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Discussion in 'Fan Fiction and Writing Resource' started by FanonSock, Nov 11, 2014.

  1. Gamiel

    Gamiel Chosen One star 9

    Dec 16, 2012
    Bolt thrower and lightning glove can be found all over the galaxy; corner cutter blasters are used by the Blazing chain pirates and you can see some of my work on them in the Fanfic Writer's Desk thread with my latest post here, where I also lightly describe the lindorm species. I will post my thoughts on their technological levels soon.

    Since both oswaft and Turner's bone* are drugs that increase your ability to astronavigat so are they used by groups and traditons who do that, like the Wardens of the sky**, Illtravellers, Blazing chain, ryn, eigrioch, abyssins*** and similar.

    * The name actually comes from that my version of space Davy Jones is known as Old Turner
    ** Have some new fanon on them that should post.
    *** A duros sub-species who have evolved somewhere beyond known space, they are said to be even better spacers and navigators then the normal duros but also have a dark reputation.

    I do that because most of my posts are so long that it can take some time for people find the parts that I have updated. Also if anybody wants to comment on my update with a quote so don’t they need to remove all the other stuff.

    I should probably fix permalinks on the update post, and I am actually surprise that I did not think of doing that. Will edit that in the days to come

    More or less. What makes a bolt thrower different from a "normal" railgun carbine is that it shut bolts, as in crossbow bolts.

    Did not actually know that those existed, thanks for the info. I would say that the difference is that shockboxer's glove are brawl weapons while lightning gloves are at fist hand meant to be used as (rather close I admit) range weapons and for “fire works” and only in second hand for brawls.

    Is not Han's DL-44 highly modified?
  2. Gahmah Raan

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    Feb 2, 2015
    By request, some lore on original planet, Krishar.

    Krishar - Located in Wild Space, this green-watered oceanic world dotted with several jungle islands was mostly unheard of - except in Ancient Rakata, Valkoran and Forceless Collective records - until late in the Valkoran War.

    Its dominant sentient species is the Krishari, a race of mostly-deranged humanoid repto-mammals that - while somewhat technologically advanced - haven't reached their space age yet. Despite their usually eccentric nature, a lot of them are talented hunters and possess outstanding regenerative abilities, making them very difficult to kill by conventional means. To date, only one Krishari has traveled beyond their homeworld after claiming a ship from a stranded space pirate: the bounty hunter, Gahmah Raan. It is the wish of this hunter to get his people off Krishar one day.

    Natural flora includes the Thunderwood trees (or "Zap trees" as some of the more eccentric Krishari or off-worlders like to call them), which - as their name implies - randomly cast Force lightning from their branches despite being non-sentient. It is theorized that the overabundance of these trees made the Krishari of old develop their regenerative abilities, and as a result, they are now only a nuisance to their descendants that occasionally get harvested for lumber when they prove too haphazard. Other known flora inlcudes xik plants, which the Krishari occassionally synthesize the leaves of into medicine (for those diseases that they are not immune to), tea or other types of ingredients. Xik tea has been confirmed to be non-toxic to humans and near-human species such as Chiss, Mirialans and near-human-hybrid species, although it tastes bitter on first taste.

    History - Krishar was one of many worlds taken over by the Infinite Empire, and the Krishari were used as slaves in the construction of the summoning temple for Xixixix, an
    Archfiend that the Forceless Collective considered little more than a risky bio-weapon and sought to get it into that galaxy as quickly as possible in preparation for their galactic conquest. Unlike most other Archfiends on their respective worlds, Xixixix was successfully summoned to Krishar during the reign of the Infinite Empire, and this not only drove its Rakata summoners insane, but the Krishari all over the planet with time, though not to the extent as those who were close to the creature. This in combination with another Archfiend-related incident prompted the Rakata to not only turn on the Collective and delay their galactic conquest, but completely abandon the planet even before the slave rebellion that collapsed the Infinite Empire. For over the last 25,000 years, Xixixix has remained inside the temple unintelligibly ranting, keeping the Krishari insane and from technologically developing to the galactic standard, and most off-worlders that crashlanded on the planet were driven insane over time too. Somehow, Xixixix also came to be revered (and feared) as the Mad God of Krishari mythology, and received a cult, no doubt a result of its influence on the species.
  3. Viridian-Maiden

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    Aug 14, 2013
    Catching up late, so excuse the question I should have asked 2 months ago. About the Kiffar...I understood their concern about mixing blood and losing traditions. But they do travel off-world, right? Would it be strange to encounter one on the other side of the galaxy, for example?
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  4. Chyntuck

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    Jul 11, 2014
    As far as I know, there's nothing specific in canon/Legends about that either way, other than the fact that among the few Kiffar characters that I know of, there are galactic thieves, a bounty hunter and two Jedi (I'm not very knowledgeable about post-ROTJ Legends, maybe Gamiel knows more?) I'd need to think about it some more for my fanon, but as a first answer I'd say that yes, the Kiffar travel around the Galaxy and settle on other worlds, but they behave like those tight-knit immigrant communities you can find in North America (a.k.a. Greeks :p ) who stick together and marry only from each other.
  5. Gamiel

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    Dec 16, 2012
    I only know that Kiffars appear in the Legacy comic, should I look it up? Or is that a bit too long in to the future?
  6. Gamiel

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    Dec 16, 2012
    Are you planing to make a post on the Krishari later or should I ask my questions regarding them now?

    any other flora of interest or any interesting fauna?

