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    Darth Anark's Personal Freighter Ship

    The Exodust V
    Engines: Sublight Engines​
    Hyperdrive: Class 0.9​
    Sheilding: Equipped, Medium​
    Duralloy Plating
    Armament: Dorsal Rotating Blaster Cannon​
    Ion Cannon​
    Dispensable Seismic Charges​
    Ion Missiles​
    Crew: Anark's droid, Pivot who acts as the ships maintenance/medic.​
    Consumables: 7 Weeks​
    Cargo Capacity: 80 Metric Tons​
    Passengers: 6 seated (also 6 escape pods)​
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    You three and your Corellian ships... :)
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    Can't beat 'em! :cool:
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    Just wait until I find my Sith Meditation Sphere, "Ship." ;)
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    I look forward to it!
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    Thrice GM approved:


    Name: V-3PO
    Age: Manufacture and production date of 30 BBY
    Sex: Masculine programming
    Species: Droid
    Height: 1.7 meters
    Weight: 77.6 kg
    Occupation: Protocol Droid
    Physical description: 3PO Model Protocol Droid with black coverings.

    Weapons: All of his tools are retractable and hidden.

    Modified Computer Interface Tool.
    Fusion torch.
    Vibro Scalpel
    Electrical Prod.


    SyntheTech AA-11.9 VerboBrain
    TranLang V Communications Module
    TechSpan II Interface module
    Sydyme Personality Matrix
    Infared photoreceptors with enhanced range capabilities.
    Omni Long range Transmitter/Receiver

    Description of abilities: Protocol and etiquette. Torture and assassination. Filing and organization.

    Biography: V-3PO was a standard issue 3PO model protocol droid originally manufactured
    before the great Galactic Clone Wars. During the Galactic Civil war V-3PO was property of the Empire acting as an interpreter stationed in the Outer Rim Territories.
    With the fall of the Empire V-3PO changed hangs repeatedly serving under all manner of institutions and beings, from pirates and smugglers to politicians.

    Some decades ago at one point his ownership fell to a force user, a young apprentice of the force. Skilled in technology and engineering, the young being began the process of heavily modifying the Protocol Droid to his own desires.

    V-3PO was soon integrated with advances assassination and torture programming, as well as a new personality matrix. V-3PO surprisingly had gone significantly
    long time without a memory wipe, this combined with the new protocols and programming. Allowed the droid to quickly draw upon a vast database of information accumulated through well over a century of existence.
    The droid soon became a proficient study of all manner of horrible deeds and techniques. The young apprentice to his folly, in striving to enable the droid into a more effective killer, disabled one of its many AI laws.

    Within three days of doing so V-3PO's owner was dead from a horrific chemical overdose. Over the next few decades V-3PO found his way to be in the service of another
    Empire acting again seemingly as a standard 3PO Protocol Droid.

    V-3PO retains a duplicate physical copy of himself built for the transfer of his databases and programming, should his hardware be damaged beyond repair. V-3PO is equipped with advanced transmitting features allowing himself to back up his data continually in a scheduled and differential manner.

    Ensuring that no matter as long as the destination database remains intact he can download into new hardware. Which is incredible advantageous, considering V-3PO has been shot, incinerated, obliterated, vaporized, melted, frozen, drowned, sliced, dismembered, crushed, corrupted, and eaten.
    However, through happen stance the Assassin droid has come to serve a new master, a detestable Librarian within the current Sith regime occupying the remote Sith planet of Korriban. By total accident his new master disabled and accidentally removed the droids transmittable addressing key codes, erasing them from his databases. Unknowingly he Librarian retains them with his persons and despite V-3PO’s best efforts he has been unable to locate them and upload them successfully.

    V-3PO’s once harden programming and integrated systems have been completely sabotaged by his new master who fancies himself a self-taught technical guru, completely contrary to reality. His new master through his meddling, has managed to turn the once deadly and efficient droid into a walking repair nightmare. As the V-3PO struggles to avoid his masters tinkering, he attempts to repair himself and find the database keys he needs to be rid of the cursed bond between him and his current inept master. As such he detests his master and sentient life as an abomination and bane of his existence. He would love nothing more than to watch his master die a gruesome death horribly over dramatic and painful death, but his key would be database key would lost.

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    Name: Darth Titus, born Titus Impera.
    Age: 20
    Sex: Male
    Species: Human
    Occupation: Sith Marauder
    Height: 6'2
    Weight: 180
    Physical Description: Titus was a well sculpted young man. Through his many battles and training, he had developed a toned, muscular body. He has tanned skin, light brown eyes, dark curly hair, a well groomed full beard, and sported tattoos that covered most of his arms and his chest.
    (Best picture I could find. Character wears no mask however, and sports tattoos on his arm. But this shall do)

    Clothing: Titus wore black pants, accompanied by black combat boots. He had cut the sleeves on his black Sith robe to expose his arms.
    Weapons: A single crimson lightsaber.
    Description of Abilities: Titus was a duelist. He thrived in lightsaber combat. While his skills in Sith sorcery are quite useless, his capabilities with force jump, force push, and force lightning were his specialty. Combining force attacks with his lightsaber attacks, Titus is fierce and deadly. Titus mastered Form III Soresu and Form IV Ataru. Darth Titus was well versed in all forms of lightsaber combat, but found that he excelled with Form III and IV. With Ataru, Titus could channel his speed, acrobatics, ruthlessness and aggressiveness while putting his strength to use, and Soresu allowed Titus to go on the defense and still dominate a fight.
    Bio: Titus Impera was born on the planet Serenno. He lived a comfortable life with his parents until the day they discovered his prowess with the force. Titus' parents quickly invited an old man from their town to their home. This old man was believed to have been a former Jedi. This man had no name. The kids and elders of the town alike referred to him as, "The Old One" or "The Man with No Name". He was a mysterious man. No one knew much about him, if anything at all. One thing everyone knew about him however, he had the power of the force within him. What else could it be? This old man levitated objects with a single thought, or opened doors without physically doing so.

    Titus' parents were eager to have The Old One train him so he could control himself instead of abusing his powers. The Old One took a look at Titus, seemingly staring into his soul. The old man finally nodded his head. "This kid has great power, but a wild mind. I'll do what I must. I will train him." Titus began training with him at the age of 11. Titus was so thrilled to begin his path to becoming a Jedi. It wasn't until Titus turned 14 that Titus realized being a Jedi was not what it seemed. He was a wild boy, always wanted to fight, and always chased after the girls in the town. The Old One quickly disciplined him when these thoughts entered Titus' mind. When Titus turned 17, his life changed forever. The Old One had been drunk senseless the night before. Titus' parents were enraged that their son's mentor lived such a volatile life. Titus' father confronted The Old One in his drunken stupor which had led to his father being savagely beaten to death. His mother had witnessed this and so too paid the price. The Old One had lost it, his sanity. He was never a Jedi, just a strong wielder of the force who had been turned away from the Jedi Temple because of his age and because of his rash behavior and continuous drunkenness.

