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Star Wars Elite League Limmie [A Sports-based RPG, New Players Welcome]

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Trieste, May 31, 2010.

  1. Trieste

    Trieste Force Ghost star 5

    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    It has come to my attention that certain events described in the week 2 Agamar/Ralltiir game were not properly cleared before they were posted. Unfortunately, the window of time for editing that post has come and gone so the post cannot be modified. As a result, as GM I would like to know that I am overturning certain events described in the recent post in question:
    • The Starkillers' Left Corner Forward, Tonn Manark, being on the worse end of a collision that left him semi-conscious
    • Poor behavior by Starkillers fans
    • Galaxy Protector Unanimous being hit by the bolo-ball in the head and being dazed by the impact, including any discussion of a concussion
    • Dev Poletin's blow to the head of Jiva Taskelor and ensuing controversy
    • Audio feedback loop over the Starkillers' public address system
    All players are reminded that any negative or embarrassing actions concerning the opposition's players should be cleared through the other player and explicitly approved. This is absolutely true for injuries. As GM I reserve the right to take swift action in instances where posts were made without approval from the other party. Please remember that all members of a limmie team are under the control of the player associated with them and the fans as a body of people as well (and, as always, the guy who puts the cheese on the nachos is included too). Just as you would not go in another game and suddenly write that someone else's character sliced your character's arm off with a lightsaber without asking the other person first you wouldn't say that another player put a dirty hit on your player without approval.

    Also, a lack of response from another player does not constitute an endorsement of proposed ideas. While this can be frustrating when trying to get a post up, please err on the side of caution and write in generalities if you must write about the game at all. We all have lives outside of these forums and sometimes they keep us busy to the point that we do not always get time to respond.

    In the event that you would like to take liberties with an NPC team, I am happy to serve in the approval function. No one will be turning the Chandrila Patriots into a bunch of goons any time soon. ;) Additionally, if you ever have a gray area, know that I am always happy to give feedback and advice in such matters.

    Thank you all for your understanding!

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  2. Trieste

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    Apr 10, 2010
    IC: Falene Trieste
    Miners team shuttle, en route to Ylesia

    It was one of the silly things about the Elite League schedule that after flying all the way out to Nar Shaddaa to start the season, the Miners would then fly back to Bakura for the next week, only to get on a shuttle and go all the way back out to Ylesia (which was a comparative stone’s throw from the Smuggler’s Moon), and then fly all the way back to Bakura once more. Would it have made a lot more sense to couple the Nar Shaddaa and Ylesia games together so the Miners not only saved fuel but were better rested? Of course. But who said the Elite League schedule made sense?

    The team, which was going to face more travel than any other squad in the League, had each resorted to their own ways of coping with the copious amounts of travel time. Will Detra had purchased and was burning his way through every season of the comedy G*A*R*M, which was a comedy show about clone medics in the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars. Falene was pretty sure that he’d get through all 11 seasons before the end of the season without any trouble. The Hapans were running The Most Epic Sabacc Tournament In The History Of The Galaxy (Becki said she’d applied for a trademark from the patent office for the phrase but hadn’t heard back yet). Despite T.K.’s suggestion they make it a strip sabacc tournament, the stakes were all just on paper—at least as far as Falene had heard. Max Grap had Learn Shyriiwook In Five Easy Steps audio files on his datapad that he was working on. However, the team collectively exiled him from the main seating area whenever he started moaning in what apparently passed as his approximation of his attempt to speak the Wookiee tongue. Some of the other players used the time for practice in the limited turf space inside the Miners’ shuttle and others used the gym.

    Falene had decided for at least part of this flight that she would catch up on her correspondence with Niskat. She hadn’t written since the start of the season and she couldn’t say she didn’t have the time stuck on this shuttle all the way to Ylesia.

    Dear Niskat,

    I got your postcard! That was so thoughtful of you. Wish I’d followed your advice. Apparently I made HSN looking stupid against Chalporrin. Figures.

    Apologies for not writing. If you watched the last two games you know it’s been tough. It’s not that I’m not getting the defensive scheme. It’s just that the other teams have been good, but that’s no excuse. I wish you were with the team. I’d feel better about it if you were.

    I’m living with my Aunt Regan and Uncle Eldred and their family in Salis D’aar for the season. Their daughter Trixie can be a little snit sometimes. Pretty sure that she learned that from her mother, but that’s a moody teenager for you. Honestly, though, it’s more of a home than I’ve had in a while. Having a mom who has to go to the Senate every day and put out fires around the galaxy doesn’t mean she’s always home for dinner. It’s kind of nice the way they make it a point to see each other. That’s Uncle Eldred’s doing. I think he brings a level of normality to that family. We Triestes can use people reminding us what “normal” is.

    The downside is that they don’t have all of the billions of sports channels in the galaxy (apparently they think normal sentient beings can exist just by watching BBC Sports and HSN) so I haven’t seen Cloud City play. You’re going to have to tell me how you guys are doing. With Hapes, Corellia, and Agamar gone you guys should have a good shot at the Premiership. I know you can win with that. I know that the LFL is a big deal these days, but I really believe you’re going to be more challenged in the Premier League. That’s where the real pros are.

    I don’t know what to expect on Ylesia. Nobody does. The Miners have never played there and no one on the team has ever been there, not even the veterans. We have no idea what we’re walking into. The fact they’re defending Galactic Cup champions and just routed Rydonni Prime doesn’t exactly make me think this is going to be easy. Coach has been drilling us though. Their keeper has been playing great, but I think defense is going to make the difference if we’re going to win. If the Front Three can do their thing, then we’ve got to hold the Lightning off. That’s what I think it’s going to take. If we let them run up the score I don’t know if we can keep pace with them.

    Is Cloud City beautiful? I’ve never been. Please tell me you haven’t had your hand cut off. For that matter, please reply. I need to know you haven’t been frozen in carbonite. Wouldn’t that be a riot if you were? I mean who gets frozen in carbonite anymore, right?

    Miss you loads,


    P.S. Our trip to Nar Shaddaa was in and out (Valerii didn’t want us staying in a hotel there—said something about her trips as a player to the moon), so I haven’t been assigned a new roommate for away games yet. I’m sure whoever it is won’t be as awesome as you.

    Miners’ hotel, Peace City, Yleisa

    “I get window bed!” Alana Glencross yelled as she ran past Falene into their shared hotel room. She threw herself onto it and bounced up and down once.

    Falene rolled her eyes at her new roommate. It turned out that with Bree Tarth getting cut Alana had lost her old roommate and since Falene had needed one the team had thrown them together. Falene knew that it was a big deal to room with the captain of the team, but she had expected a little more maturity.

    “Sure, whatever,” Falene said as she threw her bag onto the other bed.

    Alana grabbed the remote for the holoprojector and turned it on and started flipping rapid fire through the channels.

    “Are you even seeing what’s on any of them?” Falene asked skeptically.

    “Boring, boring, boring, seen it, boring, boring, boring, boring,” Alana said as she kept flipping.

    “Maybe they have one of those channels for tourists talking about stuff to do here,” Falene suggested.

    Alana cocked an eyebrow and stopped her channel surfing. “On Ylesia?”

    “I’m sure there’s something to do here.”

    “Yeah. It’s called get addicted to spice. No thanks,” Alana said as she went back to channel surfing.

    “That was a long time ago. There’s got to be something else—”

    “Shhhhhhhhh!” Alana suddenly hissed as she stopped the channel.

    “From Central Comedy’s galactic news headquarters on Stewjon, this is The Nightly Show with Rurra Eshka’mos,” the announcer said as the opening titles of the show in question played.

    “I love The Nightly Show! No talking,” Alana instructed Falene.

    Falene had to admit it could be pretty funny…even if her mother was often a subject of discussion and usually in a satirical manner. But Falene understood that went with the territory of being a major elected official.

    “Welcome to The Nightly Show!” the aging Bothan said, “I’m Rurra Eshka’mos and wow, I mean wow, do we have a big one tonight. I mean really big. Now, usually I make some kind of non sequitur that’s only funny to the studio audience in light of the conversation what we had before we started filming, like if I had a Clone name it would be N-642 Pretty Little Pony—” to which the audience laughed, “—and then we go into some clever little skits. However, today we’re just going to get to the interviews. Gentlebeings, please welcome the Supreme Chancellor of the Republic, Kerry Trieste.”

    The studio audience burst into applause and cheers as Falene’s mom came out onto the set with a little wave.

    “You didn’t tell me your mom was going to be on The Nightly Show today!” Alana said, “That’s essential information your captain needs to know!” The redhead rolled onto her stomach to watch the interview.

    “I don’t get her daily schedule. She didn’t tell me either,” Falene said.

    Eshka’mos had stood from his seat when Kerry had come on set and had waited to be seated until she’d done so.

    “Hello Rurra, it’s a pleasure to be back,” Kerry said. She picked up The Nightly Show mug that was already on the desk for her and sipped it.

    “It’s an honor to have you back, Madam Chancellor,” Rurra said, “or since you’ve done this before should I call you Kerry?”

    “Madam Chancellor,” Kerry said before smiling a little, “or do I get to keep this mug if I let you call me Kerry?”

    “Did you take the mug from your last appearance?”

    “Oh yes. Best part of being Chancellor. You get tons of free stuff.”

    “Well then you definitely can’t have that mug too. We have a strict one mug per guest policy,” Rurra said.

    “That is strict,” Kerry said seriously.

    “Okay, let’s get down to business,” Rurra said, “Republican economy?”

    “Doing great. Outer Rim’s never been better,” Kerry replied without hesitation.

    “Senatorial gridlock?”

    “Better than when I took office, but work to be done.”

    “National defense?”

    “Superb. Our beings in uniform are killing it out there—well not literally killing it, but you get the point.” The audience laughed.

    “So in other words—?” Rurra asked.

    “The Republic’s great. Everybody’s doing great. Life is pretty darn good, don’t you guys think so?” Kerry asked the audience. They cheered.

    Rurra looked at his cue cards. “Well…I had a lot of really great questions for if the galaxy had gone to hell, but apparently I can’t use those anymore.” He gave the Chancellor a nasty look and then tossed the cue cards over his shoulder to his audience’s laughter.

    “Rurra, I know what we have to talk about today,” Kerry said, leaning in and resting her hands on the desk, “We need to talk about the biggest news in the galaxy right now.”

    “And what’s that?” the Bothan asked, mirroring Kerry’s movements.

    “Your beloved Stewjon Metropolitans are playing their first season in the GCLA this year.”

    “Yes they are! Don’t tell me that you are secretly a Metropolitans fan, are you?” Rurra asked.

    “I love limmie, the Metropolitans included. I keep them on my radar just for you, Rurra,” Kerry said. The audience, mainly made up of Stewjon inhabitants cheered. “No, seriously, this is their first big promotion from the ABC, this could be a breakout season for them.”

    “Madam Chancellor, I don’t know if you know this about the Metropolitans…but they kind of suck,” Rurra whispered. The audience laughed. “No, seriously, I’m convinced the only reason they got promoted was so that they could fail even more spectacularly than before. I mean, let’s be honest, they’re no Bakura Miners.”

    The audience clapped, but politely and no more. “You are too kind. Seriously,” Kerry said appreciatively.

    “Let’s talk Miners for a second. You like their chances?” Rurra asked.

    “How can I not? We returned the entire offense that’s led the league in scoring for two straight years and we’ve brought Will Detra into the rotation. I like what I’ve seen him do this year. And we’ve got a new defense in place that’s getting settled. Give us a little time, and yeah, I like our chances,” Kerry said.

    “Now your daughter, Falene, she’s on the team right now?”

    “Yes,” Kerry said, taking a sip from her mug again.

    “What’s it like out there to see your kid playing in the Elite League? And do you ever tell her if she doesn’t clean her room that you’re not going to sign her paycheck?” Rurra asked to the audience’s laughter.

    “Well, actually, Quinn Cundertol signs the checks,” Kerry said.

    “Are they incredibly rude and snarky checks?” Rurra asked.

    “Yes, but they get the job done,” Kerry replied.

    “Fair enough, but really why do you employ that guy? I mean you’re such a likable person…and he’s…” Rurra searched for the right word, “…not.” The audience laughed.

    “You know, he actually has surprisingly good working relationships with a lot of the other teams. I know for a fact that he and Aay’han Vhett get along splendidly,” Kerry said, “There’s a lot of respect going both ways with Reina Kether and Moira Mallory. But Rurra, I’m not going to let you sidetrack us. I said we had important stuff to discuss about the Metropolitans and we do. Now, let’s say hypothetically that you could speak for the Metropolitans.”

    “That would be speaking very hypothetically,” Rurra said with a chuckle and the audience laughed, “because I assume we are in Pretendy Time Fun Land right now.”

    “I think we both know you know a few people in the front office,” Kerry said with a smirk, “Now the Metropolitans play friendly games, don’t they?”

    “If by play you mean get absolutely demolished and turned into a pink goo, then yes,” Rurra said to further laughter.

    “I’ve had a bit of an idea lately. I’ve been thinking that the Miners need to play the Metropolitans in a friendly game here on Stewjon,” Kerry said.

    The studio audience exploded in cheers and Rurra looked genuinely shocked. “What? What!” the Bothan said, “The Miners? Here?!”

    “I’m deadly serious. Rurra, as a representative of Stewjon Metropolitan fans everywhere, how about we shake on it right now and seal this deal?” Kerry said, extending a hand.

    Eshka’mos didn’t hesitate. “Now that’s a deal Madam Chancellor—and I’ll throw in the mug too! We’ll be back with more from Supreme Chancellor Kerry Trieste after this!”

    Alana and Falene sat on the beds with their mouths open as the show went to commercial.

    “Did your mom just send us to Stewjon next season for a friendly game?” Alana asked in disbelief.

    “I think she did…” Falene said in shock.

    “No way. This can’t be true,” Alana said. She immediately flipped through the channels to find HSN. Sure enough, they were talking about the Miners—but it had nothing to do with the Stewjon Metropolitans. Instead it was recorded footage of Quinn Cundertol outside the team hotel.

    “Quinn, are you excited for the Miners’ first game on Ylesia ever?”

    Cundertol rolled his eyes visibly. You could tell he thought it was a stupid question. “Of course we are,” the general manager said and left it at that.

    “Quinn—thoughts about the fact you’ll be playing an all non-human lineup in the Lightning?”

    “Thoughts? I have thoughts,” Cundertol said sharply, “It’s a disgrace that the Lightning have taken a public anti-human stance. Before anyone goes calling the kettle black here given Bakura’s historic all-human makeup, I just want to remind you all that upon taking over in 270 I swiftly and decisively ended that practice. In every year of my tenure I’ve had non-humans on the Miners. They were an integral part of our Galactic Cup championship team in 271. Bakura’s practice of using an all-human team was wrong. Unequivocally wrong. And it’s just as wrong for Ylesia to not accept human players. It’s prejudice no matter what way you cut it. Ultimately this hurts the Lightning because it deprives them of some very talented players. But it sends the wrong message to beings all over the galaxy. So those are my thoughts.”

    The clip cut back to the HSN studios. “Strong words from the Miners’ general manager, Quinn Cundertol, who’s never been one to mince words in the first place. The Miners are now facing a potential controversy as they prepare for their Week 3 game against the defending Galactic Cup champions. When we return, we’ll talk to our expert panel to find out if Cundertol should have kept his mouth shut in advance of the game or if this controversy could provide the Miners with a spark to overcome their ills as seen last week against Euceron.”

    Alana promptly flipped the channel back to Central Comedy. “Sometimes I frakking hate Cundertol,” she muttered, “He never leaves well enough alone…”

    Falene just closed her eyes. This game might just be getting a lot more interesting.

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    Sep 14, 2009
    IC: Kaitlyn Vehn
    Smugglers Head Quarters, New Vertica, Nar Shaddaa

    “You’ve got the offense rolling on all cylinders out there, Tover,” Kaitlyn said as she leaned back in her office chair.

    “Give credit to Huntington. He’s really putting his all into the schemes. Nobody wants a repeat of last year,” Tover replied.

    “How’s Dvorak holding up? Defense has more holes in it than Hutt cheese,” Vehn asked.

    “I think he’s doing the best he knows how to do with such young talent. We’ve got a number of rookies, some second year players, and then Luy’kin. That’s a lot to be asking of a young backfield. They played a relatively close game against the Miners, and by close I mean they weren’t blown out. As far as losing against Coruscant, the goalkeeper play absolutely has to improve. These things take time, however,” Tover said.

    “Well we’re running out of it. Two games in and we’ve lost both of them to old rivals. We’ve got to really stick it to Chandrila this week. I don’t want to see the team go 0-3 against our traditional rivals again. I don’t want a repeat of last year.”

    “Limmie is a fickle sport. Sometimes you get real hot, other times, not so much. Listen, I’m well aware of the problems facing the team. It’s a very young squad. Be patient. I know you want wins. The players want them even more. So we’re going to change things up to help them play harder, smarter, and be able to pick up opposing teams’ plays better. I want nothing more than to wipe Reina Kether across the grass at Six Boroughs. She’s a snotty little,” Tover stopped, was about to curse and then caught himself, “woman, and I won’t give her the satisfaction of a victory.”

    Vehn smiled and was happy to see some fire in the old man’s eyes. Despite a slow start, she could feel that the Smugglers would get things together. The only burning question in her mind was when?

    Apartment 709 B, New Vertica, Nar Shaddaa

    Kaitlyn tiredly walked into her apartment and threw her keys on the table. She opened the refrigerator and grabbed a beer. She briefly examined the label before popping the top off and collapsing on her couch with nothing but the sounds of the city to keep her company.

