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Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by pashatemur, Nov 5, 2010.

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  1. Jerjerrod-Lennox

    Jerjerrod-Lennox Jedi Grand Master star 7

    Mar 9, 2005
    IC: Doctor Marcus Rufus, Ensign Kim Charios and Doctor Mifsud Ashri, Lieutenants Aruth Haji and Carlos Casrah (NPC's)
    Location: InterSD Huntress, VenSD Roadblock, Coruscant orbit

    After doing some final checks on his major injury patients, Rufus finally sank into his bed a tired man. Finally after who knows how many hours of being on his feet and tending to injured comrades he was finally able to rest. Nothing in the few years of medical training he had could prepare you for the sheer horror of people being wounded and so close to death.

    Finally, Rufus managed to drift off to sleep but the revelations about Commander Alpha were still going around in his head.

    Hours later, Doctor Rufus was back on duty, making his rounds with one of his assistants and a 21-B droid, checking dressings, offering kind words, and generally checking up on things. But now it was time to see his most important patient, Commander Alpha, commander of the troops on board Roadblock and a fugitive.

    As he approached the commander's room, two Ursean Black Guards, whom had been assigned to watch the room and whoever went in brought their rifles to attention as he approached. The Ursean Black Guards were the deadliest of the bunch of troops on board. They were silent, deadly, tall and menacing. They had no fear of anything.

    As the doctor entered the room, he saw a clone trooper sitting beside him, several of them had come and gone apparently whilst he was off duty.

    "Ah, nice to see the commander has company since he has awoken" the doctor said with a smile as he waved his assistant and the 2-1B droid forward to begin ther examinations "I'm sorry to disturb your chat, but I was just doing my rounds and wanted to pop in and see how the patient was doing"

    Commander Alpha had sustained a nasty wound to the shoulder in a duel with a MangaGuard and was lucky to be alive. He had lost a lot of blood, and thanks to the doctor?s quick thinking they had performed surgery on him and replenished his blood supply. But he wouldn?t be seeing action for quite a while, and he looked quite weak.

    "Patient is stable" reported the droid and the doctor nodded.

    "He's been going through IV drips like the plague" said his assistant changing the drips once again. "He'll want to eat a Wookiee sized dinner next"

    Rufus turned to the commander and stared at him, hoping he could see him.

    "Welcome back to the land of the living commander. You're lucky to be alive, you are one lucky man. And with the amount of scar tissue on you, you seem to have someone smiling down on you at least"

    The assistant signalled he was done and moved away to stand behind Rufus.

    "My name is Doctor Marcus Rufus; I'm the Chief Medical Officer for Roadblock. As you know you were injured by a MagnaGuard, and you suffered a major shoulder injury. You lost a lot of blood, which we were able to replenish with a transfusion. We've also fixed your shoulder, and unfortunately you will be out of action for a while."

    The doctor let that slip in and then continued.

    "The good news is that we won the battle at Mygeeto and the CIS has been defeated. We are now over Coruscant awaiting our next instructions. We may transfer you down to Coruscant in order for you to get better medical attention, but that will be up to the Captain. Right now I suggest you try and get some rest and relax. I know it will be painful, but it will pass in time"


    On Huntress

    After wandering around the bridge for a while watching the crew work, Charios's comlink bleeped. It was Dctor Ashri.

    "Transfer of patients is going well and we are just loading the last ones on now, all of them have remained stable so far. Let's hope they survive the transfer down. Time to call our ride home?"

    "Indeed" replied the young Ensign replied "I think our job here is done, I'll call Captain Ivanov and have him send the shuttle. You and your team saddle up, I'll be there to join in a few minutes"

    Once Ashri had gone, Charios changed the frequency to Empire's Will's frequency.

    "Ensign Charios to Empire?s Will, do you copy?”

    “Empire’s Will here Ensign, hearing you loud and clear. You wish to speak to Captain Ivanov?”

    “Just inform him that myself, Doctor Ashri and his team are ready to be picked up. Our job here is done”

    “Consider it done” replied the comm officer “Any other news?”

    “None, I think I will get no more information here. Hopefully it will be enough for the Captain’s to chew over for now”

    “Roger, shuttle will be with you hopefully within the next ten minutes”

    Charios signed off and then took one more glance at Captain Illior. As she was busy he decided to leave her be and inform her when the shuttle would be approaching once he got down to the hanger bay.

    Once he arrived, Doctor Mifsud Ashri, Chief Medical Officer for the destroyed ship of Obdurate was waiting for him, his arms folded across his chest. He was wearing his usual white coat over his green medical trousers. His medical team were just loading the last few patients on board including Lieutenant Ellis, Captain Ivanov’s second in command.

    “Time to finally get off this bucket and go home, if you can call half a charred Star Destroyer our home”

    “It’s either that or wait around here for a while. Or maybe sweat it out downside for a bit as to whether our commanding officer gets a new ship or not”

    Ashri shrugged his shoulders.

    “If I had money for every time I got called out early in the morning because some idiot fell down something, or tripped over something, I could be rich”

    “Maybe I could spend some of my fortune training those idiots to not fall down”

    Ashri smirked “That’s nice coming from a Kuati”

    Charios smirked right back.

    “Idiots should also be never given money; they’ll just spend it on girls, drink and then falling over again”

    Ashri laughed and then turned to make sure his assistants were ready to go. They were standing near the equipment they had brought with them and were having a leisurely chat with each other.

    Charios peered outside and saw a shuttle approaching with the familiar purple markings marking it as a shuttle belonging to the AllStars group. Apparently the Captain’s had all agreed to paint these markings on to make them distinguishable from other shuttles and establish them as a group friendly.

    “Ride’s here” said Charios, and commed the bridge “This is Ensign Charios to bridge. Captain Ivanov has despatched a shuttle to take myself and Doctor Ashri and his medical team off the ship as the last of the major injury cases has been put on board the last shuttle and departed. I request the shuttle being allowed to land”


    On Roadblock

    Lieutenant Casrah was busy walking up and down the catwalk in the middle of the bridge. He was lost deep in thought.

    “Casrah, if you walk up and down there any more times you’re going to wear a hole in the floor” replied Lieutenant Haji.

    “I’m concerned with the events unfolding as fast as they are” replied Casrah coming to a stop and finally sitting casually on the edge of the starboard crew pit.

    “I agree” came Madison’s voice over the comm. “This is just too weird. Hopefully when Captain Vectis comes back we’ll get more answers”

    “I’ll bet nothing good will come out of this” said Bahari sounding a little nervous “This universe is turning upside down as we know it. I don’t even know if there are any more good people out there”

    “Apart from Corellians” said Casrah with a smirk.

    “No way, our slogan would have to be “Born To Be Bad”” replied Terric, always able to make light of a serious conversation.

    “And for Kuati’s it would be “Born To Be Pompous”” replied Haji. Laughter erupted from the comm at that.

    “Meow” said Ensign Spion-Bombardier, “Lieutenant has anyone ever told you; you’re defiantly not like the average Kuati?”

    “Well Ensign, it comes with practice, and showing people that not all Kuati’s are slaves to merchant princesses or pompous”

    Ivanov then came on to the comm, probably from the comm station on Empire’s Will.

    “”I have just received a comm from Ensign Charios, he and the good doctor and his team are ready to be picked up and I have sent one of Madion’s shuttles to do so. He says that he will not get anything more out of Captain Illior and the Huntress, and frankly I do not want to risk him doing so”

    “I agree” replied Arazov “If he pokes his nose around too much, he Captain will become suspicious. Also she should hopefully send this information to the high command as it is very important. If she does’nt, well she could be picked up for not passing it on and be suspended if it becomes more important later on”

    “I suggest we also send what we have to Captain Vectis in conference now” said Haji “that way the high command can start an investigation and everyone can pool their resources together into capturing this ship and maybe finding who bombed the Senate”

    “Agreed” said Casrah now standing up from his seated position “Ensign Carson, get on that. Meanwhile, we can only hope that Charios, Doctor Ashri and his team can get off that bucket safely”

    “I’ll also get a message sent to Lord Admiral Xavier, just to let him know that if he needs anything to eat or drink he needs to go to the mess hall and if he wishes to come back to the bridge or stay in is quarters he can do so”

    “Got it, Madison, how’s the package doing?”

    The package as it was referred to as, was a Prince of the Union. Lawson Atridies was a pilot with the 917th squadron of V-wings. They had come under attack from a Union freighter, who shot down and killed several pilots from the squadron and thanks to Lawson not informing the pilots who they were, pilots died. Thanks to an investigation, the pirates killed themselves and nearly killed the Prince and a member of Madion’s crew, Ensign Leovo.

    The Prince was now serving his suspension in the Empire’s Will’s brig after Scyther herself had suspended him.

    “Doing well last we checked. H won’t be coming out for a little while longer”

    “Excellent” replied Haji, “keep an eye on him, we’ll also keep an eye on Commander Alpha. Meantime, anyone for a game?”

    TAG: Commander Alpha, Lord Admiral Xavier, Lawson Atridies, Captain Illior, myself as Scyther for The Conference
  2. Corellian_Outrider

    Corellian_Outrider Admin FF | Curator: Art&RPF | Oceania RSA | CR NSW star 6 Staff Member Administrator

    Mar 9, 2002
    ~OOC~ A joint post between TheAdmiral and myself. Continuing from the events set up in TheAdmiral's post dated: 15th Nov '10 @ 2:17pm

    ~IC~ Ace, Aeron and Antan Azzameen, Jax, Den Dhur (NPC) I-5YQ (NPC)
    Location: Coruscant

    Aeron was pretending to be asleep when the droid checked them out. She didn't know whether the automaton was fooled, anyway she hoped for it. She had overheard her uncle telling the droid that he is going outside for a meeting at the tapcaf. This caught her attention, she was curious and she wanted to see more of the spaceport, but she couldn't leave her little brother alone. He might wake up and be scared if she was not there. So Aeron slipped from her bunk, her tiny bare feet silently stepping on the cold metal floor to the bed where Ace was sleeping. She gently nudged him so that he would wake up. The girl leaned to her brother's ear "Hey, Ace do you want to go to an adventure?" she whispered.

    Ace stirred and tilted his head up at his sister. His little fingers curled into fists as his elbows bent while he stretched. "Ad-vent-ure?" He yawned loudly and sat up, nodding his head. "I'm awake... I'm awake."

    Aeron grinned in the dark room "Good get your clothes!"

    Kicking the sheet off, Ace swung his solid little legs over the edge of the bed, dangling them. "Do I have to?" He mumbled as he reached out for his sister's arm.

    Aeron paused for a moment to check one of their terminals to see what was happening outside. It is used mostly for schooling purposes with restrictions in place to prevent them from going out of the system to play games on it but she was starting to find ways around the security. There were exterior cameras on the ship that they had used sometimes for when learning about the stars and objects out there. Accessing one of the cameras, Aeron could barely see the lights of the towering skyscrapers through a thick veil of rain.

    Turning to her brother, "Yes unless you want to get wet..." Aeron paused and turned the volume up quietly on the speakers so that her brother could hear the raindrops hitting the metal hull.

    Climbing down from the bed, Ace tottered to the chest of drawers where his clothes are kept. Pulling one wide open, he picked up a coat. "Raincoat or swimmers?" Dropping the coat at his feet, he turned and pointed to the plush animal on the bed. "Can Blinky come too?"

    She was getting annoyed, this was taking too long, but she chose not to show it. After all she had to be a good older sister. "Raincoat will be fine. If Blinky wants to come you will have to protect it..." Aeron sat on the bed and took her pink socks with furry animals on them and put them on her bare feet so that she could wear the rubber boots to protect herself from the water.

    Following his sister's lead, he managed to get his socks crookedly on his own feet and get another pair of socks out and started putting them on his brown and tanned coloured bear.
    "I need help with our shoes"

    Aeron almost chuckled as she observed her brother putting socks on the stuffed animal, not that she wouldn't have done it but she found it cute. After a short struggle with the boots she finally managed to put them on and went to see what was the matter with Ace.

    Having trouble putting on his own gumboots, he attempted to put one on Blinky's foot. Looking up to Aeron. "It fits on him..." he grumbled.

    She moved in started helping him putting the boot on Blinky. At this moment she regretted agreeing to take the toy with them.

    * * * * * * * *
    Location: Spaceport tapcaf

    “So, Mister...Pavan when will this employer of yours wishes to travel?” Antan put his glass on the table, looking directly at the young man’s eyes. He felt nervous about this job, after all he will be smuggling a potential dissident out of Coruscant. Not an easy feat to say the least. Not only that but he had his nephew and niece on-board. Antan felt inclined to decline the offer despite the good amount of money he will earn. There was too much at stake. At least he was supposed to meet that guy Magnus, or whatever, to discuss the future trade contracts. Probably it will cover the expenses.

    Jax could feel the man’s resolve was disappearing by the minute. The problem was that they had already revealed too much for mister Azzameen to change his mind. Den was muttering something nervously, probably the old journalist had felt it too. I-Five remained silent to his credit, after all he was playing a standard protocol droid and it would be inappropriate if he said something harsh - pretty undroid-like. Pavan took a mental note to speak with the Whiplash leadership to choose better transport providers next time. Though he doubted that they would find one, especially a honest one. Every spacer that has some senses in his head would think twice before agreeing to such a foolish endeavour. After all this was Coruscant and quite recently a terror attack had been done that resulted in damage to the Senate and to a skyhook. They had to be more persuasive. Den finished his glass quickly, he was surely nervous. Jax couldn’t blame him, after all they had been in hiding in the lower levels and suddenly to appear on the surface and being around a spaceport where there are surely guards is a quite dangerous place. His mind drifted towards Dejah Duare, he tried to purge these thoughts but the Zeltron female probably had done something to him. Who could blame her, her Caamasi friend, Volette, brutally murdered and she had nowhere else to go. Jax didn’t want to drag her into this Whiplash business but she insisted, though he doubted that she joined them out of concern for the people they were smuggling out of the capitol, he knew about her secret desire the experience the Force which made him even more uneasy. First thing’s first, the Bothan needed a transport and they had taken the task to find him one.

    “Well, Mister Azzameen, the departure will depend entirely on you. He is not in that big hurry at the moment.” This was not exactly true but did not want to scare Antan by making it an urgent matter. At least in this way they could conceal the fact that the Bothan had some issues, or at least will have soon, with the New Order. Though it was doubtful whether he will find safety anywhere in the Galaxy. Maybe he will join the ARR, though from what they had heard the man was not exactly the bravest. Jax wanted to wince, the situation was getting even more difficult, if he managed to convince Antan to take the passenger he will have to offer protection to the Bothan for several days, even a week. Well he will have to accept the situation despite its shortcomings.

    Antan relaxed a bit, this was not a pressing matter so he would be able to meet with the Magnus guy and then decide whether he would take the job or not. Probably would be able to take his nephew and niece around Coruscant a bit. After all they were only kids and for them the planet would be like a magical place. “Well then, contact me in a couple of days so that I will be able to tell you when we will be departing.” Antan was a good judge of character and saw the honest face of the boy relax a bit. The Sullustan who was probably more experienced was wearing a sabacc face, besides their species was difficult to read, even for a person who was experienced in dealing with non-humans. They finished their drinks and stood up leaving some credits. Antan decided to stay a bit more to have another drink or two...


    Finally, they were outside, it took her ages to help Ace and Blinky in their boots, then the heartstopping moments of escaping the ship. They were lucky that the ramp was still lowered and thus avoided attracting attention. Coruscant was breathtaking she could see an enormous variety of lights and colors swirling around her. The rain was strong, not that she had much experience with it - as she had spent most of her life on space stations or ships.

    Ace’s eyes lit up in awe at the water ‘magically’ falling from the sky, it was unlike anything he had seen before. collecting in big puddles on the material ground around the ship. Eager to investigate, he tippy toed away from his sister, Blinky in hand, to be closer to the edge of their cover and stuck his boot out to touch a puddle. Making a small slap sound, he chuckled and stomped on the puddle, delighted as he watched the droplets flew up. Taking a step out into the rain, he jumped at a puddle only to find himself pulled backward and a grip on his arm. Looking up, he saw his sister’s disapproving scorn.

    “Ace, stop it! You will get all wet! You don’t want to catch cold, do you?”

    “But... but..” Ace pushed his bottom lip out to protest. “It is funny.”

    “I know but...” she paused unable to find an argument “... We have to go.” finally found something to say and to finish the argument.

    “Oh...” Ace hugged Blinky tightly to his chest with his free arm. Tilting his head up so his chin rested on the bear’s large head as he looked to his sister. “One more?”

    Aeron decided if she has to keep her authority she had to decline “No time for that...Look how many other interesting things are around!”

    “Oh okay. When we get back can we play in the water?”

    “Sure thing, unless uncle finds us...” she hesitated for a moment as she had not considered this possibility. It troubled her a bit, but decided that she will come up with something if they run into uncle Antan.

    TAG: Aeron and Antan Azzameen, to be continued
  3. Ominous

    Ominous Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 30, 2004
    IC: Captain Trawl, POF Logan and Alliance Vessels
    Location: Toydarian space

    "It shouldn't take long, roughly....." Tomaas' eyes narrowed briefly as he did the calculations in his head. "Twelve to eighteen minutes. Depends on how fast we are and how many hands helping."

    With a sweep of his arm to his right, he guided them down the corridor to the main cargo hold. The access way opened with the containers ready to be transferred.

    Trawl motioned Logan and his gorilla-size arms to assist in the unloading of all cargo from Captain Azzameen?s ship. The two Captains stood nearby conversing about the latest happenings in the Galaxy, what the Empire was up to and how difficult it was to scrounge a living under the eyes of the Imperial Navy. The time flew by for the men and everything was now loaded onto Rebel cargo ship.

    Extending his hand, Captain Trawl smiled, ?Well it was a pleasure doing business with you. Do you have any questions before we undock from your ship and leave??

    TAG: Tomaas Azzameen
  4. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Captain Iillor, ready room, bridge of the Huntress
    Location: Imperial Centre, Sector Zero

    Iillor sat forward and depressed a button on her desk as a call came from her ComScan operator.

    ?Captain, an AllStar shuttle is requesting permission to dock. And Ensign Charios on the hangar deck advises that it is here for him and the remaining Obdurate staff.?

    ?Now that?s a coincidence,? the ship?s master noted aloud, ?we have an Ensign Charios up here too; wonder if they are...? She looked around the bridge via her desk?s holocam feed, seeing no obvious sign of their liaison officer. ?...related. Or not. Alright, advise the shuttle that it has permission to land.?

    ?As ordered. AllStar shuttle from Huntress. Permission granted, and we are opening the magnetic shield. Nice paint job by the way.?

    ?ComScan. Any update on Captain Perrinaw?s shuttle??

    ?Has just departed Wraithis, Ma?am.?

    She nodded. ?Good. It has automatic permission to land. Advise the deck officer to make sure there is sufficient room for it to land.?

    ?As ordered.?

    ?And send in that rating from the Endless. I want to see her in my ready room.?

    * * * *
    Main hangar

    A bassy horn of warning preceded the opening of the magnetic shield, several grey-uniformed technicians, and tri-legged astromechs, moved out of the way, so as not to impeded whatever new craft would be entering their lair.

    A pair of white-armoured stormtroopers by the wall, also looked round curiously as a huge magnetic claw descended from the ceiling, clamped over the large dorsal fin of the Theta-class shuttle, Stealf, and moved the Inquisitor?s craft out of the way, towards a door sliding open in the opposite wall to where the stormies were.

    Tag: Jerjerrod-Lennox
  5. Corellian_Outrider

    Corellian_Outrider Admin FF | Curator: Art&RPF | Oceania RSA | CR NSW star 6 Staff Member Administrator

    Mar 9, 2002
    ~IC~ Dash Rendar

    Location: 'Outrider' - Hyperspace

    Dash didn't know hold long he had slept, or even if he had at all. The constant humming from the engines and the vibrations of the bulkheads stayed with him. Becoming aware of an uncomfortable weight pressing against his side, his lids flickered open, feeling rough to his tired eyes as he turned his head and glanced to see what it was.

    The hard, dirt caked, cobalt blue soles of the woman's boots dug into him as her legs had stretched out to press her feet against his side. The boots were part of a bicoloured full figure body suit that hugged her body like a second layer of skin. His eyes tracked the intricate patterns of cobalt blue and azure that travelled up her legs and past the curvaceous form of her hips, realising that her attire leaves little for the imagination. Shifting his gaze up over his worn leather jacket that covered her torso to her face peeking out from within her long strawberry-blond hair that splayed messily about her neck and shoulders. For the first time since the slaver's lair on Ryloth he could properly see her.

