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Discussion in 'Fan Fiction and Writing Resource' started by FanonSock, Nov 11, 2014.

  1. Chyntuck

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    Jul 11, 2014
    leiamoody A quick question: is the zherry you mention in the Cosmic Rose Shooter a single zherry (like an olive in a vodka martini) or is it zherry juice/crushed zherries/any variation thereof? (And the fic where the CRS and kahve will appear is Seven -- the CRS will actually play an important role in it).
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  2. leiamoody

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    Nov 8, 2005
    A single zherry, like a single cherry. :D Zherry juice can be used as an alternative ingredient, but that's only if you're missing one of the other ingredients. Kind of ruins the effect Koury was going for when she created the drink. :p

    Thanks for pointing me to your fic where my drinks will appear. :D
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  3. Gamiel

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    Dec 16, 2012
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  4. Gahmah Raan

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    Feb 2, 2015
    The first refugees wouldn't fall for the illtravelers if they could sense the Dark Side (and they would be wary of it after being fearful of the other Force-related horrors in the Unknown Regions, whether it be something else from the Dark Side such as the Force Vampire strategically feeding on Chilades' mutant wildlife or the total absence of the Force such as independent Forceless symbiotes lurking in the remains of dead civilizations and possibly Mnggal-Mnggal). The sleazy captains they would have paid would have just been average non-Force-sensitive Joes, or worse, slavers (not all of the purple-eyed Chiss could have been smart).

    The sextants, I could see some of them making use of if the technology was available to them around the time of the Mandalorian Wars. If so, only a few would have had access to the technology.
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  5. Gamiel

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    Dec 16, 2012
    I am not certain they would really sense the Dark Side on the illtravellers since many of them are not that deep in it and one thing I like to think of the illtravellers (this may just be the creator gushing over his creation) is that they are good at being there when the situation seem most desperate and you are willing to make Faustian pacts* to get on.
    * We need a good IU name for Faustian pact.

    And there is also the possibility of purple-eyed Chiss joining the illtravellers to learn their secrets to be able to help their people. On the other hand so would probably the canon tradition Wardens of the Sky be interesting for the purple-eyed Chiss for the same reason.

    I image hyperspace sextants to have existed for a very long time so they were definitely available to them around the time of the Mandalorian Wars.
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  6. Ewok Poet

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    Jul 31, 2014
    So, "thinking about posting things" and "asking for input before I do" does not count? Yubnub! Here are some ideas I have been developing and I would not mind specific questions before I'm done with my first fanon post EVARRR.

    Force users on the forest moon of Endor
    This one has been outlined already and it covers every single Force user and tradition on Endor that has appeared in the Ewoks cartoon, including some characters with one-off abilities and some folks who ended up serving as shamans/mystics/healers despite not being Force-sensitive (e.g. Umwak, the Dulok con-artist) and, according to those stupid post-ROTJ RPG rulebooks, Paploo.

    Ewok science, technology and the related topics
    For my longfic and its sequel, I have come up with a lot of Ewok astronomy stuff, namely the discoveries of Vi-Laktaar, an OC who is implied to have lived in the era covered by KOTOR or slightly later; and then I remembered how Logray invents a basic elevator, how there is a water pump with a hose in Night of the Stranger and whatnot. It would be interesting to combine all these things in a single post, add a couple of new ones and, perhaps, come up with ideas for expanding it even further.

    Ewok religion and spirituality, religious sects
    This could be spoilerific at the moment, so I do not plan to deal with it before, say, August or September, but there are great sources that one simply needs to expand on.

    In all of the above cases, I welcome ideas and additions. The idea of constant fanon would be cool.

    Nubian pronk scene
    This is about Nubia, the planet in the Nubus system, NOT Naboo. Pronk is Deeply Religious' genre, basically punk /punk rock. With its corporocracy combined with being a relatively democratic place, Nubia just needs to have an ongoing resistance against about...everything. Pronks against the Empire would come naturally to hipsters and liberals who like designer starships, but also have a thing for grav-ball, podracing and ronto racing. Nubia screams San Francisco bay and the Silicon Valley to me, for some reason.

    Censorship offices on Sacorria
    This would deal with what a couple of former limmie players and similar former athletes and entertainers-turned-government officials have to do on daily basis. There's this whole tempting, tempting concept of people with no higher education than an equivalent of high school becoming bureaucrats and being manipulated; so they don't present any kind of a danger to the Sacorrian Triad and the Triad's entourage.

    Other topics

    I came up with a bunch of corporations for Nubia, one of them being an in-universe equivalent Adobe.

    I also wanted to do some worldbuilding for Sacorria and its system. Sarcophagus, (Vo and Arcadia have got to have some hidden secrets about). Another thing that's puzzling is that the democratic and overall sane Vagran is connected only to insanish Sacorria via an in-sector route; so how does one escape from the sector if exiled from Sacorria to Vagran? Hmmm.

    Same goes with the Moddell sector. I am particularly interested in how the Endor gate, the Din Nebula / Gorax King's Heart and the highly-radioactive Monsua Nebula.

    The third region that interests me in term of astrophysical and astronomical abnormalities is the Cloak of the Sith around Roon; so I am hereby sort of asking Trieste and Vehn - the Roon-loving folk - if they have any fanon about this and if they're willing to contribute it to this thread. :)
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  7. Trieste

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    Apr 10, 2010
    Vehn will have vastly more than I will. I know that he's used it to great effect in his own works over the years we've written together. Now, when it comes to fanon about Bakura (which is, last I checked, pretty darn close to Endor) and its peculiar institutions, that I've got in spades. ;)
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  8. Ewok Poet

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    Jul 31, 2014

    I am...very interested, to say the least.*


    Bakura and Endor are connected via the Bakura Trace and it seems to be passing by the not-so-nice planet of Sanyassa, yeah, I'm super-curious. Not to mention that I like a lot of Bakuran concepts and, well, Gaeri is cooler than all the girls before and after her, full stop.

    I would not mind reading the basics about your limmie fanon in a human-readable format as opposed to the whole Wiki, either.

    Anyway, the FanonSock wrote some rules for this thread and there are certain limitations, but either way - I really, really want to hear from the two of you on these topics.

    * says the person who still needs to catch up on your stories, but adores the overall idea.
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  9. Vehn

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    Sep 14, 2009
    To be honest, I haven't really delved into the Cloak of the Sith as it pertains to Roon. I know Roon is hard to approach and so I've worked that into my fiction coming up with another, equally challenging, navigational approach to the Roon system. I honestly should look more closely into this, Ewok Poet. T
  10. Ewok Poet

    Ewok Poet Force Ghost star 6

    Jul 31, 2014
    Vehn - That's equally exciting. Actually, more, as the idea of THREE challenging roads is über-cool!
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  11. Chyntuck

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    Jul 11, 2014
    (a.k.a. Chyn’s list of lousy puns)

    Unless otherwise specified, all the companies listed below have their main branch on the Coruscant Fashion Concourse, which I imagine as something halfway between Avenue Montaigne in Paris and Fifth Avenue in New York.

