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Fantasy CLOSED The Final Game: A Story of Selenia

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by darthbernael , Dec 25, 2020.

  1. TheAdmiral

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    Mar 28, 2004
    OOC: A combo between me and @darthbernael thank you for that!

    IC Branka and Morrigan

    The Gods game had taken a pause, the Gods given time to relax, to refresh, to process all that had happened. Most of them had left the Great Hall, wanting space. Even the dwarven god Branka needed a refresher but, for him it was to find one of the few caves that dotted the surface of the Realm, relaxing on a bench that Hephaestus had built for him in such a spot.

    A shadow filled the entrance, a taller, female one. A polite cough as the goddess ducked her head and entered the cave. Her eyes sparkled, the raven hair long and straight as she smoothed her skirts and sat on the bench opposite Branka. Morrigan glanced at him, studying him. “You know the champions still fight as we sit here. There seems to be a deeper game even than the one my husband began. Someone is or someones are influencing the game.”

    Branka tried to get back on his feet, after all Lady Morrigan outranked him. He frowned slightly at what she was telling him. The Paragon hated these things, but was not really surprised at what he heard. "Well, since the others are away to relax I don't think it would be fair if I kept on playing." he chuckled "But tell me more about this... plot or whatever it is? I was focused too much on Mieli and must have missed it."

    She smiled softly, brushing a lock of her long, black hair from her face as she gazed at the dwarven god. "Did it seem odd that every essence of those departed, save Isha's ended up with their champions? Or, that at a critical juncture, my husband's legions departed his service?" she asked calmly.

    "I do not know if you noticed, as you said you were focused on Mieli, but when the map prevented me from moving it dual colored lightning lanced my fingers. Any other colors and I'd have brushed it off but these touched a memory. If I am right, Huitzil truly meant or means the destruction of Selenia, just to alleviate his boredom, and he's being opposed, not by this Destructor." She said in a softer tone.

    Branka listened carefully. He was not sure he liked what he heard. It seems there had been a lot going on here, behind the proverbial curtains. He stroked his bushy beard and thought for a second "Tell me, what needs to be done." Branka looked Morrigan in the eyes. "I am not that much into cloak and dagger stuff like some of the others, but there must be something that I can help prevent this."

    Morrigan smiled softly. "That is true, my friend. There are those, though, that are more suited to it. And, I'm sure, they could use your aid." She glanced out of the cavern for a moment, sensing her husband seeking her. "I do believe Enya spoke of wanting to meet others at Andrissa's Hall."

    Branka nodded "Does that include me as well?" he raised an eyebrow. He did not want to come uninvited after all.

    Shifting slightly, before standing and ducking slightly as she headed toward the entrance to the cavern, "Yes, why would Enya not desire all those that were willing to assist to join her?" she asked as she paused by the entrance.

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    IC: Aboleth

    The slippery voice was insidious, and it’s oozing quality made Aboleth feel nauseous. Marshalling her pride, she bit back. “Go be a voyeur somewhere else.”

    She looked to Nyubis and took up an oar. “Let’s go find these pieces. Rian is counting in us; Isha too.”

    Turning aside she was able to at least conceal the fierce blush on her features at the sought thought of what the sinister voice could be seeing…

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    IC: Nyubis
    Laughter and Pain

    “You two ssshould get a room. Ignore the quessst to find Isssha’sss essssencesss and jussst take your relationssship further. But, I do recall I wasss going to let my big sssissster deal with you. Ssshe is waiting, with ssseveral of Isssha’sss essssencesss, approximately a hundred leaguesss into the foressstsss of Qedraerhiel.”

    Nyubis actually audible laughed out loud at what the creature first suggested. Aboleth might take mild offense to this, but he was not laughing at what one might immediately expect. It was an odd sound to hear really from the jackal-drow, one so usually utterly stern and serious, a deep, warm laugh not the cold chuckles Anubis was known for. His sky-blue eyes would look in the general direction of the snake.

    "Could you phrase your 'temptation in a more ridiculous manner?" Nyubis spoke aloud, still continuing to laugh as the Snake went on.

    “I’ll let you both travel, but I’m going to enjoy obssserving you encountering her petsss.”

    In time Nyubis' laughter subsided looking back to Aboleth as he muttered something with a small smile.

    "What a stupid creature..." His eyes then looking to the map and Aboleth as she spoke.

    “Let’s go find these pieces. Rian is counting in us; Isha too.”

    "I could not have said it better myself," he replied, looking to Aboleth his eyes looking to her for a moment as he thought to himself. He noted that unlike himself, Xenos, or Malagath, Aboleth was not a being 'predestined' to serve on this quest or to save the world, but for whatever reason she still chose to help them. To save a god she barely knew and a world that had scorned her. This was noted by Nyubis but never vocalized, as he then felt a pain erupt in his arm. His eyes wincing in pain as he looked to Aboleth giving a dismissive hand at any show of concern.

    "It would seem Xenos entered some difficulties but nothing to be concerned about... he is not dead... yet...ergh and to think I went through such an effort not to get harmed for his sake... humans..." he said this more mockingly more than anything else, leaning back in the boat as he commanded it to steer once more, off to find the nearest piece of Isha.

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    Apr 29, 2002
    Presenting, a fun and adventurous combo with the incomparable @galactic-vagabond422 and our magnificent GM, @darthbernael :-B

    IC: Malagath and Xenos
    A Passage Perilous

    For the most part, Xenos kept to himself as he had come to accept his solitary fate. It wasn’t that he was indifferent to how he was viewed, not at all. When working around the ship, he returned greetings and gestures of respect where he encountered them, and to those who viewed him with disdain, he simply endured them and did not hold such things against them; for he was the son of Ma’at and Samhain. His father was ‘The Scorned One’, so it stood to reason he would be subjected to the same afflictions, in as much that he would balance these trials with his own experience and the wisdom inherited from his mother.

    His frequent meditations had brought him to this conclusion.

    As things stood, Xenos owed his life to Captain Malagath twice over, though arguably, he saved the lives of the entire crew- but opinions differed. The fact that Malagath’s crew was divided over his presence was regrettable, but he would not become the cause of any strife beyond being ostracized by half the crew members; For that was the Twilight nature of his current existence, not unlike his sword.

    Nevertheless, days passed without incident- thankfully. However, at the dawning of the third day, a sight beyond anything he’d ever seen before greeted them, as the Freedom’s Bow traversed a stretch in the Middle Sea.

    With an incredulous expression on his face, Xenos regarded the gigantic chain that seemed to travel all the way from Uthium to the West. It went on to cross the entire breath of sea before them, then continue all the way to Al Qalha to the East.

    The massive structure defied all other works of engineering in the known kingdoms and could not have possibly been constructed by mortal hands, at least not in Xenos’ estimation. Especially considering the creatures that could be seen roaming the waters nearby.

    The chilled morning breeze buffeted him as if to wake him, but Xenos hardly felt. Mutely he waited for Malagath to make an appearance. There was much for the two to discuss.

    Coming stomping out from his cabin the captain marched right to the bow drawing his spyglass. It seemed they were in quite the fix. A massive chain, more monsters and what looked to be the entire Uthiumian Navy patrolling the waters. His eye focused on the buoys those seemed to be holding the whole contraption up. If they could sink those, along with the ships that were anchored near them could open a hole. Though given the size of them, it would be a tall order. But it would be easier than attempting to ram through and risk certain damage to their main mast. As it stood going toe-to-toe with the navy was only likely damage, not a certainty.

    Finding Xenos near by Mal gave him a nod.

    "Think your fancy sword could cut through those chains?" He asked with a smirk on his face. "I could tie you to the main mast and we can just cut our way right through." He was certain that many of the crew would enjoy seeing the young god strung up. Or just let to go do his own thing. If he had any other choice Mal wouldn't be doing this either but, the world was at stake, desperate times and all.

    Xenos turned to look at the Captain, after considering his words and gazing at the challenge ahead. A small smirk tugged at the corner of his lip as he rather did like the idea.

    The chains were bindings that needed to be loosened. An obstacle that needed to be breached- an impediment to freedom and to their mission to save Selenia.

    "I can certainly give it a shot." Xenos said in agreement to part of the plan. "But I would much rather not place the ship and its crew in undue danger. I owe you too much already."

    The dark haired demi-god looked to the massive chains, gauging the distance from their current position. With his enhanced senses and bolstered knowledge, he managed the necessary computation. "How about we work in tandem? You keep the enemy off me as I do some slicing."

    Xenos raised his hand and without a word, caused the Twilight Sword to materialize in his hand. It shone brightly as it coruscated with streams of dark and light.

    "As you can see, I can call the sword to me...." Xenos began to say, then suddenly threw the sword towards the chains. Th weapon shot through the air then vanished from sight in a flash, just to flash back into existence a moment later, embedded in the chains. At this distance, the weapon could not be perceived with the naked eye, but Xenos could see it clearly.

    "...But I can also, go to the sword." He finished.

    There was another flash of light as Xenos vanished from Malagath's presence, to then re-appear by the sword'. His own form was already glowing as the young warrior gathered the will and the energy he would need to cleave the titanic bands held together by forces both seen and unseen.

    Mal smiled as the other man disappeared, as head strong and reckless as any pirate. "You heard him, let's get to work lads and lasses." The captain barked as the sails opened gathering the wind and carrying the Bow towards their enemies. The cannons were already loaded the only problem was bringing them to bear. Mal took the helm watching as the patrols noted them and started to bustle with activity.

    He saw the flash of cannons, but didn't hear the report until later, and even later than that two cannon balls splashed into the water on either side of the vessel. It was a game of nerve for the Bow. Their slim profile from the front made it difficult to hit, but, they couldn't bring their drawven cannons to bear. So they would have to wait for an opportune moment to turn and lay in a broadside.

    A few more shots that continue to splash wide of the pirate ship. They close the Uthiumian Navy ships becoming larger and larger on the horizon, the tentacles starting to rise out of the water.

    "Hold," Mal called out, "Hold," His crew stood at their positions the thundering of the enemy cannons ringing in their ears. "Hold," Mal held tightly to the helm for a moment then spun it hard to port to bring the guns in line. The thin ship cut through the waves turning nimbly presenting her side to the other ship. "Fire!" With a loud report the dwarven cannons sounded sending their deadly projectiles into the heavier vessel. The iron shot tore through the hull sending splinters and bodies everywhere. A thick cloud hung over the ship as the firing ceased. Mal looked for the winds trying to keep moving and quickly. The Freedom's Bow was not designed to trade broadsides with ships of the line, better suited to hit and run attacks. Looking through his glass he saw the ship he'd fired about listing, and the crew being lethargic.

    Was there something in the cloud?

    Mal didn't have time to question as he came around again and fired the next broadside.

    Likewise, Xenos did not have time to marvel at the breathtaking sights around him, he promised himself to do so after Selenia was saved. In the distance, he could see that Captain Malagath and his crew had already engaged the enemy, essentially creating a distraction and buying him time to complete his mission. Thus, Xenos wasted not another moment as he took a deep breath - even as he held the Twilight Sword in both hands. The demi-god tapped into the dynamic powers of his progenitors, causing the blade to strobe with light and dark, as Order and Chaos surged.

    In a heartbeat, Xenos plunged the blade into the chain, causing it to grow incandescent at the point of contact. He would seek to weaken the very material as he cut, destroying impurities, causing entropy and discord between its very molecules, slicing and melting, ever increasing his strength in order to maintain a steady pace. Gravity would invariably assist him in his endeavor as it pulled at the slowly separating chains, the strain incrementally increasing and simultaneously weakening the material.

    Within a moment, the cut across the chain would glow white hot as Xenos would redirect all escaping energy back into the cutting process. Bright flashes would illuminate his form as the wound in the chain grew ever larger and more severe. For the moment, he dared not look if he had been discovered, not before he reached the point of no return, when he would need to simply step away and let the forces of nature take care of the rest.

    Another ship brought its cannons to bear, the first ship still listing and sluggish from the initial broadside. Mal would take whatever was happening so he could focus on the other ship, spreading out the damage. This wasn't about sinking them or taking them, it was only about giving their demi-god time. Prepared this time the enemy fired their broadside, gun upon gun fired they had twice the cannons the Bow had, but, the Bow had bigger guns to use.

    Iron shot crashed into the side, the elven wood holding up bending but not braking, at least to most of the shots coming in. Splinters of sylvan timber showered the crew but, it didn't dissuade them.

    "FIRE," Mal called out, the order being relayed below and the dwarven cannons roared again sending heavy shots back across the enemy's bow. More shattering and splintering of wood resounded over the waves. In the distance Mal could see light on the chains, he could only assume that was Xenos doing his light work. "Hard to port, tack the sheets, we're coming around." He checked the wind seeing that it was in their favor allowing them to continue to rake fire across the enemy. Though there was one enemy he'd not quite had to deal with yet. A hulking tenticle slapped down on the deck. "Corydon!" The captain ordered his second in command.

    Without words the half elf drew his bow taking arrows from his quiver. Within moments two arrows burrowed into the watery flesh. The wooden shafts glowed with green light an enchantment that Cory had come by due to his elven blood. The appendage recoiled releasing it's hold, for now just as they came around for another broadside.

    "Hurry Xenos, hurry..." Mal whispered under his breath.

    As the link shattered, it had several effects. One was that it threw off the aim of the Bow's cannons, as the metal gave a bane sidhe shriek and separated, throwing the now loose ends of the massive chain toward the bow pushing the current and the ship backward.

    Another effect was that fragments of the shattering of the metal were sent skyward and several of their foes observation balloons were punctured by superheated metal. Which had its own secondary effect of the balloons exploding, sending shockwaves of their own at the Bow and the enemy galleons.

    And then there was the effect that was most important to Xenos...As the metal gave way and the link separated, the force of the shattering threw the long section he was standing on into a long, low arc across the water, and directly toward the largest of their foe's galleons.

    Xenos almost exclaimed in jubilation once the link shattered beneath him. He had inverted in mid-air and was about to ‘return’ back to the Freedom’s Bow when his eyes bulged in horror.

    In an instant he realized it.

    It did not matter what effects the unraveling chain had on the enemy and their flotilla, for they well deserved their comeuppance. However, the Bow too was in danger because of his actions!

    The wind whipped at the warrior's raven hair as he was in free-fall, yet everything seemed to slow in his perceptions. Xenos determined the length of chain he had to sever and the specific link that needed to be cut in order for the Bow to be narrowly spared damage. And so, he ‘flashed’, throwing his weapon at the specified link and appearing with the strobing sword at the point of contact.

    Old knowledge flooded into him, granted by the Aspect of Ma’at, even as he pulsed with power, incandescence flaring from him. Xenos cleaved with the Twilight Sword! A single dismantling stroke was made, in the manner of Hephaestus himself, such that would honor the great smith.

    The young warrior's hope was that the length of chain would be 'cut' in the nick of time to ‘miss’ the elven vessel, but he would not leap to safety until he was certain of it. Xenos owed Malagath far too much, twice over even! Nay, he did not consider himself. Besides, they had yet to save the realm. Only after Selenia was saved would he dare to entertain thoughts of rest and safety.

    The chain finally snapped and Mal tried to turn towards the strait but the chain and shockwaves from the balloons knocked him off course, though that was the least of his worries. What remained of the chain that wasn't lashing out towards the enemy was swinging towards his already battered ship. There wasn't much he could do his ship was already too close.

    "BRACE!" He called out hoping that it wouldn't sink his ship. He held on to the helm watching in slow motion as the deadly iron flew towards his ship. There was a blinding flash and the chain missed. Looking up he noticed Xenos trailing away from it. A smirk appeared on the captain's face, who needs gods.

    "Full sheets, we'll break right through them." He brought his ship around fighting against the waves but he knew with the winds at his back he could break through the blockade. And hopefully outrun the beasts in the water trying to wrap their soggy arms around his ship. "Get all guns loaded we'll give them a proud send off." He was running a gauntlet but they didn't have time to waste.

    "XENOS!" Mal called out his voice carrying over the waves and sounds of battle. "ON DECK NOW!"

    Immense relief filled the warrior as he turned in mid-air, seeing how a great catastrophe had been narrowly averted.

    "Thank you, Great Hephaestus..." Xenos whispered as a votive, even as he now heard the captain shouting his name.

    'Flashing' between locations was becoming increasingly easier each time, thus, Xenos did so once again, appearing in a crouched position the moment Captain Malagath finished giving his orders.

    "Aye, aye, sir!!" Xenos intoned respectfully as he rose to his full height, offering a crisp salute. He fought the urge to apologize for the 'near mishap', but now was not the time for such things. The Bow still had a blockade to run.

    "What are your orders, sir!"

    Mal offered a smile to the man standing on the deck.

    "Grab a rope and keep that sword handy, we might have boarders." The wind picked up carrying the ship through the strait as the rest of the fleet attempted to sink them presenting their sides, cannons ready. "Really wish Sarathai was still awake." He muttered as he prepared to take a hellish amount of punishment.

    Xenos paused for a moment before he spoke anew.

    "With all due respect, sir. What if I board them instead and take care of their cannons?"

    The insinuation was that the Bow would risk less damage with fewer cannons aimed at her.

    "That's a lot of guns Xenos, a damn lot of them." He looked at the fleet arrayed against them. "We need you alive if we got a ghost of a chance in the battles to come."

    The young warrior regarded Malagath and could feel him brimming with indescribable confidence. The man was a Captain for a reason, all aboard not only depended in him, but shared the same opinion. This was a Leader worthy to be followed into the unkown.

    "Aye, Captain." Xenos said, half-apologetically. "Unleash me on your command."

    Indeed, Malagath would know when to prioritize such a tactic, far better than he. Malagath had to deal with the ship, the crew, the sea and so many other factors! He had to keep the Bow in tip-top shape, the crew fed and ready, the stocks supplied. On top of all that, he had to outwit the enemy! No wonder so many brave men were loyal to him.

    Xenos wasted not another moment as he turned to grab hold of the rope assigned to him. It did not matter that he was a demi-god, or that he had the strength of several men, the ability to regenerate, or a Mystic Sword that defied description. No, Xenos was a crewman aboard the 'Freedom's Bow' and Malagath was his captain - and by all that he held honorable, he would follow this man to the end of their journey.

    "To Victory!!"

    Mal held his nerve as his ship came into the lane created by the enemy. It was seconds but, it felt like an eternity. He brought his eyes up to Xenos as the other man took up his position. As the Bow was fully between the galleons. Mal gave the order to the cannons.

    "FIRE!" The guns open up firing out in every direction slamming into the first two ships. Ripping through the hardened hulls and dispersing that thick mist around both ships sending them listing away. The next pair would be hammering them before the dwarven guns would be ready. "Ready bows!" He called out all available crew took up shortbows, crossbows or longbows. Corydon setup on the port side. A whispered word from the half elf, his missile glowed red. "Loose!" The captain yelled, arrows shot out peppering the open decks killing the crew of the other ships and causing panic. Cory's arrow burst into flames into some dry rope which sparked and caused dark smoke to rise some embers falling on the sails, starting to burn little holes.

    "Xenos, GO!" Mal pointed towards the ship to the starboard side as the guns from the Port side ship sounded pounding into the hull of the Bow. "NOW!"

    Malagath needn’t command the young warrior demi-god a second time. In a flash, Xenos vanished and reappeared within the closest enemy ship firing at the Freedom’s Bow. Strobes of light and dark flared all through the gunnery deck as Xenos let the Twilight Sword sing of Order and Catastrophe. He’d become a veritable whirlwind of destruction- confined in a tight space. The warrior’s incandescent weapon struck at the cannons with furious precision, irrespective of the enemy crew. Brave but foolish souls sought to engage him, only to be blinded by the strobing effect...only to be hewn like so much tinder.

    It was an ugly truth: the struggle to save Selenia had created terrors on both sides of the war.

    No flesh, wood or metal could withstand Xenos' uncontainable onslaught, the unleashed fury of a warrior true; for there were monsters in the waters serving the enemy, Xenos was the monster on land in service of the allies.

    Thus, the decimation of the gunnery deck was swift and terrible. Those on the top deck could not hope to aid their dying comrades, who were cut down like so much wheat before their very eyes- their fates, would be the same. Within the ruined 'charnel house', ensuing fires would soon light the powder and the enemy ship would no doubt succumb to a staccato of sundering detonations.

    That being the sound of allied victory.

    There. Another flash - and Xenos moved to the next ship in line. His plan was repeat his previous performance, to eliminate the aligned threats to the Bow from the starboard side, which would give the Captain more room to maneuver and greater license to deal with the enemy to port.

    As Xenos did his bloody work Mal winced as he heard the timbers bend, and creak and break under the assault.

    "All bows port side." Shouted again, his impromptu archery corps rushed across the deck. It while they had done some training with this it wasn't completely set. The heavy crossbows were in the front shielded by the hardy sides of the ship while they readied their windlasses, popping up they fired at anything trying to get too close. Behind them in a crouched position holding their arrows in their drawing hands the shortbows fired quickly at anything they could see peppering their targets with many arrows. Finally at the back ranks, the longbows making careful, considered shots, picking off officers, and leadership where they could see them. In the chaos of the upper deck the fire began to grow, and grow burning up the sails.

    Below decks all the cannons were hastily readied to fire again.

    "FIRE!" Mal shouted and with a final retort the dwarven guns bellowed their reply tearing into the other ship and sending bits of wood and splinters flying into the air.

    It was quick and brutal, bodies on both ships lay in pools of their own blood, but the Bow came out the victor as she cleared the final ship the winds carried her away with speed, leaving wreckage in her wake. Though herself was also in a state, her mast was intact but her hull was punched through, crews were quickly rushing to plug the holes made and baling out water as fast as they could. They would survive, this day.

    "Xenos on deck..." Mal shouted, recalling his divine attack dog...They'd done good work, a lot of it. Now they would have to hope that the rest of the heroes were has useful as the one he'd found.

    There was the familiar flash and Xenos reappeared before Malagath, bloodied, burnt and wounded with lacerations. Many arrows protruded from his back. He had surprised the crew members of the first enemy ship, but by the third, they had been expecting him - and greeted him with welcoming violence.

    In the end their resistance made no difference. Saving Selenia demanded a victory, despite the cost.

    Xenos looked about the Bow, saw brave dead men who had paid the ultimate prize for a goal they all believed in: Freedom.

    The young warrior rose shakily, grunting from the effort and the pain that shot through him due to his wounds, not once remembering about his bond with Nyubis. Still, he would survive, he would heal...unlike others.