    Vehn spit out the beer in mid-swallow. It was horrible, disgusting, like so many things on Nar Shaddaa. Where was the nice wine from Naboo? Where was the fine spirits from Druckenwell? This tastes like poodoo she thought as she annoyingly set the bottle down on the coffee table in front of her. Nothing on this planet was anything to write home about. The streets were a dump, her office building was a dump, and Six Boroughs was a galactic embarrassment. In fact, she’d read a quarterly periodical about Elite League Limmie and was personally offended when Six Boroughs was named one of the most well loved and feared stadiums in the league. Were they blind? How could they write that statement with a straight face? So she did some digging and discovered the author of the article had never been to Six Boroughs, never even been to Nar Shaddaa. The closest that little worm had come to the Vertical City was on a trip he had taken with his folks to the Outer Rim when he was twelve. They’d passed by this miserable rock all right at a comfortable distance of twelve parsecs. Yeah, great experience.

    Sighing, Kaitlyn rested her head against the top of the couch and looked up at the ceiling. What a lousy night. The beer sucked. She could hear blaster shots being fired outside her window, screams, and then the low mournful wail of sirens responding to yet another homicide in a seemingly endless stream of homicides. And this was the “good” part of town? Kaitlyn thought as she tried to block out the sounds of the city. It didn’t work. She could tell that her neighbors next door had just gotten home from the bar. A door slam, then lots of laughter, the sound of a woman giggling, and then the headboard of the bed smashing against the wall again and again as moaning and panting wafted down the hall, her neighbors letting everyone know that they were in the very passionate throes of drunken love, or, at the very least, some decent sex.

    I can’t even get that! Kaitlyn grunted as she thought of her husband on Druckenwell. She wondered if his resolve was breaking down. She wondered if he was still being faithful to her. She wondered if Jack was still awake, if he was being taken care of properly, she wondered so many things in the quiet loneliness of the night.

    She’d been killing herself lately. Busting her rear to make sure this team functioned and remained financially solvent. For the life of her she could not figure out why previous owners had refused to pay star Smugglers players a decent wage. It was no wonder that Corrie Andersen walked to the Miners. It was no wonder why Helena Forsythe was now back with the Senators. It was no wonder that Nauranta had left to rejoin that monstrosity of the Limmie league, the Kashyyyk Rangers. So, what had she done to fix the problem? She’d actually paid her players competitive wages. She’d gone out and supervised the designing of new uniforms, which, to her delight, were getting some great reviews. She’d brought back the “A” team of Nar Shaddaa Smugglers greats, those that were still living, those that hadn’t ruined their lives on spice. They’d lost two games now. That stung. But Tover had been right. He’d pegged Kaitlyn as an impatient woman. Damn it, he was right about her. There was still plenty of Limmie to play.

    The season had just begun. And as she pondered all the things she wanted to change about the team, short of their colors, logo, and name, an idea came to her. It was an idea that would be very unpopular with Joe the Garbage Truck Driver, and yes, there were lots of those on Nar Shaddaa.

    There was one thing she really wanted to fix, upgrade, and it was long overdue. Long overdue.

    She could see her target from her apartment. She could see its monstrous form looming out of the devilish lights of the city. Oh yes, she wanted to do this badly. She would make her mark on this city, come hell or high water.

    “You need an upgrade, girl,” Kaitlyn whispered, “you’re getting old.”

    Six Boroughs didn’t reply.

    The old stadium just sat there, defiantly, staring back at Kaitlyn, daring her to tear her down, daring her to a duel to the death of the city’s proverbial heart, daring her with a jeering grin as if to whisper to all who would listen, “Good luck. You’re going to need it. You tear me down, you make me better than ever, and you watch this moon break away from Nal Hutta and fly off into the deepest, darkest space in the galaxy. This city needs me. I am this city.”

    Her neighbors sexual tirade was finally over.

    Thank the maker Vehn thought as she grabbed her lousy beer and to her surprise actually enjoyed it this time.

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    Sep 3, 2006
    From the Ylesia Lightning media team, various reports during the opening weeks of the 274 season.

    Training camp:

    After Cup-winning rookie season, Ylesia still looking to prove worth
    by Lejique Beiron

    Consistency is a word often heard around the locker room these days. GM Raakla To made her position clear when, with the support of the rest of the Ylesia organisation, she chose not to participate in the ELL draft and instead to look within for strength, skill, and leadership.

    “After a rookie season like the one we had, we made a decision to not pick up new players,” To said in a holocall last week. “Some changes are always needed, but we feel that the team has a good system, and we don’t want to mess that up.”

    With only a year passed of their alignment with the Kashyyyk Rangers, To and her staff are still getting used to having a development team from which to draw prospects. While few changes are expected from last season’s roster, To says to expect to see more young players called up from Kashyyyk to prove their worth – much like the young ELL team is trying to do.

    “It’s often repeated that ‘one season doesn’t mean anything’,” said Head Coach Sunlua Zan, “and it’s absolutely true. We’ve led charmed lives these past two seasons, a GCLA title followed by an ELL title, but we need to prove we can win in the long run. Ylesia’s still young, and while defending a championship is difficult in such a strong league, that’s still our aim. It’s going to be tough, probably even more so than last year, but I believe in our players. We're going to show that we belong here with the best.”

    Confidence is also a key to making the best of this season. With Kasin Urdaaza winning the Playoff MVP and Captain Zoa Vra taking the Ingbrand Award for Rookie of the Year, both players are entering the season with a new surety that, Vra admits, was lacking last year.

    “We were the new kids in the system, and had to adjust to ELL level Limmie. For most of the regular season we were inconsistent, ill-prepared, and just managed to scrape together enough wins to get into the playoffs. But those difficulties sorted themselves out in the post-season, and we hit a groove… with a lot of help from Urdie [Kasin Urdaaza]. This year we’re not heading into this blind, and we’re ready for the challenges.”

    Training camp continues until Friday in Peace City. Fans can watch scrimmages on Tuesday and Thursday, with team holos given out to the first one hundred to arrive.


    Week One:

    A short look back at Ylesia’s winning season
    By Asca Dudo

    With the banner commemorating Ylesia’s Cup win last season being raised in tomorrow’s game against the Ralltiir Starkillers, we take a look back at the incredible season that led up to that historic moment.

    Alternating losses and wins during the regular season, Ylesia’s rookie season record was nothing to get excited over. With a sub-50 win record, their chances of making the playoffs seemed slim, but edged out Ryloth for the third playoff berth in the Skywalker conference.

    Against experienced ELL teams, Ylesia wasn’t expected to beat the odds; most rankings had Ylesia missing the playoffs entirely. None could have predicted the three games to follow.

    Game 1: Ylesia Lightning at Onderon Crazy Dragons

    A 34-0 score by the rookie team stunned Limmie fans everywhere. Vra, top scorer of that game, was quick to praise their goaltending and defense for the shutout, but admitted to needing to keep focused for the next game against a much more successful Vandelhelm Jets. Sales of team memorabilia soared after this game, particularly the Vra, Urdaaza, and L. Kuna shirts, and businesses and homes alike around Ylesia were seen decorated in the Lightning reds and yellows.

    Game 2: Ylesia Lightning at Vandelhelm Jets

    While still not favoured to win, after the previous game the Lightning were not to be underestimated again. Vandelhelm kept the score low, but Ylesia rocketed away to the finals with a score of 11-6. Head Coach Sunlua Zan was tight-lipped in the media scrum after the game, but said she could not be more proud of the team, regardless of whatever results were to come in the Cup finals.

    Game 3: Ylesia Lightning at Coruscant Senators (hosted by Euceron)

    The Lightning travelled to Euceron to face the last team standing between them and a Galactic Cup, the Coruscant Senators. Compared to a young team like the Lightning, the Senators seemed an unmoveable force, said rookie Prya Tiin pre-game. But they didn’t let the history they were facing slow them down, leading to a 7-3 win and the first of hopefully many Galactic Cups in Ylesia’s tenure in the ELL. Keeper Kasin Urdaaza was named Playoff MVP and in her interview joked about not being able to lift the Cup after being crushed by her entire team when the final whistle blew. Some injuries were admitted to, and a few weeks vacation was ordered by a grinning Coach Zan.

    The Galactic Cup parade, hosted two weeks later in Peace City, was one of the most-attended events in recent Ylesia history. Team owner Otta the Hutt said that it was the best Limmie she’d ever seen, and she never had any doubt in her investment.



    Lejique Beiron: “Today in Lightning news:

    Lejique Beiron: “Much like their first season in the Elite League, the Lightning find themselves struggling in the first two games. A loss in overtime and a win may not seem like terrible results, but the organisation feels that after a Cup winning season, they ought to be doing better.”

    Sunlua Zan: “They talk about a Cup hangover and that’s nonsense. We may be doing fine statistically, but we have a lot to work on if we want to defend our title.”

    Lejique Beiron: “Players voiced similar concerns and said they were working with the coaches and trainers to iron out the kinks in their playing system and hope to be ready for the Miners next week.”

    Lejique Beiron: “More troubling to General Manager Raakla To and the rest of the team management, are the comments recently made by Bakura Miners GM Quinn Cundertol. Raakla To responded quickly to the media storm:”

    Raakla To: “While I disagree with Mr. Cundertol’s comments, he is welcome to his opinion. If any of the League management has a problem with the way the Ylesia Lightning is run, I would welcome a discussion of such in private. I hope, of course, that the League and its fans understand why we chose to form an entirely non-human Limmie team, as it is well-documented that we did so in order to protect non-human players from the xenophobia that is, unfortunately, a part of their lives. I understand that the Elite League is different than the previous leagues we’ve been part of and we’re still settling in. There may be human players in Ylesia’s future, but at this point in time the organisation believes that we should continue our all-alien program. Thank you.”

    Lejique Beiron: “The Lightning players have decided not to comment at this time and instead prepare for the coming game with Bakura. Yours for all the Ylesia Lightning news and updates, this is Lejique Beiron with the Lightning HoloNews.”

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    Sep 3, 2012
    IC: Lucie Vigo

    It had been another very close call for the Starkillers. While Lucie stood waiting to exit the field behind a crowd of reporters surrounding Galaxy Defender she looked up into the stands one last time and saw her brothers exchanging high fives. Even though Lucie really wanted to tune out the questions and especially the replies, she couldn’t help but listen. The first thing that struck her was how the reporters all addressed him as Galaxy Defender. As if that was his name since birth or at least since he joined the Starkillers. The name rolled off their tongues with ease, she couldn’t even get it to sound right in her own head.

    “You didn’t even get a hand up to block a few of those goals today” the first reporter began. “How do you explain that type of sloppy play?”

    “I think the scoreboard speaks for itself, we won. If the play had been, sloppy, as you say we wouldn’t have won.”

    “What do you make of the Starkillers offense?” The next reporter broke in. “Do you think you could have won the game without them?”

    “It’s always a pleasure to watch Loren Jul and newcomer Alyda Hovechar isn’t half bad either.” The keeper gave a wink.

    After that Lucie turned to find another exit. She didn’t care if she had to walk clear around the stadium to get back to the dance team’s locker room to pick up her stuff, she wasn’t going to hang around and listen to another word from Galaxy Defender.

    The next day Lucie worked an early shift at the restaurant and spent hours trying to decide if she should call her sister or simply send her a written message. Not to mention what she would say in either of those situations. Writing would be easiest, but it seemed to Lucie just that, the easy way out. She finally decided that she owed it to her sister to give her a call. She got a direct number from her brother Richard and headed for the park. Lucie loved the park; she enjoyed people watching, the outdoors and the hard to explain feeling that once you stepped into the park it felt like you were leaving the busy city behind. Once she was far enough from the noise of the traffic she dialed her sister and took a deep breath.

    Her sister picked up much faster than she expected. “Lucie?”


    “Richard told me you were going to call. What do you want?”

    “To say hello, to see how you’re doing, to ask what you have been up to. Hopefully to see if we can spend some time together.”

    “I don’t think mom would approve of us talking.”

    “Do you care what mom thinks?”

    “Mom has connections, Lucie. She hasn’t danced in a long time, but people remember her. She’s promised to get me some auditions.”

    Suddenly Lucie didn’t know what to say. Of all the things she worried about being brought up during this conversation, this had never crossed her mind. Her mother had convinced her father to stop paying for her own dance classes about the time she was Justyne’s age. She had told Lucie it was time she focus on a more valuable career. But now she was going to help Justyne get auditions? Richard must have known about this. Why had he encouraged her to reach out? Didn’t he realize how infuriated she would be? Why couldn’t Justyne simply be mad at her for leaving? Before Lucie could think of something to say her sister spoke again.

    “Look, Lucie, I’m sorry. But I have to go.”

    And then her sister was gone. The park offered no solace. Emotions raged inside her, she wanted to punch someone, she wanted to cry, she wanted some way to release the pain she was feeling. But there was nothing she could do. Lucie didn’t need her mother. She was doing well on her own. Lucie walked around the man-made lake and watched as children fed wild birds. She remembered doing similar activities with her own siblings so long ago. Suddenly she thought about Richard again, he had prompted her to call Justyne. She decided to find out why. So she gave him a call. But he didn’t pick up so she left a message and hoped he would return the call soon.
    It was several days and a few grueling dance practices later before she heard from her brother.

    “Hey Lucie” her brother began cheerfully. “Wasn’t that a great game last week? The Starkillers are going to make short work of the Rebels. Especially if they can pull off a few more plays, like they did at the end there against the Packers. You are so lucky you get to attend every game.”

    “I didn’t call to talk about Limmie” Lucie interrupted. “I spoke to Justyne. She told me that mom is helping her get auditions. And she told me that mom wouldn’t approve of us speaking. Why did you suggest I reach out in the first place?”

    Richard was quiet for a while. “I’m worried about her Lucie. She really wants to land a part and she’ll do anything to get one.” There was another long pause. “She runs to the fresher after meals.”

    Now it was Lucie’s turn to get quiet. She was no stranger to seeing fellow dancers, especially females destroy their health. What could she do to help her sister? Someone she hadn’t spoken to in years, someone she barely knew. “Does anyone else know? Suspect anything, even?”

    “Dad’s been busy transporting Bat to an old folks home to do his community service, Bat’s busy with the community service, before that they were busy meeting with the lawyer all the time and before that Dad was pre-occupied because he suspected Bat was sneaking out of the house.”

    “Do you think Mom knows? Or at least suspects anything?”

    “I don’t speak to Mom, Lucie. The only one who speaks to mom is Justyne and Tomas, but Tomas is too young to understand any of this. Besides Justyne is mom’s pet I don’t think she would see it, even if it was right in front of her face.”

    “You’re sure about this?” Lucie asked.

    “I didn’t know mom had instructed her not to speak to you. I was hoping you could help. She’s my little sister I feel responsible for watching out for her in some way. What do you suggest I do to help her?”

    Lucie was touched by her brother’s concern. “I have to leave for Corellia in a couple of hours. Just watch her until I get back. Hopefully this hasn’t been going on for long. When I do get back I’ll come by the house. Confront her. Is there a time mom will be out?”

    “Call me when you get back.” Richard said sounding a little reassured. “I’ll try to figure out mom and Justyne’s schedule by then. And Lucie…..thank you.”

    The call ended and Lucie looked at her half packed travel bag lying on the bed. Limmie seemed so insignificant right now. Was she really about to leave the planet when her little sister may be in crisis? Then she remembered that Limmie was a way for many beings in the galaxy to escape from their real life problems. As insignificant as Limmie may seem the Starkillers were counting on her and so were millions, possibly billions of people who needed a break from their everyday lives.
    Lucie boarded the shuttle to Corellia she made sure the entire dance squad was on board before finding her own seat and adjusting it so her long legs had as much room as possible. She closed her eyes and almost drifted off to sleep when Coach Clara boarded the shuttle and summoned Galaxy Defender to meet with her in a set of seats directly behind Lucie. The coach was trying to give Galaxy Defender a few pointers on PR. She instructed him to handle himself better in post-game interviews or simply not to participate in them. A heated argument began and Lucie knew it was going to be a long flight.

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  6. Bardan_Jusik

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    Dec 14, 2009
    IC: Beskaryc Taab
    MandalMotors Hall, Manda'yaim

    "We demand answers!" The shout echoed off the walls of the Hall and rang in Taab's ears. The building had been repaired, though the investigation was continuing. It should come as no surprise to the beleaguered Mand'alor that it wasn't proceeding quickly enough for the assembled clan leaders. Other voices called out agreeing with the the first speaker, Rey'nar Vizsla. It was possible Vizsla was attempting to make Taab look weak, in a bid for his own shot at the crown once again. It was also true though that many of the mando'ade were asking the same questions and demanding the same answers as the clan leaders. It was why Taab had called them all here today.

    His attempts to use the Mercs as a distraction had worked up to a point, and would continue to do so for as long as they were in contention. But while that might appease the masses, the clan leaders were another story. The calls in the Hall began to grow louder, it was time to out a stop to it, at least for a while. Taab stood, rising from his "throne". "Silence! Silence all of you. Do you think I have called you all here because I like to hear you wailing about what is due to you like some aruetii?"

    The Hall became quiet as everyone turned to listen to Taab, who laughed softly. "No, I have called you here to bring you up to speed on our investigation."

    Vizsla yelled out again. "We are entitled to answers Mand'alor!" Oh so the little chakaar was angling to challenge for the title at some point, Taab was sure of it now. But not today, he didn't have that kind of support just yet. "You are entitled to nothing, you will get what information I decide to dole out to you." Some in the Hall were angered by Taab's proclamation, others murmured in agreement. He was Mand'alor, the Supreme Leader. His word was law.

