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Star Wars Elite League Limmie [A Sports-based RPG, New Players Welcome]

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Trieste, May 31, 2010.

  1. jcgoble3

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    Nov 7, 2010
    --Player Transaction Wire--
    Euceron Storm
    • Asyel Yan'ii (Bothan, Male, Full Forward, IR/recall) assigned to Commenor Gundarks for rehab
  2. Jedi Gunny

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    May 20, 2008
    Week Four Power Rankings

    1. Bakura Miners – Burying the Mercs on the road is quite the accomplishment. To do it in the face of a joint effort in a war, that takes even more guts. Then to hold the Mercs offense to 5 points? This defense may actually be for real, folks! The curse of crappy defense may be over. Key word being "maybe". [​IMG] 3

    2. Coruscant Senators – Beating an undefeated on the road is a good feeling, especially when it propels you to the top of the Power Rankings (or at least to 2nd place). The defense is starting to look like they know what they’re doing, and are playing out of their minds. We expect nothing less from a team coached in some part by the “Magic Bothan”, as some pundits say. Still a terrible nickname, though. Here’s looking at you, Galaxy Defender; someone else may have a crappier moniker than you do! [​IMG] 3

    3. Nar Shaddaa Smugglers – A lackluster win last week doesn’t exactly look great on the stat sheet, but a win is a win, no matter how you get it. This team seems primed to make a run. [​IMG] 3

    4. Corellia Rebels – Meh. That’s exactly what we expected to finally see from this team after three straight wins. However, they still showed that their defense is effective most of the time, so don’t count them out just yet. This defense looks legit so far. [​IMG] 2

    5. Ylesia Lightning – A home win over Hapes has the Lightning back in the thick of things going into conference play. Kasin Urdaaza showed us why we need to love her so much, sticking it to the C-Bucs offense and allowing only 5 points. Now, if only their defense could play like this every game . . . [​IMG] 5

    6. Hapes Consortium Buccaneers – A puzzling road loss to Ylesia really stings for the C-Bucs. They had a chance to go to 4-0, and then turned out a real stinker last week. Luckily for them they still have a solid team and should figure into the Solo Conference playoff picture. [​IMG] 5

    7. Chandrila Patriots – Winning on the road? Stopping Agamar on offense? Torching the Packers’ terrible defense for 23 points? Getting back into things with a win? Pats fans rejoice, because once again, your team actually is capable of all of the above. Now stop complaining when you lose a game, because no one else is listening. [​IMG] 2

    8. Mando’ade Mercs – Getting drilled by Bakura is the last thing the Mercs needed. When you get shut down by a defense that we don’t know is for real or not and a goalie who came from some unheard-of college, you know you’re in trouble. [​IMG] 5

    9. Ralltiir Starkillers – The Starkillers finally earned a victory, a complete floor-mopping of Euceron on the road. Dev Poletin looked outstanding in his first ever game in goal, although we’re not quite sure he would have done well had the Storm featured all of their best offensive players. Still, though, we may have seen the last of Galaxy Defender for quite some time. And all I can say to Mr. Poletin about that is “Thank You”. [​IMG] 2

    10. Agamar Packers – When a great offense goes sour, and you have a defense that can’t stop speeders from driving through the gaps in your defense, you don’t win games. Simple as that. It seems that opposing teams are finding it easy to adjust to the Pack attack (ha, bad pun!). Until they fix that, this team is likely headed to the mystical land of a top draft pick. [​IMG] 2

    11. Euceron Storm – Losing by 21 at home to a previously winless team is not how the Storm envisioned entering conference play. Once Yan’ii comes back, this offense will have another weapon . . . but until then they keep digging a hole that even last year’s MVP may not be able to bail them out of when he returns. [​IMG] 4

    12. Rydonni Prime Monarchs – Only good news here right now is that they kept Nar Shaddaa to only 10 points. Only problem is that they scored only 3. Way to support your defense when it works hard. Prepare to see wholesale changes made in the coming weeks. N/C

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    Apr 10, 2010
    IC: Falene Trieste
    Salis D’aar, Bakura

    A 3-1 team had never felt so bad upon returning home. A pall had fallen over the planet in the wake of the Miners making the news of Anton Jorpik’s death public. It was the top story on the BBC. Not BBC Sports—the main BBC. Overnight, the conversation about the war against the Ssi-Ruuk changed. A war that everyone thought was over was suddenly feeling very far from over. Cundertol had immediately taken the media heat for the team upon returning. If there was one thing that the Miners’ GM did well, it was get out there and take punches so his team didn’t have to.

    “We were proud of Anton when he left us to join the Marines,” Cundertol said in a widely replayed clip with the media, “and we are proud of Second Lieutenant Jorpik today.”

    The day after the team returned from Mandalore, Falene caught a piece by BBC reporter Erika O’Shane. Usually she was too busy reporting on who was or was not sleeping with her cousin Vesper, but her article took a much different turn.


    Three weeks ago, the Prime Minister declared that all major strategic objectives had been accomplished in our war against the Ssi-Ruuk. The celebrations that ensued were a welcome relief from the constant worry of war. The promises of “Home by Truce Day” seemed in sight.

    The death of one Marine has shattered the mirage that we built for ourselves.

    Second Lieutenant Anton Jorpik was killed in an explosion according to a press release issued by Marine Command, signed personally by General Borin Letch. Lt. Jorpik was overseeing routine transportation corridor sweeps when Ssi-Ruuk insurgents ambushed his squad. In the course of fighting, Lt. Jorpik threw himself on a grenade to shield his coworkers from the blast, thereby saving the lives of his comrades in arms. The Ssi-Ruuk were repulsed, but in the conflict the unit medic was unable to save Lt. Jorpik’s life.

    It is now a footnote that Anton Jorpik was once a member of the Bakura Miners, but that is precisely the reason that the planet cares so much about his death. He walked away from a career that was worth in the millions of credits. He walked away from the dream of children across this planet—to play Bak10 limmie and then be drafted by the team he had grown up watching.

    Anton Jorpik was motivated by more than his dreams. He was motivated by a love of planet and a sense of duty. In that he was like so many other Marines and Defense Fleet servicebeings. Lt. Jorpik would be the first to say that he was not special. Indeed, he was not. He was everything that Bakura asked him to be—and that is precisely why we mourn him.

    Marian Square has already issued statements in the wake of Lt. Jorpik’s death saying that the Prime Minister never declared an end to hostilities. While true, the Prime Minister certainly told the beings of Bakura in no uncertain terms that this war was all but over. Clearly, it is not. It is the public’s right to question precisely how long this commitment in Ssi-Ruuk territory will continue and how we will know when victory has been achieved.

    It is all too unfortunate that Lt. Jorpik is the reason that we ask these questions.

    Telaan Valley, Bakura

    Falene stood with the rest of the Miners as they watched his mother accept the carefully and precisely folded triangle of a Bakuran flag from the honor guard of Marines. It had previously laid atop his coffin—a very definitely closed coffin. Falene shuddered now thinking of what was inside of it. Pieces of a human that would never be whole in this plane again. It was not the way she wanted to remember Anton.

    Bakura was a naturally rainy planet, so the fact that it was lightly raining in the Valley was not surprising. Even so, it was still fitting. They all stood and watched as the coffin was silently lowered into the hole in the earth as a Priest of the Cosmic Balance went through the burial rites for one of the faithful.

    “Let the goodness of this being’s heart in this life be rewarded with equal reward in the world to come,” the priest said, “For as we have measured out so shall it be measured unto us.”

    When the coffin finally came to rest, they all filed by respectfully to throw some dirt into the grave as a sign of respect, but more importantly an acknowledgment of their own sadness, a sadness that was for them, not Anton. His suffering was done.

    Falene lightly tossed her handful of dirt into that dark, wet pit. As she watched the dirt hit the coffin, her chest felt like it got punched. Would she one day do this over her cousin Cillian’s coffin? It was a tough thought, but one that was suddenly real again, just when it had started to seem like something that would never happen.

    Falene was the last of the team to perform this recognition of Anton’s life and death. Behind her, the Chancellor knelt to grab some dirt to do the same. Declan and Ayn followed suit.

    The Prime Minister was noticeably absent. It seemed he was afraid to seen with a coffin related to the war he had championed.

    Salis D’aar, Bakura

    “…and in other news, Chancellor Trieste continues to issue no comment regarding her discussions with Manda’lor Beskaryc Taab that took place at last week’s Cross Galaxy Clash,” the BBC reported in the background of Falene’s apartment. She was barely listening to it as she looked out at the night skyline of the city. She was indulging in a drink. It was that kind of a night. It was the kind of a night where you didn’t know what you could believe in anymore.

    “The Chancellor, who is currently at her Salis D’aar residence in advance of the Miners-Buccaneers game at Bakura Gardens only had this to say during a brief meeting with reporters.”

    Kerry came on the vidscreen. “The Manda’lor and I discussed issues of mutual interest, not just to us but to the Republic and Mandalore. I think he’s shed a lot of light on issues that the galaxy is facing. It was certainly new information for me.”

    “Chancellor,” a reporter started, “What about Taab’s suspension before the League?”

    “We discussed that too,” Kerry said, “That’s all I have to say about that.”

    Falene knew that tone in her mother’s voice. She had a secret. “And nobody keeps a secret like you Mom,” Falene muttered. She turned off the vidscreen. She didn’t want to deal with any of it right now. She just wanted to feel sorry for herself and Anton’s family and her teammates and the galaxy.

    If this was the price to be 3-1…maybe Falene should get herself traded to Rydonni Prime.

    Bakura Gardens
    Game Day

    “I’m not going to lie, we’ve been through the ringer,” Valerii told her team in the silence of the locker room. Usually there would be crackling energy in the room with the start of the game only a few minutes away. “Three weeks ago we thought the war was over. Two weeks ago we celebrated that. Last week…well, we know what the Mercs game was like. And now we all know where we are today.”

    Falene looked down at the dark blue carpet of the home locker room. It didn’t need saying, and yet it did. Anton Jorpik, a being she’d played with, a being she’d been friends with was dead.

    “We’re all feeling a lot right now,” Gaeriel continued, “I know I am. This is going to be a hard game. At the end of the day, don’t let anyone look at it and say it’s an excuse. Let them look at it and say that’s why they went out there and played their hearts out. That’s why they’re the Miners.

    “We know who we’re playing for today. Let’s do him proud. Final prep time.”

    The players paired off. “Nice and heavy,” Niskat said, bending a bit at the knees so Falene could reach her face easily. Falene opened the tin of eye black and with her thumb drew a long black smear across the top of each of Niskat’s cheeks. She handed the tin over to allow Niskat to do the same to her. Falene didn’t wear eye black at most games, only the sunniest ones. Today was projected to be an overcast day at the Gardens, but the entire team had decided to do so. It was one of their ways of mourning the passing of their teammate.

    The Miners left the locker room for the second straight week in stately procession. Bakura Gardens, usually so energetic at the start of the game, was much different now. The loss of one of the players they had cheered for not even a year ago weighed heavily on them, but as the Miners entered wearing black armbands, the crowd still cheered. It was a different sort of cheer than Falene had ever heard playing limmie. It was not a cheer that urged them to victory, it was a cheer of thanks, that they should honor the memory of one who had given all.

    Before taking their positions for the anthems, the Miners all went to the goal that Jorpik had defended for the last three years. “Gentlebeings, please direct your attention to the Miners’ goal. Last week, Second Lieutenant Anton Jorpik was killed in an explosion in an act of heroism by which he saved the lives of his unit. Lieutenant Jorpik played for three seasons as the Miners’ starting goalkeeper. Today the Miners dedicate this game to his memory and to all of the brave beings who are currently serving in the Marines and the Defense Fleet.”

    Comstock came forward from the team and walked into the net. In the silence of the Gardens she mounted a step stool and tied a dark blue home Miners jersey to the back of the net. Facing out towards the field was the jersey’s back which read: JORPIK 59. Comstock returned to the team, brushing tears out of her eyes. The crowd applauded and cheered heartily for this remembrance of a fallen hero.

    Today was a day that Bakura could use a win. Today Falene was going to give it everything—not because winning was going to put the Miners a critical step forward in the hunt for the playoffs, but because this had to mean something. This all had to be worth something in the face of chaos and nothingness. Something. Anything.

    Falene was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to lose herself in the game today. And even if she could, she was afraid that she’d still see that empty locker and remember everything she wanted to forget.

    TAG: CPL_Macja for Rydonni Prime, Erika O'Shane, and Vesper references, Bardan_Jusik for Taab and war references
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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    What We Learned: Week 4

    Non-conference play is complete, which means that everything we’ve learned up to this point is pretty much unimportant. Even the worst team could win five straight to the end of the season and still make the playoffs given the fact that conference record is the first tiebreaker. So yeah, that means you probably wasted your time reading our last three columns. But trust us—this one is super important!

    Agamar Packers: They say that it takes three years for a system to take hold on a limmie team. So good news Packer fans: you can still wait a season and a half before panicking that the Bombardment Offense and Charging Bantha isn’t working!

