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Story [The West Wing] Dynasty (Vignettes in the Mav-and-Bri-verse)

Discussion in 'Non Star Wars Fan Fiction' started by Briannakin , Jul 26, 2017.

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    Feb 25, 2010
    Home for Christmas: Chapter 1
    December 18, 2033

    Donna loved decorating for Christmas. She loved it as a little girl, growing up in cold, frosty Wisconsin, when she decorated with her mom. Some of the highlights from her time as Chief of Staff for First Lady Helen Santos was decorating the White House for the holidays. She had been allowed to go full out Christmas for the Catholic First Family. These days she only decorated her own home (despite First Gentleman Sam Seaborn begging her to be his Chief of Staff) but she loved doing this every year. She love Christmas and this year was going to be extra special. Not only was her oldest bringing home his new boyfriend for the holidays, but also her two youngest children had gone off to college this September and while they had come home for Thanksgiving, she was missing them terribly.

    But Donna knew Josh was missing them even more - his kids kept him entertained in his retirement. As she draped green garland on the fireplace mantel, Josh was on the couch, drinking a glass of red wine, grumbling at the TV. This was now his post-dinner ritual since his doctor had told him a glass of red wine was good for his heart… it was at least better for him than beer.

    “Why are you watching that dribble?” Donna asked as she began hanging the stockings. She had bought a new one for Marc and truly hoped this was the first year of many that she would be hanging it next to Leo’s. She saw how much her son lit up whenever Marc was even mentioned and knew they had a special love.

    Josh merely grunted. “There’s nothing better for me to do and there’s nothing better on.” He was watching opinions on President Ainsley Hayes-Seaborn Supreme Court nomination; Judge Mary-Lou Janes was seen as too moderate for most Republicans’ tastes.

    “You’re just grumpy,” she said. “And you are wallowing in your self-pity for some reason that escapes me.”

    “No,” he denied. “I’m just bored.”

    “You could help me decorate,” she suggested.

    “I think you’re doing just fine vomiting Christmas on your own.”

    Donna plopped down next to him on the couch, jostling her husband. She rubbed his forearm and held his hand. “What’s wrong?”

    “I told you. I’m bored. I’m just feeling useless. And I’m missing the twins.”

    “I’m missing them too, Hun,” she said before kissing his cheek. “But we are picking them up from the train station tomorrow afternoon. Why don’t you call one of them. There aretwo of them. I’m sure they aren’t both busy tonight.”

    “That’s my problem,” Josh whined. “They’re both out partying with their friends tonight, celebrating being done with their exams and their birthdays. I know because I just texted them both. I thought they had booked their tickets home for as soon as they were finished their exams.”

    “Oh, now I see,” Donna said with a twinkle in her eye. “You’re miserable because the twins could be home right now, but they aren’t because they are having fun with their friends.”

    “Yes!” he exclaimed. “Do they not love their father?”

    She patted his chest. “They love their father very much, but it isn’t their job to entertain him. You need a hobby… and screaming at C-SPAN isn’t a hobby.”

    He nodded. “Maybe I’ll do what Matt is doing.”

    “Running a non-profit that builds health clinics?” Donna asked, confused. She was trying to think of Matt Santo’s many hobbies, which now included dealing with his youngest son.

    Josh rolled his eyes. “He built and painted a Victorian dollhouse for his granddaughters for Christmas. He sent me pictures through the entire process and it is absolutely beautiful. Took him months.”

    Donna chuckled. “Please do not take up woodworking. I can just see you loosing your patience… and your fingers.”

    “Well maybe not something quite that intricate, but I like that idea of making something with my hands for my grandchildren.”

    Donna gave him a side-eye. “Grandchildren? Which one of the twins did something stupid? Because I know it wasn’t my Leo.”

    “Good god!” Josh said, growing pale. “I am not really for anyof them to be parents. I’m talking about in the future. Something I can work on now and that can be given in the future.” Neither said it, but both were aware of the implications. Josh wasn’t going to live to see any of his grandkids. It hurt him; he loved the idea of grandbabies. but he was also so thankful he had lived to see so much of his kids’ lives.

    She shrugged. “Sure. Something you can paint or something from a kit. At the very least it will keep you busy in between when the kids are home or when Sam can keep you occupied.”

    “Yeah, I like that idea. Maybe I’ll look around or ask Matt for suggestions in January. In the meantime,” he said, putting his head on her shoulder and peering into her baby blue sweater. “I know something we can do to keep me occupied.”

    She wrapped her arms around his head and laughed. “I want to try to finish decorating before Abi and Noah are home. Then we can tidy up all the boxes and bake tomorrow.”

    “Exactly! They are home tomorrow, then Leo and Marc after that. We should take advantage of our last night alone for a bit.”

    “You were just complaining how none of them were home yet.”

    “Yeah, but I forgot we can’t have crazy sex when they’re in the house.”

    “Help me put up the last of the garland, then we can do whatever you want to do.”

    “I wanna have sex,” he said, planting his face in her lap.

    “Yeah, I got that, Josh.” She stroked his back and hair. After a few moments she said, “You still have to help me. Just the garland. Then I’m sure Noah will help me finish it tomorrow.”

    “Fine, fine,” he said, slowly getting up. He then took her hand and helped her up. They stood toe-to-toe and he leaned down and gently captured her lips with his mouth. His fingertips traced up her spine and he held her head. He undid the clip that had held her hair up and ran his fingers through her silky hair.

    She pulled away. “You’re still helping me do the garland.”


    Continued in PM…
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    Sep 10, 2005
    Your fic-gift may be a bit late, hopefully not but the muse while inspired and has ideas doesn't want to write them down.

    I really like this detail, how this was one of the things she loved! And I'm sure having that kind of budget didn't hurt! I also loved First Gentleman Sam trying to get her to be his CoS!

    Dawww!!! I love that she had a stocking for Marc! My mom's rule was you don't get a stocking (a nice one with your name on it) until you've put a ring on it, so dp didn't get one until this year. [face_laugh]

    [face_laugh][face_laugh] That's so Josh!

    Noooo... that is not something Josh should do at all! I love the mental image of Matt doing it, though. Also of Josh just calling Matt up and being like, "I'm bored."

    :_|:_| That's so sweet and so heartbreaking. Even though I know he won't make it, it still makes me so sad he loves the idea of grandchildren so much!

    And then Josh trying to distract Donna from her decorating [face_laugh] Oh Josh. We love you so!
    Off to read the PM part! :D
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    Feb 25, 2010
    No worries! I was making pretty good progress on your fic (I think I only have like 500 words left to write)... and then my muse got distracted by one of those WRITE ME NOW! fics (100% worth the detour). I'm hopefully going to get it done soon... mostly because my muse is kinda itching for some angst and I want to get your fic-gift done before that takes over.

    Yeah, having a staff, the budget, and the space to "vomit Christmas" (as Josh would say :p) would be a lot of fun and right in Donna's alley. And I love the idea of Sam trying (and failing) to get her to be his CoS when he's First Gentleman - it just shows how good she was at the job!

    Awww! Poor dp. At least he got one this year. This year my mother had to decide what to do with the exs' stockings (awkward situation all around, but they were donated). But I think Donna can tell how special Marc is to Leo ;)

    I just love old, grumpy Josh!

    I'm just reminded of this scene. Bored Josh cracks me up!
    I can totally see Josh calling up Matt or Sam and just being like "I have nothing to do!"

    He's so sweet and thoughtful and it just breaks my heart. He wants to be a part of his grandchildren's lives, even if he doesn't get to meet them :_|

    Josh eventually figures out how to occupy his time :p
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    Feb 25, 2010
    A/N:No bonus scene for this chapter, it’s pretty much all fluff with the twins.
    Chapter 2
    December 19

    Donna and Josh were at the train station by 2pm. Both were in jeans, but Donna wore a puffy red jacket with a purple scarf and Josh a black wool jacket and a Santa hat (that morning he had complained that it was was cold and that he couldn’t find his toque, so she had given him a random Santa hat that had been in one of then Christmas boxes). Donna sipped a peppermint tea and Josh had a white hot chocolate.

    The train station was filled with people busting around and loud Christmas music. Donna held Josh’s hand. He hadn’t had a panic attack in ages, plus she knew he was in an uplifted and relaxed mood, thanks to their activity last night, and the fact that he was excited for Abi’s and Noah’s homecoming, but she just wanted to make sure he knew she was right next to him. Josh had even made lasagna to put in the oven for dinner, and had made apple crisp. It was some of Abi’s and Noah’s favourite foods.

    When their arriving train was announced, Josh and Donna stood back from the throngs of people, but it didn’t take long for them to hear calls of, "Mom! Dad! Abi, I see them! And what the hell is on Dad’s head?”

    Within a moment, they saw Abi and Noah, both with huge backpacks on their back, emerged from the crowds. Abi instantly ran and hugged her father as she laughed, “Oh my God! What are you wearing?” Her hair was blue, a vast change from the red and pink it was at Thanksgiving.

    “It’s a hat,” he murmured as he held her close to his chest. He tried not to cry as he grabbed Noah as well (who had been hugging Donna) and hugged both of his babies. It had been less than a month since he had seen them for a long weekend at Thanksgiving, but he had missed them so much every day. He was so excited to have two weeks with them and dreaded the day he would have to say goodbye. “I love you… and I’ve missed you,” he said, kissing Abi’s, then Noah’s cheeks. He reluctantly let them go - ever since that first time nearly 18 years ago, he loved holding them both and having his arms absolutely full - so that Abi could embrace her mom, while he hugged Noah proper.

    Noah announced the bad news. “We have to go to the mall.”

    “Whaaaat?” Josh whined. “Why do you have to do something so stupid? Mom and I have the whole afternoon planned: we are going to finish decorating, make some cookies and play a board game.”

    Donna glared at her husband. Two of those things he had complained about in the past few days.

    “It won’t take long,” Abi assured her father. “We just have to get the last of our Christmas gifts.”

    “What?” Josh asked again as then began to head out into the frosty weather to the family mini-van. “What happened to the age of ‘online shopping’. You guys could have had them shipped to the house.”

    “Well we did for our gifts to Leo, Marc, and for each other… you did get me something, right, Noah?” Abi asked.

    “Yeah, duh, I’m not stupid.”

    Abi continued explaining. “But figured your guys’ curiosity would get the better of you two and you would have just opened anything sent for us.”

    Donna looked instantly guilty.

    “See!” Abi said.

    “Donna! Opening someone else’s mail is a federal crime!” Josh exclaimed.

    “Well then you should have had me arrested long ago, ‘cuz I’ve been doing it for you for over 30 years.”

    “Well I didn’t know I’d be eventually punished for it. Someone better buy me something to eat,” Josh grumbled.

    * * *

    “Dad! Stop trying to look in my bags,” Noah said with a laugh as he folded over the reusable shopping bags he had placed beside him on a food court chair. He had finished his shopping and had joined his father. Josh had gotten a sandwich, but was also now eyeing the snack Noah had got: a warm pretzel. Noah had lost his sister long ago, and his mother was on a last minute “quick grocery run”.

    “Just trying to distract you,” Josh said, snatching the pretzel and tearing off a chunk.

    Noah glared as he grabbed back the majority of the salty snack. “You are the reason why I didn’t get a burger and fries.”

    “I won’t tell Mom if you won’t.”

    Noah sighed. “Speaking of not telling. Don’t tell Abi I told you but please don’t make her feel bad about not being able to come home for Hanukah. She cried for like 2 days when she realized her exam schedule wasn’t going to let her come back, and why I didn’t come back for like 3 days even though I could’ve, because I don’t think she could have handled me coming home without her. A lot of it was probably stress and sleep deprivation, but she ended up in my dorm most evenings. Do you know how hard it is to convince idiot freshmen that the chick that is cuddling with you while crying is actually your twin sister?”

    “You should have called us,” Josh said, absolutely heartbroken that his little girl spent Hanukah so upset. “I’m doing nothing and it isn’t like your mom can’t get a couple days off - she is the senior director of the foundation. We would have got a hotel and spent a couple days with you guys.”

    “She seemed to cheer up after I bought a cheap menorah and figured out how to make latkes on my hot plate. We even found a donut place with jelly donuts.”

    Josh smiled. “That was really nice of you.”

    Noah shrugged. “We opened the gifts you guys sent us. It also helped that Leo stopped in on his way back to Boston. He cuddled with her for a bit and bought us a bottle of wine.”

    “Noah!” Josh exclaimed. “You’re only 17! I can’t believe your brother bought you alcohol.”

    “I had to beg him.”

    “That only exonerates him and makes you more guilty.”

    “It was only wine - not like I had him buy me hard alcohol.” He ripped off another piece of his pretzel and gave it to his father. “I won’t tell Mom if you won’t.”