    "And just what have you decided we are allowed to know?" Taab gazed out at the clan leaders, noting which ones nodded along with Vizsla's challenge. It was a sizable minority, but no where near a majority. Yet.

    "The investigation is being handled by my top team. It has ruled out homegrown involvement and is centering on an ...aruetii source for the attack." Armored heads began to nod and there were further murmurs, that soon turned to more shouts. "And what aruetii would dare attack us?" Taab paused for a moment. Proof in this area was rather thin, though it did indicate a possible Republic origin for the attack. But he didn't want to reveal that just yet. He wanted more proof from Kote and Ryi.

    "My investigators are still following the attacker's trail. It is only a matter of time until their identity will be known."

    "And then?"

    "And then my vode, we go to war."

    The clan leaders erupted now in cheers and chants. Even Vizsla appeared...satisfied. For now Taab had staved off an insurrection of his own people, but he knew he couldn't keep it up forever. He could only hope that Ryi and Kote were making progress, or else the result could be civil war.

    IC: Aay'han Vhett

    Vhett hated coming to Chadrilla. She hated the team here, she hated it's fans, the so called patriot nation, and she hated this peaceful, idyillic little world. She felt it was a place that was sorely lacking a Mandalorians touch. She stretched out her arms, patting the flame projector in her gauntlet as the game came to a close. The fans all cheered wildly, at their team's victory, as they had throughout the match. Just as the Mercs had held the lead throughout their first game this season, this was one in which they had never held it.

    The final score indicated a solid 20-14 loss for the Mercs, but in reality the game hadn't been that close. Only a pair of three point plays late in "garbage time" had brought the score back to a respectable margin. The offense had just never flowed correctly. Vhett had to give credit where credit was due and attribute at least a part of that to the defense of the patriots, they never seemed to play an excellent being to being coverage in this match, one that allowed for few opportunities in the Mercs spread attack.

    Sadly though it seemed as if much of the offense just wasn't hitting on all cylinders today. the Nulls in particular seemed distracted, Vhett wasn't sure, but she knew her mind was at least partially on the situation back home on manda'yaim, the Nulls probably were feeling the same way.

    Mor'kesh at least had made his presence known in the Midfield and had not only come up with a couple of takeaways (sadly neither of which led to any points) but also managed to score 3 points as well. The reserves had done their part as well, both Tam and Adams had managed a pair of points each coming off the bench. On the defensive side, Vhett found the results to be mediocre at best. Too many points were given up in transition after the Mercs had been stopped at the offensive end. It was a recurring problem with the Mercs lately, and a known issue with Vizsla's spread attack.

    At least the team philosophy was being well utilized at the developmental level. The Crusaders had managed to blow out the hated aiwha-bait on Kamino. Vhett almost wished she had been able to attend that match up. After the events of a few years ago she knew there was no love lost between the Mandalorians and the Kaminoans. To have the Mandalorian team defeat them for a second year running had to be a sour bit of fish meal to the long necked creatures.

    Using her buy'ce Vhett had "looked in on" the game several times and was pleased to see that new additions Soker and Horonel had done their parts. Soker had scored 5 points total as well as several assists. Horonel had played back at midfield, nabbing several turnovers and had helped to deny entry of the ball into the Waves offensive zone on numerous other occasions. The Crusaders star forward, Mereel had also done his part matching Soker's point total. They were all players that Vhett and the Mercs front office expected great things from, and a game into the season Vhett wasn't disappointed.

    She shook her head slightly now as the Mercs made their way off the field. They had been a disappointment this week though. Next week things would be no easier. The Mercs were hosting the Hapan team. That meant another state visit for Taab she was sure. It was also a match up against an as yet undefeated Bucs team and another opportunity for the Mercs to play in front of their home fans,
    Vhett could only hope that they would put in a better effort at home then they had today.

    IC: Ryi Kor'le/ Kote Taab

    "Ultimate road trip my rosy red shebs," exclaimed Ryi as the pair of Mandalorians made their way through the streets of Cape Suzette. Their armor stood out on Bakura, and they were given a wide berth by the locals enabling them to have a semi-normal conversation as they made their way to their destination. "Oh come on it's not so bad. At least we aren't here for turn your tail and run day," Kote replied. Ryi could only grunt at that as Kote went on. "But really, who are you trying to kid? I've seen your shebs. Rosy doesn..." He wasn't allowed to finish as Ryi cut him off.

    "You ever want to see them again you better stop right now." she said in a sickly sweet voice that Kote knew all too well. He changed the subject. "You're just upset that we don't have time to take in the meshgeroya game. I know you would love to see your old pal Glencross again." He smiled under his bucket. The Miners were also on world, taking on Euceron today. He knew that would rile her up even more.

    "Even if we could get tickets, I would be too tempted to take potshot at her from the stands. That would ruin our low profile op now wouldn't it?" came her own sour reply. "I guess so, but it would be worth it."

    Ryi laughed now, but didn't respond right away. Thinking about it though she knew it would be more than worth it to take out the red head who had been her nemesis during her meshgeroya career. Shaking her head now, "No, we have a job to do. Let's get it done before we have any other bad ideas." Now it was Kote's turn to laugh.

    They walked the next kilometer in silence now. Some thought had been given to stealing a speeder to make their journey quicker, but they had decided to take a more low key approach. As low key as two walking tanks taking a stroll down the street was anyways. Still their journey went quickly enough and soon they were in front of the ramshackle old bar in which their next target spent much of his free time.

    "Think we will really find him in this dive?" Ryi asked, gesturing to the dilapidated sign proclaiming "Louie's". Kote shrugged. "That's the info we have. Schlitz is a corrupt supply sergeant, where else would he hang out? We stick to the plan."

    Ryi nodded. The plan was to pose as mercenaries (which really wasn't far off the mark) looking to score some excess arms and ammunition from Sergeant Schlitz. If he bit at their bait they would know they had their man and would threaten him for more information. "Think he'll have access to any old Bakuran blaster rifles?" Ryi asked. Kote knew the twinkle that was in her eyes even though he couldn't see it through her T-Visor. "Yeah like new, never fired, dropped once." It was an old joke, but Kote found himself smiling at it anyway as they entered.

    The inside of the bar wasn't that much different than the outside. It was filthy and there was a distinct lack of customers. Those few that were there looked to Ryi and Kote in shock, one even left the bar with a frightened look on his face. But Kote and Ryi weren't concerned with him, instead they quickly noted their target, Sergeant Schiltz was here, seated alone at the bar. Unlike the others, he had barely acknowledged their appearance before going back to his drink. He didn't seem too intimidated by their presence as yet, but then again being an NCO in the Republic's military, he was used to being around soldiers. It was time to change that.

    Kote and Ryi made their way to the bar, plopping themselves down on either side of him. The Sergeant continued to look down at his drink. "We're putting together a little venture and are in need of a few things." Schlitz said nothing. "Word is, you can get some of that for us." More silence. "For a price."

    Schlitz's head came up a bit at that. "What sort of things?" Ryi spoke now, they had agreed to keep things small at first. "Nothing much, a few uniforms, boots, maybe a ruck or two." The man started to nod his understanding. "Nothing your superiors would miss."

    Schlitz started to look around, his eyes darting back and forth making sure no one would over hear him. "That I can do, if the payment is right."

    Kote nudged him now causing him to look back at him. "And what about some other, more...explosive kit? Can you get blasters and other ordinance for us too?"

    The man thought it over for a moment before replying "Ja, I can do that too." He had an accent that Kote couldn't quite place, but it was clear he wasn't originally from Bakura.

    "He hesitated, I don't think he can do it. We should take our credits someplace else."

    Schlitz started sputtering. "No, I can do it! I have done it before."

    Ryi ejected a blade from her gauntlet with a thunk and pressed it up to Schlitz's prodigious gut. "We know you have. Why don't you tell us who you sold that E-4 to a few months back?" she whispered

    Schlitz's eyes grew wide as he realized what was happening. "I...I know nothing! Nothing!" he rasped out himself.

    "Now why don't I believe you?"

    As Ryi continued to threaten the Sergeant Kote scanned the remainder of the room. No one was paying them the least bit of attention right now.

    "Tell us, or you are going to lose a lot of weight, the fast way," Ryi started to press the blade in more.

    "Ok, OK. I tell you. But then you leave me alone, Ja?"

    Ryi and Kote nodded their heads in assent.

    "A few months ago an arms dealer, a Toydarian, came to me asking if I could get him the items you are looking for." the knife pushed in again. "Several kilos of E-4. I was able to hide it away as expended ordinance. That much, someone could get it from almost anywhere, why not pay me for it, Ja?"

    The blade retracted back into Ryi's gauntlet. "This Toydarian, he have a name?"

    The Sergeant, broken now replied eagerly. "He is called Kashoggi. Runs an import/export business on Raaltiir, that's where I sent the explosives."

    The Mandalorians nodded as they stood up from the bar. Ryi whispered on her comm link to Kote, so Schlitz couldn't over hear. "I say we kill the Sergent here, no witnesses."

    Kote disagreed. "We have him in the palm of our hand, we may need to present him as evidence to Taab. We let him live," he replied in the same way.

    "And if he tells anyone of our presence before we're done."

    "Trust me."

    Speaking to Schlitz now Kote threatened him. "We're going top let you live, for now. Tell no one of our conversation. If you do, you die. Slowly."

    The Sergeant swallowed slowly. "Ja, Ja. I tell no one."

    The Mandalorians turned to leave before Ryi whispered one more thing to the Sergeant. "And knock it off with your extra activities on the side. I'm sure your Kommandant wouldn't be pleased to find out where some of his unit's gear is ending up. It would be unfortunate if we had to tell him. You would probably get reassigned to Hoth, or worse."

    The Sergeant nodded one more time as Ryi and Kote made their way out of Louie's and back to the Rogue. They still had more work to do.

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    Sep 3, 2012
    IC: Tim Dodd - Owner's Box, Memorial Stadium, Agamar.

    Tim had had 'The Dream' again last night, but with a different ending this time. In both Dream and reality he'd hammered the third-last ball of the match straight back over the Pace-hurler's head (so hard, in fact, that it had split the Contrast Board) for a six Tap maximum and correctly predicted that the next one would be slammed down short to screech past his head. In last night's dream he'd clobbered that one too, wide of both lurking Grabbers, for the four Taps needed to win; whereas, in reality, it had smashed into his helmet, cracked that into shards, and dropped him, stunned, right on top of his Gate; leaving him with a three-day concussion. In fact, the final ball (delivered to the only remaining Clubber - a very nervous, young and totally inexperienced lad who'd thought he'd only been included on that match's roster to fetch and carry) must have hit something on the Track. It had taken off again like a missile, gone high over both Clubber's and Gatekeeper's heads and bounced over the Margin-rope for four Passes - also a win!

    "Why dream it differently, and why last night?"; he wondered. Random firings of damaged synapses? He had some - the doctors had told him that there had been some brain damage from taking the hit (but if he hadn't been wearing top-of-the-range protective headgear he would have been killed - no 'might' about it!). Or could it be some sort of prompt or premonition through the Force? Useless speculation either way, he decided.

    Tonight's Limmie opposition was the Rydonni Prime Monarchs, and 'Welcome'

    was once more blaring out from the Memorial Stadium's sound system; as it would for every Home fixture this Season, calling far and wide to Agamarians and visitors alike.

    The ASF and Agamarian Council had again provided the means to prevent visiting supporters from getting themselves lost, particularly in the ruins of Tondatha; just as they had done for the game against the C-Bucs. Despite the disaster those kriffing chemicals had turned that match into, the pre-match and post-match organisation had been spot-on; not a single visitor had either missed the game or their return flights home. Still, if last week's narrow loss to Ralltiir was anything to go by, the team seemed to have shaken that disappointment, and any League-rookie nerves, right off. The team had given as good as they'd got, and well, someone had to win! Tim was sure that the Packers' time would come around - and if it was one of the big-name sides with a massive Limmie reputation that became their first victim, well so much the sweeter! The label of 'Dragon Slayer' carried a certain cachet!

    Owning the Packers was certainly doing wonders for his Galactic Geography and general knowledge, Tim realised. Many of the Limmie teams came from worlds he'd never even heard of! His birthworld's inhabitants had always been sublimely disinterested in anything to do with the wider Galaxy (which they regarded as a simmering cauldron of hatred and violence), considering their own culture and way of doing things to be just about perfect. They might have a point, he had to admit; as the populace had never been troubled by any sort of warfare in all its history! Perhaps TenGate was indeed the civilizing and pacifying influence it was claimed to be! Coruscant was known, as (of course, because his parents had come from there) was Agamar, but almost none of the other Limmie-hosting worlds; making frequent references to the 'Galactic Atlas and Encyclopaedia' a necessity.

    Rydonni Prime, he had learned, was roughly East-southeast of the Core, close to Corellia. A major exporter of high technology, the GA&E still listed the world as having forests and plains in addition to, the almost inevitable, urban areas. Assuming the entry was up to date, that said a lot about the Corporate Monarchy that ran the place; they hadn't let greed go to their heads and encased the world in duracrete and/or permacrete to allow higher production. Tim did so like his bit of greenery, and unspoiled countryside even better! Well, if the visiting supporters found the taste and texture of Binka Fruit to their liking (almost all sentients did); enough to want to add it to their world's Imported Foodstuffs list; that would be a bonus for Agamar's farmers!

    Perusing the Monarchs' team roster and holorecordings of their recent matches hadn't produced any shocks, so it looked like Jiva would be in the thick of the action; but not her normal 'partner in crime', Georg. He'd picked up a calf-strain practicing Asyr's two latest brainwaves; 'bounce-kicks' and what Asyr called 'up-and-unders'; and had been ordered by the medicos to rest the leg as much as possible for at least two weeks (also to use a Walking Cane for additional support); so definitely no Limmie for him for a while! Miles Abrams would be Starting in the Centre Half Forward position tonight, quite possibly for every match until Georg was fully match-fit again. However, Miles was now in danger of picking up another unwanted nickname, his snapshot attempt during the C-Bucs match and a fair few (near) repeats in training had had other players (those that were big enough) teasing him with the adjective 'Barman'!

    As for Georg, Tim had invited him and Georg's Uncle, Oleg, to share the Owners Box with him tonight. In addition to watching the game together, that should allow Tim to check Vima Moondancer's throwaway remark about the Packer's previous owner against Georg's recollections. If they matched, Oleg could discreetly take matters on from there. The previous owner's alleged conduct could be seen as suspicious - it could also just be the mark of a shy and private person - and, although an Elite League side (even before their first-ever Season) was probably worth much more than one still in the Premier League, would the loss of the difference in value add up to a motive? Against that, the previous owner was seen out in public occasionally; although his somewhat gaunt features and silvering hair had never appeared in any 'Agamar Today' holo. He certainly hadn't seemed the shy or reclusive type at the post-sale 'celebration', either. Nor had he seemed a 'disturbed' individual, as the statistics showed to be a likely prospect for the perpetrator of a seemingly 'motiveless' offence; but, then, many 'disturbed' individuals were outwardly perfectly normal to the casual eye!

    Thinking of Jiva reminded him of the Bakura Miners/Euceron Storm game recording all the Packers had watched as long-range preparation (Away to the Miners next week, then at Home to Euceron the week after). The consensus opinion in the Locker Room was that the young Rookie, Falene Trieste, deserved sympathy. An additional feather in Asyr's cap, Tim thought, was that her concentration on the maximum possible amount of 'one-touch' ball virtually removed the likelihood of such things occurring; and, as far as the Packers were concerned, depriving speciesist agitators of fuel for their rhetoric against League players of unusual dimensions (all of which just happened to be non-Human) was to be welcomed. Thankfully, Agamar had got used to beings of all shapes, sizes and hues long ago; the University had always been a cosmopolitan institution, and those who had decided to settle on Agamar after permanent displacement by the 'Scarheads' had been a very diverse group. A colony of Ithorian residents even seemed to be on the verge of producing seedcrops that could tolerate the inhibitor released by Binka trees through their root systems. If the Ithorians succeeded, they would save future farmers a great deal of back-breaking toil!

    Neither of his guests had arrived yet, Georg was doubtless giving Miles last-minute tips in the Locker Room and wishing everyone a good game and Oleg had got himself caught up in ASF's scouring of the System for traces of the Curr family; the nearest thing to a crime cartel that had ever afflicted Agamar. The reason for the fuss was an offer to find and 'sort out' the poisoner, an offer that had been sent direct to Oleg's home's Comm system. Needless to say, the 'offer' would not be taken up (the last 'sorted out' person, later found to be completely innocent, having been finally located in twenty six different places), but it was disturbing to ASF that the message had been sent to Oleg's home - back in the day, the Currs had been known for running a major protection racket in the back country; murdering whole families as 'examples' or 'encouragement', and it had been a young Lieutenant Oleg Sturm that had run the sting operation which forced the family to flee Agamar for parts unknown. Most of the proceeds from the 'protection racket', which had turned into virtual slavery for some of the Curr's neighbours, had never been traced and it was not even known if the old she-voxyn, Mona Curr, family Matriarch and (suspected) brains behind their operations, was still alive.

    Only just in time, Oleg arrived, having been dropped-off by a Patrol Cruiser onto the Owner's Private Speeder pad (a perk Tim had never used - he didn't want to even learn to pilot a Speeder!) closely followed by Georg. Oleg, looking at Tim and Georg, quipped that he should have bought himself a walking cane too, to blend in!

