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Historical Earth Unclassifiable The Station --a Black Sheep RPG spinoff, all are welcome!

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    IC Ianna Mcear and Traer Lin - combo with @galactic-vagabond422

    "Pat come here." Ianna called out again getting her exuberant cattle dog to leave the poor tired collie alone. "Aden's tired leave him alone big girl." She chided her pet. "Sorry about her." Turning to Traer. "Looks like you've been walkabout, find anything interesting?"

    “I was looking for that missing ram, but no luck.” He huffed a bit; a slight shrug. “Aden needs a break… may as well call it a night.” He stroked him slightly. An eyebrow raised. “Did you want to karaoke?”

    "Yes..." Ianna said without hesitation, to be honest she was about to ask herself, even all the way out here she could hear it getting started. "My ute's this way." she said waving him to follow her. Her place was small but, homey, a tin roof, aging siding and some drafty windows. In a dirt drive in front of the house was an old emerald green Holden ute with rust patches here and there. Pat barked walking by Ianna's side. "No Pat." She turned to face her. "Stay." There was a whimper from Pat. "I know, but I need someone to here to watch the sheep." Pat barked twice followed by a whimper. "I'll bring you some treats from town ok?" Pat laid down looking up at her master. "Lots of treats?" Pat barked happier this time jumping up standing about as tall as Ianna and licking her face. "Alright, Alright you mongrel, go check on the sheep..." The watch dog now staistified it would be rewarded for her efforts rushed off into the night.

    "Alright, hop in." She opened the door and buckled in, one would notice that the seat was pushed about as far up at it could go for her to reach the pedals. As she started the engine she turned to Aden. "So you doing alright? Your flock healthy?"

    Traer smiled. “I’ll leave Aden to sleep here with Pat. He’ll love waking to that.”

    He turned back to Lanna. “The flock is alright, doing well enough. The lambs are a bit of a handful this year, but no harm.” As they moved on, he reciprocated. “What about your flock? Have you been affected by any of the rumours?”

    "I'm sure she'll love playing with him when he wakes." She replied driving down the road towards the town.

    "Thankfully no, still have all mine, but I put an extra bit of fencing to try and keep the rumour out..." There was a little fear in her voice but she did her best to keep a brave face. "What do you think it is? A dingo? a feral dog? Jeen's showed me some pictures but I can't quite figure it out."

    Traer shook his head. "I have no idea. But I was as much hoping to find it as I was the missing ram..." He pursed his lips. "I don't like what's going on. This isn't dangerous land. We've been here for generations."

    "No luck on finding it huh..." She looked to her passenger a slight worried look on her face. "Yeah, other than redback spiders and the brown snakes but, we know what those are and know what to look for with those. This thing, we don't see it coming. Can't even track it. I'm really worried about my flock...and everyone's. I've worked really hard to get what I got and now...I just don't know."

    Traer scratched at his chin. "Us all wandering out on our own won't achieve much. It'll get us killed, probably... we really should put together a search party, I think."

    "Well, I'll help if we end up doing that, but I don't know if I want to see the thing doing what it's doing. I'm not squeamish but...You know it just feels, dangerous." She looked out to the approaching lights of the town.

    "Hm," Traer agreed. "But someone will suggest it, if they haven't already." He indicated the approaching venue. "I bet most of the farmers club is here."

    "It's Karaoke night..." She turned with a smile as she parked along the other cars, the lights of the Watering Hole shining though the windshield. "Everyone's here on Karaoke night...Got a song in your heart tonight?" She spoke as she got out of the ute.

    Traer laughed a little. "My life is always a song."

    "Not sure if it's Tragedy by Steps, mind you."

    He winced. "But everyone is singing that damn Bruno song..."

    "Well, I think I was banned from singing Big Red Car after the last time so I'll need to find something else tonight." Laughing a little she made her way to the front. "Maybe California Girls that's always a crowd pleaser. And I haven't heard that one yet. Haven't had time what with watching over my flock...though sounds like I might hear it tonight."

    "You mean you don't sing to the sheep?" Traer teased.

    "I mean yeah, Baa Baa Black Sheep of course every night before they go to bed."

    Traer was surprised by that, and actually outright laughed. He covered his mouth, and held it. "Sorry, you caught me out."

    She smiled back raising her eyebrows. "You should have known better. Remember the deadly drop bears?"

    "Oh gods please stop," Traer didn't want to remember that. "Please, you can't torture me like this." He gave her a good-natured, light, shove.

    "And Gecko Eggs being a delicacy..." She continued lightly shoving him back as they entered the bar together. "So what you drinking tonight?"

    "Fosters, you?" He was reaching for his card already, aware she was potentially offering to pay and he wouldn't have any of it. He regarded the karaoke floor. "But I may need something stronger to get through the night..."

    "VB," Victoria Bitters, the real Australian beer. "though I might swap to something a little more fun once the night gets going...though I might stay away from Screwdrivers...Again, Big Red Car fiasco."

    "Again, as you say," he said wryly. "First round on me?"

    "Sure." She popped herself on a stool at the bar ordering her beer, at least her first drink. "Looks like a fun time tonight, despite everything."

    "Despite everything, yeah," he said, accepting the drinks. "Thanks."

    He turned back to her. "We're going to be expected to mingle at some point."

    "Yes." She smiled broadly, grabbing the cuff of his shirt. "And you have no choice."

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    OOC: combo with @Adalia-Durron and @Sarge

    IC Amber, Cain, and Feral
    Three’s Company

    It occurred to Amber as she lead her latest helpless male to the table that this might not sit well with her first guest. It was too late now, so there was no point in going back. As she reached the table she stepped to the side so he be clearly seen, "Alonzo Cain, I'd like you to meet....." she paused, how did he say his name? " Ordwgal?" Was she asking or telling him, Amber didn't know anymore, it was such a difficult name for an out back raised Aussie girl, she gestured to imply for them to introduce themselves and hoping she'd hear the correct pronunciation again as she hid her face while pulling out her chair.

    Sitting back, after Amber had headed to the bar, Feral pulled out his cell, reviewing the data he currently had and what the system on the bus had begun to narrow the field of candidates to. It was a few minutes later that he heard her footsteps. Used to having to sort specific sounds, he’d already cataloged hers, which made him pause wondering why, before he rose.

    He turned, eyes bright, a smile, before she stepped to the side, introducing the man who’d followed her. His eyes went flat but not unfriendly, ”You…you can call me Feral.” as he spoke in a not quite toneless voice. He’d had no expectations about the night but he hadn’t expected this. Yes she was the local and he was sure she’d circulate and spend a good portion of the time with her friends but…he’d just mentioned how asocial he was and now there was another, obvious to him by the way the man was dressed, nonlocal joining them.

    He nodded at the man, turning and sitting again, then nodded to Amber in thanks for the wine. The corner of his lips turned down, as he thought. Eyes lifted and he noticed Amber’s posture, drawing a short sigh which made him wonder why it bugged him, that there was now a trio at the table. Gesturing at one of the empty chairs, ”Apologies, I’m not used to people, nor being this social. So what is it you do?” he asked, hoping the response didn’t seem forced.

    "I'm a pilot, just arrived in the big purple biplane, if you noticed it at the airstrip. So, Finnfr- Is that Welsh? I could never get the hang of Welsh names." Cain had a vague impression that the man thought of him as a third wheel, even if Amber didn't. He hoped this wouldn't get awkward. And he couldn't come right and tell them that he was only interested in her for her truck, that wouldn't go over well at all.

    Amber sat awkwardly as she put the three glasses down on the table, maybe it was wrong to introduce another stranger into this confusing mix. She was not a particularly worldly woman and right now was as 'wordly' as she had ever been in her life. Picking up her glass she noticed her first guest seemed uncomfortable, maybe it was wrong? She looked to the pilot, listening as he spoke and immediately wondering if the name was Welsh or something else. She knew the world and its locations, but had not been out in it.

    Feral sat back, trying to recover from the shock. ”It’s Finnefrael, fully, my first name. Family is from the highlands of Scotland. But, as I have a feeling yours did, emigrated to the States sometime in the past.”

    He sipped the wine, the flavor was subtle, sweet, the flavor of the grapes mixed with whatever spices had been added from the barrels or from the process of making it. Glancing at her, his eyes caught in hers, ”I was right, the wine is very good.”

    A thought came to mind, ”Wait…big purple biplane? It wouldn’t happen to be an old, ugly aside from the color biplane?”

    Amber smiled when he complimented the wine, she was proud of her produce, but only a moment later his description of the plane caused her to nearly spit her current mouthful out as she put her hand over her mouth to hide it and hold it in. With eyes wide in disbelief she scanned to the pilot to hear his response.

    Cain's eyebrow twitched. He forced a polite smile. "Ugly is in the eye of the beholder." He pulled up a picture on his phone and turned it toward Feral. "This is it. And, just so you know, telling a pilot his airplane is ugly is like telling a husband his wife is ugly."


    Feral’s eyes widened and he almost spit out the delicious wine as he saw the picture. He managed a coughing swallow though, not wasting Amber’s wine. ”You…I know that plane only too well!” he managed to get out after he got his breath back.

    He sat back, eyes on the man, ”You ruined my last favorite hat when you dusted one rancher’s fields as I was in the middle of them, doing the final tracking of a creature, hmmm, three days ago.”


    “Seriously, fertilizer, nutrients, weed and insect killer all over me. It took two days to get the smell off my skin and I had to throw away those clothes.”

    "Oh, for the love of... I don't know what." Cain pinched the bridge of his nose. "Look, when I'm hired to dust a crop, I always make it explicitly clear to the farmers that it is entirely THEIR responsibility to ensure everyone is out of the way when I'm scheduled to do my thing. If they didn't tell you to stay clear, that's on them, not me. I'm sorry about your hat and the smell, but in the immortal words of Han Solo, it's not my fault."

    Amber was in a state of disbelief at this point, her wine held up to her lips but not making that final move as her eyes darted from one man to the other. 'What the hell?' Her mind screamed as she listened, afraid to speak, yet.

    Feral sat back as he listened to the pilot. The corner of his lips turned up, quirked, as he sat there. His eyes shifted over to Amber’s, saw the look in them. Reaching up, he wiped a hand down his face with a sigh.

    Shifting his hips, he reached into his back pocket, pulling something out.
    ”Well…….to be honest…the smell was worth the result.”

    He tossed the item to land before the pilot, ”Oz might as well be the Land that Time Forgot, a dewclaw.”


    ”That dump you did, on my head, actually flushed it out.” His right hand reached over, rubbing his left forearm, ”Last of it’s pack. And then I got the call from…” He glanced around not seeing the veterinarian immediately, ”from here and now I’m sitting here having wine, scaring the lovely vintiner, wonderful.”

    "Oh... well... You're welcome, I guess... " Cain glanced at the aforesaid lovely vintner, who did indeed seem frozen in fear. He briefly considered giving her a nudge, but she might not respond well to strangers poking at her. Instead, he picked up the claw. "This isn't a fossil, is it?"

    Unbuttoning the cuff of his left sleeve, Feral rolled it up to the elbow. His forearm was wrapped in gauze bandages. ”A dozen stitches is what that one cost me. Unfortunately it was a juvenile or that dewclaw would be larger. But between being half starved, which was why it was in that rancher’s fields, the exertion of trying to elude me, and the chemical mixture you dropped it passed away, sadly.” Rolling his sleeve back down, ”The Australian Museum in Sydney would have loved to have a live specimen.”

    He sipped the wine again, breathing in the essence of the wine before he did, glancing at Amber, ”I prefer not to kill what I’m called in to determine what it is, unfair, especially if it’s extremely rare.”

    Amber gazed at the claw. 'is there something out there with claws that big?' she wondered as she instantly reconsidered her night walks along the river with her dogs. They'd not be able to fight something with claws that big off, nor would she. Putting her wine down she was about to question it when a little girl bound up and addressed her by her first name. Turning she smiled at the girl, "Ms Amber to you kiddo." she corrected; looking up to her parents and greeting them. "Nice to see you both again." She said knowing the diplomat and his wife must be on a break. It was getting busy around here and she felt like her two guests were more like a tinderbox waiting for a flame, she needed to separate them. Standing she turned to Alonzo, "I know someone is talking about reseeding his paddocks and he's missing an important ram, could probably use a pilot for that, come on, I'll introduce you." She gestured hoping he'd follow her to meet Jack hoping he'd take her bait and break what she clearly saw as 'tension'.

    Cain popped up off the chair and onto his feet with a smile. "Sure, happy to help out, as soon as I'm back in the air. I'm starting to like this town already."

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    IC: Max MacMaxxon, Jeen Talgana, Jack and Muriel Durham
    The Watering Hole

    The dog, named Bluey, was resting comfortably in its cage so Jeen decided it was time to head over to the Pub. He'd not bothered to take off his uniform, everyone knew him, everyone that mattered anyway and it was clean. He kinda liked the embroidery on the front reading 'Jean Talagana - Veterinarian', to him it meant no one would forget his name and the degree he'd earned.

    Entering the pub he looked around, it was busy but that was usual for a Friday night, he'd not been able to get hold of Jack to tell him abut Bluey, so when he spotted him he made a beeline. "Jack!? Missing a dog?"

    "Not that I know of," said Jack, glancing over at his nephew. Max looked at the vet curiously, noting the shirt with a name embroidered on the front.

