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Fantasy CLOSED The Saga of the Ryujin

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Shadowsun, Aug 30, 2020.

  1. galactic-vagabond422

    galactic-vagabond422 Force Ghost star 4

    Jul 11, 2009
    Rebecca Dragon

    Her strike bounced off the greatsword with the ringing sound of steel on steel. Slightly off balance the dragon blood warrior just set her feet as he swung low, well low for him it would still strike her around the waist likely cutting her in half. But, it did give her an opening. Rushing forward she gathered her strength and leapt into the air turning her blade to plunge the tip into the Red's broad back. All of her armored weight crashing onto him should do something, likely not bring him down but, could tip the balance.

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  2. Shadowsun

    Shadowsun Force Ghost star 4

    Jun 26, 2017
    Heroic Deeds

    With a whirling, almost insatiable rage that was not his own a string of hot burning plasma unleashed itself with a god-like level of speed towards Bellus Dragonson. A look of fear flashed in her eyes as she looked towards Anaxagore, the moment seemingly playing in slow motion.

    What was this hind-legged dragon? One that stood as a human did, with draconic hands. And that power... She felt a rush through her blood as a voice crackled through Anaxagore's head.


    Bellus fear shifted to determination, her form pushed to the edge.

    I cannot... she began to think as her scales shifted, spreading rapidly in size as a majestic, mountainous form arose. Taller than the very walls of Othos and making the twelve-foot draconic Anaxagore look tiny.

    She began to spread her wings, red electricity bundling in a great sphere above her head the size of a simple adept Ryujin.

    The great miasmic blast of Anaxagore ripped through the now Elder form of Bellus, cleaving scale, flesh, and bone. A clean, precise cut flowed in a diagonal from the top left shoulder down through her waist. The eyes of the dragon grew wide as it collapsed, the earth-shaking once more as the ball of lightning dissipated. Her top half flopped to the ground as smoke and steam rose up everywhere as her form disappeared leaving no trace of the gigantic dragon that had just been there a few seconds ago.

    "You only have a few seconds... do it, destroy the rest of them. Destroy the Haugunites..."

    Anaxagore could feel no aura from the warrior princess.

    Bellus Dragonson was defeated.

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    IC: Roger the Red

    Upon the cracked and broken earth the duel between Roger the Red and Rebecca Dragonson continued, bound upwards. He underestimated how far she would leap as he used the momentum of his swing in an effort to move out of way...

    The quick, satisfying noise of steel slicing through flesh as the blade embedded itself into the large, beast-like man. He roared in frustration as his free hand came in a swing knocking Rebecca, sending her flying as the sword twist out aggravating the wound even greater.

    There was a series of quick, painful pants as he viewed the red, fiery blast of Anaxagore in the distance slicing through the enormous dragon. He had no time to think about it as blood dripped out from the corner of his mouth. His hands and body moved in a pattern Rebecca would recognize. The Wrathful Strike of Osatia. His massive blade and body moved at a speed that should not be possible, but there was now a sluggishness to his movements. His eyes gleaned a viscous red locked squarely at Rebecca.

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    IC: The Primodial Flame

    as he sat in awe of the power of a force that he had never seen would feel an excitement in his mind.

    "What the Sith is that,"

    "That is the Power of the Ancients... A Power that Lies within you too, through my Will..."

    An unfeeling flicker of invisible eyes.

    "Partake of the First Flame as Anaxagore has done, and let forth your full fury..." Insisted the unseen voice.

    At this moment the Blood Witch, Sanguis, whom Delsanra had been dueling up arose from the fog of war. A shift in her form as tears of blood began to streak down her face. Arc's mind would flash to a blank void as he viewed a bright firey orb with two rings encircling it. The same voice as before ringing true.

    "Take it"

    Another voice rung at the back of Arc's head from a brief conversation he had with Zalzabar.

    "I want you to keep in mind Arc you have more power in you than you let on And that I'd wager you let on. Remeber it is yours, and find it within yourself to draw upon your strengths... that's the key to maintaining the Elder Form."

    His eyes would snap awake to see the grotesque form of Sanguis.


    IC: Arkon the Blind & Kharvas the Water Blade

    The legs of the spider twitched as if pulling on dozens of invisible threads as a whole host of the red-white creatures sprung up to defend it, blocking as best they could the freezing breath.

