself after breaking the silence of the stare. Not that it had ever been a fair contest, his watery biome was well filtered so very little irritants to stimulate him to blink unlike the air walker. "I can work with that; you honour your deals, and your word. Yes, you'll leverage us against something more profitable, but that is my role - to keep it profitable for you. To ensure the Ag workers keep the fields plentiful."

    It was always pleasing when you found that the business partner understood the relationship, although sadly it often with large hairy oafs required them to state those things explicitly to be sure of them.

    "But would you object to supplying me with memories from the Core? We have been isolated for several decades, essentially hoping one day we can go public, but clearly that is not going to happen anytime soon. It's our fifth war in a century, after all." Huh, that was an interesting request. "One day the galaxy may be safe enough for my kind," Ruk said mused, and then abruptly held out a hand. "On that basis, and everything we have discussed otherwise, we have an accord."

    Bobbing in his tank for a moment he popped his lips a few times before replying. "Alright, but the stories will cost you. Extra four percent off the profits with a prolonging of the period of adequate investment returns against the value of the additional information at present market value when shared." With that he struck out an exosuit limb and waited for the time honored bipedal tradition of pumping each others extremities as a sign of sealing the deal and the deed between them.

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    OOC: Combo with @Sinrebirth

    IC: Barriss Sunrider

    She looked down at Hux as he growled at her, but she didn't reply right away as she reached out her hand and pulled the lightsaber out of his chest with the Force. It flew into her outstretched hand and she tucked it away before approaching Hux, holding him in place with the Force so that he didn't try anything else. Honestly, she was a bit frustrated that she had come all this way only for him to try killing himself. She didn't want him dead, not yet.

    She knelt down and put her hand to his wound, lending him some of her strength. It was enough to keep him alive... for now.

    "Oh, I'm sure you will die," Barriss finally spoke. "But not right now. Because I'm not done with you yet, Chancellor."

    She looked him in the eyes. "I came here for a talk and I intend to get it."

    Hux toppled, his hand on his chest, looking up at the woman. "I don't even know you. What could you possibly want with me?"

    "Think, Hux," Barriss told him. "I saw what you have in the other room. I know about your interest in Sith artifacts. What you're going to tell me is why. What were you hoping to achieve? And what are the Four Scepters of Power?"

    Hux growled. “I wanted to learn the Force. I tried M-cell intrusions, arcane rituals, potions and elixirs…” He spat blood out of his mouth; the blade has caught several organs it seemed. The pain was incredible.

    He briefly imagined that being shot by Pryde all those years ago would have been much better.

    “The Scepters, they’re tied to the Sages of Dwartii - they who were said to be the original Protectors, as written about by the Killiks and -“ a cough, “Keshiri…”

    “… they were said to have fought the Destructors… who I was tracking down…” a wince, and he glared at her. “Their art is tied to broken words - Kaas, Shatuun, Caulus Tertius, the undercity of Coruscant, Kesh, - ophidian grotesques.

    “Emperor Palpatine tasked High Prosecutor Hethrir with investigating these, and it led to - to Otherspace, to master the inhabitants and their use of the Force, imbuing those without Force sensitivity with powers -“

    "And Ahsoka Tano is a part of all this?" Barriss asked Hux, applying a bit more Force healing so that he could continue talking. "What do you know about her?"

    “She was recorded on Lothal with one of the staffs… and later was sighted on Corvus, working with a Mandalorian to apprehend an Imperial warlord nearly forty years ago…” Hux said, gasping. His could feel his life blood returning to him, and then spilling out again, inside him - internal bleeding.

    “Ahsoka Tano was the former apprentice of Darth Vader… his journals say… he killed her, and yet he saw her…”

    Hux’s eyes bugged wide. What Barriss was doing was unnatural, a twisting of the Force. “Vanish into a place he believed was -“

    A cough, once, twice.

    "He believed was what?" Barriss asked Hux. "Tell me!"

    "... he called it - and Palpatine was looking for it too, they were... keeping it from each other..."

    He swallowed.

    "The World Between Worlds - the ancients called it... the Light. A place where you could access the entirety of the Force - any where, any how..."

    A gasp and death rattle.

    "Any when."

    Barriss stood up, letting Hux die. She realized that there was nothing else she could get out of him. And she still had the datapad anyway. While Hux finally expired, she considered what he had said.

    And so he died.

    Coruscant was falling away beneath them.

    The Capitol was abandoning the capital, and it would head into hyperspace soon, taking Barriss with her to the First Order rendezvous -

    Which meant that Barriss should probably find a way off the Capitol and fast.

    She left Hux's body and what was left of his collection, running into the hallways and looking for any means of evacuating. She reached out to the Force, trusting it to help her.

    It was time to go.

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    IC: Rogue Agent Bernhardt Johnson
    Location: Silencer, Coruscant

    The cannons blew the wall of the hangar to bits and Johnson wasted no time exiting the hangar only to encounter the shield enveloping the Capitol.

    So it looked like he was going to have to hang arpund or find a shield generator to blast.

    A turbolaser had pinged him already, he fired at the thing before it could even get a shot off. Hopefully it would keep them occupied.

    Maybe it would help those Resistance fighters who were also be in the bubble with him and...another ship.

    Hmmmm, why was that familiar….

    His tired brain couldn't place it right now. But one to keep an eye on. And he wondered whether to reach out to the Resistance fighters but he wondered whether they would trust him especially since he was in a ship with both First Order and Agency markings.

    But those TIE's were going to be a problem.

    He prepared his concussion missile launcher just in case.

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    OOC: Combo with @Sinrebirth

    IC Xundel

    Careful, came from the Grey One.

    It will tempt you.

    Xundel ’When isn’t something trying to tempt me or convince me to join its cause…’ He thought to the Grey One.

    He could feel the oppressive Darkness of the reconstituting Thought Bomb. He’d studied it when he’d delved into the deep archives of the Jedi Archives, decades before but to stand before it was something entirely different. He could feel it wanted him, wanted his body, his soul, wanted to incorporate him into it.

    He slid from the crevice he’d ensconced himself in, the need for hiding was not a need anymore, all that there was was the sense of the Grey One, the presence that was always with him, and the Thought Bomb itself. It felt almost as though it were sentient but he supposed an eon of containing the souls of thousands of Sith and Jedi would do that.

    Stumping forward, he leaned over his cane, not staring at the device directly but letting it be seen in the periphery of his vision, ” want me, for what, why?” He couldn’t help it, it was immensely powerful but his defense mechanism was snark.

    We want to be recompleted.

    An image swam into existence.


    Skere Kaan

    He had been one of the Dark Lords of the Sith trapped in the thought bomb.

    Well, the last one of the Brotherhood of Darkness standing.

    Xundel’s ears twitched at the image, a smile crossing his face. ”Wait...are you the Thought Bomb or the Sith that was apparently so incompetent one of his own killed all but one apprentice to build the Sith in a new way? You seem confused, not a good way to be, whatever you are.” he replied.

    We were trapped in the Thought Bomb for a millennium. When it was destroyed, the other hundred Jedi and Sith within fled; mistaking freedom for sanctuary. We held on to the shell, rebuild myself. I led twenty thousand Sith; I forged an Empire that held the galaxy by the throat. I led fifteen Dark Lords; a feat beyond the greatest of the ancient Emperor’s.

    Kaan pointed at Xundel.

    You would do well to respect me. Those who dug my shell do; they want my power for their Supreme Leader. I too am a descendent of Ruin, after all.

    A coughing laugh came from Xundel at the diatribe from Skere Kaan, if that was who the shade truly was. His cane tapped the ground as he began to walk, slowly, back and forth before the reconstituting Thought Bomb. ”Before I get into the distant past,” he began, his internal ‘guest’ stirring at the mention of Ruin, ”what you are telling me is that you are the one coward of all those Sith and Jedi that had been trapped in the Thought Bomb for all those centuries. They recognized that their future was to choose for themselves and you tethered yourself to a decaying weapon in the hope that a group like this would eventually find you. I have met their Supreme Leader and he is no more than a petulant child. If that’s your desire I say you’d be a perfect match.”

    He glanced around, finding a rock that looked tall enough and flat enough on its top surface. Stumping over to it he hopped up, swinging his feet forward and back, the tip of his cane tapping the rock’s surface between them. He glanced at the apparition sidelong again, ”You should know that both the Sith and the Jedi, as well as mundane history, do not record your ‘accomplishments’,” the air quotes could be heard, ”as such. You truly are recorded as the Dark Jedi that wasn’t even strong enough to demand superiority as a Sith to lead the Sith. And, because of your actions even a Sith was so disgusted that he forced a battle that allowed him to almost destroy both the Sith and the Jedi.”

    “Whoever realized that you are what is here either has a very romanticised version of history in their head or is trying to make their Supreme Leader even more unstable.”
    Xundel mused. ”I don’t even know why I’m listening to the ravings of such a being...except perhaps because you amuse me. You really haven’t given me any reason to see you as more than history records, let alone aid you. You’re really, really bad at this tempting someone game, you know that?”

    Kaan kept his impressions of the Supreme Leader to himself.

    “Ah, I tempt you not with the promise of the return of the Sith,” Kaan laughed drily. “I realised something here, at the heart of the battle you say made me a Dark Jedi to the historians.” He lifted his finger, appearing maddened beneath his red-limned hue. “If the Sith became so watered down as to become Dark Jedi, what did the Jedi become so watered down as to become?”

    A chortle. “Lord Hoth stained his soul with child soldiers and raising an army against the dark, perpetuating the cycle of conflict rather than seeking to end it. What became of him, a Light Jedi, or, as the Sith texts sarcastically proclaim - a True Jedi?”

    Xundel’s feet rocked, the cane tapping, a smile touching the corner of his lips. ”The general histories call him a great Jedi, savior of the Republic. The Jedi texts aren’t quite as glowing. It depends on the text you read but he is both praised and vilified. The Sith texts do tend to call him the next best thing to a dark Jedi as well.” he replied.

