Story [The West Wing] Dynasty (Vignettes in the Mav-and-Bri-verse)

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    Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed!

    This Christmas I got the bed and my brother got put out on the couch! I am so glad!

    No crackers in bed!

    Elvie knows when to shut up... most of the time :p

    I love the idea of Noah making Donna a grandma first, and Uncle Marc just adoring her!

    I know for foster-parents, it is very much a random call and you suddenly have a new member of the family (at least in Canada, and through foster-parents is typically how Canadian kids are adopted - I know several kids who were adopted through this process), and I can see how that might be a frightening prospect “looming” over someone like Leo who just lost their father and is maybe not dealing so well. I think you kinda hinted at maybe Leo not dealing with Josh’s death so well in your diary (in going to Josie initially for comfort and not Marc) and I think my brain just decided to take that tiny bit of angst and just ran free with it (as it does with angst, I’m sorry!). In my head, I can see Leo just pulling “a Josh” and just freaking out about trying to be a good enough father when he knows he’s an emotional mess and doing something rash and pulling the whole plug on both the foster and the adoption idea (because international adoptions are quite long and an expensive process), only to regret it later on and thinking that he has hurt Marc and feeling guilty about it.

    Yeah, she's his best friend and knows when and how to hit Leo upside the head.

    I was worried that this a super-long and unnecessary head-canon to explain why Marc and Leo waited so long to become parents when they both wanted kids and are the best fathers (because, as you said, some people just wait), but the muse wanted angst, to show how far they have come in their love, and I think the idea of “unconventionally conceived” children may come up in my diary during Leo’s campaign, which will allow Elvie to go on a rant about children being attacked for political purposes.

    Leo is also just having a "I want babies now" moment.

    I love her too. She's an awesome friend to these hard-heads (meaning Leo and Elvie).

    I love Marc's and Leo's relationship so much. They just know, despite all the crap in life, that they love each other and try their hardest to understand. And, yeah, Marc is one step ahead of Leo in knowing Leo's emotions before Leo does.

    This may have all been an elaborate set-up for a Canada joke (I kid, I kid).

    Oh I'm sure it is both fun and exhausting to have little ones at Christmas.

    I just had to give Donna a nod and I think it is so sweet that Elvie would name his daughter after her, but then no one will actually call Donnatella Santos by her full name (kinda like Elvie's total adoption of his nickname)!

    BWAHAHAHAHA! YES! I love it when I make people fear for their keyboards! (Sorry, not sorry!). My dad would pull the whole "I can't; I'm blind" thing all the time and it was SO ANNOYING!

    Bwhahaha! I apologize to the boyfriend (except not really since he started all this!

    And, I think with his father campaigning for president, JJ deserved to get everything he asked for!

    BAHAHAHA! Except maybe not a emoticon of that :p

    I just loved it too! Leo is just so caring and thankful for his kids (much like Josh was) he just wants to do right by them!

    I'm so glad you liked these.

    I'm now moving onto your fic-gift(s)! I totally intended to start posting these a few days ago, but then the update and life kinda got in the way. I hope you like them!
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    Title: What Makes Us Family
    Timeframe: December 2020
    Characters: Leo Lyman, Elvie Santos, Josh/Donna, Matt/Helen, Abbey/Jed, Noah, Abi, Sam, and Josie.
    A/N: This is one of two completely separate fics for Mavjade for our own little “Mav-and-Bri-‘verse fic-gift exchange” (see request below). This is the actual serious one (though it isn’t that serious - just not a complete crackfic like the next one will be!). You asked for “Anyone! Everyone!” so I tried to fit most of the family in here (within reason).

    1. This gif to happen in our West Wing 'verse:
    (Josh doesn't have to cut his thumb off, though)
    2. Awesome dad! Josh and/or Matt, but it doesn't have to be to their own kid(s).
    3. An old homemade quilt

    Characters: Anyone! Everyone!
    I don't want: Anyone truly angry. (Yes, I'm totally stealing that from your request.)

    Decades after the events of December 2020, President Leo Lyman would remark:

    My grandparents were all those that gave me wisdom. My parents are all those who gave me comfort. My brothers are all those who give me support. And my sisters are all those who, let’s face it, get me into trouble. We are not related by blood and we have a number of last names: Lyman, Bartlet, Seaborn, and Santos. But we are family in every meaning of the word. Our shared experiences, our fights, our memories, and most importantly our love, is what makes us family.

    * * *

    Sure it snowed in DC, but it never really accumulated to the point where kids (of all ages) could have snowball fights or build snow forts. It was mostly just wet and slushy, not like the fluffy snow in those cheesy Christmas movies. So, when it was announced on CNN that a huge blizzard had hit Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, covering the city in almost a metre of snow, just a DAY before the President of the United States was set to travel there for an arctic sovereignty conference, the two occupants sitting on the floor of the living room of the White House Residence looked at each other and nodded.

    Josie Seaborn and Leo Lyman had been bored out of their minds. It was December 23rd and they had been out of school for a few days and Hanukkah had been earlier in the month. It was simply soggy and raining in DC and all their parents were still working, getting stuff done so they could spend Christmas with their respective families. The Seaborns were going to be flying to California Christmas Eve while the Lymans were just going to be hanging around at home in DC (they had already gone to and returned from seeing Grandma Miriam in Florida for Hanukkah), so Leo and Josie were hanging out while they could. It was better to be bored together than bored alone. It was Abi’s and Noah’s 5th birthdays tonight, but their party with their friends had been last week, so it was just going to be a small celebration with the Lymans and Seaborns, nothing much for Josie and Leo to look forward too (besides pizza and cake).

    But this changed everything… well, at least their plans for tomorrow. In unison, the 10-year-olds got up off the floor, leaving their card game behind and ran through the White House and into the West Wing. They stopped out side of the curved wall and waved at Ginger, the executive secretary.

    “Can we see my Dad, please?” Josie asked.

    Ginger nodded and waved them in.

    President Sam Seaborn was alone in his office, working on something at his desk. He looked up at Josie’s sweet smile and simply said, “Uh, oh.” He then took a deep breath in and called, “JOSH!”

    A few moments later, Chef of Staff Josh Lyman entered, putting on his suit jacket. He aways wore his jacket in the presence of the President, something he had taken from the late Leo McGarry. He looked at his son and Josie and his shoulders slumped. “What did you two do now?”

    “Nothing,” Leo answered.

    “We were just wondering if we could travel with you guys to Ottawa tomorrow,” Josie said, hands behind her back, twisting her ankle so her knee swung inward. “Please?” She cocked her head. “Leo wants to see his mother’s homeland.”

    Leo glared and Josie just ignored him.

    “Do you two really think you can sit through a 3-hour meeting with Prime Minister Aitkin?” Josh sighed, but he looked at Sam out of the corner of his eye. “Because I don’t think I can. Hey, maybe they can attend instead of us and we can finish our Christmas shopping.”

    “First, I want to know their qualifications on the subject matter,” Sam asked, leaning forward on the Resolute desk, his hands clasped. “We already have First Nations groups and experts in Northern Affairs who will be attending. Not to mention a former US President as an climate change advisor. Santos dealt extensively in the area, but I know Ms. Josie and Mr. Leo were present for the second half of his administration.”

    Leo and Josie were rolling their eyes at their fathers’ antics, but the mention of the name perked their interest. “Tìo Matt will be there?” Leo asked.

    Josh nodded. “He’s probably going to be bringing Elvie too.”

    “Oh, please can we come?” Josie begged. “It would be the best Christmas gift ever!”

    Sam shrugged. “Yeah, sure, there’s not much on the agenda for tomorrow anyway. It’s Christmas Eve after all.”

    Josie raised her fists in victory as Josh said, “Just don’t make us regret re-uniting the Three Musketeers on foreign snow.”

    * * *

    “This isn’t fair!” Josie laughed as she was pummelled with snowballs on the lawn of Parliament Hill. Leo and Elvie were showing her no mercy as they chased her across the snow. They were all soaking wet and cold, but none of them cared. Other than mittens, boots and jackets, none of them had any proper snow-gear. “You’re both half Canadian!” she yelled. She tripped and fell into the snow. She rolled onto her back and raised her arms in surrender. “You both probably have ice running through your veins! Did you really have to gang up on me!”

    Elvie continued to throw snow as he ran ahead of Leo. “Because I know how ‘special’ you normally get treated,” he said, now towering over her. The 11-year-old’s father might have been retired as President when he was 5, but his peers always treated him a bit differently - he was the kid who people had tried to assassinate when he was still in his mom and was the only kid in school who had a Secret Service agent follow him around. Kids would tease him, saying no one wanted to hang around him or else they were going to be “collateral damage”. He had some friends at school, but he only really got to be “normal” when he got the rare opportunity to see Leo and Josie.

    She smiled up at him. “Because I am special.” She then got him in an ankle lock and pulled him down. He screamed as he lost his footing and fell on his butt next to her.

    Elvie scowled. “Yeah, in more ways than one.”

    “Wait up guys!” Leo said as he tried to run through the deep snow. He tripped and fell on his face.

    Elvie and Josie didn’t feel too bad for laughing at Leo’s misfortune, since the snow wasn’t packed very hard.

    “Josie! Leo! Leo-Vincente!”

    Elvie groaned at the use of his full name, but got up and hoisted Josie to her feet as she yelled back at one of her Secret Service agents.

    “Right here Melissa!” Making sure Leo was trailing (soaking wet) behind them, Elvie and Josie made their way to her.

    Mellissa, a blonde woman in her early 30s was speaking into her wrist-piece. “I have Serendipity, Jackalope and Renegade.” They all recognized their code names. She didn’t seemed alarmed, but she did begin to gently, yet forcefully give the kids orders. “Josie, please come with me and get in your Dad’s motorcade. Leo, wait with Leo-Vincente for his dad. His detail will take you to the hospital.”

    Leo, who had now caught up with his other two friends, was the first to look alarmed. “What? Why?” They then heard sirens and Leo and Elvie took off in that direction (Josie knew she had to listen and stick with Melissa or else she would never be let out of the White House again). They ran, off the lawn and onto the cleared walkway around the building, sliding on the ice. They made their way around the side of the building to see Josh Lyman on a stretcher being loaded into the back of an ambulance. He was sitting up but his white shirt was undone.

    “Dad!” Leo screamed, but he slipped on the ice and went down on his knees and palms. By the time he looked up, the doors to the ambulance were slammed shut and the vehicle was driving away. Out of the back window, he saw his dad looking concerned.

    Leo began to cry. He was so worried about his dad.

    Elvie was then at his side. “I… I’m sure he’s going to be okay,” he gulped.

    “He was shot!” Leo broke down as he saw Matt Santos rushing to his side in a big black peacoat.

    “No, he wasn’t Leo,” Matt replied, not seeming too concerned as he helped Leo stand and brushed off Leo’s pants.

    “Yes he was!” Leo insisted through his tears. “Before I was born. I found out a few months ago. I found out so Mom and Dad talked to me about it. They didn’t tell me, but I know my mom is still concerned about his pul-pulm-in-ry art-ry.”

    Matt sighed as a black SUV pulled up beside them. Elvie got in first, then Matt helped Leo get in. “Breathe Leo,” Matt told him as the Secret Service agent began driving. “Your dad’s pulmonary artery is fine. He just got hit by a SUV.”

    “WHAT?” both Leo and Elvie yelled.

    Matt held up his hand. “He’s going to be fine. Me, Leo’s dad and Sam were outside talking when news came that there was a skirmish in Kashmir. One of the agents came to us in an SUV to begin forming the motorcade, forgot he was driving on ice, and well, didn’t take into account the stopping distance and Josh didn’t get out of the way in time.”

    “Oh, my god,” Leo mumbled, putting his face in his hands.

    “The SUV wasn’t going very fast,” Matt assured Leo, rubbing his back. “He’s going to be fine.” Matt repeated. “He might have broken something in his knee, and he smacked his ribs pretty hard, but he looked pretty okay considering…”

    “Considering he got hit by a SUV?” Elvie finished for his father.

    Matt winced. “Yeah.”

    “Mom’s going to kill him.” Leo groaned.

    (To be continued...)
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    Yeah, it is here too. I know someone who has 7 kids, most of whom were fostered and then adopted. With several of them they got a call in the middle of the night asking if they could take an emergency placement.
    And I could totally see Leo to want to pull from that after his dad died. And yeah, I did write that Leo mostly turned to Josie, of course that was before Marc was fully formed and I loved him so much! So I love how you dealt with that. And don't worry, I always love angst!

    Hahahaha... no, not of that for sure! LOL! But I feel like I need the heart eyes at least!

    Oh man, I can't believe you've written two fics and this one is multi-part. You are too good to me! <3

    This whole opening is so beautiful, and so perfect for the family. Which they really are, family.

    No conversation needed. They've known each other so long, and been so close, they just know what to do. I love it!

    Hahahah... He already knows something is up, smart man! And he's not going to deal with alone, he's going to make sure Josh is part of the torture, be it their own or their kids.

    I loved this detail! That was always something I liked about Leo McGarry and how he drew the line between his friend Jed and the President. I love that Josh adopted the same thing not only because it was something Leo had done, but because now he's CoS for his best friend and he learned how to make that line from Leo.

    [face_laugh] Oh Josie, laying it on a bit thick, aren't you?! It cracked me up!
    And then how Josh and Sam play it was just perfect! I'm at work and was thankfully in the breakroom by myself because I was laughing so hard!

    Oh Josh, you'd think he'd have learned not to tempt the wrath by now! Or at least not tempt those three... well Josie and Elvie at least. :p

    *wraps Elive in a hug* Oh kiddo. :( But I love that he does have that, even if he doesn't get it very often. And he gets it with kids that really understand. Leo might not have had to deal with it all as much, but he's been around enough to know what it's like.

    Oh man, those are such good code names!! :D Just want to check, Jackalope is Leo and Renegade is Elive?

    *wraps Leo in a hug* (Might as well get Josie in this hug too, I don't want her to feel left out! :p ) My Leo. =(( That would be traumatic to see for any kid his age, but after so recently learning about his dad getting shot, I'm sure it was terrifying. And I'm sure this is something that's been building/he's been keeping to himself because he doesn't want his parents to know he knows and now that worry is spilling out.