    Bakura Miners: The Miners Rookie Non-Conference Hit Parade continues as Jolla Pic looked like a natural with Glencross this last week, proving why Cundertol went for her and not a top flight goalkeeper with his first round pick. Given his play on Agamar, did we have it wrong? We all assumed that Glencross’s rookie year struggles were because she didn’t have North. Now it’s looking like Glencross makes anyone she plays with amazing. That’s a scary thought. Mainly because then we’d have to admit that Alana is actually a good player.

    Chandrila Patriots: Rejoice Patriot Nation! After one victory against a Packers team that had zero idea what to expect when it came to actually playing one of the galaxy’s great franchises, clearly all of Reina Kether’s problems are fixed and it’s all unicorns and rainbows. They might as well start engraving the Galactic Cup for the parade through Hanna City right now. Not like they actually have to play their entire conference or anything.

    Corellia Rebels: Thank you Gark S’rily. Now we can stop pretending like we care about Rebels limmie since they’ve lost a game. Imagine what would have happened if these guys kept winning. We might actually have started watching their games and realized they’re a good team. Phew. Close one guys.

    Coruscant Senators: 6 points against a 3-0 Rebels team. 12 points a Packers team that had scored 29 points in two straight weeks. 12 points against a Ylesia team that beat them in the Cup Final two years ago. Yeah, we’d say Gark has fixed the Senator defense since that first outing.

    Euceron Storm: Somewhere Asyell Yan’ii is cursing the Force. He would have whipped Poletin to shreds in his first outing, we guarantee it. Opportunity of a lifetime gone. Upside? Yan’ii is probably making a deal with a Sith alchemist to get healthy again, so you got that going for you Storm fans.

    Hapes Consortium Buccaneers: An amazing C-Buc team collapses on the verge of Solo Conference play? We’re shocked. How is this going to end? The suspense is killing us.

    Mando’ade Mercs: There are swirling rumors that the Mercs are looking to move some merchandise. We’re guessing that swirl is becoming a Kamino-style hurricane after they got walloped by the Miners. But don’t worry Merc fans! The Manda’lor is totally in control of this situation. I mean, it only takes personal promises by the Chancellor to allow him to watch a game in his own stadium. Last time we checked a dictionary (and we didn’t) that’s the definition of being in control of a situation.

    Nar Shaddaa Smugglers: Konrad Dvorak is the greatest defensive coordinator in the game. Hands down. It’s not every day that you hold a team to no goals…what? It was against the Monarchs? Konrad, you suck.

    Ralltiir Starkillers: So the answer to Galaxy Defender’s struggles is to put Dev Poletin in goal with zero experience? And Poletin won? THE GALAXY IS A BEAUTIFUL AND WONDER-FILLED PLACE!

    Rydonni Prime Monarchs: Monarch positive #3: Clair Oswin only gave up 10 points. On any other team that’d be absolutely fantastic. So at least she’s got great trade value.

    Ylesia Lightning: This what we love about Kasin. She shows up for the big games. 3-0 C-Bucs? Please. Do you know what Kasin Urdaaza does to you delusions of grandeur? She stomps them into little pieces with her cleats as she doesn’t allow you to score a goal, pretty Hapan ladies.

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    Dec 14, 2009
    IC: Jacen Hunter
    Midfield, Meshla Vhetin, Mandalore

    As he held the beautiful redhead's hand out on the field Jacen couldn't believe the sequence of events that had led him here, on the an actual limmie field before an actual limmie game alongside an actual limmie player. His father had told him just days ago how executives at MandalMotors had used a random number generator to select several employees whose children would be on the field for the introductions of the Cross-Galaxy Clash. Jacen's Dad had earned a "bouns roll" for successfully completing his current project. He had been sure that the added opportunity had been instrumental in Jacen being picked for this honor. Noe he glanced up at "his player", trying to get a look at her eyes, but she was too busy looking at the head of the Galactic Republic who was only meters away.

    The Chancellor stood there, the Mand'alor at her side. He was being quiet, letting the female Mandalorian in black do all the talking for him, and Jacen found himself staring at the pair of blaster pistols the mand'alor proudly wore. He must have somehow known he was being watched because Jacen soon found the T-Visor looking straight at him, observing him back. Jacen shuddered and quickly looked away.

    He saw there were lines of Mandalorian soldiers and Bakuran Marines lined up along the sidelines. One of the Mandalorians removed her helmet to reveal a familiar looking face. She turned to stare down the Bakuran player that Jacen was escorting out onto the field before giving her a wink. Jacen finally recongnized her, it was the infamous former player Ryi Kor'le. She had come back from the dead to lead the team that had captured the Ssi-Ruuk leader. The riches and fame bestowed on her for that would ensure she would never have to work again if she so desired.

    Presentations were then made of some rather large checks to groups that Jacen had never heard of before. It seemed a lot of fanfare for just a game, but as his father had told him this was no mere game. These two teams had once been fierce rivals, one whose players hated each other with a passion. But things were different now. Now the two worlds were united in the Coalition War against the Ssi-Ruuk. Now the fans of each world had spilled blood with one another against a common foe, making it more difficult to get the blood boiling for what amounted to a mere game. "Of course," his father had gone on, "it helps that they aren't in the same conference anymore either."

    With the pre-game festivities over, Jacen made ready to leave "his" player out on the field and get back to his seat. Before he could though she knelt to kiss him on the cheek and Jacen felt his heart race. This was the most exciting thing to happen to him yet on this glorious day. He didn't care what his friends back home had said about girls having kooties, he was in love with this Alana Glencross, and he knew he would be forever.

    Forever didn't last long though as the game was underway. The fiery redhead's presence was immediately felt on the pitch as the Mercs did their best to shy away from her side of the field. Mor'kesh played her about even, but even wasn't going to be good enough with the way Darkrider was getting schooled. Daryc too was being kept in check, scoring only a single point throughout the match. Only Arock, the rookie corner forward seemed to be playing well, scoring 4 of the Merc's 5 points. Worst of all though was the play of Fortune.

    With Daryc blanketed, it was up to Jacen's favorite player to make sure the offense stayed on track. It was a task he was failing miserably at. Not only was he having trouble with his own defender, but on the few breakaways he did manage he shot the ball wide of the mark. Frustrated by his lack of scoring he then started to try to pass the ball off on subsequent possessions, only to stare down his intended receivers and have the ball intercepted. It was an atrocious performance for him, and one that couldn't be attributed to stellar play of the Miner's defense. Fortune simply didn't have it this match.

    Apparently the head coach agreed, as with eight minutes left in the match he benched the star forward and brought in Naughten, one of the Shistavanen, to replace him. The game of course was too far out of reach by then and the Mercs had gone down to an embarrassing defeat. It made for a rather sullen and quiet trip home.

    [hr] [/hr]

    Hunter family household, outskirts of Keldabe, Mandalore
    later that week

    "...Going to go with the rebels here too and I don't think it will be all that close. This is a Mercs team on the downswing. Their management is in disarray, their players haven't gelled and the fans themselves are distracted by outside events. Rebels win big."

    "Kriff" Jacen muttered under his breath as he turned the holo-set off. He was glad his mother wasn't around to hear him use such language, but she was out at the market. His father of course was at work, which left Jacen all alone to do kind of whatever he wanted. He looked out the window, still cold and rainy, so no playing out in the yard today. He thought about turning the holo-set back on but didn't. Why bother? They were just going to bad mouth the Mercs some more.

    He wished he could watch local coverage of the team, they might be a bit more positive about things, but it was all in that strange gutteral language of theirs. Instead he was consigned to watch commentary on HSN. "Kriff, what did they know anyway." He turned the set back on.

    "...and we actually have breaking news from Meshla Vhetin. There are rumors that the Mercs have become dissatisfied with the play of star forward Andres Fortune and are willing to take offers on the 3rd year player. Fortune has been an instrumental part of their spread offense that has the team near the top of the league in points scored this season, so this is certainly a puzzling move. We go live now to Nichelle Richols on Mandalore..."

    The set went off again and the remote was thrown across the room as tears welled up in Jacen's eyes. They couldn't trade away his favorite player, they just couldn't......could they?

    TAG: No one.

    OOC: Many thanks to Trieste whose idea it was to have Jacen be the young boy escorting Glencross out onto the field.

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    Dec 14, 2009
    Mando'ade Mercs player transactions.

    Added to the trading block:

    • Full Forward: Andres Fortune (Human Male) Contract year: 276
    • Left Corner Forward: Rajah Rollko (Shistavanen Female) Contract year: 276
    • Right Corner Forward: Tsulkalu (Wookiee, Female) Contract year: 276
    • Left Corner Back: Gunman Forp (Ishi Tib, Male) Contract year: 276
  7. Trieste

    Trieste Force Ghost star 5

    Apr 10, 2010

    GM Post
    Elite League offices, Coruscant
    After Week 3 games

    “Good afternoon,” Esther Gondorf said to the media, “The Elite League has reviewed the footage of Game 15 between the Mando'ade Mercs and the Rydonni Prime Monarchs. At the three minute mark of the first half, Sugnok Umanh was ejected from the game after delivering a late hit to the member of the Mercs. After he was assigned a penalty for his actions, Mr. Umanh proceeded to dispute the call with game officials in language unbecoming of an Elite League player. As a result, Mr. Umanh was ejected from the game.

    “While normally the League would assign a standard fine for behavior of this kind, Mr. Umanh was fined after the first week of the season,” Gondorf said, “As a result, the Elite League has escalated the fine for Mr. Umanh to 200,000 credits. Further major violations of League rules will result in further supplementary discipline for Mr. Umanh, including potential suspensions.”

    After Week 4 games

    This time it was the Commissioner who held the press conference.

    “First things first, it is my pleasure to announce that the 120th Galactic Cup Final will be held on Nar Shaddaa at the new Six Boroughs Stadium,” Kayl'hen said, “Kaitlyn Vehn has built a beautiful stadium on the Vertical City and it's is the sort of venue that is deserving of hosting a Galactic Cup. The Elite League will be honored to hold the Galactic Cup Final here.

    “Now, moving onto an entirely different matter...” the Commissioner said, “During Game 22 between the Bakura Miners and the Mando'ade Mercs, Beskaryc Taab appeared on the field during pregame ceremonies. This was in direct violation of the suspension that the Elite League gave Manda'lor Taab after his actions in Game 11. This suspension was, for the purposes of Game 22, lifted at the request of Chancellor Trieste.

    “However--” here the Commissioner paused significantly, “--the terms of this agreement clearly stated that Manda'lor Taab's attendance at the game was acceptable to the League only if he were to confine himself to the owner's box, excepting during transit in and out of the stadium. As a result, the League finds that Taab attended the game in contradiction of the League's suspension and is therefore levying a 100,000 credit fine on Manda'lor Taab for his actions.”

    It wasn't a million credits like his last fine, but it wasn't chump change either.

    “The League would like to make it clear to the Mercs organization that further violations on the part of Manda'lor Taab could very well result in non-monetary penalties being taken against the Mercs that would directly impact their competitiveness in this or future seasons,” Kayl'hen said.

    “Oh, and there is one additional matter,” Kayl'hen said, raising a finger, “As part of the deal that the Elite League struck to enable Manda'lor Taab to attend Game 22, Chancellor Trieste guaranteed the Manda'lor's behavior. As a result, the League is also levying an additional 100,000 credit fine on the Chancellor as a result of the Manda’lor’s actions.”

    Now that was news. Someone being fined for something they hadn't actually done? And a sitting Supreme Chancellor at that? It was going to make for a great sports section headline. Heck, it would probably make for a good front page headline too.
    TAG: Bardan_Jusik CPL_Macja Vehn
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    Sep 14, 2009
    IC: Kaitlyn Vehn
    II Avali, Druckenwell

    Kaitlyn had sworn to herself she’d never return to Druckenwell. Not after what her cheating husband had done to her, not after the back-stabbing of the Board of Tribunes, not after nearly losing the most important thing in her life: her son.

    But she had to be here today in this conference room where she would finally have an end to this messy divorce, to that messy chapter of her life as leader of the RTO, to the life she had left behind before she had gone and re-invented herself on Nar Shaddaa. At least on the Vertical City people seemed to appreciate her. Didn’t judge her for what she had done or the family she came from. In her, at least, the people of the Smuggler’s Moon saw someone who cared, who transcended the socio-economic boundaries that so strictly defined life on other worlds. That was the Kaitlyn Vehn that Nar Shaddaa knew.

    “The mediation has begun. Mr. Liam Vehn, you have the floor,” the mediator announced.

    Kaitlyn’s mind wandered as Liam started off by saying how sorry he was for cheating on her, for failing as a husband, for failing as a father, for never taking his oaths and vows as seriously as he could have. This was old news to her. She knew that Liam had been trouble. Their marriage had been publicized as a grab for power by the influential Ypres family of Druckenwell. But damn, Kaitlyn admitted to herself, we had been so much more than two powerful families uniting for a common goal. I loved you, Liam. Damn it all to the Corellian hells, I loved you. How could you do this to me? To us? We had everything and you threw it all away.