    Jeen looked to the young man. "Scanned the microchip," he turned back to Jack, "she's yours for sure. Came up as Bluey, ring a bell?" He asked, knowing Jack had a few dogs cause he had a lot of sheep. The doors opened and Jeen glanced around, seeing Ianna come in with Traer, him he wasn't interested in seeing, her, another story. He'd finish her and go to her after that.

    Jack frowned. "If I'm on the microchip, she's mine all right." He looked at Max. "One of yours, actually. Got her off old Langerak."

    Max frowned. "Orvie Langerak?"

    "Yeah. He died last year. No heirs, everything was auctioned off. I got her, along with some of his sheep. Papers were in the files. Glencarden's Bluebell of Rome."

    Max's eyes widened. "The agreement was that she'd be returned to me if he didn't want her anymore." She and her father were particular about who they sold their dogs to.

    Jack shrugged. "Guess no one knew. I'm glad to have her, though. She's one of my better ones, and she's somehow teaching the others. Her and Molly, they're a bonzer team. Hey! Davey!"

    The young man turned to stare at them.

    "You remember to latch the door when you fed the doggos this morning?"

    "Uhhh...yeah?" He didn't sound certain.

    Jack grimaced. "Thick as a plank," he grumbled. Max looked at Jeen.

    "Is she okay? Was she badly hurt?"

    Jeen acknowledged Davey and shot him a amused yet disapproving look. "She will be fine but she got hit by a car this arvo and's got a broken leg." He shrugged, "not a bad break but she will be off her one foot for a bit, its plastered, so she will be able to get around but she won't be mustering for a bit. I'll keep her over night and you can collect her after 10 tomorrow, yeah?"

    Max looked at Jack. "I can collect her. I want to come into town anyway to collect a truck I rented."

    "You could've used one of mine." Jack turned to the vet. "This is Max MacMaxxon, you know, Golden Shears champ? She's come to help me find Big Duff. Max, this is Jeen Talgana, our local vet."

    Max offered her hand. "How d'ya do?"

    Jeen turned to the woman, he'd noticed her but till this point not looked at her, he extended his hand and took hers. "Bloody good, you?" He grinned. "Big Duff huh? The mysterious monster sheep." He grinned, "you think the prospect of being shorn will bring him back?"

    Max chuckled. "He'll run further into the hills...if he's even still alive." She glanced at Jack. "I've heard that something is killing the sheep."

    Jeen bit his lip, "yeah, I was going to ask you the same thing, Amber bought a mangled sheep in this morning, not sure what did it. Real strange." He glanced over to see the woman in question looking over a glass off wine with an expression of surprise. "Yeah....." he turned back, "I called an expert as Ben brought a sheep in earlier in the week in the same condition and old man Jones last week. The guy in the hat. She took him out to where her sheep was found, and now she's having dinner with ........" Jeen paused, "him and someone else." He looked back to the table, "seriously Jack, when was the last time you saw Amber have dinner with .....well....anyone?"

    Jack took a hard look at a pretty red head seated at a table, and nudged Muriel. She raised her eyebrows. "Believe in miracles," she said. The two chuckled and watched with interest. Max looked at the two men she was with. They were glaring daggers at each other, while the young woman looked as if she wished she was anywhere else.

    "Looks as if she's got her hands full," she said.

    Jack looked at Jeen. "Yeah, I've lost four total," he said. "I called you about the first one. Lost another last week, Tuesday, northwest pasture, off Wangandary road. Who's the fella in the hat? He's an expert in sheep killers?"

    "Apparently, who knew that was a thing?" Jeen shrugged. "I contacted the Veterinary Association and they sent him. Not sure what he can do that I can't but worth a try."

    Max turned back to the vet. "If I find Duff, Doc, will you come and take a keek at him before I take the shears to him? He's probably feral by now...he might need tranqs to keep him calm while I work on him. I won't be trying for a speed record; that much fleece...don't want to risk hurting him."

    "Sure, but it's been how long? I might not be able to get past his wool to see more than the fact he's alive or dead!" Jeen stated, "that's a lot of wool!" He turned to Max, "am I right?"

    "It's going to be a chore," said Max, "but if he's alive, we owe it to the poor fellow. We can't let him suffer."

    "Without a doubt." Jeen agreed, out of the corner of his eye he caught Amber standing and ushering one of her guests in their direction. "Well, if you'll excuse me, I have a lady to buy a drink for, pleasure to meet you Ms Max." he stepped back.

    Max nodded a farewell, and watched him as he walked away, wondering if he was going to join the red head. But he went to a small but sturdy girl who was at the bar with a lean fellow who seemed to be a bit worse for the wear.

    Amber watched as she approached, leading Alonzo, Jeen back up and leave. She didn't think anything of it, knowing the man was crazy about the woman at the bar. "Jack, Muriel, good to see you both, I want you to meet someone." She looked over her shoulder to Cain. "This is Alonzo Cain, he's a pilot, had a feeling you might need one. Got a plane and all, down the runway strip."

    Jack looked up and offered his hand. "Jack Durham. I got an airstrip, had a pilot on contract, but she off and got married on me, moved to Nowra. What've you done?"

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    IC: Amber Tehanis, Ethan, Tanya & Ilona Malek, Ulrika Grau
    The Water Hole

    Amber had finished her introduction and now she wasn't even sure she what she was supposed to do. Did she want to go back to the man who started that? Backing away she bumped into a chair and spun to apologise to it occupant. "Oh! Ethan! Tanya! It's good to see you and the kids." Amber was not good with kids, she was so far away from having her own and often found other peoples annoying. "Home for a break from the world?"

    "That‘s the plan," Ethan smiled. "Will see how much I can achieve."

    "Less than you are dreaming," Tanya gave Amber a grin. "Finally someone to take care of little Adrian..."

    "I‘m sorry Miss." Ilona lowered her eyes. Before raising them again. Pointing at the girl next to her. "This is my friend Ulrika."

    Amber smiled at Ilona, "That's fine..........and pleased to meet you Ulrika." Turning back to Tanya, Amber raised an eyebrow. "Sure, stable ok? There's straw, I know another baby that was kept in a stable." She grinned.

    "I doubt Adrian would as rise so high as to be the saviour of an entire people," Tanya smiled back. "But who knows."

    "Pleasure as well..." Ulrika said, before getting Ilona´s ellbow into her stomach. "...miss Amber."

    Looking to the other young girl gave a nod of approval, Amber then chuckled to Tanya, "I am not good with babies, you know that, so he'd have to learn fast. I got a few sheep out there to keep him warm? Is that a no then?" She teased.

    Tanya gave her husband a look, "want to accept the nice ladies offer? I for one wouldn´t mind getting that little screamer out of the house for a while."

    "I fear he would soon drive the sheeps insane," Ethan said. "Best not risk that trouble with the animal rights groups..."

    "I do have a couple dogs...........even one named Dingo......." She gave a knowing smile.

    "Best not get little Adri close to him then." Ulrika asks, as a farmers daughter herself she heard about Lindy Chamberlain.

    Amber shot Tanya a grin, "kid knows the deal!!" She laughed openly before glancing up as a waitress was bringing out three chicken palmys', "I need to head one of them off and get it redirected, chat with you later, hope one of you is going to get up and sing something!" Amber stepped back and closed the distance between her and the waitress, pointing her in the direction she'd sent Cain in. She then returned to her own table, hoping things weren't as tense.

    "We might, depends on what german songs they have," Tanya smiles.

    "Sadly doubt that," her husband said.

    They ordered a variant of Burgers with fries, then while waiting for the food Ulrika gave Ilona a look. "Let us go a sing then!"

    Ilona lowered her gaze a bit shy and worried about getting on stage. "Maybe later..."

    Ulrika jumped of her chair and grabbed her hand, "no, now! You are not chickening out here."

    The enthusiastic blonde girl dragged her friend to the stage and aounced the song they would sing. Once they got going Ilona´s shyness vanished and she began to enjoy herself, while with her short blonde hair Ulrika even looked a bit like a very young Annie Lennox.

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    IC Finnefrael Ordwgal, Amber Win'Desteri
    The Pub! Sorry guys, Saturday night (day for him) and we were bored! :p

    Amber pulled out her seat and as she sat the waitress arrived seconds behind her. “Two chicken parmys?” The young woman smiled as she placed a large white plate with a large meal on it, including a small salad and chips. Without a word she headed off with her third meal to deliver it.

    “Wow, that’s bigger than I remember.” Amber frowned looking at her meal. "Well, best get on the tools and to get into it." She added picking up the utensils.

    Feral had been sitting, reflecting on the conversation with the pilot, sipping his wine, while Amber had been gone. He could have handled it better but he’d been thrown off by the addition of the man to the evening. He’d expected the locals to come around their table, that the vintner would have friends here that would want her time, but hadn’t expected another nonlocal to join them, even for a time. And he’d not reacted the best. He’d tried to salvage the situation and hoped it had worked, at least to a degree.

    By the time Amber got back, he’d calmed down and the wine was beginning to work it’s way through him. He smiled softly at her as she sat, the food arriving almost on her heels. ”Sorry… I didn’t mean for that to go the way it did. Just not used to people.” he said, after the waitress had walked away.

    Glancing down, the food was truly in a large portion, which, to be honest after that long drive, was something he’d needed. He’d forgotten about lunch as he worked on the sheep carcass. Picking up the fork and knife, he cut a bite sized portion, chewing slowly before he spoke again, ”Delicious…”

    Amber took a bit of the salad. "People? I'm people." She stated putting the food in her mouth.

    He wiped his mouth for a moment, trying to ignore the small flush creeping down his neck. "Well...ummm, people in general, I mean." He sipped his wine, "I...took a chance asking for the ride, because...can't really explain why, but it felt right."

    Amber allowed a smile as she gave a slow nod. "I'll take that." She cut some of the meat, "tell me, what killed my sheep?"

    Feral smiled softly as he took another sip of the wine, "First, I know there were more deaths, bodies probably too old to examine more than the bones. But that will help me narrow it down. I can say it's not a croc though. The bite radius is too wide, too many teeth." He took another bite of his dinner, chewing and swallowing as he thought, "Based on that alone, it's already narrowed things down some, but there are still some possibilities."

    "Well, finding something, even bones would be a miracle out here, 24 hours and most things are burnt or buried, it's out way. So, narrow it down for me." She ate the food watching him as she chewed.

    Setting his wine down, "I don't like giving definitive answers until I'm sure. In my field, get it wrong and you're called a hack or a weirdo or a conspiracy nut. But..." he closed his eyes for a moment, fingers reaching up to run over the scars on his face. "it's definitely a low-slung creature, reptilian or lizard like. An ambush predator, with a wide deep mouth. Has a taste, need to drain the blood of its victims, but oddly not the marrow. There were chemicals in the sheep's muscles that spoke of fear but they were, outside of the injuries, rigid. Which makes me believe either it was so sudden the sheep couldn't react or the creature was one that caused your sheep to lock up in fear."

    Another slow nod, "but not a croc. Interesting, can't say I know of anything like that in these parts. Maybe a deformed or malformed croc, or a really over grown carp?" Amber gave her head a shake, "look at me guessing on a subject I know nothing about." She reached over and picked up her glass, swirling it a few times, "like you guessing what was the inspiration behind this wine, right?"

    Feral chuckled, "Quite likely, yes." He picked up his own glass, peering into the liquid, "I could guess but I am sure I'd be wrong." He smiled, "There are more wonders in all of creation than grains of sand on all the beaches of the world. And many of them would devour us 'apex predators' in an instant. But not this, it is a beautiful creation you have made."

    “Not me, my winemaker, Kathleen, she’s the genius, I just grow her the grapes for her to create magic with.” She responded with amusement, “she’s got a palette I can only dream of.” She lifted her glass to his, “too Kathleen.”

    He raised his glass, "To Kathleen the winemaker, and Amber, yes you deserve the credit too."

    She gave her head a shake as she sipped the wine, “no, I don’t do that much at all. Nothing to talk about at least and certainly nothing for the tourism of this place. So how much wine does it take to make someone karaoke in a strange town?” She put her glass down and raised an eyebrow.

    This time the blush spread even more, down to his neck. "Karaoke, hmmmm." Been a long time since I've sung."He glanced at the wineglass, "I might need it for after, more than before, I don't really have the greatest singing voice."Humor filled his tone.

    You’d not be alone there, I ain’t no Delta, but I can carry a tune.” At that moment the two young girls from Ethan’s table burst into ‘Sisters’ and it was not great, they were children after all, but everyone was having fun and enjoying it. She grinned, “see? Be right back.” Getting up Amber headed to the bar and a few moments later returned and put a newly opened bottle on the table. “That enough?” She asked sitting back down.

    He grinned, picking up the bottle. Taking out his cell, he took a picture of the label, saving it so he could look for it online, if he were away from here again. "I think, this may be enough for us both to do so, yes." He'd listened to the girls sing and realized it wasn't about the actual singing but the experience, the enjoyment with others. Glancing over at the karaoke setup, "Any ideas for songs? Because now I've got to think of something that I do recall the words to."

    Amber laughed, "naw they put the words up on that screen there," she pointed, "you don't have to remember anything. As for what, only you can answer that, I know what I have planned after dinner," She looked down at her meal, "or before that as I can't see me finishing this!"

    Feral chuckled again, refilling her glass and then his. "Good to know." He sighed, "I really am not used to social gatherings." The corner of his lips turned up even as he looked down, "But, I am glad you asked me to join you."

    “My pleasure, now, let’s see how far we get with this food before I make everyone’s ear bleed.”

    Smiling, "Yes, we cannot let this go to waste." He took another bite, "Is the chicken local too?" he asked between bites.