    Josh grumbled as he took the piece offered to him. He was such a pushover when it came to his kids.

    * * *

    When they arrived home, Josh made a huge scene. “Now, because I took your butts to the mall, I’m going to change and watch TV.” He made his way to the the master bedroom, changed into a pair of sweatpants and a sweater, and found his loafers. He went down to the living room, sat in the corner of the grey sectional. He turned on the TV to some Christmas special and waited. Donna decorated around him while the twins were upstairs, unpacking.

    But before Josh could get impatient (thankfully it wasn’t long), Abi came down in a pair of pink leggings and a large fluffy blue sweater.

    “Come here,” Josh said. “I think it looks like my Abi needs another hug.”

    Abi tried to mask her grin. “Daaaad.” She tried to play it cool, as if she hadn’t spent the past month missing him.

    “Come here,” Josh coaxed, patting the sectional beside him. “Come to Daddy, Abi-girl! Come to Dad.” She couldn’t hide her smile any longer. She plopped herself next to him, and cuddled, tucking her feet under her and laying her head on his chest. “I’ve missed you so much,” he murmured, holding her close and kissing her hair.

    “I’ve missed you too,” she sniffled, so Josh just hugged her.

    Noah came down in grey lounging pants and a YALEhoodie. He immediately started unpacking one of the Tupperware boxes of decorations and began helping Donna with decorating the mostly bare Christmas tree.

    “Ah! Ah! Ah! That can wait,” Josh announced. “I need both my babies in my arms.”

    “You do realize we turn 18 in four days?” Noah asked as he hung another bulb on the tree.

    “YOU CAN SHUT UP AND COME CUDDLE WITH YOUR SISTER!” Josh yelled. Noah laughed and fell on the other end of the couch, laying his head on his sisters. Josh draped his arms around the two of them. “See, Donna? I told you this sectional was going to be worth it.”

    “You had this in mind when you picked it out, didn’t you?” she asked as she got two throw blankets and spread them over Abi and Noah.

    Josh just looked down and smiled. “I remember when we first brought you two home from the hospital. It wasn’t 18 years ago. I refuse to believe it was. You two were so small and had your cute little footie pyjamas on and I’d hold you both in my arms and rock you.”

    “While I did all the work,” Donna huffed, hanging another decoration.

    “Mom?” Noah asked. “What are our plans for tomorrow?”

    Donna shrugged. “Not much. Whatever you guys want to do.”

    “I want to decorate tomorrow,” he said, reaching his arm out. “I wanna cuddle with my mom tonight.”

    Donna shook her head. “Sit up, then.”

    Noah sat up momentarily and let his mom sit beside his dad. He then lied back down, head in her lap. They all laughed at the closeness.

    “Someone needs to take a picture and sent it to Leo!” Abi exclaimed.

    “Good idea! Make him jealous for not being back here yet!” Josh laughed, digging around for his phone.
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    A/N: @mavjade Not sure if you have read the above chapter, but I’m posting the final bit of this story now as it isn’t that long, and will PM you the final PM scene that goes between these two scenes. I also want to get posting your fic-gift!
    As I mentioned, the muse kinda completely left this one, especially after I figured it was going to be posted ways after Christmas, so this is like an odd “stuck on” epilogue.

    Chapter 3
    December 21&22

    “Oh God, that was awful and I never want to do it ever again!” Marc whined as he unlocked the door to Leo’s and hisbasement suite (he moved in last week and was going to start to help with rent in January). He promptly slipped off his snow boots, hung up his coat, and face-planted into the couch, socked feet dangling off the end of the couch.

    “Oh it wasn’t that bad,” Leo said, taking off his black coat, red scarf and boots. He started the electric fireplace, sat on the edge of coffee table and rubbed Marc’s back. “I’ve been to way more awkward dinners at the White House.”

    “That doesn’t make me feel better,” Marc muttered into the blue couch cushion. “You are the most awkward person on the planet.”

    “And you love me for it!” Leo said, putting his face next to Marc’s.

    Marc chuckled. “I do.” He pushed his head up and kissed Leo’s cheek. “But that’s because you’re cute.” He rolled onto his side. “I just don’t like Oliver’s family.” He and Leo had just returned from spending an evening with Marc’s family and step-family. Marc had wanted to see his mom and two half sisters, and give them their Christmas gifts, before heading off to spend Christmas with Leo’s family. Unfortunately between Leo’s and Marc’s work and exam schedules and events Marc’s family had planned, the only night that worked for everyone was the night that Marc’s family was spending at Marc’s step-father’s parents - Bill and Pam. Bill and Pam had graciously invited Marc and Leo along, but Marc and Leo had just felt like they were odd interlopers. They had been squeezed on to the table and had been involved only in awkward small talk about what they were doing at school. “How many times did Bill asked you where you were from or what you were studying? And did you see Pam’s face when you mentioned you had gone back to DC for a few days for Hanukah?”

    “At least Bronwyn and Izzy liked their gifts I picked out,” Leo teased, rolling onto the couch. Bronwyn and Izzy were 7 and 4 and Leo had picked out Disney castle Lego sets for them. Marc held Leo close. “And I think your mom and Oliver,” Oliver was Marc’s step-dad, “really liked the clock.”

    “I’m just sorry you didn’t get any gifts.” Marc had been given a few gifts from his mom and Oliver, and had felt bad opening them while Leo just watched.

    “Oh yes,” Leo said, his voice dripping with sarcasm. “I am sojealous of your new socks and dishes, which I will be eating toast off of tomorrow.” Leo found Marc’s hand and they linked fingers. Leo brought their hands to his mouth and kissed Marc’s hand. “I know how you can make up for it.”

    “Hmm?” Marc asked, raising his eyebrows. “Don’t you have exams to finish marking?” Leo was a teacher’s assistant for an American Studies professor (it was an easy job which helped pay his tuition) and so had a bunch of undergrad exams to finish marking and entering in grades for before they could leave for DC tomorrow. “And I have to finish wrapping gifts for your family.”

    “Well,” Leo sighed. “Why don’t I finish marking and you can do the wrapping for us -.”

    “Leo, I’m not wrapping yourfamily’s presents for you.”

    Leo pouted, but continued, “Then tomorrow maybe we can have some fun in the morning before we leave?”

    Marc let out a low rumble. “You know I’m up for that,” he said, kissing Leo’s rosy cheek.

    “You know what else you should do,” Leo said.

    “What, my love?” Marc asked. Leo just brightened whenever Marc called him that.

    “Pack for ustonight. That way we have more time tomorrow morning for fun before we leave.”

    Marc propped himself up on his elbow. “Are you trying to get me to pack your suitcase for you?”

    Leo fluttered his beautiful eyes. “I love you. I’ll make it up to you.”

    Marc screwed up his face. “The fact that I’m considering this deal means there’s probably something really wrong with me. I hate packing, especially for other people.”

    * * *

    [Insert PM chapter here]

    * * *


    Christmas with the Lymans was perfect Marc decided. Leo and he had arrived and Marc instantly felt like he was in some sort of story book. The Lymans had a real tree, decorated with ribbon and lights and all sorts of ornaments ranging from heirloom to homemade; wreaths; lights strung up around the house; candles; stockings; and even stuffed animals with Santa hats on. And there were a ton of throw pillows and quilts on the sectional sofa in front of the fireplace, which made snuggling with Leo so easy. Donna had made so much food - Marc was pretty sure he gained a few pounds.

    And there had been so much to do! So much celebration, but there had also been down times of rest and relaxation; of cuddling (and snogging) with Leo in front of the fireplace.

    The 23rd had been the twins birthday and they of course got presents and cake. Everyone had gone to an ‘escape room’ where they had to solve puzzles to reach the end of the series of rooms (which they had failed, but it was still so much fun) and then they had come home to watch cheesy holiday movies and laughed at them while playing board games.

    Christmas Eve had been mostly a lazy day, except for the private Christmas party at the White House. Leo had at least warned Marc they’d be going beforehand. Marc had gotten up early, made out with a very dopey Leo, and had a shower. He spent most of the day helping Donna in the kitchen. They had baked and constructed an incredible gingerbread house. At the Seaborn Christmas party, Marc was surprised at how much fun he had. He, Leo, and Josie had mostly just hung out on the couch and lightly drunk. There had been a White Elephant exchange that got quite heated over a cookie jar shaped like a potato, filled with chocolates. Josh had got it in the end, simply because everyone else wanted it.

    On Christmas morning, Leo had gotten woken up by kisses. Marc would have gone a lot further, but they were called upstairs to open gifts. Leo was positively adorable; blushing as they climbed the stairs in their pyjamas. Marc got to hold Leo as they all opened gifts. They had a lazy day and had gone to a Chinese restaurant for dinner. But now the family was back home, snacking on finger foods and cookies, watching a Christmas special, and looking at all their new gifts.

    Leo was next to Marc on the couch. The touches were subtle, but clear. Marc rubbed the back of Leo’s hand with his, and linked their pinkies. Leo looked over with a sly smile. Marc winked and Leo went bright red.

    Marc chuckled and grabbed Leo close to kiss him on his soft lips. When they parted, Leo had the biggest grin with the biggest dimples. Leo laid his head on Marc’s chest. “This has been the perfect Christmas,” Leo said as he nuzzled the open button of Marc’s dark blue collar shirt.

    “It’s been my favourite Christmas ever,” Marc said into Leo’s hair. “Simply because I’m with you.”

    There was gagging coming from the other side of the living room where Josh was sat in his leather recliner.

    “Oh, leave them alone,” Donna said, entering the room with a glass of wine. She kissed Josh before sitting on the arm of his chair. “Remember how we spent ourfirst holidays?” She growled.

    He wiggled his eyebrows.

    “I think you’re all gross,” Noah muttered as he and Abi entered the living room with mugs of hot chocolate.

    “I can’t wait until I can drink through the holidays,” Abi grumbled as she and Noah plunked down on the other end of the sectional.

    Josh wrapped his arms around Donna’s waist. “All our babies came home for Christmas. There’s nothing I ever want ever again… except for maybe if they came home for Hanukkah next year.”
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    Chapter Two:
    I read it not long after you posted it and the boards were messing up and I couldn't post a reply. Then things got crazy. I don't have time to do more than Chapter Two at the moment, but I'll get chapter three sometime today, hopefully. Unless our apartment is destroyed by people replacing the windows. ;)

    I so loved getting a little time with just the twins and Josh and Donna!

    [face_love] It's the little things that really make the difference sometimes, and I loved that you included this detail.

    Hahah!! I love that she immediately hugs him but also gives him crap for the hat at the same time! And of course her hair is already a different color!

    [face_laugh][face_laugh] Oh man, that was great!!

    I adored this, Noah being such a good brother and wanting to make sure Abi was taken care of. Of course Josh wouldn't do anything to upset her on purpose, but he might have joked and really hurt her, so Noah makes sure it doesn't happen. [face_love]
    I also just loved this little bit of father/son time.

    :D Josh is so adorbs with his affection and wanting to snuggle with his babies, even if they aren't babies any longer!! *happy sigh*

    This was just so perfectly fluffy and warm!
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    Sep 10, 2005
    Okay, I'm back!
    [face_laugh] It's times like this that I think Leo is my spirit animal, because I'm the most awkward person on the planet. But I love that Marc feels comfortable saying that to Leo this early-ish into their relationship.

    I really loved seeing more information about Marc's family! I can understand how he'd feel bad for 'making' Leo go to that, but it really shows the difference when Leo's family welcome's Marc with open arms.

    Haha... oh Leo, trying to get Marc to do all the crappy things under the guise of having more time. Leo, your Josh is showing! :p (But I thought it was cute too!)

    But unlike his father, Leo does learn his lesson! :p

    This one sentence gave me such warm and fuzzy feelings!! The idea of it is just so sweet and cute and something I could see happening a lot in the future!

    [face_laugh] But in fairness they are totally in that sickeningly sweet love part of their relationship. And I love it!

    This was such a great story! So sweet, fun and hot!! :D
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    Feb 25, 2010
    Thanks. I as so sad that the plot bunnies just don't bite for the twins very often, but I love it when they do
    Yeah, I love small acts of love
    Abi is just so her father's daughter (and deep down, he loves it!)
    I love Josh/Donna banter!
    Noah is just so much like his mom, it's adorable!
    Thanks! It was pure mush and I loved it.

    Yeah, I'm painfully awkward too. I know it like Leo knows it, so he's okay with Marc pointing it out.

    Yeah, I really love the difference and how warmly Marc is welcomed!
    Leo's Josh is totally showing. Yet Marc still does it (sucker :p )
    Ehhh... sometimes he learns :p
    I can totally see this happening in the future [face_love]
    They are and it's adorable.

    Thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed! It was so much fun to write!
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    Title: Sleepovers
    Autum 2056
    Characters:JJ, Miri, Mattie, Emilio, Ella, Leo/Marc, Elvie/Rose

    A/N:IT’S FINALLY DONE! Written for @mavjade for the 2018 fic-gift exchange (NSWFF). I had a couple different ideas for this (one of which involved some Camp David shenanigans ;) ), but this was the first one that came into my head, so I stuck with it (because I was like 2400 words in before the other ideas really took off and we both knew my December/January did not allow change of plans). But I’ll likely write the one with at Camp David as well, when I find the time.

    There’s 3 parts – and yes, the third is PM only ;)

    1. Santos and Lyman kid sleepover
    2. something that gets broken
    3. a pillow/couch/bed fort

    I don't want anyone in serious trouble

    Characters: Any or all of the Santos and Lyman kids (whichever ones you want to use at whatever age!) And if some grownups want to get in on the sleepover action, I wouldn't object.

    Part 1

    Marc couldn’t help but smile as he led his two kids to their Abba’s office. JJ and Miri were growing so fast - they were now 7 and 5, but they were still Marc’s babies. JJ had his backpack on his back, slung over one shoulder. Miri rolled her little suitcase behind her. Both were in jeans, sneakers, and hoodies, a stark contrast to Marc’s tuxedo he had just put on. Miri skipped along and JJ swung his and Marc’s arm.

    “You excited for your sleepover?” Marc asked. Tonight Miri and JJ were sleeping over at the Vice President’s home. Every month or so the kids went over to Number One Observatory Circle. The kids always seemed to enjoyed it; the Vice President’s three kids - Mattie, Emilio, and Ella - were 10, 8, and 6, so they were all in the same age range. They were all friends at school and all had similar experiences with Secret Service agents, extremely regimented schedules, and limited time with their parents - particularly Leo and Elvie. Plus, there were far fewer people coming and going from the Vice President’s residence when compared to the White House, but it was still extremely secure, so the Secret Service agents gave them much more space to run around, play, and just be kids.

    Normally, JJ and Miri went over to sleep over at the Santos’ when Leo and Marc had Elvie and Rosamie over for date-night; the kids got to all be wild without any parents around and the adults got time off from the stress of work, kids, and life under a microscope. However, tonight Leo and Marc had a gala function for one of Marc’s charities he worked with. Marc raised funds for legal medical fees - including counselling - for human trafficking victims. The event was in coordination with Marc’s lobbying to increase funding to end slavery both in the US and internationally. So JJ and Miri got to be the ones to hang out with Elvie and Rose. But it was good for the kids to hang out and spend some time with different adults.

    “Yeah!” Miri exclaimed. “We’re going to eat mac’n cheese and make cookies with Auntie Rosie and watch all the Avenger movies with Uncle Elvie.”

    “All fiveof them?” Marc asked as they continued through the maze that was the West Wing. They walked past the Roosevelt room. “You sure Uncle Elvie can stay awake?” He was hoping to get JJ to reply - the kid had been worryingly quiet recently, but Miri continued to chat away.

    “Nope!” she replied with confidence. “So Ella and I are going to paint his toe-nails when he’s asleep!”

    Marc chuckled. They finally reached the outer office. JJ and Miri waved to Leo’s executive secretary, Mrs. Paddington.

    The older woman smiled and waved back. She seemed to have a mane of black, curly hair, peppered with white. She opened her desk drawer and produced two mini-chocolate bars. She gave one to each kid. “You can go right in. I tried to hurry him up for you Mr. Lyman, but I’m no miracle worker.”

    “Oh nonsense!” Marc said in a teasing tone. “You get him back to me at a reasonable hour… most nights.” The kids had already gone ahead in, so Marc followed behind.

    Leo was in one of the blue chairs, listening to his deputy-Chief of Staff - a man in his mid 30s named Rob - and his Communications Director - Lauryn, a woman in her 50s. Leo had his legs ‘man spread’ and was wearing his typical navy suit with white shirt and a brown tie. Elvie was also sitting in on the meeting - though he looked like he was already falling asleep. He was in charcoal grey suit with a plaid pocket square.

    Leo glanced at the kids, smiled at them, then turned back to Lauryn. “That sounds good. Make sure I get a copy of the draft of the speech after you run it by the Vice President and his staff. Last thing I want when I go to Dallas next week is another ‘big hat’ incident.”

    Elvie pinched the bridge of his nose. Marc had seen that look before. Elvie was trying not to laugh.

    “A ten gallon hat doesn’t actually hold ten gallons. I might not have known that, but the Vice President would have. Anyways, thanks guys,” Leo said. “Monday morning I want to see what developed on H.B. 892 over the weekend. Have a good weekend.”

    “Thank you Mr. President, Mr. Vice President,” Rob and Lauryn said. They waved to the kids and said hello to Marc on the way out.

    “And who is my next meeting?” Leo exclaimed as he patted his knees.

    “We are!” Miri exclaimed running to her Abba and climbing onto his lap.

    “You are!” Leo laughed, tickling her. “And what important business of the government do you have to discuss with President Abba?”

    “We came to say goodbye,” JJ reported, pushing his glasses up. Now that he was 7, he was getting a bit older and a bit less likely to climb up on his Abba while in the Oval Office. It hurt both Leo and Marc to see JJ more reserved. The weren’t sure if it was just him getting older, or if it was something deeper. Both parents knew you had to be delicate when approaching JJ about an issue he might be having as a “First Kid”, otherwise he might completely shut down. He had done so last year and it had completely broken Marc and Leo.

    “GOODBYE?” Leo yelled in a ridiculously high pitched voice. He squeezed Miri’s head to his chest. “GOODBYE! No, no, no.My babies aren’t moving out. I’d cry. I’d cry every night and then Daddy would have a big puddle to clean up.”

    Miri laughed as she tried to wiggle out of the embrace. “We’re not moving out.”

    “Oh thank you,” he said, kissing her head. “Where you going?” He knew exactly what was happening tonight, he just liked playing with Miri and being silly.

    “We’re sleeping over at Uncle Elvie’s,” she said, pointing to Elvie.

    “You are! Can I come?” Leo asked, turning and winking at the Vice President. “I love sleepovers with Elvie! We had them all the time growing up.”

    “No. You got Dad’s dinner and speech tonight,” JJ said, sitting on the edge of one of the couches.

    Leo looked up at Marc with love-filled eyes. “Is that why Daddy’s so dressed up and handsome?”

    Elvie was gagging in the background.

    Leo’s compliments almost mended Marc’s broken heart.


    Everytime JJ called Marc ‘dad’ and not ‘daddy’, it just tore at him, but Marc would not cry. Leo never got this pain; Abba would always remain Abba, and that was a good thing. Marc could even hear Leo being called Abba by their grandchildren, but that was a long way into the future. “Yes, yes, and we are running late already, and Abba still has to put his tuxedo on. So say your goodbyes and head off with Uncle Elvie.” JJ did, now, hug his abba.

    “I still feel bad that Rose and I aren’t coming tonight,” Elvie said as he gathered JJ’s backpack and slung it over the push handles of his wheelchair. Originally Elvie and Rose were supposed to be at a different fundraiser in Maine tonight but that ended up being canceled (which only happened to the vice president). And now there wasn’t enough time for the Secret Service to coordinate and plan for both Leo and Elvie being at the same function. The only places where both President and VP could be together without a whole host of planning was the White House, Number One Observatory Circle, the OEOB, the Capitol, and Camp David.

    Marc waved his hand. “Don’t worry about it. The kids are really excited for some Santos shenanigans with you guys.”

    “Well, if you guys finish at a half-reasonable hour, come by and stay the night,” Elvie said with a shrug. “We can have an impromptu date-night.”

    “Can we please!” Leo said. “When do we ever get to do something wild and spontaneous?”

    Elvie snorted. “Never, because you are the least wild and spontaneous person.”

    “We’ll see,” Marc said with a chuckle as he shook his head.

    * * *

    Leo had mentioned to Elvie during their last work lunch that something something was up with JJ; that he was even more quiet than normal. And Elvie had noticed this on the short drive to the US Naval Observatory; JJ just looked out the window while Miri chatted away to Elvie about school - she had just started Kindergarten a few weeks before. But as soon as they got into the house, JJ seemed to brighten up, but that’s probably because Elvie got hit in the head by a foam dart as soon as they entered the grand entrance. Nerf guns were a favourite of the Santos kids - Elvie and Rose didn’t like to encourage violence, but the kids knew nerf guns were for fun and to encourage the kids to be active and to think strategically. Nerf gun battles often also devolved into Lightsaber fights.

    “JJ and Miri are here!” Em exclaimed excitedly. Em had been then shooter of the dart. The Santos kids also enjoyed the sleepovers with Miri and JJ. They got to go a bit crazier than normal. “Grab a nerf-gun!”

    JJ was hit by a foam football from above. He looked up to the second floor landing to see Ella laughing. “I have the high ground!”

    “Not for long!” JJ shouted back to his best friend as he now raced up the stairs. The kid seemed so much freer now that he was behind the doors of a much more private home. Elvie smiled, glad that the kid felt so comfortable here. Miri went off running as well.

    Rose came out of the kitchen, wiping her hands on the red apron she was wearing. “Dinner will be done in a half hour,” she said, leaning down to kiss him on the lips. Rose worked shorter hours at her law firm which allowed her to have a career, but also pick up the kids from school every day and make amazing dinners.

    Elvie kissed her back. “So what you are saying is we have 30 minutes for a quickie.”

    She laughed at him as she started back to the large kitchen. She always said that the best thing about living in “government housing” was the kitchens she got. All the appliances were state of the art and there was endless counter and cupboard space - everything was in dark marble and elegant greens. When the Santoses had moved in, they had a number of renovations done, including a 3 floor elevator, and a small section of the kitchen island lowered so Elvie could comfortably prepare food.

    “Probably better,” Elvie said following her. “Marc and Leo might come over later.”

    She raised her brow. “Oh! They’re coming here. That’s something new.”

    Elvie and Rose talked about their days and potential plans tonight while they cut up some veggies for dinner. Suddenly, Miri and Ella burst into the kitchen. “Can we make cookies now?”

    “Did your brothers kick your butts in your nerf-gun battle?” Elvie asked, snacking on a carrot stick.

    They nodded, glumly. “They’ve got a stockpile of darts and a hold in the play room in the basement. We can’t go down the stairs or elevator without getting hit.”

    “Dinner is almost ready,” Rosamie announced. “We can do cookies after.”
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    Yay yay yay yay!!

    :D I always love Camp David shenanigans!

    I love this! After TWWW episode (I think that was it) that had a guy who worked for a group that deals with human trafficking, I find myself thinking about it a lot. I love this is one of the things Marc has put his power into.

    So cute! And I was going to say how cute it is that little kids get so excited about such things, but then I realised I'd totally be psyched for this! I also really loved how Marc turns it on Elvie trying to get JJ to respond.
    Okay, I love Mrs. Paddington already! I think she needs to appear more often!

    [face_laugh] Oh Leo.
    But I love that he clearly still has that relaxed feeling with his staff.

    Oh my heart!! President Abba! [face_love]

    :( Oh no JJ!!! I gotta know what happened!

    :( Yeah, I think that's probably always going to be hard, no matter when it happens. It's a sign of your kid growing up. I didn't really think about how Abba wouldn't change, but that's a good point.

    [face_laugh] But YEEESSSSSS!!!!! :D :D

    Oh man, this cracked me up! A few minutes ago he was Mister Vice President and now he's getting hit with foam darts. Kids really have the ability to keep you grounded.

    Oh I bet it is a nice kitchen! That would be such a bonus!

    This is so awesome, I'm excited for the next part!
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    I hope you enjoy!
    Hehehehe. Me too. Hopefully the muse eventually cooperates.
    Yeah. I got to see the creator of the "Dressember" movement speak at the conference I went to and it was really great to hear her speak. I wanted to give Marc a meaningful cause, but I didn't want to make him just the "gay" first gentleman, if that makes sense.
    Hahaha. Honestly, it sounds like such a fun evening no matter what your age.

    And Marc is such a great dad!
    Oh yes! She is already slotted to make another appearance in one of my favourite fics I've written in awhile.
    Yeah, I like to think he's very much friendly with his staff.

    So, I think I had a plot in mind when I wrote this, but I have since forgotten. Hopefully it comes back to me because I'm thinking I need some angst with a happy ending.
    Yeah, I think it's hard to realize your kids are growing up. But I think Leo would be Abba, even to his grandchildren!


