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Fantasy CLOSED The Saga of the Ryujin

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Shadowsun, Aug 30, 2020.

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    Rebecca Dragon

    Her strike bounced off the greatsword with the ringing sound of steel on steel. Slightly off balance the dragon blood warrior just set her feet as he swung low, well low for him it would still strike her around the waist likely cutting her in half. But, it did give her an opening. Rushing forward she gathered her strength and leapt into the air turning her blade to plunge the tip into the Red's broad back. All of her armored weight crashing onto him should do something, likely not bring him down but, could tip the balance.

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    Jun 26, 2017
    Heroic Deeds

    With a whirling, almost insatiable rage that was not his own a string of hot burning plasma unleashed itself with a god-like level of speed towards Bellus Dragonson. A look of fear flashed in her eyes as she looked towards Anaxagore, the moment seemingly playing in slow motion.

    What was this hind-legged dragon? One that stood as a human did, with draconic hands. And that power... She felt a rush through her blood as a voice crackled through Anaxagore's head.


    Bellus fear shifted to determination, her form pushed to the edge.

    I cannot... she began to think as her scales shifted, spreading rapidly in size as a majestic, mountainous form arose. Taller than the very walls of Othos and making the twelve-foot draconic Anaxagore look tiny.

    She began to spread her wings, red electricity bundling in a great sphere above her head the size of a simple adept Ryujin.

    The great miasmic blast of Anaxagore ripped through the now Elder form of Bellus, cleaving scale, flesh, and bone. A clean, precise cut flowed in a diagonal from the top left shoulder down through her waist. The eyes of the dragon grew wide as it collapsed, the earth-shaking once more as the ball of lightning dissipated. Her top half flopped to the ground as smoke and steam rose up everywhere as her form disappeared leaving no trace of the gigantic dragon that had just been there a few seconds ago.

    "You only have a few seconds... do it, destroy the rest of them. Destroy the Haugunites..."

    Anaxagore could feel no aura from the warrior princess.

    Bellus Dragonson was defeated.

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    IC: Roger the Red

    Upon the cracked and broken earth the duel between Roger the Red and Rebecca Dragonson continued, bound upwards. He underestimated how far she would leap as he used the momentum of his swing in an effort to move out of way...

    The quick, satisfying noise of steel slicing through flesh as the blade embedded itself into the large, beast-like man. He roared in frustration as his free hand came in a swing knocking Rebecca, sending her flying as the sword twist out aggravating the wound even greater.

    There was a series of quick, painful pants as he viewed the red, fiery blast of Anaxagore in the distance slicing through the enormous dragon. He had no time to think about it as blood dripped out from the corner of his mouth. His hands and body moved in a pattern Rebecca would recognize. The Wrathful Strike of Osatia. His massive blade and body moved at a speed that should not be possible, but there was now a sluggishness to his movements. His eyes gleaned a viscous red locked squarely at Rebecca.

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    IC: The Primodial Flame

    as he sat in awe of the power of a force that he had never seen would feel an excitement in his mind.

    "What the Sith is that,"

    "That is the Power of the Ancients... A Power that Lies within you too, through my Will..."

    An unfeeling flicker of invisible eyes.

    "Partake of the First Flame as Anaxagore has done, and let forth your full fury..." Insisted the unseen voice.

    At this moment the Blood Witch, Sanguis, whom Delsanra had been dueling up arose from the fog of war. A shift in her form as tears of blood began to streak down her face. Arc's mind would flash to a blank void as he viewed a bright firey orb with two rings encircling it. The same voice as before ringing true.

    "Take it"

    Another voice rung at the back of Arc's head from a brief conversation he had with Zalzabar.

    "I want you to keep in mind Arc you have more power in you than you let on And that I'd wager you let on. Remeber it is yours, and find it within yourself to draw upon your strengths... that's the key to maintaining the Elder Form."

    His eyes would snap awake to see the grotesque form of Sanguis.


    IC: Arkon the Blind & Kharvas the Water Blade

    The legs of the spider twitched as if pulling on dozens of invisible threads as a whole host of the red-white creatures sprung up to defend it, blocking as best they could the freezing breath.

    Instead, they formed a wall of frozen mass, propelled greater still by the continued barrage and surging power of Delsanra Helestina. It rocked into the spider piercing all over its thick hairy skin as it screeched in pain. It began to scuttle away to avoid the continuing torrent of frostfire, only for large wave of water to slam into the spider, smacking it firmly in place. Its legs flailed out as it abdomen crashed into the ground, the crunch of its exoskeleton as it was stuck for but a moment. The frozen breath ripped through the solid mass of creatures and the now wet Spider became utterly frozen. Its aura diminishing within moments but stuck in its transformation.

    There was nothing it could do.

    Arkon the Blind was defeated.

    Ne'jin'tar would have no time to celebrate his contribution as was slammed into by the wingless ryujin, having just reared itself back from being whacked away by the half-orc. Its speed and force caused them both to tumble off the side of the wall both of them falling down as another wave of the demonic creatures clung on to them making it near impossible to fly with all the added weight.

    Kharvas began to speak in Ne'jin'tar's ear. "I'm sorry it has to be this way... br..." thunk the dragons' body crashed into the ground as Kharvas became still.

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    Delsanra Ryujin -

    This...felt different. Not in a bad way, but definitely different.

    But she did not have time to explore this sensation as there were still battles to be had. With such ancient magic swirling about, and she now in her dragon form, any previous wounds began to heal quickly. She breathed again on what was the large spider creature, making sure it would not cause any more damage, and then kicked it. As she looked about, Arc still seemed to be dealing with something... How disgusting! Was that thing the female blood elf from earlier? Unless Arc called for help, she would not interfere, for there were other sounds that had caught her attentions now.

    Even with the spider now gone, his 'monstrosities' still lived, and the red and white creatures were willing to kill everything in reach, both military and civilians. This presented a curious problem, as they were moving more into the city, the more they would interact with more people, making it difficult to separate them...

    Difficult, not impossible.

    For she was in Elder form, as she called forth on her elemental magics, calling dozens of small frost elementals, much as Esenma and her wind elementals. For this, she did not need them to be large, just fast and lots of them.

    She turned her head slightly, as she breathed a word, barely above a whisper...'ventus'..

    With glee, the small elementals set out into the masses of the strange creatures, their job was simple. They only needed to touch the creatures, and the second spell would go off..


    Like scum that floats on top of the water, the spell would make the creature rise, giving enough distance so that Delsa could let loose another barrage of firefrost, and take care of the annoying creatures. And if that didn't work, there was the second spell she knew that would...

    She moved carefully, using her wings to skip over areas where people were located, looking to eradicate all traces of the creatures. But she was also keenly aware, that there were still enemies to keep an eye out for, as she moved about, working on her task. She also notes she does not see Ne'jin'tar either. Hopefully, he is alright.

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    Apr 29, 2002
    IC: Anaxagore, Heir Protector

    He roared and roared as he never had before. He had destroyed the Princess, seemingly so, yet the War was far from over.

    Anaxagore perceived the continuing conflict all around him, perceived the struggles of his friends and his mentors. The company of heroes were already being pushed to their limits on their first major encounter.

    But none of them would give up!

    Anaxagore, X’Ignis, whichever amalgam he had become, his eyes burned with unquenchable fire as he rose into the air, his maw opening once again. Anaxagore swiveled his head, releasing a terrifying stream of pure incandescent wrath.

    He aimed his devastating breath-weapon with supernatural precision at the haugunites on the ground and those in the air. All of them had come from so far away, and for what? To be fodder for their ignoble masters?

    Senseless. All of it!

    Still he rose, wreathed in streaming fire, gaining a greater area to target the seemingly innumerable enemy horde, until he reached an ideal vantage point.

    ‘Destroy the Haugunites…’

    There was a blinding flash as unbridled power was unleashed, even as a veritable shower of beams brighter than the sun streaked towards the horde of haugunites!

    The terrible truth of the multi-beam attack: Anaxagore could sense the enemy’s vital life signs and tracked them all in this manner. The incandescent beams would melt through armor like blowtorches through candle wax. Everything else they hit would simply turn to cinders and ash.

    A deafening and paralyzing roar thundered through air as the attack flared out.

    If there was no mercy in War, then who was Mercy for?

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    IC: Ne'jin'tar

    Ne'jin'tar use freedom to aid and Ne'jin'tar succeed! Ne'jin'tar water blast kept weird thing down as strong elf woman Delsanra, she kill it with ice! Ne'jin'tar no have time make victory cheer as Ne'jin'tar once more under attack from Water dragon.

    Ne'jin'tar was slammed by wingless enemy. It hit hard! Make both go off wall with wave of the demonic creatures clung on. Make Ne'jin'tar heavy with bodies, strain Ne'jin'tar try flight Ne'jin'tar only slow landing as the twist in air. Maybe spin more than slow.