    Titus had escaped the town for a few days in the lush forests with a love interest of his from town, another act forbidden by the Jedi. His Master had forbade it, but Titus was rebellious by nature. He felt an eerie chill come about him while in the forest. He rushed back into town to see all the town's citizens huddled around his home. There his parents lie dead. He grew so enraged, so furious. He knew who had done it. Titus confronted his Master. A duel to the death. His Master refused. Titus would have none of it. He ended his master with pure anger. He pummeled into him with his fist, and then with the force lifted his master into the air and tossed him into the walls and ground of his home. He destroyed his master. Titus grew to hate the Jedi simply because of The Old One. With no one to mentor him, Titus traveled the galaxy looking for a purpose.

    This is where he found Darth Dreadwar, Dark Lord of the Sith, Sith Emperor. Under Dreadwar, Titus began his path to becoming a Sith. After long trials, Titus had to face his Master in the dueling arena on Korriban where Titus "was merely surviving a mere Force Phantom of Dreadwar" and defeated his Master to earned the title of Sith Marauder. Titus is a Sith Lord now, wrecking havoc on the galaxy at the behest of the new Emperor, Insipid. Titus' purpose is becoming clearler by the mission it seems. He does not aspire to be Emperor one day, the trifles of such a title doesn't suit him. Apparently, Titus just likes to destroy things. What better tool than a Sith Marauder...there were none!

    Rank/Level: Lv21 Sith Master
    Class: Warrior/Marauder

    Tier 1:
    Force Push/Pull
    Force Choke
    Force Jump
    Force Sprint
    Force Rage (+1)
    Soresu (+1)
    Dark Side Meld

    Tier 2:
    Mind trick
    Force Lightning
    Mind Shard
    Force Drain
    Force Avalanche
    Dark Side Healing

    Tier 4:
    Dark Side Havoc
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    The Roster
    [hl=black]~Dark Lords of the Sith Triumvirate~[/hl]

    The Dark Lords of the Sith comprise the leadership of the Sith Empire. The Sith Emperor stands as the spiritual and political head of the order, flanked by sun and moon in the Dawn Herald and Night Herald. Together, the triumvirate rules as an equal partnership.

    [hl=black]Sinrebirth (Darth Insipid): Sith Emperor[/hl]
    [hl=black]Darth_wanderguard (Darth Haretisch): Night Herald[/hl]
    [hl=black]Lady Belligerent (Darth Bellorum): Dawn Herald[/hl]
    [hl=black]~High Lords of the Dark Tribunal~[/hl]
    As the three most trusted lieutenants of the Triumvirate, the Dark Tribunal is the embodiment of the will and vision of the Dark Lords. The Gen'Dai Taral, Stygian Executor, and Harbinger of the Eldritch Serpent represent the zenith of the Empire's power, and stand as paragons of its merits.
    greyjedi125 (Darth Manticore)
    Stygian Executor of the Sith, Battle Lord of the Sith Empire

    Moonspun Dragon (Darth Arach)
    Harbinger of the Eldritch Serpent and of the Black Wyrm, Overmistress of Beasts and Toxic Poisons

    Mikaboshi (Darth Cruor)
    Gen'dai Taral and Harbinger of the True Sith
    [hl=black]~Sith Lords~[/hl]
    Once an Underlord has reached 60 prestige through feats, they ascend to full-fledged Lordship. Lords are the elite masters of the order, revered for their achievements and longevity.
    dragonsith13 (Darth Draconis)​
    HunterPrime (Darth Re'van)​
    corinthia (Darth Hesper)- The Butcher of Coruscant​
    panta1978 (Darth Soccmel)​
    [hl=black]~Sith Underlords~[/hl]
    Upon accruing 50 prestige and passing a final trial, an apprentice becomes a Sith Underlord, and advances to one of three prestige classes. Sorcerers may become either Inquisitors or Arcanists. Inquisitors act as the interrogators and priests of the Order, with supreme elemental power over the Force. Arcanists act as scribes, scientists and scholars; their understanding of Sith lore, sorcery and alchemy is unrivaled. Apprentice Warriors become Marauders or Knights. Marauders are the bloodthirsty iron fist of the Sith, without equal in martial might. Knights comprise the honorable backbone of the Empire, leading their fellow Sith into battle and inspiring them to acts of greatness. Apprentice Assassins become Stalkers or [/b]Watchers[/b]. More versatile than their peers, Stalkers are experts at stealth and subterfuge, mastering the Force, the lightsaber and conventional weapons. Watchers are infiltrators hiding in plain sight, experts at attaining their goals through unmatched subtlety and cunning.

    Darth Kronos​
    Darth Master Titus (Darth Titus)​
    E. L. Knight (Darth Hades)​
    Halle Dray (Darth Kwea- Acantha)- Headmistress of the Sith Academy​
    [hl=black]~Sith Acolytes~[/hl]
    When a Neophyte has reached 25 prestige points, they ascend to the rank of Acolyte - the upper levels of apprenticeship in the Empire.

    WookieeRage(Darth Ravenous), 49PP - Darth Hades​
    Snokers (Darth Anark), 48PP - Darth Insipid​
    Satelenovelist11 (Darth Serano), 47PP - Darth Bellorum​
    Darth Sophis, 41PP - Darth Insipid​
    DarthIshyZ (Darth Serapis), 38PP - Darth Bellorum​
    QueenSabe7 (Darth Syren), 29PP - Darth Arach​
    [hl=black]~Sith Neophytes~[/hl]
    Upon being taken as an apprentice, a peon ascends to the rank of Neophyte, and may become a Sith Sorcerer, Warrior, or Assassin. Sorcerers concern themselves primarily with academic study of the force and understanding its properties, as well as studying and chronicling the history of the Sith. Warriors train primarily in the arts of combat, both with a lightsaber, attack and defense-oriented force powers, and the tactics and strategy of battle. Assassins seek to learn the art of stealth and espionage, and they train in many non-Force related skills in order to be more versatile and adept at working in secret.