    Who/what are the Forceless Collective?
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  7. Gahmah Raan

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    Feb 2, 2015
    Most of what I've established about Krishar comes from its appearance in Paranormalities: Episode II - Chapter 11. There are a few tidbits I left out about the Krishari biology (here's an image of what one of them - Gahmah Raan - looks like), and their culture I haven't expanded on much. Others are free to expand upon it if they wish, as I don't have any plans right now to have Krishar appear in Episode III (but it will get mentioned and Gahmah Raan will appear again). If you have any questions about what I have thought of, go ahead and ask.

    Definitely (it's stated that some Krishari are hunters after all), and while I haven't gone too much into it yet, some creatures I've thought of are some sea monsters, a large predatory frog with tusks taking up the front of its jaw and possibly creatures that immigrated and populated via crashed starship. As for flora, I almost forgot about the xik plant, which the Krishari usually take leaves from synthesize into medicine (for those diseases that Krishari aren't immune to), tea or other ingredients. Confirmed to be non-toxic to humans and near-humans (if tasting somewhat bitter on first taste). Again, others are free to expand on what I've thought of or add more flora and fauna.

    I don't want to talk too much about that one yet, as the Forceless Collective is very important to Paranormalities' story. However, I may do an entry on Forceless in general later (probably next month due to the one-month rule) that I can always add to when new revelations in the story come up.

    When it comes to fanon introduced in Paranormalities, I may use this thread for those elements that weren't explored upon much.
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  8. Gamiel

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    Dec 16, 2012
    Okej -
    What is their physical description? How do they dress? How do their architecture/s look like? Any unique superstitions? What kind of technology do they have? Is there a kind of technology/gadget/items that they don’t have/use or is unique to them? Do they have an Force tradition of their own and if yes what is their philosophy and powers? What kind of martial tradition do they have and what arms and armour do they use?
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  9. Chyntuck

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    Jul 11, 2014
    Judging from Gamiel's post above, you're in trouble now :p
    I need to catch up on your fic before you start posting spoilers then!
    Please do that -- that's what this thread is for. Thank you for participating, this all sounds very promising and interesting.
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  10. Gahmah Raan

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    Feb 2, 2015
    This is gonna be fun (and this may as well double as its lore file)...

    Original species - Krishari - Homeworld: Krishar


    Description - They are humanoid, have scaly skin that can vary in coloration (known colors include green, blue, teal, silver, brown and red), somewhat humanoid faces with reptilian eyes, hair-like tendrils, sharp teeth and frilled ears. They also have the ability to regenerate from almost any injury quickly and actively increase their pain threshold (they usually increase it in combat, but keep it low in situations where they can risk permanent damage). They don't develop their regeneration abilities until they are past infanthood. However, Krishari are not immortal. Their average lifespan is only slightly longer than the average human, lose their regenerative abilities at old age, and when still have it, they can be killed via decapitation, direct damage to the heart, vaporization, asphyxiation, depressurization, certain diseases that stop them from regenerating, suffering what would be fatal injuries to most species when exposed to very low temperatures and being digested alive (though that can take a while). As repto-mammals, they may look lizard-like, but they give birth the same way most warm-blooded animals do.

    Contrary to what the name similarity suggests, the Krishari have no relation to the Krish from Sanza.

    Language - They mostly speak their own native language, but Gahmah Raan drilled Galactic Basic into the people of Zhikpil settlement on the hope that one day, they would integrate into galactic society. Even though Gahmah has gotten the hang of Basic, his people are still learning it and don't speak it as fluently.

    Pictured above: Gahmah Raan - So far, the only known Krishari to have traveled off-world.

    Dress-code - They typically dress very lightly due to the somewhat humid environment of their homeworld and for the hunters, so their reflexes aren't impeded and so they can regenerate lost limbs with ease if they are forced to purposefully amputate them in the event they are infected with a disease. Even Gahmah Raan - the best-known member of the species who made his name as a bounty hunter - wears so little and only has protection in the form of a helmet, a breastplate and armored shoes. The Krishari who dress the most elaborately are typically priests and cultists.