    Ahrmaney – A Corellian couture house that also produced perfumes and cosmetics and was famed for its elegant designs. From 18 to 13 BBY, they produced an Exclusive Hair Wash that was only made to order and became a hit with the Empire’s glitzy and glamorous. (inspired from RL Armani)

    Aïas – A maker of heavy-duty cosmetics whose main clientele was alien species from the Outer Rim. Their flagship product was the All-Purpose Mucus Remover, that was particularly appreciated by Hutts. Aïas products became difficult to find in the Core Worlds during the Empire’s rule as Imperial discrimination policies against aliens limited their market. (inspired from RL Ajax detergents)

    Ch’warss Copff – A line of hair care products with pretentions to luxury. They started out as a small cosmetics company on Commenor but soon developed into a pan-galactic corporation. A popular product was their All-Environment Hair Serum, which could be used by beings of any species, regardless of the specificities of their environment. (inspired from RL Schwarzkopf hair care products)

    Deyor – A Coruscanti couture house established shortly after the end of the Clone Wars. Their New Vision collection took the Galaxy by surprise and became the height of chic in 18 BBY, despite the odd combination of old-fashioned cuts and avant-garde models of its designs. They soon branched out into other luxury products and sold to great success their All-Species Aroma Collection (no pheromones added) starting 15 BBY. (inspired from RL Dior)

    Doltshe of Ghaban – A fashion house from Serenno, named after its founder, Baroness Doltshe of Ghaban. The Ghaban family were wealthy landowners who built their fortune on their large herds of shaaks in the early days of the Old Republic and later developed an industry of luxury leather products. Their initial focus was on luggage and handbags, but they also produced smaller accessories, such as the Fine Leather Head Bands, that were very popular with Twi’lek and Togruta females as well as males and females of species with head tentacles such as Nautolans and Feeorins. (inspired from RL Dolce & Gabbana)

    Don-a-Karan’s New Jedi (a.k.a. DKNJ) – a fast fashion diffusion line targeting Jedi padawans launched by Luwie Vyuton Haute Couture (see below) after the establishment of the New Republic. Don-a-Karan was a mildly Force-sensitive Cerean designer employed by Luwie Vyuton. The success of his DKNJ line was such that he had founded his own company by the time of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion. (inspired from RL DKNY)

    Erwan Angel-Lawrence – The fashion house established by the eponymous designer from Anaxes. Erwan Angel-Lawrence often made the front page of sludgenews flimsies because of his lifelong addiction to spice and his flamboyant relationships with members of other species, but he remained in Old Republic history as one of the most brilliant fashion designers, to the point that the uniforms of female Navy officers were designed after his trouser suit models during the Empire's rule. The fashion house also produced a number of accessories and perfumes and had a number of successful collaborations, most notably with Kristophle (see below) in the production of Zenji needles. (inspired from RL Yves Saint Laurent)

    Goochy & Offspring – A very ancient, very well-established maker of luxury leather goods on Alderaan. Their tagline was “makers of quality nerf and shaak leather gear on Alderaan since the Ruusan Reformation.” (inspired from RL Gucci)

    Gwerlayne Interstellar – A pan-galactic brand of cosmetics based on Chandrila. Its most successful products were their various khôl eyeliners (inspired from RL kohl) and their lip gloss. A deep red shade of the latter became the company’s trademark colour (inspired from RL Guerlain)

    Hayrmees – A luxury couture and accessory house from Naboo. Hayrmees were the official couturiers of the kings and queens of Naboo since the early days of the Jafan dynasty and held the secret of the makeup needed to apply the Scar of Remembrance. The house rose to Galactic fame when they opened their Coruscant branch in 52 BBY (when Palpatine became the Naboo senator) and began selling their trademark kerchiefs to the rich and glamorous of the Core. Its finances always remained obscure and it is suspected that Hego Damask (Darth Plagueis) was their main shareholder. (inspired from RL Hermès)

    Jill Ett – A brand of personal care products from Balmorra. They had a number of product lines that targeted specific non-Human species, such as the Universal Untangling Comb Set for Wookiees and the Gastropod Glop Desiccant for Hutts. (inspired from RL Gillette)

    Kristophle – A maker of fine metal flatware and crystals from Berchest. (inspired from RL Christofle)

    L’awreal – A brand of personal care products from Corulag, whose products ranged from the most luxurious to the most affordable. L’awreal grew to a pan-galactic corporation under the Empire and were accused of performing illegal tests of their products on sentient and non-sentient alien species. They faced heavy charges for Crimes against Sentience when the New Republic took over, and had to close their Coruscant branch in 9 ABY, but they continued operating in the Imperial Remnant. One of their products was the famous Fur Glitter for species such as Selonians, Bothans and Wookiees (inspired from RL L’Oréal)

    Lak Aust – A Devaronian fashion house famous for its green nexu logo, that was featured on all their products. Its sports gear line was very popular with greenputt and scoopball players. (inspired from RL Lacoste)

    Luwie Vyuton Haute Couture – A fashion house established by the Wookiee Luwaccae in the Vyuton district of the Coruscant Underlevels during Imperial rule. Luwaccae then moved her store to the Fashion Concourse after the fall of the planet to the Rebel Alliance and its proclamation as the capital of the New Republic, and became one of the most famous designers catering for Humans and non-Humans alike, but she did not deny her humble roots and developed several lines of affordable clothing for the poorest, most marginalised inhabitants of Coruscant. (inspired from Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy)

    Praad’ah – A fashion house founded on Coruscant by a renegade Ho’din of the same name in the last years of the Old Republic. Praad’ah turned her back on the Ho’din nature-worshipping religion of Dinante Fli’R and built her fortune on practices that were considered heresy by Ho’din standards, in particular to produce handbags and accessories made from reptilian species’ scales and hide. Her disregard for the intrinsic value of anything alien made her one of the few non-Humans who were welcome in Palpatine’s court. (inspired from RL Prada)

    Shanêl – A couture house founded by a modest but genius designer from Thebeon 8. The house branched out into other products as its popularity grew with the galactic bourgeoisie and had a full range of cosmetics and perfumes by the time of the Great Resynchronisation. Its Permanent and Semi-Permanent Deluxe Chitin Dyes were popular with Geonosian nobility. (inspired from RL Chanel)

    Sheesëdau – A maker of cosmetics and perfumes from Baroli, noted for their low profile but extremely high quality. Their line of Temp Tattoos was initially designed for Barolian younglings but became very popular with Twi’leks, Nautolans and Feeorins, whose sensitive head tentacle skin made permanent tattoos difficult and expensive. (inspired from RL Shiseido)

    Vershyi Ace – The luxury products subsidiary of the Vershyi Corporation. They produced weapon accessories targeting mostly a clientele of wealthy hunters and sponsored a yearly hunting festival to advertise their products. (inspired from RL Versace)
  12. Gamiel

    Gamiel Chosen One star 9

    Dec 16, 2012
    @Gahmah Raan I want to know more about the purple-eyed Chiss so here are my (more or less) standard questions for the purple-eyed Chiss in the tOR-era:

    How do they dress? Any kind of body modifications? Any unique and/or common superstitions? What kind of technology do they have? Is there a kind of technology/gadget/items that they don’t have/use or is unique to them? Do they have an Force tradition of their own and if yes what is their philosophy and powers? What kind of martial tradition do they have and what arms and armour do they use? How do their spaceships look like? How do they modify other species spaceships for their taste? What do they eat?
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  13. Gahmah Raan

    Gahmah Raan Jedi Master star 3

    Feb 2, 2015
    To be honest, I haven't thought that much about them, since the purple-eyed Chiss originated in a story in an era where they're nearly extinct. But if I can establish information here...