    " Aye, Captain. I did as you commanded..." He said, wincing.

    " I did not die..." Xenos stated, as he underscored the statement with a firm nod; the gashes on his face were slowly closing and the blunt trauma receding. "...for Freedom, for Selenia." he managed to add, offering a weak smile.

    "Mad Bastard," Mal replied shaking his head, "Clean yourself up, and get some rest. We'll need you at your best in the coming fight." He was uneasy having sent the young man possibly to his death. Seeing the healing did very little to assuage his fears. Sure he could survive this but would his recklessness would get him killed against a monster like the Destroyer. "We'll talk later..."

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    OOC: Chapter Two is about to begin. I hope everyone is ready for a darker turn of events, although half the gods dying was pretty dark already.

    From the Annals of the Scholar Jahoris Whortleby, regarding the days leading up to the Upheaval, Transcribed from the vision bestowed upon me by Enki, Scribe of the Gods

    It took Jahoris several moments, as he wrote, to realize that Enki had paused. He set down his pen, sitting back, glad of the break as it allowed him a chance for a bite to eat and a drink. He sighed, “So the Gods had gone nuts, the Originators of all were here trying to set things right, One champion had died, and the rest are all separated as the Destructor begins to take power, do I have it correct?”

    The massive god nodded, “Yes, mortal, there was much chaos upon this world. Huitzilopochtli has lost control of the game he began, if he ever had control in the first place. Half the gods that were playing his game were dead, the others were conspiring to take direct action on Selenia. The champions were split, hoping and attempting to come together and face the Destructor.”

    Enki sighed, “I should have supported Morrigan, when the chief of the gods was being chosen, all this might have been avoided. But Huitzil had the power, the rage of one who demanded he become the chief god. So others chose him.”

    Jahoris’ eyes went wide, he’d not heard this side of how the gods operated before, doubted that any mortal had. “So what happened? We’re here now so the champions must have won…”

    Enki chuckled, “You’d believe so, wouldn’t you. The past can still change the future and that story still isn’t fully told.”

    The vision that had been there as he wove his tale rose once more, “This…is when it truly begins, the end, the beginning of the end, maybe the end of the beginning, who knows.”* Enki whispered.


    Six months had passed.

    Six months since Zinnia faced the black dragon.

    Six months since Nyubis and Aboleth had found the first few shards of Isha.

    Six months since Sagitar had been swallowed by the worm.

    Six months since Nyssa saw Sagitar devoured.

    Six months since Mieli faced the goblin warlock.

    Six months since Malagath and Xenos broke through the chains and defeated the Uthium fleet.

    Much has happened in that time, many trials the heroes have faced. Their patrons too have not been idle. The gods game has been in abeyance, or so it seems, although Huitzilopochtli had kept track of events, attempted to influence them, through the map.

    The gods themselves had been busy, Enya had gathered several of them to begin their own plans to aid the saving of Selenia. Others were working on their own plans. And Enya had an ally, only known to her, saving whether she told those she was trying to ally with to stop the Destructor. He was preparing for the fight, for the day they had to help the mortals.

    A day dawned, seemingly like any of the last six months that had passed. Each of the heroes woke, sensing that the darkness that was even now covering most of the planet was beginning its final advance.

    Aboleth and Nyubis were curled closely by a fire, all but one of the shards of Isha’s soul had been found. They knew they only needed the last to be able to return her soul to herself, however that could help them.

    Mieli, well, the story of how he’d gotten past his foe would be a story he’d have to relate.

    Sagitar, the battle he’d fought within the worm, how he’d gotten free, where he found himself, that too was a story that he’d have to relate, himself.

    Nissa, after being tossed aside to safety during the battle, returned to the quest she’d set herself on, finding the God killing weapon. In the six months, she had not completed her quest yet but that too would be a story for her to relate.

    Zinnia perhaps had aided Mieli, perhaps Nissa but certainly would have checked on her children and attempted to find the other heroes that were out there.

    Malagath and Xenos had had their conversation, had possibly repaired the Freedom’s Bow, had continued the mission they’d set themselves.

    Unless they were already together, the heroes were still as separate as they had been six months before, not entirely by their own designs but because of the darkness that the Destructor had brought in that time.

    The forces of Uthium, in service to their Lords now under the sway of the Destructor filled the seas. The chain that the pirate and the demigod had severed had been repaired, the fleet increased in size. Their land forces, the wizards that had come under their banners, were spreading across all but the southern continent. There, the drow and canim were allied, attacking the nomadic humans and the fairies that lived across that southern continent.

    Their forces had begun to make advances on the southern ends of the two major continents, pressing back the elves, the dwarves, the humans that all lived there. The ‘lesser’ species of goblins, of wargs, of orcs, of trolls were flocking to the banners of both Uthium and the drow/canim alliance.

    Abominations stalked the land, directing, leading those forces. Other, stronger and darker ones laid waste to the land as they searched for the champions. Rian and Arienn appeared even more tired to the champions as they were in constant motion, appearing to each group, trying to give advice or direction on how or where they could be most useful, do the most damage to the Destructor’s forces.

    It was time, past time, to bring the fight to their true foe. How, where would they find him, how had they survived the last six months, and how would they find themselves together so they could face a being that had ravaged so many worlds?

    TAGS: @Adalia-Durron (Combo with GM), @TheAdmiral (combo with GM), @Ktala (Combo with the GM), @Corellian_Outrider (Combo with GM), @Shadowsun and @Sinrebirth (Combo with the GM), @greyjedi125 and @galactic-vagabond422 (Combo with the GM)

    OOC: All combos, this first tag. It is so that everyone can account for the last six months. Mostly the purpose of the combo is so that I can give each information about their champion or god, if their god still lives, that has occurred in the last six months.

    *Paraphrased from a Sir Winston Churchill speech given on November 10, 1942
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    Combo with our illustrious Game Master.........many thanks.

    IC Zinnia - Golden Dragon

    She'd searched, both in her dragon-self form and her dwarf self, but no avail. She’d lost the group she’d been moving with and Zinnia believed that was by design. She did continue to try and over the coming two days she searched from the air, and on the ground into caves and the like but eventually the call to be with her young became too strong. So that was where she went.

    They’d grown, and she’d missed that but for as long as she could she did not plan to miss as much. She’d go out searching for food, and whilst hunting she’d search, and on a few occasions, she’d even encountered several minor dark players in this twisted game. Dispatching them was child’s play to a creature as she was. Till this insane game the gods were playing unfolded, she was left to her brood and that had become her focus.

    It had been six months since the attempted crossing of the desert land, Zinnia's children had grown more and the Einherjaren had continued to protect her nest. The darkness continued to gather, spreading and she knew not how the others fared. One morning, as she prepared to travel and hunt, find food for her brood, a cough sounded at the entrance to the caves, someone was attempting to gain her attention.

    Lifting her head from the ground where she'd been sleeping curled around her young, she slowly turned to the sound, her eye wide and taking in the image before her. "You either need my attention or wish to be eaten. Speak." She stated.

    The figure, one of the Einherjaren, an older one it seemed, nodded. "I haf vord vrom Lady Ar'enn. Ze Zaid I must speak met yu. Ze time has come, ze heroz muzt roze once more."

    Zinnia listened and it took her a few moments to translate the man’s strong accent. “Rise once more? How so? I need more than that to leave my children again.”

    "Ze Deztructor iz on ze move. He iz in ze open en haz begun hiz final push voor control of Zelenia." He replied. "Unlez yu en de anderen fight he vill vin."

    Zinnia sighed, she needed to find someone who spoke her language more clearly. She didn’t want to lose her home but a question came to her mind. “Do you know who this Destructor is?” It might help if she knew who or what she was supposed to be facing.

    The man nodded, "De Lady told me. He iz alzo a kind of ze en R'an. He came vrom en ander vorld in ze cozmoz. A beazt of great pover en ztrength. Vorld upon vorld haz he corrupted. Ar'en en R'an try to ztop hem but ze heroz of each vorld alone can make hem leav." He paused, speaking to her in a familiar language, for length, was obviously tough on him.

    "Ze blak draak dat yu haf vought iz halv hiz ztrength. Of zo. It muzt be ze combined ztrength of ze heroz to defeat hem."

    A frown creased Zinnia’s brow. “Who is this Lady? And I am forced to ask, what heroes? I have searched Selinia for months and not found any evidence of anyone who even resembled a hero.” She recalled the battle with the Black Dragon and wondered how she could defeat a being more powerful.

    The man frowned, "Ar'en...Livf...ze Lady who vas vith yu voor ze vight met ze blak draak." He shook his head, "Ze zaid ze iz zorry dat ze haz not helped met ze pover van Andriza. But ze heroz are deep in ze darknez. Vighting te com togezer onze again. Ze need yu too."

    "En ze pover of ze Deztructor haz grovn zo much zuch dat he can hide ze zenze of zem."

    Turning to her now stirring young noting they were not the small things she had left all those months ago, soon they’d need to leave the nest, learn to fly and learn so much more, but if there was no Selinia, how would that happen. She, once again, had been left with little choice as her brood looked to her curiously. Swinging her head back she asked two simple questions. “Will my young continue to be protected and where will I find them?”

    "Ze nest, ze mountain vill ztill be protected. Zey vill be zafe." He replied, assurance in his tone. "Ze Lady zaid ze vill make ze mountain zeem empty of livf."

    A slow nod as she nudged one of her children away from its attempt to escape. “When?”

    "Az zoon az yu can depart. Ze haz already zet the moutain zo." He replied calmly.

    “Of course.” It was always right now, no one had patience anymore.

    He nodded, "Time iz zhort. He iz cloze to victory..."

    "I understand, now leave me so I may explain to my children!" She almost growled, knowing it was not the man’s fault but angry just the same.

    A final nod and the man turned, "I vill zee yu again, ze Lady vants me to help yu az I can." he said over his shoulder as a porttal opened, the edges green tinged, before he stepped through, disappearing from sight.

    TAG: , @TheAdmiral , @Ktala , @Corellian_Outrider, @Shadowsun and @Sinrebirth, @greyjedi125 and @galactic-vagabond422
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    OOC: Combo with @Sinrebirth and @darthbernael

    IC: Aboleth & Nyubis


    The woman awoke to the heaviness of another.

    She was in his embrace.

    Warmed not just by the hearth, but by the heart.


    It beat into her back, a steady thrum that had lulled her to sleep.

    For a moment, she stilled herself, so that she might enjoy the moment for just a little longer.

    The musk of him; the touch of his breath upon her; the drape of his leg; the crook of the arm that enveloped her; her mind absently travelling up and down her form, memorising every point of contact between body and soul and skin and skin...

    Nyubis had not been able to sleep, in all honesty, he rarely truly slept at all. He more just entered a trance-like state, meditating away but he did not even do that now. He just watched the fire, his eyes watching it dance a weave like a fickle witch.

    He could feel her there, her soft skin, the lightness of her breathing as she had slept. He had not moved, she had looked so comfortable, so peaceful. A tranquility he yearned for. He felt her stir ever so slightly as he spoke softly, barely a whisper on the wind.

    "You know I am going to change again, yet that I'm not done..." he paused searching for the word. "evolving. My personality could quite easily shift again, I might end up more like Anubis... or more like Nyruel... or more like myself,"

    The possibility unnerved him, but he knew he was not done coming into his own power, into the forging of god and mortal that had created him.

    "I know," she said, softly. "But for now, you are you, and I am me. That's enough for me right now."

    She turned in his arms, careful not to pin him, or stab him with her elbows - sharp things, no idea why all humanoids wanted them - and Aboleth leaned back to look at him. "I think, after everything we've been through together, it's what I'd love to happen for the rest of time, if I was being honest."

    "Nyubis," she said quite softly. "I believe I am in love with you."

    Nyubis was quiet for a moment, slightly caught off guard by Aboleth's statement. His eyes focused as he wondered briefly. The expectation of a reply building up, feeling it press into his back like needles as he slowly replied.

    "I... I don't know how I feel Aboleth. Just so much clouds my head, my soul feels torn and stretched. And the knowledge that I will change again and in a manner that I have no inkling of how it will manifest..."

    He paused searching for words to express how he was feeling. It was not something he was particularly accustomed to.

    "... I think I can't even bring myself to... feel. Just the endless march of the mission. Of the end goal... of what needs to be done."

    He realized that he was droning on, he felt himself wince slightly with the embarrassment of that fact, as he then began to speak more quickly from the discomfort.

    "But what I do know, that this time we have spent together. I have enjoyed it greatly,"

    Aboleth did not feel heartbroken, for she was an old entity, and she knew what it was like. She empathised with him, immensely. Placing a hand on his cheek, she met his eyes. "I know what you mean, Nyu. I've enjoyed it too... and with us close to getting the last shard... I just found myself thinking of after, is all."

    She made a smile. "Sorry for putting you on the spot like that."

    "I...I can understand," he spoke softly, continuing to gaze at the fire. His eyes closed as he could feel the dark magic of Anubis working within him. Changing him. He felt the link to Xenos. The young man was still alive, that much he could tell, on the account that he himself was not... dead.

    "And it is alright... expressing one's feelings... it is not something I am particularly good at... and certainly Nyruel and Anubis were not good at it either..."

    He smiled ever so softly.

    "But after this... after saving Selenia... I reckon I will have to take my place as the new God of Death. Or rather what I become will be what has to take on that mantle. I cannot know what I want, or what to do beyond that point... I can only live... now. In this moment,"

    His soft sky blue eyes shone as he said this, the same sad smile echoing on his lips as he allowed himself to rest just a while longer.

    “Then let us have this moment, again and again, until we can no longer,” she said softly, and drew him closer to her. “I am yours, in all my ways and names. I am your Lilith,” a kiss. “Your Onrai,” another kiss. “Your Vahl.” Another. “Your Abeloth.”

    She kissed him on the mouth deeply and broke for air, smiling fully. “Your Goddess.”

    “Whatever name you become; I am fully yours, to the End of Time.” She pressed her form into his, and wished that the moment would never end.”

    Nyubis said nothing as he moved into her embrace, moving himself on top of her. His back and chest were already bare and open to the air as he felt her form.

    His mind washed aside as he allowed himself, for just now, to forget about the mission. About the responsibility, he had to save the world with his fellow champions.

    From beyond the fire’s light, a coughing snort sounded. A low, throaty growl followed. “I get sent here to speak to you and this is what I find? The world is falling into darkness, and you two are…copulating? I should go tell Death that you have other priorities.”

    The voice was low, harsh, but not judging, simply humored by the scene it had found when it’s owner arrived. Reflected in the flames, otherwise yet unseen, were two glowing orbs, the owner's eyes, nearly eight feet off the ground.

    Nyubis gave a sigh, his head by Aboleth's ear as he slowly got up, not bothering to put any clothes on, and stood tall facing the being.

    "A Canim?" He paused for a moment as he contemplated for a brief moment. "Well, you certainly know how to pick your timing..."

    He looked towards Aboleth for a moment, before taking a seat, his cold blue eyes looking towards the being.

    "Nyruel is gone, if you were not aware of that. Is this about the alliance between Drow and the Canim...?"

    A rumbling chuckle, as though from a massive chest, sounded before the being stepped into the firelight.


    “Do you honestly believe that Lord Death would send me about something so petty as that alliance?” it asked before it crouched on it’s haunches to bring it’s head more level with the being before it.

    “That alliance is so minor a thing compared to what is currently occurring across the face of Selenia.” It’s head tilted to the side, ears twitching, “Tell me, how long has it been since you could feel any other of the champions beside Xenos?”

    It’s muzzle swung toward Aboleth, “He approves by the way, but suggests you retrieve the last shard post haste, goddess.”

    “I didn’t need his approval,” Aboleth groused, not caring to preserve her modesty; he wasn’t of the same species as her, at the end of the day. “But thanks. So what if we’ve not felt the other Champions? We’re on a mission. We’re nearly done. When we have all the shards whatever mess is happening can be changed to some extent, surely.”

    "Well good... because I was quite likely going to snap your neck if you interrupted me for something as so lowly as that alliance," spoke Nyubis. Tilting his head in thought and then waved his hand dismissively

    "I would say about six months or so... but if Xenos is alive then I have no worries. No doubt the Destructor is clouding the aura of many beings across Selenia. Such would be its way,"

    He rested his chin on his palm as he mused idly to the Canim.

    "What has oh wise and powerful Death decreed for us now?"

    A barking laugh was the initial response to both the unclothed goddess and the semi sarcastic question from the becoming god. "Isha being returned, at least her soul, that will be a beacon. One I'm not sure you are ready to light, as of yet." He scratched behind one long ear. "She must be preserved but do you truly wish to reveal to your foes exactly where you are and the power that has returned?"

    Turning his gaze from Aboleth to Nyubis, "You may have tried, but...ahhh you will see." He tilted his head, side to side for a moment before a lupine smile crossed his face. "You are correct, however, the only reason you sense Xenos is the bond between the two of you. If you could see Selenia from above, there are fading patches of light, most of the world covered in Darkness."

    He rocked back on his heels, a small sigh of relaxing before them, "As to what Lord Death wishes...He did say you'd see it as him directing you but said 'Tell that stubborn duo that I will advise but I'm not going to shove a rod up their backsides to get them to do what must be done'." his voice taking on Rian's tone in that moment. "You do need to recover Isha's last shard, but what good is the soul of a goddess going to do you if you do not reunite with the others? Which means finding them"

    Aboleth glowered. “So how are we going to do that? You have all the answers, so answer. Isha is the bait, yes, we get that.”

    Nyubis tilted his head in quiet thought as he looked to Canim. None of it was particularly new news, the end of the world being what it was. He found it odd that Death still felt that Nyubis somehow still needed convincing about saving Selenia, that ship had sailed a long time ago. Did Death really think so little of him? Did he think Nyubis had not been agonizing over this for the last six months?

    "I was simply going to carve into my hand..." spoke Nyubis tilting his head. "If I write out a message for Xenos but cutting into my flesh, and by the very nature his as well then we should have no issues coordinating how to meet," he spoke simply, not showing any particular concern for the pain he or Xenos would endure from their messaging technique.

    "Unless all-powerful Death that intervenes but not fully intervenes has better means to communicate?"

    "I mean," Aboleth drawled. "He has a point. You can clearly do more than you in-fact do. But here we are, doing all the wet-work... and you judge us for a bit of Old Testament fornication?"

    A slight grin across her lips.

    A drawn out fit of coughing laughter came from the camin. "I'm the messenger, one of many that the Precursors have at their disposal. And yes, little goddess while I could do even more, I must follow their instructions, if the champions do not wish to fight for your world then why would we?"

    His head tilted to one side, his shining eyes regarding Nyubis, "You can feel the paladin, but the bond does more than pass pain back and forth, I will tell you that. Emotions can also pass, so," his tongue lolled out when he grinned, "I'm sure he had some very...interesting moments over the last six months, whenever you both have been so engaged." he said as he waved a paw in their direction. "And, you should know the intensity decreases or increases based on proximity of feeling those emotions. Understand..." One ear twitched as he asked.

    Nyubis' eyes watched the Van in, his eyes flashing for a moment in frustration. His eyes became steely.

    "You should remember your place Canim and not recite the magic of Anubis to me falsely as if you would understand the magic of Death and Pain."

    He cast a glance to Aboleth and then back at the wolf man.

    "Now are you finished being imprudent?"

    "I doubt he is," Aboleth said, drily. "But sure, let's do your work for you, and we'll reconnect the dots when we're done, and we'll save Selenia for you too while we're at it." She leered. "Now, if you don't mind, we have a final shard to locate. Unless you happen to be able to tell us just what we'll have to face to get it back - because I doubt it's taken us so long to find it without someone interfering - we need to finish up and move on."

    The Camin laughed again, a rolling, barking sound. "I like you both, so stiff and stubborn."

    He gestured off to the East, "It's about a day's walk or so, at your best pace, thataway."

    "And this, this won't be the last time we see each other either, the end of this, win or lose, is fast approaching and if you think Death wouldn't want you informed you are sadly mistaken."

    It nodded to them both, a lupine smile on his face, eyes glittering. Gesturing behind him, a portal spun open, a large swirling black opening in space, edges tinged in green. He chuckled, shaking his head again, "Stubborn as a pair of rocks." he muttered before he stepped through, the portal shutting behind him.

    Aboleth scoffed.

    "Do we pick up where we left off, or get going?" She sounded wistful. "He did sound worried."

    "I am not exactly in the mood any more," he muttered in honesty as he looked to Aboleth. His face shifting to a warm, soft smile as he gave a nod. He then felt a tang of pain against his forehead.

    "No... no... not now" he winced for a moment before his pain began to fade. "It's beginning... my final 'evolution'..."

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    IC Zinnia - Golden Dragon
    Somewhere out there..........

    Her babies understood her words, but Zinnia was sure they didn’t really understand their meaning. They all assured her their carers had been wonderful so she didn’t need to worry about them, and she was free to save the world. She listened to their dragon speak and the term ‘save the world’ made her smile, she wasn’t really doing that, was she? Hugging them each she turned and left them as they called out their farewells.

    Now standing on the top of the mountain she looked out across the skies, where to go? She hoped her goddess spirit would guide her and duly closed her eyes to listen to her soul. She stood there for several minutes before opening her gold eyes and turning to the south west, this was the way. Unfurling her massive wings, Zinnia took flight.

    Soaring high with her soul guiding her, Zinnia was seeking the Champions, the ones who’d survived the cruel death they’d been delivered. Fate, it confused her as she’d always believed she’d controlled her own fate. She trusted that her goddess would allow her to do that and not let her get hurt in the process. Now she realised fate had controlled her moves, good and bad and her choices where her own but her fate was always in Andrissa’s hands.

    No longer.

    She controlled herself for real this time, but fate was guiding her. Clear skies gave her chance to close her eyes again and ‘feel’, she was being guided again and she banked more to the south. Zinnia didn’t know how this worked, but it was working.

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    The adventure continues, with @galactic-vagabond422 & @darthbernael

    IC: Xenos & Malagath
    Aboard the Freedom's Bow

    "Aye, Captain! My Captain!"

    Xenos progressively spoke these words with greater ease each time he saluted Malagath upon seeing him. The young warrior had become greatly accustomed to being aboard the Freedom's Bow, a place he considered his new home. In the time that followed after their harrowing crossing, Xenos did his best to find his place among the crew in as natural a way as possible, for everything aboard a ship had a place and a purpose, including himself.