    He sighed, ”I won’t deny that the Jedi strayed far from what they were, even during the Old Republic. But going completely dark is not the answer. You have been trapped and maddened by your time in the Thought Bomb, understandable. But just one side or the other is not the answer. Hence not giving one whit of care about your attempts to tempt me.”

    Chuckling, ”Besides, the Dark is strong in this time, even if they eschew the title of Sith. Possibly they believe that it has negative connotations.”

    "As do I," Kaan said, drily. "Of course, I saw the truth, but turned away from it. That after a millennium of continual conflict, the differences between the Jedi and Sith became superficial." His eyes glittered with madness. "We became Force users of the Twilight, an eternal Dusk and Dawn caught in a conflict that had nothing to do with us."

    Well I didn't expect that.

    The Grey chuckled.

    Definitely a female voice.

    Xundel’s head tilted to the side, one three fingered hand tapping its nails against his chin. He regarded the shade of Kaan as he pondered the words of the Grey One. ”The conflict has raged for eons. There are ebbs and flows to it but always it peaks as the Dark and Light vie for supremacy, neither side realizing they cannot truly win or survive without the other.” he admitted.

    His feet swayed, glancing at the shade once more, ”This belief of yours, I take it those attempting to bring you to their Supreme Leader do not know. If they did, they would understand that while you exist in a state of madness it is not one of pure Darkness as they hoped.”

    "Pfeh," Kaan said. "More of that talk of Balance. I was a Jedi Master; I know the hypocrisy of the Order - that they portrayed themselves as the true authority on Balance, and in-fact they were hidebound by the corruption of the Light."

    A sneer. "In my time, Jedi Chancellor's had led the Republic as a theocracy for three hundred years! The very thing they overthrew the Pius Dea for, and accused the Sith of seeking to impose! What trite philosophy justified the seizure of power, tell me, tridactyl?"

    Xundel chuckled slightly. ”Similar to the philosophy of seizing power for power’s sake. I never said I agreed with either philosophy. And I never claimed to still be a Jedi, old shade.”

    He sighed, they were speaking in circles and either the shade was attempting to delay him until something or it truly was of such a fractured mind that only certain parts of it came to the surface at a time. ”According to yourself you took power as a way to remain in the Twilight neither Sith nor Jedi but something between. You must see the irony that you continue to claim to be so dark.”

    "Irony is delicious at times, but I know my limits. I was not dark enough. I needed to do more - not just to be a warrior, to be a marauder, a Dark Lord. I needed to do more, dig harder into the Force and wound it."

    He turned his eyes to the thought bomb, glinting in the sunlight, inky black glass

    "And for that I need you!"

    The black seized out, stretched to try and ensnare him -

    Xundel listened to the latest rant, slowly drawing his legs up under him on the rock. Kaan truly had lost more of himself as he only partially existed in the Thought Bomb over the last millennia. When the black began to move the little imp pushed off the rock, his cane as a third ‘arm’ to add to his velocity and direct it. He flipped over backward as he flew, facing the shards and the shade when he landed. Starting to skitter across the ground he chuckled, ”Predictable...sad. You truly believe I would fall for that?”

    Letting his power gather, he held his cane, that hand readying to shield himself, his eyes turning a curious mix of his natural coloration as well as swirls of grey. His other hand twisted and a wind from nowhere began to blow, circling him, lifting dust and rock from the floor of the cavern, before releasing it at the shards, deflecting them from their course at him.

    The shards were shattered and replaced by a surge of inky black limbs, elongated in an attempt to ensnare him -

    Kaan lifted a hand and a pressure formed on Xundel's mind; the belief that he was no match for a Dark Lord of the Sith -

    Battle meditation, be careful.

    His observer apparently continued to watch...

    Xundel cackled, ’Naw, really…?’ he teased to his observer, as they seemed loath to involve themselves. His saber hilt leaped into his hand, the blade snapping on, longer than he was, and he spun and danced, cutting through the inky limbs, individually and in bundles, as they came for him. Bouncing away, higher, out of reach for a moment, ”You’ll have to do better than that to make me doubt myself, I too have my own advantages, including a thick skin from being remorselessly teased for many years.” he quipped at the shade.


    Kaan snorted.

    What could a Jedi Knight be teased for?

    A malevolence.

    Impish? Goblin? Do we trouble ourselves with such words. Are we not Jedi and Sith?

    A quirk of a smirk.

    I forget, we are beyond such things. Now I am Twilight, now you are Balance.

    Xundel chuckled once more as he continued to bounce and twirl, defending against the inky limbs, ”You are quite correct there, our pasts are past and what we are now defines this moment. You cannot win this encounter, even with Battle Meditation.” his voice began to change as did his eyes. The sense of his presence was deeper as well.

    ”Twilight and Balance can both exist, separate or together, but even if you reach me your Darkness will not overcome. It couldn’t when the board was created, that the great game is played on, it cannot here.” that deeper voice said.

    Twilight is the true state of matters… the Force is never in Balance, it merely hangs on the eternal edge of Dusk and Dawn.

    The voice was not Kaan’s.

    It was something…


    Xundel would have a moment to consider that before the Dark stretched, and the Thought Bomb broke from the strain, shattering -

    And causing a white out -

    Xundel caught the change in Kaan’s tone as pressure mounted in the air. It wasn’t felt or seen, but sensed. Something was about to come and he needed to set himself for whatever it was. His head whipped around and saw it. With one last bound as he felt the wavefield about to collapse, he wrapped himself in energy, layers and layers, as a blast shield. And then the Thought Bomb exploded.

    Everything went white but Xundel could feel that how he’d prepared had worked, he’d positioned himself in that last instant so that when the blast wave hit it would blow his airborne form out of the cavern the relic had occupied, giving him those few, precious, extra moments to recover and prepare before whatever had happened revealed itself.

    In the conditions, he felt the impact with a far wall, in the outer corridor, even if he didn’t see it. The energy around him; mostly shattered from the blastwave of the Thought Bomb shattering, absorbed much of it before dissipating. Finally, he slumped to the floor of the corridor, shaking his head, cane planted, as he cleared his vision and prepared.

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    IC: Commander Sellik
    Departing, heading into the Battle of Coruscant in orbit

    Well, it was still the Battle of Coruscant, but being as the First Order had just abandoned the planet, it was more the Rout of Coruscant now, Commander Sellik dwelled.

    She did not care for the remnants of the ground skirmish, fought by Rhoen and Syal, Poe, Finn, Eleanor, Vestara, Madelyn, Mirta, Vicrul and the others...

    ... nor was she concerned as to the gnats under the shields, dancing with a greater number of TIEs, being Johnson, Dol Khan (with Nihl), and Jess Pava...

    ... nor was she intrigued by events aboard the Knife 9 involving Abaddon and the Stranger...

    ... not even the firefights taking place aboard the ship that was partaken by Phasma and her Shadowtroopers, or indeed caused by Barriss and Rose Tico

    No, Sellik was purely, at this point, focused on pushing through the orbital scrum, in bypassing the Eclipse and the other Smuggler's Alliance ships commanded by Connix and Lando respectively.

    Once the Capitol was through it, they could flee, regroup, and rebuild.

    A Megador-class dreadnought was designed to be a mobile command center and shipyard - indeed, it had been the First Order's primary such vessel when they were confined to the Unknowns, before the rule of Supreme Commander Kylo Ren, but after the fall from grace of Grand Admiral Rae Sloane, one of the architects of the First Order.

    Sellik simply stood over the corpse of Chancellor Armitage Hux and dwelled upon everything.

    Did that make Aryan Graul the de facto Chancellor?

    They didn't have elections, save for sham ones to prop up the notion that the First Order was friendly and amicable.

    Did Sellik really have to abide that drug-loving peace-abiding traitor?

    She squeezed her hand into a fist.

    No, she would not.

    Mentions for @TheSilentInfluence, @galactic-vagabond422, @The Jedi in the Pumas, @Master Vo'Un'Var - outstanding TAGs/combos
    Corridors of the Capitol, Coruscant orbit

    The Battle of Coruscant was not relevant to Barriss Ofee.

    No, now Hux was dead, and she had her data, she had a handful of objectives left, it could be said.

    Survival was one, yes, but her path away from Hux led her through empty corridors - most of the 'troopers aboard had been sent to the surface after all, and had died there. She would, without knowing it, pass Dr Gast's research labs, as well as a smattering of dead enemies, including a civilian woman who had been Johnson's lover.

    All irrelevant to her now.

    Her mind would be reminded, unbidden, that Nomi had spoken to her, and a world bubbled to mind; Ruusan.

    The place where Xundel was.

    Xundel, the individual who had let Vicrul go.

    But the clattering grew louder as she wandered the ship, there was no sense of direction in First Order grey.

    And yet it was obvious the woman standing at the end of the corridor that she had found herself in was dangerous.

    A tall, intimidating chrome Stormtrooper.

    The infamous Captain Phasma.

    Behind her was a civilian, a man, looking dishevelled and panicked.

    Besides her were a pair of Stormtroopers in black armour, and from one, a pair of blades appeared from his gauntlets, while the other stood watch.


    Phasma nodded and swept off with her civilian in-tow.

    The Shadowtrooper leapt forward, bounding like some kind of simian, rage polluting the Force.

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    In orbit, beneath the shields

    A Firespray stood out as a threat, it always did. A pair of TIE Whispers were after her, as much as the Chow, which would make it to the surface even as the Capitol reached atmosphere, it's great shields burning with heat ablation. The warship was immense, but unimpeded by itself raising up, a feat impossible for a ship of this size for the Old Empire.

    But from the outer hull lifted up two fighters of a design hitherto unseen for nine years.

    They were sleek, angular, and dangerous TIE variants, uniquely seen by precisely one Imperial faction.

    They were TIE Daggers.


    TAG: @Jerjerrod-Lennox (combo)
    IC: The Gray One

    Ruusan, Depths

    When Xundel came too, the Thought Bomb was shattered, the sense of Kaan was gone, and, well, his face was wet.

    He was being rejuvenated by whatever was upon his cheek, roused and the fogginess in his head clearing.

    The hand - scaly, in his owns way - was withdrew from him, and a voice, indistinct through the haze, spoke softly.