    Kharvas began to speak in Ne'jin'tar's ear. "I'm sorry it has to be this way... br..." thunk the dragons' body crashed into the ground as Kharvas became still. Ne'jin'tar looked down at defeated foe. Ne'jin'tar not plan win this way, Ne'jin'tar no bother by it. Raising head Ne'jin'tar roar to heavens!

    Ne'jin'tar call water, water whirl like sand storm around Ne'jin'tar! Ne'jin'tar plan wash away little biters! Break them to chunky soup and the body below Ne'jin'tar as well! Then Ne'jin'tar with chuncky waters plan fly back, see where fight still be. Ne'jin'tar need keep wall clear. Be where Ne'jin'tar need be for fight.

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    IC: Arc
    Tagged by fate

    Oh he did not like this.

    Big old fated things supplying great and grand solutions to all his problems?

    Recipe for disaster.

    But, they were rather desperate.

    Arc had, however, a great deal of experience with borrowing power, and the consequences of shortcuts.

    Very dark side, etc etc.

    "Partake of the First Flame as Anaxagore has done, and let forth your full fury..."

    "I want you to keep in mind Arc you have more power in you than you let on And that I'd wager you let on. Remeber it is yours, and find it within yourself to draw upon your strengths... that's the key to maintaining the Elder Form."

    The two voices, going on and on at him.

    If they were angels and devils upon either shoulder, Arc did not care for it.

    He spoke up to the voice, metaphorically brushing at his shoulders to dismiss those perched upon them.

    "Well, if Anaxy has already done it, then you hardly need me to do so, do you now?" His voice was jovial, as if what he'd said made no matter to him.

    He placed a firm hand upon his Black Coat.

    "I think it's time to let out what I am, warts and all, and win this my way."


    He went to cast it off, and break free from this Between place.

    To unleash himself, with focus, control, forthrightness, and basic, simple, truth.

    He was not a good man.

    But he was also not a very bad man.

    And against very bad men - against monsters.

    That's what counted.

    He had comrades, and late as he was to their journey he was, he cared for them, and for this place, and this time, and this world.

    So he'd take his power and do that.

    Save people.

    And maybe, along the way, earn a little bit of redemption for himself.

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    Tempest Reborn

    Despite the dire shattering of the magical orb that protected the city, and despite further still the weakened and wounded Tempus, Esenma and Helen a, s they retreated slowly back towards the frontlines Zalzabar could not rid his mind of the question that had plagued his mind since the very beginning of this battle. No a battle has more clarity than this, this is madness beyond the wars of my youth thought Zalzabar to himself as the bright beams of light flared around in the sky from Anaxagore's multibeam attack cleaving Haugunite forces ever closer to naught.

    They had, despite Malum's cautious nature, underestimated the strength of the Grand City of Kings or rather the students of Zalzabar. Just as, perhaps, Zalzabar in his blindness had underestimated the veteran forces of Malum. A flicker of his hands as he negated a wave of darkness from Solis Kayne the self-proclaimed Herald of the Morning Sun.

    Four versus four fight between Zalzabar, Helen, Esenma, Tempus, the so called Winter Court and Witch King had dragged and slogged on in misery as each tried to get the upper hand on the other a display of magic on level that few in all of Regnum possessed.

    Zalzabar himself could not help but marvel at his students as his eyes darted from one to the next. Marvel, look in awe, and perhaps, as his keen eyes glanced at the humanoid draconic form of Anaxagore gaze in fear at what he had gifted to them. A dagger through his mind flared as his eyes swelled with liquid, a memory crashing down into him.

    "You let her die Father..." quaked a voice in pain and malice. Heat blurred against his skin in memory as that power resonated, the image of his home, his first home that he had built becoming obliterated by...

    A sliver of darkness slashed across his cheek as he viewed Tempus fall to the ground impaled by shards of ice... He was at this time perhaps only a few hundred feet away from where Ne'jin'tar, Delsanra and Arc were close to the wall.

    Zalzabar would feel the rising, surging Will of Arc enact itself onto the world as he grew with his power into that of an Elder, looming large and terrible over the house sized blood dragon. It's form twisting like dense water attempting to slice into left leg of the towering mountain that cracked up the wall. A hiss of anger pounding in Arc's ear as the Will of Flame quieted in his mind.

    The Lightning Ryujin would sense also the dramatic collapse in Anaxagore's strength. His skin gave off a thick, harsh steam as his knees buckled to the ground, his eyes drifting as he viewed the near figures of Rebecca and Roger clash brilliantly with their swords.

    Kaynus himself thundered down as a flash of light, his maw coming up triumphant as he ripped out the neck of his foe Sonus. The demon ryujin gurgling for several moments before resting for eternity. The surge of battle with all their efforts was turning towards that of Othos. The mighty draconic blasts of the party had vastly dwindled the forces of the Haugunites. With the frozen nature of the Spider being whatever magic he had been using to control the red creatures had disspated they now scattering in fear from the powers of Delsanra and Ne'jin'tar. all that truly remained in true, fighting power were but a few veterans

    Roger the Red

    Sanguis the Bloodmoon Dragon

    And yes... the Winter Court and Derius along with the renewed forces of Taetus.

    They would all feel it however faintly, something perhaps in part would make Zalzabar feel a failure, but he had no choice. These Four he, Esenma and Helen could not stop alone. His mind reached out to those within his company that could receive it.

    I may not be able to transform, my students...

    ...and it may take us all to defeat these new found foes...

    but well I've been saving a little something that no one has seen, may it inspire your hearts!

    His hair flashed a light, sky blue before then softening to a blank, paper white. A series of clicks and clacks as a metallic ring burst out behind him and a sword forged itself from lightning sprung from his hand. His body flowing in a dance of ancient making.

    With his sword raised a great thunder clap roared itself from the heavens, piercing down with a singing fury, a bolt gifted to each of the Winter Court, along with Derius and each of his Iron Legion. Iron of course, doing wonders to attract the storm of Zalzabar, Tempest Reborn.

    But such magic would do little to contend with their Four Chief Foes.... and so the question lay itself unasked and unanswered to those that remained...

    A question Anaxagore was incapable of answering as a figure clad in metal, invisible and undetectable to all but young grey paladin viewed him silently. A foot raised atop the chest of the utterly depleted paladin, pinning further into the ground.

    "Ah so it was you that destroyed my legions so effortlessly, well in part I suppose..." A Dark Elf of Taetus heritage than shifted from behind the looming figure. Anaxagore had not met Asanna before, but here she was for reasons beyond his knowing. The figure paused, the pressure increasing along Anaxagore's chest before subsiding as the figure moved it away.

    "But pity, a shard of My Lord dwells within you. I cannot slay you so carelessly..."

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    Sorry for the massive delay, I'll shift updates to every Tuesday instead of Monday and the next update will be a week from today (9/6). As always if you have questions, concerns or comments shoot me a PM.
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    Sep 7, 2002
    Delsanra Taenya Helestina

    Delsanra scanned the area. It seemed that Arc had stood up to the challange, and was now dealing with the
    blood dragon, his form much larger than earlier. Ne'jin'tar seemed to have taken down his enemy, and as Delsanra noted, once the spider was dealt with, the creatures she had been dealing with had now turn and ran, trying to get far way from the distruction.

    The area was swirling with magics and power. She had felt whatever it was that Anaxagore had released, the power mindboggling. Be she didnt have time to process that. In the distance, she could also hear Rebecca's battle was going strong. Kaynus was even doing major damage to the Ryujin he has been battling.

    As Delsanra moved about, looking for her next target, she suddenly 'heard' something..

    It was Zalzabar! So, he still lived. His voice rang thru her mind.

    "I may not be able to transform, my students...
    ...and it may take us all to defeat these new found foes...
    but well I've been saving a little something that no one has seen, may it inspire your hearts!"

    Suddenly the heavens opened up with the loudest roar of thunder that she had ever heard before. A bolt of lighting suddenly came down, lighting up an area of the city.

    A direction!

    With a roar, Delsanra leaped into the air, and began to head towards where the area the lighting stroke had gone. This was not good. The people he spoke of earlier must truly be powerful. And she knew, if the situation became dire enough, that Zalzabar would do whatever was necessary. Including....

    Delsanra would not think of that now. They needed to deal with what was in front of them. Delsanra spoke softly, indierctly to the orb she carried.

    "Avatar of Caelum... Zafyrus... Looks like things have changed. And the ones who want to bring back Sapientis are here." Delsanra flew towards the area. "So, if you have any parting words of wisdom, now would be a good time to say them."

    Delsanra knew she might have to do something she didnt want. She had been ordered to make sure the orb didnt fall into their hands. To teleport away.

    She hoped it would not have to come to that.

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    Apr 29, 2002
    IC: Anaxagore
    Protector of Nothing

    Simply put, Anaxagore was spent beyond his limits. He had burned every so brightly, so fiercely, but had it made a difference?