    Krishari style their head tendrils in a manner similar to hair on mammalian species. Due to the tendrils still being alive (unlike human hair) and regenerating quickly, they typically cauterize the tips once they've grown the desired length. This is also one of the few times Krishari increase their pain threshold outside of combat. Because they aren't actually hairs and are much thicker, some human/near-human hairstyles cannot be imitated (or are just more difficult to pull off) with Krishari tendrils.

    Architecture - They currently use brick and mortar or parts of salvaged starships for their homes. Some of the structures they use are leftovers from the Infinite Empire.

    Pictured above: Xixixix - the so-called "Mad God" of Krishar. Please give the photographer of this image credit where credit is due, as he came back from Krishar somewhat unhinged (and was almost eaten alive).

    Superstitions - They worship a few gods, though they haven't said much about them. Occasionally, the less deranged Krishari sometimes develop forms of atheism or agnosticism. While Gahmah Raan knows better having explored the galaxy himself, he isn't entirely certain about the existence of his planet's gods. Those who worship Xixixix are insane by the species usual standards, are indirectly brainwashed and only slightly more sane than Xixixix itself on the merit of having some degree of intelligent thought, and Xixixix isn't actually tied to Krishar's pre-Infinite Empire mythology (or that galaxy period). Whatever belief they go by and degree of sanity they hold, they are mostly an eccentric bunch.

    Technology - They haven't reached their space age yet since the ships that crash are rendered unable to fly, but they have developed plumbing, electricity-powered technology from their studies of the Thunderwood trees and salvaging technology that came from the crashed starships. Modern technology they put to use most of the time are blasters and vibroblades. In other words, they are midway between galactic standards and most other primitive races. Weapon technology that is unique to them are muscle-triggered wrist blades, which flip forward when the impulse is received. But beyond that, the local Mad God's interference (and some obstructive religious fanatics) have kept them from progressing too much on their own.

    Force traditions - Krishari all have a very mild degree of Force-sensitivity, especially their hunters. However, none of them have ever become part of the Jedi Order due to their isolated nature, and most of them think it's a form of magic gifted upon them by their gods. Most of them don't use it to the same level of skill as the Jedi or Sith, and bursts typically happen by accident. For the most part, they use it to heighten their senses and reflexes. Even when Gahmah Raan has heard of these groups, he wasn't interested in devoting his life to them.

    Martial traditions - Krishari sometimes like to learn through trial and error. Since Krishari can regenerate even lost limbs, they like to take dangerous hunting expeditions to toughen themselves up without thinking of the injuries they may receive. Krishari hunters wear a little bit of armor made from animal skins or salvaged from dead starship pilots (some possibly soldiers, mercenaries or pirates), but when Gahmah Raan took up bounty hunting, he continued using his people's armoring style, but made it compatible with the galaxy he was operating in.

    Marital practices - The Krishari are polygamists, but their rules for it are confusing to both monogamist and other polygamist cultures alike. Due to uneven gender ratios among the different clans (usually more females than males), the minority genders in the clans are allowed to have up to five mates, whereas the majority gender can only pick one mate while single. The most important rule with their marriages is that they love all mates equally.

    Unlike a lot of other polygamy-practicing cultures, other than the limit on number of mates they can have based on ratios, both Krishari men and women are of equal social status, and as such, domestic abuse is frowned upon even coming from the head. Competition among the majority-gender mates for the head's favor is not unheard of, but more often than not, they see each other as extended family.

    Female household heads sometimes allow their male mates to seek out other unmarried females (usually from female-majority clans) for birth and population control purposes.

    While condemned by a small number of the Krishari religions, same-sex marriage has become mostly tolerated over time even when Xixixix's insanity plague was still in effect. Purely homosexual Krishari that desire to raise children usually adopt orphans or disowned children (at their tech level and due to their isolated nature, Krishari society does not have access to artificial insemination).

    Since some of their rituals are quite masochistic in nature, it is usually not recommended for other species to kiss mouth-to-mouth with another Krishari unless both parties know what they are getting into. Between two Krishari, they typically bite each other's tongues off, which is nothing to them since they can grow their tongues back later. Attempting to bite the Krishari's tongue off will make them assume the other species can grow their own tongue back even when they cannot. Or if the other species did something to provoke the Krishari, they may decide to bite their tongue off out of spite. Interspecies intercourse isn't recommended either because not only are Krishari genetically incompatible with other species, it can risk permanent damage to the pelvic area of the non-Krishari due to barbs in the Krishari's pelvic area. If one desires to pursue a romantic relationship with a Krishari, it is recommended it be restricted to the emotional level.
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    Nov 11, 2014
    Page 3 of this thread is down, but pages 1-2 and 4-6 are working normally. We're trying to restore it (or rather Chyntuck is bugging everyone she can to restore it :p )
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    Nov 1, 2012
    Umm... but all railguns fire bolts roughly equivalent to crossbow bolts, unless you're saying it's firing wooden bolts or something... or are you referring to them not being saboted?