    During that time, he also sensed Nyubis, which confirmed that his fellow demi-god was not only alive, but quite active in other ways. Xenos would throw himself overboard and remain in the sea during certain times, welcoming the frigid waters and their calming embrace. After a time, he would smoothly scale back up the netting and offer an apology, citing only to the captain that he was still under a 'curse' and the sea helped to sooth him.

    To Xenos, there seemed to be less Light in the world, which deeply troubled him and concerned him, for he could no longer get a sense of the other Champions.

    There was a small celebration after breaking through the blockade. Though they couldn't celebrate too long. They still had a world ending battle to fight. Xenos was settling in nicely the crew getting used to him though they seemed to have their captain's distrust of gods. Mal's acceptance went a long way and the captain made a point to always show kindness, not favoritism, but treating him no differently than the crew.

    When he made mistakes Mal corrected him, when he did well Mal would congratulate not with flowery language or great fawning, just a simple word. It worked well enough and with the Uthium navy patrolling the lanes Mal knew he had to be careful. Consulting the map he could see some of the ships and their supernatural support but he couldn't be sure it was all of them. He'd lost sight of the group of heroes so they were just left with their last heading, the west coast of the continent.

    "Xenos..." He called out from the deck. "My cabin." It was time to have that talk.

    "Aye, Captain!" The young warrior shouted back, then immediately followed after Malagath. It appeared the captain wished to speak to him in private, which probably meant he had gleaned some news regarding the other Champions, or...Xenos tried not to frown...the Destroyer.

    In situations like these, it was always best not to guess or conjecture, but simply allow the captain to deliver what news he had without formulating erroneous pre-conceptions. By now Xenos had learned this simple lesson well.

    Mal lead the demi god to the cabin opening it and gesturing him inside. "Now you should know that we are continuing on our course, in the hope that we will find those champions the Old Man of the Sea was talking about." He pointed towards the map. "That magical map keeps us abreast of the patrols and the like but, I can't see the champions anymore. Or if I can they aren't very visible. Given that I have no choice but to continue on our path." He took a seat at the small table. "Now what we have that out of the way. Something I truly need to talk to you about." He poured two cups of rum handing one of them to Xenos. "We're going to be facing the greatest threat of a generation. There is going to be danger, and likely more than a match for yourself. Despite your power I feel you will still be in danger. And we will need our noble god at the end of all this. And there's likely to be challenges before we even arrive...What I'm sailing at here lad. Is you can't be throwing yourself heedless into the fight and hope your power will be enough to survive. Certainly you can slaughter regular men and women by the hundreds, but this destroyer and his lackeys they will be something else. And we can't lose you before facing our true enemy."

    Xenos remained quiet as the Captain spoke, taking in all that was being shared. His eyes regarded the map and committed what he saw to memory, even as he knew that positions on the map were likely to change. Still, it was a good to at least have an idea of what was out there.

    When the cup of rum was offered, he accepted the beverage with a nod.

    The Captain was worried that he was being reckless. Xenos could understand that his actions certainly looked that way. It was likely this perception was enabled by his inheritance from his father, Samhain. But there was a more nuanced mission behind his actions. Ma'at's wisdom required this of him.

    "Sir, you are my Captain..." Xenos began to say, after a respectful pause. "...and I am your crewman, just like any other."

    "The Freedom Bow, the Dwarves Guns, the men themselves. Everyone is well treated, taken care of and in turn, they serve to the best of their abilities. They trust you and follow your lead, they uphold the creed that binds you together. This is also true for me."

    The dark haired warrior took a gulp of the liquid.

    "There will be no recklessness when we face our true enemy, I can assure you of that. But for now, they must believe this report. Like you, I keep a few surprises hidden for just the right moment, and like you, I also intend to see a new dawn for Selenia."

    A soft smile is offered and a raised cup as well.

    While Xenos' explanation was flattering it did little to quell the unease he felt. This was the greatest threat he'd ever under taken. It might have been for the survival of his home, and the freedom of his seas, but he didn't want to fall at the final stretch.

    Though he put as much faith in his crew as they put in him. He trusted that they followed his orders, and they trusted him that he wouldn't lead them into their death. Though against a walking god, that would be a more difficult ask.

    "For the Seas of Selena." He raised his cup. "So," the Captain continued taking a sip. "You going up to take your place at that forsaken table above...or will you be slumming it with us low folk after this?"

    Xenos couldn't help but to chuckle at Captain Malagath's word play. It made him realize how much he missed such camaraderie, this brotherhood of warriors.

    "My guess is, that I'll always have a place at 'the table', thanks to my....progenitors." Xenos expression grew pensive and somewhat melancholic, but only for a brief moment.

    "But my place is here, on the surface of Selenia. My parents had a great love for the people and they have gifted me with that burning affection. I'm afraid I'll be staying Captain, me and my reckless self."

    Xenos allowed himself a bit of chuckle then. It was good to speak of the future, for it meant they would do all in their power to see that outcome become reality.

    "For Selenia."


    The sound of footsteps, not that unusual on a ship, sounded. They drew closer, not slowing, until it seemed they were inside the Captain’s cabin. The sense that the room was more crowded filled the space and then two beings came into view.



    The two figures ignored Malagath and Xenos for the moment. The grizzled pirate turned to his companion, “Not sure why the boss decided we needed to come see these two, he could have just taken his ship over here and talked to them.”

    The scarred warrior snorted, “He’s the inscrutable one, it’s just our jobs to do as he requires. Speaking of, what was it we were supposed to tell these two?” he asked, one gauntleted hand gesturing at Xenos and Malagath.

    Taking his pipe from between his teeth, “We’re supposed to take on the inscrutable thing here and give them mysterious clues to help them, remember…”

    Hearing the footsteps at first Mal ignored them, the movement of the crew was common place. Then when the sounds came through the door and into the room he set his hand on his hand crossbow, ready to fight. They were dealing with the things beyond after all.

    When they revealed themselves and began their banter a wan and weary smile formed across his lips.

    "You're like of that Ancient Mariner I assume? Come to grant us his wisdom?" Mal took another long sip of his cup, somewhat tired of these interruptions. "Unless you are here to grant me canons fit to kill a god I have no use for you."

    Xenos had not been alarmed by the two newcomers. He could sense and see their auras and recognized the touch of 'He' who had sent them. As was his custom, he listened first whenever he was not being attacked. These two seemed to be messengers and quite an interesting pair. However, Malagath's words made him wince a bit.

    'canons fit to kill a god?'

    Xenos resolved not to allow 'human weakness' to steer his thinking, for such was not becoming- but rather remained standing as he had been.

    "Welcome to the Freedom's Bow, what news do you bring?" he asked , just to shave off the edge of any possible tension.

    The pirate merely smiled, puffing on his pipe, at Malagath's retort, eyes on the man. The warrior snorted again but turned to Xenos, "Well met indeed. The time has come for the heroes to come together once again."

    With another draw on the pipe, "Easier said than done, yours can still touch the one he's bound to but the Destructor has been all but making them invisible to each other, in recent months." the pirate responded with a half smile.

    Then lurched forward a step as the warrior's broad hand slapped his back in a friendly gesture. "Yes, my old friend, I didn't say it would be easy." Stepping over to the map, one thick finger pointed to the middle of the largest continent, south of the mountains, "Two are there, you know." Another stabbed down on the map, on the next largest continent, "Zinnia is here, but rapidly moving south southwest."

    A puff of smoke rose from the pipe, "Yet the others are still somewhat hidden from view." the pirate said softly.

    Turning to Malagath, "No, we don't bring miracle weapons but the need for you all to reunite has never been stronger."

    Mal looked to the map to the points gestured towards and furrowed his brow.

    "I'm well aware of the need to come together. That's what I've been trying to do since this whole mess started." He shook his head. "Is there anyway to get everyone in one place, right on the coast where I can bring them aboard? Any way to get a message to them? Can you grant us that?"

    Xenos followed every gesture, utilized every reference from what he knew and was still yet learning.

    Zinnia. She was a dragon, the last of her kind- and by default a very powerful ally. Xenos nodded to himself in understanding as he continued to listen, internally feeling relieved at the lack of 'miracle weapons'. In that instant, Ma'at granted him a morsel of understanding. That Taraziel, the Twilight Sword, was in itself a 'miracle weapon', one that he possessed. For that reason alone, he should understand that mortals, even Captain Malagath himself, felt as he had felt at the mention of 'miracle weapons', the kind that could 'kill a god'. Could the Captain be blamed for wishing to level the playing field? Of course not. Therefore, it was Xenos' duty to wield Taraziel with great responsibility- always in favor of the people, never against them- and ideally, only to vanquish supernatural foes, not mortals which he could very well overcome without it.

    Xenos felt the depth of his mother's wisdom penetrate his understanding. He had been blind, but no longer.

    With that kernel of knowledge now embedded in his conscious mind, the warrior turned to the two messengers, needing to confirm a feeling.

    "The two you mentioned..." Xenos pointed to the map, south of the mountains of the largest continent. "Is one of these, Nyubis?"

    The warrior nodded, "Nyubis and his companion, not technically a champion, have found all but one of the shards of Isha. They are headed to recover the last one. I believe," he glanced at his companion who nodded, "There is a possibility Zinnia is headed toward them and a lesser possibility that she's sensed Sagitar."

    The pirate was looking at the various coastlines, "There are so very few safe places anymore, most of Selenia has fallen under the sway of the Destructor." Pointing near the coast where the destroyed Elven city of E'mathalas lay. "Perhaps they can be told to go there, I do not know if the Destructors forces would expect you all to meet there."

    Finally some help that is helpful. Mal could jump for joy but, he wouldn't give the gods the satisfaction. They had a location, someplace to rally the forces of light against the darkness. Sure there was an army between them and their goal but, that could be overcome. If the stories he'd heard once the good rallied there was little that could stand against them.

    "I'll take it, it'll be a downside better than sailing blind."

    "...E'mathalas." Xenos whispered as he looked to the map, his mind conjuring a vision of the great light and gigantic mushroom cloud he'd witnessed many months past. The irony of it did not escape him.

    "Aye, Captain. There is still hope." Xenos says to Malagath, agreeing to a certain eagerness to finally move forward towards the end goal.

    "...and thank you both for bringing us this much needed bit of news." The warrior says to the two messengers, offering them a firm nod of gratitude.

    The pirate tipped his hat, the pipe barely moving, as the warrior nodded to the pair. "Expect us to be around, in the future, the Progenitors must appear more behind the scenes, for now." The latter said, solemnly. "They will aid you, through us, until such time as it is right for their reappearance."

    With one last nod they both turned, a portal opening in the cabin, swirling black, edged in green, before they stepped through, disappearing from sight as the portal shut.

    "Well," Mal sat back in his chair putting his feet up on the table. "If I'm hearing that right, seems the people in the clouds might actually start doing something. He finished off his goblet. "Took them long enough. We might just have a chance here."

    He rose to his feet heading towards the deck he had orders to give out.

    "Anything else Lad?"

    Xenos did likewise and downed the rest of mug's content with a measure of satisfaction.


    "No, sir. Nothing to add, except, I can't wait to finally meet some of the other Champions."

    Particularly the Dragon... The warrior mused in silence.

    "Lead on Captain...!" Xenos exclaimed as he followed after Malagath.

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    Chapter 2 Update 2

    Oriaburg, Uthium, Throne Room

    Even though it was the middle of the day, the throne room of the capital of the human kingdom was dark, long curtains drawn and flickering candles only able to do so much to illuminate the space, no matter how many there were. Courtiers and nobles clustered in little groups around the large room, staying well back from the line on the floor that was the closest one could approach the throne.

    Slumped upon that seat was the king. Not even a year ago he’d appeared in the prime of life, a strong, charismatic warrior king, in his mid thirties. Today…he looked almost three times that age, his long blonde hair having gone to silver, his body shrunken in on itself at least where it didn’t writhe with things that those present wouldn’t want to think about.

    Uthium, always belligerent and warlike, had changed, becoming less the humanocentric nation that wished to rule the world and more a puppet of something else that wished to destroy their world. And the king was the physical representation of that. Murmurs began to rise from around the throne, the nobles and courtiers going quiet as they strained to listen.

    “The Progenitors…where are they?”

    “The champions, divided…”

    “The gods, in chaos…”

    From the king's lips, “But why are they not destroyed and this world subsumed already?” came in a deep, fractured whisper.

    The courtiers and nobles found themselves dragged closer, whether they willed it or not, as the king’s body jerked and sat upright, his eyes burning with a fey light. His eyes fell on the generals and admirals gathered to one side.

    “Those that call themselves champions of this world are on the move. You have said they are contained but my spies tell me they are attempting to reunite. Two areas have come to my attention, Queraerhiel, specifically E'mathalas, what is left of it, and the small land that is nominally allied with us, Quadiepia, on Eosucera.”

    The burning eyes narrowed, “Concentrate your forces there, bring our allied races down on their heads, make the waters leading to either area unsailable. Destroy them and we will prevail.”

    The heads of the military bowed their heads, couriers beginning to depart at speed from their ranks. Those burning eyes turned on the nobles. “Rally your forces and sweep across every other land, raze it all to the ground. We can rebuild, if desired, afterward.”

    Those there paled at the words, the king, or whatever was animating him, had just demanded total war. But, unless they wished to go the way of their predecessors, subtle glances took in the outlines of twisted human shapes on the walls, they would obey. At the nod from the king the hall was finally empty, save the king on his throne.

    The body of the king shuddered, standing and stretching, the creak and groan of unused sinew and muscle filling the still air.


    Looking up into the air, voice carrying in the silence, “Mother…Father…I will lay waste to this world of yours, another in a long line.”

    TAG: No one and everyone


    Sailing to the ruins of E’Mathalas

    The seas had not been spared the ferocity of the invasion and assaults by the forces of the Destructor. Day and night, through the voyage to reach the destination that the messengers had suggested the Freedom’s Bow was assailed by all manner of creature. The crew had had to improvise to stuff their ears to ignore the songs of the sirens that approached again and again. But the loss of hearing impaired them as other creatures took advantage to attack.

    By the time that the ship sailed into the narrow bay that led to the ruins there was evidence of all they had battled along the way, embedded in the ship. A giant squid’s tentacle, suckers almost impossible to remove, trailed back from the port side of the ship, foot long teeth from kraken and leviathans embedded in the hull along the starboard side. The head of a hydra was mounted above the bowsprit as well, a trophy of one night long battle.

    The sight that greeted them was imposing. Hundreds of boats and ships faced them, from small oar powered assault cutters to forty gun ships of the line. In the ash and cloud filled skies above, abominations, smaller but similar to the one that had decimated E’Mathalas, hung in the air, furies clinging to their sides or already diving toward the Bow. All of the ships carried the colors of Uthium, a tentacled face superimposed over the standards.


    Along the shoreline on both sides, battalion after battalion of human, drow, goblin, orc, giant, and even more varied creatures faced the crew. The skies darkened further as trebuchets, ballistas, and archers began to fire. The battle had begun, not even a moment to prepare given.

    TAGS: @greyjedi125, @galactic-vagabond422 (You can combo together or one can take the landbound forces and one can take the seabound ones, and I’ll write the Uthium forces in combo with you)


    Middle of Qedraerhiel, deep forests

    Even as Nyubis began his final evolution, he and Aboleth had to begin their trek deeper into the woods of Qedraerhiel. She comforted him as much as she could but there was little that she could do for him, he had to survive and work his way through the changes. But the forces of the Destructor gave them little time to rest and let the changes occur unobstructed.

    It was as though their foe was rousing the very creatures of the wood against them. Naiads swarmed from trees, twisted from the beautiful, generous, but defensive creatures they’d been. Giant spiders wove webs that blocked trails, dropping from the canopy to attack from overhead. Drow roamed and attacked throughout the nights, giving them little sleep. Trolls and goblins created blockades of rotten and bursting trees, firing volleys of arrows at them as they battled through.

    Everything was set against them as they closed on the last shard of Isha. Nyubis could feel Xenos drawing closer and knew they needed to hurry to recover the shard so that they could rejoin their companions.

    One morning, they reached the top of a small hill, what should have been a vast forest below the summit. However, the entire valley they looked into, from just beyond where they stood, was deforested. The wood of the trees was either stacked for fires or had been used to create buildings. Their foes had found the shard first.

    In the center of the camp was an open space surrounding a flickering shape that had to be the last shard. A ring of defenses, manned by a variety of creatures, each with their own escort of the defenses, surrounded the open space. The way the camp was set, each species had a wedge of the camp, their kind defending their area of responsibility. The largest portion of the circular camp was given over to a human contingent, a giant flag proclaiming their loyalty to Uthium. Among all the camps though, stalked various examples of the creatures that had been attacking them along the journey and surrounding the palisade of the innermost defenses lay the giant serpent that had first annoyed them in their travels.


    A wavering horn call sounded, the barracks emptying as their foes flocked to the four rings of defensive walls that had been erected, a deep ditch filled with stakes outside the outer wall. The reason for the call to arms became quickly evident as a warbling, screeching cry filled the air; twisted flying creatures descending from the cloud, headed directly for Nyubis and Aboleth.

    The last shard was right before them but they’d have to battle to reach it.

    TAGS: @Shadowsun, @Sinrebirth (Combo with GM)


    The skies of Selenia

    As Zinnia headed south, the sensation, the feeling that she was closing on at least one of the other champions increased. Occasionally she would circle, to make sure of her bearing toward where that one was located. Further from her home the skies darkened, forcing her to fly lower, the clouds of both massive storms and ash clogged the upper atmosphere.

    The closer she approached the smaller continent to the south the more signs that things were deteriorating were becoming evident. The worst for her, was when she began to see dragons, other dragons, also aloft. The feeling she got from the others was that they were not of Selenia, that they had come from elsewhere. They did not have the feeling the others of her kind had, when her kind had filled the skies of this world.

    They were not golden dragons as she was but were black as the last foe she’d faced, black, copper, red, white, silver, and green. And each radiated a sense of deep evil and darkness. At first, they ignored her, diving and strafing the ground and sea below, attacking the various beings and ships below. Acid, ice, fire, and noxious chlorine gas were all spewed by the dragons as they fought.


    Reaching Eosucera, she’d see in the distance the burst and flare of magic spoke of a being steeped in the magical arts fighting both land and sky based foes. But between her and that one was a sky full of smaller dragons that were, even now turning their attention to the massive gold dragon flying their way.

    TAG: @Adalia-Durron, (Combo with GM) (Giving a potential location for Sagitar, for when @Corellian_Outrider can reply, which is needed as soon as possible)


    TAG: @TheAdmiral (combo in progress, update tag once the combo is finished)
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    IC Zinnia - Golden Dragon.
    Skies over Selinia

    Circling Zinnia was able to asses that the dragons below were not only a lot smaller than her but of varying degrees of power and strength. All of them less than herself. One on one, none of them stood a chance against her, but if they chose to team up, she may be in a little strife. The key she decided was too separate them, divide and conquer.

    Ducking behind a larger fluffy cloud she caught sight of a pale blue coloured dragon coming up skyward, and judging by it approach, it was unaware of her. Her first victim was about to burst through the clouds so she slowed, allowing her massive wings to hold her as they gently flapped. A waiting game as her keen ears listened and her eyes watched.

    Its head poked through followed by the body and by the time it realised Zinnia was there, it was too late. Diving suddenly, she had her massive jaws wrapped around the smaller dragon’s head and in an instant, it had been not only crushed but removed from the surprised creature’s body. Seconds later the headless form dropped back to the land, flailing and flopping uselessly as it went. Zinnia spat, the broken head flew free, it tasted foul, like death or something similar. There was no time to consider that, with the body now falling her presence would soon be more than apparent. Diving through the clouds she let out her best blood curdling roar, spying her next target as she did so. At the speed she was going she was on the bronze-coloured beast, it had a frill on its neck and when it saw Zinnia, the frill rose to frame it’s head. ‘Perfect’ she thought as she let lose a wall of fire, knowing that her opponents’ frill would capture the flames and burn the beast’s head. A scream of pain escaped the bronzed animal as it also began to fall, its flesh now consumed in flames and smoking the entire way.

    Zinnia wasn’t done, she’d only just begun.

    She’d been seen and she was already heading toward a smaller silver/white dragon as it turned to her, aggression on it features as it opened its mouth to spew what she thought would be fire.

    She was wrong.

    Water poured forward surprising Zinnia for a heartbeat or two, but she knew this small stream of water was no match for her and she duly spewed forward her own fire, instantly making steam. Hot boiling steam that roared backward toward the water dragon, burning its flesh violently, ripping skin and scales from its body. It howled in agony as it twisted and writhed as it began to plummet.

    Zinnia swooped upward to pick her next target, a smaller than average red dragon, who seemed to understand its own shortcomings and was now in a form of retreat. A pang of guilt washed over the huge gold dragon as she pursued it, but it was fleeting as she knew in her heart of hearts that she was doing the work of the Champions of this world. She was helping in the only way she knew how. The red dragon was closer now and its whipping twin tails were within the reach of her jaws. Waiting for that perfect moment she snapped her jaws shut on both the tails, not wanting to cut them off she held them both, jerking them backward and releasing. The doomed beast flew backward and right into her mouth, she crushed its neck in a single snap, the sound of bones grinding clearly heard. She’d granted the beast a quick death as she released the lifeless body to fall. As it did so she turned to the remaining dragons letting a powerful roar go as she did.

    Zinnia was coming and there was nothing they could do to survive her attack.

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    IC Zinnia the Destroyer of Bad Dragons!
    Darkened Skies over Selenia

    Three more dragons had fallen lifeless or in state of demise to the hardened earth below, Zinnia wasn’t even slightly tired as she spun sharply after a bright silver beast. A particularly burly looking animal, it wore horns on its head and what looked like fur running across the top of its wings. It was snarling and seemingly unafraid of her as it charged, claws outstretched. It opened its mouth and to Zinnia’s surprise lightening bolts shot forward, she was forced to duck to avoid and felt one of the bolts graze her upper neck. This would not do; she would not allow this minor excuse for a dragon to challenge her and she duly turned upward as the animal flew over and poured fire into its belly. In turn it turned down and attempted to rain lightening down on her, and struck at her back. A loud roar in pain as she fell away from the attack, the electricity danced over her body but she was rewarded as her attacker was on fire, its flesh melting under the intense heat. Giving her head a shake, she lifted herself high in the sky to find another target while she recovered from the electrical surge she’d suffered. She had to be more careful as that had hurt and the last thing, she needed to do was over estimate herself.