    Dress code: Pre-purge: The seers and priests dress a bit more theatrically. Otherwise, they dress like any other Chiss. Post-purge: They became a bit more subtle to blend in with the rest of the galaxy, dressing pretty much like everyone else. They only retained their theatricality for jobs like fortune-telling and magic shows. Some of the females dress scantily as a means of seducing potential mates (regardless of species).

    Body modifications: Pre-purge: None, aside from cybernetic limbs and eyes. Post-purge: They sometimes take on piercings and tattoos if they become part of gangs. Some of them also dye their hair unnatural colors (for both them and humans).

    Superstitions: I already mentioned what they thought of the Force, viewing it as some god from which they get their powers and become part of it as a collective conscious when they die. They also have a fear of Forceless due to representing death on a mass scale. Unlike the red-eyed Chiss, they were not as xenophobic due to having more Force users who can sense the natures of others. Unfortunately, they don't have an entirely clean slate, as they had their own Force Wars (fought over belief) with the other Chiss races thousands of years before the purge.

    Force traditions: They are mostly seers and prophets, though some served as super-powered soldiers against external threats to Chiss space such as Yuuzhan Vong scouts. Post-purge: Most of these practices diminished except when their careers called for it.

    Technology: They tried to invent some kind of "eye dye" during the purge to help them escape execution. It didn't work out so well, since it ultimately resulted in blindness, or worst case scenario, death due to optic nerve-to-brain poisoning. This eye dye ended up finding it's way out of Chiss space when red-eyed Chiss came to the galaxy and some shady dealers tried to sell it on the black market. Some non-Chiss spacers derogatorily spell it "eye die".

    Weapons and Martial Traditions: They're combat training is coincidentally similar to the Jedi's (until some actually became Jedi post-purge), but unlike them, most of them are willing to use ranged-weapons such as the Charric rifles and wear light-weight battle armor. Their main melee weapons are laser swords similar in design to the Valkoran Shadow Troopers' "Mocksabers". It can be summed up as a high-powered laser on a stick sandwiched between an emitter and a spike-tipped receiver separated by an expandable rod (these are based on the beam katanas from No More Heroes). They are easier to build than a lightsaber, but more impractical and dangerous to wield due to the risk of the expansion rod or receiver breaking (if this happens, they take precautions to immediately shut it down). However, unlike the Mocksabers, they're put to more practical effect since their wielders are Force sensitive. Otherwise, non-Force sensitive soldiers and more comfortable using conventional bladed melee weapons.

    Unique Force powers: None.

    Force Liquefaction isn't from their galaxy. Valkor forced Grein to learn it as a means of torturing her (keeping her stuck as a water puddle after she and Emilin learned about his long-term plans for the galaxy.

    Starships: They once coexisted peacefully with the red-eyed Chiss before the purge, so they used the same general design aesthetic such as jagged parts and a few alterations such as larger crew space. For foreign ship designs, they usually prefer ships with unusual cockpit designs or placements, such as Corellian freighters or Verpine fighters, as it teaches them to go outside their comfort zones and become one with their ships. (however, there are some who just find them impractical and bizarre).

    Food: Due to the high metabolism of the Chiss species in general, their specialty meals are very high in calories (and these meals can be fattening to other species if consumed more than once a day). However, they still try to avoid eating too much, as obesity is still a possibility for Chiss. Thousands of years after the purge, some red-eyed culinary specialists rediscovered some of the lost purple-eye recipes and introduced them to the galaxy at large as part of their attempts at making amends for their ancestors' actions. Amusingly, some of these dishes have a lot of Csillian sugar in them, suggesting that most purple-eyed Chiss had a bit of a sweet tooth. For other species, these were typically served as desserts or consumed in small quantities by those who wished to stay in good shape. And like all the other Chiss races, the purple-eyed had a higher alcohol tolerance than most species (but intoxication was possible).
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  14. Gamiel

    Gamiel Chosen One star 9

    Dec 16, 2012
    Thanks @Gahmah Raan now for the same questions for the purple-eyed Chiss in the movies-era

    How do they dress? Any kind of body modifications? Any unique and/or common superstitions? What kind of technology do they have? Is there a kind of technology/gadget/items that they don’t have/use or is unique to them? Do they have an Force tradition of their own and if yes what is their philosophy and powers? What kind of martial tradition do they have and what arms and armour do they use? How do their spaceships look like? How do they modify other species spaceships for their taste? What do they eat?
  15. Gahmah Raan

    Gahmah Raan Jedi Master star 3

    Feb 2, 2015

    Since they're mostly extinct by that point in time, the remaining non-hybrid members have melted into the overall galactic scene and lost their martial practices (though some of their old weapon technology is still in circulation, but most turned down the mock lightsabers in favor of vibroblades and conventional lightsabers).

    They have the same dress code and modifications as after the purge.

    Most lost track of their original religion (and after the movies, none even got to join the New Jedi Order). When the Empire came to power and ordered the extermination of the Jedi, those that still maintained their original philosophy didn't practice it out in the open.

    For technology, one of them invented a drug known as Chlori-Killer sometime around the Jedi Purge to get around the Empire relying on scanners to determine Force sensitive. As the name implies, the drug actually kills some of the midi-chlorians in the body (new blood cells produce the same number as before though, so it must taken periodically for the disguise to be effective), but it doesn't reduce the user's Force potential, so they must still be careful around Inquisitors and other Dark Force-using agents.

    Since they don't have access to the same ingredients as from Chiss Space, they're often looking to foreign high-calorie meals. Otherwise, they just eat more per day than the average humanoid or if out on expeditions, high-calorie ration bars.
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  16. Gamiel

    Gamiel Chosen One star 9

    Dec 16, 2012
    Chyntuck how do you image the fashion Don-a-Karan’s New Jedi produce to look like?

