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    Mar 19, 2016
    IC: Axtine Yore
    Ajon Kloss

    The Quarren pressed his eyes shut and reached into the force to maintain his calm. His companion was right of course, the fact that it had been done before did not justify its use now. Not to mention the blood that would be spilt as a result of the First Order executing those who surrender going forward. It would fall on their shoulders, and though Axtine had learned to maintain an emotional distance from his work over the years, as a Jedi he could hardly condone such action.
    "The civilians need to be our first priority." His face tentacles wavered somewhat as he turned his back to his allies and looked out the window into space.
    "Is there a way we can discretely relocate them to the planet? Maybe it's not ideal, but it's a better shot than they have now. Moreso if we can distract the enemy away from them."
    Even if that meant sacrificing themselves in the process, the Jedi thought grimly.
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    Aug 19, 2018
    OOC: Another fun combo with Sinrebirth ;)

    IC: Iudex
    and Vestara

    Ap'lek had since crossed his arm across his chest as he processed the news. The Empire, or whatever scraps constituted its dying remains were in full retreat to their position. A token assault force which consisted of a few walkers of various types and a few dozen Stormtroopers. None of which were of grave concern to the cloned Sith.

    "I'm curious." He murmured, raising a hand to stroke his chin. "Do they intend to make a final stand here against the New Republic, or have they been sent on a suicide mission to try and take us out specifically? Ah, either way is irrelevant I suppose, they'll die all the same."

    Ap'lek turned to Vestara. "What's the plan for when the Resistance or New Republic or whomever their calling themselves these days get here? I'd imagine they still have a 'shoot-on-sight' order for any Knights of Ren. Iudex and I would prefer not to end up in Republican custody.."

    Vestara still blinked when he said Iudex and I.

    "Well, if we cut down a lot of Stormtroopers in front of them, the do-gooders will give us a chance."

    A shrug. "If we don't, then, well, it'll look like we were hoping the Imps would reinforce us." A slight grin. "We can cut-loose, surely?"

    Ap'lek hummed in agreement. "One less toy for Snoke to play with.."

    With that, he ignited his gifted lightsaber with an unrefined flourish. The weight of the weapon, or rather, the distinct lack of such a thing, felt alien in Ap'lek's hands. Even his old pair of vibrodaggers had felt more real when compared to the crimson beam of light that danced about his vision as he preformed a few practice swings.

    You will adapt in time. A lightsaber is but a tool for your conquest, nothing more. Iudex lectured internally.

    "I am eager for the experience." Ap'lek said, glancing Vestara's way with an odd twinkle in his eye. "We'll meet them half way, before they can get set up. Ladies first?"

    Vestara smiled, leaning over and slightly patting his neck. "I thought you'd never offer."

    With a flutter, she rushed forward, pounding into the sand as she charged -

    The Force she kept coiled close, rather than speeding her up on the uneven surface, her crimson blade deflecting an errant shot that wasn't even aimed -

    Stormtroopers began rappelling down from the walkers, adding new angles to the fire incoming -

    A quirked eyebrow was the only response Ap'lek offered as he watched Vestara move towards the gathering troopers, blade in hand. Instead of following immediately after, he remained in place and counted down the seconds until she reached her targets.

    Upon hearing the telltale chaos of open combat a few seconds later, Ap'lek finally began to move. Vestara had made herself an excellent distraction, forcing the Imperial host to focus all their attention on the whirlwind of death that was tearing through their ranks. Instead of the gaggle of stormtroopers, his target were the walkers themselves. Instinctively, and without full knowledge of how, he cloaked himself within the force as he broke into a full sprint, squashing his presence to that of a small insect. Even without the lightshow that was Vestara's attacks, it would have been difficult to detect the cloned Sith. But now, it would be almost impossible.

    Ap'lek broke to the side as he stashed his lightsaber, keeping low as he moved to circle around to to attack from the nearest walker, a UA-TT's, flank. As he had hoped, the walker's operators were fully focused upon Vestara, to the degree that it had already begun turning its massive weapons platform in her direction. Ap'lek darted between its legs as it turned, before launching himself up and over with a Force Leap to land deftly atop its head. In a single motion, his lightsaber appeared in hand as he ignited the blade and thrust it deep into the exterior crew hatch. A moment later, the hatch had been wrenched open, Ap'lek was inside, and the two pilots were dead before they even realized something was wrong.

    Without wasting the opportunity, Ap'lek took hold of the controls and brought his walker's weapons to bear against a nearby duo of AT-STs. He fired a beat later, his first shot missing the closest AT-ST by a mere inches, while scoring a direct hit upon the second, which immediately stumbled over and collapsed in a haze of smoke and flame.

    The first evidently warned the others of his deception, as they all in unison turned to face him. Ap'lek grit his teeth. The fight was on.

    One AT-ST dropped, chin first, spilling its driver to the ground in a blackened mass.

    Vestara wasn't far behind Ap'lek, leaping to the second one and cutting high; at the hip-joint.

    She landed in the sand, pressing with the Force down to project a spray to distract any opportunistic firers.

    However, the Stormtroopers were in a panic, and behind them in the distance a huge fountain of sand erupted into the sky, as a distance AT-AHT crashed down. There was a bark of orders from a Stormtrooper with a orange patch, and Vestara reached out to snap his neck -

    But it was too late, the surviving twenty, twenty five, troopers, they turned rifles upon the UA-TT and opened fire in a hail that was so bright even Vestara had to cover her eyes -

    The moment the first AT-ST dropped, Ap'lek was on the move inside the cramped cabin of his won walker. He correctly determined that the remaining Imperials would prioritize neutralizing his weapons platform. In his mind's eye, he grimly watched as a AT-AHT marched into view, adding to the general chaos of battle. Spinning, Ap'lek grabbed one of the dead pilot's and pinned it into place at the controls, keeping the main cannons' triggers depressed.

    A second later and he was gone, flipping back out of the UA-TT's escape hatch a moment before it was obliterated by return fire. The shockwave sent him tumbling down. He impacted into the sand with an awkward, ungainly roll which sent him scrambling for cover as blaster fire erupted around him.

    Ap'lek spat out a lengthy series of curses as he broke into a sprint, using the force to boost his speed. His lightsaber left his hand, thrown in a wide arc to intersect the main group of Stormtroopers. He ran past without a second look, keeping his palm open for the lightsaber hilt to return to once it had finished its deadly path. Once more his targets were the walkers. This time however, they were ready, having since angled themselves cover each other from being boarded like the former UA-TT.

    He swore again, diving out of the way at the last moment as a host of blaster cannons opened up on him, melting the sand below his feet into blackened glass.

    "Never thought I'd want to see the New Republic!" Ap'lek yelled out, snatching his lightsaber out of the air as it finally completed its arc.

    "Bite your tongue!" Ves said, amused, as a good half of the troopers suddenly vanished beneath the UA-TT hulk, or to his flying blade -

    The surviving Stormtroopers suddenly turned back, as a treaded-speeder bike landed in their midst.

    A large Wookiee leapt from the bike, and methodically began ripping arms out of sockets, bashing helmets together, and hurling troopers -

    The pilot of the bike flashed a fly-boy grin and fired a pistol into the face of another, before accelerating his speeder into a Walker leg, sending it tumbling -

    Grimacing as she recognised the mighty Chewbacca, Vestara leapt forward and with a broad sweep cut down the remaining troopers, four heads bouncing away -

    The last walker turned to face Iudex, and then dropped, it's legs cut out from under it and spilling it's pilot into the sand just before him -

    It was over.

    And so it was. Ap'lek rose cautiously from the sand dune he had taken cover behind to survey the carnage. The Imperials were all dead or fleeing. The battle, or more accurately, the slaughter, had concluded with an easy victory. Yet, the clone felt anything but relief as his eyes locked upon the one of the two members of the Resistance he had never wanted to see again.


    Another clone, another him had fought the beast before, a long time ago. It hadn't gone well.

    Ap'lek frowned, keeping a healthy distance between him and the two Resistance members. Would Chewbacca recognize him? Could he recognize him? That Ap'lek was a few generations removed, one tainted by madness and bloodlust. Surely not. Still..

    He rose to his full height, appearing fully from behind the dune and after a moment's hesitation, hooked his lightsaber to his belt. "You arrived just in the nick of time." He said wearily and bowed his head. "Our thanks."

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    OOC: A bit of a fun combo with Sinrebirth

    IC: Wedge Antilles
    Secret Meeting
    ; at some point in the near future

    Shortly after they had secured the facility on Jakku, Wedge Antilles reached out to their orbiting friend. Rather inevitably, they would all have to cooperate, and so he turned up at the bow of the remaining Onager, in an unarmed shuttle, fresh from the Scythe, and spoke up into the comms.

    “Admiral Antilles to speak to the commander of your force.”

    A slight smile.

    “I’ve a plan.”

    Sabel had watched the shuttle approach the Onager, coming from the fleet of those that, in other circumstances, would have attacked what remained of his fleet. He’d reached out his senses, noting the older, single presence onboard, which had peaked his curiosity.

    Which meant, when the comm officer knocked on his door, entering at his order, he was not surprised when the Ensign told him that none other than Wedge Antilles was on the shuttle and requesting to speak to him. The corner of his lips twitched upwards as he turned back to the viewscreen to watch the shuttle. ”Let the man know…”

    The Ensign bowed after the Admiral’s orders were given. She didn’t have far to go from his Flag Office to the Bridge. At her console, she sat, unmuting the feed. Meeting the eyes of the older man in the holo, “Sir, the Admiral requests you dock at the forward port hangar. He will meet you there and guide you to a private conference room.”

    "Acknowledged," Wedge said, betraying none of the tension he had almost felt. But they were working with Sith, what else could he say or do. He guided the shuttle down, and docked, lightly. An Onager. He'd read about these, assumed they hadn't been put into production; the Empire had so many projects on its books that were masks for larger dreadnaughts, or even the Death Stars.

    He was curious as to its specifics, but filed away asking about it to another time. For now, he waited in the cockpit, looking for the 'Admiral'.

    Sabel took the lift down to the hangar deck, Elevtus and Twalvtus standing quietly behind him as the lift descended. The only time either spoke was Twalvtus, ”Lord, the shuttle has landed.”

    He nodded, without a reply. When the lift reached the deck, the trio paced down to the entrance to the hangar Wedge had been directed to. Sabel didn’t even say a word, the two Red Guards peeling off to either side of the entrance, ensuring that it was Sabel and Wedge alone inside the hangar.

    The open space was well lit and, save for the shuttle crouched on the deck, it was empty. He was sure that Wedge could see him from where the shuttle was, making the Chiss wonder what the man thought of the Sith, cloaked with obvious signs of armor under the cloak.

    Raising his voice, augmented by the Force, ”Admiral,” he gestured at a table with a pair of chairs, that the deck crew would use as a break station, by the inner bulkhead, ”why don’t you join me here. Any preliminaries can take place here and,” The corner of his lips turned up in a fractional smile, ”I’m sure you will feel more comfortable nearer to your shuttle than if I invited you deeper into the ship.”

    He frowned slightly at the voice augmentation. More Sith?

    Swallowing slightly, Wedge shook off his concern and moved down the ramp, leaning on his cane as he did. He wasn't the spry pilot who blew up the pirates who killed his girlfriend anymore, nor the man who led the capture of Coruscant, or commanded the Mon Mothma or even the Corellian military. He was so much older than that.

    His expression taut, Wedge stepped down and looked for the chair to sit in.

    A smile forced, he chuckled. "I would feel more comfortable sitting, to be honest. I assume you know who I am?"

    ”By reputation, yes. You do look a great deal like your holo.” Sabel admitted. He neglected to mention that the holo in question was part of a dossier his people had; many of the major names of the Known Galaxy had their own dossier, should Sabel have need to deal with them.

    He took the few steps to the table he’d indicated, gesturing opposite for Wedge to sit. ”I would believe your appearance here has something to do with the dipyramids keeping us all here.”

    "Dipyramids?" Wedge frowned. "Oh, yes, the Tho Yor." He realised these Imperials hadn't any idea what was going on, not really. "They're ancient capital ships known as monoliths. Capable of transforming raw materials into matter and spewing forth Imperial designs, heavy band communication jamming, powerful gravitic manipulation.."

    "Most of which you've likely noticed yourself."

    He indicated the man. A silent gesture of. And you are?

    ”Ahh yes. They are not the only ancient technology capable of such things. But, they do seem to be in the hands of one who wants to consume all else.” Sabel said with a shrug.

    At the gesture his lips, once again, quivered in an almost smile. ”I am not surprised you do not know me. I was a contemporary of Mitth’raw’nuruodo, served the old Galactic Empire. And,” his red eyes blazed brighter for a moment, ”I was to have been a contingency of the Emperor, my people and I. But, we chose a different way once in the Unknown Regions. I am Settu'asol'rerrist, but am often called Lord Sabel, one of the few Chiss male Force users.”

    "Thrawn I know of," Wedge said, drily. "A perennial threat, whether alive, dead, cloned or portrayed by a con man."

    His voice pinched slightly. "So you're not aligned with the Empire of the Hand?"

    ”Do you mean the former Empire of the Hand or has a new one emerged?” Sabel asked with an amused snort. ”The last is now merely one territory of my polity, or was, six months ago.”

    "The Adumari and Imperials seem to have regrouped," Wedge shrugged. "It's not all that important to me either way."

    "What is important to me, is whether I can rely upon you, and whether I can borrow this ship for something." A slight smile. "I won't even take it out-system, and you're welcome to command it." He raised a finger. "And I'll ensure its protected by the best pilots and fighters we have."

    One of Sabel’s eyebrows arched as his face remained otherwise impassive. ”I am not what you might expect as an Imperial or as a Sith, Admiral. I have not entirely aided your people nor have I attacked them, in this time. Admittedly, we have all been fighting to survive against those behemoths but that should say enough about my mindset.”

    He steepled his fingers before his face, his red eyes glowing slightly as he looked at the man. He could see the weariness, the fatigue, the years and years of striving in battle, the loss, the pain of command and he nodded slightly. ”Do not make me regret this, Admiral. You would find that a poor choice.” Laying his palms down on the table he met Wedge’s eyes, ”I do not lead from the rear, I will command my ship but take part in this scheme you have.” His voice was calm but held that same note that spoke of having been betrayed before.

    Sensing the truth, to an extent, but also wishful thinking as well, Wedge nodded. "You're my second stop, I'll be putting together an Adumari escort for you, as I say."

    "But I need you to trust me, okay? I'll supply you coordinates to fire your main gun, but if you can throw in some particle effects so it comes across as particularly unbalanced... without threatening the ship, if you would?" Wedge smiled drily. "I want it to look like we've done some modification."

    An almost amused look played over Sabel’s face. ”You have no idea what my engineers can do. An attenuated shot from the main gun is not only possible but is something we have done before…elsewhere.”

    His eyes studied the man before him. Even though, in another life, in another time, they might have been enemies there was something that said that he should trust the man, at least provisionally.

    ”The Adumari, hmmm.” he mused. ”If they are involved…” his eyes flared for a moment, ”That planet of spies…this should be interesting.”

    Glancing toward the door he’d entered, his fingers rapped on the table, in thought. Several long moments passed before he turned back to Wedge, ”I will, we will, take part.”

