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  1. CmdrMitthrawnuruodo

    CmdrMitthrawnuruodo Force Ghost star 6

    Jul 1, 2000
    General Kaicus Cor, Sixes, Doc, Copper

    [blockquote]Vertical City, Nar Shaddaa

    "We've searched this ship from top to bottom and your locator beacon is still evading us, sir," the voice of the clone he had come to recognize as Sixes' own, reported to him. The former Jedi pursed his lips while he sat on one of the remaining crash seats in the main cabin, Sixes standing in front of him clad in his repainted armor with his helmet tucked under one arm.

    "Then we will need to obtain a jamming device sufficient in blocking the signal until we can find it." Kaicus stood and held onto a support to steady himself. "In the meantime, let us use the time that we have to obtain the information we need."

    "First on the agenda, sir, is obtaining a place to stay. If the Empire or other hunters come looking because of that beacon, we should be as far from the ship as possible until we have to leave. Copper can keep an eye on things here." Sixes said and the astromech tweedled an agreement behind him. The clonetrooper stepped away a few feet and set his helmet down before going through his equipment to make sure everything was ready.

    "We should go someplace where we won't attract attention to ourselves," his clone brother suggested. Sixes glanced over his shoulder at the medic sitting on the cot.

    The blind man shook his head. "No. We need to stay with the ship in the event we do have to leave. Have Copper access the information mainframe while we look around."

    Although he could not see it, the two clones nodded in compliance to their General's orders. Sixes herded the astromech toward one of the information jacks and the little droid immediately went to work. "So where do we start looking?"

    "The cantinas are a good start," answered the Jedi.

    Sixes sighed and rejoined the General at his side. "You're just suggesting that so you can go drink."

    Kaicus snorted derisively and chuckled a little. "Not this time, my friend." The three men left the attack shuttle, leaving behind Copper to search through the city's well of information while they were gone.

    The copper colored astromech swiveled its head around as the ramp sealed itself shut. Tweedle-woo, beeped the droid. A hatch popped open on his body and his appendage reached in to pull out a small device that was silently blinking. The droid regarded it for a moment and gave a mournful, electronic sigh before replacing the locator beacon back into its compartment before returning to its task.[/blockquote]

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  2. Sith-I-5

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    Aug 14, 2002
    OOC: Argen! :D CmdrMitth', loved what you did with that locator beacon.

    Returning Ship CS (format, from my records)

    -Name/Model#: Lucrehulk-class battleship
    --Designer/Manufacturer: Trade Federation (pre-Clone Wars donation)
    ---Combat Designation: SGIS Base Ship
    ---Diameter: 3 kilometres
    ---Engines: 3 primary Rendili Stardrive ?Proton 3?s, 4 secondary Rendili Stardrive ?Proton 12?s.
    ---Weapons: 42 quad turbolaser batteries (can turn into hull for concealment)
    ---Crew: Angeo Lim synthdroid (1 of 20), several B1 pilot battledroids
    ---Passengers: As of a week ago, fifty Mon Calamari refugees, evacuated from Dac ahead of Tarkin?s blockade. Mostly starship engineers, one daughter of a Dac minister, one senior military officer.
    ---Starfighter Squadrons: 200 Vulture droids ? fighter screen, escorts, communications relay from within nebula.
    ---Planetary Assault Troops: 4 AAT and 4 MTT ground vehicles with crew.
    ---Onboard vehicles: Miscellaneous craft (stolen by Agent Robie).
    ---Operational Equipment: Stygium Crystal cloaking device, tractor beams, shields.

    This is a croissant shaped vessel with massive amounts of cargo space, that served as a cargo ship and battleship for the Trade Federation, then a Forward Base for MI5/SGIS, and now, with the Galactic Republic extinguished, still serves as a secret base.
    Her spherical control tower houses the living areas.

    This is not a full-on combat vessel, although she has the weapons to be such.
    Mission profiles: sit her choob still, and just serve as a base for visiting MI5 agents, or refugees.

    Active Missions
    - Before the events of the Phantom Menace, served as a forward base to MI5 agents protecting the then Queen of Naboo.
    - Four years after the Empire came into being, the synthdroid copy of Lim brought the secret base out of hiding to pre-empt the Emperor's blockade of the Dac Shipyards by retrieving one of their drydocks and helping to evacuate their engineers.
    They arrived the same time as an Alliance fleet, got the drydock, but when a huge fleet of forty Imperial Star Destroyers turned up, Lim engaged a cloaking device and took the base ship away.

    ---Previous Games:
    Star Wars, 007 Style ? On Her Majesty?s Security Service, by Dubya Scott
    Galaxy at War III ? Schism of the Sith, by Pashatemur

    IC: Mission Supervisor Angeo Lim, Yavscout, SGIS Base Ship, and the ?Luna over Agua? cantina, Rodia
    Location: Iiyama nebulae, Rodia

    Standing on the bridge of the former Trade Federation Lucrehulk-class battleship, Lim nodded at the new suggestion from Agent Robie at the mobile jedi retreat. ?Thank you, Agent. I will pass that on immediately.?

    Before her, the three-quarter scale holograph of the distant rodian, dissipated.

    She turned to the nearest of the blue-shoulder battledroids manning the bridge stations, and noted that they were due a dusting down.

    "Get me Yavscout."

    "Affirmative, Mission Supervisor."

    The multi-coloured gases and dust that formed the nebula served to protect the Secret Galactic Intelligence Service base from passing and prying sensors, but also impeded direct communications over long distances too.

    The workaround that they had come up with, was to fit two of their Vulture fighter complement with comms relay gear, and send them out to bridge the gap to the outside galaxy.

    * * * *

    The 'Luna over Agua' cantina, Rodia

    Yav's back slid down the upturned bar table, as the furniture vibrated with the impacts of several blaster hits on the other side.

    The elf was clad all in black, gnome-skin, which as well as looking too cool for school, served to bump up his capacity for mana storage, which was the energy that power his Norrathian abilities.

    It was hard luck for the gnomes, but that was not his call. Under the black top, he wore a silvery, sleeveless vest of flex-armour, cos? magic does not stop blaster-fire.

    He had once tried to brazen that out with a Heat Resist self-buff. Never again, cos’ it turned out that speeding bolts of ignited plasma were drokking hot, and not what the spell was designed for anyway.

    Yav drew his S9 “Ascension Gun” blaster, and popped a couple of shots over the table rim to keep the remaining patrons honest, then shouted so that everyone could hear him over the deafening discharge of energy weapons. “Alright, from the top! Two days ago, some rodian bounty hunter approaches an offworlder, and says, ‘You are a jedi’, then- oooohhhh…

    The pleasurable sensation caused by the vibrating GAR holo-disc was something he could not discuss in polite company, so it would probably be alright in this dive, but they’d have to stop shooting first, and maybe buy him a drink to apologise.

    He pulled it off his utility belt, and because he had one hand holding the S9, checked which way up the tea-saucer diameter disc was, and used his fingers to flip it holo-proj’ up, then thumbed the device on.
    Lim’s girlish figure smiled up at him.

    You’re comm is important to us,” he started pleasantly.

    “Oh, cut the phobium, Yavscout. This is important. Where are you?”

    A bottle sailed over the table and the agent’s head to shatter on the dirty wooden floor at his feet, spraying glass and a pungent alcohol all over the place. A laser bolt immediately struck the glistening pool, igniting it into a line of jumping and leaping flames. Now that, was what Heat Resist was for!

    Ohh, they are getting clever,” He told himself happily.

    “What was that?”

    I said they are getting clever!” Yavscout yelled back over the din. “I am on Rodia, and just checking the cantinas and tapcafs around the spaceports!

    “Well. One of the Big Jobs, says to try Blenjeel.”

    Blenjeel, huh?” Said a rough, gravelly voice directly above the elf, who in turn looked up into the dark barrel of an ACP repeater, and beyond the traditional Trandoshan weapon, the traditional Trandoshan!

    Yav moved, the spray of plasma-enhanced slugs ripping a hole into the floorboards in his wake, as he spun onto one knee, and capped a bolt into the ceiling, the trando’ ducking the kill-shot and already on his way out.

    Damn it, Lim!” Yav snarled, deactivating the holo-disc and springing after the alien hunter, trying to secure the device to his belt as he ran, grateful that the intervention of the reptilian hunter had stopped everyone else from trying to get a piece of him!

    Chairs and table were slung against either wall as the hunter ploughed a way out through the club, head down to avoid the pair of crimson energy bolts that Yav sent his way, inaccurately, since he was running.

    “Hey, no blasters!” Shouted a voice from behind the bar.

    I think we are beyond that!” The SGIS agent retorted as he took the half-dozen steps leading up out of the smoke-wreathed establishment, and broke out into the street.


    SGIS Base Ship

    Lim pursed her lips and stared at the spot where the holograph had abruptly dissipated.


    The automated voice boomed loudly across the spacious bridge as the ship’s resident artificial intelligence, the Last Bolt, named after the first ship it had served on, made it’s presence known. She wondered what had rattled its cage.

    Locator beacon has reverted. Confirmed as valid Code J.

    There was no physical location to look, when she addressed the Last Bolt, so she just looked vaguely up at the ceiling. “Where, Blenjeel? Krant?” She enquired, naming nearby planets that the jedi might have run to.

    Nar Shaddaa.

    “Buh-limey, that’s a long way.” She noted aloud. “We will give it fifteen standard minutes, before telling Yav. By that time, he should be clear of whatever his problem is; or dead and back on Naboo.”


    Spaceport, Rodia

    The trandoshan was clearly heading back to his ship, intending to continue the hunt for the current owner of the jedi locator beacon, and ran pretty much headlong in the direction of the spaceport, allowing one scaly arm to trail him like a thick tail, the ACP repeater spraying plasma slugs in his wake around Yav’.

    The former Combat Medtech skipped sideways, pirouetted, and slammed backwards into the Power Droid that he was unintentionally using as cover, and heard the thing give increasingly plaintive “Gonk-gonk- gonk....gonk....gonk.” sounds as enemy fire punctured its stained black carapace.

    Yav exhaled painfully as he suddenly became aware of the pain down his back, grimacing as he felt under the flex-armour to the hurt area at his right side.

    I’m hit?” Must have been from when the Trando had fired over the table, back at the bar.

    He did not want to die again. With the recent Imperial lockdown over Naboo, it was getting increasingly difficult to bluff his way past the forces round the planet, and the Yellow status caused by that nonsense with the Union of Free Houses shuttle had only made things worse.

    He glanced up at the piece of Rodian sky visible beyond the silhouettes of surrounding buildings, and the top rim of the taller power droid, the green energy dome protecting the city from the encroaching swamps casting a lime hue across everything.

    He looked up and down the street, and was pleased to note that there was no-one around; no casualties of their running firefight that he would feel duty-bound to stop and help.

    Forty standard years in this culture, this dimension, and the old Surefall Paramedics ethics were hard to forget.

    Yavscout stole a look around the edge of the silenced droid, the acid tang of the now-broken droid hit him in the nostrils.

    The holodisc started vibrating again. It was the boss again, and though she looked very similar to the original organic female with whom he had worked, a long time before the Clone Wars, back when the Galactic Republic still looked like it would last a thousand years, it was hard to accept the young woman as de facto head of the Secret Galactic Intelligence Service.
    WHAT?!” He growled.

    “Can you talk?”

    Well, I’m not the blabber mouth! There is a bounty hunter on the way to Blenjeel because of you. Can we wrap this up, cos I would like to stop him.

    “Let him go. If he’s looking at getting paid, he is hardly going to spread the news around, is he?”

    The elf gaped, wondering if her logic circuits were on the fritz. “But, y’know, he might capture him? Or her.

    The holo-projection of her head and shoulders looked up at him from his cupped hand. “We have a new read on the signal, Agent. Nar Shaddaa, Vertical City.”

    Hutt Space.

    Yavscout straightened from the ruined GNK droid, one hand holding the disc while the other holstered the hot S9. His injury was forgotten.

    I am on the way.

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  3. Corellian_Outrider

    Corellian_Outrider Admin FF | Curator: Art&RPF | Oceania RSA | CR NSW star 6 Staff Member Administrator

    Mar 9, 2002
    ~OOC~ GM Approved. Welcome back Argen!

    Name: Rowan Halcyon
    -Age: 48
    --Gender: Male
    ----Race: Corellian
    -----Eye Colour: Blue
    ------Hair Colour and Style: Shoulder length Honey blond hair. Early stages of a beard forming with a hint of red through it.
    -------Skin Complexion: Fair skin
    --------Clothing: Emerald Green Robes of the Corellian Order.
    ---------Physique: 184 cm tall, strong, fit, physically looks younger than he is.
    ----------Personality: Honourable. Intelligent. Resenting the past at times. His experiences since had left him a quiet person and keeps to himself most of the time. Keeps his past guarded and only a few he trusts. He's fiercely loyal and protective of the ones he love.
    -----------Quirks: A pacifist. Finds a way to inject humour in certain situations.
    ------------Force Sensitivity: Yes

    -Brief History: Approx. twenty-five hundred years before the Clone Wars, Rowan was born into a family of two worlds. Their cultures were nurtured and ingrained into him with a deep sense of honour and moral code. With the death of his parents at a young age, he was taken to the Temple on Corellia for his training to be overseen. Following in his mother's footsteps, he proudly attained the rank of Jedi Knight. Shortly after, he and his Master were sent to on a mission to infiltrate the Sith occupied world of Ruusan.

    The Ruusan Campaign lasted a number of months and fighting alongside the Republic and the Jedi Order. The battle was bloody and few survived. After losing both his friends and his Master during those horrific events, he took off on his own in exile, to seek solitude. He turned away from the Order and the Republic. His identity hidden, known as the 'Outrider' to those he came across. He turned to smuggling and did what he could for those in need.

    Several years later his path brought him unwillingly back to the conflict between the Sith and the Republic. He found himself being used once again by the Jedi Order. His death on Vjun was brief and was brought back into the world with a sense of purpose. Returning to his father's homeworld, he spent time with a childhood friend. He had a choice to live a life he always wanted but the threat of endangering those he loved forced him to turned away from that option. She married into Royalty and offered him a place in her navy.

    The feeling of dread filled him and with the pressure of something coming, he left. Removing all trace of himself from known civilisation, he spent years running as a hunted man. Hunted by those in power. Mercenaries flushed him back into the known galaxy to that everything had gone wrong. His homeworld of Corellia was under Sith occupation. Confronting his past, he formed and lead an independent group to liberate the sector from them. Once the monarchy was restored and peace returned, he slipped away to bring peace to the world of his father.

    --Military History: Trained as a Knight and a member of the Corellian Jedi Order. Participated in the Ruusan Campaign before exile. Participated in a number of small skirmishes including briefly aiding the defence of Dantooine. Briefly served as an Admiral of the Calinör Royal Navy. A key figure during the Corellian Campaign.

    --- Traumatic Experiences: Orphaned at a young age when his parents died, raised among two different cultures. Loss of those close to him over the years. Hunted and manipulated by the desire of others.

    -Lightsaber Blade Colour: Silver, transparent core.
    --Lightsaber Type: Single, 1.4 metre long blade
    ---Hilt Description: 30 cm long, chrome cylinder shaped hilt. A grid work of fine lines cover the bulbous pommel cap with a small studs around the hemispherical perimeter. Raised sections along the hilt are black. A decorative chrome plate wraps around the upper section as a blade guard and curves down the length of one side to the activation switch. Activation switch located at the lower portion of the hilt. Power dials near the blade emitter.

