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Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by brodiew, May 3, 2020.

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    Oct 11, 2005
    @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha: Thanks, Nyota! I'm thrilled to elicit the SQUEE!

    Week VIII - by Briannakin


    Steam rose from the cup of hot chick soup as Ezra walked the hallway toward Sabine's quarters. She had not asked for it, but it was an old recipe from home and it was supposed to help the body fight any number of sicknesses.

    He pressed the chime outside her room. “Who is it?” came the pathetically nasal voice over the comm unit.

    “Room Service,” Ezra said, brightly. “I brought you some chicken soup. It's hot and has some spice to help you get better sooner.

    The door opened and he entered to see his paramour barely peeking over a thin blanket. Her hair, as colorful as it was, was matted with sweat pulled coarsely to the side. He set the cup down on a small table next to the bunk.

    “You look awful,” he deadpanned. “But, when you're ready the soup should feel better.


    Ezra found Kanan in he cockpit hunched over a mug of caf. The mug, given to him by Hera, said 'Best Dad in the Galaxy'.

    “Hey Kanan,” Ezra said, nervously.

    “What is it, Ezra?” Kanan, replied, mildly irritated at the interruption. “Mornings are for Caf and contemplation.” *

    “But, I have a-”

    “-Caf and Contemplation.”

    “I have a secret I'm not going to tell you about.”

    This got Kanan's attention and looked up from the mug. “But you just did.

    “I said I have a secret, but not what the secret is,” the young man rebutted.

    “You and Sabine have been hiding your new found feelings for each ever since returning from Lothal City two weeks ago.”

    Ezra's mouth fell open and his shoulders sagged in defeat. “Wait! What? You know about us?”

    “I'm a Jedi Master, Ezra, romantic feelings shine like a beacon in the Force.”

    “Did you tell Hera?” Ezra said, concerned.

    “No. That is for you and or Sabine. But, I wouldn't wait long.”

    *quoted from Jim Hopper Stranger Things S1, Ep 1.


    “Your son has learned more from you than the ways of the Force,” Hera said, waving her hand slowly in front of his face.

    Kanan started, nearly knocking the glass of Alderra wine from the galley table. Glancing at Hera and then at the meal she had prepared form them. “What?”

    “Nice one, Kanan,” she said, dismissively. “Ezra has taken to staring as much as you do.”

    “Aha,” the Jedi replied in understanding. “Whom has he been staring at?”

    “Oh, you already know that one, Master Jedi,” she answered, cannily. “You've been keeping a secret of your own. When were you going to tell me about Ezra and Sabine?”

    Kanan shrugged and picked up his glass and took a long pull of wine.

    “Right after you told me,” Kana replied, arching an eyebrow.


    “Why do you drink from such a big cup?”

    “If you haven't noticed,” Zeb replied. “I'm a big guy. Why do you drink from such a small cup, Small Fry?”

    “I'm no small fry!” Ezra replied, anger growing.

    “Pipe down! You want mom and dad to come running and make us throw our drinks out.”

    “They wouldn't make us throw it out if you hadn't taken it from their stash.”

    “My ears are itchin' at your complainin', Boy!” Zeb countered. “Shut your mouth and enjoy your drink or you'll be enjoying nothing out the airlock.”


    “Ezra, I didn't know you wanted to take me to an antiquities museum,” Sabine complained as they toured the Museum of Natural History in Lothal City. “When you said museum, I thought you meant ART museum.

    “I guess I could have been more clear,” Ezra said, distractedly as he gazed keenly at a display of ancient ceremonial chalices. “This stuff is pretty neat though. It's fascinating to see elements of history before we even knew there were other worlds.”

    Sabine looked at the display again, this time considering the artistic elements of the archaic elements. “I guess there was some craftsmanship that went into making them.”

    “Come on, Sabine,” Ezra coaxed, “More than a little. These were used in religious ceremonies. They were fine art and very valuable. So I understand.”

    “I guess there is a certain flash to them regardless of how old they are.”
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    Aug 31, 2004
    Sweet as Sabine and Ezra seem to be serious about one another and Hera and Kanan both know even without anyone saying a thing! [face_mischief]
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    Aug 21, 2006
    Love the sets with Ezra, Zeb and Sabine and the one with Obi-Wan and Siri was delightful
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    Oct 11, 2005
    @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha: It's been fun writing the Spectres. More soon. I'm glad you enjoyed it.
    @earlybird-obi-wan: Thanks, earlybird. It's been a while since I've done some Siriwan. It was fun. Perhaps, some more soon.