    True, Bellus Dragonson had been removed from the combat zone, but the same could be said of the Heir-Protector. He was in no condition to even lift a finger, much less come to the aid of his friends or the city he’d sworn to protect.

    A mountain must have fallen on him then, for the weight he now felt pressing down upon his chest, all but crushed him utterly. Where his bones cracking underfoot? It certainly felt as if they were.

    Another foe had entered the fray, one he had not seen or detected before. Fear and helplessness threatened to blind the adept Ryujin from taking any course of action, but he was simply much too obdurate a creature to do nothing.

    From his position, he would miss the glorious spectacle of a Tempest Reborn, but in his own way, he would lend the last vestiges of his strength towards the cause.

    Closing his eyes, Anaxagore focused with everything he had upon his connection with Creatus, ‘The Boy who would be King’ as he’d dubbed him in his own mind. What he did now did not depend on the brokenness of his body, but rather the strength of his Will.

    With what could very well be his last breath, Anaxagore transferred the silver spark of his draconic essence unto the unassuming boy, the perfect canvas, the perfect successor. It was the least he could do, as a mentor, a brother, a friend.

    “Live….” he choked out, his eyes becoming heavy with every passing second.

    “You must all…”

    Darkness fell upon his consciousness then, for as a warrior who was born to battle, there could be no better resting place.

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    Sep 29, 2005
    Battle go Ne'jin'tar way

    Ne'jin'tar have victory! Again! Ne'jin'tar not know what Ne'jin'tar do with self! Ne'jin'tar herd spider to slaughter! Ne'jin'tar wrestle great Ryujin serpent to death! Ne'jin'tar just lift off seek more battle when Ne'jin'tar get Ne'jin'tar's first patient dropped in-front of Ne'jin'tar. Coming down Ne'jin'tar look, see companies little terrors teacher. Impaled by ice.

    Ne'jin'tar sigh as Ne'jin'tar bend neck breath heavy over body a warm breath. Melt ice. Ne'jin'tar sigh, "Ne'jin'tar no used patients bring water Ne'jin'tar work with. Ne'jin'tar no complain." Ne'jin'tar would heal this man, battle was removed. Ne'jin'tar no know of press for Ne'jin'tar anywhere else. Ne'jin'tar do what Ne'jin'tar can now. Sky fill lightning, Ne'jin'tar no care, Ne'jin'tar just know that mean they not fail yet. Ne'jin'tar still get paid.

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    Jun 26, 2017
    The Winter Court

    The orb, the Avatar of Caelum, stirred as Delsanra called upon it. With her keen elven eyes she would see the consuming battle of Zalzabar against an armored figure, a certain Solis Kayne, though of course Delsanra did not know his name. The other two both also clad in gothic armor emblematic of Haugun continued their fray against Esenma and Helen.

    The one that duels with Zalzabar of Zafir is of great magic. His Will ruins deep with Light and Shadow the quick, fast yet subtle strikes of his Light magic are complemented well with the slow, methodical yet devastating blows of his Dark Magic. A wonderous combination, that he appears to have gained mastery over. Two Natures of such opposite accord...

    Zafyrus' attention shifted as it focused on the one wielding a staff. His magic does not run as deep as the other, but it is of a greater berth. There was a sudden clash of fire, fueled by wind magic that hurtled from the iron staff to that of Esenma. He has good skill in each of the four basic elements, supplementing his lack of a large Will.

    Zalzabar was then beset by the last figure in addition to Solis. The one named Ulfric, who unbeknownst to the party had been the one to break into Othos and free Asanna. Unlike the other two whose aura were detectable with each movement of magic they made, Ulfric was silent, invisible in the unseen space. Black smoky tendrils whipped about the loose broken of one of his arms. Other lashes of a dark, formless black spurred their way to Zalzabar, clashing with his lightning only for the eletric blue coils to wither into the nothingness.

    Zafyrus shivered.

    By the Three... he is of a dark, ancient magic, if one can call it magic at all. A child begotten of the Void. Formless, boundless, the antithesis to life and therefore to magic. Such a power has not be seen since before The Primordial War.

    The war in question being only whispered of in fragmentary texts long before the founding of Zafir, such as the letter of Seryon the I.

    You must fight Delsanra, they can not last long against these Four. A flicker to Derius. A feeling would swarm by the periphery of Delsanra's attention as she felt a large dragon fly alongside her, thick red blood staining it's glistening white scales.

    "They are the Winter Court of Haugun," began Kaynus, his tone grim and focused. "The strongest that serve the oaf, Malum Dragonson," he did not pause to explain how he knew this. His wings spread out large. "Behold the Heir strike down foes!" As there was a build up of bright, blinding white light in his maw, hurtling down towards August, the wielder of the Four Elements.

    As Ne'jin'tar began his healing of the countless wounded that were littered across the walls, streets and rooftops he too would feel the ebb and flow of the battle close to him. He would feel as Zalzabar twirled his sword, finding a moment to right himself as he unleashed a galvanic blast that enraptured his twin foes. Lightning coursing and bouncing between them both as Solis screamed in pain, before his attention refocused on the white light at the corner of his eye. Ulfric's armor began to rattle with anticipation as the formless black tendrils began to eek out of the plated armor, before an explosion of metal. The fragmentary pieces hurtled in all directions pushing his companion aside and piercing into Zalzabar's side as Ulfric revealed his face.


    Ulfric Mordenheim was that but of a boy. The shadows lengthed as the tendrils only showed his face for but a moment, Zalzabar looking at him in shock.

    "Uncle," spoke Ulfric in acknowledgement, their eyes meeting before the tendrils shifted. His body becoming formless.


    And then with another movement, the boundless blackness began to consume the sky, hovering over Zalzabar as he readied himself.


    Solis meanwhile gave a hidden smile, mirth echoing in his voice as he head snapped to Kaynus, his blast having ceased.

    "Boy!" cried Solis Kayne Allbright.


    Fear gripped Kaynus as his wings spread out, the skeletal face of Solis rhyming with the draconic beast he transformed into with a single bound. His teeth, and claws ready to rip into the white dragon.


    In this same moment, the darkness struck down at Zalzabar a thousands times, lightning coming up in a large arc to slice at a number of the tendrils only to for more to assault him. His body held aloft as if being made ready for a pyre. His pupiless blue eyes flickered as the lightning sparked in vain around him.

    Malum's hand came down unto Anaxagore's armor dragging him along as he felt ice began to grow across his hair and armor. The metal helm parting away at Malum's face revealing a sick smile as he watched the city burn.

    As the ice grew the Avatar of Caelum shivered once more and grew silent.

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    Jun 23, 2018
    The Witchking of Taetus

    The battle had slogged on. Epic attacks and powerful explosions. Advanced level magic that most of Regnum had scarce the opportunity to lay eyes on. Death was all around the battlefield. It had a way of fatiguing even those accustomed to war at this level. Zalzabar, Esenma, Helen, and even the Winter Court and Derius were feeling the effects and the weariness. None of them were gods, after all. Far from that level.

    None of them were Kings either....except one.

    Schneider, who'd been on the sidelines of the battle and not engaging, turned his head to a distant place on the frontlines. Derius repelled another of Helen's attacks and acknowledged Schneider's signal. Of course.

    Beneath his helmet, The Witchking observed the battlefield. His power, unlike the others, was not waning or if it was, it was being replenished. The death around them gave him almost an endless source from which to draw from. He could, quite literally, battle in these conditions for days. The Witchking had no intentions of doing this.

    "Schneider, we're taking our leave."

    The Witchking touched the shoulder of Schneider. A gust of wind and the appearance of the dozen or so mages that had accompanied Derius to this offensive. They waited as The Witchking and Schneider disappeared only to reappear next to Delsanra. Schneider's position, curiously, between Kaynus and Solis Kayne.

    "Snow elf...You wish to help Zalzabar, but do not have the power to do so. Ulfric Mordenheim is a ryujin of the void and Zalzabar does not stand a chance against a foe he does not understand so late in this battle. I can offer you something: Agree to come to Taetus as my guest, not a prisoner, and I will prevent the killing of Zalzabar and Esenma at the hands of my comrades."

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    IC: Malum Dragonson & Helen, Hero of Athas

    It bemused Malum as he stood far out the city walls, the broken and battered Anaxagore breathing ever so faintly as Malum considered for a moment. He glanced to Asanna.

    "Helen, quite an annoying thorn, I do hope your husband does not estimate her," he spoke his reformed helm looking straight towards the smoking city, the swirl of battleing dragons still taking place overhead.

    Indeed as Derius stood making his declaration to Delsanra, with a meager third of the mages he had come with, the rest decimated by Zalzabar's lightning storm, his focus was distracted. Perhaps in his overconfidence, perhaps in his misjudgment of the distance between where he had been and where Delsanra was or perhaps of the suppresed but raging power that was Helen remained undetected he would not be able to counteract this next attack.