    Ewok Poet of the ideas you posted so am I probably most interested in Force users on the forest moon of Endor

    Gahmah Raan have you read the character classes Urban Adept and Mystic Agent for Wizard of the Coast's SW RPG? I ask because I think some of the Force abilities they have could be of interest for your purple-eyed chiss


    Also, some pages back I posted the description of some RPG classes for inspiration to Force traditions that were not just jedi's with other weapons then lightsabres and without the restrictions. Here is another RPG class for the same reason, it is Smoker from the steampunk-horror-wild west game Deadlands (D20 version)

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  17. Chyntuck

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    Jul 11, 2014
    A bit of thread management: we should be changing the discussion topic soon, so please everyone make sure that you've included any new ideas you got from your Q&A with other users in your fanon posts before we move on.

    I updated my earlier post about food to include a list of Lebanese-inspired Hutt dishes. The idea came from Gamiel when I was the FFAMA victim subject a while back and I am eternally grateful [:D]

    I still have a lot to catch up on in this thread, but for the time being I'll just answer this and I'll come back during the weekend.
    The difference with standard Jedi attire is both in the fabric used and the colours. In the films Jedi robes are made of heavy, homespun fabrics that look like cotton, linen, wool or a combination thereof. The DKNJ line is mostly Jedi robes and tunics, but they're made of lighter fabrics with a tendency towards the transparent and glittery (e.g. shimmersilk for the more conservative styles, or the fabric of Lando's cape or even Zoosha fabric). DKNJ also chooses to go for pastel colours instead of the traditional beige and brown of Jedi robes.
  18. Gahmah Raan

    Gahmah Raan Jedi Master star 3

    Feb 2, 2015
    Yes, I can totally see the purple-eyed race being these during their nomadic phase. As for purple-eyed Chiss characters I've created, I'd say Grein fits the Urban Adept mold while she was living on Sleheyron.

    And maybe the days shortly following her defection from the Valkoran Empire.
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  19. Findswoman

    Findswoman Fanfic and Pancakes and Waffles Mod (in Pink) star 5 Staff Member Manager

    Feb 27, 2014
    Ooh, ooh, if I may, I'd like to stake out this space for a few brief food things before the theme changes. A couple Gand specialties, including a few fruit things that will be seen in my next chapter, but also the confit de quadduck à la Coronetisi. :D

    Here ’tis at last—apologies again for taking sooooo long to get it all together. Enjoy!

    Food and Beverages: Gand

    Below is an overview of various edibles and drinkables that I have devised over the years for The Book of Gand and that either have appeared or will appear in that story (don’t worry, there are no spoilers here). I imagine most of these things (with possibly a few exceptions) being poisonous to non-Gands, mainly because of physiological differences occasioned by the ammoniac atmosphere of the Gand homeworld.


    A warm, relaxing drink made by infusing the dried, cured leaves and flowers of the djel tree in hot water, aqueous ammonia, or a combination of the two. As with tea on some parts of earth, there is a very specific, quasi-ritualistic sequence of steps involved in preparing and serving this “brew of peace and serenity,” as it is sometimes called, and a ceremonial djelatha serving set and utensils are required to carry it out properly. But, again as with Earth tea, one doesn't have to do the ritualistic preparation each and every time—one can also brew djelatha very simply in a regular samovar or kettle and regular ceramic cups.

    Madman’s Tears

    Strongly intoxicating drink, clear light blue in color, brewed from a variety of herbs. Sometimes claimed to be beneficial for meditation and to have medicinal properties. Cobalt blue sediment forms on the bottom of the bottle with time but re-dissolves when shaken. Madman’s Tears gets its name from the legendary Findsman Trynfor the Mad (fl. about 1000 BBY; see my main Gand fanon post). I like to imagine that the “fine bottle, from Gand itself” with which Zuckuss is presented by the Rebels toward the end of his Tales of the Bounty Hunters story contains Madman’s Tears.

    I haven’t actually decided yet what the intoxicating agent would be in this drink, but given the Gands’ highly alien body chemistry, I doubt it would be ethyl alcohol as in earth drinks, and whatever it is would probably be poisonous to most oxygen-breathing species in the Galaxy. Also, I plan to come up at some point with special serving equipment and a quasi-ceremonial serving ritual for Madman’s Tears, kind of à la absinthe.

    Nutrient strips

    Protoplasmic nutrient strips called uumlourti are an officially established Gand food item—Ooryl Qrygg munches some in X-Wing: Isard’s Revenge (in green gravy, as I recall), and he mentions that not all Gand subspecies can safely eat them. I imagine there being at least as many kinds of similar nutrient strips as there are Gand subspecies, and I see them being prepared in a variety of ways: they can be eaten hot or cold, fresh or preserved, and there are dried ones that can be bought in bulk. Think of a cross between fruit leather and those “sour belts” you can get in candy shops, in a huge barrel or burlap bag with a scoop. :p


    Gand delicacy made from the spiced, preserved, and pickled body segments and tentacles of a stinging marine mollusk native to Gand; red-orange in color and similar in consistency to squid. Quaag is available both with and without the sting still in the tentacles; the stinging variety is considered more flavorful and desirable, but some (and whether this “some” is based on region, subspecies, etc. I have yet to determine) consider it unsuitable for children, the elderly, and the sick. Also available is quaag juice, which can be drunk hot or cold as well as used in cooking.

    When I first devised this years ago, my friend Beedo said it sounded like it would be “good on bagels.” I haven’t yet come up with any Gand grains or grain products, but I’m sure there must be some (bread seems to be one of those Galactic universals). Whatever those might be, I could see quaag being eaten on them.


    Edible drupe native to Gand, ranging from blue to purple in color, with juicy blue flesh. Easily bruised when dropped.

    Food and Beverages: Confit de quadduck à la Coronetisi

    By special request of the wonderful Chyntuck (to whom who can say no?), here are a few words on a dish that I mentioned briefly in one of my short stories, “Of Urgent Transmissions and Curious Dropped Objects” (where it’s served at a garden party thrown by Bonvika the Hutt). I mainly envision it as a GFFA counterpart to duck confit—potted, salt-cured duck cooked in its own fat—only made from the four-legged quadduck. The Wook says this bird is native to Naboo, but I imagine it cropping up other planets as well, maybe even being considered a slightly more luxurious alternative to regular duck.