    She thought of the first time she’d met Liam during a meeting of the Board of Tribunes. He had that winning smile, that charming personality, that clarity of vision and purpose that only someone from an educated and well bred background could belong. She liked the way he navigated the many personalities of the Board of Tribunes to get what he wanted. He had been a man of vision then. A man to carry on his father’s legacy, a man to take the RTO to unprecedented heights. All that had come crashing down like a house of cards. She’d lived that lie and looked like a fool along with everyone else.

    Not anymore.

    “We don’t have to do this, Kaitlyn,” Liam said.

    Kaitlyn returned to the present.

    “Yes we do, Liam,” Kaitlyn said finding her voice.

    “Why?” Liam said as his eyes watered.

    Nice, Liam, turn on the water works, play the victim card.

    “You want an explanation? Try this on for size. You killed innocent people on Naboo when you blew up the Privy Council to make sure that your niece would ascend to the throne. Then you go ahead and muck up the plans for a democratic transition for the RTO. And finally, most damning, most hurtful, you go and cheat on me. You want me back? Never going to happen. You’re so vain, Liam. It’s all about you. I’m done, moving past this, and I’m taking Jack with me,” Kaitlyn pressed.

    Liam’s mouth dropped open in shock.

    “Miss Vehn,” the mediator said, “that’s being a bit pretentious don’t you think?”

    “Screw you,” Kaitlyn roared, shoving back her chair and standing up. “Anybody with their head screwed on straight can see that my husband’s case barely has a leg to stand on. You can have the house, Liam. I’ll even be generous and let you keep most of your money save for my ticket back to Nar Shaddaa. All I want is our son. And don’t you fight me on this. You know as well as I do that you can never be the father to him that he needs. I want you out of his life you lying sack of—“

    “Miss Vehn!” The mediator cried out.

    Liam weakly raised his hand and took the anger right out of the room. Kaitlyn looked down at her husband and could see that she had him thoroughly pinned to the floor by the point of her heel.

    “Okay,” Liam weakly said.

    “What?” Kaitlyn said.

    “I agree. We get a divorce. I keep my money. And,” he paused as he briefly looked away at the Druckenwell cityscape far below, “you can have Jack. But I have one stipulation.”

    Kaitlyn’s face softened and she sat back down. “Shoot.”

    “I’d like to financially support him throughout his life. Please, don’t object. I’m a lousy father, you’re right. But it’s the very least I can do for him.”

    Kaitlyn closed her eyes and a single tear fell down her face. Despite what Liam had done to her, despite all her anger, despite all her mistrust, some small part of her still loved him, still ached for his touch, and still longed for his companionship. Here she was, about to leave the man whom she had loved for as long as she could remember, contemplating the killing blow. She knew she had a defeated man right in front of her. Did she go for the kill or be merciful?

    Mercy. Always mercy.

    “Agreed,” Kaitlyn said.

    “Then do we have a resolution?” The mediator asked.

    “We do,” Liam replied as the terms of their divorce were finalized and signed.

    Kaitlyn Vehn was a married woman no more.

    New Vertica, Nar Shaddaa Smugglers HQ, Nar Shaddaa

    Kaitlyn folded her arms across her chest as she wrapped up watching the latest press conference from the ELL Commissioner Niakara Kayl’hen.

    There was only one conclusion to be drawn from the latest presser: Elite League Limmie was out of control.

    First there had been her ridiculous suspension and subsequent fines for punching Reina Kether in the face after the Smugglers had soundly trounced their old rivals. Then there’d been this wholesale slaughter business with Taab, whom Kaitlyn personally loathed and found utterly detestable, but even she would admit that he’d been punished far more severely than was necessary. Now, the Chancellor of the Republic had just received a fine for bending the iron-fisted rule of the Commissioner of Elite League Limmie. That fine made Kaitlyn sick to her stomach.

    Wasn’t it a good gesture for Kerry Trieste to accompany a banned Taab onto the pitch? The Republic, and ELL as a smaller affiliate, was supposed to promote the overall message of goodwill, trust, and faith in fellow sentient beings even when one didn’t see eye to eye with them, right? According to Commissioner Niakara Kayl’hen, that sort of sportsmanship and cooperation was wrong. Kaitlyn felt that the league had gone downhill since Kayl’hen had started accumulating more and more power in recent years. There’d been an unprecedented amount of fines against players, an unpopular conference re-alignment, and a blatant disregard for the rights of owners of ELL franchises.

    Something had to give.

    A dawning realization came to Kaitlyn as she overlooked the bleak cityscape before her. Someone had to take the initiative here. Someone had to strike back against corruption and an abuse of power. Someone had to stand up for what was right. She might lose her recently won bid for the 275 Galactic Cup Final and that was fine with her. She might even lose her job. So be it. But today Kaitlyn could no longer stand by and idly watch as the Elite League destroyed itself from within. There had to be a repeal of the fines against the Chancellor, and yes, even Beskaryc Taab, even though it pained her to even think about considering mercy to the bucket-heads.

    Kaitlyn fired out a message to the owners calling for a Board of Governors meeting and asking the owners to consider one very important thing:

    Niakara Kaly’hen, for all that she had done for the league both to help and hinder, needed to be removed from office.

    Elite League Limmie had to be saved.

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  9. CPL_Macja

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    Nov 29, 2008
    IC: Vesper Lynd
    Six Boroughs Stadium, Vertical City, Nar Shaddaa
    Monarchs at Nar Shaddaa Smugglers, Week 4 ELL, 3-10

    It was official. The Rydonni Prime Monarchs were the worst team in the ELL. With Ralltiir’s easy victory over the Storm, the Monarchs were the only winless team in the league. For the second straight season the Skywalker Conference had completely shut them down. Later, while on the transport, Vesper would overhear Beks Vidda tell Dawn Solo-Undolo that they were 5 for 16 in non-conference play, which was the worst in all of the ELL.

    The match itself was the worst personal performance in Vesper’s entire career. It was the first time since playing Little League Limmie on Bakura that she had a stat line equal to Coruscant’s galactic coordinates, triple zero. She had no goals, no points, and no assists. “I don’t think I touched the bolo once,” she commiserated with Winnie in the locker room after the match, “For Force-sakes the only person to put points on the board was Sojuria.”

    Somehow the rookie Half Forward was able to find the one hole in the Smugglers defense. He got three early over-the-bar points, but Konrad Dvorak was quick in making an adjustment that took away that hole for good. Ema had trouble holding on to the ball and turned it over at least seven time in the first half alone. Then the last thing they wanted to happen happened late in the second half, Melanie turned to set a pick on Mira Kashvili to free up Sojuria and her cleat caught in the turf of the New Six Boroughs Stadium.

    But it wasn’t like the Monarchs allowed the Smugglers to win. Romo asked, Monarchs Executive Adviser to Limmie Operations, Hall of Fame Defensive Back, Hris Helios to meet up with the team and to pass along some tips before the game. After an entire week of the old limmie star’s folksy wisdom there was one exchange, between Hris and Aley.

    Hris asked, “Where's the last place a guy looks before he passes it?”

    “The guy he's passing to.” Aley replied.

    “Which means...”

    “Get over there and intercept it.”

    “Where do you run to?”

    “To where the bolo is going, not where it's been.”

    “If you get cut off, what are you gonna do?”


    “Which way?”

    “Away from the guy, not towards him.”

    With that sound advice and Clair Oswin playing like her career depended on it, because it did, the Monarchs defense had their best outing of the past two years in non-conference play. And holding the Smugglers to only 10 points in Six Boroughs, even if it was New Six Boroughs, was a feat, in and of itself.

    Cambrielle, Ralltiir

    The Monarchs took an airbus right from Six Boroughs to the spaceport. Their trip from Nar Shaddaa to Ralltiir was uneventful. As they prepped to take off, Coach Winters informed them that Ema and Melanie would not be traveling with them. Instead they would be going to Concordia to meet up with the Red Wings. When they landed on Ralltiir they were greeted by Shae Bellweather, who rushed over to her fellow Corellian and UC-Bella Vistal alumni Lana Ping, and a very sullen looking Buggie Resh.

    Cora Xux was the first to reach him, throwing her arms around him and giving him a quick peck on the cheek. Something that should have caused a smile to spread across his face, Vesper observed did not even cause him to flinch. “Why the long face Frat Boy? Decicreds & Money beat the Teddy Bears.”

    “Hey!” interjected Winnie.

    “Don’t cry about it Winnie, I’m sure they’ll pick up a victory against the Bison Mountaineers next weekend.” Fahpe reassured her. “It’s the Blue Birds who need to be worried. I think the Cubs are going to roll them by at least 10.”

    Vesper turned around and looked at the newcomer to the conversation, “I don’t think so rookie. It’s the little bears that need to…”

    “Anton Jorpik is dead.” Buggie said flatly.

    The four Bakurans froze and just stared at their new Center Half Forward. They might not have been Miners like Anton, but they were Bakurans, and Jorpik was a true Bakuran. Despite the turmoil on their new home planet of Rydonni Prime, Vesper and the others had been keeping tabs on the Ssi-Ruuk/Bakura situation. They knew that, like Vesper’s brother, Anton had joined the Marines to defend their homeworld. Now he had paid the ultimate price, even after the ‘Objective’ had been ‘Completed’.

    In silence the five of them walked into the bar inside the hotel’s lobby and ordered drinks. “To Lt. Jorpik, the Fallen Fifteen, and all those who serve in the name of Liberty across the Galaxy,” Vesper toasted as they all raised a glass. She then looked up at the vidscreen hanging over the bar. “Can you turn that up?” Vesper queried the bartender droid.

    A fire was raging, on the screen, within a pile of rubble. The information bar at the bottom of the screen showed that the images and the report were coming from Ryell, Rydonni Prime. The reporter, who was off screen, was practically shouting into her microphone to be heard over the sounds of the emergency response crews.

    ”That is correct Sal, what you are looking at is the remains of The M’nrydo, the luxury hotel that comprises half of Monarchs Stadium, locally called The Grande Villa. It appears that the emergency crews here have gotten the fire under control. According to eyewitness accounts, the destruction was caused by an altercation between the Sentinel and Pro-Naathe battledroids. Fortunately The M’nrydo had been evacuated, prior to the blasts that leveled it, because of reports of residence smelling gas. We are waiting to hear from a representative of the Monarchs regarding the stadium itself, but as limmie fans know, the Monarchs are currently on a long road trip and won’t be back for another three weeks.”

    Vesper wondered, as she looked down at her empty glass, what more the Monarchs were going to have to endure this season.

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  10. Tim Battershell

    Tim Battershell Jedi Master star 5

    Sep 3, 2012
    To: Padawan Zay Antilles - Jedi Order
    From: Tim Dodd - Agamar Packers
    Subject: Security for the Storm/Packers' Match

    Greetings and Felicitations:

    Thank you for your communication about Rondy Bassell and the potential threat he poses to the match; you will, of course, have our fullest cooperation. Director of ASF, Oleg Sturm, has asked me to be your liason in this matter, since it mostly concerns Limmie. I can be reached by comlink at any time on (call-code supplied).

    It may, or may not, be known to you; but we already have a team of eight Jedi (under the leadership of Jedi Master Xem) staying on Agamar. They are here to conduct technical investigations into some items that came to light after the detection and arrest of our poisoner - so far without much success, so I gather. I have informed Master Xem of your visit, and the reason for it, and she is prepared to temporarily re-task her team to your assistance for the duration of the Storm's visit to Agamar, should you so wish it. Please contact her directly via comlink (call-code supplied) should that be the case. Personally, I feel they could do with a break from metaphorically banging their heads into a duracrete wall, so they can come back to their task with clear minds, possibly with fresh ideas.

    I would like to suggest that the Storm and their Staff be accommodated in the very recently completed hotel (the first of four) attached to the Stadium complex. It seem to us that doing so would enable us to concentrate our resources and provide better coverage. The building in question (although complete in every respect) has not yet opened its doors to paying customers and is a mere four minutes walk away from the Stadium. I further suggest that the Storm use the Stadium itself for their pre-game practices; the Packers have our own training and practice facilities on "Packers' Island", and we can also utilise the old Stadium if required.

    ASF's Tactical Assault Unit will be handling the Storm's Security and Protection requirements. Please do not be surprised to see 'Thrust Sailers'
    in the sky in the area of the Stadium, they will be being flown by ASF Officers for observation purposes.

    Like you, I doubt that your miscreant will try anything on Agamar - certainly not if he has done any research at all into ASF and its capabilities. I can say that, according to the Agamar Watch, there hasn't been any sign of him so far; and strangers tend to be noticed here.

    May the Force grant you success in apprehending this rascal!

    Tim Dodd.

    Well, that was one thing dealt with. Now, what stance to take about this blasted Board of Governors' meeting? This 'retirement hobby' was turning into one kriffing crisis after another, it seemed!

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  11. Trieste

    Trieste Force Ghost star 5

    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    Okay everybody--I think we can safely say things are heating up. Bonus rolls to Agamar, Bakura, Coruscant, Euceron, Mando'ade, Nar Shaddaa, Ralltiir, and Rydonni Prime.

