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  1. Seremela

    Seremela Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jul 12, 2008
    IC: Korr
    ~Aboard the Darth Unlucky~

    "Actually, I do have a lightsabre," the Twi?lek had said. And the ship had mentioned ?one of the lightsabers?, as if there were more. For the moment Korr simply stored the information away. Right now they were having other trouble then the identity of the Twi?lek.

    But he wasn?t letting his guard down anytime soon, that was for sure. Know who?s around, know who you?re dealing with? habits of the last nine years of his sorry life. It was why he was still breathing despite the way he lived it and the crazy stunts - he could admit it to himself if to no one else - he occasionally pulled. If he was going down, it would be on his own terms, not someone else?s.

    The woman and the one named Dunlop followed the hand signal of the Twi?lek and made their way around the elevator to the other side. Stars, he wished he knew the lay-out of this ship better, but you didn?t easily get a change to visit a consular-class cruiser in his line of business.

    He suddenly realized he missed the solid warmth of Wolf?s presence at his side. He could trust the War dog, he knew the beast would guard his back no matter what. Even against something it couldn?t fight, like huge robots that were impervious to its sharp claws and teeth.

    A metal clank sounded behind the wall right next to Eddie. As the human scrambled away from it, Korr aimed his carbine and saw the Twi?lek do the same with his DC-15.

    We are being hailed. The freighter, Fleetfoot, requests that we designate ourselves.

    Damn, did that ship never shut up!

    Evidently the Twi?lek was less than happy with the interruption as well. ?Your call is important to us,? he gritted out, ?However, all our operators are busy right now, so maybe, I dunno, you could learn to operate a telesponder??

    It was the first joke he heard from either ship or its excentric boss that made Korr smile, although he didn?t stop his guard of that small bit of wall.

    ?Alright,?, the Twi?lek said then, ?put them through to my wrist-comm.?

    Be nice.

    ?I?m always nice. Freighter Fleetfoot, this is the Darth Unlucky. You are advised not to land at Mos Eisley spaceport for the time being. Do you copy??

    When the answer came, it left Korr with a chill. "I just left Mos Eisley, some computer *thing* located my shop and sent in terminators to take me down, I'm not going back, my presence would be too obvious..."

    So the terminators were actually in Mos Eisley now, not just underneath it. He stepped closer to the Twi?lek.

    ?Can he tell us more? How many there are for instance. If they?ve overrun the town, it might be tricky to get my ship.? He was suddenly struck with a thought. ?Wait, ask him if his name is Kharz.?

    It was always difficult to identify a voice through a comm link, especially from someone you hardly knew.

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  2. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Mitch Nifesta, Ewlla Iillor, Decks One and Three, the Darth Unlucky.

    Agent Nifesta was acutely conscious that for a "God of Cops", he was being very slow to lead the charge against the intruder, but he wasnt doing a thing until the Equalisers were down here.

    He too was surprised when the pilot from the Fleetfoot, a trippy, Army of Light kind of name, if ever he had heard one; name-drop "Terminators" into his response. However, it was one thing to be an apparent survivor, and another to know what they were called!

    Certainly the three at the Dawnstrider farm had made no attempt to identify themselves, unless that was what all the wheel-spinning had been about.

    "You know about the terminators?" Mitch queried into his wrist-communicator as 'Apple' (short for 'Apple Korr') stepped closer.

    "Can he tell us more?" Apple whispered.

    Mitch obliged, "Can you-"

    "How many there are for instance. If they?ve overrun the town, it might be tricky to get my ship."

    "How many-"

    "Wait, ask him if his name is Kharz."

    Nifesta opened his mouth, glancing sideways in case of a further interruption. Satisfied that there were none, he finished a complete sentence this time: "Is your name 'Cars'?" He asked.

    * * * *

    Cradling the LJ-50 awkwardly, Ensign Iillor staggered towards the doorway with her prize. Though she knew she should get a lighter weapon, it was a matter of pride that she not do so, having been told off about the strange apparatus she had looked over.

    She could feel the black metal slipping from her grasp! "Ah, stang." The heavy end slipped free and hit the carpet with a thud, the ensign tensing in case it made the gun go off. Reassured, Ewlla turned round to face Fincher, gave him a cheesy grin, and backed towards the door, dragging the heavy gun. Wasn't so bad now. "Hey, Sparrow!" She called as she reached the doorway. "You want to see if anything here interests you?"