    A red and white dragon caught her attention, its tail covered in vicious looking jagged spines, was circling, ignoring the attack of the greater beast above it. That was its first mistake, but as Zinnia turned and dove toward it, she realised it might have been her mistake as well. The unknowing dragon was curling its tail down ward and then with a flick, releasing thousands of jagged shards. Instantly they reappeared ready for another attack. Surprise was on her side and as she dropped, she flattened her wings backward and extended her rear claws. As she got closer the smaller dragon caught sight of her, attempting to turn itself over as she struck, her claws ripping in past the scales and into the flesh. In a desperate attempt to save itself the dragon released its tail shards, most fell short, or hit her hardened gold scales but Zinnia felt it as one managed to penetrate her stomach area. Letting out a roar of agony she separated her legs and ripped the creature apart then dropped the carcass to the ground. Above she heard the others nearby call to defend and avenge the death they’d just witnessed; she had no time to consider her wound as she extended her wings and turned skyward again. Two dragons were diving at her, a white on and a dull grey one, they seemed to be a pair or twins even. It mattered little, the small amount of fire they were both spewing was no match for her and she briefly wondered why they were trying at all. In a few seconds she was on them and poured her own fire on to them, engulfing them entirely. Screams of agony followed by flaming balls of flesh dropping from the sky. Zinnia turned to look at the remaining enemy beasts, some were retreating clearly aware of how dangerous their new nemesis was. Not all of them though.

    “Leave this place else I kill you all, stay and you will die!” She roared in the language of dragons. At the power of her voice 4 or 5 of the dragons stopped their approach, they considered their position and those they’d witnessed killed, and changed direction, fleeing to the north. Only three remained and Zinnia attempted to give them one more chance. “Go, or I will kill you!” They did not go, instead, as a trio, they charged her. This was it, she had them all in front of her and the fates were on her side, the spine in her stomach ached but it was fueling her anger and giving her the strength to finish this battle. Diving hard she narrowed her gold eyes as the trio came at her, then without warning the two outer beasts divided, meaning she now had three targets. Keeping track was harder now and she had to watch out for the side ones, be aware of their attacks, but she focused on the brown one in front of her. It got closer and something was telling her this one was different, how she didn’t know.

    Then it was clear.

    Smoke erupted from the beasts’ mouth, enveloping its source and blinding Zinnia to the attacker’s presence. Instinct kicked in and she ducked down below the dark cloud, but one of the side dragons had predicted this. It came in hard at her, its tail forward as it flew, a red barb on its green tail and was about 150cm long and clearly sharp. It had to be venom as it was still beneath her and coming up at her hard. Rolling away Zinnia did not see the brown dragon to her other side and it now dragged its razor-sharp wings over her back and as she rolled her side. Letting out a roar of pain, the huge gold dragon dropped away from its new attacker, but had to fight off the green one with the poison tail as well. She realised almost instantly she needed distance between her and her attackers. But not the way they wanted her to do so, she did not attempt to fly away, no, she wrapped her hard wings around her and dropped to the earth, her back downward. The smoke dragon flew onward, knowing its simple trick would be no match to the huge gold dragon. The other two were shocked at her drop at first, then the gave chase. Zinnia needed something to stop them as her wound was bleeding now and starting to affect her movement. Turning her head, she could see the ground coming up fast and timing was crucial now. Seconds ticked by and she timed it perfectly, spinning over and extending her wings she swooped downward and then directly upward. Right back in the attacking dragon’s direction, then she unleashed her secret weapon, one she’d not used in a long time. Drawing her head back she let loose with a massive ball of explosive fire. In seconds it had enveloped both the dragon and literally exploded them both. Zinnia flew through their remains and as she soared high, she looked down and saw the sky below was now clear.

    Her job was done.

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    OOC: A combo between me and @darthbernael ! Thank you for your patience!

    IC: Mieli

    "... So I cut off that goblin's head." Mieli took a swig from his tankard and placed it on the dirty table. He then wiped the foam from his mustache. "Though I could not find my companions anymore." he was telling his story to a rather inebriated dwarf that had the lack of luck of being his listener.

    Mieli did not care that the other man was barely conscious from the ale that he was buying him. Some people could not hold their liqueur. "No drukhari left either." he hiccuped "So the fairy folks were more or less avenged." he shrugged "Had to come back home... the mission was over..." he sighed and took the new tankard that he had ordered earlier. "I miss the ale cloud..."

    The door to the tavern swung open, far enough away that Mieli couldn’t see the figure that entered. The noises of the tavern remained at full volume so whoever it was was probably not of import, or so it seemed. However, it was only a few moments later that the seat opposite him was pulled out, it’s former occupant deposited elsewhere, and a figure sat, facing him.


    The old Ranger eyed the younger Ranger before him. “The mission was over? Funny, That isn’t exactly what Lord Death told me…”

    Mieli observed the newcomer, then his eyes widened slightly at the weapon being produced. He remained silent for a few seconds then burst out laughing "And who you might you be, eh?"

    Setting the single hand crossbow down, the older ranger chuckled, "Not easy to sit with that on your hip." He shifted, called for a tankard, then eyed Mieli. "You've not met Lord Death, have you? Then perhaps I should mention his wife, Lady Life speaks well of your skill. Or, as you may know her Lady Arienn. As to could consider me a messenger."

    "I am pretty sure that I would have remembered." Mieli shrugged. "Though I suppose I would not have been here if I had." he chuckled "Unless he is some fancy pantsy noble who likes to brag." the dwarf grinned. "Ah yes, the lady I remember. How is she?"

    "Busy, quite busy." the older ranger replied. "She and he are all over the world, trying to distract the Destructor." Gesturing around, "Selenia has been covered in a darkness and you and the other Champions are separated, which needs to be remedied. Hence me here, sharing a tankard with you." he finished as the tankard he'd ordered was placed before him.

    "I can imagine." Mieli grinned and took a swig off his tankard "Who is this Destructor you speak of?" he frowned over the drink. "Also other Champions, you one of the loonies who have breathed in too much lyrium dust?"

    The older ranger chuckled, sipped his tankard, then eyeballed Mieli. "Interesting, you must have hit your head in the last battle that Lady Arienn metioned."

    He gestured upward, "You may have noticed most of the world has fallen into darkness. You and the others were chosen to stop it, the one behind it is the Destructor, his captains, call them his dark champions, have taken the field and are keeping you and the others from sensing each other."

    A broad smile crossed his face, "Or you can sit here, drowning in ale, and never see that dwarven lass again."

    Mieli was getting worried, did something happen that had made him lose his memories!? "Well I am sure I would have remembered a Destructor." he grinned and shrugged "As for being chosen, was that why the air turned into ale?" his eyes widened "If yes, sign me in again!"

    The older Ranger chuckled, "Yes, the air turned to ale during that time, trust us dwarves to remember that above anything."

    He tipped back in the chair slightly as he downed most of the ale in his tankard. "They do need you, although you may need to bring your own ale supply, for a time. You're needed down south. Remember E'Mathalas? The Champions, most of them, have been guided that way, to the ruins of that city. I'd recommend getting there as soon as possible. I won't deny that it will be simple to get there but they should be able to assist you in recovering your memories of that time."

    "Well you don't get that every day." he grinned and shrugged. "A memorable event."

    Mieli then sighed "If it is for a fight best not to bring any." he gave a bitter chuckle "I fight better when I am cranky." he shook his head "How much time do I got?"

    A chuckle came from the other Ranger, "I'd recommend making your way there sooner rather than later. And use the dwarven mountain tunnels, the surface is almost completely overrun with the Destructor's forces. You will have to face them once you reach the forests of the south but avoiding them here will save you time."

    "Oh, I wouldn't have traveled above-ground any way." Mieli shrugged "If only I could use one of our people's steam machines." but he could not operate one and he was sure that this invitation did not include him bringing friends.

    The older Ranger chuckled. "You're welcome, of course, to travel as quickly as possible. But, beyond the dwarven tunnels, any you take with me are those you'd likely be taking to their deaths."

    He finished his tankard, setting on the table. Picking up his axe, he stood, "I won't be far, I shall see you again. But yes, I would be swift, if I were you, to reach the other Champions."

    He nodded to Mieli, turning, a portal forming behind him, lined in green. "Until then..." his voice faded as he stepped through, disappearing from sight.

    "Yeah, yeah, let me get a drink or two then I will be on my way..." he waved him off and sighed.

    He would need to save the world... again!

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    The Great Hall, Gods Realm

    The Hall was still all but empty. All but one figure had left the great space. That one had remained, even as the lesser servitors had cleaned the Hall of the remaining micro essences of the gods that had been killed since the game had begun. That one, the king of the gods, was slumped on his throne. Huitzilopochtli rubbed his face, weary as well as angry at the way things had played out. He’d intended to have the Destructor clear the board, he had to admit that, but not to the degree that that being had done so.

    Looking across the room, he could see the table that the map of the world below was resting upon. In the air above it he could see the mixing and coruscating energies of the various magics and essences of the Champions and their foes swirling. He could sense, beyond the confines of the Hall, that those who had been playing, at least some, were disobeying one of the prime rules of the gods and were preparing to descend and fight.

    Darkness swirled slightly in his eyes as he turned, his headdress fluttering as he did so, to face the great disc behind his throne. Very few beings knew what lay below his own seal that stood out there, he’d made sure of that. His eyes narrowed as he gazed upon it, “I hate you both…” he muttered grimly. “If I must aid my ‘Champion’ to destroy this jewel I will do so.”

    He turned back, even more darkness creeping into his eyes as he reached out with his mind, beyond the confines of this world, reaching for a pair of presences that had, once upon a time, visited him. “It is time…”

    TAGS: @Sinrebirth, @Shadowsun (Specifically), All others in general


    Skies over Selenia, Eosucera

    The dragons that had been attacking Zinnia fell back, clearing the air. Even with numbers they were no match for the gold dragon. Internally, she could feel that she should not have come through as unscathed as she had, but something else told her that her former godly patron’s essence had tweaked Fate so that she had done just that.

    The sky was swirling with clouds and ash, the planet itself seemingly falling further into darkness. Below, the form that had been fighting the dragons and other creatures of the Destructor, using magic, had slumped against the stump of a tree, looking up at her. As she flew lower she noticed that it wasn’t who she’d expected it to be. It wasn’t the wizard Sagitar, even though it carried a similar essence.

    The space around where the being sat, somewhat drained, was open, the massive battle that had taken place had leveled the forest, only bodies and stumps of trees littered the now open field. The being raised their arm, shielding their face at the wind that was blown up as Zinnia stroked the air with her massive wings, as she slowed to land.

    The staff planted in the ground, the figure sighed and pulled themselves upright, cowl of their robe falling back. When it did coiled, long silver hair cascaded down the figures back, pointed ears poking through her hair. The features of a female High Elf were visible, somewhat similar to those that Arienn wore.

    “Thank you, Lady Dragon. I could not have beaten them all, on my own. I believe you know my former apprentice, Sagitar. I have not seen or heard from him in months. After the Academy was destroyed, I made my way here, to defend distant kin, as there were no ships that could reach Qedraerhiel.” She said softly as she approached.

    TAG: @Adalia-Durron (Combo with GM)


    Dwarven tunnels and Qedraerhiel

    The underground tunnels had changed since the last time that Mieli had used them. An entirely new network had been created in the aftermath of the volcano’s eruption. Many of the old tunnels had been destroyed or partially filled with magma. The dwarven mages were working tirelessly to clear those tunnels but signs were everywhere directing traffic. He passed checkpoint after checkpoint, cleared by those of high status for his mission.

    When he reached the exit of the tunnels there were still faint traces of the fog that he’d encountered six months ago. Wisps of the beer fog, now very faint, were in the air. The forest beyond, however, was silent. In years past there would have been a thriving community of animals, fairies, and sprites. All of those now were either refugees in the dwarven tunnels or dead.

    The Captain, at the last checkpoint, warned Mieli one last time, about the frequency of drow incursions. Patrols were encountering them on almost a daily basis. When the soldier saw the Ranger’s resolve he shrugged, “Good luck, you will need it.” he muttered, turning back to his men.

    The first few hours of travel was as silent as the area around the tunnels. He passed fairy village after village, deserted, destroyed, or simply erased from the face of Selenia. He’d passed the last village a half hour before when sounds began to filter through the trees. Another ten minutes walk as the sounds grew louder, told him that the sounds he’d been hearing were that of battle.

    Approaching silently, he looked around the bole of a large tree. Beyond it was a clearing, one that was filled with various beings. The area closest to him was a riot of colors, fairies and sprites, many riding forest creatures they had tamed, were facing off against a host of drow. The line facing them was three ranks deep, spider priestesses behind the line, their cat-o-nine tailed whips lashing out over their warriors, attacking those fairies still airborne.

    Finally, beyond the priestesses, lurked a pair of beings, hidden in the shadows of the far end of the clearing. A flare of magic, one of the fairies casting a ball of flame at one of the priestesses, suddenly outlined the two shadowy shapes, revealing a pair of illithids. The mind flayers were waiting for the opportune moment to destroy the little beings fighting them.

    TAG: @TheAdmiral (Combo with GM)


    All other combos to continue
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    IC Zinnia and a new Player, sorta - Thanks to GM @darthbernael
    Flying high above the land.

    Zinnia regarded the elegant woman with a tilt of her heard. “Sagitar and I parted ways sometime ago, I know not where he is.” She explained.

    Ineghis sighed, leaning against her staff. "When I'd been told he'd been chosen I'd hoped he could survive, could find the peace he'd been chasing all these centuries." Shaking her head, she regarded the dragon once more, "What was your price or prize to save this world?"

    Did she trust this woman? She didn’t know her, nor did she know her intension. To play ‘dumb’ was her option. “Price? What price do you refer?”

    The elven woman smiled, "Not too trusting, are you? I was there at the birth of the primordial dragon; I've lived too many eons. To experience the full cycle of life of a species like yours, heartbreaking." She leaned her head against her staff, the long silver hair draping like a curtain around it. A profound sigh came from her before she straightened, "Lady Arienn knew that none of you would volunteer to save this world, that each of you would have to be given a reason." She looked over Zinnia, "Hmmm, female, strong and fierce," Her eyes widened, "you're not the last, are you?" She almost whispered, hope in her tone.

    Zinnia instinctively took a step back before she considered her response. Full circle? She was correct in her assumptions and if not for her offspring, she'd be the last. The massive golden head lowered and she spoke quietly, not wanting to be heard by anyone else. "I am not....the last, you are right. There are...." She glanced from one side to the other, "three more, they are young and strong."

    Ineghis' sigh was even more profound and full of joy. Her eyes were glistening as she looked up, "I am Ineghis, I suppose you could say I was the head of the order Sagitar belonged to. But there are so few of us left Orders don't exist anymore. I was who Lady Arienn spoke to, when she asked who could be the wizard champion."

    Understanding came fast as Zinnia regarded her then inclined her head. "Tis an honour to meet you Lady Ineghis, I am Zinnia."

    Ineghis smiled sadly, walking slowly forward. She reached up, her palm stroking Zinnia's cheek, "Andrissa's champion. I mourned when she fell, but I can feel her strongly upon you."

    The woman's touch was gentle and without realizing it, Zinnia closed her eyes briefly. For a moment, the battle was gone, and there was serenity, but it was not to last. Her words brought the memory she had regarding her goddess. "I have...something of her, I know not what." She explained quietly.

    Ineghis's smile was broader, "She is inside you; I can feel her. I watched your battle just now and, of a time, you were limned in purple, her color, when your foes were too close. You may not understand how to use her power but unconsciously you have, protecting yourself."

    On some level Zinnia had known this, “I believe you may be right.” Lifting her head and gazed around at the landscape, the remains of the battle. “How may I assist you, Lady?”

    Ineghis looked up at one platter sized eye, "With your assistance just now, the major threat to this continent has been repelled. Would you be willing to carry me, fly with me to near the ruins of E'Mathalas?"

    She’d heard tell of dragons who allowed beings to ‘ride’ them but she herself had never done so, no one controlled her. Considering she knew this was not a control situation. “I confess I have never allowed a being of any kind astride my back or neck; I fear you’d not be able to remain there once I take flight.” It was a genuine concern as she lowered her head.

    Ineghis patted Zinnia's cheek again, softly, "Never fear, I have ridden dragons before. Perhaps it was eons ago, but I have."

    Zinnia lowered her head, “I allow you this, as you may be the key to ending this horror to our world.”

    Slowly elevating herself, settling gently onto Zinnia's neck, Ineghis smiled, "I am but a humble assistant to you and the others in this war. But if you must know." She reached under her robe, pulling out a disc on a chain, a sinuous line dividing it, black on one half, white on the other. "I have always been the one even remotely mortal soul who remembered and believed in them." She said softly, holding the disc out so Zinnia could see.

    Slowly she lifted her head, one large eye taking in the disc. "We are grateful for your assistance Lady. Now hold on and do guide me." Unfurling her massive wings, Zinnia flapped them in huge strokes as began to lift into the air.

    Ineghis let out an involuntary cry, sheer joy in the sound, as Zinnia lifted off. She leaned closely; the medallion tucked into her robe again. She spoke a word and her staff shrank, to the length of a handspan. Tucking it into her robe again she looked around, letting her senses reach out. The wind was roaring as Zinnia gained altitude. Over the sound of it she called out, "To the East, to the right." When they were headed in approximately the right direction, she called out again, "Straight on, lady dragon."

    It felt strange to have someone upon her, and no threat to be felt, and when the woman let out a sound of joy, she couldn’t help but smile. Listening to the instructions she banked slightly, not wanting to upset her new and first passenger too much. There was a stream of thermals she’d sensed and began to glide, wings outstretched and for the first time in a long time Zinnia felt relaxed and free.

    Ineghis loved feeling this, it had been many long years since she'd last flown on dragons back. The wind whipped her long hair back, her cloak fluttering. She cried out in delight as they flew, her hands on the warm scales of Zinnia's neck.

    Zinnia gazed down at the world below, some areas were darkened. Was this the beginning of the end? She hoped not, her thoughts wandered to her young hoping they were being fed and protected as she’d been promised. She missed them terribly and knew she was mitting important milestones, the time to fly was coming and she had to be there for that.

    That was if the world survived.

    If it did not, she would be with her young in the end, to protect them from the end. Death was the assumption and she would not allow them to be alone for that.

    Moments later a roar filled the air, clouds roiling with the sound. It had come from before them, seemingly on a direct line toward their goal.

    Her head drawn upward she began to flap backward, slowing their progress. This felt way to familiar, the sound one she'd heard before. "Please hang on, I fear there is grave danger ahead." She warned her passenger.

    Ineghis nodded, reaching for her staff. She uttered a word of magic and her legs and hips became almost glued to Zinnia's back, in a way that wouldn't hurt the great dragon.

    It burst through the clouds, a mile ahead of them, a black dragon even bigger than the one she'd faced before. However, it felt as though the same beast, that he'd grown in the last six months. "The last time was a warning, gold. This are not welcome in the lands beyond."

    She did not respond but continued to hold her position as she’d already discovered this dragon, regardless of his size, but nothing more than a violent bully. Zinnia had to be careful, he was bigger and possibly stronger so unlike the average bully, she had the capacity to use her brain, and the woman on her neck.

    He slowed as he approached, his eyes narrowing. "The Progenitors little pet won't keep me from stopping you." His head snapped to the side suddenly as a bolt of acid flashed by his head toward Zinnia and Ineghis, ripping the wing from a bronze dragon that had fired it as it emerged from the clouds. "My kill, go harass the pirate." He roared to the other three that appeared behind the one now screaming as it fell toward the sea below.

    Ineghis's staff flared as it resumed its normal size, the bolt of acid deflecting from a hemisphere of energy that burst into life before them. "I will defend us, Lady Zinnia."

    "We are a team; we do this together." Zinnia spoke quietly, the wind hiding her voice. "I have no pets, nor does my partner. We fear you not." His display before them only served to confirm her assumption, he was a bully.

    Long fangs were bared in a grin, the black dragon barking out a laugh. "You will." He stated, with confidence. From one moment to the next he went from a hover to racing toward the twosome. Frost boiled from his maw before a blast of ice burst forth, snow beginning to fall from the clouds as it passed.

    Ineghis smiled at Zinnia's response, preparing herself, "Together." She replied, leaning close weaving energies to cast her first attack.

    The blast of ice was paramount to destroy and in a fast reaction she spewed forward a white-hot burst to connect with the ice, shattering it and melting it instantly before diving. She did not know what her passenger could do, but she hope his underbelly would be a target.

    As Zinnia dove Ineghis saw her initial strategy. She cried out a word and the winds drew forth in a weapon of her own. They raced toward the black dragon, picking up the shattered fragments of ice as they did.

    The black dragon roared in pain as glowing, sickly green blood dripped from a line that the wind and ice scored across its belly. It staggered in the air before twisting so it's more armored back faced them, it's neck snaking to snap at both Zinnia's neck and her passenger.

    His howl did not startle her but it did give her cause to roll away from him and in that moment his jaws snapped close enough for her ears to ring. She rolled away knowing he was moving past her so she needed to turn around and fast. “Hold on!” Zinnia called before diving in a 180 degree turn so sharply her scales ground together.

    Ineghis clasped her arms to Zinnia's neck, holding with all four limbs as they whipped around. She readied another attack, her head scanning for the black dragon.

    It had dived past them and was climbing, another blast of fire coming from its maw. Its wings were beating on the air as it gained altitude swiftly.

    At that moment a smaller grey dragon emerged from the clouds, its claws extended forward as it obviously disobeyed the Black beat and was attempting to make its own glory. Zinnia slowed and gauged the approach, and as the beast reached her, she extended her own massive claws, sinking them into the animal’s body. Letting out a blood curdling scream, the Grey knew it’d made a fatal mistake, that mattered not to Zinnia. Swinging herself around she spun twice for momentum, she hurled the still screaming Grey dragon at her attacker with a powerful force.

    Ineghis held tightly as Zinnia moved, her staff clamped to her side. She couldn't do much to aid in this but the moment the grey left Zinnia's grasp she snapped the dome of protective energy around them once again.

    The grey smashed into the black's back, making him bow in flight. He growled then whined as the movement opened his wound slightly more. Spinning, he grasped the lesser beast in his claws, contemplating snapping the lesser beast's neck. Instead, he spun, circling quickly before slingshotting the grey back toward Zinnia and Ineghis.