    The Twilight Side of the Force.

    A huff, amusement.

    Whatever will they come up with?

    A knowingness came to the words.

    We know it's merely four elements; Light, Dark, Chaos, and of course, Balance.

    A snuffle.

    You claim to be present, and our Light if as much Dark, and our Dark, well, it's not even whole; merely an Inclination.

    A patter of feet; Xundel's condition did not improve; indeed, his mind cleared but his eyes did not open, and his body remained on the floor, unwilling to listen.


    So where is our Chaos? Or does Twilight make it's appearance?

    A full blown cackle, like a bird's caw.

    The Twilight of the Force?

    Her face was suddenly in his.

    Who writes the Epitaph?


    TAG: @darthbernael
    IC: Ruk


    "Fine," the Whiphid said, almost tiredly, at the merchant-gabble.

    The rain began, which added to his feeling.

    "Perhaps you could come with me while I tour the facilities? Indeed," Ruk looked back at the Gallusian as he turned and tugged a discarded hat from among the workers tools and placed it upon his oversized head.


    "I understand it is also customary to celebrate a business venture with a hearty meal, to toast and so forth."

    He gestured towards a hovel on the hill, just visible above the grain.


    "Might I entice you, I am sure we can rustle something up for your kind."

    Ruk glowered at Tirran. "Unless you have other business to attend to during the fall of Coruscant? The Core will begin quite chaotic and dangerous yet again, after all."

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  16. Master Vo'Un'Var

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    Mar 19, 2017
    The Stranger
    Aboard the Knife 9, Battle of Coruscant


    The feeling of darkness, of hate, would amplify as The Stranger landed aboard the Knife 9. He took a deep breath through his nostrils, anticipating what was to come. He would find the intruder, and make them suffer.

    Was there any particular motivation behind this? Indeed, he could be doing this for the Knights, or the First Order. But in actuality, this was for him. He wanted to make someone suffer. No brows would be raised if he took his time toying with the intruder aboard the ship.

    Captain Peavey approached him, his dark glowing eyes glued to the First Order officer as he waited for them to draw closer.

    He knew who he was. His insignia and demeanor made it obvious.

    "Captain." He growled, his deep rasping voice echoing throughout the hangar.

    "An issue is at hand. Order your men to sweep the ship. An intruder has boarded." he ordered, his hood masking his features, adding an element of terror and mystery.

    "I want to meet this individual personally, so don't hurt them too much."

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    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Tirran Huxley

    Things appeared to be settled, all that needed done was the actual finalization of the deal. Tirran would not be taking it on good faith of a verbal contract, he was no glimmer in his mother's eye and would not be fooled so easily.

    The rain began, which added a comforting repose to the whole thing. It was one of those rare events on Coruscant but common enough of worlds he had lived prior that it was a comfort to see such things. Like a promise no matter how foolhardy that the dry would not always be so. It was a hope and a lie that pestered and festered, for no rain drop had ever held that promise.

    "Perhaps you could come with me while I tour the facilities? Indeed," Ruk looked back at the Gallusian as he turned and tugged a discarded hat from among the workers tools and placed it upon his oversized head.


    "I understand it is also customary to celebrate a business venture with a hearty meal, to toast and so forth." The hairy beast had said with a gesture, "Might I entice you, I am sure we can rustle something up for your kind."

    Tirran shrugged, "I brought my own toasting fluids, but I could not turn down a new partner." Moving his exosuit, which he knew would benefit from a good oil bath, he followed the others gesture to a ruin on the hill. It was a building that seemed in need of either great repair or demolishment.

    Ruk glowered at Tirran. "Unless you have other business to attend to during the fall of Coruscant? The Core will begin quite chaotic and dangerous yet again, after all."

    "Business is about profit and balance. I have harvested that field of the Core well, well enough that I now can invest with you, and now it is time to let the old field sit fallow for a while before I return to see what investments if any have grown at a later date. Like the other wars you have to know to shift with the current or else be destroyed by the rocks or the dead calm of still waters." Tirran stated with a smile, before humming a jaunty tune as they walked on.

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    Dec 2, 2016
    OOC: Combo with @Sinrebirth

    IC: Barriss Sunrider

    It only took a moment for Barriss to react when the Shadowtrooper leapt for her. She didn't get out her lightsaber, she didn't require it. Instead she reacted out with the Force and tried to use it to catch the Shadowtrooper before throwing him back where he had came from.

    Barriss was impatient at this point and the Shadowtrooper had made the mistake of getting in her way.

    The armor of the Shadowtrooper seemed to absorb her efforts, and he was not slowed, merely buffeted, before he leapt up to attempt to stab at her head -

    Barriss instinctively stepped out of the way, letting the blades fly by where her head had been only moments earlier. Then, also instinctively, Barriss whipped out her lightsaber and ignited its blue blade. She aimed for the arms of the Shadowtrooper, desiring to disarm him.

    The blades rebounded from the armor, causing a starburst to appear as the energy was briefly absorbed - but the Shadowtrooper backed away, regarding his armor -

    It had a cut in it at each point, but not a deep one, clearly the lightsaber attack had been dispersed to some extent.

    The Shadowtrooper lifted his knife-arms. "The Supreme Leader demands perfection."

    Barriss gave him a look. "Then show me."

    Her other lightsabers floated out of her robe. The one that had once belonged to Ventress ignited its white blade. The one that had once belonged to Palpatine and that she had taken from Hux ignited its red blade. And she held her blue blade while she wielded the others in the air with the Force.

    Then with all three blades, she attacked.

    The armor was not that good, but it definitely was blaster fire proof.

    The blades made very quick work of him.

    Which left Barriss with a choice.

    To head after Phasma, and the civilian hostage, and the last Shadowtrooper, or to find a way off the ship before it leapt into hyperspace.

    Barriss considered her choices. Truthfully, she didn't know where she could find a means of getting off this ship. But based on the look of Phasma and the civilian she was keeping hostage, she knew and was possibly heading there. So if she went after Phasma, there was a chance that she was being led to an escape route that Phasma knew about and Barriss didn't. Plus, the life of Phasma's hostage could be in danger and she was in the position to potentially save them. Despite everything, Barriss still couldn't help but potentially try to be the hero.

    So she went after Phasma, though a part of Barriss worried that this would be a mistake...

    When she reached the hangar, tracing their sense of violence in the Force, it led to a chrome-covered yacht. Hovering outside was a pair of TIE Daggers, ships not seen since the Battle of Exegol. Otherwise, the hangar included a single other ship - a TIE Whisper. It would potentially make Barriss wonder where she had last seen her freighter.

    The yacht was taking off, and Phasma was standing, imperious, at the top of the ramp as it folded up.

    She had been prepared.

    "Jedi scum," she said, and the rather oversized heavy rifle slung under her arm. It erupted into rapid heavy fire -

    Barriss spun her blue lightsaber, deflecting the heavy fire back at Phasma. She sprinted forward, both dodging and batting aside the lasers. Then when she was close enough, Barriss leapt for the ramp and swung her lightsaber at the heavy rifle.

    Phasma was sufficiently high that she had time to telegraph Barriss' motions, and she threw the rifle at her -

    It exploded as she bit through it, enveloping her in a fireball and molten metal -

    The great Captain was unfazed, so armored as she was, turning aside.

    The yacht sealed up, and its engines fired -

    Barriss pushed against the explosion with the Force, attempting to shield herself from the explosion as she fell back to the floor of the hangar.

    The yacht turned without ceremony, and left, the two TIE Daggers escorting it.

    There was a skirmish going on outside the hangar - a Firespray tangling with the orbital defenses.

    A clatter of TIE pilots, running down the corridor towards other hangars, as well as shouting personnel.

    In that chaos, nobody noticed Barriss, even with her partially alight - singed, rather than burned.

    There was no Order left in the First Order, but through the hangar she would see that the Capitol was about to cross into orbit. There was a building tension to everything, and nothing. Something was about to happen.

    Hux was dead; his knowledge was in her possession.

    But where was her guiding star?

    Nomi was dead; Vicrul was out there, somewhere; Xundel was deranged, by all accounts.

    She had not connected with anyone deeply in all of this, not even when she saw the Mirror.

    The Battle of Coruscant had been impacted by her input, but the galaxy had not yielded to her and granted her celestial knowledge of her place in it.

    What was missing?

    Barriss didn't have time to dwell on that. Instead, she turned to the TIE Whisper and made her way toward it. Though she couldn't stop Phasma, Barriss could at least escape and head back down to the surface of the planet... though piloting would be difficult with only arm.

    Most modern ships had a degree of automated tech, and so it wasn’t as hard as she would have expected - as long as she kept away from the main fight.

    The TIE Whisper was state of the art and responded swiftly, unlike her old freighter. Hyperdrive, shields, even missiles - it was as deadly as any fighter in existence nowadays.

    After figuring out the controls, Barriss managed to get the TIE Whisper out of the hangar. She had to give the First Order at least some credit. They knew how to make their ships. Because this TIE Whisper handled like a dream.

    It truly did.

    The Whisper passed beyond the hangar and was in orbit, and Barriss would encounter the age old problem with TIEs - they weren’t designed for atmosphere!

    Galactic City burned from a hundred locations, and the orbital battle continued at a truly atrocious pace, but it was moving away from the planet that the First Order had, by all accounts, abandoned.

    First Order comms opened. “All fighter craft! Ensure you have fuel for a hyperspace jump, we will be redeploying when the Capitol escapes the gravity well! All ships! Prepare for regroup!”

    Barriss ignored the chatter on the comms, since it didn't apply to her. Wherever the First Order was fleeing to, that wasn't where she needed to be. She had to return to Coruscant, return to Trace and Madelyn's family.

    After all, she still had the task that Nomi had given her.

    But there was something else... a thought. Vicrul and Vestara may still be down there, on the surface. And with the TIE Whisper's firepower... she could potentially blow them to bits.

    Now that was another opportunity that she could not pass up on.

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    Mar 9, 2005
    OOC: A combo with @Sinrebirth

    IC: Rogue Agent Bernhardt Johnson
    Location: Silencer, Coruscant

    Johnson had his focus on the two fighters and it seemed the X wings of the Resistance were not interested in them.