    From outside the story, I love that you included this and that Matt was there for him! It really adds to the family aspect!
    And then Matt saying he just got hit with an SUV. :oops: Well, I mean I guess it is better, but I don't know that was the way to put it. But it made me laugh!

    Yes, yes she is! LOL.

    I LOVE it!! Thank you so much! I can't wait to read the next part!!
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    Good, because the muse has been mulling over that bit ever since I've really started to write Marc and I think it is finally time to let it out.

    I agree. I think we also need a 'melty' smiley.

    Actually they both are 2 parters, but I'm not sure the second fic-gift really counts as me being good to you :p

    Thank you. There are probably very few people who understand what it is like to grow up/live in the White House, so I think these guys really are a type of family.

    Yup :D

    Oh yeah, Sam picked Josh as his CoS for a reason.

    Yeah I loved that bit of character of Leo and I think Josh would have totally adopted it.

    Josie just cracks me up. She knows what she wants and how to get it.
    And I just love Dad!Sam and Dad!Josh and they just play off of each other so well. I gotta write more of them!

    :p This is Josh we are talking about.

    Yeah, I remember being that age. Kids can be merciless about ANYTHING that makes you different and I can see a former democratic president's kid growing up in a more republican state, who still needs a member of the secret service following him around, really not having a good time someday. But Leo and Josie understand and Elvie understands their lives too.

    No, actually Elvie is Jackalope (a callback to my diary) and Leo is Renegade (but I totally agree that the other fits them better, and that may become a joke). I was actually so stuck on Leo's code-name because family code names typically all begin with the same letter and I gave Josh the code-name "Rampage", so I could see the Secret Service naming the first little baby Lyman "Renegade" (followed by the twins: Rebel and Rogue) event though it totally doesn't fit him later on. But like the night after I posted this I was like "DAMMIT! I should have just ignored the alteration and given Leo the code-name "Lionheart" (damn me and my factual brain!). So I might have to do some retconning and change Leo's code-name once he becomes the Presidential nominee [(though in my head, Josh's Secret Service agent when he's COS to Sam (Jack from your diary) becomes Leo's head Secret Service agent (the math actually kinda works)].

    This was a bit of a callback to the first(?) Leo Lyman story where he learns about his dad's PTSD.

    Thanks, my head-canon is that former-president Matt became like a really good dad (to all these kids because he's the one who has all the time for them :p ). But yeah, he could have phrased the news a bit better! I think compared to all the past crises he has dealt with, Josh getting hit by a SUV is really no big deal.

    Oh yup.

    I'm glad you liked part 1! I hope you like the conclusion too!
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    Matt was on his cellphone, talking with Donna Moss-Lyman. “Donna,” he repeated as he paced down the hospital waiting room and adjoining hallway, “Josh is fine. They are just putting some pins in his knee. They told me they were just using local anaesthetic and something to relax him.” There was a pause and a slight pause. “Yeah, I know, I feel bad for the poor Canadian doctors too. So they probably won’t want to keep him here. It’s probably not worth it to pack up Noah and Abi and getting a flight up here. I can fly him back. Or, better yet, we are spending Christmas in New Hampshire. Why don’t you guys spend it with us? You three can….” Matt had now walked out of ear-shot and Leo was unable to eavesdrop, so he turned to Elvie, who was sitting next to him on the waiting room chairs.

    “Why are you guys spending Christmas in New Hampshire?”

    “Oh, yeah,” Elvie rolled his eyes but smiled. “Long story short, my mom was on the phone to Momma Abbey and complaining about how Miranda is spending Christmas with her boyfriend in Florida and Peter is spending Christmas with his fiancée’s family. Momma Abbey was complaining about the same thing: Ellie and Elizabeth are spending it with their in-laws and Zoey and Charlie were probably going to both have to work through the holidays - I guess the Deputy Chief of Staff probably will really have to work now. Anyways so, my mom sarcastically offered her godchild to replace her grandchildren and Papa Jed got so excited that Momma Abbey and my mom decided to plan this big Catholic Christmas.”

    By this time, Matt had returned. He was off of his cellphone. “And it looks like the Lymans will be joining us. Your mom, brother and sister are packing up and getting on a train. They’ll probably be there before us.”

    “Awesome!” Elvie exclaimed in excitement, but Leo still seemed half way between wanting to celebrate and wanting to cry with worry.

    Matt knelt down in front of Leo. “Your Dad is going to be just fine, but it might be a bit more of a wait. Why don’t you boys go, take my card,” he said, fishing out his wallet, “and take Jacob, Elvie’s agent,” he said, “Find a mall - I think the Rideau Centre is nearby - buy some dry clothes for yourselves and a pair of sweatpants and a hoodie for Josh. You shouldn’t be able to find a Roots and maybe grab Timmies or a poutine for supper. I’ll text you guys when Josh is out and ready to go.”

    “I didn’t understand half those words,” Leo deadpanned.

    “Well, then,” Elvie said, grabbing Leo’s hand, “Good thing my mother is Canadian. It’s time to give you a crash course in all things Canada.”

    * * *

    It was another 2 hours before Matt was let into see Josh. Matt quickly texted the boys, who were on their way back anyways, with the number of the recovery room, then went into see Josh. He was sitting up in bed, but his head was lolling and his legs were spread open. His left leg was straight and that knee in a brace. His green hospital gown was riding up.

    “Uh, Josh?” Matt asked.

    Josh looked up with a smile, then frowned. Doctors had probably given him something to calm him and make him… just a bit stupid. “Where are the boys? Leo! I saw Leo slip and fall.”

    “He’s fine,” Matt said, looking into Josh’s eyes and trying not to look down. “I just sent them to get some dry clothes and some food. They should be back any minute.”

    “The President? How’s the President…. And Donna. I should call Donna.”

    Matt rolled his eyes. “Sam and Josie got back to DC just fine. He and Charlie dealt with the impending crisis and told me to make you take a few days off. I called Donna-.”

    “You called my wife?” Josh asked with a hint of accusation.

    Matt sighed. “Yes, Josh. She was worried about you. I had to convince her not to come up over the boarder with the twins. Instead, she’s on her way to New Hampshire.”


    “Because Jed and Abbey want us all there for Christmas.” Matt then explained the entire situation.

    “That’s going to be a lot of people under one roof.”

    “The boys are so excited.”

    Josh smiled. “That’s all that matters.” He let out a deep breath. “Thanks, for, you know, everything.”

    Matt nodded in return. “Of course. After everything, we’ve basically become family now.”

    “Awww!” Elvie laugh as he and Leo leaned against the doorframe. They were both now in sweatpants and holding shopping and fast food bags. “You two going to hug now?”

    “Leo!” Josh sighed in relief.

    Leo held up his hand. “I’m not interrupting this bromance moment. You and Uncle Sam might deny your affection for each other, but you can’t deny this moment.”

    Matt scowled. “Says the two boys wearing matching sweatsuits.”

    “Just hug and it can all be over,” Leo taunted. “See, we are comfortable enough to hug,” he said hugging Elvie who squeezed Leo tightly.

    Matt looked down at Josh who was awkwardly holding his arms out for a hug. “I really don’t feel like getting into a battle of stubbornness with our sons.”

    Matt sighed and hugged Josh. As he did, he used the close proximity to fix Josh’s gown.

    Leo was then at his father's side, joining in on the hug, so Elvie had to as well.

    * * *

    A few hours later, Josh was using crutches to make his way out onto the tarmac, he was laughing and talking with Matt. Leo and Elvie were trailing behind, Leo had his father’s backpack slung over his shoulder.

    They finally reached a smaller hanger. “What kind of flight did your dad get us?” Leo asked, confused. He had only flown commercially and on Air Force One.

    Elvie frowned, then laughed. “No, when my Dad says he’s flying us to New Hampshire, he means he’s flying.”

    “What? Your dad flies a plane!” Leo asked in astonishment.

    Matt turned back and winked. “I was a pilot in the Marines, then I bought a small plane when I congressman. Really came in handy during the first primaries, didn’t it Josh?” He said, slapping Josh’s back.

    “I can’t believe I let you fly me back then and I’m still not sure what I’m doing,” Josh mumbled. “It’s a good thing Canadians are pretty liberal with the drugs.”

    Matt shook his head. “I have some more stuff to calm nerves on-board if you need it - Helen aways does.”

    “Yeah, probably with good reason.”

    “The Secret Service might not let me drive my own car anymore,” Matt sighed. Former Presidents can’t legally drive on public roads. According to Matt, it was the stupidest law, but he understood the reasoning: no one wanted to rear-end the former leader of the free world. “But they still let me fly,” he said as they reached his small plane and he pulled open the door.

    Josh looked back at his son. “You going to be okay?” he asked quietly. “I know you sometimes get nervous about things like this.”

    “ARE YOU KIDDING?” Leo exclaimed. “This is awesome. Tîo Matt, you are sooo cool!”

    Josh frowned. “What about me! I let you do your homework in the Oval Office.”

    Matt just looked smug as they boarded up the small set of stairs. “Leo, Elvie is normally my co-pilot, but I think he’d be okay with letting you have a turn.”

    Elvie nodded so Leo excitedly followed Matt into the cockpit. Elvie helped Josh sit down in the cabin with his leg out straight. “I’m going to fly planes, just like my dad when I grow up,” he announced to Josh.

    Josh nodded. “In the Marines?”

    “The Air Force,” he replied, doing up his seat-belt. “I want to bring stuff to people that need it.”

    “And if that doesn’t work out?”

    Elvie shrugged. “Politics?”

    * * *

    It was mid-afternoon when Josh hobbled into the large, yet homely kitchen in the Bartlet house, followed by Matt, Leo, and Elvie. The warm woods were now accompanied by strings of lights and garland. He could see out into the living room were there was a roaring fire in the fireplace and a huge twinkling tree flooded with gifts. Jed was in his recliner. Josh hadn’t really been exposed to Christmas growing up, but as a kid he would imagine what all the other kids would be doing during the winter break (not that he didn’t have fun with his family during Hanukkah - he had just always been curious) and he always pictured a scene like this.

    Abi and Noah were at the kitchen counter, standing on chairs in matching sweaters, using cookie cutters to cut out sugar cookies with Helen Santos. “Daddy!” they exclaimed, getting off of the chairs. They ran to Josh, but as soon as they saw that he was hurt and unable to pick them them up, they began to cry.

    “Way to go there, Tiny Tim,” Helen taunted as she scooped up Noah. “Not here for a minute and you already made Abi and Noah cry.” Matt picked up Abi and held her up to Josh so he could kiss her forehead.

    “Hey there now, Abi-Girl,” Josh said, using his nickname for his daughter. “No crying on Christmas Eve. Let’s go cuddle.”

    They all made their way to the living room and Elvie helped Josh onto the couch and put his bad leg up on an ottoman. Matt and Helen placed the twins on either side of Josh, then Jed Bartlet threw an old quilt off the back of his recliner and Abi and Noah covered their dad with the well-loved blanket in blues and greens, before getting under and tucking themselves in.

    Matt and Helen sat together on the other couch so Elvie and Leo sat on the carpet by the fire, finally feeling warm after their day in the snow.

    “Why do you two look like rats caught in a blizzard?” Jed asked, throwing the old black and grey quilt he was using at the two Leos.

    “Because Canada is awesome,” Leo said as he and Elvie wrapped the quilt around their shoulders.

    “No,” Josh grumbled. “Canada is a stupid place. Full of ice and mean doctors who drug you to shut you up.”

    “Daddy? You goin’ to be ok-ay, right?” Noah asked, looking up with Josh with big eyes.

    “I’m already better than okay,” Josh assured Noah. “I’m surrounded by people I love so much. Speaking of which, where’s Mommy?”

    “Right here, Josh,” she sighed, entering the living room with Abigail Bartlet behind her. Both women went to their husband’s sides and kissed them. “I’m going to kill you,” Donna whispered in Josh’s ear before kissing him again.

    “Everything worked out?” Jed asked Abbey.

    She nodded. “Yes, which, means, sorry Josh, you can’t complain to your wife about how mean her home country is. It’s all hands on deck in the kitchen and we need you to entertain the twins by yourself till supper.”

    Josh looked down at Abi and Noah. “I guess I can do that,” he said with a smile. “Why?”

    Donna explained. “Because we are doing Catholic Christmas tonight - Christmas dinner with all the fixins - then midnight mass at 10pm.”

    “I am down for the food,” Josh announced. “But don’t you think the twins are a little young to be out that late?”

    “It’s fine, we want to take them,” Helen said. “It’s been a few years since Matt and I got to have little ones sleeping on us during mass. Elvie is a bit too big to carry these days.”

    “Besides,” Abbey added. “They won’t be the only ones sleeping,” she said, glaring down at Jed. “Then we will come back here, we have sleeping arrangements all organized, open presents in the morning then we have reservations at Lee’s restaurant tomorrow for dinner.”

    “I told them about your Christmas tradition,” Donna began. “And when I said you and I would probably be taking the kids out tomorrow evening, Abbey and Helen insisted we all go.”

    Abbey nodded. “I was promised Christmas with all my little ones so I am getting Christmas with all my little ones, which means we do everything as a family. Include make this dinner,” she said, getting off of the arm of Jed’s recliner. “So let’s get this started. We got a turkey in the oven and a whole lot of food to finish making.”

    As everyone (besides Josh, Abi, and Noah) got up and made their way back to the kitchen, Josh began to laugh. “Victory is mine, victory is mine. The Bartlets and Santos are eating Chinese food on Christmas.”

    Donna rolled her eyes. “You did nothing in this but get hit by a SUV.”

    “And make a bunch of nobodies presidents.”

    “I wish I had been driving that SUV,” Helen mumbled.

    “Josh,” Jed sighed. “I swear, the only reason why we continue to put up with you is because you’re family.”

    Donna gave Josh another kiss. “And the only reason why I put up with you is because I love you.”

    Noah and Abi began fake-gagging at all the kissing. “Icky!”


    AN: 1. It’s actually true that the POTUS and Former-POTUS can’t legally drive on public roads. I use this again in another fic.

    2. I had to put Josh on crutches - I didn’t want to make my use of the gif super angsty for a holiday fic-gift, plus we have been calling my brother Josh “Tiny Tim” since his accident and it’s hilarious.
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    Sep 10, 2005
    :oops:I complete spaced on that! [face_love] The idea that he becomes Lionheart when he becomes the Presidential nominee.