    A/N: This was a weird set. I never felt too connected to it. But it is what it is.

    Week IX - by mavjade


    Poe Dameron leaned over the explosive device that had been planted in his left most engineering vestibule. He had only purchased the ship, YT-2400, two standard months ago, and, to his mind had not had time to make enemies in the spice trade. Sweat formed on his brow has he had no idea how to defuse a bomb. The ship was worth more than his life and if he lost her he might as well find the highest spire and throw himself from it.

    Poe nervously assessed the device and quickly determined that whomever the bastard was that left the device had not secured it to the bulkhead. Grabbing it up into his arms, he raced through the ship's corridors and down the landing ramp immediately tossing the bomb over the landing pad with three seconds to spare.


    When Poe got on the public personnel carrier, he had not idea it would all boil down to another attempt on his life. Not long after the bus pulled away from the stop, driver accelerated well beyond the limits and when Poe asked him to slow down, he notice that the driver was unconscious. That was when his comm unit buzzed and a clearly disguised voice said: “Better to keep the bus moving and even faster because it if slows to below 200 kph you all dye in a blaze of glory. Oh, and you better keep it in the space lanes or you got BOOM!”

    “Who is this?” Poe demanded.

    “The one who has you by the short hairs, Dameron!”


    Han Solo stood three customers back as the proprietor of the market booth he frequented bobbed her head and weaved back and forth and laughed nervously as she assisted the other customers. He could hear her loud voice and see the seemingly senseless gesticulations. It was all rather frustrating, but, oddly, he could not put his finger on why. Being had been accentuating their speech with hand motions or movement of their appendages since the dawn of time. Why did this woman's speech and movement seem more like an affection than some sort of defense mechanism? Why was his tension level rising and why did he continue to stand there in line as one half of his brain was telling to head home? Two things, he knew: the woman was nice, very nice, and her fromages were to die for. Han knew that if he were to know the hour of his death, he would want a bit of this fromage before his demise.


    The blast knocked Poe backward three standard meters and he landed hard on his right hip and tumbles three or four times before stopping. He was only partially conscious as he looked upon the flaming wreckage of his ship, The Sidewinder. Whomever had been trying to kill him had failed. Again. But his ship, and is dream of spice hauling was over. Turning to his left, an excruciating pain shot down his leg. A large piece of shrapnel protruded from his thigh and it was bleeding heavily. For a moment he considered pulling the hunk of metal out. He then realized that it was deeper than he thought and he did not want to bleed out on the way to the med center.


    “I want to go with you to Tatooine,” the young man declared.

    “It's too soon,” his Uncle replied.

    “Too soon? It's been months.”

    “I agree with your Uncle,” the young man's mother replied. “She has much more to do and learn before she sees you again. I know you understand.”

    “I do understand,” the man said. “I would only be there for a moment, to give her a smile, to let her know I'm waiting.”

    “She has what she needs,” his Uncle said. “She will have to decide what do with it. She is a young woman. With a long life ahead. If she sees you now, it could change the future in ways we cannot see.”

    “I understand, Uncle.”

    “Don't be afraid, Son,” his mother added. “I have a feeling she will wait.”
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    Aug 21, 2006
    explosive; Poe could save all
    speed; like the movie
    thought; fun with Han
    absorb; alive
    change; he has to wait
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    Aug 3, 2003
    Week 3: I still love that whole concept of the Jedi investigators!

    Great line.

    Week 4: Fun set! Love the Obi-Wan/Siri interaction.

    [face_laugh] I totally read this as Siri crying because of female things, but regardless, yep, Obi-Wan's reaction was totally the wrong choice. :p

    "Golden" was so sweet, and I loved "Undying"! So fun. :D

    Week 5: Another great set!

    Such beautiful imagery, and the whole concept of this being her sanctuary, and Ezra understanding what it means that she lets him in, is just lovely.

    And I really loved "Shrine"! I love the idea of the Lars homestead being a place of contemplation for Rey. [face_love]

    Week 6: All of these are great, but I particularly liked "Angel" and "Beast". "Angel" was just lovely. [face_love]


    Week 7: Awww! Such a nice mix of sweetness and fun and banter! I loved all of these but "Key" was my favorite.