    He turned the Firespray towards them but there was another problem as his sensors went wild. Two more TIE's had appeared from the Capitol of course with it lifting off he had to keep pace so he didn't smash against the shields.

    The two TIE's coming at him looked like they had pointed wings and were marked in red.

    Four TIE's versus his Silencer.

    I'm beginning to get tired of fighting now. I just need to rest so I can keep going.

    His tired brain and body were making him flag but he still had to push on.

    He fired at the red marked TIE's but kept an eye on the others.

    The red-marked TIEs had shields and took the shots, sending a few his way that impacted the Silencer's shields.

    The TIE Whispers also fired on the Silencer, but the TIE Daggers turned away and didn't coordinate to assist in destroying Johnson -

    The red marked TIE's clearly had bigger fish to fry so it was time to concentrate on the two coming right at him.

    Johnson swiveled the Silencer around and began to charge the TIE's firing his cannons again and not letting go of the triggers.

    The TIE Whispers split, trying to make Johnson pick one - and then the TIE Daggers turned around, clearly having feinted and faked their disinterest. Missiles shot out and slammed into one of the Whispers, and the Daggers snapped aside, veering away again -

    What was going on?

    The red TIE's had hit one of their own, were they Phasma's TIE's? It wouldn't be long before they decided to have a go at him.

    Got to watch them…

    He decided to head after the other white paneled TIE, gunning his engines and firing his cannons again at that TIE.

    The last TIE Whisper exploded, and the TIE Daggers did indeed begin to ferry the chromite yacht out of the hangar bay. They were it's escorts.

    Worse though, the destruction of the nearest Whisper meant the surface cannons could target him, and they did, lobbing fire at him -

    The yacht was leaving so Johnson ignored it. Was not his concern for now.

    Time to get rid of those surface cannons.

    He pushed forward on the throttle, firing the cannons and spinning the Firespray around to try and dodge fire.

    The cannons took the laser fire of the Firespray, tracking him, and from the durasteel surface a turret swivelled - and instead of laser fire, missiles streaked out, tracing a messy path from the launcher towards him in a stream of six, eight, rockets -


    Johnson had to act fast. Locking on to the turrets he fired his concussion missiles, hopefully he would hit the turrets or the missiles.

    He began to spin the Silencer around, spinning on its axis so the missiles would hopefully get confused and smash together or into the Capitol.

    Thankfully Firespray cockpits did not spin like he was spinning the ship right now.

    Thankfully indeed, because the gyrating was immense to avoid the missiles. The turret exploded, and his own missiles chased their missiles in a confusing jangle that essentially boxed him in.

    A targeting lock was announced a moment before a turbolaser bolt hammered into his shields and sent a cacophony of alarms off. He'd not taken damage, but another hit like that and the Silencer would take some severely.

    The missiles erupted into explosions, surrounding the Silencer in detonations that conversely obscured it for a moment.

    And then there was a beep.

    A tracer had just activated, letting him know where someone was.

    But who?

    The missiles had thankfully not gotten him but that turbolaser turret might.

    He targeted that turret and then let loose with his cannons again, hopefully the smoke would obscure him enough so the turret couldn't track him.

    Along with his alarms going off now something else was pinging at him. A tracker had gone off. Was that Rose? He was pretty sure she was not carrying a tracker unless she did have one. Or maybe was using other fighters.

    Currently he was still stuck within the Capitols shields so was it on the Capitol itself or on the ground?

    The tracker was calling him to Christophsis, of all worlds, half a galaxy away.

    But at very least, the turret exploded; it was a smaller variant, not the big long range cannons that the Megador-class had. Those weapons would be devastating if they fired. In the distance, they were larger even than the Silencer, and were raised to their highest angle. It wasn't enough to fire at the Eclipse, which was pointed at the Capitol and firing constantly - and failing to breach the shields - but soon the angle would mean the main cannons could fire.

    And probably rip the Eclipse apart.

    Laser cannons and even missiles would struggle with these massive turbolasers.

    Why the hell was it pointing him to Christophsis of all places?

    Who the hell was there?

    And why ping his ship?

    Well I won't be going anywhere unless these shields go down. And even then I would have to be quick to get out.

    Johnson peeled away as the turret that had hit him before exploded...but those big cannons were now the problem. And the very large destroyer firing at the Capitol could be in trouble.

    Could he comm the big destroyer and warn them? Would they listen? And there was no way the Silencer could hit those, nor the X wings.

    However he had one last card to play. It was dangerous and could end up blowing a lot of people up if it went wrong, including himself.

    He tipped the Silencer up and took himself up as high as he could go and stopped in front of the shield.

    And armed a seismic charge.

    Bombs away…

    He dropped it, placing his hand on the throttle to shoot forwards.

    Detonations, one, two, three, and a bank of long range turbolasers exploded, and the sensors of the Silencer told him that there was a gap, that he could escape through the gap -

    The explosions drew the attention of another group of TIE Whispers - three this time, and they soared up to avenge their long-range guns. Without them, the Eclipse had a free shot -

    It took it, the axial superlaser firing!

    Johnson of course had no idea what was going on below but as soon as the Silencer told him there was a gap he shot forward and through and gunned it.

    He peeled away from the destroyer; there was no way he was going to tangle with that. But he was finally free of Coruscant and on to his next mission. Who was pinging him for attention.

    He quickly keyed in the coordinates for Christophisis and making sure no one was in his way or that the TIE's were far enough away so as not to cause a problem he jumped to hyperspace.

    And Johnson finally collapsed with exhaustion.

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  20. galactic-vagabond422

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    Jul 11, 2009

    It had been a while since Rhoen had run this much. Thankfully his life spent working on the farm had kept him mostly healthy, and adrenaline was a heck of a thing. He held fire as he and Syal rushed past one group of troopers. They turned on each other opening fire on one another. The pilot kept his head down not worrying about it. A blaster bolt flew behind him forcing him to the ground behind the burning wreckage of a transport. Popping up he wrapped one hand around the grip of the pistol the other steadied his aim. Looking down the sights he let out a breath settling his aim on the chest of the nearest trooper. Pulling the trigger a red bolt from his heavy blaster pistol struck the other being in the chest.

    This was the first time he'd taken a life by the end of a pistol. It felt different but there wasn't time to dwell on it.

    He rushed after Syal pistol still in hand breathing steady, as they ran past body after body wreck after wreck. It had been a long and blood battle, and it still wasn't over yet. Though he hoped it would be soon.

    As the Falcon took down the last of the walkers he began to question what to do next. Their mission had been completed, there was no point in what they were trying to do.

    More blaster fire rang out, sparks flying near his eyes as she closed them and turned away. Blindly he fired off in the direction of the incoming fire and just kept moving. Maybe they could get that freighter back into the air, or something.

    They rounded the flaming hulk the sounds of battle closer as he snapped off two more shots in the general direction of the nearest conflict. A green and white astromech rolled out ready to defend the remnants of the craft.

    Syal placated the droid of the legendary pilot and Jedi Corran Horn.

    "Hi." He said as the astromech put away the weapons.

    A feeling of dread fell over him as Whistler tweeted wildly. A shadow fell over them hazarding a glace over their shoulders they both see a towing mechsuited trooper. As he lifted his hand Rhoen wrapped his arms around Syal pushing her out of the way. The pair tumble to the ground just under the gout of flame that emerged from the arm of the trooper.

    The interaction of fire suppceant and flame covered the area in mist...perfect.

    "Going around back...I think." Keeping low he watched the shadow of the towering figure hoping his was moving in the right direction. As he turned his foot caught on a piece of the wreckage sending him crashing to the ground. On instinct he lowered his shoulder rolling and coming to his feet in a smooth fluid motion. He turned looking at the looming shape of his enemy and opened fire. Whether this was the front or the back he didn't know. Shots from the other side rang out as Syal leveled in blasts of her own. The trooper raised his arm again, Rhoen let off a shot at it, a desperate move if ever there was one. His wife had the same idea red bolts peppering the appendage until the expected burst of flame didn't come, instead the arm itself detonated sending the figure flying to the side and thudding into the busted space frame.

    The steam cleared and husband and wife locked eyes before looking up seeing the Capitol ascending…

    "I didn't know it could do that!" Syal said.

    "We need to find a way up there…" At his leg he felt something bump into him. He turned weapon in had to see Ace, a black and white astromech it must have followed him, the brave little droid. "Hey bubby, you think you and your friend could rig something together to get us up there?" He pointed toward Whistler. "We could really use a ride…"

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    OOC: Combo with our GM

    IC Xundel
    Ruusan, Depths

    Xundel listened to the Grey One as she whispered in his mind. His face was wet and as he came even more to his senses he realized she, as the voice was certainly feminine, most likely was the cause of his current state. Which meant she had a reason for his disability. So he said nothing, couldn’t say anything, as she continued to speak. Instead he let his mind focus on whatever it was holding him still, as he absorbed what she said.

    He’d almost reached a solution when she allowed him to open his eyes and he saw her, directly in his face. His eyes spoke to her, almost mockingly at the fact that he could not speak, could not respond to her ranting that way. His mind, however, ’All are good questions, however, you leave out a vital aspect of it all. In each of the four there is a part of the others. Although...there does feel to be a touch of Chaos in your own mind.’

    A sniff.

    "The paralytic agent was purely in-case you recognised me. There are many misunderstandings about me," she squat on a rock, more feline than avian in her pose. "I am an agent of change, is all, whether that be Light, Dark, Chaotic, or Balancing... I merely facilitate the flow of the Force."

    She scratched her whiskers, but with a forefinger; human again.

    "You see, my last student was a Sith Lord, and so it colours the view of me." A shrug; more human. "And I did once apprentice myself to Darth Sidious." She rolled her shoulders as if her arms were wings, tucked behind her back; avian again. "But I did try to kill him."

    She peered forward as the agent wore off.

    "So, does that colour your view of me?"