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    IC: Falene Trieste
    Peace City, Ylesia

    To enable the team to practice while on the road, the Miners had rented a field from one of the local high schools so they could practice. It was also a subtle form of community relations. Some high school programs were limited in the amount of financial resources. Getting a few thousand credits from a large organization like an Elite League team helped them out, exposed the players to the entity that was the Miners, and resulted in some good local press. Did they expect to steal fans from the Lightning or any other planet where they did this? Not in the slightest. But it didn't mean it was a bad idea.

    The players generally understood that there was a little bit of autograph signing to be done after practice as well and Falene was no exception. Though practice was closed at Valerii's insistence to make sure that the game plan didn't leak to the opposition, the students could still meet the players after things were done from the other side of a ropeline. Falene was signing the back of t-shirts, scraps of flimsi, and just about anything else the students could get. Plenty of students asked for holos with her, taken with their handheld datapads that doubled as comms. This was part of why Falene made over a million credits a year. Part of her belonged to beings throughout the galaxy.

    "Think I could play for the Miners one day?" a bunch of students asked, each in their own turn.

    "You on the team now?" Falene always asked. To those who applied in the affirmative, she said, "Then you're further than I was at your age." To those who said no, she said, "Then you're no worse off than me. You never know. Make it to college and we'll see."

    Aron Rodders was pleasant with the kids, though when one of them said, "You look shorter than on the Holonet," his demeanor turned. "I don't appreciate that..." Aron said.

    "Hey, what just happened with Aron?" Falene said, whispering as she leaned towards T.K., who was signing autographs and generally hamming it up with the kids.

    "Golden Arm was criticized in college recruiting for being too small. Exnay on the eighthay, if you owknay what I meanay," T.K. replied under his breath.

    Needless to say a lot of the males crowded the three Hapans. "Morgan! Morgan! Marry me!" one of the boys pleaded. "Becki! I love you!" another called out.

    "Awww...that's sweet," Morlan replied, obligingly taking a picture with the boy.

    "Hey Corrie, will you go to prom with me? Pretty please?"

    "How old are you kid?" Corrie asked.

    "I'm 17."

    Corrie blinked. "Yeah...I don't think they let you bring a date to prom if she's twice your age."

    The team eventually got to crowd into the locker room, which was nowhere as nice as an Elite League locker room. However, that was to be expected for a high school program. It was at least clean, if cramped. In the corner above one set of lockers was a vidscreen that was turned on to local news.

    "In sports, Miners General Manager Quinn Cundertol responded to remarks made by Raakla To, which were comments regarding his commentary regarding the Lightning's all-non-human makeup," the announcer said before cutting to prerecorded footage of Cundertol.

    "Here we go again," Everett North said. Everyone was expecting their illustrious GM to stick his foot in his mouth again.

    "Protecting non-humans? That's a new one," Cundertol said, "but it's the Lightning's choice. I'm glad to hear that the organization is open to bringing humans in. I think that everyone agrees that this is Ylesia's choice and their's alone."

    "So then why bring up the discussion in the first place if it's all their choice?" a reporter asked.

    "Someone has to start the conversation and I'm happy to be that someone," Cundertol replied, "This sport should embody our highest ideals as a society, and that's a society as integrated as possible. Our teams are role models for quadrillions of beings around the galaxy. If we can't pull that off here, where can we do it?"

    The news moved onto the next story and Falene looked at Stormborn next to her. "Well that could have gone worse," she said.

    "Yeah. He didn't call anyone stupid or anything. That's about as good as you can get out of him," Nanchecka said with a small smirk.

    Falene had to agree.

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  9. Trieste

    Trieste Force Ghost star 5

    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post (written solely out of love as you all well know)

    What We Learned: Week 1
    From HSN Sports

    Periodically throughout the course of the season, we’ll be giving updates on all 12 ELL teams with all the snark we can muster.

    Agamar Packers: The Packers seem to be all about firsts lately. First Elite League season in franchise history. First recorded instance of potential game-tampering at least 30 years. They’re so busy with all these firsts they’re forgetting about that really minor first win of the season.

    Bakura Miners: T.K. is the senior player in the Back Seven for the Miners. That’s right, let that sink in. Tamon Kutel is the veteran leader of the Miner defense. Force save the Miners.

    Chandrila Patriots: Reina Kether might actually be a good coach. Let’s face it: she recruited off the map for her team and she's started 2-0. She’s got to be on the Langann even after just 2 games.

    Corellia Rebels: Hey Corellia? What was that about wanting to be in the Solo Conference? Yeah, maybe the Commissioner knew what she was doing when she put you in the Skywalker Conference considering how you’ve been whooped twice now in nonconference play.

    Coruscant Senators: Pro: Gayla Renhorn saved the day and is now a fan favorite in the Galactic City. Con: Gayla Renhorn was exposed to even further injury by being put back in the game. I’m sorry—did I say that was a con? I meant that was a brilliant coaching move by Pam Korthe who is never to be second-guessed. Ever.

    Euceron Storm: Aebatt Zargana pushed through an expanded nonconference schedule at the last Board of Governors meeting. Given the Storm’s .666 winning percentage in nonconference games, she’s probably going to propose that the League move to a 12 game nonconference schedule.

    Hapes Consortium Buccaneers: 2-0 with the second highest APF and lowest APA in the League. Yeah, no big deal. Not only is unheralded keeper Camille Montes locking it down on the other end, but long-time veteran Wai Lin is outfoxing the opponents at the other. However, the C-Bucs have had a soft quality of competition thus far. Taking a game at Mesh’la Vhetin, however, is going to make a statement.

    Mando’ade Mercs: You know Vizsla, there’s a reason they usually only play the spread in the college game. Hint: it has to do with way better defenders in the pro level.

    Nar Shaddaa Smugglers: So does Konrad Dvorak suck at coaching defense or does he just need some time to let the defense settle? That’s an irrelevant question, because I’m pretty sure he’s going to get fired before we can find out.

    Ralltiir Starkillers: I don’t care what anyone says. Galaxy Protector Unanimous is the most awesome name in the universe. Any universe. Sure he had a bit of a rocky day against Agamar, but he still gutted out a win, so that’s nice too.

    Rydonni Prime Monarchs: Every Monarch fan in the galaxy needs to send get well flowers to Mara Singus because if she doesn’t recover in a hurry, this is quickly going to be rebranded as a “rebuilding year” and nobody likes those.

    Ylesia Lightning: The Lightning have allowed 22 points this season and think they “ought to be doing better”. The ELL average is 43.25 points. Terrible Ylesia. Just terrible.

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    May 20, 2008
    IC: Jed Ortmeyer

    Jed couldn’t believe this. He thought that the low-scoring Force performances had been last season, merely old games that nothing could be done about. But this was ridiculous; his team couldn’t do anything here. It seemed like every time his team did something right, Byblos would come right back and stick to the Force in any way imaginable. It was a painful loss to watch for all involved.

    All sides of the ball had been downright dreadful. The offense, despite losing players to the Senators during the offseason, only had three points to show for 60 minutes of work, courtesy of an Alex Renhorn goal in her first pro game. Otherwise, even the veteran forwards couldn’t do anything against the Red Wing defenders. The midfield had nothing going; perhaps it was because they knew they had little room to operate in regarding the affiliation with the Senators and their stacked midfield corps. Starters Lai Blutas and Sarya Dilvam, a former second-round pick, failed to do anything of important, missing loose balls, tackles, and failing to connect on their passes, at least to members of their own team. Tonga Rute had played quite a few minutes here, but he had also been ineffective at best. The defense was so full of holes that it almost hurt to think about their performance. New captain Rainy Frantsen, taking over the job once held by Mychele Lysar, was overmatched all game long, and her fellow defenders didn’t pick up the slack. Time and again the Back 6 was invaded by Byblos, and Jam Tarpals didn’t have a chance in his first pro game. He allowed 23 points to be placed on the board before Jed finally pulled the kid and put in marginal backup Kurta Thaar, who ended up giving up 4 points of her own. Overall, what a disaster.

    Jed knew the score. With this loss, the last three games he had coached in had resulted in the Force scoring 0, 3, and now 3 points again, respectively. Thyferra had the highest-scoring offense in the LFL the previous year, but now they couldn’t even score! It was ludicrous to fail repeatedly like that, especially since this team had quite a few veterans on it that knew what to expect from the pro game. But the drought was continuing, and Jed felt a few more prickles in the back of his mind. What would happen if this continued? He could lose his coaching job, and then be set adrift off into the wasteland of being a former player. Would anyone want him to coach for their team? Could he coach at this level with so many new players? All of these thoughts clouded his mind, and all he could do was drink a beer and hope that the Force would do better next week.

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  11. CPL_Macja

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    Nov 29, 2008
    IC: Vesper Lynd
    K’ntarr Tower, Ryell, Rydonni Prime


    Rolling over in her bed, Vesper looked, sleepily, over at the clock and discovered it was 0300 local time. She rubbed her eyes to make sure that she hadn’t misread it through the fog of being half-asleep. Unfortunately she had not…


    …and her comm system just would not stop. “Who in the frak would be calling me 36 hours before our home opener?” The past few days had been rough for the Monarchs, especially the offense. On the trip back from their week one defeat on Euceron they started prepping for the home opener against the defending Galactic Cup Champions. The flight took the entire day after the match, so the two days after they got home were filled with two-a-day practices, followed by an off day. It had become the standard operating procedure for the Monarchs following a road loss.


    So in the twilight hours of her off day Vesper was pulling her tired body out of bed to answer a call. Upon reaching her terminal she discovered that the call was originating from Bakura, Gesco City to be exact. Without even looking at the full caller identification, she knew whose image was going to shimmer to life in front of her when she hit the green ‘accept’ button.

    “Hello Little Princess,” that had been Vesper’s nickname for her younger sister, “is everything ok back home? Are Mom, Dad, and Cillian in good health? You don’t need me to bail you out again do you?”

    The flickering blue image of Ginnifer Lynd gave a confused look, “Now why would you think that there was something wrong or that I needed bailing out?”

    “Because, Ginny, those are the only possible explanations that I could think of for you to be calling me at three in the morningand on my day off.” Vesper rubbed her eyes once more, “So if those aren’t the reasons, then why in the name of the Rythanians are you calling?”

    “Because of what you are doing to the family,” Vesper could not believe what she was hearing, “You’re a member of one of the Houses of Bakura for crying out loud and you’re doing Force knows what with that self entitled royal.”

    “So if he was a self entitled royal from say Naboo that would be alright then?” Vesper retorted.

    “You know that’s not what I…” Vesper cut Ginny off before she could finish.

    “And am I really a part of the Noble House, because the family seems to have gone out of their way to make sure that I don’t feel like I’m a part.” Vesper continued without giving Ginny a chance to respond. “You were too young to remember, but I was always an afterthought, the one who was wedged in between Declan and Falene with the wrong name. I wanted to go off world to go to school, but I knew that by doing that I would be sealing my fate with the rest of the family. I had a full ride limmie scholarship to the University of Byblos but I turned it down so that I didn’t alienate the family. I intentionally left my name off of the draft listings, forgoing the possibility of making a dreadnought load of credits, all because I thought the Miners were going to sign me out of college. So don’t talk to me about what I’m doing to the family.”

    “I’m… I …” Ginny stammered, “I truly had no idea. I just thought you enjoyed being the family rebel. I’m so sorry.”

    As Vesper wiped the tear that started trickling down her cheek, she caught a glimpse of movement out of the corner of her eye. She hoped that it wasn’t Arden, but if so that he wasn’t in range of the holo recorder, and even if he was that he was clothed. Unfortunately she struck out on all three. Of course it didn’t help that Ginny’s comm unit was a video feed and not a holo projection so she got an un-obscured view of the Baronet’s moonlit posterior.

    “Oh, was that His Royal Hotness… I mean His Royal Hiney… I mean, oh damn.”

    Even through the flickering blue image, Vesper could tell that her sister was blushing. “The proper way to address him is My Lord and what if it was?”

    Ginny paused for a moment before answering, “Well then, you certainly could have done worse, and probably not much better.” A smile spread across Ginny’s face and Vesper knew that from then on things would be different between the two of them.

    “Good night Little Princess.”

    “Good night My Lady, and good luck against Ylesia”
    ----- ----- ----- ----- -----
    IC: Dawn Solo-Undolo
    The Grande Villa, Rydonni Prime

    Halftime could not have come fast enough for Dawn’s liking, they were getting slaughtered by the reigning champs. They were down, big time, with no solution in sight. The entire squad, save Beks, Lex, and Setarcos, made their way back to the Monarchs’ locker room. The three absent coaches were participating in a ceremony that marked the retirement of Beks’ number 32 and Mia Silas’ number 9. Dawn made a bee line for Clair Oswin’s locker and was intercepted by Mara Singus.

    “Get out of my way Mara,” Dawn barked, “I need to speak with my starting keeper.”

    “No way Solo. I’ve seen that look in your eyes before and she doesn’t deserve whatever you are looking to dish out.” If anyone in that locker room knew Dawn, it was Mara. They had trained together, competed with each other, heck they roomed together during away games. However, at this point, Dawn was the coach and Mara was her player, so really Mara should let Dawn through, but she didn’t. “Listen coach, it’s not her fault we are in this hole. Check the stats. She has saved ninety-five percent of shots on goal. The balk of the Lightning’s scores have come off of over-the-bar points, which, unless she has a way of growing two more meters or can leap tall buildings in a single bound, she has no hope of stopping them.”

    Dawn just shook her head, “Fine, then let me ‘coach’ her a little.”

    “If you’re looking for someone to coach, you ought to have a sit down with Laura. It’s like a freeway running through her zone in the transition game. Leave Clair to me to coach up, you handle the GM’s daughter.”

    Dawn was confused, “Last time I checked, I was the Goalkeeper’s Coach,” she said with her hands on her hips.

    Mara just cocked one of her eyebrows at Dawn, “Seriously, think about it. When was the last time you coached me? I mean truly coached me? Think about it, you have always been a better Middie then you ever were a Keeper. Let me handle her and you try to fix what’s wrong with this squad, starting with Laura.”

    “Whatever, she’s your responsibility then.” Dawn turned her back on the two Keepers and sought out her veteran Midfielder. “Cynd-Nazug! Where the frak is your head at? The Lightning are using you as a doormat out there.”

    “Is it my fault they’re going over me and picking apart our poor excuse of a back three?” She turned and looked at her husband, Biedo, “I’m sorry baby, but your mates are sucking it up. Over the bar points can only be pinned on the D-Backs.”

    “I did not seriously hear that?” It was right at that moment Lex Silas walked in from the ceremony, “What is your excuse for our transition game being non-existent? The youth of our front six?”

    Beks was right behind him, “Really Lex, how is our front six supposed to score points if your defenders don’t force turnovers to get the bolo up to them?”

    Before Dawn realized it everyone, coaches included, was placing the blame for the Monarchs struggles on each other. That was until Setarcos burst into the room, hopefully his words of wisdom would get the team back on track.
    ----- ----- ----- ----- -----
    IC: Setarcos Rhemes
    Rythani Spaceport, Rydonni Prime

    Setarcos was at a loss. He struggled with looking for words of wisdom about the first two weeks of the season. But he needed to do something. Part of his decision was made for him by Sugnok Umanh getting ejected from the game last match for excessive and dirty play. When they swapped him out for Nat Benneb it was like a ghost had taken his place. So Nat received word that morning that he would not be catching a ride to Agamar on the Crown Jewel, instead he would be taking a later shuttle bound for Tatooine, and he wouldn’t be the only one.

    As the head coach checked off the roster the last player boarding his daughter Laura approached him. “Dad, what are you doing? Eve hasn’t made it on board yet. I know we have a tight schedule to keep, but don’t you think leaving one of players behind is a bit extreme?”

    Setarcos continued the process of prepping the Jewel for take-off, “I’m sorry sweetie, but Eve will be catching a later flight, with Nat, to Tatooine.” As he let the reality of what he just said sink in, he stepped into one of the turbolifts and headed down to the supply hold. Laura followed him and stood in silence as the door swished open to reveal the bay being occupied by at least four platoons of SP-580s.

    “What in the name of Seramar* are those doing here?”

    “Security,” he answered matter of factly. “Apparently, the dirt-eaters on Agamar have a madman on the loose and we are going to be accompanied by them to and from the match. Speaking of which, because of the situation there, we are going to be spending more time on here then we normally do on the road. But in the meantime, let’s get up to the hanger deck, we have some old friends who will be joining us.”

    Once again the father and daughter pair climbed into the lift and shared an uncomfortable moment of silence. The lift doors separated once more, but this time it was to a completely empty hanger bay. Laura looked out the open bay at the blue swirling tunnel of hyperspace. Setarcos knew that this was going to be short jump, so he used what time he had to think of a way to break the news to his daughter, but was still coming up empty handed and running out of time.

    A light on the control console next to him started blinking. The dock worker manning that station announced that they would be reverting back to real space in a moment. Setarcos turned to look at his daughter. “Laura, there is something that we need to talk about before the shuttle lands.”

    Laura looked over at him, placed her hand on his shoulder and gave it a small squeeze, “It’s alright dad. I know about you and the Baroness. I’m alright with it, I never had any delusions that you and mom would get back together. Plus I didn’t think you and Nora were right for each other. Now let’s see who is coming along for the ride.”

    The small personnel shuttle finished its docking procedure and lowered the access ramp. “Laura,” Setarcos started as the first passenger, Stewah-Tam Ford, stepped off, “I wasn’t talking about Variise. I was trying to tell you,” a second passenger followed Ford a moment later, “that I’m moving you back to Half Forward,” it was none other than Midfielder Kelsei Seter, “and you will be replacing Eve on the bench.”