    [face_laugh] And they'd probably put in a request for him never to come back to the country at all! :p

    Daaawwww..... That way everyone gets what they want!

    [face_love] Daddy!Matt!!! He knows Leo will just worry the whole time so he's sending them for a distraction so Leo won't get worked up. I mean I know he's had three kids so he's used to this thing, but I love seeing him act that way with Leo. And I loved Leo's "I didn't understand half those words." LOL!

    Bahahahaa..... I'm sure that's way more of Josh than Matt ever wanted to see!!
    And this does happen in the hospital all the time. I can't count the number of times I've had to cover people back up (almost always men) because they are giving EVERYONE a show.

    This whole conversation was so great! Josh is with it enough to be concerned about things, but not with it enough to distinguish between what needs his attention and what doesn't. His indignance at Matt calling Donna really cracked me up. Any other time he'd have not thought anything of it, but the drugs are making him stupid. And it's hilarious.

    [face_rofl] It was a touching moment, but this made it so perfect! I love that the kids acknowledge the bromances! I'm still convinced that Sam and Josh had a thing in the past, and I don't think anyone could ever convince me otherwise. It's the flashbacks in In the Shadow of Two Gunmen that really pushes it for me.

    Hehehe... awwww... <3

    It's such a small line but I'm so happy you included the backpack!!

    [face_laugh] It would be quite the shock to be getting on a plane and the pilot is someone you know. I don't know why, it just would be. I can't remember if I told you but my family has a friend who was a fighter pilot for the Navy and his family wouldn't fly with him because he learned to land on aircraft carriers and so didn't have the most gentle of landings. :p

    Poor Josh, being upstaged by Tio Matt! When you grew up around the Oval Office, it's really not that big of a deal... DAD! :p

    :_| *holds onto Elvie* But I love how his wanting to help people really comes out here and at his age.

    :( Oh no! But I probably would have had the same reaction when I was their age. It's hard being a little kid and not really understanding. Helen's Tiny Tim comment made me laugh so hard!

    [face_love] And I'll just be over here in my melted pile of goo. *happy sigh*

    Awww... I love that they are adding that tradition in, because they are all family!!

    [face_rofl] Oh Josh!! And that whole ending... perfect! :D

    Thank you so much!! I loved every word of this story! It was exactly what I wanted. I'll just be here grinning like a fool in the puddle of goo I've melted into. =D=@};-
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    Feb 25, 2010
    It's okay! I feel so stupid for not coming up with Lionheart!

    And thats how Josh ended 200 years of peace with Canada :p

    It's Christmas after all!

    I think like protip #4 of fatherhood is "quick! distract them"! And yeah, I love seeing Matt in his retirement now caring for all these kids - both his own and the Lymans and Seaborns! And, fun fact, all locations mentioned in Ottawa in this story [Parliament Buildings, a hospital - which I forgot the name of - and the Rideau Centre (a mall)] are all within a very short like 20 minute walking distance from each other. I know because I've done it. My US geography might suck but my Ottawa geography is spot on :p

    Probably, but this theme comes back again :p
    And I have a few friends who are nurses. I've heard horror stories. My one friend who is a post-op nurse has a favourite story which I can not begin to repeat, but I'm sure you have had first hand experiences.

    Thank you! that was exactly what I was going for but wasn't quite sure if I did. I love writing drugged up Josh.

    Elvie and Leo are in the longest bromance like ever and are totally aware of it and I love it. And OMG! I totally agree! [face_rofl] I don't know if Sorkin wrote SoTG in that way but Whitford acted it! I just totally agree that Josh and Sam had a past. Maybe that's why they can't acknowledge their bromance:p? Because they are too afraid of old feelings coming back up and causing a huge scandal.

    True bromance moment.

    I had to. the image of Leo carrying Josh's backpack was just too cute!

    Yeah, I bet it would be a shock (I just love BW's face when Josh realizes Matt is piloting the plane).
    That is hilarious!

    This, plus Leo and his Star Wars obsession probably means planes are waaaay cooler than the White House (at this age anyways!).

    I just had to add that gut twist. Matt probably blames himself so much for Elvie's accident and it just breaks my heart =((

    Oh yeah, I would have had the exact same reaction at that age too.
    But I love Helen and her digs at Josh.

    I love them sooo much! Daddy Joshie and little Abi and Noah [face_love]

    Of course! And it also shows the kids compromising and fitting everything in, something Leo and Elvie will need!

    I'm so happy you loved it! I had so much fun writing it![/quote][/quote]
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    Feb 25, 2010
    Title: Dreams of Turkeys
    Summer 2024; Summer 2033; December 2036; Summer 2055
    Characters: Leo Lyman, Elvie Santos, Josh/Donna, Matt/Helen, Rosamie
    A/N: Okay, first off, this the second of two completely separate fics for Mavjade for our own little “Mav-and-Bri-‘verse fic-gift exchange” (see request below). There will be an actual serious fic-gift (but my muse wanted this one first). This Is pretty much inspired by the Brooklyn Nine-Nine episode “Two Turkeys” and Mav’s fic “Be Lion Mettled”. Needless to say it is pretty much 100% crackfic and completely not my fault my muse NEEDED to write it. The set up somehow got REALLY LONG so I had to split it into 2 parts. It will all be better by the end.

    1. This gif to happen in our West Wing 'verse:
    (Josh doesn't have to cut his thumb off, though)
    2. Awesome dad! Josh and/or Matt, but it doesn't have to be to their own kid(s).
    3. An old homemade quilt

    Characters: Anyone! Everyone!
    I don't want: Anyone truly angry. (Yes, I'm totally stealing that from your request.)

    Summer 2024

    This was supposed to be a fun week with his oldest friends. His father had been invited to attend the 20th Anniversary of the Bartlet Peace Accord at Camp David since Matt Santos had helped foster the peace between Israel and Palestine along in its early days when he was President. Elvie had come along because he thought it was going to be a weekend of shenanigans with his oldest friends, Josie Seaborn and Leo Lyman - people he hadn’t seen in forever.

    Instead, Leo was avoiding Elvie and it was painfully obvious. Leo was even making up the dumbest excuses and dragging Josie off. Was Leo mad at him? Did Leo like Josie and was worried Elvie was going to steal her?

    Elvie was fed up with it. He was also getting tired of spending his time with his godfather. Elvie loved the older man, but if he had to hear the story of Jed Bartlet’s only trip to Finland as President one more time, Elvie was going to go insane.

    So Elvie ambushed Leo. Elvie had seen Leo go down to the lake in his swim-trunks. Elvie knew Leo’s pasty white skin could take a max of an half-hour in the sun before he would need to re-apply sun screen, so Elvie had bribed Abi Lyman to steal her brother’s sunscreen.

    It was only going to be a matter of time before Leo returned, so Elvie waited behind the door.

    When Leo opened it, Elvie lunged, knocked out Leo’s knees with by bringing his own foot up, around and behind. The martial arts classes at the gym were paying off. The result was Elvie sitting on Leo’s chest, pinning the younger teen to the floor.

    “Ah! Elvie!” Leo screamed in the commotion.

    “Why are you mad at me?” Elvie yelled in frustration.

    Leo’s face got rapidly pink, then full on red. Elvie could feel Leo’s heart beating.

    “I… I’m not… mad,” Leo stuttered out.

    “Then why are you avoiding me?”

    “BECAUSE I THINK I LOVE YOU!” The declaration was so sudden and vulnerable.

    “Oh,” Elvie simply said.

    Leo looked away. “And now I’ve ruined our friendship and you hate me.”

    Elvie rolled off of him. “No.” He stared down at one of his oldest friends in deep thought. He then decided to screw thinking and leaned down and just kissed Leo. It was a simple peck, but on the lips.

    “Okay, maybe Josie was right,” Leo mumbled in pure ecstasy.

    * * *

    Summer 2033

    Someone once said that pain was good; pain meant you were still alive. Whoever had said that clearly never had morphine on demand.

    As he woke from unrestful sleep, Elvie squeezed the hand holding his and groaned to get their attention. Elvie was unable to move his head. The way the doctors had immobilized his upper body, yet had done nothing to prevent him from moving his lower body, was freaking him out more than the memories of the fighter jet crash, just a few hours old now. Elvie didn’t know what scared him more: what hurt or what didn’t hurt. He still couldn’t move his toes. Every few minutes doctors would come in to ask him if he could feel things he couldn’t feel.

    Josh Lyman leaned forward. His face was long and tired and his white hair stood on end, backlit by the haze of lights coming in from the hallway. Elvie heaved a sigh of relief. Josh was awesome. Josh knew. Josh was not stingy with the blue button.

    “Elv? What’s up?”

    “More… morphine.” The request was weak, which made Elvie’s guts feel worse.

    “Yeah, of course,” Josh said, clicking the button at Elvie’s side a bunch of times. “Yeah?”

    The blur of pain and fear gave way to the blur of nothingness. Man, it worked fast. “Yeah.”

    “I just got a call from your parents about a half hour ago. They got a flight from Delhi to DC with a transfer in New York. It’s going to be tomorrow evening before they are here. But Donna is gone to pick Leo up from the train station. They should be back any minute.”

    “Leo?” This whole situation seemed familiar, but Leo hadn’t been a part of it.

    “Yeah, you know? Your boyfriend? He dropped everything and got on the first train he could.”

    “Shouldn’t have… done that.” Elvie closed his eyes in shame. Leo was about to enter his final year at Harvard Law. Leo had such a bright future. He didn’t need to be tied to someone who may never walk again, if Elvie even survived this.

    “Well of course he did. He’s Leo, son of Donna.”

    Elvie rolled his eyes. “Yeah… and he’s… going to stay with me… even if he doesn’t want to.”

    Josh looked at him, confused. “What do you mean? He loves you.”

    “He’ll stay… because I need him…. He can’t… he won’t… break my heart. But… I don’t want… to be a burden.”

    “Stop that right now, Elvie. He’s not going to want to leave you because you might have a long road to recovery, and he’s not going to stay because of that either. What if….” Josh clenched his jaw at the thought. “What if it was him in this hospital bed? Would that change how you felt about him?”

    “No… never.”

    “Then stop being an idiot and let Leo be Leo.” Josh sighed as his shoulders slumped. “Never thought I’d be giving this advice. He just loves you dearly: let him. Don’t complicate it.”

    Elvie let out an, “Okay.”

    They sat in silence for a few moments. Josh continued to hold Elvie’s hand as his eyes drifted closed.

    He then heard the door open, but Elvie didn’t have the courage to see Leo’s reaction to the mess.

    Leo’s voice was timid. “Oh… god. My love.”

    Wait. What? This was getting really weird.

    “He’s not in much pain,” Donna assured her son. Their voices sounded like they had stopped at the door.

    “And if he is, all he has to is get you to click this button and it’s sweet, sweet morphine time,” Josh said as he got up.

    “He’s awake?” Leo asked, still on the other side of the room.

    “He’s in and out,” Josh answered. “Look, Leo, he wanted me to tell you, he wants to break up.”

    “What?” Leo’s voice was horrified. “No… no.”

    Josh continued. “Some prideful bull about not wanting to tie you a life with a possible severely disabled man you never signed up for. He said something about you only liking him for his body.”

    “Hey!” Elvie exclaimed as loud as he could muster. He now opened his eyes to see Leo in a sweatshirt and jeans. He was holding a old handmade quilt - one that Helen Santos had made for Elvie’s father when he was in the Marines back when they were dating long-distance. It was huge, with a black and grey nordic design. Elvie loved that quilt, so when Elvie finally came out as bi when he was 18, revealing Leo Lyman had been his long-distance boyfriend for 3 years, Matt and Helen had given Elvie the quilt to give to Leo. Just the sight of that quilt just brought up so many feelings of love and support. “I never… said the… last part.”

    “No,” Josh scowled. “You just implied it, you ungrateful scum.”

    “Dad,” Leo sighed, running his hand through his hair. “Can you please take Mom home so I can be mad at my boyfriend in peace?”

    “Of course,” Donna said, dragging Josh out.

    Once they were gone, Leo slowly made his way to Elvie’s bedside, looking at the floor.

    “Leo… I’m sorry. I… just wanted you… to know… you can leave…. I don’t want… to be a burden-”

    Leo had crossed the room, taken Elvie’s oxygen mask off, and kissed him. “Now that I’ve shut you up,” Leo said, replacing the mask. “I’m mad at you. I know you’ve just had a pretty crappy day, but my boyfriend just crashed a plane, so I’m an emotional wreck. So you are going to lie under this quilt with me and hold my hand and tell me you love me.” Leo had begun to spread half the quilt over Elvie. Leo then sat in the chair at the bedside and got under the blanket and slipped his hand into Elvie’s.

    “Well… seeing I obviously… don’t have a choice.”

    “No you do not. So tell me you love me and then shut up.”

“I love you.”

    “Good. Because I love you too.”

    * * *

    Summer 2055 (Reality)

    Rosamie Santos slowly woke from her sleep to see the rustic-chic interior of the cabin she and her family had been put in. They were at Camp David for the 50th Anniversary of the Bartlet Peace accords.

    She rolled over to see her husband in bed next to her, sleeping extremely still on his back, but mumbling, “More… morphine.”

    She sighed. Elvie rarely dreamed of his accident now over 20 years later, but it still hurt her to think how much pain he must have been in. She reached under the covers and softly turned off the gentle vibrating alarm of his smart-watch - Elvie rarely slept through his alarms telling him when to change sleeping positions, but Rose didn’t mind doing it for him.

    She pushed him onto his side, facing away from her, placing a pillow under his arm, then wrapped her arm around him, She fell back to sleep before Elvie murmured for “Leo” in his dream.

    Elvies dream will continue in part 2
  9. mavjade

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    Sep 10, 2005
    Canon accepted! Yeah, the way Josh looks at Sam in those flashbacks, how upset he looks when Sam says he's engaged, it's all too much just for a friend.

    OH. EM. GEE. I LOVE this so much!! At the start I was debating if it was an AU or something else going on.

    I really like the addition of the thought that maybe Leo liked Josie. It would have been really hard for Elvie in this situation, especially as a teenager.

    [face_laugh] And I could just hear Elvie's snarky comments on a story he's heard a million times! :p

    Haha! I doubt it took too much in the way of bribery! That was such a great plan because yeah... between Josh and Donna, none of those kids have any chance in the not needing much sunscreen department.