    The smear of dirt and blood on her face did not take away from how striking she is: the curve of her jaw, the sculpt of her nose, the roundness of her cheeks. Noting movement coming from her closed lids as her eyes shift rapidly behind them. Something in her dreams must be disturbing her.

    A low buzz came from his comlink. Answering it quickly to not disturb the woman, he stood up and walked to the corridor opening before he spoke.

    "Yes?" He whispered.

    ["Could you make your way to the cockpit, sir."] Leebo's mechanised vocals came through the com.

    "Aiight, sure. I'll be there in a sec." He shut the com off.

    Hesitating at the access way, he went to the utility locker on the other side of the hold and pulled out a blanket. After carefully laying it over her to keep her warm, he left for the cockpit.

    Upon arriving into the cockpit, he saw the LE-series droid had the astrogation charts up on the console. Taking the pilot seat, he turned to his copilot to see the single red photoreceptor staring back at him.

    "The hyperdrive can not handle anymore long jumps." Leebo stated. "We only got approximately two shorter jumps left before it needs replacing."

    "What are our options? Any port in a storm?" Dash asked looking to the charts.

    "I have a list of several candidates already up." Leebo explained.

    "Depends on our friends. we can't go to anyplace on the Gaulus Sector..." Dash murmured ad he studied the charts, the glow of the console illuminated his face. "... we can't hole up somewhere and call for a tow.... unless..."

    The display flickered on the console as he locked onto a location. "There are two independent businesses operating in this region of space here. Privately owned too. That gives us options." looking to Leebo. "Which shall it be? Viraxo or Ororo?"

    As they discussed a plan, they were oblivious to the footfalls coming down the cockpit hall.

    Dash nodded to Leebo to proceed with the new coordinates. "Now that is settled-"

    "What is settled?" A voice asked from behind them.

    Recognising the voice belonging to the woman, whom was asleep in the main hold. Dash glanced over his shoulder to give a smile as his hands on the controls reverting the ship out of hyperspace, The inertia dampers prevented the jarring effect from the transitional deceleration to real space.

    "That we have a new heading" Dash noticed her gaze was staring out the viewport.

    "By stars..." she whispered, her gaze unmoving.

    A small nebulous glow framed neatly through the viewport, a halo of blue with a band of stars crowning it. The vista remained in sight for a few seconds before the ship veered off while the calculations were made.

    "You might want to sit down." Standing up, Dash moved to the wall console so the woman slid into the pilot's seat. Looking over his shoulder, grimacing to Leebo. "What IFF code are we running?"

    "At the time of the Imperials arrival, the ‘Outrunner’."

    "They didn't buy it... Can't use that one. Hummm.." Dash tapped his fingers against the console. "How about ‘Dawning Light’?”

    "Once we make the jump, I'll make the necessary changes." Leebo answered as he guided the freighter along to their next jump point.

    Nodding, Dash turned away from the console and folded his arms in front of his chest and leaned on the headrest of the co-pilot’s seat. “In the meantime, we’ll go over a few details.”

    TAG: no one
  6. pashatemur

    pashatemur Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Jun 21, 2004
    OOC: It's been forever and I know I'll get no argument on that point. Hello, all. I've miss this place and everyone mightily. Life has become hectic and I know I am not alone in finding it difficult to squirrel away some time in which to write for this thread, but, my absence is no reflection of my desire. Without further ado and with much apology, here is the first of several posts in a series to catch the game up for my characters and others. Thanks to C_O for his contributions to these post, no small effort, either, and for his aid in minding the store in my absence, to Omi, and TA, Sithy, JL and all you stalwart individuals for continuing writing, reading and or waiting.

    Warmest regards,

    I'll begin with a reposting of several previous posts as reminders of where we left off:


    [blockquote]Pashatemur: Date Posted: 11/17/10 10:34am

    IC: Ahsoka Tano, Anakin, Lord Vader, HIM, Ursean Aid at the Embassy, Miss Mira Solinova

    Suddenly, the room's seeming quiet was rent by an urgent ring bleeting out sharply, at least it seemed. Anakin looked up in consternation. "Excuse me…" he said, rising gracefully to cross the room to a table upon which sat a small holo-transponder/transceiver.

    His stride kicked the flared edge of his dark blue dressing gown out from his legs. "Yes." he answered simply, voice a little rough from speaking low and intimately.

    "Gruss Seele, Minn Arri," said the Ursean aid Mira Solinova, her image bowing. "Mr. di Toli sent an encoded message. Captain Sin is returned with his ?charge? and awaits in orbit aboard the Krayt's Fire. The vessel's Captain Sohmer has already made contact with Executor . Shall I reply to Mr. di Toli?" Anakin looked to Ahsoka for a moment.

    "Just a moment." said Anakin looking out to the garden pensively and inhaling he returned his gaze to the suited image of Solinova. "Which of my ships are near Executor and Krayt's Fire?"

    Ahsoka sighed in frustration and annoyance as he had to take this call., but at his tone, she smiled. That was "Skyguy"! He was definitely in his element and in spite of the comfort and majesty of the royal suite, the shining day approaching, the call was a reminder that something very grave and big had just happened.

    "Halcyon, Road Block and the Vitt," replied Solinova after moving out of the range of her holo and returning quickly.

    "Rouse General Colton and Admirals Leitman and Carthaginian, and when you've got them, com me," he commanded.

    "Ja, Minn Arri," said Solinova with a slight bow. "Shall I contact Captain Vectis and Admiral Ozzel as well?"

    Anakin smiled and bit his lip. These past 8 years in hell had not been an entire waste! "Yes, but don't patch Ozzel in until I tell you, and ... add Teshik, Kadir, Amidala and ...." He tapped his lips for a moment before deciding, "and Sate Pestage. Add Teshik in immediately, Teshik and Amidala," he said coming to another decision.

    "Ja, Minn Arri," said Solinova.

    "Carthaginian and Leitman, first." he added quickly, after thinking,",and this Captain Sohmer... contact him and have him ready until I ask for him."

    "Ja…." began Solinova, but Anakin cut her off with a curt, "Yes, yes, Ms. Solinava," and ended the transmission.

    Pashatemur Date Posted: 11/19/10 6:14pm

    IC: Mira Solinova, USF Embassy aid to the RMU, Anakin, Lord Vader, Imperial Executor, Provisional Imperator
    LOCATION: Office of the Imperial Executor/Provisional Imperator, Provisional Palace, Ursean Embassy, Ambassadorial Sector, Imperial Center - Taungsday, the morning after the Senate bombing, 0613c

    On her screen the progress of the memo as it was sent to each of the attendees scrolled:

    ...HM Sabe Amidala II, Queen of Naboo, Office of the Executor IC...Grand Admiral Magnes Carthaginian – HIM SSD Halcyon... Grand Admiral Osvald Teshik, ICO, Sector Zero Command, HIM ISD Eleemosynary...Lord Admiral Julien Leitman, USF – Mav. VittSD Vitt Utharde...Admiral Kendal Ozzel – HIM SSD Executor... Moff Kadir – ICPD... Captain Scyther Vectis – HIM VSD Road Block ...Captain Sohmer- HIM Krayt’s Fire ...Mr. Jan di Toli, HIM SSD Executor...
    ...prompt: Holocom encryption frequency...10 PFC level... searching...searching...connect....

    A soft ping announced the connections made.

    ...prompt: Protocol engaged...logging on...logging on...log...

    ....Precedural: Automatic return....Recipient...your transmission is being connected...Comm Holocom portal Cor IC-AOE-990-Silver/...

    The memorandum zipped through the encryption process as had the name, the angular letters flying in a green streak, one by one across her screen, as if they were being suctioned from one side of the screen to the other:

    08:09:33 IST
    0613 c

    HM Sabe Amidala II, Queen of Naboo, Office of the Executor IC Grand Admiral Magnes Carthaginian – HIM SSD Halcyon,
    Grand Admiral Osvald Teshik, ICO, Sector Zero Command, HIM SSD Eleemosynary,
    Lord Admiral Julien Leitman, USF – Mav. VittSD Vitt Utharde, Admiral Kendal Ozzel – HIM SSD Executor
    Moff Kadir – ICPD
    Captain Scyther Vectis – HIM VSD Road Block
    Captain Sohmer- HIM Krayt’s Fire Mr. Jan di Toli, HIM SSD Executor


    Report and stand-by immediately for closed holo conference with Imperator by order of the Executor, Provisional Imperator.

    Mira Solinova, USF Embassy Aid, Office of the Re Mavrat Ursa, Provisional Imperial Palace, Ursean Embassy
    ...prompt: confirm personal identification code...waiting for recipient input...

    ...waiting... connection...Recipient will stand-by for redirect/prompt: ....

    Single-way gate OE will port holo at OE discretion...stand-by...

    Another ping indicated the recipients were starting to log on and after confirming their identities with their Personal codes she could hear the multiple iterations; a smooth and warm female voice announced:

    "You have entered secured Holopod Cor IC-AOE-990-Silver, please await signal while your conference is bussed...."

    She could feel Anakin and Vos on the otherside of those doors as she got out of her worn attire. A brief moment of relief to be out of them and a bit sick of the sight after living in them for the past few days. Moving them aside, they were not meant for travelling, but the clothes had served her surprisingly well since that night on Rendili. Pursing her lips, she remembered that her jacket would still be in the private salon, she had accidentally left it there last night when she was trying to make her way to Anakin.

    Cocking her head as she reached for the top, she froze as she heard voices from the other room. Silently she resumed getting dressed. It felt strange getting changed in the new clothes given to her. She pushed aside the thoughts that these clothes belonged to someone else as she pulled on the tank top from over her montrals and down into place. Upon freeing her lekku from them, she untwisted the straps on her shoulders before tugging on the hem, noting how the dark violet complimented her reddish complexion.

    The light brown trousers were a close fit, just a tad small in terms of the length of them. Threading her own belt through the loops, doing up the buckle before clipping her small utility pouches back onto them. Her hand grasped for the japor carving on her white gold chain necklace to adjust as she stepped barefoot to the mirror to check how she looked.

    She looked more refreshed and presentable. The bottom of the tank top rode up a bit and she pushed it down a couple of times only to pout at it as it stubbornly rode up, but she exhaled and shrugged. It was fine enough and definitely better than the rags in her arm. Turning around and bundling her old clothes together, not sure what to do with them as she held them in her arms and exited into the bed chamber.

    SithStarSlayer Date Posted: 11/25/10 5:45am

    IC: Quinlan Vos, Ledaren of Kavala
    Location: Coruscant, with the Re and Ahsoka Tano

    "It doesn't look like I'll be able to take Han to Carida." said Anakin as he rejoined Quin. "Better find him... and don't tell me he's on board your and I both know he's incapable of staying put for this long on his own…." said Anakin jabbing the air with his forefinger and then addressing no one in particular, "I'd do better sending a pigeon courier than waiting for my summons to be acknowledged!" He stood regarding the holo transponder hands on hips as if he could will it to 'bleet' in answer.

    "I'm sure Solo's up to his neck in boredom..." mused Vos, "if he's still onboard that is." His head was still swimming slightly as he continued: "I'll send for him, as I'm not yet... fit-enough to navigate the maze of the cityscape." As Ahsoka returned with a fresh set of clothes, he offered with a sweeping gesture of his left hand in her direction: "Or, perhaps 'Mizz' Tano can once and for all, earn my trust by retrieving the young scoundrel for us?"

    He regarded the Togratu for a moment as he could sense her continued; albeit slight, agitation. But Quinlan felt no remorse or regret for what had transpired between them during the previous night. He couldn't. Not in his position. If the same situation presented itself a thousand times, he would have done the same repeatedly and without fail. Perhaps his... diplomacy could use some work, but in matters of life and death there wasn't much room for discussion. Without waiting for either of them to respond he finished with: "Unless of course, his majesty has something better in mind for you this afternoon."

    He hoped that in time, the young woman would come around on her own and see that given the deplorable hand he'd been dealt, Vos only did that which had to be done. A quick chill ran up his spine; causing the Kiffu to shudder ever-so-slightly, at the thought of what the young Emperor's death would have meant for the Galaxy. In the back of his mind; all he could see was total chaos....

    TAG: Emperor LongShanks and Mizz Tano

    NB: The conference was set up in posts by Pashatemur dated:
    17 Nov '10 @ 10:34am and 19 Nov '10 @ 6:14pm for those wanting to refresh themselves.

    IC: Anakin, Ahoska, and Quinlan Vos
    LOCATION: The Ursean Embassy and temporary Embassy District, Imperial Palace, Imperial Center/Coruscant

    Pursing his lips, Anakin smirked at Vos' peculiar pronunciations, but he wasn't entirely ready to take his "brother's" dictation and nodding for a moment, he audibly released tension in a sigh. "One small victory at a time, Anakin,” the young Emperor told himself and not without irony, given his brief and yet intensive apprenticeship to the late Emperor Palpatine - defunct Lord of the Sith. Thus, Anakin was at once pleased he could manage the small victories with patience and irritated with what he could not help but see as weakness and that in turn proved just how hard a road this was all going to be!

    He sighed.

    Pinching the bridge of his nose, the young man inhaled and looked up to Ahsoka. He would send her to his Ursean Admiral Colton immediately. Seeing the Admiral was not already in waiting for the junta he’d only minutes ago managed to arrange, Anakin raised the Admiral on holo, himself and had Colton see Ahsoka was introduced to General Lekhauf.

    Colton acquiesced with the obeisance typical of Lord Vader’s Ursean staff, but was at a loss as to how to give her the proper placement in the recognized chain of command - and in the military of any stripe, such designations were absolutely necessary to conferring authority.

    Anakin smiled and Vos could be heard to sniff as Colton suggested “Commissar, perhaps, Your Majesty?”

    Ahsoka’s lips parted slightly in surprise and then she gave Anakin a confident nod, sending, //”I suppose so. I was Commander during the war too! So why not ‘Commissar’”//

    “That’ll do for now,” said Anakin,nodding in response to Ahsoka and eager to get the wheels turning. After all, his detractors were many and it was certain they’d already begun to move to depose and destroy him.

    Colton assured his Re that the new Commissar Tano would be given the requisite holo of the missing Cadet Solo, that she’d be shown to Vos' ship with full access and that she would receive all clearance to retrieve the Re's astro- mech from the Senate Office of the Executor, as well as bureau, security and travel clearances.

    At the mention of the dented and dinged little barreled-shaped droid, Ahsoka brightened. ”Artoo!” she exclaimed under her breath. She’d tell Anakin later that Artoo was instrumental in helping her the night previous.

    "Good, Lord Admiral, you will ensure she has appropriate codes of communication as well. Miss Tano will need to call upon your counsel and aid negotiating the Imperial bureaucracy,” Anakin said succinctly, before the Admiral confirmed the command and departed momentarily to make all ready.

    Ahsoka stood quietly by the side till Anakin invited Ahsoka's comment. "Well, Ahsoka?" came his query just as she was resolved to wait.

    Looking to her erstwhile Master, Ahsoka didn’t like the idea of leaving so soon, but it would go a long way if she could gain Vos' trust... ‘Why do I get the sense that this is an convenient excuse to get me out of the way?’ She thought, wondering if at first opportunity, the doors would close on her to keep her out. ’Like that would work!’ She smirked and remarked to herself, but then she smiled as she recalled that Anakin had seen she was given clearances, access, and communication. He’d anticipated all of this, she realized as she looked up to see that old look in his eyes and she smile in relief. No need to sense through the Force; the communication was clear as a bell.

    ”It’s as good as done, Your...ah...Majesty,” Ahsoka said with a slightly fractured smile, the awkwardness of the title tripping her confidence slightly.

    ”Oh, give or take a few hours just to be conservative,” said Vos in his incomparably wry manner, turning around with a crooked smile. “You don’t know Solo!”

    "Just a moment!" Anakin said holding up his hand, interupting and looking to the two of them, Quin and Ahsoka. "You are both needed here and I'm not about to do without, we end this hassle and get on with business. You will resolve this issue between you, immediately," he said irritably and then added almost under his breath, "at least, preferably before the next time we meet."

    Thinking it over, Ahsoka pursed her lips and dropped her glare at Vos. There were probably other reasons for sending her off; they might not want her around during the conference to hear sensitive material. ’I do need to get a few details on this, Cadet Solo.’
    "Which would you consider of importance?" she asked Vos, lifting her head resolutely and gazing directly into Master Vos’ intense green eyes.

    Anakin looked to Vos and Vos to Anakin and they spoke as one, [hl=green]"Never say 'never'!"[/hl] and then Vos added "Hehehehe..the boy is bred for the’s an instinct with him…" and Anakin continued, "...he sees everything as a personal challenge…" The two looked at one another and then Anakin begrudgingly laughed. Solo was not unlike himself in some very significant ways.

    Ahsoka could not help but note this trait was particular to her once-Master and while she did not say it, she knew he must know she thought it.

    “I will go and find this ‘scoundrel’, as you so call him, for you.. though…” Ahsoka looked to Vos. “I will need to know something about him and specific ways to identify him.”

    Her thoughts were interrupted by the rumbling in her stomach. She definitely needed some food in her system.

    As if on cue, a serving droid ushered in a tray of breakfast, and though covered, the aroma was unmistakable and excruciatingly tantalizing!

    Directing the tray be taken up to Ahsoka’s suite, Anakin brought up a holo of Cadet Solo with a young girl. The two turned to look out from the holo as if to gaze at someone in particular and then continued inspecting something in the girl’s hand. With long dark tresses obviously blown by wind, large dark blue eyes, the brow, the shape of her face -the resemblance to the youngling in the large portrait in the grand entrance foyer to the suite identified her as Anakin’s daughter and the older boy must be this Solo.

    The Cadet had a rakish grin, a mop of sandy blond straight hair and a devilish air that said he was probably a handful.

    Studying the image of the boy, he was not that much younger than Ahsoka, who stood already formulating ideas in her head about where he might be. Would he be still at Vos’ Ship? Probably not, but given he was asked to go there, it counts as worth investigating. There might be a scent for his trail.

    “I’ll be back shortly, with Cadet Solo,” Ahsoka affirmed confidently, finding herself grateful she had a purpose after so long, surprised to find she felt this way and surprised too to find Anakin’s hand on her shoulder as she did so. “I’ll count on it!” said Anakin in return, something in his smile, showing some hidden concern.

    “You’ll want this,” said Anakin placing a familiar object in her hand as she stood at the door. She was about to speak her protest. “No time to refit yours. Take it! Get something in your stomach ... See you soon,” he said firmly before sending Ahsoka on her way.


    TAG: all interested parties and to be cont'd
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    The italic part of this post is from Ominous' post.

    ~IC~ Tomaas Azzameen
    Toydarian space

    The discussion with Captain Trawl was pleasant as the cargo was transferred, it was good relaying current events and getting an unique perspective on them. As he listened to the Captain, Tomaas knew how fortunate he and his family are.

    Life in space is harsher than those spent on planets. Some travellers, Tomaas had came across in backwater worlds, believed that if you leave your homeworld, you are already dead. That ships are large metal coffins ferrying you to some hereafter, depending on what belief system you buy into.

    What Tomaas believes in, he keeps to himself, especially in regards to politics. The safety of his family comes first and to keep his family company healthy, he has maintained neutrality while following his conscious. Remaining neutral and maintaining that balance during a period of upheaval has its risks and rewards as does siding with the other parties. Independent parties pose threats when they exploit loopholes to hinder a rival?s company and go unpunished. To his experience, some of the larger ones are prone to corruption and bully the smaller ones into submission, bankruptcy or assimilate their assets in a take over. Xizor Transit Systems are one of the main offenders in the business.

    With the hard work from his brother, Antan, and their loyal employees, they have managed to expand Twin Suns Transport Services and hold their own against the competition. Passenger and freight services the company provides allow a steady income to put towards more resources to slowly expand their operations further.

    During this turbulent time and rumours from the Core and Colonies, it is hard to tell whether the market will remain the same, improve or a turn for the worse. Somehow when times look bleak, Antan has a knack for finding some arrangement to get them by.

    Extending his hand, Captain Trawl smiled, ?Well it was a pleasure doing business with you. Do you have any questions before we undock from your ship and leave??

    ?A pleasure too.? Shaking the man's hand, Tomaas smiled. "One last thing, just to confirm that payment has been debited to cover the costs of this service and that you'll have a safe and uneventful journey back.?

    TAG: Captain Trawl, POF Logan and Alliance Vessels.
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    I will post the CSs when they are ready...