    The “Coronetisi” has to do, of course, with Coronet City, capital of Corellia (for the -isi suffix, compare olys Corellisi). “À la Coronetisi,” like similar tags in Earth cuisine, thus means that this is potted quadduck made Coronet City-style—which in this case refers to the semi-secret herbal blend that’s stuffed in with the quadduck meat, quadduck fat, and salt during the initial potting process. Rumor has it that this version of potted quadduck was developed by a fancy chef in Coronet City around the time of the Clone Wars. Her original recipe, however, survives only on a dog-eared, caf-stained flimsicard now housed in the Coronet City Municipal Archive, and her scrawlings are so messy and cryptic that no one since her time has been able to recreate with much certainty the exact proportions and types of the herbs used. I like to think, however, that if anyone can at least come close, it’s Great Bonvika’s kitchen staff. ;)

    (I made this all up totally out of the blue just now, by the way! :D )
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    Dec 16, 2012


    * Ossus is a Core/Deep Core world; this has been my understanding for so long that I am not going to let canon information stop that.
    * The space around Ossus is extremely hard to navigate because of all the debris and gravity anomalies that still exist from the Great Sith War. A navigator with the gods or the Force on their side can steer a ship through it but most times she also have to plane a new route the way back because the old one have changed. As above so have this has been my understanding for so long that I am not going to let canon information stop that.
    * The space around Ossus only become travelable in the last centuries, more or less, and it was the Empire’s explorer droids who first discovered this but it was not until Luke and Kam landed that offworlders once again strode on Ossus soil. As above so have this has been my understanding for so long that I am not going to let canon information stop that.

    * Some geographical areas
    - Bardisattva tundra
    - Tox-land is a large ever-shifting area of multicoloured rivers, swamps, deltas and small lakes who is polluted in many different ways from the chem-factories and cities that lay at its origin. The vegetation and animal life is adapted to the environment, in one way or another.

    * Some of the peoples that exist on Ossus, unless stated otherwise so are most of the people notably Force sensitive.
    - Ysanna [canon] have the greatest understanding of the Force of all the people on Ossus, mostly thanks to the unconscious teachings of the dormant Ood Bnar.
    - Lal Roshan are a nomadic people who live on the harsh Bardisattva tundra on the back of the gigantic eclipse mûmakils and gorans. The Lal Roshan are made up by humans and draethos.
    - Iskarian is one of Ossus many peoples, made up by arkanian, chevin and humand, that live in the tox-land. Beside a handful of permanent settlements in the highest trees and atop high ruins and at the edge of the Tox-land so are the iskarian nomads. Travelling up and down the tox-land on sturdy riverboats, swamp-striders and small airships, looking for valuable chemicals or artefacts to harvest.
    Because of their environment so are all iskarian equipped with a gasmask and sturdy clothes that can survive the environment.


    * I don’t like how Metellos is presented in Coruscant and the Core Worlds, it feels to me like a WH40k hive city and I don’t think a WH40k hive city is something that the Republic would allow among its core worlds or really within its boarders.[1] Therefore so is my fanon that Metellos is not that bad as CatCW paint it, it is still bad but not WH40k hive city bad, more like Berlusconi Italy, nowadays Detroit and Russia bad. A planet that once was a shining star but was not able or willing to change with the time and therefore have been left behind. Combine that with a long line of leaders that have been more interested in being re-elected and appearing strong then actually fixing problems and you have a planet that is at the same time overbuilt, overcrowded and half abounded where corruption is rampant. But it is not all bad of course, all the good and creative you can find in places like Detroit, Russia, Italy, Greece and similar can you also find on Metellos.
    [1] Not to say that I don’t think that something like a WH40k hive city have its place is SW but that place is in Hutt Space.


    Munto Codru
    * Munto Codru to me is a rather traditional world with a feudal like ruling system spanning the entire globe. Much of the conflicts between the noble families is highly ritualized and it is seldom anybody gets killed, as long as everybody follow the proper procedure – something that make aliens a bit of a danger since they don’t know better and can endanger everyone around them by well meaning accts.
    * My image of Munto Codru is highly influenced by romanticized/fairytale medieval Europe: movies like Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Beauty and the Beast; comics like Prince Valiant and the art by painters like Ivan Bilibin, Gustaf Tenggren, and most of the visual adaptations of Tolkien’s Rivendell and Gondor.
    * Codru-Ji have a preference for animal drawn vehicle even if they have no problem to have the vehicle levitating on repulses.
    * The main part of Munto Codru’s civilization are focused around the grand castles and clan keeps and the cultivated land around them, between those areas exist large parts of uncontrolled wilderness were nature with all its wild beast have been allowed to roam free.
    * Munto Codru's alpha predator is the Dragonne.


    * the aquar are not amphibian near-humans but descendants from Selkath, my reason for this change is that there already exist too many near-human species but not enough Selkath colony worlds.


    * Yanibarian art resemble Tibetan and Hindu art.
    * There are no domesticable animals on Yanibar that are useful as mounts and there is no tradition of using wagons as personal transports (except for the old and sick) this means that people have walked when they wanted somewhere. Now a-days when mechanized transports are available so do the people of Yanibar still often walk, if it takes one hour or less to get somewhere by foot so do you walk. Taking a transport for such a short distance is just something that milk-blooded off-worlders do.


    Kaleidrian [semi-canon]
    A planet that exist in the Trojadsystem that is largely covered by water and have constant daylight, making it excellent for vacation. The style of vacation that Kaleidrian offer is of the Florida and Monte Carlo kind.



    Rokovoko [Kiffar sector]
    A waterworld in the Kiffar sector with a landmass of around 10% split around many archipelagos and is over all warm and humid (no permanent polar ice). When the expanding Kiffar people first come to Rokovoko they found it already colonised by humans and nautolan, who were divided into tribes and had a rather advanced stone-age technology.

    Now a-days so have the kiffars and Rokovoko people fully merged with the kiffar culture coming on top, even if part of the old Rokovoko culture exist. Rokovoko kiffars have tan to brown skin with a slight red tint and are seen as a bit more laidback and casual then most other kiffars. Beside the qukuuf so do many Rokovoko kiffars also tattoo their bodies with the traditional Rokovoko patterns (resembling Scandinavian petroglyphs), this tradition is shared with the nautolan.

    The Kiffu Guardians on Rokovoko are specialised on keeping order on and under water and unlike most other branches of the Kiffu Guardians so do they accept non-kiffars into their ranks but only the Rokovoko nautolan, who themselves have adopted many kiffar ways. When it comes to the nautolan Guardians so was my idea that they begun to recruit them becous there was just to hard for the kiffars to uphold the law below the sea, it was a decision of necessity. The nautolan are ritually adopted into one of the clans on Rokovoko and even given an qukuuf.

    The non Rokovoko kiffars have an tendency to distrust and look down on the nautolan Guardians, something that often makes the few nautolan guardians who leave Rokovoko return rather quickly.
    Many of the guardians customise their uniforms with wooden talismans, dried sea-animals, “shark” teeth necklace and similar items. The human Guardians are all equipped with self-expanding lifejackets and aquata breathers.

    Lesser crimes that don’t send you to Kiffex is usually punished with community service at any of the fishing ships, seaweed-, clam farms, or similar.

    Rokovoko main exports are sea-foodstuff and seaweed-oil and it is known for its handmade wood-, coral- and boneworks.