    Awww... Leo! [face_love] But yay for him being brave, even if it is Elvie being brave for him! :p Elvie kissing him made me so happy and realise I may need this AU in my life. But I love Rose and Marc so much! I'm so conflicted!!

    I loved this so much! That Elvie was thinking Josh understood and he liked that Josh was with him. And Josh was so sweet in his Josh way. Not that I expect any less, but I loved it.

    And this is where I was starting to think... dream?? It's always strange when you dream about things that really happened and then realize that something isn't right and you kinda realize you are dreaming. It's such a weird feeling, but cool too.

    That one sentence says so, so much. But he's also son of Josh who left his job in the lurch and flew halfway across the world. Leo learned love from so many places, but especially his parents and he'd not let anything get in his way.

    Oh Josh!! You just can't help yourself! LOL! But I loved the conversation he had with Elvie. I can understand where Elvie is coming from and I'm sure that fear is huge, but I also know that Leo would never be that way, and I'm pretty sure Elvie knows it too, he's just afraid because so much of his life is up in the air.
    Annnnd now I'm not only talking about the characters like they are real, but that their reactions in their dreams are real. [face_laugh]

    Oh how I love this so much!! [face_love] That Leo would automatically bring it with him, and how he just said they were going to cuddle up under it and that was that. No arguments, just love. *happy sigh*

    If this was anyone else, I'd worry that the spouse would be worried or upset about their husband dreaming about one of his best friends, but I get the feeling Rose is going to love this! And maybe even ship it! :p

    I can't wait to read part 2!!
  10. Briannakin

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    Feb 25, 2010
    Totally. Plus this gif?
    Come on? He fixed his tie. Practically a sex scene!

    I have a vignette I wrote back in like august that I still haven't posted yet that I AM TOTALLY ADDING SUB-TEXT TO.
    I am so glad you loved it. I was a bit worried because it is so weird. And I was purposefully vague about the AU/Canon status.

    Oh yeah, most awkward 3rd wheel like ever. 2 of my best friends dated in high school and it was so awkward and it only got worse after they broke up. But Leo and Elvie would never make Josie feel like a 3rd wheel (I say as if this is real and canon 8-}).

    Poor Elvie (and all the kids really), they probably heard all the same stories OVER AND OVER again.

    Bahahaha. No, it probably didn't take much bribery (I almost wrote that too!). And all the Lymans would need sunscreen and Leo would probably be super aware of all the horrible affects of the sun (and now I'm getting more plot bunnies).

    I know. You mention a moment later (Leo and Elvie cuddling under the quilt) that makes me want to write this AU of Leo being so supportive and there for Elvie as a boyfriend so much. BUT I also love Marc and Rose and would never want to see the Leos' (true) lives without them and Leo's and Elvie's bromance for the ages. So I get the conflict!

    Oh yeah, in my head canon, all that stuff (minus the Leo parts) totally happened. Josh was just there for Elvie immediately after the accident to give him endless morphine.

    YES! That is totally what I was going for but I didn't want to make it super obvious before the Rose scene. This is totally one of those dreams.

    Yeah, Leo is more like his dad than people think, even Josh.
    Oh yeah, Leo would never be that way and Elvie knows it, but (in the dream) he doesn't want Leo's life to change, not that it would, but Elvie is just scared about so much and sometimes it seems easier to face stuff like that on your own without having to worry about another person (not that Leo would let or make Elvie worry). It is so... complex, I kinda want to explore it more.

    BAHAHAHA! It's okay! I'm totally doing it too. It just goes to show how dynamic, complex, and real we've made these characters!

    Yes. I just love it too.

    BAHAHAHA! Rose would totally ship it!
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    Feb 25, 2010
    December 2034 (Dream)

    “Leo, sweetheart, you need to calm down,” Donna said as she stroked her son’s back as they stood in the kitchen of the Lyman house. Everything was decorated in blue and white lights and snowflakes, though Donna herself wore a red sweater and a Christmas tree apron. It was Christmas evening.

    “Yeah,” Elvie huffed as he set the dinning room table, wearing his new black button down shirt. “It’s not like our parents haven’t met before. They only ran the country together for 8 years.”

    “I know!” Leo yelled as he vigorously mashed the pot of potatoes on the marble counter. “But it’s the first time they’ll be together since we got engaged, your parents are flying all the way from Houston on Christmas, just to have dinner here,” he then swung the potato masher in the direction of the hallway where his father was standing, “AND MY DAD ISN’T EVEN WEARING PANTS!”

    Josh Lyman, in his blue button down, underwear and socks shrugged. “Not my fault my pants aren’t dry yet.”

    Leo groaned so Elvie wrapped his arms around Leo’s legs. “Breathe. As long as no one ends up in the hospital, it’s a good Christmas by my family’s standards.”

    “Mine too. And that what worries me.”

    Abi Lyman then entered the kitchen. “They’re here,” she said, leading Matt and Helen into the chaos.

    “Nice legs, Josh,” Helen said as she hugged Elvie. She then hugged Leo and Donna.

    “Dad! Please put some pants on,” Leo railed as he hugged Matt.

    “Oh, don’t worry,” Matt laughed, hugging Elvie. “Not like Josh or Donna never saw me in my boxers.”

    “Yeah but your legs are much less blinding when the light reflects off them,” Donna said with a laugh as she hugged Matt.

    “Okay, now this is getting weird,” Elvie said, putting up his hands, as if this who situation wasn’t weird, like some sort of dream. He was marrying Leo Lyman? Did this really make any sense? “You guys are supposed to be arguing over wedding plans or being weird and awkward about this whole situation.”

    Josh shrugged as he finally retrieved his pants out of the dryer. “We were the ones to make same-sex marriage legal.”

    “But we do have one thing to settle,” Matt said, hands on his hips. “Who gets to carve the turkey?”

    * * *

    Summer 2055 (Reality)

    The sound of helicopters woke Rosamie from her sleep (apparently she was getting no sleep tonight; and here she thought Camp David was supposed to be a place to rest). She sighed to see Elvie’s breaths become more rapid. She normally didn’t pity her husband but it seems as though this wasn’t going to be the best night’s sleep for him either.

    It was the sound of helicopters that brought the memories of his fighter-jet crash back to him in vivid flashbacks. It wasn’t so bad now - especially now that he was Vice President and hearing Marine One or Two was a weekly occurrence - but back when they first met, the sound of a helicopter would send him into full blown panic attacks. For it was on a helicopter where he had fought for his life. After he had crashed, he had been airlifted from Beoing Air Force Base to Walter Reed Medical Centre. During the airlift, the adrenaline had worn off and as he put it - being in the air again after crashing to the earth and going into shock was not a fun experience.

    Rosamie shifted in the bed and was about to wake her husband when his breathing became calmer and he began to murmur, “Thanks, Dad… thanks, Josh.”

    So she left him be. He was with loved ones no longer here. They could comfort him and maybe she could get some sleep.

    * * *

    December 2034 (Dream)

    Helicopters. The deafening wooorrrr seemed to come out of nowhere in this context. But his confusion didn’t stop his chest from tightening, collapsing in on itself, much like the world around him.

    The festive kitchen full of wonderful smells and laughing became a stretch of wet tarmac, sticky with blood. He couldn’t breathe. This bizarre dream was turning into a nightmare.

    Then, a hand at his back, and two more held his own hands. “Matt, help me lay him on the floor. It will help.” Josh’s comforting voice. Loving hands helped him up, rolled away his wheelchair and it was just him, his father, and one of his best friends’ fathers on a hardwood floor. Elvie felt vulnerable and loved, like a little boy.

    “Just count your breaths,” his father was saying.

    “You’re with us, your home,” Josh assured him.

    And Elvie’s breathing returned to normal. “Thanks Dad, thanks Josh. Now, can we eat?”

    * * *

    They were all seated at the table like one chaotic family.

    “This isn’t even fair,” Matt pouted from the head of the table. “This isn’t even his holiday.”

    “Now, now,” Helen said as she sat at his side, patting his forearm. “You got the head of the table; he got to carve the turkey.”

    “Yes, and for the last time, you two are splitting the wedding,” Elvie said sternly.

    Josh was sharpening the carving knife. “As long as your last names are Lyman-Santos, it’s all fine.”

    “No, no, no,” Matt protested. “I thought we all agreed, Santos-Lyman sounded better.”

    “Hey,” Elvie said. “I’m the poor smuck who is going to have to write out four names.”

    “And I’m the poor smuck who has to say ‘Hi, my name is Leo Santos-Lyman and this is my husband, Leo-Vincente Santos-Lyman.”

    Elvie put his head on Leo’s shoulder. “You love it though.”

    Leo smiled. “I do.”

    “All that’s nice,” Josh said as he started to carve the bird. “But we still haven’t decided what sort of wedding it will be: Jewish or Catholic.”

    “Dad,” Leo said in a warning tone. “Can we please not have this conversation over Christmas dinner?”

    “That’s what I’m saying! Everything is Christianized now! Why didn’t they come for Hanukkah?” Josh ranted.

    “Because we all had to work,” Elvie reminded Josh.

    “Josh, be careful-,” Matt began to say.

    Josh furrowed his brow. “I’m not going to be careful. I don’t work for you anymore, Matt. Our sons are getting married and Leo’s will likely be the only marriage I get to see and I don’t want it some boring, long winded-.”

    “Josh! Your hand!”

    Matt’s warning came too late. Josh efficiently sliced his thumb off. Blood squirted everywhere. “Wow, I think that’s bad,” he murmured before fainting.

    * * *

    It was a few minutes of pure chaos followed by hours of waiting, but finally, the rest of the family was let into Josh’s hospital room. Donna was already at his side, being the only one who had been allowed in the room while they re-attached the thumb.

    “He’s fairly drugged,” she stated the obvious. Josh was sitting in the bed in a hospital gown, head lolling, his hand wrapped in gauze, and legs spread open (everyone tried to avert their eyes, which was harder for Elvie who was unfortunately had it directly in his line of sight).

    “Hey guys!” Josh said. He then smiled up at Matt. “There’s my guy. Thanks for getting the doctors to see me so fast.”

    “Ah, well, anything for my former Chief of Staff,” Matt said as he turned to hug Donna. “How you holding up?”

    Josh interrupted. “Hey, I’m the one who cut off a thumb.”

    “Yes,” Leo said, hugging his father. “And while you were getting it re-attached, we were coming up with wedding plans. Both religions will be represented, but we called Uncle Sam and he’s going to get licensed and marry Elvie and I at the White House.”

    Josh smiled. “Where it all began.” He turned to Matt.

    Matt returned the smile. “Yeah.”

    “Come here,” Josh mumbled. “Give me a hug. Hug me. Hug me.”

    “Okay, okay.” Matt grinned as he hugged Josh.

    “Our sons are getting married!” Josh exclaimed.

    Summer 2055 (Reality)

    Elvie woke from his dream, startled. Breathing heavily, he began franticly feeling around in bed while he also tried to sit up in the darkness. As his eyes adjusted to the moonlight coming through the large windows, he noticed an arm around his waist. He did his best to turn and sighed in relief when he saw it belonged to his beautiful wife and mother of his children, Rosamie.

    Elvie took a few more deep breaths, leaning on his elbow, and tried to process the dream. Did he, upon finding out that Leo had a crush on him as a teenager, regret that Leo didn’t act on it? No. No! Elvie had always thought of Leo as one of his best friends. Sure, Elvie thought of sexuality as a spectrum, and while he wasn’t “as straight as an arrow”, he wouldn’t really consider himself bisexual. Maybe openminded, but very, very married. Okay, sure, if there was some nuclear apocalypse or if he was stranded on a deserted island and he couldn’t have Rose by his side, Leo probably would be on Elvie’s list of people he wouldn’t hate to be in that situation with, both as a friend and a potential source of emotional comfort.

    Maybe Elvie regretted not exploring more in his youth? He had been kinda a nerd and never seriously dated in school (he didn’t have much time for the drama of teenage girls or boys). He had worked hard in post-secondary school, then joined the Air Force. Then the accident of course, then Rose had come along and he had fallen in love.

    No. No. He shook off this miniature mid-life crisis caused by some stupid dream. He loved Rose not because she was female or Catholic, but because she was brutally honest, loving, passionate, intelligent and was willing to let him be Vice President while also knowing he sometimes needed help changing positions in bed.

    And the sex was great.

    What did the dream REALLY mean? It meant that Elvie really should not have had that third glass of scotch and a turkey sandwich before going to bed. Or maybe he was feeling bad for mocking the President when Leo had confessed of his teenage crush?

    Nah. It was definitely the turkey sandwich.

    Elvie began to extract himself from the blankets and pillows when Rose began to stir.

    “Elv?” she murmured.

    He twisted his upper body and kissed her gently. It felt so good, so right, to have his lips on hers. “Shhh… shhhhh…. Go back to sleep.”

    She yawned. “You alright?”

    “Yeah. Just a… weird dream.”

    “‘Bout what?” she looked at him with a tired face, but concerned eyes.

    “About you marrying a dentist.”

    She laughed in the darkness and rolled over to drape herself top of him. “My life would have been so much easier with Dr. Graham.”

    “Yeah, but not nearly as fun.”

    “Probably true.”

    Definitely true. Now, you wanna get off of me? I want some water and fresh air.” And maybe some bleach for my brain, he mentally added.

    “You sure your okay? You were mumbling for morphine earlier.”

    He hoped to God that was all he mumbled for. He would have told her about the dream, she would have gotten a laugh out of it, but maybe too much of a laugh, she might even ‘ship it, and with her big mouth, that was the problem. He wanted to be able to look at her again without her laughing at him. “Yeah, yeah. Bit of a flashback but I’ve had much worse. Mostly just memories of my dad and Josh helping me through the early days.”

    She seemed to like his answer, so she began to roll off of him, but he got another kiss in and he decided she was much more refreshing than water.

    AN: I thought about Rose finding out about the dream (and she still might), but all I could imagine her reaction as being hysterical laughing then running to tell Marc and that would have just gotten out of hand.
  12. mavjade

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    Sep 10, 2005
    Oh yeah, that whole scene definitely adds to it! The tie fixing! Those flirty grins!
    Sub-text... YEEEESSSS!

    Oh man! I was literally laughing out loud the entire time I was reading this!