    “If by local you mean Australian, yeah, sure. We don’t produce everything around here, but it’s never far away though.” Amber began to tuck into her meal, before it went cold and only half way through she knew she was done. “I can’t eat another bite, have to get a doggy bag, and I’m pretty sure my dogs will actually get it.” She laughed putting her utensils on the plate and pushing it aside.

    Feral smiled at her words, crossing his fork and knife on his empty plate after taking his last bite. "I didn't have lunch, so I was hungry."

    "Clearly" Amber smirked, "gotta be some kind of record!" She put her glass down having taken a big swig, she stood, "well the girls are done, and I go something to say." She grinned with a wink before turning and heading to the karaoke machine. After a moment she pulled up the song she wanted to sing, standing up in front of the microphone she spoke. "You all know me, well most of you do, and I do not put on a show for anyone.......this is who I am."

    Feral turned to watch the stage as Amber headed over to it. At her comment before singing, he smiled softly. And then the music began. Her voice, her singing, was better than she gave herself credit for, perhaps because the lyrics were personal to her. He was slightly enraptured as he listened and watched her sing. When the song ended, he set down the wine he'd not even thought to sip from as she sang and clapped, his eyes slightly moist at the emotion she'd put into it.

    Amber grinned as she gave an exaggerated curtsy. "Thank you!" Bouncing off the small stage she made her way back to the table, dropping into her chair slightly breathless and brushing her hair back. "There you go!" She laughed, "can't do worse than that!"

    Feral smiled, watching as she brushed back her hair, "I wouldn't say that, I could feel your attachment to the words." He said softly. "Guess it's my turn, then?"

    Amber shook her head before gathering up the hair and holding it on top of her head for a few minutes to cool off. "No pressure, not forcing anyone to do that. We all pretty well know each other so we're past that hard bit." Picking up her wine she gulped down the last of it.

    He held up the wine, "Another for you?" He asked. He'd been thinking about which song he'd sing and now wondered more if she'd like his choice.

    Holding her hand but she shook her head. “Oh, no, one glass is enough for me, driving and the town cops are not very forgiving……. especially the new one in, fresh from Canada I hear.” She looked around the room, “it’s quiet the little international community we’re running her tonight!”

    Feral nodded, he fully understood. Especially with a new cop, one not familiar with everyone or as lenient as they might be, it was wise to not overdo it. His eyes met Amber's, "I think I should try to go...if you'll do a duet with me later." he asked as much as stated.

    "A duet?" She'd never been asked to sing with anyone before, "that actually, sure."

    He smiled, "Good, I think we'd both enjoy it." He finished his wine, setting it down on the table. Taking off his hat, he set it on the table as well, pulling back his hair and using a band around his wrist to put it into a ponytail. Walking over to the stage, he scrolled through until he found the song he'd thought of. Stepping up to the mic, "Hello, I'm Finnefrael, the guy the vet called in. I was told it's karaoke night and took a chance. Hope I don't set the dogs to howling with my singing. But this one always makes me think of my travels." With that, he started the song.

    Amber sat back a wry smile on her lips as she recalled this song. Her grandfather used to play it on his reel-to-reel tape player, back, way back, in last century. A real classic for sure and he was carrying much better than she’d expected going by his own assessment. When done she grinned and clapped duly showing her appreciation for his efforts.

    He walked back to the table, "I didn't burst your eardrums, did I?" he asked, before sitting down, taking a sip from his wine. On the walk back he'd realized that the only thing he'd noticed as the song finished was her smile, making him smile in return. He glanced over at her, "Anything you'd like for dessert while we wait for our chance to sing together?"

    Amber chuckled. "No harm came to anyone in the making of that song" She quipped, “I couldn't finish dinner, dessert would be a crime, a greedy crime."

    Raising his glass in a salute he acknowledged her response. "Perhaps next time." he murmured. Sipping the wine again he could tell it was having at least a little effect on him. Or it was her and the wine, he mused internally. And then blushed, realizing he'd just suggested they have dinner together again.

    "Maybe..." She leaned forward as she spoke. So far, she was having fun, and it'd been a long time since she'd had fun with anyone really and she appreciate him for it.

    As she sat forward, Feral caught her scent, earthy, a touch of sweetness to it, possibly from working with the fruit for so long. He smiled again, "Thank you for suggesting karaoke night." he said softly, "You've made it quite enjoyable."

    "Life's about the experiences we have, not the things we just do or achieve,.."
    She shrugged, "I grow grapes, but that's not who I cut up dead things, but I'm willing to bet that's not who you are either. We're more than what we do and experiences add layers to that." She looked to the stage as someone else looked they were about to sing. "I love to hear others sing too. Do you mind?"

    "Mind watching and listening with you?" He asked, "Want to scoot over to this side of the table so we can both watch and listen? I'll be good, I promise."

    Screwing her face and closing her eye she gave her head a slight shake, "good? As opposed to what? " She laughed, "sure, I'll hold you to 'being good'" She moved her chair.

    He chuckled but blushed, sure she could see the flare of red even against his dark skin. "Ummm, yeah..." His eyes met hers and the flush deepened a little, her eyes shone brilliantly. Turning away, he tried to focus on the stage and the new singer.

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  6. Sarge

    Sarge Chosen One star 10

    Oct 4, 1998
    IC: Alonzo Cain
    Is this thing on?

    Cain sighed contentedly, feeling pleasantly full of 'parmy.' It had been a while since he'd eaten his fill. Like most freelance pilots, he often felt like the greatest danger in his life was starvation.

    Amber and Feral both took a turn at the karaoke machine. Cain nodded in appreciation at the Otis Redding tune. It was a classic, and Feral sang it well, but he was in the mood for something a little more lively. He rose and walked up to the mike.

    "Hey, folks, I'm Alonzo Cain, just in from the States, arrived here today in that big purple biplane parked down at the Macho Grande Memorial Aerodrome. Y'all have been super hospitable to the stranger in town, and I truly appreciate the welcome. Now, I'm hearing some talk about sheep getting eaten when they shouldn't. I don't want to be the obnoxious Yank coming down under thinking he knows all the answers, but it occurred to me that there's a possible predator you're not familiar with in Oz. Have you considered this?"

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  7. Vehn

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    Sep 14, 2009
    IC: Louise "Lou" Vaughn/Airen Vaughn
    The Watering Hole

    Lou made eye contact with Jeen and gave a slight nod. She recognized the red head nearby from their earlier veterinary encounter. The place was totally packed and hopping. Drinks were being handed out. Orders of food were flying around. Laughs, conversation, and great encounters with good friends could be had by all. Clearly this was the place to be on Wangaratta.

    A few songs trickled in. The people singing were decent. Nothing professional but neither were they. When an American, pilot by the looks of him, got up and sang Purple People Eater it made Lou and Airen laugh real hard. They'd already had a few drinks so as the song wrapped up the pair looked at one another and knew what they had to do.

    Lou got the song queued up and clambered onto stage. Airen stood near her as the pair each had a microphone in their hands.

    Lou glanced out at the crowd and sheepishly grinned, "Hi all I'm Lou and this is my husband, Airen, and we're fresh off the plane celebrating our honeymoon. It's already been an eventful day so here we go. Looking forward to getting to know this town and its great people some more."

    The pair belted out the song, taking turns on the chorus, smiling and laughing at the absurdity of the situation.

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    Mar 28, 2004
    IC: Jocelyn “Joy” Chen
    Arriving at the karaoke

    Once her shift was over Jocelyn decided to check the karaoke that Anais had mentioned. Her partner was gracious enough to help her with the report (not that there was much to be written about) and reminded her about which documents were required in Australia and not.

    Good thing that the speeding woman was an American then. Well, she would have to get used to how things were being done around here. Either way she did not regret her decision for uprooting her life and moving to this town.

    Once in her civvies she got to her car, checked the address on her phone. She would have to learn the streets. Good thing she had the hang of it and the place was not that big.

    The plan was to get there, grab a beer, maybe sing a song or two, then head back home. Hopefully she will be able to make a friend, what can be a better place for bonding than somewhere where you go on stage to embarrass yourself?

    She drove carefully and once Joy saw the sign managed to find a place to park. Well, the place looked better than expected, which was a relief. There were enough people inside and it seems the party had already started.

    Once inside she looked around. Lots of new faces, some vaguely familiar and others… her eyes widened when she saw the speeding lady from earlier. Hopefully she would not recognize her. It would make things awkward…

    She headed towards the bar to order some beer and some snacks. She would wait her turn to sing. Besides, she needed to think of a good song first…

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  9. Mistress_Renata

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    Sep 9, 2000
    IC: Max MacMaxxon
    The Watering Hole

    Jack got into a discussion with Cain, the pilot, about possible work. The Yank promised he could take Max up to search for Big Duff when his engine got repaired. She hoped he’d take his time. She didn’t mind jets, but small planes made her nervous.

    She turned to Muriel. “Who’s the last person to spot Big Duff?” she asked. “Jack said it was one of yours.”

    “Oh, it was Davey, I think.” She beckoned her nephew. “Davey! Over here!”

    The young man turned red and started to sweat. “Uh, I’m up, Auntie!” Before she could insist, he jumped up on stage, and began to sing.

    Max’s eyes widened. “Are you having me on?!!”

    “Oh, he’s got pipes. Hard to believe, to look at him. I wish he’d settle down to something.”

    “Who else might know about Big Duff’s last location?”

    “Well…” Muriel looked around thoughtfully. “Ianna has a small ranch alongside us, runs sheep. It’s just her, though she hires a few people on for shearing season. Too much for one person, but she’s stubborn, you know. And she’s particular about her jumbucks. You might see if she needs a shearer. I know you’ve got a gentle touch, which will set well with her.” Muriel chuckled. “I think she thinks those sheep are her sisters, or something.”

    Max smiled. “The other fellow with her is Traer Lin. Another small timer. Barely hanging on.” She looked around and lowered her voice. “He’s a Kiwi, and too fond of his lubricants, if you know what I mean. Not sure what he’s doing here, there’s plenty of sheep in New Zealand, but… I don’t know. He keeps himself to himself. Bit of a puzzle. His land is pretty close to ours, too. Might’ve seen Duff. Aaaand…”

    She craned her neck. “Well, Amber. She’s got a few sheep, but her money is in wine. Still, her land is near ours, too, runs along the river as well. She might’ve spotted him. Davey said he was up in the foothills in the north, so closer to Traer & Ianna.”

    Max looked at the young woman who was deep in conversation with the man. “I’m not sure she wants to be disturbed right now.”

    Muriel nodded. “She’s the catch of the county but avoids men like the plague. Folk are starting to think that maybe she bats for the other side? So this is a first.”

    “That’s the fellow that the doc called in about the sheep killer.”

    “Yeah, Jack’s gonna want a chin-wag with him.”

    “Someone taking my name in vain?” Jack came up and wrapped an arm around his wife. “It’s our turn to shine, my sweet!”

    “Are you hiring the pilot?” asked Muriel.

    “Part-time, and I offered him one of the shearer’s quarters. Don’t know if he’s gonna take it, though. He’ll be near you,” Jack said to Max. She shrugged. Shearing had brought her in to contact with a lot of strangers. She was pretty sure she could handle herself. Something she’d learned, thanks to Doug.

    Jack bore Muriel away to the stage and Max finished her beer, pondering who to talk to first. She would lose half the day tomorrow, doing errands and retrieving the injured Bluey, so she wanted to get as much info as she could. But first, maybe a cider.

    On stage, Jack and Muriel were singing their hearts out and gazing into each other’s eyes. The young Scot felt a pang of envy. That was the kind of love she’d hoped for in her own marriage. God, how stupid could she have been!

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  10. darthbernael

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    Apr 15, 2019
    IC Amber and Finnefrael

    Amber listened, and looked around the room. Jeen was sidling up to Ianna, but that was standard practice and one day the woman would notice. Traer, as often he was, the third wheel. Like her, he was a loner. Jack and Muriel were great people, not only that but an example for every young couple in the district. The newest copper was there too, she’d not had a chance to meet her, but had heard she was from Canada. There were a few out of towners here, she noted the couple sitting close and smiled as she could almost feel their adoration for each other. She watched the pilot, Alonso; his song choice had been quite funny and he’d played it up well. Then the newcomers got up, and it was clear they were from the other side of the planet and when they said they were on their honeymoon, Amber was not surprised in the slightest. ‘Paradise City?’ She mused, interesting choice.

    Davey stepped up and Amber leaned forward to listen, the young man could sing and it was a joy to listen to him, and as he finished his aunt and uncle got up. They were so cute, and inspirational, making Amber smile to herself. She herself had been along for a good few years now since her parents were killed in a horror car accident. Drunk driver who was now serving 12 years for his crime, but that didn’t bring her parents back nor did it make the transition from teenager to Vineyard owner easier. That had been all of her focus for 4 years now, nearly 5 and she let out a sigh of resignation.

    Feral had been enjoying the wine, listening to the music. Mostly, he could tell who was a local and who wasn’t based on the crowd’s reactions to the music. He chuckled when the pilot sang and it made him make a note to stop by the airfield and see if there was anything he could do to help and ask if the man could keep an eye out for anything unusual when he was up in the air around the area.

    The young man who sang afterward definitely had a good voice. Honestly most of those who were singing were better than any other time he’d heard karaoke. The songs were sweet and heartfelt or funny, depending on who took their chance to stand up before the crowd. As the last couple finished their song he noticed an expression come over Amber’s face before she sighed.

    He set down his wine and leaned forward, “You okay?”