    Week 5 Results

    Hapes Consortium Buccaneers at Bakura Miners (21-3)
    Rydonni Prime Monarchs at Ralltiir Starkillers (14-28)
    Coruscant Senators at Chandrila Patriots (8-24)
    Euceron Storm at Agamar Packers (2-0)
    Nar Shaddaa Smugglers at Ylesia Lightning (32-34)
    Mando’ade Mercs at Corellia Rebels (24-18)

    A reminder to everyone that all-star votes are due by the end of the day.

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  12. jcgoble3

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    Nov 7, 2010
    Sub-GM Post

    Bonus rolls this week to (points in parentheses): Druckenwell (28), Thyferra (30), Byblos (30), Concordia (28). Banked for next week: Commenor (28) and Tatooine (28).

    Limmie Futures League
    Week 3
    Druckenwell Marksmen at Thyferra Force (0–27)
    Byblos Red Wings at Concordia Crusaders (2–9)
    Kamino Waves at Kashyyyk Rangers (3–5)

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    EDIT: Reminder that due to the ELL All-Star Game representing a separate week IC, Week 4 LFL scores will be posted on Wednesday following the score of the ASG. Your bonus rolls from this week will count for Week 4 as well, and anything posted between now and Week 4 scores will count for both Week 4 and Week 5 (which will be posted next Sunday as usual).
  13. Trieste

    Trieste Force Ghost star 5

    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    As you have probably noticed by now, Vehn has raised the prospect of a Board of Governors meeting. I have decided to allow a midseason Board of Governors meeting. However, I do not want to encumber anyone with having to juggle this with their current storylines and postings. Therefore, the BOG meeting will be held OOC in Out of Bounds. I will do a GM write up once we have hashed everything out. For right now, I will be using GM powers to limit the Board meeting to the following issues:
    • The League's suspension of Taab from being able to attend Merc games at Mesh'la Vhetin
    • The fine handed down by the League on Taab for appearing on the field
    • The fine handed down by the League on Kerry Trieste for Taab appearing on the field
    • The removal of Kayl'hen as Commissioner
    These issues can be discussed however you want. For example, I might say, "Well, here's how Kerry Trieste would view the situation." This allows you to speak in an IC manner without having to work up a big post. I'll get things started in OOB to show everyone what I'm thinking of.

    With a little luck this won't be total chaos, but we'll see how it goes. ;)

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    Sep 3, 2012
    IC: Fenton

    It had been a long miserable week for Fenton. The Starkillers first win of the season did little to lift his spirits with his life at home crumbling around him. His mother was meeting with realtors and planning to put the house on the market. She was suddenly claiming it had been hard to keep up with the payments even before she had lost the job and she firmly believed she should have moved on long ago after Fenton’s father had left. She had no good memories here she said. But this had been the only home Fenton had ever known and he didn’t want to move.

    Even these circumstances couldn’t get Fenton to move past his shyness and get up the courage to ask his manager at the restaurant about a serving job though. Eventually at the end of the week Fenton had filled out an application on the holonet. So his manager would know he was interested, without having to get up the courage to tell him face to face. The money wouldn’t be enough to save the house. Still he needed to help his mother pay for a new place, so he hoped for the best as he finalized the application and sent it on its way.

    Game day came with little fanfare for Fenton. He arrived for work and prepped his station as usual. It was obvious that last weeks win had restored hope in Starkillers fans for their season though. They were pouring into the stadium in their orange and blue jerseys with broad smiles and plenty of signs. Fenton’s favorite read “Dev Defends OUR Galaxy.” Even Fenton’s mood began to lighten when the Starkillers put the first points on the board with an amazing pass from Ye’ves’toung to Jul that put her in easy scoring position.

    Fenton kept an eye on the holovision by the nacho stand during most of the game. It was a good feeling to see his team in the lead. Just the distraction he needed from the things he was facing at home. With every goal blocked by Poletin, every pass intercepted by Allin or Hovechar and each goal scored by Jul, Lightcin or Marmu Fenton’s spirits were lifted higher. The halftime score of 18 to 11 was promising. It was always a good thing to be in high spirits during the half time rush at the nacho stand. If you weren’t feeling like you could handle the oncoming onslaught of customers you were quickly overwhelmed. Thankfully Fenton wasn’t experiencing any of that today.

    Midway through the second half when it was obvious that the Starkillers were pulling away and tension was leaning towards celebration inside the stadium; Fenton was dealing with the usual long line of hungry customers when he looked up and saw about 20 Cambrielle law enforcement officers walk purposefully through the corridor of the stadium. It seemed like an awful lot of officers and BankersMansion was not known for unruly fans. Fenton wondered what could be going on and he hoped no one was hurt. Many of the people in line also noticed the commotion. Most just made comments, some looked worried or alarmed and a few actually got out of line to follow and see what was going on.

    Between the excitement of the game and the monotony of ladling cheese onto nachos had nearly made Fenton forget seeing the officers, until he saw them coming again, this time from the other direction. What he witnessed as they passed was something he and everyone else there that day would never forget. A group of four officers led the way, clearing space for five more officers who were surrounding a man in stun cuffs. Followed by a third group of officers calling for people to disperse and go about their business. The officers surrounding the captive were definitely there to protect him more than to keep him from escaping. Fenton stood on his tip toes to see if he could get a look, maybe take a stab at what the arrest was for. He was floored to realize he recognized the man being escorted out was none other than Starkillers owner Ira Clarke.

    The win allowed for most fans to leave the stadium content. Fenton and his co-workers however had been spooked by what they had witnessed. They all knew Ira Clarke was having his troubles with finances, but none of them could conceive what would have led to his arrest. It didn’t sit well to see their employer escorted out of the building in custody. The only person who didn’t seem concerned was Bat. “You all need to relax.” He said. “It’s not like the stadium or the Starkillers are going anywhere. I’m sure that even if this is serious the new owner won’t pay any mind to who’s down here serving nachos or cleaning the seats. Our jobs are safe.”

    That evening as Fenton left the stadium there were news teams camped out in the parking lot. He stopped to watch as the local anchor rehearsed his piece for the late night news. “What we do know is an unnecessary amount of force was used to arrest an unarmed man.” He was saying. “We also believe authorities were trying to make a statement by arresting Mr. Clarke at the stadium during a game. No one knows just yet what that statement was.”

    When Fenton arrived home to watch said news he learned most sources were speculating that a recent investigation into Ira Clarke’s financial affairs was what most likely led to his arrest. Fenton turned off the set with a scowl. He hated credits. Credits were causing him and his mother to move to a smaller place. They were also ruining what should have been a great day for Starkillers fans when their team had pulled out a second win, giving a season that seemed all but lost two weeks ago, hope. He got little sleep that night and arrived at work the next morning tired.

    Just before the lunch shift his manager walked all the way back into the kitchen to the sink where Fenton was scrubbing dishes. “You put this application in?” he asked waving a freshly printed flimsi with Fenton’s name on it.

    “Yes sir.” Fenton said quietly. He stopped what he was doing, but he couldn’t bring himself to look up.

    His manager laughed. “You want to wait tables. Yet you can’t even get up the nerve to ask me in person or look me in the eye?” He shook his head. “I like you kid, you’re a good worker and I’d like even more to give you the opportunity to move up here, but if you can’t even ask in person for the promotion how are you ever going to interact with customers?”

    Fenton thought the man was going to walk away, but instead he realized his manager was waiting for an answer. “I need the funds.” Fenton began boldly. “Just give me a shot, I can overcome this, besides for some reason it’s easier with strangers than with people I know”. He put in. He wasn’t even sure if the second part was true, but it had been all he could think of to say.

    His manager actually took pause and gave the matter some thought. “Here’s what I’m going to do for you.” He said at last. “You can serve tables starting tomorrow during the slow period between lunch and dinner. If you prove yourself to be able to handle the position we’ll talk about adding more hours.”

    “Thank you.” Fenton said with a sigh of relief. Once his manager was gone again Fenton took out his portable listening device and tuned into local commentary on yesterday’s game. It sure was good to hear the locals happy about their team’s play again.

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  15. Trieste

    Trieste Force Ghost star 5

    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    With full participation from all players in the game, here are your 275 ELL All-Star Game rosters:

    Skywalker Conference
    Head Coach: Sunlua Zan (Ylesia Lightning)
    Goalkeeper: Corvo Antilles (Corellia Rebels)
    Defender: Chalporrin (Euceron Storm)
    Defender: Haybius Korpus (Corellia Rebels)
    Defender: Kyr Ram’ser (Mando’ade Mercs)
    Midfielder: Argo Mor’kesh (Mando’ade Mercs)
    Forward: Zoa Vra (Ylesia Lightning)
    Forward: Jeem Daryc (Mando’ade Mercs)
    Forward: Calli Webb (Euceron Storm)
    Goalkeeper: Chenkabukk (Euceron Storm)
    Defender: Rana Lel Dey (Corellia Rebels)
    Defender: Zen Keisel (Nar Shaddaa Smugglers)
    Defender: Saba Raine (Agamar Packers)
    Midfielder: Prya Tiin (Ylesia Lightning)
    Forward: Andres Fortune (Mando’ade Mercs)
    Forward: Shady Leroux (Nar Shaddaa Smugglers)
    Forward: Gargova Brousard (Nar Shaddaa Smugglers)

    Solo Conference
    Head Coach: Moira Mallory (Hapes Consortium Buccaneers)
    Goalkeeper: Lizbit Comstock (Bakura Miners)
    Defender: Christine Gamble (Coruscant Senators)
    Defender: Falene Trieste (Bakura Miners)
    Defender: Cortina Shakalaka (Chandrila Patriots)
    Midfielder: Alana Glencross (Bakura Miners)
    Forward: Wai Lin (Hapes Consortium Buccaneers)
    Forward: Loren Jul (Ralltiir Starkillers)
    Forward: Aron Roddders (Bakura Miners)
    Goalkeeper: Camille Montes (Hapes Consortium Buccaneers)
    Defender: Nelly Wizmark (Bakura Miners)
    Defender: Melina Havelock (Hapes Consortium Buccaneers)
    Defender: Ty Allin (Ralltiir Starkillers)
    Midfielder: Honey Ryder (Hapes Consortium Buccaneers)
    Forward: Niskat Deenver (Bakura Miners)
    Forward: Vesper Lynd (Rydonni Prime Monarchs)
    Forward: Cord McKerty (Coruscant Senators)

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  16. Trieste

    Trieste Force Ghost star 5

    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    From HSN

    The Elite League Limmie Board of Governors met today in a rare midseason conclave. The meeting was reportedly called to discuss a wide array of issues. The debate over these topics—which pursuant to Board policy was conducted behind closed doors—at times allegedly became piqued. Several parties to the meeting have declined to speak about specifics of the meeting. The only public information about the meeting came from representatives from the Chandrila Patriots, Corellia Rebels, and Hapes Consortium Buccaneers. We report the press conference verbatim:

    “The Board of Governors wishes to announce that it has modified the suspension that was imposed on Beskaryc Taab of the Mando’ade Mercs earlier this season. Without condoning Manda’lor Taab’s actions, the Board felt that the League was overzealous in its suspension,” the Patriots representative stated, “The Board of Governors acknowledges the League’s original intent in putting an indefinite suspension in place: it was to hand out immediate punishment while allowing the League time to fully consider the matter. The League has had that time and the Board of Governors has weighed in on the matter.

    “Firstly, the indefinite suspension is lifted on Manda’lor Taab. Secondly, the road game ban on attendance will continue through the regular season and Conference playoffs. Thirdly, Manda’lor Taab will be allowed to attend Merc home games provided that he adheres to the conditions laid out for doing so in the game against the Miners. Chancellor Trieste will not monetarily or otherwise guarantee Taab’s behavior. The Board has removed the prohibition against carrying weapons at the game that was part of the original agreement. If Manda'lor Taab confines himself to the owner's box, this should not be an issue.

    “The Board’s opinion, backed up by League legal counsel that has done extensive research since the initial imposition of this suspension, is that Elite League Limmie overreached when it attempted to bar an owner from one of his possessions. The Elite League is incorporated on Coruscant and therefore subject to its laws, including due process. Therefore, the League must provide reasonable access to the possessions of its owners.

    “However, Elite League Limmie has the right to grant its official approval or sanction a limmie contest, including the right to withdraw that sanction. Should Manda’lor Taab break any of the conditions of his attendance at any of these games, the Elite League will withdraw its official sanction of the game in question, resulting in a forfeit for the Mercs.

    “This is not an outcome that the Board of Governors wishes to see and it hopes that it will not have to be imposed. The Board of Governors wanted to extend leniency in this issue, but did not want to minimize the seriousness of this event. It is the Board’s hope that we can now get on to the more important business of providing a top flight limmie experience for fans around the galaxy.”

    In response to a follow up question, the representative from the Rebels stated that Taab’s attendance at the Galactic Cup Final is on the table and will be evaluated at that time.