    [COLOR=seagreen][B]~OOC~[/B][/COLOR]My gratitude goes to Pashatemur, Jerjerrod-Lennox and TheAdmiral for your faith and support of this character. This is a joint point between Jerjerrod-Lennox, TheAdmiral and myself. It has been a
    pleasure. :)

    [B][COLOR=seagreen]~IC~ Rowan Halcyon[/COLOR], [COLOR=royalblue]Feye Solkrest[/COLOR] and Jori Atreides. [/B]
    [B]A long long time ago...[/B]
    [B]Location:[/B] An ancient world far from 'civilised' space

    [COLOR=seagreen][I]'It looked like a scene from the tales of long ago. Tales my Uncle used to tell me. Of knights and princesses, drakõns and monsters, wizards and witches…'[/I][/COLOR] There were no leaves on the twisted trees, their bark black as soot. Ash covered the soil as though a great fire had happened recently. The forest was being enveloped by a thick grey mist, reducing visibility. [COLOR=seagreen][I]'But the way those tales used to play out always lead to a happy ending. The reality of now is that there possibly might never be a happy ending.'[/I][/COLOR]

    Something caught my eye, a small object glinting in the dull light near my foot. Crouching down, my gloved hand disturbed the ash as I picked it up. A decorative piece of brass, my thumb rubbed the ash off and uncovered the 'knot' design. It was a clasp off someone's cloak.

    [COLOR=seagreen][COLOR=seagreen][I]'Some unfortunate soul must have lost their life in the inferno.'[/I][/COLOR] [COLOR=#000000]My eyes scanned the ground near where the clasp had laid to see any other remains but couldn't find anything else.[/COLOR] [I][COLOR=seagreen]'Not so poor after all. Probably fallen off or someone lost it. Before the fire.'[/COLOR][/I][/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#000000]Rising back up, I let the clasp fall from my hand. It was hard to tell what time it was with the sun masked by the mist. The air felt cooler and I drew my dark green woollen cloak tightly around myself. My mind returned to my original thoughts.[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=seagreen][I][COLOR=seagreen][I]'The delicate balance of this world had been disrupted by outside influences. A balance that I had been struggling for years to maintain. The incident two years ago started a war between two nations. Under the banners of peace the first shots were fired, neutralising our naval fleet, allowing them to start their invasion. All I could do was watch from the cliffs, powerless to stop the [/I]'Estel'[I] from sinking beneath the waves, the cry of the survivors before being slaughtered by a dishonourable enemy.'[/I][/COLOR][/I][/COLOR]

    [COLOR=seagreen][COLOR=#000000]I closed my eyes and winced. The pain from the events of that week were close to my heart. Hurt and revelations. The life I knew shattered like glass.[/COLOR][I] [COLOR=seagreen][I]'Never had I ever been so pulled apart before like that.'[/I][/COLOR][/I][/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#000000]My ears picked up the sound of brittle branches snapping under the weight of someone approaching. I turned slightly to see an old man walking up the mound towards me. His brown leather tunic worn and filthy, the emblem of the kingfisher faded. His greying hair clumped together from mud and sweat. His wrinkled weathered face gives the impression that he had lived a hard life. The twinkle in his brown eyes betrayed that look by 'saying' he is still a child at heart.[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#000000]"My Lord..." He huffed as he stood before me. "We have a visitor."[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#000000]I didn't bother to respond. He knew that it was my turn to patrol and that when I'm gone, my second in command is in charge of such matters. I nodded for him to explain.[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#000000]"They had just arrived moments ago and now requesting your presence." He continued. "They didn't state why nor who they are."[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#000000]I closed my weary eyes for a moment to relieve them before opening them again. Sleep was too few and far in between. I placed a hand on his shoulder and gave him a smile to let him know that everything is fine.[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=seagreen][COLOR=seagreen]"That's okay Mr. Warrick."[/COLOR] [COLOR=#000000]I let go of his shoulder and gestured in the direction he came.[/COLOR] [COLOR=seagreen]"Lead the way."[/COLOR][/COLOR]

    [COLOR=seagreen][I][COLOR=seagreen][I]'Mr. Warrick, one of few good friends that I have left on this world.'[/I][/COLOR] [/I][COLOR=#000000]I reflect while walking among contorted crisp forms of trees and bushes. The fauna had long left this place and everything was quiet except for the sounds our footsteps,[/COLOR][I] [COLOR=seagreen][I]'When I was assigned the rank of 'Admiral of the fleet' of this world by Queen Constance to serve in her Royal Navy, Mr. Warrick had served with me as part of my crew. The [/I]'Estel'[I] was my flagship as we charted new lands. After five years, I had to disappear from their world. I returned eleven years later when I had learnt that the Queen was kidnapped. Those of my old crew that was loyal to me, including Warrick, joined the ill-fated rescue mission. Now here we are two years later, trying to restore this country.'[/I][/COLOR][/I][/COLOR]

    [COLOR=seagreen][COLOR=seagreen]"Have the scouts reported in yet?"[/COLOR] [COLOR=#000000]I asked him as we made our way through the burnt forest back to camp.[/COLOR][/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#000000]He shock his head. "No, not yet."[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=seagreen][COLOR=#000000]I grimaced,[/COLOR] [COLOR=seagreen]"We need to hear from them soon…"[/COLOR][/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#000000][I] ~~~~[/I][/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#000000]The clearing would have been a pleasant area for gatherings to take place, the forest coming to life with the sounds of birds as the flora flowering in early spring. It is not such a pleasant spring morning today. The forest had been decimated by a great fire before we came here, just another beauty marred by the war that ravage these lands. Visibility has been greatly reduced by the thick mist that envelop the gaps between the fire damaged trees.[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#000000]The atmosphere walking into the bivouac, situated in the once thriving clearing seem to appear bleak. Around the perimeter, teams of volunteers and refugees were working together. Holes were being dug and logs were inserted at an angle into the ground, the ends sharply tapered. Tents provide a temporary shelter from the elements. A cluster of the larger ones at the centre of the camp acting as a mess hall, a war room, stable and other needs. Everything was set up so that at a moments warning the camp can be dismantled quickly and on the move.[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=seagreen][I][COLOR=seagreen]'How far the people can fall by the hand of one selfish individual…'[/COLOR][/I][/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#000000]It must be time soon for the midday meal as there was the smell of smouldering fires and roasting meat as I move deeper into the camp. The scent would normally cause my stomach to growl but, at the moment, food is the last thing on my mind. The scouts are overdue to report in to confirm the 'rumour' of an enemy column passing through this region. We need to prevent the possibility that there be some sort of conflict, especially with the numbers of refugees grow each day.[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#000000]"Just over there." Warrick pointed along the path to the makeshift stables. "I best go and await the scouts." He bowed and left me to continue on.[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#000000]I murmured my thanks and headed towards the stables. Curiosity getting the better of me and before I know it, my pace had quickened. I wanted to know who this visitor could be and why they are requesting to see me. As I neared, I could see a carriage parked next to the stables. Who ever it is, definitely someone of importance and had travelled far to see me. The carriage was longer than that of a standard size, designed for comfort while travelling long distances. The rectangular exterior was not covered in decorations as one might thought for one of importance but there are practical reasons for this. Plate steel armoured covering the exterior giving it ample protection against the weapons and raiders of these lands. In my eyes it resembled a equus driven tank.[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#000000]A figure wearing a green riding cloak stood outside the carriage tending to the six snorting white equines. Giving the stranger a once over as I approach slowly, I noticed that the darkness of the green on the cloak matched that of my own cloak, everything else was concealed by it. I look to the equines, to see that their white coats are mottled with light grey, not as pure colour as I had thought.[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#000000][color=seagreen]"I hear you are looking for someone."[/color] I spoke to the stranger as I ran my hand along the neck of the lead equus and giving it a firm pat.[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#000000]"Are you the one they call 'Outrider'?"[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=seagreen][COLOR=#000000]I could not see the face, the voice was feminine though the accent I could not place but it was familiar. I stepped forward, my brow arch in curiosity. I had not been called by my former call sign in a long time. My eyes briefly look to the carriage.[/COLOR][I] [COLOR=seagreen][I]'Whoever inside must know me more than they should.'[/I][/COLOR] [/I][COLOR=#000000]I thought as I returned my gaze to the person before me.[/COLOR] [COLOR=seagreen]"Who wants to know?"[/COLOR][/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#000000]The person turned to face me and I could not help but feel the brief sense of déjà vu as I saw two large humanoid eyes under the hood, the rest of the face was covered by a matching dark green kerchief. "Yes, of course you are. Thank you for coming..." She turned and started towards the carriage. ".. follow me please."[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=seagreen][COLOR=#000000]I shook my head and couldn't resist smirking to myself.[/COLOR][I] [COLOR=seagreen][I]'No, not this again.'[/I][/COLOR] [/I][COLOR=#000000]I followed whoever she is and stood off beside her as she gave a sharp rap on the carriage door. Looking at her silently, I studied her form more closely.[/COLOR][I] [COLOR=seagreen][I]'Her back straight, her shoulder back, head up. A good posture no doubt which means a well upbringing. High society? Noble blood? It's possible. Where have I heard that accent?'[/I][/COLOR][/I][COLOR=#000000] Sticking my elbow out towards her, I compared our two cloaks.[/COLOR][I] [COLOR=seagreen][I]'Same colour... almost the same weave... some meaning behind that or just coincidence? Oh for crying... its just a cloak.'[/I][/COLOR] [/I][COLOR=#000000]I look up to see those eyes were watching me.[/COLOR][/COLOR]

    [COLOR=seagreen][COLOR=royalblue]"Come."[/COLOR][COLOR=#000000] A voice commanded from inside.[/COLOR][/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#000000]The woman opened the door and bowed her head as she gestured for me[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#000000]to enter. "Min lorrrd."[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=seagreen][COLOR=#000000]I watched her closely as I cautiously went inside. I can feel something is odd about all this and it is bugging me that I can't comprehend why there is a familiarity about it.[/COLOR][I] [COLOR=seagreen][I]'Those words? The articulation of her voice. Corellian? Here? How?'[/I][/COLOR][/I][/COLOR]

    [COLOR=seagreen][COLOR=#000000]Once inside the carriage, the door closed the door behind me but there was no distinct sound of being locked inside. My eyes scanned the interior. Lowly lit by lanterns, I can make out the intricate patterns woven into the woollen blankets that insulate the cabin walls from the cold outside. At the ends were velvet upholstered lounges which looks like they are used to sleep on as well. A small table crafted from a rich wood was located in the centre. It caught me off guard by how spacious it is inside. My eyes redirected to a figure, covered up in a sky-blue hooded cloak, standing by the table.[/COLOR][I] [COLOR=seagreen][I]'I'm starting to see a pattern here.'[/I][/COLOR] [/I][COLOR=#000000]I commented in my head.[/COLOR][/COLOR]

    [COLOR=seagreen][COLOR=royalblue]"Khasaan'l 'Outrider'…"[/COLOR] [COLOR=#000000]The figure lowered the hood to reveal warm beautiful face smiling at me, there was a hint of a laugh in her voice.[/COLOR] [COLOR=royalblue]"... or shall I call you Rowan?"[/COLOR][/COLOR]

    [COLOR=seagreen][COLOR=seagreen]"Feye?!?"[/COLOR][COLOR=#000000] It took me a moment to realise that my jaw had dropped in disbelief.[/COLOR][I] [COLOR=seagreen][I]'She should not be here!'[/I][/COLOR] [/I][COLOR=#000000]Pursing my lips, my eyes narrowed and brow furrowed as I looked at her.[/COLOR][I] [COLOR=seagreen][I]'She cannot be-'[/I][/COLOR][/I][/COLOR]

    [COLOR=seagreen][COLOR=#000000]She took a quick step forward, her arms out to embrace me only to stopped hesitantly in front of me. Her eyes looked like they were scrutinising my attire. I look down at myself: my dark green cloak and tunic weathered, there were streaks of ash and dry mud on my tunic and trousers, the fabric worn and tattered in places.[/COLOR][I] [COLOR=seagreen][I]'I must look like a downright mess to her!'[/I][/COLOR][/I][COLOR=#000000] She look back up to my face and her hazel eyes found mine. I found my expression soften under her gaze, a smile forming.[/COLOR][/COLOR]

    [COLOR=seagreen][COLOR=#000000]She laughed and smiled at me.[/COLOR] [COLOR=royalblue]"You have no idea how great it is to finally see you again."[/COLOR][/COLOR]

    [COLOR=seagreen][COLOR=seagreen]"Feye…"[/COLOR] [COLOR=#000000]The smile on my face fell as my expression turn serious.[/COLOR] [COLOR=seagreen]"Why are you here?"[/COLOR][/COLOR]

    [COLOR=seagreen][COLOR=#000000]Her face was composed but I could see the muscles in her face subtly tighten.[/COLOR] [COLOR=royalblue]"Are you not pleased to see me?"[/COLOR][/COLOR]

    [COLOR=seagreen][COLOR=#000000]Sighing, I looked down. While it is true that I am pleased to see her…[/COLOR] [COLOR=seagreen]"That is beside the point. You are needed on Corellia. They need you."[/COLOR][/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#000000]Looking up to her face, her hazel eyes shone with an intensity that had never been seen before.[/COLOR]


    [COLOR=#000000]I was pleased to see him, no doubts of that, but the reason why I had come was not because I wanted to see this place or whatever was going on here.[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#000000]I was here to see him, this man.[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#000000]He had no idea what he had done. Kidnapping me, and then disappearing after finally helping me to be put on the throne of Corellia and finally bringing peace to the Five Worlds.[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#000000]However, despite it all, I was here to see him for one purpose alone, and that was to bring him back to Corellia for a specific reason. I suppose I should say that Rowan is the only family I have left.[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#000000]I composed myself to tell him the reason why I wasn’t on Corellia where I should be. Sweat was gathering at the back of my sky blue dress underneath my cloak. I took a deep breath and got straight to the point.[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=seagreen][COLOR=royalblue]“I’m here for you Rowan”[/COLOR] [COLOR=#000000]I said gently,[/COLOR] [COLOR=royalblue]“I am wondering why you did not say farewell to me after the coronation reception. You just sort of... disappeared.”[/COLOR][/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#000000]I kept my eyes on him the whole time, my posture not even moving in the slightest. That’s the advantage of a royal upbringing; it teaches you correct posture and annunciation of words.[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=seagreen][COLOR=royalblue]“The reason I have come here is to find you Rowan, to see you again. I am truly pleased to see you and I thank you for liberating the Five Worlds from the darkness of the Sith. And to be blunt with you, I want you to come back to Corellia, to help me rule our sector.”[/COLOR][/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#000000]There, I’d finally done it, and I felt the weight of dread fall off my shoulders. On the journey here I felt as though my stomach was full of lead and weighing me down in my seat.[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#000000]Perhaps maybe, the Outrider would return to his birthright.[/COLOR]


    [COLOR=seagreen][COLOR=#000000]Standing there before her, I felt stunned, All I could focus on were her eyes that were locked onto mine. My mind frozen, trying to comprehend the meaning of the words she had softly conveyed.[/COLOR][I] [COLOR=seagreen][I]'To come back... to help….'[/I][/COLOR] [/I][COLOR=#000000]My gaze wavered from hers.[/COLOR][I] [COLOR=seagreen][I]'...To rule.'[/I][/COLOR][/I][/COLOR]

    [COLOR=seagreen][COLOR=#000000]Blinking, my mouth felt dry. My hand reached up and rubbed the back of my neck as I remember back to the occasion. I had promised that I would be present at her coronation and I stayed long enough to see the crown be laid upon her head. A number of reasons gathered in my head at the time for why I shouldn't stay: That I'd be in the way, that I don't fit in... then avoided attention long enough to slip away.[/COLOR][I] [COLOR=seagreen][I]'The thought that she did genuinely wanted me there and I had let her down makes me feel somewhat... ashamed. Though.. since when do I allow myself to relax when there are still things that need to be done?'[/I][/COLOR][/I][/COLOR]

    [COLOR=seagreen][COLOR=#000000]I lowered my hand back to my side as my gaze returned to hers, searching her eyes. She deserves my honesty after what we had been through.[/COLOR] [COLOR=seagreen]"I left... because I believed, at the time, that I was not needed anymore. Corellia... our home is its own sovereignty again, it had been my dream for a long time for that to be. To be home…"[/COLOR][COLOR=#000000] Smiling lightly to her.[/COLOR][/COLOR]