    She'd briefly forgotten she wasn't alone, being so used to it as she was and blinked a couple times, "sorry? I was off with the fairies there."

    He chuckled softly, "Something in the song touched you, that or the way they sang together." His eyes met hers, "They did look happy together."

    Amber allowed a soft smile as she looked over the couple. “They are, shining beacon of a marriage, my parents had that too.” She added wistfully.

    A smile touched Feral's lips, "That must have been a wonderful home environment to grow up in. My parents were very close but focused on business." He smiled wryly as he gestured at himself, "I know, I think I know, how you feel about not knowing that, but I've gotten used to being the outsider, everywhere."

    She turned back. "We're pretty friendly around her, that won't last long." She picked up her wine, downing the last of it before speaking again. "Mine were fun, sure they worked but they included me, we had fun whatever we did and we, even when I was a grotty teenager." She looked down, "we used to anyway."

    He sighed softly, "What happened?" He asked quietly, stretching out one hand to touch her fingertips for a moment, such contact anyone would crave, however momentary, when darker memories touched them. He pulled his hand back after that touch, not wanting to appear forward, but leaning close to listen if she wished to share.

    She was staring blankly then she felt his touch on her fingers and was drawn to look as he pulled away, he was actually listening, that was strange, most people knew her story around her and the rest didn’t generally care. “Car accident, drunk driver. It was four years ago but I still have moments.” She looked up and forced a smile. “Gotta move forward, it’s the only way to go.”

    His smile flattened for a moment at the brusque words, the tone telling of the pain behind the short explanation of how she lost her parents. His fingers brushing hers again, just the light touch, "Pain is pain, no matter whether it just happened or was in the past." The smile returned as she looked up at him again, "Time does continue whether we want it to or not but," He picked up his wine, taking a sip, before setting it down again, "I do believe your parents would be proud of the woman you are."

    She snorted. "You don't know me, I have made mistakes," she rolled her eyes, "I have made some doozies, pretty sure dad would be frowning." She grinned, "and mum would be protecting me telling him he was a bully." She allowed a soft chuckle. "She always had my back."

    Feral chuckled, "Parents love us no matter the mistakes we make. I know mine still shake their heads that I've spent a decade halfway around the world from them." Returning her smile, "Yes, we don't know each other well, yet, but I get the impression that if you do make mistakes you learn from them and are stronger from the experience."

    A nod of agreement, “pretty close. What do your parents do?” She asked, attempting to deflect off herself.

    Catching the desire to change the subject, "Dad, he runs a transport company and Mom is an executive at a bank back in the States."

    "Arh, power couple then. Didn't want to follow their lead?" She asked, raising her eyebrows. "You're a long way from that."

    "Oh no! I frustrated them a lot as, while I was a good student, I spent most of my time outdoors." He smiled in memory, "When I told them I was going into zoology I think that was the one time they really objected to my path in life. They'd seen me taking over for one of them, in the future." He sighed, "But I never wanted to spend my life in an office, behind a desk."

    "I hear you there. I hate paperwork."

    Feral laughed lightly at her comment, "I hate it too but, unfortunately, to be taken seriously in the field I'm in I often find myself having to spend hours behind a computer, writing up my most recent research just so a 'body of my peers' can read it and tear through it before it can be published."

    Amber sat back. "Or you produce a premium vintage that wins awards and the amateur tasters give you horrible reviews. Can't win." A shrug as she leaned forward again onto the table with both arms flat. "Kathleen says 'haters gonna hate' and she's not wrong, some people feel the need to tear others down to make themselves feel better."

    His smile was broad as she spoke, "Oh yes. I've had several papers that the various journals refused to publish, even with physical evidence of what the paper was about, because they determined it was too much cryptozoology and therefore fictional." One hand reached up, running over the scars on his face, "Of course, when you show up to a conference and your face looks like this it's hard to deny what it was that did it."

    "I can just hear it, 'she said no, did you not listen?' " Amber openly laughed knowing this was far from the truth. "I kid of course, don't imagine you'd have much trouble in that department." She complimented.

    Feral blushed lightly. He reached for his drink, seeing it was almost empty. He drank down the last of it before meeting Amber's eyes again, "Well...thank you. But...even among my peers, not really. Haven't even been on a date in," His eyes unfocused for a moment, "oh, about eight years and got run out of town that time because the woman's parents didn't want her involved with the 'crazy man' who studied species that most say don't exist." His eyes met hers, "And, I'd rather meet the right woman than all of them."

    Amber nodded. "Parents shouldn't tell their kids who to love." She looked over to the table where Ethan and his wife were eating now with the girls. "Not that I have any idea on what being a parent is, not much interested in finding out anytime soon either." Turning back she frowned. "Probably shouldn't ask but I have few filters, been told that, but how old are you anyway?"

    Feral's smile was broad, "I know better than to ask in return but I do appreciate the unfiltered you. I'm 39."

    Amber’s eyes widened for a moment and she looked away to hide her surprise. “Ok……21 here.” She said looking to her hands, this was suddenly awkward. “That’s……..I…….” She turned back, her cheeks flushed, “you look really good for your age!”

    Feral sighed, he'd seen the first look. A smile roused at the last statement, "I appreciate it." Looking down at the empty wine glass, the smile faltering slightly, he reached over, pouring some more, swirling it for a moment before he met her eyes again, "Too old for you?" he asked in a quiet tone.

    Her eyes widened again. "Me? For what? Wait..." She glanced around before leaning forward and speaking in a hushed tone, "is this a" She was visibly confused as she'd decided four years ago to concentrate on the winery and not herself. "Forgive me, I've never been on one, I didn't know."

    The corner of his lips twisted up in a small smile, “We never said it was a date, we’ve just been getting to know each other. But I saw the almost disappointed look on your face so I asked.” He glanced down at his wine again, “As I said, it’s been eight years since I had a date and that went poorly. So I’m not the best to ask if what’s happening here is one or not. But I’ve definitely enjoyed the night so far, with you.”

    Amber had not considered that possibility and yet here she was, in the deep end. She twisted her lips for a moment as she thought, considering the options, the potential outcome, the scuttlebutt around town and her own place in all this. “You know, and yeah I hear the rumours around here, it’s a small town, that most people here think I don’t like men.” She put her finger to her chin, “Muriel over there was heard only last week using the phrase, ‘she bats for the other team’, she’s that team, so that makes no sense.” She turned to him, “I’ve enjoyed your company tonight as well, and I don’t usually have company at dinner, ever.” She then pulled her chair in so she was a little closer. “Sure, this is a date. Let’s give them something to talk about.” She put her hand close to his and raised an eyebrow.

    Feral’s hand reached out, fingers brushing Amber’s, his eyes gazing into hers. He was sure she could see the blush that had spread down his neck, this close. “A date then.” he murmured. His smile broadened, her hand feeling warm under his. “As long as we both enjoy every moment of it, of course.”

    "You might live to regret that one." She intentionally turned her hand over under his so they were palm to palm. "They make a great pav here, interested?"

    His hand closed around hers, gently. “The chance is worth taking, I believe.” At the mention of dessert he smiled deeper, “My turn to go order? Want something alcohol free to go with it?” he asked.

    "A coke, but not the tap stuff, I know they keep bottles behind the bar."

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  11. Adalia-Durron

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    Jun 3, 2003
    IC Traer, Ianna, Jeen

    Slipping away from Jack and company had been easy enough, and now turning Jeen made his was across the room to where Ianna sat with her friend at the bar. The seat beside her was empty and he evenly slipped on the barstool. "So how was he prettiest girl in the bar's day?" He asked her as he waved to the server, "hey Traer, she keeping you in order?"

    Prettiest? Traer gave her a look. He supposed, but he didn’t think of her in that way. He didn’t necessarily appreciate Jeen being that forward either, and Traer’s eyes roamed to see what alcohol he’d had as he answered. “She gave me a lift in. Aden and I were out looking for that ram.”

    She giggled a little turning back and forth on the stool, a slight blush on her cheeks. Her and Jeen had been sweet on each other for a while but, every time he made her feel fluttery in her chest.

    "Flatterer." she said trying to brush it off but it was clear she was enjoying it. "Had to collect one of my ewes that escaped, had to fix the fence spent most of the day fixing it. Then yeah ran into Traer and Aden when they were coming back." She took a sip of her beer before smiling at Jeen, "And was your day?"

    "Interesting,..." He looked around the bar, "lots of out of towners here tonight, had a few at the surgery today." He turned back to her and leaned close, "watch your flock, something is killing sheep out there and its not human." he said in a lower tone, "don't want to freak anyone out, but its real weird. Called in this guy who drives a monstrosity and I think he's latched on to Amber over there. Not my business, you had dinner? Did you want some?"

    "Well, that's good for Amber." Ianna replied taking a sip of her beer. "I mean not the thing roving around, but that someone's showing interest in her." There was a bright side to everything. "She deserves to have someone. Lonely working a farm all alone." The young shepherdess would know but, she wasn't so lonely she had the town. "No I haven't eaten yet. And I'm always up for food."

    Jeen looked to Traer, "do you mind if I steal this gorgeous creature away for dinner?" he asked.

    Traer had opted not to intervene in the flirting, nursing his drink. Third wheel much?

    He lifted his glass up to them, a kind of cheers for the company, for how long it lasted.

    But he did smile. "Go for it. I need to find myself a mic."

    Jeen's eyes widened slightly, "you're going to sing? What?" He'd not seen that in some time.

    "Tragedy, by Steps," he finished his drink, looked for the barkeep for another one. "Probably. I'll need more drink in me yet."

    Jeen laughed, "if I am stealing your company, I'll buy you that drink." He indicated to the barman to repeat the drink Traer has currently nursing. "Another on me." He turned to Ianna, "what did you want?"

    "Another Fosters, please,"
    Traer grinned, citing the Aussie beer. "Thank you, Jeen."

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  12. Vehn

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    Sep 14, 2009
    OOC: @Mistress_Renata and I had some fun with this one!

    IC: Max MacMaxxon, Louise "Lou" Vaughn, Airen Vaughn
    The Watering Hole

    There was a crowd at the bar, and the bartender was putting out drinks as quickly as he could, with a few curt replies. Max got jostled into a young man standing nearby. "Oh, sorry!"

    Airen turned to look behind him as he felt someone bump into him. He nearly spilled his beer. He'd already had several drinks so the jostling hardly rattled him. He and Lou had pounded out a few more songs much to the delight of the local crowd and were now resting their voices. The woman who'd bumped into him seemed amicable and a good listener.

    "You're fine," Airen replied with a grin. He hoped he didn't sound too drunk but he did have a good buzz going, "I'm Airen. This is my wife Lou-"

    Lou peered from around Airen and waved.

    "Hi there!" Lou said cheerfully.

    "We're from the United States,"
    Airen explained, "here on our honeymoon. Let's just say the day has already been eventful."

    "No kidding,"
    Lou groaned, "we hit a dog on the way over here. Got to know the local vet. Got pulled over by-"

    Lou paused as she spotted the officer that pulled her over earlier, "By her! That's the one!"

    "Lou," Airen groaned, "don't point."

    "Anyways, it's been eventful,"
    Airen said, "are you local?"

    Max blinked. Ah, Yanks. They did tend to overshare. "I heard you singing," she said, "sounded good. Congrats on the nuptials." Hope yours last longer than mine. She continued, "I'm not local, I'm from Scotland. Jack Durham hired me for a job, but I'll probably stick around for shearing season." She nodded towards Jack, who was engaged in some sexy choreography as he and Muriel came to the end of the song. "Wait, you hit Bluey?"

    "We're here touring farms," Lou said coming up next to Airen, "I imagine we'll get started tomorrow."

    Airen jerked his head back as the mention of the dog came up. "Bluey? I didn't hit her."

    He turned to look at Lou.

    "You did."

    Lou's eyes flashed with anger as she punched Airen in the arm.

    "Ow!" Airen groaned.

    "It was all a mistake, really,"
    Lou explained, "kind of like the entire day."

    "Jack have a farm?"
    Airen asked, "Maybe we could get a tour of it. We have a farm back in the States."

    Max frowned at the woman. Her husband was trying to change the subject. "Jack has a big operation, they call them stations down here. He has guests in the off-season; you could ask him if he's taking any right now. Shearing season is soon, he'll close the guest houses coz the shearers will need them." She turned her attention back to Lou. "You hit Bluey? How fast were you going? She's smart enough not to run out into the road."

    Lou interjected before Airen could speak again. She pulled his drink out of his hand and gulped it down. She exhaled loudly He was cut off now maybe for the rest of the night.

    "I wasn't going fast at all!" Lou protested, "I was backing up at our B and B. I didn't see the dog and hit it with the back part of the car. It was hurt a bit. Had the local vet look at it. I think Jeen is his name. Really it wasn't a great start to our day."

    "Why don't you tell this lady about how you got pulled over?"
    Airen teased.

    "Airen-" Lou said sounding annoyed.

    "Staying at the guest quarters sounds nice,"
    Lou said, "I didn't catch your name."

    "Max MacMaxxon," she replied. "I've spoken to the doc. Who did you say you were?"

    "Airen Vaughn."

    "Louise, go by Lou, Vaughn."

    "MacMaxxon," Airen muttered, "Scottish? What brings you Down Under?"

    "I'm working for Jack Durham. He's got a ram on the run, over ten years now, he says. I'm to hunt it down and give it a clip. After all these years, the shearing will be tricky, so he wanted me. I'm surprised it's still alive, but he says someone's spotted it, so there we are."
    She cocked her head. "You're on your honeymoon, you say? And you're looking at farms? Hen, you should have him take you to the beach! Lie on the sand, something alcoholic with those little umbrellas in...that's the ticket."