    Very minimal behind the scenes info that you shouldn’t reference in posts—at least as being public information to anyone outside the Board meeting room. Chandrila, Corellia, and Hapes (CCH) listened to the arguments and voted to uphold the fines on Taab and Trieste. They voted not to remove Kayl’hen as they feel the Commissioner has not done anything to warrant removal, sudden or otherwise. Since no change occurred, no announcement was made to the public on these points. Their vote on the Taab suspension, which you see, was based on the criteria laid out here. For the purposes of moving forward with the game, we will assume that CCH persuaded all parties in favor of repeal to these conditions.

    The Board meeting concluded with everyone going out for dinner and having a good old time at which everybody was civil and respectful. At least that’s the way I’m going to remember it. ;) Now, all that being said—on with the game!

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  17. jcgoble3

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    Nov 7, 2010
    IC: Zay Antilles
    Location: Visitors' locker room, Memorial Stadium, Agamar
    Time: About 30 minutes after 2–0 road win over Packers

    From a security perspective, the game had gone rather smoothly. There was not a hint of anything connected to Bassell, not even a single belligerent drunk that needed to be ejected. Zay and his Master had worked with Master Xem and her team, as Tim Dodd had suggested, to cover the stadium, and nothing out of the ordinary had happened.

    From a limmie perspective, on the other hand, the game had gone anything but smoothly. Looking around the locker room, he saw at least five players nursing minor injuries received in today's defensive struggle. A couple were slightly more serious: Calli Webb had a high ankle sprain and Niast Nan'lie had a couple of cracked ribs. Fortunately, the All-Star Game provided a convenient week off for both of them to recover, and both would likely be probable for the Mercs game, or questionable at worst. Calli, however, had been on the All-Star ballot; if elected to the team, she would certainly be sitting the game out. At least Yan'ii should be ready to go for the Mercs game, Zay thought.

    When Coach Orus finished addressing the team, Zay stepped up. "Okay, you should all be aware of what's going on right now with the threat of an attack right now. Palla and I need to attend to other matters for a few days, and we don't want Bassell to take the opportunity of our absence to spring an attack. We've discussed this with Coach and several other Jedi, and we feel it is in this team's best interest to have everyone scatter to the four corners of the galaxy during the time we're gone. We're leaving the team tomorrow and will be back on Euceron a couple days after the All-Star Game. So visit your parents, do some community service, find some Force-forsaken planet to get lost on and test your survival skills." There was some scattered laughter at that comment. "Whatever floats your boat. Obviously anyone elected to the All-Star team will need to attend that game, but otherwise try to avoid associating with other members of the team and lay low. This goes for coaches as well."

    Head trainer Mrolak Prukel spoke up. "I need to work with some of these injuries during the break."

    "You can do that as you see fit, but try to bring players in one at a time. There's going to be team personnel at Euceron Stadium while were gone; there's no reasonable way to avoid that. But the fewer high-profile team members—players and high-ranking coaches—that we have assembled in one place at one time, the less appealing of a target we are. Does everyone understand?" Heads bobbed up and down throughout the room. "Alright, then let's get you to the spaceport and get each of you on your individual ways."

    Location: Solo Stadium, Coronet City, Corellia
    Time: One week later

    Zay silently tricked the guard into believing that he had already been searched and stepped through the checkpoint, then handed his ticket to the person at the turnstiles. The ticket was scanned and handed back to Zay, who proceeded into the stadium. A few seconds later Palla joined him, having gone through the same procedure.

    The two Jedi had purchased these tickets months ago, when they had first gone on sale, before they had received the first clue pointing to an attack on the Storm. With the vast majority of the Storm not present, they had no reason to believe that there might be an attack today, and so they showed up as ordinary fans rather than requesting special access. However, they had used the Force to slip their lightsabers through the security checkpoint; they would still be on alert, and after all, a Jedi was never separated from his or her lightsaber. They had spent the past few days on Ossus, reporting to the Council on what had happened so far and taking a much needed break, and were now easing themselves back into the mission.

    Zay grabbed some food from a concession stand, and the two found their seats. Scanning the stadium for anything unusual, he found nothing, and so he chomped down on a cheese coney and prepared to enjoy the game as much as possible.

    Injury Report – 275 Elite League Limmie All-Star Game
    Skywalker Conference
    • Calli Webb: OUT (knee)

    TAG: Tim Battershell (for the Agamar game) and anyone that wishes to comment on an All-Star's injury
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  18. Jedi Gunny

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    May 20, 2008
    IC: Ava Killenger

    The green light had finally come. Ava wasn’t sure if she was ever going to get it, since the last two weeks she had been suspended from all team activities. She didn’t blame the team for being so cautious regarding her addiction to Rush 405; she likely would have done the same thing if she was in the front office. Addiction was a terrible thing, and she wasn’t happy about how hers was progressing. She hadn’t taken a hit for several days, trying to wean herself off the drug, but the withdrawal symptoms were intensifying. Each time they struck unexpectedly, making his double over in pain, wanting to cry out in agony as her body tormented itself for not having a drug to calm itself down.

    The first time she ran a drill in the practice, it felt like she hadn’t done this in ages. And she hadn’t; it had been over a month since the end of training camp, and she was about as out of shape both mentally and physically as you could possibly be at this stage in your career over such a short time. She dug her cleat into the field and tried to make a cut, but all she did was fall over onto the field as her cleat slipped. Sighing, she picked herself up off the turf and kept running, trying to not draw the ire of Sulena Gure, the Echani offensive coordinator. Gure had been rather merciless to her the last few weeks about the addiction and suspension, and Ava hated her for that. The woman seemed to not have a care in the galaxy about anyone else, and seemed to have it in for her. How Jed wasn’t noticing this maltreatment, Ava had no idea. On the other hand, her voice in this matter wasn’t all that important, anyways. She was the reclamation project, Gure a coach. Who would win that battle? The coaches always won, unless the front office or the league had anything to say on the matter.

    Ah, the league. What a terrible response she had gotten from them. Not only was she now going to be subject to weekly drug testing, alongside the mandatory team random drug tests, but the worst bit of it was that she was not eligible to return to the Elite League for the whole rest of the season, and perhaps on into next year if the commissioner didn’t see fit to reinstate her eligibility. This made Ava angry; why was she being singled out like this? What had she done to the league to deserve such treatment? And then she remembered that there was no use arguing; she had broken the rules, she had broken her own will in seeking an illegal remedy to her woes. So this was her immediate future, and she had to deal with it.

    Christine had called a few days back, asking her how things were going. How lucky she was, Ava thought as she continued to run with the rest of her fellow forwards. Unlike her, who was just now getting a chance to practice with a team . . . not even play yet . . . Christine was looking good. Real good. She was taking over her spot at corner back and owning the rest of the league. She was every bit the first-round pick thus far . . . it just wasn’t fair. But she had sounded concerned about her former roommate . . . perhaps it wasn’t as bad as Ava thought. At least she cared enough to call. Ava hadn’t wanted to speak at all, wanted to just hide away. Christine had given her a look of real disappointment after the demotion had been handed down, and she couldn’t shake that, her only real friend turning her back. Now she had no one.

    An hour later, there was a break in practice. Ava grabbed a cup of water and then looked for a place to sit. The other players sat around in their groups, some laughing it up, others just sipping their water coolly. There wasn’t much room to sit around the cooler, so Ava went further away from it to find an open spot. She finally found one some distance away, but as soon as she sat down she realized that she wasn’t as isolated as she originally thought. Nearby, there was a tall man, roughly 6’2 or 6’3, with short golden locks and a clean shaven face. He was a strong guy, yes, but there was just something about his face that . . . made him look less than a superhero. He had that kind of expression that someone about 5’5 and weighing just over 100 pounds would have.


    “Rough day, hunh?” the man asked, shaking Ava out of her stupor.

    “Yes,” Ava replied as soon as she regained her composure. Now he was speaking to her . . . weird.

    “Hey, you’re that new girl, aren’t you?” the man asked. Ava didn’t reply. “I’m sorry . . . I hope I didn’t offend you,” the man quickly said in a very apologetic tone. It sounded like he was somewhat embarrassed by bringing this up. “I’m kinda new around here as well. Name’s Steen Roggers. I play corner. What’s yours?”

    “Ava Killenger,” Ava replied as she took a drink.

    “Nice to meet you,” Steen replied. After a few seconds of silence, he spoke up again. “I can tell that we’re both a couple of loners.”

    “Pretty much,” Ava said.

    “Can’t say I’m surprised,” Steen said sullenly. “I’ve always been the last kid standing on the playground when they pick teams. It’s no fun being a weakling.”

    “You don’t look so weak,” Ava said, finally meeting Steen’s gaze.

    “Oh, that,” Steen said with a nervous chuckle. “Yeah, that was my method of forgetting about my past, just like you and your . . . issues, I’ve heard.”

    “Thanks loads,” Ava said with a growl.

    “I’m sorry,” Steen said. “No, I used to be nothing but a scrawny punk. I used to get picked on a lot, you know. Neighborhood bullies always used to keep me on my ass on the ground.”

    “Did you have something against running away?” Ava asked.

    “I figure that once you start running, they’ll never let you stop,” Steen said, gazing off towards the rest of the field. “If you stand up and fight . . . you can’t say no forever.”

    “I don’t know what that’s really like,” Ava said.

    “It’s not fun when people aren’t exactly lining up to talk to you because you might get stepped on,” Steen commented. “It’s why I had to bulk up a little bit. It was hard work, since I was a real punk before, but I think I’ve gotten there now.” He flexed his muscles a little bit to get the point across. “Had to bulk up to join the Army.”

    “You were in the military?” Ava asked.

    “Yep, two years active service,” Steen replied. “I was a squad leader back in the day, a squad of commandos. We did all sorts of crazy raids and action that the regulars would never dream of. They called me ‘Cap’, even though I technically wasn’t ranked that high. So I think I really came into my own. I have to thank Dr. Ir’skine for his help.”

    “Who was he?”

    “He was the man I owe everything to,” Steen replied. “He overheard me talking to a friend years ago, back when I was small. The first question he asked me was if I wanted to kill some of our enemies. Of course, there wasn’t a war going on, but it was still the same story. I said ‘no’ to him, and then responded that I don’t want to kill anyone. I don’t like bullies; I don’t care where they’re from. So he gave me a chance; if I bulked up, I could get into the Army. I passed training because I was selected to receive a potential super soldier boost to my DNA.”

    “So you cheated?” Ava asked, shocked.

    “Nope. The doc was killed by an operative of one of the rogue warlords at the time, and I never received the dose. Probably a good thing, too. If I had gotten it, I wouldn’t be eligible to play Limmie. Anyways, I made him a promise that day that I would stay who I was, a good man. That moment has stuck with me ever since, and I will continue until the day I can’t anymore, whenever that is.”

    “What made you start playing Limmie?” Ava asked. This Steen guy didn’t seem so bad.

    “Saw it as easier on my health than the raids,” Steen said. “You can only get shot at so many times before you start to think about preserving your own life. So I quit when my tour was up, and moved on. It helped that one of my best buds, Bucky, was . . . killed . . . in action,” Steen said, his face darkening a little bit. “I could’ve saved him, but I didn’t. So I came out to play this game, hoping to forget everything about that day. Also because it’s more fun than sitting around moping.”

    “I’m sorry to hear that,” Ava said.

    “Don’t,” Steen said. “It’s my burden to bear, not yours. I don’t want to talk about it.”

    “What position do you play?” Ava asked, changing the subject.

    “Corner back,” Steen said, ignoring the fact that he had already said this previously. “Coach says I’m starting this next week against Druckenwell. Rickmond’s gimpy after that last game, so I’m starting across from Ganos. I’ll take the starting gig. You know when you’re going to play yet?”

    “Nope,” Ava said. “No idea. I just got cleared to practice a few days ago, so I don’t think I’ll play.”

    “But you can still be on the sidelines, right?” Steen asked.

    “I don’t know. The coaches don’t seem to like me that much,” Ava admitted.

    “You committed a pretty serious offense, so of course they don’t trust you yet. That takes time. My crew and I weren’t smooth as a unit the first few days. But we settled it down in the first month, and things went on from there without a hitch. Give it time.”

    “I hope you’re right,” Ava said.

    “Break time’s over!” Jed yelled to his players after blowing shrilly on his whistle. “Back to work!”

    “That’s my cue,” Steen said. “I’ll catch you later.” Then he walked off, leaving Ava alone to finish off her cup of liquid. Steen seemed nice enough; a little rough around the edges, but at least he wasn’t a total jerk. Hm, time, eh? She had no other choice but to wait it out and see what would happen this next week.


    The game against Druckenwell couldn’t have gone any better for the Force, as they shut out the Marksmen 27-0. Jam Tarpals had looked like the Helmsman nominee that he was in 271 in goal, and the offense, riding workhorse forward Thulius Jomas, burned Druckenwell repeatedly on the offensive end. Ava had dressed for the game after Sulena Gure had said it was all right for her to proceed, but had only played two minutes of garbage time to finish the game. She wasn’t happy about it only being two minutes, but then again, she hadn’t expected to play at all this week, so dressing down was at least something to be cheery about. At least she had gotten to wear the uniform once more, get to look the part of a Limmie player.