    Malum was also note, quietly to himself as he viewed the distant battle with Ryujin-like prowess, that it had not been Zalzabar alone that had made the forces of Haugun hesitate to attack for so long. He was after all a cautious man, happy to plan this invasion for some centuries rather than rush in with a uninspired show of force. (Despite how brutish the Haugunite Tactics may seem)

    With a blinding strike of light, and a flash as Helen herself teleported with a speed rivaled only by a Zalzabar in his prime, and perhaps Malum himself (Lightning and Light of course being the fastest mediums of teleportation) she thrust upward with her long spear, a pierce imbued with strong, Master-level light magic as sweat trickled down her face. The protruding through Derius's chest as in another movement she flicked her spear downward as he was flung into the houses below, a cascade of brick and wood falling unto him.

    Was he dead? Far from it, indeed the deaths around him did wonders for any necromancer. Though of course all the death in world was useless if the caster died. It would by all likely hood be only a moment or two before he resurfaced with nothing but perhaps his pride wounded. Helen took this brief moment to look to Delsanra.

    "Zalzabar and Esenma are not the only lives of worth in this world, Haugun will raze this city to the ground as Bellus said to you before arriving here," A flash as she shifted her blade to the injured and slow reacting mages.

    "Do not forget the lives of all of Othos, the freedom of Regnum on which we fight for,"

    The glistening eyes of the non-ryujin, human mage surveyed her foes.

    "Do what you must Delsanra,"

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    The Flame at the End of Days

    It was becoming an incredible, impossible confrontation.

    Arc just didn't know what was going on; he wasn't versed enough in the lore of this world - it felt like only yesterday he had inserted himself into affairs, and belatedly at that. No, he was here for his comrades, for his friends and allies.

    It was time to put himself on the line.

    Many years ago, he was coming to realise, he had limited himself. His Ryujin self was an expression of himself that he had not tapped into, perhaps for subconscious or even unconscious reasons. Be it cultural upbringing, simple amnesia, or just a black-spot he was afraid of physiologically. Perhaps he’d been scared of the darkly burning Ignis all along.

    But with it he had birthed itself as a Ryujin, an immense black-and-green dragon that he realised was much larger than many of the others present on this plane. But that didn't matter; size didn't.

    No, he knew, from peering at the moving flesh of his foe, that he would need power.

    More than he had, and he didn't want to take it from somewhere else, somewhere foreign.

    It truly was better the devil he knew, than the one he didn't. He was that devil.

    And it was time to unleash that devil.

    His hands rose to his hood, and as he glowed purple with power, he embraced the shape of energy here, and now, in this world and reality. He accepted the elemental nature of that strength, allowed it to give him a form when he had not for so long - a faceless Black Coat had been all he was.

    He drew back the cowl, disposed with the cloak with dramatic flare, discarded his gloves, revealing how far he had embraced himself, and his Ryujin fate...

    ... and so, intending Ryujin in all ways, his human form dispensed with, discarded, no longer Arc or any other name, merely what he was here and now, he allowed his most inner self that had given shape to give him greater shape, and he embraced it all.

    The divide between himself, his truth, and his Ryujin self was obliterated - he cast Negation on himself, and unshackled any unearthly bonds that would prevent him from expressing his innermost and most monstrous identity.

    He let it go, let the Elder form rise within him, his arms and legs elongate, moreso than ever before, holding onto merely one remnant thought.





    Protect... or.

    He poured his entire existence - his nonexistence - into a gout of pure energy that would see him taper away, the green destructive force consume his very flesh and with the intention of doing the same to those who stood before him -

    Between his friends and their safety.

    Between this world and its demise.

    Between the now and the future.

    He would give unto it.

    Goodbye, my friends.

    And was gone, lost to his hallowed rage and the fire of his belief in them.

    That they would save everyone else.

    That he could only do what he could, but he.




    With all of him.

    How much would be left after all was said and done was not for him say.

    How he would look if he survived this, it was not something he could even speculate upon.

    He was merely one thought now.

    One emotion.

    One wish.

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    The Witchking of Taetus

    Asanna frowned as they looked towards the city.

    Schneider's eternal grin widened. He did not make a motion to move to assist the Witchking nor to avoid Helen. There were very few weapons in the history of Regnum that could penetrate Schneider's skin; he sincerely doubted Helen's spear was one. Though she had other things to worry about as the blood stained her spear black. The Witchking's aura, something few had ever felt before, permeated the air, making it hard to breathe around Helen. There was magic at work, obviously, but it was familiar.

    A summoning.

    Beneath the rubble, his blood dripped into the soil of Othos.

    He gripped his fists and continued a low chant.

    Throughout Othos, the dead began to crumble and those near death felt their souls being released, joining the fallen, friend and foe alike. A mass harvesting of the doomed.

    Helen's spear suddenly began to grow heavy, the thickness of the blade great, but in a motion the she dematerialized the blade, the thick blood falling down to the ground below.

    The Witchking of Taetus was no warrior. Battles with swords and spears, lances and maces...He was versed in the weaponry and even wore armor, but it should have never been assumed that his magic was a means for battle; it was simply a byproduct in the pursuit of power. There were many ways to end a life. The Witchking had explored many. Helen was experiencing, first-hand, the extent of that knowledge and experience.

    Poli A-sur Necro - A curse that turns a living entity into a host of necrosis. The tissues of the victim would die while her body still lived. An ancient magic curse that only could spread from an individual already possessing the curse. Helen, if cursed, would spread it to all those around her in the next few seconds, as blood of The Witchking had sprayed through the air she pierced his chest.

    Beneath the rubble, his blood dripped into the soil of Othos.

    The soil began to rot and spread, through every root, insect, germ, and stream of blood from the fallen of the Battle of Othos.

    Every entity within the city of Othos was in danger.

    Asanna could not tell from this distance what exactly was occurring, but she, like every citizen of Taetus, knew when the Witchking's aura was at work. Worse, when his blood had been spilled.

    "King Malum...A thorn's prick hurts a man who is unaccustomed to being pricked. My husband's body, what is left of it, would feel a prick as you would feel a spark of lightning."

    Malum smiled in the depths of his mask, an unspoken thought crossing his mind as he felt from his distance the thick blots of darkness fall down.

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    Tending the Wounded

    Ne'jin'tar treat wounded. Ne'jin'tar do what Ne'jin'tar can. Ne'jin'tar assure live those that could, Ne'jin'tar end enemies with slice Ne'jin'tar claw, Ne'jin'tar ease those ally no live long. Ne'jin'tar move quick, sure, work hard.

    Ne'jin'tar feel battle rise, Ne'jin'tar feel call to blood! Ne'jin'tar tell Ne'jin'tar "One more." Then Ne'jin'tar go to battle!

    Only Ne'jin'tar treat one more, Ne'jin'tar treating in direction of call, Ne'jin'tar feel it. Ne'jin'tar know though Ne'jin'tar not know.

    Sickness. Ground spread sickness like root great Hang-hang tree, kill all others root touch and drink back body killed. Ne'jin'tar nostrils flair, Ne'jin'tar not join battle after all.

    Ne'jin'tar supress sadness, for Ne'jin'tar called to great battle! Battle of life!

    Finding dark root Ne'jin'tar in Ryujin form breath steaming caldron water Ne'jin'tar deep belly! Will, Ne'jin'tar will flood down! Push burning clensing water into and back up root! Burn clean with Ne'jin'tar fiery water and Will! All Ne'jin'tar focus and will on this. Ne'jin'tar look fool. Ne'jin'tar know better. Stain must be lifted! Ne'jin'tar not heal for Ne'jin'tar loose!

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    Combo with our Draconic GM, @Shadowsun


    IC: Anaxagore

    The Fire Never Dies

    He had no energy to speak of, just enough to breath it seemed.

    But at least he wasn’t dead.

    Or was he?

    Anaxagore wasn’t sure if he was between conscious and unconscious states. One moment, there was quiet, the next, there was deafening roar. Was that…thunder? It certainly sounded like it.

    Even as he was, he could sense the intense still raging all around. It would be terrifying, if he took a moment to truly contemplate it.
    But a different sensation presently occupied his mind.

    He was being dragged, or something like it. He felt helpless, which was, in a word: frustrating. His friends. They needed him now, more than ever, and he could do nothing.

    He’d failed them.

    'You there?' He said, calling out to the darkness.


    With a flutter of flaming feathers Ignis stirred within the depths of Anaxagore's being.

    "I am,"

    He paused for a moment.

    "You lack strength, and yet your friends are in danger, graver than they realize by the likes of this foe before us," There was a dark chuckle, Ignis taking some amusement at the predicament of the Grey Paladin.

    "What is it you have in mind, boy?"

    'The power you gave me....'

    Anaxagore breathed out.