    Lou and Airen laughed.

    "Beach isn't us. We have a farm back in the States. Run some sheep. Shetland's actually. Hearty breed, lots of wool. Temperamental and stubborn at times. Kinda like me. We're just here because we order supplies from a company that does overseas trips for some of their customers. We just happened to match our honeymoon to the trip to Australia. Somehow we ended up being the only ones to do the trip this year so on their dime we're doing a tour," Lou explained.

    "That ram sounds like real trouble"
    Airen said, "one time I had one of our Shetland's charge at me nearly blew my knees out. Close call. Mind introducing us to Jack?"

    "Oh, I know Shetlands. They can be a bit shirty."
    Max glanced at the stage. Jack and Muriel had finished their song with a deep kiss, to the cheers of the crowd. "I guess they're done. C'mon, I'll introduce you." She glanced at the bartender--she'd have to come back for her cider--and led the way back to her new boss, with another covert glare at Lou. She hadn't forgiven the woman yet for hitting poor Bluey.

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    OOC: As 'The Station' Turns will return next week with all new drama between Max and Lou....:p
  13. Sarge

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    Oct 4, 1998
    IC: Alonzo Cain
    Have You Heard the One About...?

    There was a lull in the music, so Cain decided it was his turn for another tune. He stepped up to the stage and took the mike.

    "Hey, folks, it's me again. Anybody mind if I have another go? Well, too bad!" He stuck his tongue out at the audience. "Everybody knows how to spot a pilot singing karaoke, right?" He casually donned his aviator glasses. "It's easy, he'll tell you.

    "You know the difference between a pilot and God? God doesn't think he's a pilot.

    "How can you tell a jet pilot from a jet engine? After the flight is over, the jet engine stops whining."

    "You can always tell a pilot, you just can't tell him much."

    Cain noticed an attractive brunette at the bar. He liked the way she carried herself, like someone with serious training, and discipline. Ex-military, maybe? "Hey, pretty lady, have you ever gone out with a pilot?" He pushed his aviator glasses down to the end of his nose so he could see over them and get a better look at her. "If so, call your lawyer, you may be entitled to compensation." He grinned and winked at her in a friendly way that said I'm joking and then added a suggestive eyebrow wiggle that said I'm not. Before he could dig himself into more trouble than he needed, he started the karaoke machine.

    Bless 'em all
    Bless 'em all
    The long and the short and the tall
    Bless the instructors who taught us to fly
    They say that we're lucky that we're still alive
    Oh if ever our engine should stall
    We're in for one helluva fall
    No roses or violets for bow-legged pilots
    But never-the-less bless 'em all

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  14. Adalia-Durron

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    Jun 3, 2003
    IC Feral and Amber - 40 mins of going through music with @darthbernael !

    The evening had been fun, the out of towners were all getting into the spirit and some of them were really good. She’d tried not to look at her company, but his scent was there and it made her smile. It’d been a very long time since she’d spent an evening with anyone other than herself and she knew a few of the locals were talking behind their hands, let them. She moved and turned to him, “you suggested a duet? Did you have something in mind?” Get to the point, Amber wasn’t one for beating around the bush and she certainly didn’t believe in mincing words. If it had to be done, or she wanted it done, she’d just get on and do it.

    Feral had been trying not to keep glancing at her but kept failing. When she asked about the duet, he had taken a quick sip of his wine to hide the fact he'd been looking once again. "Hmmm, something perhaps about potentials and what could be between two people." He grinned, "Especially if we're trying to give the others a show."

    She gave a frown, "I said something to talk about, not sure it's a show." She downed her drink. "What have you got in mind?"

    He drank down the last of his wine as he thought. Setting the glass back on the table, "Have you heard Let's Give Them Something to Talk About?"

    Amber laughed openly. "I'm pretty sure I just said that about 30 minutes ago, where do you think I heard the phrase?"

    He laughed as his eyes met hers. "I knew you were talking about the evening but I didn't realize you were referencing the song too. In that case I think it's a perfect choice."

    The pilot had finished his song so she stood up, "then let's give them all something to talk about."

    He stood up, joining her, gesturing toward the stage, "Ladies first."

    Moving forward she stepped onto the stage and fiddled with Karaoke machine before picking up the mic. "The locals here know I generally sit alone; I sing but I don't generally have company." She glanced at him and smiled, "but not tonight, it has been different, so we thought we'd sing..." she indicated to him to speak.

    He looked out, the lights making people off the stage not quite as well seen, "We," he glanced at Amber with a small smile, "we discussed it and chose Let's Give Them Something to Talk About."

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  15. Mistress_Renata

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    Sep 9, 2000
    IC: Max MacMaxxon
    The Watering Hole

    People were laughing and applauding, and the beer (if it could be called that) was flowing freely. Max finished the glass. She couldn't tell whether the owner was watering the beer or if the local stuff was really that bad. She suspected the former.

    Amber, the fiery red-head was finishing her duet with the scar-faced man. They looked into each other's eyes and smiled. Muriel must be having a field day, speculating with her cronies. Max had introduced the Americans to Jack and tried to get back to the bar to ask for cider this time. In a bottle, not on tap. He couldn't tamper with that.

    There was a lull at the karaoke stand, and she could see Muriel, through the crowd, pointing at her and gesturing to the stand. Yes, it was her turn. She'd have to sing for her supper, like everyone else. She'd actually pondered it on the way into town. She'd spent the last few years singing angry songs, but while Gloria Gaynor was a gifted genius, who had written the ultimate sod-off song, Max was ready to move on. She needed a new song, about a new start. And really, the choice was obvious. Even if it was a bit of a cliche.

    She waved at the round of applause that followed, and finally found her way to the bar. "Oy," she said, "can a hen get a drink here?"

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  16. darth orange shirt guy

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    Jan 14, 2022
    “Sure! Tom shouted over the next song, “actually, another round on me!”

    There was a collective cheer from the gathering audience. While pouring the modified beer, Tom asked, “how are you going?” Amber replied with enthusiasm,”good! What about you?
    “Yeah, ok.”
    After a moment of awkward silence Tom leaned over the bar. “you know I’ve seen it” he wispered.

    “what!” She shouted, clearly too exited.
    “That thing, that’s popping off the sheep” Tom said cautiously.
    “Where?” Amber asked, intrigued.
    “Mind you, I was in a drunken stupor at the time, but I remember it attacking me at one of the fields.” Tom said, matter of factly.
    “What? What did it look like?”
    “It was dark so I couldn’t really see it, but it scratched me” Tom said, after lifting his shirt. Showing old claw marks.

    After handing out the last drink, Tom let out a sigh.
    “Interesting” Amber stated, “come over here, there’s someone I want you to meet”.

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    Sep 9, 2000
    IC: Max MacMaxxon
    Where is he going?

    Max waved to get the attention of the bartender, who was talking to the red-head...Amber, that's what Muriel said her name was. He'd been pouring beers, but she wanted a cider. He lifted his shirt to show the red-head something. Max raised an eyebrow. Cut abs? He didn't seem that buff. Then the two of them walked off together as she watched in disbelief.

    "OY!" she shouted. It was no use. Max shook her head, then turned back to the bar. She might have to fetch her own damn cider.

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  18. TheAdmiral

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    Mar 28, 2004
    IC: Jocelyn “Joy” Chen
    Trying not to be too amused

    Jocelyn tried not to chuckle at the man on the stage. The jokes were pretty bad, but the whole over-the-top performance was amusing to watch. Then her eyes widened at him addressing her. There was a sudden warmth in her cheeks, Jocelyn hated being in the spotlight… well, unless she was singing.

    She did a Who? Me? gesture and shook her head at his even cornier lines. Jocelyn tried not to be too nervous about it. That was not part of what she had in mind for the evening, but now she had to roll with it.

    Jocelyn decided not to shoot him down right away. She was going to listen to the song, hopefully he would forget about her and she was going to have a drink or two, definitely not sing given as that might encourage the man, then get back home.

    At least his singing was decent enough…

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  19. Adalia-Durron

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    Jun 3, 2003
    IC Finnefrael, Tom, Amber
    The Pub - thanks to @darthbernael and @darth orange shirt guy

    Leading Tom back across the bar, Amber half wanted the mystery solved but there was a part of her that hoped that 'not' solving it would keep her guest around a bit longer. Once at the table she took the chance to touch Finn's shoulder. "Hey, Tom says he's seen it, or encountered it at least. Tom, this is Dr Ordwgal, he's like a real specialist in this stuff."

    “Oh hi! So yeah, I’ve seen it… umm” Tom stated awkwardly. “So, you want to ask me questions?”
    Tom sat down on an old wooden chair, resting his head on his hands.

    Feral had been listening to the other’s singing as he sat at the table. The evening had gone well after the first flummoxed moment with the pilot. He sipped his wine a bit more, glad that he didn’t have to drive.

    The touch to his shoulder made him smile softly as he turned to see Amber. What she said registered and the smile lost a bit of the cheeriness it had for a moment.

    ”Oh…yes, I’m Dr. Ordwgal. So, you saw the creature? How well did you see it?” he asked the man as he glanced over at Amber for a moment, the man’s posture worrying hi as to how accurate of a description he’d receive.

    “Well,” Tom said, lingering, “I was a bit, full of alcohol” Tom gave a tentative laugh. “But it scratched me on my arm” he lifted up his sleeve to show three distinct claw marks, running from the shoulder to the elbow.

    Glancing at the scars she'd already seen, Amber turned to Finn to gauge his reaction. Did the marks match his suspicions? She didn't know, as he'd not really told her his suspicions.

    Feral’s hand drifted up unconsciously to the scars across his own face. Dropping his hand once again, he studied the claw marks. ”Hmmm, lucky there. From what I saw of Amber’s sheep, the beast prefers to bite. But,” he thought about how the creature had attacked from underneath the sheep. ”perhaps it was trying to pull you down. You’re lucky all you got were those scratches.”

    Amber had a thought. "Were you near the river Tom when this happened do you remember?" That might narrow it down a little.

    “Probably.” Tom replied. “I can home soaking wet and with pebbles in my socks, so it’s a fair bet”. Tom looked over to Feral, and was immediately struck by his scary, scared face.

    Feral caught the glance, a soft snort escaping his lips. ”By the river does help, the creature doesn’t seem to stray too far from it. The attack on Amber’s sheep and, from what I know, most of the attacks have taken place near the water.”

    He sipped from his wine again, “Can you remember anything of the shape of it or was it too dark?”

    “I’m sorry, I really can’t. I can tell you it wasn’t small!” Tom chuckled, clearly not sensing the seriousness of the situation. “Ah, what have you got on it? Anything I could verify?”

    "So far just the data from the attack on Amber's sheep, which is processing. It is possibly an amphibian, wide mouthed, and doesn't seem to be killing to feed, more for the pleasure of it." Feral replied. "I just got here today so there's still a lot to learn about the beast."

    Amber silently re took her seat, listening. Something was out there, and it wasn't fussy about who or what it attacked. "Processing?" She questioned.

    In response, Feral pulled out his cellphone, laying it on the table. “The main computer on my bus is using satellite wifi to search through all the scientific databases and university ones, as well as across the web, to find anything that matches certain keywords or descriptions of the creature, of its style of attack, of the trauma it causes.”

    Picking up the phone, ”So, if it finds anything significant it will send a message to my phone so I can see if any of it has meaning to anyone who’s seen it or had sheep affected by it.”

    Amber's brow creased with interest, her home computer was now where near that complicated, and certainly didn't talk to her phone. She hardly did that most the time. It was testament to his obvious intelligence. "So you hope it will figure it out for you? Doesn't that make you redundant?" She asked curiously.

    “Redundant like self-serve bars? This sounds too complicated for me, look, I’ve got customers to serve, so I’d you have any more questions, find me” Tom said gruffly. “See y’round”.

    Amber chuckled at his ‘self-serve’ bars comment, “thanks Tom.” Turning back to her guest, “can’t see this place ever being a self-serve anything, did that help you?"

    Feral smiled softly, sipping his wine. "It did help some, yes." A chuckle, "And the computer can only do so much, I still have to find and corral the beastie."

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  20. Vehn

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    Sep 14, 2009
    IC: Louise "Lou" Vehn
    Karaoke Night

    "One final song," Lou burst out as she trudged onto the stage. She wobbled for a bit as Airen tried to steady her. The two really shouldn't have been up there but it wasn't until the last shot that the bartender had kicked the pair away from the bar.

    "Ok, yeah, uh, you wanna do that one?" Airen asked Lou.

    "By one you mean-" Lou replied.

    Airen nodded.

    "Alright, let's do it," Lou said as she shakily whispered to someone nearby who was manning the audio the song.

    The music kicked on.

    "Now, I've had the time of my life..." Airen sang as he looked lovingly over at Lou.

    "I love this movie," Lou blurted out again as she returned her part of the song.

    The pair then knuckled under, drunken behavior sliding away, and belted out the song. Before long they had a decent following of fans below them listening to them sing. It was fun. It was the kind of experience they would always remember. Well, partially, remember. Lou took Airen's hand as they danced a bit up on stage. It was absurd. Borderline ridiculous. They were Americans, however, and used to being absolutely ridiculous.