    Laura quickly removed her hand from her father’s shoulder and crossed her arms in front of her. If looks could kill Seter would have fallen dead right there on the deck of the hanger. The newly demoted Middie shifted her gaze over to the Head Coach. “So that whole line in your post game yesterday about, ‘Don’t stop believing’ was nothing more than media spin. Or does it apply to everyone but your daughter?”

    Before he could respond Laura had turned on her heel and marched right out of the bay.
    ----- ----- ----- ----- -----
    IC: Queen Naathe K’ntarr
    Bin Prime, Balmorra

    Naathe found it peculiar, prior to last week’s visit to Byblos to meet with Rex Santhe, the last limmie match that she attended was the 267 Premiership. Even at that she really did not pay much attention to the game that had always been her cousins’ cup of kosh. But now, she was attending her second match in as many weeks. She hoped that she would be able to bring the same luck to the Blasters that she brought to the Red Wings in their first match of the LFL season.

    With the new formatting of the PLL the Blasters along with every other team would play one non-conference game throughout the nine week season. For the Blasters that non-conference match was against the Kuat Triforce. The matchup was the perfect opportunity for the reigning Queen to entertain the leader of the Kuat Drive Yards, Oram Kuat. Prior to the start of the match Her Royal Highness took her designated seat in the Royal box in the stadium to all the pomp-and-circumstance that was due to her title.

    For over half a decade, planets such as Balmorra, Loronar, and Byblos were joining together as Commonwealth realms under the Corporate Monarchy of Rydonni Prime. Basically that made Queen Naathe the leader of Balmorra. Once all the ceremonies had concluded but before the start of the game an image appeared on all of the vidscreens in the stadium.


    The picture was accompanied by the message, “Congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Rythii on the birth of their first son, Ergos.” After a few minutes the game officially started and Naathe, along with her guest, got up from their seats and walked back into the luxury box to partake in the buffet that had been laid out for them.

    Being the Queen had its privileges, such as being the first through the line. Right behind her was Oram who leaned in to grab a piece of exotic looking fruit off of the last plate the Queen had passed up. In a low whisper he decided to be the first to open the lines of communication, “Seems the pressure has been turned up on you Your Majesty.”

    Without turning she responded in an equally low voice, “As it would seem Lord Kuat, but I always work better under pressure. How about you, Oram?”

    “Well, Ma’am, I’m not sure. You see I’ve been told that you have been holding similar meetings as this one. First it was Santhe on Byblos, followed by the heads of BlasTech, Soro-Suub, Merr-Sonn, Incom Corp, and now you are here with me. So tell me Naathe, what is Rydonni Prime up to?” The Kuati was direct and to the point, certainly he did not mince words.

    “You have been doing your homework. As far as my intentions, they are not as malicious as most political pundits would have you believe. Plus I am not ‘on the prowl’ as some of the less respectable news sources think. Rythani Products, and her subsidiaries, are simply looking to expand their product lines. We are hoping to accomplish this with another merger like we did with Loronar, Byblos, and Balmorra.” Naathe sat down with her filled plate and cold beverage, Oram sat opposite of her, “Besides, Santhe was more interested in my cousin Loruna.”

    “I see,” he took a small bite off of his plate, “I was also shocked by your recent announcement on the Regional broadcast of HSN. That must be a first since your father donated that old Space Master he bought from us. Telling your citizens that you were enacting an embargo on Agamar, along with banning them from attening a sporting event that your family has direct ties too is epic.”

    A small grin spread across the Queen’s face, “That it was. That… it… was.”
    ----- ----- ----- ----- -----
    To: Tim Dodd
    Agamar Packers
    Mr. Dodd,

    I would like to thank you for your candor in this matter.

    First let me assure you that the training staff of the Monarchs will see to the hydration and dietary needs of the team, as they do for each and every game the Monarchs participate in throughout the season.

    Secondly, you will not have to concern yourself with the food necessity of Monarch fans, as they are no longer allowed to travel within the limits of the Miggoshi System. For the first time in nearly ten seasons the Astral Queen will remain grounded on Rydonni Prime.

    Thirdly, on the subject of Security, there are no names and ID data for our personal Guards. As they are the latest in personal security and they have no identifiers. They are uncirculated and the last of their kind, they are two platoons of SP-580s, and they only answer to Monarch personnel.

    Finally, the players and staff of the Rydonni Prime Monarchs will be staying on board the Crown Jewel for the duration of their stay on Agamar. They will arrive, via private shuttle, sometime after sunrise and before kick-off. Once the match has completed they will return to the Crown Jewel.

    Should you need further explanations or feel that there was something we have missed, please do not hesitate to contact us again.

    Thank you and have a good day,
    Baroness Variise K’ntarr of Ryell
    CEO K’ntarr Sports Entertainment Group
    Owner Rydonni Prime Monarchs

    ----- ----- ----- ----- -----
    TAG: Tim Battershell, Trieste (for Ginny), Rebecca_Daniels (If you want to add to our week 2 matchup), & jcgoble3 (for LFL moves)

    OOG: Seramar*= the Rythanian god of war, violence, and bloodshed
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  12. Tim Battershell

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    Sep 3, 2012
    IC: Tim Dodd - Owner's Box, Memorial Stadium, Agamar.

    The news about the Monarchs' Rydonnian fans being embargoed from attending the match was disappointing, but had not caused much, if any, financial penalty to the Packers - the Visiting Fans areas had been opened to Agamarians and the (rarely used) Ticket Machines by the gates had been doing a roaring trade ever since the news broke. Nor were the presence of the Rydonni Prime droids likely to be a problem, Memorial Stadium had been designed and built with undesirable visitors in mind - defences that had proved their worth against the 'Scarheads' when units of Agamarian Resistance Militia had decoyed groups of them into the trapped areas and turned on the underfloor gravity projectors, suffocating them! The projectors' output (twenty-five gravities when turned up to maximum) was thought sufficient to severely distort the casing of any droid, even if it didn't pop their seams wide open or crush them flat!

    In an interview (via comlink) with an inquiring HSN reporter Tim had expressed his disappointment , but accepted that, as a Sovereign World, Rydonni Prime was entitled to protect its people however it chose; although he did point out than no fans (from either side) had been caught-up in the attack, or had been affected by the substance used. He even went as far as to reveal that it was still very unclear whether the Packers or the C-Bucs had been the intended recipients of the substance - both sets of Energy Drinks having been stored in the same room after delivery from their, off-world, supplier - or where and when the contamination had occurred. Those considerations, he said, were mainly responsible for the slow pace of the investigation; which would probably have been even slower but for the League bringing Agencies of the Republic into the investigation; Agencies with far more interplanetary clout than ASF had ever aspired to!

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  13. CPL_Macja

    CPL_Macja Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Nov 29, 2008
    IC: Julla Ehennifer
    Adrimar Arena, Byblos City, Byblos


    She had done it, she really had done it. Julla Ehennifer, in her first regular season match as a professional limmie head coach, did something that the great Setarcos Rhemes had failed to do twice. She inaugurated the Byblos Red Wings and their home, Adrimar Arena, with a victory over the much hated Thyferra Force. Not only had they beaten them but they had done so handedly, 27-3.

    Her victory celebration was short lived when the next morning she received a communication from General Manager Rhemes. He was ordering the transfer of Staweh-Tam Ford and Kelsei Seter back to the Monarchs. In exchange they would be receiving Nat Benneb and Eve Wupiupi. As soon as she had received the message she called a meeting with her coaching staff. Adam Maas, Defensive Back coach and Assistant Head Coach, was the first to speak up, “It didn’t take him long to snatch up Ford once the Doc cleared him for full action.”

    If it was physically possible, steam would have been piping out of Julla’s ears, “What the kark is this madness. I can understand the Ford for Benneb swap since they are both D-Backs, but Seter is a Middie and Wupiupi is a Half Forward. How does he expect me to field a full squad?” The dathomirian head coach was pacing back and forth behind the desk in her office while her three position coaches sat patiently in its front.

    “Perhaps he’s figuring if a numbskulled stick-jockey like Dawn Solo can transition from one position to Middie than anyone can do it.”

    “Oh come on Stela, you know as well as I do that Dawn was a phenomenal athlete and what she did was unprecedented,” Nona Shaman fired back. “So what do you propose we do?”

    Julla finally sat down at her desk and looked down at her datapad which contained the team’s roster. She starred at the blank slot at Midfield and the over abundance of Half Forwards she seemed to have acquired. As she scanned up and down the list something jumped out at her, that is when it hit her like a bolt of lightning. “I think we have a way around.” A sly grin spread across her face as she keyed in her comms.
    ----- ----- ----- ----- -----
    IC: Greenly Zo
    Adrimar Spaceport
    Envy: (n) Resentful desire of something possessed by another or others (but not limited to material possessions)
    (v) To feel displeasure or hatred towards (someone) for their good fortune or possessions.

    Once word reached the rest of the team that the first of them were to be called up to the Monarchs, Greenly knew that she had to be there to see them off. Even though Coach Ehennifer had yet to designate a captain for the team she felt that it was her duty, especially since she had played with both Staweh-Tam and Kelsei on Rydonni. As the two got on to the shuttle, bound for their rendezvous with the Crown Jewel, Greenly had a pang in the pit of her stomach. She had the yearning to jump on the shuttle with them, but she did not.

    She knew that their replacements would be arriving shortly at the same port so she sat and waited for their arrival. Greenly’s shins were aching as thunder could be heard off in the distance. Her injured limbs now give her the unique ability to tell weather patterns. So when the next shuttle arrived she put on her best face, not trying to show any weaknesses to the new arrivals. The shuttle landed and opened its cabin door. Only one passenger, a tall blonde female, stepped out onto the platform of the spaceport. “Who the frak are you?”

    The blond just looked down at Greenly and gave her a smile, “Don’t you recognize me from all the poundings I put on you over the years, Zo. I’m Fia So from the Blasters, your new Midfielder.” As soon as she said that Greenly knew one thing was sure…

    …She wished she had jumped on to the other shuttle because she was going to have a fight on her hands to keep her job.

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  14. Trieste

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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    Earlier scores than usual today. Bonus rolls to Agamar, Bakura, Coruscant, Euceron, Mando'ade, Nar Shaddaa, Ralltiir, Rydonni Prime, and Ylesia--everybody!

    Week 3 Resuls
    Coruscant Senators at Euceron Storm (29-30)
    Hapes Consortium Buccaneers at Mando’ade Mercs (24-26)
    Chandrila Patriots at Nar Shaddaa Smugglers (24-26)
    Bakura Miners at Ylesia Lightning (9-26)
    Ralltiir Starkillers at Corellia Rebels (31-19)
    Rydonni Prime Monarchs at Agamar Packers (30-36)

    Note to everyone: scores will likely be much later next week due to my schedule. However, there is a chance they would could be early. You have been forewarned if you were thinking of waiting until the last minute on Sunday.

    TAG: Bardan_Jusik CPL_Macja jcgoble3 Jedi Gunny Rebecca_Daniels Runjedirun Tim Battershell Vehn
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    Nov 7, 2010
    Sub-GM Post

    Bonus rolls this week to (points in parentheses): Concordia (30), Commenor (30), Kashyyyk (30), Byblos (32), Tatooine (28), Thyferra (32), Druckenwell (28).

    Limmie Futures League
    Week 2
    Concordia Crusaders at Commenor Gundarks (12–15)
    Kashyyyk Rangers at Kamino Waves (22–21)
    Byblos Red Wings at Tatooine Sandskimmers (19–15)
    Thyferra Force at Druckenwell Marksmen (4–22)

    TAG: Bardan_Jusik Vehn Runjedirun Rebecca_Daniels Jedi Gunny CPL_Macja
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    Apr 10, 2010
    OOC: Some Ylesian details discussed with Rebecca_Daniels. You’ll probably figure out which ones.

    Supreme Chancellor’s office, Coruscant
    3 days prior to the Bakura/Ylesia game

    “Madam Chancellor, the shuttle is scheduled to depart in 10 minutes,” Saldor Kann, the male Ithorian assistant and general right hand of the Chancellor said.

    “Thank you, Saldor,” Kerry Trieste said, “Do you have the—”

    “Right here, Madam Chancellor,” Saldor said, producing a small square of heavy stock flimsi.

    “Good,” Kerry said, accepting it. She read its contents briefly, but completely. “Very good.” She reached for an ink stylus, the kind used for signing Senate bills, and placed at the bottom of the flimsi the remnant of a signature contracted by too many executive orders, laws, and thank you notes. “Have it put in today’s diplomatic pouch for hand delivery. Now, I believe I have a shuttle to catch.”

    IC: Falene Trieste
    Peace City Gardens, Peace City, Ylesia

    As inaugural games went, this one couldn’t have been much worse, Falene thought as she sat on the bench.

    That’s right, she sat on the bench. And she was furious about it.

    The Lightning defense had been billed as good. Everyone had known it and Valerii had done a lot of work to get the team prepared. It turned out that hadn’t been enough. Urdaaza had been Urdaazzling today, utterly stopping what had been the dominant offense in the Elite League for the last two seasons and in 274 up to this point. How that Mirialuan was able to make some of those stops was absolutely mindboggling. Rodders was visibly frustrated, as was Morgan Alesh who had been held completely off the scoreboard today. Corrie Andersen had been sat since halftime in favor of Will Detra, but the change hadn’t done anything of real substance. By and large the Ylesian defense was made up of large species and they had played very well against the Miners.

    Of course Falene wasn’t upset about that. It was that she’d been manhandled for the fourth straight week going all the way back to the Naboo game. And it had been by none other than Zoa Vra. Last year’s rookie of the year was clearly no rookie. She was going this way and when Falene thought she was going that way. Vra didn’t have a height advantage like Chalporrin had possessed last year, but she was speedier than Falene was. Falene knew she should have played the Zabrak better, she knew it in her bones, but it just didn’t happen. It was maddening.

    Valerii hadn’t been able to change anything about their strategy at halftime that had any effect and with just ten minutes gone in the second half the writing was on the wall and the skipper knew it. She’d made wholesale pulls of her starters with a grim face. When it had happened, Falene had been angry. Not at coach, but at herself. She’d expected more from herself. Her third Elite League game and she was still getting kicked around like a can out there. She needed to be better than this. She wasn’t playing any better than Ruunron and everybody knew what had happened to him after a terrible rookie year. It was the first time she’d been pulled from an Elite League game. It was embarrassing more than anything else.

    She knew what the media was going to be saying—the Miners were being brought down by the Chancellor’s daughter who should never have been on the team. She’d never been nominated for the Helmsman despite being on a Galactic College Championship winning team. For a supposed leader, that only happened if you were no good.

    Falene sat and fumed on the bench as the reserves fared little better than the starters. She knew that by the time she’d come out of the game that it was an unwinnable one for the Miners, but that didn’t mean that she didn’t want to be out there. She wanted to make a statement, a comeback, and at least show that she wasn’t all bad. Falene clenched a hand into a fist and brought it down from a short distance onto the bench. That caught the attention of Nelly Wizmark next to her.

    “It’s not worth getting injured over and that’s why we’re on the bench,” Nelly said quietly to Falene, “It sucks, but that’s part of her job—to know when not to call it a day and accept what you can’t change.”

    Falene just said nothing and grit her teeth. This sucked.

    Visitors’ exit, Peace City Gardens, Peace City, Bakura

    “Thank the Force we don’t have to come back here for three years,” T.K. said as they filed down the corridor that would take them to the team shuttle.

    “They’ll be coming to our Gardens next year,” Glencross said, “We’ll give them a warm welcome then.”

    Falene was still smarting from the game. She knew she should try to let go by now, but it was hard. Even so, she agreed with T.K. It was time to shake the dust from her feet and get the heck out of here. Back on Bakura she could forget.

    Someone raced by Falene, nearly knocking her down. Then he skidded to a halt and grabbed Falene’s arm. It was Dr. Tunross. “Falene! There you are!” he said. Then he turned back and yelled, “Found her!”

    The team was a bit confused and had stopped to look at her. In three seconds two presences were by Falene’s side. They were dressed in regular clothes, but Falene knew exactly who they were. They were her plainclothes Senatorial Guard. They were always close at hand to her as the Supreme Chancellor’s daughter. There had been some form of protection following Falene since she was a year old and her mother had been elected Prime Minister of Bakura. She was used to it, but she knew it was painfully awkward for those around her to encounter such a thing.

    “What’s going on?” Falene asked one of them, a Chev.

    “Heightened security situation,” the Chev said curtly, “Send the rest of the team out. We’ll follow.” It was a typically cryptic answer.

    “Is Mom okay?” Falene asked.

    “She’s secure,” the Chev said, putting a hand to the receiver in his ear, “I have Night Bird. Night Bird is secure. Repeat, Night Bird is secure.”

    The doors at the end of the corridor opened and Falene heard a sudden noise of a cacophony of voices as her teammates headed for the shuttle. She knew instinctively that had something to do with the sudden appearance of the Guard. Her teammates filed out and the doors shut again behind them, leaving Falene with the two Guardsmen.

    “All right Falene, we’re going to go on out there. Keep moving, don’t stop, and get to the shuttle. They’ve begun takeoff procedures and once we’re on it’ll be struts up, got it.”

    “I’ve done this before,” Falene reminded them.

    “All right, we’ll be right here. Just keep moving,” the Chev repeated.

    They moved towards the doors at a good clip. Right before they opened, the Chev put a hand on Falene’s back to make sure she didn’t fall behind. Then they were outside.