    Tibanna - What the hell is it?

    One of the great mysteries of Star Wars was how we got exploding blaster and laser bolts. Plasma doesn't explode... laser shots don't explode (they burn and suffer this annoying problem called dwell time)...

    Well, it goes back to how blasters actually work and what exactly they're firing.

    Star Wars blasters are particle accelerator weapons. They fire a tightly confined beam of particles at velocities around 1000 m/sec or so. This beam or 'bolt' diffuses as it travels toward its target until it basically evaporates at extreme range. As a result, blasters tend to be significantly shorter ranged then slugthrowers. The term laser cannon and turbolaser do not refer to the weapon itself being a laser beam but a means of exciting and energizing the particles that make up the bolt.

    The explosive and thermal effects of blaster impacts are caused by the unique properties of Tibanna gas.

    Tibanna is actually a hydrocarbon, similar in appearance to gasoline when in liquid form. Trapped within the lattice of carbon chains are a number of deuterium or hydrogen molecules, this is called spin-sealing. When a bolt of tibanna hits a target, the lattice of carbon chains surrounding the hydrogen and deuterium is compressed, forcing the deuterium and hydrogen together.

    A very small proportion of these trapped deuterium atoms fuse during the impact releasing an immense blast of heat through nuclear fusion. It is this heat that causes burns and explosive results from the impact of bolt. The 'fiery' appearance of especially powerful bolts exploding on impact is due to the hydrocarbon lattice of Tibanna burning away from the heat.

    Tibanna in its liquid form is used as fuel for fusion reactors, as its an exceedingly stable means of hauling fusionable deuterium around in relative safety. Some of the particles from the hydrocarbon lattice which is burn away in reactors and even things like fusion lamps is often ionized and used as part of the propulsion system for starships.
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    Dec 16, 2012
    stellarmagic01 I think you are refering a quote by me to Chyntuck

    Really? Because the way I understood railguns, at least in science fiction context, so are they more-or-less the same as ordinary guns when it comes to how to use them and how they look, it is just that the slug is propelled by magnetism instead of a chemical explosion.

    The way I image a bolt thrower is a crossbow with the bow part replaced with high-tech magnetism. One of my main inspirations were actually the automatic crossbow from the Van Helsing movie.
    I am not certain what you mean with saboted
  14. Goodwood

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    May 11, 2011
    A sabot round is made up of an outer casing surrounding an inner penetrator. When the round is fired and exits the barrel, the outer shell falls away, leaving the inner penetrator (usually made of a more dense material) to impact the target. It's very effective against heavily-armored targets, particularly those that may use reactive armor.
  15. stellarmagic01

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    Nov 1, 2012
    Huh, wonder how I managed to do that with the 'reply' button.

    Actually, now that you brought it up... the Wookiee Bowcaster is actually a railgun that fires a superheated bolt or 'quarrel', I wouldn't be surprised if there was variant ammunition that didn't have the distinctive glow that resembles a blaster bolt.

    Modern railguns fire a bolt of metal that is surrounded by a sabot... which makes them mechanically very similar to the most modern AP ammunition used by tanks.
    That's a tank sabot round.

    This is a sabot round for the railgun the navy is testing...
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  16. earlybird-obi-wan

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    Aug 21, 2006
    Post from page three

    I have created alien species for my numerous fics

    Link to my fanart-thread where you can find all the pictures described below][/url] link here

    The species I have used most is the Dunai elder and their descendants the Dunai (a mix of human and Dunai elder)

    Dunai elder: lifespan of up to 990 years. Fertility begins as early as 50 with 690 as the upper limit to get children. But the Dunai elder have only a few fertile years with an offspring of four children at the most.Form bond of the soul when they meet their partner. All Dunai elder are Force sensitive but only a few of them were given to the Jedi. Dunai elder met humans and their descendants became the Dunai with a life span of about 260 years or more depending on the amount of Dunai elder in their ancestry. They live on Moniron (mostly)

    One of the leaders of the Dunai-elder
    Jasir Ere-Dun and his sister the Jedi-knight Master Fay
    The picture can be found on my fanart-thread