    Lou couldn't remember the last time she'd had so much fun. It was an absolute blast singing this song that reminded her of good times. Times when she was growing up and she'd always wanted to be lifted the way Patrick Swayze lifted Jennifer Grey in that movie. Course, Airen was too drunk to do much lifting now. That was ok. At least nobody was running over any dogs.

    The song began to wrap up and Airen and Lou trudged off the stage only to be greeted by some people who'd called a cab for them. They were ushered out of the bar and wound up on their hotel bed moments later snoozing off a very hard night of partying.

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  21. Adalia-Durron

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    Jun 3, 2003
    IC Amber, Finnefrael. (thanks to @darthbernael ) This was fun.
    Night over.

    The night had gone so much better than Amber had ever imagined. She’s met so many new people, talked to old friends, sung a few fun songs and gotten to know a man who seemed more than a little interested in her. Now she had to drive him back to his bus, if that's what it was. To her it was a monster. Stepping out into the cold air outside the pub she noted how quiet the streets were. “It’s cool out, but a beautiful night.” She looked up, “stars are really pretty.” She continued to walk to her car. “Better out where you are, or my place. Less light pollution.” Opening the driver’s door, she got in, belted up and started the car, cranking up the heaters as she waited for him to join her.

    Feral stepped out into the night air. It was quiet and the sky was clear. Perfect weather for thinking. He'd come here simply to figure out a mystery and that was still important to him. But, when Amber spoke, he glanced over at her, a small smile on his face. He'd thoroughly enjoyed the entire evening, whether she'd meant any of it or not. He found himself not regretting, at all, that he'd taken the chance to ask for the ride. But he also knew they'd just met too. He glanced up again, "Light pollution or not, the stars are out in force."

    He shivered slightly, then opened the passenger side door. Settling into the seat, he did up the belt. The heaters were already warming the space. "Thank you for tonight, Amber. Aside from learning more about the beast I'm here to find, I enjoyed spending it with you. Not used to that, or people." he admitted.

    "People?" She grinned and tilted her head, "you an alien?" Looking behind her she checked the empty road before backing the ute out and pull out into the street. "Pretty sure this planet it all people, so you're out of luck." She smirked.

    He laughed, head falling back. As he sat up again, he pushed his hat back from where it had fallen over his eyes slightly, ", not an alien. Just that," he shrugged, "whether my appearance or what I do, it tends to drive people off. So my people skills are...lacking." A snort, "So, perhaps, in that way I am alien." he said, in a wry tone.

    “It’s the 21st century, people judging you are idiots, you don’t need idiots.” Indicating she pulled onto the main road out of town. “As for not having ‘people skills’, you’re talking to me aren’t you?” Accelerating to the 110km limit Amber flicked on the spotlights as she relaxed for the 7-minute drive.

    He smiled again, "Yes, I am. And damn glad I asked for a ride tonight. I would have missed a lot, and no not just the new information I have related to my job, if I hadn't." Glancing out the window, as the lights of the town faded, the ribbon of the Milky Way came into view, beautifully framing a farmhouse they were passing. "Beautiful..." he said softly.


    "I'll take your word for it, need to keep my eyes on the road." She saw a few reflections of what she knew were eyes on the side of the road. "Gotta get up early, I think I agreed to drive that pilot to get an engine or something tomorrow, he's staying at the pub so I guess I come back around 9ish tomorrow." A thought occurred to her, “are you going to be ok with whatever is out there.......out there? I mean, it kills sheep, not a big jump."

    He smiled, having only half meaning the stars outside. At the question, "I do have some things in the morning too. Need to do some more research and set out a humane trap and some trailcams." He turned his head toward hers, another small smile, "It's been a long time since I've slept in anything besides the bus. So, I'm used to just its walls between me and the various predators I tend to be called in to find."

    Amber took the risk to glance at him. “Better hope it’s not one of them velociraptors, movie says they can open doors.” She grinned.

    He grinned back, "If it's one of those then I've seriously misjudged what the evidence has shown. And would make this a very short trip for me."

    Laughing openly, Amber shook her head. “I’d be next, I got doors.” This was fun and easy she had to admit, she couldn’t remember the last time someone had joked with her like this. “But think of the money I’d make if I had a dinosaur on my property!” She declared.

    He laughed, "Oh yes, you'd have tourists galore. And they'd be even more willing to shell out for merchandise at the gift shop if the beverage of choice while getting to view the dinosaur was your wine."

    More laughter, "I'd have to take crime scene like photos, you know to display to the tourists, of whatever it leaves behind of you, that ok?"

    His chuckle rattled on for a few moments, "Hey, I'd be famous, posthumously of course but still famous in that case so sure."

    “I’ll build a memorial for you.” The turn was coming up, instinct told her that as she began to indicate. “Got a good photo I can put on it? For sympathy value, you know.” Slowing she turned into the dirt road.

    He thought for a moment, "Darn, don't have any, never take selfies." Another grin, "Guess you better hope I survive the night so you can get a good one tomorrow, just in case."

    Slowing at his vehicle came into view she frowned. "In all seriousness, you gonna be ok?" She was concerned.

    He smiled softly at her concern. "I'm not entirely sure of these things capabilities. I won't know until I'm sure what it is. So, I don't know if it could get in." he replied honestly. "I've got a rifle as backup and a couple tranq guns for first line defense." He glanced over at her, no one had ever shown such concern for his wellbeing. "Thank you for asking, not used to that..." he trailed off.

    It was getting too serious again, "well you are on my land, you die here, there would be so much paper work. I hate paperwork!" She pulled the car up with the headlights on the door to the bus. "Please don't make me do paperwork."

    He sighed, could sense he'd said something that was too much for her. "Paperwork sucks." he said as he undid the belt. Opening the door, he glanced at her, "Thank you for the evening." he said before stepping out of the car, getting ready to close the door.

    She leaned over, "I'll pop back tomorrow arvo, if that's ok, to check on you."

    He leaned down to meet her eyes, "I'd like that, yes." he replied, with a small smile. Rolling down the window a bit if she wanted to say anything else, he shut the door. "Get home safely." he told her.

    "I will, thanks, was a great night." She grinned, "now, get inside, ain't leaving till you are." Sitting back into her seat she waited.

    "It was, and okay, okay, I will." He turned, taking the short walk to the door of the bus. As it opened, he glanced back with a smile and a wave, disappearing inside, the door shutting.

    Amber flicked the lights on and off quickly as a 'farewell' gesture before reversing the car and turning around. The good feeling she had still causing her to smile. Reaching down she put music on and began to sing along in the car to herself as she often did when in a good mood.

    He saw the flash of her lights and smiled. Pulling a cord a retractable ladder dropped, letting him climb to a top hatch. It opened as she turned, and he watched her drive off. As her taillights faded, he turned his gaze to the star strewn sky, only half seeing them as he smiled.

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  22. Mistress_Renata

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    Sep 9, 2000
    IC: Max MacMaxxon
    Jack's place, o' dark thirty

    Max was still sober when she turned in. The room was quiet, with a few noises outside... some sort of chirpy noise that could be frogs or birds or insects or who knows? Not much from the sheep, though. She switched off the light and rolled over, smiling. Whoever said the countryside was quiet had never actually been there. She drifted off into a deep sleep and was in the middle of a dream where she was flying through space in some type of fighter plane when she heard a loud scream.

    For a moment she was confused, wondering if it was part of the dream, but then she realized she was awake. There was a tremendous noise outside, sheep screaming, dogs barking like mad. She pulled her jeans on over her sleep shirt, knocked her boots against the foot of the bed to dislodge any unwelcome creatures that might have taken up residence, and raced outside without bothering to lace them.

    A dog came up to, barking frantically. One of those Blue Heelers. It danced in front of her, ran back towards the pasture, then came to her again.

    "What are you doing out of the kennel?" she asked softly, extending a hand. It ignored her, running back towards the pen. She could hear the sheep, screaming in terror. She ran towards the fence. They shouldn't be so close to the main house; they hadn't been gathered in for shearing season yet. But as she passed the main barns, she could see them, pressed up against the fence. The dog took off, running past her. It jumped the fence and took off into the darkness, barking ferociously. She could hear the other dogs still in their pen in the barn, all barking like mad.

    The sheep turned their heads to her as she came, screaming at her. She stood on the lower bar of the fence, peering into the darkness. She couldn't see anything. Jack was running up to her, with Davey and some of the other hands. Jack and one of the others were carrying rifles. "What is it?" asked Jack grimly.

    "No idea, I can't see a thing," admitted Max. "One of your dogs is out, a Heeler. It ran past me into the pasture."

    "Who's got a torch?" demanded Jack.

    "Here." Muriel gathered her dressing gown around her and shone the light over the pasture. Max took a moment to tie her shoes properly, and then they fanned out. One of the hands went to retrieve a few other dogs, and some of the hands moved among the frightened sheep, talking to them to calm them. Max borrowed a torch and began to jog in the direction the first dog had gone. She paused to listen. She could still hear it, barking, growling! She pursed her lips and whistled to call it back, while she moved in the direction of the sound.

    One of the hands came up beside her. "You see it?" he asked.

    "No, can you hear it?"

    The man paused. "Yeah. Sounds like a fight."

    "A wild dog?"

    "Or something," said the man grimly. They continued on at a gentle jog, and heard a yelp. They broke into a run. A few moments later, Max could see the dog running back to them, limping slightly, its tail tucked underneath its belly.

    "All right, all right," she said, "You're all right." As she reached out to it, a wave of stink came towards, her, rotten meat, rotting vegetation... like something dead from a swamp. "EERGH!"

    The station hand swore at length in a particularly Australian patois, and flashed the light towards the direction that the dog had come from. Something moved, something shiny? Max jumped and the frightened dog pressed up against her. "Good boy," she whispered, "You're a good brave laddie, protecting your sheep." Her hands moved over the animal, she felt it flinch. Something damp. Blood.

    "He's hurt," she said. The hand hesitated, sweeping the area with the light, but nothing moved. Max was suddenly aware of silence. Apart from the sheep and the humans behind her, there was no other sound. Birds, insects, all other creatures had gone still. Out of fear. She swallowed hard. "We should go back," she said. "He's bleeding."

    "Yeah." The hand scooped up the dog and threw it over his shoulders, and the two walked back towards the main farm. It was too dark to search further. Whatever had happened would have to wait until first light.

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  23. Adalia-Durron

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    IC Cain and Amber - This has been a hoot, thanks @Sarge !

    Having gone to the pub, Amber was told where the Pilot, Cain wasn't it, had slept the night before. So when she pulled her ute into the air strip and slowed, she was a little surprised to see 'clothes' hanging from the wing struts of the big purple plane. Smirking she got out and looked around, no one to be seen. "Hello? Someone need a lift?" She called out hoping if he was around, he'd hear her.

    A passenger door near the tail of the biplane squeaked open. Cain appeared, accompanied by the whirring of the electric razor he was using on his face. He was dressed for work, not socializing, jeans and his I'm A Pilot T-shirt.

    "Good morning, foxy lady. Amber, right? I'll be ready in two minutes, just need to grab a tool bag and we can hit the road. Would you like the grand tour while you're here?" He switched off the razor and gestured theatrically toward the interior of the plane.

    Amber blinked a few times as she mused his words, never been called that before. "Tour? Is there that much to see?" She asked curiously as she approached. "I tossed in a pallet, some ropes and a tarp."

    "Outstanding. You must have hauled engines before. Come on in, take the tour before the day gets long and it gets hot in here." Cain offered a hand to help her step up through the entry door. "This is my bedroom. Pardon me while I make my bed." He flipped up the folding seats along the side of the compartment. "There, that's better. Cockpit is that way. WC is the other way. Grips and kicksteps next to the door lead up to the patio." He gestured at the top of the plane. "Sometimes there's a cool breeze up there; it's nice after a hot day."

    Amber grinned, the man enthusiasm for his plane was palpable. Taking his hand up, she proceeded to watch his 'tour' sympathizing with the lack of a real bed, but knowing he'd probably not leave his 'baby' if offered a place. When he pointed out the 'patio' she laughed, "I guess it depends on your location as to how nice the breeze is." She glanced out at her ute. "Yeah, picked up a few bits of equipment in my time, goes the with territory of running a vineyard." Turning back, she asked, "they know you're coming for it?"

    Cain grabbed his cell phone and a heavy sack full of tools. "I'll text the seller right now. What's our ETA? It'll probably be two, three hours of wrench-bending to get the engine and prop prepped for transport, so I figure you can drop me at the airport, do your errands, and I'll try to be ready by the time you're all shopped out and ready to drive home. That work for you?"

    "It’s about a 45-minute trip, give or take." She shrugged as she jumped down from the plane. "Shopping? I wish. Business mostly, I might jam a bit of lunch in there if I'm lucky." Turning she watched as he finished the text, she then reached over, "here, you text me when you're done." She proceeded to put her number and name into his phone. "You can delete me if you want when we're done." Passing the phone back as she spoke then pulling her keys out. "Let me pull the cover back." Unhooking the Utes cover she rolled it back a little, "tools here?"
    Cain set the tools in the back and helped Amber replace the cover. "All right, let's hit the road." He opened the right side door and started to sit in the expected passenger seat when he noticed the steering wheel in front of him. Crazy Aussie cars and roads! He glanced at Amber. "Uh... Who's driving?"

    She watched with amusement as he tried to sit in the driver’s seat. "Well judging by the fact you clearly don't know what side of the car you should be on meaning you won't be on the right side of the road, ME!" She gave her head a shake, "add to that no one, and I mean no one else drives my girl." She raised an eyebrow, "no doubt like that thing of yours!" Indicating with her head then she held up the keys, "you don't have these either."