    Lots unsaid there, but Wedge had no choice here. He held out his hand to seal the deal with a shake of a hand.

    "My next stop is Admiral Daala, so," he sounded rueful. "Any Imperial era entanglements I should be aware of?"

    He pushed with his stick, to help him stand. "I know the Imperial Civil War simply went underground after she gassed the warlords." Wedge's eyes narrowed slightly. "Empire of the Hand, First Order, Final Order, you, the Remnant, the Maw Irregulars, the Centrists..." A snort. "Thrawn, Palpatine, Snoke."

    Sabel reached across the table, shaking the man’s hand. ”Daala…I know of her, her tactics. If she invites you to a conference room bring a gas mask. But otherwise, not she and I do not have entanglements, our goals are not entirely the same, but separate enough that we have not come in conflict.”

    Standing, he glanced at the man again, ”You would be surprised what being separate from most of what occurs in this galaxy does for one’s perspective. I was only drawn here because of something that threatened my own people. And we cloak ourselves in the Imperial system, of a sort, to have a structure. But the xenophobia…not tolerated, for one. And once our interests are no longer threatened, we will vanish again.”

    Half turning, gesturing at the shuttle, ”I wish you luck on your recruiting. We will be prepared when it is time.”

    Wedge snorted. "Yes, a gas mask." Dark humour, but she had gassed thirteen warlords and seized twelve factions once upon a time.

    He did pay attention to what Sabel said, though. "Threatened? How?"

    Wedge hadn't even heard of this faction, and someone threatened them?

    A sense of almost dark amusement filled Sabel’s red eyes. ”Do you truly think the Emperor will be satisfied with only the Known Galaxy, if he wins? And he is certainly not the only threat, why do you think the Grysk have not yet threatened the Known Galaxy?”

    He laced his fingers behind his back, standing straight. ”I…my people, control a good portion of what you and yours call the Unknown Regions, places that harbor both deep, dark secrets and places of great light.”

    The amusement spread from his eyes to his entire face, lips quirking upward as he met Wedge’s eyes, ”You are a commander, a leader, what better way to ensure your victory than to remove one of the more powerful pieces before the strife even begins, where it would?”

    "The Emperor will probably consume the Knowns, Unknowns, even the satellite galaxies..." Wedge looked a little unhappy about that. He had heard of many fighters fleeing the galactic disc, and skirmishes breaking out in the Rishi Maze and Firefist, but they didn't seem to accept that when the Known fell, everything would.

    ".. but as you say, where it would."

    Wedge nodded, held out a hand. "We have a deal. If I am not in direct command of the feint, I'll let you know who is. But do remember to fire at the right time and right place." He winked, slightly. "May the Force be with you, Admiral Sabel."

    Sabel took Wedge’s hand with a twitch of his lips. His red eyes glowed as he shook the man’s hand firmly for a moment. ”I wish you well in your further endeavors to make this feint occur. And,” the fractional smile grew slightly, ”May the Force serve you well, Admiral Antilles.”

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    OOC: A combo with @Sinrebirth that was way too much fun.

    IC: Wedge Antilles
    Secret Meeting; at some point in the near future

    This time he opted to reach out by comms.

    He still wasn’t sure how he felt about Daala.

    He’d fought her in the Maw; watched her make a mess of galactic peace more than once, even when defeated by Ackbar and Bel Iblis; was at the Battle of Fondor where she saved their hides; fought besides her at Roche for weeks… and basically put himself into self-exile when she became GA Chief of State.

    And now she had, somehow, survived for years and was back. Again.

    So, Wedge opened the channel, folded his arms, and waited for her to reply. It was a private line, but Reige had assured him that it led directly to her, and had been passed to him by Remal, Daala’s right hand man.

    This was unexpected, but her expression wouldn’t reflect it.

    She sincerely hoped he wasn’t going to ask her for anything, given their current situation.

    “Wedge Antilles,” Daala said his name slowly, “I assume this isn’t a social call?”

    "Not at all," he said, lightly. "Sorry to interrupt, I appreciate you've just recovered from being an avatar of Abeloth."

    A little hint that he was clued in on what was happening aboard the Megador, which was fairly impressive, considering comms had only been active for an hour-odd. "I wanted to ask about your superweapon, and your intentions towards it, is all."

    His tone was light, as if disinterested.


    Antilles just had to mention Abeloth, and it was entirely too soon for her to hear that name and not feel her stomach clench. She swallowed the bile that rose in her throat, and coughed softly.

    “I’ve recovered,” Daala answered, “thank you for asking.”

    Of course he was interested in her weapon. He wanted [i[her [/i]Meta-Crystal Phase Shifter. It was able to penetrate shields, and destroy the hull of a starship.

    They had not yet tried it out on a Tho Yor due to the timely arrival of Abeloth.

    “I intend to use my weapon against the enemy holding us hostage here, but as you mentioned, I’ve been indisposed until recently. My plan is to meet with Aryan Graul and decide our next moves.”

    Wedge nodded, conscious that she was likely annoyed that he'd segued straight into it. "I want to use it to strike a blow against Snoke."

    "To make him believe that we've weaponised it, at very long range."

    He paused. "We can probably get a single ship out of the minefield, and I'd like to assemble an escort for us to do so." He paused. "It can be personally commanded by you, of course, but it would leave the system. We'd need it to come back, to sell the ruse, though. So if you don't command it, it'd need to be someone you trust.”

    “This sounds like a very risky mission, what ship are we taking?” She asked. “I assume you will be going with me?”

    It was obvious that she would go, that wouldn’t even be a discussion.

    “I’d like to know the size of the crew and how many of my own people will accompany us.”

    "Your ship, your choice, your crew," Wedge said, simply. "I just need you to position your superweapon along a vector of my choosing, and fire at my signal." A slight shrug. "Not too complicated, right? I'll make sure you get out of the minefield, but you really do need to come back after."

    "I am hoping we'll have the target system for you soon, too."

    Daala gave a small nod of agreement. “You will consult with my staff to get the targeting sorted out,” she said, “I want to give you this opportunity to put everything on the table, if you have any tricks planned I want to know now, not while we are in the thick of this hell we’ve found ourselves in. I’m not vetoing your exploits, I simply want to know every detail up front.”

    If this was going to take place on her ship, it would be by her rules. Antilles had a colorful history of unconventional exploits, which was fine as long as he kept her informed.

    “The Chimaera can be prepped and ready in a matter of hours, can you be ready that quickly?”

    "And the crystal phase weapon will there in-time?" Wedge said, carefully. "I just need you to be in the right place at the right time, in-range to fire your toy at the target. I don't expect you to stay for any longer than that."

    "Truth be told, if you do, you'll be dead. If we don't segue this perfectly."

    He didn't want to lie to her.

    "I am relying upon you, and I will come through for you whenever you are ready."

    So far, so good.

    Keeping in mind this was his third stop.

    “Let’s back up a minute,” Daala said, “I think you misunderstood my terms, Antilles. You will be with me on the Chimeara… or I’m out.”

    Her eyes narrowed and she added, “if I’m out then you won’t be using my weapon.’

    Wedge hesitated. That wasn't to plan. He'd have to trust someone else with the rest of the plan...

    But as long as they came back...

    "You're not going to kidnap and/or gas me, are you?" He grinned, slightly.

    Daala didn’t smile.

    “I guess that’s entirely up to you, Wedge,” Daala answered. “If you’re shooting straight with me, and no tricks, then we will be returning with you as planned.”

    She shrugged and said, “those are my terms. You are on board the Chimeara, and you can even fire my weapon,” she did crack a small wicked grin at that, “and you will keep me fully advised on the mission details, no secrets.”

    "Then I am completely on-board," Wedge said, firmly. "I have no intention to shoot anything but straight at Snoke."

    "No secrets, as soon as I know the target system, I'll be letting you know."

    Leaning on his cane, he rearranged it so he held it in his off-hand and could offer to shake her hand. "A pleasure to be working with you, Admiral Daala."

    Natasi took his hand and shook. She was skeptical of his plan, but since she’d been sidelined for months, there had been no other progress made to get them out of this standoff.

    “Wedge, I’m sorry about the loss of your nephew,” Daala’s voice almost cracked, “I did all I could… it was horrible.” The subject was still raw, and images of the Bloodfin shattering were burned into her memory.

    “Even with our history, I want you to know I had deep respect for Jagged Fel.”

    Wedge hesitated. He had something to say, clearly, but he swallowed it. "Thank you, Natasi."

    He shook her hand, and mouthed the truth. Jagged is alive.

    And with that, he left.

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    IC: Wedge Antilles and Chancellor Aryan Graul
    Secret Meeting; at some point in the near future

    With Sith Lords, Jedi Masters, and admirals of all variety in command, it was hard to arrange a tacit meeting with Aryan Graul. Once word had spread that Vitor Reige had encoded the Megador’s systems to the former First Order Chancellor, Wedge knew he had to trust the man.

    Pellaeon’s son wouldn’t hand the keys to the most powerful traditional warship in the galaxy to just anyone.

    Wedge wasn’t all so concerned about the events involving Abeloth; it was out of his expertise, and he relied upon others to deal with that. He knew exploding her wasn’t going to stop her for long - apparently Fett had blown her to atoms with a thermal detonator once - but then again they’d not heard from the Old One for years, so maybe that was all they could hope for.


    As he had said; it wasn’t his hyperlane.

    But ships were, and strategy, and he already had such a thing in mind. He hadn’t been an Admiral for no reason. With a slight smile, he headed towards the Megador, a ship he’d only stepped on a handful of times in his career and he’d actually fought once, and transmitted that he was ready to meet Aryan Graul.

    He was sure the Chancellor could pull away from Daala

    And so Wedge had managed to tell everyone he was with another person - so no one actually knew where he was - and Aryan had presumably too, and a cobbled-together X-wing snuck into a quiet hangar of the Megador. It lightly sat down to meet the aged man, but Wedge himself didn’t feel much younger today. Using a ladder to slowly drop down to the deck, he sketched an informal salute.

    "Chancellor, thank you for meeting me." He swallowed. "I have a plan to get us out of this mess, but I’ll need your help."

    When Aryan initially received the request, he almost dismissed it without sparing it a second thought. He was too preoccupied with the ongoing situation between his wife, Daala, and Abeloth to involve himself in what he considered an immaterial matter. However, he quickly reconsidered his position when Poinard revealed the source as Wedge Antilles. He admired the man’s audacity in reaching out to him directly. It was such an unprecedented move that he simply couldn’t refuse an audience with him at this juncture.

    The logistics of setting up a covert meeting with the former Admiral also worked out in Aryan’s favor. Having spent the last six months isolated in his private cabin, he often went unnoticed by the crew for prolonged periods of time. In this instance, he merely failed to announce his departure, which covered his journey down to the hangar level. They would only assume he was still locked away inside his cabin.

    The Chancellor now stood before Antilles as the man disembarked from his X-wing and offered a salute in greeting. The urgency of his words created a palpable tension when he ultimately revealed the purpose of his visit.

    A plan.

    Sitting back against a cargo container to ease his physical ailments, Aryan scrutinized the man for a long moment, his chin angled slightly in genuine curiosity.


    It was such a long time since anyone had last demonstrated a shred of strategic competency in terms of solving their predicament. He should’ve known a solution would present itself through an unlikely source. In this case, a former Admiral and New Republic war hero.

    "Under the circumstances, Admiral, I would be happy to refer to you as our salvation," Aryan replied candidly, a smile spreading over his features to emphasize his words. "If you have a proposal that will end this stalemate, then I’m willing to listen. You have my full cooperation."

    Wedge smiled slightly at the man.

    He was as adroit as his reputation suggested. An Imperial Senator, a prisoner, an economist, a leader on his homeworld, and then, after a brief stay - or was it incarceration - in a mental health care home on Chandrila, a reluctant Resistance ally and a forthright First Order Chancellor and now Imperial Remnant one.

    His life was as winding as Wedge's, at least in the last two decades. A Rebel, a pilot, a New Republic General, retired once, twice, then a Confederate Admiral, and retired yet again. Yet here he was. At war again.

    "I need the Megador."

    He said without preamble. He needed to see if Aryan was attached to the ship, first and foremost, as a political tool, a capital of sorts, or whether he understood that impermeability was the best weapon in their arsenal.

    He needed to scope out the man that Vitor Reige had trusted.

    A scoff issued from Aryan’s lips, his brow lifting in mild amusement. "You don’t waste any time, do you?" he answered in an easy drawl, his tone light despite the present circumstances. Age certainly hasn’t curtailed the man’s brazen spirit.

    "I must be frank with you, Admiral," he continued after a short beat, his expression sobering as he considered his words. "I never wanted this privilege in the first place. My only motivation for assuming command was to honor Fel, Pellaeon, and everyone else who sacrificed so much for this godsdamned war. It was the right thing to do. I could’ve easily drifted off into the sunset, never to be heard from again, but this was my duty."

    He tapped his cane lightly on the deckplates to emphasize his point, a wistful smile spreading over his features.

    "And yet, I’ve sat back here for the past six months, toiling over my own restless thoughts, trying to figure out my place in this whole mess." He exhaled softly, slightly embarrassed to confess the truth. "The Megador was merely a vessel in which I could meditate. I’ve neglected to utilize her amenities or consider her benefits."

    Aryan finally lifted his head and sought Antilles’ gaze. "I guess what I’m trying to say is... if you’re able to fully realize her potential, and perhaps win this war in the process, then she’s yours."

    Wedge hadn't expected that. He'd purposely come here last because he expected this to be the most difficult piece to put in place, but it was key, though not immediately so. "Alright then..."

    He hesitated. "I have a long list of requirements, I don't want to usurp you - Reige left you in command, so I'll only be issuing commands in your name. The physical movement of the Megador, it's going to be on you to direct, from the bridge..." He paused. "But thank you."

    The man was a little breathless; anticipation reaching the old - but not that old - man's heart. "What are you going to be doing, then?"

    A rueful smile touched Aryan’s lips, grateful that Wedge had not prolonged the initial conversation but reluctant to divulge too many details about his personal endeavors. Perhaps it was the uncertainty that surrounded his future. Now in his twilight years, he wasn’t sure if there was anything more for him to accomplish—and yet, there was an intrinsic component, born deep in his soul and bolstered by the Force, that alluded to a spiritual awakening, as if a new chapter of his life was about to begin. It renewed his vitality and brought him a sense of peace.

    "Biding my time," the Chancellor replied pensively, his brow furrowed in thought. "I don’t intend to make any rash decisions, especially when the galaxy is still in a precarious state. However, I still need to prepare myself. My life has never been straightforward, as I’m sure you’re aware. I’ve followed a meandering path to reach this point, and I feel as if it’s about to diverge once again."

    He pursed his lips and idly reached into his pocket to touch the Holocron. "Will it result in a positive outcome? It’s difficult to say, but I’ve decided not to dwell on it. For the moment, it’ll probably serve me best to focus on your plan."

    With a wary sigh, Aryan returned his gaze to Antilles. "If you need me on the bridge, Admiral, that’s where I’ll be."