    The protective energy appeared and Zinnia could make it out as a shimmer of gold and silver only visible at close range, so when the doomed dragon came back at her, she began to dive out of its way, and the dying animal bounced off the ‘shield’ as it skimmed over her. A brief sense of sadness was felt by her at the use of the soon to be demised dragon, but it passed almost immediately knowing it had attacked her first. “I am willing to take suggestions.” Zinnia said to her passenger.

    "Its belly is the most vulnerable and is already injured. If we can keep attacking it there, we should be able to, at least, drive it away." Ineghis said as she thought through what had already occurred in the battle.

    Even as they spoke, the black wasn't holding back. It had dived after the 'missile' it had thrown, seeing the reflection of the beast just before impact. It began to circle Zinnia, spewing its icy breath against the shield of energy. Frost began to spiderweb the surface of the energy, it becoming swiftly apparent that it was attempting to cocoon them in their own shield.

    Listening as her enemy began to attempt to freeze them in an ice-cold tomb, she had to time it right. He swung around her and as he passed, his belly exposed to her as he concentrated on his task. When the time was right, she let forward a massive burst of super-heated, white-hot plasma. Ripping through the shield and the ice over it, and her timing, as fate would have it, as it hurtled at his wounded belly.

    The black was taken by surprise as Zinnia's attack burst through the shell he'd been creating. It hit the wound in his belly, cauterizing it, even as it tore him open more. With a shriek, he rolled, letting the plasma wash over his armored back.

    He dove away from them, wings beating hard on the air as he gained some distance. Whipping back around in a turn, his eyes met Zinnia's, "You've learned..." He said, a tinge of respect in his tone.

    Which was when a word rang in the air, firm, commanding in its tone. "No." In the same moment everything shifted. The world, time and space, writhed as something changed. When the moment passed the black was suddenly miles behind them.

    It roared its frustration and began to speed its way toward them, angered that its prey had both harmed it and gotten closer to their destination.

    One moment he was there, rolling away and in pain, the next he was not. For a moment Zinnia’s eye’s widened in surprise not knowing what had happened. Glancing around she could hear in the distance his roar and could see him charging. “Which way?” She asked sharply, wanting to increase the distance. Zinnia had no idea what happened but at this point she was learning to accept the strangeness, and roll with it.

    Ineghis was bowed back, writhing in the energy she'd felt. Her silver eyes glowed for a moment, before she shot a bolt of light slightly right of the course Zinnia was now flying. "That way!" She shouted over the rush of wind. "I'll defend if he gets close." She called out, spinning in place to face backward, legs once again locked to Zinnia's neck.

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    OOC: Combo w/Sinre and Bernael

    IC: Aboleth & Nyubis

    Looking back and forth

    Well this was... bad.


    She couldn't do it all herself bad.

    Nyubis was still... evolving? Metamorphising? Birthing?

    She didn't know enough to say.

    But if that was coming their way, Aboleth guessed she had no choice but to go all out.

    On some level, she'd always known that she could tap into more of her potential; a maritime understanding that she had greater depths...

    ... greater pressures crushing upon some terrible part of her.

    Monstrous, perhaps.

    And so the woman drew on it all, and pain ripped at her face as her arms shredded into tentacles, as her eyes became stabbing wounds upon her, she grinned through the pain, and felt her lips split, drawing blood from her mouth and even her tongue as she drew it upon her now razor-sharp teeth -


    It was her time to change, perhaps, too.

    Nyubis dropped to his knees as he felt the form of blood shift throughout his soul. He could barely perceive the swirl of power that was Aboleth or that of the others, the twisted beast headed in their direction. His eyes rolled back into his skull as he body continued to contort and shift.

    He was helpless and useless in this moment. Dead weight.

    If he capable of speaking he would have likely told Aboleth to defend herself and not worry about his corpse. Though if he could speak there would be no need for defending him in the first place. Yes that was right. Corpse.

    He was dead.

    Or rather his heart had ripped itself in half and begun to grow into two new ones as his body transitioned into a god. Which was more or less the same thing.

    Nyubis would soon be dead, and soon be something else.



    Or perhaps something more... patriarchal. Who could really say?

    Nyubis if he knew that Aboleth was in the position that she had to defend his shell of a being and herself.... well he would never forgive himself for such a thing.

    But it was out of his hands.

    The diving creatures screeched out in pleasure as both those coming for the shard twisted and writhed, one reforming and growing, the other lost in the changes occurring within him.


    A half dozen harpies surrounded Aboleth, bobbing and weaving in the air as they watched her tentacles writhe. The whips they carried in their claws lashed out, trying to reach the soft flesh beyond the tentacles grasp. Cries of joy erupted every time they made contact with the goddess.

    Four others circled over the almost prone form of Nyubis, shrieks drawing riders from one arc of the camp before them.


    The wargs let out eerie howls as they charged across the open field leading to the hill, the orcs riding atop them letting out chilling battle cries. It was a distance, but the beasts seemed to be able to charge at speed so they only had a few, long moments before the cavalry would be upon them.

    Aboleth felt pain, and then she felt anger.

    The tentacles extended and sought to ensnare the creatures, to crush their throats and draw their essences into her -

    Her teeth chattered with barely contained rage -

    Nyubis felt resonance within him. There were voices he could hear... a billion voices. How odd they seemed so familiar, and yet... they felt a part of him. As if they were his very core.

    "You have done remarkably well for yourself, Nyubis..." The half-jackal, half-drow turned his eyes narrowing as he took in the figure... the figure was... him identical in every way, but felt older.

    "Who are you?"

    "The bond needs to be retied Anubis, it has been slipping. If it were to be broken... well the consequences of such an action would anger beings I would rather avoid annoying," spoke the figure, ignoring Nyubis's question altogether.

    "The bond?" he spoke confused "What bond?"

    "Nyubis what is it that you want, that you truly desire. You are made up of a Drow that wanted to rule the world and a God that wanted to bring Order to it. But what is that you want..." Nyubis was getting frustrated but he felt compelled to answer all the same.

    "I want... I do not know what I want..." he thought for a moment. "To save Selenia. To live,"

    "You can do better than that... let me see..." Nyubis would feel the figure raise its hand, touching the jackal-drow's forehead.

    "Oh, I see. You've fallen in love, but you do not want to admit it," there was a flash of something blue... the figure sounding bemused.

    "I can understand oh so well my child, that fear has made you numb. But Nyubis have you forgotten, what was implanted in your mind so long ago, what you wanted to achieve and dream that has now been eroded by your mortal blood..." Nyubis's eyes simply grew wide in shock, he was too stunned to speak, too unsure what to make of this all.

    "I wanted to fix the world, I wanted to end suffering..."

    The figure chuckled. "Yes, the irony of the god of Death wanting to achieve loving, immortality for all... but you could never bring yourself to do it. To end the Cycle of Death, right there in your palm or so you felt... Death is even beyond you..."

    "But how can I overcome Death? It is... he is... so..."

    The figure interrupted him.

    "Shatter your limits"

    Nyubis could feel it, the bond, it was strengthening, and his mind, his being. It was shifting, altering once more.


    One harpy was ensnared in Aboleth's tentacles, crushed and screaming as she died. Blood poured onto the ground and the other five began to screech, long, loud, high pitched cries. Their whips swung almost wildly, attacking the darting tentacles as well as slashing toward the goddess's body. A squad of the warg riders broke off from the body of the cavalry, rude bows coming up, barbed arrows suddenly in the air, flying between the screeching harpies and falling toward Aboleth. The others began to circle Nyubis, recognizing that the young godling was on the virge of either revelation or death and ready to pounce either way.

    Aboleth began to reel as her body became a tattered set of open wounds, but gathering her feet beneath her she launched at the nearest warg rider, intending to sink her teeth into his neck!


    "Shatter my limits?" responded Nyubis, his eyes blinked. "Why?"

    The figure sighed and rested a hand on Nyubis' shoulder.

    "Samhain was right, your world is governed by forces, by gods and beings beyond the mortal comprehension. They have no say in this cycle, powerless to stop the whims and desires of those greater than they,"

    "Yes... but..."

    There was that only flash of blue as the figure interrupted Nyubis. "But even the gods are helmed over by forces greater than themselves. You are stuck, trapped to a single, fixed track dictate and set before you by the one who truly wills the order of your world,"

    "You mean Life and Death?"

    The figure smiled. "Perhaps, but their meddling has always struck you as paradoxical has it not? But no not they, they are pieces of the system, but you are bound by something higher. Yes higher than even Life and Death itself."

    "Samhain is the one that wanted Freedom, Anubis wanted Order, to see the mortals elevate themselves..."

    The figure pressed. "And you can do that, you have the capability to end that suffering, to bring that Order, to shatter this world of Fate so ones can live free and prosperous under your watchful eye..."

    Nyubis paused his eyes looking down, knowing the truth of what the figure was speaking. His words taking an accord deep within the soul of the young godling. But he still hesitated.

    "But Isha? She wouldn't..."

    The figure rested an intangible, invisible hand on Nyubis.

    "She is gone Nyubis, do what you have always known, do what is needed to be done..."

    At last, a visible part of the figure showed itself, the golden mask glinting as two sky blue eyes identical to Nyubis's burned themselves into his soul.
    "Perfect this world..."


    The harpies chased Aboleth as she dove at the wargs. The nearest wasn't fast enough to escape her charge and the orc went flying as she hit the massive wolf. They lashed at her back and the wargs moved to encircle both her and Nyubis. The latter was beginning to stir and, at that, one of the orcs lifted a twisted horn, blowing a long note. From the camp came the sound of footsteps, the ground beginning to shake.


    A half dozen of the massive creatures appeared from under large tents and began to rumble toward the battle. They picked up rocks the size of houses, preparing to launch them at Aboleth and Nyubis, ignoring that their allies were busy harassing the two beings.

    The eyes of Nyubis swung open in an alert focus as he flew into the sky. The sheer power radiating off him as he breathed in deeply, the very air crackling with excitement at the power that could not contain itself with the being of Nyubis. He brought his hand out in a dramatic reach, a crackle of red energy forming at the center of his palm.

    "Your souls belong to me," he felt the very edges of each of the beings souls, feeling their form, their grace... their fragile existence. Yes all those here would die, his mastery completely his eyes shown as he performed his full and utter connection with the blood of Anubis. He shuffled off a connection to each of the beings alive, such as he had done with Xenos, though here the magic, the bond was one-sided, as designed by he: God of Death. He tugged along their souls, drawing them into himself, drawing them into the collection that made up is very being.

    He would in turn also be surrounded by a red sphere, blocking any projectiles that were intended for him.

    Such was the power of a God.

    "About time," Aboleth gasped, pained. She dropped to the floor, sought the protection of the God. She was no Goddess, merely a false one, but Aboleth would happily avail herself of his protection -

    For good measure she reached out with her power and crushed the throats of any that he did not drain, methodically working through the enemies' numbers.

    A sound reached out from the camp. With the sounds of battle it took several moments for the sound to truly register and then to know what it was...the sound of laughter. It wasn't a pleasant sound, more of a dark, harsh, discordant sound. It hung over the battlefield as Nyubis sucked the souls from the orcs, wargs, and harpies; as Aboleth crushed the throats of the troops.

    Which was when the sounds of battle, of death, became muted. Instead, in the ringing silence, the sounds of footsteps came from the camp. A gate opened. And then the most inconguous being walked through the open portal.


    The man appeared calm, composed, and still held a glass of what appeared to be red wine in his cupped palm. He lifted the glass to his lips, sipping.

    A smile crossed his face as he watched the God and Goddess destroying the troops harassing them before he lifted a hand. One finger flicked and suddenly the sight changed. The souls that Nyubis was sucking into himself turned from the purity of even evil souls to ragged, ragged, sickly green essences.

    Another finger twitched and the creatures attacking, dying, began to rise from death. crushed, twisted, but now almost blank gazes turned toward the two gods. "I'm sure whatever it was I put into my troops should be giving you a stomachache about now, little godling." he said in a seemingly cheery tone.

    Aboleth actually hesitated.

    "Whatever the sin is that."

    She was visibly scared.

    Writhing with her tentacles and gritting her teeth.

    She'd been surprised.

    She didn't like to be surprised.

    Nyubis severed the connection to the souls that he had drawn in, and just as his magic had been designed their souls would wither and die in the one sided man it was constructed. He also observed the link between himself and Xenos, seeing the thread that now was a great weakness. With a motion of his hands he undid the spell as Anubis had cast it, the bond between the two now gone entirely.

    He could feel the fear writhing off of Aboleth, but he did not care for it... fear was an emotion of the weak.


    His hair wafted in the air as he looked down upon this being.

    "I am godling no longer..." His cold dispassionate eyes regarded the man as he floated in the air.

    "You have one chance to surrender before I kill you,"

    The man chuckled as he looked up the hill. He sipped from the glass once more, seemingly unconcerned.

    The resurrected yet still dead creatures continued their slow march or flight toward the duo.

    Ignoring the threat from Nyubis, the man's eyes locked on Aboleth's, "Your companion seems...abrupt, flashy. Has he always been so?"

    Finally he looked at the floating god, "Why? Surrender is so gauche. Besides, we have yet to introduce ourselves and where is the chivalry in killing one you do not even know?" The humor in his tone was obvious, as was his total lack of care at the threat that had been uttered.

    Abeloth glowered. "I don't speak for him; he speaks for himself. I don't even see the need to engage with you, when you want us to ask 'oh, who are you?'" She made a pantomime with her hands, now humanoid again, as her features receded into a more human-like form. "And I'm quite happy for his actions to speak for me, after that fight.

    "You stand in command of these forces, that is all I need to know in order to deliver judgment," spoke the emotionless Nyubis. His hands began to weave as venomous, dark magic flared out from him. The blood of his predecessor ran rampant throughout him as he felt the very flux and ebb of reality around him.


    "From ashes to ashes..." he paused for a moment, considering something as he saw Aboleth.

    "Aboleth move!" he declared as a wave spread out from him, all living, and un-living matter crumpling to dust as was his right, as was his command.​

    At the responses from both Aboleth and Nyubis, the man simply smiled, as though he'd known they'd not reply. "I am outraged, outraged I say, the rudeness." His voice belied the words, full of humor. "And here I hoped to have a civilized talk....between three beings not of this reality."

    He set down the glass on thin air as the wave of death rolled out from Nyubis. Unconcerned, he then slipped his suitcoat off, hanging it off of what could only be an invisible coathook behind him. Loosening his tie he then rolled up the sleeves of his dress shirt to the elbows.

    And then a sickly green flare came from his eyes as well as the sinuous tattoos that ran down his arms to where the cuff of his sleeves had been. In that moment, the wave spread out, stopped cold, a little more than half the distance from the two gods to him. The wave spread out, trees dying and giving evidence of the man's ability as the camp behind him was untouched by the wave.

    "Unpleasant little skill you have there. If I didn't know better I'd think that 'Grandfather' had given you a portion of his power."

    He smiled once more, picking up the glass in the cup of his hand again, taking a sip, before he flicked his fingers, the wave shattering. "If that's your best then this little world is doomed."

    Aboleth was just about following what was happening, and began to rhyme that someone else was behind the belligerence, when Nyubis definitely told her to move.

    She leapt, the green flame avoided, and then landed, looking back and forth. Her confusion gave way to a carnivorous smile; conflict, now, that she understood.

    Three beings not of this reality.

    As Nyubis processed this he had already summoned the Death Scythe, a weapon quite capable of killing gods with a knick.


    It hovered in the air by his side as eyes watched the man carefully.

    "What do you mean, you are not of this reality?" For whatever reason, that side comment had caught Nyubis's attention. Enough for him to withhold his attack.

    An eyebrow arched on the man's face at the sight of the Death Scythe. He snorted, "Yes you heard me, none of us are from this reality. Perhaps you will listen if I explain."

    He'd noted how the male had warned the female, information and schemes ticking over in his head. He relaxed again, unconcerned by the weapon Nyubis had summoned. Sipping from the glass, the tattoos on his arms writhing on their own, he looked back up at Nyubis.

    "The 'grands' created this reality, among others, including the one my father rules. He wishes to rule both, to free this one from the tyranny of the gods here. Hence all of us having come here. But you two..." His eyes glowed as he studied them, "You don't know the fullest truth yet, do you?"

    Nyubis dematerialized the Death Scythe as he began to speak. "Fullest truth? As if truth could ever be full?" Remarked the jackal-drow." He paused for a moment processing the information of this being.

    "I may know this truth... my mind has undergone an awakening, one could say my true self is finally in control," He paused as he inspected the silver hair of the being. Could it be?

    "I have little interest in this world having the gods removed and supplanted by another deity... oh grey one,"

    "I've a good guess," Aboleth said drily. "So where am I from?"

    Sipping from the drink once more, a snort escaped the Grey man. "Father knows where you are from. What I know is that both your realities are far from here. That one of you was just dumped here so you didn't interfere elsewhere and the other..." he stroked his chin, "not sure why you were brought here but possibly to get the attention of the grands."

    He sighed, sipping his drink, "Either way, neither of you should be here and, honestly, ought to be fighting against the gods and champions and not as one and a half of them."

    Nyubis's brow furrowed... he wondered if the man was lying. Though it was a rather odd lie. What did the grey man mean he was placed here to get the attention of the Grands?

    He assumed it to be nonsense of a possible agent of the chaos yet again trying foolishly to obfuscate the path forward. As for the second part of what he had to say...

    "Yes, no doubt, little grey man..." which would be an ironic statement given the grey hue of Nyubis's skin. "who is this 'Father' you speak of?"

    Aboleth eyed the other, waiting, passive, for now. She wanted to know more. Dumped?

    One eyebrow arching, the grey man chuckled. Gesturing at the camp, the dead around it, "All this and you don't have an idea who my Father is? Really...?"

    Lifting his glass, swirling the liquid inside, "That too tells me you are not of this reality." He shrugged, "It matters little though. Your having been chosen, the other Champions too, due to Father's actions brought the Grands out from hiding."

    A toothy smile crossed his face, "I, my siblings, and a few others...Father brought us about for one reason. As you are to attempt to destroy him so too were we created to destroy the Progenitors, as a group. With them gone, many realities will be laid bare to conquest."

    "Well, my presumption was that the Destructor was your Father... it would seem that is the case,"

    He hovered the Death scythe high above his head. His eyes glinting towards Aboleth.

    "Shall we?"

    Aboleth regarded the Scythe. "I mean, if you're making assumptions like that, I'm not betting that'll miraculously solve all our issues." She chuckled somewhat. "But of course, my love... by all means, let us Break the Wheel."

    Her expression due carnivorous.

    Nyubis would rise like a dark cloud, moving with his scythe to strike down at his foe... and then...

    The grey man smiled as the scythe fell. His face twisted in unnatural ways, the tattoos racing across the exposed flesh of his arms. His eyes flared as he watched the movement of the blade with an almost hungry look.

    There was a soundless pop, the air disturbed. From the epicenter, a wave of silence rang out, overlaying that that the grey man had created. The tip of the scythe stopped, frozen in the air only an inch from the grey man. He appeared disappointed, as though he'd hoped Nyubis's strike had connected.

    His head turned, facing the pair, "Of course, of course they're going to keep you safe." he growled before his form wavered and turned to dust. From the center of the camp, from the large tent there, came a disgusted noise. The tent blew free of its stakes and flew out into the air, revealing…


    The creature lifted into the air, facing Nyubis and Aboleth before its head swiveled back and forth, “Where are you? You came for them, show yourselves…”

    The scythe, with the grey man gone, finished the arc of its swing, tip burying in the soil. On either side of Nyubis and Aboleth flickerings formed. By him was darkness, a black light forming into the shape of a being. By her a being of light formed.

    The dark one moved, one flickering arm touching the shaft of the scythe, speaking to Nyubis, ignoring the creature hovering over the camp. “He is not wrong, but he was goading you into swinging your blade.” it said softly, in a male voice that sounded familiar.

    Nyubis's brow rose as he viewed the creature, if it was a being begotten of the Destructor then his magic and weapons would be less effective against it. Less effective, but not null and void. But then... that happened.

    "Was he now?" spoke Nyubis, his eyes traveling to the source of the voice.

    "Impeccable timing as ever, Death, whatever could I do for you now?"

    Aboleth remained passive, pacing around the discussion for the moment, and ideally avoiding the big sharp thing.

    She had been stabbed enough times to last a life-time.

    Or a hundred thousand.

    The massive creature grunted, seeming to strain at invisible bonds. "I will kill you both and prove to Father he didn't need the others." the voice growled out from it. A spot of darkness began to grow before its nose, until it reached a certain size, when the sphere began to deform, at though pressing against another barrier. Its growl of frustration rose when it saw that.

    The black form released the blade, "He was, yes. He wanted to test the efficacy of the blade against him, to know whether it would even injure his Father. But...that time is not now. And you both have to fully settle in to your power."

    The white shape looked at them both then at the hovering shape, sighing, "Zoth-Ommog, you dishonor your past in this. Your Father has lied to you." she said softly, her voice carrying to the shape above.

    Turning back, she could see the wariness in Aboleth. "He won't hurt you child. Nyubis may have evolved but his love for you is still strong."

    Nyubis frowned heavily as he viewed Light. A hopeless, furious scowl as the one of nature choose to intrude over his personal life with no regard for him whatsoever.

    And they wondered why he hated the Light and the Dark so.

    "'Fully settle into my power'" repeated Nyubis. "It would be useful to test that power against an opponent dear Death, but so be it, let it not be I to tell you how your Great Work shall come about," he spoke, his hand giving a swipe as he dematerialized the scythe. His head tilted.

    "The final shard... it would be useful to have..."

    "Oh yes," Aboleth said drily. "Our mission. The shards of Isha."

    She shrugged. "Shall we get on with that, or do we need to posture over corpses for a bit longer?" Her hand came up to her nose. "They're starting to smell."

    Death sighed, "Nyubis, you will have your opportunity to test yourself against Zoth-Ommog, or one of the other Captains of the Destructor, soon enough. Although you may find it too soon. Today is not that day, however." The dark figure turned back toward the straining creature, "You and your brothers are mistaken, your Father has deceived you, and soon you will see why."

    Life nodded at Aboleth, the brilliantly shining arm rose and the battlefield became a field again, the encampment still in place. "Yes, Isha's last shard. Between you both, you have the power to reunited all of them, bring back her power, at the least." As she spoke, the massive Grey Man strained again and let out a roar, a beam of dark energy shooting from it's maw as it did.

