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Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Sinrebirth , Jun 1, 2009.

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  1. Imperial_Hammer

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    Sep 25, 2004
    IC: Darth Shieka
    Location: Valley of the Dark Lords

    Shieka was dying. Dying up atop her pillar prison, trying anything to gain some sort of traction, some sort of energy. Something to help her get back in the action.

    She thought she had found it. The cool rivers of the Force had started to move a small trickle of refreshing life energy her way. But it was mercilessly cut off. First by the male Sith, whose shield was an effective dam for the stuff, and then by the woman, using the same tactic.

    Shieka's mind shrieked out in frustration. Were she in the desert, she would be clawing at the damp dirt, looking for any sort of left over energy. The male's plague was always beside her, coursing through her veins, sapping strength from her muscles. Its progress had slowed, but without any sort of healing, its total effect relentlessly increased. A small leak in energy that quietly worked to empty her body and spirit.

    The lady Sith breathed in, heavy and belabored. The wounds on her back were starting starting to scab up, and she noticed she had to concentrate more and more on keeping her balance. She didn't want to do what she now knew she had to. A second "Death Field." She was hoping to keep that in reserve, to use it if something went awry. Another ambush, or perhaps to rebound from a second tag team.

    But alas, no such luck. She needed a boost, and she needed it now. She could not hope to come down and compete without at least one person losing some of their life force. She suddenly envied the Jedi, how they could call under the Force's healing touch without a worry at all. She would give all that was dear to her to have that power right now.

    It was all just so frustrating. This battle had gone nothing like she had hoped it to go. She was so careful and diligent and these dishonorable foes had pulverized everything.

    Suddenly, the flow of the force began to boil. What was this now? Her eyes opened wide. No, it couldn't be! A death field... and it was coming towards her? Ahhh! It was like getting a fever in the middle of the desert! Her energy levels instantly plummeted, and the woman was forced to her knees.

    Weakly, she threw out her own "Death Field". She just needed something... anything... to keep going. She was bruised, blooded, plagued, and now death fielded. Her body and soul ached for relief.

    Shieka took another labored breath. Life force should be coming in very soon. She was anxious for it, like a starving fisherman whose thrown his last hook into the ocean. If..... if she didn't get anything.... she would go out fighting. She would try to take as many of them out with her. Looking over the edge of her pillar, she began to push a nearby column on top of the duelists. Though her body was collapsing in around her, her mind was still strong enough. Crush them. Crush them all. She also began pulling a statue on the opposite of the arena, trying to tip it over as well. Lastly, she used telekinesis on the closest large rock she could find. She willed it to smash into the female. It was the female that caused all this. She was the one that dishonorably tag teamed against Shieka.

    Oh she hoped. She hoped the area became whirling storm of stones. Falling pillars, collapsing statues, flying boulders. Maybe they would be distracted. Maybe in defending against these weapons of weakness, her death field, hell, any attack, could hit just something. She craved satisfaction. She craved impact. She was tired of being like a little girl, powerless and weak.

    Shieka tried to stand, but could not muster the strength. She still had her sabers, but without her height, she would be at a disadvantage. She supposed she could hack and slash at any attackers knees or lower torso, but that wasn't really much of a power position.

    She had no choice. She just hoped to survive a little longer.

    TAG: Sinre, then Xan

    [u][b]Powers Used This Turn[/b][/u]
    1 of 3 ? Telekinesis (x2)
    0 of 4 ? Speed (x2)
    0 of 3 ? Jump
    0 of 1 ? Battle Precognition
    1 of 3 ? Pull
    1 of 2 ? Push

  2. DarkLordoftheFins

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    Apr 2, 2007
    ooc: You dueled for over two weeks and I think everybody has his necessary numbers, now. So, this is closed and Mr- Sith-I-5 as winner of this tourney shall have the first judgment. ;) I would say JediGunship shall have the second, as I took over the "rule-keeper" role and if they go different ways, I´ll add my third.

    Good luck you judges!
  3. Sith-I-5

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    Aug 14, 2002
    Sorry, guys, this completely slipped my mind over the weekend. I am going to try to get a hardcopy of the duel to start myself off.

    Cheers, Fins for putting me up first! :p
  4. Sith-I-5

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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Judge Nelf, Citadel of the Sith
    Location: Korriban

    A hot fireball splashed off the sandstone between Darth Insipid and the Lady Kara.

    ?Not to go all Sorceror of Tund on you,? Nelf began, rising from the squat he had landed in. ?but, ENOUGH OF THIS!?

    He stretched a hand towards the casualty atop the pillar, to hit her with consecutive bursts of Light Healing and one of Cure Sickness.
    Two showers of multi-hued blue sparkles, and one of green, materialised out of thin air to cascade over the stricken Darth Shieka.

    Only then, did he turn to face the ceased combatants.

    He had negligently headed off to look for the absent Moe, topping up the steps running up the side from the VIP box, instead of watching the actual duel.

    However, the Inquisitor had taken the precaution of ?grouping? himself himself with the three; it was an Everquest thing, but it meant that in his minds? eye, he could see each of their health represented as a red bar. He had noticed Shieka?s predicament just in time

    ?That was an excellent display from all of you, and I am pleased to see that you all got down to the hostilities quicker than in our-? He indicated his own chest, and his fellows up top. ?final duel. A lot of interesting powers flying around.?