    'It wasn't enough! '
    He accused.

    There was further bemusement as the Eye of Ignis watched Anaxagore carefully.

    "No Anaxagore, it was plenty. Your body is just not capable of maintaining my power for long. It saddens me to see how the Will of Humans has degraded so. Ah, but you cannot be blamed for your born weakness, that is the fault of the Three,"

    His eye flickered as the feathers of fire swung out.

    "Now fret not, there is one solution,"

    The eye pressed in on him.

    "I could have your body, for but a time - yes shift it into something truly capable of holding my power. That is of course if you wish to see Zalzabar, Cretaus and the rest of your little party live,"

    'Trickster. Of course I wish to see them live. Thats why I agreed to your terms in the first place.'

    The Heir-Protector tried not to sound bitter, or angry. But it just could not be helped. He could not bare the thought of failing Lord Zalzabar, or his friends, on his very first mission against a great enemy.

    "Then we have an accord?" spoke Ignis, his tone now neutral.

    'Have at it!'

    Desperate times, called for desperate measures.

    The eye vanished as Anaxagore's mind was pushed back still at the fringe's of consciousness but with the unnerving feeling of a lack of control as the Will of Ignis shifted itself within the young body. Anaxagore's form began to contort, his stature increasing slightly, his well tuned muscles shifting, his hair forming slightly longer with a streak of blue coming down. His face would mature in some years, facial hair growing in an instant and his eyes became a harsh, wicked thing. He arose, a fire forming into a spear in his free hand as the dark mirth filled his lips.

    "So this must be the infamous Malum Dragonson. Yes, you will make an acceptable test of a mere shard of my Will,"


    Ignis or rather, an expression of his spark, now appeared before them all. Gone was the Heir-Protector, who was supplanted by someone entirely different.

    The Blade of the Spear he held became incandescent, even as he held the weapon in both hands, his form moving with measured steps, circling his designated opponent.

    Malum stood, taking a step backwards in surprise as he watched the form of Ignis arise.

    "Lord Ignis," the armor peeled back across Malum's face as he surveyed the man carefully. "I am sure there must be much confusion in your mind..." Before he was able to continue Ignis shook his head.

    "Silence, I care not for your explanation on why you seek my power, I wish only... for your swift death!"

    Even as the last word was spoken, Ignis was in motion, moving with a speed that blurred his form to any without enhanced perceptions. His Spear and his form moved with symphonic synchronicity and a Force of Nature. In the blink of an eye he had crossed the distance between where he had been - and Malum.

    Ignis' Incandescent Spear wove fiery traces as it slashed upward in a crescent attack, aimed to split his opponent from sternum to crown, followed by a powerful and penetrating 'armor piercing' thrust to the heart. Spinning out like a fiery twister, the spear would rotate horizontally, seeking to bisect the target with a powerful slice, just above the hips. Finally, another vertical attack, the crown splitter, would descend with tremendous force from above, falling like a blade-shaped meteor, in hopes of ultimately splicing anything in its path, living or not, in two clean halves.

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    Delsanra Taenya Helestina
    Windblade Ryujin-Mage

    Delsanra was winging her way towards Zalzabar and the others. She had heard the words of Zayfrus, as it gave her some information on the enemies ahead of her. She was trying to think of a plan of attack, when Kaynus showed up next to her, telling her about the beings, the Winter Court. How did he find out about these beings? Kaynus suddenly let out a blinding blast, towards another ryjuin, and as she turned away from that light, when it happened....

    She almost felt as if time had stopped again. But a feeling of something chilling. Dark. Dangerous came over her.

    Then a man suddenly appeared next to her. No, two men, but one was positioned between Kaynus and the Ryujin he had just breathed on. She didnt see any of the others. Then a voice. A voice that echoed with power spoke from the being next to her.

    "Snow elf...You wish to help Zalzabar, but do not have the power to do so. Ulfric Mordenheim is a ryujin of the void and Zalzabar does not stand a chance against a foe he does not understand so late in this battle. I can offer you something: Agree to come to Taetus as my guest, not a prisoner, and I will prevent the killing of Zalzabar and Esenma at the hands of my comrades."

    Forget the man was simply standing, now flying next to her as she flew. The fact that he was that close. But he was trying to offer her a choice?? To go with him as his 'guest'. And what could he possibly want with her? That sent a cold chill down her back. There were far too many thoughts she could dare to guess on what he meant by 'guest'. She frowned as she pushed the thought away feeling her anger grow.

    She also saw that Zanzabar was being overwhelmed. The being who seemed able to shift his body and become formless...?


    But not totally untouchable.

    But another, far too close to her liking, an event happened next to her, as a blinding strike of light, and a flash as Helen teleported, appearing, while she thrust upward with her long spear, a pierce imbued with strong, Master-level light magic as sweat trickled down her face. The protruded through Derius's chest as in another movement she flicked her spear downward as he was flung into the houses below, a cascade of brick and wood falling unto him.

    Helen then looked at her and spouted some words, but Delsanra was already started her own casting. She only heard the last of her words, "Do what you must Delsanra." Delsanra's eyes slid over to look at the woman.


    Helen had just proved that the enemy could be touched. She also gave Delsanra another thought. The enemy expected to deal with Ryujin. They were all countering with the most powerful of spells, the largest of size. But Delsanra knew that size and power were not the only ways to win a battle. They were overconfident and over-looked the small.

    Delsanra drew out two items. Giving a dark smile.. She cast her first spell, just as she teleported. Phase Shift. Delsanra appeared, back in her elven form, except a bit smaller than normal, behind her target. The being attacking Zalzabar. As she appeared she cast the next spell.

    Freeze. She created a vortex, a tornado of bone breaking and liquid freezing whirlwind, as her hands moved. Chunks of dangerous ice also flowed within the whirlwind. She poured the heritage of being a snow elf, and let it flow through her. As she moved. She held an item in each hand.

    The bag of holding she had bought.
    And the dagger with Bloodboil cast upon it.

    She pointed the open bag, looking to catch whatever she could draw away with the vortex. Any enemies close, if they were not drawn into the bag, then they would meet her blade. Even in a non-phased form, she should be able to affect them. "By the Three!" she growled as she held her stance as the winds blew.

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    Echoes of The Primordials
    Perhaps any other mortal man of this age, save for a few, would have died to Ignis' opening salvo. For even this mere fragment rivaled the speed of Zalzabar. Malum's body remained motionless as steel and earth moved around him. His armor parted off him as it formed cylindrical bars of iron that flowed to combat the strikes of Ignis. A new bar formed with each movement of Ignis and so while Ignis was in this moment moving faster than Malum, Malum did not need to move his weapons to defend himself.

    It had all been going rather well thought Malum to himself as he defended himself from the onslaught of attacks by Ignis. His forces had been slaughtered to a great extent as predicted, his Winter Court had infiltered the city and robbed it of its greatest defense, he had gotten to witness the power of Zalzabar's chosen along with some unknown elements such as Helen and Derius. The only thing that had gone awry prior to this point had been the defeat of his own daughter. But him having to fight Ignis? That had not been a possibility he had foreseen.

    Was it a test of some kind? He pondered his possibilities, he still had cards to play but it was not to that point. His hand flickered as the icy presence dissipated itself and Asanna was teleported a few dozen meters away. A faint waft of familiarity struck Ignis which if he were not so focused on killing Malum would strike confusion deep within him.

    The last blow from Ignis, the 'Crown Splitter' Malum would not be able to so easily block. Instead his form melted into the earth below them, or perhaps the earth opened up to consume it. In either case Ignis was left smacking an empty patch of dirt where Malum had once stood, only for the Haugunite King to remerge some meters behind him. A smirk protruded on Ignis' face as Malum lifted a single arm, thousands of metal needles forming in the air as they gathered like a swarm before firing as a collective hive for Ignis. Malum now testing Ignis in kind as he began to ponder what to do about this unexpected peculiarity.


    Helen would feel it, the sickness of her land as Derius' foul form cursed it. Helen would smile somberly as she felt her student, Ne'jin'tar, attempt to heal the sickness with his breath. A valiant effort, taking all that he had learned of the breath and combining it with what he had learned of healing magic to create a mighty healing spell. Against almost any other darkness it would have worked. But so steeped in darkness was Derius' magic that the light of Ne'jin'tar could not pierce it, except.... a small crack, a waver in the foundations of Derius curse began to show. It was small and easily escaped notice but it gave Helen the speed of inspiration for what she would do. With a quick motion of her hands a spark of light made it's way up into the sky above creating a great flash of white that could be seen from all corners of the city.​

    It was the signal to begin mass evacuation.

    Zalzabar however was in no position to execute such a maneuver, and Esenma was still engaged with the troublesome August. Othos had other means in which allow it's subjects to escape but it would be far slower, they needed time.