    [COLOR=seagreen][I][I][COLOR=seagreen]'...but I am not at peace. Not yet.'[/COLOR][/I] [/I][COLOR=#000000]On the inside I finished the sentence, knowing she would not understand the meaning behind those words if I had spoke them. It has been a long journey and the end is nigh.[/COLOR][/COLOR]

    [COLOR=seagreen][COLOR=seagreen]"To help. To rule. I don't quite... follow…"[/COLOR][COLOR=#000000] There are certain traditions that is required of Royalty and this proposal of Feye's had taken me off guard.[/COLOR] [COLOR=seagreen]" what capacity?"[/COLOR][/COLOR]


    [COLOR=#000000]I now had to try to explain this as carefully as I could, whilst trying not to shock him too much. The sweat was gathering down my back once again and I had to try to keep my composure.[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#000000]Although all I wanted to do right then was to do a right un-royal thing and slap him for disappearing.[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#000000]I kept my gaze steady on his, deep and clear so he could see I meant every word. I couldn’t falter now, because to plead with him showed weakness. Another thing about royal training, never plead with people because it showed weakness to your enemies and even your allies.[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#000000][COLOR=royal][color=royalblue]“I need to be brutally honest with you Rowan. I haven’t adjusted to the fact that my family has gone, that I am now the sole survivor of this dynasty. Well actually, not the only one…”[/color][/COLOR][/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#000000]I left that little interesting titbit of information hanging for a moment.[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=seagreen][COLOR=royalblue]“I’m also not adjusting to ruling by myself. Oh yes, I received training and instruction but it’s never the same when you have to do the actual job. Yes I feel I can rule Corellia, but I need someone with me, to help me and guide me to do what’s right. I cannot make such big decisions on my own”[/COLOR][/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#000000]It made me sound a little weak that, but I felt that I needed some help, to have no help was to fall down flat on my face and fail miserably.[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#000000]I couldn’t let that happen at any cost. It would also send a message to my enemies that I had a person who couldn’t be messed with either, a deadly warrior. I wasn’t bad at the combat stuff either, but this man was much better at it than I was.[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=seagreen][COLOR=royalblue]“The fact is Rowan that you should reclaim your birthright, to join me in helping our people rebuild after what has happened. To make sure that a menace like the Sith will never come and hurt us again. To show the galaxy that we are a force to be reckoned with once again”[/COLOR][/COLOR]


    [COLOR=seagreen][COLOR=seagreen]"Feye…"[/COLOR] [COLOR=#000000]I said her name softly, I remove my gauntlets to allow my bare my hand to touch her shoulder.[/COLOR] [COLOR=seagreen]"I too understand the pain that you are going through with your family. I…"[/COLOR] [COLOR=#000000]Sighing softly, I gave her shoulder a reassuring squeeze.[/COLOR] [COLOR=seagreen]"It takes time. You are strong."[/COLOR][/COLOR]

    [COLOR=seagreen][COLOR=#000000]Lowering my eyes, taking a deep breath... slowly shaking my head.[/COLOR] [COLOR=seagreen]"My birthright... I've heard those words before but this is the first time I've heard them said with honesty."[/COLOR][/COLOR]


    [COLOR=#000000]It was clear to me he was still not getting it, but I gave him time. I knew that at some point I would just have to give him the bombshell but the time was not now. I felt his touch on my shoulder and smiled, it was warm and inviting he truly did care about me and the fact I was ruling by myself.[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=seagreen][COLOR=royalblue]"I know that you must be confused my friend, let me clear up a few things for you. It is tough to rule after such a tumultuous time that we have had. There is still instability and chaos about, it will take time to heal all the wounds. However, I need someone to advise me, someone as strong as I, who knows Corellia as well as I and can help to negotiate with people to heal conflicts."[/COLOR][/COLOR]


    [COLOR=seagreen][COLOR=#000000]Lifting my eyes to match hers, trying to read her expression. She knows something... though I can not tell what it is and how much she knows.[/COLOR] [COLOR=seagreen]"You wish for me to help assist in the stability of our system? Official or unofficially ? "[/COLOR][/COLOR]


    [COLOR=seagreen][COLOR=royalblue]"Whichever way you wish"[/COLOR][COLOR=#000000] I replied calmly meeting his gaze and trying very hard not to falter[/COLOR] [COLOR=royalblue]"You can work behind the scenes, or you can be as public as you like. But knowing you as I do, you would probably prefer a behind the scenes role although I do have a reason as to why you should be more officially involved."[/COLOR][/COLOR]


    [COLOR=seagreen][COLOR=#000000]Listening to her words, I can't help but feel that there was something more.[/COLOR] [COLOR=seagreen]"Milady... There are... there.."[/COLOR] [COLOR=#000000]The words on the tip of my tongue but I haven't the heart to ask. My hand falling from her shoulder as I gesture to the chairs.[/COLOR] [COLOR=seagreen]"Maybe we should sit down."[/COLOR][/COLOR]


    [COLOR=seagreen][COLOR=#000000]I think we definitely needed to sit down for this titbit. I glided over to the chairs and sat down making sure to tuck my dress underneath me as I sat. Now was the time I felt, no more hiding.[color=royalblue]"Rowan my friend, you remembered I mentioned earlier that not all my family is dead? Well I have found some news that concerns you and is also a part of why I am asking you back to perform a more public role."[/color][/COLOR][/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#000000]I held my breath slightly making sure I was ready for this, then slowly let my breath out.[/COLOR]


    [COLOR=#000000]Nodding my head as I listen to her words intently[/COLOR]


    [COLOR=seagreen][COLOR=royalblue]"You, Rowan are my cousin."[/COLOR][/COLOR]


    [COLOR=#000000][B]0.7 deca-cycles before the incident at Coruscant[/B][/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#000000][B]Location:[/B][/COLOR] Island Villa, Kaladan

    [COLOR=#000000]Jori went to her room to put on a gown to conceal the black two-piece swimming suit she wore during the "rescue" of the strange man. She chose a crimson wrapper made of a very tender and light material that seemed to be sparkling under the sunlight. The estate was not a large one, after all it was designated only for family members and a detail of guards. It was a two storey building painted in cream-like colour with large windows everywhere.[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#000000]She was intrigued by her "guest" as she managed to help him out of the water when she noticed his body floating while she was out for a swim. This stunned her guards and Jori barely managed not to chuckle as the men that vowed to protect her were in shock and didn't know how to react. She then ordered the medics to take care of the man and check whether he had internal injuries. They moved him to the guest room upstairs, a lavishly decorated room with crimson walls and dark blue carpet covering the floor. There were some books for the entertainment of the guests and some portraits of past members of the House Atreides. She tied the gown as she didn't want to distract the men inside and form some fantasies in their minds. Not that the duchess cared much about such things as she was liberal about such matters...sometimes far too liberal. A thin half-smile appeared on her pretty lips and went outside her room where a couple of maids were waiting in case their duchess needed assistance. Jori indicated them that their presence is not required at the moment without even noticing the poor girls who seemed to be afraid of her. She sometimes disliked being feared as if she would get into a killing spree and order everyone executed, she was more practical than that. She passed through the living room where a large sofa and several armchairs were situated, between them there was a table made of glass, and in front of them was a medium sized fireplace. There were a lot of paintings and trophies hanging on the wall, there were some bookshelves too. Jori felt more comfortable in this estate than in the large imposing Castle Kaladan where everything was ancient and awe-inspiring. The villa on the other hand was more family-oriented, not that she cared about such sentimental things much but it is hard to erase the beautiful memories from the childhood years.[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#000000]The duchess moved upstairs on the wooden ladder to enter the guest room, which was situated at the bottom of the corridor. She didn't knock as no one expected her to do so. There were a couple of Death Guards and a doctor. She wondered how the guards coped with the heat in their uniform, maybe it was their way to show devotion. The trio of men snapped into attention and saluted as she entered.[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#000000]"At ease, gentlemen..." she fixed her blue eyes on the doctor "How is the patient?"[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#000000]The man seemed nervous.[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#000000]"He seems stable, there seem not to be any significant injuries and I am sure he will survive, but he needs more time to rest and recover his strength..."[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=seagreen][COLOR=seagreen]"Rest..?"[/COLOR] [COLOR=#000000]My voice croaked. My gaze shifted to the stunning woman who had just entered. I guess I didn't imagine her after all. I gulped down saliva to moisten my mouth. Shaking my head, feeling an ache as I move, my mind feeling hazy.[/COLOR] [COLOR=seagreen]"There is no time for rest for me."[/COLOR][/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#000000]Jori smiled at the man, he had spirit she had to admit it. She moved slowly, her sandals didn't make a sound as if she was a spectre and sat at the edge of the bed. Jori could see the guards' tension rise as she entered the "danger zone" but ignored them. She hoped the man had clothes as his previous ones were ruined and soaked by water. The sheets were thin and tender, white in color. For her relief he was wearing pyjamas made of a soft material that protected from the heat. He was situated in the middle of a bed made to accommodate two people. The sunlight came directly from the open door of the terrace and she could feel the soft breeze touching her gently. Jori smiled at him.[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#000000]"And why is that if I may ask?" she asked with her silky voice.[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=seagreen][COLOR=seagreen]"Oh... I'm…"[/COLOR][COLOR=#000000] I look down at myself. Being in a proper bed for once is not what I had expected to find myself in. Grimacing slightly at my position, I look back to her... there was something about her gaze that made me lose my train of thought.[/COLOR] [COLOR=seagreen]"on... on an important mission."[/COLOR] [COLOR=#000000]I raise my hand to my temple, trying to think, smiling a little to her as my fingers massage the spot to ease the dull throbbing.[/COLOR][/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#000000]She smiled as well. [/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#000000]"What sort of mission?"[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=seagreen][COLOR=#000000]Breathing in deeply, I sighed.[/COLOR] [COLOR=seagreen]"Hmmm.."[/COLOR][/COLOR]
    [COLOR=seagreen][COLOR=#000000]Pressing my hands on the mattress to help shift myself more comfortably to a sitting up position.[/COLOR] [COLOR=seagreen]"More like being summoned but its been a lot of effort for me to even go."[/COLOR][/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#000000]Her smile ever persistent "Go where exactly?"[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=seagreen][COLOR=seagreen]"Corellia... to have an audience with the Queen and so forth."[/COLOR][COLOR=#000000] I found myself frowning inside at the ease I had with stating the nature of my business. I couldn't focus on why that was as my attention shifted.[/COLOR][/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#000000]"Well the last time I checked there is no royal family there for some time now. You are close to your objective, you are now on the planet Kaladan within the Union of the Great Houses." Jori paused for a second and smiled more broadly "But where are my manners, I am duchess Jori Atreides, ruler of the Union. With whom do I have the pleasure to speak?"[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=seagreen][COLOR=#000000]Double blinking and furrowing my brow briefly.[/COLOR][I] [COLOR=seagreen][I]'No Royal family? Sure, they were hit hard by the Sith bombardment of the palace and only Feye survived out of the known family... but there is still a monarchy. I saw her a day or so ago!'[/I][/COLOR] [/I][COLOR=#000000]Furrowing my brow slightly.[/COLOR][I] [COLOR=seagreen][I]'Kaladan ? Atreides? I wonder if she is the sibling of…'[/I][/COLOR][/I][/COLOR]
    [COLOR=seagreen][COLOR=seagreen]"Halcyon... Rowan Halcyon."[/COLOR] [COLOR=#000000]Bowing my head slightly.[/COLOR][/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#000000]Jori touched her lips with her index finger gently tapping them while trying to remember why the name sounded familiar. "Halcyon, Halcyon...I am sure to have heard the name, I have to check...I believe it was mentioned during the rule of Darius Atreides..."[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=seagreen][COLOR=seagreen]"It was something like that…"[/COLOR] [COLOR=#000000]Studying her face, trying to work out which side of the family she came from.[/COLOR] [COLOR=seagreen]"...though I was more known as the 'Outrider' to most people then. How long has it been since he passed over his role?"[/COLOR][/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#000000]Jori smiled slyly "Around 2500 standard years...I am not sure about the exact date when he died...Do you know him?"[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=seagreen][COLOR=#000000]Narrow my eyes and studying her expression. Allowing myself to smile widely as I believe that she was joking with me.[/COLOR] [COLOR=seagreen]"You're pulling my leg. Are you?"[/COLOR][/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#000000]Jori chuckled softly "Yes, I am...but only for the second part, about whether you know him..."[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#000000]Chuckling and winced as I felt a flash of pain from my bruised side.[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=seagreen][COLOR=seagreen]"What of the first part? It hasn't been 'that' long since he was Duke."[/COLOR][/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#000000]"Actually it has...It is interesting how you know such thing...being an outsider."[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=seagreen][COLOR=seagreen]"An 'outrider' too but…"[/COLOR] [COLOR=#000000]hearing that she wasn't joking.[/COLOR] [COLOR=seagreen]"what had happened? do you mean?"[/COLOR][/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#000000]"A lot of things happened since his rule but it is a long story...You can find it in the books here in your room." she paused and leaned forward with a playful smile her face directly at his "And for your second question...let's say we started to lead a secluded way of life and few outsiders know much about us..."[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=seagreen][COLOR=#000000]Returning the smile.[/COLOR] [COLOR=seagreen]"I have been in a state of seclusion for better part of my life... does that count?"[/COLOR][/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#000000]"Well you know how it feels then..."[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=seagreen][COLOR=seagreen]"Yes.. its.."[/COLOR] [COLOR=#000000]my smile faded a bit as I ease back into the pillow.[/COLOR] [COLOR=seagreen]"something."[/COLOR][/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#000000]"We got isolated from the Republic when it won against the Sith back then when we had to choose a side. Part of the houses wanted to support the Brotherhood of Darkness and others, like my ancestor Darius, didn't so in the end we didn't side with anyone..."[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=seagreen][COLOR=#000000]Nodding my head.[/COLOR] [COLOR=seagreen]"Brotherhood of Darkness…"[/COLOR] [COLOR=#000000]I repeated.[/COLOR] [COLOR=seagreen]"That's a new way of calling them. I can relate to not siding with either of them."[/COLOR][/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#000000]"Well it was a mistake and we paid dearly for it. We should have supported the Republic more openly not only by sending weapons and equipment...But this is another story."[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=seagreen][COLOR=seagreen]"I don't follow how by having your independence... you suffered for it? Corellia had been liberated months ago and now have their independence from both the Republic and Empire."[/COLOR][/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#000000]"It is a long story and unfortunately I don't have the time to tell you everything you can find the information you need in the villa's library. I will be glad if you could stay here for a while. I have some issues to attend to but I promise when I get back will continue our discussion..."[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=seagreen][COLOR=seagreen]"I…"[/COLOR][COLOR=#000000] nodding my head as pressing concerns came to mind.[/COLOR] [COLOR=seagreen]"I really... should let Fe... Her Majesty, Queen Solkrest of Corellia, know where I am. Is it possible to get a message out?"[/COLOR][/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#000000]"Unfortunately no..." she decided to play the man's game as he seemed deluded, even though she was intrigued and...attracted "But when I get back will try to settle this matter I promise."[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=seagreen][COLOR=seagreen]"So I am to be your guest for the time being?"[/COLOR][COLOR=#000000] Arching my brow.[/COLOR][/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#000000]"Yes, when you feel better you will move in the capitol city where we could try to contact Corellia. For the time being you are to feel free to stroll around the island and relax."[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=seagreen][COLOR=#000000]Hiding my displeasure with a smile. I don't like the idea of being stuck on an island when I have to get to Corellia and see Feye... there was something else at the back of my mind. An urgency for why I need to see her. Yet it eludes me. Maybe I will remember soon.[/COLOR] [COLOR=seagreen]"Thank you for your kinda hospitality. There is something... I was wondering if you know what happened to my companion. A small cub."[/COLOR][/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#000000]Jori arched an eyebrow "I am sure it is taken care of, don't worry probably you will be able to see it today."[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=seagreen][COLOR=seagreen]"Estel ney min'"[/COLOR] [COLOR=#000000]I whisper almost to myself and then regard her.[/COLOR] [COLOR=seagreen]"Is there anything I may do?"[/COLOR][/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#000000]"What do you mean?"[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=seagreen][COLOR=seagreen]"You said you have issues to attend to…"[/COLOR][/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#000000]"Ah, unfortunately no, these are internal matters that I should attend to." she said apologetically and managed to make an innocent look on her face "The Union is a different place now."[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=seagreen][COLOR=seagreen]"Yes…"[/COLOR] [COLOR=#000000]I nod in agreement.[/COLOR] [COLOR=seagreen]"Things change with time…"[/COLOR][/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#000000]"I hope this time to the best." she sighed "I wish I had more time to discuss those issues but duty calls and I have a Union to rule." Jori smiled and stood up from the bed and sleeked the gown she was wearing. "I hope that we will meet again soon."[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=seagreen][COLOR=#000000]Bowing my head to her courteously,[/COLOR] [COLOR=seagreen]"It would be a pleasure milady... I look forward."[/COLOR] [COLOR=#000000]Giving a friendly smile.[/COLOR][/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#000000]"Me too." and turned towards the door. Before she left the room Jori turned "It was nice to meet you." and moved closed the door.[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=seagreen][COLOR=seagreen]"A pleasure."[/COLOR] [COLOR=#000000]I replied with a smile.[/COLOR][/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#000000]Hearing her footstep fade away, I close my eyes and take a deep breath. While I feel more grounded now and a better grasp of where I am... I can't help the feeling that things are different.[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#000000]I lay back against the soft pillows, the weight of my eyes felt too heavy to open again. Replaying the conversation with the Duchess in my mind, it wasn't long before my thoughts drift into dream and memories of the past... into darkness.[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#000000][B]Tag:[/B] To Be Continued[/COLOR]>
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    Oct 23, 2003
    IC: Quinlan Vos, Ledaren of Kavala
    Location: Coruscant, with the Re and Ahsoka Tano

    ?It doesn?t look like I?ll be able to take Han to Carida.? said Anakin as he rejoined Quin. ?Better find him... and don?t tell me he?s on board your and I both know he?s incapable of staying put for this long on his own....? said Anakin jabbing the air with his forefinger and then addressing no one in particular, ?I?d do better sending a pigeon courier than waiting for my summons to be acknowledged!? He stood regarding the holo transponder hands on hips as if he could will it to ?bleet? in answer.