    So sweet! And also, I love 20s style clothes and flapper dresses. :D

    Week 8: Another lovely set! I particularly liked Ezra bringing Sabine the soup, and their visit to the museum in "Chalice".

    Truer words never were spoken. [face_mischief]

    Week 9: The Speed one was fun! Poe seems to have a knack for getting himself into those kind of situations. :p

    [face_laugh] I feel that, I'd be the same way!

    These have all been so awesome and such a great mix of characters/eras/genres/everything! Great job. =D=
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    @earlybird-obi-wan: Thanks for stopping in, earlybird. I appreciate the comment. The Han one was my favorite!
    @amidalachick: Thank you so much for the round up, amidalachick! It was such a nice surprise to see your reviews. I'm glad you like the idea of Jedi investigators. Me too. Though I'm not sure where to go with it. Ideas?
    I figured you would get the Stranger Things reference, even if I didn't cite it. I'm really glad you enjoyed the REBELS drabbles. I felt really strongly about it and I'm glad it had such an impact. The Han one just once of those that wrote itself. It was fun. Thank you again!

    Week X - by Mira_Jade


    Byma Toc did not attend many festivities, social, political, or otherwise. He thought his presence might create a disturbance. He had been encouraged to attend certain functions but had always found a way to beg out. There was once occasion, however, that he would never miss; that was the Knighting Ceremony. He wanted to see the best and brightest and he wanted them to see him. It was not a threat, overt or otherwise, but it was a veiled warning and an encouragement to stay on the path of light. Toc knew he was an example of how things could go very wrong, but also of the benefits of staying true to the Order.


    It was during one of their senseless arguments about her training that Luke had the audacity to take her hand. She had snatched it back with instant ferocity and added a biting quip about his competence as a teacher. She regretted the remark immediately, but did not apologize. What she did not regret was the touch of his hand. The electricity that shot through her arm and raced to secret places was undeniable. She looked at him, self righteousness burning in her emerald eyes, and, for a moment, she saw something else in the Farmboy. Something new. But deny it she did. Turning on her heels she left for the Jade's Fire without another word.


    Poe Dameron wandered what he could give the woman who had everything. He was tired of silly remarks about her hair, her manner of dress, or her general manner for that matter. Whatever it would be, it would have to simple. He wondered it simple and extravagant were words that belonged together. Then he thought of his marriage and laughed at his previous thought. Perhaps, he should write her a poem or make her a piece of art. Maybe he should cook for her, though he has done it many times. Even in their simplicity, these ideas seemed trite. Amilyn deserved a gift from the heart that reinforced his love for her. Perhaps a getaway to a chalet or even a cabin in the woods by a river or near a waterfall. He wondered if she would be disappointed by simply telling her that she was his all in all.


    “I will not say that our time together has been pleasant, Toc,” Mace Windu began. “But I have grow fond of you. You can let that be a secret between you and I, the Code not withstanding. I am proud of your turn around. To say that you are a new man, a different person, would be overstating that matter. However, it is clear that your desire to seek the Light is true and that this new role will allow for that even as you endeavor to keep others the on that same path.”

    “Thank you, Master,” Toc replied, stoically. “I have a new respect for you as well. We both want an order without blemish. We want the Force to guide us. I confess, Mace, if I may, that I find myself holding the code more closely to my heart, but also more rigidly. Are we to be so austere in our judgments?”

    “I will allow the liberty, Toc, this one time,” Windu said, . “You bring up an interesting point. Does redemption require that the pendulum of behavior swing so heavily in the opposite direction of the moral destitution in which one is found?”

    “Do you have an answer, Master?” Toc pressed.

    “The Dark side dogs us constantly, Byma,” Windu said. It is an ever-present temptation that must be resisted at all cost. That resistance is seeking the Force with your whole being; mind, strength, body, and soul. We are a spiritual order after all. Seeking the Force requires sacrifice. That sacrifice sees that the Will of the Force is served.”

    “With respect, Master,” Byma said, directly. “That is only half of an answer.”

    “Yes it is, Toc,” Windu replied with a sly but meaningful curl of his lip. “Yes it is.”