    "You won't need to be stuck to the bridge for the moment," Wedge said, firmly. "The first phase of the Op won't need the Megador, but the finale will." He pursed his lips. "I'll bring you into what I need when the first part succeeds... I'll be with Daala, so." He inclined his head. "I appreciate you two will have different pieces of the plan, but you'll see."

    He held out his hand. "May the Force be with you, in your struggles, Aryan. Keep an eye on that Sith Lord. I hear Krayt worked with Luke to fight Abeloth; he's bad news."

    Aryan did not hesitate to accept Wedge’s hand, clasping it tightly in his grip. It attested to the respect he had for the man, even if they had spent decades staring each other down from opposing sides. Petty differences no longer fazed him; they were in this for the duration. Survival depended on their cooperation, and in this regard, the Chancellor trusted Antilles with his life. There was no reason to doubt his integrity. He knew he would disclose details of his plan at the appropriate time. It was all part of the process.

    Nevertheless, he still couldn’t suppress his curiosity over Daala’s involvement—not entirely. His expression appeared to brighten at the mention of her name, a hint of a smirk touching his lips.

    But then it faded just as quickly, his demeanor turning serious once more.

    "Thank you," Aryan finally conveyed with sincerity. However, a slight frown creased his brow as he considered the unresolved conflict between Krayt and Abeloth. "I’ll certainly heed your advice about our… unbidden guest. He won’t interfere, not as long as he has a purpose. So far, he hasn’t attempted to defy our partnership. He’s been supportive of our cause, even offering his assistance where requested—but it’s still my intention to uncover the truth. Force willing, of course."

    A contemplative look crossed his gaze, and he smiled. "I wish you success in your endeavors, Admiral."

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    OOC: This lovely romp through the swamps of a planet that was relevant only 4000 years ago was brought to you by @Sinrebirth and myself
    IC: Adam Lyons, Jagged Fel, Theron Shan
    Zakuul swamps

    Adam checked through the reports sent out and one from Nadia about Zonama Sekot got Adam's attention, "We've contacted the Sekot Vong, turns out it wasn't them. Domain Lah did it on Rodia."

    "Lah?" Jagged frowned, turning his mind back decades. "As in Tsavong Lah?" His eyes widened. "We need this fleet now."

    He turned to Theron. "Hurry it up, we don't want the Vong back."

    Adam nodded, "I kept notes from that time and the Adumari have access to those tactics, so they've been training and have many of the tricks used on Borleias." he shrugged, "It's better than the last time."

    "Borleias," Jagged said, carefully, something in his memory moving. "We know how to fight them, as you say."

    Theron was absently leading the team through the undergrowth to a side entrance as they chatted.

    "Should we send the Trickster?" To give Jagged his due, it was the first time he had asked about Jaina.

    Adam nodded, "I would, if I knew where she was and knew she was in full health." he looked at Jag, "Not that I know what her situation is at all, I can order scouts sent out and potentially HQs friend might have another method given that she's certainly a Force user."

    Adam smiled at a memory, "I tried to get Rachel to stop working on starfighters when she was pregnant. It worked, but she then started building increasingly elaborate machines programmed which lightly bonked me on the head." he shook his head, "Never mess with mechanics..."

    "I want to know where my wife is, yes," Jagged said, firmly. "I'd also like to know where the hell Snoke is."

    "Snoke?" Theron chimed in. "Sounds very Sith."

    "It is, the Big Bad. Another name of Darth Sidious."

    "Ah, body-hopper," Theron growled. "Hate those."

    "Actually, the original spirit is dead, his clone went rogue."

    "Even better," the hologram chuckled. "Our big bad had three bodies in the end, but we got 'em all."

    Theron glanced at Adam. "These Yuuzhan Vong, we blew up some of their scouts a few years back. Coral ships? Revan had data about a Mandalorian scouting party that met them, so we were ready."

    Jagged blinked. "Revan?"

    "Four thousand years ago, nothing special, the Mandalorians blew them to hell in the Crispin system."

    Adam nodded affirmatively, "We're looking for her, though since there hasn't been the telltale Skywalker or Solo explosion somewhere, she might be undercover. I don't want to blow that cover, yet. That said, she's easily one of the most important assets to bringing peace to the galaxy so she's probably the highest priority to find."

    Adam took Theron's information in, "I wonder if that was a way to assess which galaxy to move into. However, it is a pretty ridiculous risk for a plan to last four thousand years."

    “I mean, there was a rumour that a nose-less monster assisted the Vianists for a few centuries too. Experimental hyper drive maybe?” A shrug.

    “Maybe the Vong went to satellite galaxies before they came here…” He paused, a little concerned. “Wonder why they didn’t stay there if so.”

    He shook his head, noting the way they were taking was becoming less metal than grass/bog; they were walking on a harder surface than not. “How close are we?”

    “To the Undercity access? Any second my friends.”

    Adam shrugged, "I don't know. Maybe if they were observing us for four thousand years, maybe they could conclude that the galactic leaders weren't very organized or cohesive." It was a guess but if something appeared weak and had the resources. It would be a juicy target in Adam's mind.

    He observed the change in scenery, something wanted to connect what he was seeing to what he had heard of Zakuul Undercity. A lot of time has passed though. He need to know what Briana had seen.

    IC: Briana Odan, Medb Ra-oon
    Remains of The Spire

    It was strange walking among a place that held the galaxy in its grip for a time, Briana wondered if Coruscant would become that place before too long. Briana kept her voice low, “Do you trust this anonymous ally?

    Medb keeping an eye out, while also wearing less conspicuous clothing, “This is a pleasant route sneaking around, one of the better if not the best one for sneaking around this place. Almost as if they took these routes at the height of the Eternal Empire.”

    Hmm…something to consider,” something else was whether she had sneaked a clothing change at some point or this was another one of her spells. Briana rolled her eyes, Such a disgrace that she doesn’t know the value of a good, quick costume change.

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    OOC: A combo post between @Sinrebirth and myself)

    IC: Wedge Antilles, Rhoen Aquilla

    Secret Meeting; at some point in the near future

    The Errant Venture was listing, but it wasn’t without some air pressure, and some parts of the ship were even completely safe. Indeed, they’d off and on sent people aboard to remove munitions, personal effects and collect the dead. Repairs were currently out of the question but it was what it was.

    One room was the Aquilla estate, essentially an area for the three to sleep; space had been at a premium aboard the Venture when they absorbed the survivors of other ships, and even pilots as good as these didn’t warrant separate berths.

    Scattered across the floor were a few family photos, maybe a cuddly toy, the entire place had been upended in the blow that had caused the evacuation. But this family had fled Chandrila with whatever they could grab; attrition had worn down what they valued beyond each other.

    It was here that Wedge Antilles called his son-in-law, Rhoen.

    “Thank you for coming to meet me.”

    It was a bittersweet return for him, he and his family had been in this room for months and now to see it like this. He picked up a stuffed squall that had been Valerie's, back when the war first interrupted their lives, when they'd left everything they'd known for 9 years. he looked into the plastic eyes smiling a little recalling his daughter's smile when she first saw it. She was so happy then, even under the watchful eye of the First Order. He doubted she'd ever be that happy ever again. This war had dragged on and on, stealing any sense of childhood she might of had left. He set it back on the shelf it might of fallen off of. Fading holos showed the family together, something close to happy.

    He looked to his Father-in-Law, the great Wedge Antilles.

    "Seems the other leaders aren't ready to speak yet...or have they spoken to you?" He was eager to start working with the other assets in the system. They only had a limited amount of time. "Lot's of memories in here. You think she can be saved?"

    Wedge watched Rhoen, briefly, and then inclined his head, debating which to reply to.

    "I've heard from some of them, but there is suspicion. A couple of Imperials, a Sith Lord... Jedi at their throats... I'm basically managing a whole galactic government today," a slight grin, and Wedge felt his age. If anything, the analysis was a distraction from the pain.

    "The Venture has been through a lot," Wedge said, solemnly. "I really do hope we can put her back together after all this." He placed a hand on the bulkhead, as if emphasizing with the old ship. "To think this ship fought at Endor. It's been so many years."

    He pursed his lips. "I shouldn't ask about my granddaughter, but I'm pretty worried, as you can imagine."

    Rhoen sat down on the bed letting out a breath. It was piling up wasn't it. The few groups that could do anything were at each other's throats. This always happened, he couldn't help but feel there was outside influence, an influence that kept everyone fighting each other than the real threat. Then there was his daughter, Val had been changed by this war. She grew up fast and he didn't have the time to unpack everything that was going on with her. He wasn't blind to what was going on with her. She was so angry at the galaxy and angry at everything she lost that she needed to put her anger somewhere. And she put it on the force and those that use it.

    He ran his fingers through his hair letting out a breath.

    "If you need help wrangling those cats I'm willing to assist. I'm getting tired of just shooting our problems. It doesn't seem to be fixing the issue for long. There has to be a better way…" With another pause he looked down seeing a holo of his family.

    "I'm worried too, she's been through a lot, we've asked too much of her and now we're facing the consequences of it. I want to stand her down, but, she's the best pilot we have. Our best weapon in this fight." Gritting his teeth, Rhoen looked around the room. "I am in knots thinking about what she's going to be after this war is over. We've both seen soldiers that can't leave the war behind. I'm not sure what to do about it. And I fear I'm destroying her."

    "You're not destroying her," Wedge said, firmly. "This war is. We've only had a few years of peace at a time. We keep pushing, but we're not getting there." A pause. "Not yet, anyway."

    "I can wrangle competing factions, but I will need your recommendations..."

    Wedge paused. "I've two escort missions, planned, but the first is an elaborate feint to get the Imps dancing to my tune."

    He looked pained. "We're not going to try and punch through the minefield, I'm going to see if I can make Snoke come to us."

    He smiled. "Which means I need a General to have overall command of all starfighters."

    Rhoen's eyes nearly bugged out of his head.

    "Snoke, we're going to try and draw him out? He's been MIA for ages, and he has us bottled up here. What would make him come to us?" His brow furrowed. "It's not that I'm questioning it, but we don't have much to go around, and this operation is going to use all the assets we have." He looked around seeing the worn down nature of their surroundings. They were going to lose if they did nothing either. "I'll do it. I've been wanting to do more than just blow up some droids."

    Wedge nodded. "I've Intelligence working on some bait. I don't reckon he lured us here to just bottle us up here, he's grandstanding somewhere or other... probably involving the Jedi or Sith." A slight shrug. "I won't be around for the feint, the first stage of the operation, so you'll have to keep Poe from trying to save the galaxy on his own."

    "I've a strategy, and I am looking to trust someone with it, but I don't want to add to anyone's burdens."

    He looked at the ship again. "Oh, and I'm going to have to store a whole lot of Adumari missiles aboard the Venture. We need to keep that quiet so nobody lights her up like an Empire Day celebration..."

    Rhoen took a deep breath at the mention of the Jedi and Sith that Snoke was likely making a performance for. It would take something big to get the phantom to turn his attention away from the force sensitives that seemed to be the focus of his actions. But, Rhoen had trust in Wedge to know what he was doing.

    "That is easier said than done." Rhoen smiled a little, Poe was always headstrong and wanted to see the mission through. "But I'll work with him on this."

    "That's a dangerous game to play and, are the Adumari on our side? I'm sure they're not with Snoke but do our goals align with them? And do they have the missiles to give up? We're running on fumes here, are they in better shape?" He couldn't help the slight edge to his voice. If Adumar had more weapons that could have prevented this situation, why hadn't they used them earlier? "Well your secret is safe with me, I'll do my best to keep the fight away from the Venture. Where is this feint going to take place, where do you need me?" He gave a smile. "I trust you with the bigger picture, but, I'm here when you need someone else.

    "Well good to hear they are ready to help, I guess I'm just tired of being bottled up and hearing that out of nowhere we suddenly have weapons that could have turned the tide earlier." Another breath he let it go.

    Wedge shrugged. "Would you have committed all your munitions to help someone else out when you had no comms for six months? I'd play it safe, until I could guarantee a pay-off. I don't like Trec, but I respect Cheriss, and Adam, and Rogriss."

    He pursed his lips. "So I'll be putting you in-charge of our feint."

    A datapad appeared in his hands. "When the charge starts, I'll need you to protect an Onager-class Star Destroyer. It's going to be poking its nose out for us." A slight smile. "I've picked up some allies, and I'll be taking the Chimaera out-system during the attack. We can't afford to lose the Megador, either. I'd rather not lose the Scythe or Venture... but if you need to make hard decisions, I trust you."

    That was a lot of trust.

    On the screen was a singular comment.

    He promptly deleted it.

    "Got it?"

    Hearing the plan Rhoen nodded his head, it wasn't going to be easy. They didn't have many cap ships and they had even fewer fighters. Though he did know they had his daughter and his wife, and the pair of them were worth more than a few fighters. Already he was working out how and where to place the very meager resources he had to work with, it wasn't going to be easy. Keep Venture towards the back Scythe towards the front and have the Medgador screened as much as he can.

    He read the message then nodded his head.

    "I won't let you down."

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    IC: Trec ke Mattino

    Trec had noted that Asori was keeping a close eye on some updates and was typing commands in to the computers in order to read some new set of data.

    Trec walked over and carefully asked if this was what they were hoping for. The most certain answer was that communications were that over a certain distance they went from nonexistent to strong enough to come up with pretty decent images.

    It was almost enough to contact Wedge and Reige directly, though Asori recommended they want until the update was finished and they knew exactly what was planned from outside the Jakku system. Trec was hoping to give both Reige and Wedge evidence of Jag's survival and those plans.

    The analysis software would take some time, but it might provide an edge in the coming missions. Trec was considering what else he could do when several thoughts occurred to him.


    Do you think you can do these two things? First is to change our IFF signal to be friendly against the mines. Second, is it possible to change the signals of the Snoke Empire forces to hostile?


    Trec ke Mattino

    If Asori could pull that off, the histories would have her name in high regard as much as her father in Trec's mind at least.

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    Tamus and Talia C-c-c-c-c-combo with TheSilentInfluence


    From his spot in the now long forgotten line and with one slightly frantic motion, Tamus deflected the bolt that was intended to remove his arm from his shoulder, a green lightsaber blade suddenly appearing in his hand. The shadow droids loomed from the airborne dust ahead, a line of market tents razed to the ground in their laser fire. Even so, his stomach gurgled again.

    He turned away from the flying droids, sprinting towards the converted cargo crawler that had been handing out rations peacefully only a couple of minutes before. Maybe he could reach in and grab something.

    Talia felt a surge of danger in the force, and knew she had to leave now. She jumped from the roof, and tried to figure out where to go. She couldn't fight them head on even with BD-1.

    She pushed her way through the crowd, desperate to find help. She needed to get away. She saw the cargo crawler and ran towards that for cover, looking over her shoulder to make sure she wasn't followed-

    The Shadow Droid rushed over heard, a set of bolts accurately picking out bystanders; the fighters were incredibly precise in their shots. The resonance both Talia and Tamus felt would confirm as much; the fighters were, somehow, droid-sized and yet Force sensitive.

    Some of those bolts collapsed a tent, and suddenly the two of them were caught up beneath it, face-to-face.

    The droid was wheeling about, a screaming quality to the air.