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  3. Seremela

    Seremela Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jul 12, 2008
    OOC: [face_laugh] [face_laugh] [face_laugh] Sithy, you're evil! Only one response to that....:D

    IC: Korr
    Aboard the Darth Unlucky

    For some reason the Twi'lek gave him a glance out of his red eyes with his mouth hanging open, before finally answering the fellow on the other side of the link. "Is your name 'Cars'?" he asked.

    "'Bout time," Korr muttered, "And hurry up with the more important question about the number of Terminators will you, it's not like that wormbot thing is going to wait all day for you to finish one lousy conversation."

    He risked a quick look at the elevator. Nothing, no lights or anything else, indicated it was on its way from above. "What's taking so kriffing long with those Equalizers?"

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  4. Spatz

    Spatz Jedi Knight star 3

    Oct 10, 2008
    IC ~ Kharz

    Kharz took in the half formed questins, then heard the last one, and replied.

    "Yes, I am Kharz." His ears picked up Korr's irritated tone in the background, and replied to his questions, "Of what I was aware there were only two that had approached my shop, though I think they're hiding their numbers to avoid suspicion..." Kharz figured he best turn on autopilot and head to his turret, keeping the comunications on in the turret control room.

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  5. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Mitch Nifesta, Last Bolt, Ewlla Iillor, Deck One.

    ?'Bout time,? Apple muttered at the agent?s shoulder, making three sets of powerful weapons aimed at the wall where they had heard the noise. If the wormbot showed it?s face, it was likely to lose it, Mitch felt. ? And hurry up with the more important question about the number of Terminators will you, it's not like that wormbot thing is going to wait all day for you to finish one lousy conversation.?

    The twi?lek settled for giving the pilot another sidelong glare, who in turn glanced back towards the turbolift. ?What's taking so kriffing long with those Equalizers??

    ?Search me.? Mitch looked up. ?Last Bolt??

    They are on the way.

    ?Yes, I am Kharz.? Said the voice through the wrist-com.

    ?He says, he is Cars.? Mitch relayed un-necessarily to the back of Korr?s head.

    ?Of what I was aware there were only two that had approached my shop, though I think they're hiding their numbers to avoid suspicion...?

    ?Now you see?? Iillor?s voice cut in over the wrist-com frequency, from the other floor. ?The tuskens could learn a thing or two from the terminators, on the subject of hiding their numbers. Forget all that ?riding in single file? nonsense. Build an underground base; that?ll hide your numbers!?

    ?Ewlla?? Mitch enquired as sweetly as he could manage that voice.


    ?Nobody cares. Now tell Fincher to get down here with those Equalisers.? He shook his head at anyone watching him. Kids, eh?

    ?I am holding the turbolift for him now!? She reported.

    ?Okay, good girl. Hey, Cars?? He continued without missing a beat, since this had turned into a conference call. ?Set down outside Mos Eisley. If we send someone over to join you, can you lead them to where you last saw your terminators?? He turned his crimson gaze to Miyano. ?Any of your team good at scouting??

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  6. Dubya_Scott

    Dubya_Scott Jedi Master star 5

    Jun 11, 2002
    IC: Fincher

    "I am holding the turbolift for him now!" he saw Ewlla say to the God of Cops over the communicator.

    "I'm coming," Finch responded, moving as quickly as he could while carrying not only the big bazooka-looking weapon, but his weapons from Earth slung over his shoulders. Sure, all this space-age weaponry was cool and probably more powerful, but he felt pretty safe carrying the machine gun that he was used to using.

    He entered the lift and spoke into his radio. "Sparrow, we're headed to Deck One."

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    [b]IC: Miyano, Dunlop, Thornton, wormbot[/b]

    [i]"...we're headed to Deck One,"[/i] all three of them heard Fincher say over the radio.

    "It's about time," Thornton muttered, not paying attention to what the God of Cops was saying.