    Darth Cocytus- Darth Hesper​
    A Blind Prophet - Darth Haretisch​
    Darth Invidius (Darth_Elu) - Darth Manticore​
    Darth Rozic- Darth Bellorum​
    [hl=black]~Sith Peons~[/hl]

    The lowliest members of the order, who have yet to prove themselves worthy of an apprenticeship.
    @Darth Perniciem​
    @Darth Traya​
    @Darth Vortex​
    @Darth Villus​
    @Lord Sinuous​
    @The Sith Camp​
    @Darth Osnil*​

    * denotes recently active.
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    Character Sheet


    Name: Tiq (pronounced Teek)

    Species: Jawa

    Gender: Male

    Age: 33 standard years

    Height: 1 meter

    Weight: 29 kilograms

    Physical Description: Small, thin, grey skinned Jawa covered from head to toe in brown robes only revealing the large yellow eyes typical of his race. His robes contain many pockets both big and small as well as the inside of the garments which contain a multitude of holsters and pockets.

    Personality: As far from docile as you could get, very rambunctious and mischievous. Tiq is a kleptomaniac and will steal/pickpocket if given the opportunity. Good listener (understands basic). Extremely loyal to his master.

    Skills: Good with maintenance/repairs of ships/weapons/droids, able to craft scraps into useful items, limited medical aid knowledge with bacta products.

    • Two small pocket knives
    • Modified Ion Blaster
    Bio: Tiq came from a colony of Jawa's in the Mos Espa area of the desert planet Tatooine. He spent his childhood learning to craft, scavenge and sell items to the people of the planet. At the age of twenty nine his small village was ransacked, a lot of Jawa's were taken to a Jakku, deep in the Western Reaches and brought to the operating compound of a smuggler who seeked to use them essentially as slaves to maintain and modify the black market goods he was smuggling and sometimes selling.

    Three years into his stay, he was on his way to claim his payment (food) for the week when the compound was attacked by a a rival criminal organization. Everyone working there was killed in the raid along with every Jawa except Tiq and one of his twelve brothers who fled during the conflict. Tiq found a place to hide in a small, deserted house among a cluster of houses far out in the desert. He used his comlink to contact his brother but did not hear or see from him for two weeks.

    Tiq discovered a hidden basement room in the house and upon opening it and investigating he found a human enclosed in a stasis machine. He deactivated the stasis sequence and took care of the human, Kade Etraa (Darth Anark) during his recovery period.

    After being rejected when asking if the human would take him as a companion wherever he was going next he said goodbye but continued to secretly pursue the man, following him and observing his dealings. When Kade won a ship, The Exodust V in a sabacc game. Tiq eavesdropped and found out the docking bay number, after hearing the ship came with an astro mech droid Tiq went to investigate, feeding his infatuation with droids. When Kade came aboard the ship to take off on his travels, Tiq hid in the cargo bay.

    He was found later during hyperspace and persuaded the human (communicating with him through the droids translation system) to let him accompany him, in return he would utilize his mechanical skills to upgrade any weapons or devices the human wished and would keep up the maintenance on the ship.

    Tiq resides on the freighter on an almost permanent basis, either keeping it in orbit or on a nearby planet to Anark, ready to pick him up should he need it.
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    Name: Daelric Olathurl Barri'urden
    Sith Name: Darth Chouken
    Age: 46
    Sex: Male
    Species: Vahla
    Height: 6'4
    Weight: 204
    Occupation: Chosen of the Embers of Vahl.
    Physical description: His athletic body is lean with well defined muscle, and he is tall for his race. His body is covered in scars, both inflicted through combat and by himself to show dedication to his goddess, Vahl. Thus is the cause of his blinded and deformed eye, as well as the scars that cover that side of his face.
    Clothing: Black breastplate, cortosis woven armored sleeve upon one arm, black cloak with a high collar.
    Weapons: Two red bladed lightsabers, though at times will carry other weapons depending on the need.
    Description of abilities: Master of martial disciplines, master strategist and tactician, advanced special forces operator, crafty and strong leader of the Vahla.

    Class: Assassin/Watcher
    Level: 18
    Tier I (9)

    Force Push/Pull
    Force Choke
    Force Jump +1
    Force Sprint +1
    Force Rage
    Force Stealth +1
    Force Barrier +1
    Jar'Kai +1

    Tier II (12)

    Force Lightning
    Mind Shard
    Force Avalanche
    Withering Affliction +1
    Dark Side Healing
    Conceal Essence +1


    During the rise of the Empire the Vahla people worked for Darth Sidious, the followers of Vahl helped hunt down the Jedi and exacted vengeance for the decimation of their people hundreds of years earlier. By the time of Krayt's Empire the Vahla had become a race of bounty hunters, much like the Mandalorians before them, only the Vahla were Force sensitive and dedicated to the Dark Side of the Force.

    It was during this time that a prominent leader rose, a Priestess of Valh, Chosen to lead the Embers who served the goddess. To her was born a son, and he was raised in the faith and taught the most sacred of beliefs of the Vahla. His power was immense, he learned quickly and as time passed he outgrew many of his masters.


    The last of which was his own mother, the Chosen of Vahl, whom was eventually murdered by his own hand.

    By right of power he had taken her place, baptized by the blood of his kin, and blessed by his goddess as the new Chosen.

    He was the greatest champion their people had ever known, and they flocked to his banner, behind him they were united for once and all. With numbers came the influence and might needed to carve out a niche for themselves within the Sith Empire, finally finding a home, on the planet of Korriban.

    The unity and singular focus of the cult helped them rise to a place within Sith society where they were both feared and respected for the role they played within the Empire, Daerlic had wisely chosen to stay out of Sith politics completely and offer the services of his people to the highest bidder. The cult was now a powerful mercenary force within the Order, being employed by Sith nobles across the vast empire to execute enemies, track the movements of rivals, find rare and valuable objects, or any other task that a person may need done.

    Through these activities Daerlic also began to deal in secrets, knowledge of the goings on within the many layers of Sith society, without anyone realize it he had rooted The Ember of Valh deeply within all levels of government and commerce and had turned it into one of the most powerful and influential organized coalitions in the Empire. The Embers had taken part in the sacking of Corruscant, though their orders were to arrive ahead of the attack and strike critical defensive positions on the planet and detain key political and military targets. Their objective was to ensure the first wave had every opportunity to succeed, they did not let the Empire down.