    LOL. Yup. Grounded is definitely the right word.
    Glad you enjoyed. Part 2 coming!
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    Part II

    JJ looked like he was having so much fun. He was elbow-deep in a large bowl of double chocolate chip cookie dough (he had given up on using a spoon to mix it and was using his hands). Mattie was in the pantry, creating some sort of snack mix with chips, popcorn, raisins and candy to go with the cookies for the movie marathon. Emilio was helping his mom with the other batch of cookies they had made (sugar cookies). Ella and Miri were curiously missing.

    JJ’s glasses were slowly sliding down his nose. He tried to push them up with his shoulder, but ended up knocking them off and into the dough.

    Elvie chuckled. “Here, J. I got those for you,” he said, reaching into the bowl and retrieving the glasses. “I’ll clean them for you,” he said, going to the sink to wash the dough off before trying to find some glass cleaner.

    Of course, Miri and Ella chose that moment to enter the kitchen. Ella was armed with two large nerf guns and Miri had a nerf gun and a nerf bomb - which was filled with foam balls. “REVENGE!” Miri screamed.

    “FOR NARNIA!” Ella yelled and they both opened fire. Foam balls and darts when everywhere.

    Mattie hid in the pantry. Emilio grabbed an empty baking sheet and used it as a shield. JJ fled with sticky hands and no glasses.


    Rose sat in his lap and stroked his hair. “I’ll protect you. I know how awful you are at these sorts of things.”

    He glared. “Was that a reference to my military service?” He wasn’t mad - it had been over 20 years ago - and she was his wife. She was allowed to joke.

    “Well, you did crash a plane.”

    “Never going to live that down, am I?”

    Rose opened her mouth with a smirk to reply, when they heard a large crash in the living room. It was the tell-tale boom of smashing glass. Elvie and Rose winced. The kids all looked at each other with wide eyes and dropped their weapons.

    They all heard JJ’s whimpers as they hurried to the living room. JJ had run into a side table and knocked it over along with a vase of flowers that had been on top. Shards of clear glass flooded the hardwood floor along with the tiger lilies (Rose’s favourite flowers) Elvie had brought home for her yesterday.

    JJ clutched the sides of his face as his bottom lip trembled.

    “Guys, there’s glass everywhere. Go back in the kitchen,” she ordered the other kids. “I’ll get a broom,” she said.

    “I’m sorry,” JJ blubbered. “I’m so sorry.”

    “It’s okay, it’s okay,” Elvie tried to assure him, trying to get close enough to grab the kid without rolling over glass. He managed to do so, picking up JJ with a long reach and strong arms. “Let’s make sure none of it got on you,” he said, brushing off JJ’s pants and socks. Elvie then placed JJ’s glasses back on his face.

    JJ finally got a good look at the mess he had created and just started to cry.

    “It’s okay, it’s okay,” Rosamie repeated Elvie’s words when she returned. “We aren’t mad,” she said, cupping his face and rubbing his cheek.

    Elvie rolled and grabbed a quilt off of the back of the couch (they might live in a 19thcentury mansion, but the Santoses always had grandma’s handmade quilts around). He had a feeling JJ’s tears were more than just about a (frankly unimportant) glass vase. “Okay. I think we need to have a mini-meeting of First Kids out on the veranda.”

    Elvie led JJ outside. The door was opened by a member of the Secret Service. “Phoenix and Library are in the open air,” the agent said.

    Elvie got JJ to sit on the porch swing, then transferred. He wrapped them both in the quilt as they looked out into the night. The sky was dark and the air was chilly. JJ wiped his eyes with the corner of the blanket.

    Elvie chuckled. “Have you ever heard the story of the time your dad broke a wall… with a bust of George Washington… in the White House?”

    JJ looked up with curious eyes and shook his head.

    “Your dad would say it was my and Josie’s fault, but he’s the klutz,” Elvie said, wrapping his arm around JJ, “Okay, so, it all started when I was having some problems in school with some bullies, so to cheer me up and get my mind off it, my parents sent me to spend spring break here in DC with my two best friends: your dad and Aunt Josie. I was technically staying with your dad, grandma and grandpa, but one night we had to stay at the White House because of a lock down….”

    * * *

    35 years ago…

    “I swear to god I am giving you all up for adoption,” Josh Lyman grumbled as he sat behind his desk in the Chief of Staff’s office. He had his chin in his hands and was using his fingers to pull down the skin under his eyes. Somehow, for some god-forsaken reason, he had been trapped in his office with Leo, Elvie, and Josie for the past two hours. The kids had been in the office, trying to convince Josh to order pizza for them, when a group of unauthorized men with a stash of weapons had tried to enter the White House with a stolen armoured truck. At first, Josh had been so thankful all three kids were in front of his eyes when alarms went off, but now they were getting on his nerves.

    Elvie, Josie, and Leo were playing spoons with a deck of cards Josh had in his office for such occasions. Only, instead of using spoons for the game, the kids were using pens. But the game was getting violent and loud while Josh was trying to work. They were on the floor, all passing cards quickly and trying to grab the pens before the others.

    “You guys are driving me insane,” Josh gritted.

    “Short drive!” Elvie instantly retorted.

    “More like a walk for Uncle Josh,” Josie said with a grin.

    “Look you two,” Josh said, pointing his finger. “I made your fathers presidents.”

    “So you’re to blame,” Josie said, leaning back so she laid on the rug.

    Josh simply huffed, and then was interrupted by Margret entering the room. “Secret Service still has the grounds on lockdown, but said we are free to move about the building now. Jack is going to come in with Alan to brief you,” she said, eyeing the kids.

    Josh sighed and looked at the time. “If the grounds are still on lockdown, looks like we are going to be here till the early morning.” He turned to the kids. “Guys, why don’t you run along? I’ll come find you and let you know if we have to spend the night. Get a pizza from the Mess. It will be far healthier than anything from outside.”

    Leo and Elvie were smart enough not to display their excitement at a possible sleepover at Josie’s given how stressed out Josh at just been at the whole event. But as soon as they rushed out of Josh’s office, they gave each other high-fives. Elvie grabbed a foam football they had left when they had gone into the office. “Leo! Go long.” Elvie said, winding up his arm.

    Leo jogged ahead and caught the ball. “Keep it away from Josie!” Leo teased as he threw it back to Elvie, high over Josie’s head.

    Elvie caught it, then threw it back to Leo a bit harder. Leo had to run backward to catch it in two arms and when he did, he unknowingly backed into a pedestal with a bust of George Washington. The pedestal tipped and George Washington’s skull implanted itself in the wall with a thud.

    Elvie and Josie gulped. “Niiiice one, Leo.”

    * * *

    “We got the head back on the pedestal, but there was still a huge dent in the wall,” Elvie said, finishing the story with a laugh.

    “Did you guys get in trouble?” JJ asked with wide eyes.

    Elvie shook his head. “Your Grandpa Josh was the only adult directly responsible for us that night, so we were never caught. They ended up canceling the lockdown earlier than expected that night, so we all went back to your abba’s and they never questioned us.” He then remembered what had brought about this story time. “But even if we did get caught - and trust me, we did on other occasions - we wouldn’t have gotten in trouble. Your Grandpa Josh would have known we were just being kids and it was an accident. We probably would have gotten a talking to about paying attention but your Grandpa understood how hard it was being raised in the White House as a kid - something your Abba knows, and I know too. I also know it might be hard going to your Daddy and Abba about things that might be bothering you.”

    “They are really busy and Abba’s always worried about everyone and Dad’s always worried about Abba. Sometimes, I don’t share because I don’t want to worry them.”

    Elvie held JJ close. “You know you and Miri are the most important things in their lives, and they will love you always. But I also know loving them so much and not wanting to be worried about you. You know, you can always come to your Uncle Elvie. I don’t have too much to worry about.”

    JJ looked down. “There are these jerks in my class.”

    Elvie huffed. “Aren’t there always.” Both the Lymans and the Santoses had tried to save the kids from school bullies by putting all the kids in the same school, but all the kids were different ages, so there was only so much that they could do as parents. Elvie knew this because he had experienced his fair share of bullying. When the kids found out Elvie’s birth story was actually an assassination attempt, Elvie realized just how cruel kids could be.

    “Remember when I tripped on the stairs going back inside after the Easter Egg roll and got egg all over my face? Well, theses jerks in my class neve rlet me forget it. And now every little thing I might do wrong or weird - whether it’s in person or they see it on TV, they tease me about it. They even started teasing me about how I call my dads “Daddy and Abba”. And it’s only gotten worse since we’re in grade 2. They tell me I’m a baby and that I should call my dads ‘Dad and Father’,” JJ complained.

    “Okay,” Elvie sighed. “First: never call your abba ‘Father’.” Elvie was sure that would break Leo. Elvie gave a smirk. “You gotta save that for when you’re an angsty teenager. And if you want to still call your dad ‘Daddy’ then you should, I know it would mean so much to him. You’re his little boy and you will always be. Second: don’t let little jerks dictate your life. They win if you do. They don’t know how much pure joy you bring your abba and dad.”

    JJ looked up Elvie with a frown. “That just sounds wrong: ‘Abba and Dad’,” he said with almost a hint of disgust. “They are ‘Abba and Daddy’.”

    Elvie chuckled. “Well then you call them that for however long you want to. You have an important job as First Kid, you know, a great responsibility I once held. You have to make them laugh with all your adorable jokes; cuddle with them so all their worries might be forgotten; and be silly without fear, so they can be silly too.” Elvie sighed. “JJ, have you talked to your teacher or another adult about these bullies?”

    The boy nodded. “I’ve talked to both Mrs. Cristie and the school councillor.”

    “Have they done anything?”

    He nodded again. “They talked to the boys.”

    “Okay,” Elvie breathed, unsure of what else he could do. He knew throwing his weight around as VP might only make things worse for JJ, even if he wanted to do something more for the poor kid. “If you need anything, even if its just another meeting as First Kids, my office is always open. Even if you just want another silly story about Abba, Aunt Josie, and me.”

    JJ smiled, then hugged Elvie. He then gasped and looked up and around as soon as they heard sirens in the distance. It was just a ‘First Kids thing’. Sirens meant Dad (or Abba in JJ’s case) was on his way. JJ and Elvie shared a smile as the presidential motorcade began to drive by the house. Finally, the main limo stopped. JJ bounced when he saw his Abba step out of the car, helping his Daddy out of the car.

    Marc and Leo were both in tuxedos, holding hands as they walked up the path. “Elvie,” Marc taunted. “Did Rose kick you out again? What smarmy thing did you say?” They walked up the ramp and onto the veranda.

    Elvie rolled his eyes. “JJ and I were just having a meeting of the Presidents’ Kids Club.”

    JJ nodded, then held out his arms for a hug from Abba, which Leo beamed as he knelt down and gave. “And Uncle Elvie told me all about George Washington’s hard skull.”

    Leo looked confused.

    “You know, the night we made that epic blanket fort in your basement because you were so scared you were going to get in trouble for denting a wall in the White House.”

    Realization dawned on Leo and he began to laugh. “Well, to be fair, that was your and Josie’s fault and that fort was amazing.”

    Elvie turned to JJ. “See, what did I tell you? Always my fault.”

    “We should make a blanket fort!” JJ exclaimed.

    Leo looked at Marc. “I bet your dad could make the best blanket fort.”

    “That’s Daddy to you!” JJ exclaimed. Marc’s face brightened, then grew soft with the most genuine, caring love.

    Elvie just smirked. He had to. “Oh, it definitely is.” Elvie winked.

    “Okay!” Leo said, blushing. He picked up JJ. “I think I smell cookies!”

    “So how was the event?” Elvie as he transferred back to his wheelchair. “How was the speech, Daddy?”

    “It was amazing,” Leo answered for Marc, kissing Marc on the cheek. “JJ, your Daddy is amazing. I am so in love with him.”

    * * *

    Elvie stared in amazement. “Leave it to the architect to construct this.

    Both Santoses and Lymans were in the play room of the Santos’ basement. There was a large TV and a large sectional couch. Marc, with the help of the kids, had constructed a massive blanket fort with jersey sheets. Inside the fort was two air mattresses and a ton of couch cushions and quilts.

    Leo and Rose had brought down the snacks. The kids grabbed them and dove into their fort.

    “You old fogies coming in?” Ella asked.

    “Yeah, come on! Watch the movies with us!” Miri begged, her mouth full of cookies.

    The adults looked at each other and shrugged. “Okay,” Rose replied. “But if Uncle Elvie breaks it trying to get in, it’s not our fault.”

    “Why am I constantly being blamed for breaking things this evening?” Elvie asked. “I swear it is never my fault!”

    (A/N: I’ll PM you part 3 in a couple days; I’m feeling kinda lazy right now, plus this part was already on the longer side).
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    Sep 10, 2005
    It makes perfect sense and I 100% agree.