    Nyubis stood, eyeing the creature and its dark beam.

    "Such insolence," he muttered looking up to Death and Life in expectation. A thought did cross Nyubis' mind but he was unsure if he would commit to the idea... it was possible, perhaps... but... it would remain to be seen.

    Aboleth leapt aside, separating from Nyubis so to provide two targets.

    "What fool!"

    She spat at him, and was prepared to move with such speed as to be invisible to the naked eye

    The beam flashed toward them. The white and dark forms seemed to simply stand and just watch the two gods as they chose how they'd react to the beam. When it hit them it simply passed through them as though they were not even present which, in a sense, they were not. It cut off from the source only seconds after it did to a frustrated roar from the behemoth behind them. As the beam touched them the Dark form seemed to tilt its head and regard Nyubis, in a silent question of "You wanted to fight, then demonstrate that."

    Aboleth was sitting this one out. Literally; she took a small hop back, and settled down to cross her legs, and fold her arms.

    Nyubis huffed... as he looked to Death.

    "Of course, you only partially 'intervene," he spoke with contempt as he resummoned his god-slayer scythe, akin to that of the daggers that had killed Anubis.

    Nyubis vanished, moving at speed impossible to comprehend with a mortal eye, moving behind the eldritch beast as he scythe came down to cleave through the creature.

    He thought that as it was not a god, something else similar to one that it was impossible that the being would not die as a result of such a weapon.

    Though there was only one way to find out.

    The dark and light forms moved, taking up places on either side of Aboleth. The darker one let out what could have been considered a chuckle, "He needs to see, for himself." he said, by way of an explanation as to why they had allowed the attack to proceed.

    The scythe dropped but the creature, Zoth-Ommog, moved, almost as swiftly as Nyubis did. A rattling hiss came from it's throat as the tip grazed its 'foot'. A tracery of black, almost snaking lke veins, raced outward from the scratch. Then began to glow with a sickly green light as the creature huffed out a laugh.

    "Ahhh, I see." came from its throat. It's tentacles lashed out, almost invisible in their speed, to wrap around the shaft of the scythe and the arm that held it, razor tooth lined suckers on each beginning to dig into Nyubis's flesh. "And how many times have you died, death god?" it asked in a hoarse tone as the green lines began to blaze, fighting the invasion of Nyubis's magics to it's flesh.

    Aboleth snorted at Light and Dark. “And what about me? Was I conveniently shuttled here to avoid a Change?”

    Nyubis was surprised that given the creature had moved slower with his initial attack that it was now able to move at a speed with no time to react.

    Nyubis had not actually unleashed his magic upon the creature.

    Not yet.

    His blue eyes shone brightly as his jackal teeth bared out clenched as he let go of his scythe and gripped the tentacle with god-like strength.

    "What an ugly, foolish creature..." growled Nyubis with dispassion as the same miasma of death from before exploded around him. All life caught within its path would crumble away.

    And here this creature had decided to bring the death god closer...

    The shining along the creature's back flared and a guttural chuckle came from it's maw. The same voice, a couple octaves lower, as the Grey Man came from it, "I don't think so." The same power that had stopped Nyubis's death wave earlier shimmered between the two of them, forming an almost oily surface between Nyubis's hands and the tentacles. It did nothing, however, to stop the power from enveloping the creature and spreading, the two now locked together. It grinned, a long toothy smile, "You should have listened to the Precursors."

    The lighter shape standing by Aboleth turned toward her as the darker one raised an arm, a shimmering barrier surrounding the field and camp, along the treeline. The barrier held in the power of the two beings locked in combat, keeping them from influencing more than the immediate area. It shimmered around Aboleth as well, keeping her safe.

    "I believe that is why the being that brought you here did so, to let you be somewhere you could experience a better life while not interfering with their work."​

    "Hm," Aboleth said. "A better life, watching testosterone thrown around without a thought for me? Please," she made a noise of pfeh; disdain. "You may as well erase my memory again or send me back." Her gaze grew thoughtful. "I will kill the next person who makes decisions on my behalf otherwise. I will not stop until I or they die."

    Nyubis paid little attention to the nonsense of the creature. As he commanded the death scythe to move at the same pace that the creature had not been able to keep up with before coming around to the other side of the creature as it darted to hook below the creature and cleave upwards.

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    Apr 29, 2002
    D-Day begins, with @galactic-vagabond422 & @darthbernael

    Malagath & Xenos
    Confronting the Destructor's Armada

    They had battled, day and night, night and day. The brave men of the Freedom’s Bow were fearless survivors, men who fought seemingly without rest, guided brilliantly by their trusted captain, Malagath.

    Xenos came up the side netting once again, after clearing-off a wave of troublesome sirens. Apparently, these sea creatures were existed in great numbers.

    Once aboard, he made his way to the Captain’s station, even as he regarded their latest challenge as they came upon the ruins of E’Mathalas. A veritable armada of enemy ships and creatures serving the Destructor waited for them. Fire and Ash were ever-present in the surrounding landscape, giving the area a semblance of Hades itself. The young warrior glanced at the skies with both distaste and a measure of trepidation. He had seen with his own eyes what a single floating abomination could do.

    Every enemy ship for as far as they could see, flew the standard of the ‘Destructor’, which meant Uthium was lost. Xenos chose not focus on the greater implications regarding that nation as he eyed the shoreline filled with enemy troops.

    “Guess we’ll have to clear some of those…” The warrior stated. There was a distinct edged to his voice as he scrutinized the numerous rows of the enemy's battalions. So many creatures, great and small had allied with the Destructor, the sight of it was simultaneously disheartening and outrageous.

    The screeching furies above were now circling and getting closer to the Bow. Xenos also spied archers and ballistas on the shore beginning to attack, all aiming at a single target.

    A brief glance of his eyes fell on the Hydra, which had been exceedingly difficult to kill, but thanks to Malagath’s valiant crew, the deed had been achieved. Xeno’s hand squeezed the pummel ‘Echidna’, a weapon of circumstance. This was a particularly well balanced sword he had acquired from an enemy leader who was no longer in need of it, a durable weapon which was now coated in Hydra venom, thanks to the substance now residing inside the weapon’s scabbard. Xenos would use the enemy’s tools against them. The warrior had also collected Kraken Teeth to use as daggers.

    Silently, he’d hoped that Malagath’s apothecary and alchemist would heed his advise to use what he could of the Hydra’s venomous blood for himself and for the archers. Such tools of war would be needed on this day.

    “Remember, speak or yell what you would at me, I will hear you.”

    Xenos eyed the closest ballista and cluster of enemy archers, already planning to 'flash and attack'. Leaning forward into a jumping position, Xenos paused and looked over his shoulder. Despite his own thinking and impulses, he would act upon the Captain’s word. He had sworn an oath and he would do everything in his power to keep it.

    Mal was tired, the crew was tired, everyone was tired. The necklace of shark and sahuagin teeth, the bandage around his arm, and strange talisman he now wore showed the adventure the pirate had been through. The newest addition was a glowing trident across his back, a gift from a sahuagin chieftain he killed with the last gasp of his boarding axe. The Bow herself was being held together with wrecks of other ships, some magical regrowth from the ship itself, and a lot of hope and outright determination of her captain.

    "Remind me never to save the world again." He whispered to Corydon, the erstwhile first mate. As they made sight of the land another long sigh left his chest. It was the longest voyage he'd ever undertaken. Seemed the enemies knew they were coming and set up to kill them. An outright armada blockaded the bay, aided by monsters of the deep that were now engaging. A harpy was downed by one of the crew the poisoned tips of their arrow quickly killing the monster. They had done everything they could to get every advantage they could get. It all felt like not enough.

    "I hope our allies are strong enough to help us here." Shaking his head, "To stations." He called out to his crew as they snapped to their places. "Here we go." He gripped the baluster ahead of him. This was either the end of the world, or another bloody battle before the end of the world.

    Xenos’s leap carried him far off of the Bow. He soared and, even as the ballista attempted to track him, he landed among them. The crews abandoned attacking the Bow to turn their weapons on him. Behind them creatures erupted from the rocks, charging toward where he’d landed. Orcs and trolls rumbled towards the battle, screaming their war cries.

    Further behind, on the heights above, a clearly heard laugh sounded. A voice called down, drawing Xenos’s attention. “My brother is making his move, impatient one he is. So…godling, perhaps you could take care of these troops so I may see how you battle. They are but cannon fodder as it is.”

    Sitting on an outcropping of rock was a young looking man, armored, sword still sheathed, a glowing blue gem hovering over one palm as a glass, filled with a red liquid was cupped in his other hand. He looked bored, as though the thousands of troops that stood between the Champions and their goal, while he had placed them, were of absolutely no import, only the Champions were.


    On the Bow, the fleet before them looked imposing, artillery beginning to arc through the air toward the elven made ship. Even as it did, the ships tacked to the wind, the balloons overhead likewise shifting, the fleet opening like a waterborne zipper. Through the center of the open area sailed one, massive ship.

    Larger even than Rian’s Contemptuous it was dark and eerie. Slowly, almost ponderously, it sailed toward the Bow. Even with its sails catching the wind the ship moved through the water as though on its own power and not the winds.


    The ship shrugged off the fire of the Bow, ignored the fire raining down from the fleet it had just emerged from. It sailed closer, until the two vessels were alongside one another. When they were, a voice called down from the deck of the larger vessel. “I seemed to have brought more toys to this battle than you, pirate. Seems a little unbalanced of a battle. Perhaps…”

    As it spoke, the voice grew louder, the being drawing closer to the railing. “Perhaps I should give you better odds. Defeat my flagship and I’ll let you pass.” The man drawled as he spoke, a calm humor in his tone. It was as though he fully expected to win the upcoming ships duel, if Malagath accepted.

    And then he appeared, dressed in an almost parody of a fleet commander’s uniform, his long hair streaming behind him. In one hand he held a glass, red liquid swirling in it as his hand rocked, his eyes almost bored, as he waited for Malagath to respond.


    The moment he’d landed, the warcry of fury and blood erupted in a terrible chorus of a thousand thousand angry voices. There would be no moment to rest, no place to hide, no one to lend him succor, as Xenos took on the near endless enemy horde. At once, he was task to employ all his strength and speed, to decimate and avoid the creatures intently focused on killing him.

    Within the first minutes, he had run-out of Kraken Teeth and only Echidna remained as his offensive weapon. Speed and healing had become his only shields as he his stamina was challenged in order to sustain the whirlwind of carnage he had become.

    Tactically speaking, Xenos engaged the larger giant warriors first, opting to take down the bigger threats first, taunting their egos, before they could think of attacking together. Of course, that left him partially vulnerable to archers, but only those who would risk injuring the large opponents he dueled against. ‘Friendly fire’ among the enemy ranks would certainly work to his advantage.

    Xenos could not afford to slow down, even when his muscles began to burn as he continued to mow down endless rows of enemies, despite this, his ever increasing number of wounds began to accumulate and challenge his healing. He would be given not a single opportunity to apply what salves and ointments he carried with him.

    Still, he fought on. His augmented understanding revealed how the horde of enemies moved. There was no single Master or Chief present, or at least none that he could see, but something unseen was guiding them, that much he had deduced. Moreover, there was something else. A sensation building inside of him, rising, almost coming to a crest. Something was happening with the Champions he could sense. They were also undergoing ‘crucibles’ of their own. Zinnia, Nyubis, behind him Malagath and his crew.

    The Destructor was attempting to snuff them all out before they could come together. That had to be it!

    In that moment, Xenos perceived a voice, even through the roar of battle, as it reached his heightened senses.

    “My brother is making his move, impatient one he is. So…godling, perhaps you could take care of these troops so I may see how you battle. They are but cannon fodder as it is.”

    With a mere glance he was able to detect the armored figure sitting languidly atop an outcropping, their aura visible- at least to Xenos. The item it carried, it pulsed with ‘miracle power’. Although the figure did not attack, it was not being attacked either, so it was clearly not being targeted by the enemy horde, therefore, this was not a ‘friend’. Instead, it chose to taunt him, much in the manner that he’d taunted the various giants he had defeated only moments prior.

    In that instance, something had happened elsewhere. Xenos had been distracted, if only for a fraction of a moment- but still a moment too long. Fire burned in his chest as an enemy weapon pierced him. Fire burned in his soul as an inexplicable surge suffused him.

    “…Nyubis…?” was all he managed to whisper.

    A sphere of strobing energy blossomed as incredible power exploded from within the warrior. Black and white lightning incinerated all those around him, consuming these so called ‘cannon fodder’. The sound of thunder crashed and echoed in the distance, before fading away into a whisper. As a result, a crater one-hundred meters in diameter remained, free of any and all adversaries, above, below and all around. At its epicenter, a single figure stood, black and white lightning coruscating throughout his form.

    The tipping scales had been re-adjusted.


    “…and by what name should I call you, ‘brother’?” Xenos answered, as he addressed the one sitting upon the outcropping, his voice sounding as if spoken by three persons. There was new awareness flowing into him with every passing moment. However, he did not turn as he gleaned that there was another such being facing-off against Malagath. For now, he firmly gazed at the being which was before him.

    There was still some adjusting to be done, but quickly.

    The figure atop the cliff had watched as the hordes were swiftly and mercilessly dealt with by the one he had chosen to observe. For the most part he saw that they were clinically fought, with skill and zeal, by the Champion. The red liquid swirled in his glass between sips from it. The blue gem flared on occasion, when power was used in greater detail, to destroy those the Champion fought.

    One eyebrow arched at the outpouring of power. He took another sip from the chalice as he watched the explosion, the lightning flaring, the sheer power consume the remaining dregs of the horde around the figure. A sniff of disdain came from him as the smoke and cover of the battlefield dissipated revealing the evolved Xenos. “Ah, that is better, you are now more prepared.”

    He stood, the gem socketing into a spot in the middle of the breastplate of his armor. That hand slid down and he affected a casual and disinterested air. “It is interesting the differences between Champions. Your friend, the drow, did not even wish to ask another ‘brother’s’ name, didn’t care to know it.” A smile touched the corner of his lips, “You may call me Nug, or possibly the Father of Ghouls. And you are, must be, Xenos the Protector.”

    Glancing around the battlefield for a moment, “It seems you have done as I suggested and now everything is clear for us to enjoy ourselves.” One canine tooth showed in his smile, “Of course the drow has also drawn our hated foe to his location, which means the Precursors won’t appear here to assist either of you. And means this moment of enjoyment only delays our destruction of them.”

    With a graceful leap, Nug flipped in the air, landing lightly just outside the bowl crater that Xenos was the centerpoint of. “Shall we commence the festivities?”

    Mal didn't move as the enemy cannons began to roar slinging deadly projectiles at his ship. His ship could take a few hits, it had weathered this storm, and it would weather the next. Gripping the railing near the helm the captain noticed the ships parting for a monster passing between them. With a roll of his eyes he noticed the size of the vessel lumbering it's way toward them, without caring about the wind.

    "Someone is compensating." Mal whispered to Corydon. As a commander of sorts, looking like a fleet commander or the parody of came out onto the deck offering a challenge. The pirate couldn't fight the sneer on his face. Not even the drawven cannons put a sliver out of place on that ship. It was a trick though Mal might have a trick for him.

    "How magnanimous of them." Cory said the sarcasm thick in his voice.

    "Very, now have every deck gun we have loaded with grape shot. Our only hope is to kill the crew." Mal stepped forward that winning smile on his face. "You seem to have me at a loss as to who you are sir?" He asked buy some time for his crew to prepare. "I'll admit the fleet is quite impressive. Very fear inspiring, while you are kind to let us only face the flagship, what do you say to single combat? I feel that would be more fair to myself. As you can see my ship has suffered much to reach here. If it's all the same to you I'd rather have a duel hand to hand than ship to ship. Though if it was left to me we wouldn't be fighting at all. Much simpler for all if we just lay down arms." His gaze never moved from the other man though all around his crew prepared for the fight of their lives.

    The man watched as his ship began to fire upon the Freedom’s Bow. An eyebrow rose at the fact that the cannonballs were having less damage than he’d anticipated. Turning his head, ignoring Malagath for a moment, he murmured something to the captain. The firing of the cannons ceased, the cannons rolling back into the ship. When they rolled back out, the muzzles glowed slightly. Half of them began to fire glowing cannonballs that were of higher quality, the others fired small monsters that fit in the barrels, aimed to drop onto the deck of the Bow.

    His attention refocused on the pirate. Taking a sip from his chalice, he considered Malagath’s words he chuckled after swallowing, “A pirate that would rather not fight…” His free hand rose, stroking his chin, “I suppose that makes some sense, you do not have unlimited resources, simply your ship and crew. However…” his eyes narrowed, “You carry the stink of the Precursors on you and your ship. Not a surprise as you are one of the Champions but still, something that must be removed for our conquest to proceed.”

    He sketched a short bow, the glass not tipping as he did. “As with your companion on the shore you show more tact than the drow. As you wish, I am Yeb, the second of the Twin Blasphemies. My brother is attending to your companion at the moment.”

    He turned, gazing at both shores, “Hmmmm, where exactly do you think a one on one duel could take place? On the one shore my brother and your friend are enjoying themselves. Upon the other, our forces line it in depth.”

    "Ah a simple matter." Mal replied elated that the man had taken the opportunity for single combat, now it would be more even though the pirate wasn't fool enough to think he had the fight in hand. It would be easier than dealing with a fire onboard his precious ship. Taking a breath he removed his hat handing it to Cory.

    "If I die, hit that ship with everything we have and make for the open sea. This is my crusade but I won't see all of you killed with me."

    "We've come this far. Isn't the world about to end?"

    "Let's hope the others can prevent that."

    "A platform hung between our two ships, surely Mr Yeb you have some gangplanks and some wooden boards that can bridge the gap between our ships."

    Yeb’s silver eyes peered across the distance between him and Malagath, a sneer upon his face. “A platform, how boorish.” His eyes flared and then he stood casually, upon the deck of his ship. There was a noise, the sensation of motion, and the two ships seemed to be pushed away from each other. Something massive was rising from the waters.

    He smiled softly, humming under his breath, as an oceanic beast, vast compared to either ship, rose from the depths. Upon its back was…an island. It appeared as any other island, a haze of magic giving notice as to how it maintained the habitat even as the beast cruised deep in the ocean.


    Yeb vanished from sight, reappearing on the creature’s back, on the branch of one of the trees, nearer to Malagath, “This is more…artistically appealing, no?” he said with a grin. “Now, shall we proceed?”

    Xenos remained still, buying as much time as possible for his awareness to fully synch with this new form.

    Nug, Progenitor of Ghouls, how is it that you call me ‘brother? You are not known to me. ”

    Black and white lighting pulsed, engulfing the transformed warrior, power flowed, coruscating between himself and the weapons he carried in each hand. Brightness and Darkness, Order and Chaos, Concordant opposites, with him in the middle.

    Nyubis, my connection to him…is gone?”

    There was no alarm in Xeno’s voice as he spoke those words, merely curiosity and a questioning gaze.

    The warrior’s eyes were like polished onyx, yet filled with twinkling stars.

    “You speak as if the future were not in motion.” He stated to the figure, his gaze now appraising Nug fully.

    “Yea, I supposed I am here to protect. Tell, me then, why are you here? Will you speak your purpose?”

    A pause was given to allow an answer.

    Some distance away, Xenos could feel Malagath, see his aura in his minds eye. He was also facing-off against another one of these so called ‘brothers’.

    Nug let a half smile cross his face, his eyes twinkling with mirth. With a deliberate gait, he began to descend into the bowl crater that Xenos stood in the center of. Sipping again from the chalice, he smiled again, “In the grand scheme you could say that we are brothers as well. After all you are one of the Protector Champions of Selenia, chosen by those,” he turned his head, miming spitting on the ground, “damnable Precursors, our grandparents. And I am a Captain Champion of my master, he who comes to remove the burden of faith to those who created them, through flame and destruction.”

    The walk turned into a slide, keeping his balance as he did. “At a guess, I’d say the one who put the connection in place between you and the other has removed it.” A sharp tooth was visible in his smile for a moment, ‘That or Zoth-Ommog has eaten him and shattered the bond.”

    Shaking his head, he came to a stop a few paces from Xenos. “The future is set, this world will be cleansed.” He swirled the chalice, then his fey eyes met Xenos, “You know stalling is boorish but I’ll humor you a little more, after all I do wish this to be a good fight.” He sipped from the vessel again, then cupped it in his palm, “We are the champions of our Master, he will cleanse the world, the purpose of us Captains is to destroy our grandparents, the Precursors.”

    “Now…are you finally prepared or do I get to finish my drink first, while you finish evolving?”

    With a shrug of his shoulders Mal took up his trident moving towards the gangplank that was set onto the back of the massive whale. The captain looked to his first mate. There wasn't much to say, he'd gotten what he wanted, a duel between him and the other captain. It would protect his crew, at least for a bit. Give them time to prepare for something, to get closer to shore, or get further away. It was up to them to figure out what to do, right now he had a fight on his hands.

    Feeling the power rising in him through the trident he headed into the forest quickly looking for places to hide or signs of his opponent. He knew there would be some shenanigans or tricks involved, nothing had ever been easy for them, he doubted that would change now. Given the size maybe he could come up with something to give himself an advantage. he grabbed some vines looked for small but stiff sticks, then some more flexible limbs that could be tensed. He didn't know how much time he had but he was going to use it to hopefully prepare the battlefield, or give him some surprises to used against his foe...gods willing.

    Yeb leaned against the bole of one tree, on a branch, as he watched Malagath move through the trees. He sipped from his wine, a half smile on his face. The pirate was accomplished, strategic. One eye gleamed a bright gray for a moment, sounds beginning to rise around the circumference of the creature that had become the battlefield. He didn’t have to see them to know what was happening. Amphibious creatures were now being drawn towards the pirate, under his sway.

    The branch barely swayed, as did the several others, as he leapt from branch to branch, drawing nearer to where the pirate was working. He wanted a better viewpoint on what was about to occur. He could hear his minions drawing nearer. The smile crossed his face again as he was sure to hear that he was ‘cheating’ by bringing them into this duel. But the extent of the use of their abilities had not been discussed so he planned on using the fullest extent of his as long as the battle went on.

