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Star Wars CLOSED Star Wars: Ronin: The Curse of Qalydon

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Sinrebirth , Oct 14, 2021.

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    Apr 15, 2019
    IC Maldael Fesh
    The Ghost Prison, deepest depths

    But not you?

    Maldael regarded the spirit with almost disdain for a moment. ”You know full well what I serve and have served…”

    He felt the Emperor and the other enter the massive cell behind them, understanding that the situation was becoming even more complex.

    The spirit had spoken of events that had occurred as well as those yet to come, as though it had secret knowledge it wished to dole out piecemeal. Which never set well with Mal.

    In that instant the spirit moved, trying to bypass them and seek another target. The armoured one blurred and moved, staying ahead of the spirit in its flight. The way he was placed the spirit would either have to divert its course or take the man.

    Mal glanced past him, eyes narrowing as the one that had argued with the Emperor above, in a way of great familiarity, stood almost idly by observing the encounter.

    He snorted, then blurred as well as he moved. That one seemed only to have his own self interest at heart and whether the Emperor was the right choice to lead the more important factor was ensuring the destruction of the spirit.

    He was flowing alongside the spirit now, one hand weaving tendrils of Force to ensnare and box in the spirit, keep it from reaching any of the others. The strain was great, the spirit of immense power but, between what he was doing and what Akuma-Oni was, they stood a chance to stop the dark one.

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Ku'ar Danar
    Thwarted, again, again, again

    It could not be.

    But it was.

    It was.

    He was not within the Emperor, seizing the throne of his new Sith Galactic Empire, no, he was ensnared, in a body, in an armour, and he sought to escape, Ku'ar Danar would not risk his soul in a battle of equals with Akuma-Oni, no, he could not, and would not, take that risk -

    But then Maldael poured great power into enfolding him, and Ku'ar was disembodied, not solid, unable to take and use flesh as his furnace, not without risk -

    Snarling, he battered at their physical forms both, popping blood vessels, snapping bones, twisting ligaments, contorting organs that could not bare so -

    And he slid into Akuma-Oni's armour -

    He had read about this, about how Adas had animated his armour beyond his death, conveying himself to another world and place -

    What the writings spoke of as the Heart of Kyber -

    So he would simply do the same -

    And walk free of Akuma-Oni -

    The armour began to undo itself, re-forming and re-forging into it's own self -

    He would be free.

    He would be Changed.

    The Emperor, for his part, watched the three of them, locked in a twilit death's embrace, absently curious as to the one who lay beneath the armour, and also not. Instead he looked to his old friend, Licht. "Do you intend to intervene, or merely witness?"

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    IC: Karness Muur


    The Sith Lord, his ears pointed like the Emperor and Maldael's, appeared aged and yet youthful, as if he himself had the longevity of Sephi blood, but the crimson hue to a skin that two decades ago had very much not been, spoke of experimentation, of fusion and merger at the genetic level.

    Mad, bad, Sith science.

    Vhett hadn't expected their very target to be before them, and he and his troop went still, anticipating a trap, and their leader looked to Nin and Marcus as Karness Muur simply sneered and held up his hand, the amulet upon his chest glowing briefly.


    There was a scream, and twisting, and the Mandalorians as one morphed, their armour bulging from their skin -


    They became monsters, and began to fire upon Nin and Marcus -

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    IC: Ajunta Pall

    Rendezvousing aboard the Electrostar, in orbit

    The Dark Lord of the Sith was completely aware that their little power dynamic had shifted.

    Firstly, Jerjerrod was now back in command of his fleet, and vessels began to arrive, surreptitiously, reporting that they were in pursuit of rogue ships, when in fact they were coming to his aid. Antilles was a master of military protocol and manipulating it, seemingly.

    Second, Kazu would undoubtedly set himself to purge the override that Ajunta Pall had installed in all Sith War Droids decades ago at the point of construction and order from the Seyugi Dervishes, during their brief command of the innumerable factories of Balmorra.

    A sniff.

    He had played several cards today.

    But a Jedi High Lord was dead.

    The Twelfth Fleet also gave them the locations of various others.

    The Imperial Navy was scattered to various points, supporting the Lords and their squires at Chabosh and Yn, besieging two Sith fortresses that had seemingly been reinforced for two decades. This meant most of the admiralty was absent, and the Jedi High Lord were on Coruscant, reassembling the regime that had befitted the Order for millennia; much Intel flowed from Alsakan, which was furious, and ready to start a Fourteenth Alsakan Conflict to restore the Old Republic.

    The Dark Lord sniffed.

    The Empire had been here for centuries now; it was the natural state of things.

    Thus he has his own Sith Empire, hidden in the Unknown Regions.

    Which he would not give up to this Admiral.


    He just wanted to be left alone, when all was said and done.

    That was his Vision.

    With a nod, he waited until Janus, Antilles and Kazu had digested their information, his Storm Corps troops in the hangar of the Electrostar...

    "I've ordered the Storm Corps to secure the ship against saboteurs, as we cannot be sure the Jedi High Lords have not turned your crew. This way we won't have a repeat of what Calrissian wrought," Pall said, sniffing.

    He took command of the briefing, though Antilles stared daggers at him.

    "The Jedi High Council has retaken command of the Jedi Temple there, converting it into a fortress. In orbit are the eleven flagships of the numbered fleets, the entire Admiralty present, and the Empire's best and brightest in 500 Imperica." Eleven Imperial Dreadnoughts was a truly impressive force. They had a single Imperial Dreadnought, but a full fleet of Star Destroyers and support ships. "The Senate is secure in the old Convocation Chamber, unused since the Emperor took power."

    Images flooded.


    The Jedi Temple, otherwise known as the Imperial Palace.


    The Grand Convocation Chamber.


    500 Imperica, a thousand level building where the Empire's most affluent lived and resided. Even the Emperor had quarters here, when he wasn't in the Senate proper, and he often hosted political discussions in his office there.

    Well, he had, before the Jedi Coup.

    A sneer.

    Not a Jedi Rebellion, like his own Sith Rebellion, of course.

    Legitimacy was overrated.

    "We should attack Coruscant before the Jedi High Lord's have time to respond." He eyed Kazu. "I shall lead the strike on the Imperial Palace, and with Kazu and the Storm Corps we can destroy the Council, and end this farce."

    Antilles sniffed. "We barely have the strength to face that many Dreadnoughts, even with the entire Twelfth supporting us."

    "We don't need to defeat them, merely keep them busy long enough for us to restore your Emperor. Without the Jedi, and the Senate freed, it'll be over." The Dark Lord glared at the man.

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    Mar 9, 2005
    IC: Janus Jerjerrod
    Location: Electrostar, Tinnel

    It was good to be back on board. She still was not in the best of shapes, but she would be ready for the next battle nonetheless.

    As he and Kazu had come back up from his sisters estate a host of familiar names popped up:



    Stormy Tempest

    Danger Zone

    And of course Roadblock among the host of names popping up on sensors. Antillies had played a blinder, it seemed he was picking up on some of Janus's teachings.

    Thunderball and Danger Zone provided updates. It seemed the rest of the Lords (sans one lady now) were on Coruscant. And it seemed the Sith were getting a little bit of a hammering.

    After hearing the rest, including about Storm Corps troopers being aboard and the plan ahead, he ventured his opinion.