    Here are the pictures of two of the characters in this post. My thanks goes to Corellian_Outrider for making them.



    IC: Adrias Stark, Nyll, Thorn

    YT-1760 "Righteous", hyperspace

    The battered ship was in hyperspace, racing to the coordinates that Master Eddard Dondarion had transmitted. Adrias had not doubts that they won?t find the Union shuttle there, probably they were captured by the Imperials. That is why his mind started to calculate how to best extract the old man. This was surely a suicide mission to say the least. Even if the freighter was in a better condition they would not be able to pull this off. The blasted decision not to go to the Nar Shadaa safehouse to get the other ship.

    'I am getting old...' Adrias thought unhappily, he was making silly mistakes. That is how the pirates had found them and almost blasted them to atoms. His, Nyll's and Thorn's combined luck was what protected them and got them to Rendili. It was there he met a certain Togruta girl who was also trained in the Force though reluctant to admit it. Adrias had been a Jedi Knight long time ago until his Padawan Maya got brutally murdered by a slaver. Knight Stark was, and still is, a passionate man who adored his student and this was the explosive combination that made him a vigilante. The Jedi Order of course did not agree with his methods of hunting down and killing the criminals so he left them. Fearing that he might slip to the Dark Side Adrias went to the Union to train with the Death Cult Assassins. Being the former student of Eddard Dondarion and a friend to the duke he managed to convince them to accept him in their ranks. It was there where he learned to assassinate sentient beings dispassionately, not only that but to think that he is making them, and for that matter the Galaxy, a favour.

    He knew there was not justification for his actions. He became a bounty hunter that works for the same people he tried to eradicate. When he found the opportunity he planted incriminating evidence so that the different gangs to start killing each other. The problem was that for every criminal he eliminated a couple more took their place. At least with the money he managed to improve the lives of the innocents he saved. Though this was only a small drop in the impossibly large ocean. During the years as a bounty hunter he did not severe all his ties to the Order, during the Clone Wars he acted as a Republic agent. He had been deep undercover behind enemy lines, sometimes performing BlackOps, sending information to the Republic.

    ‘Remember who you are...’ a hissing whisper inside his head always accompanied him ‘...Assassin...Murderer...Monster...’ This struck home, every time he heard the whisper Adrias almost winced from pain. He closed his eyes for a moment then opened them to see Nyll sitting across the table, he fixed on her his only good eye. Even without it he could sense her concern for him. They were sitting in the galley, now he remembered where he was, having a quiet dinner before the mission. Nyll was a red-skinned Twi’Lek he saved from slavery some time ago on Corellia. She had been a dance girl and a pet to a ruthless master. He dared not to imagine what she had to endure, maybe that is how she broke down and now was more like a child than an adult. Adrias didn’t know why she was still with him, after all these years. Maybe it was a sense of misplaced loyalty, though he doubted that she could live a normal life without someone protecting her. Nyll was more or less irresponsible and heart touchingly naive. Probably it was better that she remained with him so that the former Jedi could protect her.

    He was aware of her feelings for him. She was in love with him, though he could not imagine someone having any other feelings for him other than revulsion. Unfortunately for her there was only one person in his heart - Maya - his long dead Padawan. He refused to let her go, even though he knew this was utterly selfish but he feared that if by releasing her he will become a traitor. The sweet Maya who did not deserve her fate. She had the making of a great Jedi... Adrias tried to shake away these thoughts, his mind has to be clear for the oncoming mission.

    “Ad, honey, don’t you like the meal? I can make you another one if you want...”

    He shook his head as an answer.

    Stark smiled at her, the truth was that she was a superb cook. Maybe as a result that she had been a house slave to a master with insatiable appetites. Well he was long dead and buried thanks to the former Jedi. At least now she was free, though she chose to stay and become part of the crew. The other crew member was the Togorian called Thorn. Stark had met him on one of his missions to liberate some slaves. It was there where he found the large creature - leading a rebellion to overthrow its masters. They were stupid enough not to be able to break the spirit of the proud Togorian. They were also dead for a long time now. Adrias had saved Thorn and the large feline felt dutybound to remain with him and help him with the self-appointed mission. Thorn was not eating with them as a consideration to the sensitive Nyll. He required fresh meat and the manner he ate it was a bit...disgusting. So to spare the fair Twi’Lek from the nightmares he usually ate in the cargo hold. Sometimes while they were not on a mission they flied to feral planets for a picnic and let Thorn go hunting.

    Most of the days he was grumpy, at least to new-comers, but Adrias knew better than that. The Togorian had a soft heart, well reserved for his friends. You don’t want to have an enemy like a Togorian. Though he would have to speak with him about his manners, he was unnecessarily rude to the Togruta girl.

    “Um, Ad, I forgot to tell you something...”

    He turned his gaze at her, he could sense her nervousness.

    “What is it?”

    “I found a commlink near the main hold, I think it was the one you pulled from the girl...”

    This was bad news, it means that they could be tracked. If she was an Imperial agent, though at that point it seemed unlikely. After all he had revealed quite a lot to her and nothing happened. Probably if she was someone’s puppet He will have to find her and find out, probably will have to eliminate her if she posed a threat to him or his crew. He surely did not want this to happen, after all she seemed to be a fellow Jedi on the run. The future is always in motion. Probably all this was his paranoia kicking in. Though it does not hurt to be cautious, especially in his line of business. It was a pity he could not enlist her for this mission, surely another Force user could have been of great help. Maybe if he had more time he could have found Master Dondarion’s other Padawan...this Dennii Sunwalker girl. If she had survived the purge...

    Too many ifs for his liking... An idea formed in his mind, Master Dondarion had been traveling in the ducal shuttle which meant that if the crew was not changed there should be at least one Royal Guard. They were all implanted with tracking devices and since he had been a Death Cult Assassin for some time and had taken some jobs from the Union he was privy to some sensitive information. He still had access to the Union’s internal network so he could easily find out where the shuttle is. Hopefully Master Dondarion will be somewhere nearby...

    TAG: To be continued
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    IC: Marie-Celeste, Matriarch and Reina Mavras of Ursa, presumptive Empress of 1,000 Systems; Sophia Anastasia, Infanta of Ursa and daughter of Anakin, Lord Vader, Re Mavrat of Ursa and presumptive Emperor of 1,000 Systems; Maruuke, nurse to Sophia
    LOCATION: approaching Coruscant and beginning descent to planet aboard the Ursean Royal Yacht, Mavras Maelstrom

    Urseans were on the tall side for humans, an ancient race though their blood in countless ages past mingled with that of decidedly more ancient progeny than that of the once space-faring explorers. For eons though, they lived in relative peace and good health as a whole and their stature reflected the good life of harmony and good husbandry.

    Ursa system was a riot of life, with 7 planets nearly all of which were primarily temperate in climate save the far-orbiting and frozen Sabine, which even still was home to remote communities and the industrial and mining planet of Malove, a testament to a less conserving and more warlike past. In contrast to the shipyards, chemical plants and mineral depots of the dusty Malove, burgeoning bucolic 'scapes of every hue of green delighted the eye on Gripsholm, Kavala, Thermopolae and Astrachan. It had been so on Jupe in particular before Grievous destroyed the farming planet near the end of the Republic. Yet, even with the crippled Jupe, hobbling in its orbit, Ursa was still "breadbasket" to it's quadrant of the Galaxy.

    Over an abiding populous adamantly and culturally accorded with participating and continuously negotiating its government, the Re and Reina presided with a shared parliamentary vote over a bicameral legislature with a representative democracy. The religion, though of the state, was not prescribed for all and the system had lived happily remote from the rest of the galaxy, age upon age. Ursa was not without upheaval or dissent, but for the most part, it was a sane place in which to live. The Prelates plotted upon historic occasion and reformed, the government cleansed itself of graft from time to time, but on the main, a good place.

    It was from this idyll that the Reina had voyaged, speeding with all haste to stand beside her beleaguered husband. She stood now at the large round port and watched the traffic around Coruscant move in some pattern she presumed made sense to the comptrollers somewhere out there in the golden glowing dark and on planet and she counseled herself that soon she would see for herself the injuries sustained in battle and which had grieved her to undisciplined concern. The father confessor stood nearby but at a thoughtful distance. If the Reina needed the counsel of his years or his comfort she would indicate it. She was the Matriarch and he knew better than to remind her of the meditations she must already seek.

    “Gruss Seele, Your Majesty,” said a crisply saluting young captain. “I’ve come to inform you; we have been granted egress and are queuing now.”

    The dark-haired Reina turned amidst a rustle of satin as the folds of her full skirt torque’d with her change of position. She had bright but dark eyes of a reddish-brown, a fine and slightly turned up nose, an intelligent gaze and gracefully arched brows. Her lips full, with a slight overbite, her chin delicately cleft and a serene poise, her head held above strong shoulders upon a slender, swanlike neck. In all, she had an exotic look, an engaging glance and a presence which conveyed both her active mind and her sincere interest in all around her and yet, she was quiet and her pliant nature belied her strength.

    "How long do you estimate it will take for us to arrive on Imperial Center?" she queried with a hint of anticipation in her voice.

    “The queue is quite long, but way will be given for our landing. I expect weshall arrive within the next hour. Preparations are being made for security on our vector and atmospheric traffic must be diverted,” he added apologetically.

    Marie-Celeste inclined her head graciously in acknowledgment of the Captain’s words.

    Perhaps there was something in the Captain’s voice which seemed to reveal a slight reluctance on his part to descend to Coruscant, Celeste thought as she watched him bow and take leave.

    The floor shuddered faintly as the Mavras Maelstrom turned to port and began to glide serenely into what Celeste could now see was a queue, ships of every size slipping to either side to let the Ursean Yacht pass surrounded by her escorts.

    The Infanta had entered after the Captain’s departure and held her mother about the waist, leaning tiredly against the ballooning silver skirts of her mother. The child’s large deep blue eyes gazed eagerly towards the planet, her body trembling slightly with an anticipation her mother understood well.

    “It took us just a few hours to travel here from Ursa, mommy. We’ve been waiting up here forever,” she said with slight exaggeration. “When will we be there?” she pouted finally.

    “Soon enough, Sophia,” said Celeste looking about keenly, observing the skies filled to bursting with the Imperial fleet, and here and there, Ursean warships too.

    As quickly as the way was gained, the whole process seemed excruciatingly slow. Celeste stood still, holding Sophia about her shoulders, the Princess’ cheek resting over her mother’s heart and the Reina stroked the softly waving tresses of dark brown hair that fell to her daughter’s waist. Like her mother, the Infanta wore her hair bound only by a ribbon round her head to hold her bangs back. Her mother too had the same tresses, only darker and while the Infanta looked and dressed very similarly to her mother, she looked to those who knew him, so very much more like her father with the same straight nose, intense eyes of disarming deep blue and a pale complexion of such evenness it was like silk.

    Some minutes later, Sophia asked teasingly with a dramatic sigh, “...Are we there yet?” She lay, head lolling, her legs draped over the back of a plush sedan and her silver skirts bunched and ‘wilting’ to either side of her where her head dangled from the soft upholstered seat.

    “Ah, your hair! Your dress!” clucked Maruuke, the Infanta’s nurse.

    “Minn Arri, Little Mother,” the father confessor interrupted diffidently. “Your levée waits.”

    Indeed, they did. The ladies and monks one by one entered with the Matriarch’s robes of state wrapped in fine gauze and held over their outstretched hands, careful not to soil or crease the delicate and ancient metal embroideries of scrolling runes and twining floral motifs. The stiff scarlet and silver miter trimmed in blue, the cape and stole, the chasuble and cincture, with these they began the reverent ceremony of vesting the Reina amid chanted mantra, and her responsorial prayers.

    Meanwhile, Sophia pressed her nose to the port, crossed her eyes and suctioning her rounded, open lips on the cold transparasteel and blew until her delicately colored cheeks bulged. She dearly hoped that someone or ones in the ships they passed would behold her mugging and be scandalized.

    “Come along, Sophia. It’s time to straighten your dress and brush your hair. Your father’ll think he has a Felucian Devil Monkey for a daughter if he beholds you like this,” chided the nurse with a tone betraying she’d perfected the art of chiding over many like incidences.

    The warm tone of the wood paneling in the cabin became rich and yet bright with the reflected light of Coruscant, a brilliant burnished gold, nearly too bright to behold and made even brighter by the spreading sliver of a corona glinting at the planet’s far side.

    Sophia couldn’t help but grin even as she squinted before the view port’s glare sensors adjusted the tint of the triple paned windows, distracted from the many possible difficulties that lay ahead by her happiness at the coming reunion. She looked to her mother, certain she too could feel his presence and she found her mother grinned as well.

    TAG: open
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    IC: Anakin, Quin Vos, Lord Admiral Julien Leitman of the Ursean Security Forces; Ahsoka Tano
    LOCATION: In conference in the Ursean Embassy/Imperial Palace (Leitman via holo from aboard the USF destroyer and flag ship, Vitt Utharde); a transport in transit to the Imperial Senate, Coruscant

    The young Emperor turned about to regard Vos once more, but on the periphery, Anakin caught the slender flash of violet that was Ahsoka's trim form leaving, her old clothes bundled in her arm and he smiled briefly, reminded that she was indeed returned. He knew Ahsoka had not eaten for a long while and needed to hurry a long anticipated breakfast to accomplish her current task. She'd be anxious to get back.

    The bleat of a comm call interrupted both the reminiscence.

    He answered quickly, "Ahem - i...yes, Ms. Solinova?"

    Vos regarded Ahsoka's leaving for a moment before his attention too was caught by the ring of the comm. He glanced sideways to Anakin and noted Vader's stance. This was official business that interrupted their conversation, whatever it was about. He shifted position and rubbed his chin as he stepped away from the younger man hoping he'd not be detained or worse, required to participate in a matter of state.

    "Minn Arri," said Mira, now materializing before them as a blue hued ethereal bust of the woman whence came the voice. "We await Moff Kadir and Her Highness, the Queen of Naboo."

    "And Lord Admiral Leitman?" queried Anakin.

    "He's just logged in, Your Majesty," confirmed the aid.

    "Excellent," Anakin commented almost to himself and bowing his head as he bit his lower lip. He continued to talk at the holo image as he stood over the invisible floor sensors. "Put Lord Admiral Leitman through - only."

    "Yes, Minn Arri..."

    "Minn Re, Du mycket förbättrat," Julian exclaimed as the Re's, now possibly Emperor rose in translucent blue before him.

    Though relatively young to hold his position, Leitman bore his surprise at his Re's visible restoration to health, well. Gone were the puffed and oozing burns to Vader's flesh, upon his previously singed pate, a full mane of reddish-brown falling to below his shoulders, the blistered and charred sliver of lips now full, the familiar intense blue gaze fringed once again by the thick lashes that with Vader's brows had been burned away, the lesions and dark circles under the eyes gone without trace! Poised, recovering his stoic countenance quickly, the Lord Admiral Leitman stood at attention.

    The last the Ursean had seen of Vader, the young Emperor was being moved from his USF flag ship, Vitt Utharde in a medical capsule, looking disquietingly reminiscent of a bisko steak in a wine marinade. Dr. Molita's shamanic skills and medical acumen were renowned, but Leitman had to admit, he had been shaken and wondered if the Re wasn't beyond the doctor's considerable talents to mend. Now to see the Re, restored, it was more than the Admiral could hope so soon to see.

    "Förlåta jag!" Julian said bowing and asking pardon for staring. "Din hår. Jag rapportera, som anmodat, min Vår Arri," he said, his voice now firm and recovered as he reported officially for duty.

    Vos, recognizing the lilt of the Ursean language and translated quickly, though it did not require much application of Vos' considerable skills of observation to decipher what Leitman said so clearly in his formal salute- the Admiral's belief in and recognition of Vader's authority.

    Anakin smiled slightly and formally addressed the Ursean Lord Admiral. "Vår Herre Amiral." Julian's surprise was expected. When Anakin left the Vitt, he was laboring for breath and only Molita's stimulant shots and the Force allowed Anakin to move under his own steam long enough to have a few hours of medical attention before returning to Coruscant to address the Senate and initiate the Provisional law which effectively gave Vader the Imperial throne. It was good to finally speak without tremendous effort just to breathe.

    The young Re and Imperator nodded in answering. "Den er fint till se du nu jag er i en bättre stat än sist jag såg du." Then standing taller, Anakin came to the matter at hand, emphasizing the critical nature of what he had to impart. "Där er en sak av brådskande med vilkden vi måste affär.”

    Anakin paused for a moment. “Amiral, framför avvikande från din skeppa in på Kalee , vi hade ändå till återvinna kroppen om Kejsare. Så du kände , den var kritisk jag återvända här framför den ryktet och vilan om flotten återvända.” It was true, Admiral Leitman had attended the Re as he hastily departed to outrace Tarkin back to Imperial Center, before a proper search for the remains of the late Emperor Palpatine could be mounted.

    Yes, Leitman knew well, the urgency. The rumor of Palpatine’s demise would spread like wildfire soon and the perceived power-vacuum would have given rise to shear chaos. The Admiral knew too that Tarkin had made the same evaluation, hence his premature departure from the field of battle. Normally, the Grand Moff would have remained to see his “people” installed in the Imperial provisional government to assure his control of the newly vanquished theatre.

    The three-front operation was intense and required the combined fleets of the Empire and Ursa, not that Ursa’s contribution increased the number of resources by a large percentage - Ursean involvement was both politically instigated and a practical matter of some superior technology which soon they’d be forced to share.

    The offensive was timed so the strike on Muunilist, Mygeeto and Kalee occured simultaneously. Special Operations - the Kavalad, lead by the Ledaren, Vos - from Ursa had been the advance guard and gone in to disrupt the Confederacy’s communications and hit key defense installations. It was inevitable that some of the CIS’s consirable resources and key leadership escaped. While Muunilist fell with reasonable expenditure, Mygeeto and Kalee were a different matter and what happened on Kalee still defied explanation. There were so many unexpected variables, not the least of which was the power of their battle platform, the “Requiem.” It handily eliminated the Emperor’s great credit-crater, “The Killing Moon.” Yet, there was something on Kalee of far greater destructive power than even those two monstrosities, something completely unexpected and as yet, unknown in both form and origin!

    Whatever it was, it turned Kalee to cinder and took many of the ships, both CIS and Imperial too.

    The end result, as it related to matters at hand, the Re was saying, was that the waste-land that had become of Kalee in the wake of the cataclysmic eruptions and the action of that unknown force, significantly challenged any hopes of finding the remains. The entity on Kalee had confronted both the Re and the now dead Palpatine. It called itself Umbrus and it had literally sucked the life from the planet and left it barren ash and lava.

    Leitman and Vos listened attentively.

    ”I have encountered this thing before and so had the Emperor, but he never did disclose whence or how. There were many of the troops on that mountain who saw and experienced its manifestation, but I can guarantee that none can say what happened. All they could state with any surety is that they saw the Emperor addressing the luminous image of what appeared to be a female before he was propelled swiftly and with extreme force by an unseen hand from that ledge we had gained,” the Re said looking down for a moment, his voice grown somewhat tense.

    “We need to secure those men as witnesses,” interrupted Vos after clearing his voice.

    Leitman nodded in agreement, “He’s right, Your Majesty.”

    Anakin was silent for a moment, his shoulders rising and falling with a resolute breath as he nodded. All three knew that while they spoke, there were those who now moved to insure Vader’s downfall and chief among them, one who was present and knew the elements involved in the strange and sudden death of the Galactic Emperor, Palpatine.

    Oddly, it had been the Emperor’s own agent who had brought about the original catastrophe. The Sith guardian, Colonel Sin had been sent in to destroy a key component of Kalee’s planetary defense, a power generator located in a volcano near the Palace of the Quaemen.

    Sin’s crazed suit for victory had resulted in the volcano’s eruption and Anakin had been cut off, trapped behind a fall of lava, while Sin and Sidious fell under the eye of the entity that called itself, ‘Yammka!’ That was the last Anakin had seen of Sidious – the Sith Lord thrown from the mountain like a rag doll!

    Leitman was invited to relate the incidences connected with recovering the Emperor’s remains. It was not far from the smoking hole that had become of the volcano after the cataclysm whence Leitman’s ship had picked up Colonel Sin’s signal, who himself was thrown from the ledge along with Sidious during the pitched battle on the side of the Kaleesh sacred mountain. It was seismic movement that had dislodged Sin and he’d been able to survive the fall where the Emperor had been forcibly thrown.

