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Fantasy Thriller Drama The Meaning of Hero

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Darth_Elu, Mar 27, 2021.

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  1. Darth_Elu

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    Jan 2, 2003
    OOC: Everyone please refer to the OOC Thread, Ball of the Masquerade. Do not reveal yourselves just yet!

    All Things Begin As All Things End, Yet Sometimes There Too Must Be…A Pause

    In Drahkabor, the greatness of Yorr was just beginning as he would finish wrangling the boars and be pointed in the eventual direction of the imposing orkra capital, Or’reshzar. Not only capital to that race’s people, but also the central point of rule for the entire nation!

    Tyson and Kang would quickly gather their needed flowers and race back to the quest giver in friendly contest. A competition of speed that in their current states would see Tyson winning rather handily. He would smile good-naturedly at the other, applauding his attempt to keep up, all the while keeping his true identity as the very creator of the world they were in a tight-lipped secret.

    In Othya, Achelous would inquire about the job board quests alongside his first companion of the world, Sarene. The girl surprising him with deciding to stick around (“If you don’t mind?” she would ask with batting eyelashes) for their first grand adventure in this fantasy world. Their destiny, one could only guess at.

    Zarithea and Vaara would get their fill, their thoughts on the food notwithstanding, and rest at the Starry Skies Inn in the capital of the Istiel. Auratori. Upon waking, only magnificent journeys and discovers awaited them.

    Roderick would quietly continue his intro quest to Korr Avana, all the while keeping silent counsel and wondering as to his/her future acting career.

    In Atra Zarryn, Meek would grab what he could and slink safely out of the hut of the wizard. His destiny with his band of potential followers likely as chaotic as their antics. Yet the entertainment and satisfaction accompanying their deeds? Limitless.

    Eshe would deal with the ram upon the mountain and assist with the clearing of the roads as her intro quest dictated. Her direction from there? Unknown, but assuredly mystical in nature.

    Alusan would make his decision along with Dabess about whether or not to join in the friendly sparring along the road. Either way, experience of some form would be gained and they would find their way to Naburze, Capital of the Zeltron. Here Dabess would part ways with him to explore the wilderness.

    The city of zeltrons would be……much how one would imagine it to be. He would have a hard time resisting a great many temptations! And futures.

    In Yerkoskei, Pax would be forced to make a potentially fateful choice with his first encounter in the Xskiva capital of Xevuzhin. From here, so many more opportunities would sprout for him, no matter what he chose.

    Within the Crystal Caves, Minzim would collect his/her crystals for the simple intro into the world. Getting used to an illithid avatar was challenging, but well worth it! Upon eventually exiting the caves, who knows what sights and experiences awaited him!

    And elsewhere…Little Twylla would continue her harrowing adventure that was just beginning. What confusion there was would eventually become clear and a path of destiny, like everyone else, would be unveiled.

    For her path would meld with everyone else’s, one way or another.

    For better or for worse.

    But these futures are not yet to be told, my friends. For now, we take a step back and wonder what could be and may yet come to pass. Our view into Korr Avana may temporarily be closing, but fret not.

    One day, we will learn…

    The Meaning of Hero.
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