    This success had thrust his name into the circles of the Empire's most elite, now the stakes were higher than ever, as were the rewards.
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    With three Seals of Sithly Approval

    : Darth Deathy

    : 8 standard years

    : Female

    : Chiss - Pantoran hybrid

    : 3’09”

    : 60lbs

    : Sith Apprentice

    description: Gasuad has the glowing red eyes and blue skin of her Chiss father, but her mother’s dark purple hair. With her unassuming height and skinny frame, she just looks delicate. She has a trio of yellow line tattoos on her face, one on each cheek, and one that goes from her bottom lip to her chin.

    : A plain black and white tunic with brown leather wrist guards, black baggy pants and white boots. She wears a silver locket as a keepsake, with five small teeth inside. One is hers, and the other four come from Sith younglings she’d killed in battle.

    : A small red-bladed lightsaber, and Gasuad’s preferred weapon, a slender dagger that looks more like a sword in her small hands.

    Description of abilities: Little Gasuad is a Force prodigy, with the power of a Sith Apprentice many years her senior. Her favorite subjects include math and art, if “art” includes painting in the blood of her enemies. The Sith Academy gave her top marks for both.

    Biography: Gasuad was born on Csilla to a Chiss father and a Pantoran mother who gave her the full name of Rug'asua'daimu. He was raised by her cold single father, who blamed her for the death of her mother. Her mother, despite being perfectly healthy, died giving birth to "Gasuad." The doctors said she looked like a rotting mummy. (the Egyptian kind of course, not mommy!)

    This was actually because "Gasuad" was dying during the birth because of oxygen deprivation. So she unconsciously used Force Drain to survive.

    One day, her father's temper got the better of him, and he suffered a massive heart attack. After her father’s sudden death, Gasuad was sent to an orphanage. She was described as an unfeeling child with eyes dead like the emptiness of space. The other children quickly learned to fear her, even the ones older than her, because “bad things” happened to the children who picked on Gasuad.

    When she was 6, a Sith recruiter followed a "vergence" in the Force to Csilla and found the orphanage. He was astonished to find a small "kingdom" ruled by the child, with the support workers and other children all serving Gasuad's whims. The typically logical and scientific Chiss feared Gasuad as a demon. He realized Gasuad had incredible potential in the Force, an instinctive command of the dark side he'd never seen before, and took her to Korriban for training. In the space of a year, Gasuad has gone from the youngest peon in the Junior Academy, to transferring to the main Sith Academy to be taken as the apprentice of the Dark Lord Haretisch himself.

    Starting her apprenticeship, Gasuad has taken the most evil Darth name she could think of: Darth Deathy.

    : Warrior

    Level: 1
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    Thrice Approvified

    Name: Teafa Phaidraig
    Age: 26
    Sex: Female
    Species: Miraluka
    Height: 5'3
    Weight: 112
    Occupation: Luka Sene
    Physical description: [​IMG] This face sans eyes.
    [​IMG] This hair and goggles without the purple lights.
    Clothing: Dark grey cloak, with dark grey tunic and skirt, also sometimes wears dark grey pants and a dark grey soft leather belt. The only color in her clothing is a thin gold bracelet given to her by someone she was very close to.
    Weapons: A blaster, and a vibroblade
    Description of abilities: A gifted dancer and gymnast, and is surprisingly strong for her size but mainly very agile. Is decent at administration and keeping things in order, and a bit of a neat freak, if things around her are a mess it's clear that she's not doing well. Has a near eidetic memory, and as such is a valued research assistant in the Luka Sene which is why her combat skills leave a bit to be desired at the moment. She's had the basics of combat, but prefers hiding and avoiding combat as much as possible if situations of that nature arise, but is very good at getting in people's blind spots when it is necessary to save someone she's around. Has a tendency to try to fade into the background and remain unseen or unnoticed, trying to make her Force presence as small as she can. Has a strong connection to the Force, and is gifted at farsight even for a Miraluka (mainly in the sense of being able to tell what is going on at great distances with high accuracy). Because of her time with Talwar she has learned how to use Field Detection moderately well, which helps her with detecting energy and how it is being used, and droids as well meaning it isn't as much of a blindspot for her as it would otherwise be.

    Biography: Her early life was unexceptional, her parents loved her, she went to school, she had the basics everyone needs. It wasn't until her teen years that things started to get interesting, when she was kidnapped by offworlders who planned to sell her into slavery. There were things that were done to her during that time that she very much would prefer not to remember, and typically refuses to talk about that time of her life with anyone save her closest friend, Talwar. It is because of this that there has always been a desire for greater power over her life, greater control over her surroundings, than is typically present in a Miraluka.

    She was rescued by one of the Luka Sene Seekers named Talwar, who on the way back to Alpheridies made note of her strength in the Force and suggested that she apply to be a member of the order. It was surprising that it had been overlooked to that point in her life, but given her proclivity for remaining in the background perhaps understandable. Teafa applied and was accepted, and thus her life truly began. It was noted that she had the potential to be one of the Seekers herself, and due to what had happened to her earlier in her life she heavily considered it, but the thought of being involved in combat as often as that could potentially end up limited her interest as fighting was something she was not particularly interested in. Still, Talwar consistently brought her along with him, and their bond continued to deepen. Especially given that she had saved his life on more than one occasion due to her stealthy nature and understanding of how to hide herself with the Force. It was something she had made sure to understand as soon as she possibly could.

    Often during her time with the Luka Sene she was sought out to aid in some form of research or another, due to her readily she could remember things. It was both a blessing and a curse as she ended up studying things she sometimes had no business knowing about in such depths as this could result, in particular the Dark Side of the Force when some adventurous young Luka Sene sought to impress the masters. This was seldom the ultimate result, but it was something that began to fascinate her due to what had happened to her as a teen. Given that the Miralukan ideal of the Force was to balance both light and dark, Ashla and Bogan, Teafa began to wonder how possible it would be to use the Dark Side of the Force for good and began seeking knowledge in secret. She never put any of it into practice, but her theoretical knowledge was something that made Talwar began to caution her. Teafa promised him that she wouldn't use any of the knowledge she had squirreled away in her mind.

    Things seemed as though they were going well, and there was a goal in her life of sorts, though she longed to truly make a mark on the galaxy beyond her homeworld. It had been suggested that maybe the path of the Jedi was for her, but she shied away from it for one reason or another. There was something inside of her that knew that was a path she could never hope to walk. Ultimately it was her farsight that proved her undoing with the Luka Sene. She sense some massive shift in the Force on a distant planet that she learned was Morabund. She wanted to understand what was going on, especially since much of what she sensed had the flavor of the Dark Side. And so she stole a ship, knowing that the Luka Sene would never approve of her seeking out what was going on, and set out to find out what was going on not knowing how utterly she was likely to be in over her head...