    That or Zalzabar need to be pulled free from his fate. Helen began to cough as she looked down at her finger, a writhing pain on it as she began to feel the effects of Derius's curse. She swore under her breath, she should have known to be careful around a necromancer with unknown capabilities.

    All the same it made the course in mind for Helen all the more clear, though it would cost her everything. Her hands slammed together as her pupils expanded to take up her entire eye, becoming a bright gold. Her hair flowed upward as if caught in wind as she muttered under her breath.

    Her first course of action was to bolster her remaining allies. A tendril of light shot out with fierce speed to Ne'jin'tar, Zalzabar, Delsanra, Arc, Tempus and Esenma with the intended effect to heal and invigorate them with mixed results. She knew she could not get Zalzabar out of harms way in order for him to perform the teleportation spell or press a more aggressive fight to finish the Winter Court, she would have to rely on Delsanra and perhaps Ne'jin'tar for that.

    No she had to heal her city, it was her duty as heir to Athas.


    As this was happening Delsanra began her own crafty movements, much in the fashion of the Snow Elves as Zalzabar struggled to try and free himself. Perhaps because Ulfric had been so intent in slaying Zalzabar or perhaps because as Delsanra guessed that he underestimated her his movements against her were slow. The formless, flat tendrils of Ulfric would move to confront the Snow Elf, a set of tendrils still embedded within Zalzabar's chest. She would feel as the tendrils grew close that her phase shifted form would slowly become corporeal, as a sucking sensation drew out the magic of that spell. The ice blasting all over Ulfric would slow the mass of tendrils, having to absorb the snow magic and having becoming quite bloated in it's ceaseless consumption. Still it would only delay the Void Being.

    But it was the final movement of Delsanra that made all the difference. Zalzabar at the corner of his would spot the items in Delsanra's eyes and with a glint of mischief he cried aloud:

    "You genius witch!"

    With a rebounded spark of hope Zalzabar crackled again with full power, the galvanic tendrils slicing through the void space as he freed himself, bloodied and broken as he was.

    Ulfric this whole time in his formless mode had begun to be sucked into the bag of holding, whether by some mad genius insight of Delsanra or the luck of the gods it had been this line of attack that had sealed Ulfric's fate. With a whooshing sensation the boundless, reality warping entity whirled into dimension beyond that of time and space. The black streaks of darkness flared like the death throes of a dying animal, clawing deep unnatural wounds into Delsanra's flesh across her arms and legs. It would take all her might just to keep the bag steady. These wounds would not, at least not now, heal with Delsanra's natural Ryujin healing.

    There was a moment in her struggle where it seemed Ulfric would break free only for Zalzabar to flick out a hand of electrifying power to push the beast into the bag.

    Zalzabar staggered to Delsanra as he let out a deep breath. The fights between Kaynus, Esenma, August and Solis still ongoing over head.

    "That will not hold such a thing for long my dear, but we do not have the time for a proper binding seal. We must defeat the rest of them, as quickly was we can,"

    His eyes wandered slowly over to Ne'jin'tar, the man taking a great bound to settle beside the half-orc.

    "Would you mind Ne'jin'tar? I need a little quick patching up to try and finish this," he spoke with a broken, half smile.

    "I call upon the Morning Sun and the Evening Star to cast out this evil that would blot this land, let Athas' memory be eternal, burned into the hearts of our people and the world. Our stand shall not be forgotten," bellowed Helen, Hero of Athas.

    The air grew quiet for a moment before two feathered wings grew from her back much to surprise of Helen herself. The names 'Morning Sun' and 'Evening Star' would trigger a small thought within Derius a name he had heard before but could not place, indeed many within Athas, including Helen herself, spoke of these things but had long forgotten the true meaning of these things. Perhaps it was why Helen had grown to such a power to rival Elder Ryujin. For who had heard of such a being to sprout wings save for Ryujin themselves? Perhaps that was a mystery the ever curious Derius would solve another time, if he lived to find out.

    Transformed she threw out a new spear of pure light pointed squarely at the putrid Derius.​

    The spear thrust forward deep into Derius's chest, too focused on his grand spell. As the light began to chip away at the dark, sludge-like blood Derius more than likely surprised that Helen had so easily overcome it. 'Easily' being a matter of perspective as the embers of her Will began to exhaust in threat of death.

    He would then see it. The Morning Sun.​


    And for a brief moment he understood Helen's boon, a single word whispered into his mind: Aurum.

    Solis too would turn his head from his fight, feeling the familiar resident power and feeling a great fear overtake him.

    In tandem them would fall, Helen and Derius as the both of them were a refracted reflection of the other. Helen's body slowly withering to the blood of Derius as his own burning away at the light of the Morning Sun.

    The earth slowly gave way to her body as she crumpled into the floor, her body becoming one with the very city itself as her Light magic sought out the inky blood poison of Derius.

    He himself would perhaps have a minute before his entire body was burnt away. His mages swarming in attendance to their king, not knowing what to do.

    But killing a necromancer was much like trying to kill Death itself, not a thing so easily done.


    Arc could not know this for indeed the truth of the matter was marred in secret by the Dark Elves and the Fae, who had been the first to propagate the school of magic known as 'negation', but it's magic was built upon knowledge gained through peering into the Void. It was, as the underlying reason, why magic was so ill-suited against Ulfric who seemed to draw his power directly from the Void, in that the Void stood as an antithesis to Magic itself.

    And so to cast negation on oneself was to quite literally attempt to undo the soul of individual. But all souls of Regnum were shards of greater beings whether they knew it or not, Arc was no exception to this rule. To undo a power such as that, even if it was a mere tiny fragment required an extraordinary technical understanding of the metaphysics of the soul. Something that Arc simply did not posses despite how much power he had gained, such a magic that he was trying to perform not even Sapientis had quite perfected during his time alive.

    The separation of the Immaterium from the Materium.

    Sanguis stood no chance against what Arc was trying to accomplish and indeed it was gross overkill for dealing with the misshapen adept Ryujin, but there were threats beyond her.

    Arc would not successfully create a clean spilt between the material and immaterial portions of his being, the result of which much like the separation of an atom released extraordinary amounts of power, no he would only achieve a partial spilt, a wedge delivered between his body and soul, one that would scar him for years to come.

    One would perhaps be fearful that this was merely a lesser result of what could have been. For such a suicidal maneuver had never been attempted in all of the storied history of Regnum.

    The immediate five hundred meters around Arc would simply cease to be, a gap where a great sphere could fit into formed from the missing chunks of the wall and buildings marred only by the thundering shockwave that blasted out in all directions. Sanguis' form had boiled away with a matter of moments, having no time to react.

    The resulting wave would launch in all directions as it slammed into the combatants within the city walls.

    Arc, his body fluttering to the ground, would see a great many images. As for a moment he existed beyond the confines of the Material, Immaterial and Temporal natures of reality. For just one moment he saw the totality of everything that ever was and could be. Past or Future, Real or Unreal, Arc had no idea if these loose strings of images and words were one way or the other but saw them he did. And indeed when he would awake later he would only remember this small fragment from the grand nexus of all that he saw.

    Child of Aurum
    Entrapped within the Void
    Second Child
    The Queen
    Last of the Lykos


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    Pending TAG, as discussed: @galactic-vagabond422

    Important Notes:

    The blast from Arc would have hit the following PC/NPCs: Derius, Esenma, Ne'jin'tar, Zalzabar, Delsanra, August, Solis, Kaynus, Schneider and Derius's wizards. Be sure to factor this in when crafting your posts if effected by it.

    Pumas send me your ideas of how you would like to proceed with Derius. Also a showing from the Lady Esenma this week in her battle against August would be lovely. (We can discuss what that looks like too)

    Grey, combo please. I do not see it being a super long one.

    Sinre, let's discuss ideas for Arc's post too, I see a number of ways it could go though I would like to hear your first impressions and ideas first.
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    IC Ne’jin’tar

    Ne’jin’tar not sure Ne’jin’tar do much good. Ne’jin’tar push hard, Ne’jin’tar see no great gains. Wearily Ne’jin’tar see battle rage hard. Ne’jin’tar soon have two injured treat before Ne’jin’tar. Treat need ones Ne’jin’tar know, head of line!

    Ne’jin’tar feel light stab, Ne’jin’tar teacher give Ne’jin’tar energy. Good as Ne’jin’tar feel weary long battle. Healer no rest til long done all battle is.

    Ne’jin’tar draw waters to Ne’jin’tar as a shockwave bowled Ne’jin’tar nearly over! Without thought Ne’jin’tar Ryujin form stretch head high as black cover whole eye. With sway of Ne’jin’tar head Ryujin jaw click clack wide! With glance down Ne’jin’tar descend put Zalzy in gaping maw and bring teeth down!

    Ne’jin’tar no eat Zalzy, Ne’jin’tar no would do even in blood haze! Well, Ne’jin’tar admit with adept form Ne’jin’tar not wholly sure. . . Not now though. Yes. Not now.