    The Re had not completed his part of the tale, so Julian Leitman did not know how the Re had escaped except that word had gone through the lines that Vader had helped bring a crippled ship safely to ground- a feat for a healthy force adept. Leitman had taken it by article of faith, that the Re, scoured and burned, barely able to breathe had indeed experienced a force beyond his own measure on that mountain however he’d escaped with his life and strength enough to save that ship. A non-sensitive could still see it in another’s eyes – the trial of true fire!

    There was a mutual regard between the Re, Lord Vader and his Ursean Admiral. They fought together before the fall of the Republic and ever since then, together they fought in this continued war with the CIS, and with Quinlan Vos, though the relationship was far more complex and the history even more so, there was, as well, a great respect. Thus, the three, so well disposed, continued to debrief and grasp the issue of Sin’s return with Sidious’ now putrifying remains. As paltry a pile of decomposition all that cunning had become, the Emperor, even now, exerted a perverse influence on the lives of so many and the irony was not lost on the close junta as they spoke quickly.

    A certain reality was that this three front battle on Kalee, Muunilist and Mygeeto was the final push of the Clone Wars, the battle to end the protracted war against the Confederacy which had only regrouped and rallied under the hands of the escaped Greivous and Dooku. Even after Dooku’s death during the Second Battle of Malove in his failed attempt to kidnap and hold for ransom, the Reina of Ursa, the Confederacy had gained more systems and grown wealthy in resources and people.

    The Empire was strong enough to hold the CIS back for a time, but it was costly and for Sidious, a supreme test of patience. For Greivous too - the Kaleesh desired to settle old scores.For several years Grievous had been working to build a trap at Malachor. Anakin waited him out, and ironically, nothing else could teach Vader patience, but this cold war! When the Quaemen was certain his trap had gone undetected, the “good General” fell to gloating. The CIS had built a small fleet of the near impenetrable ‘Ravager’ class battle ships and had, in secret, culled the Death Star plans from their covert agents in the Empire to build a weapons platform of unprecedented capabilities and more deadly still than the MAW’s “Killing Moon,” so extravagantly squandered by Palpatine on the Kaleesh.

    When the Confederacy used the platform to vaporize the ancient enemy of the Kaleesh, the Huk, no one sat idly, particularly not Anakin. This had become Vader’s war!

    Tarkin knew the war’s origins and underpinnings and required its continuing to further secure his power in the structure of the Governorships. Wisdom came late to Anakin and well aware of the irony, he had to learn to negotiate his survival, whether aggressively with brute force or by wit and wisdom.

    In time, the purge upon which Vader’s duties were founded, he began to see, was the very means Sidious used to control him. Even the capture and dispatching of Dooku during the second Battle of Malove, 2 years after the fall of the Republic brought little relief. It was nearly an empty victory and the ex-Jedi’s death at the hands of Anakin’s right hand, Quinlan Vos, only resulted in a more cohesive coalition in the CIS. Yet, Vader had saved his new home system of Ursa and there he learned leadership.

    Wasn’t it the late Chancellor Valorum who had written in his tome, The Practical Politician that, “ a warrior, the politician is defined by his courage to meet his ultimate failures squarely and those failures inevitably come from a hesitance to take the lead...The art of persuasion lies in the ability to profoundly challenge one’s own perspective. Only then, can one negotiate meaning. You may only transform by transforming. All hard barter is undone, when coercion hardens the resolve of those essentially unmoved. Denial of this simple axiom is the height of hubris and he who insists otherwise is destined to spend his career bolstering the foriifications of his faulty reason!”

    As both the “cudgel of the Empire” and the Re of Ursa, Anakin needed his Ursean parliament and out of necessity delegated and lead. No dun moch, no coercion wrought as easily simple coordination and rule. Thus, where he would not be lead as a Jedi, he found by necessity, though not without the peculiar nuanced residue of his base deeds or habits, he would lead as ‘a person.’ Though, tied to the rock of his guilt, he was gradually reformed by his new home. The Urseans warring roots left a record in their culture, a sort of brail that resonated for the Re and created a bridge for a restless spirit to reclaim his own sanity and in spite of Sidious’ fine applications of truth and lies, the hard shell of the “seed” split and the cryptic echo of Qui Gon’s quick lessons began one by one to jell in Anakin’s mind.

    Thus, Vader, in the Imperial hierarchy was a fine tool of Sidous’ will that gradually grew less predictable for the wielder and while Anakin’s hands were soiled, he began to find ways to extricate himself from the “sticky” hold of all those very fine threads of lies and deceit, deep and persistent as they might be. Not that the ‘Master Architect’ did not expect his apprentice to rebel, after all, it was necessary the student should rise to supplant the teacher and it was the teacher’s duty to hold his ground.

    The Confederacy under Grievous, too had defied their ‘architect’ as well and become a monster beyond Sidious’ control, or so it seemed. The machine of industry required the constant diet of blood and credits. This was no longer an inconvenient political reality to the young Executor and it was only part of his struggle; he’d made for himself a web of justifications from which self- extraction required time he no longer possessed. Too late, he found he was but one gear in a greater work that defied his computation. Sidious was a genius without parallel and yet, he was not above death!

    Palpatine’s death conferred leadership to him who could claim it. Now he grasped it, Anakin had to hold it and that was another thing altogether. He’d planned, sorted, parsed, and preparer to gain this throne, learning that he would require his own coalition, finding he was alone, “the wizard”, the “fist”, the boy hero, and ultimately, the Jedi who was really this Lord Vader had come at last to stand again at Obi wan’s confrontation - “Is it really you who will restore balance? How can you be trusted after what you have done!?”


    Finally, Anakin said to Leitman and Vos, “Well, it’s clear. The lock-down prevented some dissemination of my provisional command, however, now that that’s been lifted, information is moving through the rumor mill. The Emperor's body is needed as forensic proof of his demise and to establish the cause of death.”

    They all knew what Anakin meant but Vos was compelled to shape the thought into words, ”Establish your authority...all politics is local - and downright thorny!”

    Anakin nodded without smiling and added, ”Ledaren, find the witnesses amongst the troops that were with me on Kalee. Julien, you’ll supply Quin with the necessary info, find out how those troops were disbursed after the battle. I...ahem...we need those remains transported safely planet-side and we need those witness safe,” Anakin informed, finally, his chin lowered and brow concentrated as he spoke of the difficulty. ”I expect there to be determined interference. See to the defence of our assets and ascertain who in Imperial we can count on up there,” said Anakin refering to the defence of the Royal Ursean Yacht in stationary orbit and loyalty within the Imperial Navy that were currently in temporary chain of command with the Ursean fleet.

    “I’ve already made an estimation, Your Majesty…” said Julien. He conveyed his list of loyalties to the Re and Vos interjected, “I hope your estimations prove founded, Lord Admiral.”

    Yet, before Leitman could reply, Miss Solinova informed the Re that the Naboo Queen waited...


    The Admiral Colton sent an aid with a comm, a dossier with an identity chip and clearance and a holo disc along with Ahsoka and “armor” with these vestiges of bureaucracy, Ahsoka was striding with her old springing gait through the Embassy and out into a Coruscant day as if she owned the path she trod. She had to smile at herself and was not a little excited at the prospect of seeing Artoo in a very short while!

    After awhile, however, the glances and menace of even casual passersby brought home the cold reality that the old Chancellor’s Empire was not an hospitable place for those who carried sabres. On more then several occasions, Ahsoka needed to produce her “clearance.”

    “Commi..ssar Ahsoka...Tano?” said the sentry at the landing pad as her data tag was scanned. “New one on me,” the trooper said, running a secondary check. “You’re cleared,” he said with surprise as another trooper approached curious about the Togruta with the regulated weapon on her hip.

    She could still hear the two conferring as she boarded the transport.

    “No...checks out. The clearance was authorized at a level one....” she could hear one say, the electric buzz of his vocoder carried away quickly in an artificial gust and current the canyoning towers of Coruscant habitually induced.

    The sun sat a little higher in the sky, now, its light entered in through the windows of the transport warming the cabin. Daybreak seemed another lifetime ago. Every few moments the light would flicker as the shadow of towering skyscrapers interrupted the streams of daylight and vehicles busily zipped along the traffic lanes. Holding Anakin’s old hilt in her hand as the transport ferried her to the senate building, Ahsoka looked beyond the ‘tool’ as her thoughts drifted to Anakin and her ‘mission’.

    While she didn’t like being away from his side so soon after his recovery, she understood that collecting Artoo and finding this young Cadet needed to be done and felt almost exhilarating to be part of something again. There was excitement too at meeting an old friend again, it had been too long since she last saw Artoo in person. To converse with him yesterday and with his help in the Ursean Embassy, she felt like she owed the lil’ droid something.

    The whine of the engines growing louder, Ahsoka looked up to see the familiar bronzium clad mushroom-shaped monument that housed the Galactic Senate come into view as the transport began to tilt down, exiting a higher lane to a diverted lane below. Traffic was being heavily regulated around the venerable edifice.

    She could see the wreckage below, the superstructure of the dome where it had been crumpled and torn, now newly replaced and glinting where the morning light struck the freshly bonded girders and struts. It was hard to trust one’s eyes. This structure was supposed to have been un-shatterable, impenetrable. It had stood for a thousand years - the symbol of the Jedi’s “Great Mandate” to safe guard democracy, the foundation of 'civilisation.’ With the gash as visible as that, would that fracture the strength of its meaning to the people? Was it the attacker's intentions to weaken, deface or devalue a sign of hope to people, she wondered. It didn’t make sense to her. Whoever released the missile that struck the Senate had an opportunity to do far more harm than even that which was now in awesome evidence before her.

    Ahsoka lips moved in silence as she exclaimed to herself, her chin tilting up as the transport descended to one of the many landing pads, the enormous dome seeming to grow above and blot out the sun. The temperature dropped appreciably in the shadow of this colossus and beads of condensation briefly left frost on the ship’s windows.

    She hadn’t expected to be so moved by this return. Yet, so many with whom she and Anakin had worked “habited” this place. She found herself populating the halls and plazas with old faces, thinking, ’We had friends here - Riyo Chuchi and Bail, Bail Organa!’ Suddenly, her chest contracted in realisation and concern. She wondered how they had fared. ”It’s been so long. Maybe they might not remember the friendship like I do…” She sighed.

    The resonating thud of the landing feet hitting the durasteel reinforced ferrocrete was felt through out the cabin. Slowly the boarding doors opened and the whirling of gears briefly sounded as the boarding ramp extended smoothly from the transport and lowered with a high metallic screech.

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    IC: Colonel Sin, Sohmer's ready room, off the Krayt's Fire' bridge
    Location: Coruscant orbit

    Drenched and sitting cross-legged upon Captain Sohmer's sodden desk, the red-clad Emperor's Hand had cause to think wistfully of the Ursean family seat, which he had helped to raze to the ground, following his metamorphosis into a big spined Sith Dragon.

    Now the Urseans, led by their Re, his friend Anakin, knew how to treat someone afflicted as he: call in a load-lifting LAAT and carry his choob to the spaceport.

    Here, aboard the Krayt's Fire, the Venator Star Destroyer sent to find Emperor Palpatine's remains on Kalee, before Tarkin's agents, here aboard the 'Fire, they had no style. No elan.

    The Sith Marauder glared darkly at the sealed doorway.

    Here, they had been a lot less accomodating. At the first sign of flames, Sohmer and Commander Merch had hopped over his rippling form, hot-footed it out the door, and sealed it behind them, leaving his choob locked inside the cabin.

    Then the growing conflagration had triggered the fire suppression system, and an inverted spout of fire-retardent foam had sprayed over Sohmer's furniture, fittings, books. And the Colonel.

    At first, the harsh bubbles had stung his eyes, but then Sin had drawn upon the Force to numb the pain, so he did not have to shield his face like a common mook.

    Though it was to be expected, aboard a star vessel, it had taken him a remarkably long time to spot that the water and foam was not actually going anywhere, and was pooling around his feet.

    He had soon had to abandon the chair he had been sitting on, in faux nonchalance, waiting for the Captain to return. But he hadn't.

    Sin used his hands to comb the foam from his face and scalp, and frowned. How long would Sohmer let this farce continue?

    The water was almost level with the top of the desk upon which the colonel sat. "Alright, joke is over, guys." He called towards the silent door. "It's okay, I have changed back now!"

    Between his lightsabre and the Dark Side, he could break out of here easily enough, but quite apart from the armed star destroyer crew between him and the docking bays, the only thing that stayed his hand, was that he had felt Jacen Wayland die.

    He didn't know what his fellow Hand had done to deserve his fate, though the Emperor's servants, he, Jacen and Encantor, had failed to protect the Death Star that the whole campaign was intended to capture.

    The string of spoken phrases that he recognised as Ursean, female Ursean, drew his attention to the priority communications console, and he could see the black square of the monitor poking above the sea of grey foam like a Kaminoan city. Ah, the dirt they had tracked onto the carpet, was rising on the water.

    Oh great.

    "Sohmer, that message, the restricted communique, is coming through!" He called out, fidgeting on the desk and needing direction.

    "Well, we're not coming back in there." Someone called from the other side of the barrier. "Can't you take a message?" He suspected it was that upstart, Merch, but could not tell.

    "No I can't take a Fething message!" Sin countered angrily, an uncontrolled burst of the force, rippling a shallow concave into the durasteel door, without breaking the seals.

    The Maruader aimed a hand up to the ceiling, turning and closing it into a fist. In the same instance, the fire nozzle crushed in on itself, reducing the spray from a wet umbrella to a pathetic single stream that plooplooplooplooped into the bubbly soup around the desk.

    "Well, aren't you an Emperor's Hand? Surely you have priority codes of your own!"

    Oh that was definitely Merch. No-one else, apart from the captain would know what Sin was. Though everyone that he sensed on the bridge, levelling guns, extinguishers, and harpoons at the door, would know now.

    Harpoons?! The Colonel’s eyes widened. Growling in annoyance, he unfolded his legs, practice helping to get past his feet, and slid his legs into the mess, face tightening as the frigid water did that to his crotch.
    He waded through the foam, stepping over chairs and stuff that he could not see, despite sweeping his arms across the surface, till he reached the communication console.

    "You have entered secured Holopod Cor IC-AOE-990-Silver, please await signal while your conference is bussed…."

    He stabbed elongated fingers under the liquid to try to respond to the officialese coming through

    This is Colonel Sin aboard the Krayt’s Fire. I am locked in a room with your precious communicator, and Captain Sohmer is unwilling to come to the comm at the moment.” Sin had no reason to ‘big up’ the commanders of this ship, not now. They screw with him, he would screw with them. But first... “So, you have a nice voice. When do you get off work. You know what they say, when you’ve had a Sith, you learn that First Love is not a myth.

    Sin smiled. Actually, he had just made that up. Whatever the circumstances, he could still be a charmer. He pulled at his shirt’s sodden cuffs, and wondered if the source of the sender had heard him at all.

    All at once, he found him straightening, his face and attention drawn to an unremarkable corner of the room. No, not the room, beyond it, even beyond the Venator's armoured hullplates.

    The Reina was here. Her, no, their Force signatures as clear as day - Anakin's wife and daughter had arived at Imperial Centre.

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    With approval of the excellent GM!


    Name: Vasrem
    Gender: Male
    Age: 22
    Species: Human
    Home world: Bastion
    Affiliation: Sith
    ---Traits: Bold, honorable, unpredictable
    ---Likes: Sith history and its artifacts
    ---Dislikes: Over-confidence, needless bloodshed
    ---Habits: Can become impulsive as he is still young in both age and in the force.
    ---Skin Color: Pale caucasian
    ---Hair Color: Brown, very dark
    ---Eye Color: Blue
    ---Clothing: Black undergarb with a black hood and uniform boots.
    ---Height: 5'10"
    ---Other Attributes: Medium-short hair, dishevelled and falls just above eyebrows.
    Weapons: Single lightsaber (red)
    ---Name: Admonitio
    ---Class: Belbullab-22 starfighter
    ---Hyper drive Class: Class 6
    ---Weapon(s): Triple laser cannons
    ---Shields: Deflector shield
    ---Crew: 1
    ---Passenger(s): N/A
    ---Max Cargo (kg): 160kg
    ---Interior Description: Black leather
    ---Other Details: Battle-worn chrome outer layer
    The Force
    ---Sensitivity: Yes
    ---Light saber
    -----Crystal(s): Focusing crystal, tuned to Vasrem
    -----Blade(s): One blade of average length
    -----Color(s): Red
    -----Handle Description(s): The hilt is all black and consists only of gripping on its exterior, with a single red button
    ---Personal History: Vasrem was a Padawan of Dooku, trained in the final years of the Count's life amongst his other acolytes. The dark youth spent a long time isolated; his training on board many of Dooku's vessels seemed endless, and made him feel small and alone in the turbulent galaxy. Throughout his younger years, he spent time developing lightsaber skills and researching the true background of the Sith. When Count Dooku met his demise at some point during the war, Vasrem dedicated his time to fixing up the Admonitio, his own personal starship, so that he may unravel the true enigma of the Sith and what it means to him.


    IC: Vasrem
    The Admonitio, orbiting Fondor

    Quiet, everything here was quiet. The Admonitio was in hibernation, thus navigation controls and everything else on board that would usually be making a resonant tone had stopped.

    Vasrem was seated within the pilot's chair, staring out of the viewscreen at Fondor swelling with its populace. Fondor was a planet aligned ? although recluctantly so - with the Confedaracy. It would be no surprise that with the death of Dooku and more recently General Grievous, that Fondor had taken this opportunity to sever any ties they had with the CIS. Although brittle, the Federation had made it clear they were still in full opposition of the Empire. At least Vasrem had heard this was the case. News concerning both factions was not rare in the Colonies, but it was difficult in his position to obtain information that was not distorted by its source.

    As a result of doubting his own security, Vasrem did not settle on any planet for too long. The last stop was at Neona, through fault of the Admonitio's hyperdrive. Fondor, however, looked like quite a gamble. There was no rush, and if docking authority had anything to complain about, he could simply navigate further into the colonies, jumping from planet to planet.

    Suddenly Vasrem felt a twitch. He had spent a long time thinking, and meditation certainly was overdue. But in a confined pit such as this, that was not practical.

    Fondor it was, then.

    The ship buzzed back to life, navicomputer bleeping into function. Vasrem keyed through the computer. He would not need clearance apparently, although to be on the safe side, he set Fondor's desert surface as his destination, out in the middle of nowhere. The engine droned and with little enthusiasm powered the Admonitio into acceleration, yawning after a brief nap. The starfighter made its way through the atmosphere and plummeted into the clouds, allowing itself to swoop graciously towards the barren stretch of land below. Beyond the red tinted earth, canyons were all that was visible, with the exception of the mynocks that inhabited them. The Admonitio landed steadily, blowing a haze of dust and sand at its feet as it did so. The engines cooled and finally, the fighter powered down into its off state.

    Climbing free of the cramped vessel, Vasrem dropped out onto the rocky surface below and pulled the dark cloak above his head. Surveying the land with the force, the young Sith peered into the distance. Nothing, just as expected. Sitting down on the level ground, cross-legged and both gloved hands on his lap, the force circulated deeply within his body, just as air would easily fill his lungs.

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    IC: Anakin; Sabe, Queen Amidala II of Naboo
    LOCATION: Via holo, Ursean Embassy; Senate Office of the Executor, Coruscant

    Line by line, thin planes of light rose and flickered before the Naboo Queen, casting a pale blue glow about the artificially darkened office.

    Sabe pinched her cheeks quickly. It seemed days though it had only been 18 hours since she'd felt anything other than an artificial current across her brow and after the power-play of the night, she thought she must look bedraggled - first Vos, then Grand Vizier Pestage, Senator Organa, and then that Inquisitor!

    Bail had departed after remaining with her till he was certain they'd seen the last of the Inquisitor. She thanked the Senator for bringing her a warm dinner and he made a very awkward goodbye. Monitoring and haggling with the various security entities around Coruscant, the Queen finally gave over the effort to Vader's staff and Sabe took the opportunity to rest for a few hours and freshen up before dawn brought a new set of difficulties to the Office of the Executor.

    Brushing an errant curl from before her eyes, she breathed away her eagerness and concern and adopted the neutral face she'd learned so well as Padme's decoy.

    My, the holos here on Coruscant are so dense and clear that if not for the luminescence, one could take them for 'real?' rather than holo projection!

    "Amidala, Your Majesty?" the image voiced softly, the 'original' obviously gazing at and addressing the holo-figure now rising before him in like radiance.