    "I'm sure Solo's up to his neck in boredom..." mused Vos, "if he's still onboard that is." His head was still swimming slightly as he continued: "I'll send for him, as I'm not yet... fit-enough to navigate the maze of the cityscape." As Ahsoka returned with a fresh set of clothes, he offered with a sweeping gesture of his left hand in her direction: "Or, perhaps 'Mizz' Tano can once and for all, earn my trust by retrieving the young scoundrel for us?"

    He regarded the Togratu for a moment as he could sense her continued; albeit slight, agitation. But Quinlan felt no remorse or regret for what had transpired between them during the previous night. He couldn't. Not in his position. If the same situation presented itself a thousand times, he would have done the same repeatedly and without fail. Perhaps his... diplomacy could use some work, but in matters of life and death there wasn't much room for discussion. Without waiting for either of them to respond he finished with: "Unless of course, his majesty has something better in mind for you this afternoon."

    He hoped that in time, the young woman would come around on her own and see that given the deplorable hand he'd been dealt, Vos only did that which had to be done. A quick chill ran up his spine; causing the Kiffu to shudder ever-so-slightly, at the thought of what the young Emperor's death would have meant for the Galaxy. In the back of his mind; all he could see was total chaos....

    TAG: Emperor LongShanks and Mizz Tano
    (you may move Vos as required, won't be back till Friday)

    Great to be back, everybody.
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    GM approved

    IC: Captain Kran Berman, Geonosis moon? caverns
    Location: ....under a Geonosis moon

    Kran Berman strode steadily downhill along one of the artificially-lit tunnels on the Geonosian moon.

    Until recently, the baleful orange world of canyons and arroyos had been a supremely defended factory world for the Separatist movement, an island of chaos and villainy within an interstellar sea of Imperial security.

    When CIS sabotage droids had been discovered on Tatootine, an attack by same was suspected, and Imperial forces moved to bolster the desert world. In a fortunate or unfortunate series of events, depending on your viewpoint, the planet had managed to install and raise a planetary defence shield, moments before the Separatist fleet arrived.

    Hot on the heels of the invaders, an Imperial task force from Lok, under the command of Commodore Jill Valentine arrived, to find themselves locked outside the shield, and sharing space with a numerically superior opponent.

    Commodore Valentine, correctly surmising that the CIS fleet were from Geonosis, took her few capital ships, and went off to attack the planet, deciding if the fleet were attacking Tatooine, then they could not be defending the latter.


    To a point.

    Though slightly less defended now, the world had still supremely defended, layers of Confederacy vessels inside the planet?s murky atmosphere, and weapons emplacements dotting the surface.

    Valentine fired off a distress call, then dove for the planet, essentially running the gauntlet of enemy ships, to reach something tasty.

    The Executor, Lord Vader himself, personally assigned Admiral Jon Thaw, and his Kamino Expeditionary Force go in and rescue their people, which Thaw proceeded to do so, the operation quickly turning into a titanic battle for the planet, in turn leading to the liberation of the enslaved Ugnaught race found toiling in the Separatist forges.

    Berman, and his own star destroyer, the Dominic Sena, had been part of all that, and was now in charge of securing and exploring the captured territory and its moons.

    Kran ducked through a dark archway, and emerged into an immense underground cavern, with an artificial bridge spanning the gap to the other side.

    There were about eleven Imperial service personnel waiting in a queue, as he walked up, apparently waiting on the convenience of a dome-headed astromech hovering at the upper left, while before it, unless he was mistaken, crewers were getting their picture taken.

    Captain Berman stopped to observe this, the pair of helmet-less AT-TE drivers currently in position, putting arms round one another?s waists, and giving grinning thumbs-ups.

    Doo-weet! The Artoo unit whistled a prompt.


    A flash went off at the base of the droid?s torso, and the men separated, making way for the next pair, and noticing him at the same time!
    "Captain on the bridge!"

    Them; a corporal who was next in line, and had scooped up the woman with him; and the remaining nine crewers, all snapped to attention.

    "Wait a moment," One lone voice piped up, "we're not even on a ship."

    "But this is still a bridge." Kran pointed out easily. "At ease."

    The soldiers and naval personnel relaxed visibly.

    "So of all the places to get holographs taken of yourself, why here for drokk's sake? Wasn't there a COMPNOR memo saying avoid pictures in crappy looking places, as it would invalidate our 'Join the Navy, See the Universe' campaign??

    None of his officers were going to enforce any directives from the anally-retentive beings at the Commission for the Preservation of the New Order, and if future generations of scientists bothered to collect some of the refuse that star destroyers left behind before jumping to hyperspace, allowed it to warm up from absolute zero, and went through it with tweezers, they would discover the important secondary function that COMPNOR material had as backup fresher paper.

    It was a source of much amusement, and relief, when the political organisation had responded favourably to requests to print their edicts on softer flimsi.

    What?” Berman enquired, seeing his audience, point, as one, off to his right. He turned his head to follow the fingers, and stopped, his jaw dropping and eyes wide. “Stang! Is that-?

    “Y’know, we really ought to set up a swear box, and invite people down here. Save up for Life Day drinks or something.”

    Yes sir.” One speaker volunteered to help out the stunned commander. “Providence II-class Star Dreadnaught.

    Emperor’s Bones, it’s a stangin’ Ravager!

    Captain Berman, Captain Berman!

    Kran looked back to see a junior officer jogging down the tunnel after him, one hand holding aloft a torn piece of flimsy. The man came out on the bridge, stopped a couple of feet away, and noticed the parked ship, whose blue-black cylindrical hull filled the underground like a really long bullet, the distant conning and command tower that rose from her dorsal hull, putting the bridge area about level with where Kran and the rest were standing. “Frag me!

    Yes, Lieutenant, it is a Ravager,” Berman confirmed, pretending like he hadn’t felt just as shocked. “Did you want me?

    Uh...yeah. Sorry, sir, message from Outer Rim Intelligence. They advise that Tatooine Monitoring Station has picked up a jedi locator beacon. And you know how the Old Man is about them,” he added, referring to Admiral Jon Thaw, the supreme commander of their hundred-ISD Kamino Expeditionary Force.

    Just twenty-five Imperial Star Destroyers, and some support warships, had been despatched to liberate Geonosis, and from that, most, damaged and not, were under Berman’s nominal command, while Thaw had taken a further star destroyers to help him investigate the Charlotte’s Web incident, where the disappearance of the interdictor was rumoured to involve jedi.

    The captain smiled and rubbed his hands together. He was not going to let the admiral down. “Call up the undamaged Nebulon-B frigates, till you find one with most of the crew, and their captain onboard still. Have them liaise with Tatooine monitoring, and chase that bastiche down. No disintegrations. We want the jedi alive and able to questions.

    ORIC said that too, Captain.”

    Good. Go.

    The lieutenant hesitated, furrowing eyebrows. “You don’t want to handle this personally, sir?

    Berman gestured to the massive dry-docked vessel. “Hello?

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    Managed to get my hands on the internet out here. :D

    General Kaicus Cor, Sixes, and Doc

    [blockquote]The Stinky Rancor Cantina - Vertical City, Nar Shaddaa

    Like all cantinas, this one was no different from the others except in one detail. It stank just like it's name implied. At least to Kaicus senses it stank. He could smell the sweat of several different species that could perspire, from humans to something that smelled like a wet dog and which he suspected was a Shistavanen wolfman. He could also detect a strong smell of cigarillos and burning essence, narcotics and burnt food somewhere in the back kitchen. There was also a faint scent of ozone from a blaster pistol having been fired earlier in the day, as well as the smell of copper, no doubt from a green blooded alien that had the misfortune of being shot.

    The former Jedi tried to extend those senses like he once had done many times before he lost his eyesight and the connection to the Force, remembering the dream he had telling him that he was still connected and only his fear was keeping him severed. But ever since the dream he had tried to reconnect and failed and did not understand why. Even now as he tried to call upon the Force, he sensed nothing other than what a normal human afflicted with blindness could detect.

    He sighed in frustration and heard Sixes shift next to him, his armor clinking together from the movement. "Everything alright, General?"

    "No, not really." He felt for the cold drink he heard set down on the table and gave Sixes a grateful smile when he felt it pushed into his hand. "I've been... trying to open up again with no success."

    "What caused you to close up in the first place? Maybe that's what's hindering you now?" Doc inquired after he sat down and passed the tray of food around. The General shook his head lightly and nursed his drink for a moment before replying to the two clones.

    "Their deaths. I... could feel them dying one by one, all violently and unexpectedly. I couldn't handle it, so I closed up to hide from it," he admitted ashamedly. "I've been trying, but I cannot for some reason. If I could, it would make listening in this cantina a lot easier as well as numerous other things."

    Sixes spoke up again with a mouthful, "Like what?"

    "Seeing," Cor simply said.

    "You can do that with you know what?" He heard the curiosity in Doc's voice as the man asked the question. Everything medical fascinated the clone and Kaicus was certain that if he could, he would spend his time dissecting cadavers all day long.

    "Per say, yes," he answered.

    "Fascinating," Doc commented. "When you do succeed, could you describe it to me what it is like for you?"

    The Jedi General chuckled in amusement. "Certainly."[/blockquote]

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    OOC: This post was written with the kind aid of Corellian_Outrider who has let me move Rowan.

    IC: Se'Iva - Cha'ala Dominant - see character sheet in library thread
    LOCATION: aboard Valhalla crashed on Kaladan a planet in Union Space - hours before Rowan's rescue by Jori, Duchess Atreides

    The 'abandon ship' command had sounded, and then was announced over the comm system, rousing Se'Iva from her sleep before the chime at her door. With urgency, the ensign directed her to the escaping craft. " order of the 'C in C'. We have to go…NOW!" he yelled over the tremendous groaning of the ship. Something was horribly wrong and before she could ask the whereabouts of the ?Outrider,? the young human had hurried down the hall, checking every room.

    She moved towards the bridge against the stream of evacuees and found herself swept up in the charge, curling her still mending wings in as tightly against her back as possible, her long platinum hair snagged in the tumult.

    There was true deep fear, the raw salty scent of adrenaline, and perspiration and try as she may, the numbers fleeing to the hangar bays and life pods were to great to reverse direction. The shimmy and quake of the structure, the dizzy sense of moving in slow motion all indicated the ship was experiencing a malfunction of dire proportions. The fear was justified.

    Only by making her way to the wall, was Se'Iva able to escape the crush of the crowd and hold out in a small cabin till the corridor had nearly emptied. However, by the time she could find her way to a life pod, many systems aboard were beginning to shut down and emergency lights lit the corridors with an eerie red glow.

    The empty halls seemed to warp visually and her footing slipped as the decking groaned and heaved throwing her to the floor, hands outstretched to grasp the slick flooring, but unsuccessful, the luminous winged Cha?ala was sent careening down the length of the Valhalla's interior and central corridor.

    The noise of the ship encountering physical resistance increase to a deafening sound and now she was racing down this corridor on her belly, long legs and arms flailing for a hold to stop her ?fall?, for there was now a definite gravitational force acting upon the now ?damper-less? ship.

    Her heart beat rapidly as Se?Iva realized that the ship was being pulled apart and these might likely be her last conscious thoughts.

    ?Rowan!? she whispered.

    Crying out in pain, she hit a buttress with her thigh and then was thrown to what had been the ceiling and now to the wall, breaking a tip of her left major wing spine.

    On the lowest deck, she was now near the sub hangar and nearly found herself crashing through the open bay doors to fall into a pile of craft and heavy equipment that had torn free of moorings to fall to the far wall. 3 small submersibles hung perilously on there bent posts, swaying wildly like Se?Iva who hung clutching the pneumatic door sill, hands slipping on the yellowish residue of lubricant.

    A thundering lurch to port and suddenly water began pour into the bay around the skewed openings, seals buckling, the opening around which they were supposed to function against the atmosphere or lack there of no longer possessing structural integrity.

    Above the spray and fall of water, the groaning of the ship, a small mewing could be heard, but the jolt loosed her tenuous grip and the Cha?ala fell with a hard splash to the metal scattered pools of water and sludge bubbling up from below. The jolt also loosed one of the submersible above and hearing the squeal of metal on metal Se?Iva?s eyes rose from the water to the watch horrified as one submarine tilted and slid precipitously and inevitable to the end of it?s mooring.

    She had no choice but to dive into the murky water and seek safety in the tangled piles of craft below the water. The water exploded into bubbles and flame above, her ears thrumming as the submarine exploded and the scrap shifted as the Valhalla lurched again, lights flickering on and bay doors opening as the emergency sirens sounded again, some critical connection realigning in the lurch and jolt, doors free to open as the bay entrance resumed it’s squared shape again.

    Cheeks nearly bursting, the Cha ‘ala needed to rely on her body’s latent ability to take in oxygen through transference. Struggling through the water she cleared the fires and swam to an outward bulkhead, hauling herself up on the grid of superstructure’s wall struts.

    Again, she heard the mewing and looking up, there clinging to side rungs of a one of the submersibles, was climbed up the ceiling struts and rafters to reach one of the 2 remaining submersibles. It was the little smilodon cub, Rowan had found, or rather that had found him some months earlier. They could not find it’s mother and Rowan had taken it under his care. The creature seemed content to call him “mother” and was always under and around his feet.

    It must have been pushed as Se’Iva was by the rush of crew and soldiers seeking the safety life pods and smaller craft in Valhalla’s hangars. The cub was wise and had found the best option.

    She might have waited till the water pouring in reached the level of the sub, she realized after her hard work to get to the craft’s hatch but at least she made it to the hissing cub and the hatch before the rising water.

    “Oh, get in little creature,” said Se, arms scratched as the cub clasped the edge of the round hatch before slipping and falling with a growl and a thud to the inside of the sub.