    As Mara approached her ship, she was overcome with emotion. Tears welled in her eyes and the personal control that she held so dear was wavering. The emotion, sudden and without explanation was unnerving. Her next step wavered and she steadied herself by pressing a hand against the hull of the Jade's Fire.

    What was the Force doing? Was this even the Force? Was her body and mind betraying her? Was she ill?

    As sudden as whatever this attack was, Skywalker was in her head asking if she was ok. NO, she wasn't okay, but she didn't want him rushing to her aid or talking inside her head either. She sent him a firm NO! And STAY AWAY!

    Before she knew it, he was at her side. He held her arm as she lowered herself to the landing platform.

    Turmoil was a clamoring inside her. She had never been at such a loss. Was this about Skywalker? Was her body's betrayal a sign that what she had been denying for so long was hurting her? She looked up at him, concern marking his shimmering blue eyes. She had just cut him as hard as she could with her words and he still wanted to help her. What could she say to that?

    “What is it Mara?” Luke asked, sensing her anxiety.

    The response was so simple. It was five words that could change her present state and perhaps her entire life. She just had to say them, to set aside her pride once and for all, and let the man in.

    “I don't want to go.”
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    Aug 31, 2004
    Loved Thought from Week 9 and Firework and Farewell from Week Ten -- YUM! [face_love]
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    Aug 21, 2006
    love the Mara and Mace drabbles
  10. amidalachick

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    Aug 3, 2003
    Another great set!

    Great lines!

    Interesting discussion between Mace and Toc in this one, and I could totally hear and see him say this line in particular!

    "Gift" was sweet, and it really is such a universal struggle to find that perfect gift! :p

    Such a great Mara voice here!

    Awww! "Firework" and "Farewell" were my favorites out of this set. :D

    Great work again!
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    I loved them all but I especially loved the last line of Farewell. The vulnerability of that was just lovely,

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    Oooh, but these have been absolutely wonderful! I have to apologize for falling so far behind in reading. But! *cracks knuckles* Here I go about fixing that as best I can, with mentioning a couple of my favorites . . . :D

    Wonderful dialogue and interaction! It's been a while since I've read some good Siri/Obi-Wan content, and this made me smile such a nostalgic smile. Of course, Siri is more than right here, and Obi-Wan will be wise to remember her words! [face_laugh] :p

    [face_laugh] [face_love]!

    I could have quoted this entire drabble. :p You know I love your Poldo stories, and this one was no exception. It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks; just them. [face_love]

    This drabble was so beautiful! Hera defines herself by her service in the Rebellion and the captain of the Ghost and being our awesome kick-butt space!mom, but with Kanan she is able to be all of that and a woman - and a very beautiful, very much loved woman, at that! Just gorgeous. [face_love]

    [face_rofl] [face_rofl]!

    All of Zeb and Ezra's sibling like antics had me cracking up, but this one in particular got me. :p


    First off, great way to poke fun over the confusion over 'thrush' in the UDC thread :oops: [face_blush] , and, secondly, of course a beast-warden like Ezra would have all sorts of practical knowledge about wildlife that, say, Sabine wouldn't. :p This was a very cute walk in the woods, and a great moment to see their relationship growing - throughout this and all of their drabbles together! [face_love]


    [face_rofl] [face_rofl]!

    More spot on and fun banter her is, of course, spot on and fun. :p

    Oh! [face_love] This was such a great moment for Mara and Luke - even if she isn't quite letting herself accept that there are, quite literally, sparks between them, and she's of course reacting with hostility when confronted with something that she doesn't have any control over. But, they'll get there. [face_love]

    I loved Poe's introspection in this drabble. Whatever he chooses to get for her she'll love because it's from him. That's all that matters in the end. [face_love]

    I love, love, LOVE how you keep coming back to Byma and Mace. Their relationship is a fascinating one, and I'm proud of Byma's growth! And, of course, your Mace voice is above and beyond excellently in character! =D=

    [face_love] [face_love] [face_love]!

    SQUEE, MY HEART! This was just beautiful.

    These have all been fantastic, my friend! It's great to see you catching up on the challenge, and with so many excellent offerings. I can't wait to see where your muse takes you next from here. [face_love]

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    A/N: I apologize for the long absence. I also appreciate all the comments from the previous set. In this set I return to my favorite AU genre of the Old West. However, the Kyp/Jaina is in full swing. I hope you enjoy it.