    Pitching his voice so it sounded as though he was right behind the man, “Interesting…those traps meant for me, or my friends.” he whispered just as the first of the armed amphibians, almost upright looking frog creatures, slipped from around a tree several meters from the pirate.

    For his part, his newly armored form remained still, bristling with coruscating energy.

    ‘Finish evolving….’

    That was a curious thing to say, Xenos mused to himself, but only for a moment, as his energies finally coalesced into place.

    “We must have different definitions of that term…” Xenos spoke, his ‘trivox’ harmonized for maximum fidelity. The voices of Ma’atand Samhain could be clearly detected, as well as their distinctive tonalities.

    “We fight to protect Selenia from calamity.” Xenos declared pointedly. “You will find us resolute in this.”

    More than before, he could sense Malagath with much greater clarity, even perceive his struggle. That, and the enemy his fellow Champion faced.


    “Stand down Nug, or you shall reap Destruction.”

    That would be the only warning Xenos would issue to his opponent. This was his way of returning the courtesy he’d been offered just a moment ago. Otherwise, he was as ready for battle as he would ever be, not for himself, but for an entire world he called home.

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    OOC: This is a combo between me and @darthbernael , thank you!

    IC: Mieli

    If he were not a dwarf he would certainly would have gotten lost. Though the new tunnel network will take years to map out. He wondered if there were new access to the ancient corridors, most of which got overrun or got destroyed. There were rumors of ancient forges and abandoned cities, hopefully they were not lost forever.

    He grimaced at the faint smell of beer in the air. That was just cruel. Only the aroma and not the real stuff. Then he was out again. The sudden nausea of the agoraphobia kicked in, but he managed to control himself. The sight of the desolation did not help either. The fairy folk had been hit pretty hard.

    It did not take him too long for trouble to find him. He was going to be fighting again, at least there was that! The drow again! They had a score to settle from before, so with a growl he picked up his axe, getting ready to charge.

    As Mieli readied himself a sense of an oppressive mind dropped over the clearing. One of the illithids had made their move. Surrender…surrender now and you will merely feed the Spider Goddess. Fail and you will face an eternity of torment.

    Many of the fairies and sprites cried out, fighting the compulsion of the mind, struggling forward. The drow themselves seemed unaffected, swarming into the ranks of the fair folk, scimitars flashing as they slashed at the smaller beings. Each seemed to have a rictus smile of pleasure at destroying the little beings, sending their souls to their goddess.

    The milky eyes of the second illithid turned toward Mieli, a bolt of mental rage sent directly at the dwarf, as he sped into battle.

    Mieli grimaced, he was too sober for this... He had to push the thoughts to the back of his mind. He would have to find that caster and take them out. "Don't worry my little friends, the dwarves are here!" he cried to the fairies, trying to embolden them as he made his charge towards the enemies.

    The massive, oppressive presence of the illithid's mind lashed out again, attempting to counter the cry that the dwarf had let out. Even as it did, the fairies that heard his cry began to lift themselves from their lethargy, weapons tips coming up, deflecting drow attacks. The mental attack of the second illithid seemed to splash against an unseen barrier, centimeters from Mieli's mind drawing a gurgling, frustrated cry from the mind flayer. One of the priestesses hissed and lashed out, her barbed whip flashing through the air toward the dwarven ranger.

    His own mood improved seeing that the fairies were returning to the fight. It seems his cry had made a difference, albeit a small one, but still. He would have to deal with the illithid first. "Hold on my friends!" he shouted "I will deal with this monstrosity first then will help you!" he added as he ran towards the creature, swinging his axe at any enemy unfortunate enough as to stand in his way.

    The barbed whip wrapped around Mieli's hand and axe, the priestess straining backward to attempt to draw him off his feet. Which was when an energy, one even he didn't know he had as it was the protection of his deity doing so, surged up the whip shocking the drow. The power of it threw her from her feet, smoke rising from her garments. At the sight of the priestess's fall, several warriors converged on her to protect her, leaving even more fairies able to assist in the battle.

    The second illithid cursed in his burbling tongue, surging toward Mieli. The force of its mental will pressed against that of the dwarf, trying to drive him to his knees and out of the fight.

    It was hard to pull of a dwarf off his feet once he has grounded himself. Not that it was easy for him either, Mieli strained a bit fending off the attack. Though he felt a sudden surge of energy, then a sudden attack that drew smoke from the drow's garments. Was he suddenly a dwarf mage!?

    Mieli was as surprised as the dark elf at that moment, a mistake that could cost him his life as more enemies converged on his position. "Oh no you don't!" he growled and started swinging, disembowelling the first one, cutting the leg of the second and smashing the chest of the third.

    His surge was too fast even for the nimble drows as there seemed to be an assistance from a higher power. He would have to kill the illithids first, they seemed to be leading the attack. Running by the priestess he just swept with his axe cutting her head and just as he approached the creature made a jump with a raised axe slashing at the illithid's head. There was a sudden sickening crack and his weapon got stuck in the creature's skull. Ichor pouring and the creature trashing and screaming.

    As the illithid writhed all the stored mental energy began to pour from it, an energy similar to the death curse of a wizard. It was raw, unformed, untamed, and unstable. It didn't attack Mieli directly altough, with his proximity to the creature, he was directly in the path of that energy. The drow priestess was still crumpling to the ground as the dead illithid swayed, pulling the axe in Mieli's hand back and forth with its convulsions.

    The second illithid let out a scream as it saw it's companion killed. All of it's mental energy and power shifted from suppressing the fairies and sprites, directed at Mieli himself. A scent, such as that of a frothy beer, reached his senses as the attack flashed toward him and as the smell grew more, the attack slowed, as though the scent or something behind it, was aiding him. Understanding was slow to dawn, that the god he was the champion of was assisting him, to a small degree.

    Mieli had never killed such a creature before and it was putting up a fight. He had to shove his foot in its body and tried to pull the axe away. There was a sickening crunching sound followed by blood and ichor pouring. Mieli's concentration was broken by the sudden reappearance of the smell of ale in the air. His eyes widened as he saw the other illithid was readying itself for an attack. He would have to take defensive position. Also the first one might still be alive and he would have to take it into consideration.

    As the axe lifted the second Illithid let out a burbling growl. The mental bolt he’d thrown split against the blade, passing harmlessly to either side of Mieli. His watery voice spoke, “Kill him…” he directed to several of the drow. His will pressed against Mieli’s fighting the more massive will that seemed to give him aid. “Lolth…aid my will and I will render his spirit unto you…”

    The mental blow being split by the axe was something new for him and that alone had almost distracted him from the fight. There seemed to be some outside interference that he was not aware of. "Oh would you shut up." he growled as he tried to push back.

    The illithid was growling even deeper as, even with Lloth's aid, his will couldn't overcome that of the dwarf. He snarled his fury, a pair of drow warriors circling the advancing Ranger, darting in with thier scimitars to hack at his hamstrings. The other priestess close to the still standing illithid closed her eyes as her mouth moved in a seeming prayer. The body of the fallen illithid twitched and shifted, she was trying to raise it as a lich, behind Mieli, to make him split his focus even more.

    The focus was being taken more and more off the fairies and sprites as the warriors and sorcerers poured their energy into taking down this juggernaut of a dwarf. The nearest fairy turned to Mieli, "Many thanks, biggun. Gonna get most of our people out of here. Whistle if you need help. Not sure what we can do but we'll try." With that, about 70 percent of the formerly under siege fairies and sprites sped away. The others, including the one that had spoken to him remained at the fringes of the battle, mostly looking on helplessly as the larger beings fought.

    The dwarfs had a resistance to magic. Not that they were immune to it, they were just too stubborn to be too affected by it. He grunted and nodded to the fairy. He did not want to say anything that might offend them. The little guys had suffered enough and he was so caught up with the battle to be civil.

    Besides it felt nice being called biggun for a change.

    He was on a roll as he charged the priestess. He had no chance fighting a lich right now, but if he killed the puppetmaster he might have a chance. So with a roar he charged the she-elf.

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    A combo between the mighty GM and myself ....

    Location: Al Qahla, west of the mountains: Six Months ago


    Nissa took to the air, as the wyrm disappeared, Sagitar’s presence fading as the great beast moved. The dark presence, the fly being, drew nearer. A thought reached her mind, the sense of Arienn in the message. ’Do not let that beast destroy you. Flee little one, find the godkiller bow.’ An image, of a being wielding the weapon, also reached her mind. Deep in the forests of Qedraerhiel…’ was sent her as a last, fleeting, message from the ‘elven priestess’.


    The darker presence drew near and the fairy had a choice, fight the massive beast, one lone Champion vs the creature, or escape and follow the goddess’s message…

    With an anguished growl, Nissa turned quickly away and flew as fast and as hard as her wings would go. She would listen to Arienn this time. A god-killer bow? Hidden deep in the forests of Qedraerhiel?? She choked back a sob, but she would look for the weapon. She shrank to her smallest form and darted away using the forest below her as cover. As she did the last act of Sagitar pushing her away, kept replaying in her mind.

    And so, Nissa left. She circled around for a few moments, trying to see if she could spot any of the others from her party. Finding nothing, she disappeared into the forests.

    And there Nissa began her search. She spent several months searching, if felt so long, that she could no longer keep track of things. She was alone. And that creature. Theone called Nyarlathotep. She would remember him. Once she had time to think about what happened, she felt as if they had been split up and set upon on purpose. Her hand touched the medallion that Arienn had given her earlier. And she thought of Mystra. And of Wolf, who had wanted to help. She hoped he made it away safe. And she thought about her task now. Searching for a bow, called a godkiller? She wondered if the name was literal.

    The forests of Qedraerhiel were massive, and within them, were places even the elves did not like to tread. Creatures with names she did not know were rumored to live within the deep places. But she would continue her search. Because she did not want to think about what would happen if she failed.

    Weary, tired from her search, having crossed and recrossed the massive forests, Nissa had found a clearing to rest and regroup. Her search had proved fruitless to date, none of the remaining fairies or sprites had any clues as to where the bow rested. She was sitting in the middle of the clearing, wondering if Arienn had simply sent her away to protect her when a noise drew her attention.

    Nissa sat, tired and slightly dejected. And lonely. As she searched for the bow, she was finding fewer and fewer fairies and others to ask. And even fewer of the normal animals she normally worked with. As she rested, she heard a noise.

    A shape emerged from the circle of trees, a male fairy. He slowly approached her, his wings fluttering slowly.


    He settled to the grass near her, a small smile on his face, “I could feel you from miles away. The Lady directed my flight to find you. She was concerned that you were losing hope.”

    Nissa snorted softly. "Hope is not my problem. I have plenty of hope. I would do better with a way to find the item I seek."

    Sitting near her, his eyes met hers, “You search for something that could save us all. I bring you news, it does exist, it can be found.”

    Again, Nissa sighed. "I never doubted its existence. But without a way to guide me, I could fly over the thing, and never know." Nissa crossed her arms. "And I DO want to find it! I got a score to settle with a certain monster." Nissa shook her head and reached to pull her waterskin to take a sip of water.

    The male fairy nodded at Nissa's response. "I did say it wasn't far. And it isn't." He turned his left palm up, a light gathering in it. The light formed into a map tilted slightly toward her. Two dots formed on it's surface. Pointing to the green dot, "This is where you currently are." Pointing to a second, blue dot, "And this is where the bow is. You're about an hour's flight north of the cave system where it is, I believe about five chambers deep in the system." He smiled again, slightly, "The only difficulty is that our foe's forces are even nearer and between you and your destination."

    He sighed, "I am sorry that I cannot be of more aid." The map extinguished, "But the Lady was quite clear, I can, on occasion, give you aid or advice but I may not lead you wherever you need to go or do so for you."

    Nissa nearly choked on her sip of water. He had a map?! She perked up, as she watched the map form, and listened to his instructions. Pointing to the green dot, "This is where you currently are." Pointing to a second, blue dot, "And this is where the bow is. You're about an hour's flight north of the cave system where it is, I believe about five chambers deep in the system." He smiled again, slightly, "The only difficulty is that our foe's forces are even nearer and between you and your destination."

    Nissa smiled. She didnt care. She finally had a destination and a place to go. Thank the goddesses..." Nissa said with a smile. "That is the best news I have heard in many moons. Even if you cant lead me...a direction is more than enough. "

    Nissa's wings fluttered quickly. This lifted her spirits. Even if the enemy was near. Nissa could move very fast if need be. Nissa looked over at the male fairy and nodded. "Did the lady happen to mention what I am to take the bow? Of if any of the others I met earlier still exist?" Nissa was happy to get moving in the right direction. And if she knew where to go, she would not worry about the other obstacles in her path right now. But she would have to move very quickly in order to get there before the others.

    He smiled as Nissa's energy had become rekindled. "The others do still live. They are spread out, barely able to feel each other, because of the miasma that the Destructor and his people have spread across Selenia. But they are out there. She did say that she and her husband are attempting to have them gather again so that they can reconnect and not be so separated again." He gestured at the map once again and another dot appeared on its surface, near where the ruins of the elvish city stood. "Recover the bow and make for the ruins of E'mathalas, you should be able to sense the others as you get closer to them," he recommended.

    Nissa nodded quickly, happy to hear that bit of news. She stood back up now, feeling that her purpose was renewed. Not only did she have a place, but she knew where she would need to go, once she had retrieved the bow.

    She gave a low bow to the male fairy. Then she smiled. "I do not know your name. But I thank you. If what you say is true, then I must be off. I can not afford to tarry anymore. I thank you for your words. They were truly needed."

    With that, Nissa's wings began to clutter at a furious beat. She then shrank down to her smallest size, to move quickly. She paused, to see if he had any more to say before she shot off like a dart to the direction he mentioned.

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    OOC: Some aspects of the following are no longer pertinent but most are.

    IC: Wapoe, Ixon, and Huitzilopochtli - Flashback
    A few thousand years before

    “Can I call you Mr H?” Wapoe said good naturedly. He was lounging a bit, peering through the bloodline because he didn’t really care for it.

    The Black Coat granted him a degree of immunity, but he wasn’t going to play his hand too hard. Well. Save for the Mr H thing.

    The God that would later command the game and unleash theDestructor on Selenia was, after all, hosting, and Wapoe couldn’t pronounce his damn name. “I’m only passing through, and I wanted to, well, ask a favour. Or, perhaps, offer you a servant.”

    “You’ll need to apply some memory wipes and controlling magicks, probably, but she’s a right bother at my end; much more useful to you here.”

    He indicated the woman known as Abeloth, currently entangled in an Epitaph Knot, a pocket Outside Place. “Thoughts?”

    Huitzilopochtli glanced at the figure who had paid him a visit. He was relaxed on his seat, the hall empty save the three of them, the female figure included.

    "Mr. H? Hmmm..." He murmured with a small smile.

    "This one, I sense that she isn't fully yours either." The smile broadened even more at that.

    He sat up more in his seat, "However...she could prove useful." He said, tapping his chin. His eyes darkened, almost fully black for a moment before returning to their natural color.

    "And how would you ensure she stays on task, if she does join me?"

    "She wants a family," the Master said, drily. "More than anything."

    "I have no control over her whatsoever, I promise you that. She can only be led to water in my world... I cannot make her drink..." he sounded a bit wry. "But I can drown her."

    "It's just a shame that she can't be killed."

    "Water, hmmm..." Huitzil mused. "Mortals need something to keep them from the deeper waters of Selenia. If she likes water that much, perhaps she would be at home there."

    Unseen, unfelt, to the 'Supreme Deity' of Selenia but perhaps to Wapoe, a tremor in the plane of existence flowed from under the embossed, gilt coating of his crest on the wall, one that hid another design beneath its surface.

    An invitation sent...outside this reality, by those who had created it. An invitation for another multiversal being to take part in this discussion.

    A golden portal began to form beside the two beings, shining in its calm quiet glow as three beings stepped out two dressed in dark black robes with gold lining, their faces hidden behind a golden sheen of... something... magic perhaps.


    And then outstepped a third being in similar robes but looming tall over the other two. Perhaps eight feet tall, his four eyes taking Wapoe and Huitzilopochtli in as he began to speak. It would be immediately clear to Wapoe that this was not the Patriarch or even an Aspect of him. It was an entirely separate entity.


    "My deepest apologies..." he began before noticing something.

    "...oh... it would seem the Titan Ashla and the Titan Bogan are not present..."

    He had not heard the conversation prior to his arrival, he knew approximately where he was however. A power clung to him, no doubt subdued but there nonetheless.

    "Ah you must be the Lord Wapoe, a pleasure to meet you... and you..." he turned to Huitzilopochtli, the beings four eyes gleaming with thought.

    "Forgive me I am unaware who you are. I am Upper Sentinel Four, Ixon and I was sent here by my Lord after he received an invitation to this place, where might they be?"

    Huitzil's eyes flared, "Who?" Standing, he glanced back at the crest behind his throne, almost a guilty look on his face, before he turned back around. "There are no gods above me, I am the Supreme deity of this world..." and then his eyes flared even more brightly.

    His voice came out in just a whisper, "Are you saying that Life and Death have returned to this universe?"

    At that thought he spun toward Wapoe, "The requirements are thus, she must accept a change as to how she operates, the rules here are different, I'm sure, from where you both are from and she must swear fealty to me. We can define how different or how she operates but those are the basic requirements."

    He turned back to the newcomer, his tone less rushed, less nervous, "You were mislead to come here, there are no deities names Ashla or Bogan." There was another hurried glance over his shoulder at the crest before he continued, tone rushed again as he noticed the burnishing being melted away. "I can, however make you a similar offer as I have made with Wapoe here, for the one he is gifting me, for a time at least."

    Ixon closed his hand slowly, his four eyes shifting from one being to another. The fear of this being at the mention of 'Light' and 'Dark' or 'Light' and 'Dark' as he called them caused it nervousness. It seemed to be a god of sorts.

    "It would depend... though I would not like to rush things..." His two attendants looked towards him awkwardly, they all seem. Disappointed with the being they were meeting.

    "Sentinel Ixon we were supposed to verify if the twin pair were Titans... what use do we have with this... pretender?" The hooded being pointed a lazy finger in the direction of Huitzilopochtli. Ixon raised a hand to silence him.

    "I represent an organization that has particular interest in those two that have yet to return as you have indicated. We would be inclined with implanting a sleeper agent of sorts into this world to wait for their arrival..."

    The figure paused, it's voice was deep, formal, clearly used to the long form art of court politics and negotiation.

    "Though it would be best if we started with names, do you not think? As we do not know each other. As I said I am Ixon and you are?"

    "My name," he said drily, "Is Samhain here..."

    "... and Abeloth here can be constrained to a certain extent. But you won't be able to kill her, is all." A shrug. "I don't want her dead, anyway, I just want her out of the way for now. I'm not asking you to babysit," he demurred. "Just to make use of her, as I can't."

    Huitzil frowned at the name that was given by the one who brought the 'gift'. Then chuckled roughly, before a strip peeled from his crest, near the middle of the round device, revealing black and white divided by a sinuous line. Which brought back his frown.

    Turning to Ixon, "I am Huitzilopochtli, the Chief deity of the pantheon of Selenia. The Supreme deity..." he began before a slight wince left his face as another section peeled away from his crest. "The two you say invited you...the Progenitors as the heretics like to call them, supposedly created this entire universe." He said, only half lying, more to himself about it than to those who came.

    He paused, "A sleeper agent, hmmm...which tells me you believe those two may return...May be a good tripwire for me to be able to have them leave again."

    Turning back to the other, "Well...Samhain...I don't intend to kill her, merely have her adhere to the rules of this universe. And sooner done the better if she's staying or those Ixun and his people want to meet may return even sooner than they might otherwise."

    Ixon gave a nod of his head, first towards 'Samhain'.

    "Forgive me Lord Samhain..." The four-eyed being shifted its eyes.

    "Selenia... Huitzilopochtli" he repeated before reaching into his robes. Was that not the name of a god on the world of Earth? Curious, but this was not Earth or a permutation of it. It was a different, distinct world. Ixon's hand emerged as a clenched fist before opening to reveal an object that seemed to explode out of his hand. At it's central core was a sky blue orb surrounded by a web of an interconnected white substance. Its material and composition were certainly... foreign elements.


    "This is a dormant Aspect, waiting to gestate. Once it latches unto a world it will create a form suited to that world, connected through the Void of Omniverse to one who will hear, see and experience all that this being does, but will not interact with it. Not until the time is right..."

    Ixon canted his head, the two followers beside him held themselves physically in awe of such a object, almost as if they could not bring themselves to look at it.

    "Once we verify that the twin beings have arrived would you find it agreeable if we sent a representative to speak with them? We will stay out of the affairs of your world..."

    Wapoe looked at that. "Pretty."

    "Dangerous, I bet." He was ready to poke it with a gloved hand, which would probably surprise Ixon. "Black-Coat. Very useful." He lowered his hand without touching. “I’m good.”

    "I'll put a pin in letting one of those into my reality, if you would allow. But maybe one day."

    He was of course referencing Azathoth, who, yes, he did allow to percolate in his reality one day. Twice, thrice, in theory. But not today.

    Huitzil had begun to reach out to the item that Ixon had deposited, as Wapoe had, but the other's swift retraction of his hand made him reconsider. He glanced at the second figure, the one that had been called here. As he began to speak he had to pause with a wince, as another large strip of his rest peeled away from the backing crest and clattered to the floor.

    Behind him, the pressure of two separate energies was growing, ones that he knew, that put him on edge. He frowned, glancing at Ixon again, "Whatever it becomes, you know that while it is bound to you as this female, apparently uncontrollable goddess is bound to the Black Coat there, it will be mostly bound to the rules of this universe."

    Left unsaid was a demand for fealty from whatever was born of the 'egg', it had the feel that it already partially belonged to one of the energies radiating from the crest behind his seat.

    Ixon nodded as he saw the hesitation of both beings to touch it. It continued to float above his hands, having never made personal contact with it himself.

    "A wise decision," he spoke, in reference to their steadied hands. "We are all bound from whence we are born," he spoke in affirmation. There was an energy to it, and a sense of souls. The voices of a billion. He then tilted his hand down and the egg dropping to the ground. It then began to pulsate as it touched the floor, before contracting and then swirling in a mixture of white and sky blue before beginning to form into a shape. The voices then became quiet as they became one.

    And then finally it was finished forming.


    The young Anubis's bright blue eyes looked to them both. He was an infant, for a god, but would still have no memories of this meeting due to how young he was. There was a quiet babbling as the young child tugged Ixon's robes. The four eyed being smiled as he looked down at the child.