    Tamus grinned and pointed towards the sky.
    "Force sensitive droids? What a joke. This day couldn't get any worse."
    He grabbed at a few of the scattered ration packets, ripping one open and pouring the powdered food straight into his mouth, shuddering at the taste.
    "I can't remember when I last ate. You want one?"

    Talia looked at the strange man, and then up at the sky. The droids were force sensitive. She could feel it in her very being.

    "They'll come for us." Talia remarked, and BD whined. She watched as the man ate and offered her one. "But I'd love one. Thank you Sir." She smiled at him. "I'm Talia Kestis."
    "Let 'em come. Tamus, by the way. Heir to the throne of Hapes and some sith titles too."
    The neti grinned, a mix of stringy moss and dreadlocks falling across his face. It was unclear if he was joking or not.
    He grimaced at her use of 'sir'.
    "Urgh, Dad said if I was on Ryyk I'd still be considered a teenager." He tossed her one of the ration packets, before tearing open a second and running it through his fingers.

    "...There's not many nutrients in this." Disappointed, he shoved it into a pouch on his belt with a few others for good measure.
    "Listen, you don't happen to have a way off this rock, do you?"

    "I'm only 12. You look older so you're a sir. But I'll call you by your name if you prefer." Talia ate greatfully. "So you're like a prince then? I've never met one of those."

    Talia shifted and BD made a low whine. "I don't. But maybe we can borrow a ship?"

    Tamus' eyes almost fell out of their sockets.
    Crap, he'd have to rein in the swearing.
    "As for borrowing a spaceship, as long as you're okay with borrowing without returning..."
    He looked around, but the dust being kicked up from the circling droids was making it hard to see anything. They remained concealed for now, but...
    "That looks like the Nima gate over there." he pointed at a low structure in the distance, barely visible between the fires and flying sand.
    "Beyond that is usually where people land their ships. So if we sneak in that direction, between the tents and stalls..."
    He closed his eyes and breathed out slowly, trying to mask his presence, willing himself to become inconspicious.
    With a quick glance around, he suddenly sprinted across to the next tent, not daring to look up to see what the droids were doing, until he reached it.

    Niima Outpost had been bombarded during the long six months, and there were only three ships evident.

    Two of them were some distance away, closer to the fighting - one a modified freighter, the other a YT-1300.

    The third was a smaller freighter, but most indistinct. It had taken damage and the Plutt Corporation had been quietly repairing it.

    But between them and it was a mass of people and panic and fires and stalls.

    Talia and BD followed as quickly as they could, catching up to Tamus. "Hey that was neat! Can you teach me that sometime?" Talia asked as she stopped next to him.

    She looked over at the three ships and frowned. "Let's try the closest one first? What do you think?"

    Tamus nodded, half in thought.
    He was consumed with a more pressing problem as he observed the ships in front of them.
    "Sure. Can you fly?"

    "Yeah! My grandpa taught me on the Mantis! That's the family ship!" Talia told him eagerly. She grabbed his hand. "Come on!"

    The freighter nearest was an older but hardy model, not really seen in action since the Clone Wars. But the distant YT-1300 looked like a beaten up tramp freighter and there appeared to be a rather big Whiphid in a hat looking after it.

    The ship between the two was some kind of unique chop-job, and little droids swarmed its surface, blinking red lights visible even from where they stood.

    The choice was theirs, all in all.

    "Freighter it is."
    As he was dragged by the girl, Tamus glanced around at the options again.
    He couldn't quite shake a mild feeling of deja vu, though it was quickly forgotten as the droid swooped low again. "Kriff. Even if we do get outta here, still gotta come up with a way to deal with those."

    "I'll fly. You shoot. Does that sound like a good plan?" Talia told him as they ran to the ship. "BD knows a million safe places so I'll let him pick where we go unless you have a better idea."

    The neti shrugged, more to himself than anything.
    "Anywhere's better than here."

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    IC: Emperor Snoke


    He mused.

    Rats were loose within his star system. A rogue Agent, the key to the AGENT project… Jedi and smugglers.

    The planet Jakku itself had been lost; the siege was keeping them in-place but Snoke dare not strike with the Tho Yor becoming depleted.

    He needed to keep an eye on the mundanity of things.

    Or risk it all.

    Which brought him to his Grand Admiral. Thrawn had made his way back to his master, nursing a crippled Eclipse Super Star Destroyer to reach the second Starkiller Base. It had taken many more months than one would have expected, but then, the entire galaxy had collapsed into anarchy.

    As Thrawn was now explaining.


    “The Empire’s infrastructure has collapsed. Without Gherlid’s fleet, let alone the forces of the Remnant and Maw, we have very little ability to project order. Our cruisers commit to raids for resources, and the remainder powers shy away from interfering coreward of the Mid Rim, but that will not last.” His voice was tight, showing the entire Outer Rim aflame.

    “Without a strong centre, chaos has arisen,” Snoke said, bemused.

    “Yes, your Majesty.” A finger indicated them. “The Outer Rim is now particularly balkanized. The Sun Guard seizure of Mon Calamari; the Hutt Kadijics civil war; Domain Lah harasses the latter end of the Corelian Run; the Airam clans have resurrected the Nocto shipyards; the Bothans stand apart with their half fleet of assault cruisers; the Senex Lords marshal an equivalent of Dreadnaught-class warships; the New Separatist Union is rallying updated Lucrehulk designs in similar numbers near Mustafar.”

    “Let alone the depredations on the furthest systems by the Nagai and Tofs, or the Grysk and Adumari warlords.” Thrawn’s voice was grave, as scouts had reported a tremendous battle at Rothana, a world and shipyard that had been largely independent since the Battle of Coruscant over five years ago. “We run the risk of being unable to retake the galaxy.”

    “Don’t be ridiculous,” Snoke chided. “None of these powers are a threat to us. Beyond the Mid Rim has never been the absolute province of central government. You know this; you’re merely feint with this direction of analysis to divert me to the true threat.”

    “The allies at Jakku, yes,” Thrawn confirmed. “They’ve consolidated their position and will inevitably come up with a detailed strategy to defeat you. None of the lesser powers will risk a confrontation with the Tho Yor, but those at Jakku, they have no choice and they will triumph.” His tone was pitched. “I have no doubt they will shortly locate this Base, and if they do, will attempt a strike at it before it is complete.”

    “And you want permission to take our last Resurgent-class Star Destroyer there.”

    A hesitation. “Yes, your Majesty. That is my recommendation.”

    “Is that all you require?” Snoke groused. “A single full complement battlecruiser, to defeat our combined enemies?”

    Thrawn smiled softly. “Yes.”

    Snoke sat back, used his height to peer at the Chiss. “You believe your tactical prowess a match for Antilles? For Dameron? Trec? For Ackbar?For Graul and Daala? For Aquilla? For Tiber? For Sabel? For Jedi and Sith?”

    Thrawn met his Emperor’s gaze. “You believe your power a match for Jaina Solo? For Kylo Ren? For Skywalker’s son?”

    “Touche,” he said, amused. “Go on, Grand Admiral. Destroy the rebels and return to me. We shall both be victorious, in our separate arenas.”

    “Yes, your Majesty.” Thrawn bowed, and left.

    He had a battle to win.

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    IC: Jagged Fel

    While the AI aided them, named Theron Shan by history, they made their way through the City.

    It was a kind of droid graveyard, a living dead of sorts.

    Very few of the droids matched, and often they seemed.. depressed, was all Jagged could say. They weren't as annoyingly perky as Threepio or Artoo, let alone any other droid he'd met. Force, even YVH1-1 had more personality and drive than these hulking automatons. Much of the city was overgrown, concealing what appeared to be whole buildings, for habitation was hardly needed for metal, and yet rust appeared everywhere; the planet was muggy, fundamentally, formerly a bog of moisture and swamp.

    So much for droid utopia.

    The closer they reached the decrepit city's heart, the more it seemed to improve, moderately. Until they were at the tower itself, which appeared to be pristine.

    Theron guided them inside, taking a service hatch that seemed more grubby than any other spot on the construct.

    When they reached it, a red-limned image appeared.

    A spirit, Jagged knew.

    But one presenting to them?


    She folded her arms.

    "So you're going for the Throne."

    Theron piped up. "Hey, Lana."

    "Sith girl!"

    Jagged raised an eyebrow, looked to Adam and the others.

    "Not like that," she said, grousing, "and Theron is descended from Darth Revan and you didn't care." She put a thumb over her shoulder. "There's one GEMINI droid and six Skytrooper battle droids in the tower. Three on ground floor, one patrolling the middling floors, two outside the Throne Room, and the GEMINI on the Throne."

    "So... distraction or direct assault?" Theron looked over at Jagged. "Oh, and I assume you've bought the blood."

    "The blood?" Jagged frowned, looked again to Adam and the others."

    "The Throne is keyed to one of eight bloodlines..." Lana said, drily. "I'm guessing you never told them."

    "I didn't?" Theron said, drily.

    "It's not as if Madelyn or Eleanor are here... nor Vincent Mikaru..."

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    IC: Connix

    Staring down an Eclipse-class Super Star Destroyer was not her idea of fun.

    "With all due respect, General Calrissian, what you're suggesting is tantamount to launching an assault in the midst of peace negotiations. We would be attacking from under a flag of truce. I will not and cannot condone nor take part in that action, and I must oppose you if you do so."

    But here they were, all of them together.

    "The civilians need to be our first priority." His face tentacles wavered somewhat as he turned his back to his allies and looked out the window into space; Connix followed his gaze to the distant black jagged ship. "Is there a way we can discretely relocate them to the planet? Maybe it's not ideal, but it's a better shot than they have now. Moreso if we can distract the enemy away from them."

    As Axtine spoke up, she looked at Falen but couldn't wait any longer.

    "It could take time, but it depends on the First Order."

    She went to speak more when she eyeballed twinkling shapes near the Eclipse. Her comlink beeped a moment later.

    "Ma'am, we've launches from the Eclipse. Our reprieve is over."

    TIE fighters.

    She looked to Axtine and Falen.

    "You'll have to decide on the fly. May the Force be with you."

    Lando flashed a grin. "Truce over."

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    IC: Captain Phasma

    Aboard the Indefatigable

    As she trooped to deal with the interlopers - not knowing it was Finn, Zorii and others - Phasma glanced out a viewport.

    The Indefatigable was now joined by a Resurgent and an Eclipse, the latter the crippled vessel from the Battle of Mon Calamari that had been commanded by Thrawn.

    So he was back.

    Pursing her burn-scarred lips beneath her helmet, she turned back to the comms that blared at her.

    "Captain, we've lost sight of AGENT subject zero."

    Phasma hissed. "Johnson."

    She didn't quite understand the importance of the project that Lucrecia had been running for the late Dr Gast, but it had been started by Emperor Palpatine on Exegol, and important enough for him to move from there before his obliteration; much like Snoke had removed his clones from the world surreptitiously. Either way, Snoke had usurped the project, working on genetic resurrection, or some such.

    While Snoke played with Ren, Skywalker, Rey and Jaina Solo, he had emphasised how important the AGENT project was, derived from an ancient creature known as Abeloth.

    But that Abeloth, that had been coded into the body that Johnson now had, it was scourged away.

    Hard away.

    Vydra would be able to tell as much, that their 'echo' was clean, no longer murky in the Force, no longer the grubby-tentacles of Abeloth upon their essence.

    "I'm so sorry," Lucrecia said, softly. She anticipated she would be apologising for as long as their essences remains entwined, for however long that was.

    But for the moment, they returned to their body, to themselves, and they were alone in a room with minimal locks and securities, as expected of a prisoner that had been crippled by the processes upon him. He was in medical attire, hooked up to sensors, alive, and very aware he was aboard a Dreadnought in orbit of a planet. Much of the room was leaking sparks; a Force wave had clearly emerged from him in the mental struggle, crippling the holocams and internal security checks.

    He was, if the slightly askance door was anything; potentially free.

    But this planet.

    It resonated, to the point he could almost sense the other ships in-system.

    Detect Phasma a few kilometers away.

    He could feel the powerhouses on the surface of the planet; five Force users of Skywalker level strength.

    The strength of Ones, or indeed Old Ones, Vydra would know.

    And it all resonated in the Force in a way that was as powerful as any resonance.


    There was an active Kyber crystal in-system.

    A Kyber mountain.

    Alarms rang out.

    The mundane dangers of a ship full of First Order officers was to hand; Stormtroopers were going to be en route soon enough.

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    IC: Rey


    A Palpatine.

    A Skywalker.

    A Dyad.


    A Jedi.

    A Sith.

    A nobody.

    Rey pendulumed between the two, the all, the none.

    The pain.

    Her parents had been killed.

    Her adoptive parents, Han and Leia, too.

    Her Masters.

    Many of her apprentices.

    Many of her friends were imperilled even now.

    For six months she had hung here, too weak from the blade that Ben - no, Kylo Ren - had stabbed her with.

    She had hoped to save him, to rebuild their Dyad and obliterate Snoke. They’d defeated Palpatine; surely his mutated legacy they could beat too.

    But apparently not.

    So when the Force nudged her to awaken, because someone was in her room, someone Forceful, and when her scar ached with pain, rippling across the gap between her and her visitor -

    Between her and him -

    She snarled awake and reached out her hand. A hilt slapped into it, a crimson blade emerged, briefly surprising her, but as Rey’s eyes equalised she saw him.

    Rey saw Kylo Ren.

    She leaped at him, emerging from the shadows of her confinement, broken with her rage, as she leapt at Ben.

    He had managed to find her, in the bowels of Starkiller II. Stormtroopers had saluted; officers had scurried away from him. None had opposed his wanderings, much like the old days. Skywalker’s idea that they dress in his usual dark armour and mask had paid off.

    He learned much; he learned that Starkiller II was being built into a planet, rather than a moonlet like Ilum. It would thus be much larger, and draw upon a considerably more powerful resource. It was crewed by three million, not one, an intense focus of resources that should have crippled the First Order but hadn’t quite yet.

    There was a mountain of Kyber here, buried deep beneath the surface, so deep that millennia of civilisation had missed it; or perhaps the Sith hidden here over the years had hidden it. Arkania was only mildly known for its crystal mines; it was better known for its mad-bad scientists, its alchemy of the flesh; its merger of Sephi bloodlines to create extended lifespans. Indeed House Adasca once had a monopoly on such endeavours, and Kylo Ren would know ‘Adas’ was an infamous Sith King from antiquity.

    But although his wanderings had allowed him to find Rey; she was already clothed in darkness and furious with the man who had struck her down six months before.


    TAG: @greyjedi125 (combo)

    Elsewhere on Starkiller, Vergere wandered with the much weakened Jaina. Every corridor they entered appeared to have been emptied of troopers or officers before they arrived; it gave the place an air of the stale, as if abandoned.

    “You are dead, remember,” Vergere had said more than once. But otherwise she prattled about everything and nothing.

    The philosophy of pain; her memories of Jacen; the world they now stood on.

    She would learn much; she learned that Starkiller II was being built into a planet, rather than a moonlet like Ilum. It would thus be much larger, and draw upon a considerably more powerful resource. It was crewed by three million, not one, an intense focus of resources that should have crippled the First Order but hadn’t quite yet.