    Week XI


    Kyp Durron's skull pounded as he awoke from a pitifully short night's sleep. He should not have stayed up so late drinking and playing cards. Taking a quick survey of the room, he deducted that Jaina was already tending to the horses. His wife did not drink or play cards. He was still learning about her; what made her tick, what she would do for fun if she ever decided to have any. Their marriage was one of convenience which had translated into a mighty nice business partnership. They were Bounty Hunters. Good ones, too. Both of them were crack shots and, to their mutual surprise on meeting, excellent with a sword. Hers had been lifted from a Confederate Colonel and his from a Union Captain. Irony all around. Dressing quickly, he left to meet her at the stables.


    By dusk, they had tracked their target, a rotten murderous piece of work, named Thracken. He had killed indiscriminately across the state, East to West and North to South. He had killed innocents and guilty, lawmen and bandits, and even a politician or two. The Governor had called on Kyp and Jaina to bring him in dead or alive. Kyp wondered if the loud mouth would have the spine to meet him on the street for some final words. Turns out, Thracken was as prideful as he was vicious. The count of three found a hole in his head and a coffin for his bed.


    Kyp sucked on his teeth as he considered the hand he held. It was a tell he had manufactured to thrown his opponents off. He hoped it would work. He had three Kings and a couple of nines. A Full House. One of the better hands in the game. But not the best. Jaina sat next to him at the table straight as a board. She never slouched and laid back. In fact, she never seemed to relax. Even in bed there was a certain rigidity. He hoped that would change over time. But he digressed. Laying down his cards caused a commotion which had Jaina up in a shot, pistol outstretched, daring anyone to call him a cheater.


    The rides through the desert were mostly silent. Jaina didn't like to talk and when Kyp, who liked it very much, tried to engage her, she would shut him down in short order. He wondered, sometimes, if the money was worth it, if the marriage was worth it. Then he remembered the moments of exquisite tenderness, when they surfaced, and how she could be vulnerable when she let herself. However, the times between could be like picking at the bones of dead horses lying in the dust.

    “I love you, you know,” Kyp said, trying to make the statement meaningful. Perhaps, trying too hard.

    “You think you do,” she replied, looking straight ahead. “You love the money more. It allows you to play. You love to play.”

    “I'd give it up in a heartbeat if it meant something to you.”

    “I doubt that,” she said, pulling her hat down to shield her eyes from the sun falling lower in the afternoon sky.

    She turned to him. “If I love you, why would I ask you to stop.”

    Kyp grinned momentarily before it melted into sorrowful recognition. “Now that is the best and worst thing I've heard all day.”

    Bone (to pick)

    Kyp threw the cards to the ground. Three decks. 153 cards in an unruly pile at Jaina's feet.

    “I'm done!” Kyp said, in frustration. “I'm going all in for you, Jaina. No more gambling. If it means more time with you, more meaningful time with you, I'm giving it up.”

    She kicked at the cards on the ground and eyed him closely. "Perhaps we should play one last game? You win, you keep playing and I open up a bit more. I win, you quit playing and you let me have the majority of kills going forward. We still split the money, but I can guarantee you that more kills will make me more...willing and active in other areas.”

    "No. I said I was giving up cards regardless. You want more kills, you'll have to take them. Nothing like a little friendly competition to spice up a marriage, eh?”

    She stared at him for a long moment and with a thin smile, winked at him.
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    Aug 31, 2004
    Fascinating AU! =D= Kyp and Jaina in the rollicking Wild West [face_laugh]
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    Oh, but this was just fascinating! You know I love your AUs anyway - you have a knack for taking the characters we know and love and sticking them into all sorts of situations that nonetheless still feel right, all the while keeping their voices intact. This set was no different. [face_love]

    Ha! I liked the irony there. And the bit of backstory. What a fascinating tale from start to finish!

    There was just such a quintessential Western feeling to this drabble in particular. And, honestly, Star Wars isn't far from a Space Western itself in some ways - just look at how well the Mandalorian is playing on that tone in its narrative right now, which just made this AU all the more fun.

    They still make a great team, in any 'verse. [face_love]

    So much truth here, and yet so far! Your Jaina here really felt like the same one caught in her duty as the Sword of the Jedi, who wouldn't let herself live or even feel much outside of how tightly she held herself together. It's always hard watching her caught in that persona, and it hurt here too. :( I'm curious as to the story that made her so careful and guarded in this 'verse!