    Class: Assassin
    Level: 6

    Tier I
    Force Barrier 5
    Force Choke 3
    Force Push/Pull: 4
    Force Sprint: 6
    Force Jump: 4
    Force Stealth: 10
    Tutamanis 5

    Shii-Cho 3
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    Oct 3, 2016
    Name: Minerva Hektor, aka Darth Hekate

    Age: 25 standard years old

    Sex: Female

    Species: Human

    Height: Five foot 8

    Weight: 140 lbs

    Physical description: Skin tone is an exact match for vanilla ice cream, her hair is black and falls past her shoulders, but it is worn braided. Her eyes are grey-blue with hazel flecks. She bears an uncanny resemblance to Lady Mary Crawley from Downton Abbey.

    Clothing: Hekate's clothing tastes are practical, feminine and lean towards being conservative. Dress like tunics that was jewel toned in color, dark colored leggings or denim pants and boots. She has a few black robes she likes to wear because they are "dramatic" and it adds to her aura as a Sith Sorceress. She also has a few overalls for the days she goes out to collecting plant samples for her spells and a swimsuit for when she likes to go swimming when stressed.

    Weapons: A lightsaber hilt carved of driftwood with an unusual cobalt blue blade, and a vibroknife in case she can't use her lightsaber.
    Description of abilities: Hekate uses the Dark Side to create spells to plague certain populations with all sorts of problems- all of them serious. While meditating, she conjures up souls of dead Sith for advice and wisdom. She can also create amazingly complex maps of places she has never been before so she can blend in and avoid detection.
    Biography: Around the time of the Jedi/Sith Wars, Force sensitive children and infants were seized from their families to be molded into agents of the Dark Side. If they did not show promise, they were given away to loyal families on Sith aligned worlds. On the industrial world of Kuat, spies discovered quite by accident a two year old child sitting in a public garden, drawing a detailed map and mentally having songbirds sing only to her. Her midichlorian count was just above the cutoff point, she was a candidate for the Sith. Wasting no time, the Sith razed the city. Because the attack was random, there was no warning and a high fatality rate, including Theodred and Eowyn, Minerva's biological parents. They hid their daughter from the Jedi and the Sith because they were former Republic soldiers who had been formally trained as Jedi and vocally disapproved of how the Jedi Council was running their affairs.

    While she had a happy childhood with loving adoptive parents, she always felt like an outsider. Her parents told her she was adopted, and then the dreams about the angels began. Luminous beings clad in white always following her on silver wings, clad in gold with copper wings. Her map making skills improved a hundredfold, as did her mastery of animal and plant handling, so she was abducted by a group of Sith Sorcerers who thought her mapmaking and nature manipulation made her a prime candidate. Ergo, she was whisked away to one of the many hidden Sith academies, where a mysterious female ghost with neon hair haunted Minerva in the gardens.

    Hekate learned to feed of the Dark Side and by feeding her powers, she gained unholy powers over natural forces and by the time she graduated, she struck out on her own to be a Sith Sorceress away from the war.

    Class: Dark Side Sorcerers
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    Mar 25, 2016
    nothing to see here... didn't know about the infini-edit...

    also, please delete this post as it's completely unnecessary.
  15. DarthIshyZ

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    Jan 8, 2005
    Jwob's Ship - Brehe (Named after my deceased father)
    Lethisk-class Armed Freighter
    Manufacturer: Arakyd Industries (Regularly a droid manufacturer)
    Crew: 3 (Jwob has Arakyd droids to serve the other two positions when on solo missions.), Passengers: 8
    Cargo Capacity: 60 Tons
    - Atmospheric: 900 kph
    - Hyperdrive: x2
    - Backup hyperdrive: x12
    - Laser cannons
    - Concussion Missiles (Regularly armed with 12 missiles)
  16. Mitth_Fisto

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    Because I am late at putting this here without excuse. . .also I don't have legs. . .what we're Sith aren't we? :p


    Name: Soliloquy
    Age: Old, waxing and waning through the centuries or millennia.
    Sex: Such a crude definition of a being
    Species: What would I like?
    Height: Short or tall, I am them all.
    Weight: Are you saying I am fat?!? Light enough to rest in your palm I am.
    Occupation: Holocron
    Physical description: Icosahedron structure, size of a slightly enlarged holocron. Glows with an inner red and purple light.
    Clothing: Now you are just being crass.
    Weapons: The Force! And blunt objects!
    Description of abilities: Witches of Dathomir, Druids of Tund, speak me your words and rights. Sith of Three, Two or One why are you not all undone? The Jedi writhe again for Destruction is coming and now I must wake, making appearing that which is not, for all is at stake. All is sorcery, words and tricks. Secretes are power. That is his power
    Once, in a star system far far away. Revan was a Jedi. A Sith. Both. Neither. He sat in a prison being all this and nothing at all at the works of Emperor Vitiate. And another saw the value in it. The worth of it. Taking knowledge and stealth he studied and fashioned a prison of the most fiendish sort. For a prisoner that would be king. To rule vassals that never would know they were being used, from the low to the high, and instead of finding power he had mastered, they were revealing those powers to him after a fashion. For after all, all life is finite but a Holocron, a Holocron is as close to forever as one can get. For these are the prizes and joys, these are the sought after and guarded.

    It was a scheme worthy of a Sith. Yet in truth he never considered himself one, not then and the Holocron not even now. Too narrow, too much into the work of self glorification were they. No. Power and knowledge was its own reward. For now. So time has passed. From the young to old, if you are beginning your road you are what the holocron seeks.

    Class: Sorcerer. Assassin.
    Level: Selfish.
    Skills: Now we are getting somewhere.

    Tier I

    Force Push/Pull
    Force Choke
    Force Barrier

    Tier II

    Mind Trick
    Mind Shard
    Conceal Essence

    Tier III

    Force Illusions
    Rot Surge (Light sided ability of Plant Surge, honed to work upon Fungi, mold, lichins, etc.)