    The controls of the submarine were not intuitive or sensitive to touch. Se’Iva had had several years in the outer worlds to learn the ways of these non-sensitives but she required time to negotiate the sensors and controls.

    Departing the sunken wreck of the Valhalla, Se’Iva turned her ship around to find another way in. She believed the ‘Outrider’ to be on the bridge and she had to know. Without him, she would be alone in this alien ‘world’.

    There were auxiliary bays not designed for submersibles, but that wouldn’t matter now, Valhalla was nearly completely submerged, it’s bow firmly wedged in the bed of this large body of water, the sediment so stirred as to cloud the waters for meter upon meter. Turning on lights, Se’Iva peered into the thick dark in search of a way back into the ship.

    Water dripped in from the top hatch of the tiny submersible bedraggling the Cha’ala who leaned forward her fine nose nearly pressed against the view port. Nothing but a feeling guiding her, Se’Iva was certain Rowan was onboard, but he would be the bow and that, was inaccessible from the outside.

    She’d piloted round the Valhalla thrice before the flickering lights of the crashed ship showed her the way through the brown clouds of sand and seepage. The brilliant square of the main hangar bay showed it stood open and in she navigated in navigating the hoists and debris through the doors to the wide central corridor on the bridge deck traveling to where half closed blast doors stood jammed by a utility vehicle.

    For a moment Se’Iva sat staring in anxious consternation before finding the air lock mechanism. “No!” she said to the wet little cub as it ventured one paw inside the opening of the dive chamber. “You stay!” Putting up a finger, Se’Iva sternly extended firmly to the cub, stepped into the bell chamber, threw the hatch and the door closed with a quick woosh, the water rushing in and spilling her out , a rebreather grasped in her hand, one in her mouth.

    Down through the sporadic light and dark the opalescent Cha’ala swam, the water currents dragging her silver and iridescent wings toward her head, the increase in current pulling her forward faster and faster.

    Water had not yet filled all forward compartments! This meant that when she found Rowan, the two would have to swim against the current until the ship was completely filled with water.

    Spilling with the torrent into the bridge, it took her a moment to free herself from the cataract that was quickly filling the chamber. Rowan was half pinned by a fallen bank of circuitry and waking, disoriented and still unable to move on his own, Rowan was barely able to comply with her instructions to clasp his arms about her waist. Tensely, she held onto the ‘Outrider’ waiting for the bridge to fill, watching the last bit of air forced upward, but once again the ship lurched and several explosions continued the tumult.

    The inrush now dwindling, Se’Iva clutched Rowan, the rebreather tied in place round his head. “Breathe,” she commanded urgently as he’d murmured. “Breathe...Rowan...Breathe!” He was as likely to drink the water as breathe.

    Struggling upward, Rowan in tow, Se’Iva swam pushing them into the submersible hatch quickly, the ship was listing now, acutely. The sub interior was knee deep in water and the acrid smell of insulation told of shorting and Estel sat tight up against the transparasteel view port on a thin ledge above the pilot’s control panel.

    Se’Iva left Rowan in the open dive chamber to pilot the submersible out of the Valhalla. Just clearing the bay doors, the sub was thrown with another tremendous explosion and the sub finally tumbled forward, the hull breached and the two shot from the open seal.

    She hauled herself out of the water in the dark of a night she did not recognize, her mind unable to process the constellations that blurred into nothingness as she fell in and amongst tall grasses and reeds, unconscious, regal cobalt ‘eyed’ wings wilted on her back, platinum tresses tangled in her opalescent limbs, turquoise tunic muddied and besmirched with burnt lubricant. Somewhere further down the sandy shore, the reeds moved. The moon shone on the lone cub as it mewed and sniffed the air.

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    IC: Admiral Teshik(1), Dak Trooper(2), Rating Dinah and Captain Iillor(3), ?Orbi?al? Golan II Planetary Defence HQ; base of the HNN Skyhook unipod; the Huntress Interdictor;
    Locations:Coruscant orbit and planetside.

    The uniformed officer assigned to oversee the traffic coming into Coruscant's security zone glared at his aides.
    "I want to those two pilots that thought it would be good sport to buzz the Wolatarian diplomatic vessel. Just because someone attacks the Senate, doesn't mean that invalidates diplomatic idents in general!" Admiral Teshik raged, or at least gave the impression he was raging.

    Too much happened every day over the Capitol world, to be worth losing your rag over every incident.
    Besides, he would rather it happened to the ambassadors of some backwater world, than say that Banking Clan corvette that had come down around the same time.

    An aide spoke up after checking something on his hand-held datapad. "Admiral, those two TIEs were from the Onslaught Fleet's Wraithis VicStar. Grand Admiral Carthaginian might protest your disciplining men under his command."

    Teshik waved dismissively at the man. There were too many powerful figures here in the wake of the Emperor?s reported death. You did not know what slight might balloon into a power play.

    "Admiral?" A second aide, bearing captain?s bars, spoke up, then waited his attentions.

    "Yes?" Teshik raised his eyebrows at the young administrative officer.

    "Sir. Huntress is requesting information on the craft believed to have attacked the Senate and the Emperor Palpatine Surgical Reconstruction Centre."

    "Oh yes? Have the police, Security or Intelligence agencies issued an S-notice to keep that information silent?"

    The captain glanced down at his ?pad, and shook his head negative. "No, Admiral."

    "Fine. Tell Huntress. Advise them too, to liaise with the Admiral Thrawn if they want to join the hunt."

    The man nodded his compliance. "Admiral."

    Tag: Ensign Calysta Shale, Captain Stan Switek (TIE pilots)

    [B]Base of the HNN Skyhook[/B]

    The doughnut(jam)-shaped former headquarters of the Holo Network News organisation, did not float in orbit like a regular spaceship, but was tethered by an apparently thin cable connecting it with the planet below.

    Up close, the cable had room within it for four several-person elevator cabins that would take passengers from a collection of isolated buildings inside a linked-metal cyclone fence, at the outskirts of the Municipal Police' jurisdiction of Galactic City.

    One lone human guard, and the Anameen on the other shift, watched over the buildings, the pulley room (or whatever), and the collection of vehicles abandoned at the place the previous day.

    The guard looked up from his breakfast, and hitched up his equipment belt round his waist as he stepped out into the nippy morning air, watching the lone figure in black, walking across the dark soil towards the parked landspeeders.

    "This is private property," He called down the steps to the approaching figure in black coveralls. "Can I help you, Sir?"

    The visitor kept on coming, his face unseen behind an ominous-looking TIE pilot's skid-lid. "I was here yesterday. [B]Dak Trooper[/B], bounty-hunter. I had police authority to take one of your cars up to the skyhook? Come back for my speeder."

    Slewed close to his speeder, a pair of GCPD vehicles still threw green light from their revolving lightbars over the sides of the custard yellow buildings.

    Dak put a hand on his near-side door, as if contemplating whether to open it, or jump into the open-topped speeder. He was glad it had not rained during the night.
    Looking up at the guard, still at the top of the building?s entrance steps, he asked, "If a hoojib comes through here, tell him I took the speeder home."

    "Hoojib." The guard repeated slowly. "And you live with it, do you?"

    "Yes, a hoojib. He's showing me the ropes." Dak took a far-from-last look at the flexible cylinder coming out of the base station's roof, and disappearing, beanstalk-like, into the clouds.

    [I]“Of course he is.”[/I]

    Mister Trooper hopped into his craft, gunned the engine, and took the repulsorlift craft up into the air and away.

    [B]Tag: anyone who would care[/B]


    [B][I]Huntress[/I] bridge.[/B]

    Dinah had her bridge access sorted, and stood behind one of the pit crewers, as, on her behalf, he did the rounds of ISB, Imperial Intelligence, ORIC, the Admiralty, GCPD, the Municipals, and even fething Traffic Control, to get some information on whoever had the balls to attack the Galactic Senate, EMPSURACON, and the Black Sun skyhook.

    “[COLOR=darkorange]Ma’am? We have something.[/COLOR]” The ComScan operator looked back at the pinch-faced woman from the Endless, and handed her a holocube. “[COLOR=darkorange]From PlanDef, Ma’am. Copied from the pursuing Venator’s external holocams.[/color]”

    Dinah smiled her thanks at the crewman, and shuffled her way sideways out of the pit, stepping up on the command walkway, where she spied [B]Captain Iillor[/B] over by the Gunnery Control station, looking down at that [B]Ensign Charios[/B] from Obdurate. She recognised in his hands, the datapad she had procured earlier, with the recorded news footage of the terrorist attack.

    She stood quietly by, far enough not to intrude, but close enough to eventually be noticed by the female commander, the officer’s green dress and boots a sharp contrast to her own drab grey one-piece, tucked into shorter black combat boots, but somehow, it lacked none of the formality of her uniform.

    The faces of those men and women around the bridge, and aboard the ship, regardless of uniform, origin, or command; there was a shared experience there that did not have to be stated aloud.
    She spotted that Iillor had spotted her, and overheard her excuse herself from Charios, walking briskly across the walkway to join her.

    “[color=royalblue]You have something?”[/color]

    Dinah nodded eagerly. “[color=deeppink]Yes, Captain.[/color]” She opened the datapad, inserted the small reflective holocube into the side, and pressed a sequence of buttons as she held the device up between them.

    If Charios looked up from his own datapad’s news footage, he would probably be able to see it too, expect from some feet away.

    “[color=deeppink]Holocam recording from the Venator star destroyer, the [i]Admiral Thrawn[/i].[/color]”

    A birds-eye holographic view of the most famous skyline in the Empire, and the distinctive spiny tower of the EmPal Surgical Reconstruction Centre in particular; came up.

    Then, in the middle of the diorama, a familiar-looking starship type resolved out of thin air, one of the old Galactic Republic [i]Radiant- VII[/i]...wait, that wasn't right, Consular-class space cruisers.

    You did not see them so much these days, though Iillor herself had crewed a few of those Blockade Runner forerunners during her service in the Judicial Forces of the Galactic Republic. Before the JF became the Imperial Navy of today.

    The captain said nothing, looking down at the playback with rapt attention

    The ship stayed still, but rapidly enlarged in the viewpoint, which the starship captain silently recognised as either cam magnification, or the ship filming, had the vessel being filmed, in a tractor beam.

    Turbolaser blasts flashed past the recorder’s POV to strike the captive cruiser, strengthening her suspicions that a tractor was being used, then it was spraying ordnance, torps or bangers, concussion missiles, she could not yet be certain, but six, maybe eight, tiny balls of artificial sunlight were in the air, three flying straight up out of shot; three fired straight ahead to stitch a line down the EmPal tower, but she then saw the last missile, aimed at the tower, curving away into a parabola out to the port side, clearly returning to the ship that fired it.

    “[color=royalblue]What, in the Original Light?[/color]” Ewlla murmured, as she stared, the activity on her bridge forgotten around her, as she stared, the footage becoming her entire world for the moment.

    Something must have struck the Venator, forward of the mounted camera, for an unexpected explosion of flame and smoke obscured the footage momentarily, way too close to have been the captive vessel itself.

    As the smoke cleared, rapidly whipped away by the Coruscant winds, the cruiser was dematerialising, re-cloaking, she realised, and the returning missile that would have struck it, passed through the spot where it had just been, then, on camera, curved round and headed for the mushroom- shaped, many-windowed shape of the Galactic Senate building.

    Turbolaser blasts fired round the speeding projectile, causing destruction to the unlucky streets below the last missile’s flightpath, but nothing could stop it now.

    Iillor could barely breathe, her inhalations shallow under her tight-fitting tunic. She heard the rating murmur, “[color=deeppink]Did you see that? They weren’t aiming for the Senate, Captain. We have them bang to rights for EmPal, but-[/color]”

    “[color=royalblue]People are dead.[/color]” Iillor bit out with an intensity that shook her, resisting the urge to back-hand the other woman.

    “[color=deeppink]I know.[/color]”

    Ewlla straightened, and looked at Dinah, hoping the other could not see how haunted she felt. “[color=royalblue]Did they, did they manage to identify the terrorist vessel?[/color]”

    The Endless aide nodded. “[color=deeppink]Yes, Captain. The Darth Unlucky.[/color]”

    Outwardly betraying nothing, Iillor felt her world crashing in.

    [b]Tag: Ensign Charios[/b]>
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    IC: Gor Dura (Trandoshan nrc), Medtech Yavscout, Commander Bobba Stark, ARC-170 starfighter/bomber, Royal Theed N-1 starfighter, the Extreme Ways / Bank of L.A. Nebulon-B escort frigate.
    Locations: Rodia, Rodia and Geonosis orbit.

    Rodia Spaceport, East End

    The trandoshan was happy that he had lost the skinny fellow. That being was not the target of his bounty hunt, so the Trando? was happy to leave him alone.

    He also did not know if he was a hunter from one of the other Houses, so it would be bad form to ice the little pointy-eared fragger, anyway, even though the other had popped several shots his way.

    Giving his surroundings within the spaceport thoroughfares a three-eighty peruse for sign of trouble, Gor ducked into the open-topped ferrocrete dome that housed his personal ship for this assignment, a barely modified ARC-170 from the Clone Wars. Barely seven years old, it was a hardy little thing, and more than a few of his earned credits went on the craft.

    Stepping down into the shallow pit that captured and directed the craft?s repulsors, Gor ran a loving claw over the tapired white and burgundy fuselage, popped the most-forward of the three canopies, and climbed inside, pulling the magazine from his ACP repeater carbine, and stowing it beside his bucket seat, barrel pointing upwards.

    In moments, he had clearance from Rodia Traffic Control, and was racing out of the swamp planet?s atmosphere, checking on the galactic database, what it knew about the planet Blenjeel.

    It had been declared a dangerous world, during the waning days of the Galactic Republic, which only made the Trandoshan smile, tongue licking over sharp teeth.

    He plotted a course, and jumped to lightspeed.

    * * * *

    Rodia Spaceport, West End

    The elf was happy to finally know where this locator beacon had settled. At worst, he had a standard day, assuming the owner of the thing had made planetfall to bed down for the night.

    At best, the jedi was planning to go to ground on the planet, which would give Yav' a chance to catch up with him.

    He too, checked his surroundings before ducking into his own docking pit, at the other end of the spaceport from the Trando?, though he did not know that.
    Yav had had more opportunity to rile patrons with his questions, before the shootout at the Luna over Agua, which had been the fourth establishment he had tried.
    Thank Tunare that the beacon had settled somewhere, though he could easily think of places more preferable to Nar Shaddaa, of all places.

    He almost shuddered at the thought, climbing into the N-1?s bright yellow cockpit. As an afterthought, he climbed out again, and did a thorough check of the outside hull, apertures, vents, looked in the cargo compartment.

    Though it was easily the most practical craft that he could get hold off, applying Camo (invisibility), and Speed of Wolf (faster running) to himself, penetrating the Naboo royal palace, the royal hangars, sprinting across the deck and deliberately dropping to the famously slick hangar deck to slide under his fighter (he was a reservist fighter pilot, which helped) to ballistically fire a restraining bolt up between the astromech?s legs, which had miffed it off, no end.

    "I don?t ******** think so!" It had protested via the little translator screen later, when he was inside and seated, and tried to reassure that that had hurt him more than it. "I'll be gliding funny for weeks!"

    Cargo compartment was still full of the worldly goods that he could carry. He had no plans to go back there while Queen Sabe Amidala II was still in power.
    He felt he had seen her true nature when she had outed a jedi to Imperial forces, over the public comm-channel.

    He shook his head at the memory. You, you just don't do that!

    Something tapped meaningfully on the back of his skull, and the elf froze.

    "Hi, Yav'. We'd like our property back."

    He recognised that voice! "Bravo Five?!" What on Oseon was she doing here!

    Reach for the sky, then turn around slowly.

    Yav raised his open palms to shoulder height, and no higher, then turned as instructed, to see the older, for a human, female, that had trained him on the craft that he had nicked.
    She had fought at the Battle of Naboo, and was still held in high regard by all the pilots, whether the Queen’s protection detail, or the reservists like himself.