    Ne’jin’tar use waters and tongue encase Zalzy wholly in water and swirls and suck and work at whole Zalzy! Through lungs and stomach and other holes Ne’jin’tar pushed and pulled with water to heal and replace and replenish waters of Zalzy. Ne’jin’tar draw out all bad Ne’jin’tar can, then when done spit Zalzy back on ground, draw last of swirling waters and phlegm and spit it as blast at nearest enemy. Look at Delsanra. “Need heal?”

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    (OOC: Post made with the apporaval of the GM @Shadowsun

    Rebecca Dragon

    Finally a hit, a strike that hit true that made him rue facing her in single combat. He threw her off sending her rolling across the shattered ground. The stones and rocks ground against her armor, until an uplifted boulder stopped her cold. Her armor dented a deep heavy bruise forming underneath. Getting stiffly to her feet she gritted her teeth through the pain. Her blade was stained in the other's blood still dripping darkened by the dirt. It was calling to her the heat she needed cooling on the steel. She set her feet as the baleful slash of Ossitia came crashing down. In the moment between heartbeats the cursed warrior stepped back in time. Before her a man with stern eyes a scar running from the bridge of his nose to his jaw across his cheek. A face she hadn't seen in many years.

    "Listen Little Dragon, today I teach you the secret arts, the deadly strikes of our home."

    In that moment she knew what to do, a flash of recognition, these were the attacks of her father. Rebecca took the blow right on her guard. Her body buckled but didn't break. Lightning quick she maneuvered her blade sparks flashing as she turned the steel over her head stepping into Roger's guard. Her point grazed his chest his only saving grace was his inhuman speed, but his opponent was almost a match for him.

    With a sneer he planted a boot into her chest as he stepped back granting him some breathing room. Rebecca's feet slid along the ground and she could feel the pain in her chest with every breath. Her stance didn't break as she moved her feet apart bringing her blade above her head and pointing it at her foe. The stance of the Ox, not one in the Flower of Battle, but of the Dragon secret arts.

    Roger's eyes widened, he was seeing a ghost. The red haired woman before him replaced with a man, a man that shared his intense gaze.

    "No, impossible." Roger said under his breath. He lept forward with another slash Rebecca stepped in shunting the slash to the side and driving her blade into Roger's chest. A growl left him as he retaliated his blade lashing out and striking her in the side. A rib broke and a howl of pain ripped from Rebecca's mouth.

    "Who is your father child." the Crimson Knight bellowed.

    Rebecca gave no answer standing though slowly the pain rippled through her body. Roger struck again and again battering the woman around.

    "Answer me." A wild rising slash from Roger cut open her breastplate, the tip running across her cheek. The ruined armor fell away leaving her standing with her arming doublet covering her chest.

    Blood fell from the wound covering her in a veil of crimson.

    Roger saw the visage again the cut across the face, the piercing eyes. It couldn't be.

    "Who brought you into this world?!" he shouted.

    "Hepzibah Fisher," she called out returning her Mother's name.

    "Who Sired you demon?"

    "Robert Dragon!" She rushed forward the name of her father giving her the boldness to act, to charge forth without pain or fear.

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    Delsanra Taenya Helestina
    No time to stop

    "You genius witch!"

    Delsanra only gave a slight nod of her head at Zalzabar's comment, as they managed to use the bag of holding to capture the being that Zalabar had been fighting with. As they managed to wrap a bit of cord around the bag, Delsanra felt a strong pulse of magic flow to her. She paused a moment, but she realized that it was not harming her, but instead strengthing her. She breathed deeply.

    Zalzabar staggered to Delsanra as he let out a deep breath. The fights between Kaynus, Esenma, August and Solis still ongoing overhead.

    "That will not hold such a thing for long my dear, but we do not have the time for a proper binding seal. We must defeat the rest of them, as quickly as we can." Before she could respond, Zalzabar had bounded over to Ne'jin'tar, to receive a rather 'unique' form of healing. Ne'jin'tar looked over towards Delsanra.

    “Need heal?”

    Delsanra shook her head slowly. "Not yet," she stated softly. She was looking skywards and thinking of her next spell when suddenly, five hundred meters closeby would simply cease to be, a gap where a great sphere could fit into formed from the missing chunks of the wall and buildings marred only by the thundering shockwave that blasted out in all directions. Delsanra was bowed over, as she fell forward, to manage to roll and become upright quickly while crouching low to the ground. She quickly looked up, to see how that blast was affecting the others. Delsanra shook her head. So much magic, so intensely, an so close, was making her grind her teeth. As a mage, she was being hammered with so much magic, the likes of which she had never heard of before, let alone getting all but bathed in such strong magics. She felt like howling, as such powerful magics rolled over her. She fought the urge to change into Ryujin form again and to not lose herself in this battle. She must now concentrate at the next task at hand. She looked at the bag. It was tied and knotted. She cast a small sphere of death ice around the bag and stuffed it into another plain bag. She had an idea.

    Delsanra then look up to see which was closest to her. Her eyes settled on the two major combatants in the skies.

    Esenma and Kaynus. Each of them battled with another Ryujin. The one Kaynus was battling, looked strange. She was not sure of her attack would work against him. So, she turned her eyes to the one Esenma was battling. The way the combatants were going at it, she knew she would need to be careful and time her attack just right.

    Delsanra created a clone to move around as she went invisible and teleported. She ended up just behind the Ryujin that Esenma was battling. With a quick flick, she used her dagger to attack, and as soon as she had, she teleported again, back down to the ground, behind some rubble to rest, and see if her attack was successful.

    The Magic. Oh, so much magic!. Delsanra Taenya Helestina was using her Elvin sight and hearing to watch what was happening around her, and see where she could do the most good. It had not escaped her notice that the parts of the area had gone cold earlier. Delsanra began to do what Zalzabar had taught her. She began to shrink her aura, pulling it in tightly around her to the smallest that she had ever tried. But this time, she was not trying to make some stones sing. No, there was a purpose and focus in this task.

    And they would win.

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    The Mages of Taetus did not hesitate.

    They began to drink the spilled blood of their King.

    Schneider landed and stood in front of a massive shockwave, absorbing the entirety of the blast unscathed as a mass of flesh rose from the earth and covered the Witchking and his mages. The Witchking looked down at the spear of light protruding from his chest, his flesh being burned away. The time when pain would have distracted was long ago. He was shocked how endless Helen's power seemed to be and her wealth of spells. Truly, she was deserving of all her honorifics.

    The mages succumbed to the direct exposure to the blood and all but one collapsed to the ground. The harvesting from Othos' dead supplied Derius with enough reserve. A slice of wind from his right hand separated his lower half as his last remaining mage pulled his upper half away from the spear. The organs of his dead mages furnished the recovery of his own that had been obliterated from the blast and before a minute's end, the Witchking was whole again.

    The shell of decayed flesh shrank to his frame, rapidly recovering his damaged body until it was all absorbed within himself. The spells and curses that he'd spent over a century casting upon himself made him a foe unlike any Helen had confronted before. There were entire sections of the Witchking's body that had been replaced by dead parts from experiments. His blood itself had cursed magic cast upon it. He was a being that had made his body largely interchangeable, so the destruction of a lung, kidney, or the loss of an arm or leg was an inconvenience that had become part of his life.

    Schneider grinned as the Witchking emerged and patted his head rhythmically.

    "You tire, my King. Why not allow yourself to indulge in what you are forbidden?" Schneider extended his hand.

    The Witchking eyed it, contemplating the secret of Schneider and whether the moment was nigh that he finally reclaimed what lied within Schneider. It was not and he would not grant himself the gift.

    "No, it is not time nor is Helen of Othos the enemy that will force it. The Morning Sun and the Evening Star...Never would I have thought one here was capable."

    "It would appear, my King, that you underestimated the resolve of Othos."

    The Witchkind nodded. "Indeed."

    Schneider turned his head towards Asanna's direction. "I sense the presence of Lord Ignis."

    "Yes." The Witchking squeezed his hand. He could sense there was a loss. The curse he'd placed on his blood decades ago was gone. He should have felt relief; instead he felt a disruption. Something was amiss within himself. The aftereffects of the Morning Sun's attack.

    Schneider laughed in a slow, odd manner while patting his head. "It would appear that King Malum's Winter Court is experiencing some hardships...On both fronts."

    It was true. He could sense the changing tide of the battle, even with the loss of the great Helen.

    The violent winds that encircled Esenma protected her from August Bile's attacks. Her use of the Four Winds was short and brief, but was taxing on her body. In truth, it was taking all of her attention and effort to keep August from attacking the others. Alone, even without the worry of the others, she did not know if she would be able to kill this man without sacrificing herself in the process. The nature of the battle had mainly been Esenma on the offensive and August either successfully defending against her or repairing the damage she had done. She was growing tired before Helen's last effort breathed new life into her.