    This happens to me all the time, it's quite frustrating! I need to start writing things down more.

    Okay, so maybe JJ is my spirit animal! This sounds like something I'd do!

    I loved the girls getting revenge, but this cracked me up! Someone's been reading the Chronicles of Narnia!

    Hahah... buurrrrnn!

    This was so me as a kid. It didn't matter what it was, a glass, a plate, I'd get really upset that I broke it, even though I never got in trouble.

    [face_love] Oh my heart! I loved Elvie seeing that it was more than just a broken vase and that JJ needed someone who understands that maybe isn't as close to the situation. This whole scene between them was perfect! I adore it!

    Ha! When I was in high school I went to the week long camp where you learned about state government and we made our own. Well my 'county' decided to play spoon with markers and it went about as well as you can imagine. The mental image of all of them sitting in Josh's office playing games made me so happy!

    [face_laugh] Josh defending himself to a bunch of kids by saying he made their fathers presidents. That's just too good, and soooo Josh!

    =(( [face_love]Oh JJ! He's so sweet though! He's internalizing so much.

    I really liked this detail! It works so well because for Josh sirens were always an iffy thing, but for JJ it means his parents and a happy thing. It makes a nice dichotomy.

    [face_laugh] I'm not sure if that was sarcasm or a bit of kinky-ness... or both! But it made me laugh!

    I don't know why, but I didn't even think of that! I bet that was the best fort ever!

    I LOVE this so, so much!!! It makes me happy!

    I hope to have yours done soon. The muse is being a butt.
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    Ugh. Me too!
    So, literally, just 2 hours ago, I knocked my glasses off and couldn't find them because I couldn't see (I eventually did find them).
    Back in high school my friends and I would randomly yell this.
    I love Rose so much.
    Yup, me too.
    I love Daddy Elvie, even if it isn't with his kid. I guess this is him as "Uncle Elvie" and I love that too!
    Hahaha. Played spoons with pens in Elementary School, so yeah, I know exactly how well it went.
    I loved the image of the three musketeers driving poor Josh crazy!
    Thanks! As soon as this flashback popped into my head, I just started laughing. It is sooo Josh.
    He's so much like his Abba and Grandpa. It's sad, but also so sweet.
    Yeah, I thought about this too. Its a unique balance.

    It's Elvie... it's both :p
    I think it probably was! Now I'm imagining Marc designing the coolest tree fort for these kiddos!
    Thanks! So glad you enjoyed!
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    A/N:Both of these were kinda on the shorter side, so I decided to post them together. TBH, “The Mets Game” is probably one of my favourite fics I’ve ever written.

    Title: Josiah Joshua Elijah Lyman

    “Marc,” Leo practically whined. “You just pick.” He sat at the kitchen table. He was supposed to be working, but the tablet with the bill he was “reading” was pushed back to the middle of the table. Leo was staring at a notebook with two names written on it.

    Marc turned around from the kitchen counter, hands on his hips. “Are you really taking that tone with me, about this?” Marc was making chilli and lasagna: meals they could freeze and easily heat up for when the baby got here. Josie was now 36 weeks pregnant and Marc was nesting: prepping meals, cleaning the whole house, servicing the car. Leo was nesting too. He wasn’t religious and he didn’t believe in Jewish superstitions… but he was… occasionally, reading Psalms and had refused to bring anything for the baby into the house. He had a huge list of items in his Amazon cart, just waiting to be bought. And only he and Marc knew the baby’s name. Well… potential names.

    “Yes!” Leo said, flapping his arms, gesticulating wildly. “Because I just don’t know and I feel guilty that you are getting no input at all.”

    “Hey! I picked Miri.”

    Leo couldn’t help but smile at the name they had chosen if their baby was a girl. Miri Cera Lyman. “For mygrandmother.” (And Myri Antilles, the Star Wars Extended Universe character… but Marc didn’t know that part of it). They had discussed other girl names but none of them had come remotely close to Miri.

    “Well I love the name,” Marc said, returning to his dishes. “And I love both the boy names you have to decide between. Trust me, if I didn’t, you’d know.”

    Leo looked at the two masculine names on the paper: Joshua Edward Lymanand Josiah Ezekiel Lyman. Leo loved both men and wanted to honour both his father and his adoptive grandfather. Ezekiel has been his father’s middle name (though he could never spell it, so he had never used it), and Edward had been his Grandpa Jed’s. “You don’t think either one is too much to live up to? You know, being named after a president or the guy who made three presidents? Maybe we should put Levi back on the list. Or Elijah. I really do love Elijah.”

    Marc looked back at his husband, one eyebrow raised. “Were you ever under any pressure too live up to Leo McGarry? Did Noah ever feel any pressure to live up to your grandfather? Did Abi-.”

    “I get it, I get it,” Leo, said, interrupting his husband.

    “Besides I never really liked the name Levi. I never liked the whole first-name-last-name alliteration, Leo Lyman,” Marc said with a smirk.

    “Ouch,” Leo laughed.

    “And Elijah… I know he was your great-grandfather, but it seems like Joshua and Josiah just have much more personal significance to both us and you.”

    “Well. My dad and Grandpa Jed aside, whatnamedo you like more?”

    “Honestly,” Marc inhaled. “Josiah. It’s a really beautiful name. Very… peaceful and calm sounding.”

    Leo laughed again. “So, basically, not my father.”

    Marc laughed too. “Yeah, basically. Plus it has so many nickname possibilities: Jed, Jay, Jo. And, of course not directly, but we would also be kinda naming him for Josie too and I really like that idea.” Marc then came behind Leo to rub his shoulders. “But Joshua was Dad’s name. And it just seems… right. And I do really love the name Joshua. Josh… Jos… Joshie… Osh-Gosh, Jay… Jay….” Marc paused, reached over and picked up the pad of paper and a pen. He began to scribble something down.

    “I just don’t know how I feel about having to yell my dad’s name whenever I want my child to pick up his underwear or take out the trash. And do I really want to subject my mom… and the world to another Josh Lyman?”

    “Nope. And you don’t have to.” Marc plopped the pad back down in front of Leo.

    Leo read it and tears began to form.

    It was perfect.


    Josiah Joshua “JJ” Elijah Lyman.

    Marc rubbed Leo’s arms. “We have the names. Now all we need is our baby.”

    “Yeah,” Leo sighed wistfully, looking at the name. He wanted to cuddle his Miri or his JJ so much. “Though hopefully not for another four weeks. By all measurements our baby is underweight and I’d like him or her to cook in Josie for as long as possible.”

    Marc nodded, though they had been ready for “show-time” for 2 months already, they just wanted the baby to be healthy. “Speaking of cooking, I was thinking we should have some nice things frozen for breakfast. Like pancakes or waffles; something we could throw in the toaster and have with our coffee.”

    “Waffles,” Leo grunted. “Pancakes are pointless, burned flavourless disks that fall apart.”
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    Feb 25, 2010
    Title:The Mets Game
    A/N:This is just pure, fun, innuendo.

    President Leo Josiah Lyman’s 69thday in office had been a doozie, and it wasn’t even noon yet. Leo was getting used to pretty packed days, but 14 half-hour meetings packed into 4-and-a-half hours was just getting ridiculous. He had given up on trying to determine what he had to do - he had scheduling staff for that, as well as his senior staff to focus on things he deemed needed to be done.

    “Mrs. Paddington, what’s next?” he asked, striding in front of his executive secretary’s desk in his grey suit. He had just come from a meeting with the Labour secretary in the Roosevelt room and he was aiming for a nice quiet lunch in his office… but he knew it wasn’t going to happen. Still he was shocked by her reply.

    “You are watching a Mets game with Mr. Lyman now,” she said, not looking up from her computer.

    “What?” Leo asked, totally confused.

    “Until 1:30 you are scheduled to be in the residence with your husband. He called this morning, talked with Josie, and both were very insistent I try to schedule this time while JJ was at school and your mother had Miri at the museum.”

    “But it’s not even baseball season.”

    Mrs. Paddington finally looked up with an exasperated sigh. “Sir, I don’t have security clearance for half of these things. I don’t ask; just schedule.”

    “Okay. I guess I’ll be back at 1:30.” Leo was surprised, but grateful. Things hadn’t been great between him and Marc since the inauguration… well… since before then. They were still happy in their marriage (at least Leo hoped so), but never seemed to be able to find time for more intimate moments. Between Leo’s work schedule and the kids, it was hard. Plus, Leo was having some issues in bed. It was nerve-racking for him to know they could be interrupted by an international crisis - or a kid with a nightmare - at any moment. Just this morning, they had tried to have some fun in the shower after Leo’s half-hour morning work-out, but as they had been undressing, JJ had woken up and couldn’t find his glasses, then Leo had to hurry as he had a security meeting.

    So lunch and watching a game on TV with Marc sounded lovely. Even if the game wasn’t baseball. Maybe Mrs. Paddington got the message wrong (unlikely - the woman retained things like a sponge). Maybe they were going to watch a live-stream of practice. That would be fun.

    Leo made his way to the Residence and entered, leaving all but two of his Secret Security detail outside. “Marc?” Leo called. “Sweetheart?”

    “In here, my love!” Marc called from the presidential suite.

    Leaving his final two agents behind, Leo entered his bedroom through the double doors. At first he was concerned - the curtains were drawn so the suite was dark, save for a few candles, and Marc was in bed, covered up. “Marc?” Leo whispered. “Do you have a migraine? Should we watch baseball another time? Maybe when the season actually starts?”

    “No,” Marc whispered back, sitting up and revealing he was shirtless. “Watching baseball is code, Leo! We’re going to have sex!” he began to laugh.

    “What?” Leo squeaked. “Mrs. Paddington said we were scheduled to watch a Mets game.”

    Marc fell back onto the pillows. “Oh, my God, Leo, you are so dense!” he laughed. “It’s a code! I called Josie earlier and asked her if you could have some intimacy time with me today without any interruptions, and after I told her your issues, she agreed it was needed.” Leo wasn’t mad - Josie was the mother of his children, she was allowed to know all of Leo’s problems. “And she said she could shuffle things around for you to give you a nice, long, lunch,” Marc said, jutting his hips under the blanket.

    The innuendo was lost on Leo. “So you’re to blame for my hell of a morning.”

    “First, the words you are looking for are, thank you my darling husband. Second, if this was really going to put a dent in your schedule, Josie would have said no. Both Josie and Elvie are covering for you. And third, just get your pants off Leo! I got 90 minutes to feed both your appetites. I’ve got salads in the fridge for us for lunch. So you can toss my salad.”

    Leo started undressing by pulling off his tie. “What would the voters think if they found out I was having sex with you in the middle of the day.”

    “They would say you - and I - deserve it!” Marc took a moment to roll his eyes when Leo nearly tripped taking off his black dress shoes. “Besides, they aren’t going to find out - no one is. According to your schedule we are spending lunch together and watching a Mets game, remember? Good old American pastime: with balls; some wood; sweaty, muscular men with cute butts. Me eating a kosher hot dog and you - hopefully - yelling in victory at the end.”

    Leo, now undressed, finally understood. He laughed as blushed and climbed on top of his husband, kissing him passionately on his lips. “You are so naughty.”

    “I aim to please,” Marc said, rolling Leo over so Marc was on top.

    Leo moaned as Marc kissed down his neck. “I’m never going to think of baseball the same way again.”
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    Sep 10, 2005
    Josiah Joshua Elijah Lyman:
    I love the idea of the two of them nesting in the own ways... it's so them. And I love that the not bringing things into the house is one of the ways Leo is incorporating his Jewishness.

    Tee hee hee... I love that Leo had to think that! Poor Marc, though at least he knew he married such a nerd.

    I can completely understand that thought. They are some big shoes to fill but then Marc makes an excellent point about all the Lyman children. So long as they don't put the pressure on the kid (and of course they wouldn't!), it should be okay.

    [face_laugh] Well that is an excellent point! Also the one about Leo not having to yell his father's name and not subjecting the world to another Josh Lyman!

    You.... you.... no. No no no no no. If your pancakes are burnt and flavorless you aren't doing pancakes right!
    You realize this means war, right??? :p

    This was so sweet! It really hit the spot!

    The Mets Game:

    Yaaaayyy!! :D :D
    It's so perfect that Leo says that to Mrs. Paddington! [face_love]

    [face_laugh] It was here that I was pretty sure I knew what was going on and I just started laughing.

    This is a great detail. It would be quite nerve-wracking with all of that going on until you get used to it.

    [face_laugh] Oh Leo.... :oops:
    You can't just put 'sexy-times' on the Presidential schedule!
    And yes Leo, I'm sure most of the American people will be happy you have a happy relationship with your husband, even in the middle of the day!