    Bahahahaha.... hahaha......*deep breath* hahahaha.....
    I love that you used this from Brooklyn 99. That part made me laugh so hard and that you used it here was perfect! It was so cute how Leo was flipping out even though their parents had known each other longer than they'd been alive.

    That is a legitimate worry, and not just because it was prophetic.

    [face_laugh] Snarky Donna is the best!
    This whole interaction about Josh's legs was great! It really goes to show how well they all know each other, and it was hilarious.

    Wow, yeah, I imagine that would certainly add to a trauma. Nothing like just surviving something that awful and then having to go right back to it to save your life. I love how this part from reality slipped into his dream, and even though it didn't make sense in the dream, it didn't matter... because dreams are weird like that.

    Awww.... :_|=((
    That's such a sweet thought! [face_love] I love that she knew he'd be okay with Matt and Josh, even if it was a dream.

    This was so beautiful! I couldn't pick just one part of it to quote because it all was so perfect. Matt has the experience since it's his son and Josh has the personal experience, so they make the perfect team to help Elvie. [face_love]

    [face_laugh] This whole conversation was cracking me up! Between the arguing about holidays/religions and names, I was laughing so hard. They are such a family!

    [face_rofl] This is where I started laughing like a crazy person. Poor, poor, Elvie. There is only so much you can handle of seeing someone in your family, in the boxers was probably okay, but this is just too much! The mental image of this scene was hilarious, I had to pause reading for a moment I was laughing so hard.

    Awww... this was so cute and awkward! I love it!

    Hahaha.. yeah, I bet that would be a relief! I love how Elvie then went on to doubt himself. It was a cute little mid-life crisis. I have no doubt that he loves Rose, but his wondering where that dream came from was so great!

    HA! Of course it wasn't making fun of the President!

    I love your call back to Rose's first crush! :D

    Oh yeah, she'd never let him live it down. And like you said in your note, I could totally see her running right to Marc and the two of them laughing about it forever. And I may need that in my life. :p

    This was so awesome! I loved it so much and I laughed so hard!! Thank you for writing both ideas! [:D]
  13. Briannakin

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    Feb 25, 2010
    Ohhhh, it's in there now!
    Oh, as soon as you sent me the gif, my muse went to a re-write of that episode using our universe (or at lease something resembling it) and there was no way I wasn't going to write it.
    Yeah, seems very apt for these families.
    Donna's snark is just great and the whole leg interaction just shows how close they all are. I think after the stress of running a country, they would all just hate each other or be so close that they'd have jokes only they find funny. And fortunately (or maybe unfortunately?) it's the latter.
    Yeah, I can't imagine how frightening and how helpless one would feel in such a scenario.

    And, yeah, I really wanted that scene with Elvie, Josh, and Matt, but I couldn't figure out a way to make it make sense, but then I realized it was a dream and it really didn't need context in the dream.
    As... difficult as they can be, I love it when I dream of my father. It's just... hard to put words to. It rarely happens, which is good because they affect me so deeply and they bring up so many emotions - both good and bad, but it's a small comfort to be with him again, even if it is a dream and I know it's a dream while I'm having it.

    Thanks. In my head, I think Josh, in our "real" canon (if that makes any sense), flew to Houston to help Elvie when the psychological aftermath of the crash hit him.

    They are so much like in-laws and it cracks me up and makes me want more of this "AU"

    Being at crotch height sucks [face_plain]

    I had no idea how to get them to hug, so I just went with the scene right from Brooklyn 99.

    Oh yeah. And yeah, he was just trying to figure out his feelings towards a dream that just made no sense, and just overthinked what was just a weird dream.

    Noooo never.

    And yeah, as soon as I came up with that call back, I knew Rose wasn't finding out... at least not yet [face_devil]

    BAHAHAHA. You might get it because I might need it too. I just love Marc and Rose laughing at Leo's and Elvie's misery.
    You're welcome! Thanks for doing the exchange with me again. I loved both writing these and reading my own equally!

    Now, I'm finally going to try to finish up posting my backlog from the summer when my muse just kinda exploded. There's only 4, and one is a 3-parter, so I think I'm going to alternate them with my Marc and Rose diary updates. That is kinda taking up most of my attention, but I don't think I will abandon these vignettes all together. They are just so much fun and I still have a few half-baked and half-written ideas for stories that just won't fit in the diary.
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    Feb 25, 2010
    Title: Imogene - Part 1

    Timeframe: 2019

    Characters: Josh Lyman, Imogene Seaborn, Sam Seaborn, Ainsley Seaborn

    AN: Part 1 in a 3 part series. Part 2 is much more intense (but part 3 makes it better, I swear!), but this one really develops why Imogene didn’t turn out like the rest of the brood.

    Imogene Seaborn was her mother’s child, from her fair blonde locks to her formidable opinions - even at 4 years old. She was nearly always seen at her mother’s side.

    Which was why, when Josh saw the little girl in her green overalls, wandering the front lobby of the White House, he was confused. He approached her and smiled. Donna said he was great with kids, but he never believed her. “Imogene? What are you doing?”

    She turned, looking worried, then looked up at him and recognized his face. “Hi Uncla’ Josh. Mommy is in a meeting so she sent me to play. Josie is still in school and it’s rainin’ so I’m looking at all the pretty pictures.” She looked back up at a painting, probably from the late 18th century by the looks of the women’s dresses in the image.

    Josh was about to leave her be; she wasn’t disturbing anyone - it was a quiet, stormy afternoon - and her Secret Service agent was keeping an eye on her from a distance, when he got an idea. “I’m about to go see your dad. Want to come with me?”

    Imogene wasn’t exactly close to her father, being born just after he became Governor of California, and then Sam had, of course, run for and had become President of the United States - it was only logical for the girl to be attached to her mother, but Josh knew how much it pained Sam. On the campaign trail, Imogene had fallen and scraped her knee. The Secret Service hadn’t been able to find Ainsley, so they had given her to Sam, but she had just cried and cried until someone was able to locate Ainsley. Josh was going to try to show Imogene how much her father loved her.

    Was Donna right? Was he good with kids? Who would have thought? Either that, or Imogene was just used to him.

    The girl seemed to consider it, when thunder suddenly rumbled in the distance. She looked scared. “No, I just want Mommy.”

    Her Secret Service agent - Alexandra - approached them. “Mommy is in a meeting. We can go back to your room.”

    Josh countered the offer. “Your daddy only has a meeting with me, and I don’t mind if you are there. In fact, I think we could use some Sunshine,” he said, using Imogene’s code-name.

    She perked up. “Okay, I guess.” On their way to the west wing, she asked, “Can Noah and Abi come sometime and play?”

    Josh nodded. His twins were the same age as Imogene and, other than her own sister who was 5 years older, probably her only playmates. Josh hadn’t realized how lonely growing up in the Governor’s Mansion, and now the White House, was. At least the Santos kids - Peter and Mirada - had already been in school when their father had become president. When the Santoses had their youngest, Elvie, while in the White House, at least the kid had some staffers’ kids to play with, namely Josh’s son Leo, and Josie Seaborn.

    Things would get better for Imogene once she started school - but in the mean time, Josh said. “Yeah, of course.”

    They were just a few feet in front of the Oval Office - Imogene was actually waving to Sam’s executive secretary, Ginger - when the power flickered. Josh immediately picked Imogene up and bounded into the room.

    “Josh? What the - ?” President Sam Seaborn said, looking up.

    The power then went out. The back-up power flickered on… along with the security system, which began blaring. Imogene began crying. Men in black suits entered. “Sir, power is out.”

    “Yeah, got that,” Sam said, rubbing his temple. “Probably from the storm.”

    “Still have to be on lock-down.”

    Sam nodded as the agent took his post at the door. Sam turned to Josh and Imogene. “And what is my little Sunshine doing on such a yucky day?”

    But the little girl seemed too terrified to hear. She clung onto Josh. He sighed and sat on one of the couches. “I found her wandering. Your wife is apparently in a meeting so I thought I’d bring her to brighten our meeting.

    Sam nodded, running his hand down her back. “Well my little Sunshine could brighten any stormy day. Wanna cuddle with Daddy?”

    “I want Mommy,” she sobbed, but she still allowed Sam to pull her onto his lap.

    Sam bounced her up and down. “Mom is in a meeting,” he said with a sigh. He wasn’t going to scare her by saying they were stuck here until the main power was back on.

    She tried to climb off his lap. “I don’t feel good.”

    Sam felt her face. “You’re not warm.”

    “I have a blanket in my office,” Josh said, getting up. He disappeared into his office using the door that connected the Oval Office to the chief of staff’s office. He returned with a quilt and put it over Imogene. Sam was still rocking her.

    “Daddy, please stop shaking me,” she grumbled.

    “Yes, geez. Sir, don’t give the poor girl shaken baby syndrome.”

    Sam gave Josh a look, but stopped. “Sorry, Imo, your sister used to love the Seaborn shuffle.” He turned back to Josh. “Why do you have a blanket in your office?”

    Josh quirked an eyebrow. “Do you honestly think I actually manage to make it home every night?”

    “We do have spare rooms in the Residence.”

    “Can I go back to the Residence?” Imogene moaned.

    Josh felt guilty. This had been a bad idea. “Do you want my iPad?” Josh asked, reaching for the device on the side table. He set her up with one of the games that Abi liked and that seemed to entertain Imogene for a few minutes, allowing Josh and Sam to discuss plans to expand “Santos Care” - the universal healthcare plan introduced by the Santos administration.

    “Daddy,” Imogene said, pulling at her father’s tie, “Do you know if Mommy is out of her meeting yet?”

    “No, I don’t think she is,” Sam said without looking at his daughter. “And please don’t pull my tie.”

    Imogene puffed out her bottom lip. “Can we just go see?”

    Sam sighed. “Sorry Imogene - we have to stay here.”

    Imogene began to whine, but she was interrupted by chaos. Two Joint Chiefs entered in full military uniform. “Sir, Mr. Lyman, the Chinese have reported major seismic activity in North Korea. We need both of you in the Situation Room.”

    “The lockdown?” Josh asked.

    “This over-rides it,” one of the members of the Secret Service said as Alexandra and Ginger entered.

    Sam got up and put down Imogene. “I’m sorry Sunshine - I have to go. Alex and Ginger will sit with you.”

    Tears welled in her eyes and Josh’s heart broke. “Please don’t go, Daddy. I’ll be good, Daddy. Please don’t go.”

    Sam kissed her head.

    On the way out, Sam whispered to Josh, “She’s my Ellie, isn’t she? She hates me.”

    “No,” Josh tried to sound convincing. “You’ll make it up to her.”

    * * *

    Sam - with Josh in tow - didn’t return to the Residence until late that night. Both men looked disheveled - their ties untied and their hair messes.

    Ainsley was lying on the couch, holding a sleeping Imogene. Sam wordlessly kissed his wife and scooped up his daughter. He carried the limp child down the hall.

    “Don’t be mad at your husband,” Josh began. “It was my idea to bring her to the Oval.”

    “I’m not mad at anyone,” Ainsley said, softly. “But Imogene was quite upset by the time I got to her. Sam knows Imogene is much more attached to me and we are working on it with her. I know you meant well, but she gets so upset when Sam has to abandon her, and it upsets him too.”

    Josh nodded.

    Ainsley got off the topic. “Sam called me and mentioned you might be sleeping here some nights.”

    “I don’t plan to make a habit of it, but Donna knows this life all too well.”

    “Good. You can sleep in Peter Santos’ old room. Upstairs - first door on the left. The decor hasn’t changed much.” The eldest Santos child had been 19 when his father had left the office, so Josh knew what to expect and didn’t care. It was much better than a couch in his office.

    “Did Walken really not change anything around this place?” Josh said, referring to President Glen Walken, the one-term Republican president that had preceded Sam. Walken had no wife and no children.

    She shrugged. “Bachelor president? No, practically nothing. Donna and I were laughing about it with Helen.”

    “Think he had it easier?” Josh asked. “Walken only had that damn dog to worry about.”

    “No,” Ainsley answered as if she knew. “I think it must have been lonely and uninteresting without family around. Speaking of which, I invited your wife and children over for dinner Saturday. I am instigating Saturday family dinners around this place.”

    Josh smiled. “That sounds nice. The kids will love it.”
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    Sep 10, 2005
    I ADORE the idea of this! [face_batting] - for hope of seeing this in the future! :D

    Oh I bet it does! This is one of those things that I think people don't think about (I didn't) that has to be awkward as hell at times.

    I should go get the tissues now, right? Just seeing her name makes me a bit sad so yeah, I'm thinking a whole box.

    I love all the little details about Josh you included here, details that are subtle but very telling. This that he doesn't think he's good with kids. He's so outwardly a confident guy, but inside there's a lot of self-doubt, especially when it comes to things that aren't politics. Another place that these small details stood out to me was:

    It was such a funny thing for him to say, clearly teasing Sam, his best friend for many years, but he still calls him Sir. I know we've talked about it before and how this is something else he probably got from Leo's example, but this one sentence really drives it home.

    This is such a normal thing for a kid to do, but I imagine it's heartbreaking for both parents. But especially Sam because he feels like it's his fault. Imogene is too little to understand why her dad can't always be there so she rejects him at times because she doesn't... trust him, for a lack of a better word.

    Bah ahaha... I love the stating the obvious from the Secret Service. It's quickly obvious he means more than just to announce something so obvious, but it comes across that way and is hilarious. So was Sam's response.

    I love this too. The idea that Josh doesn't make it home every night isn't surprising. But to again go to the line between Sam and the President, I don't think Josh would think anything of asking to crash at Sam's place if he needed to. But there's a difference in asking the President if he could crash in the Residence, even if he knows there is plenty of space.

    Oh my heart.... :_| Can I pick her up and snuggle with her?? I can't imagine having to walk away from that when she was already so scared, upset and not feeling well. It's the right thing to do, things going bad in NK is a bigger deal, but it doesn't make it more heartbreaking.

    I loved the scene with Josh and Ainsley. She's not upset and Josh didn't do anything wrong, it's just a crappy situation that's upsetting all around. (When Sam said Imogene is his Ellie it drove the whole thing home even further.) I love them having family dinners! It will be good for everyone, but especially Imogene. She obviously likes Abi and Noah and having them around will be nice for her.