    Different vortexes and streams of air protected her and would last out at August at her whim. She needed an opening and as if answering Esenma's unspoken call for help, Delsanra momentarily appeared behind August to attack before vanishing away.

    Esenma, even before Delsanra teleported away, sent a blast of wind; Not one intended to merely push August away (any other enemy would have been disintegrated in the blast), but in its effect it would, while causing heavy damage to August's armor, no matter what defense he could muster. He was gifted in multiple elements, but she was a Master of one.

    They needed time. As soon as the blast landed, Esenma dropped from the air to the ground and sprinted towards Zalzabar and Ne'jin'tar. She patted Ne'jin'tar on the head and shot a looked towards Zalzabar.

    "I'm near exhaustion, Zalzabar, and I can no longer sense Helen. We must regroup and finish this now."

    The Witchking had reentered the battlefield. Immediately and with ferocity. He knew that Ulfric had been temporarily captured, that Zalzabar was recovering, and that this battle had gone on too long.

    Esenma, Ne'jin'tar, and Zalzabar would find themselves bombarded by piercing wind blasts coated in smoke from above. The blasts caused fissures in the earth and would leave clouds of his smoke in its wake, making it hard for the ryujins to move through without being affected. He flew through the air, dodging potential incoming strikes and remaining on the move while...

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    Taran, Child of Caelum

    A strange look passed of the Crimson Knight's face. Whether it be that of pride, disappointment or fear it was not clear. A mingle of all three as he lot out a breath. His immense sword came round at an inhuman speed to meet hers in a mirrored raging blood thirst. Though perhaps his was not in same spirit as hers. Whether it be from Rebecca's more refined skill or his wavering mind or both it was difficult to tell. He sword would come down, slicing down and through his chest. His arm hanging by threads as he fell back into the hard ground.

    His eyes fluttered for a moment as he looked up to the blood thirsty warrior.

    "Then my cursed blood lives on," he spoke in a cryptic tone. He would hear the thumping heart beat of Rebecca, like that of a feral beast, waiting to slaughter him.

    "Find them little Dragon, find the bastards in Osatia that did this to us," He let out a quiet breath as he stared up in the sky waiting for the Laughing Butcher to finish him off.

    TAG: @galactic-vagabond422

    Zalzabar gave a somber nod as he heard Esenma speak.

    "I'm near exhaustion, Zalzabar, and I can no longer sense Helen. We must regroup and finish this now."

    He cracked his neck to one side, stretching as he felt the rejuvenation from Helen and Ne'jin'tar working their magic. His mind went to the line of kings and queens that he had known as friends for ages long past. That line now broken thanks to Derius, Son of Esenma.

    Fury crackled in Zalzabar's eyes as looked again to the injured Tempus. His time magic was - without question - the strongest magic that Zalzabar had ever known, but it had always drained Tempus to near nothingness. Well it had been the strongest magic Zalzabar had known - till Ulfric Mordenheim. What had that boy meant by calling him Uncle?

    Zalzabar's eyes flickered as he saw a very out of breath Cretaus clamber from the far side of the wall and roll over to the rock surface. He got up before his eyes turned up to the sky, not the wide eyes of the lost boy that had meander to Zalzabar's castle but the fierce determination of a man.

    "Ne'jin'tar continue to heal the wounded and get Tempus back on his feet as soon as possible. Esenma, Kaynus is going to need a hand with this so called "Herald of the Morning Sun". Cretaus, give back up to Delsanra, be cautious it seems he can use Fire, Earth, Wind and Water natures." His eyes flickered as he spoke, his hand coming up in a series of sparks that came to dispel the wind blasts.

    "I've got Derius," even ignoring the thundering anger wrestling within Zalzabar's soul for Derius' he knew that he going after the so called 'Witch King' was the most tactically sound decision. He knew best the man's magic, save for Esenma but he was not about to allow Esenma the cruel tragedy of having to kill her own son.

    He could feel many of the citizens were fleeing from Helen's signal, the immediate area around them was mostly clear of bystanders. Which did have fortunate side effect of less deaths for Derius to draw upon but also that Zalzabar and the others could let loose a little more.

    With a sharp breath twin wings grew from the lightning mages back as they flapped upward into the sky, Zalzabar moving towards Derius.


    His hand reached into his satchel attached to him, rummaging passed the keening stones and his journal as he pulled out a small skull with a lightning bolt symbol engraved onto its forehead. His breath whispered quietly to the skull as his Will was poured into it, cracks forming across it as it burst apart.

    "Come hither Taran, Child of Caelum, valiant champion of my noble house, let thine power from ages past be brought anew..."

    And from that skull came forth TARAN, Valiullin's Bane. It was, as Esenma knew, the lightning nature's equivalent of Exalos, The Twister Hydra.

    The twin skulls screamed in fury. A sharp, hideous scream that could be heard throughout the city as their visage loomed over it. It's power and lightning crackling toward Derius as the buildings below him began to vanish into splinters from the whips of lightning beating the surface.

    Right before this was happening August in a twin attack from Delsanra and Esenma had to flicker his multi-element defense against the two, knocking the blade out of Delsanra's hand in his omni-directional defense as he withered away the attack from Esenma. The damage remaine brutal, carving into his thick Haugunite armor as he was knocked back. August's head shifted as he searched for Ulfric...

    The situation, in August's mind, had grown dire. His armor cracked and burst as his inner Ryujin form spurt forth, it's four head wonder roaring to he heavens as it circled upward. Despite the clear Elder Aura radiating off this form, he would be no larger than that of an adept.

    He could not sense the backstabbing Elf that had snuck in so close to his defenses, but Esenma he could see. The four maws of August Bile opened forth toward her, each one firing a torrent of the four elements under August's command.

    All while a keen eyed Cretaus began to make deft movements to get closer to the four headed beast. A spell charging in his hands as it had before when fighting with Anaxagore, emboldened by the energy that their bond had gifted him.

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    IC: Arc

    He wasn't dead.

    Thank the (Dragon) Lords.

    He didn't want to die.

    It hadn't occurred to him that to cast of his immortal limits would be a bad idea. In the heat of the moment, needing power, Arc had negated his own natural limits - or at least tried to - and unleashed a terrible power. It threw his confidence, completely, and the cloaked man rocked on his heels, eyes blinking.

    He'd done something damaging, clearly, and his eyes traced the rivulets in the foundations that had appeared, the more dead added, the absence of those who had been incinerated. Fear crawled up inside Arc, fear for his comrades, and he found himself looking around to find them all, to eyeball Cretaus, Ne'jin'tar, Esenma, Rebecca...


    He was beyond exhaustion, in many ways, and exhilarated by the power that had come to his aid, in others.

    Mingled with his worries, they rose up to distract him from -

    What he had seen.

    Well, what he had tried not to see.

    Because Arc was absolutely sure seeing everything was a bad thing.

    He again tried to divert his attention by regarding the others - not his friends, no, but the new arrivals. It was as if every elemental, magical or dragonic being, deity or otherwise, had turned up to stake their claim in the great battle. So many factors and factions, that Arc was briefly overwhelmed, but his colleagues, especially Delsanra and Cretaus, they seemed to thrive in the chaos, to grow stronger for it.

    For a moment, he could see how beautiful they were in battle, and his words jammed into his throat.

    They didn't need him, whereas he very much needed them.

    His gaze sought out Rebecca, remembering how grateful he had been to share their quiet drink -

    But his mind hammered away at him, his intellect niggling, demanding he focus upon what was happening, to fight what some part of him surmised was a reaction to shock. He had found power, more than he could accept, and reached out beyond the mortal coil to... what?

    It was more terrifying than what he had happened upon.

    Looking down at his bare hands, he squeezed them into fists.

    He had to come to grips with this, for them, for everyone.

    His energy levels may have been rejuvenated by that power, but not his mind, and heart, if he could be said to even have one.

    The Ryujin within, ah, that was it - that was what churned within, wanting him to move forward, as if he had a piece of a puzzle, some Key...

    He found himself reminiscing over what he had seen; what Truth had shown him, beyond the veil...

    Why he would anthropomorphize something like that...

    And then, as he returned to his eyes, the physical one, rather the minds, jostled briefly by some tussle in the distance, he realised.

    There were others not present at this cataclysmic battle.

    Those he had seen.

    Excited, he stood, raised his hands to the turmoil-ridden sky.

    "I saw you! I don't know from where or even when you were, but you were there! Watching! But if you don't get your asses down here right now, there won't be much more to watch, will there? We might win - and I'm sure some of you won't want that - but what if, worse, you're keeping your powder dry for another day -" His voice raised. "And there isn't another day!"

    Whether the others would notice him, and his presumed break with reality, who knew.

    But he shouted, he opined, he jostled and jeered.

    He was Arc; words were his weapons.

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