    As she readied herself to leave the locker room after finishing with her post-game agenda, she realized that she needed to clean out one of her cleats. It had some gum stuck on the bottom, however that happened, and it needed to be washed with soap and water. So she walked past the coaches’ office, where she overheard conversation within.

    “The Senators just called. They need some help on offense, Jed,” Lorrin Malestra, the Force’s GM, said.

    “Who do they want?” Jed asked.

    “They were looking at Jomas.”

    “Dammit, I knew it,” Jed said. “Right when we get a decent attack, they want to poach our best player.”

    “It’s the way things work down here, Jed, but I shouldn’t have to remind you,” Lorrin said curtly. “Anyways, it sounds like perhaps they will want two new forwards, Jomas and . . . pretty much anyone else with a pulse, which is what they asked for. I would like to think after today, our offense has quite a bit of punch this season.”

    “Jomas is most of the reason for that,” Jed said.

    “They already have Renhorn, and want Jomas, so that leaves them to either want Song, who I doubt will go unless we get a corner in return, or another half. I think we may have to start one of our backups at half forward next week.”

    “At that point, let Panning go,” Jed said. “Killenger is . . . still in the dog house with me.”

    “The big club called about that too,” Lorrin said. “They wanted to know how she was progressing.”

    “She played two minutes today, didn’t she?” Jed said. “I think that’s enough to prove that she’s doing well enough to dress, let alone play.”

    “You want me to respond in that language, or something a bit more flowery?” Lorrin asked in a wry manner.

    “I don’t really care,” Jed said. “She’s a long way from starting, that’s all I will say for now. But she will play next week if nothing else goes wrong. I think she has worked hard enough to earn a few minutes every now and then. Nothing much, but I didn’t expect to need her right now.”

    When Ava went to wash her cleat, she had no idea what to think. On one hand, she had hardly played, but Jed had said that she would keep playing, did he not? That was certainly good news. That was news that she needed.

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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    --All-Star Transaction Wire--
    • Andres Fortune (Mando'ade Mercs) named starter to fill Calli Webb's empty slot
    • Elbraham Swiftfoot (Corellia Rebels) named reserver to fill Fortune's empty slot
    • Calli Webb will retain sideline privileges as a member of the Skywalker Conference All-Star team
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    Nov 29, 2008
    IC: Vesper Lynd
    Bankers Mansion, Cambrielle, Ralltiir
    Monarchs at Ralltiir Starkillers, Week 5 ELL, 14-28

    The start of the game was very solemn for Vesper and her fellow Bakurans. All five of them wore black armbands that bore Anton Jorpik’s initials and old Miner’s uniform number. But by Halftime they were in good spirits. Only down by 7 they were holding their own in their Solo Conference opener. Vesper believed that they would have been a whole lot closer if Sugnok had not been whistled for holding the Hapes native Loren Jul. The penalty occurred just as the Monarchs had intercepted the bolo and were on a fastbreak.

    Umanh joked with Staweh that he was just trying to get the girl’s holo-number. Vesper watched as Tam-Ford smacked his former college roommate upside the head, “Quit screwing around Sug,” she heard him chastise, “We’re on the verge of becoming the laughing stock of the ELL and you’re pushing for a suspension from the League.” A small grin trickled across the Captain’s lips. She liked hearing Ford take control of the defense. It was one of many reasons that she looked at him as her unofficial Alternate Captain.

    But once the second half started, any good feeling the Monarchs had from the first half disappeared. Two minutes into the half was exactly when they knew they were not going to win. After the Monarchs had scrapped their way back to within a goal, the Starkillers pressed the bolo up the pitch, Marmu Ishana, Ralltiir’s Full Forward, put a pick on Sugnok which caused him to lose his footing and both of them tumbled to the turf. Vesper watched across the field as their left corner forward scored the easy points.

    What happened next would be burned into Vesper’s memory forever. As Loren Jul pulled Sugnok off of Marmu, who was half his size, the Monarchs’ Full Back violently stomped his foot into the female Bimm’s chest. The official immediately whistled him for an unnecessary rough personal foul and ejected him from the game. From that point on, the Starkillers had no problem scoring another ten points and keeping the bolo out of the Monarchs’ offensive zone.

    Later on, in a postmatch press conference, Sugnok would explain that he did not intentionally stomp Marmu. He had the feeling that someone was punching him and that he was simply trying to get his footing after being pulled off of her. Everyone in the locker room knew that Sugnok was not ‘simply trying to get his footing’, he let his temper to get the better of him and once again it cost the team.

    Last time it cost them a rivalry game, this time it may have cost them their shot at the Cup.

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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    Happy 275 Elite League Limmie All Star Game! In keeping with the traditions of real life all star games, I am giving both teams a 50 sided die roll to really up the scores to a ridiculous amount (potentially). So with that...

    275 Elite League Limmie All Star Game
    Solo Stadium, Coronet City, Corellia
    Solo Conference vs. Skywalker Conference (3-25)

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    Sep 3, 2012
    IC: Fenton

    Fenton’s first week serving tables had gotten off to a rocky start. He was thankful his manager had suggested the slow period to break him into the position. His very first table had been an elderly couple, they looked easy, but they had several special requests. No condiments on their sandwiches, the meat had to be cooked well done and they wanted substitutions for their sides. Fenton had it all written down and was confident when he set the plates on the table in front of them. The couple began to inspect their food immediately and found several problems. Fenton apologized and took the plates back to the kitchen. The cook on duty grumbled as he fixed the orders. He nervously watched several minutes go by while said cook took his time correcting his mistakes. By the time Fenton got the plates back out to the couple they were furious. He didn’t know what to say, he sat the plates back down and stayed out of their way until they were ready to pay. His tip was nearly nonexistent.

    As it turned out the cook on duty during the day shift never read tickets. Fenton learned to warn customers ahead of time that special orders might take a few extra minutes. He started checking them himself before serving them and returning them to the cook before customers even found out. By the end of the week the one thing that seemed to be going well for him was the serving job. At home he was being forced to decide along with his mother what items to keep for their new place and which items should be sold since there would not be room for all their stuff when they moved. Then there was the turmoil being released by the news media about the Starkillers and their owner Ira Clarke. Everyone on Ralltiir had an opinion about the events that had unfolded in the last week. Fenton found an editorial in the Cambrielle Times the morning of the All Star game that summed up what he was feeling.

    Most of us in Cambrielle are natives of Ralltiir. We are a proud people; proud of our planet, proud of our city, proud of our heritage and proud of our Limmie team. Let’s face it, the Starkillers franchise is known Galaxy wide and represents us as a planet on other worlds. So when we heard about and saw the owner of our beloved franchise handcuffed and taken into custody during a game we all tried to convince ourselves it was a big mistake, some huge misunderstanding.

    It’s been a week since Starkillers owner and entrepreneur Ira Clarke was arrested at Bankers Mansion Stadium. Here’s what we have learned about Ralltiir’s Elite Limmie League team owner since that fateful afternoon. Mr. Clarke’s preoccupation with the Starkillers promotion from the GCLA to the ELL may have ultimately his led to his downfall. We all know the story of Trey Till the starting Full back in ’71. Trey was spotted in a Cantina where a brawl had broken out just before the start of the play-offs. During the brawl two students from nearby Ralltiir College had been crushed by a table and killed. Many witnesses saw Trey lift a table that evening in the Cantina and so he was arrested tried and convicted of their murders. Or at least that’s the story we have all known and believed for the past 4 years. That story has changed in the past week.

    We now know several members of the Starkillers were in that Cantina on that fateful night. We have taken note that all those players have since been cut from the team or forced to leave due to injury. Even the former coach walked away from the job a few seasons ago and has since left the planet. It appears payments made by Mr. Clarke to Ralltiir law officers may have persuaded them not to file complete reports of what happened in that Cantina. Other payments were made to the judge, to hurry along the trial of Trey Till. The discovery of these financial transactions, a discovery made during an investigation that began several weeks ago when Mr. Clarke was forced to file for bankruptcy, changes everything we knew about the story of Trey Till.

    Till’s attorney was more than happy to give his side of the story in an exclusive interview on Open Cases which aired last night here on Ralltiir. To hear his attorney tell it Trey Till wasn’t even at the Cantina when the brawl first broke out. He’d been called there by a teammate who was concerned he had too much to drink and wanted a ride home. When Trey arrived several beings were pushing and shoving each other, he found his teammate at a table slumped over and disoriented from over indulgence. He could tell this situation was about get if not already out of control. He picked up the table to release a backpack belonging to his teammate that had been trapped underneath it; then quickly helped his teammate out the door. Once he was outside Trey called the authorities to alert them of a possible situation at the Cantina. After that he got in his speeder, drove his teammate home and returned home himself. He was arrested in his home the very next morning. Trey spent no more than 2 minutes in the Cantina, but his phone call to alert authorities to the dangerous situation going on there and several witnesses had tied him to the scene which made him an instant person of interest.

    Trey’s attorney has spent the last several years trying to find evidence that could clear his client. It was thought that all case evidence was destroyed when the trial came to an end, but recently one envelope of evidence has been recovered. A few scraps of fabric, pieces of clothing collected from the scene were all that were in the envelope; however there was something on those fabric pieces that just may be very telling: Talz fur. Could Jiims and Jooms Woudron know what happened that evening or even worse were they involved? I could speculate how easy it would be for an enraged Talz to tip over a table with enough force to kill someone. That’s just what Till’s attorney offered as a possible scenario last night. He was adamant that his client did not pick up a table and throw it down on top of people as he was convicted.

    Is it possible that owner Ira Clarke allowed an innocent team member to take the fall for one, two or more that should have been held responsible for the events that fateful evening all in the name of winning the GCLA championships? Is that the price Ira Clarke was willing to pay to have his team promoted to the ELL? If so do we stand behind this team going forward? I say we do. I’m disenchanted as everyone else by this turn of events, but I won’t let the team I love be taken away from me. As of yesterday a Government official has been appointed to oversee all team operations until a new owner can be brought in. Or by some miracle our Mr. Clarke is found innocent of the charges brought against him. I say we wait this one out. Not because I think Ira Clarke is innocent, because I don’t. I believe the right person can purchase this team and put these things in the past. Our team can win and prosper, fairly. And I call for a new trial of Trey Till.

    That evening Fenton tried to watch the All Star game. It was something he did every year. And every year he found something more entertaining to do before halftime. This year was no exception. Except that this year he found it more interesting and almost less depressing to start packing boxes for the upcoming move. Each time he glanced up from his work to get a score update it was worse. It wasn’t too long before he turned the set off in frustration and continued his packing in silence.

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    Nov 7, 2010
    Sub-GM Post

    Bonus rolls this week to (points in parentheses): Tatooine (28), Druckenwell (28), Byblos (30), Thyferra (32), Commenor (28), Concordia (28).

    Limmie Futures League
    Week 4
    Tatooine Sandskimmers at Druckenwell Marksmen (25–7)
    Byblos Red Wings at Thyferra Force (13–23)
    Commenor Gundarks at Concordia Crusaders (21–23)

    Sub-GM Note: Reminder that all posts made since Week 3 scores on Sunday will count for bonus rolls in Week 5 this coming Sunday. Bonus rolls from posts made between Week 2 and 3 scores expire today.

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    May 20, 2008
    IC: Gark S’rily

    This game had been a disaster from the outset. The Senators couldn’t do anything on either side of the ball to deter the Chandrila Patriots from walking all over them. The Bothan’s defensive unit, now considered one of the best in the league, had given up 24 points. Not the worst outing, but when your offense only scored 8, then it was a real problem. The worst part about it was that there was no one thing to work on that would magically right the ship; no, this was a total defeat, and they had been lucky to hold the Pats to 24. Had it not been for the reserve defenders holding the score at 24 for the last ten or so minutes of regulation . . . it would have gotten ugly, real ugly.

    In the locker room after the game, Pam Korthe let the team have it. Before beginning, she let Max Qorbus leave the hard talk to come, given that he had actually done his job with two goals on the game. But everyone else was going to get an earful from the Zeltron, who wasn’t happy. “You want to know why we lost that game?” she asked. No one responded. “Anyone?” More silence. “It’s because you quit. You quit on me, and you quit on yourselves. We had a chance to make this close in the second half, and you let that opportunity pass you by. I am frakking sick of seeing the Patriots beat us at every turn! Three straight losses, and all of them puzzling. I am sick of seeing Koobis make changes to stonewall us every time down the field! And you let her do that the whole sixty minutes! Where was that team from last week? I certainly didn’t see that. Nowhere close. You were scared, and then you gave up. I’m not going to let you walk through the rest of the season like this. You’re going to have to work harder than that to win.