    She was slim, like himself, but noticeably taller, and her hair quite bouffant now, above her zipped-up brown flight jacket.

    With him looking into the barrel of her S9 pistol, she kept it steady and used her other hand to signal him forward, while she backtracked a couple places.

    To be continued…


    Geonosis orbit – Nebulon-B frigate

    In his cabin, sitting before the powerful communications console, the heavy-set Commander Bobba Stark, looked intently into the holo- viewer, where he should be seeing an Admiralty bureaucrat at the Imperial Starship Registry, where he was hoping to get the name of his command changed.

    It was currently called the Extreme Ways; he wanted to personalise it to, the Bank of L.A..

    Though muffled, he could hear alarms echoing at the other end of his holo-call, and people in armour would stride past the holo-recorder on assignments of their own, but no-one responded to his calls.

    What was happening at Moff Trachta’s Tower? Place was supposed to be a command centre for Fornax’ sake!

    There was a hard rap at the door.

    Wondering why the caller had not used the bell, Stark called for them to enter.

    The door was rapped again, this time a bit harder.

    “Get in here, before you find my boot up your exhaust!” The commander tried, as irritation, fed by his lack of success with the Starship Registry people, mounted, then from beyond the sealed door, he heard a soft exclamation: “Ungor’s Thumbs!

    Bobba frowned. Ungors-? Then he was up and over to the door, snapping the barrier aside. Despite his realising what was going on, he forgot to look down, and was momentarily confused by the lack of anyone there. Then he remembered to look down, to see one of the porcine-featured Ugnaughts, jowls wreathed in a thin nest of grey bristles, looking up at him, with a flimsi in his little hand.

    The whole population of the Ugnaught homeworld, had been captured and transplanted by the Confederacy of Independent Systems, to toil in the Geonosis mines, and the Imperial invaders had found themselves fighting alongside the miniature warriors, as they fought against the yoke of oppression.

    He had several of them in his medbay, being treated by medical droids for malnutrition, torture, and some battle wounds too. Healthy ones, or at least healthier, who did not want to be separated, were given the opportunity to work as runners, delivering messages round the ships.

    One of the girls had admitted to knowing how to shrink clothes in the wash, so the message deliverer was wearing a dear little naval uniform, though the shrink-trick did not work on boots, so he had cloth laced to his feet with little strips of leather.

    Curiously, the crew preferred the little pig-men to the mouse droids. Stark took the proffered flimsi. “What have you got for me?”

    Code Six-Six, Captain. Jedi locator beacon is being tracked, and Base wants us to intercept.” the runner explained, getting his breath back.

    “How do you know?” Stark wanted to know, not opening the folded message just yet.

    Read it, didn’t I?

    You are not supposed to read it!” Bobba explained in exasperation, finally glancing through the message. “Hey, we’ve been tasked to hunt down a jedi. Nice.”

    You’re not supposed to tell me!

    The commander looked down him, “But, you’ve already read it.”

    True. So, any orders?

    “Yeah, don’t read my mail, and have helm plot a course to Nar Shadaa.”

    The Ugnaught was still saluting when Stark closed the door on him, and glanced into his own vanity mirror. “Mm. This moustache needs trimming.”

    Tag: CmdrMitthrawnoruodo
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    Jul 30, 2004
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    We now return you to the arts.

  11. Ominous

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    Jul 30, 2004
    IC: General Torian
    Location: Yavin IV, mess hall

    Just as he was about to speak to the soldiers around him, his comm. link buzzed on his hip. He relaxed his posture further and unclipped the small communicator. ?Yes? What is it?? His voice was slightly stressed.

    ?Sir, you are needed in C&C. There is an urgent matter underway.?

    ?Roger that, I will be there shortly.? He placed the stubby mike back on his belt. Looking up at the faces of his soldiers. ?I will address your men later. This is not over.? He saluted the table and walked away before they could return the acknowledgment. He walked back to his table where Emi-to and Achilles stood waiting. ?I have to go. C&C needs me ASAP.? He nodded to his wife, wanting to kiss her goodbye but not in front of the men and other personnel. His large hand found his boy?s head and tussled his hair into a bird?s nest. ?I see you soon again, but for now get back to your training.? Achilles crisply saluted his dad like the other soldiers and the father returned the response.

    Walking across the tarmac with the smell of fuel and exhaust, the humidity hung thick in the air. Such was jungle living. Water was in constant demand to replace the perspiration from working outside in the jungles and hangars. With large, purpose-driven steps, the General of the Alliance was at Command and Control. Most of the personnel inside stood and acknowledged their superior except for those busy at their stations. He walked over to the operator at one of the stations, ?What is it??
    ?Well General, the other commanding officers, including MonMothma have been sent for as well. Intelligence is reporting that a large explosion has occurred inside the Senate building on Coruscant.? He pressed a few other blinking buttons on his console. ?The yeoman has everything ready for you in the meeting room.?
    ?Thank you lieutenant; I will be waiting for the others in conference room.?

    He patted the man on the shoulder and walked away. The conference room elevator was only a short distance away, but the actual room was three floors below the C&C. It was a massive underground structure capable of withstanding bombardment from space until all personnel could be evacuated. The yeoman was busy setting the datapads on the table for each person when Torian appeared from the outside hallway. The guards stood at attention as he came into view. The large, onyx table was surrounded by plush chairs. It was quite out of place for a rag-tag group of freedom fighters. Torian sat in one of the chairs and pushed it back to recline. Staring up into the rock ceiling, he sighed loudly and rubbed his hands in his face. He was tired or waiting around as well for action.
    TAG: MonMothma, Capt. Biggs and Admiral Ackbar

    OOC: Tarkin coming soon

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    Mar 9, 2005
    IC: Ensign Kim Charios (NPC), Lieutenants Aruth Haji and Carlos Casrah (NPC?s)
    Location: InterSD Huntress, VenSD Roadblock, Coruscant orbit

    The young Kuati hadn't been given a verbal answer to his question about the lockdown, but he had been given a datapad to look at.

    He wished he hadn't.

    The Ensign could not tear himself from the holonews footage, the carnage, the destruction, the pure vision of death that was staring right at him from the screen. He had seen death before, but nothing like this, on such a major scale.

    The Senate was now in ruins, the terrorists responsible had not yet been found, but if they ever were, Charios wished them a quick and painful death for all the Imperial lives they had harmed. Buildings around the attack now looked like skeletons, glass shattered, exoskeletons now sticking out weirdly all over the place.

    Charios was speechless, he wanted to inform his superiors immediately but as Captain Illior quietly excused herself and moved away, something caught his eye.

    Images came up as if transmitted by a holocube, not the best of things for images but they did their job nonetheless. The images were clear to him, but from where he was standing it was difficult to make out exact shapes.

    The footage came from a Venator class Star Destroyer, a stalwart in the Imperial fleet although these were being replaced by the new Imperial class vessels when Venators were being destroyed, or so the rumour went. As the footage went on he saw the familiar spire of the EmpPal Surgical Reconstruction Centre being destroyed, but it seemed as though this vessel was not responsible for the Senate disaster. Well not from the footage anyway.

    The vessel responsible looked like an outdated Republic cruiser, the familiar crimson colours of the old Republic clearly visible. With his excellent memory, Charios would be able to recall that ship when speaking to Captain Ivanov about this.

    He saw the female Captain talk to an enlisted rating next to her, he couldn?t hear the conversation as it was conducted in hushed tones, but he would make sure to report everything back to Captain Ivanov as this was important.

    The Kuati switched his comlink on and set the frequency to Doctor Ashri's comlink.

    "Hello?" came a sleepy voice over the comlink.

    "Doctor, this is Kim Charios, I'm sorry to wake you, but I need you to start prepping the Major Injury cases for transfer down to the surface. We need to get off this ship as soon as possible"

    "I'm on my way" said the doctor "By the tone of your voice, I knew this sounded urgent. I'll get them on their way as soon as possible; will meet you at the shuttle bay when you're ready"

    "Confirmed, see you then", Charios said and switched the comlink frequency over to Captain Ivanov?s comlink. Charios looked over at Iliior as she was still speaking to the enlisted rating.

    Got you?.

    On Roadblock

    "Roger that" confirmed Casrah at receiving the new orders "Vectis AllStar's going to standby, awaiting further instructions, out"

    Haji looked up from his terminal "That sounds promising Casrah, what news?"

    "Not promising when you look at this Haji" Casrah said sending the instructions over to Haji's terminal. "Transmit that to all the other's in the group. Have Empire's Will and Peace Keeper move into the middle of the formation to enable them to be protected should things turn nasty. Helm; place us in closest, with Unstoppable. Advise Captain Arazov he is to move beside Captain's Madison and Bahari on the outside of the formation"

    "Would you also like tea and biscuits with that as well sir?" Haji said with a smirk.

    "You wish" said Casrah chuckling.

    The comm. officer raised his hand for attention "Message coming through from Captain Ivanov"

    "Put it on the group wide channel" said Haji, "This I feel we should all hear. Go ahead Captain"

    “Indeed I bring news from Ensign Charios” said Ivanov without preamble “The reason for the lockdown was that the Senate has been destroyed by terrorists, a missile apparently hit the Senate, destruction total. The EmPal Centre has also been destroyed thanks to a Republic cruiser, name as yet unknown. Estimated casualties are also as yet unknown. This was seen by Charios thanks to holonews footage and a holocube he has seen, which was in the possession of Captain Illior. The Republic cruiser is one of the older models with the familiar crimson paint the ships used to use”

    The bridge had gone deathly quiet, Terric spoke his mind first.

    “They should hang for that, the whole lot of them. If they get their hands on them, I hope they get what’s coming to them”

    “Peace Captain Terric” came the soothing tones of Arazov “Revenge is not the answer. We dot not want more innocent blood spilt because of a vendetta. And besides we have some of the answers but not yet all of them, ja?”

    “Agreed" Casrah said “Captain Vectis will reveal more when she returns from the conference. In the meantime, we can only make assumptions at the moment. Ivanov did not mention that the Republic cruiser was responsible for the destruction of the Senate, which means that someone else must have done it. Either someone on the inside, or a ship”

    “One thing is for sure” Madison said “The terrorists must have escaped by now and are probably safe and sound in Rebel controlled territory”

    “I agree" replied Terric” Not our problem, I know, but as soon as we piece together the puzzle, the more we might be able to shed some light on what happened and the authorities can take the appropriate action”

    “Just make sure you don’t get blown up in the process” responded Bahari. “Count on it” said Terric.

    “You guys stay on the line, we might get some information from Captain Vectis. Meanwhile move into position and stand by. And stay alert"

    “I’ll see if Ensign Charios comes up with anything else” said Ivanov sounding rather disgusted.

    “Good” said Casrah, “Oh and Haji, I’ll take that tea and biscuits”

    “To hear is to obey, O mighty one” said Haji with a smirk. Casrah grinned

    TAG: The Conference, Captain Illior.
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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Master Yoda, Fenlaka Zula, the Darth Unlucky Republic cruiser
    Location: Pantolomin

    Aboard the burgundy-red Consular-class space cruiser, only one of the forward cabin?s seats was occupied, the diminutive, elfin-eared Jedi Grandmaster, unable to reach the controls of the 135-metre starship, but having to do the best he could with the Force, using his mastery of the energy field inside, to do just that, and outside the vessel to find the other vessel.

    All this was Mitch Nifesta's plan, the prize being the safe rendezvous with the their teenage female padawan, Irisa, who on Master Yoda's orders, had appropriated the Firespray back at Coruscant, and flown it out through the gathered Imperial fleet to come here.

    For the life of him, Yoda could not remember what the point of that had been, though he guessed it might have been an attempt to maximise their escape chances.

    Mitch, a Force-Sensetive near-immortal twi?lek, had ceased to emote, and was unconscious or comatose, or something on one of the 'Unlucky's lower decks, where he was supposed to have been working on the vessel's cloak or shields or something, all the while, an Imperial Venator had managed to pursue them from Coruscant.

    Yoda looked over the panel of readout lights and indicators, interpreting that their cloak was up and running. That at least, was a small mercy.

    He detached his comlink from his belt, and called up the boy: "Fen'? Your father, how is he?"

    * * * *

    On entering the engineering section, you would think the first thing to grab your attention, would be the intricate blocks of electronics and engineering, that were the hyperdrive, the shield generator, or the cloak generator, but based on colours, the twelve-year-old purple twi'lek in a white SGIS-logo'd short-sleeved top, and yellow shorts, kneeling anxiously beside a stretched out, pale white, tan-robed, adult twi?lek laying flat on his back on the cold deck.

    An open Secret Galactic Intelligence Service datapad sat on the deck, not far from the patient's head, so that Fenlaka, the boy, knew that his adopted parent had been speaking to, or planning to speak to someone.
    There were a few delicate hand tools scattered about too, for working on the cloak generator, under which Agent Nifesta had been lying.

    Fen' looked once again at Mitch's closed eyes, and noted gratefully that the grown-up still appeared to be breathing, even if it was quite shallow. He had closed the eyes himself, reaching to lightly move the pale eyelids over the blank pure red glare that the agent had been giving the apparatus above.

    The child had already lost two masters to Order 66 and the Jedi Purge, including the Cerean Ki-Adi Mundi; and barely two weeks before, had been a lonely, depressed and bereaved youngster, living amongst the Jedi Enclave on Dagobah.

    Then Mitch had turned up, a kind-hearted Force Vampire with a penchant for eating jedi and sith with equal abandon, who Yoda knew from their pre-Clone Wars days.

    The wily teacher had recognised that his friend had the potential to be a powerful ally to either the Light or Dark Sides of the Force, and had tried a bold, spur of the moment experiment, by permitting Mitch to adopt the lonely padawan.
    This would serve to manoeuvre the self-styled "God of Cops" from thinking of the jedi as hors dourves, to thinking of them as respected warriors and teachers.
    At the same time, it was Fen's job to emotionally support the older twi'lek, and sometimes provide guidance.

    In two weeks, the two had been involved in an anti-slaving operation on Kashyyyk, helping to rescue the Alliance to Restore the Republic's General Torian Darkeyes from Bothawui; and involvement with an ARR/Jedi "hearts and minds" rescue operation on Ryloth.

    "Fen. Conscious, is he?" Yoda?s voice once again emitted from the boy's childishly pink-banded chronometer, gutted and customised as a fully functional SGIS wrist-communicator, complete with 200km-range distress beacon.

    "Sorry, Master. Dad is still unconscious."

    Okay. Taking off we are.” His chrono’ advised. “Rough, things could get.

    I understand, Master.

    Fen wiped at tears that threatened to emerge, and knelt by the senior agent, as the floor under his bare knees thrummed with the activation of their engines. That much gave him some satisfaction at least; they were going after Irisa.

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    Apr 23, 2004
    IC: Mon Mothma, Admiral Ackbar, Biggs Darklighter, General Yueh (NRC)
    Location: Rebel Base, Great Temple, Yavin IV

    Mon shivered as the three entered the enormous pyramid-like structure: “It gets quite drafty in here, doesn’t it,” she asserted to her two male companions who nodded in agreement though they seemed less affected by the chill.

    “Many of the men say these Sith structures are haunted,” Biggs added with a sly grin, eager to change the tone of the dour topic they had shared prior to their entrance into the ancient temple. “Many men claim they have heard and seen strange things in the watches of the night...,” he trailed off mischievously while attempting to give off an ominous tone.

    “Balderdash,” the elder Mon Cal statesman harrumphed as the three continued their march toward the underground bunker that housed many of the most important facilities of the entire rebel base. “Even if ghosts do exist, which they do not, I very seriously doubt that even the Sith, irascible as they were, would choose to live out their existences in such a gloomy and humid locale,” he continued gravely.

    Biggs rolled his eyes at the inability of the Admiral to detect the near- obvious tone of levity that he had been attempting to inject into his comments.

    “Oh Admiral, I believe the young Captain is pulling our legs,” Mon interjected with slight giggle, finding the reaction of the Mon Cal humorous. A heady chuckle by Biggs joined in and not wanting to seem too austere, the Admiral joined in a with a forced laugh of his own.