    ?Everybody did well in their introductions, covering their own histories and reactions to being on Korriban, and how it affected you to be here. Shieka making an instant impact and generally doing the best in that section.
    Kara, your only way to find out if someone is a foe is to attack them? Really? I did like your reference to your other city, Lea Monde, though. Gave you an anchor apart from this place.

    The Inquisitor gazed pointedly at the pile of shorn chips formerly known as architecture, then glared up at Shieka. ?Everybody?s a critic.?

    ?Insipid. I liked your personal history with the place. The ?incident?.? Nelf frowned towards Darth Insipid. ?That said, yours was the first point where I got confused with what was going on. I mean, kudos for leading the attack on both your opponents, albeit not at the same time, but not for Shieka?s reaction to your attack, I was actually lost as to just what you had done.?

    Nelf swept his gaze over the three. He already had his winner, but the struggle was in justifying the decision, like having to show your working out, when you answered the sum as soon as looking at it.

    ?Into the second round, Shieka took some impressive damage, reacting really fantastically to the Force Push, describing it well, and was very impressive in that post leading up to the pillar defence Great tactic.
    I was, however, bothered by her feeling the effect of her Death Field before the others had a chance to place their reactions.

    A look of suspicion stole over the half-elf?s face. ?Are you guys testing me? Or, y?know,? he gestured to the light orange sky, ?Sithy??

    ?Anyway, this put the onus on the other two players to react to the already commenced draining effect; something which I felt Insipid ignored, except in the following OOC. The Lady Kara earned herself a slew of points by going with the flow as it were, allowing some of her life force to leak through her shield.?

    ?Out of the three, I feel that Darth Insipid drops out first, due to being confusing in his initial attack; giving more information OOC than in the game; and ignoring Darth Shieka?s initial Death Field, even though I wasn?t happy with that either.?

    The former Rescue Ranger hesitated. ?Sorry, I?m not explaining the OOC issue properly. Insipid does a well described thing of channelling his aggression down his arm at Shieka, but the payload is not identified until the out-of-game Power Expended list. I similarly fel
  5. Jedi Gunny

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    May 20, 2008
    IC: Grush Terk

    Grush still didn't feel comfortable on the planet. It radiated . . . pure hatred of everything that he had ever stood for. Instead of love, there was anger; instead of peace, there was aggression; instead of reason, there was brutality. He had witnessed the three fighters chip away at one another for quite a long time, noticing that each one of them seemed to be fighting for more than just a prize; there was a matter of life and death involved, especially amongst three proponents of the Dark Side of the Force. Grush shook his head; it was all wrong for him to be here, but he had been asked politely to by the Inquisitor, who had just given his verdict on the match. There had seemed to be no harm in his being there, but he still felt uncomfortable about his surroundings and what would happen if the fighters or even one of his former foes were setting him up. However, a deadly silence fell over the area after the elf finished speaking. Grush had to say something, so he opened his mouth, choosing his words carefully before saying anything.

    I agree, that was a very well-played duel by all of you. However, when it comes down to the minute details, I'm afraid, it was not as praise-worthy as it easily could have been. Darth Insipid, I will start with you. I liked how you had a lot of background history to fill in the parts of your regrettably shady past, but you failed to mix these in enough to complete the effect in the course of the duel. No matter how good your character is, I have to agree with Inquisitor Nelf; your initial attack seemed clunky and did not convey the smoothness that you intended. Granted, it is a three-way duel, and it's a difference to have two opponents rather than one, but this transition seemed unrefined.

    He did not wait for a response from the Sith Lord, hoping that he had not drawn the ire of the man. However, he also had a sense of security, knowing that the man would not attack a judge. This eased his mind as he continued. Darth Shieka, I commend you for your amazing display of strength and weakness during the course of the duel, taking punches that most players would try to lessen in a response to any attack made on them. Such as with you atop the pillar, you convinced me that you had been the best duelist because of your description of not only the environment, but of your own condition and the feeling of the life force slipping away and the desperate attempt to use anything possible to stay alive even one second longer. However, I also found some major faults in your work. As Inqusitior Nelf has already suggested, there was somewhat of an Auto-Hit in the second Death Field usage, and your final Force powers, although obviously watered down, still seemed like you had a lot more energy left instead of being on the verge of death's door. This seemed like a bit of godmoding in my opinion, as these powers seemed to have a much greater effect than one would imagine possible, so that runed your otherwise brilliant performance. Good job to you.

    He had one more contestant to go.

    Lady Kara, I also congratulate you on a fine duel. Your constant monologue with your mind was a great addition to the fight, as it brought out extra elements to your character, which if I might add had a good deal of information revealed about yourself. Although there are little things here and there that I could point out that were less than perfect, I stand firmly behind Inquisitor Nelf and his decision to name you the winner of this duel.

    He was done. Maybe he could just take a nice shower once he got back to the Temple, because his robes needed a good cleaning after being on this dusty wasteland planet. Leaving sounded like the best option, and he could now that the winner had been decided.

    Winner: DarthXan
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