    Oh man, Marc was cracking me up with his innuendo! I was literally laughing out loud! Especially that last one!

    This was so much fun!! =D=
  18. Briannakin

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    Feb 25, 2010
    It's just so them in such small ways, and I love it.
    Yeah, Marc knew what he was getting himself into.
    Yeah, I feel like more then most "getting named after someone" scenarios (like Miri), getting named after someone your parent knew or was related to, but also did some influential things would be a lot, but of course Leo wouldn't purposefully put that pressure on his kids.
    Honestly, at the end of the day, you have to like the name you are going to yell at your kids :p And no, I don't think the world could handle a Josh Lyman II - even if JJ ended up much more docile!
    I'm all for inciting a war if it means more fics from you :p

    I'm glad you enjoyed!

    I just have to have "What's next?" being said whenever I can!
    Everyone knows what is going on... except Leo [face_rofl]
    Yeah, especially someone as shy and paranoid as Leo. I don't think I could do it!
    No, though I'm now just imagining Rosamie putting "sexy times" onto the VP's schedule :D

    And yeah, I think most would agree that a happy, satisfied president is a good thing.
    That was the first line that inspired this whole fic, so now you know why I just had to write it!

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    Feb 25, 2010
    Title: I Think I Wanna Marry You
    Timeframe: November 2036
    Characters: Elvie/Rose
    A/N: My muse kinda hit a wall near the end of NANO and turned to mush. So this is pretty much all mush. Elvie does get a bit crass, but I don’t think it is overly explicit. And I just needed some mush this week, so I finished it.

    This was true love.

    After an absolutely horrible day at work - a botched interview meant her clients were likely going to be deported - Rose had come home to a warm meal (that she had made yesterday, but at least Elvie had heated it up and set the table, then cleaned it up). Her boyfriend had then run her a nice warm bubble bath and now they were lying in bed together, she was leaning on him, in between his legs, as she read from a historical fiction novel about Ching Shih, the 19th century Chinese Pirate Queen. It was captivating and allowed her pure escapism while Elvie gave have a neck massage.

    “I love you.”

    He pulled her hair back, leaned forward, and kissed her cheek. “I love you, too.”

    As she got to the next chapter, Elvie’s left leg started to spasm, not violently, but noticeably. If he sat with his legs flat and spread, spasms were bound to happen.

    “Sorry,” he mumbled grabbing and holding his thigh.

    “It’s okay,” she said, rolling over his leg. She put her reading tablet on her nightstand. “Can I help you with your stretches?” she asked as a way to remind him to do them without nagging him. Stretching helped with spasms.

    “Yeah, sure,” he said, moving his pillows. He crossed one foot over the other thigh. She found him so attractive as he sat in his oversized grey cotton t-shirt and his plaid pyjama pants.

    “You also need to lay on your stomach for a bit to stretch your front hip muscles.”

    Elvie hated laying on his stomach. “Yes, dear.”

    “Well sorry if I don’t want the man I love in pain,” she said as she began to do his ankle stretches. “I’ll even return the back rub.”

    He smiled. “Thank you. For the record,” he said, leaning forward, “You’re the woman who I love.”

    “I am?” she teased. “Well, then where’s my ring to prove it?” she asked, holding up her left hand.

    They had talked about getting married in the past, neither was in a rush, but both wanted it. They were coming up on two an a half years of dating. They were past the “magical” 2 year point and family and friends were starting to bug them. They weren’t going to get married out of pressure or simply because they had been together for awhile, but both felt they had experienced both triumphs and tribulations in this relationship and this was for the long haul. There was no way neither could see this ending anytime soon.

    “Hey,” he laughed, holding up his own left hand. “It’s the 21st century, Rosamie. You could ask me.”

    Her eyes went wide. “Can I?” she exclaimed. “That wouldn’t like, bruise your massive masculine ego?”

    “Rose,” he deadpanned. “We both know who wears the strap-on in this relationship.”

    She laughed and hit his shoulder.

    He laughed and tried to defend himself, “You might not bruise my massive ego, but your going to bruise my arm!”

    She rolled her eyes. “Okay, on your stomach,” she ordered.

    “You might as well be my wife,” he muttered as he grabbed a pillow and rolled over onto his stomach. “Already bossing me around.”

    “I heard that,” she said as she made sure his legs were straight. She then began to rub his back. “Can I really be the one to propose to you?”

    He held up his left hand again. “I’m pretty sure my ring finger is a size 9 and I really like the look of brushed titanium, but pretty much anything but yellow gold. I think the idea of an engagement ring is dumb. Propose to me with the ring I’ll use as my wedding band.”

    “Elvie!” she laughed.

    “I’m serious! I’m okay with you being the one doing the proposal if you want to do it. I can do it if you want me to. I would have eventually, but I think it’s really sweet that you want to propose to me. It actually kinda hurts that you’d think I’d be that…” he searched for the right word. “Toxically traditional that I’d be offended if you asked me to marry you.”

    “Sorry,” she said, kissing his shoulder. “I think I was just worried about coming off as that bossy, controlling girlfriend.” Her horrible day was clearly having an impact on her confidence.

    “Rose,” he said softly. He tried to caress her cheek but ended up flailing. “Okay. First, I really hate being on my stomach. And second, I love you. I love how feisty, opinionated, organized and caring you are. You respect my ego and my masculinity.” He found her hand and held it. “I can’t wait to be your husband… if you ever ask me,” he said with a grin.

    She threw a pillow at him, laughing.

    * * *

    A few weeks later, Rosamie took Elvie out to dinner. She knew he knew the proposal was coming, so she had a plan. It was less about the surprise of the proposal, and more about the surprise of the circumstance. They ate a romantic dinner at her parents’ restaurant… but she didn’t propose. Of course she hinted at it, but didn’t do it.

    “Hey, open the glove compartment,” she suggested as they got in her car. She placed the to-go boxes in the back seat after Elvie threw his disassembled wheelchair back there. It was late November and a bit chilly. The leaves had turned all sorts of beautiful shades of red and orange.

    He opened it and there was a blindfold. He hooked it with a finger and held it up. “Are we getting kinky for dessert?”

    She laughed, but he could feel her nervous vibes. “Well we can, but I have a surprise for you first. Put it on.”

    Elvie pretended to sigh. He was going to have his fun with her. “Rose, you know how I feel about being deprived of one of my senses. Don’t you think I have enough problems? And how am I supposed to get my wheelchair?”

    “I’ll get it for you,” she assured him.

    Normally that would not be okay with him, but he allowed it.

    “Put on the blindfold!”

    “Fine, fine,” he said. “But I better get dessert.” He put the blindfold on and leaned back.

    She drove for a bit, then parked. Wherever they were, it wasn’t far from her parents’ restaurant. “Just wait here. I’ll get your chair. No peeking!” she ordered.

    “I wouldn’t dare,” he muttered.

    “I heard that!”

    “Of course you did.”

    She muttered something he didn’t hear as she got out to get his wheelchair.

    “I heard that!” he called.

    “No, you didn’t,” she retorted as she opened his car door and help him transfer.

    “No, but it was probably mean. I can feel it.”

    “Well can you feel me roll my eyes?” she said as she pushed him. They entered a building and she continued pushing him, for a bit. They got into an elevator and went up.

    “It’s a good thing I trust you. I really hope no one can see me like this. It probably looks like you are kidnapping me.”

    “Well,” she laughed. He could practically hear her smirk. “I pretty much am.”

    He felt her push him to a table. He heard her shifting around.

    “Okay,” she said gently, “You can take the blindfold off.”

    He was about to say something snarky, but then he peeled off to see, by candlelight, they were in his dad’s library, at one of the tables. Among the candles on the table, were flowers and a picnic basket. And Rose was kneeling on one knee at his feet. The only thing he could manage was, “Oh, my love.”

    She grinned as she reached into her flowing dress pocket and produced a ring box. She opened it and there was a simple titanium band. “In this spot, I first met the love of my life, and even from the start, you were selfless and made me laugh. I couldn’t imagine the rest of my life without you.” She reached up and took his hand, rubbing circles with her thumb. “We are equals in all ways and I love you. Will you marry me?”

    He then reached into his blazer. From the inner pocket, he handed her another ring box. “Of course I’ll marry you.”

    “Elvie!” she exclaimed as she took the box. She opened the box to see a simple, timeless ring with small cross-over bands of diamonds set in white gold. “It’s absolutely beautiful!” she then glared. “How long have you had this?”

    He shrugged. “A while,” he said as he put the ring on her finger. She then did the same for him. “I was waiting to figure out the right time, then you asked if you could propose and you were so excited… and I wanted you to. You make me feel so special. I’m the luckiest guy alive.”

    She got up and kissed him.

    “Yeah,” he sighed, wrapping his arms around her waist. “The luckiest guy.”
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    Sep 10, 2005
    Oh this makes me so happy in so many ways!!

    This sounds perfect... minus the person who's going to be deported. But the mental image made me relax and feel good!

    Hehehe... But I love how she does remind him to do the things he needs to do without nagging or acting like he can't take care of himself.

    [face_laugh] He does have a point!
    When it started down this road, I didn't know how Elvie would react, not because he'd think it was his job or that she shouldn't/couldn't do it, but more that he had an idea of what he wanted to do and that with that type of anticipation, it can be easy to be caught up in it. So I was glad to see that he was perfectly fine with the idea.

    I love that you put this because Rose is such a strong woman with a great career and clearly wouldn't take being the 'little woman' well. But we live in a patriarchal society and some of it can seep into our own thinking.

    And then this was the perfect response to that from Elvie! And of course he loves all of those things about her because he loves her, but it's sometimes nice to hear!

    I have a nod to something about this in your fic-gift (that I swear I'm working on!), though I have no idea if it's accurate because the Secret Service doesn't put a whole lot of their procedures online. :p

    Hahaha... well I guess he should be thankful she didn't tie him up at that moment?? :p

    [face_love][face_love] Oh this was so lovely. IN A LIBRARY! HIS DAD's!! It's perfect!
    And I love that Elvie had a ring and that he let her do the proposal because she seemed so excited.

    *happy sigh*
  21. Briannakin

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    Feb 25, 2010
    They are just so cute and I love them, so I'm really glad you enjoyed them.
    I mean, as TWW showed, they can't all be victories, but you can come home to people who love you, then try again the next day.
    I love their dynamic and how Rose has developed - she cares for him without being like a nurse or mother. Though I can soooo see her nagging him :p
    He does!
    When I first got this idea, I too wasn't sure how Elvie would react, because yeah, if its expected of you, you probably start planning and want things to go the way you've planned it (and well, Elvie does have a prey big ego). But Rose just got so excited about it and I knew Elvie couldn't deny her. It probably took a load off of his mind.
    Yeah, it sucks how much society can influence us, even if we don't believe or agree with it.
    I don't think Elvie could handle being with a docile, shy person. Rose is just perfect for him. And he's perfect for her.

    Am I ever going to get this fic-gift? :p I'm kidding, I'm kidding. I totally understand. And I understand. From what I've read (and, yeah, it's very little and vague), I don't think my portrayal of the Secret Service is accurate either, but I also don't think TWW was super accurate either (like apparently the President can only be alone with their spouse or their closest advisors, all other times, including when their alone, Agents have to be with them), so yeah, artistic liberties, and this is based on TWW, not real-life.

    Bahaha. He should be thankful she didn't have duct tape :p
    IN A LIBRARY!!! These guys are such nerds and I love it. I'm glad you enjoyed!
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    Feb 25, 2010
    Title: Buried Deep In A Hollow Love

    Timeframe: spring 2056

    Characters: Marc/Leo, Rosamie, Donna, JJ, Miri

    AN: I had this idea for a story for since like 2017 and was going to be a part of Rose/Marc diary, so this has been floating in my head for awhile, but I always had other/better ideas. But over the past few weeks my muse had been a bit of a (major) butt, so I decided to try something different. This is maybe a bit, or a lot, of catharsis for me. Since Christmas last year, I cut my step-father out of my life. Since then I have struggled with many things including how to forgive and move on and not carry that anger, without condoning his actions or allowing him or his negative behaviour back into my life, while acknowledging some of that made me who I am, for better or for worse.

    Also, this got a lot longer than I intended. I’m working on part 2 but there will probably be part 3. IDK. I’m not sure how this will end yet.

    “I have learned silence from the talkative, toleration from the intolerant, and kindness from the unkind; yet, strange, I am ungrateful to those teachers.”

    -Khalil Gibran

    Part 1

    Marc got the news on a hectic Tuesday. His best friend, Rose, was with him. He felt tired - Miri had been up last night with a bit of a cough - and a bit distracted - JJ had a science fair project he needed help with this evening, plus Marc’s firm had taken on new clients and he had taken a keen interest in their requests. And of course there were the Passover and Easter events coming up Marc had to plan for the White House.