    More about MonironMoniron System: Moniron nebulae
    Location: Few days travel in hyperspace from the core, outer rim. Errased from the star charts by Darth Vader four years after his rise to power
    Details: Moniron is the third planet in the Moniron system. Moniron revolves around a sun and has one moon. The planet is not large (about the size of Earth) and lush. Has four continents separated by seas. Names: Aarga, Rhova, Monira and Harada. Aarga is the most developed part and has some large cities and the capital Monir. Most settlers from other planets are on that continent. Rhova is the home continent of the natives of Moniron, the Dunai elder.The planet has two snowcapped polar regions.Moniron is difficult to travel to because of the nebulae that errodes the drive. Coming from Moniron the drive needs an overhaul.
    Climate: like earth: all kinds of terrain: woods and lush green hills and fauna. The planet experiences four seasons.
    First discovery: by the Sheir-Irel from Irellion. In 200.000 bby they guided a race of long lived humanoids – discovered on Dunai – to Moniron after discovering that the Dunai sun was about to go supernova.Sheir-Irel were able to get offspring with Dunai elder. Pointed ears and luminescent patterns come from Sheir-Irel genes.
    Main Industry: agricultural and main export: Husans a horse-like creature.
    Fauna: Falgans, Monir birds, Aaquilin Rhovanian, Aaquilin Kaaginha, Kerebuy hawk, Konjy, husan, Darrin (extinct)
    Flora: Gwalion tree, nenya flowers
    Context in which the planet appears: Two Jedi-healers come from Moniron (time of prequels and Yoda’s lightsaber ends up on Moniron. Moniron becomes the place for the new Jedi-healers academy.
    Continents:Aarga: Monir (capital) Moneyna (small village)Harada: Haradan (capital)Monira: Rondor (capital) Noranan (city with large hospital and harbor)Rhova: Rhonda, Mitrinna, Safinaz, Eled-Hir, Ere-Dun
    Colonies:Bor RhimmolAfter learning about spacetravel from the Sheir-Irel guardians Dunai elder moved early in their history to Bor Rhimmol and formed a colony there interbreeding with the humans.Bor Rhimmol humans are the same as Dunai with varied amounts of Dunai elder in their ancestry. All are more or less Force sensitive and about a thousand years ago (after the Ruusan transformation) the humans of Bor Rhimmol became xenophobic of Force sensitives.The Dunai could continue to live on Bor Rhimmol because of their living in small rural communities and whenever they could, they travelled to other planets or back to Moniron.
    LingalaLingala was the second planet to be colonized by Dunai elder and stayed for the Dunai friendly when humans came. Many Dunai live on that planet. Is after the Jedi purge protected by buoys.
    IrellionIrellion was a Dunai elder colony until the planet was abandoned after the Dunai elder leader Jasaran Arovan had a meeting with the Sheir-Irel, the original inhabitants of Irellion.Irellion was destroyed by Dooku.The Sheir-Irel continue to protect their descendants the Lingalans, Ceitans and Falgans. They are responsible for the bioluminescent patterns in the skin of Falgans, Ceitans, Lingalans, Varankonin and Dunai elder.40.000 bby first pairing of Sheir-Irel and Ceitans50.000 bby first pairing of Sheir-Irel and Varankonin55.000 bby first pairing of Sheir-Irel and Lingalans200.000 bby first pairing of Sheir-Irel and Dunai elder 200.000 bby first pairing of Sheir-Irel and Falgans
    VarankoHomeplanet of Ceitans and Varankonin and Dunai colony.Sheir-Irel are the ancestors of Ceitans and Varankonin and taught their offspring to use the light side of the Force.
    Varankonin. They – being grey skinned, grey haired and sporting grey eyes – were the name-giver to the planet with their language and the word ‘Varan’ meaning grey and ‘Konin’ one of the words describing the bioluminescent patterns seen on the grey skin when it was dark and natural or artificial light was shining on the skin.
    Ceitans were humanoid in appearance with hairless blue black skin and tiny scales covering that skin. Rather flat noses – shared with Varankonin and Sheir-Irel – had two tiny nostrils that could be closed when swimming under water. A large lung capacity and blood that could store oxygen very efficiently made it possible for a Ceitan to stay submerged for 10 minutes, more than enough to reach a depth of 20 metres and return. Ears were slightly pointed. Feet were webbed but hands sported rudimentary webs. They displayed even more luminescent patterns in the dark, an inheritance from the Sheir-Irel.And when seeing the one that would become their bond-mate both species displayed patterns even in broad daylight.
    Varanko was never visited by members of the Jedi and the entire Force sensitive population of Ceitans and Varankonin remained unknown to the Jedi.

    A Ceitan
    He can be found on my fanart-page
    Unitiy on MonironBy Dagnir Adaemeh 60.100 bby Dagnir Adaemeh born 60.290 bbySiga Adaemeh born 60.905 bby
    The Moniron people were ready to use the Force to chase the Rakata away in 30.100 bby

    An account of the unification is][/url]Anjii el Unwari (boy of the unity)] link here

    They are an aquatic species, now extinct and had their homeplanet Irellion
    A picture of the Sheir-Irel can be found on fanart

    Added the answers to some questions

    Some questions regarding the...