    I love this, even if I know it's going to completely break my heart! (I'm conserving the heart break emoji to use constantly in the next part. :p )
    I can't wait to read more!!
  16. Briannakin

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    Feb 25, 2010
    I do too. I'm really hoping the muse cooperates. I have some loose ideas floating but not any real story yet.
    Yeah.... I have horror stories.
    Yeah. There will be happy tears too, I promise, but a whole lot of tears probably (I AM SO MEAN AND I KINDA HATE MYSELF).
    Yeah, He knows what he's good at, but other stuff he isn't so sure (and I think Leo is similar).
    Yeah, we've talked about this before, but Josh probably picked up a lot from Leo McGarry on how to navigate that complicated dynamic (and Josie probably picked up a lot from Josh). In one vignette that I have unfinished (because it is just too damn painful to write), President Seaborn is called Sam by a number of people, one being Josh and it just hits so hard.
    It is totally normal for kids, but unfortunately Imogene is in a situation that is anything but normal but she's too little to understand and Sam is just to important to let the other things go to give her the focus she wants and needs (so Ainsley gives it to her), so, yeah, she doesn't trust him.
    I had written this awhile ago and had forgotten how sassy Sam was!

    Yeah, this is exactly it. Thanks.
    I am so mean! Why am I so mean!
    Ainsley worked for both Bartlet and Santos - she knows this life and blaming Josh isn't going to do any good. Ellie was my inspiration for Imogene. But yeah, I think her having Abi and Noah around more will help her.
    Yeah, like I said, I'm mean and hate myself.
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    Feb 25, 2010
    Title: Imogene - Part 2
    Timeframe: 2034
    Characters: Imogene Seaborn, Sam Seaborn
    AN: Some mature topics in this one (this deals with sexual assault). This one is also quite long (just under 3000 words – sorry!) but I didn’t want to break it up because it didn’t read right). Part 3 is happy. I swear, I give Imogene a happy ending.

    Thunder cracked in the distance. Sam Seaborn saved the document on his laptop… and then chuckled. He was showing his age - he was now 73. He knew full well that if the power went, his laptop would still be able to work, but his computer habits had been forged in the 1990s.

    Shaking his head, he closed the word document. He had been working on his latest book - his memoirs - mostly out of boredom.

    Rain lashed the windows of the White House Residence kitchen as the former president got up from the table and put his plate in the sink. He was alone on this stormy spring evening. His wife, the current President of the United States, was in California - election year and all that. If she won, she’d be the first woman to be elected president of the United States. She had ascended to the position two years ago, but now she was going to win it all by herself. Of course Sam was supporting her… from a distance (having a Democratic former president as her husband was Ainsley’s greatest hurtle).

    Josie, now 24, was still at Princeton, working on her masters - in Political Science. Sam knew better than to phone her. She was probably working on her thesis. Sam refused to believe she did anything but work. Nope, his Josie did not go on dates; she did not drink; she didn’t go to parties.

    And his Imogene. Oh his Sunshine. Sam hadn’t seen her since Thanksgiving; hadn’t heard from her since Christmas. That was four months ago. She had turned 19 two months ago. Ainsley had apparently talked to her then, but Sam had been on a trip to Argentina as First Gentleman. Sam had called Imogene as well, but she didn’t answer, so he had left her a message. Imo was still angry. Her mother had become President right before her final year of high school. After Imogene had graduated last spring, she had ditched the White House, her Secret Service detail (which was frightening for Sam), and her parents. She had gone out to California to travel. She had backpacked up the west coast. Last time he or Ainsley had heard from her (it was actually through Josie), Imogene had been in Canada (which made sense with 19 being the legal age there).

    Sam wished Imogene had stayed in DC, or at least gone right to college. She was such a bright girl, she could have started her pre-med requirements anywhere. But Sam respected her need for distance. She never liked this life.

    Sighing, Sam sat back down at the kitchen table to send his wife a message.

    Hey Ains. Just sending you a quick text. Its stormy and fairly boring here, so I think I might just have a bath and head to bed. Yeah, it’s 8pm here and I am going to bed. I’ve officially gotten old. Love you lots. Love you forever. S.

    She’d see it when she could. When he was president, he always loved it when Ainsley sent him random messages.

    Sam set his cellphone down when it started ringing, vibrating on the table. Frowning, he picked it back up. The caller-ID read Sunshine. It was Imogene?

    Sam answered immediately. “Hello?”

    There was silence, save for the sound of rain, on the other end. Had she accidentally called him?

    “Hello? Imogene? Are you there?”

    There were four deep breaths. “Dad?” she sobbed.

    “Sunshine? What’s wrong?”

    She began crying. “I’m in Washington. I’m at the train station. I can take a bus if you let me in. I just want to be home.

    “Sunshine,” Sam sighed. “I don’t want you walking and taking a bus in this weather. I’m going to come. Just sit tight okay?”

    There was a quiet, “Okay,” before she hung up.

    * * *

    Sam convinced his detail that he only needed one agent to drive him to the train station. He didn’t want a driver, but, as a former president, Sam couldn’t legally drive on public roads - just one of those stupid laws.

    They went in an unmarked black SUV. Sam sat in the front seat, so he was able to see Imogene as soon as they pulled up to the station. She was alone, sitting outside on a bench. Her blue hiking backpack, black coat, and dyed brown hair were all drenched by the rain. He almost didn’t recognize his own child. Sam jumped out of the vehicle before the agent could turn it off. He hurried to his daughter’s side and put his black overcoat around her shoulders. He helped her up and grabbed her bag.

    Together, they got into the back seat. “Back home, please,” Sam told the agent. Sam then turned to his daughter. Imogene’s hair hung in front of her face as she looked at her hands in her lap. Sam hesitated, but touched her hand. “Hey there Sunshine. I’m glad you’re back,” he offered. He was never good at speaking to his youngest daughter.

    She nodded and then shivered.

    “What do you say to a nice hot bath when we get home?”

    She shook her head. “I need….” She shook her head more violently. “I need a shower.”

    “Okay.” Sam tried to sound encouraging. “A nice hot shower.”

    “Mom’s not home, is she?” Imogene sniffled.

    “I’m sorry, she’s not.” Jealous pangs rose up in Sam. After all these years, Imo’s favouritism still hurt him. “She’s in California so you can probably FaceTime her.”

    Imogene shook her head again. “No, no. Don’t want her to see me like this.”

    “Oh,” he said in shock. “Okay.”

    There were a few minutes of silence before Imogene started leaning on the window. “I think I’m going to throw up,” she murmured.

    “Oh, oh dear. Kyle, please pull over.”

    The driver did so and Imogene practically fell out of the car. By the time Sam got to her side, she had already vomited on the wet pavement. Sam crouched by her. “What’s wrong Sunshine?”

    She simply shook her head. “Been dizzy and nauseous all day.”

    “Then let’s get you home. Maybe you can crawl into my bed and I can make you a peanut butter sandwich?”

    She finally looked up at him with the smallest of smiles. “Yeah?”

    “Yeah.” Sam then looked at her eyes and, in the light from the interior of the SUV, he saw the bruises on her cheek and around her left eye. He gently cupped her face. “Sunshine? What happened?”

    She quickly looked away from him.

    “It’s okay,” Sam rushed to say. He didn’t want to lose her. “Home; shower; bed; and peanut butter sandwich. That’s the plan.”

    He got her back into the vehicle. She now sat in the middle, directly beside him. She rested her head on his shoulder.

    * * *

    Sam helped Imogene to the Residence and into the bathroom connected to the presidential suite.

    “You sure you don’t want a bath?” he asked her, grabbing two white towels and Ainsley’s bathrobe. He set them on the side of the tub.

    She shook her head, looking around. She headed for the shower, placing her hand on the frosted glass surrounding the enclosure.

    “Okay,” Sam said, turning to leave. “I’ll make your sandwich and get you some pyjamas.”

    “Thank you, Dad,” she said in a wet, trembling voice. She was still facing away from him.

    “Of course. You are my Sunshine. I’m just so thankful you’re back.”

    Sam left and went to the third floor of the White House, where Imogene’s bedroom was. When Sam was president, Imogene slept in the West Room, just across the hall from the president’s suit, but upon returning to the White House, Imogene had opted for one of the smaller bedrooms on the third floor. Of course, it hadn’t been occupied in months now. Sam entered and rifled through her dresser, finding a pair of underwear, an old t-shirt, and a pair of pyjama pants. He then headed to the kitchen. There, he made two peanut butter sandwiches, poured two glasses of milk and placed it all on a tray.

    He made his way back to the presidential suite and frowned when he still heard the water running. Sam was not a young man - traversing the Residence had taken awhile, longer than a shower. He put the tray down and knocked on the door. “Imo? I got your PJs. I’m coming in.”

    When she didn’t scream in opposition - something she would have done just a year ago - Sam entered, glancing around. He then saw her, through the frosted glass, sitting in a heap on the floor of the shower. She was crying.

    Sam’s heart broke.

    “Imogene?” he asked, crouching. “Can I sit out here?”

    “Yeah,” was the eventual reply.

    Sam sat on the cool tile. “Can I ask you some questions?”

    “I don’t want to talk.”

    One step forward; two back. He then thought of something he saw on some stupid movie. “You don’t have to talk. Just knock on the glass if you want to answer. One knock for no; two for yes.”

    There was a pause before she seemed so move positions. She knocked twice.

    Sam smiled. “Is the water still warm in there?”

    She seemed to chuckle. Two knocks.

    “Do you love your old man?”

    Two knocks. “He’s very, very old.”

    “Hey!” Sam exclaimed, laughing. “Do you know how much I missed having you around?”

    One knock.

    “Well, I did. I missed you a lot. I missed my Sunshine. It has been a hard year without you. Do you know how much I love you?”

    Two knocks. At least he did something right. “Yeah,” he said, “To the stars and back.” There was another long pause. “Did you get hurt, Sunshine?”

    Two heart wrenching knocks.

    “Is that why you’re home?”

    Another two. “Just wanted to feel safe,” she murmured. Sam barely heard her over the sound of the water running.

    Sam gulped, a million questions running through his head. “You are safe here. Do you want to get out of the shower and talk about it?”

    “You won’t tell Mom, will you?”

    Sam wasn’t used to this. He wasn’t used to Imogene placing her trust in him. “Not if you don’t want me to.”

    She nodded. “I don’t want her disappointed in me.”

    What did that imply? That Sam was already disappointed in her? Never. “Okay,” he said simply.

    She reached up to turn the water off.

    * * *

    Imogene sat on her father’s and mother’s bed, nibbling at the peanut butter sandwich. With her wet hair tied back, Sam could now see more bruises on her face and arms.

    After they were finished their sandwiches, Sam started with an easy question. “Where were you?” he asked. He was now in a pair of pyjama pants and a large t-shirt as well.

    “New York. I was staying with some friends.”

    “What were you doing?”

    “Being stupid. Partying mostly.”

    “That’s okay. You are allowed to have fun with your friends.”

    She shook her head. “I was drinking. I wasn’t paying attention. Someone must have slipped something into my drink.”

    Sam’s heart constricted. No. Not his little girl.

    “I… I don’t remember much. I don’t remember anything.” She looked away. “I woke up this morning, in a hotel room. I was alone, but naked,” she sobbed. “I don’t know what happened, Daddy.”

    “Oh Sunshine.” Sam was now holding her. He put her in his lap and rubbed her arms. “Did… did you go to the hospital?”

    She put her head against his chest and nodded. “They did a rape kit.” She wiped her face in her sleeve. “They helped me file a report - but don’t know what happened,” she said again. “I used a fake name.”

    Nothing would come of it. Whoever did this to her would get away with hurting his Sunshine.

    “They gave me a pill so I wouldn’t have to worry about getting pregnant. It’s making me feel so dizzy and gross. But I don’t have to worry about anything unwanted.” She sniffled, then quietly added. “I know what it feels like to not be wanted.”

    “Imogene,” Sam sighed. “I know I wasn’t around much when you were a little girl. And I’m sorry. You were young. I wasn’t supposed to become president when I did. I wanted to just dip my toes into the primaries, see if I could do it in the future. But then your Uncle Josh took me all the way. Then your mom wanted to run for congress and I wasn’t going to say no - that wouldn’t have been fair to her. Then Newell asked her to run as his VP. He wasn’t supposed to die. Mom was going to run, but that was going to be after. None of this went as planned and I’m sorry. But, you, Imogene, were planned. No kid has ever been more wanted than you.”

    “I know the story Dad. I shouldn’t have said that. I’m sorry.” Imogene knew the story of her birth quite well. Josie had come to their parents after just a single round of fertility treatments. But it had taken four for Imogene to be conceived. They had nearly given up, but Sam had pushed for one more and, on one sunny February morning, just as the sun was rising, he had gotten to hold Imogene for the first time. “But, it was hard for me, always having to go to mom, because I didn’t know how long you’d be around before you’d have to deal with the next crisis. I was close to Mom because I didn’t have you, or anyone else. And now I don’t have her.”

    “You have me now. I know I can’t make up for lost time and I don’t deserve a second chance to be a better father to you, but I want it. You somehow turned out to be a fine young lady, despite being screwed out of a normal life. You deserve a father.”

    “I’m going to have to get tested for diseases. Can you make the appointment and come with me?”

    “Of course. Do you want anyone else there?”

    “No. I… I just want to feel safe. I’ve realized I always feel safe with you.”

    “Because I love you.” At least he had something right as a father. “Is that why you called me?”

    She nodded. “Please don’t tell Mom or Josie. I don’t want them disappointed in me too.”

    “Imogene, I’m not going to tell anyone unless you want me to, but your mother and sister won’t be disappointed in you and I will never be disappointed. I love you Sunshine.”

    “But it was my fault.”

    “No,” Sam said, perhaps a bit to sternly. “No. Whatever monster did this to you deserves to rot, but you did nothing wrong.”

    “I should have paid more attention. I should have never gave up my Secret Service detail. People are going to say I was just acting out because I don’t like this life and I never have. Because I guess I was.” She was blaming herself and it just crumbled Sam. “It could have been so much worse. It was my fault.”

    Sam chose not to think of his own nightmare: his daughters kidnapped by terrorists, held for some ransom he was not allowed to pay. “You were hurt,” he said, gently running his fingers through the wet hair at her temple. “Nobody is going to think you did anything to be at fault. I certainly don’t. I love my Sunshine.”