    When Marc got the news, he and Rose were sitting at a large table in the First Gentleman’s office, commiserating while organizing seating arrangements for the Easter luncheon. “I have a Master’s degree, you know?” Marc said with a laugh as he scanned the large diagram of table to make sure they had gotten everyone who was on the guest list - he didn’t want to do something stupid like forget to place his husband.

    “Well this is closer to your education than it is to mine,” Rose snorted. She had come here from her own work so she wore a black blazer and blue button-up shirt.

    Marc, also in a blue button up, but he had his top button undone, looked at her confused. “How so? Seating senators and their ‘plus ones’; making sure no one is at a table with someone they don’t get along with. This is politics. You work in law.”

    “I work in immigration. I work with people. Politicians aren’t people.” They both laughed at that. They both knew personally that politicians could separate themselves from their personal lives, which was a good thing. “We are using a floor plan and making sure there are no weak points or explosive forces.”

    “I think we can both agree we are out of our depths,” Marc murmured, frowning. Something was wrong. “Rose, which Senator Smith is a Republican and which is a Democrat? Did we get those two mixed up again. I can never remember if-.” He was interrupted by his phone. His caller ID said it was his mother. “Sorry, one sec.”

    Rose nodded but she was already looking up which Senator Smith belonged to what party.

    “Hey Mom,” Marc said, absentmindedly flipping through his list of things he had to do for his duties as First Gentleman this week. He wanted to take advantage of having Rose here this afternoon. “What’s up?” Marc loved his mother dearly but didn’t exactly have time to deal with her right now. But… she knew, if she wanted to come visit, she had an open invitation, she just had to call Donna.

    “Hey Hun-bun, I hope this isn’t a bad time, but it’s kinda sensitive.”

    Marc frowned and sat up straighter in his conference chair. “It’s fine. What’s wrong?” He didn’t want another thing he had to do, but it seemed as though that wasn’t his choice.

    “I just got a call from your Aunt Holley.”

    That was the beginning of the uneasy feeling in the pit of his stomach. Marc’s Aunt Holley was his father’s younger sister. He hadn’t seen her since he had cut ties with his father. When he was a kid, his mother had facilitated Marc’s visits with his dad through his Aunt Holley - even after the messy divorce, Aunt Holley seemed to remain on decent terms with Marc’s mom.

    His mom continued. “She’s sorry she didn’t know how to contact you directly. It’s your dad. He’s in hospice care. It’s pancreatic cancer. Stage 4. Its already spread to other vital organs. They think he might only have a few weeks left.”

    That wasn’t the gut-punch. Marc didn’t give a crap about his father. God, it had been over 25 years since he had seen the man.

    “Marc, he’s asking to see you.”

    Marc froze. How the hell was he supposed to reply to that? He had cut his father out of his life for a reason. Marc remembered Devin Johnson as a cruel man, a man who would hit and yell him for not being interested in the sports teams Marc had been forced to join. Marc remembered the man who had said “no son of mine will go around kissing other boys”. Anger boiled up in Marc. Devin Johnson had no right to ask for the son, who he had disowned, to comfort him on his death-bed. Marc wouldn’t be used to clear Devin Johnson’s conscious.

    Marc felt a hand in his. A gentle reminder he had people, a family, who loved him dearly. Marc squeezed Rose’s hand and took a breath. Anger abated. Devin Johnson did not matter in Marc Lyman’s life.

    “I have so much going on right now, Mom.”

    “Okay. You don’t have to justify any decision to me. But I think you should just think about it. I gave your aunt your private number and I’ll send you hers. I love you lots.”

    “Love you too.” Marc hung up and summoned the courage to look at Rose. She looked back at him with a look of worry and sympathy deep in her eyes. “So, my father - my real father - is dying and wants to see me.”

    “Oh, Marc,” she said. She knew Marc’s difficult history. She gave him a gentle hug. “Do you want me to get Leo?”

    “God, no,” Marc scoffed. “My father is a rat-bastard who never gave me the time of day. He does not deserve to take up the President of the United State’s time.”

    Rose was gentle. “I’m not talking about for your father; I’m talking about for you.”

    “No, I’m fine,” he replied all too quickly. He then let out a breath. “No, I’m probably not. Why do father/son relationships have to suck so much?”

    “Would you like to talk to me about it?”

    “No,” he lied. “I just want to get this done,” he said, guesting to the Easter plans, “And give myself time to think.”

    She nodded, respecting his wishes. She wrote down their final decisions for seating arrangement while Marc checked over an itinerary for that day.

    He broke the silence, speaking before really processing his words. “Am I a horrible person for not going to see my father?”

    She thought for a moment. “No, not at all. Your father doesn’t deserve your time. I don’t think anyone would blame you for not going. But….” she said, trailing off.

    “What, Rose? Please be brutally honest with me. That’s why you are my best friend.”

    “Well, perhaps I have no experience with this - I had a fairly average relationship with my parents - but maybe you shouldn’t go for him, but for yourself.”

    “I’ve had a great life without him. Heck, my mom could have just told me he had died and I wouldn’t have given him another thought.”

    “But he’s not gone yet, so you are still giving yourself that option to see him again. He hurt you, like no father should hurt his child. Maybe, deep down, you want an apology for that hurt… or at least some acknowledgment.”

    Marc sighed and rubbed his eyes.

    “You don’t have to go see him,” Rose continued. “But the way I see it, you don’t have anything to lose in seeing him. Either he’s still the rat-bastard and you have achieved all that you are in spite of him and you’ll get to come home to your powerful, sexy husband and two adorable kids, or maybe you’ll get to grieve for yourself and your father and finally get some sort of closure. Either way, I’ll be at your side, even if you just want to get drunk and forget it all.”

    Marc laughed at the last part. “Thanks. I’m going to think about it. But no matter what, I’m taking you up on that last option.”

    * * *

    Marc found himself consumed by thoughts of his father. After Rose had left, Marc sat down at his drafting table and let himself get lost in what he loved: his real work. He was working on a completely carbon-neutral office building for eastern DC.

    Marc knew his childhood hadn’t been the best, but it had been far from horrible either. It had taken him a long time to realize it wasn’t normal or okay for his father to hit and scream at him and his mom, but he had been fed and a roof had always been over his head. Did those things absolve his father of his sins? No, but Marc didn’t see how the past should affect him now. Why was he being caught up in his head?

    Light faded outside and Marc realized just how long he had been absentmindedly tracing over fine lines on the paper.

    “Marc! Why are you so late? Stupid boy! Learn to tell time! I’ve been waiting here with the car running for 20 minutes! I should have left you, then you would have had to walk to your mother’s.”

    Marc shoved down the voice from the past. He pushed it down to a deep hole in his heart and turned off the light. He hurried back to the Residence.

    Marc rubbed his eyes as he walked down the hallway. He had worked for far too long. He should take a Tylenol with dinner, just to prevent a migraine.

    “You and your eyes. Come on, let’s go Marc. Your headache can’t be that bad. I paid a lot for these tickets.”

    Once again, Marc repressed the pain. It was the past; it meant nothing.

    Marc climbed the stairs to the main floor of the White House Residence and slipped off his shoes - it was a small thing, for the family not to wear shoes in the Residence, but it made it feel more like home. Marc placed his shoes - black Chelsea boots - on the rack next to Leo’s brown oxfords (well, after Marc had straightened out Leo’s shoes - one had fallen off). JJ’s converse, Miri’s light-up sneakers, and Donna’s orthotic loafers were all there. It was such a domestic sight, small, but it meant the world to Marc.

    “I should have known you were a fag. God, Marc. Just when I thought you couldn’t be more of a disappointment. No boy is going to want to kiss your ugly face.”

    That memory broke the facade - the dam that had been designed, built up and then ignored for 29 years. Hollowness within Marc flooded. He suppressed a scream burning his lungs.

    “God dammit, Marc. Pull yourself together. Men don’t cry.”

    “There’s my workaholic husband,” Leo laughed, joking as he came down the hallway. Marc, now silently crying, had his back to his husband. “Must I do everything around here? Came home, had to get more cough medicine into Miri, help Mom get dinner in the oven, help J with his science fair project…” silence, for just a moment. “Marc? I was kidding.” A sob from Marc told all. “My love?”

    Marc turned around and pressed himself against a wall, trying to stop the storm within, trying to breath normally again. He squeezed his eyes shut. Long gone words should mean nothing, not cut and choke him anew.

    Marc felt Leo stand in front of him. Marc felt Leo take both his hands and kiss him gently on the lips.

    Marc relaxed and opened his eyes to see Leo looking up at him with all the love in the world.

    “Can we talk after dinner and we put the kiddos to bed?” Marc asked.

    Leo nodded. “Is there anything I can do right now?”

    “Will you kiss me again?” Marc wasn’t sure why he doubted Leo would do it. Marc kinda hated himself for it. Leo’s lips were instantly on his. Leo’s hands let go of Marc’s, but were placed on Marc’s back and held him close. Toes in socks played with each other.

    After a few long moments, the kiss was broken by both dads hearing a nasty chest cough. “You’re worrying me just as much as that cough.”

    “Don’t worry. My thing is nothing. Don’t concern yourself with it.”

    Leo reached up to gently brush tears off of Marc’s cheek. “It’s upsetting you, so it’s upsetting me.”

    “Daaaaa-aaaadddy? Is that you? I need help! Abba is useless when it comes to physics!” JJ called from the kitchen. JJ was working on a science fair project. He was experimenting with popsicle sticks and weights, trying to use construction techniques to build the strongest building. It was pretty advanced for a first-grade science fair project, but his daddy was an architect after all.

    Marc now laughed. He turned to Leo and sighed. “Let’s get though dinner and bed-time. I love you Leo.”

    “I love you too, Marc.”

    Hand-in-hand, Leo and Marc walked to the dining room. JJ was at the table, gluing together popsicle sticks. “Oh, thank goodness you are here!” JJ exclaimed as if the entire house had crumbled because Marc was home an hour later than normal. “What way should the triangle support structures go?”

    "Daddy?” came a snuffed-up voice.

    Marc turned around to see Miri come up behind him. The five-year-old was draped in one of Leo’s dark blue Yale hoodies with a line of snot up the sleeve. She coughed, then held her arms up. Without hesitation Marc scooped her up and held her close.

    With Miri in his arms, Marc sat next to JJ and began helping his son while rubbing his daughter’s back. Never would he yell at these two beautiful children in anger. Never would he hit them. Never would he call them stupid or ugly. He would love them forever.

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    I've had a really crappy night (complete with someone I'd been working hard on all night dying) and reading about my boys really helped! Even though the topic is hard, just having them was perfect! :D

    Haha... yeeeahhhh....
    But also I think you may NEED a Master's degree to do that kind of thing!

    [face_laugh] I love this call back to CJs "You know who we've forgotten?" That always makes me laugh so hard, as did this!

    What an excellent way to describe it!

    I've never had to make the horrible decision to cut someone out of my life, but I'm close with a few people who have cut out a parent. And I feel like this is the most dreaded senario. On the one hand, you might get an apology you always wanted (and then the question becomes does an apology even matter?), or will you regret not going (as Rose so smartly pointed out). I feel like in a lot of ways it's lose/lose.

    100% agree with Marc here. I think it's the epitome of selfishness for him to ask.

    I LOVED this line from Marc. Of course Rose means for him, but that Marc won't dignify his bio-dad's request with someone as important as Leo -even if he is Marc's husband- really got to me. I don't really even know why, it just was a powerful moment. And of course Rose's reply was perfect.

    This just really broke my heart. Of course it's going to affect him, but he's always told himself it doesn't matter, it doesn't affect who he is now. But the thinking that he'd had food and a place to live meant things weren't that bad. I think this is common in abuse where people rationalize it to not be that bad. And then when he was hearing the things his bio-dad had said... =((:_|

    I ADORE this! The mental image of everyone's shoes (and they are all perfect choices!) all lined up is just so lovely. It totally makes a feeling of home in a place that could easily not feel that way. [face_love]

    And this was such a cute joke too. :(
    But I really loved Leo here.

    [face_laugh] [face_laugh]

    [face_love]:* Marc and Leo both embody the idea that they love their children unconditionally and will love them no matter who they are. And I love Marc taking comfort in the love he has for them.
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    I'm sorry you had such a crap night, but I'm glad the boys could help. I know sometimes I write or read these guys after a horrible day, even if the topic isn't that fun.
    Bahaha. Yeah, it certainly would help!
    I love that CJ line. It is somehow just so darn relatable! I think we've all made one of those stupid mistakes.