    Then the twi'lek looked at Miyano and asked, [i]"Any of your team good at scouting?"[/i]

    Miyano looked up at him and said, "Actually, all of us are trained for that. You have to be in the world we come from. With the --"

    He was cut off when the wormbot's claws popped through the wall in front of him. It was about waist-level on him...a perfect height for it to jump out at him and grasp him in those metal claws.

    "Whoa!" Miyano ducked down and, on one knee, fired at the new hole in the wall.

    Dunlop fired as well, but Thornton had to reposition herself to get a clear shot at it. As she moved, she couldn't see anything through bullets and other things flying at the hole in the wall. She wasn't even sure if the wormbot was there any more...

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  7. Seremela

    Seremela Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jul 12, 2008
    IC: Korr
    Aboard the Darth Unlucky

    The Equalizers were finally on their way, but the wormbot had decided not to wait for them. While Miyano told Red-eye that he and the others were indeed trained for scouting, metal screeched and some kind of clawlike appendages appeared through the wall they had been watching, going straight for the human.

    Korr immediately emptied his cartridge on them. Miyano ducked down with a cry and started firing as well. Soon all the humans were shooting at the droid and the wall. It gave Korr the time to eject his empty clip and quickly insert a new one.

    Only two more left.

    He fought the urge to yell for those Equalizers to get there now. He doubted he could be heard over the deafening noise and besides, the sound of the numerous shots should tell Fincher the obvious.

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  8. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Mitch Nifesta, Ewlla Iillor, Deck One, the Darth Unlucky.
    Location: Mos Eisley, Tatooine

    "Actually, all of us are trained for that. You have to be in the world we come from. With the --" Miyano started to respond, before his words were drowned out by a horrendous sound of metal tearing through metal, causing Mitch to grimace!
    He saw the four front claws of the earlier wormbot rip almost simultaneously through the wall they had been watching, about the height to leap on Eddie.


    Mitch's first thought as his lightsabre slid down his right sleeve to drop into his palm, was to position himself between the thing and Miyano, and cleave it with the laser sword, and had actually moved a half-step when Eddie, Korr and Thornton opened up on the thing, or at least the piece of wall it had only started to breach, smoke and the stench of discharged plasma filling the hall as dozens of shell-casings cascaded around their boots!

    The glowing white blade springing up from the blue hilt as the sound of his girl's voice echoed from the turbolift.

    "Make a hole! Coming through!" Iillor dodged around Dunlop, and the old twi'lek blanched when he saw what she was trying to carry, the Trandoshan artillery incongruously nestled against the silken red mounds at the front of her tunic-dress.

    "Whoa!" He echoed in her direction, instantly distracted from the metal beastie. "Fire that in here and you will kill us all!"

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  9. Spatz

    Spatz Jedi Knight star 3

    Oct 10, 2008
    IC ~ Kharz

    Kharz quickly replied,

    "Sure I could, but I don't think it'd be a good thing to go heavily or properly armed, after all these things don't go down easy." Kharz was already choosing the spot to land, keeping out of sight of Mos Eisley to prevent the Terminators from finding him.

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  10. Dubya_Scott

    Dubya_Scott Jedi Master star 5

    Jun 11, 2002
    IC: Thornton, Fincher, Miyano, Dunlop
    Deck One - Darth Unlucky

    "Whoa! Whoa! Hold your fire!" Thornton yelled over all the noise. She moved toward Miyano, who was still firing, and put a hand on his shoulder. He eventually stopped.

    Fincher came charging in, ready to shoot.

    Michelle pointed at the hole. "It's not even there anymore."

    Miyano cautiously stepped forward toward the hole, the wall around it covered in bullet holes. He saw nothing.

    "Don't tell me it got away..." Dunlop said, disappointed. "We had to have gotten a piece of it."

    Miyano glanced through the hole, which was just under a foot wide. He shook his head. "There's no indication that we hit it at all."

    "Damn it..." Fincher commented. "They're faster than we thought."

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  11. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Ewlla Iillor, Mitch Nifesta, Deck One, the Darth Unlucky.

    Cognizant of what her LJ-50 could do, when she selected it, Ensign Iillor accepted Mitch's warning at face value, stepped out of Fincher's way and squatted down to set the heavy weapon against the wall without damaging her back.

    She heard the Squib's voice pipe through her wrist-com, and responded, rightly assuming that the twi'lek wouldn't have heard it over the cacophany of the discharged weapons.