    "You keeping Storm Corps troopers aboard my ship is helpful but if I see any attempt to take my ship I will have them removed. I've already lost this ship once, I will not lose it again".

    "As to your plan, I concur with my Captain. We are taking on eleven dreadnaughts with one. Our destroyers and ships we have are a good fighting force, no doubt of that. But some of the Admirals we are fighting against will not back off and will not surrender".

    "Can we keep them busy? Yes. But it will depend on speed. If you can take out the Council as quickly as you can, then the Admiralty will be in disarray. I can then either take them out, or get them to join me".

    He nodded at Kazu "I can vouch for Kazu. He took out my sister with only the power that a droid could unleash. Kazu I think could hopefully take out the rest as I am sure he has learnt a few things from his last duel…."

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    Jun 26, 2017
    IC: Licht

    Licht's eyes gleaned with a morbid fascination, his sky blue eyes slowly fading in a silent continuous process as they became a bejeweled emerald green. His fingers twitched slightly as the Emperor addressed him, a quizzical brow raised as he listened to the question of the man.

    "Do you intend to intervene, or merely witness?"

    Licht hesitated, looking at the infestation of metal as Akuma-Oni struggled. A quiet pulse of a vein across the forehead of the old but impossibly youthful friend.

    "Oh such an intervention on my part would surely be imprudent..." his lips curled into a faint, phantasmal smile. "Your dark pets are doing so well,"

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    Apr 29, 2002
    IC: Akuma-Oni
    Beneath the skin of armor

    He had been ready for combat, expecting a mighty struggle, a contest of wills! But the Dreaded Lord was adamant in his disinterest to engage in such a match. As Akuma-Oni had surmised, the Dreaded Spirit was not stronger, not in the manner he’d lead them to believe. But he did possess greater knowledge of the dark arts, especially for someone so long lived.

    Despite Maldael’s assistance, the would-be-Emperor refused to be contained. So much so, that he lashed out with unfettered power, as a dark spirit was wont to do, snarling and twisting sinews, rending flesh and snapping bones!

    Akuma-Oni growled furiously as he felt pain he thought he’d long forgotten, the sort that would drive any sentient being to madness, the kind the mind buries for the sake of survival.

    In that arena he had been bested, perhaps even taken by surprise by the turn of events. In the midst of his howling torment, he could feel his armor became unlatched, even as it was taken from him against his very will - leaving him clad solely in pieces of his under-armor. Akuma-Oni cursed liberally, tongues of flames issuing from his mouth. He was desperately focused on dampening the Dread Lord’s onslaught against his physical body, lest he should be rent to literal pieces.

    And so, his form was revealed.

    Wild unkempt obsidian hair spilled out from his head unto his shoulders. His face and exposed body parts were covered in a plethora of burns, scars and wounds, some which seemed as if they simply refused to heal fully. Horns, many of which were broken, protruded from his head.

    His eyes had become like burning embers as fury and pain struggled to overtake his equally adamant will.

    The contest continued uninterrupted, until finally Akuma-Oni’s armor seemed to be reforming on its own, or rather, by manipulation of the Dread Lord Ku'ar Danar. The former Dark Retainer’s prize, the armor he had taken from a Tyrannical Warlord, was now being taken from him, being reforged and possessed by a Sith Spirit. Hollow vestments for a hollow man.

    Indeed, the irony was not lost on him.

    For now, he just needed a moment to master the pain, to set his bones and regain his senses.

    Damnable Sith!

    The Dread Lord may have robbed him of his armored skin, but his loss would become the spirit’s new prison, along with everything else the armor represented.

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    Apr 15, 2019
    IC Maldael Fesh
    Deepest recesses of the prison

    Pain, pain and the torment of his flesh writhing, his bones shifting and breaking. That filled Maldael’s mind as he worked the cage that he was trying to trap the dark one in. As he coughed up blood, his eyes tracked around, a snarl coming from him as he saw the Emperor and his companion still simply standing there.

    His gaze traveled further, seeing the armoured one, or rather he who had been the armoured one. Mal closed his eyes for a moment, as he reached within himself, fighting what the dark one was doing, reforming his own body. Pain still wracked his form as he opened his eyes again, widening slightly as he saw his companion for true.

    The man had been through many battles, it seemed. Wild, unkempt hair, horns and shards of horns peeked through the hair, burns and scars crisscrossed the man’s body. He writhed as Mal did, both fighting the effects of the dark one’s efforts.

    Turning his head as he weakly brought himself to his feet again he saw the armor his companion had worn clattering together and forming into what had to be a shell. He could sense the dark one’s energy clinging to it and another growl erupted from his throat. Taking a deep breath he changed the binding he was attempting, focusing it on the armor.

    He intended to seal the dark one within the armor, making it so that he was bound to it and couldn’t escape, take another being. But, at the same time, his gaze drifted toward the Emperor and his companion, the one simply making snide comments and standing on the sidelines. Extending the seal he reached for the Emperor’s companion’s essence, working to tie the binding to that one.

    He pushed off the floor, wearily regaining his feet as the pain coursed through him, his energy was slowly depleting but he needed to finish the binding and tie the snide one to the armor and vice versa, make it so that if one died so did the other.

    A bloody but dark grin crossed his face, ”Let’s see if this works…” he said wryly to Akuma-Oni

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    Jun 26, 2017
    IC: Marcus and Nin

    How strange, the Sith Lord features not unlike that of the Emperor, Licht, and Maldael... did Nin sense an odd connection there? Perhaps there was more than...

    He would have little time to speculate as his white blade hummed into existence. With dance-like movements, he came to deflect the bouts of blaster bolts that came toward him. With each movement, he drew ever closer hoping to clear the gap between them and get a clean movement for decapitation.

    He was sure that his 'partner' could take care of themselves.

    Marcus Dren was surprised for only a moment before he realized what had happened.

    He knew Karness Murr, after all. He knew what Murr did.

    He made monsters.

    Marc's lightsaber flew into his hand and he ignited its red blade, deflecting the bolts fired upon him and Nin by the former Mandalorian. He saw what Nin was trying to do and he gave him aid, using the Force to push back several of the monsters that were shooting at Nin.

    The Force push made space, and Karness Muur watched as the battle was joined, smiling as he walked around the perimeter of the scuffle. One gesture drew Marc's blade aside, still in his hand but tugged out of line as a Rakghoul launched at him, mouth wide open - as for Nin, a Rakghoul shot up into the air with his jetpack and sought to land behind him, and Muur was sure to pin his feet with the Force so he could not turn.

    Why ever would he fight fair?

    Marcus growled at this and lifted his other hand up. Lightning cracked from his fingertips, fueled by his distaste for Murr's tactics. One bolt struck the Rakghoul launching itself at him, another struck the Rakghoul in the air. The first Rakghoul flew back, the second Rakghoul was sent flying away.

    Murr hadn't changed a bit, Marcus could tell that much.

    Nin would feel the planting of his feet, though such a hinderance was something of only passing concern to Nin. His eyes closed, his mind set adrift as he felt ever so subtly the future movements of Rakghoul, his blade coming up to prevent any threat coming his way. And his feet, he focused on them, feel the dragging sludge that held them down. Slowly he conversed with it to free, him, his body twisting to face Murr.

    He had made an error in facing Nin.