    Instead, they formed a wall of frozen mass, propelled greater still by the continued barrage and surging power of Delsanra Helestina. It rocked into the spider piercing all over its thick hairy skin as it screeched in pain. It began to scuttle away to avoid the continuing torrent of frostfire, only for large wave of water to slam into the spider, smacking it firmly in place. Its legs flailed out as it abdomen crashed into the ground, the crunch of its exoskeleton as it was stuck for but a moment. The frozen breath ripped through the solid mass of creatures and the now wet Spider became utterly frozen. Its aura diminishing within moments but stuck in its transformation.

    There was nothing it could do.

    Arkon the Blind was defeated.

    Ne'jin'tar would have no time to celebrate his contribution as was slammed into by the wingless ryujin, having just reared itself back from being whacked away by the half-orc. Its speed and force caused them both to tumble off the side of the wall both of them falling down as another wave of the demonic creatures clung on to them making it near impossible to fly with all the added weight.

    Kharvas began to speak in Ne'jin'tar's ear. "I'm sorry it has to be this way... br..." thunk the dragons' body crashed into the ground as Kharvas became still.

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  3. Ktala

    Ktala Force Ghost star 6

    Sep 7, 2002
    Delsanra Ryujin -

    This...felt different. Not in a bad way, but definitely different.

    But she did not have time to explore this sensation as there were still battles to be had. With such ancient magic swirling about, and she now in her dragon form, any previous wounds began to heal quickly. She breathed again on what was the large spider creature, making sure it would not cause any more damage, and then kicked it. As she looked about, Arc still seemed to be dealing with something... How disgusting! Was that thing the female blood elf from earlier? Unless Arc called for help, she would not interfere, for there were other sounds that had caught her attentions now.

    Even with the spider now gone, his 'monstrosities' still lived, and the red and white creatures were willing to kill everything in reach, both military and civilians. This presented a curious problem, as they were moving more into the city, the more they would interact with more people, making it difficult to separate them...

    Difficult, not impossible.

    For she was in Elder form, as she called forth on her elemental magics, calling dozens of small frost elementals, much as Esenma and her wind elementals. For this, she did not need them to be large, just fast and lots of them.

    She turned her head slightly, as she breathed a word, barely above a whisper...'ventus'..

    With glee, the small elementals set out into the masses of the strange creatures, their job was simple. They only needed to touch the creatures, and the second spell would go off..


    Like scum that floats on top of the water, the spell would make the creature rise, giving enough distance so that Delsa could let loose another barrage of firefrost, and take care of the annoying creatures. And if that didn't work, there was the second spell she knew that would...

    She moved carefully, using her wings to skip over areas where people were located, looking to eradicate all traces of the creatures. But she was also keenly aware, that there were still enemies to keep an eye out for, as she moved about, working on her task. She also notes she does not see Ne'jin'tar either. Hopefully, he is alright.

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  4. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Chosen One star 5

    Apr 29, 2002
    IC: Anaxagore, Heir Protector

    He roared and roared as he never had before. He had destroyed the Princess, seemingly so, yet the War was far from over.

    Anaxagore perceived the continuing conflict all around him, perceived the struggles of his friends and his mentors. The company of heroes were already being pushed to their limits on their first major encounter.

    But none of them would give up!

    Anaxagore, X’Ignis, whichever amalgam he had become, his eyes burned with unquenchable fire as he rose into the air, his maw opening once again. Anaxagore swiveled his head, releasing a terrifying stream of pure incandescent wrath.

    He aimed his devastating breath-weapon with supernatural precision at the haugunites on the ground and those in the air. All of them had come from so far away, and for what? To be fodder for their ignoble masters?

    Senseless. All of it!

    Still he rose, wreathed in streaming fire, gaining a greater area to target the seemingly innumerable enemy horde, until he reached an ideal vantage point.

    ‘Destroy the Haugunites…’

    There was a blinding flash as unbridled power was unleashed, even as a veritable shower of beams brighter than the sun streaked towards the horde of haugunites!

    The terrible truth of the multi-beam attack: Anaxagore could sense the enemy’s vital life signs and tracked them all in this manner. The incandescent beams would melt through armor like blowtorches through candle wax. Everything else they hit would simply turn to cinders and ash.

    A deafening and paralyzing roar thundered through air as the attack flared out.

    If there was no mercy in War, then who was Mercy for?

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