    This chorus of amusement was broken sharply as they rounded a final corner and came upon the solemn figure of General Yueh. Angular features and almost a dark feathery mane of hair lent the middle-aged man an almost bird-like countenance.

    “Ah, I see more have arrived to discuss the potential actions we are honor bound to take after hearing the news from Coruscant,” he stated grimly. As one of the members of the Alliance High Council, he too had been called for the rather impromptu meeting.

    Yueh, along with the recently departed Garm Bel Iblis, was considered one of the more hawkish members of the Council.

    “We must take immediate action now that the Empire is on their heels, regardless of who perpetrated the act,” he asserted stony-faced.

    If anyone looks the part of a Sith, it is he, Mon thought to herself, almost genuinely frightened by the sudden apparition of the general.

    “There will be time for discussion soon,” Admiral Ackbar affirmed strongly, barely making a full stop for the General as he proceeded forward down a final narrow stairwell that led downward.

    The Senator from the Chandrila and the Captain from Tatooine, glad to not be inconvenienced by what was sure be the General’s shrill demands for maximum action (for at least a few minutes) happily followed the Mon Cal down.

    General Yueh, already anxious for a discussion, grimaced and nodded and trailed behind the three toward the large meeting room. Now silent, the line of personages moved assuredly down the stairs (forgetting there was a handy elevator that would have taken them down) and down a short hallway and coming toward massive double doors with a sentry standing at attention. At the salute, the doors swooshed opened quickly despite their heft and the four walked in.

    “Ah, General Torian, glad to see you’re already here,” Admiral Ackbar chimed in pleasantly with a salute to the Supreme Commander of the Alliance.

    “Good day, General,” Mon added with a graceful smile and slow nod of the head. “I hope Master Shuri will be joining us as well,” she avowed, referring to the fact that the Master Jedi was a recently inducted member of the High Council as the lead Jedi for the splinter group that now resided with the rebels on Yavin IV.

    “Good to see your not sleeping in, old man,” Biggs stated with a reverent salute and then craning his neck around as he looked around the room to see if Matrix had arrived yet.

    General Yueh, annoyed at the too jovial and irreverential tone of the young Captain’s tone, cleared his throat and pushed his way forward and gave a sharp salute to General Darkeyes.

    “Ah General, there is an urgent course of action afoot, that we must take,” he said with seriousness.

    Taking her seat gracefully at the dark onyx table, sweeping her cream cream-colored gown to the side, Mon Mothma smiled as though she didn’t have a care in the world although inwardly she was tense as she knew quite well that this was a critical time in the galaxy and that decisions made around this table could be momentous.

    TAG: General Torian, Matrix, Rebels, Emi-to Shuri, Yavin IV.
  15. Ominous

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    Jul 30, 2004
    IC: General Torian
    Location: Conference room deep within the Sith Temple, on Yavin IV

    ?Ah, General Torian, glad to see you?re already here,? Admiral Ackbar chimed in pleasantly with a salute to the Supreme Commander of the Alliance.

    Torian stood from his chair, returned the salute to what was possibly the greatest naval strategist in the Galaxy. ?Good to see you here as well Admiral.?

    ?Good day, General,? Mon added with a graceful smile and slow nod of the head. ?I hope Master Shuri will be joining us as well,? she avowed, referring to the fact that the Master Jedi was a recently inducted member of the High Council as the lead Jedi for the splinter group that now resided with the rebels on Yavin IV.

    Torian smiled at the petite Senator, wishing she were on Coruscant to give them more information on this new event. ?She will be here shortly. She is returning the younglings to the Jedi camp.

    I am sure she can sense the gravity of the situation, now that I know what has happened.? A Jedi would be good council right about now. General Yueh needed to have his nerves and itchy trigger finger calmed down.

    ?Good to see your not sleeping in, old man,? Biggs stated with a reverent salute and then craning his neck around as he looked around the room to see if Matrix had arrived yet.

    Biggs, always the jovial one, regardless of the ominous setting that surrounded the Alliance, was as cheery as ever. The man would probably crack a joke with his back up against a wall and hundreds of Imperials closing in on him with hot blasters. ?I?ll sleep when I?m dead Captain.? He smiled back at the young captain. ?Matrix is not here. He is probably on some training evolution in the jungle.?

    General Yueh, annoyed at the too jovial and irreverential tone of the young Captain?s tone, cleared his throat and pushed his way forward and gave a sharp salute to General Darkeyes.

    ?Ah General, there is an urgent course of action afoot, that we must take,? he said with seriousness.
    Torian held up his hands, ?Yes, I am fully briefed General. But if you mean going into the lion?s den without enough intel to take over as ?urgent? you are going to be disappointed.?

    He walked around the onyx table and continued, ?There was a missile attack on the Senate building. Intel states it occurred at the northeast quadrant.? He stopped behind Biggs, ?Many Imperials are dead or injured, which I don?t mind in the least. The more dead Imperials there are, the better, as far as I?m concerned.? General
    Yueh smiled at that comment at least.

    He walked around the table to position himself face to face with MonMothma. ?I know there are no Alliance ships in the area, so we cannot be blamed, but I?m sure someone will try to pin this on us. What I need to know is what Bail Organa is doing and thinking.? His dark eyes looked directly into the Senator?s. Organa was their inside source for information on the state of the Empire.

    ?If anyone has anything else they would like to share, by all means.? He gestured to the group gathered and sat back down.

    TAG: Group within the room, Emi-to
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    Jul 30, 2004
    IC: Grand Moff Tarkin
    Location: Coruscant

    Tarkin found himself herded together with the other officers of the Imperial military on the landing pads of the government towers. His hand immediately went to his chin, deep in thought. Vader would need to be isolated from military affairs. The boy had become soft since his marriage to Celeste and the birth of his daughter. Gone were the hard lines that surrounded the face of the once powerful Jedi.

    Metaphorically speaking, Vader was an injured animal at the bank of the river, waiting to be devoured by a hungry, stealth-like predator in the water. The weak shall not survive, only the strong, such as it was in nature, so shall it be in the Empire. He had not worked this hard to gain his status within the Empire to see it crumble before him by this adolescent-like man, Vader.

    With his personal guards around him, Tarkin had them push their way through the crowds and back to his quarters near the Senate.
    He would need to start building a coalition to challenge the self-appointed Emperor.

    TAG: Anyone who opposes Anakin Skywalker
  17. Sith-I-5

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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Medtech Yavscout, Rodia Spaceport
    Location: Rodia

    The SGIS elf split his attentions between the dark circular barrel of Bravo Five?s S5 blaster pistol, and her terse face beyond it, though to be fair, the business end of her pistol, was winning.

    He felt his own pistol being wrestled from the holster latched to his left thigh, and knew who was behind him - Five's usual wingman, Pax.

    Yav could have kicked himself. He had the perfect Cold-based Area Effect offensive spell, Cascade of Hail that would have incapitated these two quite nicely, and probably before she could get a shot off, but he did not have it memmed and ready to go.
    He would have to kick himself later.

    "Hi, Pax. Safe trip" he greeted in a friendly tone, then felt a harsh push between the shoulder-blades from the curly-haired youth, accompanied by a surprised squeal of pain from same.

    Yav lunged for Five's blaster, shoving Ellberger arms upwards, what a time to remember the old slitch's name, feeling the heat on his forehead as a green bolt flashed over his head, splashing high above against the underside of the environmental shield dome.

    He gritted his teeth as his former mentor kicked him hard in the right shin, he reciprocated - frag fighting fair - and pivoted on his left foot, stepped in with his right, and tried to duck forwards while still holding onto her. Major Hip Throw.

    The woman shrieked in surprise as she flew over his back, legs scissoring the air momentarily, to crash unconscious at his feet.

    The elf held onto her wrist, not to help break her fall, as was the custom in Meridean Jitsu, but to turn her blaster on Pax, pressing the trigger for her, the expected blaster bolt folding the wingman over as it crashed into his gut. He started to fall sideways.

    "No." The whine was almost guttural, as the former Surefall Paramedic dropped the Ellbeerger's hand and sprang after his friend, grabbing him, and lowering him to the pit floor.

    At this turn of events, the astromech was whistling wildly from the back of the yellow starfighter.

    "They'll be okay; well, she will anyway." The elf assured his little companion without rancour, for he knew it must have been how his former associates had tracked him here, "I'll do what I can for Pax, but go ahead and call Port Emergency."

    Unconscious now, Pax was still holding onto his own hand, pierced as it was by dozens of fine barbs, which Yavscout recognised as being from his own Skin shield, a mostly useless that was only handy in that if someone laid hands on him, they took some damage, just like if you attempted to pick up a hedgehog without gloves.

    He had only cast it upon himself to deter pickpockets, not expecting it to help save his life.

    Yav lowered Pax to the floor, and unzipped the other's jacket, which, he remembered, ought to be blast resistance, although there was a charred hole in it, and he could smell the burned fabric.

    He lifted the other's shirt, and examined the blackened crater in the man's torso; it looked so big.

    The astrodroid emitted a five-tonal warning, which he took to mean that responders were on the way.

    The Medtech nodded without saying anything, putting an open palm over the wound, and casting Light Healing, a cooling shower of bright blue moving from his hand to the injury, the flesh softening and lightening from the black, before his eyes.

    He fired in another hit, the flesh re-knitting, then he looked up at a sensed presence to see the two white photoreceptors of a compact [link=]IM-6[/link] medical droid meeting his gaze, before descending to look at the stricken pilot.

    "Blas-" He almost blurted the nature of the injury, but stopped himself in time! "You can take over." he told it, then pointed back towards Ellberger. "She should be okay; probably just winded. Hold on a sec' while I move them to the side."

    Despite their continued loyalty to the Public Enemy that Sabe Amidala had become, he did not wanted them pasted into the ‘crete under his repulsors as they pushed against the docking bay crater for lift.

    He deftly cast Levitation on both humans, as they would be too heavy for him to haul out of the way as fast as he needed to.
    The med-droid would only be the advance guard; he needed to have lifted out of here before the others arrived.

    Yav took Pax under the shoulders, and pulled him up the convex pit wall, then jumped down and did the same for Ellberger. He then shooed the med-droid out of the danger zone, and retrieved his blaster. After a moment of hesitation, he appropriated both of theirs too. They had their lives, and ought to be content with that!

    Moments later, the N-1 nosed out through the city’s green energy dome, and tore out of the planets gravity well before the locals changed their minds.

    From inside the cockpit, as the stars dopplered around him, Yavscout assured the droid. “As soon as we’re finished, I will arrange transport back to Naboo for you and this fighter.

    “Aren’t you returning as well?” it flashed across the screen in front of him.

    Do I look like an riot?” A flash of letters from the translator screen had the paramedic smiling. “Er, that was rhetorical?

    Tag: No-one, or CmdrMitthrawn'
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    Mar 9, 2005
    OOC: This is a continuation of a joint post by myself and Corellian_Outrider, a pleasure my friend.:)

    ~IC~ Feye Solkrest and Rowan Halcyon

    A long long time ago...

    Location: An ancient world far from 'civilised' space

    It took me a moment to realise that I had been holding my breath. "Your cousin..." My voice sounding low. "I guess this... changes things." Pausing for a few seconds, I notice her expression and gave her a reassuring smile.


    I nearly almost laughed, which is definitely not what a royal ruler should do when discussing serious news, but I gave him a smile back anyway. "It does indeed Rowan, it does indeed. I only found this out before I came to find you, I had to make sure that all my family was not dead otherwise there would be nobody to continue on the family tradition of ruling Corellia"


    "It is great to know that you are not alone. That you have family left..." My words speak true for myself too, to find out that there is someone after all. "We do have a lot to catch up on." Looking down to the small table, I find myself sitting up more straight as I try to slow down the multiple thoughts racing in my mind. "Though to find a place to begin... I haven't a clue."


    I placed my hands in my lap and stared straight at him a serious look now on my face "You can start at why you chose to disappear on me without even saying goodbye"


    Nodding slowly taking a deep breath, "I... I had conflicting emotions... between what I have to do, what I need to do and what I wanted to do. I wanted to remain though I believed at the time that I had outstayed my welcome. Its an old habit of mine to try not to stay in the same place for long. I've... well" Blinking, I lower my gaze. "In the past, my presence had endangered the lives of those I cared about."

    My thumb stroke the band on my finger. "This world we are on... is my father's homeworld. They have had very little outside interference until hunters from beyond this world caught my scent and upset the delicate balance. They used greed to start a conflict and used someone close to me as bait. I... had failed to save them in time and this country is suffering because of that. I believed it to be part of my duty to bring an end to this."


    I could somehow feel his pain, and I could tell he was telling the truth. Who wouldn't deny that he had done the right thing, however knowing that he had run off whilst not saying goodbye had hurt me quite a bit especially am member of family.

    "You could have at least stayed until the end" I replied, my voice even and steady had to be calm now "but I understand your predicament. But we are family now, and I want to help you in any way I can. I don't want to pressure you into coming back but it would be very helpful"


    Closing my eyes for a few seconds, I smiled at Feye's kind words. It means a lot to my heart. "Thank you... it helps knowing."


    "Besides" I replied, "If there's any trouble brewing here I can always help you out in my own way" I replied, patting the inside of my robes. I had secreted there my sword, which I had trained with since a teenager by my father's instructors. I knew how to handle weapons and I knew how to use them.


    The mention of trouble jolted my memory. An enemy column are rumoured to be passing through the area and we still have received no word from our scouts. "We will know in a few hours if there be trouble."

    Sitting back, my eyes took in her form to gauge if she is physically prepared to handle what we are up against. I know her spirit is true. "How comfortable are you in a combat situation with just a blade?"

    TAG: To be continued….
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    GM approved.


    The picture is still a work in progress, I want to thank Corellian_Outrider for making the portrait of Jori.

    Name: duchess Jori Atreides
    --Age: 27
    ---Gender: Female
    ----Species: Human
    -----Eye Color: Blue
    ------Hair Color and Style: Blond
    -------Skin Complexion: Caucasian
    --------Clothing: Has a very large wardrobe of different clothes
    ---------Physique: Medium height, beautiful and slender body
    ----------Personality: possessive, arrogant, intelligent, sometimes hypocritical, passionate, calculating
    -----------Quirks: trying to achieve her goals with any means necessary; has a strange illness
    ------------Force Sensitive: No

    Personal Ship: she can commandeer every ship in the Union?s navy

    -Brief History: Born in the noble ruling house of the Union of the Great Houses, Jori was a special child not only to her family but to the rest of the Union. She bore the genes of every other house as part of a several century old project to create the perfect leader. So her childhood was designed so that the young Jori be prepared for the time when she will have to rule over the Union. During these years she befriended an outsider girl – Dennii Sunwalker. A Jedi Padawan who came with the Lightbringer, another Jedi who was Jori’s father best friend. Also at that time another girl was presented to her – Alia. She was the daughter of one of the handmaidens of the duchess Atreides-Corrino. The three formed a tight bond throughout the years until Alia was found to have the required abilities to become a Bene Gesserit. Since then Jori believed her friend betrayed her by going to become one of the witches. Soon after Alia and Dennii left Kaladan, her mother was killed in one of the numerous attempts on the lives of the ruling family. It was a bitter lesson on the harsh realities of the Union. Several years passed until the Bene Gesserit wanted that Jori to come on Wallach for further study from their behalf. There she had to endure a painful procedure that triggered something in her. Something sinister in her subconscious there was something in her genetic memories. Soon afterwards the whispers came, whispers that identified themselves as the three ancient kings – Omnius, Khaine and Sigmar. There was only one positive outcome from the procedures – elongated life. Afterwards the young girl started exhibiting some strange quirks. She seemed to become more and more coldhearted and cruel with her peers. For a time her father managed to contain her, though he was unsure about her activities, as she seemed to disappear quite often. At that point he believed that his daughter was occupied with her boyfriend – Erast Fandorin. Jori protected her secrets quite skillfully.