    Muur was pleased, deeply so, as Marcus used Force lightning. "Oh, ho!" He grinned at the man. "Still using the dark side, I see." His amulet shone on his throat, and the Rakghoul survivors shifted - three sought to bundle Nin, and Muur himself raked a clawed hand, yanking at him with the Force to draw him close, a crimson blade appearing from a hilt that appeared in his palm.


    Marcus noticed this.

    The amulet. The amulet was controlling these monsters.

    While Murr's attention was on Nin, Marcus reached out with the Force... and targeted Murr's amulet, trying to pull it toward him.

    Nin's blade became a white blur. Like that of a cloud, formless, immaterial... creating a vexing barrier on all sides of the seasoned, albeit former, Jedi.

    His eyes took a moment to sense what Marcus was doing. Nin could only focus on trying to overwhelm Murr and the Rakghoul while Marcus seized the trinket in question...

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    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Kazu
    Processing options

    Kazu silently watched the process of planning. The unit kept its own council on the plan, no one liked to hear from a droid during such things. It’s fate was now in the balance controlled by how those here would balance the scales of war.

    Knowing further analysis would be a waste of processing power, it continued to uproot the hidden subroutine and search for any other ‘stealthed’ or ‘situational’ programs.

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  9. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Ajunta Pall
    Tinnel, Core Worlds

    The man snorted slightly at Jerjerrod. "You think too much like an Admiral."

    He deftly side-tracked any accusation of foul play. He was merely the Dark Lord, but he had been a Jedi Lord, honourable and all.

    Many years ago, now.

    He indicated Coruscant. "Force users, and those who can face them, have the ability to turn a point in a battle as a pivot. Apply Kazu and myself, with that strategic mind, and we can do much. Distract the enemy fleets, yes, you can do that. Decapitate the leadership?" He indicated the Sith War Droid and himself. "That we can do. Together, we win the battle?"

    Antilles pulled a face. "You're suggesting that we commit our fleet to a suicide run."


    "Don't you think we'll have an opinion on that."

    "War is risk, boy," the Dark Lord held out his arms, broad. "We fight, or we give up. Our choices are limited, no?"

    A shrug.

    Seething for a moment, Antilles sighed. "I've an idea, but it relies upon Kazu and Pall being in position, or as close as we can, before the battle begins. If we slot them in during the fight, from orbit, we'll expose ourselves to too much damage."

    "So we get in, create a distraction, and you jump in, creating another distraction?" The Dark Lord snorted. "Can you trust us?"

    A loud click sounded from Kazu. The subroutines were found; identified not just as software, but as concealed hardware, slotted within a crevice, pretending to be a screw within a pivot. Apparently his auto-receptors had taken the cue from the conversation.

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    IC: Ku'ar Danar


    The man was seeking the armour, separating it from Akuma-Oni, revealing a Zabrak of many tattoos and many scars - a wrongness pervaded as the armour was opened, pouring into the Force.

    The Emperor smiled slightly at that. The man was out of time. Quite literally, outside.

    The vast penumbra of schemes ran through this time and place. He arched a feathered eyebrow, peered into the rafters of the room -

    There he was, the Ronin Black-Coat, perched to watch.

    Maldael, Sephi-eared like himself, reached out for Licht and sought to tie a connection between the spiritual Ku'ar Danar and him.

    A Sith Lord for his old friend.

    Sheev pursed his lips; he didn't like that, not at all, but it was for Licht to decide what best to do.

    But his gaze focused upon the Zabrak.

    "Akuma-Oni, you are unmasked, and now, unnamed. Name yourself."

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    IC: Karness Muur


    He was caught out, off-guard.

    The Sith Lord hadn't expected his foe to pick out the weakness, and the amulet launched from his neck -

    Surprised, Karness Muur suddenly felt his advanced age.

    Worse, he had dove deeper than several of the Dark Jedi Exiles into the dark side, and it had drained his form of shape.

    It slapped into Marcus's arm, and then came alive -

    The Rakghouls hesitated, looked to Marcus for guidance, four left as Nin had deflected the rest -

    Muur's body crumpled on the steps leading up from the landing zone -


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    Apr 29, 2002
    IC: Self-Name
    A past recalled

    In that moment, he struggled mightily against an enemy not made of flesh, one who would steal an identity not his own, but an armored carapace taken from a corpse. In that conflict, by force he was revealed, unrecognized by all, save by one.

    Another fought with him, while several watched- but he dared not lose focus, he needed to use the pain, or all would be lost. But even then, he heard it, as clear as a crashing cymbal.

    “Akuma-Oni, you are unmasked, and now, unnamed. Name yourself.”

    Name yourself.



    Time seemed to stop, as a barrier of murky haze burst into countless splinters, at once rent by a flash flood of memory.

    ‘Pain’ was the bridge to Strength, ‘Anguish’ the foundation to an Iron Will. As Harrow, he had learned much, grown strong. But he’d become much stronger still. Like unto a creature of Myth.

    His name. It induced fear. His name had become equivalent to Anger, Vehemence, even Hate.

    It was he who had bested a grand Jedi. It was he who’d face a Left Handed Lord. It was he who had gained the Darque Staff, it was he who had forged the the Dark Blade of Hate. He and his brother who had defeated an armada.

    He who had finally become… One of Three.



    Yes, that was his name.

    The name he had named himself.

    “….Manticore……” He rasped then. A powerful blast surged where he stood, as the darkside crested ever higher.


    And woe to the enemies he did not forget.

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    Jun 26, 2017
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    IC: Licht


    With a half-measured glance towards the man that was called "Maldael". His eyes were impassive, unimpressed. As his head tilted Maldael might have been able to catch the hint of pointed ears similar to his own as the gaze of Licht intensified.

    A crushing, tumultuous wave. One tap of Licht's finger across his folded arms as a blistering telekinetic attack assailed the Sephi. It was bright. Overwhelming. Like a sun that wished to burn all the air away. It was likely in Licht's mind that Maldael was already exerting a good amount of effort to try and bind him to this dark 'thing'.

    But there was a clarity to Licht's mind. A conviction that refused to be stirred away.

    The hammer continued to rain down upon the anvil that was Maldael's mind. Threatening to skewer it if he continued.

    Unlike the Emperor, Licht cared not if Maldael died.

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    Apr 15, 2019
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    IC Maldael Fesh

    The binding was ongoing, feeling the hooks of essence as they touched the silent being beside the Emperor, as Maldael heard the Emperor speak, demand the now de-armoured one to name himself. He could feel the swirling energy of the Force as the man’s sense of self was wrapped up in deciding who he truly was.

    As that happened he felt a change finally, in what he was doing. The other, the silent one, had finally decided to act. A deep growl escaped his lips as he felt a shard of mental energy assault him, bright and painful.

    The growl turned into a dark chuckle as he took in the pain, accepted it, used it to fuel his own actions. He looked up at the man, shaking his head as he saw the ‘man’ was a Sephi too. ”Pathetic, self serving elfling.” he muttered. The other Sephi was perhaps older but Mal was past caring, the other not even deserving a name in his mind.

    Fighting the pain, hate bringing out the dark that was part of his existence, his eyes flared as touched the Force again, changing what he was doing into something else indeed. His head turned like a turret, facing Licht, as he heard his ‘brother’ speak, “….Manticore……”

    His flaring eyes widened as his guest whispered in his mind, at the name. Visions flowed across his eyes as they narrowed, facing Licht. ”For your age you truly are a moron.” he whispered, ”You’d attack me and not this…thing. So be it.” The Force lashed out, whipping the still armoring essence of the dark one between Licht and Mal, into the flow of the other Sephi’s energy that was attacking him.