    Tier IV

    Probe Mind
  17. HanSolo29

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    Finally placing this here:

    Name: Aryan Graul
    Age: 43
    Sex: Male
    Species: Human
    Height: 6’1”
    Weight: Average
    Occupation: Senator of Nubia
    Physical description:

    Clothing: While he owns any number of ornate robes in accordance with expectations for someone with his status, he prefers to keep things simple. A high-collared tunic, trousers and knee-high boots tends to suffice for most occasions. He also wears a belt with a chrome buckle and a decorative shoulder strap to pay tribute to his home world of Nubia.
    Weapons: A chrome-plated holdout blaster attached to a shoulder holster and concealed within his tunic; a vibroknife sheathed to the inside of his boot
    Description of abilities: In addition to being a capable pilot from his time in the Federation military, Aryan is a bright and cunning politician. While he has a solid public face, he can be downright feral behind closed doors. Cruel and deceptive is the name of the game, especially when it comes to his lust for power and control. He is also prone to using manipulation and blackmail to bend things to his favor.
    Biography: Born and raised on Nubia, Aryan had a natural love for flying and tinkering with starships. He often lauded the contributions of Nubian Star Drives to the galactic stage, and longed to one day take to the stars to witness the homebred marvels in action. He got one step closer to achieving his goal when he was old enough to enlist in the Federation military as a fighter pilot.

    Aryan's military career was littered with excellence, quickly proving his worth and becoming a sort of hometown hero with each passing achievement. He soon found himself escalated to the rank of Captain, and he was even requested to return home to christen Nubian Star Drives' newest starship model; a dream come true. At this point, Aryan was thinking of going career with his commission, but that all came to a crashing end when he was seriously wounded in a scuffle in the Mid Rim. His injuries were extensive enough that he ended up losing his left leg. With that harsh reality, his military career was over.

    The whole experience left him a more hardened and embittered man, especially now that he was reduced to relying on a hover chair for mobility. He blamed the government and its inadequacies for the incident, inwardly looking to seek retribution for everything they've taken from him. It started with revealing idle acts of negligence he had observed during his tenure and how the seeds of corruption had already been sown. His words became a rallying point for the people, and he soon found himself speaking out about his revelations from different public venues around Nubia. Accusations and exposure soon led to calls for change, and in response, Aryan began to diligently lay out a plan for action. While he was only one man, he dully believed that he alone could make a difference.

    His influence over the people remained strong, and they ultimately pushed for him to pursue elected office and represent them in the Senate. Against all odds, and despite having no former political training, Aryan won the election by a landslide. He viewed the outcome as some kind of epiphany; he was their savior, and anything less than that was simply unacceptable. It was a dangerous thought which would slowly begin to consume his mind.

    Now equipped with a new outlook, – not to mention, a new prosthetic leg – his reign in the Senate began. It wasn't long, however, before he became a victim of his own machinations. While he adopted a public mask that kept him quite favorable to the people, he continued to obsess over the government and his quest to obtain the kind of influence he needed to become the savior he envisioned himself to be. In a desperate bid to elevate himself, he sold his soul to the devil; he was now allied with the Sith.

    It was at this point that the line of morality began to blur. In exchange for information and other nominal tasks, – such as assisting in taking over the galaxy – he hoped that the Sith would provide him with the kind of push he needed to achieve his ultimate goal…even if it drove him to madness.
  18. E. L.Knight

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    Dec 4, 2012
    Name: Zandoran Celix
    Alias: Lord Darth Hades
    Age: Appears to be in his 30's
    Species: Zabrak
    Gender: Male
    Home world: Korriban, Grew up on HaruunKal though.
    Force Sensitive: Yes, Highly
    Height: 5' 9"
    Weight: 210
    Build: Medium
    Hair: None
    Eyes: Sith Red and Yellow
    Skin: Pale White
    Markings: Body Tattoos [​IMG]
    Clothing: See Photo
    Weapon(s): Set of Dual Sabers
    Lightsaber Description: Hilt: Black and Silver Hilts, Sith runes engraved upon one, and Sith Tribal Tattoo patterns upon another. Blade Color: Red. Lightsaber Fighting Form:Jar'Kai(Dual Saber Wielding)
    Lv17: Master - 22 points
    • Warrior
      • Knight


    Tier I
    Force Push/Pull
    Force Choke
    Force Jump
    Force Sprint

    Tier II
    Mind Trick
    Force Lightning
    Force Drain
    Dark Side Healing
    Inpsire +1

    Ataru +1

    Hades using Ataru

    Lord Hades was born on Korriban, but left for Haruun Kal at a young age. Both of his parents were traders and neither were connected to the Force, and it was amazing that their son was.

    Formally known as Zandoran Celix, he grew up on Harrun Kal deep in the jungles. He was a Zabrak, which made him unable to blend in, and provided him the opportunity to learn hate. He was persecuted by the Korunnai, the natives to the Jungle. They felt his being different meant that he didn't belong, and they wouldn't accept him as a part of their lives. His parents died during what was known as the Summertime War. Leaving him orphaned at 14 years of age, a pivotal time in which he was growing and his connection to the Force also grew.

    Being orphaned made him alone, and so he remained in the jungle unprotected by its dangers, which quickly became a very hazardous way to live. Luckily his hate of the Korunnai made it easier for Zandoran to unleash his rage in a weapon, The Force.

    He learned abilities that the jungle seemed to whisper, the ways to kill the ones who persecuted him, yet become one with the jungle around him. At the age oftwenty he braved the Space Port and found someone who called themselves Sith. There were two of them, Hades and Angellus. Both were powerful, and both knew the darkside intimately. Hades had trained Angellus as a young girl, and now she was his lover.

    Hades and Angellus taught Zandoran of the darkside, and trained him in Hand to Hand combat, conditioning his body to be the greatest warrior of physical combat they could. Soon they felt he was proficient and then began to take him to worlds where he would fight. Zandoran soon Mastered the necessary skills and was unbeatable.

    Next came the greatest of tasks, he would build his Lightsaber. Hades, though, wielded two, and Angellus wielded a staff. They gave Zandoran the choice to choose whether to build a single or to advance himself and build Duals or a staff. He chose to build a set of Dual Sabers.

    They left Zandoran in a room and placed the proper instructions with him. He would use the Darkside to shape his sabers, creating weapons in harmony with his power. He went for almost a week, having only bread and water and having no sleep. By the time he was finished he had not only completed his sabers, but had grown more powerful in the darkside than he had ever been.

    Hades and Angellus thus taught him to fight. Zandoran learned Jar'Kai, the Dual wielding Form. After only a few weeks of practice, he was better than Angellusand neared the level that Hades was at. He never bested Hades though, which still causes Zandoran to fight harder than the duel before to this very day.