    Local Ylesian security or police—Falene didn’t have time to make out which—had established a generous perimeter around the landing pad for the Miners’ shuttle. It was a good thing too. There was a huge crowd in every direction and they didn’t appear to be Miner fans. Lots of them were chanting, some were yelling, and plenty had signs. The Senatorial Guard kept Falene moving so quickly that she didn’t have enough time to take in all of the signs—but she was able to see one.


    Then Falene was on the shuttle and one of the Guardsmen was already bringing the ramp up. “We’re inside! Take off!”

    “Night Bird is away. Repeat, Night Bird is away.”

    Immediately Falene felt the ship fight its way into the air and defy gravity. She made her way back to the team seating area on her own. The team was obviously milling about and a lot of them were looking out the viewports as the surface of Ylesia started to recede and with it the crowds.

    “What the frak is going on down there?” someone asked.

    “I know we played bad, but that bad?” T.K. joked.

    “I think it’s pretty obvious,” Everett North said, “I think our illustrious general manager stirred up some anti-human sentiment on Ylesia. Nice going. Probably didn’t help us on the field either. The Lightning were looking to tear us to pieces out there.”

    Falene knew that North was right. That sign she’d seen had been a reference to Human High Culture, an Imperial era philosophy that espoused the superiority of humans over all other species. Back in the Miners’ all-human days it had been a common sighting. In recent years, especially since Cundertol had integrated the team, it hadn’t been seen much. However, Falene knew her Miners’ history.

    “That makes no sense,” Rodders said, “Cundertol was arguing for integration, not the superiority of humans.”

    “How about you go back and try to have a conversation with them then? I’m sure that they’re all going to listen to reason. Mobs have a tendency of doing that,” North said sarcastically, “Why don’t you bring the Smug Dragon down there with you? We’d all be better off without him.”

    Falene said nothing. Well, just when she thought this trip couldn’t have gotten any worse it did. Figured. She sighed and made her way to a seat as the rest of the room took their seats. They were now far enough away from the ground that there wasn’t anything left to see, so they were settling in for the long flight back to Bakura.

    As Falene made her way down the aisle, she saw that Quinn Cundertol was standing in the back of the compartment. She wasn’t sure if anyone else had seen him, but she was sure that he’d heard everything. They just looked at each other for a second and then Cundertol stepped back where he’d come from.

    With a sign Falene slumped into one of the seats. Yeah, great road trip.

    Packer offices, Agamar
    1 day after the Rydonni Prime/Agamar game

    “Sign here…and here…initial here…and sign here. Thank you.”

    A small square envelope of heavy stock flimsi dropped off at the Packers’ offices was addressed to Mr. Tim Dodd. If opened, it read as follows in flowing printed letters.

    Supreme Chancellor of the Republic Kerry Trieste cordially invites Mr. Tim Dodd and guest to join her next week in the Noble House box for the meeting of their respective teams at Bakura Gardens in the capital city of Salis D’aar, Bakura.
    Luncheon will be provided. Please inform the Republican embassy on Agamar of any dietary restrictions in advance.
    Please present this invitation at the east club entrance of Bakura Gardens for admittance.
    Kerry Trieste

    The Chancellor’s name was actually a K that flowed into a squiggle (though perhaps that little lower mark was the tail of the Y) and a T that turned into another scribble with just high enough of a mark for the ink to come back and cross the T without leaving the paper. Unlike the dark blue ink that the printed letters were made of, the signature was in black ink. Clearly, this had been signed by the Chancellor’s own hand.

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    May 20, 2008
    Here are the Power Rankings going into Week 4.

    TAG: Trieste, Vehn, jcgoble3, @Bardan Jusik, Rebecca_Daniels, CPL_Macja, Tim Battershell, Runjedirun

    1. Euceron Storm – Quickly, ELL, hide yourselves away, because a Storm is coming! Euceron has started hot out of the gates with a 3-0 record in nonconference play, and is looking to make a clean sweep next week before entering conference play in the Skywalker. The offense is clicking on all cylinders; Aysel Yan’ii looks like a bonafide MVP candidate out there on offense, and the Storm are scoring points like crazy. They are given the pole position nod this week after a hard-fought victory against the Coruscant Senators, who never make things easy. However, the Storm need to find a defensive answer to opposing teams every game. A week after shutting down the Bakura Miners, the Senators gashed the Storm defensively this week. If their offense can keep scoring points almost at will, the Storm will continue to win and break their playoff drought. [​IMG] 3

    2. Ylesia Lightning – The Lightning continue to impress this season coming off their Galactic Cup title. An OT loss aside, the Lightning are the best defensive team in the League right now. Kasin Urdaza is simply a genius in the net, stymying the Bakura Miners this last week and holding them to 9 points. Look for them to try to go to 3-1 next week when the Coruscant Senators come to town with their high-octane offensive attack. [​IMG] 5

    3. Ralltiir Starkillers – An impressive road win over Corellia has the Starkillers on top of the Solo at 3-0. Although the Rebels are not exactly top-team material at the moment, the Starkillers are showing that they can win high-scoring as well as low-scoring games. A win next week would put them in prime position to make a good run at the playoffs from the powerful Solo. [​IMG] 3

    4. Hapes Consortium Buccaneers – A close loss to Mandalore has knocked the C-Bucs down a peg, but they are still a good team. What they do next week will determine if they are in a two-team race to the top with Ralltiir in the Solo, or if they fall into the rest of the pack entering conference play. [​IMG] 3

    5. Mando’ade Mercs – A nail-biting win over Hapes has the Mercs back on track in the Skywalker. This team is looking to beat up on the Solo after they were relocated during this past offseason, and so far it is working. N/C

    6. Coruscant Senators – The Senators may just be the best 1-2 team that no one is paying attention to right now. Sure they have two losses, but when those came on the road to red-hot Euceron and the Mercs, and were by a combined three points, it’s hard not to think that when the dice of fate decide to change course a little bit, the Senators could be primed to break out and win these close games. Their defense needs a tune-up, though, as giving up 30 points this last week cost them a chance to make a move in the Solo. [​IMG] 2

    7. Chandrila Patriots – The Patriots are doing well at 2-1 currently, coming off a loss in the Burgundy and Green Brawl to the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers. However, there is so much movement elsewhere in the League that the Patriots have gone unnoticed so far, and thus they fall back into the pack with the Week 3 loss. [​IMG] 5

    8. Nar Shaddaa Smugglers – A win in the Burgundy and Green Brawl broke a losing streak of five games in the past two seasons for the Smugglers, who finally have a win to hang their hats on for this year. Despite being in the midst of a major overhaul, this franchise has done remarkably well for itself thus far this season, keeping it close the previous two weeks before breaking through this week to victory. [​IMG] 1

    9. Bakura Miners – The Bakura defense gave up 26 points. No biggie, right? Wrong. Yes Ylesia is doing well defensively, but only 9 points in a week? The Miners are falling fast right now, and are definitely searching for answers. If they can put last week behind them, they have the offense to make it in the Solo. However, if their defense can’t shape up in time, they will be stuck in the middle of the pack all season long. [​IMG] 6

    10. Agamar Packers – Welcome to the taste of ELL victory, Agamar. They showed signs of life last week, and then finally broke through this week with a barn-burner game against Rydonni Prime. The Packers are in the middle of the pack (pun not intended) on all three major league-wide point categories, so they are hanging in there. The question is if they can keep that up next week, or if their inexperience in the Elite League will eventually doom them. N/C

    11. Rydonni Prime Monarchs – Despite the loss this week to Agamar, the Monarchs still managed to score 30 points, which gives their otherwise-struggling offense something to work with next week as they try to avoid being blanked in nonconference play. However, if things keep spiraling out of control, the Monarchs may be sellers at the trade deadline. N/C

    12. Corellia Rebels – Yes Ralltiir is 3-0 right now, but the Rebels have no excuses for playing this poorly. They badly need a boost on a team that right now is playing less like their Premier League selves from last year and more like a team that doesn’t think it belongs back in the Elite League. N/C
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    May 20, 2008
    IC: Gark S’rily
    Euceron Stadium, Euceron

    Gark’s heart was pounding in his chest. What a game it had been between his Coruscant Senators and the Euceron Storm. The game was all tied up at 29 with just a minute to go in the game. Coruscant, coming off a win in the Rim War against Nar Shaddaa, was trying to knock off the hot Storm team that entered this contest at 2-0. Neither defense had done much as both offenses ran rings around the defenders. Pam Korthe had switched out her defenders frequently, but nothing seemed to work as the Storm kept at it, scoring almost at will against keeper Jayla Leed.

    The Senators stormed (pun not intended) into the offensive attack zone. The ball went to Dauza Chary, the Nemoidian rookie center half forward. She had looked solid all day; no doubt the reviewers back at home were already drawing favorable comparisons to Lokesh Fil’ish, a high honor for any Senator player. Chary had been an effective field general all season long, and now she had a chance to make something happen. Riff Persnor, who had tied the game up earlier, came in to provide a target, but his defender, Leroy Brown, cut him off mid-stride, taking the Cathar out of the play. Dauza scanned the field, and found Max Qorbus alone in the back of the zone. The Nemoidian tossed the ball in a wide arc, hoping to get it to the Nautolan over the heads of the Storm defense.

    But the ball fell short of its intended target. It landed in the hands of Chalporrin, who tossed it ahead to Thalia. She then tossed it up into the offensive zone for the Storm, but the Senator defense was quick to close. Ortho Dyhon came up to make the play on Niast Nina’le, but the Bothan then passed to a wide-open Callie Webb, who had lost her defender when Myles Tormera lost his balance and fell to the turf.

    “Cycle! Cycle around!” Gark yelled at the field. Londy Whiste gave him an odd look, but knew that Gark had coaching on his mind even in retirement. He knew what to look for out there, and hoped that the Senators could follow suit.

    Webb, noting that nothing was happening in the middle of the zone, sent out a long kick that arced into the sky. Jayla could only watch as the ball sailed over the bar for a point. 30-29 Storm.

    “Dammit!” Gark groaned. He had seen this before; a late-second collapse that would cost the Senators the game.

    And it indeed proved to be the pivotal blow of a tight game. The Senators tried to rush the goal for one last play, but Max Qorbus was stuffed on a shot attempt, and a last-second kick by Demetra Silkins, who had registered herself a hat trick in this game from her “rover” spot, went wide left as time expired.

    “Close game,” Londy commented to Gark as the game was over and the Storm celebrated their win. But Gark didn’t respond; he was staring straight at Dauza, who was absolutely crushed by this turn of events. She had played such a strong game, but had lost it for her team with one stupid decision. Mychele Lysar, the former captain on Thyferra, tried to comfort the rookie, but it was obvious that Dauza still didn’t feel that she had done her job.

    Gark’s datapad bleeped, and he picked it up. The Thyferra game had just gone final as well . . . and the result had been less than stellar. Once again, they had lost by a ton, only putting up 4 points against 22. Gark sighed again; it was becoming painfully obvious that this year’s Force squad was going to be a scratch. Perhaps he had mined out every last bit of talent off that squad for this year, and what it would require if this kept up would be a purging of the system next season. Jed’s future with the organization would hang in the balance; maybe it was him, maybe it was the talent around him that needed to go. Either way, things were not looking so peachy down in the LFL.

    And what of the Senators? They had come so close to winning this game; Gark knew that they could easily be 3-0 on the season. What a story that would have been. A 3-0 squad in what would be branded a “rebuilding” year. But instead they were 1-2, in danger of falling behind the rest of the Solo Conference. The other teams would play later, or their games were already in progress, so there was no telling what would happen as the Senators licked their wounds and headed home for a game against Ylesia.

    As it would happen, the Lightning beat the crap out of Bakura later on in the day, setting themselves up nicely for the Galactic Cup rematch. But would it truly be a rematch, Gark wondered as he stared through the reports on the shuttle ride home. The Lightning not only had the momentum of winning their second game of the season, but they had torched the Miners on offense, putting up 26, and shut them down on defense, giving up only 9 points. The last team to do anything remotely like that had been the Senators, last season in the playoffs. But that had been a different Senators team. They no longer had their team Hall-of-Famers on the roster to turn to. Instead of what it had been in the Final last year, this time around it would be the overwhelming favorites in Ylesia going up against the scrappy, yet bitter, Senators squad that just couldn’t catch a break this season. How things had changed since that Final . . . but then again, the Senators wanted to bash in Ylesia’s skulls after losing in the Final. They had felt a terrible amount of disappointment after that loss, and that could only be remedied by winning this game. But what they would have to do would be to push those demons aside and do something no one had really managed to do against the Lightning ever since the end of the 273 regular season; score more than twelve points in a game. The Senators had the personnel to do it, but could they make it count when the time came?

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    Sep 3, 2012
    IC: Lucie Vigo

    Lucie wasn’t sure who had won the argument on the shuttle to Corellia. Coach Clara definitely thought she had control of the situation when the conversation had ended, but Lucie didn’t know how anyone could believe Galaxy Defender. She also wondered what it would be like to visit the planet he was from. She sincerely hoped not everyone from Corellia had an ego like that.

    Lucie was considering again the possibility of getting some rest when Ty Allin took the seat next to hers. “Don’t worry” he said as if reading her mind. “We aren’t all like that, you know” he said motioning to where Galaxy Defender had just spread himself out along a row of empty seats.

    “All of who?” Lucie asked curiously.

    “Limmie players, Corellians” Ty said with a shrug,” whichever group you were thinking Mr. Unanimous over there represents.”

    “Oh, that’s a relief on both fronts.” Lucie said giving Ty a smile.

    “Great.” Ty said returning the smile. “Then perhaps you’ll join me for dinner tonight. This is my home planet too, you know, and that means I know the perfect place to take you.”

    Lucie didn’t know what to say. In all her years dancing for the Starkillers no player had asked her to dinner. More than a few had flirted, but she had always given them the cold shoulder before they had the chance to ask her out. And there was no denying Ty was cute:


    “All right” Lucie said with a shrug. Perhaps the distraction from her problems at home would be just what she needed.

    As soon as the shuttle landed and Lucie made sure all the dancers had their room assignments she quickly found a shop to purchase an outfit suitable for going out. For once she was thankful to be short on time. She purchased the first decent looking outfit that fit and rushed back to her own room to get ready.

    That room, of course, was occupied by three other dancers. All of whom wanted to know who Lucie was going to see, all dressed up as she was. The best she could do to ward off their questions was let them know that when and if the time was right she would tell them. They weren’t happy, but her squad respected her and they didn’t press the matter.

    Lucie made her way out of the hotel and two blocks away to where she had agreed to meet Ty. Hopefully they were far enough away not to be noticed by anyone else from the Starkillers organization. Ty had an air taxi waiting and a box of chocolates for Lucie that he said was from the best chocolatier on the planet. At first she was happy to see it was a small box. Then suddenly she was reminded of her sister and wondered how she was supposed to help when she herself was always avoiding half the foods everyone else in the galaxy ate without a second thought.

    “Is something wrong?” Ty asked nervously once they were on the way to their destination.

    “No” Lucie reassured. “So where are we going” she asked.

    “A little place just outside my hometown, everything they serve is local. I know you are going to like it.” He was smiling warmly again and Lucie couldn’t help but smile herself.

    The restaurant was packed, but Ty had made arrangements for a table in a secluded corner to be reserved. Just after their drinks arrived Lucie heard her data pad buzz from insider her handbag. She hoped whoever was calling would leave a message. She wasn’t about to pick up a call right now. Besides she was beginning to have a good time, their appetizer arrived a moment later and was full of fresh vegetables rolls. “This is delicious” Lucie said aloud.

    “It’s alright” Ty conceded, “but for dinner I’ll be having some real food. I have a Limmie game to play tomorrow and I need more than just plants to fill me up.”

    Lucie laughed. When dinner arrived she tried not to be surprised that Ty had two full entrees placed in front of him. Ty didn’t speak about Limmie though, instead he told her about Corellia and what it had been like growing up here. Much like Lucie he had gone to an exclusive private school, but he had gone mostly on athletic scholarships, not because his family could afford it.

    Lucie had such a great time with Ty that she didn’t hear her data pad buzz again until the air taxi ride back to the hotel. She chose again to ignore it and took in the sights outside her window. Ty had the driver drop them off several blocks from the hotel. They shared a romantic walk back and passionate kiss before saying goodnight. Lucie went back to her room and directly to sleep, forgetting to check her data pad for those possible messages.

    The game against the Rebels was a pleasurable one to cheer for. The dance squad was well received by the Corellian fans and the Starkillers took an early lead that never faltered. Loren and Marmu were fantastic on offense and received plenty of assists from Ye’ves’toung and Hovechar who looked like they had been playing together for several seasons, not just several games.

    Of course Lucie spent most of the game with both eyes on Ty Allin. She wondered how he put up with Galaxy Defender taking all the credit for the team’s success at defense. Ty kept several shots from even making it to the goal. She hoped she’d get to see him again soon so they could discuss his tolerance and so she could compliment his game.

    Immediately after the game the Starkillers and the dance team filed onto the shuttle for the trip back to Ralltiir. Lucie noticed an incoming message on her data pad from Ty as soon as they took off. He was asking her on another date. She enthusiastically replied in the affirmative.

    Then she realized she had four other messages from the previous night. The first three were from Richard. They got increasingly more urgent. The first was just asking her to call him back, by the third message he sounded frantic and said he needed her advice. The fourth and final message from her father explained that Justyne had run off. He apologized for asking for Lucie’s assistance but asked that she please come by the house as soon as she returned to Ralltiir.