    A dribble of blood escaped his lips as he felt the pain diminish, then Pushed, throwing the immensely powerful armored spirit right at the older Sephi. He wearily turned back toward Manticore, ”Well…met…brother…”

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    Jun 26, 2017
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    IC: Licht

    With a movement of his arm he moved aside the husk of armor, unsure what vague point this young one was trying to make by attacking him. He shut off the telekinetic attack, the young one was straining under the depths of the dark already. Perhaps he misunderstood the purpose of Licht. What he was here truly for. It mattered little, Licht had no interest in getting to know either of these beings personally. Nor did he have anything to prove to them as perhaps this young Sephi was trying to do. No he was here merely to observe. His thoughts kept in reserve least those try and glean what he was truly thinking. His head turned from the elfling pup toward the beast-like zabrak, the darkness clinging strong to him as a dark spot within the room. Licht gave a nod that could be misconstrued as respect or approval but was merely acknowledgement.

    His eyes then shifted to the Emperor. "I have seen what I needed to, a kind reminder of your promise. I look forward to the details of how exactly you intend to keep your word,"

    He then turned around to exit the area. "I shall find these sons of yours, I have some... choice words to discuss with them,"

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: The Emperor
    Wrestled, and then -

    The tensions pressing upon Ku'ar Danar, his lack of a tether, and an armour that was breaking -

    He tried to recall the lessons that the Holocron of Adas had given him -

    His spectral face turned to face the Emperor, regarding his pointed ears -

    Sephi bloodlines?

    His thoughts lay bare to Maldael and Akuma-Oni...

    The face turned to look at the Sephi...

    ... and then the Zabrak...


    He reared, sought to seize upon Licht one more time, who was turning away from him -

    Tor Valum, Tor Valum, Tor Valum -

    And the Emperor produced a blaster and shot Licht through the head.

    The body dropped, Ku'ar Danar screamed -

    And died.

    The Emperor blew the smoke out of the blaster and held it out to Akuma-Oni.

    "I have no desire to threaten you."

    A sniff.

    "But we appear to have enemies to slay; the Jedi High Lords; the Shadow Lords of the Sith..."

    A pause.

    "Or do you intend to abandon your revenge against them for mysteries about Adas and this 'Tor Valum'."

    He narrowed his gray-silver eyes.

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    Dec 2, 2016
    IC: Marcus Dren

    Marcus was not expecting for Murr to crumble without the amulet.

    That felt almost too easy...

    But his priority now was dealing with Murr's monsters, who now seemed to be looking to Marcus for guidance.

    And guidance Marcus would give them, raising his arm with the amulet.

    "Kneel," he commanded.

    He was, after all, still Marcus Dren, Master of Beasts.

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    Apr 29, 2002
    IC: Darth Manticore
    Once a Sith Lord...

    There was a shot - and then a roar from the zabrak.

    The one called Licht crumpled to the floor due to a fatal wound through the head. In that instant, the Dread Lord’s specter was ushered to his Final Oblivion, thanks to Maldael's efforts.

    Manticore - now that he was finally himself - fell to the ground in an agonizing crouch and howled in a terrifying manner. In that moment, he'd turned his focus from striking a dark blow to the Dread Lord’s mind, then began to set a myriad of his own dislocated bones back into place via the Force. There was little he could do about the gashes and lacerations he'd suffered from their conflict. What were a few more scars to a warrior such as he?

    The zabrak’s raven hair was completely disheveled over his horned head and partially covering his face, his eyes seemed almost wild for a brief moment, yet his indomitable focused soon returned. Heaving breaths became even instead of labored, even as the moment passed.

    To one side, Akuma-Oni’s armor lay shattered and discarded, useless and not to be worn again. One the other, Licht lay dead as blood pooled around his head like a dark halo.

    Manticore regarded the Emperor, and gazed into his gold colored eyes, not unlike his own which burned like embers. His gaze then turned to Maldael, the one who was likely an ‘avatar’ of one whom he knew well.

    “Brother….” Manticore rasped and nodded to the Sephi in acknowledgement.

    Then, issuing a huff, the zabrak forced himself to rise, though a bit unsteadily. He would refuse any help should any be offered. The Emperor blew smoke from the blaster’s nozzle, which caused him to chuckle in amusement, nevermind the discomfort it caused, for he was slowly regaining his strength.

    Manticore regarded the weapon and respectfully refused it. He wouldn’t have been able to grasp it either way, as the bones in his hands were just set anew and were still recovering. However, he had no trouble answering the Emperor’s query.

    Ku’ar Danar was no more, sealing away the past and leaving a single option in his wake.

    “Revenge….” the zabrak Sith Lord rasped darkly.

    This was now his only way forward.

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  17. darthbernael

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    Apr 15, 2019
    IC Maldael Fesh
    Interesting developments

    Armor clattered down around Maldael as his mind reviewed the last few moments. He’d Pushed and the armor trapped spirit of the Dark One had flown toward the arrogant older Sephi retainer of the Emperor. That one had seemed to negligently pushed the armor out of the way as though it was of no bother.

    Which was when the spirit finally acted, trying to influence or pull the retainer to him, tried to act out of his own arrogance to affect the older Sephi. Mal let out a weak chuckle as he pushed himself fully to his feet, at the thought from the spirit, that both the arrogant one and the Emperor had at least some Sephi ancestry. The name the spirit had spoke to he and Manticore echoed through his mind in an instant before the spirit shrieked its last, the moment the Emperor turned his blaster on the retainer.

    What Mal had done must have tied the two together as the moment that retainer died so too did the spirit, the armor falling around the Sephi. Blood dripped from his chin as he smiled a dark smile, while the Emperor presented the blaster to his ‘brother’.

    His head tilted to the side as the Emperor spoke, a crooked smile on his face, his eyes shining.

    "I have no desire to threaten you."

    "But we appear to have enemies to slay; the Jedi High Lords; the Shadow Lords of the Sith..."

    "Or do you intend to abandon your revenge against them for mysteries about Adas and this 'Tor Valum'."

    He turned toward Manticore, slowly, painfully, as the zabrak stood. Smiling a less humored and more friendly smile, a nod came from him as his brother refused the blaster. Moving slowly over to the zabrak as his brother spoke, he decided two broken forms would be better support for them both than them trying on their own.

    His gaze turned back toward the Emperor, snorting. In a low voice, throat still scratchy from the attack by the now dead retainer, ”What the dark one mentioned…”, his eyes swiveled toward Manticore’s, grey now swirling like miniature galaxies in his, ”I believe…we two…have time to explore…in the future.”

    The swirling eyes turned back to the Emperor, his voice changing timbre, ”My brother seeks revenge and I will fight at his side, as the scourge of all who throw the galaxy into chaos needs to be expunged.” he got out before a hacking cough splattered blood on the ground. Raising his hand to wipe his mouth, his grin was toothy as his normal eye color returned.

    ”Let us begin. But first,” a groan as he felt both his and Manticore’s pain, ”perhaps you should have the ‘Hands’ of your will be healed.”