    "Freighter Fleetfoot, we will have to call you back. Having a little terminator trouble of our own." She called into the comlink, unsure if the caller could overhear the gunfire...the gunfire that suddenly ceased.

    She rose, but kept her distance, looking round Fincher to see the others examining the dripping and slug-pitted hole in the wall, making noises like they had not finished, or even hit it.

    "No way!"


    Ewlla looked up in surprise to see Nifesta looking towards her again. Was that regret in his eyes? "Yes?"

    "You can fly the salon pod." It was not a question. "Take one of the girls, and join Cars. I am hoping that his terminators, on failing to find him, will return to their base. Follow them." Then he turned away and strode past the gunmen to the sealed double doors leading to the wormbot's last known location. Lightsabre in left fist, he put his right palm over the door controls and looked back at Miyano and Korr. "I am going in. Cover me, if you please?"

    Iillor chose to ignore the twi'lek's stipulation that she took a female on the recon mission. Her gaze took in everyone before her. "Okay then, volunteers?"

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  12. Seremela

    Seremela Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jul 12, 2008
    IC: Korr
    ~Aboard the Darth Unlucky~

    Korr had just finished popping in the new cartridge, when he saw a glowing white blade spring to life in the hands of the Twi?lek.

    Lightsaber. In capable hands one of the deadliest weapons in the galaxy. And in this case, it seemed just the thing to use, with only a small part of the wormbot coming through the hole. Except of course when the 'bot turned out to be made of something capable to withstand the power of that burning blade. Korr didn't expect it to be, as far as he knew lightsabers cut through almost anything, but just in case he aimed the carbine again. He was about to holler at the humans to stop shooting, so Red-eyes had a change to use his saber, when a woman?s voice called out.

    "Make a hole! Coming through!"

    The girl in the ridiculous dress dodged around Dunlop, wrestling with a huge rifle. Korr blanched when he saw what it was. Whatever did she think she was doing here, in a confined space within a ship, with an LJ-50 of all things?

    Red-eyes had already come to the same conclusion. "Whoa!" he yelled. "Fire that in here and you will kill us all!"

    Luckily she put it away. The rest of the humans had stopped firing and a blessed silence followed, in which the other woman, Thornton, said, "It's not even there anymore."

    "Don't tell me it got away?" Dunlop said. "We had to have gotten a piece of it."

    Miyano glanced through the hole and shook his head. "There's no indication that we hit it at all."

    "Damn it? they're faster than we thought." The last words came from Fincher, the leader of the humans had rejoined them. But it was what he was carrying that instantly held Korr?s rapt attention. The two Equalizers.

    "Ensign?" Red-eyes asked.


    "You can fly the salon pod. Take one of the girls, and join Cars. I am hoping that his terminators, on failing to find him, will return to their base. Follow them." Then he strode to some double doors, lightsaber in hand. "I am going in. Cover me, if you please?"

    Korr knew he should probably join the girl, since he was the one of their small group who knew the planet best. But Wolf was still in the belly of the ship, so it wasn?t really an option as far as he was concerned. Besides, Kharz might decide to tag along, he had seemed very intrigued by these terminator droids.

    ?I?m going in with you,? he told the Twi?lek as he shouldered his carbine. He stepped up to Fincher and held out his hands. ?I?ll take one of those. And if you decide to handle the other, they got a mean kick-back when fired.?

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  13. Twinky_Stryder

    Twinky_Stryder Jedi Padawan star 4

    Nov 16, 2003
    IC: Sofia "Sparrow" Mason
    Darth Unlucky

    Setting off at a run Sparrow reached the room where the weapons where kept. She still had her earth gun slung over her shoulder, but grabbed a gun which looked like a rifle and hopefully was a rifle. When they had a minute she would have to ask somebody about all these guns.
    Hearing over the radio Finch's location Sparrow caught up with them.

    "Sorry I took so long. What is the situation? Where do you need me?"

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  14. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Ensign Ewlla Iillor, Agent Mitch "God of Cops, my arse" Nifesta, Deck One, Salon Pod, Darth Unlucky.