    How do they dress?
    Originally they dressed like Master Fay but now the most basic things are in fashion, easy out-doors clothes.
    Do they make their own spaceships? If yes how do they look? If no what shipping yard/s do they by from?
    They get spaceships from the usual builders like on Kuat and Corellia
    How do their architecture/s look like?
    Architecture is natural materials and blending into the environment. They love nature
    Any group/species that they have prejudice to?
    Only the Sith but they are living quite isolated
    Any unique superstitions?
    Is there a kind of technology/gadget/items that they don’t have/use or is unique to them?
    They had access to the whole galaxy and resources until Darth Vader errased Moniron from the star-charts.
    Do they have an Force tradition of their own and if yes what is their philosophy and powers?
    They are all Force sensitive and know to become one with the Force (or as they say ‘the eternity’) They can ‘see’ the ones in the eternity.
    What kind of martial tradition do they have and what arms and armour do they use?
    Dagnir Adaemeh united the tribes 60.100 bby. Before that the tribes were at war using swords and darrin as their mounts.

    A picture of a darrin and Dunai elder warrior can be found on the fanart thread

    Dunai are a mix of humans and Dunai elder and depending on the amount of Dunai elder blood they are almost the same as Dunai elder.

    How do they dress?
    Varankonin: like Dunai elder
    Ceitans: a wetsuit or easy clothes
    Do they make their own spaceships? If yes how do they look? If no what shipping yard/s do they by from?
    They get spaceships from the usual builders like on Kuat and Corellia
    How does their architecture/s look like?
    Varankonin: buildings blending into the nature
    Ceitans: natural caves with access to the sea by moonpool and access to land
    Any group/species that they have prejudice to?
    Any unique superstitions?
    Is there a kind of technology/gadget/items that they don’t have/use or is unique to them?
    Ceitans: almost never use scuba-gear
    Do they have an Force tradition of their own and if yes what is their philosophy and powers?
    Varankonin and Ceitans are Force sensitive and have learned from the Sheir-Irel.
    Both species are peaceful and believe in the eternity
    What kind of martial tradition do they have and what arms and armour do they use?
    No martial tradition

    How do their ruins look like?
    Their planet Irellion was destroyed by Count Dooku when he set up the artifacts found by his mother and Jerec on Korriban (originally beloning to the Rakata) in one of the Sheir-Irel caves to make the Tetrahedron. (my story with that name) The Tetrahedron showed him the ultimate weapon (Death Star)
    What kind of artefacts can be found on among them?
    What kind of Force-techniques/secrets would a jedi/similar archaeologist find?
    If a Jedi/archaeologist would have access to Moniron, Lingala, Varanko he would meet the offspring of the Sheir-Irel and learn about the eternity

    questions @Findswoman

    Wow, what a lifespan—move over, Methuselah! I'd be curious to know about what ages are considered "childhood" and "adolescence" for the Dunai Elders. Are they considered "children" or "adolescents" the entire time before they reach their fertile period?

    Dunai-elder and Dunai reach adulthood at the same time as humans and are called adults when they are 21. They just have to meet the right partner before falling in love and bonding.

    I'd be curious to know more details about their indigenous force tradition centered around the Eternity.
    Dunai elder learned from the Sheir-Irel about the ‘soul’ that is the essense of their being and passes into the eternity.

    How did practitioners of that tradition regard those Dunai Elders who became Jedi?
    Only two Jedi-masters visited Moniron and could take a Dunai elder child to be trained as a Jedi. Master Fay was with her older brother Jasir Ere-Dun the only survivor after an earthquake hit her village. Master Yoda was there to help and got the permission from Jasir to take his sister to Coruscant.
    Master Glinis Ra-Ond and his apprentice Aaqu Maerhin rescued Kaagi and got permission from the Dunai elder leaders to take the child.
    Aaqu Maerhin was given by his parents to the Jedi after a meeting between parents and Yoda.
    Other Dunai elder and Dunai ending up as Jedi came from other planets. It was unknown to them that they were of the Dunai elder species until they ended up on Moniron.

    Did they see their own tradition as compatible with the Jedi tradition or incompatible with it?Their tradition is different from the Jedi tradition

    Finally, was there a particular reason Vader was so keen on erasing Moniron from the archives? Did he see the Dunai Elders (and their related species) as a particular threat, perhaps on account of their great Force sensitivity?
    Vader was led to Moniron after discovering that Aaqu Maerhin had survived the purge. Aaqu was in a cabin in the wilderness and helping his father as a country doctor when guards from Jasir Ere-Dun came to get him to a safe place.
    Jasir knew that the empire was coming.
    Vader’s stormtroopers torched the cabin thinking that Aaqu was inside. They were given that illusion by the Dunai elder.
    Vader – also influenced – saw the growing intense white light coming from the cabin and his heart began to beat rapidly before the life-support took over. He returned to the Exactor and – in his chamber – dreamt about slain children, the white light and hideous beings (Yuuzhan Vong) invading the galaxy and decided to errase Moniron from the archives.He didn't destroy the star-system after seeing the nebula and more thoughts about his powers. With the Death Star under his command he can decide to errase or not.