    Lucie immediately dialed her father. There wasn’t anything she could do on the shuttle, but maybe if she had some more information she could help. Or at least be of more help when she did arrive at the house. Her father explained that he didn’t believe Justyne had left with plans the way Lucie had. He believed she ran off after discovering that Richard was spying on her. Her father pleaded with her to come help them find Justyne not for his sake but for her sake and for Richard who was beating himself up over the way things had turned out so far.

    Lucie promised she would be at the house as soon as possible. She told her father to have Richard and Bat make a list of all Justyne’s friends from school. Most likely she reasoned she had gone to stay with one of them. At least she hoped.

    Her head was so full of concern that Lucie almost completely missed out on the HSN post-game interview with Galaxy Defender. But his final comment when asked if he was worried about facing the Mercs next week after they had beaten the undefeated Buccaneers of Hapes earlier today was impossible to miss. “You must be joking!” Galaxy Defender answered the reporter “Afraid of a team that just barely beat a bunch of girls? Obviously we can handle the Mercs.”

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  20. Tim Battershell

    Tim Battershell Jedi Master star 5

    Sep 3, 2012
    IC: Tim Dodd - Owner's Box, Memorial Stadium, Agamar.

    It had been something of a surprise to see the Packers march out behind the Colour-bearer in their Away-game outerwear to line up for the Anthems, but a relief to see that they were wearing their Home uniforms underneath (he later learned that the matching outerwear had been found to have had a close encounter with some reddish liquid, thought to be wine, on its way back from the cleaners - something not apparent until the Binka-withy hamper had been opened that morning). Still, the Black and Light Grey looked better than the Home Outerwear (in his opinion) would have done when set against the Monarchs' Blue and Silver; more businesslike, somehow.

    He had also been surprised to learn, only that morning, that "Star of Agamar" had not been the original title of the Packers' Anthem. It had once been "Requiem for Tondatha"; the name having been changed just after the neo-Sith war in honour and memory of all Agamarians who had fallen in the Galaxy's conflicts, large or small.

    When the match started, the ball went end to end for what seemed an eternity, but could have only been a few minutes; before the Packers seemed to get the measure of the (much more experienced) Monarchs and began to establish a slight superiority in positional play, particularly in respect of the Packers' Half Forwards. Then the bombardment began!

    Asyr had been drilling the Packers Midfielders and Half Forwards in the 'bounce-kicking' technique (the ball being kicked an instant after it rose after bouncing) which made for both horizontal distance and height. The instant either of the two Flank Half Forwards (Miles Abrams having been detached to prowl closer to the Monarchs' Goal and use his own height to best advantage) or the Noghri received the ball and were able to shake off their markers, they would 'bounce-kick' it at the Monarchs' Goal. The Noghri were proving very good at this, virtually as accurate with cleat and bolo-ball as they were with hand and throwing-knife!

    It wasn't long before the first 'bounce-kick' went over the bar and between the uprights for a Point and these were scored steadily thereafter; either directly, by accidental rebound off a player, by Jiva's head or hands and even (once) after taking a high bounce forward off the ground. The first actual Goal coming after three Points were on the Packers' side of the board; the ball having rebounded back to Miles Abrams (Tim couldn't see for certain, but he thought it was off a Monarchs' defender in the goalmouth) for Miles to lay off an along-the-ground pass to Stont who slammed it home into the near-corner of the net. After four more single-Point scores, Jiva got her head into contact with a ball that was still on its way down and deflected it into the net for the second Goal. Luckily, Thakwaash had strong skulls, because balls coming in from that sort of height carried a lot of momentum and hurt if and when they hit you!

    Another three over-the-bar Points were scored before the third Goal. This time it was Spreedo that crossed to Miles, who hit a hard, one-touch volley. Initially, to his and everyone else's eyes it was a repeat of his crossbar rattling shot in the first game, but then it was seen to strike the lower part of the crossbar and ricochet forward and down; across the goal-line. At this the crowd erupted with an impromptu chant, repeated several times, of 'Bar-Man', quickly followed by three quick hand-claps. Tim had had no idea that the nickname had leaked out of the team structure, or how it had, but he was relieved to see Miles flash a broad, if somewhat wry, smile and wave to the crowd after a second or two.

    Just on the Half-time whistle the Packers scored their final Point of the half; bringing their tally to twenty Points. The Monarchs hadn't been idle at the other end either, but despite their best efforts had only tallied sixteen Points. Several times Tim had seen Hohass Vesh having to really stretch his long arms to keep a shot out, and he could have sworn that Barabel tails had come into action too!

    Now Tim finally had a chance to mention Vima Moondancer's observation to Oleg and Georg, the latter confirming that he had noticed those things himself. Tim left them to talk it over while he visited the attached Refresher facilities to splash some cold water on his face, leaving the door slightly ajar so he could be called to easily, if needed; 'The Dream', when it came, always left him unable to go back to sleep and on this occasion had woken him up a mere three hours after retiring. The Box being a little warm tonight, he felt he was in danger of nodding off!

    Tim had just extinguished the light and was about to emerge when the outer door of the Box opened. A Blaster-Carbine entered, towing something that he instantly classified as 'Thug, hired' which accused Oleg of "sticking his nose in where it wasn't wanted"; words that were actually punctuated with several vile profanities. One thing Tim was sure of, though, was that it wasn't an Agamarian accent.

    Not knowing if Oleg was armed, and being certain that Georg wasn't, Tim quickly twisted his Walking Cane's handle's end cap clockwise. The Walking Cane's decoration, he'd been told, depicted an actual event from right at the start of the Clone Wars, an animal (a Nexu) climbing a pillar to attack a captive. The Nexu was shown right at the top of its climb, and the sculpted head actually lay just below where Tim's hand usually gripped the handle. His action of rotating the end-cap caused the animal's eyes (all four of them) to glow bright red for a second, indicating that the device was now on-line.

    So not to startle the gunman too much, Tim unnecessarily cycled the, unused, 'fresher unit and banged about a bit with the Cane, as if having difficulty extracting himself. When he presented himself at the door he was leaning much more heavily than normal (even when his knee was actually acting up) on it, the better to appear non-threatening. Evidently the ploy worked, as the gunman barely seemed to give him a glance, coarsely telling him to go and stand by the others.

    Knowing he'd only get the one chance, Tim eyed up distances and angles more carefully than he had any incoming Hurl or Grabber position, deliberately making heavy weather of the act of walking to buy a little extra time and emphasise his disabled (in the Thug's mind) status.

    At just beyond range, the Thug said, tauntingly; "Thinking of bashing me over the head with that, are you? A heavy stick is no match for a good Blaster in the hand ****!". Tim replied, taking the one extra forward pace he needed; "Not over the head, no; and this thing is metal not a stick! By the way, I didn't hear you knock, do you have an invitation or are your manners on a par with your appearance - Sleemo?". As Tim said this, he shifted his weight onto his slightly advanced left leg, and adjusted his grip on the Cane's handle a little, so his thumb now laid alongside the Nexu head. Right now, he wished he knew some Mandalorian, it was supposed to be a fine language to insult people in; capable of including more barbs per phrase than any other!

    Still, weak insult or not, the gunman did react, twitching the muzzle of his Blaster in Tim's direction before remembering there were two other, probably bigger, threats in the room; but just for an instant, it wasn't pointed at anyone at all. Then things, certainly in terms of sound, happened fast, as Tim flicked the tip of the 'Walking Cane' upwards and thumbed-down on the Nexu head!

    A 'Snnap-hiss'; a loud, buzzing, thrum; an anguished screech; a clattering thud and a steady humming drone, partly obscuring a pair of extremely startled exclamations, all happened within the space of about one and a half seconds!

    The 'Snnap-hiss', thrum and drone had all come from the metre-plus, golden-yellow lightblade that had erupted from the tip of Tim's 'Walking Cane', turning most of the non-skid ferule into plasma as it emerged. The 'anguished screech' had come from the Thug's throat when the blade had bitten home, and he was now staring, in shock, horror and disbelief, at the result; both his arms much shortened and terminating in smoking, steaming, stumps! The 'clattering thud' had, of course, come from the Blaster-Carbine which was now lying at the erstwhile gunman's feet, still gripped by his, freshly amputated, hands; and Oleg and Georg (neither of whom had known that the 'Walking Cane' could do that were responsible for the exclamations! As for Tim, he felt physically sick, which the odour of seared meat wasn't helping with at all, now that the adrenaline rush had ceased. It was the first time he had ever injured someone on purpose, and he knew full well that Lightsaber-amputated limbs could not be re-attached even by the most painstaking nano-surgery; he was also starting to shake as reaction set in. While he still could, he thumbed the Nexu head twice in rapid succession to deactivate the blade and twisted the end cap counter-clockwise (causing the Nexu's eyes to glow green in confirmation of 'safety-on' status).

    Oleg was quick off the mark, bringing out his comlink and issuing a string of orders, while Georg carefully made his way to the room's environmental control unit and keyed the air-exchanger onto maximum to remove both the seared-flesh smell and any odour from the suspicious, looking and spreading, wet patch that had become visible on the gunman's pants. He later told Tim that he had decided to abandon a career in ASF for one in Limmie after his first "Introductory Crime Scene" experience at the Academy, one in which the Instructor had spattered body-fluids (Mugruebe, not Sentient) about with a little too much enthusiasm; so he had an inkling of what Tim was going through!

    Then the Techs and Duty Investigators arrived and went about their business. Tim's statement was taken by a full Inspector, who actually seemed more interested in his Datapad, frequently consulting it and only asking a few cursory questions of his own. The reason, as he revealed, before telling Tim he was free to go, was that the callout had interrupted his enjoyment of the very exciting game going on out on the pitch! Tim was too drained to even go to the window to look at the scoreboard, and it was only when he was on his way home (via ASF Cruiser) that he heard that the Packers had won their first Elite League Game, thirty Points (Monarchs) to thirty-six (Packers)!

    The celebrations and fireworks went on virtually until dawn!

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  21. Jedi Gunny

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    May 20, 2008
    IC: Jed Ortmeyer

    This had been another spectacular game, hadn’t it, Jed thought to himself. His Thyferra Force had just dropped their second game of the season, this time on the road against the Druckenwell Marksmen 22-4. Words didn’t begin to describe the crappy season they were having so far. Jed didn’t even speak to his team after the game was over because he was so fed up with their terrible play. Where the momentum from training camp was, he couldn’t find it. This was as bad a team as he had ever seen, and that was saying something given his many years of pro experience.

    The offense was nonexistent. They had put up only four points in this game, a Malida Worody goal, her first score of the season and of her career, and a bar point late. But they had somehow managed to score only 7 points in a total of 96 minutes of playing time. The Marksmen had over seven points by halftime in their game, a duration of 24 minutes. What in the hell was going on with this offensive unit? Leading scorer from last season Maff Biskis had been called up, as had longtime captain Mychele Lysar, but could that have made such a dramatic difference? Jed trusted his veteran forwards, Dypral and Paz in particular, to do better, but neither had scored all season, and looked lost. The rookies up front, Alex Renhorn and Worody, had scored the team’s goals, but one goal per game wasn’t enough to come close to victory. Something would have to be done to ignite a spark under the team, because after this abysmal offensive performance, Cam Veryist’s stay with Thyferra was starting to become more doubtful by the day.

    The defense was just as abysmal, or worse. They had given up 22 points in this one, pushing them to second-to-last in terms of points allowed on the season. Captain Rainy Frantsen, who had been a starter on the team for several years, wasn’t looking like she deserved the honor. Fellow veterans Abli Kotra, Wack Crollue, Villie Bywash, and Looke, a 269 Conference All-Star, weren’t doing much either, and this was cause for major concern for defensive coordinator Polix Ghan.

    The midfield and goalkeeper positions were also dreadful. Midfielders Lai Blutas and Sarya Dilvam sucked, and Tonga Rute was no solution. Perhaps trading Zak Pers away hadn’t been such a good idea after all, Jed thought. That move had helped the Senators, but had hurt the Force moving forwards. In goal, starter Jam Tarpals, who was supposed to be good coming out of college, was instead being burned to a crisp. Jed wasn’t sure if a player could suffer psychological damage by being toasted time and again in goal, but Tarpals certainly looked dazed during games as opposing offenses attacked him with vicious salvos.

    Jed, on the shuttle ride to their next destination, knew that it was time for a change. Tarpals was done as the starter for now; he didn’t trust Kurta Thaar, the Zabrak backup out of Verpine Tech, but he had no choice. Kurta would be the Week Three starter in between the pipes. In the middle of the field, Lai would be relegated to the bench, and Tonga would make a long-awaited start. Ganos Fama had tried his best out at corner back with the absence of Griff Hakuna, and would stay there. But Leah Nergbolt, picked a round before Fama in the 274 Draft, was going to be penciled into the starting lineup for Wack. Abli was also going to sit, to be replaced by Bac Longo. Vilnova Rickmond, a last-minute signing before camp, was going to be put on notice in case Rainy continued to struggle; Jed didn’t like to bench his captain, but if that’s what it took to get some fire going in her, then so be it. On offense, Paz and Dypral were to be benched in favor of other players. Lynn Stiles was going to start for the Rodian, and the Weequay would be replaced by Alex Renhorn as she shifted over. Renhorn had struggled, but at least she had leverage of having scored a goal this season. Almert Song, a Helmsman nominee from last season at Tiarest University of Bakura, would get his first pro start for Crell Van Derven, an ELL-experienced player who had struggled and lost his job when Kuat left the League years earlier and their losses were cut. This was going to be another setback for him, but for Song, it was a chance to make good on a promising senior season in college and translate that to the pro game.

    After making his changes, Jed picked up a beer and began to chug it. He needed to steel his nerves as the team nosedived in front of him. He had never been an alcoholic before, but two respectable losses would have been better than this mess.

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  22. Tim Battershell

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    Sep 3, 2012
    IC: Tim Dodd - Dodd Apartment, Calna Muun

    The following morning saw a very quiet Calna Muun. It seemed that the Agamarian Council had bowed to the inevitable, in the dark hours, and declared the day to be a Public Holiday; still, Tim had work (of a kind) to attend to.

    First stop (after watching his recording of the second-half, so he at least knew what had gone on in the game) was ASF HQ, in case he was needed for the Thug's arraignment. It turned out that he wasn't; like most Security Forces, ASF knew which Judges to approach for a favourable ruling and the Thug had been given 'Chemical Bliss' as a painkiller on arrival, which had made him extremely talkative, so much so that the Inspector thought he had now been wrung dry of any pertinent information (not that he, as a mere Blaster-for-Hire, had had all that much to begin with). So, the Thug was now 'Remanded in Carbonite' for the foreseeable future, and an information blackout, in the hope that the lack of news tempted the being responsible to start looking for his minion, had been put in place. Unless and until that happened, last night's events in the Memorial Stadium's Owner's Box simply hadn't occurred as far as Media and Public were concerned! The question of whether this 'did-not-happen' event tied into the Currs' activities or the drugging of the team, or both, was as much an unknown as everything else.

    Then it was time to visit the team, to congratulate and be congratulated. The team were enjoying a Rest Day (they'd earned it) but the never-ending cycle of preparation and pre-preparation was going on regardless. Bakura Miners, their hosts for the next match, looked to have been hit by a spell of bad luck (or a temporary loss of form); not that that really meant anything, as it could, and probably would, reverse itself rapidly; and were currently roughly nek-and-nek with the Packers. They also seemed to be having problems with their PR, if the broadcast scenes of their departure from Ylesia were any guide. A sad fact of modern life; Tim mused; if a crowd saw it, it was liable to end up on the Holonet, wishes of Governments etc. notwithstanding!

    Euceron Storm, hosting the Packers in two weeks time, were going to be a major test. Currently joint leaders (together with the already-played Starkillers) on results-to-date, they were the top team for Offensive scoring, although their Defense looked a little weaker - at least according to the Stats. It would be interesting to see how they did against the Chandrilla Patriots, in their next match.

    And then, the Mando'ade Mercs, at Home! Tim didn't envy the ASF for that one (provided they didn't pull a Rydonni Prime at the last moment), not with so many armoured one-being-armies likely to be wandering around!

    It was well post-midarc by the time he made his way to the (deserted) Packers' HQ intending to have a good look at the two competing designs for the new, TenGate-compatible, Stadium. The first of these had taken the seating along the long sides of the pitch, split it into sections and turned both to face more toward the centre, leaving wide central accessways. The other design relied on smooth, sweeping, concave curves at both sides to do more or less the same thing.

    He had, however, only got partway into his comparison when a courier arrived. Signing (in triplicate) and initialling (just once) allowed him to take a thin, square, envelope of the finest quality flimsi (heavier even than that used for Property Deeds) into his possession.
    It was addressed to him, so he opened it and read:

    Supreme Chancellor of the Republic Kerry Trieste cordially invites Mr. Tim Dodd and guest to join her next week in the Noble House box for the meeting of their respective teams at Bakura Gardens in the capital city of Salis D’aar, Bakura.
    Luncheon will be provided. Please inform the Republican embassy on Agamar of any dietary restrictions in advance.
    Please present this invitation at the east club entrance of Bakura Gardens for admittance.
    Kerry Trieste​

    Phew!!! Hand-signed by the Lady herself, and everything! 'Guest' would have to mean 'Oleg' - just in case the Supreme Chancellor wanted to be briefed-in on the minutiae of the drugging-investigation so far, still, he deserved some high-level recognition - the entire Sturm family did, for their generations of selfless service to the people of Agamar. Tim immediately Commed him and then listened, with some amusement, to the man trying to catch his breath after hearing that news!

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  23. Tim Battershell

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    Sep 3, 2012
    OOC/OOG: Sorry for the double-tap!