    "Would you believe me if I said I was opening your door for you, like a gentleman? No, I wouldn't believe that either. It's little things like this that remind me I'm a stranger in a strange land." He walked around to the other side of the car and sat in the passenger seat. "I feel like I'm in a mirror universe. Maybe I'll grow a goatee like my evil twin."

    Amber got in, chuckling as he spoke. "You have one? Where do I meet him?" She smirked. Pushing he key hub into its slot she pushed the button that started the car and turning she headed back to the main highway. "What sort of music do you like?" She asked, "judging by last night, classics?" Reaching across she tapped the screen in the centre of the car. "I have Spotify, take your pick. You can practice for next Friday."

    "Oh, so you're saying I need the practice?" He grinned. "I'll try to not take that personally. Let's see, it's going to be a day of working on WW2 airplanes, so let's look for something Rosie the Riveter would've been listening to. Is there a big band playlist here? Aha, Glenn Miller! Yeah, that's what I'm... ahem... In The Mood for." Glancing at the youngster in the driver's seat, he explained. "You see, back in the days when dinosaurs roamed the earth, there was a band leader named Glenn Miller, and he had a big hit called In The Mood. It's a little before your time. Before mine too, but it was some great stuff."

    Shoot him a sideways glance she rolled her eyes. "I know who Glen Miller is and dinosaurs never lived with us lot." Turning onto the main road she accelerated and hit cruise control. "Not what I generally listen too, but by all means, guests’ choice." Glancing in her mirrors she could make out a car in the distance behind them, but aside from that, it was a clear run. "So, are these engines easy to come by? Or have you struck gold?"

    Cain set the volume for a good background level that wouldn't interfere with their conversation. "Gold it is! Big radial engines are the dinosaurs, and I'm lucky I spotted one when I passed through that airport." His grin widened. "And since you pulled my string, now you get to hear all about it. We're on our way to a damaged DC-3, a WW2 twin engine transport plane. The US built about 16,000 of them for the war effort. The first ones were powered by Wright R-1820 Cyclones, nine-cylinder single row radial engines. The Soviet Union got a hold of some of those engines, reverse engineered them and came up with a commie carbon copy they called the Shvestsov ASh-62; that's the engine in my plane. Meanwhile, back in the States, the Pratt & Whitney company was developing a better engine for the DC-3, the R-1830 Twin Wasp, a fourteen-cylinder twin row radial. It's just a little heavier, but twenty percent more power, and runs smoother... and it's an easy replacement for the Wright Cyclone, which means it ought to be an easy replacement for the ASh-62. And the Twin Wasp is the kind of engine that's in the DC-3 we're headed toward. I couldn't afford a DC-3, but lucky for me, this one had one of the main landing gear legs collapse while it was landing, which smashed the right wing and the right propeller, and didn't do the right engine any good I'm sure, but the left engine and prop looked great. So I had just enough saved up for a down payment on the wreck, I'll take the good engine and prop, and maybe a few spare parts, then I'll sell the leftovers to somebody else and use that money to pay off the rest of what I owe for the wreckage. It's a perfect plan, nothing could possibly go wrong, right?" His eyes had the gleam they got when he knew he was tempting fate.

    Amber listened and a smirk spread over her face. "Ok half of that went over my head, but I think you knew that would happen. But your passion is being felt clearly, that's for sure. The plan is a risky one....gotta be honest, what if you can't sell the bits? Can't imagine there's a huge call for that stuff down under."

    "Plan B, if I can't sell it, it gets repossessed from me. Since I'll already have the engine and they'll still have my down payment, we'll call it even. My credit rating would take a bad hit, though. Do they have credit ratings in Oz?"

    Amber laughed, "yes we do, and that might make it tough the next time it blows." Something ahead moved, she covered her brake/clutch and checked her mirror, it moved again and they were alone out there. "Dammit." She cursed hitting the skids, "hold on." The car began to skid forward and at 110km/h it slid a good distance as a mob of kangaroos hopped across the road in front of them. The car came to a hard stop as the roos bounced in front and then around them. Amber watched, "big mob." She murmured as they eventually cleared the road and she let out an exaggerated sigh. "Supposed to hit them, but you ever seen a roo strike? Car's a write off and chances are you won't do well either." Putting the car in gear and accelerating again, they started again, "sorry, would rather stop and do a bit of damage to the tyres than write her off out here alone. No one about to pick up the pieces."

    Cain watched silently, trying not to gawk like a yokel, but he was utterly awestruck. "Forgive me, but all I can think to say right now is, crikey! What a beaut!"

    She glanced at him. "The mob? You get used to them around here." She chuckled, "is that your best Steve Irwin impersonation? I'm not sure he'd be impressed by it, if he was here still."

    "How long would it take you to teach me to talk like y'all and pass for a native?"

    Amber laughed again, "12th of never? Fair dinkum mate, you ain't ever losing that accent!" She added slipping in some classic Australian slang. "Met a couple at the winery last year, been here for 50 odd years, since they were teens, and I knew they were Dutch." Amber watched carefully at the road train approached, moving slightly to the left of the road as it went past, causing her Ute to shudder slightly as the trailers went past. "Accents are weird, you can pick one up, but you can't lose the one you got."
    Cain twisted to get a good look at the unwieldy rig. "I'm getting the full tour today. I can cross 'roos and Mad Max off my list of things to see in Australia. All that's left now is the Great Barrier Reef, drop bears, and Elle Macpherson."

    This man amused her no end. "Barrier reef is about two days solid drive north and bit to the east, you know where the water is?" The turn up was coming up so she indicated. "Were there road trains in Mad Max? Not really a fan, but I do know they have a kind of 'reunion' in New South Wales every year where they shot the movies, people dress up an all. I could probably find you a koala this arvo, no such thing as a drop bear.......and as for Elle, you missed that one, I think she lives in the US these days." Slowing she checked the roads, it was pretty empty but she knew better than to assume as she looked both ways before turning to the right. "Should be there in about 15 minutes, do you know where you need to be dumped?"

    "Two days drive is a bit much, even for the Great Barrier Reef. When I get my plane back in the air, it probably won't take me much more than a day and a half to get that far. It's a great old plane, but I won't be winning any races in it.

    "We should be able to drive through the airport gates when I show them my pilot's license. There's only one DC-3 pushed off into the weeds behind the hangars, so it's not hard to find. Listen, I'm seriously indebted to you for this ride. Even if it's not much out of your way, it's making all the difference to me, and I owe you. Would you like to go see the Reef with me when I go? A ride for a ride?"

    Having never really left her home town for much other than a trip to Melbourne for supplies, Amber instantly felt awkward. "Arh, yeah, naw....I'm good." She shrugged, "bit of a home body myself. I kinda hoped I'd be seeing the reef on my you know....honeymoon?" She glanced at him, "I mean one day, not now, not with.....I ........." She'd just managed to make the whole situation awkward.

    Kayn's grin turned wry and lopsided. "I think I'll just choose to be flattered that I can make pretty girls all flustered and tongue-tied. ROADKILL!" He pointed at the road ahead and she swerved around something. "What was that? Dingo?"

    Amber was blushing now, that had not been her intention but it had been noticed. She'd been focused forward so saw the body a long time before he did, and moving to pass it she began to pull over. "No, Roo, need to pull it clear and check its pouch." She said sadly feeling the colour fading as the car stopped. "You don't need to come, sadly this is normal out here." She opened the car door and got out.

    Cain got out to help. "I came all the way to Oz, may as well get the full Down Under experience. So, check the pouch for a young 'un, I assume? Are they ever dangerous if they're still alive and in the pouch?"

    She glanced back, a little surprised he'd gotten out, most were a bit squeamish at the idea of searching a dead animal. "Yeah, and ....." She stopped speaking as they got closer as she inspected, "if they're still alive, we have to ........fix that as often the damage is beyond a vet. She's gone." Bending down she screwed up her nose, "been dead for a while, surprised she's still on the road." Lifting one leg she pointed, "here, see the pouch?" Reaching over she slipped her hand into the cold flesh and looking distant, felt around. "Nothing there, thankfully." Standing the side of the road was surveyed. "Gotta drag her off the road, someone hits her, not only makes a huge mess but can kill." Moving to the back of the large kangaroo she grabbed its tail. "Wanna give me a hand here?" She asked, noting how big the girl was.

    Cain thought of the work gloves in his tool bag, but if she wasn't worried about getting her hands dirty, he wouldn't either. He took a good grip on its tail, deliberately keeping his eyes slightly unfocused so he wouldn't get too clear a view of any damage. Thankfully, it seemed like its intestines hadn't become out-testines. With both of them hauling, they had the body clear of the road in moments. "Are you supposed to report this? Do we just leave it for the carrion eaters?"

    "Council patrols every few days, they pick them up." She explained slapping her hands together to remove the excess hair as she headed back to the car. Pulling back the cover on the back she pulled out a couple of rags and some hand gel, proceeding to 'wash' and clean her hands before tossing it all to him. "Clean up." She said matter of factly.

    After cleaning his hands and refastening the cover, Cain walked back toward the front of the car, looked inside for the steering wheel to make sure he got it right this time, and opened the right side door and respectfully gestured her toward the driver's seat. "See, I'm learning. Making progress by leaps and bounds. Like, y'know, a kangaroo."

    Another light laugh as she got in to the car. "Sure, like a roo." Taking off again they were silent for a bit till she had to ask, "how long you been in the country? And what are you plans?" It then occurred to her it might not be her business. "Or not, whatever." She shrugged, "airports outside of town so another five minutes and we'll be there."

    "Only been here a few days so far. I needed a change of scenery, and I remembered my Grampa Bud's slideshows from a trip here. I still want to see Ayers Rock, too... but it's called something else now, right? Anyway, this looked like an interesting place for a freelance pilot to earn a living. So far, I'm liking what I'm seeing."

    "Uluru, it’s the traditional name the Aboriginals gave it, it's theirs." She shrugged, "this whole country is technically. Did you get work with Jack? I don't need any dusting till spring, the vines are being pruned right now," she explained, "Come back in 4 months and I'm sure I can give you some work, do a good job and I'll put the word out." Indicating she turned to the left after slowing. Several large hangars came into view. "How long do ya need?" She asked as they approached the airport.

    "Theoretically, if nothing goes wrong, I might be ready in two or three hours. Considering how old the hardware is and how likely some of it is rusted in place, it's more likely to be three hours than two. And if you need more time than that, there's enough here to keep me busy all day, so don't rush back on my account, I won't be bored here. I like bending wrenches and busting knuckles."

    Amber pursed her lips, "I'll give you four, I can do some shopping after my business," she shrugged, "that'll be nice for a change, want me to bring you back some lunch? A pie? Hot chips? Something healthier?" She thought for a brief moment, "Subway?"

    Cain grimaced. "I can get Subway stateside. Unless it's something different here? I'll have whatever the locals like for lunch. Surprise me, I'll trust you. I can trust you, right? At least as far as you trust me, anyway." He chuckled and grinned. "Thanks, miss, you're a credit to your nationality."

    Amber snorted, "hardly. A meat pie it is then." She watched as he got out and retrieved his tools, winding the window down, "Don't get squashed, I don't have time for the cops and I hate paperwork." She grinned.

    "Right, if I get squashed, I never met you and have no idea who you are. Got it." Cain waved as the purple car pulled away, but before it was out of sight, he was totally focused on the half-wrecked transport plane. He rubbed his hands together in anticipation of a good day of taking things apart.

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    IC Dr. Finnefrael Ordwgal

    Finn woke slowly, eyes blinking as a dream of Amber, simply enjoying a day with her, began to fade. He tried closing his eyes again, to recapture the dream but it eluded him now that his body was waking. He let out a frustrated sigh as the sun streaming through the open blinds in the bedroom of his bus didn’t help his efforts either. He stretched on the bed, smiling slightly at the remembrance of the dream, before standing.

    Scratching his lower back he walked into the kitchen area of the bus, preparing coffee and retrieving a couple eggs and some bacon from the small fridge. As he prepared his food the coffee machine beeped and he poured himself a cup. Adding some sugar and milk he stirred it and sipped, feeling his senses coming more awake. Seeing a hair tie by the stove he took it in one hand, muttering ”I really ought to learn how to braid my hair…” as he pulled his hair back and used the tie to put it in a ponytail.

    Tapping a screen by the stove it came ‘awake’ and checked on the progress of the data mining program so that he could read up more on what the beast was and its capabilities. He stirred the eggs, flipping the bacon as well as he read. When the food was ready he lifted the pad from its dock, food on a plate, and stepped outside to the table under the bus’s awning. His head swung around as he stepped out, certain that he’d caught her scent. He shook his head, thinking that, somehow, it was a residual scent from her bringing him ‘home’ last night. He sat at the table, reading and eating, planning the day.

    Cleaning up, he slipped into his waders, the hardest part being getting his feet into the integral waterproof boots. Placing his hat on his head, he stepped out of the bus and opened a couple side panels. He pulled a dozen trail cams from the storage behind the panels before opening a larger compartment at the back of the bus. From that he pulled out a collapsible animal trap and his tools. It took about a half hour to get the crates of cams and the trap across the barbed wire and near the bank of the river.

    He returned to the table by the bus, head cocking to the side for a moment as he caught Amber’s scent once again, and checked the pad. Looking at the river from above, he had the image of the river overlaid with currents and eddies and calm spots. Using the arc view of each cam, he set up an overlapping field of capture from each lens. He focused in to be sure that each spot he chose would have something to attach the cam to without disrupting the riverbank with pounded in stakes before he set the pattern. He found a likely ‘pool’ where the trap could be submerged, although he would need to be at that location to be certain. With a plan, he took the pad with him and went to the river’s bank.