    Immediately, Artoo bleated a long and eager greeting, as he no doubt recognized his master's voice. The Queen smiled to herself as she saw Anakin's face light up momentarily with a sort of boyish relief at the sound the astro-mech made as he trundled forward, the droid's blue dome rolling up just level with the top of the desk. Sabe instinctively put her hand atop the smooth metal surface and patted Artoo.

    Anakin stammered in his familiar way, always her visage and countenance evoking internally in him complex responses. In holo, Sabe could look even more like Padme than in person and the effect was arresting. He drew himself up. "Your...Majesty," he said again wetting his lips, but that's not what he wanted to say and Sabe smiled, a little flattered and a little dismayed at the effect she made in him, bemused slightly at his stalling tactic while he regained his train of thought.

    Sabe blinked several times, narrowing her eyes. Same open brow, nose, gaze, and black monk's robes, the stance, thumbs in belt, so typical. "Anakin?"

    Yet, what a change in his appearance since last they were together! Anakin had surely been near death when the Ursean doctor had carried him through the secret passage out of his Senate office. "I am glad to see you complete...and your is? longer...." she said in a puzzled tone baffled by what must be nothing short of miracle. The burns he'd received in battle, his labored breath, sunken eyes and singed head were all now restored.

    Something else was hard to tell in this small holo.
    "Tell me - what has happened?" Sabe modulated her voice easily, relaxing and allowing for a less restrained and unreadable tone.

    He smiled and blinked, "I've so much to tell you..." he almost whispered, leaning in unconsciously, but straightening and clearing his throat as he heard movement behind him, reminding him that he was not alone. "You've no doubt seen the conference list. I wanted to tell you before the conference... Colonel Sin," he almost flinched mentioning the Sith guardian's name to Sabe after her experience with him, "has recovered the Emperor's remains from Kalee. He has arrived in system aboard a ship called the Krayt's Fire. Captain Sohmer is her captain. Effecting the transfer from ship to planet will be a matter of some importance and," he said, sighing, "some finesse. - I'm sure you understand why I am alerting you and further, why I want the others on that list to know that I am informing you."

    The Naboo queen could not quite conceal the smirk when Anakin mentioned Sin and the list. "Yes, quite an interesting and varied lot we are - most likely starring dagger eyes at each other while wishing we could in actuality sink silver blades in each other's backs. I shall promise to be on my best behavior."

    Sabe considered most of the names on the list scum and war criminals. She had no doubt what they thought of her.

    Yes, that was Sabe! He sniffed with a slight grin. "I hope that is not the case, but it is best all have an understanding about what is being done. This issue is a matter of record. The Emperor has died and the manner of his death must be confirmed and recorded. It is vital this be before the public eye so that there may be no doubt."

    "I'll repeat this later in conference, but I thought you might appreciate a few moments to prepare," he said inclining his head.

    "Yes, I quite agree.” Sabe nodded. “All interested parties must concur and see that Palpatine is truly dead, so there shall be no rumors of a resurrected emperor or taking action in his name may be attempted. I thank you for notifying me in advance. I shall show my most neutral face."

    Quite the opposite of being repelled by the thought, she dearly hoped she could see first hand Palpatine's body - hoping it was burnt to a crisp blackness.

    Her hatred for Palpatine and all he had done in the years of his misrule ran deep. Palpatine may be dead but his legacy still lingered. It would be difficult to unseat those scum who had positioned themselves in power. This was a dangerous time.

    No doubt there were at least half a dozen plots brewing to seize power. They would be sizing each other up, looking for weaknesses.

    By some twist of fate, Amidala had found herself positioned in the middle of all this.

    She would have to listen and watch, listening to what was said and what was left unspoken.

    "As you see fit, Your Majesty," said Anakin bowing his head. Unlike her sister, Sabe seemed always cocked and ready for a fight, but knowing her particular experiences, Anakin could understand this facet of the woman whose beautiful image seemed to deny the spirit of her speech. "I wish to extend my gratitude for your efforts in my absence... I understand you saw to the relighting of the Senate... I... I saw it in the night... ahem... I wish to speak with you later this morning. You've called the Senate back into session... this is good... ah... Excellent," he nearly murmured, smiling and nodding to Sabe's holo- image.

    "It is a potent symbolic gesture - the people must know we do not fear these terrorists. It must be seen the government can continue despite this cowardly attack and the death of - Palpatine. Shall we expect your attendance?"

    She had begun to compose a speech; one she hoped would instill calm and hope. Of course it would be questioned why she was there - and if Anakin were to come she would rightly have to fade into the background. She bit the inside of her cheek in slight chagrin – to have this power and to be tied. She questioned why the “ties” were so strong, but this was not the time.

    If only - if only those who wanted the return of the Republic were stronger!

    "I... I will depend upon you a little longer, Your Majesty, if you'll bear with me and I will, yes, I will attend, " Anakin said with a smile.

    “Then I shall defer to you naturally,” returned Sabe biting back her regret at the loss of the opportunity, for her speech was now forfeit.

    He bowed again. "I am concerned…" he sighed, uncharacteristically leaving the sentence incomplete. Instead he waved his hand. "Well, we are making provisions for an uneventful transfer. He must lie in state and under guard. I will need representation from the Senate to witness the procedures. Perhaps, you could arrange for two, preferably from various factions in the Senate. I would be grateful if you could arrange this yourself as quickly as possible. The body should arrive in the next hour."

    "Of course, as soon as our conversation ends I shall do so…." The queen paused. "So he is recognizable? Surely under such circumstances decomposition must have begun…"

    His soul was already putrefied she thought - his body could be no worse, she thought almost letting her disgust show on her face.

    "I've no idea of the state of the remains," said Anakin, visibly paler at the ghoulish consideration. He himself needed to see that the body was indeed Palpatine's. "I'm sure some provisions will need to be made!”

    The moment was ironic in the extreme, he thought. Sidious, in decomposed state still exercised the dead Sith’s sardonic wit. A thousand conspiracies brewed and Anakin stood between the light and the dark, conversing with all propriety about the deposition of the Master’s remains, when what he wished most to do was never again think of the vile genius that patiently trained him into his enormous and elaborate trap.

    Sabe watched him. Clearly he was caught up in a thought and didn’t realize he had fallen silent. "A traditional ceremony may not be possible - if the corpse is not ...suitable...for viewing."

    "Yes, I understand…" he nodded, alert again.

    "Perhaps the autopsy may be viewed by those on the list via holo. Of'll have to find someone to give a ...oh...a eulogy...uh…" Sabe held the back of her hand up to her lips, tears leaking from the corner of her eyes as she held back a snickering laughter at the thought of how difficult it would be to find anyone who could offer kind words for the decrepit evil man.

    Anakin looked down and then back to her as she looked away and wiped her eyes with a muffled apology.

    "Ahem...Yes...thank you, I believe that list might have to be increased by a few, but yes... Excellent!" he said furrowing his brow as he considered and nodded in accord and then gazing back to the eyes of the image of Sabe, he said, "Thank you for your suggestion."

    " I know, but necessary. On a cheerier note-" Sabe smiled brightly, "-I am delighted to see you recovered so quickly. You had me worried, you were in such difficulty."

    He smiled. "My little spice runner!" He grinned and chuckled inwardly referring to her scrounging some “spice” from a Senator’s drawer to boost and enhance his flagging sensitivity as his injuries got the better of him.

    "I'm sure it was not that which worked such healing." Sabe retorted chidingly and now sobering, as she thought of the hours before Anakin had been taken from the Senate.

    Anakin nodded in satisfaction at the effect of his teasing and himself became serious, "No... but the “spice” helped... when it was needed. It was through the aegis of Dr. Molita and my Ledaren and another... I consider myself ... fortunate…"

    "Yes," Sabe noticed the mention of 'another' but knew her questioning of it would not bring a response from him. Anakin was, to her dismay, many times, quite closed lipped. "I am glad Ursa has as well its own miracle workers."

    "I will need to confer now, with others, but ... you will be brought back in- Sabe…" he paused smiling. He couldn't speak as he wished.

    "Brought back in?" she asked. “Oh, on holo-conference, of course…" she laughed

    "Yes, You haven't slept much…" he said in her defense.

    "I'm quite fine and even more so, knowing you are well. Yes, there are many with whom you must confer. I shall be here."

    “There is one other thing...I’m sending someone to collect Artoo – a “Pad... Miss Tano. She and Artoo are very familiar and he is needed to aid her in a task I’ve given her. She should arrive quite soon, I believe.” He found he wanted to tell Sabe that she might recognize Ahsoka, so excited was he to have her company once more, but time was short and there would be an opportunity later. No doubt, Sabe would find she recognized his Padawan in some manner. He smiled without further comment and then nodded.

    "Your Majesty!" he said formally and bowed, leaving the Naboo in silence once more and she sighed, sitting in the Executor’s mechno chair and closed her eyes for a few stolen moments of half-sleep.

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    ~OOC~Special thanks to Pashatemur for this joint post between us.

    Welcome, CrystalFixation! :)

    I hope everyone has had a safe and wonderful time around this special holiday weekend.

    ~IC~ Ahsoka Tano, Miss Soobie
    Location: Senate District - Imperial Centre / Coruscant

    "This is it." She muttered, standing up, placing the hilt back on her belt, nodding to the guard to accompany her.

    Leaving the transport, the sharp scent of burning synthetic fibers, metals and durarock permeated the air, her black leather boots trudged through the residue of soot and dust as they passed through the large entrance to the Senate Building.

    Her heart picked up speed as she looked over the emergency teams clearing debris and still searching for survivors. Part of herself kept alert for anyone she might know. Her time. Passing through these hallways accompanying her Master to senate hearings, reporting to the then chancellor or the offices to visit friends. 'This damage here was what Anakin went through? There was more damage at another location. Were they attacking a symbol or trying to kill `specific Senators?'

    Ahsoka found herself considering where the most damage had occurred. Her brow furrowed as she looked to the spot. That's near the old offices of the Supreme Chancellor. Did they mean to target that? Surely, they were empty these days. She found her glance take in the panorama. To the north was another damaged structure - an oppressive dark pyramidal shape, or rather, what had been pyramid in shape. The apex was missing. 'Why target there and there? Were the two related? Had to have been targeted from different directions. Hum....! Two different assailants? The Senate had to have been targeted...' Her mind raced quickly, as Ahsoka summed up what she could of the incident or incidences. Her mind kept returning to these questions and more as she continued further into the building.

    Making their way past the security checks and inside the Senate, the corridors looked familiar from the times she used to come here with her Master, usually regarding some crisis. Taking the lift up to the offices, her eyes alert for any familiar faces, she noticed the place was rather bustling with traffic for having been so recently under siege as it had been described to her.

    "Are you lost," said Mercier as the beautiful Togruta stood peering about the office.

    She'd entered under certain notice, but the fact that she wore a sabre was of some concern and that she carried a weapon outwardly - it was a clear indication, someone's head was going to be overstepped!

    Mercier straightened his already straight and precisely donned jacket. His trousers too were crisply pleated, altogether a very "clean" man.

    "Ohhh…" she sighed under her breath as she turned her gaze to regard the man, refraining from pursing her lips. Maybe the best left unsaid, the better. "No. I am fine, thank you."

    "Have you an appointment?"

    Glancing to one of the guards that was accompanying her and then back to the man. "If there is one logged down in the system, it would have been from a very short notice."

    "Oh,well, we're a snippy one!" said Mercier, sniffing the air. "If you haven't an appointment, state your business. This isn't a hotel lobby!"

    Not letting his tone phase her, "I am here to collect someone."

    "Yes? Kindly tell me the name and I might be able to help you then."

    "The Re's Astromech, serial number: Artoo- Deetoo"

    "Uh....Oh," said Mercier, noticeably changed but still suspicious. No one but the Ursean's called Lord Vader, "Re". "I'll need to see a requisition or your clearance, please."

    Showing yet another her clearance, it was becoming almost routine.

    The exhausted Miss Soobie monitor pinged as soon as Mercier scanned the Togruta’s tags. “You’re Ahsoka Tano, aren’t you?” said Soobie walking up to the front of the large open office pool.

    Ahsoka smiled lightly and nodded to the woman who greeted her. Keeping a wary eye on her surroundings, she spoke softly. “I am.”

    "It's alright Mercier, I was sent notice Miss Tano was coming," said Soobie. "It just came through. If you'll come with me, Miss Tano. I'll retrieve the astro- mech and remand him into your keeping."

    Mercier shrugged.

    "Thank you" Ahsoka nodded, matching her footsteps. Following close to the diminutive woman, the temptation to quicken her pace to see Artoo sooner was there but she pushed that back. She felt some attention directed her way, it could be a number of things, from her appearance, with whom she was walking with, to the sabre on her belt.

    Soobie stopped before the set of double doors that led into the Executor's office.

    Ahsoka carefully put her clearance details back in the pouch attached to her belt, her eyes on the double doors. There was a faint familiarity about them but it was different.

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    IC: ARC Commander Alpha, Lord Admiral James Xavier

    VenSD "Roadblock"

    Alpha had been lying in the bed for some time after Sparks' visit. His head was clearer now, though some traces of the anaesthetic remained to blur his mind. Not that he cared, after all he could think straighter, at least compared to half-an-hour ago. The Commander could almost contain himself from grinning - one way or another he always managed to find his way to the infirmary. There were probably few parts of his anatomy that were not severely injured before. Well that was the fate of the soldier. Being back on a Venator made him uneasy, after all he had turned his back on the Empire and his brothers to join the foolhardy effort of the ARR. Not that he believed much in their much as he tried to put a reason behind his actions back then he could not find any. Maybe it was because of Dennii and milady Amidala?

    It was not important now, is it? He was back in the Empire's grasp and there was nothing he could do. Well there was still the possibility to become a bounty hunter or a merc, but with his temper the Commander would not last long. Besides he was too used to be leading men in the front lines. Alpha considered the possibility of helping his ner'vods in the Empire, maybe to find ways for them to defect, at least the ones that are willing to do so. Not that they would have a better life outside the armed forces. At least they would be free. Free... What a sweet word, but one that had no meaning for him, the Commander would never be free. Freedom was denied to him. His anger and hatered will haunt him forever and the sense that he failed in his duties. His values all but shattered in a moment - all his life he had been trained to protect the Republic.

    He had been there when it happened, when the Republic was no more. It was then when Alpha had realized that they were mere pawns and killing machines...automata - no different from the droids they had been fighting. At least he could sympathize with the soulless machines. Then, why did he escape to the ARR? For a time he lied to himself that they were representing the Republic, the true Republic, the pure Republic. But, unfortunately they were no different from the real one that got dissolved. The way they looked at him as if any moment he would start killing them just because he was a Clone - an artificial person in their eyes. No matter that he declared himself a person they viewed him again as a machine. Of course there were people who befriended him, or at least accepted him, throughout the years... General Kenobi, General Secura, General Mundi, Fei'Ona, Dennii and...General Skywalker.

    Alpha was not sure whether Skywalker still considered him a friend after everything that had happened and the way he acted towards him. To be fair the Commander had treated him unfairly. Yes, the man had betrayed the Republic and the Jedi Order, but Alpha was a traitor as well. Maybe there were other things in common, not that he was ready to forgive Skywalker...not yet, not until Denniii is out there and could be captured or worse...killed any moment for the fact that she is a Jedi. If Skywalker is willing to spare her this fate and let her go, maybe the Commander would be ready to start making amends. Or maybe to start fixing the situation and then try bargain with him for Dennii?s life, provided she would not get captured or killed during this period. Unfortunately there was no other way for now he would play his part and would try to survive.

    Alpha wondered whether he will remain as part of the forces that “Roadblock” carried or will be transferred to another ship. The Commander hoped that he would stay as he begun to like it there. And finally to have a decent commanding officer in Captain Vectis’ face, at least she cared for her people. Which was a very good quality in a leader. He wondered whether she shared his sentiment...probably not if she knew what he had done before. The Captain would be right to be suspicious of him as Alpha knew that he would be if he was in her position. Building trust would be say the least. He had trouble convincing the ARR that he was on their side...well probably their suspicions were right after all. Or maybe it was a self-fulfilling prophecy. Or maybe he was in the wrong place at the wrong time... Nevertheless the situation was different and he would have to stay with the “TRAITOR” sign burnt on his forehead. He could leave with that...he hoped...

    During the night several more of his brothers had come to pay a visit. Most of them were veterans from campaigns they fought together. Most of these visits were a routine check up and to express their warm feelings for having him back on-board with them. It was touching, probably his defection several years ago was a mistake... Well then he would not have met Dennii. Alpha shook his head barely visibly so that the ner’vod sitting beside him not see the gesture. He did not want to think of Dennii. He needed to work on step at a time and thinking of her constantly would only make him rush the things or do something else equally stupid. The brother was about to leave when another person entered. It was the doctor by the looks. Alpha did not try to stand up like patients usually did, as he was well aware of his situation and the futility of such an action. So he only nodded to acknowledge the man’s presence.

    “Welcome back to the land of the living commander. You’re lucky to be alive, you are one lucky man. And with the amount of scar tissue on you, you seem to have someone smiling down on you at least”

    Alpha barely contained his grin...again. He wanted to say something witty to show how strong and brave he was. But this would have been childish, despite that in normal human years he was still in mid teens. Though the old chakaar Skirata managed to stop the ageing...somehow. That is why he needed to find the man, but first he had to listen to what the good doctor has to say.
    “My name is Doctor Marcus Rufus; I’m the Chief Medical Officer for Roadblock. As you know you were injured by a MagnaGuard, and you suffered a major shoulder injury. You lost a lot of blood, which we were able to replenish with a transfusion. We’ve also fixed your shoulder, and unfortunately you will be out of action for a while.”

    He already knew some of the details, though he was not sure of what medical treatment he got. The doctor had more things to say so the Commander listened attentively.

    “The good news is that we won the battle at Mygeeto and the CIS has been defeated. We are now over Coruscant awaiting our next instructions. We may transfer you down to Coruscant in order for you to get better medical attention, but that will be up to the Captain. Right now I suggest you try and get some rest and relax. I know it will be painful, but it will pass in time”

    So the ship was back over Coruscant, eh? How long had he been out? He hated these side-effects of serious injury...they make the time run faster than it was supposed to. Though probably it spared him a dull journey and tons of paperwork so he might as well enjoy his stay in the infirmary.

    “For what is worth doc...Thank you... ” he paused as he did not know what to say, especially to the man who saved his life “How long is that...for a while? As you might have figured out that this is not my first, nor the gravest injury and I have responsibilities to my men and I have a lot to report...Speaking of which, can I talk with Captain Vectis...when she is free of course?”

    Elsewhere on “Roadblock”

    James woke up suddenly, he had fallen asleep in the chair. His neck was killing him, he hated sleeping sitting. The Lord Admiral rotated his head to relieve some of the pain and was greeted with the snapping sound of the vertebrae moving in their correct positions. Well it was a relief so he slowly rose from the chair. James usually tried not to stand up quickly because of the sudden movement he sometimes blacks out for less than a second and could lead to embarrassing situations like falling from the chair or looking as if he had a bit more drinks.

    As the Lord Admiral got up he stretched his arms and made a rotating movement with his shoulders. Then a few more short exercises to get his body moving again. The sudden inflow of blood around his body made him a bit more fresh and cleared his head. James wished he was in his villa so that he could open the large windows to feel the morning breeze. A thin smile appeared on his lips, with the years he was growing sentimental. Maybe it was time to retire, though he had some extra years left due to the genetic manipulation that extended the person’s lifespan. Maybe a teaching position on Gryphonne to prepare the Union’s future guard. He would need to discuss it with the duchess when he gets back on Kaladan. But there were more important matters, the future career prospects would need to shelved for the moment. There will be an enormous amount of work when he gets back. A lot of reports and analysis to be done. He had a first-hand experience with the outsiders and how they wage war. Though he only witnessed the workings of one crew and several other ships that were engaged in the battle. There was still useful information that could be extracted.

    The Lord Admiral moved towards the bathroom to freshen up and to straighten his uniform. The cold water further clarified his mind. After he was done with his personal hygiene he started buttoning his gray tunic. Then came the golden Aquila 1st Class for bravery that dangled on his neck between the two collars. Afterwards he combed his hair, everything needed to be perfect. As a faithful Union citizen he craved perfection and tried to reach it in every aspect of his life.