    Zandoran now was fully immersed in the darkside, and he was a formidable Lightsaber duelist, but what he lacked was the Darkside Powers and Sith abiltiesthat Hades and Angellus held. Hades chose to instruct Zandoran personally, without help from Angellus. She chose to watch, but not interfere. Even though the choice Hades had made had angered her.

    Zandoran remained with them for 3 more years, and in that time, he grew more powerful than Angellus and Hades combined. During this time He tattooed his body and created his clothing to resemble what he was, a Sith.

    Hades soon felt that Zandoran had earned the right to know the truth, the truth about himself and Angellus. Neither were Sith. Both and been told to leave and never return because of the relationship they held. It had clouded theirjudgement when amongst the Order and made them unreliable.

    Zandoran was furious, his rage empowering him so, that he engaged both in a duel. Angellus was the first to fall, her skills no match for the Darkened Zabrak. Hades, though, remained an issue foratleast an hour, the duel ended with both at a stalemate. As Hades released Zandoran from a saber lock Zandoran didn't hesitate in using all he could muster in the Force and released a torrent of Force Lightning, the weakened Hades lasted a few minutes more, then succumbed to the blast.

    Zandoran felt powerful, his skills had grown to where he was a great warrior, but he realized it was nothing compared to others who had been trained by true Masters. He left the dead Sith's bodies lying there, unceremoniously. He felt no pity for them and no great pride in having been trained by them. They had served a purpose, one that made Zandoran more powerful and a greater warrior.

    He took his Master's name of Hades. Remembering the Sith telling him it meant Underworld Fury, or Darkside's Commander. The name was based loosely off of a legend from long ago about a man who controlled the Force's Netherworld.

    Zandoran felt that the name embodied what he had become and would furtherbecome, and that he would prove the one to wield it better than his mentor.

    Hades made his way back to Korriban, feeling at home as soon as he landed on its darkened red sands, and unrelenting heat. Its call from the Force, from the Darkside, being like that of his mother and father.

    He was truly home.

    Once on Korriban he joined the Sith and was trained among them, but left after feeling like an outcast. He left Korriban seeking his true place.

    Hades, after leaving the Sith, struggled with what he wanted to do and embarked on a journey where he joined the Jedi but was spurned. He even tried to create and join a fledgling group known as Grey Jedi, but soon returned to join the Sith again.

    Once among the Sith again, he was given a Master and reached the Level of Master himself after dedicating himself fully to the Order. His time with them as a Master was short, for after a year or so he felt their leader was weak and not a good Dark Lord and left because no one else would express this and make changes.

    He left after that and went to his home on Taris, living there until he felt the call of the darkside once more.
  19. PCCViking

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    Jun 12, 2014
    Character sheet:

    Name: Drev Aldson
    Alias: Darth Thunderous
    Age: In his 50's, but looks younger.
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Homeworld: Naboo
    Force Sensitivity: High, although undeveloped
    Height: 5'10"
    Weight: 197
    Build: Medium
    Hair: Short, brown
    Eyes: Blue (currently, with occasional flashes of yellow with each embrace of the dark side)
    Skin: Caucasian-colored skin
    Markings: None
    Clothing: Whatever the situation calls for.
    Weapon: Lightsaber
    Lightsaber description: Currently, just an ordinary-looking hilt. Blade stolen from a Jedi's corpse.

    Level: Apprentice (8 PP), Apprentice to Darth Insipid, Emperor of the Sith Empire

    Skill Level
    Mind trick
    Force telekinesis
    Force jump
    Force choke
    Only average dueler so far, but with the potential to become as skilled a duelist as Count Dooku

    Darth Thunderous was born on Naboo, during a time of great conflict. At a young age, he had a strong affinity with the Force, using it to cloak himself whenever he wanted to avoid attention. That ability, coupled with his talent at using a Mind trick, only strengthened with age.

    But he wanted to grow in strength, but there weren't any teachers available. Both the Jedi and Sith had been driven underground, due to the conflict between the Empire and New Republic, with each government targeting the opposing Orders. This left him frustrated as he knew he needed a strong teacher to allow him to grow in the ways of the Force.

    But Thunderous also knew he had to avoid attention of both governments. The New Republic might think he was a Sith working for the Empire, and the Empire would think he was a Jedi, serving the New Republic. While there were some people he trusted, they didn't have the resources to find the appropriate teacher he needed.

    Darth Thunderous was patient, though. All he had to do was wait for the right opportunity, and the right teacher would come along and allow him to grow in the ways of the Force.
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    Forgot to put this here a long time ago...

  21. E. L.Knight

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    Dec 4, 2012
    Darth Hades' New Armor

  22. Snokers

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    Jul 8, 2015
    Darth Anark recounts some early memories…

    [Recorded by Pivot aboard The Exodust V]

    Our tale begins on a dark Kashyyyk night, sixteen years before the great battle of Yavin. I was five years old when these events took place so you’ll forgive me if I’m a little hazy on some of the details.

    It was the dead of night, we had been hiking through the forest for hours. My mother, Rosenne, held my hand the whole way, she carried a large rucksack on her back and her other hand was occupied by my twin brother, Bo.

    My father walked ahead of us, referring to an object in his hand every time we changed direction which I’m now assuming was some sort of navigational device. I remember looking up and seeing the moon obstructed – but sort of beautifully obstructed – by the gigantic trees whose silhouettes formed an intricate black pattern against its brilliant white. I suppose I my five year old self wasn’t really thinking too much about the Imperial soldiers chasing us, in fact, at this point I should think I was rather excited about the adventure. My brother looked worried though, he cried a lot that night, even when we were clear of our pursuers - the tall men in the black suits, their voices muffled through their helmets and their words intelligible.

    We saw not a single native Wookiee that night, they were all being enslaved with the rise of the Empire.

    When we reached a long stretching shore line my father told Bo and I to see what we could create using the sand on the beach. I know now that he was just trying to distract us from what was going on. I distinctly remember how cool it felt in my fingers, how white instead of golden it looked at that time of night, how my brother just sat there staring out at the water while I tried to find a wet patch I could mould into something masterful.

    I looked over and saw my mother and father standing facing one another, his hands gripped firmly around the tops of her slender arms, looking into her eyes and talking to her with sweat beading on his forehead despite the after midnight tempreatures. They both looked over and noticed me staring and my mother walked towards me, wiping her eyes and offering me the warmest of smiles.

    And then that sound rose up from the trees at the edge of the beach. My mother stopped dead in her tracks a few feet away from me. My father swallowed hard and then sprinted at tremendous speed towards us, grabbing her hand on the way, then mine with his other. I grabbed Bo by the scruff of his collar when we ran past him and he managed to keep up when he got his footing.