    The trainee warrior stood in the corridor, starting to feel a little self-conscious at the almost complete lack of reaction to her request for volunteers, although Korr had at least spared her a glance as if he was about to join her.

    "I?m going in with you," she overheard him telling Mitch, quashing that hope. ""

    Instead, everyone seemed to be concentrating on the vanished wormbot. She sniffed; did it not occur to any of them that they might have vapourised the damn thing? After all, there was a section of wall no-one was going to see again; the terminator might have gone the same way.

    Sparrow turned up beside her, bearing one of the weapons from the armoury, along with her own slug-thrower. "Sorry I took so long. What is the situation? Where do you need me?"

    Ewlla regarded the medic and her new gun. It was a more sensible size than the LJ-50 that she now cradled, and the obstinate Corellian would have chosen something like that, if the computer had not embarrassed her. Carefully balancing the concussion rifle on her hip, and pointing it towards the ceiling, she placed a hand on the stained mottled green fabric of Sparrow's sleeve.
    "You're with me." She told Sparrow in a brusque tone, hoping that emulating the twi'lek would get her more cooperation round here.

    She turned to head to the salon pod doors, back the way she and Sparrow had come, but stopped as the twi'lek called for her over the heads of the humans.

    She turned back impatiently. "Yes?"

    "Yes, what?"

    Iillor rolled her eyes, and lolled her head to one side, insolently. He had to do this now? "Yes, Uncle Mitch."

    "Better." She could see his red eyes blazing at her over Korr's head. "No heroics. Stay with the pod in case Sofia and Cars run into trouble."

    "Sure, Uncle Mitch. Whatever." She nodded amiably along as if she had the slightest intention of following his advice. Though, she conceded, if the circumstances warranted staying with the backup spacecraft, she wasn't going to be stubborn about it.

    He seemed to have gone back to conferring with Korr, so she headed past the lift and across the clean,airy space of the atrium, and towards a bronzed archway flanked by coppery pipes and huge gas canisters, leading to a set of sealed double blast doors.

    She had trained on a Consular, so was familiar enough with the standard layout of this design.

    Iillor did not look back, though she was going to feel pretty silly in a moment if Sparrow were not trailing her.

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  15. Dubya_Scott

    Dubya_Scott Jedi Master star 5

    Jun 11, 2002
    IC: Miyano, Fincher, Thornton, Dunlop, wormbot
    Deck One

    In all the commotion, the Earth humans hadn't even noticed the lightsaber.

    As Mitch walked toward the doors and asked for cover, they all saw the glowing blade. "Whoa," Miyano said under his breath. "I want one of those."

    Korr had taken one of the Equalizers from Fincher and told him to be careful of the kick-back. Then Sparrow arrived. Ewlla said she wanted Sparrow to go with her to something called a salon pod.

    The God of Cops, whose name might be "Mitch", gave some orders to Ewlla and she stormed out.

    Miyano peeked through the hole in the wall. "The wormbot must be hiding, 'cause I don't see him in here."

    "Unless it moved to another part of the ship," Fincher said. He paused for a moment. "The med bay..." It was the perfect opportunity to snatch someone. The two injured humans were defenseless.

    "Wait," Miayno said, stupidly sticking his head through the hole in the wall. At least it had stopped dripping. "There is another hole in the ceiling. And the metal is protruding outward." He pulled his head back through. "Looks like he escaped."

    "Damn it!" Fincher took off back toward the med bay.

    As Finch took off, Thornton said to Mitch, "We've gotta stop it. This thing is turning your ship into Swiss cheese."

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  16. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Mitch Nifesta

    The agent slapped the door control and stepped into the dark storeroom, switching on the interior lighting with a Force tap on the light switch.

    There were boxes, mostly undisturbed, tucked against the walls, but nothing jumped out.

    Following Miyano's comment, he checked the ceiling, and sure enough, the ceiling of the next cabin up, was visible through the hole.

    "Last Bolt, didn't you get anything?"


    Mitch set his jaw, concerned at the A.E.'s unusual reticence. He looked back at Korr and Thornton. "Not good."

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  17. Seremela

    Seremela Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jul 12, 2008
    IC: Korr
    On board the Darth Unlucky

    "Nope, not good," Korr agreed about the hole in the ceiling. He was already backtracking to the lift. "If your ship can't follow that thing for us, we better get Wolf. He seems to have a nose for them." Under his breath he muttered, "If I can convince him to cram himself in the elevator."