    She nodded and began to cry again. Sam cried too as he held her close to his chest.

    After a long while he said, “I think it is time for you to go to sleep… mostly because your old man is tired.”

    Imogene looked up at him. “Well, he is very, very old.”

    Sam laughed. She laughed as well.

    He helped her lie down in the bed. He tidied up their snack, turned off the light, and got into the bed beside her. She snuggled up to him.

    “Sleep, Sunshine. Things will be better tomorrow.”
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    Sep 10, 2005
    Oh, Imogene.... :_|

    Hehehehe... this is such an awesome detail! Old habits die hard. And hey, it's not a bad habit to have, but it's sooooo Sam.

    This is such a dad thing! Poor Sam and his two daughters who never do anything. :p

    This is such a think for a kid her age to do, it's just at a whole different level because of who she is. But teenagers, even by that age don't really think about big consequences, or just don't care. Imo is a normal teenager in extraordinary circumstances.

    This just breaks my heart. She calls home and says she can take a bus if she needs to. Of course Sam isn't going to let that happen, but she's unsure, but still wants to be home. And that the White House is home because that's where her family is.

    [face_love] This is clearly something from when she is little, and it was the perfect thing for Sam to say. Things like that have a way of making us feel safe and loved faster than anything else.

    While I'm sure Sam feels waaaayyy out of his depth, he does such a good job! He doesn't push even though I'm sure he wants to know exactly what's going on, because his mind is coming up with all sorts of terrible things.

    [face_love] This was the part where I was sure that Sam hadn't completely lost her. I mean that she called him too, but this little joke says so much.
    The knock for answers was a brilliant idea! Sometimes saying something out loud is the hardest part, and putting the onus on the other person to say it can make it easier.

    =((:_|=(( Please excuse me, I'll be in the corner crying.

    He's in a really precarious situation here, because I'm sure Ainsley will figure out something's wrong, but if he does tell her, he will lose Imogene, probably forever. But Sam is the kind of guy that doesn't break a promise like that, and I'm sure somewhere in her mind, Imo knows that.


    I'm so glad she went to the hospital. But it is so sad that she knew it was a better idea to use a fake name because even though it would be illegal for it to get out, it would somehow.

    =(( My heart is going to just break into a million pieces. :( They've had such a misunderstanding for so long, and even though I'm sure she now understands intellectually, feelings aren't always rational and they are sometimes hard to let go.

    Awwww.... At least there is that going for them!! [face_love]

    As terrible as it is, she's right about what people would say, at least if it were to be something right now. Hopefully in the future victim blaming will be a thing of the past, but I'm not going to get my hopes up. And I wouldn't be shocked if people didn't try and use it against Ainsley, too.
    I hate the world.
    But I love how Sam immediately turned it back on the person who is actually to blame. He's a good guy, that Sam Seaborn.

    :D [face_love][face_love] I LOVE that it came back to this joke and that they could laugh together!

    This was such a heartbreaking but beautiful part of the story. @};- I love getting to see more of Imogene!! I can't wait for the next part! :D
  19. Briannakin

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    Feb 25, 2010
    Yeah, this may have come from the fact that I wrote part 1 during a thunderstorm and I was consciously saving until I realized I was a idiot.
    Oh yeah. Josie NEVER travels to Boston to get Leo drunk :p /s
    Sam is so in denial in his old age.
    Yeah, it is totally normal but of course, as much as she wants to be normal, she never can be.
    Of course Sam would always pick her up and I think Imogene wanted him to, but she didn't want to get her hopes up, just to be disappointed. And, in my experience, you can have a love/hate relationship with the place you call home, as Imogene has. She feels safe there, but it's also the place that makes her not normal.

    Oh yeah, there's little that comfort food can't fix... or at least make a little better.

    Yeah, he's so unsure, but he's still her dad.

    Yeah, sometime just writing something down or answering yes/no questions is just easier. You just have to think less.
    I know, I am so mean.
    Oh yeah, Sam's going to have to navigate a narrow path, because of course Ainsley is going to want to know, but Sam knows Imogene is so easy for him to lose. I actually kinda thought about doing an Imogene diary for this year and showing more of this, but I knew I didn't have enough for 24 entries... though I guess I could have done a half-diary. Maybe I'll see where I am come July (and now much teenage angst I feel like I can write).
    Yeah, it is heartbreaking in a way that she doesn't even trust doctors.
    Yeah, it is hard not to internalize feelings you have felt so long as a kid, even though, as you get older, you know aren't true.
    Yeah, their relationship isn't completely lost.
    Yeah, sometimes I just hate the world too and I just hope it gets better (maybe... one day... we will see a Jewish Bisexual President and a Latino disabled Vice President :p ).

    But Sam Seaborn is a good guy :D

    Thank you. Even though it was angsty, I enjoyed writing her and the fact that all the crap thrown at her doesn't stop her from laughing with her dad. I hope the next part doesn't mess up head canon. I actually recently re-wrote it to give Imogene the future she deserves... (though she PROBABLY hates Leo :p ).

    Also, I'm posting this in rapid succession because I have... other thing I want to get to ;)
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    Feb 25, 2010
    Title: Imogene - Part 3
    Timeframe: 2044
    Characters: Seaborns and Lymans
    AN: Originally part 3 of this was much different (it was Ainsley’s death from Imo’s POV) but then this hit me instead and it was a much happier conclusion to the story, so I present you with NIMO! Though you still might need tissues!

    Of course it would rain on his baby girl’s wedding day.

    “You were the most powerful man in the country for eight years, Dad, but not even you can control the weather.”

    Sam Seaborn turned from the miserable view of the once picturesque vineyard out the window to a lovely sight: his little Imogene, now 29, dressed in an elegant lace-covered wedding dress. Her mother was placing Imogene’s veil on her blonde hair, twisted into a bun. Josie, in her flowing dark navy Matron of Honour dress, was fixing the Maid of Honour’s curls. For once in probably 15 years, Abi Lyman hair was her normal dirty blonde (and not completely shaved or in a mohawk). She too wore a navy dress - but hers was cut much shorter.

    He sighed but smiled, stepping forward to take Imogene’s hands and holding them close to his chest. “I know. I was just hoping for some sunshine for my Sunshine on her wedding day.”

    “I’m just glad we booked the winery along with the vineyard and had plenty of help to decorate the inside at the last minute,” her mother said.

    Sam nodded in agreement, then checked his watch. They were running ahead of schedule, but that was no surprise, after 15 years in the White House, the Seaborns were an efficient family. “I’m going to slip down the hall and have a conversation with the groom.”

    “Daaaad,” Imogene groaned. “No scaring my fiancé.”

    “I’m not going to scare him. I don’t think I could anyways. His dad isn’t here to ease his nerves and I don’t think his mom is helping him.”

    Imogene nodded, knowing what was happening down the hall all too well.

    Before Sam left the room, he gave Abi a huge hug. He pulled a handkerchief out of his tuxedo pocket - Sam was wearing a black tux with a navy bowtie and a yarmulke (the Seaborns were not Jewish, but this was one request the groom had) - and dabbed at her eyes. “No tears today, okay? Today is a happy day.” She nodded and he placed the handkerchief back in his pocket. “I’m going to need this more than you are.”

    Sam then left the room. The winery had the feeling of a cottage with exposed wood beams, high ceilings and warm candle-light. As he walked down the hall, he leaned over the railing and got a glance of the guests being seated on the main level. He saw so many smiling faces: the Concannons, the Santoses, but many more faces were missing. It was simply the painful reality. But Sam was glad he got to live to see this day, even if it saddened him that his best friend wasn’t here. Josh had seen so much of Sam’s life. The cold, rainy day just felt a bit colder without him.

    Checking his yarmulke, he released Josh wasn’t really gone. He was here in some way.

    Reaching the other room, Sam knocked before entering. Predictably, the groom’s mother was crying as she pinned the groom’s yarmulke on his head and fixed his bowtie. The groom’s older brother and brother-in-law chuckled as soon as Sam entered.

    Leo and Marc Lyman got up from the couch they were sitting on. “And this is our cue to collect Josie and Abi,” Leo said, holding Marc’s hand as they exited.

    Donna stood in her dark red dress and hugged Sam tightly. Everyone always said, as close as the Seaborn and Lyman families were, they were bound to become one family at some point. Everyone always thought it was going to be Leo and Josie, but Sam wasn’t all surprised that it was Imogene and Noah. And Sam was glad they proved the cliché true. Both were selfless people, quiet, yet strong willed and wanting to help anyone in need. Sure they had grown up just as friends, but once they realized what they wanted was right in front of them, they fell deeply and wholly in love. They deserved each other.

    Sam rubbed Donna’s arms. “Can I have a moment with him?” Sam asked.

    Noah gulped, but Donna nodded. “I want to go check on the girls.” They were no longer girls, but women, however, to Sam and Donna, they would always be their little girls. She left and Sam sat on the sofa.

    “Don’t worry, Noah,” Sam said. “I’m not going to put the fear of God into you. Though, it goes without saying, if you hurt my Sunshine, I will kill you.”

    Noah chuckled and sat beside Sam. “I’m pretty sure you will be the least of my worries, Sam.”

    Sam laughed as he thought of how protective Josie and Abi were, not to mention that Imogene was as feisty as her mother. “Yeah, that’s probably true.” There was a lull of comfortable silence. “I keep trying to think what your dad would say if he were here.”

    “He’d probably crack some joke at how much Mom was crying, but end up just being a complete mess himself.”

    “Yeah. Then try to deny it.”

    “Blame it on dust or allergies or his fear of rectangles.”

    Sam chuckled. “He would be so happy. I know because I’m so overjoyed. I always thought of you like a son, Noah. I’m elated it is about to be official. No one is good enough for my Imogene, but if I had to pick someone, it would be you. She hasn’t had the life she deserves thus far, but I know you will put her first.”

    “Thank you,” Noah said, hugging Sam.

    “Awww!” Ainsley’s voice made the two men look up. She and Donna were both standing in the doorway.

    “Sam!” Donna exclaimed, “You were supposed to put the fear of God into him.”

    Sam shrugged as he got up. “Wasn’t needed. He takes too much after his mother. Now, if he took after his father, this conversation would have gone in an entirely different direction.”

    * * *

    Sam watched as Noah escorted Donna and Ainsley down the grand staircase, followed by Marc and Abi, then Leo and Josie. Sam then got his little girl. She was waiting for him, standing in the window watching the rain, holding her bouquet of sunflowers. She turned and smiled as he entered the room.

    “You sure you want to do this?” Sam asked. “Become a Lyman. Because we can go get peanut butter sandwiches instead.”

    “Yes, Daddy,” Imogene said, walking to him.

    “The becoming a Lyman part or peanut butter sandwiches with me part?”

    She laughed, taking his outstretched hand. “Becoming a Seaborn-Lyman, but that doesn’t mean I can’t cuddle and eat peanut butter sandwiches with you.”

    “Good,” he said, kissing her cheek. “Because I will always want peanut butter sandwiches with you.”

    * * *

    Noah held his wife close as they swayed gently to the music of their first dance. The lights were dimmed, but everyone was watching. Her arms were resting on his shoulders and his arms were around her waist. She fit perfectly in his embrace. He only had to slightly lean down to kiss her pale, soft lips. “Noah,” she admonished him, her cheeks blushing.

    “It’s our wedding,” he mumbled into her ear, feeling the heat of her face. “Everyone is supposed to be looking at us when we kiss.” He then nipped at her earlobe.

    She gently smacked his butt. “Behave.”

    “I was just going to tell you the same thing. Our parents are watching.”

    She began to laugh as he moved to take her hand and trapped it with his own hand between their chests. “I love you, Imogene,” he said for about the eight-hundredth time that day, but he meant it every time

    “I love you too, Noah.”

    He gently rocked her until the song ended. At that point, Sam appeared behind Imogene. “Can I take her from you one last time. I promise to give her back.”

    “Okay, for the record,” Imogene said, looking from her husband to her father, “I put up with all the patriarchal traditional BS for the ceremony because I know how to pick my battles, but if you, Dad, or you, Noah, think I belonged or now belong to either one of you, you have another thing coming. Now,” she said, taking her father’s hand. “I would like to dance with my Daddy and no one can tell me I can’t.”

    “I wasn’t even going to try,” Noah said, slipping another kiss in before he returned to the head table.

    Sam held Imogene and swayed with her. “I like your husband,” he said. “He listens to you, which is a miracle considering who his father was. How did you train him?”

    “I didn’t train him,” Imogene sighed. “He’s my husband, not a dog, and we listen to each-other.”

    “Sounds tiring. I just do whatever your mom tells me to.”

    She rolled her eyes.

    “It really is easier that way. I can train him. I can train him to bring you peanut butter sandwiches whenever you’re in a bad mood.”

    Imogene laughed. “He already knows.” Her tone then turned serious. “Noah knows everything.” The economy of words told him everything he needed.

    Sam nodded. “Okay. And you’re okay with that?”

    “Well, told him. I married him.”

    “Yeah, you keep reminding me,” he said, glumly.

    “Sorry, is the big white dress a bit much?”

    “No,” he said, letting go of her momentarily to wipe his eyes with the heel of his hand. “You look beautiful.”

    “Are you okay Dad?”

    “Yeah,” he said, lump in his throat. “My hips and knees are just making me feel my age.” He was 83 after all.

    “Oh, we can sit down.” She attempted to drag him to a chair, but he would not budge.

    “No.” He held her closer so that her head was on his chest. He kissed the top of her head. “I’m holding my Sunshine and nothing is going to stop me from finishing this dance.”
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    Sep 10, 2005
    Okay, seriously there's all but about 5 words not in my multi-quote and they are "and, the, him, she, I" :p I'm going to try and trim it down, but I make no promises!

    *Gets out tissues* That was soooo beautiful!!! I have such happy tears running down my face! Imogene deserves this so much! And while I'm sure I'd love to see Ainsley's death from Imo's POV, this was just the perfect way to end this!

    This made me laugh so hard because it made me think of the time Sam forgot to edit the speech "As I look out over this beautiful vista..."
    Everytime David or I say there's something we feel like we are forgetting, that's what we say to the other person. :p
    But I've always loved the idea of getting married at a vineyard!

    [face_laugh] She can behave, she just normally doesn't want to do so!