    I think Rose is just trying to make Marc feel better as First Gentleman, but she's not wrong.

    Yeah. And I think things are different after like 2-3 decades VS after just like a year, so I can't totally relate to this, but it does feel like just a crap scenario (she says even though she wrote it). I mean, if his father had just died, okay, whatever, not a whole lot Marc could do. but having to make that choice is difficult. And yeah, the meaning of an apology kinda comes up again, as is regret.
    Oh yes. I totally agree. Marc is completely justified in his not wanting to go.
    That line was really the inspiration for this fic. Yes, Leo is the president, but he's also Marc's husband.
    Yeah, I think rationalizing it to be "not as bad as other situations" is very common. I know for me, it took MONTHS after it all blew up - and that was after like 19 years of abuse - for me to realize that what I went through wasn't okay and wasn't normal.
    Thanks. I just love this image. It just feels like home.

    I love Leo here too. Of course he's oblivious to the situation (because he's Leo and he doesn't know yet what is going on) but I love him teasing Marc about being a workaholic.

    You have to love kids' honesty! But I love that even JJ can tease his Abba!
    They do and I love them :*
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    Part 2

    Miri sat on her bathroom counter in her blue, fleece pyjamas. Marc and Leo tried not to spoil the kids, but some things - like the kids having their own bathrooms off of their bedrooms - were unavoidable, and frankly convenient. Marc and Leo also tried to give each kid alone time with each parent, so it wasn’t unusual for Marc to put Miri to bed while Leo played or read with JJ, or vice-versa. This evening, putting Miri to bed had taken much longer than normal. Despite it not being her bath-night, Miri had asked for one, right before bed (the girl was amazing at stall tactics). Marc was not going to deny his daughter a bath, especially when she was sick. The long, hot bath seemed to help.

    Marc was now in a battle of wits (Marc wasn’t a complete pushover in the war over bedtime). “Miri Cera Lyman,” Marc said sweetly. He held a oral syringe full of red cough syrup. “Can you please open up for me. I promise to squirt it in the back of your mouth so you won’t taste it.”

    She shook her head as she kept her hand clamped over her mouth.

    “Miri, come on, it’s not that bad.”

    She gave him a doubtful look. “Dm-mm-hhmm-id?”

    “I can’t understand ‘hand’.”

    “DoyouthinkI’mstupid?” she shouted quickly before re-clamping her mouth. She then sneezed so violently she nearly fell off the counter.

    Marc chest dropped as he pulled her close. “No my little love. I would never think you are stupid. I just want your you to take your medicine so I can give you the jelly beans in my pocket.”

    Miri perked up. Her hands dropped and started searching around Marc’s pockets. He let her get one jelly bean with her little fingers and she popped it in her mouth.

    “Miri? You know I would never do anything to hurt you, right?”

    She nodded as she chewed. “I know Daddy. I love you very much. But the medicine is gross!”

    “I know it’s yucky and you’d rather not take it, but will make you feel better. I just want my baby to feel better. Take your medicine, I’ll give you more jelly beans, we’ll brush your teeth, and then we’ll cuddle while I read you a story. How does that sound? I’ll make the good overwhelm the bad.”

    Miri sighed and opened her mouth.

    * * *

    Marc leaned against Miri’s headboard and pillows. She was in his lap, cocooned in purple quilts. Marc read her a story in the most lulling, soothing tone. The medicine was making her drowsy so he was trying to get her to fall asleep before he put her down for the night.

    Miri’s door opened and they looked up to see Leo entering. “Hey,” he whispered. “Is my girl still awake for night-time kisses?”

    “Barely,” Marc replied, rubbing Miri’s shoulder.

    Leo came to the edge of the bed and kissed Miri’s cheek. “Here, why don’t I finish the story. JJ’s ready for his goodnights from Daddy.”

    Marc nodded and Miri just dopily smiled and reached her hands out for her Abba. The transition went smoothly.

    Leo, Miri now leaned against him, looked up at Marc. “Meet me in our sitting room?”

    “You bring the wine,” Marc murmured before leaving.

    Marc made his way to JJ’s room. He knocked first. He respected his kid’s privacy, even if his son was only 7.


    Marc entered to see his son, sitting up in bed, reading a book.

    JJ cocked his head and put his book on the nightstand as Marc came in. “Daddy,” JJ sighed. “Are you going to tell me what’s wrong now?”

    Marc laughed at how adult the question was. In a split decision, he ran and bellyflopped on the bed.

    It kinda hurt.

    “Oww!” Marc exclaimed as he crawled on his belly to be beside his son. “How do you guy do that to Abba and I?”

    JJ was unfazed. “You’re stalling.”

    “You kinda bossy,” Marc said rolling onto his back. “What makes you think something is wrong?”

    “Daddy,” JJ said. “You were late coming home and you were crying.”

    Marc nodded. He had hoped his kids hadn’t noticed he was upset, but of course JJ had. Marc let out a breath and pulled his son close to kiss his forehead. Marc never lied to his kids because he hoped his kids would be honest with him. Censoring, however - on both sides - was completely acceptable. Marc knew JJ wouldn’t understand everything, and frankly, there were going to be topics when JJ became a teenager that Marc probably wouldn’t want to know all about. “Well,” Marc began. “You know how all families look different.”

    JJ rolled his eyes. “Yes Daddy. You’ve given me this spiel before.” Marc wondered where his son had learned the word “spiel” from. “All families look different: some, like my cousins, have a dad and a mom. Some have two mommies. Some have moms, dads, step-moms, and step-dads. My friends Ella, Mattie, and Em have a mom and a dad who uses a wheelchair. I got that I have two dads.” JJ put his arms around Marc’s neck and kissed his chin. “And I love them both.”

    Marc beamed. “I love you too.” He then shifted. “Well, I grew up mostly with just a mom. It was just me and your Nanna. You know Papa Oliver is my step-dad. He and Nanna got met and got married when I was a teenager.”

    “Daddy, I know all this. Is something wrong with Nanna or Papa?” Though he wasn’t as nearly as close to them as he was to his Grandma Donna, JJ did love and care about Marc’s mom and step-dad.

    “No, they are just fine. But I got some news from Nanna about my real father today.”

    “Your real father?” JJ asked confused. “I’ve never met him.” He frowned and got quiet. “Is he dead like Grandpa Josh? I know Grandma misses Grandpa Josh lots.”

    “No, but I don’t talk to my father. I haven’t talked to him for a very long time. There’s a reason why you’ve never met him. Your Abba has never met him either. You see JJ, my father was mean to me. He bullied me.”

    “Did he not love you?” JJ asked with extreme concern.

    Marc paused and thought. “I really don’t know. If he did, he didn’t show it. Anyways,” Marc said as JJ yawned. It was just about time for JJ to fall asleep. “Nanna called me today to tell me my father is very sick. He’s in a hospital and wants to see me.”

    “Are you going to go?”

    “I really don’t know. That’s why I’m upset. I don’t want to go, but I’m wondering if I should because it’s the nice thing to do. What do you think?”

    “Well,” JJ considered. “I don’t know. I’m the kid here, your the adult.”

    “Exactly,” Marc said, poking JJ’s nose. “So you let me worry about it.” Marc rolled off of the bed, took JJ’s glasses off, and tucked him under the green quilt. “And you get to sleep Mr. JJ.” He kissed JJ’s cheek. “I love you.”

    JJ yawned again. “Love you too, Daddy.”

    After turning off JJ’s lamp, Marc made his way to the sitting room off of the Presidential suite. Leo was there, lounging on the dark blue sofa, nibbling on a slice of cheese. He had music softly playing (Marc recognized the Hamilton soundtrack) and a bottle of whine, two wine glasses, a plate of cheese, and some chocolate on the coffee table. Leo was wrapped in a quilt, reading a briefing binder. As soon as Marc entered, Leo looked up and put his binder down.

    “Is Miri asleep?” Marc asked as he poured himself a glass of wine, but remained standing.

    Leo nodded. “She was out before I finished the story. I gave the walkie-talkie to Mom so we won’t be disturbed.” To communicate with their kids at night, since the large residence made screaming for Abba and Daddy pretty useless, Marc and Leo had given their kids walkie-talkies to prevent any embarrassing situations (sometimes it worked, but they still sometimes had interruptions). Leo held up the blanked and allowed Marc to snuggle next to him. Leo held Marc and settled the quilt around them both. Both were fine in mixing up their usual cuddle position. Marc needed to be held. “What’s wrong?”

    Marc sighed. He really didn’t want to dump this on Leo - Leo had enough to worry about, but when Marc looked up at Leo, all he saw was love and concern. “It’s really nothing. I don’t know why it’s upsetting me so much.” He just got it out. “My mom called me this afternoon. She got contacted by my father’s sister: my father has pancreatic cancer and probably only has a couple weeks left. He’s in hospice care and wants me to visit him.”

    “Marc,” Leo said, rubbing circles on Marc’s upper chest. “That’s not nothing. It’s completely understandable to be upset,” he said earnestly.

    Marc stiffened as he shook his head. “It doesn’t matter anyway, I can’t go see him.”

    “Why not?” Leo was genuinely confused.

    Marc began his list, exasperated. “Miri is sick, JJ has his science fair coming up, I have Passover and Easter events to plan, not to mention my actual work.”

    “Marc, I’m pretty sure this place isn’t going to fall apart if we’re gone for a few hours. We can go and be back in an afternoon.”

    “No,” Marc said firmly, if a bit snippily. “There’s no we. I’m not going. And you certainly aren’t going with me if I do go. My father does not deserve my or your time. I’m afraid of what security checks would need to happen if I were to go. You’d just bring a security logistical nightmare.”

    “I’m sorry if I just want to support my husband through a difficult time.”

    Marc felt guilty. He turned and kissed his husband. “I’m sorry for being crabby.” He snuck a square of chocolate before laying down in Leo’s lap.

    “Perfectly understandable my love.” Leo slipped one arm under Marc’s shoulders. With his other hand, Leo slipped at his wine, then placed his hand on Marc’s chest. “We both know I was a mess after my dad died. I can only imagine and sympathize what you are going through. Is there anything I can do?”

    “Tell me what you think… honestly. Should I go see him?” Marc asked. Leo knew all the details. He was the only one who knew everything. All the horrible things Marc’s father had said and done. Leo had known vague details until it had all come out one night after they had been engaged. Leo had asked if Marc wanted to talk about last names and it had all been shared. The deepest depths of Marc’s heart had been spilled that night, only to be filled with Leo’s compassion and love.

    Leo thought for a few moments. “I really can’t answer that without my own biases. You know I would do anything if it meant one final conversation with my dad.”

    Marc stiffened. He tried not to be angry with Leo. Leo had such an amazing relationship with his dad. His view was natural. “Don’t compare Dad with my father.” Even after so many years after Josh had died, Marc still called him Dad.

    Leo just closed his eyes and nodded. “All I’m saying is, I don’t think you’ll regret going. I think you’ll regret not going. I know you don’t want to go, and you don’t think you have to, but I think you should go. It’s been over 25 years, maybe he’s changed and maybe you’ll get an apology.”

    “I don’t need an apology. The past is behind me. What would an apology mean anyways?”

    “I don’t know,” Leo admitted. “But you don’t know unless you go.” He played with Marc’s top button. “But I’ll support and understand either decision you make. I just miss my happy husband.” He thought for a moment. “Look around.”

    “Are you really going to quote Hamilton at me?” Marc now laughed.

    Leo smiled as soon as he heard Marc laughing. “Look around, look around at how lucky we are to be alive right now,” he sang.

    Marc burst into a fit of laughter. “Okay, Eliza, please don’t tell me your pregnant. I might have to get the vice president to shoot me.”

    Leo laughed. “I just want you to take a moment to appreciate where you are laying and how much you have achieved and helped to achieve. I love you. You have done all this with out and in spite of your father. Going to see him - and maybe forgiving him - won’t change that. It won’t mean you condoning his actions. It won’t change what happened. But it might bring you some peace. Make you realize that no matter what, you will not turn into him. I really don’t know. But you’ll get to shove your successful gay marriage in his face. That’ll feel good.”

    Marc laughed again. “Yeah.” He grew quite. “I’ll think about it.”

    “If you do go, you will take my love with you.”

    “I know,” Marc said, softly kissing Leo. He then smirked. “Rose promised me a wine night, and I got cuddles from both of my kids. How are you going to make me forget my problems?”

    Leo smiled, undoing a button on Marc’s shirt and slipping his fingers inside. “I can think of a couple ways.”

    “Care to give me a sample.”

    Leo kissed Marc, hard and slow, only stopping for air. In that moment there were only the two of them. Leo cupped Marc’s cheek.

    “Hubba-hubba,” Marc murmured with a chuckle, pulling Leo down for more.