    When he was done with preparing himself he strolled out of the bathroom, then out of the small suite he was given. He wanted to go to the bridge, he loved being there. No sooner he stepped out of the room the Lord Admiral was joined by the junior officer that was appointed to show him around or just to keep a watch on him. Either way James did not care much as long as the boy did not trouble him or threaten him in any way. Probably the officer felt the same way, even maybe annoyed to having to babysit a old foreigner...

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    OOC: Responding to the Ahsoka / Soobie open tag

    IC: H the Hoojib, and Dak Trooper, Executor?s Outer Office, and aboard the Huntress Interdictor, respectively
    Location: Coruscant

    The presence of, yes, a Force Sensetive, managed what time had not, and roused the stunned hoojib, the only initial evidence of its presence within the administrative cubicles, the rustling of crumpled flimsi as its left foreleg twitched reflexively.

    Within seconds, the telepathic white rodent?s heart rate increased, and it opened its big expressive eyes to find its nose twitching and wedged against the side of the grey metal bin, nestled in a nest of flimsi and other clerical detritus.

    "I am here to collect someone."

    H did not recognise the voice, but he was able, from experience, to sense that the speaker was jedi. He could not say how, but it was like those underworld denizens who claimed to be able to smell cops.

    His fur was standing on end now. He wouldn't be able to leave the bin yet; he'd look a right sight.

    ?Yes? Kindly tell me the name and I might be able to help you then.?

    Well, he recognised that voice. It was the kid who had greeted him and the Inquisitor's party just a few moments ago...Dak? Detective Lockley? Where was everybody?

    "The Re's Astromech, serial number: Artoo- Deetoo."

    H was lying on his side. His left eye was able to look up past the rim; even the ceilings looked nice in this place.

    "Uh....Oh. I'll need to see a requisition or your clearance, please."

    H tried to frown, but his physiology and situation were not making it easy. He was no expert, but it did not sound to him like the kid took her request well.

    The hoojib used his minds eye to form a mental image of lips it did not have, pursed them just so, and emitted a telepathic attention-calling whistle.

    * * * *

    Huntress 418-Interdictor

    The Jango clone wearing the modified black TIE pilot?s uniform, stood in the sterile white Deck Four corridor outside the medical wing sealed off by Imperial Intelligence, and within sight of their two IntSec guards at the far end.

    He had just delivered a set of clothing to Detective Kate Lockley inside, and now waited for her to change.

    His face screwed up and he ducked reflexively as a telepathic whistle pierced his head.

    “AHH!” He vaguely waved towards the suspicious IntSec men, and turned, stumbling blindly into the bulkhead at the side. “H, is that you?”

    Well, who the frell else would it be? The voice asked, testily.

    The clone, Dak Trooper, was a relatively new bounty hunter, and while he was
    not telepathic, his mentor, the hoojib, was.

    “Where have you been? I was worried.”

    I just woke up in a wastepaper basket, most likely still outside Vader’s office. Are you even still inside the Senate? I can barely sense you.

    “I’m not even on the planet. We’re all on a medical frigate with the Inquisitor.” Dak glanced back towards the sentries, in case they thought he was talking to himself. He was trying to whisper. He just needed to vocalise enough for H to pick the words up. “He has had the surgery to re-attach his hand, and is in a medically induced coma to help with the recovery.”

    Look, shut up. There is a jedi down here.

    “One of the ones from the Skyhook?” Dak was immediately alert. Those jedi that the pair had encountered on the HNN Skyhook were the prime suspects in the attack on the Senate and that surgical tower that Emperor Palpatine had set up. “What does she look like?”

    Telepathy passed across a host of information, if unshielded, certainly more than talking. Dak knew that H had heard a female, and H knew that Dak’s expression of worry was a fib; clone had not even noticed he was missing.

    I’m kind of wedged in a bin – don’t laugh. Can’t really get a look at her.

    The clone squatted to grab his TIE helmet from the deck, and straightened. “Okay, I am on the way to our shuttle, though I’m not sure how successful I am going to be, getting back to your location. See if you can get a name for that jedi girl. I can run her name, see what sort of reward she commands.”


    Wastepaper basket, outside Executor’s office

    You’re Ahsoka Tano, aren’t you?

    I am.

    I have you now, Jedi. H sneered, and relayed her name up to his counterpart. While he waited for her name to get run against those of members of the Order either known to have survived the Purge, or simply un-accounted for, he could try to use her himself, maybe play on her emotions to get himself extricated from the bin before they put the trash out.
    He shielded his private thoughts, switched to a low-frequency, short-range call to any telepaths on the floor. Help me. I am stuck and I can’t get out.

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    ~OOC~In counsel with Pashatemur, this post is, in part, meant to establish the current disposition of Imperial and CIS held territory. Fondor is currently in Imperial control.

    ~IC~ Captain Cale Lawson, Lieutenant Beri Tulon, Sergeant Millen Fondor Chief Engineer Florence Arno and Vince Mathous.
    Region: Fondor
    Location: Shipyard Drydock - Victory-class Star Destroyer, ?Ulysses?

    It was a time of uncertainty as relative calm settled over the shipyard, vessels moored and docked for repairs or refuel and supply. Many of the off-duty personnel were at loss what to do with their time and found their way to the mess hall or lounges to watch the Holo-Net. News from the Outer Rim Campaigns had reached them. What should have been a time of celebration over the Imperial victory as the Separatist forces were broken and routed from their stronghold on Kalee, no longer posing a threat to the mighty Empire left them feeling rather out of it, held up over Fondor for repairs and unable to go on leave. Some had formed impromptu celebrations in their cramped quarters, but rations were still on and, necessity the mother of invention, brought out the latent distiller or home baker in many!

    * * * * * * * * *

    Sending the report to Command would have to wait until the long range communications array was repaired, Cale Lawson thought as he accessed the communications console. However, internal and short range communications were functioning.

    Keying in the code for the Generator Room, he waited a few moments before the display showed the feed from the lower sections of the ship. A smiling face came into view.

    "Captain Lawson," Fondor's Chief engineer greeted Cale from the com display. "What can I do for you?"

    "Ms. Arno." Cale smiled lightly. "I am enquiring about the progress on the repairs."

    Glancing over her shoulder, briefly gesturing to someone out of the view of the monitor before turning back. "We have done some tests and the generators look good. However, to be sure we need your permission to shut down all power and do a start up. That way we can locate any problems before they arise."

    "Any idea how long that would take?" Cale asked.

    "Between two to five hours, give or take."

    "You have my permission to proceed. I'll have to inform the rest of the ship, especially the slicers working on the information we pulled from the Lucrehulk?s databanks."

    "It'll be half an hour before we shut them down. Another thing..." Florence glanced down to check her datapad. "If that works out successfully, we'll put each of the systems through its paces and that might lead into the night. Tomorrow, outside work will commence on repairing that atmospheric wing and the continuation of the installation of armoured plating to the hull."

    "Any estimates-" Cale changed his question as he noticed her eyes narrowed. "...on who would place first at the Schroeder Cup on Mon Gazza?"

    Her expression bemused. "I haven't the time to follow sports."

    "Ah," Cale smiled lightly. "...not to worry. Usually some contender from Malastare."

    "Captain, this will take time. There is nothing you can do on your end. Go get some rest."

    "I'll take than under advisement." Cale nodded. "Keep me informed of any new developments."

    "Of course, Captain," She smiled as the transmission ended.

    Turning away from the com. Cale caught sight of Ensign Whemberley approaching with a hurried gait and an air of urgency about him. "Excuse me, Sir! We've picked up activity from Fondor's security. Sensors picked up on a ship that entered their system, a small vessel."

    "And?" Cale asked as he started down the main corridor towards the turbolifts, the Ensign matching his pace. Small vessels were not usually something of concern to a secure installation such as this unless there were specific suspicious characteristics to cause alarm.

    "This one has been spotted bearing Confederate markings."

    Stopping, Cale hit the button for the turbolift. "Coincidence?"

    “Uh.. I.. am not sure.”The Ensign frowned. “You think they are investigating what happened at Bestine?”

    “It’s possible. Their strike fleet did not appear at their target, no communications. Possible they came across the salvage teams at Bestine and traced the source here and need to find out what we have.” Cale shrugged as he entered the lift, his hand holding the door open. “Or they’ve just gotten lost and have probably decided to surrender. What’s their heading?“

    “One of Fondor’s moons. That’s all we’ve got so far.”

    “Ah..” Cale took his hand away from the door to let it close. “Keep me informed.”


    The squad of Stormtroopers marched along the path before them. As they passed through an accessway into the larger room, they broke into twos and fanned out.

    “Keep your eyes sharp.” Sergeant Millen murmured, keeping to the far wall. The artificial lighting gave an almost sterile look to the monotone colour scheme. His gaze panned over rows of empty tables and benches. At the end, trolleys were parked and loaded with crockery ready for meals to be served. The other pair of troopers moved behind the counter and into the store room.

    “Any sign?” Sergeant Millen spoke into his com.

    “Not yet.” Came a response, followed shortly by one of the troopers stepping out from one of a long line of counters and warming bins with a large container in hand. “Look sir, doughnuts!”

    “Excellent work! Let’s take them down to the infirmary.”


    Stepping into the infirmary, Cale found Beri Tulon was already there, visiting members of his platoon injured during the recent skirmish. Looking to Cale, he gave the man a friendly nod.

    “How are they?” Cale asked.

    Tulon moved from the edge of the bed and stepped away to speak out of eave’s drop with the Captain. “They are mending but bored.”

    “That’s good news.” Cale felt some relief. “And the rest of your people?”

    “Bored too, sir.” Tulon chuckled.

    Cale nodded in understanding. Most of his crew were feeling about the same right now as the technicians went about their work. Remembering the information that was passed along to him, Cale smiled at the Lieutenant. “I might have something that can fix that. How would you like to go on a little field trip?”

    Tulon glanced briefly to the doorway as some of his troops arrived carrying a container of food. “I'm listening.”

    “I've been informed that a small confederate vessel is in the area and has landed on one of the moons. How would you like to go and check it out?”

    “This wouldn’t be connected to what we pulled back at Bestine is it?” He raised an eyebrow at Cale.

    Cale shrugged. “That’s what we need to find out. The prisoners have already been transferred and I will make sure that the data we have acquired is secure. I'll notify the locals that we are sending a team over to assist their own security detail. If they decline, I'll make the offer for training purposes and not to be alarmed.“

    “If it turns out to be something serious?”

    “It’s suppose to be a reconnaissance but if it is a serious threat, I’ll trust you know what to do.”

    “Understood," Tulon nodded in acknowledgment. "I’ll get the rest of my men ready and be at the hanger in twenty minutes.”

    “One last thing, Lieutenant. The ’Ulysses’ might be out of contact for the rest of the day, but you have my com frequency in case something arises.”


    The Lambda-class shuttle, Triton, departed from the secondary hanger of the 'Ulysses'. The guidance lights blinking on the tips of it's recognisable tri-fold wings. Turning about, it's sublights propelled it into the near vacuum of space as it navigated through the congested anchorage filled with structures, support vessels, security crafts and construction craft drones.

    Vince, the pilot of the shuttle, glanced to the white armoured Lieutenant sitting in the copilot chair as Nallastia grew larger in the viewport.

    "You guys don't seem to get a break." He commented.

    "It's our job" Tulon shrugged as he readied his helmet to put on. "Work keeps us out of trouble, as they say."

    "Touché" Vince checked the display notifying them of their landing instructions. Nallastia, an habitable moon, that’s surface is covered with jungles. It’s environment is the polar opposite of what Fondor has become.
    "You better check to see if your men are ready. We’ll be landing in several minutes. Oh and good luck."

    "Thanks." Beri Tulon gave the pilot a friendly salute as he left the cockpit to check on the rest of his team. The passenger hold was loaded up with twenty other Troopers. They were all set to go with their armour in place, their equipment secure, their rifles loaded and at the ready. The cabin started rattling as Tulon went over mission procedures with them. There are to be two groups, Sergeant Millen leading one while himself the other.

    The ’Triton’ bounced when turbulence caught the larger surface area of the wings as the craft descended through the atmosphere and passing through the clouds. A beacon guided them to a clearing and as they approached, Vince could see the local forces and ground vehicles awaiting them. Folding the lower wings upward and deploying the landing gear, the shuttle touched down lightly on the moon’s surface. Steam ejected from vents as the boarding ramp extended and lowered. Two by two, the Stormtroopers marched out of the shuttle, a squad at the rear carried out large containers with specialised equipment packed within. Behind them, the boarding ramp raised back into the hull of the shuttle, the whine died down as the engines powered down completely.

    “Establish the perimeter.” Tulon ordered on a private frequency to his group. He approached Nallastic’s milita, noting awe in the eyes of the younger officers while the more experienced ones were harder to read. Moving with precision, his men set up two E-Web Repeaters and emitters for fence-field around the shuttle. A squad will remain to secure the area.

    Gazing from the cockpit of the shuttle, Vince watched the scene unfold as introductions took place. Six troopers remained to guard the shuttle while the rest of the Stormtroopers accompany the locals in their light assault vehicles. His eyes followed the vehicles as they traverse along a path before becoming obscured by the rainforest. ’Whatever they are searching for, it better be damn important to miss out on watching the race from Mon Gazza.’ Vince commented to himself. ’I’ve bet a day’s pay on Ben Quadinaros’

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    IC: Vasrem
    Nallastia, surface

    Vasrem's eyes twitched open as his meditation came to an end. The wind blasted his face, but he stood and turned away from the direction of it. Was Fondor always this windy? Looking back at his ship, Vasrem toyed with the idea of going scouting. This rock he had landed on did not seem to have any significant life force that he could pick up, well at least not in the present vicinity. Tormented by the possibility of missing out on an educational venture of this planet, Vasrem started to walk.

    It was not long until he located the source of the wind: altitude. It appeared the stretch of land he had touched down on was not a stretch of land in the usual sense, but a giant cliff. The cliff was surrounded by a dense fog, making it impossible to see what was beneath. Not only would he need to negotiate the side of the canyon, but he would also need to make sure he knew how to get back up. As he peered over the edge, a natural incision, he noticed, in the face of the stone made its way down to the foot of the canyon, giving him a way down and a way up. That's what he had hoped anyway.

    It was a big fall. One misplaced foot was all it needed to send him to his death, he noted. But the force would not let him go that easily. Just like a binding element, it applied only the slightest amount of energy to ensure he was hugging the sides of the rock. The force was an invaluable tool in moments like these. As his descent became faster and less dangerous, the fog cleared and a mass of trees and wildlife appeared before his eyes. This certainly wasn't Fondor, but the ship's navigational systems did not lie. Perhaps there was a planet closer to Fondor than he believed, and his ship had brought him to it instead. It was of no concern to him, however. There would be no competition for a young man of his aptitude, especially if he could not sense it.

    From the rocks, the swampy land beneath him did not look too hazardous. Leaping into the knee deep foliage and other unknown liquids, Vasrem trudged through the jungle habitat aided by vines that draped from the tree tops above. He was not sure what would be down here, or if there would be anything at all. His black cloak defined him from his surroundings, but made it so that if he needed, he could quickly find a dark spot in the shadows to camouflage.

    This situation was similar to how he located many secrets as a student on Dooku's ship, playing past the dangers of security, cameras and droid defenses much to his master's resentment. Perhaps even now this method would yield similar results.

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    OOC: Nice posts, Corellian and Crystal.

    In the former's, I liked the military checking the room, spreading out, then finding the doughnuts. Good twist.

    In the latter, source of the wind; I've landed on a cliff! Travelling through the jungle with the Force as your ally, and the cloak to help hide.
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    IC: director Aurelius; magister Vernius; Inquisitor Dominic, Confessor Selena Agna

    Locations: Committee for State Security Head Quarters, planet Tyran; Administrative office, planet Ix; Unification Park, Kaitain

    It was early morning on the planet Tyran when the outsider forces surrounded the Union. Everyone in the huge, cube of concrete building that was the Head Quarters of the Committee for State Security (also known as CSS) was fully awake. The truth was that the organization never slept as there were always things around the Galaxy that required the attention of the Union. The CSS was protecting the interests of the Great Houses and especially the ones of the ruling House. They had a vast networks of spies spread around the Outer Rim and on some of the Mid Rim worlds. The agents ranged from: trade representatives, businessmen, industrialists, government officials, clerks or just simple citizens. They were to monitor the attitudes on these poorer planets so that the Union could manipulate them when needed.

    One of the more spectacular almost-successes was the campaign against the Trade Federation during the Chancellorship of Valorum just before the Naboo incident and Palpatine?s ascension. The Federation was a long time competitor of the Union that even managed to elbow them from a lot of lucrative markets in the backwater worlds. The situation was very suitable for the Union?s interest: this situation created discontent around numerous worlds, terrorist groups emerged, the Senate was corrupt, and the Republic was rotting from within. It was the perfect moment for the Union to strike, after all they have been preparing for such a moment for ages. They have been training pirates, mercenaries, terrorists, future-rebels, guerillas, smugglers in secret camps within the Union. Then they were ?re-planted? on their homeworlds so that they could topple pro-Republic or pro-Trade Federation governments thus causing additional chaos. Of course in some worlds the plans backfired those criminals have used the knowledge and technologies provided to fulfill their own agendas but still managed to preoccupy the Republic enough. The foolish duke Leto III Atreides stopped the preparations for an invasion just as when the Union gained the moral upper hand to rally the poor planets against the rich ones and to force the Republic to its knees. Then they would have been able to expand their territories consuming resources and building more and more ships for another expansion. But the duke was mislead by the now known as the Truthsayer or simply the Lord Advisor. The Atreides had been scared by the Jedi and their powers and this fear paralyzed him and forced him to close his eyes for the opportunities.

    Director Aurelius was just a junior analyst back then but he could connect the dots even with the limited information. He could read the internal reports about the growing discontent within the Union. It was a missed opportunity, one that cost them a lot. After Palpatine’s election to the position of Supreme Chancellor he started systematically cutting the Union off and reducing its corrupting influence. Now the Republic was stronger than it was with a battle- hardened and intelligent army to back it up. The transformation to a centralized government made it easy to control and to rally more resources against a threat. The other problem was that the ARR has the moral upper hand – fighting for the oppressed and for the weak. The Union was marginalized, reduced to an obscure entity that has very deep internal and external issues. Luckily the old duke was removed and replaced with the more able and clear minded duchess Jori. Aurelius did not harbor hard feelings for the man, the problem was that he did not have the strength to rule the Union as it is supposed to be ruled. He had been very soft and blind to the opportunities that were presented to him. Jori on the other hand is a predator – a cold hearted and ruthless. A lot of people underestimate her because of her looks and of her pretending to being a brainless doll - a doll that has multiple relationships as the gossips say. Aurelius considered himself a lucky man that he also once had a pleasurable time with her. He knew that one day it will cost him his life but it was worth it. They had a silent pact to work together to bring back the Union in the game one way or another.

    Of course Aurelius had his own secrets. One of them was the fact that the Bene Gesserit known as Alia was actually a CSS agent. Several years ago she had been approached by another agent within the Sisterhood and managed to recruit her. After all the organization had eyes and ears everywhere. This was a major success as Alia is one of the supporters of the Mother Superior. The dear Mother on the other hand was and still suspected in conspiracy and sedition, but her position granted her immunity. After all you can’t blame someone who was supposed to be pure ideologically. The Inquisition and the Sisterhood had managed to cultivate myths about themselves and now there is almost no one in the Union who did not believe them. To discredit such a person is difficult, almost impossible. Mohiam would have to make a very big mistake and she is smart enough to avoid it. Though no one is perfect, she had already had a lapse of judgement that could easily ruin her. Sister Alia was known for her visions of her having to give birth to the Kwisatz Haderah and to avoid this from happening Mother Mohiam did everything to prevent her from having a child...ever. Of course the poor girl doesn’t know this, since the chemicals she had been taking were hardly traceable when you don’t know what to look for. This information was given to Aurelius by other trusted agents within the Sisterhood. Alia was still harboring these delusions, so he decided to use them as a weapon against Mohiam.

    When Alia agreed to join the CSS she was told that she would be going through a physiological and psychological tests. Of course they were hardly anything like that, they managed to brainwash her and imprint a command that will trigger a reaction. When the timing was right Alia was supposed to find out that she can’t have any children thanks to Mohiam, then a mental mechanism will be enacted and she will kill, or at least make an attempt, the Mother Superior. Afterwards everyone will know the reason for this act and probably Alia will either be executed or sent to a mental medical institution for the rest of her life. Of course this was a gruesome method but the CSS has no choice. They have done it before, mostly with sleeper agents in the Republic. Some of them failed, some did not. The interests of the Union and the CSS above all must be served. The current situation proved this principle.