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    Mar 9, 2005
    OOC: A combo with @Mitth_Fisto and @Sinrebirth

    IC: Janus Jerjerrod, Kazu
    Location: Electrostar, Tinnel

    The programs had finished their subroutines diagnostics and intrusive code originator qualifiers to come to a distracting conclusion. The program was downloaded as it was executed like a self deleting worm. This was distressing. As without the ability to fully study the worm a guarantee to block it was unlikely to be completely effective. Moreover how the delivery was happening meant that there was an unsecured receiver within this units systems.

    Then the aberration was located. The topics at the table were irrelevant as means of removal was calculated for variable odds. A safety would have to be used otherwise errant destruction in combat would see the whole unit fail, this would create a kill target in combat, this was unacceptable for such an easy target to be made and the lack of hardlines supported the theory that destruction in combat would not allow further subroutines to be released from that point of the false screw. Removing a laser weapon Kazu rapidly input the calculated wavelength and strength needed to perfectly destroy the false screw and leave it nothing more than a welded screw that served no additional function.

    Disregarding the meeting the droid walked over to Admiral and held out the weapon. "Brace weapon on back of chair to stabilize it properly. Fire on command." The unit ordered before turning and twisting to expose and align the screw with the aim of the Admiral. "Fire." It stated once it was sure that the Admirals aim would not waver.

    It seemed that in all of this planning, Janus, Antillies and company were about to head into a suicide mission. Yes you did possibly die in war but it was to die in glory and honour, not do any kamikaze moves.

    Antillies had an idea which seemed plausible but it seemed Kazu had a little job first for Janus. Some sort of weapon?

    He wasn't quite sure how this was going to help him in a space battle but the droid it seemed wanted to give him this. So he followed it's commands and fired at the spot indicated.

    "I'm assuming that what I have just aimed and fired at is not a bit of you that you might be needing later" he said raising an eyebrow. "If you are going into a ground battle we need to make sure you are functioning well".

    Kazu's systems started a quick diagnostic, beginning the process of verifying whether or not the attempt had been successful. As well as a full systems review of the multiple firewalls it had surrounded those circuit paths with to check for any contained or prevented data assaults. Kazu wanted to be certain, as certain as a droid could ever be, that it indeed was a boon to his operational efficiency and preventive in activation exploitative weakness generation.

    The shot was as accurate as could be, chewing into the hardware and blowing it out. There was no great damage to Kazu, mainly scoring, but his systems would, at diagnostic, after a small amount of static interference, reveal a clean bill of droid-health.

    Indeed, new contours of his programming were now available to the droid.

    Kazu stuttered in a diagnostic shake as he straightened himself once more into an erect position. “Operational capability has not been compromised.” Stepping forward he extended a hand to take the weapon back.

    Janus handed the weapon back "Glad to be of service" he simply said.

    He wondered if the droid would say anything more or whether it was back to the meeting.

    Resuming its position this unit began analyzing the new contours to its coding. Trying to detect and determine the new qualities that this shift would allow for this units future functioning. Leaving the masticating carbon sacks to plan.

    The Dark Lord watched, as did Antilles.

    "Are we ready to attack Coruscant?" Ajunta Pall said, lightly. Auspicious words, there.

    Antilles swallowed. There would be no going back, if so.

    Janus turned to the Lord, his hands behind his back.

    "Well if we are to fall into oblivion, we might as well take as many traitors down with us. They made thier choice, it is time we made them pay. Then if they decide to rejoin they can do so but only if they swear loyalty to the Emperor and our citizens".

    He looked to Antillies "It's time to give your skills a test. If you are to be my second in command then I need to see you have the right leadership qualities".

    "I will command from Electrostar with the flag. I will give you command of Roadblock." Janus smiled slightly "Prove your worth, and you can stand beside me as my protogee"

    "Systems operating at or above production parameters." Kazu simply stated. Whether or not they were ready was not a thing that Kazu could attest to as he was not meant to be privy to the preparedness nor the capabilities of the rest of the fleet or troops. Kazu could merely give his own status towards any operation regardless of chosen theatre of combat. "This unit stands ready."

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Karness Muur
    Whispering on Taris

    Of course I would not just crumble, my friend.

    The Amulet tied around Marcus, like a spider gripping; but it was with the Force; it could not be undone.

    In the middle of this, yes, the Rakghoul's dropped to one knee... and so, too, did, against his wishes no doubt, Nin.

    Consternation would erupt across his face, and then his attire exploded as he transformed into a Rakghoul...

    He'd been scratched in the fight... and so infected.

    Give your body over to me, Marcus... accept my power to protect your daughter... from all Sith, Jedi, and this rancid Empire...

    TAG: @CosmoHender (combo)
    IC: The Emperor

    Shadow Prison

    He regarded the two of them.

    Akuma sought revenge... Maldael sought healing.

    "Come with me," the Tapani said, drily. "We shall achieve both."

    From the bowels beneath the hangar emerged a ship, rising up from the depths.


    "It's a Meditation Sphere," the Emperor supplied. "Designed to amplify Force powers... I'm sure that will assist in your healing."

    He regarded his comlink. "A Jedi High Lord is dead already, the rest are gathered at Coruscant; our Sith allies and pet Admiral are en route..."

    Another nod. "And Muur has been targeted by our Taung and pet Jedi... I imagine he's dead, by now."

    "That leaves XoXaan on Ambria..." A stroked chin, and a soft gaze. "Tulak Hord remains aloof, and Dreypa I cannot -"

    An anonymous tip.


    He scowled.

    "Dreypa is in the Unknowns, acquiring new reinforcements... he is about to emerge to these coordinates."

    He regarded the data.

    "I presume this has come from Ajunta; he'll have allies in Sith Space, after all."

    He looked to them. "Targets?"

    He tapped his chin. "Oh, my sons need to die, before we depart. Might I ask one of you to do the necessary?"

    TAG: @greyjedi125, @darthbernael (singles)
    IC: Antilles

    The Battle of Coruscant, as it would be called

    Their forces were en route, spitballing and planning and worrying and deciding.

    The planet of Coruscant had been the galactic capital for millennia, and so, when the Tapani world of Rei'izu vanished at the end of the Hundred Years Darkness twenty years ago, it was no surprise that the Emperor had shifted control back there...

    This thus saw the Empire become enmeshed in the old rivalries that Coruscant had with Corellia and Alsakan, though the latter was much depleted by the war.

    When they arrived, the planet was already caught in fire.


    Ajunta Pall, across their joint feed, shrugged. "Coruscant had enemies; those belong to the Empire now, may as well use them."

    This wasn't part of the plan.

    The Dark Lord regarded the others. "We'd best secure the Senate and Admiralty before the Alsakani, or they'll be dead - or worse, Alsakan becomes the capital and that Imperial Civil War you've been so worried about happens anyway."

    A shrug, and he cut the channel. He had his own ship in all this; Janus and Antilles would not precisely remember how he'd managed to wangle independence.

    Mind trick.

    Kazu was aboard his own ship, a pursuit craft inside their sole Imperial Dreadnought, flanked by their Centurion-class Star Destroyer and all manner of support craft.

    The Imperial Navy had seen them; two Imperial Dreadnoughts were already en route!

    "Orders, Admiral?"

    The Dark Lord's craft shot forward into the chaos, clearly heading on a route that would take it to the Senate District.

    And then a voice, penetrating their minds.