    Xundel’s mind worked out the agent and his power cleansed it from his body. His cane rose, three fingered hand grasping it. Using the aid to assist him to his knees and then his feet, he hunched over it, to support him. Glancing up at her, Vergere, yes I know you. Judge you, I do not. Look at me...A former Jedi Knight that is most certainly not that anymore.”

    He glanced around, finding a rock that was about the right height. Shuffling over to it, he pushed himself up onto it to sit. His ears twitched as he looked at Vergere. ” have your four elements slightly wrong. Trust me I’ve had that information in my head for at least a decade. The four elements are Light, Dark, Chaotic as you said, but the fourth is not Balance but is Order. Balance stands outside, tied to each of the four and is constantly shifting each so that it can stay as close to the center as possible.” he told her.

    ”When the one who created all did so, each time they did so, they had Balance in place before they brought forth the four elements, to do so in the opposite order would have ripped the fledgling universes apart. In this one, and others, Balance has had to take a approach to keeping the universe from being destroyed.” he said softly, as his eyes began to swirl with greys.

    "Oh my, Order?" Vergere clucked. "That's not a great look."

    She paced around him and his rock, feline again, on all fours.

    "Benevolent or malevolent rule for you, then?"

    A slight whispering chuckle.

    "Control is a Jedi and Sith trait..."

    Xundel returned chuckle for chuckle, ”Oh no, not at all, Balance doesn’t rule. Ruling is such an...absolute. As you said it must be benevolent or malevolent. But Balance, it’s only interest is to keep all from being undone. What do you think the end result is if any of those four elements ever is in complete ascendance?”

    He swayed slightly on the rock, his feet kicking against it as he spoke, appearing relaxed. ”Balance’s actions are not overly overt. More along the lines of a nudge here or there, guiding things back toward all four elements being almost equal, or as close as is possible.”

    Vergere lay on her back, peering up through the hole in the ceiling of the cavern at the stars.

    "Very poetic. But still, it's a few hundred Force users deciding the fate of trillions."

    She looked at him slyly.

    "You're fine with that?"

    ”Putting words in my mouth?” Xundel asked with a wry grin. ”You and I both know that the Sith and, especially, the Jedi have spent eons in an anti-Force user breeding program. With Force users all but denied from having children and any previously unknown child with ability being taken out of being allowed to breed it artificially lowers the numbers of those who could do that.”

    He chuckled, ”Of course, always killing each other off has not helped that either.” Leaning back against the rock, ”You’re obviously leading to something, so what is it you would suggest?”

    “Actually, I was seeing if you had been corrupted by the Balance, because that’s a thing. Especially in older Force users, who tend to take the long view and not see the tragedy they are causing.” She hopped to her feet.

    “So, I’d like to join your organisation. You clearly have some plans for the future and they’re not incompatible with my thoughts.” Vergere smiled, sardonic, around her beak; human again. “I have been hiding for decades now, after a rather brief saunter in the spotlight. Faked my death, very dramatic.”

    A flicker of her hand, as if dispensing with dust or an idea.

    Xundel sat forward, a light to his eyes, a smile upon his face. ”Hmmmm,” He chuckled, ”That is something much better than any other of the Force users I’ve run into since I returned have felt. The darksiders would rather fight me and try to destroy me, the lightsiders aren’t much better but more condescending.” he admitted.

    He hopped up off the rock, glancing up at the sky outlined by the rock, ”I came here, was drawn here, to create a home for those who would be as us, to learn to exchange knowledge and experience, and to regain our selves and our purpose when the travels among the remainder of the galaxy drains us. As we speak there should be at least a few that have been encouraged to come here and find that purpose.”

    "Ah," Vergere said. "So you need a guide to the Valley of the Jedi."

    She stood straight. "I can assist, Xundel. I was once a Jedi Padawan, once a Sith apprentice, but always a teacher and a student." The Fosh was briefly very coy. "For to be one, is to be the other."

    A finger lifted as she turned to head into the catacombs. "You'll have to do well to surpass my last student!"

    Xundel picked up his pace to match Vergere’s. He had a grin upon his face now, ”You took the words out of my mouth. One must be able to learn to be able to teach and the key to teaching is to be able to adapt and learn.”

    He had a very good idea where the Valley was, after all it was very close to where the Thought Bomb had been, ”I don’t mind the guide, but I would hope that you would also be willing to assist when those new students, who could possibly teach us both a thing or two, arrive.” he told her.

    "Consider me completely willing to speak the Truth to them."

    She glanced back at him with a knowing smile. "You can tell me all about the others as we go."

    A deep, rolling laugh came from Xundel’s small form. ”The truth is often more painful than comforting lies or half truths, but that too is why it is so important to the Balance, only in the blinding intensity of Truth will we learn and grow and keep the galaxy from the End.” He had to hop over an exposed root, ”But, yes I will tell you about them as we walk.”

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    OOC: A combo with @TheSilentInfluence and @Sinrebirth

    IC: Vicrul Ren and Eleanor Magnus

    The hatred burned through Vicrul, filling his lungs and blood with dark, passionate wrath. The Dark Saber was clutched firmly in his hand as he looked to Eleanor. Chaos flowed around him, dark vibrant chaos. The battle had resulted in the loss of countless lives.

    His outward demeanor appeared calm, barely containing the bloodlust encased within his skin as he charged at the woman. He cared not what was happening around him, for his mind was in this moment focused solely on the task before him.

    His movements were chaotic, diverting and moving as he came to strike at the woman, his initial blows not intended to kill her but merely cause pain. To inflict suffering.

    Eleanor brought her blade up to deflect, sensing that he didn't want to kill her. Not yet. But she knew if he was given the chance he would strike her down in a heartbeat. And she could not allow that to happen.

    "It seems you have something that I want Sith." Eleanor said quietly. "Why don't you fight me properly?"

    If Eleanor was attempting to goad the final remaining member of the Knights of Ren then it was successful. They were in the thick of the battlefield, the two sides clashing and gnawing for their side.

    Pushing away for a moment a crude, cruel smile flashed onto the Knight of Ren's lips, all-round them were broken pieces of debris. Leaping back he gestured with his free hand, commanding a series of rock to go hurtling at the Resistance fighters around Magnus.

    "The plight of your kind, trying so desperately to save everyone, only to fail"

    If she came towards him it was likely that these men would die, but weren't they going to die anyway? Did their lives even matter, just added noise to the endless state of the Star Wars.

    Behind Vicrul, the last walkers of the First Order army were suddenly shredded by the arrival and crash landing of the Millennium Falcon. The fight was not over, but suddenly there were only Brutetroopers and the occasional Mechtrooper left.

    The Capitol building shook as the dreadnought detached from it, floating up to the sky -

    The Chancellor was abandoning Coruscant!

    Eleanor let out a sharp breath. They could die anyway,, but what if they lived? She couldn't take that chanced even if she was risking her own life. Eleanor centered herself and raised one of her hands, drawing on her energy in the force to throw the rocks and Vicrul back-

    "The plight of your kind- always putting theue noses where they don't belong!"

    Vicrul looked to the sky his eyes narrowing in hatred as he saw the tide of battle come flow against him. He could not afford to engage with this fool. Caught off guard for a moment he was pushed back by Eleanor's attack separating them further, his unmasked face hitting the ground hard. His head dizzy he got up slowly as he looked once again to the dreadnought.

    With a swift turn he would run, off to find his ship. He needed to reinsert himself in command as soon as possible. He had become side tracked by bloodlust for this singular person, but he needed a wider view. One that ensured the deaths of all those that remained on Coruscant.

    Eleanor watched as he tried to flee, and started to go after him. She could not allow him to escape. She reached out with the force and grabbed him-

    Pulling Vicrul back as hard as she could, lightsaber ready to defend it attack-

    Vicrul would feel the tug of Eleanor grab on to him as she reached through the Force, his eyes wheeling round burning with hatred. He would lash out with his mind a wave of turbulent energy filled with the near-constant anguish and hatred that flowed through his being. His mind was so singularly focused on the task at hand. He did however stop to perform this move, perhaps giving time for Eleanor to move in if his Force Wave proved to be unsuccessful.

    Eleanor watched his reaction, feeling the energy bubble up in the force; and then his hesitation. Felt the force wave before it came-

    She looked around and used the force to throw her lightsaber past Vicrul as she jumped up; sort of doing a half flip in the air to hopefully dodge his force wave; reaching out with the force to grab her lightsaber.

    She just had to get behind him-

    There was a cry out; a male voice.

    “Eleanor! Behind you!”

    There was Vestara, rushing at her with a war cry, as what was left of the First Order troops were overwhelmed by Amira, Madelyn, Finn, Poe, Asteria -

    It was her Chiss comrade-in-arms who called for her attention -

    Vestara released a bolt of lightning at her and leapt over, landing besides Vicrul. “My lord, the battle is lost. We must go -“

    Eleanor moved out of the way of Vestara, looking back to smile at Kaz. And then she turned her attention to Vicrul and Vestara, lightsaber back in her hands. She had to get the darksaber back, but could she take on the two of them?

    Eleanor took a deep breath, and stepped forward; not too close, but hopefully enough to draw their attention. "You have something that belongs to me." She tilted her head. "It would be a shame to go back to Kylo Ren without my head wouldn't it? Even I know he would praise you and reward you for that. It's a prize worth the fight against me."

    She paused, "Unless of course, you'd rather face the punishment of losing to a Jedi."

    Vicrul looked down at the dark blade that Eleanor referred to. He did not understand or know of the implications in which it was supposed to be one, that in truth the blade still belonged to Rey after her defeating Hattaska. But all that Vicrul knew was that it is weapon wielded by the leader of the Knights of Ren and therefore his.

    Her words would fall on deaf ears, perhaps a day ago this tactic would have worked but this was a new Vicrul, one of his own agency and desire. One that wanted to consume all living things that existed, not some hapless fanatic that followed the words of a lost man.

    "I have lost nothing foul scum" he spat despite this not even being remotely accurate, although it was also true that Eleanor was not exactly 'winning' either.