    Tashtego [Kiffar sector]
    A world in the Kiffar sector whose axial tilt create extreme seasons and those extreme seasons create extreme weather, weather that all to often end in lightning storms. Earlier explorers had found Tashtego unfith for colonising because of this, not the kiffar, to them they had finally found a planet that felt like home.
    Tashtego have six continent, covered in tundra in the areas where the seasons creat continual sun in the summer and darkness in the winter, in the areas between so are mostly thick forests and swamps covering the land.

    The cities on Tashtego are built on, and in, primary rock, often at the mountain side or in areas that often is blessed by lightning storms. Where it is possible so are the cities connected by underground bullet-trains.

    There exist a larger population of non-kiffars (mostly humans, sullustans and svivreni) who are mostly farmers, workers and lower middleclass.

    The last decades the Tashtego government have had problem with an religious cult who worship an pantheon of gods, the highest being the fertility goddess known, at least by the non-members, as the Black Mother which is also is the reason they are called ‘the Black Church’. The cult was declared illegal after showing subversive tendencies and one too many “accidental” deaths happened at their bacchanalian holy rites.

    After being declared illegal so did the member go into hiding, either in the cities or in the wilderness. What makes the Black Church more then a minor threat is that they seem able to control the shibacks – a treelike monster with branch like tentacles (or is it tentacle like branches?), its roots ending in hooves, and trunk have numerous drooling maws – who usually live in the deepest forest and swamps and seldom wander into open land. The Guardians have come to the conclusion that it is most likely that the Black Church have Force users among their ranks but as of yet [yet can be anytime before the jedi purge or after the creation of Luke’s order if any of you want to use it in a story] have not contacted the jedi since that would mean that they admit that they can not do their job.

    Tashtego main exports are woodstuff and minirals (most which are mined in the areas who have periodes of eternal darkness/sun) and have of lately become well-known in food circles for its flamboyant chefs who cock the meals fully visible for the guests and with much showmanship


    Nattfly [Gand colony world]
    The surface of the world is protected by a thin atmosphere and the air is a combination of mostly oxygen and ammonia-gas, making it deadly to both gand and most oxygen breathers without filtration masks.

    Most gands live underground in great tunnel and cave systems that are free from oxygen and at day time filled with a hazy light that is reflected from the surface throng mist drops and mirroring crystals, creating a underground environment that is perfect for ammonia breathing life.

    It has been theorised that Nattfly’s environment have been artificially created by the gand but the gand have neither confirmed or denied this when questioned.

    Nattfly’s society is city-state based, with around one hundred city-states spread around the underground. Each city-state I controlled by a council, or in a few cases two to five councils, but each stat have their own method to grant membership in their city council. For example Rhakryp allow any gand above the age of 60 to join, while Rhakux only allow females above 60, R’kitrix’s council is made up by all R’kitrix gands who have reached the title of master in their trade. In Rhakylm so are all council members masked and membership change when one council member, in secret, hand over his/her mask to somebody else, it is also possible for a group of gands to chare the same mask; and New R'gnnath choose its council members through sortition.

    Beside the underground cities so do there also exist cities on Nattfly’s surface. Those cities are constructed for both gands and non-gands and devided into different quarters for ammonia breather, oxygen breather and those with special requirements. Most of the quarters are equipped with filtrating systems to filtrate out the oxygen or ammonia-gas, depending on the preference of those who live within.

    The surface cities are sometime built beside the underground gateways, sometime far away from any gateway.

    Non-gands are usually allowed into the underground cities but only with a chaperon and only those with a sponsorship of a janwuine are allowed outside the cities or the main tunnels.

    Nattfly is self-sufficient when it comes to food and planetary technology but import hyperdrives, astrogation systems and similar from DuroTech for their space ship manufacturing. Nattflians also import luxury products and high-tech they can not produce themselves.

    Nattfly export technology, music, [possibly more] and the service of findsmen.


    Oradongia [Kiffar sector]
    A backwater rock in the Kiffar sector with only one continent that is mostly made up by dessert and dry steps even if there exist many different kinds of forests and swamps near the coast and were rain fall with regularity. There are also a larger amount of islands all over the planet of different size and hospitality.

    The population is mostly human with groups of myke existing and is known for their laconic and strange way of speaking (many outsider have been more then confused by oradongian basic). Most of the myke, who have dark brown skin with a red tint, live as a hunter-gatherers and half nomadic farmers.

    Oradongia main produce, export and consumption is beer, which is by many beer-lovers considered among the best in the galaxy and it is known for it’s rather unfriendly animal life, the native have learned to live with it and usually just find it funny when outsiders return from the bush swearing to never return.
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    Ewoks and Astronomy

    This post was updated and significantly rewritten in March 2021.

    The day on Endor lasts 18 hours - this is one the Ewoks themselves have not determined yet, as they have no concept of hours.

    The year on Endor lasts 403 days.

    It's divided into twelve lunar months or "moons", six of them lasting 33 and six of them lasting 34 days. Each "moon" is marked by its own particular festival, four of which were inspired by the four entities

    The twelve Ewok "moons" and their festivals:

    Snow Moon
    - New Snow Festival
    Love Moon
    - Festival of Love
    Flower Queen Moon
    - Flower Festival
    Wistie Moon
    - Festival of the Wisties
    Light Moon
    - Light Festival
    Summer King Moon
    - Sun Festival, also known as Midsummer Festival
    Water Moon
    - Fishing Festival
    Hood Moon
    - Festival of Hoods
    Leaf Queen Moon
    - Leaf Festival
    Harvest Moon
    - Fall Festival, also known as Harvest Ceremony and Harvest Moon Feast
    Shadow Moon
    - Shadow Night Festival
    Ice King Moon
    - Snow Festival, also known as Midwinter Festival


    It is also unknown at what exact point Ewoks started to grasp the differences among various types of celestial bodies, as their sign alphabet was developed only about 1500 years before the Battle of Endor, after they learned to produce primitive parchment.

    The word “Endor”, referring to the name of the Forest moon itself, first showed up in folk tales around 2000 BBY. This time was determined by following the early signs of the concept of "snows" (Ewok year) and "moons" (Ewok lunar months, based on how Sharls is seen from Endor). There is a possibility that the name Endor was used ever since the foraging primate species evolved into a sentient one. The exact origins of the name remain unknown.

    Ewoks as well as a couple of other sentient species on the forest moon, initially believed that Endor was flat and shaped "the same way as the stars in the sky"; with the bright upper side harbouring life and the dark side, where everybody “stood on their heads”, was inhabited by the dead.

    Around 1400 BBY, Paar, a renowned naval warrior from the Mountain Spring Village discovered that Endor was round. With this discovery, belief in upside-down underworld was soon proclaimed to be of heretic nature.

    Paar’s discovery allowed the shaman of his tribe - whose name was not possible to be deciphered from the scrolls copied again and again so many times - to determine the facts about the planet’s rotation and length of a year, dividing it into twelve months, six of them lasting 33 and six of them lasting 34 days. These months were matching the time it took for the forest moon itself to orbit the larger celestial body seen from its surface, which he or she named “Tana”. He or she also discovered Eloggi and Megiddo, the second and third planet of the Endor system and named the pair of stars all of these orbited Ibleam.