    There was a mountain of Kyber here, buried deep beneath the surface, so deep that millennia of civilisation had missed it; or perhaps the Sith hidden here over the years had hidden it. Arkania was only mildly known for its crystal mines; it was better known for its mad-bad scientists, its alchemy of the flesh; its merger of Sephi bloodlines to create extended lifespans. Indeed House Adasca once had a monopoly on such endeavours, and Jaina would know ‘Adas’ was an infamous Sith King from antiquity, a memory bubbling up from her time at the praxeum on Yavin 4.

    Occasionally Vergere would appear to be holding a lightsaber. Once it was Jaina’s, the next it was a silver-and-golden design, so small as to fit in the human palm, but incredibly ornate.

    All this while Vergere ostensibly led her to where her son was. They stopped outside an innocuous looking door, and Jaina wouldn’t know any different; she didn’t have the Force. It was still silent to her. Had her mother and siblings and uncle and aunt been alive - they would have had no choice but to assume she had died.

    Her son would be unable to feel her.

    But there was a sound in the emptiness.



    And around the corner came the suited and masked Kylo Ren.

    Vergere scoffed.

    “Too short.”

    In Ren’s hand was already a lightsaber; it was Anakin Skywalker’s, albeit repaired; the blade that Uncle Luke had given for a time to Aunt Mara.

    The Force whispered to Jaina that it was there.

    Behind her rage, if she could summon it.

    The Force would answer if she called it with anger.


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    Black, Rogue Squadron
    Departing the Scythe

    The order had gone out, the forces arrayed against them and their current flight paths had been sent to the Squadrons. Tiber looked out at Black Squadron, Dan, Chrystella, Zara who would not be flying out with them, Jeanfra, and the remnants of Lightning Squadron. Shaking his head he snaked an arm around Zara’s waist. ”Blacks, to your birds. I will join you in a moment.”

    Turning, ignoring the others, he met Zara’s eyes, both arms going around her now. ”My love, I’ll bring them back and I will be back. Watch over us.” he whispered as he held her as tightly as he dared.

    Nestling in after his words, her nose to his neck, she was able to hide yet another contraction, knowing it was the last thing he needed to concern himself with. The pain was fading and she was able to speak, "I know you will, you always's what you do." She put him at arm's length, "no go, the sooner you go, the sooner you get back." Leaning in over enlarged stomach, she kissed him, "get."

    He could sense that she was holding something back, just a feeling he had but he also knew Zara wouldn’t do so for any poor reason. He kissed her again, caressing her side, before he nodded. ”Be safe!’ he called out as he turned, heading for the hangar.

    When he arrived, he took in the collecting of craft that were left, shaking his head. This seemingly never ending battle had whittled their numbers down again and again. He settled his helmet on his head before climbing into his fighter. A chuckle sounded as he heard Bones tweetling a greeting. The canopy closed and he ran through the quick start procedure, lifting his fighter from the deck and bringing it’s nose to just inside the mag field.

    ”Take out the fighters closing on the Scythe first and then we’ll go after those going after the outpost. All fighters acknowledge.” Swiftly, the oversized Black Squadron gave their acknowledgement, first Jeanfra, then Dan, then Chrystella, before the others, former Lightning Squadron pilots called in. His head rotated, glancing over at the Rogue Squadron fighters, waiting for their reply before he took the fighters out to the battle.

    Val didn't wait for her mother's approval. Moving quickly to her fighter. Despite her flight hours and kills she wasn't any sort of commander or leader, too headstrong and uncommunicative to be an effective leader. But her skill was undeniable. Quickly running through her pre-flight she made ready to launch.

    "Rogue two ready to launch." She commed to control. Once given clearance she slammed the throttle forward shooting out of the Scythe her s-foils in attack position. Checking her sensors, she saw the read out 'Shadow Droids…more force power, a snarl formed on her face.

    "Rogue Two got it." She checked in with Black Leader as she sighted in on the nearest target.

    Nodding as the final calls came in, Tiber twisted his head to gaze at his wife once more before he turned back, advancing the throttles and leading Black Squadron out of the hangar. The moment he was free of the magfield he opened his foils, pulling back on the controls and arcing his fighter toward a group of Shadow Droid fighters that seemed to be headed for the bridge of the Scythe.

    ”Blacks cover the dorsal side, Rogues cover the ventral side. Spread formation and cover each other’s sixes, these things are bad business.” he called out, spinning his fighter to avoid fire from one, before wrenching the nose over to fire back at the foe.

    Standing there, gritting her teeth whilst attempting to smile, Zara was mentally begging it 'get off the hangar deck'. The pains were no more than two minutes apart now and she needed to get herself to the medical bay, their baby was coming fast now.

    "Tell me something I don't know." Val shot back launching from the Scythe weapons ready. Snapping around and over the hull of the vessel she kept one eye on her sensors. These fighters could come from anywhere, and she had to be prepared for them. Her wingmate, a Rogue pilot that she'd never taken the time to learn the name of. What did it matter? They'd be dead soon anyway. "Rogues Ready."

    Zara had left the hangar deck and was now in a corridor, on her way to the medical bay when a strong contraction hit her. Leaning heavily on the bulk head she breathed through it, and when it was done complained, "kid, you're timing is shocking, please don't spend your life like this." She began to walk, taking a few more steps when a cleaning droid whizzed past just as her waters broke. An explosive feeling inside of her then a whoosh of wetness began to pour down her legs and onto the floor. "KRIFF!" She spat just as the droid turned around and began to clean around her. "Better follow me little one, I think I may need it." She began to walk to the turbo lift, and got on, "Medical level." She grunted, allowing the cleaning droid to enter with her, continuing it's job. The lift moved downward and quickly it opened again, just as another contraction gripped her, stumbling out with her personal cleaning droid behind her. Reaching the quiet room she leaned on the door frame, "help, baby coming."

    The Shadow Droid that Tiber fired upon angled itself, tipping on one side and then curving under his laserfire -

    A twist of droid components and weapons depressed to fire upon him with unerring accuracy, blowing a bolt through his shoulders to burrow in the nose of the fighter -

    Zara's baby was definitely coming though, at the very worst time -

    A pair of Shadow Droids emerged from behind the dorsal fin of the Scythe, firing upon the Rogues, while another pair appeared from the front, a flanking move that was too precise to be anything but both Force and droid coordinated -

    These things were good.

    A sense of sudden rage, raw and yet somehow focused began to fill the senses of those who were able to touch the Force. A primal scream of ”Uncle!!!” came over the comms as the nose of Tiber’s fighter dipped, no longer the extremely efficient machine in his hands. Lexrullans, as a whole were discounted where it came to Force ability, none of them ever truly manifested it but the Force was there and oft times Jedi would sense surges on the planet, when visiting.

    What was unknown was that they unconsciously tapped into it at times of great joy or grief, manifested through those of their kind, as a group. The formation changed, what had been Lightning Squadron moving as almost a single being, forming up with their commander at the tip. She glanced over at Dan’s fighter, keying their private frequency. ”Follow my lead, please, love.” her voice filled with pain.

    As Tiber worked to maneuver his fighter with one arm, limping it back to the hangar, the vacuum mask that had closed over his head to keep him alive with a hole in his cockpit, the remainder began a coordinated and vicious assault on the Shadow Droids. Firing in volleys that were almost as precise and mechanical as the droids themselves, the Lexrullan acted as one, the battle beginning to flow and ebb as they unconsciously began to work much as the droids did.

    The medics were already on hand as the black fighter weaved through the magfield, landing hard on its skids in its bay. By the time the cockpit opened, they were swarming the ladder, yanking Tiber from the fighter by the ‘Oh Frack!’ loop on the chest of his flightsuit. He groaned as it rotated the injured shoulder, even as his body tried to begin healing. He was placed on a float gurney, the arm stabilized, and the medics rushing him to the medbay, where he didn’t know his wife was already ensconced.

    Val flicked her shields to the front and quickly reversed thrust, her chest slammed against the harness as she rapidly decelerated and then went backwards hoping to get the two groups of droids to come together. Pulling back on the stick she quickly flipped around, the starfield flipping and rotating in the blink of an eye, and threw her throttle to full. With hopefully most of the enemies behind her she adjusted her shields to protect her aft. She needed a moment to think…well not to think, to clear her mind. She worked better moving on instinct rather than thought. Though she did try to work out her path. At full speed she passed back over the edge of the Scythe and flew close to the hull hopefully giving the droids something for their processors to think about all the little bumps and protrusions on the hull of a ship. Finding a tall turbolaser tower she turned hard around looking to get in front of the TIEs finding her target she fired off a few shots then dove down.

    Going heads up was not an option in this fight, hit and run was the name of the game.

    The pains were coming thick, fast and more than regular as Zara lay on the medical bed. The nurse caring for her was young and had never delivered a child, why would she have? This was a battle cruiser and most good mothers didn't choose this environment to bring a new life into the galaxy, yet here Zara was.

    "Um you want to push?" The woman asked as she seemed to move back and forth, unsure as to which end she was supposed to be at.

    Breathing through another strong contraction, Zara nodded, "yes." She got out as she flopped against the bed in a vain attempt to rest before the next pain.

    Still fussing, the woman began to set the bed up as best she could for a delivery and called for a droid to help, then began to lay towels on the bed.

    Another pain, Zara was already exhausted and she just wanted to push this child out so she could sleep. "It's coming!" She got as the urge to push was not able to be ignored.

    From her vantage point, the woman could see Zara was crowning and she smiled as she looked up to Zara, "I see a head! Or the top of one at least!" This was exciting for her now, a child, new life was coming. The droid pushed her aside as it got into position to help. Zara pushed hard and with a whoosh of waters, the baby's head popped out, the droid carefully turned the child. "Madam, on the next push, you must keep pushing to get the child' shoulders out." It advised Zara.

    "I've done this before.....I know that!" Zara snapped back as the next contraction came and she was compelled to push. With gritted teeth she held onto the sides of the bed and pushed hard. With another smaller whoosh, the shoulders were free and the child slipped out, the droid taking it and with the help of the nurse pulled it up to lay on Zara's chest. Still panting she put her arms around the child, smiling at the appearance. "What is it?" She asked, unable to see.

    "A beautiful boy Colonel, and very much like his father from what I can see." The nurse gushed.

    "A boy..." Zara looked at the tiny boy, he looked so much smaller than Amy had been when she'd had her, and Zara knew this was at least four weeks early, "is he well?" She asked, "I know he's early!"

    "Please bring the child over here so I may examine it." The droid requested. Taking the boy from Zara, the nurse lay it on a nearby table as the boy began to cry and the droid began to examine it.

    Zara thought this was it, she has a perfect pair, and her son looked like his father, what more could she ask for? Then another contraction hit her and she began to breathe through it assuming it was the after birth.

    The nurse hurried back and got a towel and bowl ready but her eyes became wide as Zara attempted to push out the afterbirth. "Oh, um.....there's another baby trying to come out!" She declared, looking up at the older woman.

    "No...." Zara gritted, "afterbirth!" She was trying to speak as she pushed, then she felt a familiar pop/whoosh as something was delivered.

    "NO!" The young nurse was grinning as she reached to hold something, "this is another baby! Let me turn it so you can deliver it!"

    Zara was shocked, "another?" They'd not had any scans, not wanting to use up the limited medical facilities, and both she and Tiber knew they were not set up for a baby, let alone two.

    "Yes!, it's turned, and this one.......more like you!" The young woman was excited, "one more big push should have it out!"

    Unsure as to whether she had one more big push in her, Zara drew a deep breath and tried as hard as she could. Moments later she felt it slide out. "Two!?!?" She asked in disbelief.

    Wrapping the second child she lifted it to Zara's chest, "a little girl, looks like her mother!" The nurse wiped the child's now wiggling lekku, "but not your colour, this is so wonderful!" It wasn't long before the girl was being examined and the droid declared them both small but healthy.

    Two babies? No wonder she was tired, no wonder it felt like they were playing some ball game in there, there were two of them. Zara was in shock, unable to believe let alone accept what she'd just done. Soon she'd delivered what she needed too and the two babies were swaddled up, she'd been cleaned up and now she lay there holding them. How did this happen? She was crying now, she'd created two beautiful lives, with Tiber's help of course. They really were a family now and they had to win this war to get them home to their big sister. Amethyst was going to be so excited, at least Zara hoped. Closing her eyes she smiled, "can't wait for you to get back here love....and see what we did."

    The droids were flummoxed by Val, which gave the Rogues time to scatter or, where damaged, head to the hangar.

    But they regrouped and fixated on her, and four of them looped to pursue her, then three, as a turbolaser bolt pierced one -

    There was a visceral scream of static across the comms, and any Force user would be hammered by the impact of a Force sensitive dying -

    News was spreading around the ship of the birth already; hope was in short supply, and it would reach the hangar soon enough; as would news that Tiber had been shot up -

    A dark, vicious grin crossed Jeanfra’s face as the droid fighters began to focus on Rogue Squadron. She didn’t want their friends to be destroyed but that the droids had done so afforded her and the others of Black Squadron to use it to their advantage. As they looped around the Scythe, their engines screaming, the Lexrullan among them pulling ahead of their human counterparts, they used a slingshot effect to bring them out at speed behind the Shadow Droids.

    The mental scream caused the bond they all were sharing in that moment to vibrate with pain, only driving their anger at their foes. Their fire began slightly unfocused as their minds held the singing harmony of pain and loss. Keying the comm, ”Dan, lead the right flank, love. Chrystella, the left flank.” She was as focused as she could be with the pain as she brought the crosshairs onto the central section of one of the droid fighters, trigger depressing and plasma bolts raining out at her foe.

    Tiber was still mostly out of sorts by the time the medics brought him to the medbay. They knew of the fact Lexrullans healed faster than other humans and stopped the float gurney before one of the bacta tanks in the bay. Carefully they lifted him as the wailing cry of a baby sounded in the air. Groggily, Tiber’s head swung towards where the sound was coming, ”Zara!” he called out, as loudly as he could, sure that she’d be the only one who would have been giving birth.

    Just after the words left his lips the medics seated the breathing apparatus over his face, submerging him in the tank so it would accelerate his already fast healing. He struggled slightly, knowing that their child had to have just been born and wanting to see the baby. But, with the mask over his face he couldn’t ask for that to happen.

    She saw one fighter drop off her scopes but, she only had a moment to check that. More shots flew past her one glancing off her shields. Her fighter shook but not horribly, the advantage of flying the best fighter the Resistance had left. Cutting her throttle she turned hard running down the keel of the mighty capital ship. There were others coming to assist, good now all she had to do was keep the droid's attention. With shields shifted to her aft she could keep herself safe weaving back and forth between the towers making herself a difficult target.

    "Hope you're keeping up Black Squadron." she teased moving at full speed along the hull keeping the bad guys behind her. Her heart wasn't racing she had ice in her veins, her hand steady, even with the most deadly foe she'd ever faced chasing her down like a pack of dogs.

    Around her droids buzzed and cleaned the area, the young nurse fussed and pulled a blanket over her, Zara didn't care. As she held her two children to her chest, both feeding already, she was almost overwhelmed by them. The boy, was the image of his father and that made her so happy, the girl, not unlike her older sister but with her fathers skin colour. All three of her children were so different, but the link back to their parents was strong. Nearby she heard someone being brought in and she frowned slightly as she twisted to see, the move pulling the feeding boy away and he began to cry. She couldn't see so she lay back and as she was attempting to re attach the boy she heard it.