    Now we go into a one-week break for the All-Star Game. I don’t care what you do in your off time, but keep this loss in mind. It stings a lot to lose to a rival like this. Make sure you don’t feel this way after our next game against Hapes. We can beat them, but only if we don’t quit in the middle of the game. We can beat those posers up and down the field, but you need to give your best effort. No more half-ass play, no more excuses. I want to see you put this game behind you and go into the rest of the season with a new attitude, one where you will never quit. Got that?”

    Gark was a little more generous to his defense when he met with them afterwards. “Pam’s right,” he said. “I saw little energy out there today, like you didn’t want to be here. And I won’t take more of that. You need to play hard, and keep playing through to the whistle unless I say so. Got it? Head into the break and think about what we could have done today, and then don’t make the same mistakes next time out. We have a ton of talent, so don’t squander that by being ignorant or frightened. We can beat Hapes. We just need to lock them down every time down the field, and give the offense something to work with.”

    “It’s not our fault the offense can’t score,” Reid Livingstone said.

    “That’s not your concern, Reid,” Gark replied. “We need to play our best game so that they don’t have to worry about it. And we didn’t play our best today. So keep that in mind when you take your days off.”

    A minute later, Gark’s Ishi Tib assistant came up and whispered something into his ear so that no one could overhear what he was saying. Obviously the gravity of what he had to say was more than what Gark would have expected. “Kaitlyn Vehn has called for a meeting of the Board of Governors,” the man said.

    “What?” Gark asked. He was shocked by the news; the Board was going to convene? What could have pushed Vehn to put out the call? “Any reason given?”

    “No,” the man replied. “But we have a suspicion that it’s going to be big.”

    “Of course it is,” Gark said. “It’s likely going to set a precedent for future proceedings in the League office. And I bet league conduct is likely the hot topic. You know as well as I do that some owners . . . don’t see eye to eye with the Commissioner.”

    “I sure do,” the Ishi Tib said.

    “Any date given for the meeting?” Gark asked. He was then informed of the time and place. Of course this had to happen when he was otherwise going to be on vacation. Splendid.


    Senator Team HQ, two days later

    Gark sat in front of the HoloNet as the All-Star teams were being revealed. The Senators were 3-2 on the season thus far, so hopefully the voters would reward them with a few All-Star selections. The Skywalker Conference was up first, and as the names flashed up on the screen, Gark couldn’t help but ascertain that there were many factors at work here. The selections seemed spread out, but Gark didn’t agree with some of them. The voters certainly had a difference of opinion than he did, and were not afraid to make their opinions felt.

    Then came the Solo Conference selections. It didn’t take long for the first Senator to come up. “One of the starters on defense will be Christine Gamble, corner back from the Coruscant Senators,” the commentator said. Christine’s picture came up on the screen, as well as some of her highlights. “Gamble becomes the second rookie to make it to the Solo team this season, and we are only two picks in so far. Stepping in for the injured Jerek Deter, she has become a major force for the Senators defense this season, which has struggled at times with consistency and injuries. However, that wasn’t a major issue for the voters, who almost unanimously voted Gamble into the game. She may be a rookie, but she certainly doesn’t play like one.”

    So Christine was going to be an All-Star. Gark had some satisfaction in knowing that he had, in some small part, helped get her to this point, not only by drafting her, but also in coaching her along. He would see her later on in the week on Corellia, but this time it wasn’t going to be him coaching the team. He had no idea who would be, because the coaching staff hadn’t been named, but it likely wasn’t going to be Pam.

    To Gark’s amazement, the rest of the team went by without another Senator nomination. The Miners had a ridiculous number of nominees, even though they weren’t that much better than the Senators in the standings currently. Leave it to Bakura to get all of the selections, he thought to himself, especially for Rodders, whose name recognition was more likely the reason he got this far than his play, which included an injury bad enough to put him on the shelf for some time. Finally, the broadcast made it to the last pick, and Gark was ready to thumb off the screen.

    “The last pick is Cord McKerty, from the Coruscant Senators,” said the broadcaster.

    That was an interesting pick, Gark thought as he turned off the screen with the remote. McKerty was the team’s leading scorer, yes, but he didn’t have the name recognition that Max Qorbus or Riff Persnor had. Obviously the voters had done their homework and looked into who was the biggest contributor to the Senator offense this season, because that would be the 274 first-round pick. If nothing else could be said about the Senators’ drafting habits, Gark mused, at least he could boast that both of the last two first round picks the team had made were now going to be All-Stars. That counted for something when it came time to get into the War Room for the 276 Draft. They didn’t win Ingbrands, but they certainly were drafting enough talent to stay afloat, at least so far.

    Then he heard footsteps entering the room, and turned around to see who it was. Adanna Inviere, his assistant GM, was now staring at him.

    “What is it?” Gark asked.

    “Aren’t you supposed to be at the Board meeting?” Adanna asked.

    “Not until tomorrow or the next day,” Gark replied. “Besides, I’m not really interested in going.”

    “But you need to,” Adanna reminded him.

    “Yes, I know,” Gark said. “Doesn’t mean I want to, though.”

    “So, does this depression over being called to the League council meeting need to be subsided with some research into team affairs and potential moves to be made?” Adanna asked, holding up a datapad.

    “What kind of team affairs?” Gark asked.

    “While you’ve been moping about the Board meeting like a three-year old, I’ve been making some calls and talking to some contacts about roster moves we could make going into the second half,” the Hapan said.

    “Shoot,” Gark said.

    Adanna went and sat down in the chair nearest Gark’s couch. “It’s no secret that our offense is inconsistent at best,” she began. “I’ve been looking at multiple options to fix the issue, but I wanted to run them by you first. Our first option is to trade for someone.”

    “Who’s available at this time of year?” Gark asked. The trading deadline wasn’t known for very high-profile players being available for trade.

    “Several players, actually,” Adanna said. “I trust it you’ve been following the league wires?”

    “You know how much time it takes to coach a defense?” Gark asked. “I don’t exactly have time to sit around and do research on those things.”

    “I’m pretty sure my job is to get the mundane everyday stuff done, while you make personnel decisions,” Adanna replied curtly. “Only problem is, you aren’t making those decisions right now.” Gark didn’t reply; he knew that she had a point. “Anyways, the Mercs have several players on the block.”

    “Lemme guess, same ones as they had in the offseason,” Gark replied.

    “Some, yes. But I thought you’d like to know that Andres Fortune is currently on the block.”

    As soon as Gark heard the name, he almost jumped off the couch. Fortune, available on the trade block? What were Taab and his lackies up to, anyways? Fortune had just been named an All-Star . . . what gave here? Was there something wrong with him? Did he just not fit in a system built for bucketheads? “What?” he finally asked. “They would never trade him. He’s an All-Star . . .”

    “Apparently that’s not enough to dissuade them from shopping him,” Adanna said. “I called their organization to inquire about the trade possibility, since I knew we needed a forward.”

    “What’s their price?” Gark asked.

    “First rounder at the very least, plus some other pieces. Perhaps players, or picks. I don’t know, they were still thinking about what they wanted in return. I promised them that I would get back if we decided we would aggressively pursue him before the deadline.”

    “Interesting,” Gark mused. This move certainly was an unexpected one; the Mercs were never a team that could be called “predictable” by any sense of the word. What would Fortune bring to the table, exactly? “He would start right away, no questions asked,” he began. “We need an upgrade at the Full.”

    “Exactly,” Adanna said. “It’s no secret that we need a better player there, someone who can run the show from that spot. But . . .” she prodded, expecting Gark to finish the thought.

    “We don’t have a ton of play calls for the Full Forward position,” Gark said. “It’s been our fourth or fifth option since we came up with the Four Around offense concept. It’s typically our safety valve play.”

    “So, the question is this. If the Full Forward spot isn’t that important in the overall scoring load, and is a pass and block-first position, do we invest a first-round pick and more, which could be almost anything at this point, in a player who at best would be our third option on offense? We have Qorbus and Persnor as the 1-2 combo, with McKerty and Silkins as the other two main weapons.”

    “Good point,” Gark said. “How long would we have club control on Fortune if we traded for him?”

    “A season and a half,” Adanna replied.

    “Hm, that isn’t as long as I would like,” Gark mused. Players cost money, All-Stars especially. Yes Fortune was good, yes he would be a good addition down the stretch. They could stick it to the Mercs by trading for him, and then having the Merc offense stall out completely without Fortune in the lineup and the Senator offense breeze by with the additional input. On the other hand, it could go the other way. Fortune may not be a good fit for the offense, and the Mercs might walk away with a good first-round pick while the Senators would have offense issues. Was Fortune a good play at this point? Then, further down the road, he would want a new contract, likely one that was more lucrative than his rookie contract, which he was still on. Qorbus had cashed in on his four years in the league, and Fortune would likely expect the same. The Senators loved to spend money, but Gark knew that the success of many of his old teams had been the mix of stars and veteran talent that could be acquired at lower cost. Adanna hadn’t been in this category, since she was considered a star back then, but Jed Ortmeyer certainly was one of those options. Yes he had come over in a trade, but he had been a good player with a small price tag. Abbey Waters fit that bill currently, the poor performance of the Miner defense the past few seasons lowering her asking price despite the championship she had won in 271. “He’s going to want a lot of money to re-sign, but only if he would want to stick around here.”

    “I don’t think that’s the issue at hand,” Adanna replied.

    “What do you think on the matter?” Gark asked. He was certainly intrigued by the possibility of cutting a deal here, but another part of him urged caution. Why would the Mercs unload a star player like this? Was he damaged goods? Was there something else he didn’t want to know? Besides, who knew what the final price tag would be.

    “I would pass on the deal,” Adanna said after a few moments of deliberating.

    “Why?” Gark asked. He was curious to know why Adanna would turn down the deal.

    “It’s not like my opinion matters much, since you make the final decision, but I don’t like giving up a first-round pick, plus whatever else, at this point in the season. Fortune is good, but the price would be out of sight. As you elaborated, he’s an All-Star, so that shoots the price up. Also, we don’t need him in the offense right now; too much money put into a spot that we could fill another way.”

    “Good point,” Gark said. That pretty much summed up his decision on the subject. “We won’t make a trade for him, then. Anyone else?”

    “Not really. I poked around a few rosters, made some preliminary calls, but no dice,” Adanna said.

    “What else does that leave us with?” Gark asked.

    “We can make some internal moves,” Adanna replied. “Lorrin called a few days ago. She says that the Force have been good so far.”

    “I hear that they’ve won a few games, but I don’t know what stock to put into that yet,” Gark said.

    “After what happened last season, a couple of wins is nothing to sneeze at.”

    “How good are we talking here?”

    “Would you believe me if I said they had the highest-scoring offense in the Futures League?” Adanna asked. Gark’s eyes bugged.

    “Seriously?” he asked. The Hapan nodded. “Well, I think we’ve found our solution. I really need to focus more on them since that’s the case.”

    “Lorrin asked that you try to get to that ASAP. She hates being left alone on a lot of organizational issues while you’re off coaching.”

    “Sure thing,” Gark said. “Top-ranked offense, eh? We might have some call-ups to make. Who can we bring up?”

    “According to Jed, and his new o-cord., Thulius Jomas is our best bet for instant help. Guy’s big, and has some amazing soft hands. Should be a nice bruiser to come in off the bench.”

    “What position?” Gark asked.

    “Half forward. He should be pretty adaptable, though, so maybe any three of the spots. Don’t quote me on that, though.”

    “Hm, half forward,” Gark mused. He went over the Senator roster in his mind. Chary was going to stay, as was Riff. Zadd would also make the cut unless something came up where they were going to completely overhaul the offense. On the bench, there was a different story. Maff Biskis wasn’t doing so hot in his playing time, Rayel Edare was OK, and Alex Renhorn was still a work in progress, so there was definitely room for improvement. If Jomas was to be brought up to the big club, who would be sent down to replace him? “We would need to send someone down.”

    “Exactly. I would nominate Biskis right now, since he’s struggling.”

    “Agreed. Besides, I think he’s more of a scorer than what we have him as. Maybe we can inject him with some confidence by sending him down.”

    “But he’s a veteran, and may asked to be released outright if we send him down,” Adanna warned. “We don’t want to lose someone like him if we can help it.”

    “Renhorn, then?” Gark asked. “Gayla won’t like it, but I think she needs more time at the Future League level anyways.”

    “What are you asking me for? You’re the one making the decisions,” Adanna reminded her boss. “But, if you want to know the progress on other players, you might want to look at a few defenders. Calmerung D’jukk looks good at corner if you need more depth there.”

    “I might need that if I have another injury,” Gark said, stashing the information away in his mind. “But are there any other forwards?”

    “Almert Song looks solid at corner. However, with plenty of bulk in front of him here, he might not really fit in. Besides, Riff might get a little annoyed if you send his wife down to Thyferra.”

    “Problem is, I can’t send Pin down, either,” Gark replied. “She’s done all that has been asked of her. Qorbus is untouchable, and McKerty proves that he belongs here. Until such a time when I know I can demote someone, I don’t think Song will have room up here unless he switches positions. We could use a full, obviously.”

    “About that. Ganlin Costa is still figuring things out down there, so we likely won’t have anyone new coming up at the position.”