    Since the symbol-based written version of Ewokese was very new and not yet widely accepted at that time; some of Paar's scrolls remain unclear. Some Ewok legend keepers (historians) speculate that this shaman’s own name was Tana and that she was a woman, likely Paar’s spouse.

    Vi-Laktaar (1054-1000 BBY) of the Snowy Peak Village had a relatively short life, as he was killed by a Phlog at the age of 53. Nevertheless, he is regarded at the greatest star-watcher the Forest moon ever had.

    He was the Ewok shaman responsible for charting the stars visible from the forest moon of Endor and figuring out that Endor is not the only moon of Tana. He was also puzzled by both the Monsua Nebula, which he referred to as “Greater Stardust” and the Din nebula.

    The Din Nebula was itself subject of many Ewok legends and commonly referred to as “Gorax King” with the Din pulsar itself referred to as "Gorax King’s Heart". Separating facts from fiction, Vi-Laktaar was able to determine that the supernova, which he referred to as "death of a star", allowed for a strange magic event (actually a Force abnormality) to occur. This abnormality would lead to the light from the pulsar allowing for the "Fire of the Eternal" to be lit by a knowledgeable being strong in Force when the first and third moon of Tana would be in line with the second one (Endor itself), the other stars and planets otherwise more or less blocking the light from the Din Pusar/Gorax King Heart at the furthest point possible. He was not sure of how often this took place and what was the exact nature of the "Fire of the Eternal", but preserved scrolls hint that he had firsthand experience with it.

    “Since that passage to the Otherworld opens only when the Sistermoon crosses the closest of the other moons of Tana and both are in line with Endor itself; Fire of the Eternal can be lit only when Tana, the other planets around other suns and stardust in the Gorax King’s Heart constellation do not stand in the way of the Gorax King star itself. According to Vi-Laktaar, the greatest Ewok star watcher, who was the medicine man of the Snowy Peak Village hundreds of snows ago, this happened only once and he observed it. It takes…it takes a really powerful medicine man to light the Fire of the Eternal and manipulate it. Unlike most other fires, it’s cold and…colourful, as opposed to common reds, yellows and oranges.”

    (Teebo in Snowed In)​

    *At the point Teebo mentioned Vi-Laaktar, the abnormality may or may have not allowed for the Fire of the Eternal to be ignited many times before. Additionally, one or more the other moons may be required to be in line with the first three for this to occur.

    Tambo (1017-940 BBY) was the illiterate assistant to Vi-Laktaar until his death. Once in the abandoned observatory, he managed to teach himself to write and read and that led him to continuing the research his master started. He named the stars in the Kuna constellation after an animal that was eradicated long before his birth in order for the Endorians to remember it. He named the other eight moons of Endor: Alprezar, Fentakka, Gouuls, Hual Maka, Kef Bir, Korkar, Sharls and Vix.

    The bright Korkar, due to its extremely reflective surface, was previously considered a distant star and with this knowledge, Ewoks started calling it "Sistermoon".

    Shortly after Tambo discovered Dor, the fourth, furthest and smallest planet in the Ibleam system. Dor was unusually bright for a piece of frozen rock and had an unusually eccentric orbit yet very slow revolution; causing Tambo’s master to wrongfully chart it as a distant star. Tambo discovered this mistake and proclaimed Dor a planet. Later on, upon retrieving a brass telescope from some mysterious ruins, he discovered that Dor itself had a couple of really small moons.

    After Tambo passed away, many of his and Vi-Laktaar teachings were deemed to be controversial when their Snowy Peak Village fell into the hands of the (literally) blood-thirsty warriors of the Hanging Moss Village. The scrolls and the brass telescope were only retrieved from the Yuzzum traders in the times of the Ewok-Dulok wars, by the famed Ewok warrior Ephram Warrick who then took them to the Bright Tree Village. Unfortunately, these valuable documents were left in a dry and dark place, as the then-medicine man of the village died fighting an ancestor of the Dulok king Vulgarr, and nobody else was knowledgeable enough to read them.

    Logray came across a large archive of scrolls after he beat Morag the Tulgah witch for the first time. Following his master Makrit's demise, he was eventually named the shaman of the Bright Tree Village and had unlimited access to this archive. He spent a long time studying these fragile and old writings, with an Ewok named Zarrak, who eventually became his first apprentice, copying them to fresh parchment. It is possible that Zarrak himself introduced the mysterious being known as the Wanderer and his apprentice Gunlaag to the Fire of the Eternal and the associated astronomical abnormality shortly before his death at the hands of Logray’s second apprentice, Teebo, mid-2 ABY.

    After Zarrak's death and an incident involving a starship initially mistaken for a comet, having heard his Master's stories, Teebo became further interested in star-watching, which soon became one of his biggest obsessions. Due to his affinity to poetry and the supernatural, he often had a hard time separating facts from legends.

    As the New Republic worked on further integrating the Moddell Sector into the Galactic community after the Battle of Endor - having somewhat abandoned the idea that the Endorians should be left alone until they have developed interstellar travel of their own - the names for the previously unnamed stars in the Kuna constellation were adopted from Vi-Laktaar's scrolls, as well as the names of the other moons of Endor, as well as planets Megiddo and Eloggi, from Tambo’s notes on the said scrolls.

    The names of the other objects, such as Tana (gas giant Endor itself), the Gorax King (Din nebula) and Gorax King's Heart (Din pulsar) were taken from elsewhere and some Ewoks saw the fact that their folklore names were not adopted as somewhat of a controversial issue. However, the issue of Dor being re-classified as a “minor planet” was far more controversial, as most Ewoks, as well as some scholars themselves, saw it as lack of respect for Tambo’s work and the indigenous culture of the Forest Moon in general.

    Notably, the stars Ewok astronomers did not name at any given point, those in the highly-radioactive Monsua Nebula/Greater Stardust, remained unnamed for a long time after the Battle of Endor.

    Shortly before the destruction of the Hosnian system, there was talk of renaming the gas giant to Tana, in honour of Ewoks.


    Canon and Legends information not contradicting canon:

    The year on Endor does last 402 days.

    Tana is the Ewokese name for the gas giant Endor. Its nine moons are canon and we saw two of them in films. And yes, they wanted to rename it to Tana in-universe too, shortly before the events of The Force Awakens.

    Eloggi, Megiddo and Dor are the remaining planets in the Endor system. Dor is often referred to as a "planetoid". At this point, they are Legends.

    Din nebula and the Din pulsar are remains of a supernova and Ewoks refer to them as Gorax King and Gorax King's heart.

    Kuna's constellation is in the Moddell sector.

    Monsua nebula is in the Moddell sector and is highly radioactive. The stars in it are indeed referred to by random letters and numbers.