    Tiber calling her name.

    The patient was her husband and in a minor panic she turned to the nurse, "that's my husband! Please find out what's going on?" She asked desperately.

    The nurse smiled, "you relax, he's obviously alive if he called for you, I will go check, but for the babies sake, you must rest." She said firmly.

    Zara nodded, "I will try, but till I know, ...." her voice trailed off.

    "Of course Colonel, I will be back soon." The nurse departed the room, leaving Zara to feed her newborns and attempt to crane to see something, anything.

    Tiber and Zara were reunited in the medbay, probably not in the way they wanted...

    ... the Scythe shook from harassment fire, but it was a distant thrum, the battle cruiser took take it.

    Right and left flanks closed around Shadow Droids, detonations consuming some, but not destroying all -

    Black Squadron couldn't keep up with their young leader, but they could take advantage. Without much coordination, they regrouped, and pounced, pounding the Shadow Droids with so much fire, from so many angles, they were overwhelmed.

    In short order there were only two left, fleeing for open space -

    Was it over?

    The minefield hung, far in the distance, the Tho Yor further still, barely visible.

    Had they just won the engagement?

    What had they won?

    Tiber thrashed for several minutes, in the tank, sure he’d heard his wife through the liquid. Slowly, his struggles ceased as the bacta began to dull his senses, as it was intended to keep pain from his nerves from reaching the receptors in his mind. He began to feel a lethargy as the bacta worked to heal his shoulder, only somewhat aware that he was still worried about his wife and her pregnancy, the baby.

    It'd been about an hour since she'd given birth, and as per usual, she was encouraged to get up, move and shower. Once done she returned to find her two babies swaddled and sleeping soundly in a single makeshift crib. She'd demanded they find out what was going on with her husband so when she returned she and her children were led to the bacta tank. The makeshift crib was on less than stable wheels, a very ancient system, but battleships weren't where mother's were supposed to give birth.

    Zara stopped in the doorway, her heart twisted, he was hurt and she couldn't do anything to help him. Looking down at the sleeping pair, Zara knew she could leave them for a moment, so crossed to the bacta tube slowly. Reaching up she put her hand on the outside of the tank, "what did you do?" She whispered.

    The touch against the glass woke Tiber from the near slumber as the bacta vibrated slightly. He woke more as he heard her voice, so familiar to him. His eyes opened slowly, seeing her. With the tube in his mouth to help him breathe he couldn’t speak. Instead, one hand moved sluggishly through the thick liquid, pointing at his shoulder, then pantomimed a fighter flying, then made a gun with his hand, pointed it at his shoulder, and pulled the pretend trigger.

    A smile spread over her face as she almost laughed, "why am I not surprised?" She gave her head a slight shake, "did you hear what we did?"

    His eyes met hers through the bacta and the glass, nodding, both arms moving now. They folded together before him, moving back and forth, pantomiming swaying a baby in his arms.

    She smiled and slowly shook her head as she held up two fingers.

    His eyes widened at the gesture, holding up two fingers too, looking at them then back at her, in shock.

    Her smile was warm and proud, "two, one of each...while you're in there, start thinking of names."

    He nodded, trying to smile around the tube in his mouth.

    As he did, one of the nurses, walking by, muttered “Not like he’ll be in there long, he already looks like he’s been in there healing for four days.”

    Zara followed the nurse with her gaze, "that doesn't surprise me one little bit." She turned back, "you get better, you have two beautiful kids who really want to meet you."

    He nodded, the movement slow in the bacta, then tried to look around her to see if the babies were with her. Moving one hand up, he did the gesture for looking, hoping she took it as him asking if the babies were nearby.

    She understood easily, turning she retrieved the crib, where the babies were curled facing each other. The little girl's lekku was curled around her brother's hand, Zara thought it adorable.

    As the children came into view, Tiber’s eyes widened, his heart pounding. Again, he smiled as much as he could in his situation. His hands moved, one forming an I, then both making a heart shape, and finally pointing at Zara then at each of the children. He reached out one hand, placing it against the inside surface of the tank, eyes intent, going back and forth between her and the kids.

    She grinned, "Love you too, and I am sure when they are old enough to tell you, they will." She placed her hand on the glass on his. "I need to lay down, kinda tired, just had a couple babies." She shrugged. "I won't be far away."

    Nodding, his other hand came up, miming sleep then pointing at her and then at himself. He smiled again, as best he could, knowing she had to be the one to head to her room while he was stuck in the tank.

    Leaning forward she moved her hand and kissed the outside of the tank above his hand. "I'll see you on the other side."

    He smiled, his hand coming up to his mouth then pushing out toward her, blowing her a kiss. His eyes didn’t close until after she took the pram, and disappeared from sight again.


    Jeanfra growled, her rage not yet sated, as the last two Shadow Droid fighters retreated. She wanted to give chase but she had, barely, managed to note that she had often gotten out ahead of or away from the Squadron. She was sure that Dan, at least, would chastise her for doing so, when they landed. Shaking her head, she knew she’d been right in her attack, in how she’d led the Squadron, she’d just have to convince him of it. With that, she keyed the comm, her voice rough from the anger in it, ”Black Squadron, Rogue Squadron, regroup, Return to Base, rearm and refuel, we may need to sortie again, even without the boss.” With that, she looped her fighter, heading back toward the Scythe.

    Dan sighed and gave his head a shake, "Copy Lead." His voice with a hint of annoyance.

    "That was fun." Chrystella's voice came through to him.

    "Stow it Chrys."

    The anger still burned in her but hearing his clipped and brusque tone, Jeanfra sighed. She focused as she flew back toward their hangar, willing to listen to whatever Dan had to say when they returned. Even so, she was sure that she’d done the right thing, even if…she shook her head, she didn’t want to think about that possibility. Her hands tightened on the controls, trying to banish that terrifying thought.

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    The Rebel and Jedi Contingent (with a side of Knights of Ren)

    The Observatory

    IC: Vestara Khai

    The frontline stretching from Niima Outpost to the Observatory finally reached the entrance. Vestara watched the Rebels and Jedi head up.

    Some she knew, some she didn’t.

    Eventually a sardonic looking human - Poe Dameron - rocked up with Chewbacca - who cautioned the others that she was a Sith. “No need to, Poe.” He pointed at Iudex. “Pretty sure that’s a Knight of Ren.”

    “Former,” supplied Vestara. “Both of us, actually. We blew up the Kyber controller and opened the way for you.”

    “Kyber controller?” Poe said, looking to Atin-Kot and Zeseem as if they’d know what that meant.

    “Let’s not get into it,” T’ra Saa said, the Neti sweeping up. “Let’s secure the base first, and get under cover.”

    “Already secure,” Vestara said cheerfully.

    “Nonetheless,” Poe nodded to Trigger and Chewbacca. “Go and check for traps and stormtroopers. We can’t afford to waste much time. The First Order won’t let us crack open all their secrets.”

    The big Wookiee looked at Vestara for a moment and rumbled a question. She shook her head. “I don’t know where Ben is.” She was referencing Ben Skywalker, her one-time boyfriend. A lifetime ago. Chewbacca whined a Wookiee sigh and nodded to Trigger to follow him inside.

    Jedi Master K’Kruhk was levitating Ennic, and headed inside after them, laying him down on the first bed he found. The man was pale, drawn, mainly from Force abuse. K’Kruhk massaged him awake with a healing aura. “Come now, slowly does it.”

    The distance still included fighter craft fighting, and some even in low orbit, around the Scythe. Poe watched absently, and then looked back to Vestara and Iudex. “So I’m good to let you keep helping out.”

    Vestara looked to Iudex. “You up for that?”

    T’ra Saa looked to Atin-Kot and Zeseem. “Might I place these two in your care?” She made to move into the base proper, and had an afterthought. “Oh, and Tirran, you’re welcome to leave if you can escape the minefield. Hazard pay will be paid either way, but I wondered if this Kyber technology would be sufficient to entice you to stay.” She smiled wanly. “Up to you, there is a hangar you can hide your ship and the Falcon in…

    TAG: @Mistress_Renata (combo with GM), @Mitth_Fisto, @darthbernael, @Silvertough (combo), @Mitth_Fisto (Tirran) single if you wish

    Trace wasn’t great, but she was recovered enough to plant a kiss on Barriss, and look back towards their downed ship. There was an upturned but functional speeder bike evident, and they could go. Their ship had been repaired over the months, and was the closest to distant Niima.

    The Shadow Droids were dancing above the town with an E-wing of all things; a Jedi was unmistakably at the helm. But their ship was starting up, stolen by Tamus and Kestis. Trace worked her jaw.

    Their other choices were Tirran’s ship, which was crawling with small droids, or the Falcon itself. “We can’t leave without Ahsoka can we?”

    Trace looked at Barriss, impeaching. “Can we?”

    TAG: @CosmoHender (combo) (see below too)

    The stolen freighter lurched into the sky, and nearly slammed into a Shadow Droid, but that allowed Adrias Stark to blast it. Between the skirmishing there was only one left, and it slid the freighter between his E-wing and itself, hammering the ship.

    Tamus and Kestis would shake in their restraints, if they had even the foresight to strap in. Sensors said that above them was a Rebel cruiser and fighters engaged, but mainly the battle was over. A massive minefield existed in the distance, and beyond that immense dipyramid capital ships.

    It wouldn’t exactly be easy to escape.

    But they had comms.

    TAG: @darthhelinith, @TheSilentInfluence, @TheAdmiral (combo)
    The Scythe skirmish

    The Shadow Droids were only two in number now, and the Blacks, Corona’s and Rogues had taken one loss between them, largely due to the rather mad flying from the Aquilla child.

    That loss hadn’t been a kill, but had cost them a fighter. But nonetheless hopes had been buoyed by a baby, of all things, slightly early but well. Zara and Tiber were parents. Jeanfra and the few other Lexrullian survivors would do their part, and when the two surviving Shadow Droid fighters turned tail and headed to the surface - but not towards the base the grounded Rebels had just acquired - Ackbar called them all back in, just as Rhoen returned from the Venture.

    Ackbar summoned the crews to the hangar of the Scythe for an announcement. He looked for them all, noted that two attendees were on gurneys, present by hologram, and a baby was with them each, but it wasn’t all too abnormal. Rebels were families.

    Syal dropped down from her cockpit and was looking for her husband and child when Ackbar began to speak. Conspicuous in his absence was Wedge, but they had been joined by a TIE Defender commanded by Mareek Stele, of all people. He was a grizzled man, an Empire’s Hand and a Force user.

    Ackbar’s words lapped over them. “We have triumphed. The First Order has been cleared from the planets surface and immediate orbit, and the Jedi and Rebels are securing the enemy base. The Sith appear to be in-fighting, so we shall leave them to it, and the Imperials have come to our aid.” He nodded to Stele, who grunted.

    “Admiral Antilles is taking a posting aboard the Chimaera for the next phase of the operation, but you will have a very brief window to regroup before you are deployed on an escort mission. The Imperials have a modified Onager-class Star Destroyer, and we’ll be using it for an assault on the minefield.”

    Noise broke out; gossip, hubbub, exhausted muttering. Syal knit her brow. Wasn’t this supposed to be a trap?

    “Yes, this is not merely an enemy scheme, but an opportunity. You will all be instrumental going forward, and the sooner you can get back into the air the better.” At that his eye slid to Zara and Tiber, who had fighter craft available if they were up to it.

    He was asking a lot, and Ackbar wondered if Wedge had vanished to the Chimaera to avoid a mother and fathers wrath.

    TAG: @galactic-vagabond422, @Adalia-Durron, @darthbernael (singles)

    The Adumari had data.

    The Wraiths and Adam’s network had finally came through.

    Or, rather, Snoke had issued orders.

    One, to Ajan Kloss, another to Jakku, another to Adumar.

    Mortis was on the move, that meant. It vanished into hyperspace, seemingly heading to the border between the Mid and Outer Rim.

    At Ajan Kloss, he’d apparently ordered the blockade to attack the government and refugees there.

    At Jakku, he’d ordered the surviving forces - precisely three Shadow Droids - to retreat. Nothing else had survived.

    But they’d been able to triangulate, not able to influence the Celestial code itself but now completely able to decipher it.

    Face, Iella and Talon were ready to send out the location of Snoke to the Insiders, to the Resistance, to what remained of Galactic Alliance Intelligence. Within hours the Bothan Spynet would have it, and then the Mandalorian diaspora, and then the Sun Guard and Tofs and Nagai.

    Snoke was on Arkania, in the Perave system, in the Colonies.

    He was about to make use of the communications system to address the galaxy.

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    Sith and Imperial Contingent

    IC: High Lord Takaris Yur

    The second Sith Dragon was hulled, ruined by months of engagements within its halls between Seha, Tahiri and Talon and the One Sith aboard.

    The crew had been decimated and later moved to their remaining Dragon, and Takaris Yur had rather had enough. He opened the comms to the ship looking to flee the Dragon. It meant that Darth Wyyyrlok II was dead. The Voice of their Dark Lord.

    Yur scoffed. He was a Keshiri by birth; he was used to a Grand Lord and High Lords. And even then, the integration of the Tribe of Lost Sith with the One Sith was young, but quite fifteen years old. So he was wily enough to see an opportunity. “Darth Talon, please reply.”

    The Dragon didn’t have guns pointed, but they were primed, prepared for Shadow Droid assaults. “I wish to discuss allegiance to your New Sith Order.

    TAG: @CosmoHender (combo)

    Aboard the Onager, the forces of Chiss Admiral Sabel had been busy, reaching out to their allies in the Unknowns. Most of them had sealed their borders in the last six months, keeping clear of a new Empire of the Hand that had secured Zakuul, reinforced by Adumari refugees.

    Freeworld remained just that, but the Outer Rim had fallen to complete and total war between a dozen factions, and some extragalactic threats too - the Tofs and Nagai among them. But that wasn’t likely the primary concern of Sabel.

    When he’d finished his meeting with Wedge, Eleodie and Decimus were waiting a few corridors down to provide support if they’d been requested. Sabel had just enough time to check the reports - which included that confirmation that the First Order survivors had retreated from battle in-system - before Eleodie cleared zher throat.


    TAG: @darthbernael (combo)

    Meanwhile, aboard the Megador, the crew were in motion. Remal had issued orders to the Scylla to transfer their superweapon to the Chimaera, and to release the Destroyers from the hangar bays of the mighty Dreadnought.

    That gave the Remnant four Maw Destroyers and four Turbulent-class warships, making them the most powerful of the fleets present. That being said. Remal privately expected that the Scythe alone could trounce the entire Maw fleet and was more than a match for a Turbulent.

    It was moot either way as they were all allies now, but Remal knew that Admiral Daala would keep something in reserve as need be. However, while she went to track down Aryan, they would end up rendezvousing at the medbay.

    At Lyz’s bed.

    Where Darth Krayt stood watch, arms folded. Poinard was mercifully absent; his whining was irritating the Dark Lord.

    He looked over as they arrived from opposite doors into the isolated VIP medbay. “Well?” His harsh voice pierced the silence.