    This is Grandmaster Ductavis. Stand down, forces of the Dark Lord of the Sith, and ally with us to repulse the Alsakani and defend our Senators and Admirals. The Emperor is a threat, you must see this; his sons will tear apart our Empire for nothing.

    The Alsakani were outgunned, outmatched, outnumbered - but the Empire had them to contend with too...

    The channels were full of competing orders being issued by flag officers and captains, but the Admiralty was silent.

    Definitely hostages.

    A third Imperial Dreadnought hung above the Senate District, clearly caught between heading to assist with the Alsakani, or swing at Jerjerrod's forces...

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    Mar 9, 2005
    IC: Janus Jerjerrod
    Location: Electrostar, Coruscan

    Janus had expected most of the other fleets to be at Coruscant.

    What he didn't expect was for them to be engaged in battle. Their enemies had taken advantage of the chaos and started thier attack on the capital.

    Janus had to agree with the Dark Lord. Here he should have been sending his former colleagues an ultimatum: join back with the Emperor or get crushed. Now he had to win them back over but after the battle. But the orders coming over were not from them.

    Kazu was on Roadblock who had traveled with full might of the Twelfth fleet. Antilles was aboard Roadblock as well and it was flanked by the Centurion destroyers Stormy Tempest and Thunderball. His wished the droid well on this mission.

    Janus had to snort at the Grand Master trying to get him to stand down. The two Dreadnaughts were a problem though. And a third was deciding what to do.

    Electrostar, still badly damaged was acting as backstop and had the flag. Danger Zone and Firebolt, another two Centurions were with him as protection whilst the other one Artemis was sticking around in the middle.

    "Roadblock, face those two Dreadnaughts incoming, Captain Antillies be careful. It's two against one. Find a weak spot and hammer away with weapons, fighters and bombers. The Centurions will assist you".

    "All ships, ready weapons and fighters. Kazu, you may depart when ready, I don't think we will receive a better window for you to launch".

    He looked at the comm officer "Initiate a general call, Imperial channels only" and when he got the nod he spoke.

    "This is Admiral Janus Jerjerrod of the Twelfth fleet aboard the Electrostar. I may have been called a traitor, but it seems our enemies have taken advantage of our infighting. So let us deal with them".

    "To the Admiralty. I ask you to stand with me, help me defend our Empire. Do not cower behind the Jedi Lords. They do not serve the Emperor, I do. I am ready to do what is necessary to protect our citizens. Are you?"

    "Turn your Dreadnaughts attention to our true enemies the Alsakans. And let us do our jobs right".

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  21. darthbernael

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    Apr 15, 2019
    OOC: Prince's movements approved by GM

    IC Maldael Fesh
    Shadow Prison

    Glancing over at his ‘brother’, Maldael could see that Manticore or Akuma, however he desired to be known, was in just as pained a state as he. He could feel his body starting to heal, slowly, even as the Emperor brought them to the hangar. With a weary turn of his head, he could see the craft that hoved into view outside the screen that kept the atmosphere in.

    The Emperor was addressing them so he turned his head back to fully listen. That the craft was a Meditation Sphere that could assist in their healing brought a small smile to his lips. He chuckled slightly at the mention of one dead Jedi High Lord, certain the Emperor meant the one who lay in a crumpled heap in the prison that had held the dark one.

    ’Coruscant, of course…’ he thought, at the news that the others were there, as was the fleet that had been raised by the others that had been present when they were brought to this prison. That Muur was already under attack, if not dead, brought a nod, as did the mentions of Xoxaan, Tulak Hord, and Dreypa.

    The fact that the latter’s location was unknown wasn’t the biggest surprise, Dreypa had been known, before, to have gone off on his own path, quite a few times through the Hundred Years Darkness. What the Emperor said next, though, drew his full attention.

    "Oh, my sons need to die, before we depart. Might I ask one of you to do the necessary?"

    A wry grin came over his face, he’d heard stories of the heirs and how they acted. Looking over at Manticore he raised an eyebrow in thought. He sensed that his brother had the same response to the Emperor as he turned back, ”We’ll take one apiece, probably the best solution to the ‘problem’.”

    With a slight nod to Manticore, he made his way to the lift, heading up to where the Princes would be, probably still trying to recover from almost having died a short while before. His energy had returned, to a degree, by the time the lift came to a stop. Exiting, he let his senses trail out, until he found the essences of the two Princes, thankfully in separate rooms. With a snort, ”Or they are deliberately separate, knowing how they are…” he quipped to himself.

    The Second Princes’s eyes widened as the door shut behind Mal, leaving the two of them alone in the room. He attempted to speak but his throat and voicebox were still damaged from the assault of earlier. Smiling softly as he stalked forward, ”You must have truly been a thorn in the side of your Father.”

    It wasn’t until Mal was standing directly before the Prince, and his power rising around him, that the Prince realized what was truly happening. As he tried to back away sparks of energy at his fingertips flared against Mal’s chest, making the sephi chuckle. The Prince turned, taking a step to run before he was bodily lifted from his feet, slamming into the wall of the chamber.

    He flailed weakly trying to turn, as Mal pounded his body against the wall of the chamber again and again as he walked closer. When he was standing behind the bloody and broken Prince his head tilted to the side. Lifting both hands two fingers together on each hand he smiled coldly. His hands pulled apart from each other, the Prince shrieking as he did. The sounds of muscles tearing, ligaments and joints as well filled the air and then the Prince screamed as Mal’s fingers spread.

    The scream cut off as the Prince’s head fell back, empty eyes looking at Mal. His fingers movements had torn the Prince’s body into four parts, from the centerline of his flesh. He dropped his hands and the quivering flesh, the nerve impulses still firing in the dead body for a few moments, fell in an untidy heap to the floor.

    ”I’m sure that will satisfy the Emperor.” he muttered as he turned and stalked out of the chamber. Glancing at the First Prince’s room he shook his head, wondering what Manticore had in mind for that one. ”I have a feeling his will be just as brutal.” he murmured, heading for the lift, and then back down to the hangar.

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    Dec 2, 2016
    OOC: Combo with @Sinrebirth

    IC: Marcus Dren


    Nin was gone. In his place knelt a Rakghoul, much to Marcus's horror.

    He knew that these monsters, these Rakghouls, were too dangerous to be allowed to continue to exist. Especially if all it took was a single scratch to turn someone into one of them.

    And the voice in his head... Marcus knew better than to trust Karness Muur. He would not give his body over to the Sith Lord. Not ever.

    But before dealing with Muur, these creatures had to be destroyed... and the men they once were had to be laid to rest.

    Electricity crackled from his fingertips and soared from his hand, hitting each of the Rakghouls. He intended for the lightning to shut down their bodies completely, ending their horrific existences.

    Nin and the others deserved a release at the very least.

    The bolts tore into them, and Muur howled. My pretties! How could you!

    The power swam through Marcus and seized at his limbs, his own hands ceasing the barrage and reaching for his own throat.

    With strain in his voice, Muur spoke up. I command you to surrender your body to me. Now.

    Marcus detected the strain in Muur's voice and he smirked.

    "You command me?" he asked, almost amused. "You mean you don't have the strength to take control of my body yourself?" He fought against Murr's power and managed to redirect his hands away from his throat, tearing into the Rakghouls with one last lethal barrage. "You forget who you are speaking to, Murr. I am Marcus Dren, Master of the Beasts. You do not command me. I am the one who commands. Which means that your power is mine, not the other way around."