    Bri edit: Links fixed
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    Nov 11, 2014
    The glitch that had forced us to lock this thread has apparently been resolved, so we are back from the dead :) Bring in those fanon posts!
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    Dec 16, 2012
    Have updated the mandolorian and kiffar section of my species/cultures post, the disciples of Gouki section in my Force tradition post, and added grave gun to my rage weapon post.

    stellarmagic01 bolt thrower bolts are not saboted and my fanon is that slugthrower refer to any kind of weapon that shots bullets be they propelled by compressed gas, chemical explosions or electro-magnetism.

    Chyntuck any thoughts about any of the new kiffar stuff?
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    Feb 2, 2015
    Both Krishar and Krishari have been updated.

    Krishar - information on xik plants added to the flora section.

    Krishari - supplementary artwork added and additional information on Krishari dress code and the dangers of non-regenerative species kissing mouth-to-mouth with a Krishari.
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    New month, new topic! But before we get to that, please check out the following update to the rules of this thread:
    This is to limit the problem we've been facing with fanon posts becoming so long they're unmanageable. You can therefore break your entries into more than one post if necessary (I'm looking at you Gamiel), as long as you post them back-to-back and respect the one-entry-per-month rule.

    Because this thread was locked for two weeks due to the technical glitch in March, users who didn't post in March may post two entries in April.

    New discussion now, inspired by Findswoman:

    Food and beverages in the GFFA

    So all foodies are welcome! Tell us about the foods you made up for your human and not-so-human characters, tell us what they drink, tell us where you got the ideas, and if you can improvise a real-world recipe to match your entry, post it too please =P~

    Some useful resources from the Wook:
    The Food Category has 6 subcategories and 124 pages (!)
    The Beverages Category has 8 subcategories and 82 pages.

    Fire off!
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    I'm just going to page ThreadSketch because her fic is full of yummy-sounding stuff, and Findswoman because I want to know what Confit the Quadduck à la Coronetisi tastes like, and I'll be back over the weekend :p
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    Well, since I don't have any ideas for food that I can go on a long spiel for, I'm only limited to one post per month, and thus I can't release all of the "Paranormalities" concepts I got all at once...

    A List of Abnormal/Forbidden Force Arts and Anomalies - Warning: May contain minor spoilers in regards to "Paranormalities".

    Force Liquefaction (original ability)
    Those who master this ability are able to temporarily convert themselves or parts of themselves (and somehow, any personal possessions on them) into mobile bodies of water, with the amount of water they can convert themselves into dependent on their maximum body mass. The temperature of the liquefied body parts can also be adjusted to either freeze solid or boil. With proper application, one could potentially mistake a user of this power for being invincible. For example, if one were to lose a limb, he/she could liquefy him/herself and create a new limb by either re-assimilating that lost limb by liquefying it as well or collecting some more water in an equivalent mass to that lost limb. It can also be used to filter out poisons and diseases. There are rumors that one individual from this galaxy to have this ability survived a decapitation by liquefying her head just a split-second after being separated from her shoulders and before she could lose consciousness.

    However, as stated earlier, having this power does not make one invincible, as the user of this ability still retains the same biological anatomy. Low-temperature environments and weaponry can limit the movement capabilities of the user's liquefied form, and staying in puddle form for too long can potentially result in them evaporating to death (especially in high-temperature environments). Also, just learning this ability can be dangerous, as it requires one to master liquefying and reforming themselves and some who fail to master it can end up stuck as conscious but immobile water puddles until they perfect it or evaporate to death.

    Where this ability originated from is a mystery, but it is suspected that it originated from a Force-using group in another galaxy that the Forceless Collective had conquered, with the usual suspect being the Cranaquia since they are capable of physically manipulating individuals with this ability in addition to other bodies of water. Others suspect it was initially created as a form of torture against Force users until said Force users kept their cool, learned how it worked and rebuilt their bodies.

    Known practitioners: Ze'grein'aradi (OC)

    Force Combustion/Flamusfracta (legends ability) Note: Also has elements of Pyrokinesis
    To put it simply, this power entails using the Force to cause a specific point in space to be set ablaze or explode.