    IC: Tim Dodd - Dodd Apartment, Calna Muun

    Well, at last he was packed and ready. One wouldn't have thought that it would have been a problem for someone who's apartment was virtually bare - only a Tengate Club (so covered with signatures that there was barely a square centimetre of wood showing) on a horizontal stand - a retirement keepsake from the Players, Staff and Senior Supporters of his old TenGate team; the (stand-mounted) ball that he'd once broken eight opposing Clubber's Gates with in a very tense match; and his old, damaged, helmet which he kept as a reminder of what could have happened that day, the day 'The Dream' belonged to. Other than those, there were no ornaments of any kind.

    No, it was the samples of Agamarian produce that had been difficult to select since the GA&E had revealed that Bakura also grew a fruit (Namana), said to be addictive, that they turned into various types of liquor - one of them extremely potent! He wanted to see, if at all possible, what the Bakuran experts made of Binka Fruit and Binka Wine. His TenGate recordings were also packed, although his birthworld's technology didn't completely match that of the wider Galaxy, so the images were a little on the fuzzy side. Still, if anyone asked what TenGate was, he could at least show them.

    It was now the fullarc (day) after he had received the Supreme Chancellor's invitation and Oleg (and Georg, who was coming along too) had moved things into high gear. Both Tim and Georg were now, officially, ASF Director Sturm's bodyguards; and all three of them (Tim didn't want to know how Oleg had pulled that one off at short notice) would be travelling under Diplomatic IDs!

    Rather than take the Team Shuttle, Oleg had commandeered a much smaller VIP shuttle from ASF's pool of unmarked spacecraft. Georg (or Oleg himself) would pilot this - removing the need for an extra member of the party. Tim's role had been to see to the accommodation - a fairly easy task; he'd simply booked them into the best (judged as such on the basis of it being the most expensive) hotel in Salis D’aar, the Bakuran Capital.

    Georg picked Tim up from his apartment and drove him to ASF's section of the spaceport, where Oleg was already aboard the Shuttle (having left ASF HQ amid a covey of identical vehicles, just in case anyone was trying to track his movements). Departure was uneventful, as was the Hyperspace run to Bakura - uneventful but long, and this VIP Shuttle was definitely not as comfortable as the team's. Their Diplomatic IDs got them through 'Arrivals' with a minimum of hassle and they checked into the hotel for a few hours sleep in an attempt to synchronise with planetary time. What Tim had noticed so far was that the reported Bakuran habit of 'repulsorlift everything' was absolutely correct!

    A few hours later, the three of them left the hotel to explore Salis D’aar, starting with Bakura Gardens Limmie Stadium.

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  24. Trieste

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    Apr 10, 2010
    OOC note: Through discussion with Tim Battershell we have decided to move Oleg and Tim’s arrival at Bakura Gardens to the Packers/Miners game day. A few details about Oleg and Tim’s clothing have been

    Bakura Gardens, Salis D’aar, Bakura

    Though Tim and Oleg had arrived plenty early at “the Gardens” as it was colloquially referenced by the Miner fans, the stadium district was still relatively crowded. The Gardens did not possess a large amount of public parking, instead relying on the local monorail system that served Salis D’aar and private air taxi traffic. The blocks around the stadium were largely populated with restaurants and pubs that plied a healthy trade on a Miners game day. Miner banners or Bakuran flags, a dark blue field with a circle of 32 gold yellow stars on it, flew in front of most establishments. The major public entrances to the Gardens were fronted by plazas and large vidscreens displayed images of Miner players that rotated in and out. Occasionally the words, “MINERS LIMMIE: ALIVE, ALIVE-OH” would appear next to the image of a player performing some feat of athletic excellence.

    In presenting the Chancellor’s invitation at the east club entrance, the pair were brought inside a small but well-appointed lobby. They were immediately greeted by a man dressed professionally in the dark blue and gold colors of the Miners. It was likely that the Packers’ crest embroidered on the breast pocket Tim’s jacket helped to confirm that this was the Chancellor’s guest.

    “Mr. Dodd, welcome to Bakura Gardens. The Chancellor told us to expect you,” the man said. He was introduced to Oleg, who was in full dress uniform. “Welcome, Director Sturm. Please, this way.” He showed them into one of the lifts in the private lobby for those who had access to the Gardens’ club level, which housed the ring of private boxes that were purchased by corporations or some private families. The steward mentioned that as Bakura Gardens was owned by the County of Salis D’aar, one of the boxes was perpetually reserved for the Prime Minister of Bakura. “During Chancellor Trieste’s time as Prime Minister she was content to use the Noble House’s box, where we are headed. The Prime Minister’s box was put at the disposal of the Deputy Prime Minister, who presides over the Bakuran Senate. Just a little history for you.”

    A very little history indeed, for the lift was rather quick and they found themselves in the posh private concourse of the club level very shortly thereafter. The beings who were heading this way and that on the concourse were predominantly, but not exclusively human. One tall human male in particular breezed by them, seemingly not taking note of their presence. His sharp cheekbones might have been familiar.

    “General Manager Quinn Cundertol,” the steward said privately once the man had passed. It seemed unspoken that bothering the GM was probably not the best idea on a game day.

    Eventually they reached a box that was unmissable. Outside of it were posted Sentaorial Guard in full uniform and very clearly armed. “Guests of the Chancellor,” the steward said. Tim and Oleg were scanned for weapons and passed without a blink of the eye. One of them waved a pass in front of a small pad to the side of the door, which slid open. The steward gestured for the Agamarians to enter.

    “Ah, Mr. Dodd! So glad you could join us,” Kerry Trieste, Supreme Chancellor of the Republic said warmly as she crossed the well-appointed box to shake her fellow owner’s hand, “I’m very pleased that your inaugural season included a trip to Bakura. And welcome….” Kerry paused, unsure of who Oleg was. She allowed a droid to whisper discreetly in her ear. “Director Sturm, welcome,” she corrected herself, “So glad you could join us today.”

    “Introductions are in order. Don’t worry about keeping us straight—there are quite a few of us here in the Noble House,” Kerry said with a smile, “I’m sure you’ll keep up.

    [To keep everyone straight, there is this handy family tree.]

    “First, my son Declan,” Kerry said.

    “A pleasure, Mr. Dodd, Director Sturm,” Declan Trieste said, shaking Tim’s hand, “Welcome to Bakura.”

    “His…what term would you prefer, Declan?” Kerry said, pausing before introducing the next person.

    “Girlfriend is quite sufficient,” Declan said with a playful hint of a grin.

    “His girlfriend, Ayn Dormingale,” Kerry said, “Her grandmother and I worked very closely together here on Bakura and I was pleased when she succeeded me as Prime Minister upon my election to the Chancellery. Ayn has recently declared her candidacy for the Watercrest County Board of Supervisors, which is the regional governing body for each of the 32 counties that make up Bakura for your reference. In any event, Ayn may yet follow in the family business.”


    “We are early yet and you never count an election until the votes are in—and sometimes not even then,” Ayn said, “Very nice to meet you, Mr. Dodd, Director Sturm.”

    “My sister, Siona Lynd, former Minister of State here on Bakura and subsequently Republican Ambassador to Naboo in its RTO days,” Kerry said.

    “Charmed, Mr. Dodd and Director Sturm,” Siona replied.

    “Her husband, Dr. Dorian Lynd. Their children Ginnifer and Cillian. My sister, and Siona’s twin sister, Admiral Fiona Westenra, Superintendent of the Bakura Fleet Academy. Director Sturm, perhaps you heard of her work defeating the pirate Coronad Ysenn in 271?”

    “It was duty, nothing more. Good to meet you, Mr. Dodd, Director Sturm,” Fiona said. Like Oleg, she was wearing her dress uniform, the very deep blue of the Bakuran Defense Fleet.

    “My last sister, Justice Regan Eldred of the Bakuran Supreme Court,” Kerry said.

    “Welcome to Bakura, Mr. Dodd, Director Sturm,” Regan said, “I hope you scheduled some leisure time after coming all this way. It would be a shame to be in and out.”

    “Her husband Atticus, also of the bar,” Kerry introduced.

    “A pleasure, Mr. Dodd, Director Sturm,” the deep voiced lawyer intoned, “Our children Trixie and Quentin.”

    “Hi,” Trixie said dourly, sticking her hand out.

    “Don’t sulk in front of guests,” Regan said, flicking her daughter’s ear with one finger.

    “Mom!” Trixie cried indignantly, covering her ears reflexively.

    “Apologies, Mr. Dodd,” Regan said, “My daughter enjoys making trouble and requires correction from time to time.”

    Kerry continued with introductions. “My brother Ronan, CEO of Dawes Tomes Mousley Grubb Fidelity Fiduciary Bank.”

    “We just call it the Dawes and despite the grandiose name it’s a small local concern and less impressive than it sounds,” Ronan said, shaking Tim’s hand.

    “Anything after being CEO of Denon’s powerful Eden Banking Group would be less impressive,” Kerry said mischievously, “His wife Mandy. I’ve heard you’ve been sequestered from the galaxy at large for quite some time, so perhaps you missed her career as a performing artist as Mandy Syfred. I recommend starting with her seminal album Coming Up Roses.”

    “Please. It’s pop,” Mandy said dismissively, “and I won’t ever say it was high art. The artists I work with in the studio now are all much more talented than I ever was.”

    “Modest as always,” Ronan said, giving his wife a peck on the cheek.

    “Our children Antrose, Jane Serena, and Enoch,” Mandy introduced.

    “Finally, my brother Oisin. He has taken the most advantage of the family fortune by becoming a poet by trade. Though it’s quite good poetry, I think even he’ll admit it’s not quite good enough to earn a living on his own,” Kerry teased.

    “I scribble,” Oisin Trieste admitted, “Pleased to meet you, Mr. Dodd and Director Sturm.” He shook Tim’s hand. “My daughter May.” He presented a teenage girl whose face was crossed with several scars.

    “Nice to meet you,” May said, shaking Tim’s and Oleg’s hands.

    “And now the list of apologies from the missing members of the Noble House,” Kerry said, “My daughter Falene obviously has important matters to attend to at the moment. Siona and Dorian’s eldest daughter Vesper I believe you met obliquely last week when the Monarchs came to Agamar.”

    “For which we congratulate you quite heartily,” Ginny Lynd said smugly.

    “Do not revel in your sister’s misfortune,” Siona said sharply, “We are Monarchs fans when they do not play the Miners.”

    “Oh I’m a very big Monarchs fan. I mean, now that I’ve been properly introduced to the K’ntarrs…” Ginny said cryptically.

    “My sister in-law Nessa is with her children on Chandrila at Stoney End,” Kerry continued.

    “Nessa is, for all her wonderful qualities, still a committed Patriot being a Chandrilan by birth, as was her mother Jedi Master Lexine Wydra before her,” Ronan explained, “She even served on the Patriots’ Board of Governors for a number of years. It’s too bad she’s raised her children in the Patriot tradition. They had such promise in them too…”

    “There’s Fiona’s daughter Sierra who is currently attending the Brentaal College of Commerce,” Kerry added.

    “Though more likely she’s with that Hapan prince of hers right now, probably at the Royal Limmie Grounds on Hapes,” the Admiral said, apparently not very pleased at the idea.

    “No, he’s not a prince unless his mother is Queen Mother. I think his mother would be a princess as the Queen Mother’s sister,” Siona corrected, utilizing her mental diplomatic encyclopedia. Fiona just rolled her eyes.

    “In any event…” Kerry said, getting things back on track, “Oisin’s wife Verity is, as usual, with the Smugglers today, despite the fact she recently sold the team to her sister in-law. Their son Austin is with her.”

    “Heretics,” Oisin said confidentially.

    Kerry looked up slightly and counted with her fingers. “Missing anyone…?” she mused.

    “Eleanor, unofficially,” May said.

    “Right. My niece, Queen Eleanor of Naboo. She’s rarely attends Miner games, unless it’s when they’re playing the Ducks,” Kerry explained. She took a deep breath. “Well, that’s everyone.”

    “Other than the cousins,” Regan said.

    “But the cousins don’t usually come,” Siona added.

    “Correct,” Kerry confirmed, “Now, with the formalities out of the way, a drink Mr. Dodd? I suspect after running the gauntlet of the Noble House you could use one and it’s one of the highest forms of hospitality we have on Bakura. We can accommodate many tastes.” Kerry herself received a tumbler of Bakuran whiskey. It was a well-known favorite of hers.

    Once Tim and Oleg had seen their thirst attended to, if they so desired, Kerry steered them towards the walls of the box. “Mr. Dodd, I understand you are relatively new to limmie. While the Packers have never played in Elite League Limmie until now, Agamar actually has a rich history of limmie and Bakura has been proud to be part of that. Director Sturm, forgive me if we travel ground you are well familiar with. For example…”

    She stopped in front of a team holo mounted on the wall. It was of a crowd of players in road whites all gathered around the silver chalice that was the Galactic Cup of Limmie. Everyone had a crown of small white flowers around their head. “These two players next to each other are Buttercup and Westley Roberts. They were Agamarians by birth and plucked from relative obscurity to become Miners. In fact, they were discovered while playing a friendly amateur game. Westley won the Ingbrand Award in his rookie year with the Miners as the league’s best rookie player. Buttercup was a defender, while Westley was up front and the two were magic together. Buttercup retired after this game in 252, my first year as Taoiseach and owner—”

    “Kerry, you’d best explain that. He’s new to Bakura,” Regan called from the other side of the box.

    “Silly me,” Kerry said, “Of course you are. Taoiseach is a local word. It is what we call the head of a House of Bakura, of which the Trieste family is one. We call ourselves the Noble House. It’s a tradition that started with our founder, Niall Trieste.”

    “It also annoys the hell out of the Houses of Captison and Thanas,” Fiona remarked with a smile, “which is reason enough for doing it.”

    “That is most certainly true,” Kerry admitted with a grin of her own, “Anyways, for most Houses it’s a ceremonial title given to the elder statesman of the family. We operate differently. The majority of the family’s property is held by the Noble House itself, not an individual. The Taoiseach controls all of it in total for the benefit of the family and the Taoiseach appoints his or her own replacement. But more to the point, I do not own the Miners. The Noble House of Trieste does and as Taoiseach I control that interest. Therefore, the Taoiseach of the Noble House always serves as the Chair of the Miners, unless the position otherwise delegated as is the Taoiseach’s right to do.

    “Anyways, this has nothing to do with the Roberts,” Kerry said waving her hand, “Buttercup retired after winning the Cup and Westley, who surprisingly won the Salbukk Award as the Elite League MVP in 252 as well as the Galactic Cup, went on to be captain of the Miners a few years later. They had style. If you said nothing else about them, it was that they had style.

    “And they were found and recruited by this woman,” Kerry said, pointing to a woman in the holo. She was not in a player’s uniform, but rather in regular professional attire. “Another Agamarian, perhaps the greatest Agamarian to ever play the game—Director Sturm, you are welcome to disagree. She is certainly a contender for the greatest Miner of all time.”

    “No wonder my ears were burning,” came a voice from the door of the box.

    “Ah! Mr. Tim Dodd, allow me to present Dana Roslyn, former captain of the Miners, as well as head coach and general manager. She is the only being to ever win three championships with the Miners as a player, head coach, and general manager, which makes her something of a planetary hero here,” Kerry said.

    “I wish the Chancellor exaggerated, but believe it or not most Bakurans have forgotten that I was born on Agamar,” Dana said, shaking Tim’s and Oleg’s hands, “And let me say, Mr. Dodd, I am so pleased that you have brought the Packers to the Elite League. They were always my team as a kid and they’ve always been in my heart, even as a Miner. After all, I never had to play them so there was no danger of a conflict of interest.” Roslyn gave Dodd a wink.

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  25. Tim Battershell

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    Sep 3, 2012
    IC: Tim Dodd - Noble House Box, Bakura Gardens Stadium, Salis D’aar

    "Madame Supreme Chancellor, Members of the Noble House, Ms. Dormingale, Ms. Roslyn; thank you for such a warm welcome! Yours is a very beautiful planet, but I had no idea that Bakura and Agamar had such close ties through Limmie! Having the opportunity to look around has also made me appreciate just how useful a monorail system like yours would be on Agamar, particularly for linking the Spaceport to the new Stadium.

    We were also very glad to hear that Queen Eleanor had been located and released. Please convey my, and the Packers', best wishes to her for a speedy recovery from what must have been a terrible ordeal. If our Tactical Assault Unit had had any indication at all that Her Majesty had been smuggled onto Agamar (our Local Watch were poking and prying their hearts out until her location was confirmed) they'd have hit the place hard immediately. TAU are highly effective (as several criminals have found out to their cost) and are also the most vicious Limmie players you'd hope the Miners never meet! If they hadn't toned down their play during our practice match so none of the Packers were at risk of injury, we'd have been blown away, not recorded a narrow win!

    Ms. Roslyn, I thought I was buying into the Premier League! I couldn't believe it when I heard the news such a short time after the papers had been signed; thought I was being pranked! Asyr Kre'fey certainly did sing your praises to me, but neglected to mention that Agamar was your birthworld!

    I hope you like what we'll be doing to the place, particularly the new multi-function Stadium; it'll be on an oval plan so spectators get the clearest possible view of the play no matter where they're seated. We'll have to fit particle shields, though, if my dream of introducing my own favourite sport of TenGate gets off the ground in the wider Galaxy! Big as the new Stadium will be, it's still going to be too small for safety! I've very good reason to know that TenGate balls are very hard, dense and move very fast, even out of a Hurler's hand; and that goes double when they come out of the 'heart' of a club!"

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