    "It always fascinates me what form my Lord takes..."

    His four eyes looked at both other men.

    "If that is all, we ought to be on our way..." his eyes gleaned waiting for potential questions as Ixon's two attendants seem to prepare themselves to leave.

    Wapoe snorted. “Well alright then.” He peered at the creature. “That’s damnably cute.” He looked back to their host. “So, you’ll probably want to tie them both together? So you can keep an eye on them, whenever the destined time approaches?”

    He fluttered his fingers. “I could weave them to be attracted to each other, I suppose. Not that it’ll take much with Abeloth; implant an obsession, she doesn’t know what to do with it.”

    “But we’re doing all this, and you’ll want something from us, no doubt…” A slight quirk of his head.

    Ixon frowned slightly as his four eyes peered to 'Samhain'.

    "Foreign influence of this being's mind would be a non-starter... it is to be raised and kept in accord with the nature of this reality. Not poked and prodded by extra dimensional beings with an agenda."

    He gave a nod.

    "Raise him as a young godling, and raise him well and I am sure his loyalty will be engrained into his very being. He is a blank slate, ready to be molded by experience."

    Huitzil turned to face Ixon, before the Hall went dark for a moment. And then the shadows, the darkness, seemed to flow toward one point as light flowed outward, from the circular crest that was now laid bare behind Huitzil's seat. The Light and the Dark gathered, into two flickering images, almost transparent, as it became apparent that Huitzil was frozen, mouth open as though he were about to speak.

    These are projections alone, of our selves. We are, as of yet, engaged elsewhere, defending one of our children from another. the Dark form projected.

    From the Light, Both your proposals are acceptable. It turned toward Wapoe, Oh poor child, that coat doesn't work everywhere, but it is as a placebo balm in some universes.

    They drifted closer, each reaching out and touching one of Huitzil's temples, You will complete your bargains with us. Our poor, deluded, child will only remember that these two were part of the pantheon of his 'sister' Selenia. They projected in unison, their presences completely filling the Hall.

    Samhain shrugged. “Fine, fine. Whatever works for you. I’m merely scouting the universes bordering mine. They’re the ones the Six Darknesses are most likely to flee into.”

    He indicated his coat. “It hides my face, which instantly makes it useful, let alone the protection from said Darkness.”

    A tap of his chin. “I merely need Abeloth here out of my time for thirty of my years. However long she remains here, I’ll need her back. I can’t afford her ruining things where I come from - not yet, anyway.”

    Ixon smiled looking at the apparitions of the twin Titan-like beings. Taking the change of pace in strike. The attendant that had said that Huitzil was a pretender chuckled as the being was put in his place.

    "Yes that works fine by us... once we confirm your return via the young child I shall make my return to this world. Simply for a discussion, but it would require your physical presence and then we shall be on our way..."

    The figure of Light seemed to radiate a tinge of sadness, as it looked at Samhain. It reached out, under the hood of his Black Coat, "Samhain you named yourself and Samhain you are." it said as it withdrew its hand, a portion of the essence of the being beneath the cloak coming with. "Our lost son here will need a foil to work at their own purpose for the future." The essence wrapped around the Light, slowly becoming more firm, a young being coming into full flesh, as it were.

    The Dark figure turned toward Ixon, "That is acceptable. You should know that what is drawing us here is the same thing that is currently engaging us where we are, so there will be chaos and disorder if you arrive at that time." It looked down at the young figure of the newly born god, "I can feel this one is drawn to my own essence; I will watch over him during his time here."

    They both turned their attention to the Black Coat, in unison, "Time differs here, you may find your gift to have changed in the time she spends here, thirty years of your time may very well turn out to be several millennia here."

    "I'm fine with that," Samhain said, drily. "I expected as much to be honest. She'll be lonely; keep that in mind when you want to control her. She's been isolated from her husband and adopted children for a hundred millennia; her mother died in childbirth." He sounded almost sad. "Her separated family died a few decades ago and she can go far, far beyond deranged if left to her own devices."

    "She needs a bit of love; don't we all?"

    Ixon gave a nod, not speaking to either being as he and his attendants turned around. Ixon held at his hand, a key producing itself between his fingers as he plunged it into the air.


    He twisted the key as the air then ripped itself apart a golden portal forming itself in front of him as the two attendants walked through.

    "Until we meet again..."

    The key vanished into the form of Light, the two beings looking intently at both Ixun and 'Samhain'. They began to vanish back into the shield once more. Just before they did, the one of Dark spoke, "Until the day we meet, face to face, with your creator."

    Huitzil 'woke' and glanced around, his expression thunderous. He could see that Ixun was leaving. Turning to Samhain, "She will be brought into the pantheon as a distant relative and will be returned as unharmed as possible."

    Samhain nodded slowly. "Good, good. If you need anything of me," he sketched an informal salute. "Let me know, k?"

    His gaze took in Ixon. "Make sure Patty knows that I'm game for whatever he needs as long as no Darknesses make it out of my timeline. Not agreed. I can't stop them if they become... experiments."

    Huitzil looked up, a touch of weariness in his expression. He gestured so that the 'gift' Ixon had given drifted closer and the female that Wapoe had negotiated about moved over by his throne. His expression hardened some, "The deal has been made, now depart if you will, there is much to plan and prepare."

    Wapoe glowered. "Ixon, I'll let you do the necessary."

    And at that, a dark portal appeared behind him, taller than it was broader, and he vanished into it.

    "Until next time..."

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    IC: Wapoe and Samhain

    One moment he was alive, the next he was in a sword, Sith knows what happened there, and the next, well, he stood before Hiutzil in an empty room.

    The Gods were not evident, but the board was.

    "Ho, ho, running out of hope, are you?"

    Huitzil slowly turned, facing Wapoe. His eyes swirled with darkness. Turning his head, he noticed that only Wapoe had returned.

    A low growl formed as he turned back to Wapoe. "I suppose that the other has chosen not to take part. So..."

    Gesturing at the map, "She who you left in my care, I expected that she would not act as she has." His headdress shook, anger in his tone now, "Who is she? Why has she not followed my orders?"

    "You've given her orders, oh my," he almost chortled. "Even I would not dare do so."

    He fluttered his fingers. "Why not let me go to her, speak to her, convince her of her woes and that aligning with you would serve her best."

    A glance around. "What happened to everyone else?"

    Huitzil frowned. "She was under my command, so orders should have been expected." he muttered darkly.

    His throne rocked as he sat back down onto it, in a swift movement. "At the moment, going to her will be difficult. For one, she is in the company of what is left of the one the other Outsider left. For another, she is out of touch, as it were, hidden from view of gods and mortals alike."

    A chuckle came from him, "Most of the gods that remain are taking a hiatus from the game I put them to. plan has been pushed forward some with the deaths of several of them, including the avatar you left behind and the physical form of the one the other left."

    "Well colour me apologetic. Who do we have left to work with?" He took a step forward, creating a conspirator-like space between them.

    Huitzil's fingers tapped the arm of his throne as his eyes narrowed in thought. "Hmmm, Enya is still around but she is off on her own thing, something I suspect will upset me further. Of the others playing the game Mystra has fallen mostly silent which leaves us Cayden Cailean and Branka as those who could assist and," he snorted, "Quite frankly both are more often drunk than not and not fully engaged in what their champions are doing."

    His voice was sly for a moment. "Did you want me to pay them a visit? Enya perhaps?"

    Huitzil's grin was predatory, "It would be good to find out what she is up to, without it being apparent that I am spying on her."

    "So.... do I go as Samhain, or wear an illusionary Aboleth?"

    Huitzil chuckled, a grating sound. "I believe she'd be more willing to talk to a goddess she knew used to be associated with me than one she disliked and knows is dead. So, Aboleth is the better choice."

    A snap of his fingers, and the form was assumed. "Aboleth it is."

    He rolled his shoulders, flexed his fingers into tentacles once, twice.

    A smile, full of glittering teeth.

    Another chuckle, "Perfect. Let us see what our little goddess has to say and how we can stop her from wrecking my plans even more." Huitzil muttered in a dark tone, his eyes taking on a deeper color.

    Samhain sighed, snapped a finger, and Aboleth appeared as if from height. She was soaked, and clearly had been underwater.

    Hissing, she turned to face them, before paling.

    "My Lords."

    They were Gods, after all.

    Dropped to one knee, she peered at the ground.

    Samhain turned his head. "Well?"

    Huitzil snorted as Aboleth dropped to the knee. His almost wild eyes shifted to Wapoe. "She holds you in higher regard than I." he said almost wryly.

    Glancing at Aboleth once more, "You are to assist him in some endeavors that are mutually beneficial to both he and I." Eyes flicking to Wapoe, "That does not mean that the bargain has come to an end, you are still needed in regard to Nyubis. Both your aid is needed in what he is to do."

    Slumping back onto his throne, he waved a hand, "Let us get this back on track before the Champions succeed or realize we are doing so."

    Samhain bowed. "I can only thank you for 'freeing' me to the field again, no?"

    His eyes took in Aboleth, and a hand was swept. "Let us forget, shall we?"

    Her eyes fluttered back into her head, as she forgot her origins anew.

    "Won't last forever... and she'll be angrier every time."

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    Airborne, Approaching Qedraerhiel

    Ineghis kept a lookout as Zinnia flew on. The elven woman, as much as terror at the black dragon still following filled her, was enjoying every moment of being on the gold dragon’s back. The black dragon was catching up, a roar preceding it. Ahead, Zinnia could see the coast of Qedraerhiel, knowing that they were drawing closer to their destination.

    Flashes of sickly light sprung up in an arc before them as she flew, more smaller dragons flying out of the portals that the flashes had revealed. Half of the dragons cupped their wings, holding station in a defensive line to keep Zinnia from her destination. The others, their wings beating fiercely, climbed into the sky, disappearing into the clouds, before beginning diving runs at the duo; fire, ice, poisons all spraying from their maws.

    The black began a sinuous back and forth flight as it approached them from behind. Quickly, it became apparent that its tactics had changed, it was blocking any retreat and driving them towards the smaller dragons.

    A pair of sensations drew Ineghis’s attention for a moment. Her head turned, keen eyes focusing on the massive gulf of water along the east coast of Qedraerhiel. The miasma that the Destructor was filling the atmosphere of the world with thinned slightly, the amount of power that the presence of the Champions were filled with was fighting back against it. A small smile crossed her face.

    Turning her head back towards Zinnia’s head she yelled over the wind, “I can feel two of your companions, but they are facing their own difficulties.”

    Her staff pointed toward the gulf, “There.”

    It was then that the massive black made it’s next move, a blast of ice fired forth from its gullet, aimed at the distracted wizard.

    TAG: @Adalia-Durron (Combo with GM)


    Location: Qedraerhiel

    Departing the meeting

    The figure watched Nissa flutter off. With a wave of its hand the map the male fairy had shown her shrunk, rolled up, and flew across the increasing distance to settle itself in one pouch. “A gift, Champion, to assist you. I will be watching.” he called out before turning away. A wave of his hand and a portal opened, limned in green, that he flew through, after which it closed, leaving Nissa to find the Godkiller bow and return to her companions.


    Nissa had followed the map, keeping an eye on the blue dot that represented the caverns that she’d been told the bow resided within. The green dot that represented herself had crept closer over the couple months it had taken her to have the two dots almost touching. In that time she’d faced a variety of foes, mostly orcs and goblins, either having to fight or evade, as the concentrations of them grew in quantity.

    Now, she perched on a branch of a tall tree, one just at the edge of a clearing that fronted the caverns that had to be the ones she sought. Ringing it were defensive positions, the outer ones filled with tall, brutish orc troops, the inner filled with smaller goblin archers.



    The vile troops began to stir as the sound of footsteps came from the cavern. Out walked a figure, a tall, almost too beautiful male figure. He came to a halt, a fractional grin on his face, his hand rising and the noise of the troops stilling as they turned back to their duties.


    He leaned against the almost sheer wall just outside the cavern entrance, nonchalantly. At first he seemed to just be relaxing but then his head slowly turned, rising, until his eyes met Nissa’s. Somehow, he was able to see her where she was hiding, among the leaves and branches of the tree.

    “I know what you seek, I have sought it too and now I control possession of it. If you truly desire that which you seek, face me.” His voice seemed to whisper in her ear, across the distance, a soft, seductive tone.

    TAG: @Ktala (combo with GM)


    Deep Woods of northern Qedraerhiel

    The lich, face tentacles waving in an almost hypnotic way, slowly rose to its feet. Its attention attempted to focus on Mieli as it shambled forward. But something was continuously distracting it, making its attention turn toward others of the dark forces. Long arms swung, drow fighters being spun away like small branches. The priestess that had raised it shrieked, her whip lashing out trying to turn its attention back toward the dwarven ranger.

    She didn’t have much of a chance to change the course of the lich as Mieli charged. Her whip changed course as she swung her arm. It wrapped around his axe and a toothy smile crossed her face before one of terror replaced it, the blade of his ax slicing through the ‘fronds’ of the whip with ease.

    Another shriek escaped her as the axe flashed again, taking her other hand off at the wrist, the dagger she’d just plucked from her belt flashing through the air as it fell to the ground. The shriek cut off as the axe swept back, lifting her head from her shoulders. The lich, now free of any control save the whims of the spider goddess, rambled back and forth across the clearing, occasionally swatting at Mieli, his hands glancing from a transparent energy that seemed to protect him.

    As the dwarf stalked across the clearing the illithid mage focused all his energy on the ranger, desperately attempting to stop his progress. The energy, the dark power he held came within centimeters of Mieli each time before it was redirected or foiled, making a gurgling growl escape the creature’s lips. When he was but a few steps from the mage a sigh came from the darkness of the trees behind the illithid.

    The sound of footsteps, louder it seemed than the sounds of combat, reached Mieli’s ears. A figure emerged from the darkness, a tall, handsome man, a massive sword held loosely in his hand.


    His eyes met those of the dwarf, “You champions are a nuisance. It is time to end your interference in our plans.”

    TAG: @TheAdmiral (Combo with GM)


    Ma’at’s Hall, Gods Realm

    The perfect spot for a reunion, of sorts, was the ‘home’ of either Samhain or Ma’at in the Gods Realm. Hers was closer, by only a short distance but it was closer. Samhain led the bemused Aboleth to the marble building and then inside. The doors that swung open were shaped like an ostrich feather and split along the shaft of the feather, to admit them. Inside the Hall was split into four quarters, each decorated to their theme, like the four seasons of the year. Upon the dais on the far end of the hall stood a set of scales that represented her role as the goddess of Justice.

    The air stirred as Samhain and Aboleth walked into what seemed like an empty building, until a form shimmered into being, Ma’at herself joining them. It was an odd experience for her and Samhain both as, with him being present as he was in this form again in this universe he was as she, feeling themselves here as well as tied to the sword that their son was wielding in the duel with the Captain of the Destructor.

    A single, old demigod retainer came from a niche by the doors, “I knew you both would return, somehow. I will leave you in peace to do what you must, but please, stop the madness that is now occurring.” he said in a frail voice before he stepped out of the Hall, closing the massive doors behind him, leaving the three gods on their own.

    TAGS: @Sinrebirth, @greyjedi125 (Combo as Ma’at and Samhain and Aboleth if she has anything to contribute. Include GM as there may be a…visit)


    Middle of Qedraerhiel, deep forests

    As the combat progressed, almost too fast for merely mortal eyes to follow, Life and Death seemed to watch dispassionately. Beside them, Aboleth was watching the fight, still fuming over having been dealt with as had been done. The shining white form of Life turned to her, “I am sorry child but almost everyone is always having decisions made on their behalf.”

    Her head tilted to the side, as she seemed to consider something. When the shining form’s head came upright again, “And I’m sorry for what is about to happen too. If you can remember anything in the next few days then seek me or my husband. We can restore what is about to be taken.” Before Aboleth could even respond a portal slammed down over her, leaving only a gush of seawater in her place.

    The dark figure turned to the lighter one. “This fight is too even, neither will win until they both are exhausted and one makes a mistake.” The light one nodded. One dark and one light hand rose, in the same gesture. “Enough.” they spoke, in a whisper. Still, the trees around the massive clearing bowed over as though in a hurricane force wind. The two being stilled, the abomination reverting to the gray suited man he’d been before, both he and Nyubis standing on thin air.

    With a flick of a finger from the dark one there was a flash of light and the gray man vanished. Both lifted into the air, “Aboleth has been summoned, to assist in other endeavors. You have the last shard of Isha and it falls to you to combine the shards and bring her power back, as you journey to meet the other Champions.”

    All three floated down to the ground, in the midst of the now deserted encampment. One last glance was given to Nyubis and then he found himself alone, the direction toward where the champions would meet in his mind.

    TAGS: @Shadowsun (Combo with GM for the journey), @Sinrebirth (Mentioned)


    Confronting Nug, Bay of Qedraelhiel

    “Stand down Nug, or you shall reap Destruction.”

    A snort escaped from Nug’s lips at the warning. “That is my line, Champion.” His head tilted to the side, “Oh, it seems that the Progenitors are on the move.”

    The gem reappeared in his hand, the blue of it flaring as his own eyes flared. It rose from his palm, arcing through the air until it socketed on the pommel of his sword. The blade slid from the sheath, his hand closing around the hilt as the blade became limned in the blue glow of the gem.

    He shifted into a guard position, one hand empty, the other holding the sword, tip up, towards Xenos. A grin crossed his face, arm arcing out to the side for a moment, “I got to observe your fight, against the lesser beings, let us see how you fare against me. You may make the first move.” His tone was light, slightly taunting.

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    Confronting Yeb, Bay of Qedraelhiel

    As the frog warriors approached Malagath, Yub flipped off the branch he was standing on, landing lightly, balancing on one tripwire the pirate had setup without setting off the trap. He balanced there, behind the warriors. “Oops, these friends of mine seemed to have disobeyed and decided to join us. Do you mind?” he asked in a slightly sickly sweet tone.

    “Doesn’t matter if you do or don’t, they’re going to come for you anyway.”

    The wand in his hand became a sinuous shape, writhing slightly as it extended, forming into a slender blade, glowing at its tip, both a wand and a short sword now. He jumped and landed lightly on his feet again, now just a step behind the frogs.

    Glancing over at shore, he felt a thought from his ‘brother’, turning back to face Malagath, “The Progenitors are on the move.” he spoke as though he was echoing another. “Let us end this so that my brothers and I can find them again, and destroy them.”

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    IC Zinnia - Golden Dragon
    Over Selinia - thank you our GM for this romp in the sky!


    It was her champions skill, it was her gift, and now it was Zinnia’s destiny, and she was about to see what fate had in store for her. “Hold on tight.” She said evenly to her passenger as she stopped flapping her wings, feigning that she’d been hit by the icy blast from her now nemesis and falling. Her body spun and to the un trained eye she was falling to her death, but Zinnia was in control her spiraling fall. She’d dropped so fast that she’d managed to avoid the incoming blast at the elven woman by mere centimeters and due to her ducking to hold close it had only aided in that. As she fell, her keen gold eyes scanned the threats around her hoping all would believe her to be falling to her untimely and most destructive death.

    Shrieks of anger mixed with those of joy as the gold dragon fell echoed from the smaller ones that had ringed her. The closer group dove after the larger dragon, the Black cupping it's wings then diving after her, massive maw reaching for her tail as he dove. The other group of the smaller dragons let themselves drift downward, keeping station between Zinnia and her destination, on the off chance she was feigning her injury.

    Through slitted eyes Zinnia, now curled with her back to the ground watched him attempt to grasp at her tail, it wasn’t hard for her to twitch it, whip it around giving the illusion it’d been caught in a thermal updraft as she fell. She rolled slightly, enough to see the smaller dragons below, they were almost inconsequential, but she didn’t dismiss them, not totally knowing that would be folly.

    The eyes of the black narrowed to slits as he reached out. He didn't trust that her tail had been blown back toward him but it was an opportunity and if he could take one of the champions off of the board, he would. With a roar, blasting out an icy corona, he closed his jaws over the fluttering tail, already beginning to twist his head to whip the dragon and her rider around in the sky.

    He’d taken her bait, and she was prepared as he latched on. Curling up toward him she let loose with a powerful burst of lava temperature fire directly into his face, knowing she’d burn her own tail but the price was minimal to pay in her mind.

    His shriek was lost in the heat and fire of her breath. His head whipped back and the Black flipped in his own body's length, head whipping back and forth, blinded in one eye. His wildly flailing tail smashed into the side of Zinnia's body below her wings and he flapped his wings hard to climb away from her. As he was attempting to escape the damage she'd done several of the smaller attacked her with fire, ice, and electricity, both to take advantage and to distract her as the Black retreated.

    The tail against her was painful but she pushed through it needing to make her escape as she had expected his 'minions' to attack when she did this. Flicking her nose down she pushed her wings close to her body and began to dive hard toward the earth at speed hoping her passenger was still holding on tight and avoiding the incoming attacks.

    Ineghis was laughing and crying both at the speed and the various assaults. She'd managed to move her foot out of the way of the tail that had impacted Zinnia before tightening her legs around the great gold dragon once more. Now she held on tightly, her staff waving back and forth, creating small defensive shields of energy between them and the attacks from the smaller dragons. "Go...go!!!" she cried out.

    Not more than 200 meters from the ground, Zinnia pulled around 90 degrees, to rocket across the land, extending her wings she headed for the coast where Ineghis had indicated to go, she hoped once she got there, assistance would be found, if not, the water was an option.

    Ineghis yelled in sheer joy as they flew, watching behind them as the smaller dragons attempted to keep up. The guard of other smaller dragons were still accelerating downward to catch them before they reached the coast and the Black Dragon had turned, his one good eye tearing up from the pain but searching for them in the sky.

    "Do you see anything or anyone ahead to may be of assistance?" Zinnia asked the elven woman, "we may require it as I believe I may have enraged that arrogant Black." She explained.

    Ineghis swung around, holding tightly as she did. Peering ahead, she searched. Finally, she pointed, then called out, "Up ahead, to your left, the ruins of E'Mathalas, they could provide us cover to hide from them." She looked back, the Black was radiating a dark energy, indeed it appeared they had enraged it. Turning back, "If we can get there before he sees us."

    Zinnia ducked down lower, no more than 50 meters above the ground as she did her best to hug the topography as she leaned left following her passenger’s advice and hoping she was right, but the fates were on their side.

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