    What troubled him more was the fact the battle was lost, because he had become sidetracked with his foolish brother. Although the truth being that he likely had very little effect on the outcome of the battle to begin with, not that he believed such a thing. So thus he turned not sparing a second as he bolted to find his ship. In his mind, there were far more important threats to deal with than this singular Jedi.

    Vestara fled with him, producing a detonator and hurling it between them.

    The resulting explosion covered their escape, even as the family rushed over, having killed the last of the Brutetroopers and handful of Mechtroopers that remained.

    Kaz wanted to kiss her in a most-un-stoic-Chiss manner, for example.

    Vestara tweaked Vicrul with the Force, guiding him to where Lorl had hidden the Night Buzzard.

    Emotions swirled within Vicrul as they always did. His hatred, anger but most notably his frustration bubbled within him once more. The simple fact of the matter was that he had lost, the battle, the First Order, all of it. It was all crumbling apart at the seems becoming nothing.

    Oh how this infuriated him to no end. Despite his minor victories here and there the net sum was that of defeat yet again. Despite his strength and power increasing as he fed the dark monster within him it was still not enough. Not enough. None of it was ever enough.

    Eleanor sighed,, throwing an arm up to shield her face as the detonator exploded. We'll get the darksaber back. And get rid of them too. She turned to her family and felt a shift in Kaz.

    How badly he wanted to kiss her.

    "I'm alright." She said, perhaps a little too loudly. Her ears were ringing a bit from the explosion. "Is everyone okay?" She looked at Kaz and smiled.

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    OOC: The following is a combo with our illustrious GM – thank you so much! :D

    IC: Vice-Chancellor Aryan Graul, Lyz Graul, and Sistros the Holocron
    Hyperspace, en route to Wavett

    "It’s all fallen apart."

    "You know that Lumiya is dead."

    "Talk to me, Aryan."

    He could hear the words—the words of his wife—but they remained far away, suppressed by the mental fog that continued to plague his fragile psyche. It clouded his thinking and caused the specter of Lumiya to loom large in his mind’s eye. She sneered at his apparent infirmity, which spurred her cruelty; his suffering brought her untold satisfaction.

    As a result, she unfurled her whip and struck him again.

    And again.


    Aryan heard himself scream with each impact, his body writhing in agony as he sought a release. The relentless onslaught distorted his perceptions and made it difficult to differentiate between reality and delusion. He felt genuine, physical pain. That wasn’t something he could merely conjure from a memory…was it?

    Nevertheless, hadn’t he only just been engaged in a conversation with Admiral Yage, Lyz, and his son? Hadn’t they discussed the imminent threats to their new sovereignty? Hadn’t he lost everything when a mystery benefactor commandeered his fleet from the Ghost Nebula? Hadn’t that same entity agreed to save Arek from the ravaged Capitol? Hadn’t Yage abandoned their cause due to his manic state?

    Inhaling sharply, he canted his head to regard Sistros, almost to reaffirm the truth. The tiny hologram stared back at him, its scrutinizing gaze helping to strengthen Aryan’s resolve—to prove to himself that he wasn’t insane.

    "Yo–You’re not...real," he muttered under his breath, bracing against the next barrage as he diverted his gaze to regard the specter’s lithe form. "You’re not real."

    The Vice-Chancellor repeated that mantra over and over while he straightened his posture to convey his resilience. With clenched teeth, he then lifted his chin toward Lyz.

    "I—I...had no choice," he rasped hoarsely, his speech more lucid. "I had to—to accept."

    His shoulders slumped as he wilted under the admission. Of course, he was referring to the elusive man who had offered to extricate their son from Coruscant in exchange for their loyalty.

    "We should have gone to Coruscant, as soon as we knew. We should not have relied upon Yage," Lyz said firmly. "It was both of us who decided, it is both of our faults."

    "I'm real, Aryan. Maybe we should have waited until your relapse kicked in, but we struck at the best possible point. If this... this man wasn't out there, you would have become the Chancellor, if the Resistance caught Hux." Lyz's logic was unerring. "We didn't do anything wrong - we didn't even do this for power."

    Her gaze wavered slightly.

    "Did we?"

    Sistros snorted.

    "You tell yourself that."

    Lyz's expression narrowed. "Who is that? Who thinks they know my husband better than me?"

    Despite the pain that contorted his features, Aryan angled an intense glare at the Holocron. It was both an admonition for his crude comment and a silent demand that he remain quiet for the duration of the conversation. The words had rattled the Vice-Chancellor more than he cared to admit—and he didn’t know why. He hadn’t forged this new imperium to pursue power, nor was the Chancellorship an attractive prospect under the circumstances.

    And yet, he still replied rather harshly to Lyz’s question, his vexation aimed more at Sistros than his wife. "He doesn’t know me," Aryan spat as he narrowed his eyes at the Holocron. "I–I thought I found what I was searching for, but now...I’m not so sure I appreciate the unsolicited advice."

    Regardless of his conviction, he remained wary of Sistros’ abilities and motivations, particularly after he had revealed their shared heritage. Deep down, Aryan was fearful that the Holocron knew more about himself than even he was privy to. It was more than a little unsettling, but at least his concern served as a mental distraction that caused Lumiya’s spectral form to waver.

    However, before Sistros could perceive his thoughts, he focused his attention back on his wife. "It—It wasn’t a power grab," Aryan tried to reassure her, though his voice was strained. "I only—to reform the Empire into something that we bo—both could be proud of; something that wasn’t merely a...personality cult for Palpatine, but reflected democratic ideals."

    The older man paused and bowed his head marginally, clearly struggling with this. "Dammit, Lyz...I–I thought we had it all figured out, but then—Jalynn...and—this…man..." He issued a weary sigh and rubbed at his temples. "I can’t abandon Arek, nor can I let some strange entity take this away from us. We worked too damned hard to relinquish control at this juncture. It–It’s my duty to serve...and—"

    A sob caught in his throat, and he trailed off momentarily. "I–I promised...Jalynn—a long time ago—that I would do this for her."

    Lyz went silent, taking the harsh words as aimed at her. When he trailed off, she responded quite cuttingly. "So why are you listening to him?" Another breath and she pressed on. "Where are you? I'll come to you. The Foreman will keep Wavett in-line for now. I've ordered all of our Diplomatic cruisers here to protect us from Gherlid, who has been poking around."

    Her tone softened. "We'll make this work... for Jalynn, Aryan - I promise."

    Sistros snorted.

    "For the love of the Force can you put whoever it is on the line so I can tear him a new one."

    "By all means, Aryan, show her me," Sistros goaded. "Show her just who you abandoned the cause for at this critical moment."

    "I—I didn’t abandon anyone," he spat in a harsh whisper, still squirming uncomfortably where he sat at the head of the table. It was clear that he was becoming more and more restless, an unfortunate side effect of his Refrain dependency. He knew that he would only continue to regress unless he found a way to manage his symptoms.

    Until then, he remained determined to carry on.

    Of course, it would also help if he actually heeded Lyz’s advice; she had made a valid point about not allowing Sistros to persuade his judgment.

    As if on cue, Aryan glowered at the Holocron, sending another stern warning before turning to address his wife. "No need," he replied coolly to her request to 'censor' Sistros. "I can do better. I’ll permit you to confront him in person when I arrive. I’m already en route to Wavett, and I’ll be there shortly."

    He leered at the hologram, a mischievous glint to his eye. "I’m sure he would love to share in this opportunity."

    Lyz decided to accept that for the moment. "I'll see you soon, then. I need to deal with a hundred other crises before you get here, I can build up a good rage at whoever it is." Without further ado, she signed off.

    "She's sharp; I like her." Sistros looked at him.

    "So Arek and Jalynn are the latest in the brood? Any grandkids I could corrupt early?"

    He looked Aryan up and down. "Great-Grandkids?"

    The Vice-Chancellor had slouched forward after Lyz disconnected the line, his forehead resting against his arms to ease the steady pounding of an impending migraine. Unfortunately, it was yet another consequence of the Refrain, which Sistros was now helping to exacerbate with his exhaustive commentary.

    With a quiet growl, Aryan visibly recoiled when the Holocron mentioned Jalynn, his taunting evoking a slew of unpleasant emotions that pushed him precariously close to the precipice. He found it too much to ignore, prompting him to lift his chin and to glare at the miniature figure standing before him.

    "I’ll ensure that you’re not introduced to anyone else except my wife," he hissed in a gravelly tone, his eyes rimmed red and puffy from his ongoing struggle. "This is between you...and me. My son is innocent; he has no stake in this."

    He purposely omitted any reference to his grandkids and their families. Revealing further details, no matter how inconsequential, could potentially jeopardize their wellbeing, and he couldn’t afford to endanger them at this juncture.

    Sistros sniffed. "Well I'd love to chat more about who has a stake in all this, but I do need to conserve some power before the main event." With a wave, the Holocron shut off.

    And that, as they said, was that. Aryan would be unable to cajole the Holocron to activate. Indeed, the headache from the Refrain was becoming said migraine, and soon he'd start to shiver... and sweat. So, the old man himself might want a rest before he made it to Wavett...

    ... perhaps?

    And yet, there was an alternative that he couldn’t expunge from his awareness. It was like a persistent itch that continued to needle at the back of his mind. He suddenly recalled that Lyz had packed a small reserve of his medication to hold him over while they were away on this diplomatic tour. There hadn’t been an opportunity to administer it prior to this moment, and he now craved it.

    He also knew that if he succumbed to the effects of his addiction, it would only compound his situation in the long term, but he found himself unable to resist the temptation—if only to ease his discomfort.

    That’s what he told himself; it was to relieve his pain. He would only dispense enough of the drug to clear his mind, allowing him to function on a higher level. Hopefully, that would prevent him from suffering adverse side effects. It wouldn’t be like last time when the shuttle pilot had accidentally administered an entire canister.

    By repeating those sentiments over and over again, he ultimately convinced himself to seek out his prize.

    With an obvious wince, Aryan staggered shakily to his feet, his knees practically knocking together after remaining stationary for so long. Fortunately, his cane kept him stable enough to shuffle over to the storage closet and retrieve the metallic box that contained the Refrain. Popping the lid, he carefully removed the contents, fumbled with the syringe, and hastily injected the stimulant into his arm.