    He slapped his own comwrist. "Beenine, access the ship again." His comm emitted a series of sharp and annoyingly loud beeps. "I know what happened last time, but the ship ain't answering right now. So don't sneek in this time, just let it know you're trying to find out what's going on and want to help."

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  18. Dubya_Scott

    Dubya_Scott Jedi Master star 5

    Jun 11, 2002
    IC: Fincher, Thornton, Miyano, Dunlop, wormbot
    aboard the Darth Unlucky

    Fincher had already reached Deck Three of the ship. He raced the corridor and into the med bay. He sweeped the Equalizer around the room, searching for the wormbot. Nothing.

    Lowering the heavy weapon, he strolled over to the two injured humans. They appeared to be okay. Sparrow had done a good job patching them up.

    One more quick glance around the room and Finch spoke into his radio. "Everything looks okay up here."

    Down on Deck One, Thornton, Miyano and Dunlop all heard Fincher's report. "Finch says the med bay is okay," Thornton said to the others who didn't have Earth radio headsets.

    "Then where the hell is it?" Dunlop asked, to no one in particular. It was more of a comment than a question.

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  19. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Ewlla Iillor, Mitch Nifesta, Deck One, the Darth Unlucky

    The double blast doors parted before her, and Iillor strode into the salon pod.

    She knew all about these things: Consular-class cruisers were used by the Galactic Republic as diplomatic vessels, and the salon pod, slung under the vessel?s bridge, provided a ready-made conference room (table, chairs, media centre) for representatives of governments and corporations to meet on neutral ground and discuss their differences.

    In case of emergency, the pod could separate from the main vessel, and make its way to the closest habitable planet, having its own sublight engine array, and hyperdrive.

    Sure enough, this pod had the large oval table, a tan-coloured synthetic wood, with a layer of clear plastic on top, surrounded by about eleven high-backed chairs. The cushioned headrests were blue synthleather.
    She was sure that if she bothered to look, the cushion on each chair would be the same colour.

    Iillor wasted no time in clattering the heavy concussion rifle onto the tabletop, and testing the movement of her hips and back.

    Looking back, it did not look like Sparrow or anyone had followed her through the doors, so it was probably going to be just her and LJ? going down to join the Fleetfoot captain.
    ?We?ll make a great team.? She assured her gun, stroking two slim pale fingers down the barrel.

    Turning from the still open doors, the ensign ran her gaze over the table, and realised it was not completely empty; there was a rectangular black box, of the type that held home entertainment holodiscs.
    Curiosity got the better of her, and she turned it over to see the picture of a barely dressed female blue twi?lek, sitting astride a chair, with the buildings of a cityscape behind her. She read the title.
    ?Aaylaa Does Alderaan?? She murmured, frowning at the block letter Aurabesh.

    * * * *

    Meanwhile, Nifesta followed Korr from the breached storeroom. The humanoid seemed to have suddenly taken charge himself, and Mitch especially approved of his orders to his astromech.
    Barring sabotage, Mitch expected the little droid to be of some use in saving the ship and recovering the Last Bolt.

    ?That thing could tear through various electronics while trying to find its way around.? He surmised aloud, slightly numb from the extra damage his ship was taking. ?I am going to see if I can access the bridge; see if I can park her next to the Fleetfoot.?

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  20. Dubya_Scott

    Dubya_Scott Jedi Master star 5

    Jun 11, 2002
    IC: Miyano, Thornton, Dunlop, wormbot
    Deck One

    Miyano stood back looking at the gaping hole in the wall, while Thornton and Dunlop had wandered to the other ends of the room, searching for any noises...or any sign of the wormbot.

    Thornton didn't like the idea of the Last Bolt not responding. She had only been on the ship for a pretty short time, but she knew that the A.I. (or A.E. as "Mitch the God of Cops" put it) should be babbling or arguing or something.

    Dunlop, on the other hand, had the urge to exit the ship. It wasn't safe here any more. But he could probably get attacked outside as well...

    "There's no way we'd be able to catch this thing to study it," Miyano commented. "It's way too fast."