    While this isn't an ability necessarily fueled by the Dark Side of the Force and isn't always used for inflicting harm on others, older generations of the Jedi Order (and even some Sith and Dark Jedi) have refrained from teaching or learning it just because of how dangerous it could be to both the user and those around him/her if not properly controlled. This is especially true for younglings who display this ability before being taken into the Order, and some of these individuals were also taken in to not only to be taught to suppress this power, but be kept out of the hands of criminals and Dark Force users. Individuals with this ability were typically trained in isolated areas with automated fire extinguishers. Individuals with this ability in Sith governments on the other hand, were either executed as soon as they showed signs or if they were old enough, trained to use it as a weapon (though more often than not, these people ended up killing themselves by accident due to a lack of discipline). Disciplined use of this ability involves the user focusing on a specific point in space rather than just a specific target.

    Known practitioners: Aiken Cremas (Codename: Arcidus) (OC) (he also combines this ability with Precognition to take out moving targets)

    Soul-binding (original ability) Note: This is a variation on canon and legends abilities, Transfer Force and Transfer essence
    Rather than transferring one's life force or essence to another living creature like most variations of this ability, this one entails transferring an individual's essence to an artificial entity, such as a droid or a suit of armor, usually to preserve or save his/her own life or that of another individual. However, this can sometimes run the risk of sacrificing the transferee's ability to call upon the Force.

    Like most variations of essence-transferring - though not to the extent of the one that involves hijacking another person or creature's body -, this power was mostly considered taboo by the Jedi Order of old, since not only could it potentially be used to break the "cycle of life", the Sith have also used it as a form of psychological torture, typically by binding their enemies' essences to completely inanimate objects such as sculptures.

    People who have binded essences to non-living entities: Maesterus (OC), Ze'grein'aradi (OC), Masochus (OC)
    People who have had their life-forces transferred to non-living entities: Cid Geero (Codename: Machinus) (transferred to droid; Force connection lost) (OC), Balos Oiren (Codename: Armogeist) (first transferred to wooden figurine by Masochus, then transferred to a suit of Ocklanite armor by Valkoran Empire; Force connection retained) (OC)

    Corpse-puppetry (original ability)
    Using the Force to reanimate one or more corpses and use them as soldiers. Unlike other examples of Force necromancy (such as Sith and Nightsister magic), the "zombies" don't feel any awareness and require focus and direction from the "necromancer", thus it is not true necromancy. More biologically-complex creatures may be more difficult to reanimate.

    Known practitioners: Masochus (OC)

    Force Vampirism (Canonically and better-known as Nightsister Magic)
    Known throughout most of the galaxy as Nightsister magic, this practice involves harvesting the living Force from individuals, stock-piling it and using it to fuel their powers as a safer alternative to sacrificing their own life-force and body. There are rumors that the living Force harvested retains the original consciousness of the individual harvested from.

    Pictured above: Facadma - One of several so-called "Force Vampires". Overuse of Force-harvesting - in combination with Forceless-possession mutations - has atrophied her mouth and digestive system.

    However, the Nightsisters weren't the only individuals in the universe to practice this ability, and those who overuse it can not only become addicted to creatures' life-Force, but also become dependent on stealing life-Force for sustenance if their usual methods of biological sustenance atrophy. If their body and strength of will grows too weak, the stock-piled living Force will slowly rip them apart from the inside. These individuals are sometimes labeled as Force Vampires.

    Known practitioners: Mother Talzin, the Frangawl Cult, Exar Kun (via Force Harvesters), Archfiend Facadma (OC)

    The Dangers of Force Hallucinations (canon + fanon)
    Areas strong in the Force had the potential to cause visions. However, Dark Side nexuses (as well as Force users via direct influence) had the potential to cause hallucinations.

    For those dealing with self-uncertainty, emotional trauma or suicidal thoughts, these hallucinations could be potentially deadly. If they perceive these hallucinations as tangible and life-threatening and they don't deal with these perceived threats sufficiently, they could actually die from something only they could see (to non-Force sensitive medical experts, this appears to be a death by panic attack).

    I think Forceless in general could fall into this area, but I think that would be long enough to warrant its own entry for another month.
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    Foods I made up for my species on Varanko - the Varankonin and Ceitans - are the virfish. These fish are caught by the fishermen and were in Republic times exported all over the galaxy.

    From Moniron came the Brikufruit and Mujaberries. These trees can grow almost on all planets

    Dunai elder made from flour, milk and yeast doughballs. Aaqu Maerhin ws the one to introduce those to the Jeditemple after coming back from a trip with his master to his homeplanet Moniron.
    These doughballs are originally from the Netherlands and can be found on the internet searching for "Oliebollen"
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    I might have some contributions to add this month, but I do have a question: Since two posts are allowed this month, does that mean one post can contain entries on food and drink, and the other post can be reserved for something else?
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    leiamoody Welcome to this thread [:D] Your posts don't have to be about the current discussion topic at all (I'm one of the thread runners and I posted stuff unrelated to the topic in the past) so if you want, you can even make two posts about "something else".