    Only then did he permit himself to relax as he collapsed to the deckplates in infinite bliss.

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    IC: Dol Khan (post drafted by @The Jedi in the Pumas)

    The ship shook as Dol Khan watches the Capitol’s shields streak the sky overhead.

    “We’re going in there.” There was a series of vent ports located on the surface of the Capitol. The Chow was in stealth but it wouldn’t truly hide them for long. They would enter through the vent and Dol would seek out the nearest console to pull schematics of the ship. Specifically the airway and emergency protocols.

    The Chow would function as a dirty bomb at this point. The explosives aboard the ship were primed. If they were detonated at this point it would create a large hole in the Capitol but nothing that would take the ship out of commission. No, he needed the airway and ventilation points because the toxic gases and fumes from the explosion would be the real attack.

    Most ships had their own supply of oxygen. If he could find them aboard the Capitol and release the toxins he brought aboard on his person… the ship and its personnel would be eaten from the inside out and cease to function.

    “Now is the time to turn back if massive death tolls are against your code.” He warned Nihl as he prepared to disembark the Chow.

    Nihl wasn't there.

    He had already headed to the escape pods.

    With a twist of his will, he left Dol Khan to his revenge and bloody fate.

    The Capitol was completely exposed to Dol though, and he could see the primary hangar was exposed - a sleek yacht escorted by two TIE Daggers pushed free of the ship, through the shields, and headed into orbit after a Firespray-class escort. One, then two, vanished into hyperspace at the edge of atmosphere, both the Silencer and the yacht narrowly avoiding the incredible battle above.

    Fire rose from the ruined long-range turbolasers, but the immense shields deflected another superlaser blast from the Eclipse as the First Order fleet rallied, forcing the Resistance flagship to move or be rammed by a Resurgent-class Star Destroyer. The Capitol was going to escape.

    But first.

    But first.

    But first.

    It began to rain on Coruscant.

    Specifically, Imperial Boulevard.

    If he intended to release his bio-weapon... now was the time.

    TAG: @The Jedi in the Pumas (single)

    Imperial Boulevard

    They had done it - rebelled, and won.

    The Capitol Building - the Cradle which the larger Dreadnought had stood, it remained standing, but abandoned, the Millennium Falcon a feature, crashed into the entrance. The Resistance Army had won, with a million Bruetroopers and hundreds of Walkers and dozens of Mechtroopers all undone, dead.

    As Rhoen and Syal mopped up the last of the enemy at the middle-end of the Boulevard, the Resistance Army was in a celebratory mode, which reached the two downed pilots. They were all there. Chewbacca, Poe, Finn - Eleanor, Kaz, Amira - Madelyn, Mirta, Asteria. Hundreds of thousands of defected Stormtroopers, hardened freedom fighters, and revolting civilians.

    All there for the finish.

    All for the victory, where the First Order surrendered Coruscant.

    For a brief moment, they had won - Syal held Rhoen close and cried into him; Kaz did kiss Eleanor; Asteria and Madelyn swung each other around, Poe and Finn embraced deeply, before Chewbacca enfolded them in a brilliant hug.

    They'd won.

    Then the Capitol fired on their position.

    It rained.

    Turbolaser fire.

    The Cradle exploded, raining debris around them, even as the Boulevard began pockmarked with detonations and craters and destruction.

    "Get down!" Poe shouted!

    "Rhoen!" Syal screamed as a shockwave upended them.

    Madelyn drew the Force around to protect Asteria.

    Kaz dove to the floor and sought to take Eleanor with them.

    Whistler and Ace screamed as only astromechs did; in shrill beeps, as they tried to repair the Skate as it jostled on the ground.

    The Capitol reached atmosphere, and the Resistance fleet rallied one last time to ensnare it, once and for all -

    TAG: @galactic-vagabond422, @TheSilentInfluence (singles)

    By the Night Buzzard, Coruscant, the Works

    They alit across the surface of Coruscant and when they reached the Night Buzzard, Vestara looked back at the tumult.

    "Looks like you did it, Lord Vicrul. Forced them to pile more and more resources into one spot, and Hux took them out in one fell swoop."

    Was it a win?

    Was it the kind of win that Vicrul Ren wanted?

    "Or, you happened to escape and the First Order just tried to kill you," purred a voice; male, young sounding.

    From the shadows nearby a pale, tall man appeared, weilding a saberstaff.

    It was Nihl.

    "Which was it?"

    Vestara ignited her lightsaber; Nihl ignited his.

    "I come with curiosity but I will kill you if I need to."

    Nihl's words were a promise in the Force.

    Now, would Vicrul recognise Nihl from the Bonadan fight?

    The man standing besides a Kubaz and fighting and killing Ott Ren?

    TAG: @Shadowsun (combo)

    In low orbit

    The TIE Whisper carrying Barriss Ofee aboard would be a witness to the bombardment.

    If Vicrul and Vestara were still there, they were about to die with the Resistance Army.

    The Capitol was immense, unstoppable, incredible.

    Her sensors could not distinguish the heat rising from the impact zone, washing out the entire Imperial District.

    The Force was chaos, a jangle that could not be deciphered.

    She was alone, and isolated, and it seemed as if they were beaten.

    An escape pod did however launch from the Capitol, and a pair of TIE Whispers swooped on it, firing away.

    Whoever was aboard used altitude thrusters to angle it in a wide turn, around a nearby building that was only half-melted, past Barriss' flghtpath.

    But otherwise, the great orbital battle was on-going, and the Capitol was about to reach hyperspace height.

    The battle may have seen the First Order lose Coruscant, but if the First Order could not have Coruscant, nobody could.

    It was typical vengeance tactics.

    What would Barriss do?

    TAG: @CosmoHender (combo)

    Aboard the Knife 9, in orbit

    "An issue is at hand. Order your men to sweep the ship. An intruder has boarded. I want to meet this individual personally, so don't hurt them too much."

    "My Lord," Captain Peavey said delicately. "I will of course have my men do as you say, of course, but I would appreciate some guidance from the Command Structure which you do represent." His tone remained respectful.

    "Commander Sellik has ordered us to retreat and fire upon the planet, specifically at the Imperial Boulevard. Our cannons are designed for ground bombardment, so to so would kill roughly a billion Coruscanti, many of which are merely caught up in the violence. I would humbly request counter orders from you, Lord Ren," he beseeched the Stranger.

    Abaddon, at this point, would be impossible for the 'troopers to find.

    He would only reappear when he wanted him.

    "Also," Peavey put in. "We have tracked the Night Buzzard to the edge of the Imperial District. I anticipate such an attack by ourselves would damage the vessel of the Knights of Ren and I am reluctant to fire unless without your direct orders, sir."

    He nodded, and an aide supplied footage of the Night Buzzard holding position. "I believe Lord Lorl Ren brought it to Coruscant, my Lord. I am aware that Lord Vicrul Ren has joined the battle as well, though his whereabouts are unknown."

    He might even be dead, Peavey thought, but did not say aloud. "Orders, my Lord?"

    TAG: @Master Vo'Un'Var, @The Jedi in the Pumas (mention)
    IC: Captain Pune Trench

    Orbiting Christophsis, Savareen Sector, Outer Rim

    It would take Johnson some hours to reach Christophsis in the Outer Rim.

    The entire galaxy had collapsed into rebellion, and it was no different in the Andoan Free Colonies, one of the six warlord states that had seized a portion of the Corellian Run.

    The Harch species had sided with the Separatists during the Clone Wars, and the father of Pune Trench had been an Admiral that defended this world from the Republic, even crossing wits with Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Wulf Yularen here before ultimately being slain by Skywalker at the Battle of Anaxes, his crowning moment. Admiral Trench had masterminded a thrust at the very heart of the Old Republic, and his son could only lament the death of his father even at the hands of such brilliant foes.

    Pune intended to restore his fathers legacy, which was why he commanded an old Providence-class dreadnaught above Chrisophsis, named the Invincible II for his father's flagship.

    The Andoan Free Colonies had unified the three species of Ando into a common cause; conquest.

    No longer would they fight among themselves and be the pawns of democracy and autocracy.

    They had forged their own destiny, and acquired a decent stellar empire.


    Captain Pune Trench


    Invincible II, and orbiting blockade ships

    The arrival of a Firespray-class attack fighter was not unnoticed, notwithstanding the uprising by the locals since they had received Leia's message.

    The alarms woke Johnson from his slumber!

    "Firespray transport," rasped Harch. "This is Andoan Free Colonial territory. Surrender for boarding!"

    The tracking beacon continued to chime from the surface of Christophsis.

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    Ruusan, depths

    Vergere listened to Xundel's story, intrigued.

    She asked the occasional question.

    "Do you feel responsible for the carnage that Vicrul Ren will now cause?"

    "Was Ravijari really what he seemed?"

    "Do you anticipate that Nomi succeeded in encouraging the others to come?"

    "What will you say to Barriss Ofee when you next meet her?"

    "Why did you give the Darksaber away?"

    She was being frustrating, perhaps, but Vergere always angled it with a tone of genuine bafflement and curiosity.

    TAG: @darthbernael (single)
    IC: Ruk

    The hovel, Arikinnea


    There was a trail of workers and people making their way into the hovel, clearly this was time for a meal.

    They did regard the Gallusian with some concern, or curiosity, or indifference.

    These were hard farmer-folk, or at very least they appeared to.

    There were dozens of them, Tirran would now be able to see, as if they had been given a signal to appear.

    A table was set by the open kitchen, an immensely long one, as if it was a staff cafeteria.

    In a way, it was, albeit outside.

    A woman cast a grin at him as he arrived.


    An aged Veknoid seemed to grimace, leaning heavily on his cane, clearly blind.


    A young Wookiee folded his arms expectantly.


    A woman gave him a curious look.


    A woman with a jagged set of scars on her forehead regarded him with some intensity.


    Ruk waved Tirran forward.

    "Come, sit with us. Not all of the Council is present, but enough. Two of our," the Whiphid approximated a smile. "Master Farmers are on the other side of the planet, dealing with an infestation."