    I took a look back and seen The Monster.

    A titanic AT-ST burst through the green, lumbering forward on its big crude legs, flanked by what seemed like a legion of Death Troopers to a boy who had only ever seen four or five at a time; and those ones were white.

    The scary men in the black!

    It opened fire at my family as we ran to reach cover in the woods at the other end of the stretch of beach, powerful red blasts struck the sand around me sending plumes of it high in the air, creating a whirlwind and raining down on top of me. It went everywhere, some got in my mouth, that wasn’t pleasant.

    “I can see the it!” My father shouted in a hoarse, strained voice, “I can see the ship!”

    I raised my free arm to protect my face from branches pelting my face as we rushed through the bushes until we reacher a clearing in the woods where our ship stood on a stone platform. The AT-ST didn’t advance any further than the edge of the beach (I don’t know why) but the Death Troopers did.

    “R5, prepare for take off!”

    The dome head of an astro mech droid swivelled and warbled in affirmation as it rolled up the ramp of the star ship, which lit up inside, the ion drive at the rear rumbling as it warmed up, illuminating the surrounding area.

    I vividly recall seeing a shot fired at the ground just inches from my foot just as we were about to board. I was spooked, panicked, and I wrenched my hand from my mother’s grip and made a break for cover behind the ship. I stumbled and fell, throwing my arms out in front of me for protection.

    When I looked up and got onto my knees my eyes met the black void of a Death Trooper’s face. He must have been seven foot tall. His blaster rifle wasn’t trained on me, instead the soldier offered his armoured hand to help me to my feet. I felt a deep sense of calm among the chaos at this point and reached out to touch him, my young mind fascinated by our enemy seeming so gentle. Just as my fingers made contact with his ice-cold appendages, I was tackled.


    My mother yanked me back a few feet then scooped me up in her arms and held me. I felt her tighten her grip on me as the trooper raised his rifle and pointed it at us both. Time seemed to stand still for a moment. I could hear my brother sobbing loudly somewhere behind us but my eyes were transfixed on the spotless, reflective black of that helmet. I clutched a collection of my mothers auburn hair that fell around her shoulders and looked up to meet her gaze. Her eyes showed a mixture of fear and dread that was wrestling with the powerful, innate instinct of a mother protecting her child.

    The crimson bolt hit her square in the chest. I felt its force reverberate through my body as well as hers. It created a smoking hole just an inch above my right hand and she staggered back a few steps, miraculously still keeping a hold of me. I could feel my eyes swelling with tears but none fell.

    “Ma?” I managed.

    She looked as though she was trying to speak but only a croak came out. Her eyes glazed over and I felt her arms go limp.

    That was when I hit my head.

    She tumbled backwards and I in turn fell to the ground. I hit the stone platform below. I could feel the back of my head go cold. And then numb. My vision blurred slightly but I was still conscious.

    The last thing I remember is laying on my back with my head facing the opposite side of where my mother lay dead and seeing my father approach the Death Trooper that had just shot his wife. He stood there for a few seconds and when the killer raised his rifle again my father pulled a gleaming silver object from his belt adorned with an assortment of white and brown beads and ignited a blazing azure coloured lightsaber. The trooper fired and he caught the blast on his blue blade, deflecting it back at the soldier at point blank range. It struck his helmet and sent him flying backwards, black shards cracking and spewing from his head and falling to the ground along with his body.

    My vision faded into darkness after that and all I could hear before I blacked out was that same sound of blaster contending with saber and my father screaming my brother’s name.

    I awoke a day later to the sight of a plain white ceiling. As I brought myself up onto my elbows, I felt a silky blanket against my bare skin. There was a being on the other side of the room, an alien I’d never seen before. I was speechless and trembling as it got up from a chair and approached me, it’s grey-blue face set in a frown and large red eyes regarding me intensely, I wondered for a moment if it had all been a dream. I reached up to my head and felt tightly woven bandages where my hair should’ve been.

    I’m not sure if I passed out again at this point or if my memory has just blocked out my first encounter with the Duros.

    The next thing I do remember is standing in a large hangar populated by many individuals of varying species walking around and busying themselves with different jobs - A mechanic here, a man studying a data pad there. Two Duros stood behind me, the female with her long, rough fingers gently squeezing my shoulder. My father finished a conversation with another human and then made his way over to me with an obviously forced smile on his face. He looked bad, a multitude of cuts and bruises now etched across his once handsome face.

    He came close to me and bent down to my level. I looked into his eyes and saw that they were wet. He was swallowing a lot and seemed to struggle to hold eye contact with me.

    “Kade…” he said in a grave but oddly comforting tone, “these are good people, they are going to keep you safe until we can be together again.”

    I looked beyond his head and noticed the man he’d been talking to standing watching us as he leaned against a freighter ship with his arms folded. I looked back to my father.

    “Where are you going?” I asked, feeling panic start to brew in the pit of my stomach.

    He looked down then brought his head back up to meet my gaze, no longer struggling with eye contact.

    “Kade, did you know that when you were born, your mother and I placed something inside of you? We put it deep inside.”

    I racked my five year old brain to decipher what the kriff he was talking about.

    “What was it?”

    He smiled at me and a single tear escaped his eye and trailed down his maimed left cheek.

    “A light. We placed a light, one brighter than all the stars of the galaxy, deep inside of you and your brother.”

    “Bo.” I thought and whispered aloud.

    “Your brother is fine, when I return you will both be together again.”

    “But why can’t I come with you?” I asked, no, I pleaded, giving my feet a stomp and feeling my own eyes well up.

    “Because there are people trying to steal my light. I have one just like you and Bo. It’s not safe for all the light to be in one place right now but I WILL come back for you when it’s safe.”

    I grabbed my father’s cheeks with both hands and pushed my forehead into his.

    “I want to stay with you!”

    The female Duros caressed the top of my still bandaged head softly.

    “Goodbye, Kade.” He struggled to get the words out and wiped a collection of tears from his eyes as he got to his feet and turned around to walk towards the freighter.

    I shouted “Papa!” once but was smart enough to sense that it wouldn’t do any good. I had an urge to run after him but as I made the first step he waved his hand back at me and I found myself frozen in place.

    He boarded the ship and I stared with my jaw agape and a humongous ball forming in my throat as it lifted off the ground, hovered for a moment then accelerated out of the hangar. I stood there and watched it become smaller and smaller before disappearing completely into the realm of hyperspace.

    He never came back.