    It took about forty-five minutes to assemble the trap into a strong and durable assembly. Another half hour passed as he caught various fish, slicing them open so the scent of them filled the trap, before it was ready to place. Leaving it on the bank, he wandered along the river. He found the spot that he’d seen on the overhead view and he smiled, there were some drag marks and a rotten scent in the air, telling him the creature had used this bank before.

    It took about ten minutes to get the trap to that section of the river which was when he realized he’d forgotten his scuba gear. With a frustrated sigh, he returned to the bus and pulled the scuba equipment out. He slipped off the waders and pulled on the scuba dry suit, carrying the tanks with him. He checked them before he slipped them over his shoulders and grabbed the tank again. After about twenty minutes he had it where he wanted and he went under the surface to set the anchor lines.

    By the time he resurfaced the sun was directly overhead. It took a few minutes of slogging through the mud of the bank to exit the river again before he returned to the bus and slipped out of the dry suit and tanks. Leaving them under the awning to dry from the heat and not direct sun, he slipped on the waders again and returned to the river. He gnawed on a nutritional bar as he began the task of setting the cams along the river. With each he found the tree that he’d seen from above and worked through the process of getting the cam set. Each had to be moved along the surface of the tree until it was angled just right, tedious and long work.

    After about two hours he was finally done and wearily returned to the bus. Pulling off the waders he sighed and sniffed. A chuckle and lost another half hour to a shower so he felt refreshed, taking another coffee and stepping off the bus. That same scent was still in the air and as strong as it had been before. If it had been from last night it would have faded much more over time.

    Curious, he began to wander around, trying to pinpoint where the scent originated. Wandering around the bus he noticed something by the tracks of her ute from the night before. Sipping his coffee, he walked closer before smiling. Squatting down, ”I bet she’s really missing this.” he mused. His free hand picked up her hat, dusting it off on his pants leg. Her scent clung to it, telling him how often, how much she wore it. He wandered back to the table, setting it gently on the surface. Returning to the bus for a moment he grabbed his laptop and set it on the table. Pulling out the cable from the jack in a compartment on the side of the bus, he plugged in the laptop, sipping his coffee.

    Booting up the laptop, he went through the program and activated each camera in turn and then all together to be sure they functioned as he’d planned. That done, he sent an email to his department head, updating him on the completion of the last ‘hunt’, including all the details of it. He added, at the end, a section covering his current location and the basics, not going into detail about what creature it might be.

    Sitting back after those details were done, he pulled out his cell, taking a picture of Amber’s hat. Pulling up her number, he sent a text, 'I have something of yours, that seems to have fallen out of your car last night. I look forward to returning it to you when I see you later. I hope your day has been a good one and I also look forward to seeing you again.'

    He set his cell on the table, leaning back, shifting his legs to the side, and putting his feet up on the table by the laptop, with a smile, her in his mind once again. He sipped his coffee and relaxed in the shade, enjoying the breeze and sounds of nature this close to the river.

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    IC Amber & Finn (thanks to @darthbernael for finding this on my land! ) :p
    The Bus by the river

    A text came through just after she’d left the airport and as it was against the law to touch her phone while driving, she waited till she was in a park. Picking up the phone she read the message and frowned, spinning suddenly she looked across the back seat. Her hat was definitely not there, and suddenly she felt naked without it. Resigning herself to the fact she’d have to do without it Amber went about her business in town, did a bit of shopping and picked up some treats. Once she’d gotten to the airport, she helped Alonzo get his ‘new’ second hand engine onto her ute and with his assistance tied it down firmly and cover it.

    The trip back was just as amusing, the man had a refreshing sense of humour and his outlook was bright and positive. She enjoyed his company a great deal. Once back at the Wangaratta airport she assisted him again, and the man looked as happy as a pig in……..well you know. She was content to leave him to his work as she drove away, her next focus, getting her hat back. In only ten minutes the turn up came up and she found herself belting down the dirt road, a cloud of dust behind her as the bus came into view.

    Feral was on the last mug of coffee from the pot when he heard the sound of tires on dirt. Setting down the mug, he flipped the dust guard over his laptop and glanced over, seeing the purple ute pulling up. Hand over the mug to keep the dust out, he stood, leaving his own hat on the table by hers. When the car came to a stop, he waited for the dust to settle before moving away from the table. "Afternoon, how was the trip?"

    Getting out she stood by the door as she closed it, the dust settling. “It was pretty good; the pilot is a very funny and interesting man.” She began to approach, “holding my hat hostage?” She grinned.

    He chuckled, "It is a very good hat, so why not?" Stepping back to the table he picked it up, brushing the ponytail back over his shoulder with a sigh. Turning back to her, "Found it by where you stopped to let me out." He held it fingers tracing the inner brim, smiling but not yet handing it to her.

    "Must have dropped out, can't see how though." She folded her arms and narrowed her eyes. "Or was it stolen?" A smirk on her lips as she extended her hand.

    He chuckled again, "You said you'd visit this afternoon, why would I need to steal your hat to ensure that?" His hand extended, holding out the hat to her. "Of course," He pulled his hand back slightly with a grin, "Do I really need to have the hat to encourage you to visit?"

    Taking it, she laughed lightly, "not at all. You're on my land and what good land owner wouldn't check on a camper?" Checking her hat briefly she popped it on her head, "that's better, been feelin' kinda naked all day without it." She ran the fingers of one hand over the brim. "Controls my hair."

    The grin widened, "Your hair looks good with or without the hat." His cell beeped, a quick glance, brushing his hair away again. "My mop is unruly no matter what I do." He muttered. Glancing at the message again he chuckled, "I think I'm going to have a lot of pictures of fish breaching the water by the time I'm done."

    She looked at his hair, "so you've not caught whatever it is out there? And here's me expecting to be congratulating you already."

    He laughed, "I didn't expect to catch it this fast. I'm pretty sure it's an ambush predator so it probably spends a lot of time just waiting, very still, for something to come close enough for it to decide if it's prey."

    She looked to his camp and noted the drying equipment. “Not thinking about making yourself live bait, are you? Hope not, like I told Alonzo today, don’t like cops and hate paperwork.”

    "I'd prefer not to be bait but I did have to go into the water to set up the trap for it." he replied with another chuckle.

    She turned to face him, "that screams paperwork. On my land, stay out of my river." She demanded, "I'll not have that thing take you on my land."

    He smiled, glancing down. "I'll do my best, but I'm going to have to get close to it to capture it."

    She put her hands on her hips. “No. I won’t allow that……not on my land.” Truth was it was him she didn’t want hurt, but blaming the ‘paperwork’ was good enough for now. “You get help if you catch it, you get Scott, my land Manager and maybe Jeen, the vet to help you. You do not do it alone.” Amber was not making a request; it was an order.

    Something in her tone made him paused before he made another witty remark. Meeting her eyes, he smiled more softly, "Ok, if and when I find it, I will make sure I have assistance."

    Folding her arms she gave a nod, "good." Amber was satisfied, "like I said, hate paperwork and can you imagine the forms I'd have to fill in if you just disappeared on my land?" A shake of her head, "don't even want to consider that." Sighing she look at the table, "did I disturb you? Were you working?"

    He glanced over at the covered laptop. "No, you didn't disturb me. I took care of everything I had planned for the day already, all the cams, at least on this side of the river, are set up and the trap is set so now it's a waiting game. That and waiting to see if anyone else's livestock have been attacked." he admitted.

    His stomach suddenly growled and he blushed slightly. "Have you eaten? I just realized all I've had today were a few nutrition bars."

    Looking back, she gave a nod, "had lunch with Alonzo, a nice bakery pie.......but I did grab a nice donut éclair, wanna share it? It’s a bit big for me alone."

    Moving she brushed passed him to the car, "I got some delicious chocolate milk! I got a chance to shop today, a rarity, and I spoiled myself a bit." Flipping back the cover to the ute she pulled out a bag with a few things in it. "It was a real treat."

    A broad smile crossed his face, "Chocolate milk, delicious." he said happily. Turning back to the bus, it took less than a minute to have two cups on the table, and a couple plates as well.

    Walking back with her shopping bag she saw what he’d set out. “Plates?” she said with a laugh, “naw, don’t need a plate.” Setting the bag down she pulled out the paper bag with the over sized delight in it. “Just a knife,” she reached to her belt and pulled out her pocket knife, proceeding to open the bag and cut the treat in two on the top of the bag. Wiping it carefully with her fingers, then licking them, she folded it and put it away. “Looks like I’m going for a run later!” She declared looking at the delight.

    He laughed, ducking back into the bus again, putting away the plates. His grin was wide as he watched her lick her fingers, "A runner? I've got my running shoes if you want to join me later."

    She picked up her half, the slightly smaller piece, "not really, I like to pretend, I do ride though. Got a couple of horses." Biting into the treat she closed her eyes as she chewed. "Mmmmmm” She nodded as she swallowed. "I can feel the calories!"

    "Somehow I'm not surprised you have horses, with all this open space out here. What breeds?" He asked before taking a bite. Savouring the taste, he chewed and swallowed. "I, basically, know how to ride and with this," he gestured at the bus, "I can't really cart one around"

    "Australian Stock Horses, mostly, but I think there is something else in them. A big black stallion and a white mare." She bit the treat again then put it down. Chewing while she poured a milk each then grabbing the spare chair, spinning it and straddling it to sit down and lean on the back. "This is living." She laughed, as she picked up the glass. Then something caught her eye in the distance, in the river. The water rippled and something big broke the surface and splashed. Amber stopped drinking and stared. "What was that?"

    Feral turned, seeing the ripples of the splash, "Hmmmm," he pulled the cover off the laptop and pulled up the camera facing the direction the splash had come from. He replayed the last minute of footage, letting out a low whistle. Turning the computer towards her, "This?"

    “Yeah, that! It looks really big, like bigger than a barra or any carp I’ve ever seen in there!”

    He turned the laptop back toward himself a little, tapping on the keys. The video played back, frame by frame, as he studied it. Every so often he'd whistle again or glance at the river. Finally, he found a pair of images that showed the head and mouth of the beast. "No....can't be..." He muttered.

    "What?" Amber glanced back at the river and then to him. "What is it?"

    He ignored the question for a moment, tapping again, feeding the images into the search program. Letting it run he turned back to her. "Well, if those images are correct, it's a beast which shouldn't exist in this day and age. I'll need more evidence but this could be...amazing." he said, wonder in his tone.

    Amber looked to the river. "What do you mean by 'it shouldn't exist?' Is it some kind of dragon?" The thought of a dragon both terrified her and gave her a thrill at the same time. "Wanga's version of the Loch Ness Monster?"

    "A dragon would change everything we know. If I'm right, sadly it's not a dragon. But," he held up a hand, "it's something almost as good. Still pretty dangerous though. A creature that hasn't walked this planet in..." His eyes went distant for a moment before meeting hers again, "...about 120 million years, or so we thought, if it's that."

    Amber sat back and stared. “You mean … a….dinosaur?” That was very hard to buy.

    Chuckling, "Sounds preposterous right? Have you ever heard of the Coelacanth? They are a species of fish thought to have gone extinct about 66 million years ago. That is until the first one was caught, alive, in 1938."

    This was unbelievable. "It does sound..........that. And really?" Another glance to the river, "how? Why? What?" She shook her head, "ok I know where and when.... Seriously?"

    He smiled softly. "All questions that need to be answered." Glancing at the pictures again, "I'm guessing it was forced out of whatever it was using as its territory, possibly by urban expansion or mining, depending on the area, and has moved along the river until if found what it believes is a fresh hunting ground with bountiful food. How the species has survived this long may mean finding out where it originally called home here."

    Another shake of her head. "Need to tell Jeen," she stood, "need to warn the farmers." Her mind was racing, "need to move you back from the river." It was thinking out loud now.

    He nodded, "A lot to do. These shots show the head which should be enough evidence for the town but we'll probably need more to keep everyone off the water." He agreed. Glancing at his bus, "I just have no idea where this thing will fit though."

    "Fit?!?! Are you serious?!?! You don't 'fit' a Dinosaur anywhere!" Amber could not believe how calm he was.

    He chuckled again, "I meant the bus. But there are facilities that could study it, if that's what it is." Hearing a tone from the laptop, he turned, "Ugh, I have to char...." He went still, as a sound and scent reached his senses. Without turning around, "Amber, get in the bus Now, Please?! It's higher off the ground and reinforced. Don't ask, just move." He almost ordered her in a calm, level tone that betrayed the fact he was staring into the creature's eyes, it's front paws already on the bank of the river.

    Now she really was scared, "is it....?" she whispered as she began to back up toward the door of the bus, reaching her hands backward and finding the open hole. Turning the darted up the stairs and down the corridor, instinctively ducking down and hiding.

    Feral slowly closed the laptop, lifting the flimsy metal of it between him and the creature as he slowly backed towards the door. He was halfway to it when the creature let out a teakettle whistling sound, a wave of rotten meat scent washing out as it did. Its body swayed as it rushed up the bank, stopping as the barbed wire hindered its progress. In the time it took, he dashed backwards, hitting the side of the bus by the door. Turning the handle he darted inside, closing the door and setting the crossbar lock inside it, securing it to the frame. He turned to Amber, setting the laptop down, " is..." He said in a breathy tone, wonder and fear filling it in.

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