    The outsiders were at their doorstep, again. He wondered whether this situation was part of the duchess’ ploy to bring her enemies in the spotlight. If this was the case, the game was very dangerous as the Imperials are unpredictable. Maybe that was the reason she left him in the Union to stop the hardliner elements from acting. The director still had troubles reading the duchess, this was something that he needed to work on. Aurelius took a glance at the documents that he had been compiling these last few days. They were a detailed information about the Union, he wondered why she requested this information as she can easily find all the necessary data. The director had a feeling that Her Ultimacy was searching for something specific. If only he knew, he would provide it to her. Or maybe she wanted some personal comments or insight. At least she could have given him a clue what she actually wanted. The only thing that irritated the director in the duchess’ persona is her habit of playing mind-games with her subjects. He was never sure what exactly she was up to, but from what he saw she was trying to build a better Union.

    He turned with his comfortable black-leather chair towards the large windows of his office. Sipping from his cup of caf he pressed a button opening the shutters so that he could see Bellis Corona’s rise.
    The sky was orange, no clouds in sight, it would be a warm day on Tyran. The CSS HQ was outside the capitol city of Orestes in the middle of a grass field and a small lake nearby. The only thing that spoilt the scenery were the large antennae and satellite dishes pointed in different directions. They have achieved a small victory, at last they had found the outsiders’ frequency and are now able to listen to their conversations. Aurelius had already dispatched a courier to the Eagle Nest as there is a possibility that the Imperials are listening to their conversations as well. The telemetry data they have gathered about their ships was being sent to Ix for further analysis.

    Unification Park, Primus City, Kaitain

    One hour before the blockade

    Inquisitor Dominic was sitting in a cafe in the middle of Unification Park. It was open only during the warm seasons and consisted of small circular tables spread around in a circle with a kiosk in the middle where the drinks and the snacks were prepared. It was one of his favourite places in Primus City. The afternoon was perfect, the sky blue and devoid of clouds and Delta Pavonis was going to set in a couple of hours. The weather was warm, not hot, it was not that part of the year, yet. Several hours ago Her Ultimacy Jori Atreides was proclaimed the leader of the House Ultima, so it was a holiday in the Union and a lot of people were having a day off to celebrate. There were families and couples sitting around him, children were running and giggling, all in all an ideal day in the park. This time though he was not there just to savour the pleasure of being outside and drinking his favourite iced tea. Dominic was waiting for his dear friend Confessor Selena Agna.

    She was late as usual, probably will excuse herself with a sudden matter connected with her position in the Ecclesiarchy. It did not matter as long as she appears, Dominic was a patient man. He could feel the reverend gazes upon him, after all he was an Inquisitor and did not conceal that fact. He was wearing the bland black robes of his order with the large golden “I” hanging from his neck with a golden chain. He was a tall and muscular man, with cold grey eyes, black short-cut military style hair and a black goatee.Dominic was used to the attention connected with his office. The parents shot brief worried glances as if he was there to threaten them or their children. He wanted to smile or present himself as a compassionate and sympathetic person, at least towards the innocent, but this would no doubt will look even more ominous to them than to try to be nice.

    And there she was, Selena, graceful as ever. Some people were following her with their gazes, Dominic was not sure who are sent to spy on them. It was inevitable, everyone in the Union was being spied upon, at least the ones of importance. Selena was wearing her usual black robes with golden rims, underneath was visible the dark red tunic with a golden star sewn on her chest. She was a woman in her early 30s, regular height, lean body, coppery hair short on the back and the sides, medium length on top with the fringe covering part of her face, her green eyes flashing. There were rumours that she and Dominic were romantically involved, but the truth was different. They were very close friends but nothing more, each of them was dedicated to their positions in the Ecclesiarchy. He was hunting down heretics and offenders of the official doctrine. She was educating the masses, providing them guidance in the spiritual matters and providing comfort for their consciences.

    They were classmates from the Schola Theologus where the young Inquisitors, Confessors, Bene Gesserits and other future clerics were prepared in the official doctrine - the only true doctrine. They were two of the best students in the class. Such an honor usually makes others rivals, but Dominic and Selena were different. They saw in each other intellectual equals who shared one very important trait - curiosity. This pursuit of knowledge had brought them some troubles of course, they managed to stumble upon some apocryphal and occult texts. Luckily, being the best students they were only reprimanded and warned not to repeat the same mistake. Naturally this did not stop them to search for more, this time being extra careful. These “adventures” only managed to cement their camaraderie even further. So now he needed to talk with her about something very urgent and potentially dangerous for both of them and for the Union. Selena was the only person he could trust with his life, he just hoped that confidence will be justified.

    She approached his table, a mischievous gleam in her green eyes and a broad grin on her face. Selena seemed in good mood, he knew better than to believe how she pretends to look like. Dominic could discern that she was curious and a bit tense, judging from the small, barely noticeable hints.

    “What will be next? Dinner in a restaurant with candles?” Selena said grinning while sitting in front of him. “I thought we were going to disprove the rumors, not to confirm them. I presume afterwards we are going to have a nice walk and you will buy me some ice cream and win a stuffed animal for me in the fair.” she was teasing him.
    Dominic smiled at her.

    “Of course, why not? After all it is a great day for the Union...” he was talking about the elevation of duchess Atreides to the head of the newly created House Ultima.

    “Indeed...” she winked then turned towards the waitress waiting reverently for her. “The same as the Inquisitor and an ice cream... the white one.”
    Dominic raised his eyebrow.

    “Eating sweet things?”

    She chuckled.

    “The fact that I am a Confessor does not make me perfect. Besides you know well that I love sweet things. Thank the Greater Good that I am blessed with a body that does not grow fat.”

    Dominic nodded to this.

    “Alright, alright, I did not call you here to argue about your dietary preferences...” he paused as the waitress was putting the glass of iced tea and the small bowl of ice cream and waited until the girl moved away. He was sure that no-one around them will be able to overhear their conversation. If someone was using more sophisticated eavesdropping technology Dominic had brought a small device that scrambled the their voices unintelligible.

    She nodded understandingly, from her looks he could see that Selena understood the seriousness of what he was going to say.

    “I presume you have heard of the Enlightened?”
    Selena stared at him for a few seconds in silence then her face twisted a bit and she chuckled.

    “I am sorry Dominic, you just sound like the people that spend too much time in the secrets/mysteries sections of the bookstores and libraries. Did you start taking such books? Of course I have heard of the Enlightened, but they are a myth created by paranoid people that have nothing better to do. Next thing you will tell me that the duchess drinks blood...”

    The Union officially disregarded the conspiracy theorists as mentally unstable and tried to discredit them subtly. Of course the officials could ban the literature and imprison the authors but in this way would only give fuel to their ideas and make them martyrs. Despite the state’s obsession with controlling the everyday lives of the subjects it was unable to take proactive measures to censure the written content as it will break the fragile balance and create tension.

    Dominic smiled at her remarks, he knew she did not mean to offend him. Selena knew a lot about the Enlightened, they had a similar conversation before, but then it was purely theoretical.

    “I know this sounds paranoid, but they tried to kill me.” he said

    Selena frowned and her smile disappeared, they were now talking business.

    “Until recently I stumbled upon some forbidden literature inside the Inquisitorial library regarding the Englightened. In it were described rituals, beliefs and goals. At first I thought like you, that some of my colleagues have become paranoid or too bored.” Dominic sighed “I took to read the books as I found them curiously funny. Someone must have found out that they were in my room as one evening when I got back they were gone and there was a letter. In it was only one typed sentence ‘Stop this foolish inquiry!’”

    He paused for a moment, Selena was watching him with interest and worry.

    “What did you do with the note?” she asked.

    “Burnt it, at first I thought it was a stupid joke. Of course it boosted my interest in the subject so I actually went to some of the smaller bookstores full of arcane and esoteric literature. Then the incidents followed after I foolishly mentioned some of the things to the Grand Inquisitor.”

    “The Grand Inquisitor? You think he is one of them?” she asked while bringing her cup to her lips.

    “I don’t think, I am certain of it...After all he was the one who sent the thugs...”

    Selena looked alarmed.


    “Yes, after I talked with Karamasoff, I started to receive missions that lead me to the most dangerous parts of the Union. On one occasion I was attacked by some gang of thugs. You might think that it was not an extraordinary thing, but I am sure they were no regular street criminals. These guys had military training and if it was not for my escort I surely would have been dead. You should protect yourself, I am not sure whether the Grand Cleric is part of this conspiracy. If he is, you might be in danger too...”

    Selena tried to smile and took a spoonful of ice cream in her mouth. After she swallowed it she asked.

    “And what about if I am an Enlightened? How can you trust me?” she pointed at him with the small spoon.

    He sighed.

    “I have thought about that, but if you are actually one of them I am a dead man anyway...”

    She smiled reassuringly and reached with her arm to grab his. Dominic her soft and warm wrist squeezing his gently.

    “I am not, I can assure you. We have been friends for a far too long time to betray you now.”

    “Thank you, anyway afterwards the warnings followed again and several more ‘incidents’, maybe I am going the right track.”

    “What shall we do?”

    “We?” he almost blurted the question out as he was sipping his drink.

    “Yes, now that you told me this how do you expect me to sit by and watch you risk your neck?”

    Dominic pursed his lips and stared at her for a moment while she took another piece of the ice cream. While she put the spoon in her mouth a sly smile appeared on her lips.

    “Alright, alright, I know how useless it is to argue with you on this matter...”

    Selena chuckled innocently and took a small gulp of her ice tea.

    “Can you trust the Grand Cleric? I know that you have his ear, that is why I am asking.”

    “I doubt that he is part of this cabal, you should not doubt his zeal and his staunch support for Her Ultimacy.”

    “I think we can openly suspect anyone, until the list was found. From the rumors of the ongoing friendship between the Grand Inquisitor and the Mother Superior we can infer that Mohiam is also part of the conspiracy.”

    Selena tapped her chin thoughtfully.

    “I don’t understand something...Why the Grand Inquisitor and the Mother Superior put the duchess in this position? Aren’t the Enlightened supposed to be enemies of the official government?”

    “I know this might sound heretical, but maybe she is part of them...” The Confessor shook her head.

    “I really doubt that, because in that case she would be leading an active plot against herself. I know she is a very adept politician but this theory sounds even more sophisticated than it actually is...Maybe they are seeing an opportunity, we should wait and see.”
    Dominic nodded and took another sip from his ice tea.

    “Agreed, time will tell, we should proceed with some discreet inquiries and try to survive this storm for the sake of the Union.”

    “For the sake of the Union..” she agreed.

    “Now, you mentioned something about a dinner...When are you free?”

    She chuckled and her mischievous sparkle appeared back in her green eyes.

    Planet Ix

    At the time of the blockade

    Magister Vernius was also in his office savouring a lunch on the forgeworld of Ix. It was another gloomy day on the planet not that there was much left of the natural habitat due to the heavy industrial pollution. The sky was orange and dense smoke was coming from the chimneys, they were working hard so that the final preparations for the three battleships to be ready. Of course there were a lot of other things to be done, but the outsiders did not give them much choice. This will be the maiden voyage of the new Tyran-class Battlecruiser, Vernius wanted to call them Union Class Star Destroyers, as they have utilized some of the aspects of the Venators that the Union had bought several years ago. It was magnificent to finally get a hold on these ships and see what technology was utilized in making them. They had also been repairing the captured hulks of the CIS ships that attacked them. Of course some were beyond any repair so they cannibalized parts and took as much metals as they could. Unfortunately those crafts were not yet ready to be thrown in a battle just yet.

    The CSS kindly presented them with the telemetric data gathered from the blockade around the Union. Magister Vernius felt excited, despite the grim prospect of an all-out-war that will surely ruin them. It would be magnificent – machine against machine, engine against engine, ship against a ship. The brilliance of warfare and finally to field test the improvements that Ixians had made for the Union fleet. The point was to survive as many waves of enemy ships until they actually give up because of the serious loss of life. The Holtzman missiles were improved, now they carried more warheads and decoys, they could now pierce deeper in the ship’s hull. The design was effective, some might consider it archaic to launch these missiles from the surface of the planets or from satellites and ships in orbit, or from planets’ moons. They proved to be effective, the large stockpile of these perfected atomics, as the Mandalorians called them, was enough to do a lot of damage. The missiles carried several warheads that was individually guided by a computer. As the main body breaks up the smaller missiles move in different directions in a hardly predictable trajectory. Eventually some of them get destroyed but the ones that survive smash into the ship’s shields. The power of the blasts eventually overwhelm the defensive capabilities. The next wave follows soon afterwards piercing through the outer hull and exploding inside causing massive structural damage. All this worked theoretically as they have only tested it on Union ships. There were multiple silos across every planet in the Union with a lot of mobile carriers and submersible ships where there are big bodies of water.

    Vernius’ outrage was building up a momentum then with a stroke with his fat hands Vernius pushed away the dishes and cutlery, threw them away, breaking the fine porcelain and spilling the food around. He was not hungry, not anymore. These...these monsters had captured his dear cousin – Jori! His sweet cousin, who gave them new projects, new meaning in life! Not just to make household appliances and commercial crafts for outsider companies. They were making new warmachines for the Union! So that they could retain their independence!

    ‘From the lightning and the tempest Greater Good deliver us!’ he mumbled to calm himself. Vernius felt uneasy by this sudden outrage, after all human emotions are irrelevant! They were not yet close to achieving the perfection to become symbiotic machines. He was still under the influences of emotions not the cold and impartial calculations that had been governing his life or at least hoped so. There was no time for this...Hopefully everything will be resolved peacefully and sweet Jori will be back so that he could present her with the newest class of shuttles that Ix was preparing.

    He was aware that the servant was staring at him. Vernius was liked by the workers and servants. He did not expect them to perform miracles or work for unreasonable time. The Magister even improved their food by starting to eat whatever they were served thus forcing the cooks to enforce better standards regarding taste and nutrients. He also managed to improve the health and safety standards that were in their lowest levels. The results were quick to follow, increased productivity, some costs regarding compensations and medical treatments of workers were cut, the quality was improved. Overall his rule over Ix could be regarded as a success. Jori was also very supportive and she was going to give them new projects to develop...

    If only everything was back to normal... If only...

    To be continued…
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    ~OOC~ This post was written by LZM/MOO, Pashatemur and myself. It has been an absolute pleasure writing together.

    I do have more posts on the way, I thank you for your patience.

    ~IC~ Commissar Ahsoka Tano, Sabe - Queen Amidala II of the Naboo, Miss Soobie.
    Location: Senate office of the Executor - Senate District - Coruscant/Imperial Centre

    Waiting with Miss Soobie by the double doors to the Executor's Office. Ahsoka tilted her head as she picked up a voice... disembodied... childlike in demeanour, asking for some form of assistance. It reminded her of an anthropomorphic plush toy of a heavyset mammalian with it's head caught in a container of honey and the phrase, "Silly old bear" came to mind. What a strange little hunch! Crinkling her nose, she looked out over the cubicles and sensed nothing at all like a tight jar opening with a plushy protruding from it. Shrugging, she returned her gaze to the double doors before which she stood. There were more pressing matters that required her attention than to deviate out of curiosity to resolve the mild irritation that some issue lay unfinished out in the gray maze of the administrative pool.

    Looking to Soobie, Ahsoka moistened her lips before asking, "This would probably sound silly, but is there a child about? I can hear what sounds like someone needing to be extricated from a biscuit tin," Ahsoka asked with a curious and incredulous little smile, gesturing with her right hand and jostling her lekku as she shook her head.

    Soobie turned about with a raised brow. Her forehead knit with confusion. "No...not here! How do... I mean, really? I don't hear anything like that, but might be someone in the lounge. Bet Jorge has his hand caught in the vending machine again!" she said knowingly. She wouldn't be surprised. Everyone had pulled a very long and frenetic shift and though Senator Organa had kindly sent in refreshments and the Naboo Queen had seen they were all supplied, the staff were all of them wilted over their work manning the coms and acting as a hub for communications between the provisional government and the huge bureaucracy that was the Galactic Empire. Soobie looked about and waved a nearby co-worker over. "Check the lounge. See if there's anything amiss will you?"

    "And tell whoever it is to let go of the item they are holding" Ahsoka added, amused. She had seen her fair share of people at spaceports caught in those 'lethal traps'.

    Shrugging, Soobie turned again to the door controls and chimed the interior waiting to speak into the door comm.
    "Ahem...Your Majesty," she queried standing on tip toes out of habit and not for any particular need to reach the com receiver.

    Amidala opened one eye, hearing the receiver. / Who was it now? / Sabe cleared her voice "Yes Ms Soobie, who wishes to enter Grand Central Coruscant now?" / Surely people did not walk through these offices so freely on an ordinary day./

    She had been going through her mind the Senatorial representatives Anakin requested. Senator Organa was a given. He was well respected in the Senate. An honest man.Considering the rest of the Senate, Sabe was narrowing down other candidates as possible witnesses for Palpatine?s autopsy and the preparation of the remains the for lying "In-state."

    "Yes, what is it Ms Soobie? " Sabe repeated. / So many were executed by Palpatine. Senators Cadaman, Dowmeia, Limoth.../

    "The Ursean Embassy commed. His Majesty sent an associate to retrieve his R-2 D-2 unit." Soobie answered.

    "Yes, I was expecting her. Tell Ahsoka she may enter." Sabe drummed her fingers upon the desk.

    "It would appear you are leaving R2. Don't forget your creators - the Naboo." Amidala said softly. "I shall never forget how you saved all our lives the day we escaped...Ahhh, my thoughts are going in every direction...the past...the present...the future…"

    "Yes, Your Highness,” Soobie answered and looked to Ahsoka surprised the Queen of Naboo was familiar with the young Togruta’s name. As the doors opened, she beckoned Ahsoka and then stood aside to gesture her inside and then she turned to the Queen to bow curtly. "Your Majesty, Queen Amidala, may I present Miss Ahsoka Tano."

    Amidala raised her hand, beckoning the young woman to come in.

    Ahsoka folded her hands over her stomach, giving a small nod to Soobie, mouthing "Thank you". Stepping forward, Ahsoka caught her breath when her eyes fell upon the Queen, for a moment, feeling she had been transported back in time, so much did this Amidala resembled the other.

    “You have come to retrieve the R2 unit." The Naboo queen stated flatly.

    Ahsoka bowed her head in acknowledgment. "Yes," she smiled. "I have come to collect Artoo Detoo."

    "Well, there he is."

    Sabe remained seated behind the desk. "I have many things to attend to Ahsoka, and I'm sure you do as well." Amidala knew she was abrupt with the Jedi, but there was much more on her mind. She was very limited in her authority, being here on the command of Lord Vader - now the Emperor Vader. There was no constitution, no contingency plans, nothing in place for such an emergency which had arisen. What could she do? She ordered the dome of the Senate lit. On her own before Anakin summoned her, she offered assistance to the families of those injured and killed. Other than that, could she prevent another attack? Could she free the political prisoners - the very ones who opposed Palpatine? No, she could not. It was all very frustrating.

    Taking a breath, suppressing the excitement to see the little droid in such a long time. "Thank you, Your Majesty," said Ahsoka bowing her head, pursing her lips and moving over to the droid's side. The little astromech was chirping cheerily, its rocking from side to side was infectious. Leaning down to his photoreceptor, she whispered her thanks to the droid. Placing her palm on Artoo's dome with affection.. Ahsoka looked to the Queen and hesitated for a second.

    Amidala watched the girl and droid quietly. "Yes Ahsoka?"

    "I am sure my Master sends his regards and will be speaking with you soon."

    "Of course. You may well tell him I do not know how much longer I can hold this office from every little petty official who has ambitions to raise himself up a notch or two - therefore I may well shoot between the eyes the next who tries to enter here and give his body over to those in the underground who aren't picky on where their next meal comes from.” Sabe looked to Ahsoka with a faint smile. “I'm not referring to you, my dear…"

    Tilting her head, Ahsoka bit her bottom lip, she felt that there was some anxiety in the air. This was to do with matters about which she was not informed, but which had the feel of significance and familiarity. Taking a step towards Her Majesty. “Is everything alright? Will you be okay?” She asked softly.

    Sabe's reply was a terse laugh. "Will I be alright? Look around young Jedi - does everything look 'alright' to you? The Senate has been attacked by terrorists, countless beings are dead or injured, the government is in shambles, Powers knows how many plots are brewing right now to seize power. No plans were made if the head of government should cease living - I suppose Palpatine thought he could defy the natural order of the universe and live forever- and I am sitting right in the middle of this reactor core!"