    “Aryan?” Lyz’s voice drifted from between her lips -

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    IC: Wedge Antilles

    His round trip done, Wedge headed to the Chimaera. Trec, Sabel, Aryan, Daala and Rhoen were prepped. He had updated Ackbar before he left, and Poe was in the know.

    Now the Chimaera was before him.

    He knew the ship well. He’d fought besides it, and against it, for many years.

    The second ship of its name, the first Chimaera had been an Imperial I-class that had harassed the early Rebellion at Atollon and Lothal. Branded with a monstrous pattern upon its underside, the flagship of the Imperial Seventh Fleet had been eminently identifiable. It was pure psychological warfare, as it telegraphed that Thrawn was present, the military genius mixing all forms of warfare, imagined or otherwise. His subsequent and crushing defeat at the Battle of Lothal meant the Rebels assumed him dead, and the few Imperials aware of his survival believed him exiled from the Court.

    The Empire replaced all the ships lost in short order, even the Chimaera. The Imperial II-class Star Destroyer - sans Thrawn’s signature - fought at Endor, and led the retreat thereafter under the command of then-Captain Pellaeon. Thrawn took back command five years after Endor, and by the end of the whirlwind offensive led by him and then the Reborn Emperor, the New Republic captured it.

    Pellaeon reclaimed it when the Imperial Remnant formed in opposition to the Coruscant Accords, and again Wedge was fighting this warship. By the time of the Yuuzhan Vong War he fought alongside it at Ithor, but by the end of that four year conflict the ship had been retired by Pellaeon - at which point Daala secretly scooped it up, using it to oppose Darth Caedus, and this time again besides Wedge and the rest of the galaxy.

    Only to be used to attempt a coup against Jagged Fel two years later.

    Wedge snorted.

    And here it was.

    Banged up, but still a serviceable ship. He didn’t see the Imperial-class lasting much longer, but Daala had kept it relevant for all these decades, as relevant as her, anyway. Right now it was about to be armed with a metal-phase shifting superweapon, so Wedge could hardly judge its usefulness.

    With how things were going, he thought ruefully as he headed to a cabin near the bridge, the Chimaera might be the last Imperial Star Destroyer in service. For some reason, that was strangely fitting.

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    Mentions for @Lady_Belligerent, @HanSolo29, @adaml83, @galactic-vagabond422, @darthbernael[/B]
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    IC: Ahsoka Tano



    The Togruta had been separated from the Jedi and her friends for months.

    From Barriss.

    From Trace, too, she amended.

    For much of that time she had been on the run, avoiding being attacked by the First Order troopers, doing her own damage in a guerilla campaign that reminded her of the battles against the old Empire. Never sure they were doing damage, merely fighting because to do otherwise was to die and accept the destruction of all she held dear.

    She remembered the two Inquisitors she killed in those first years, them having slaughtered civilians.

    Ahsoka had tried to stay out of events.

    To be hidden.

    To be Ashla, rather than Ahsoka Tano, former Padawan of Anakin Skywalker.

    Of Darth Vader.

    To live, to grow, to be nothing... to love.

    But instead she'd been drawn into the fight, as a Rebel, as Fulcrum, one of many agents of Bail Organa who eventually took that sobriquet. Her path diverted... at... Malachor, that was it. One of five planets, most entwined with Sith history. The former battlestation, Scourged by the Jedi in the past, was where she was drawn into the World Between Worlds... where she was supposed to die.

    Ezra changed that fate for her.

    What happened then?

    Ahsoka didn't entirely remember, or know.

    She had memories of Ossus, of Thrawn... but they were muddled.

    She had ended up in the Bogan Collection. Ashla and Bogan.

    And there had been another Ahsoka..

    … and a hint that she had died.

    Her hand pressed to her forehead.

    She'd forgotten so much, lost so much... had given up on love. On a future.

    Barriss... she represented that. She'd had that, even if late in life, even if after a lengthy self-exile of her own.

    Ahsoka wanted that.

    But as she skulked the abandoned halls of the Contingency, many levels beneath the surface of Jakku, Ahsoka heard, felt, too, the fighting stop. For the first time in six months, the Battle of Jakku was reduced to a thrum in the background. In that time, she’d slain countless Stormtroopers, battled Darktrooper battle-droids, paused over a Falleen among a shattered Kyber crystal before moving on.

    She reached out for Barriss.

    Did that mean they could go?

    Or had they lost, and Ahsoka was here, alone?

    Belatedly, she remembered Zeseem and Atin-Kot, turned her focus in the Force -

    She turned a corner, and, in her focus, missed the blaster butt slammed into her face.

    Black took her.

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    Chapter Three Begins…
  21. Sarge

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    Oct 4, 1998
    IC: Falen Windrider
    Ajon Kloss

    "Ma'am, we've launches from the Eclipse. Our reprieve is over."

    "You'll have to decide on the fly. May the Force be with you."

    Lando flashed a grin. "Truce over."

    Falen was already moving, hurrying out of the conference room and sprinting down corridors, many of them still lit only by emergency lighting. His commlink was in his hand. "Pone, scramble! We have incoming TIEs, all of them! Fire up the Starhawk and get ready to launch. I'm on my way."

    Neither Falen nor P1-MP had been idle during the months they had been stranded aboard the wrecked warship. Their customized scout ship was now equipped with gear scrounged out of Imperial spare parts lockers. Pairs of TIE laser cannon were mounted in each wing, shields were reinforced, systems were better protected from ionization, and a dozen racks were mounted on each wing, each rack holding an externally mounted concussion missile or proton torpedo. The Starhawk's internal fuel tanks had been partially sacrificed to make room for the new armament; the increased combat effectiveness came at the cost of less range, but that wasn't likely to be an issue today.

    By the time Falen reached the hangar, P1 had the Starhawk in a low hover, landing gear retracted, wings extended, and cockpit canopy open. Falen leaped with a little assist from his grav cloak and slid into the pilot's seat as the droid steered for open space. Falen took the controls and turned to an intercept course with the incoming hostiles.

    Seeing that P1 had already raised shields and armed the weapons, Falen took one brief moment for a deep calming breath and touched the missile launch controls. Ignoring his targeting sensors, he gazed into the blackness and the formations of TIEs. The moment felt right. He opened fire.

    Missiles and torpedoes launched sequentially, a ripple of fire that tore through space and Imperials indiscriminately. In a few seconds, the racks were empty and the enemy formations were ripped with holes. Falen still pressed forward, weaving and slipping past murderous plasma bolts, returning fire with his own cannon.

    But he was just one Jedi. The TIE formation swept onward with overwhelming numbers. He felt like a lone man trying to hold back a hurricane with his arms.

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    IC: Axtine Yore
    Ajon Kloss

    The Jedi were on the move before the words coming from the commlink had even fully registered. Sprinting down to the hangers, below, he was happy to see his atromech droid E4-D8 in his fighter already. The Quarren leapt up into the cockpit, buckled himself in, and placed his headset on in a matter of three seconds. The droids tootling came over the dashboard, and the Jedi could hardly keep up with the questions. "Yes, we are under attack. No, we don't have time for a tune-up, and your repairs better hold up cause if this thing is going down, you're in it too." He answered the last three as briefly as he could but cut the little droid off before be could repeat the first ten. "Just fires up the engines!" a nervous warble gave Axtine the impression 48 didn't like their chances, and he didn't like them either, but if there is one thing he learned during his brief stay on Maryx Minor it was that pessimism never solved anything.

    He flipped two switches, and the fighter lifted off, joining Falen in intercepting a wave of Tie Fighters off the bow of the Capital Ship.
    Instantly he grabbed at the ship's weapons, and fired nonstop, shooting down three ships in quick succession. "We've survived worse!" He cried over their shared channel, though he wasn't sure if he said that to convince his fellow Jedi or himself. Turning into a barrel roll, he closed his S-Wings briefly to gain a burst of speed, before sliding between two enemy ships and moving back into attack position. A pair of fighters collided behind him, and the force guided him through the flaming debris that surrounded him. As he began a new series of blasts targeting fighter squadron making a run at the Knife 9's Bridge his thumb began to ache under repeated pressure as he destroyed one enemy after another in nearly an endless series of TIE-Waves. "I am open to idea's however."

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    OOC: This next stage in bringing back an Emperor was brought to you by @Sinrebirth and myself.
    IC: Adam Lyons, Jagged Fel, Theron Shan


    Adam had been listening to the history of the Eternal Fleet and the Throne itself, but it wasn't complete. Much less going through all the information that had been provided by Briana and her...guest. He looked over at Jag, "These two were companions of the Outlander, which begs a question." He then looked over at Lana.

    "Was the Outlander part of one of the eight bloodlines? You have mentioned three so far, with the Valkorian family being the fourth, which means there are at least three other bloodlines, if not four possible." No one really knew who the Outlander was, some say he was a Jedi or Sith, others a soldier or spy, and finally others say a smuggler or bounty hunter.

    Adam then went from investigating the Eternal Fleet and Throne to the Outlander's companions, starting with Theron Shan.

    Theron interrupted him.

    "Yes, I cut my hair and went rogue, but it was to find a big bad organization inspiring uprisings against the Outlander." A shrug.

    Jagged shook his head. "I don't know if I care."

    "Long story short, the Outlander replaced Valkorian's family on the Eternal Throne. His son, his daughter. The Outlander was a group of eight people; two Jedi, two Sith, a bounty hunter, a Republic Trooper, an Imperial Intelligence Agent, and a smuggler. They ruled the galaxy for a couple of years, using the 2/3 Eternal Fleet they still had command of, and, well," a shrug. "That was destroyed."

    "2/3 of the Eternal Fleet?" Jagged sounded surprised, looked at Adam. "And we want a third to magically solve all our problems?"

    "It was destroyed by a superweapon," Theron said coolly. "And with 2/3 we dominated the Empire and Republic at its most war-ready. This galaxy pales in comparison."

    Jagged pursed his lips. "So where do we get bloodlines like that?"

    Theron looked at Adam. "You didn't know?"

    Adam looked at Jag and whispered, "I thought you slicked your hair back when you wanted to be evil..."

    He cleared his throat, which was when the recording he was listening to mentioned the Outlander, "No, though it took some doing to find information on the Eternal Fleet, find Zakuul, and that was before several scouting missions here to find out more information. Which we only received in the past few hours."

    Adam looked back to Jag, "We had less on the Tho Yor, and we've been building profiles on them in order to counter them's still a work in progress."

    "Oh, so you don't know," Theron snickered.

    Jagged pursed his lips. "This is still our best chance."

    "You won't get far without a genome," Theron reminded.

    "No, but if we capture the Throne Room, we can work out the rest." Jagged rolled his shoulders. "Ready?"

    He looked at Adam, who Theron was also looking at.

    Adam nodded, "As I'll ever be..."

    IC: Briana Odan, Medb Ra-oon

    Briana checked their position with that of Adam's team and she whispered to Medb, "They're close, we need to get into place ASAP."

    Medb nodded, "We're almost there..." She was a force user...a Sith, though more light sided than you'd expect...

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    Combo with @Sinrebirth continues.... :)


    Rey Star Killer

    He’d found her.

    The ruse had been a success.

    Stormtroopers had saluted; officers had scurried away from him. None had opposed his wanderings, much like the old days. Except that, this base was far larger than what he now new was the previous base. Still, after his extended search, he had found her.



    For the briefest moment, he’d felt joy and relief as his imagination swayed the better parts of him. Would they escape together? Build a life together - away from the chaos of the galaxy?

    Ben had completely forgotten that he’d been garbed as Kylo Ren, from head to toe.

    Rey’s anger slammed into him like a supernova, incinerating any fanciful thoughts that may have been forming in his mind. She leapt at him, broken, clothed in darkness, filled with anger, her lightsaber, ignited by crimson rage.

    In that moment, Ben could see it, even appreciate the irony of it, how their roles had been reversed. It was all rather…masterful…or so he would have concluded, if he had time enough to even consider such a matter. However, Ben understood.

    His gaze remained on her as she came at him - how could he fault her. This was but the reward for his failure. Behind the mask he wore, a small loving smile tugged at the corners of his lips even as he opened his arms wide.

    “I will not fight you.” He said, his tone soft and intimate.

    In his heart, Ben was willing to give his light to atone for his darkness.

    Rey flinched as if struck by his words.

    "I don't care!" She screamed at him, a Force wave crashing and ripping at the room -

    Rey Palpatine pounced, stabbing forward with her blade as if a double-pronged trident -

    She was angry.

    He could hear it; feel it. He couldn’t blame her. Not after all that she’d been put through: Every thing she had endured- at his hands no less- and for his sake.

    If the only way to restore Rey back to balance was for her to vent her rage, to pour out her acerbic fury upon him, and exact the ultimate prize, then so be it.

    Ben payed no heed to the havoc around him, of all people, he knew what a tantrum looked like. He would remain placid, at peace- focused solely on Rey. With is gaze he sought her face. Though it was contorted by rage, he attempted to to glean if anything was left of her- behind the mask of unfettered fury.

    “I embrace you, just as you are.”

    She would stab in a moment drenched in crimson light- and he would accept her gift.

    It was the only way.

    Rey's forked-blade bit flesh.


    A flash of memory.

    Back to Kef Bir, where she had done this before -

    Her eyes blinked, and she came back to herself -

    Searing pain enveloped Ben Solo.


    She screamed his name, eyes already wet.

    "I'm here...." Ben managed to speak, barely; blinding pain paralyzed him, threatened his mental hold on the conscious world.

    "I'm here...." he repeated, breathing out the words. It hurt to move, but he fought through the jolts of burning pain, and with a languid gesture, removed his helmet, revealing his face, covered in sweat, his hair sticking to his scalp. His visage shifted from a grimace, to a forced smile to soothing relief, then back again...

    "I just need to lie down for a moment." he confessed sheepishly, then coughed aloud.

    She rushed to him, the lightsaber clattering to the floor - and had her hand ready, already pressing it to the wound. But this was different. It wasn't one wound, it was two, and he'd been hurt badly, more badly than he had on Kef Bir -

    "If I do this, I might die."

    Rey was upset, crying.

    "I know you're Ben, not Kylo, not this time, I can tell it's you - all of you, not the Light part, not the Dark part..."

    She coughed a bit, so upset was she.

    "I'm not Rey Palpatine, or Rey Skywalker... I'm both, too."

    Rey leaned in to kiss him.

    "We're both both."

    He searched her face and found her eyes, beautiful jeweled portals to her shining soul. A soft smile etched itself upon his visage as her hands gently pressed upon his fatally wounded body.

    He was dying. She had killed him - yet he loved her - more than he even realized.

    Ben remained enraptured as he felt their bond increase, magnify, transcend beyond anything he could ever imagine. She would know him and he would know her, he surrendered to her tender embrace, to her need. He held nothing back from her, she would know his mind, his heart, the very core and fabric of his being.

    She was now his reason for living or dying, for she completed him- in every way.

    They were both ’both’, and they were together. They were the entire gamut, for the entire spectrum. There was no place where she wasn’t, nowhere he couldn’t find her - and that made him smile.

    Ben felt her lips on his, so he closed his eyes to see her better, deeper -then breathed a connecting breath.

    In that moment, he ceased to be just Ben…

    In that moment, he was nothing - and everything.