    And she breaks! Just as much as Kyp does in his own turn. [face_love] A great end to a great set. =D=
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    @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha: Thanks, Nyota! Thanks for stopping in and leaving a comment. I'm glad you had fun.
    @Mira_Jade: Thank you, Mira. you know I love to mess around int the Old West AU. I'm glad this one had Kyp and Jaina remaining in character. They can both be brooders , but I want to have a dangerous, but optimistic. Jaina is definitely in her hard core stoic phase.

    I hope you guys enjoy this continuation.

    Week XII -
    by mavjade


    Jaina's eyes grew bright when she saw that her prey had drawn a sword rather than a pistol. It was at once the thrill of a more visceral battle accompanied by the arousal at the prospect of blood being spilled. She tossed a glance at Kyp who curtly nodded his ascent.

    “Stay back now!” the man with the scraggly beard screeched. “This sword is sharp! One touch could cost you an arm or a leg or your life!”

    “What you say is true,” Jaina agreed. “So sharp that it left your wife and farm hand a grisly sight to behold. I could just shoot you, Mr. Potts, but I want to know if you truly know what you're doing with that sword.

    He held the blade out front, with both hands, which was unnecessary the light blade. Jaina knew this fool would go down easy and frown at that knowledge. The sword had simply been an available weapon when the man found his wife in flagrante delicto.

    Potts rushed her and slashed with the blade. She stepped aside gingerly and with a backhanded wave of her blade cut the back side of his leg. Blood poured immediately from the wound. He howled in pain.

    “Clearly, you have no idea what to do with it.”

    “You'll pay for that, Witch!”

    He lunged forward, jabbing the blade toward her stomach. With a strong downward motion, she knocked it from his hand. With her other hand, she drew her pistol, twirling it so to butt was up. Another downward strike and the man lay unconscious before her.

    “Yikes,” Kyp said, sarcastically. “Witch. I wonder if he knew about the spell you cast on me?”

    Rolling her eyes, she said: “Shut up and bind the wound. I want this bastard to hang.”

    “Sorry he wasn't more of a challenge.”

    “I'm sure you are.”


    Kyp Durron woke with a smile on his face which he held, fighting off the a wince of pain that emanated from his wrapped shoulder. The smile was in remembrance of Jaina's unbridled passion the night before and the wound in his shoulder was part of what sparked it. It was rare that he and Jaina would take a bounty for a gang, which by their reckoning was four or more. Jaina had been sullen in recent weeks, bored by bagging and tagging one offs, nasty characters or not. He had been reluctant to take a job to bag six men, but his wife had been insistent. She craved action, and to a touch of his dismay, the killing. She was right that he liked the money and it kept coming rolling on which kept satisfied. In part.

    The job led them to a mining town called French Gulch. It had been raining, which he hated because it shaved percentages on their accuracy and freedom of movement. The Killik gang rode into town hungry, tired, and ornery. The worst, or best ,combination depending on your point of view. Their first shots was at the ceiling, the next were at bottles behind the bar, and finally removing the right earlobe of the barman.

    Jaina had stealthily taken a position on the stairs as Kyp was sitting at a table near the front window. The hail of gunfire from the gangs flank and rear was quick and deadly. It was over before it had started. Sadly, in the hail of momentary gunfire, was hit in the arm by a stray, or very accurate slug. It hurt like the dickens! But all the pain faded away as he saw the lust in Jaina's eyes as came down the stairs. He was in luck tonight.

    After confirming the bounty with the local law, husband and wife retired to their room with a bottle of whiskey. Clothes were shed, they drank their meds, and good used was made of the springs in the bed.


    “Why does it take smoke, blood, and death for you to show any signs of life?” Kyp asked as the rode out of French Gulch. The rode in tight formation and at a leisurely pace.

    “Been that way as long as I can remember,” Jaina answered matter of fact.

    “You got some kind of trauma?” He pressed, know it might make her mad.

    “No trauma,” she replied with a curt shake of her head. “Just no joy.”

    “Trouble with your parents?” he asked, carefully.

    “Not really,” she said, looking straight ahead. “Maybe. My mother is a consummate professional. She expected that of my brother and I as well. I mean, I guess she did. I never asked.”