    Sabe stood, her hands flat upon the desk and leaned forward. "You've come to fetch the droid, my heart is overjoyed to witness such a tender reunion. Take him and go. I wish my task was as easy as yours."

    The Naboo queen turned from Ahsoka and R2 to stare out the window, gazing at nothing in particular. Useless! Here she was at the center of power and she could do nothing beneficial!

    Palpatine was dead but what of the Republic? Was the dream to restore the Republic as dead as Palpatine? Anakin is poised to take Palpatine's place - could she influence him to restore the Republic? Would he be a tyrant the same or worse than Palpatine?

    Sabe caught her reflection for a brief second upon the glass and was startled at what she saw. Tension, lack of sleep and frustration made her appear older and .... she closed her eyes and took a cleansing breath.

    "Good day to you, Ahsoka."

    Pursing her lips slightly, Ahsoka swallowed. She hadn’t had any expectations about this meeting before entering the office, but the restrained venting she’d just experienced certainly made an impact on her. There was something important here which her own presence had brought out of the Queen, but what and why escaped her. Ahsoka bowed to the Queen from Naboo. “I bid you good fortune, Your Majesty,” she said raising her head again. “Surely, as can be hoped for, things will improve for the best.” Not only did her perspective reflect her upbringing, it was in her nature to bear life’s hills and valleys with a “grain of salt.”

    “Come on Artoo.” Ahsoka whispered. Placing her hand on Artoo’s dome, the little droid whistled as he extended his third tread, tooting as he mobilised toward the door turning with a sad little sigh to note Sabe still at her lone station. “May circumstances be more pleasant upon our next meeting.” She bid her farewell. “Thank you.”

    Amidala turned in time to see the Jedi accompanied by the droid depart.

    /...and may the Force Be With You...or whatever Jedi say to each other../ Sabe thought to herself./ Well Sabe its just you now and Ms Soobie in yonder office/

    She placed the blaster concealed within her pocket on the desk, ready to retrieve it at a microsec's notice.

    / Isn't it a bit absurd I'm defending something I vowed to overthrow./ "Just when you think things are becoming boring something always comes along..."
    / Now I’m talking to myself.../

    Glancing one last time about the office and to the doors behind which remained the beleaguered Queen, her hand brushed Artoo as the doors opened. Sighing, she looked down and gave him a assuring smile. The task to find Cadet Solo felt less daunting now that she had a 'wingman' to assist. Just have to find his last known position and take it from there.

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    IC: Dak Trooper, Ewlla Iillor, Galactic City
    Location: Imperial Centre

    The Theta-class shuttle, Stealf, dropped out of the blue morning sky, and descended smoothly onto the VIP landing pad near to the Senate, the circle of grey ferrocrete rimmed by a whitewashed wall with a single egress point.

    Moments after the tri-finned craft settled, the edge of a boarding ramp appeared under her beak-like nose, and extended at a downward angle to the ?crete.

    Five white-armoured stormtroopers waited for the passengers to debark, and when they did, they were the black-clad bounty hunter in his customised TIE uniform and helmet, and a female human in the grey uniform and peaked cap of the Imperial Navy, and a stuffed cloth-bag.

    A stormtrooper ran a retina scan on the woman, since she was missing formal ID, and paused to look at his reader while it dipped into the massive Forces database across the city.

    ?Ensign Dinah, welcome to Imperial Centre. I was sorry to hear about the Endless.?

    The woman bowed her head. ?Thank you, Sergeant.? She deliberately inflated his rank. She had enough experience around stormtroopers to tell their ranks apart.

    The trooper was ready to tell the other arrival to remove his helmet, then noted that he had a bounty hunters? ID, which tended to allow their carriers to maintain their anonimity.

    Personally, he thought that was lax security, and maybe under this new emperor, he would put together a memo on the subject...

    His armour clacked as he stood to attention, his reader suddenly highlighting the bounty hunter?s Inquisitorious affiliation!
    The stormtrooper actually saluted. ?Sir!?

    ?Yes?? Dak looked at the soldier, slightly bemused. For all he knew, there was another Jango clone like himself under that frowning white helmet.

    ?Welcome to Imperial Centre, Sir. What can we do for the Inquisitorious??

    Ah. Okay, now he could see what was going on. And not bad considering he was still a novice. Though he was definitely getting a crash course! He wondered how many other hunters on their first weeks, had a run-in with jedi. And, Force-forbid, he was potentially walking into another one. Was he mad? ?I have business at the Senate. My transport should be parked nearby.?

    As the two exited the landing circle, descending the steps to the vehicle park, Dak turned to his companion. ?So, uh, Ensign. My speeder is just over here. Do you need a lift anywhere??

    Ewlla shook her head gratefully, but kept her voice low. ?Thank you, but no. And thank you for not giving me away back there. Him calling me, ?ensign?, must have been a shock.?

    ?We are both on missions for the Empire.?

    ?Yes.? Her voice was quiet, as she considered the story she had told him, after she?d had the Huntress? bridge delay his shuttle?s departure so she could join it. ?We are.? Ewlla looked up, gazing across the unfamiliar cityscape as it was visible from the vehicle park.

    The sky was reflected in the canopies and sheens of the dozens of parked speeders. In the distance, between towering edifices, she could see the airborne lines of the early morning commuters.

    Though she had been breathing since touchdown, it finally occurred to her to take a deep inhalation, and savour it. She had, after all, been onboard ship for a good part of her life, and this, this was fresh air, not atmosphere that had gone through countless recycles and scrubbings.
    ?On reflection, perhaps you can take me to the nearest main maglev station??

    To be continued..., though don?t let that stop you posting for Ahsoka, et al.
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    IC: Miss Soobie, NRCs - Mercier and Miss Inga Zia
    LOCATION: The Office of the Imperial Executor, Senate, Imperial Center/Coruscant

    Lord Vader’s aid, Ms. Soobie looked with vague curiousity over the top edge of the maze of cubicles that compartmentalized the Senate staffers stations. There was the portly Jorge, hand and mouth occupied with a large glazed spiral of dough and definitely not requiring, at least to his mind, any assistance in the manner of extraction from vending machine or other, so it clearly wasn’t he whose call had elicited Commissar Tano’s concern.

    Hand on hip she studied the long curving room and then, shaking her head, repaired to her desk to get on with business. The past 48 hours had done enough to frazzle a stone and if she rose to peer with a certain amount of anxiety over the top of her station’s grey tufted partitions to the blue guard when she heard a sudden little squeak, no one could blame her for feeling uneasy.

    It was Miss Ingrid Zia who uttered the surprised little squeal. “You naughty Hoojib, jumping into the waste basket. Come here you adorable little thing!” The zaftig young lady put her blaster down as everyone had earlier when the Inquisitor had finally gained his audience with the Naboo and then left. Standing to see the entourage go, she held her blaster in exasperation over the metal clad edge of her cubicle and glanced around at the confused matter of jurisdiction and hierarchy, the Senate guard still in place about the office and now looking a little lax for want of a more clear guidance than had been afforded them in the last day and half. It occurred to Zia that in standing, the Hoojib had fallen from her lap.

    Reaching down with one set of manicured hand the fingernails of which sported a bright fuchsia enameling, she cupped the fluffy little being in her palm and lifted him to set upon the top of her desk.

    Hoojibs had been known to elicit this sort of “mother nurture” in female mammalians the galaxy over and the lovely red-headed Inga Zia was just such a female. “Ooooo, what’s the matter? I’m so sorry to have dumped you into that nasty widdle basket. You’re just so adorable I could take you home and just hug you all night!” She exclaimed grabbing “H” up and hugging him to her ample bossom. She nosed him and smiled deeply, forgetting she was dealing with fully sentient creature and nuzzling her cheek to his. “How did you get here, little fella? Do you have a home? Oh you are so cute I could just eat you up!”

    At this point, some of the other females in the surrounding cubicles began to gather in Zia’s , each scratching and petting the lovely plush fur and asking to have a turn at holding the pretty white lapis like sentient in their cradling arms.

    “Oh I wonder if it has a name?”

    “Goodness, is it a boy or a girl?”

    “I don’t know!”

    “Wonder how you tell...”

    “Let me hold him!”

    "Where did you find her?”

    “Oh, it’s boy, it’s got to be?”

    “No, it looks like a girl. Just look at those precious sweet eyes....”

    Mercier smirked and sidled up. “You do know Hoojib are fully sentient?!”

    “Who cares, they’re just so cute!”

    “ALRIGHT! Is this petting zoo or an office ON FULL ALERT! Come on ladies, back to your stations,” called Miss Soobie above the gathered “nurture feast!”

    “Miss Soobie you have to feel his fur!”...


    Meanwhile, the corridor outside grew louder with the coming of a new shift of clerical and security workers and the return of other such workers around the Senate as the Sabe and Miss Soobie received reports from around the damaged Senate and the collapsed EmPalReConSu tower that various zones had been analyzed and proven stable, safe for work or not, and cleared of debris and casualties. The Naboo Queen, with Soobie had been the point person at the Senate and only two hours previous had been able to send summons for workers to return to those areas now open and established as safe. The light was rising steadily over Imperial Center's Government and Embassy districts and the traffic grids were expanded again to support the influx of returning workers, the night crews having worked through the night to clean up the two debris fields and stabilize structures. The superstructure was a-swarm with repair crews and cranes, welding craft, and mobile scaffolding hovering and rumbling amid tiny sparks. One could actually see the Senate walls being restored as they watched!

    The Senate itself hurried to prepare for the session the Naboo had called and news was traveling fast. The Executor was going to address the Senate and it was rumored that the Emperor's body had been recovered, though a few maintained, the Emperor himself had recovered!

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    ~OOC~ Please excuse the delay, I had been caught up with the assessment period for my studies.

    ~IC~ Captain Cale Lawson, Lieutenant Beri Tulon, Sergeant Millen Fondor Chief Engineer Florence Arno and Vince Mathous.
    Region: Fondor
    Location: Shipyard Drydock - Victory-class Star Destroyer, 'Ulysses'

    Alone. Lawson looked out the viewport from the observation deck. It was only the other day he was here with Florence on their maiden voyage, yet it felt like a forthnight ago. Watching, the drones outside stitch up gashes and imperfections on the hull, applying the armoured plating.
    'With the war with the Separatists over, what will happen to the military? Will they continue to maintain the peace after the clean up process? Are they to be decommissioned?' He wondered what he would do if they are to return home. Would his family still recognize him? Will his crew remain in contact?

    Fingering the comlink in his pocket, Lawson?s gaze went to the moon of Nallastic, wondering how his people are fairing up. Confirmation that they had arrived soundly and made contact with the local militia came in moments ago, now have to wait until more has developed.

    Deck by deck, the lights winked out as the thundering heart of the warship stopped beating. Those that remained on board felt frozen, listening, they found the eerie silence unnerving. After a moment, they shook the feeling off. It is time to resume repairs in the damaged sections of the ship, working under the glow of portable lamps.

    * * * * * * * * *

    Location: LAV Convey - Nallastic

    It was hot inside the cramped cabin of the light assault vehicle, the drone of the repulsors a constant as they were jostled about from the uneven terrain while enroute to the milita?s basecamp. The humidity making them sweat underneath their uniforms and armour.

    "Let's get this clear: We don't need your help on this investigation." Constable Aldrum poked his finger at Beri Tulon. "Our officers are more than capable of handling this."

    "That may be so, but with all due respect…" Tulon brushed the finger away. "Since the vessel in question had been sighted bearing Confederate markings, it makes it an official Imperial matter."

    Through the Tulon's helmet, he thought he heard Aldrum's teeth grind but he put it down to grit being kicked up by the engines.

    “I have been ordered to allow you to assist with the investigation. The chief did not explain to what capacity. It will be my men who will resolve this, your kind are to wait behind and if we need back up.”

    Your kind. Tulon and his men came from families, they had volunteered and trained at academies. The white Stormtrooper armour did little to distinguish them apart and so in most places of the galaxy the population continues to believe that they are all the same: Clones.

    “By co-ordinating our efforts we can cover more ground.” Tulon reasoned and gestured to the map on the display, a large red circle indicated where the approximate location of the vessel. “We should widen the search area in case the occupants have moved on. Scout-”

    “We know these jungles better than you. My people are conducting a reconnaissance the area. They will find that vehicle soon enough.” Aldrum sneered.

    The drone of the engines stopped, a double thump from the outside of the LAV signaled for them to disembark from the vehicle. Stepping out, the light streaming in from the canopy above creating shafts of light. A handful of wall- less shelters were set up draped with cameo-netting. Spying communications equipment and munitions cache as his eyes scanned the basecamp, Tulon followed Constable Aldrum to one of the shelters. Inside a portable holotable displayed a map of the region, similar to the one in the LAV. Moving pinpoints formed a dotted circle indicating the location of their people. It was clear they were hoping to entrap the occupants of the vehicle if they had gone out on foot. A pair of dots were converging near the centre of the encirclement, the terrain looked rocky judging by the tone on that section of the map.

    An uniformed personnel came in and hurried up to the Constable. "Sir, one of our scouts have reported in a sighting. A starfighter, Belbullab class."

    “I want that vehicle impounded.” Aldrum instructed the officer and gave Tulon a smug smile as to say: ‘We don’t need you’.

    Tulon shifted his attention back to the map. So it appears there is a fugitive on the loose. What is their purpose here? Where are they going?
    Switching his helmet com to a private channel with Sergeant Millen, Tulon relayed the information to him.

    ["What would you like us to do?"] Millen asked.

    "Their over confidence will get people harmed. Something or someone came here for a reason... Most likely alone which suggest... "

    ["Someone is overly confident too."]

    "...yes. A risk. Keep the unit alert. Set weapons to stun just in case." Tulon watched as a marker flagged the location of the craft appeared on the map. “We don’t want to cause friendly crossfire-”

    "What do you think?" Aldrum nudged Tulon's shoulder.

    Switching the vocoder to allow his voice to be heard from the helmet. “Once impounded, what do you plan next?”

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    IC: duchess Jori Atreides

    Location: guest chamber; ISD "Resolute"

    Jori retreated to a chamber that Admiral Veroti graciously provided. She needed some time to gather her thoughts. It was going to be a historical moment for her House and for the Union as a whole. Finally there will be some progress, they had been growing complacent as the Union was rotting from within. They were wasting their energy and intellectual power in petty intrigues and narrow-mindedness.

    The duchess was going to change all that. Unfortunately in this process a lot of people were going to lose their lives if the body was to survive. She was the surgeon that is supposed to cut off the tumor that threatened to destroy the whole organism. By the outsiders’ standards Jori could be considered a tyrant, a benevolent one, but still. The duchess found this description distasteful, but was unavoidable, after all people liked to put labels and brand others as criminals. From what she could see the outsiders could not understand the Union’s way of thinking. It must be completely alien to them - the Union’s culture and way of life. The problem was that the duchess found it difficult to understand the outsiders. This situation will surely lead to clashes and misunderstanding. Fortunately the Empire was not exactly democratic and probably there would be few criticisms about the Union’s political system.

    Jori was sitting in a comfortable chair. One leg over the other, the slit of her dress revealing the smooth and soft skin. She was slightly tanned as the duchess had spent some time on the island villa until the mysterious man, Rowan, crashed with his ship. Jori was wearing elegant sandals with medium- sized heels. On her long dark blue dress were embroidered small golden two- headed eagles. A large golden aquilla was covering her chest and stomach with the wings “embracing” her back. Her shoulders and neck were bare. A small ruby in the form of a teardrop was hanging on a thin golden chain. Jori was not wearing her cape as it irritated her, though on some occasions she was supposed to have it as it was supposed to imitate wings.On her straight long blond hair was the golden tiara. It represented the family crest embracing her head. The Atreides, as most houses, were obsessed with the animals (or objects) that represented them. These obsessions sometimes reached absurd levels and for the outsiders probably looked amusing.

    Jori missed her aide Amberley. The girl took care of the everyday mundane things and generally is a pleasant company. The duchess liked all her staff that she “inherited”, her father was an excellent judge of character and the people he had chosen were perfect for the job. They were not the narrow- minded hardliner bureaucrats. They were gifted with a flexible mind and have vision. A lot of other leaders of Houses surrounded themselves with sycophants that preferred to tell them whatever they liked to hear. Luckily they were not that much to cause any big harm to the Union. Contrary to popular belief that you can only succeed if you had the right contacts a lot of people were promoted due to merit and because of their intellectual and physical abilities. They could not afford the nepotism to rule if the Union was to survive.

    Jori could boast having the best staff in the Union. Unfortunately she did not bring them, or at least Amberly with her. The duchess allowed them to communicate with her freely even if they had bad news and they could openly share their opinion about a matter. This time she felt a bit uncomfortable, Jori did not bring them with her which was a mistake. Fortunately it was not a fatal one, at least she hoped. What she needed at the moment was a strategy how to act in front of Lord Vader and the Senate. The last meeting on Ursa was almost a disaster, they were speaking in entirely different languages and refused to understand each other. Not only that but the Moritani fool killed with his assassins some Imperial pilots.

    Jori felt uncomfortable about the start of this new round of the talks. The cultural differences were getting in the way of achieving a peaceful solution to this situation. She should have ordered Admiral Helena Xavier not to take a small fleet with them. They should have waited for the new class of ducal shuttle to be ready for the maiden voyage. The Lord Advisor, as usual, gave her a faulty advice. Sometimes she suspected that the man was an impostor and not her father’s friend. His words of “wisdom” almost led to a number of tragedies. First he decided to reveal himself to Vader leading the man to suspect the Union of harboring Jedi. Then the fool’s errand to bring Dennii to Naboo to meet with her parents.

    The duchess smiled while watching through the viewport. The eerie spectacle that was the hyperspace travel cause shivers to run down her spine. She sipped from the glass a bit of the Chandrillan Martini that one of the Admiral’s men offered her. The ghola Mitternacht was at the door. The black death mask was turned towards her as if the photoreceptors were studying her. Jori could see the black clad figure in the reflection on the viewport. She wondered whether she would need its special talents on Coruscant. Mitternacht was a reanimated corpse, it belonged once to the Master Assassin - Karl Ruprecht Kroenen. Special devices activated his genetic memory so that it could still use the skills that the man had obtained while still alive. A droid brain improved its decision-making abilities and also added some protocol droid functions. So Mitternacht was both a protocol droid and a bodyguard. His presence in her room was a compromise with the Admiral as he felt uncomfortable having the armed ghola on-board.

    The other people with her were in a different room. They were all representatives of the Ruling Council. The young and pragmatic Inquisitor Ruhr was representing Grand Inquisitor Karamasoff, whom she did not trust at all. Next came Sister Nastya of the Bene Gesserit Order, one of Jori’s supporters in the Sisterhood. Jori and the Mother Superior were enemies that is why she was wary when Mohiam put forward the motion for elevating the duchess as the leader of the House Ultima. The last representative was Warmaster Gabriel the mammoth of a man. He was a very high ranking member of the Royal Guards of the Ordo Militaris. It was amusing to watch him trying to pass through the narrow corridors of the Star Destroyer and the glistering silver-covered armor/life-preserving suit. Jori was sure that the only remaining organic part of his body was his face, inside the massive armor his entire body was replaced by mechanical pieces that gave him a long live and gave him extra strength. The Ordo Militaris are fanatical followers of the teachings for the Greater Good, fierce warriors that were ready to enter first in battle. The last person that accompanied her was Admiral Helena Xavier, a cold woman, the sister of Lord Admiral James Xavier and current leader of the Navis Nobilite.

    Jori felt that her companions were not prepared for this historic moments and this could cause even more problems. She only needed Director Aurelius of the Committee for State Security but there must be someone to protect the Union from its inner enemies - the Enlightened. The elusive exclusive secret society that conspired to overthrow her rule. Until recently they were considered a myth but soon the reality proved this otherwise. Small wonder she was an insomniac.

    The duchess put down the glass of martini on the table. She could not find comfort in alcohol, she was a fan of the healthy lifestyle. Jori regularly engaged in different sports and preferred fruits, vegetables and avian meat. She usually drank juices or clear water. In her free time she tried to keep a journal, read a book and play the violin. She was already missing these small pleasures and her free time as well. Jori wondered whether Lord Vader would allow her to walk around Coruscant as this was one of her other activities, back on Kaladan she subtly changes her appearance so that she could mix with the local population in secret. Jori loved to observed the regular lives of her subjects even sometimes engages in dialogues with some of them about politics. It was amazing how much a leader could learn about their leadership.

    Jori could not wait to arrive...

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