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    Black, Rogue Squadron
    Hangar of the Scythe

    The recovery time needed for Tiber’s shoulder to heal was less than it would be for most and soon he was out, only a patch to aid the healing and a, from the ship stores, fabricated pauldron to protect it some. It was an odd look for him, he thought, especially when sitting by his and Zara’s bed, cradling one of the twins. They’d debated names some but, had finally decided. The boy would be Logan and the girl was Lilac, in the same theme as their oldest, Amethyst.

    That had been a short pause and they now found themselves, with the twins in their arms, the floating prams beside them. Admiral Ackbar had gathered them, to explain about some new operation, he wasn’t following that much because he currently had a pair of tiny pale purple lekku wrapped around one arm, Lilac murmuring in her sleep. When Ackbar turned and looked directly at him and Zara, he let a crooked grin cross his face. ”Just became a dad again, after missing the birth and getting fragged.” Glancing over at his wife, ”Besides…I think she’ll be a bit…displeased if I take off again so soon after getting shot.”

    Zara said nothing as she nursed Logan under the cloth draped over her shoulder, technically she was able to fly now as she was no longer pregnant, but as she did not want Tiber out there again, she didn't want to leave her newborns, not just yet. It was bad enough that Amethyst wasn't with them, and she didn't even know she had a brother and sister now. This war had so much to answer for, so much heartache and tearing apart of families that in some cases would never be repaired.

    She said nothing, but Zara was not lacking the ability to show her feelings with nothing but an expression, and she was using that.

    Val returned to the Scythe with a smug expression. She'd done it, she'd out flown damned droids that had 'Force' on their side. They might have had the force but she had genuine talent, and no mystical power could match that. As she landed and slipped down the ladder she noted the old man leaning against a bulkhead in the corner, and imperial flight suit on his frame. With her eyes narrowed she interrogated the figure before jumping up to sit on the pilot mover. Ackbar had called them all together and Val thought she should at least make an appearance.

    Looking around she found her father talking with her mother. His hand held her shoulders before kissing her forehead. The young pilot crossed her arms over her chest as she turned her attention to Ackbar, though she did notice the happy couple in the corner with two babies held in their arms.

    'Congratulations to the happy couple.' She thought to herself. That likely meant two more pilots out, plus the loss of another snubfighter. But it wasn't her problem, the big picture wasn't her arena she just shot down the bad guys.

    Great now she was escorting an imperial superweapon…the very same superweapon that threatened her home. Didn't that just give you the warm fuzzies. The First Order had been pushed from the system, big woop they were still trapped by the minefield and with no minesweeper to clear them out. She guessed wins are thin on the ground and they have to take something. There was a pit in her stomach, this war wasn't over not by a longshot.

    As they were released to rest and recuperate, Val saw her father walk over to the imperial and shake his hand. Some words were exchanged and then they separated. Val quickly moved to walk next to her father.

    "Who was that."

    "Mareek Stele" He said with little fanfare. Val stopped in her tracks.

    "The Emperor's Damned Hand."


    "He doesn't fly with me."

    "Val that isn't your…"

    "I don't need an imperial sith flying off my wing where he can shoot me in the back the moment it suits him."

    "They are our allies."

    "For how long, you lived this history didn't you? The Empire will turn on us, they want the galaxy they won't just take what we agreed to."

    "That was the past Val, the current situation…"

    "And once the First Order is out of the way, we will be weak and the Empire will be stronger, Hells we are protecting their Skifter in the game. What's to stop them from using that superlaser on the Scythe once whatever this plan was is complete."

    "They have suffered as much as we have. They did not enter into this lightly, and neither did we."

    "I'm still not flying with him…put him with his own kind, the force sensitives or the empire take your pick I don't want either near me."

    "That is not your call to make. You are a pilot not an officer."

    "Now you're pulling rank on me, General Aquilla."

    "Yes Pilot Aquilla." her father snapped iron in his voice, "I do not have the luxury of kowtowing to your prejudices. I have to protect our last hope with a handful of ships and fewer pilots…and I have my hands full dealing with one particularly hard headed one. Dismissed."

    He turned away without another word, leaving Val to sneer.

    As she walked past Mareek the sneer hardened.

    Stele raised an eyebrow, but didn't rise to the bait, merely looking to her father, and Syal, who wasn't far behind.

    He let them go, and so did Ackbar. Everyone was worried about Val.

    Syal even more so. "What the hell was that," she hissed, not quite whispering as she caught up.

    Not wanting to miss a beat, he looked over the Lexrullans, and the pilots. "Now we have comms, there will be blockade runners, so we will have supplies, fighters, and new pilots undoubtedly. If you can reach out to anyone - safely - we can convoy them and cover them during the next operation."

    He nodded. "I'll need fighters for the op, and fighters for the convoy." His eyes took in Tiber and Zara. "Noncombatants will be shuttled down to the surface, but everyone who can fight, I can only impress how much you are needed."

    "Noncombatants? Does he mean us?" Zara hissed to Tiber.

    "I think us saying that we didn't want to be away from the kids lumped us in that category, yes." he whispered back to her.

    Her lips formed a hard line, "I've been sitting on my hands for nearly 8 months now.....I thought I could, I dunno, get back in the saddle?" She knew it was almost impossible, but she'd hoped.

    "Only if it's both of us, I'm not losing you out there, love." he said, determination in his tone.

    She spun to him, "when I said that, or wanted that....." She let it trail off, he knew what she was saying as she turned to look at the child in her arms. "Yes...your daddy has double standards." She said quietly to the baby.

    Snorting softly, Tiber rocked his daughter in his arms. "Says your mother, who decided not to tell daddy on the last mission, that she was already in labor." he said, with a small edge of humor.

    Looking back up at Zara, "So, love, are we doing this?"

    Rolling her vivid blue eyes, Zara sighed, "did you forget the children? This isn't a nursery barge."

    "No it is not. We'll have to find a way." Tiber turned to face Ackbar, "Both of us will rejoin the squadron but someone needs to be our children's caregiver and they better protect them with all they have." he said in a clear, ringing tone.

    From the formation of techs and lower ranked personnel came a lazy drawling voice, "I'll watch 'em. They won't be safer anywhere than with me while you're away."

    Zara knew that voice and instantly ground her teeth, "no."

    "Ask your hubby what my family would do for his." came the voice again, closer as the woman Zara despised emerged from the crowd, her hat pushed back on her head.

    "No." Zara turned away, actually looking for an escape route.

    "You think I would ever let your children come to harm?" Wyrock asked, her tone was flatter, more direct than her usually sarcastic one. She tossed her nic stick down, digging it into the deck. "I'd never let them be harmed."

    Tiber sighed, the one person he knew Zara disliked intensely was the one who had chosen to speak up. "Love, we have to trust them with someone and...she is right about her family and what they've done for ours."

    She turned to face him, her eyes blazing a 'you're going against me?' glare, "I'd rather discuss this in private." She almost snarled.

    He sighed, "I'd love to, Z, but I think we have to decide now." He said softly, hurt by the look she'd given him.

    "I can't do that." She said evenly, "I need 2 minutes."

    He sighed, glancing at Wyrock, "Let her think, you know you did ruffle her feathers before."

    A snort came from the crew chief, "Whose don't I ruffle. But...your babies would be as safe as they'd be in their cribs in your tower." She stated as if she'd give herself no other option as to how it could be.

    "Maybe do something about that then if you are aware of it." Zara muttered, "two minutes, please?"

    Val was angry, rolling her slim shoulders. "What mom?" She wheeled around chest rising and falling with angry breaths. "He's a damned sith, he's the enemy and we're working with him. I just want him in front of me so he doesn't shoot me in the back."

    "Val, we need all the friends we…"

    "Save it, dad's already given me this lecture. I'll fly with him but, I don't have to trust him."

    "Where is this coming from?"

    "I don't…" She stormed away not wanting to talk about it. Her mother was insistent, following behind her and gently touching her arm.

    "Valerie, what's going on?" Her daughter took a few more steps tucking herself into a quiet corner.

    "It's their fault." Valerie finally spat. "It's all their Ferricking fault. The sith the jedi the force, it's all their fault."

    "Their fault for what."

    "This." She spread her arms wide trying to encompass the suffering that the she and the galaxy was feeling. "All of this. Every time something bad happens they're behind it. The war when I was five, this conflict that put me in the pilot's seat, all the wars you and dad fought, all the battles grandma and grandpa fought," She was referencing likely both Wedge and Iella, and Valere Aquilla all legends of the Rebellion. "They all fought lost or died because of the Force. Because a minority of the galaxy decided to have spat. Why should a handful of beings decide what happens to billions, trillions of others. What gives them the right to have whole planets wiped from the galaxy? What allows them the providence to threaten an entire system with death? They've stolen so much from us. Grandma, more friends than I can count, Tiom, we haven't seen him in months. They took away my childhood. I lived in the shadows of Star Destroyers. Why do we have to pay the price of their conflicts?" Tears streamed from her eyes, tears of sorrow and loss, of a innocence taken from her too soon, of all the things she'd been asked to do in the name of protecting the galaxy.

    Syal wrapped her arms around her daughter.

    "I'm sorry…I'm sorry we are asking so much of you. You shouldn't have to fight. I'm sorry that this isn't what you wanted." Her words were calm, not a hint of sarcasm. "I do truly wish you could have grown up like a normal girl." She held tighter.

    "Why do we always have to fight?"

    "Because someone has to, someone has to stand up to the darkness and say no, no more. You will not harm anyone else."

    More sobs left Val's chest as she buried her face into her mother's shoulder.

    "I hate them…I hate force users…"

    "You shouldn't hate Val. It eats you up inside."

    "I can't help it…they took everything from us."

    "Shhh…shhh…" Syal patted Val's back trying to soothe her. "It's ok…It's not their fault, they're not all bad…"

    "Then why do they cause us all pain?"

    "If it wasn't the force it would be something else…"

    "I just want the fighting to stop."

    "Me too baby…me too."

    ”Okay, love.” Tiber said softly. He stroked his daughter’s lekku gently, moving away to let her have the time to think, a nod at Wyrock to suggest the same which she, thankfully, did.

    Zara had her lips set in a firm line as she held her son close to her, and aware it was close to feeding time. She led Tiber to a corner away from everyone when she spun to face him, "you can't be serious?!" She hissed.

    He looked around, knowing why she’d taken him off to the side. “Who else on this ship could we get to do so?” he asked. Shaking his head, “I know it’s a big ask with what is between the two of you but,” he glanced over at Wyrock, “with some rules like no nic sticks and no cursing anywhere near the kids, I have a feeling…” Reaching up, he rubbed his face, “if there was another choice I’d make it but I have a feeling, given our rules, she would make sure nothing bad happens to Logan and Lilac.”

    Zara turned away, frustration taking over. "What does she know about babies? Really?" She asked, not knowing anything about the woman's private life.

    “Her wife is still on Lexrul, with their daughters.” He said, knowing Wyrock would not be happy he’d said anything about her life outside of the fight. “Each of them had one from a sperm donor.”

    Logan had woken and was starting to fuss a little, "And what if....." she couldn't bring herself to say it, "you there. What happens to our children then? We can't expect your father.... my mother would...." She shook her head, words were failing her.

    His hand rose, from stroking Lilac’s lekku, to cup Zara’s face. “Love, we’ve lived that already, the last six months, one of us or us both could have died any time in that period.” He leaned his forehead against hers, “This might be our chance to get away from Jakku, get our children home. Do you want to go out and fight or do we take them down to the sands of this world?”

    "I want to go home...I want to take my babies to meet their big sister, who I miss with all my heart." Tears formed in her blue eyes, the hormones still all over the place in her body. "I want so many things, and I can't have any of them." Her voice had dropped to a whisper.

    “We both want that, Z. So very much. To do that, though, we have to be able to get away from Jakku and this feels like, from what Ackbar said, to be that final push sort of action.” His hand moved from her jaw, fingers wiping away the tears in her eyes, “But we have to decide and very soon or they will just send us both to the surface with the babies.”

    Part of her wanted to do that, wanted to hide away with her precious children and wait out the war, but it was never ending at this point, there was no end in sight. Amy was growing up without parents and that thought spurred her to end this, she needed to be with her girl. There was only one solution, as such as she hated it, it was the only choice. She closed her eyes and briefly nodded, "ok." She conceded, "only because I want this all over, I want my girl, and my twins to be safe....and I can't sit on my hands till this war is over."

    Lifting her chin, Tiber kissed her softly. “Okay, Z. Let’s go tell her and get moving so we can get home, see our big girl, and let her meet her siblings.” he whispered.

    She said nothing, simply nodding as Logan began to cry a little. He was hungry and she needed to feed him knowing that Lilac would be awake very soon too. "They're hungry." Her voice small.

    “Then they need nourishment from their mother, before we depart.” he said softly. “I’ll go tell Wyrock, explain the rules while you do so and then we can set her up with what she needs so we can end this.”

    The impromptu meeting came to an end, and Ackbar made a beeline for the Aquilla family.

    "General," he gurgled at Rhoen. "Has Antilles given you guidance?"

    Syal chuckled slightly. "General?"

    Otherwise, Wryock had to get her 'baby briefing', and Tiber and Zara would be notified that among the supplies being smuggled in was a brand new XJ5, and a T-75 X-wing. They'd get to argue about who got what.

    "Have to love Field Promotions." Rhoen said quickly explaining the sudden change in rank. He turned to Ackbar. "Only guidance is to do our best to keep the ships safe, particularly the Megador, but, I'd like to keep the Venture secure as well. We can't afford to lose anything more." He kept the fact that the Venture was loaded with missiles, to himself for the moment. "If we screen the cap ships we should be able to handle everything coming our way." He looked around at all the new pilots that had arrived, that had braved the minefield to make it here. He had pilots and he had ships, he had the tools, now he just needed to use them. "Get ready for a fight."

    Having fed both babies, Zara felt torn. Settling them both down in the same makeshift cradle, she sighed as she tucked them in warm. “I’ve left milk…..” She muttered, knowing only her husband could hear it. “I don’t want to leave them; this feels all wrong.”

    Tiber leaned closer against Zara, ”We do this so we can go home, take them home, and end this chaos.” he said softly. Reaching down, he put his hand on the blanket over the twins. ”I don’t want to leave them either, love. But if we don’t…” he murmured then shivered, ”...I don’t want to consider what would happen if we cannot stop this.”

    "None of this, us, them, anything......will matter." She answered his question. "Not a thing."

    Hugging her against him with his free arm, he nodded. ”Yes, if we don’t, I fear there is no future for any of us.” He could feel the twins' hearts beating, drawing a sigh. ”We need to secure their and our future.”

    Zara nodded, "I know........" Her eyes were drawn to the woman standing near the doorway, their last and only option to care for their newborns. "Let's go, before I change my mind."

    Wyrock turned to the table by the doorway, turning back as Tiber and Zara approached, ”You two better come back or I’ll go out there and…” her tone was a mix of serious and sarcasm. ”Now scoot before all this sappiness wakes up the kids, better if they wake and you’re already gone.” She handed each of them the flight bags she’d taken from the table by the door.

    Tiber shook his head, ”Just remember the rules, we’ll be back as soon as this is done.” he told the woman.

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