    Clank Clank

    Miyano spun around. The sound of metal on metal came from the opposite side of the room as the hole. Miyano aimed his gun as he turned.

    The wormbot's metal claws came protruding through the wall, tearing the metal outward. Both Thornton and Dunlop came running over, weapons at the ready.

    Miyano began firing. But the wormbot was so fast that it lunged out from the new hole, sailed across the room, and exited through the old hole (that it made earlier) before it was even hit with a bullet.

    But wait... Miyano was gone!

    The robotic worm had moved so fast that Miyano hadn't had time to get out of the way. The wormbot had grabbed Eddie Miyano with it's claws as it arced it's way through the air from one hole to the other.

    "Nooo!!" Thornton ran over to the old hole and saw blood around the edges of it. Miyano's blood. The hole, which was a little larger than one foot wide, wasn't big enough to fit a human being through.

    If Miyano had been dragged through it head-first, his shoulders would have been ripped open as he flew through the hole.

    "Eddie!!" Thornton screamed, stunned at how her friend and teammate had suddenly vanished.

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    [b]OOC:[/b] Could this be the end of Eddie Miyano? [face_worried]

  21. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    OOC: Leaping across the storeroom, from the new hole to the old one, would put them in the corridor, right?

    IC: Mitch Nifesta, Deck One


    The sound of segmented metal, and his own Force Sense, which had been curiously absent up till now, warned the twilek of the danger behind him, and he spun away from Korr, to see the blood-drenched wormbot clattering across the hallway floor, holding it's mis-shapen prize under itself,

    The lightsabre dropped back into the twi'lek's palm, ignited, and he immediately knelt forward to put the weapon a foot off the deck, drew his hand back, and frisbee'd it towards the prehensile terminator, the spinning white blur crossing the distance too quick for it to dodge, he was sure.

    Nifesta's Force sense kicked in again, warning him that his girl was coming back to assist. He put up a palm in her direction, and the salon's blast door re-sealed, blocking his view of her slim form.

    He did not want her here; nor did he want her out there, where he could not keep an eye on her. Rather, if it mattered, he wanted to dock with a Judicial Forces Procurator-class star battlecruiser, hand her over to the deck officer, and pat her scowling head, whilst exhorting her to be a good girl.

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  22. Seremela

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    Jul 12, 2008
    IC: Korr
    ~Aboard the Darth REALLY Unlucky~

    ?What do you mean, he won?t go in? Let him hear my voice, Beenine. Wolf!? Korr bellowed in his wristcomm, ?get in there, now! Beenine, zap him if you have to, I need him up here.?

    Korr thought he heard a yelp through his comm and then the lift started working.

    ?He in? Good. You plugged into the ship? Okay, try?.?

    Rapid fire and a bloodcurdling scream from behind made him abandon that line of thought. He turned, fast. It was a good thing no one stood too close or the Equalizer would have made a serious impact on some part of their anatomy.


    It was there, in the corridor with him and the Twi?lek, as ominous and ugly as Korr remembered it, coming so fast through the hole in the wall it made his head spin. Only this time it was also drenched in blood. Korr?s heart clenched when he saw the bloody? shape? it was holding. He whipped the Equalizer up his shoulder and dropped to one knee.

    Four shots, he only had four shots?.

    Korr knew he was a crack shot, but the fastness with witch the thing had appeared worried him. It was already a good deal closer in the short time it had taken him to turn, drop and shoulder the black tube he was holding.

    Something was spinning through the air before he had finished his movement, a blade of fire, speeding toward the ?bot even faster than the monster moved. Seeing again how huge the thing was, Korr didn?t think it was enough to stop it, but hopefully it would slow it down enough for him to get the shot out on time.

    And then he had the Equalizer lined up with the ?bot ? close, the thing was so damn close - and he fired. Unable to miss at this distance. He should dive away to safety, he knew it, but if that shot wasn?t enough his current position was the best to get off another.

    Behind him the elevator doors made the soft hissing sound that meant they were opening and a loud growling could be heard.

    TAG: all

  23. Twinky_Stryder

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    Nov 16, 2003
    IC: Sofia "Sparrow" Mason
    The Darth REALLY Unlucky

    Sofia followed Ewlla. When they were nearly at the pod she heard Finch's voice over the radio. She paused to listen as Ewlla went ahead. Finch said that the people in the medbay were okay. Sofia breathed a sigh of relief.

