Saga The Brightest of the Stars (When Teebo Met Latara) - Romcom Challenge | COMPLETE, WITH E-BOOK

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    Thank you - especially for the "another" part of that statement. [face_blush]

    THIS. SO MUCH. =D=

    And I'm glad that Latara was funny - she was supposed to be. Imagine such a precocious diva! :D

    She's like one certain Looney Tunes/Merrie Melodies rooster, but she actually has a point. ;)

    She probably doesn't know what it means at this point, just like a childhood friend of mine didn't know at that age, when he told me that "we will get married if we get naked after our wedding, because it's beautiful" and I thought that we were to streak at the church or municipality. Latara probably has a vague idea, while Teebo probably thinks that she was going to probe him, turn him into a frog or whatever'. :p

    And that is how everybody, in a way, ends up with their own star. [face_love]

    That means a lot - this is not my native language, but I try to channel the emotions the same way that I would in mine.

    I will just leave this link here. (TW: emetophobia)


    I mean, my work here is done, MWAHAHAHAHAHA.

    Sourface, even on the surface. ;)

    I highlighted the new thing you spotted, since I replied to everything else. Good catch!

    He sure does...but the point of these stories is that these two cacophonies eventually form the melody - as said at the end of the romantic chapter in The Other Moon, Teebo is the words to Latara's melody.

    ...and Bozzie is ALREADY annoyed. She found herself the next "victim" that very moment.


    Yes, yes and yes - to all of this.

    It is. The flower thing, I made up myself, as yet another symbol. Kneesaa had a horrible experience as a very young wokling and her father is very protective of her, at the same doing everything he can so she could remember Ra-Lee and Asha. Of course, Asha is alive, but at this point in time, nobody knows about this.




    ...also a leitmotif in many of my stories. She's, err, still Jenny from the Block. :D

    There must have been warning signs - but Lumat is very, err, Lumat...and he deserved this kind of a rude awakening.

    Plus, no stupid flowers and no white - subtle references to Latara not caring about CERTAIN conservative values and never will.

    :p :p :p She should write that book.

    ...she sports the same feather, too. One for her, one for "green eyes" because he needs to look good next to her, THEY NEED TO BE SO, LIKE, IN SYNC.

    They're both eccentric, so they both need that - nothing to add, you nailed it. It's just that Teebo's eccentricity was more obvious, due to his shyness, introversion and Force-sensitivity.

    HECK YES, YES, YES. <3 <3 <3

    Yes to the specific bonds, too - that's the reason Latara had to be the key, and Batcheela and Logray were just clues.

    Yay, you spotted THAT. And here I was, wondering that you thought of that chapter as pure squick, because you ignored it when commenting on the story. EP NEEDS TO STOP BEING SO PARANOID.

    Hapan mother, yes. And it was not present in his childhood, but it eventually prevaled.

    Now, why the sensor cannot detect his claps is a whole different story - and not so nice. But it will make sense soon, there's that super-disturbing story in need of updating.

    Of course. :D

    All of that and more...

    Luufi is also unique in her place in that magic-tech spectrum. She figures out both naturally.

    Of course - because they're eccentric weirdos as well, among other similarities that they share with these two. ;)

    And thank YOU for the record-breaking HUGH-JAZZ-comment. ^:)^
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    So, folks, I wanted to thank you. Thank you for nominating this story in not one but three categories - best established relationship for our favourite furry couple Latara and Teebo, best multi-post and, together with six other stories, best series (titled Anjie Mencuri stories). Thank you so much. I love Teebo and Latara, Anjie is one of my favourite own OCs and this is obviously a great honour to me. Thank you!


    Update: here's the e-book, complete with the awesome cover drawing by Raissa Baiard! <3


    Click here to head to the download page.

    Please, do report errors, if any. Thank you. :)
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