    Muur scowled. For now.

    Marcus had his power, and the Rakghouls, well, they died.

    So now what? Will you hunt my brethren among the Shadow Lords?

    Or head to Korriban and eradicate their festering Empire?

    Marcus looked down at the talisman on his wrist. "First I am going to see what you were doing here," he told Muur. "And make sure that every last bit of it is destroyed."

    It was too dangerous for him to risk leaving behind any of it intact. Only once he was sure could he leave.

    Muur hissed. Fine.

    Marcus' senses expanded, immensely, violently, almost, perception hammering upon his mind.

    Muur had converted the entire planets populace.

    There were thousands, no, hundreds of thousands of Rakghouls here, all willing to obey him.

    He had power now.

    Incredible power.

    Too much power.

    Marcus was horrified by this revelation. And he knew that the temptation to use that power was too great. So he quickly went back to his ship, now determined to keep Muur as far away from his army of Rakghouls as possible.

    "You're a monster," he told Muur in disgust.

    Muur shrugged. I needed to be sure that my magicks worked, and that no... unhelpful mutations would occur. It would not do to have an army that could not be controlled...

    The sphere of perception increased, covering more and more of the planet.

    The numbers began to reach the millions.

    My plague will bring the entire galaxy to heel.

    A vision.

    Of him on Coruscant, millennia from now...


    And then four others, none of which he would recognize...


    Marcus had no reply. He just focused on leaving the planet's atmosphere. Once they were clear, he began to plot the ship on a new course... into a star.

    Karness Muur spoke up, concerned.

    What are you doing?

    "Dealing with you," Marcus responded. He knew that he couldn't risk Muur taking control at some point. The consequences would be too great.

    He then went over to the airlock, ignited his lightsaber... and sliced off the arm with the talisman attached to it.

    He quickly sealed up the airlock before the talisman could try attaching itself to him again.

    The connection was severed -


    Pain rose up, consuming Marcus to the point of near unconsciousness, unless he drew hard, hard, on the Force.

    Muur's voice rang, corporeal, not in his head, a massive Sith spirit looming.


    Marcus was breathing heavily, fighting against the pain. He thought of his daughter and drew on the Force, using his love for Hope as a way to focus. He ignored Muur's wailing as he limped over to an escape pod. The ship would soon make a jump into a star or at least that was the plan. And Marcus didn't intend to be on the ship when that happened if he could help it. While the surface was crawling with monsters, there were also other ships on the planet that he could use.

    Marcus managed to get into the escape pod and he sealed it off from the rest of the ship, preparing to leave Muur to his fate.

    "That's your problem, Muur," Marcus said. "You think power is all that there is. But it isn't."

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    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: K4-ZU-P8489 or Kazu
    Waiting in a hanger

    Kazu was unaware of the extra tiers of situations that were happening. All he had to contend with were his ships sensors, and the comm chatter. Being connected to the carrying vessel he also had access to their situational map. It still was an amusement to some processors to have seen a Sith bend the Admiral and the Antilles to his will to get his own way with a ship. That had been a thing of ancient data memories, refreshed now by the recent actions.

    Kazu had stayed silent about the whole matter and had merely taken his place. It was no point for a droid to point out the weakness of the groups leadership. Even if it was in the mind.

    The battle was found already started for them.

    Still when the order came from the weak minded Admiral Kazu did not hesitate. He launched and surged after the Sith in a race to the Senate. Kazu aimed as best able to always keep the other craft ahead and above his own approach. So that it would draw any fire first so as to give this droid unit a longer reaction time to avoid any potential incoming fire.

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    Apr 29, 2002
    A combo with myself and our masterful auteur, @Sinrebirth


    IC: Darth Manticore

    Sith Business

    It didn’t matter where or when he was. One fact would remain true, Darth Manticore would always be - a Sith.

    His eventually ‘awakening’ clearly signified there was need for conflict, which he would eagerly supply. That an ‘avatar’ of his brother was on hand was a boon of the Force. Lord Hunger and Lord Hate in any variation thereof, would always be a formidable force, and now, this Emperor had need of their combined talents.

    The need for Revenge burned like an open furnace inside the zabrak Sith Lord’s breast, and with the sudden news of an imminent attack by one of their sworn enemies, Manticore would see himself to the Meditation Sphere, that is, until inspiration took him.

    Fine then. XoXaan's turn would come, soon enough.

    In this moment, the Emperor wished to teach his progeny one final lesson. The Second Prince fell to Maldael's care, while the First Prince would be his. Raising a hand, Manticore delayed his 'healing session' in the Sphere. Accepting the challenge before him, he nodded to both the Emperor and Maldael, then took his ragged form to the First Prince's ‘quarters’.

    By design, no guards would detain him or impede his progress.

    Manticore timed his entrance with that of Maldael’s, so there would be no ‘warning’ given from one Prince to the other, even if such a thing had a very low chance of occurring.

    The disheveled zabrak casually entered the chamber, then spoke, his voice raw as he rasped at the Prince- intentionally interrupting him.

    “I bring you a rare opportunity….” Manticore intoned darkly, his burning gaze peering from behind ebony strands of hair.

    “One last chance for you to make your Father proud…”

    The leer that came over the zabrak’s tattooed face spoke volumes. Manticore rolled his shoulders in preparation of what was to follow. The discomfort he was already in lent him strength for the task at hand. It wasn’t that he was underestimating the First Prince. Not at all. Manticore was challenging himself in the state that he was. Conversely, if the First Prince underestimated him because of his ragged appearance, then so be it.

    "Can you manage it...?"

    The foppish man, coifed blonde and sporting indignity, snarled at the man imperiously. "Alien, I am the Crown Prince of the Galactic Tapani Empire. I do not manage anything; I excel, and whereas you offer me something, you know well that my father is at death's door."

    He took a step forward. "Whatever he offers you is transitory at best. Aligned with myself, you would reap all manner of rewards." A curling of his lip. "Sith."

    Manticore did not deign to answer the festooned creature which stood before him, for he could now see why the Emperor had decided as he did.

    The First Prince was a failure.

    For all his noble upbringing and participation in many skirmishes, this man could not recognize what was truly in the room with him, either that, or he refused to acknowledge it, so strong was his blindness and delusion. The First Prince had excelled at failing the Emperor. The time for words were long past. Perhaps it was pride and self deception which kept him from seeing that which was true.There was no 'bargaining' with an appointed ‘executioner’. Fanciful words, nor displays of entitlement carried any value nor weight. In the end, the First Prince had nothing to offer his Father, for in truth, all that he possessed had been given- nothing was earned. Now it was time for the books to be balanced.

    Manticore moved suddenly, becoming a spinning blur of motion, his black and red form seemingly leaving a streak of after-images in his wake. The Zabrak Sith Lord spun diagonal to the First Prince’s right-side closing the gap between them. As he spun, Manticore struck out the First Prince’s weapon arm with his elbow, smoothly following with a crushing back spinning thrust kick with his left leg, then delivering a right handed chop to Prince’s left collarbone. Manticore’s left arm remains in guard position.

    Each strike would be enhanced and powered by the Force, with more than sufficient impact to dent durasteel.

    Wordlessly, the Sith Warrior secretly hoped that his opening gambit would open them up to a more ‘interactive’ discourse on the matters of life…and death.