    At this point I was thinking 'Aww... that's sweet Sam, but I don't think it's going to help the way you think it is', having not yet caught on to who the groom was.

    And here I was like... it's been a bit since Josh died, not that it can't it you again years and years later, but I was thinking maybe she was thinking Josh would never see her get married and Imogene's dad was getting to walk her down the isle.

    And then I started to wonder who the groom actually was! I love this, another situation where Josh is very present even though he's no longer there. His presence is always there and the yarmulke really adds to that feeling.

    And then I was sure! I loooove that Donna is fixing his tie. It's different than how she always did Josh's tie, but just different feelings, not any less intense. I can just see this in my mind and it's so beautiful.

    I LOVE this and them together. I'd not really given much thought to Noah's wife, but this is PERFECT! [face_love] I loved it the second I figured out Noah was the groom, it just feels so right.

    [face_laugh] Yeah, Noah knows what's up. Sam is probably the least scary person that would come after him if he hurt Imo. His sister and soon to be mother-in-law would be terrifying!

    [face_love] I adore this and it made me have a huge goofy smile on my face. It's a happy time and while it's sad Josh isn't there, they can have a fun conversation about what he'd do. And that is exactly it! He would be a complete mess and making fun of Donna.

    [face_rofl] Donna is the best! And then Sam's reply was so great!

    I love that this conversation came back to the peanut butter sandwiches! The symmetry is so beautiful, with having seen it in a really upsetting moment, and now in a really happy moment.
    But also the way Sam says 'become a Lyman' [face_rofl] I can just hear his fake disgust and it cracked me up!

    She is sooo her mother's daughter! Go Imogene!! And then how she says to Sam she didn't train Noah, he knows her and that he knows everything. That was such a great way for her to tell Sam how much Noah knows her, and that he'll take care of her... or really that they'll take care of each other because they have a partnership. :*

    I'm so happy that Imogene gets her happiness! She's had a rough life and she deserves it! There will probably still be rough patches, but she and Noah will navigate them together! [face_love]@};-=D=
  22. Briannakin

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    Feb 25, 2010
    :p Yeah, the multi-quote is both a blessing and a curse. I know I've ended up doing the same thing and had to start over when reviewing your most recent fic :p

    Thank you. I was never happy with my original part 3 for this. It - all together with the 2 other parts - was just too depressing. And then this hit me and I wasn't sure about giving us the headache of having Imogene's brother-in-law elected president at the same time her moth er is dying - but it just felt so right to have Noah and Imogene together, I just had to do it (and make the Seaborns and Lymans one happy family!).

    [face_laugh] That's hilarious!

    When I pictured Imogene's and Noah's wedding, I knew it wouldn't be particularly religious, and my sister lives in wine-country, so I've been dragged to some really pretty vineyards and wineries.

    So, my friend (who I was a bridesmaid for) announced her engagement shortly after I had - in a panic - dyed my hair back to brown for my grandfather's funeral (I think it was a faded ugly green before that). I was then under strict orders not to dye or cut my hair until after the wedding [face_frustrated] Two days after the wedding I cut most of it off and died it blue :p:D

    So, yeah Abi can behave, she just doesn't like to :p

    Hahaha. I think it still applies given the groom :p Noah can still fear Sam just a tiny bit.
    Yeah, she's emotional because Noah is getting married and their father isn't there, but I certainly got emotional when my friend got married. She was the first one married in our 'group' and yeah, I got a bit emotional seeing her dad hug her right before we started walking down the aisle, knowing I would never get that.

    Hehehe. But yeah, I wanted Josh to feel very present, even if he wasn't there.

    [face_love] That's just Donna.
    I know. I tried out an OC for Imo's husband and it did sit with me, and then I thought of Noah and it was just right.

    Oh yeah. I'm sure Sam would still be scary, but there are sooo many more terrifying people Noah would have to worry about.
    Yeah. Enough time has passed that they can talk about Josh and they can laugh and smile, even if they are sad that he's not there. But Josh was probably a complete mess at Leo's wedding so Noah and Sam can make fun of him for it.

    I just love the fact that Donna and Sam get to be co-grandparents (eventually)!

    Yup. When I heard that line in my head I was like, yup, Imogene is becoming a Lyman :p
    She is sooo Ainsley's kid and would take care of Noah and he would take care of her.
    Thank you. I figured she deserved it to. And yeah... there will probably be rough patches (like when her brother-in-law becomes President :p) but they will get through them together.
  23. Briannakin

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    Feb 25, 2010
    Title: Homecoming
    Timeframe: 2020 (Seaborn Presidency)
    Characters: Josh, Donna, and their children
    AN: This was written back in like... early August and is the end of my backlog. But there is still more coming! I've got some Leo/Marc stuff done [face_whistling];), and despite having 2 diaries (though I have a nice padding for Marc's and Rose's), my muse was like I WANT SOME ELVIE-CENTRIC STUFF, and this is the year of just doing what the muse wants.

    Don’t come home.

    Josh Lyman frowned at the text message, sent from his wife, about seven hours ago. He tried to figure out what would have caused her to send such an abrupt message, but he couldn’t think of what would have annoyed her to the point as to kick him out of their home. He had been in China for the past week, but she was used to his absence due to his work, plus they had spoken every day. She never seemed upset at him at all.

    His heartbeat quickened as he got out of his seat aboard Air Force One, flinging his fleece blanket back onto the seat. He immediately regretted turning off his phone to sleep. Getting to the president’s cabin, he knocked twice before entering. President Seaborn was reclined in his seat, using a similar brown fleece blanket to sleep. He was snoring. It was time for his wake-up call anyway.

    Josh cleared his throat. “Mr. President.”


    A little louder. “Mr. President.”

    Again, nothing.

    “Mr. President.” Josh huffed in annoyance. “SAM!”

    The president half sat up, his eyes squinting. “What?”

    “Wake up call.”

    “What time is it?” Sam asked, reaching for his glasses. “And why are you waking me up and not Logan?” Logan was his body-man: the 23 year old kid with the unfortunate task of normally waking the president.

    “5:30 am in DC. We land in about a half hour. I’m waking you up because I need the morning off.”

    Sam nodded. “Josh, I’ve spent the past week and a half with you. I don’t want to see you for two days if I don’t have to. Ainsley’s probably getting jealous.”

    Josh froze. “That was a joke right?”

    Sam sighed and rolled his eyes. “Of course.”

    Josh and Sam never lied to their wives, but there were facts from a time long ago that would forever stay in a time long ago.

    * * *

    It was just after 7 AM when Josh arrived home. His Secret Service agent - Jack - remained in the small office by the front door Donna purposely set up for agents. She had said she always felt bad for them, having to stand in the front foyer - or sleep on the couch - for hours on end with nothing to do. So she had made the small boot room into an office with a desk and a daybed.

    The house was oddly quiet - even for a Saturday morning. The twins woke with the sun and Donna had to be right behind them. Growing increasingly worried as he looked at the state of the house: toys everywhere, dirty dishes in the sink - Donna usually tried to tidy somewhat after the kids went to bed, Josh yelled, “Donna!” as he flew up the stairs.

    He passed by Abi’s room first. Her white bed was empty. It was the same story for both Noah’s and Leo’s rooms. A million different horrible scenarios ran though his head: kidnappers; ransoms; hell be damned, he would negotiate with terrorists. Josh was about to call for Jack when he palmed open the master bedroom. He first made out a pale face in the darkness, half sitting up from the bed.

    “Josh!” she whispered. “Why must you be so loud?”

    “I didn’t know where-” he began to say.

    She interrupted him. “Don’t come any closer. Leave without touching anything.”

    He continued to approach her. “What’s wrong? What did I do? Where are the kids?”

    “Right here,” she sighed. Josh then saw the other lumps in their king bed. “We got a stomach bug - Norovirus I think.” Josh then noticed all the towels and the plastic garbage buckets from the bathrooms on each nightstand. “It just hit us all after the twins got home from school. I don’t want you to get it. Just wash your hands and get out.”

    As tempting as it was just to leave, Josh couldn’t. He walked to her side and kissed her forehead. He took her hand and rubbed the back of it with his thumb. “I’m not going. Charlie can handle running the president for the next few days.”

    She sighed and laid back in visible relief. “Then you should run to the grocery store before your offspring cling to your fresh parental meat.”

    He nodded. “What do we need?”

    She wiped her eye with the heel of her hand. “Stuff to keep us hydrated, some juice, bread, I don’t know how long we will be cooped up in here -.”

    She was interrupted by a small, round face with blonde hair emerging from the mass of miss-matched blankets and towels. “Mommy?” It was (almost-)five-year-old Noah.

    Donna sat bolt up right with the speed of only a mother could have - despite her own illness. She grabbed the bucket off of the nightstand while also grabbing her son. She practically held Noah over the bucket. He vomited.

    Josh sat on the edge of the bed and held both Noah and the bucket. After a few yacks, Noah pathetically looked up at his father. “Hi Daddy.”

    “Hey kiddo,” he replied with a sigh, pulling Noah into his arms. Donna handed Josh a water bottle and he helped Noah swig and spit into the bucket. Josh carefully placed it on the floor.

    “Can we cuddle?” Noah’s eyes were full of hope. “I don’t feel too well.”

    “Daddy is going to call the White House, have them tell Uncle Sam that I’m not going to be at work for awhile, then I’m going to go to the grocery store - maybe get you some orange juice - then we can cuddle. Is there anything you want from the store?”

    Noah shook his head so Josh put the boy back under the covers. He snuggled up to Donna.

    Josh took care of the barf bucket, then left. Jack gave him a look as Josh re-entered the front foyer. “Kids are sick. I gotta get some groceries and you some hand sanitizer.”

    * * *

    When Josh returned, he quickly put the groceries away and considered cleaning up a bit when he heard, “Daddy? Is that you, Daddy? Are you home, Daddy?”

    Josh bounded up the stairs and saw, from down the hallway, Abi and Noah, sitting on the end of his bed, chins resting on the footboard. Both brightened as soon as he appeared and Josh felt his heart swell.

    “Hey you two,” he whispered, approaching them.

    “Can we cuddle now?” Noah asked.

    “Two more things - I promise.” Josh said, going over to his side of the bed. Leo was there, awake. The ten-year-old looked drained. “Is there anything I can get you?”

    “A few hours of sleep without being kicked,” Leo groaned, glaring down at Abi.

    “I can arrange that,” Josh said. He looked at Donna. “Hon?”

    She smiled weakly. “No.”

    He held one finger up to the twins before heading for the en-suite bathroom. He quickly changed out of his wrinkled suit into a pair of plaid pyjama pants and a grey sweatshirt. “Now I’m ready,” he announced to the twins. “On Dad’s back,” he told Noah, who clung onto his shoulders. Josh then picked Abi up along with a barf bucket.

    He carried them down a flight of stairs, grabbed three orange juice boxes, a few bottles of water, a stuffed elephant and a stuffed black cat. He placed them all in the bucket before heading down another flight of stairs.

    They were in Josh’s “man cave” - his home office. Josh sat with his twins in his lap in his recliner, ensuring they were all covered by the quilt he kept down here, with everything they may need within reach.

    Abi was already asleep, but Noah absently picked at the fraying letter’s on Josh’s sweatshirt. “I love you, Daddy.”

    Yeah, he’d always come home.

    * * *

    Two days later, everyone was better. Everyone, except for Josh.

    “I told you not to come home,” Donna said, shaking her head, as Josh vomited.
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    This is just what I needed!! Family fluff to hit the spot! [face_love]
    YEEEESSS!! I'm so excited! I'm excited for anything you write, but this is so, so exciting.
    SUBTEXT!!! I love it!! :D :D
    I like how they'd never lie, but if it doesn't come up, it doesn't come up.
    I get the feeling between the two of us, it's totally going to come up! ;)

    That is so Donna and I love her for it! It makes perfect sense for them to have someplace to be when they are there. They are still close and able to do their job, but they can relax a bit too.

    I love how Josh throws everything out the window, he doesn't care if the 'right' answer is to not negotiate with terrorists, and with anyone else that's what he'd say, but not with his family.

    This was just so, so cute! Even though he just puked, he says hi to daddy!

    Oh poor Leo! And I'm sure Donna feels the same way. I love how Josh manages to take care of them all, even if it means just getting the little ones out of the way.

    This just made my night. The mental image of Josh balancing two kids the stuffed animals and the buckets was just adorable. And then the snuggle in the chair just put it over the top. [face_love][face_love]

    :* *happy sigh* Nothing says love like snuggling with a puking kid, much less two. I have the biggest smile on my face from reading this, it's making my face hurt it's so big. Josh always shows that he loves his family, but it's the little things like this that really make my heart swell.

    And then the ending! [face_laugh] Of course he got it, but at least he get to be sick on his own! (And I hope he didn't spread it to the entire White House! :p )

    =D= That really made my craptastic day a bit better!!
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    I'm glad I had some family fluff ready for when you needed it [:D]
    It's been a number of years since I've done this sort of thing, so I'm a bit rusty, but it was a ton of fun and something I might try again.
    :p I'm glad you like it because you are going to get some serious Josh/Sam AU (probably in it's own thread because I can't trust myself for it not to become a whole different series 8-})

    Though, yeah, it is totally going to come up in this canon. I don't know when or how (so if you have an idea have at it), but it's going to come up.
    Yeah. I can also imagine how awkward it might be just to have a guy just hanging out in your house. It's probably different for the First Family since their agents kinda have other places they can go at the White House (I'm assuming), but for COS, they are just kinda hanging out.
    Oh yeah. Like Bartlet, things are different when it comes to his family.

    Noah wants cuddles, so he knows how to be cute!

    Yeah. My poor aunt was once looking after 5 kids (myself included) between the ages of 3 and 13, and we all got the stomach flu. She pretty much just put us all in a king-sized waterbed and we just all somehow slept on each other. I'm pretty sure my aunt would have given anything for some help.

    But yeah, Josh just knows how to just do what is asked of him.

    Thank you. Josh is such an adorable daddy and I love him with his little kids :* He can balance a government but he loves balancing his kids more.

    Oh yeah. Josh has his arms full (literally) but he loves it (and I love it!). I love these little family moments. Thank you.

    And I hope he didn't spread it either (though I think Sammy and Imogene would benefit from some snuggle time).
    Thanks. I'm glad the fluff I wrote back in August could cheer you up!