    Noticing that Ewlla was far ahead of her, Sofia broke into a jog. Before she got there she heard a few distant noises. She paused, not liking that she had to leave her team mates. Shakign it off Sofia went into the pod.

    "Right, so what exactly do we need to do now?" She walked over to Ewlla. She noticed the tape in the girl's hand.

    ".......I don't want to know, do I?"

    TAG: Ewlla. any

  24. Dubya_Scott

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    Jun 11, 2002
    IC: wormbot
    Deck One

    The wombot had stopped only for a split-second when it realized that there were two other beings in that area. It was still clutching the somewhat disfigured Eddie Miyano in it's claws, the tips of the blades sticking out the other side of the human's torso.

    The wormbot made an odd noise, almost like a metallic screech as the glowing blade came flying toward it. And it looked like some kind of weapon was fired as well. The wormbot leaped up the wall, but the lightsaber was either too close or too fast. The blade clipped Miyano's feet and severed almost 15 inches off of the wormbot's hind end. So now, instead of the Terminator worm being 6 feet long, it was cut down to a little over 4-and-a-half feet. And the shot from the equalizer hit the severed fifteen inch section of the machine.

    The wormbot then heard a menacing growl as it maneuvered around a corner.

    It had lost a good chuck of it's robotic body, which would make it more difficult to move while carrying the human. But it was programmed for this...and to move quickly. Also to escape with it's prey. And it's Master was waiting for it to return.

    The wormbot would do what ever it takes to escape....

    TAG: Sithy, Seremela...

    [b]OOC:[/b] Is the lift in the storeroom or the corridor? Oh well. I'll just play it by ear. Since the wormbot is digging holes everywhere, I probably should have looked at a floor plan of a cruiser first. [face_tongue]
  25. Sith-I-5

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    Aug 14, 2002
    OOC: My plans do not exactlymatch those of the Cross Sections. The cabins are largely correct, but the lift is further forward than on the illustrations. At the moment, the lift at the back of the command level on the official plans, extends down through to level one, and the foyer. The lift is in the corridor, and is between the wormbot and the salon pod.

    IC: Mitch Nifesta, Ewlla Iillor, Darth Unlucky deck one, salon pod.

    While the lighting stayed normal where Mitch, Korr, and the hallway towards the lift and bow of their position, stayed lit, those illuminating the wormbot, Miyano and the storeroom door, flickered fitfully immediately after the ion bolt hit, then plunged that end of the corridor into darkness! Light from the storeroom flickered, but remained on.

    There was also no glow from the thrown lightsabre, so Nifesta figured it had suffered the same fate. It would recover in time, but they did not have time.

    Mitch backed up level to Korr, looking up as if he were about to address his ship again. "Last Bolt, you need to-" He stopped, remembering that the AE was offline. He could hear and Sense the terminator's movements, but could not see them. "I need to get to the bridge, before your next shot knocks us out of the sky." He looked aside at the humanoid. "Can you handle things down here?"

    * * * *

    Re-armed and striding back to the doors at the rear of the conference room, Ewlla spotted the twi'lek's 'talk to the hand' gesture, followed by the sealing of the doors in her face.

    "Fine, if that's the way you want it." She griped aloud, turning back to the table that dominated the room, and gave a startled yelp when she almost ran into Sparrow.

    "Right, so what exactly do we need to do now?" The medic-warrior enquired.

    "Well, I need to change my..." She started to mutter, sidestepping Sparrow to drop the heavy concussion rifle on the table again. "Never mind." She swapped the gun for the holodisc case, looking at it speculatively.

    ".......I don't want to know, do I?"

    "Let's just say, all men are Ugnaughts, and leave it at that, huh?" The Ensign stepped up to the table, and examined the surface in front of each chair. Though it looked like blank plastic, on closer inspection, there were touch sensitive controls beneath the transparent top layer.

    "Look for flight controls." She suggested over her shoulder. "And check the seats themselves for the most wear. I'm guess that Uncle Mitch's favourite place to watch... whatever... will be the one that flies this bucket.

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