    He regarded the others firmly.

    Three Scars relented; the Veknoid sighed.

    TAG: @Mitth_Fisto

    Wavett, arriving

    The Refrain was not strong enough to truly create his happiest moment, but Aryan would catch snippets of his family meal again, albeit Jalynn and her associated memories were missing, his mind shutting out her negative connotations. Instead it was a later moment, when the great-grandkids came to meet with them not a year ago, on Coruscant.

    Peace had reigned for almost a decade by that point, and Arek and Jalynn were out and about spreading the good word of Order and Diplomacy, thus they were absent.

    It was as if his mind had picked the safest good memory in the coming bad.

    The ship arrived, and Aryan was still in his state of bliss.

    The ramp dropped, and it waited, expectantly.

    A voice would carry into the ship.



    "Chancellor Graul."

    His memories would become jagged, as he remembered that voice.

    Captain Phasma.

    He'd met her once, or perhaps eluded her, during his year long tenure within the Resistance.

    His trip went sour, and the unhappy memories of his time around the return of Emperor Palpatine would begin to resurface.

    "Aryan?" Lyz called out.

    TAG: @HanSolo29 (combo)

    TAG: @QueenSabe7 (combo continues)
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    OOC: A combo with @Sinrebirth

    IC: Rogue Agent Bernhardt Johnson
    Location: Silencer, Christophsis

    Johnson did not however have a restless slumber.

    Memories assailed him. The people he'd killed, his battle against Smith, killing Ilsa again and again and again. Ilsa and Lucretia's voices taunting him with their declarations of love.

    Love he would never have with Ilsa. He had ruined that, they both had.

    The pinging from his sensors awoke him. He had arrived at Christophsis, no more rested than when he had left Coruscant. And he ached from sleeping in the pilots chair instead of his bunk.

    No time for a shower or a change of clothes either.

    In front of him was a rather large cruiser, was that Seperatist markings?

    Of course it would not be easy getting down there. Leia's message has brought everybody out to play.

    He was ordered to surrender, but with his mind still foggy he couldn't decide what to say he was. He wasn't part of the Resistance, and he couldn't say he was a bounty hunter, not with the markings on his ship.

    Oh well, time to break out the Agent again.

    "This is Agent Johnson of the First Order" he replied bringing his Agent voice back into play "I have been tracking a fugitive and I believe that person may be hiding here. You have no jurisdiction on blockading this planet but I will let that pass if you let me through".

    "Denying me passage would. be unwise"

    "The First Order has no jurisdiction here," bit back Trench.

    But there was a chittering behind him. "Fine, fine. Agent Johnson, I have been told that I must accord you some respect, so I shall do so."

    He leaned closer to the projector. "What are you doing in Andoan territory, Agent?"

    "We have a minor rebellion here but do not need assistance." A jovial, superior tone ensued. "I gather that Coruscant is in open rebellion; perhaps you would be better placed there?"

    Johnson looked at Trench as if he wanted to squash him where he stood.

    "I have come from Coruscant, my talents were needed...elsewhere. A tracker has brought me here, I suspect it is in the hands of a fugitive. One who has possibly deserted the First Order. But who is key to perhaps restarting projects".

    A slight sneer "That person will be brought back to the First Order...or they will be eliminated".

    Johnson was making it up as he went along, but the person who had that tracker maybe knew him. Which meant they were possibly First Order. An outside chance was they could be Resistance.

    He moved the Silencer slowly forwards.

    From a certain point of view - Johnson had actually told the truth. Who he pursued had stolen state secrets after all.

    The Harch paused. “That is permissible,” he ground out. Part of the blockade separated, and a pair of old droid starfighters - Tri-Fighters - moved to flank him.

    “We shall provide an escort to ensure you do not get lost.” With that Trench signed off.

    He was a cunning and irritating man.

    Johnson blew out a sigh of relief, he was through but he hoped those escorts would not be sticking around for long.

    He gunned his engines and the Silencer shot forward and through the gap provided, keeping an eye on the fighters with his sensors.

    Following the coordinates the tracker was pinging him he wpndered who the hell was waiting for him down there.

    When they reached the atmosphere, Johnson would see how minor the minor rebellion was. I.e. Not very. Wholesale cities were aflame, especially as the orbiting ships fired on congregations of Christophsisi.

    He was being drawn towards a distant crystal congregation, in a relatively uninhabited part of the continent - away from the fighting.

    There was a brief crackle of signal.

    I’m so sorry.

    It was her voice.

    As if she was apologising for what happened next - but it was in-fact disconnected - the Tri-Fighters each spat a missile at him!


    She had called him here. She wanted him here…

    But before he could even think about anything else, two missiles were on their way..

    Had she ordered this? Did she call him here to blow him up before he got to her and demanded answers?

    No time to think about it now, Johnson began to spin again to try and get the missiles to crash into each other.

    Hopefully he would get to that crystal formation before the tri fighters got another shot off.

    The missiles had locked on the same wing of the Firespray, so did not clash -

    Instead, one looped around the Silencer and exploded, and unleashed a swarm of buzz droids that landed on the hull -

    The second missile lost its target and streaked off -

    And the Tri-Fighters began to fire with lasers!

    Ohhhh fantastic.

    There were droids now on his ship so no doubt they would start causing havoc. He didn't carry anything that could get them off the hull and there were no ships coming to help.

    And now the tri fighters were firing at him. Time to fight back.

    He pulled the Firespray quickly up, upside down and then behind the fighters letting loose with his cannons.

    The bolts shattered the two Tri-Fighters, while the buzz droids began to pick and hack at the ship. They were causing surface damage for the moment, and when the second missile exploded and sent more droids at him, the Silencer was looking like he was in trouble.

    He would need to clear them off manually, or else he might crash!

    He wasn't close enough to the crystal gathering, could Johnson risk rushing for it, or would he set down and try to deal with the buzz droids first?

    More droids.

    And Johnson realised he was probably about to lose his ship. He had hoped that he could keep it for as long as he could. Wreak havoc to the First Order from within.

    Thanks a bloody lot.

    There was no way he was going to climb out there, he was still exhausted and of course in his state there was a big chance he would fall off.

    Of course there was a big chance that if he carried on he would crash and probably explode. Probably what some people would say was justice.

    Well if you are going to go, might as well go quickly. You'll have no answers from Lucretia but you tried. Just that you were beaten by droids.

    He gunned the Silencer forwards at full speed towards the tracker.

    The Silencer gunned forward, but parts were being chewed off.

    The guns on it's chin went.

    One of his steering vanes was chewed up.

    The engines were being eaten at as he reached the edge of the crystals -

    And then they exploded -

    The Silencer was going down!

    What did he have left?

    Well, the seismic mines, of course, repulsorlifts, the concussion missiles, the gyrating heart of the ship was still functional -

    The droids began to hack at the viewport -

    Johnson knew the Silencer was pretty much being chewed to bits but he had one focus: get the crystal structure and then go from there.

    Alarms were going off all over the place. Cannons gone, shields gone, one vane damaged…

    And then the ship rocked hard as the engines went. And the droids were now attacking the viewport. Time to land with whatever he had left.

    Johnson activated the landing sequence. He'd made it. Now he just had to find Lucretia.

    His ship was being eaten and unless he could find parts there was no way he would be taking her back up again.

    The ship landed as it would normally, crushing a good half of the buzz droids and throwing off the rest with the landing!

    The Silencer was damaged, no doubt of that, but the droids fluttered up, preparing to dive down and continue their efforts; four left. They alit upon the damaged vane and it tore off as they tugged it free.

    The ship provided an estimate to Johnson; it was a little known fact that most Firespray's could fly with a single vane. The engines it believed were sufficiently functional that they could deploy at half speed - but it estimated that the droids would cut apart the ship in less than ten more minutes unless stopped.

    Thankfully the landing had managed to dislodge or destroy some of the droids but his ship was still pretty beaten up. And now he was one vane down.

    The ship may have been telling him his engines were still working but Johnson was not so sure. He had heard the explosion and it had been big enough to rock the ship. He needed to do a proper check but not now.

    The Firespray had also been weakened attack wise. No cannons now, just missiles and the seismic mines. Johnson shook his head. What a mess.

    He wearily got up from his seat, the clanking from the droids unmistakable now. Yen minutes to get the others off. He climbed down slowly and threw his blaster away, he grabbed a new one from out of the weapons locker.

    Activating the door, he stepped out, stepped outside and sharply turned and fired.

    Get off my bloody ship!

    The shots caught one, two, three, and then the fourth bowled into him, sending them tumbling and attempting to snap and stab and rip with its pincers and claws -

    Johnson was caught on the hop, his blaster went flying and he had to try and avoid the claws.

    But he could feel them ripping into his already ruined suit, drawing blood and the pain shooting through his body.

    Johnson tried to grab the droid and tried to pull it apart with his hands, but he wondered if his strength would be good enough.

    The droid was, somewhat surprisingly, quite fragile. It's wings were held by thin steering vanes, and they were easily ripped off, sending the buzz droid rolling away. Bereft of them, it was stuck on it's back, waggling its legs and pincers and claws in the air.

    Of course, that exhaustion was nibbling at Johnson.

    He was hurt.

    He was in pain.

    He was drained.-

    Johnson had clipped it's wings but now it looked helpless like some creature that had decided to give up and bare its belly.

    He rolled over on his belly and with a growl began to crawl forward towards his blaster pulling his exhausted body forward.

    He eventually grabbed his blaster, pulled his body around and fired with a roar.

    It exploded in a satisfying fashion.

    It was done.

    He'd made it.

    Consciousness was being robbed from him, however.

    I will come for you.

    Her voice was the last thing he heard that day.

    Johnson rolled on his back panting. Pain wracked his body, his suit was ruined and the darkness was calling him. His energy was now fully spent, the fights of the past day or so taking its toll.

    Lucretia's voice in his head again, like Ilsa her voice was constantly in his mind. Those were the last words she said to him before she had disappeared presumed dead.

    Would she come?

    Johnson closed his eyes and hoped this time his sleep would be restful.

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