    The Prince crumpled, screaming in pain at his preferred arm bending unnaturally, even before the collarbone strike put him into the deck, all but. He rolled onto his back, wounded in two manners, and puffed out his breath. "You... can't... scare me."

    Manticore eyes narrowed for a moment as he now paced 'round the 'Prince', his senses seeking confirmation. Was his target only capable of useless bluster?

    Slowly, the zabrak brought a red finger to his black lips.

    "Shhh!" He commanded. "Can't you hear that?" he added, mockingly cupping his ear with a hand. His ember colored eyes slowly looked toward the adjacent room, where Maldael was currently dealing with the Second Prince. The muted sounds coming through the walls only amplified the horrors of the imagination.

    "Can't you...feel it?" He queried, as he regarded the First Prince, looking to his reaction.

    The First Prince hesitated...

    He could feel it, and indeed, so could Manticore.

    The Force; the Prince had the Force.

    He drew upon it as if well-trained - secretly trained - and, his eyes yellowing, he held out his hand to vise at the Zabrak's throat -

    Manticore raised a single eyebrow in surprise, as it appeared that the First Prince was suddenly full of the Force, in great quantities.

    Indeed, it was, for the Royal launched an attack at the zabrak, with the skill of one learned in the dark arts. Manticore's eyes went wide as his throat was seized by an invisible force, squeezing like a vise, causing him to choke!

    A black hand came up in a quick gesture, almost as if clawing at himself, even as Manticore raised a localize defense around his neck, using Tutaminis. In that same instant, the Sith Lord's free hand pointed accusingly at the First Prince, redirecting the energy used to assault him, in the form of a bolt of lightning- aimed at the Royal's wounded collarbone. Then a second bolt followed, for good measure.

    "That...*cough*....was....surprising....*cough!*" Manticore stated, catching his breath. So, there was some fight in the First Prince after all. Good. He much preferred it when his targets fought back.

    "But, will it be enough....?"

    The room began to feel just a little warmer, as ambient heat began to rise.

    The lightning caught him in the cluster of nerves just beneath ones neck, and he spasmed, collapsing. The second bolt gave rise to burn medallions across his exposed skin. The First Prince sighed, almost deflated. "I... I was told to keep it secret, by father... the Force... the Darkness."

    His eyes glazed yellow again. "But... there is no point, if I have no throne - no.. life!"

    That dangerous glint to his eye again, and his hands began to work, not acknowledging that it was rather difficult to use the Force when ones body was on the edge of broken -

    A critical moment in their conflict became manifest and Manticore pounced the First Prince with great speed.

    The zabrak Sith Lord struck first, using the darkside power of 'Mind Shard' to bodily neutralize his opponent while inflicting great pain, simultaneously leaving his mind vulnerable. Once he was certain he could proceed, he called on 'Darkside healing'.

    "Show me your secrets...." He rasped, touching the mind of the Prince as he drained his opponent's energies into himself. In a way, one could say he offered tribute to Lord Hunger.

    "Let me...avenge you....." Manticore entreated as he shared in the Prince's pain, all the while seeking what his dying mind would reveal.


    The mind revealed so much.

    It was immense, a hundred thousand flashes; truths, words, suspicions, the words of whispered spies and hushed savants, a galaxy of information.

    It would overwhelm Manticore, drive him to the very edge of consciousness.

    His last decision before he imploded would be whether to draw more into him from the open mind -

    All of it -

    Or to save the Prince.

    One snippet slammed into Manticore's minds eye -

    Out with the old, frail body, in with the new, younger one -

    It was the Emperor, crowing, clucking, in victory -

    But this was a vision that the Crown Prince had once had, not a truth, but a future -

    Darkness nibbled at Manticore's vision -


    This experience was, in every way, overwhelming.

    Manticore did not like losing, he did not relish giving up, he was stubborn to a fault- but he was no fool. To take in another’s mind, another’s life, the immensity of their life experience -all of it - would mean risking his own mind in an all too real manner.

    How much would he retain, he couldn’t say for certain, but guess that the parts which were critical would resonate the deepest; they would leave their indelible marks. In truth, he had little choice but to release the dying Prince from the circuit he had created, lest he too suffer irreparable damage.

    Black clawing hands released the Prince’s cranium as the zabrak Sith Lord pitched backwards, an anguished cry- not his own- escaped his blackened lips. Fire burned in his eyes as he fought against the loss of consciousness, plumes of fire erupted from his nostrils as he gritted his teeth and snarled in defiance.

    There was a 'greater ploy' afoot.

    The Emperor.

    But that wasn’t truly new- except, the deep impact of consequence.

    Manticore fought against the darkness that threatened to claim him, he would not become a vulnerable target, not now that he'd finally come to himself.

    Not when he had seen a glimpse of ‘a future’.

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    There was of course the clash of warships and fighter craft, but they were not nearly as important as what was happening in orbit.

    But, what happened in orbit did inform what happened in atmosphere.

    Because the Imperial fleet was preoccupied with the arrival of an enemy fleet commanding a Dreadnought of its own, it didn't notice the handful of ships piercing orbit, merely considering that they were one of several hundred civilian craft fleeing for safety. When the Imperial forces were positioned beyond it's reach, Coruscants energy shields slammed shut.

    With Kazu on the inside.

    The droid had a route, of course, following the Dark Lord of the Sith.

    But as they neared the target; the Senate District, there was a change.

    Sensors blacked out, ships lost their drive, and their two craft dropped like stones, slamming into the broadwalk of Imperial Boulevard.

    The Dark Lord leapt free, but hesitated. He was unharmed, but his crew was not; they had not survived the fall - they were not as hardy as he, and so he gestured, ripping open Kazu's wrecked ship as if mere fruit-peel.


    "Droid! Are you functional!"

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    IC: The Emperor

    Departing the Ghost Prison

    The shuttle was ready, and he stood at the top of the ramp, waiting for the two of them.

    His sons were dead, which was a perverse thought, because of how fine it was.

    They were dullards.

    Maldael arrived first, and the Emperor merely regarded him for the moment.


    He didn't say anything, his eyes narrowed. And then he went to speak. "Could not the Zabrak handle a boy?"

    A scoff.

    Manticore, of course, took longer to finish up, but he did resist the darkness clawing at his mind, managing to stay conscious. But the prince, he was dead on the cell floor. He would be wounded, but moreso by the damage to his soul than not. Images rose, unbidden, but they were unfocused, bereft of any sense.

    Just that one sentence, from the vision, drumming over and over.

    But the Zabrak was still in the cell... and Maldael was with the Emperor.

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    IC: Voices

    The escape pod launched, even as Karness Muur raged in his mind, impotently, as distance grew between them.

    The ship was careening forward, and indeed it lurched into hyperspace as the Sith spirit exerted himself in the Force -

    Too late, seemingly, Marcus' ship vanished into the sun.

    He had done it.

    The escape pod was decently equipped, including a single-use hyperdrive, holocomm transmitter, and even food and purified water. For whatever reason, the pod had been upgraded, and it wouldn't be abnormal for an Admiral or Emperor to have access too.

    The Force rumbled, however, with danger...

    A warship appeared above him, and then another.

    And another.


    Then the Force told him just who this fleet belonged to.

    Another legacy from Corbos.

    Remulus Dreypa.

    The notorious admiral, who had started this all.

    He was here.

    The comms crackled...


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