    Sistermoon is the name for one of the moons of the gas giant of Endor, indeed. I assigned it to the moon that was described as the brightest of the eight other than Endor/Forest Moon proper.

    Hanging Moss Village was described in a sourcebook, Red Bush Grove in "What's the story?" feature for Leektar.

    Ewokese script exists.

    Ephram Warrick was Wicket's grand-grand father, a Force-sensitive and a warrior responsible for the Ewok battle wagon who fought early in the Ewok-Dulok wars.

    King Vulgarr of the Duloks lived prior to Logray naming Teebo his future apprentice.

    There is an observatory in the Bright Tree Village, as well as a brass telescope. I expanded on its origin.

    Zarrak dies in The First Apprentice, at the hands of Teebo, albeit Teebo does not intentionally kill him.

    The "starship initially mistaken for a comet" is a major plot point in Night of the Stranger.

    New Snow Festival, Flower Festival and Snow Festival are my inventions. The rest appeared in various media - Ewoks love to celebrate stuff.

    Legends information contradicting canon and what I did with it:

    Ibleam is the Legends name for what canon lists as Endor I and Endor II. I solved this by taking the latter as official names and the earlier as the name in Ewokese. I refer to Ibleam in plural - "the Ibleam were high in the sky..."

    Fanon not expanded on in this particular entry:

    Mountain Spring Village - Once the home of Paar and "Tana", it was destroyed around 38 BBY by its last medicine woman, Gunlaag. A small number of its inhabitants that survived the massacre moved to other villages.

    Snowy Peak Village - a really cold settlement closer to the Endor's northern polar cap, the furthest place to the north where the Ewoks could live.
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    Uh, Gamiel said, I should post this here?
    It's a long-ish essay on the pronouns I created for Cheunh. It's actually essay number for I did for fanon content on Chiss stuff. The rest is over at AO3. Except if you want I can also post it here. But, uh, yeah, pronouns of Cheunh.
    (Oh if anybody want a cut over this, just tell me how to create one. [face_blush] )

    A Word on Pronouns

    When I talk about Cheunh here, please be aware that this is nothing official. Canon (Legends) information will be marked as such. Everything else is my very own madness. Sorry.

    A pronoun can be worth a thousand words. In Cheunh that might be true. I created 54 and then 54 for the possessive. Yes, indeed. Here's a chart. I'll talk about it in pieces, starting with the easy bits.

    It (ua)
    The easiest pronoun in Cheunh. It is only used of inanimate objects. Grammatical gender does not exist. Animals fall into this category, pets exempt.

    I (u)
    In Cheunh the personal pronoun for oneself is dropped whenever possible. This comes from a tradition of (assumed) modesty. You don't call attention to yourself. That is immodest and worse, impolite.
    Went to the exhibition. (Fa'for'okakiu.)Is a complete sentence in Cheunh because the assumed subject is the speaker.
    The only reason to say I went to the exhibition (Ufa'for'okakiu.) would be narcissism or the need to actually emphasise it was the speaker who went and not somebody else. An eloquent speaker will find a way to avoid this.

    (S)he (yia)
    There is no distinction between female and male.
    Instead it is distinguished between whether or not the other person belongs to the same Family as the speaker and whether their status is higher or lower. If no other status is implied in the pronoun, the other person is of the same status as the speaker. Yep, you better know your social hierarchy.
    To make things even nastier, the difference between higher and lower status is a tiny pronunciation.
    Higher status: yiaä
    Lower status: yiā
    So, for the higher status there is a tiny pause between tow 'a' while for lower status it is simply a long 'a'. It is very easy to insult somebody accidentally. *coughcough*
    Except of course if you want to insult somebody. For the there are two pronouns which indicate that the other has no status or worse is an alien without status.

    You (a and at)
    You can be singular and plural in English. Cheunh has one pronoun for the singular and one for plural. Other than that it works exactly like (s)he. The insulting pronouns have their origin here.
    Ᾱtaki'fafo'kakiu – You person of lower status that I herewith insult went to the exhibition.
    Aäteki'fafo'kakiu – You abominable alien idiot I can't insult worse in one pronoun went to the exhibition.

    Confused yet?
    Good because it's only getting worse.

    We (ko and ka)
    In Cheunh there are two 'we's. One is including the listener, one is exluding him. So by saying 'We went to the exhibition' the listener would know it that was an event he was included in or not:
    Kofa'for'okakiu – we went to the exhibition (you were there, you eel)
    Kafa'for'okakiu – we went to the exhibition, but the group did not include you.
    Convenient, isn't it?
    Of course you can again tell if the listener is of the same house and status. There are no insulting-pronouns for we. Nobody wants to insult themselves.

    They (tan and tona)
    Again two versions. 'tan' is used if the listener is included in the they; tona if they is a completely separate group. Naturally, the first is often used to insult as well.
    Tan'afo'kakiu. – They went to the exhibition and you idiot accompanied them.
    Tonaf'afo'kakiu. - They (aka those idiots) went to the exhibition.
    Both forms of 'they' can again be distinguishing family and status plus you can add insult to insult and use insulting pronouns with the insulting inclusive they. Yay!

    Wait, what?
    No, you read right. A side-trip to eels. The Cheunh word for eel (atik) is very close to its pronouns reserved for non-entities: atakik, aätekik
    Naturally, if you cannot insult somebody because it would be impolite or not acceptable because of social decorum, you can always call on the eels. Or in reverse, you can just call the idiot an eel.
    A lot of swearing in Cheunh involves eels.
    Rok'yetatik – bucket of eels
    We'ëundan'erkiur'jontrik'rokyetatik. - Like something found at the bottom of a bucket of eels.
    Arasayet'kik. - Head full of eels.

    With 54 pronouns and 54 possessive pronouns, Cheunh has definitely an over-abundance of those little words. But it gives you the opportunity to insult all and everybody with one carelessly prolonged vowel. If that isn't fun, I don't know what is.

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    Dec 16, 2012
    MsLanna I can easily see a Basic speaker making an ass of herself when she try to speak Cheunh.


    I have two new things to my stuff post. Chyntuck will probably be interested that the second thing is below the new category 'Consumables'.
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  24. Chyntuck

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    Jul 11, 2014
    [face_dancing] [face_dancing] [face_dancing] When Fanon Meets Reality [face_dancing][face_dancing][face_dancing]

    Paging leiamoody -- does this look about right for a Cosmic Rose Shooter? (made with sour cherry syrup, Metaxas brandy, lemon juice, crushed ice and whipped coconut milk, plus a sour cherry from the jar for the murder effect :p )

    cc Findswoman, who has also been experimenting on her side of the world ;)

    (Other than that, I promise I'll change the thread's topic tomorrow 8-} )

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  25. Ewok Poet

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    Jul 31, 2014
    Did you...did you just spoiler us? :p

    And mmm, yum, I will have a Metaxa-free version, please.
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