    “Was she abusive?” he asked, no backing down.

    “God, no,” his wife answered, a tinge of mirth turning at the edge of her mouth. “Just a busy woman who did her best while letting the servants do most of the parenting.”

    “What about your dad?”

    She actually smiled at question. “Where do you think I leaned to shoot?”

    Kyp pressed his lips together and nodded his understanding. “Is he responsible for your witty repartee?”

    She turned to him and rolled her eyes, continuing her delightfully abnormal lightness of spirit. “His witty repartee is unparalleled. My mothers is polite, but not biting. Mine is buried deep enough that it will likely never be found.”

    And, with that, his lucky streak ended. “Buried where?”

    She looked far into the distance and all trace of humor drained from her face.

    “With my brother.”


    “Will you tell me what happened?” Kyp asked, calmly, but desperate inside to learn something meaningful about his wife.

    “Not today,” she said, coldly.

    “It sounds like you need to talk about it. I can feel the weight on your chest from here.”

    “That weight can stay right where it is, Kyp!” she snapped. “It keeps me sharp. It keeps me focused. It keeps me alive. I said not today. Drop it.”

    “Is this what you call living? Because you seem more like walking dead.”

    She pulled her six shooter and had it aimed at his head.. “I married you for a mutual benefit. I don't love you. I don't love anyone. I could leave you head dead in the dust and carry one like nothing happened.”

    “And bury someone else who cares about you?” he ventured.


    No sign of softening, the pistol returned to her holster and her hands to the reins of her horse. “I apologize. I should not have done that.”

    “Not like I've never had a gun in my face,” Ky said, with a dash of nerves. “I'll live.”

    They rode in silence for what seemed like forever. The sun was falling lower in the sky and they would need to either make camp or press on to the next town.

    “We were on a mission for General Meade,” she said, suddenly. “Behind enemy lines. There were five of us and be the time it was over,a hole brick load of them. What the mission was doesn't matter. The fact that I was there illegally, doesn't matter either. We lit up the Rebs something fierce. It was a bloodbath. But, there were only six of us. They just kept coming, Kyp. We were dead for sure if we didn't run. Anakin wouldn't run. He insisted on covering our retreat. I pleaded with him to come with us, but he wouldn't have it. He screamed in my face for me to run and take the others. He pushed me to ground and screamed that we would all die if I didn't go right then. Tears were in his eyes. I remember them vividly. As we ran into the night, I tuned back and saw him hit twice. He kept firing until they were on him, firing into his body even as ran past him after us.”

    Kyp listened intently and watched as teard streaked down her dust covered face. “I'm sorry, Jaina.” He left it at that think anymore would sound patronizing. He wasn't about to tell her that that the trauma was real.
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    Super as the details about Jaina's past reflect SW losses and choices but with a Western tang [face_thinking] =D= Jaina's insistence she doesn't actually love him is starting perhaps to sound like trying to convince yourself.
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    I love the Old West flair you've put on these! The tone, the imagery - it all works so well, and it's a lot of fun to read!

    I really liked this line! It's so simple but evokes such a vivid picture of the whole scene.

    And all of Week 12 was awesome! Action, romance, angst, and all so well-written. Nice development of Kyp and Jaina's relationship too.

    Loved this bit! [face_laugh]

    These were both great sets, and I'd definitely be interested in reading more of this 'verse! =D=
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    I just love this entire premise, you have to know! And this continued to be an awesome set to follow the last. :D

    Yep. That's Jaina! Blasters are so uncivilized. :p

    Great use of the prompt, as well. =D= The same with the creative use of seismic. :p

    Whew, but isn't that a lot to unpack there? Jaina is definitely dealing with her trauma in what ways she can, all without dealing with the root cause of course. Her similar actions in profic cut just as deep to watch her spiral, and that remained the same here.

    [face_laugh] Loved this!

    =(( Oh . . . ouch.

    But with patience, and stubborn determination :p, Kyp manages to get to the root of the story. He does a great job just listening and being there for Jaina. What else can he do? There are no words that will make her loss more bearable. Sharing her story is a first step to healing from grief, even as they both hesitantly feel something deeper than the original convenience of their relationship. Just beautiful. [face_love]

    Keep up the awesome work! I look forward to reading more of these. As always! =D=
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