    Years had passed; the rest of the Galaxy was in turmoil due to the on- going Clone Wars. She Jori heard little of her friend – Dennii as the young Jedi Padawan was sent across the stars on diplomatic missions with her Master. But war came home and during the third year of the conflict the Confederacy invaded the Union. During the battle for Kaladan Jori was reunited with Dennii as the Jedi was trying to protect her and her father from General Grievous. It was then when the Lightbringer was presumed to have died during a duel with the cyborg General. When the situation seemed hopeless reinforcements arrived and the CIS invasion was stopped. Afterwards the Union renewed its isolationist policy for some time until Jori’s father decided to find a husband for his daughter. Leto III was a ruler who supported the idea for opening the Union for the outsiders so he and Jori traveled to Ursa system to consult with Lord Vader about a potential candidate. Unfortunately for them the visit did not give the results expected and they had to go back to the Union. Upon their arrival on Kaladan, Leto’s good friend the Lightbringer awoke from his state of coma that he had fallen into from the duel with General Grievous. Some time passed afterwards and it is not clear what Jori’s activities were during this period. At a point two outsiders somehow managed to arrive on the capitol of the Union, much to the shock of the defense force. The princess played the good hostess tending to the needs of the guests offering them to show them around Atreus City or also known as Kala city. While they were traveling towards the Union Museum they were ambushed by mercenaries who were ordered by Baron Ordonnen to assassinate her and the duke. Their task was half- successful, only Leto III was killed.

    It was then, when her quick rise to power began. She inherited the Golden Eagle Throne and quickly punished the traitorous baron. Afterwards, with a relatively small entourage left for the Ursa system to open negotiations with the Empire. Since the Union’s outsider contractors were reluctant to do business with them since the Union was not recognized by the new order. The negotiations didn’t go as planned and no treaty was signed, only promises for a future meeting were made. Meanwhile the archduke Moritani had made a plot to assassinate Jori’s cousin. As a token of good will Jori sent her cousin Lawson Atreides to become an ensign in the Imperial Navy. But in his first training with his new squadron they were attacked by Ordonnen pirates. The traitors were interrogated by the truthsayer sister Alia who uncovered who was behind the plot – Lawson’s grandfather archduke Moritani. Jori departed back to Union space promising Vader to send the “criminal” to him. The Lightbringer later known as the Truthsayer went to Naboo to seek the parents of his former apprentice – Dennii Sunwalker. The duchess left behind as observers of the final battles of the Clone Wars and the end of the CIS Lord Admiral James Xavier – who was stationed on-board the VenSD “Roadblock” and helped the captain with some advice; truthsayer sister Alia on-board Vader’s flagship.

    Back on Kaladan, Jori received disturbing news about her Lord Adviser, who was in severe trouble on Naboo. Due to the incompetence of the pilots of the shuttle “Aquila” they were detained because they had violated the law by taking off while Code Yellow was issued. So the plan of the Lord Adviser to bring Dennii's parents to her was foiled. So he was asked to leave the planet and he did that but remained at the rim of the system. It was then when the Naboo Queen revealed in open channel that he is actually a Jedi and a chase begun. But before that the duchess Atreides offered the Naboo to pay them a visit, she intended to follow the old man's instructions to bring Dennii to her parents. The young woman used as a pretext to start diplomatic relations. But before she embarked on this journey a precedent occurred in the Union, she was elected as a leader of the House Ultima. While in the session of the Ordo Administratum (the Union's Senate) she issued the arrest of the archduke Moritani. Her intend was after the visit on Naboo she intended to head towards Coruscant to start the formal negotiations with Lord Vader and to sign a treaty. Being overly paranoid and mistrustful for the "outsiders" Admiral Helena Xavier (the sister of the Lord Admiral) issued that the duchess' convoy to consist of a larger number of battleships. This caused a lot of trouble as they hadn't coordinated the journey with the Imperials so the small fleet was interdicted in Derra system by an Imperial fleet.

    The situation in Derra system was worsening by the minute, there was a danger that war could start from this incident. Luckily sister Alia on Coruscant was able to talk with Vader about the situation and he made contact. The duchess went for the second time on-board the Imperial Star Destroyer under the command of Admiral Veroti, accompanied by representatives of the Ruling Council from the Union. Finally they had jumped into hyperspace heading towards Coruscant.

    --Military History: several assassination attempts, the battle for Kaladan
    ---Traumatic Experiences: the death of her mother, the awakening of her genetic memory, death of her father

    IC: Her Ultimacy duchess Jori Atreides, Dennii/Drakoniss Sunwalker

    Several hours before the Derra incident

    On-board Galactica-class Carrier “Hyperion”

    Dennii was still trying to get used to the fact that she had turned her back to the Order and returned to the only place she felt at home – the Union of the Great Houses. This didn’t comfort her though, as the young Jedi felt as if she had become a traitor. Drakoniss had been uncharacteristically silent for the last few hours since their arrival. Maybe being back to the Union reminded him of Loraine – his long dead love. Dead, because of him…

    Dennii sighed and stood up from her bed and moved towards the cushioned chair in front of the mirror. ‘I am looking like a mess...’ she smiled as she saw some cosmetics left for her to use. ‘How thoughtful of her...’ Dennii moved her hand to take the brush, then suddenly the door slid open. The young Jedi was startled as she didn’t sense any presence, or was she so centered on her own thoughts that didn’t pay attention to what was happening? Dennii turned and saw Jori standing there at the door with an enigmatic half-smile on her lips.

    “You look like a mess...” the duchess broke the silence.

    “Oh thank you for stating the obvious...”

    Jori shook her head in a mock disapproval.

    “Now, now...Don’t be angry...Let me save you from this dire predicament.”

    Dennii grinned, some things did not change after all. Her friend glided gracefully towards her, closing the door behind her. Dennii used the Force to move the second chair. Jori took the brush from the cupboard and sat behind her friend then started brushing her long blond hair gently.

    “My, my...the situation is worse than I expected.” She teased her friend. “You should have stayed with us, you are wasting your beauty on those barbaric outsiders.”

    Dennii didn’t say anything, just gave a sad smile.

    “Now, now, don’t get upset. You know, you have become too sentimental since our last meeting.”

    “Yeah, my life got a bit more exciting than I expected it to be...”

    “Though your hair is still as soft as I remember it. There is still hope for you my dear. We will spend some good quality time on you.”

    Dennii blushed a bit.
    “I am touched...”

    Jori then suddenly chuckled while still brushing the hair then leaned forward and peeked over Dennii’s shoulder, their cheeks almost touching. Dennii could smell the aroma of Jori’s perfume – it was subtly sweet and alluring. It carried the smell of Jori’s favorite flower – the black rose. It had a very gentle smell, at least the Kaladanese flower, that could drive a lot of beings crazy.

    Some things don’t change...

    “Should I take it literally?” then playfully caressed her friend’s cheek with her own. “Well, well, it seems not only your hair retained its softness, but your skin as well.” She whispered in Dennii’s ears. The subtle movement of the air from the whisper caused a slight shiver to pass through her spine. The young Jedi could see the reflection of the mirror that her friend smiling while whispering in her right ear while her left hand was massaging her left shoulder. She knew where this was going, as they had already done it when they were younger...

    Dennii turned her head slightly to look directly at Jori’s blue eyes. Their faces were too close, the Jedi made an apologetic smile.
    “I am sorry Jori...but I can’t, not this time...”

    Jori didn’t move her head, just her smile faded a little.
    “Since when you are so conservative?”

    “Since I got pregnant...”

    The duchess just kissed her friend on the cheek gently and moved backwards to resume brushing the hair.
    “Alright then, as you wish...”

    Both women remained silent for several moments. Dennii felt a bit uneasy, she should have expected this, knowing Jori very well. She couldn’t do anything about it so didn’t say anything. The young Jedi could not feel irritation or any other negative emotions in her friend. This puzzled her.

    “You know what?” Jori started talking again “A couple of days ago something strange happened while I was at the villa…”

    0.7 decacycles before the incident on Coruscant
    “Your highness, I am not sure it is a good idea!”

    This came from the commander of the island guards. Jori just smiled and shook her head while walking towards the beach. The previous night she had been awoken by a loud voice and saw the burning silhouette of a falling ship. It was not of a Union design, so it was clearly an outsider ship. The duchess presumed that the defense force was in a state of turmoil as they have failed to protect the capitol and were caught off guard.

    The ship crashed somewhere in the sea not too far from the island. The search teams had been working all night to find whether there were any survivors from the crash or not. They haven’t found anything, just floating debris on the surface. From what she knew there were submarines going to check on the submerged craft. Jori didn’t want this incident to ruin her last day on the island before she could get back to work. It was the cold season back home at Atreus city or also known as Kala city so she decided upon her return from Ursa system to take a short break and spend a couple of days away from everything.

    As she approached the white sands of the beach she removed the slippers. Jori wanted to feel the warm and soft sand. She then removed the white gown and left it on the ground. The duchess was wearing a black two-piece swimsuit. Her Highness proceeded slowly towards the sparkling blue water, enjoying the gentle touch of the sunlight on her slightly tanned skin. She had spent some time sunbathing. The water was calling for her as she approached it the warm waves splashed around her naked feet. The temperature was pleasurable so she proceeded further. Her body was submerging with every step she made. The water was clear so she could see the bottom and the small fishes swimming away from her. When she was waist deep in the sea Jori just jumped forward and dived in.

    It was a relaxing feeling to be submerged, kicking with her feet she started moving forward. When she no longer could hold her breath she emerged on the surface. The duchess had moved to a deeper level. She was sure that the guards were nervous, not knowing how to proceed as Her Highness doesn’t seem to care for her safety. Jori shook her head so that some of the drops on her hair to fall. She decided to swim some more when she noticed rubbish floating towards her. These waters were supposed to be the cleanest on the planet! She almost felt outraged when remembered the crash. The current must have carried it towards the island. There was something else as well. A body!

    Jori swam a bit to reach it. From what she could see the body belonged to a man – a handsome man. A thin smile appeared on her lips, then remembered to check the pulse. It wouldn’t matter how he looks like if he is dead. He was alive so she relaxed a bit then grabbed it with one hand and started kicking the water. As every Atreides she was an able swimmer and despite her fragile looking body she was strong. Looks can be deceiving. As she approached the island the guards noticed her and started running, jumping in the water to assist her. Leaving them to do their job she moved aside and followed them. They put the man lying on his back and unsure of what to do, whether to execute the man or assist him.

    “What are you staring!? Go and call the doctor, the man needs medical assistance!”

    One of the guards hesitated for a second then ran away towards the villa to comply with the order. Jori crouched beside the man to give him mouth-to-mouth breathing and chest compressions. She hoped it was not too late, the pulse was faint in the water. The duchess could hear the steps of the doctor and the other guard as they ran towards her. She moved away to let the doctor do his job, she did what she could for the man. After a couple of painful minutes the man coughed and water came out of his mouth. Other guards arrived carrying a stretcher. After the man stopped coughing water and the pulse was more stable they moved him to the villa…

    On-board “Hyperion”

    “You are joking with me?” Dennii started after Jori finished her story.

    The duchess just smiled.

    “Not at all my dear... And I might add that he is looking quite good...I will tell you the rest of the story later when we will be able to catch up on our girly stuff. ” she then winked and left the brush on the cupboard.

    “See you later, Miss Sunwalker.” The duchess added as she reached the door.

    “Of course, Your Ultimacy...”

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    IC: Tarkin
    Location: Imperial City

    Communication throughout the city had been spotty at best since the explosion at the Senate building. Tarkin continued to look around at the other officers, watching for a familiar face. The military of the Empire was vast, making it almost impossible to spot an acquaintance in the crowd. A vibration emanated from his hip, something that did not happen often.

    Grabbing the communicator in his thin hand, ?Yes?

    ?Governor Tarkin! Com-call for you, Sir. Admiral Ozzel.?

    "Allow me to find a more secure location here on the platform and get back to you.

    Tarkin and his security detail walked away from the crowd of other officers. When they were out of earshot from any listening ears, he clicked his commlink.

    "Patch him through."

    TAG: Admiral Ozzel
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    OOC: Pashatemur advises that she is dealing with a death in the immediate family, but that she will be back shortly, and she thanks everyone for their patience and condolences.
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    IC: Commander Bobby Stark(npc), [link=]Nebulon-B escort frigate[/link], Bank of L.A..
    Location: Moonus Mandel


    While his ship orbited the Veknoid homeworld of [link=]Moonus Mandel[/link], Imperial commander Stark paced his bridge with anticipation, and finally his patience was rewarded, as a crewman, piped up from one of the bridge stations.

    "Captain, I have amended the telesponder according to your instructions."

    Stark could not have been described as a lean, mean, fighting machine; at least not all three at once. 'Lean', at least, was out.

    His chubby face puffed like a greedy squirrel's as he smiled at the successful slicer. "With?"

    "Bank of L.A., sir."

    "Great." Stark rubbed his hands together. He had tried going through the proper channels, waiting weeks for that long-range comm appointment with the Bureau of Starship Registry at the Trachta Tower back at Imperial Centre, and then they had gotten themselves evacuated!

    Probably a bit of bread left in a toaster; and it would take weeks to re-arrange a holo-meet.

    Well drokk it, until the Admiralty told him to change it, it was his frigate, and she was running with Bank of L.A. if he said so.

    Good work, son." He grinned, easily out-shining the rating's smile. "That is worth a field commission on this man's ship. Congratulations, Ensign."

    "Thank you, Sir!" The crewman was positively delighted, he could see that!

    "Go see the quartermaster for your new uniform, and rank plaque."

    Watching the new midshipman exit the rear of the bridge, Stark rubbed his hands together in anticipation of the upcoming mission. If he succeeded in capturing this jedi, the favour it would gain him, would go far to letting him keep the ship's new name.

    "Sir? Our shuttle has returned from the surface."

    The commander's grin only got wider. That would be his 'specialist'. Now he was ready for the mission ahead.

    "Excellent. Prepare to jump to hyperspace. We are going to Hutt Space."

    "Sir, yes sir."

    "I want Flight Officer Ramirez, and our guest, up here now."

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    Thank you for your patience.
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    OOC: Sandworm, courtesy of and an odd KFC-centric short video called 'Assault Girls'.

    IC: Gur Dora (Trandoshan bounty hunter)
    Location: Blenjeel

    The hunter's ARC-170 had reverted to realspace over the desert world that was Blenjeel, following the latest lead in the pursuit of this latest jedi.

    The infamous warriors and peacekeepers were hardy mynocks, that was for sure, to have survived the Emperor's Purge for this long, but there was good money, Hunting Points, and prestige for bringing them in, dead. Or alive.

    It had not taken long for his fighter's sensors to pick up a metallic contact on the surface.

    Place looked uninhabited, as well as un-colonised, so for once, he could actually take notice of what his electronic searchers detected.

    The descent into the clear, dry, atmosphere had been without incident, and he had landed close to the sun bleached wreck, even from a distance, he could tell that whatever it was, it had not operated in many years, but that did not mean that his bounty was not hiding there.

    Fine grains of yellow sand filtered through if clawed feet as he picked his way through the desert, ACP repeater in his tri-fingered hands, safety off. The terrain felt so good, he was starting to think about adding this world to his shortlist. His list of places to retire to.

    The ground had started to shake within seconds of his arrival, shuddering the dunes, and ground under his ship, even while he was inside, and he could feel small vibrations through the seat of his flightsuit.

    It was even more noticeable out here though, but he hardly felt it was a problem worth not colonising the world for.

    Place was dry, had its own sand, lovely blue skies. He took a deep breath, filling his lungs and expanding his scaly chest.

    "Hoo rar!"

    The ground shuddered again as he drew within feet of the curved metal forming what could be a makeshift shelter from the elements.

    Gur stumbled, his legs crossing over as he tried to regain his balance, making things worse. The shaking was getting intense.

    Frak, what a time to have a ground quake!


    Tag: no-one, cos Gur is an nrc in the true sense
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    KFC??? = Kentucky Fried Chicken???
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