    “What’s wrong with him?” Gark asked. He remembered the Kiffar, although not too well, from training camp.

    “Jed says that he’s still working on the offense. Makes some bonehead plays in between the good ones.”

    “Who doesn’t?” Gark asked.

    “There is also Mala Bonero, but she is a reserve and likely will stay that way for a while,” Adanna said. “I think we need to stick with what we have at full right now.”

    “Problem is, we need offense,” Gark said. “I need to shake some things up. Call Lorrin back and inform her that Jomas will be promoted, and that Renhorn will be demoted back to Thyferra. I also want to see more footage of these two Full Forwards to see if they can fit in with our offense.”

    “Anything else?” Adanna asked.

    “I want to know how Killenger is progressing,” Gark said. “I haven’t heard from Lorrin in a little while about that situation, so I want to get an update.”

    “Why are you asking me? Why don’t you just ask your secretary?” Adanna asked, frowning.

    “Because I can,” Gark said with a sly wink. “Honestly, though, I would like it if you could dig up that info. I would find it helpful to my GM duties if I had footage to review and see if these players deserve a call-up. This is a real issue, and I think we need to address it now compared to later.”

    “Fine,” Adanna replied.

    “While I’m off at the Board meeting and at the All-Star Game, you’re in charge, OK?” Gark said.

    “Finally, a chance to assert my dominance in the office,” Adanna said.

    “You don’t get to whoop it up and party all day, you know,” Gark reminded his assistant.

    “Can I at least paint your office in a pretty shade of pink?” Adanna asked, winking.

    “Only if you promise to take Londy out on a date while I’m gone,” Gark said, returning the wink.

    “Go. To. Hell.” Adanna said, her grin turning into a frown.

    “What? I think it would be good for him, going out with a fine woman like yourself.”

    “No, I’d rather . . .”

    “Rather take him out on an expensive date?” Gark asked.

    “Fine, you win. I’ll get you that footage,” Adanna said, finally giving in.

    “Good,” Gark said. He loved to push Adanna’s buttons like this, especially when she hit him first with a snarky line. “If that’s all we have to go over, I’ll be leaving you to your duties. As for me, I’m going to see if I can use this break to catch up on GM things.”


    McKerty-Wyley Residence, Coruscant

    Beep! went the sound of the comlink on the bedside table as it vibrated and sounded the alarm tone. Cord groaned groggily as he reached over to turn the unit off, because it was interrupting his sleep. He didn’t like having to be awake to take a call; why did people have to call him at times like this, anyways? He was perfectly happy here with Reena snuggled up against his body as she snoozed away. Unable to reach the comlink, Cord groaned and had to prop himself on one elbow on the mattress, causing the sheet to drop down from his chin, where it had been oh so comfy, down towards his waist, revealing his bare chest to the relative cold of the room. That was not the most pleasant feeling, but at least it wasn’t frigid. Cord’s fingers finally grasped the unit, and he looked at the caller ID. It was an old school friend from the University of Coruscant, a teammate of his back on the Limmie team.

    “What’s up?” Cord asked quietly into the receiver.

    “Yo, dude, you have any plans for this next weekend?” his friend asked.

    “Not really. Probably just catching up on sleep, working out . . . you know, typical stuff,” Cord replied. “You wanna hang out at some point?”

    “You do realize how much harder it is to do that since you got yourself hitched, right?” his friend asked. “I mean, you’ve got yourself an awesome chick and everything, but come on. It kills your social life.”

    “Why did you call me? Couldn’t it wait a few hours?” Cord asked.

    “Really, do you have any plans for this weekend?”

    “Not really,” Cord repeated.

    “Well, I think you do now.”

    “What are you talking about?” Cord inquired.

    “The All-Star Game, man!” his friend exclaimed. “Don’t tell me you haven’t heard.”

    “I know it’s on the HoloNet,” Cord said. “I plan on watching it. If you want to come over and hang out, I don’t think we would mind . . .”

    “Watch it on the HoloNet?” his friend asked. “Dude, you got named to the Solo Conference team!”

    “What?” Cord asked, almost shooting out of bed as he heard this. “I was named an All-Star?”

    “Yep. So you’re expected to be there at Solo Stadium this weekend and show those Skywalker punks who’s boss. Just like old times, eh, Cord?”

    “I guess,” Cord replied. He hadn’t seen that coming. Sure he was the Senators’ leading scorer, but there were larger names in front of him on the team. Why didn’t Qorbus get this nod instead of him? Then again, he wasn’t complaining. This was great news. “I didn’t expect that.”

    “Well, you’ve hit the big time now,” his friend said. “First-round pick, starter, All-Star, got a nice contract, a hot wife, and a house. It’s everything you ever wanted, right?”

    “Yep,” Cord said. “Wouldn’t trade it for anything.”

    “Just make sure to drop me a line before the game, all right? I think some of our old buddies from college would like to hear from you. We expect to hear all of the details of being on the All-Star team, OK? Like how hot Alana Glencross really is. I mean, the HoloNet says one thing, but we’d like to know from someone who really gets to play on her team.”

    “Whatever you say,” Cord said. Actually, he really wasn’t interested in providing his old college friends with information about women, because ever since he had met Reena, he had been infatuated with her, and not that many other women. Of course, he could always humor them. Besides, Glencross was way out of their league. Typical college fantasies, obviously.

    “Make us proud out there, dude,” his friend said before cutting the connection. Cord placed the unit down on the table and then got out of bed, putting on his pants as he went to partially clothe his otherwise naked body. He needed to call a few people to inform of this, but first he had to see if this was just a hoax, or if it was for real.

    “What’s up?” Reena asked as she stirred a little bit.

    “I’ve been named to the All-Star team, apparently,” Cord replied as he slipped on a t-shirt.

    “Congrats!” Reena said. “You’ve made it to the big time.”

    “Yep. And I have to thank you for a lot of that,” Cord commented.

    “Hm, married to an All-Star. I like the sound of that,” Reena said, grinning before she drifted back off to sleep. Cord left her alone as he went about his business, calling up his family and other friends and informing them that he had made the All-Star team. Cord McKerty, All-Star. Not bad.

    Elsewhere on Coruscant

    Christine watched the HoloNet as the teams were announced. She had heard from several sources that her play was being recognized galaxy-wide, and hoped that she could translate that into an All-Star nod. She had certainly being working her ass off this season.

    “And now, for the Solo Conference All-Star squad. The starting goalie is, from the Bakura Miners, Lizbit Comstock.” Some footage of the Miner rookie popped up onto the screen, and Christine blew it off. She wasn’t going to be named a starter, that was for sure. And that was even if she managed to make the team at all.

    “Interesting pick there, choosing a rookie to start in goal,” said a commentator.

    “If you haven’t noticed, the Miners have been good on defense this season. Speaking of defense, the starters for the Solo Conference on that side of the ball. Defender number one keeps up the rookie trend for the Solo. From the Coruscant Senators, Christine Gamble.”

    Christine nearly jumped out of her seat in excitement. She had made the All-Star team, as a starter, no less. She immediately called her family and friends, who were all excited to hear that she had made it this far this fast. After making a few calls, she thumbed down her list of contacts. Then she got to Ava Killenger’s name, and she paused. She really should call her old roommate . . . but then again, would it be wrong of her to call Ava up and tell her the news? No doubt Ava wasn’t having as good a season as Christine was, if anything at all. Nothing had been said the last few weeks regarding Ava’s progress down on Thyferra, and every now and then Christine wanted to check up. But before she could call, before she could muster up the courage to hit the “Call” button, something always stopped her. Something always got in the way, telling her not to call. Now she was at the crossroads again, and decided to keep going. Ava likely wouldn’t be amused by this kind of call, because as she sank like a stone, Christine was headed to ever-greater heights in the Limmie world. So no call was made, the unspoken divide between the two growing ever wider without a single word being said. Perhaps she would get up the guts to call later. Yes, she would call later.



    The Board meeting had been hell. A lot of opinions had flown around, and Gark really didn’t want to think about it anymore than he had to as a member of the Board. It had been one of those times where you just grinned and bore it, but you didn’t really want to be there. Some things were resolved, but other things were also left open. There was still room for more interpretation, obviously, and that would likely continue to drag on until a later date. But that was for another day.

    Gark loitered around the visitor’s locker room at Solo Stadium while he waited for the Solo Conference team to come by. He wanted to get in a few words to Christine and Cord about the game before moving to his seat. He was able to use his likeness to pull some strings to get down here, but he knew he couldn’t stay. Moira Mallory and her staff would likely get upset if he stuck around too long, so Gark had limited time to make his comments and then get out.

    Finally, the players began to file into the locker room. The Miner and C-Buc contingents came in together, so Gark tried to play it cool. These players probably thought he was crazy for being here, but who cared what they thought? He wasn’t here to bother them, just to talk to his players. Finally Cord came by, with Reena in tow, and Gark chatted with them for a minute before the second-year forward entered the locker room door and disappeared. Reena then had to leave, since she needed to hit the concession stand before the game. It was another minute before Christine showed up, wearing her Ord Sabaok sweatshirt.

    “You do realize you play for the Senators, right?” Gark asked.

    “Coach,” Christine said, nodding in the Bothan’s direction. She obviously missed his question.

    “So, first-round pick, starter, and All-Star. I’d like to think this means that you’re on your way up in this league,” Gark commented.

    “I hope so,” Christine said.

    “Go kick some Skywalker Conference ass out there, all right?” Gark asked. “I want to prove that we still play in the better conference.”

    “Will do,” Christine said before entering the locker room. This was Gark’s cue to get out of there and return to his seat. This was going to be an interesting game.


    Only problem was that it wasn’t that interesting, at least for the Solo team. They had their asses handed to them 25-3 by the Skywalker team. It was a complete mauling in a game that usually was high-scoring on both sides. Christine had looked poor out on the field, and eventually got pulled by Mallory in the second half when the game was out of reach. Gark just sighed; that wasn’t exactly what he wanted to see from his prized rookie defender. On the other end, Cord didn’t get anything done on offense, but neither did anyone else on the Solo side. Mallory was obviously not coaching this team that well; Gark had a sinking suspicion that being Hapan had something to do with that. He didn’t want to know what was being said to the male team members down there, but it probably wasn’t pretty. At least it wasn’t his problem.

    Gark’s datapad buzzed near the end of the game, and found that Adanna had attached much of the footage he had requested. He would have to look at this when he got back to the hotel room. After this debacle of an All-Star Game, Gark knew that he would have some more work to do this next week. Obviously it wasn’t just Christine and Cord who didn’t do well today, but it seemed to reflect what had happened last week in the Chandrila loss. He needed to give him team a boost, and hopefully this footage would give him an idea of what to do in response. At least he had a whole week to work with here before they would play again on Hapes, oddly enough, so there was time.

    But he had to remind himself that this was also a day or two of vacation time. So, instead of spending it in the hotel room, wearing the hat of Gark S’rily, the GM and coach, he wore the hat of Gark S’rily, the husband and father. He had been here to Corellia only a few weeks prior, but they had missed a few sights while in town, so Gark made sure not to miss those things this time around. It would be a few years before they were scheduled to make a trip here again, so nothing would be left undone. As he watched Galin have a fun time of chasing birds around one of the local squares, Gark immediately forgot about Limmie. For once, he finally got to leave the stress of coaching behind, and just enjoy the scenery. Who knew the next time he could get out like this?

    “Is this enough to get your mind off things?” Me’lin asked as she leaned on Gark’s shoulder as they sat on a park bench.

    “I think so,” Gark replied. “And it feels good to get away once in a while, because I know that the next five weeks will be a complete grind.” And a long five weeks it was going to be.

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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post
    Elite League offices, Coruscant

    "Good morning everyone," Commissoner Kayl'hen said, "Today I am here to discuss Game 26 between the Rydonni Prime Monarchs and Ralltiir Starkillers. In the second half of the game, Monarchs defender Sugnok Umanh went to the turf with Marmu Ishana of Ralltiir. Loren Jul of the Starkillers pulled Mr. Umanh off of Ishana. After this occurred, Umanh used his foot to stomp Ishana, who was still laying on the field. Mr. Umanh was immediately penalized and ejected from the game. This triggered an automatic review of the incident by the League.

    "After reviewing the footage, Mr. Umanh has been suspended for one game. This suspension will be served during Game 32 against the Bakura Miners this coming week. Given that this is Mr. Umanh's third disciplinary action this season and we have only played five games, the League has called an in-person meeting with Mr. Umanh here on Coruscant to discuss his play this season," Kayl'hen said, "Thank you all."

    "Commissioner--do you have any comment about the indictment of Ira Clarke?" a reporter shouted before Kayl'hen stepped away from the lectern.

    "The League has followed the situation assiduously to make sure that the Starkillers are not put at a competitive disadvantage by these proceedings. We have spoken with government officials throughout the process of the appointment of a conservator to ensure continuity of leadership and management of the Starkillers. The League is confident that the Starkillers will be able to finish the 275 season. We will evaluate the state of their organization at that time to see if continued membership in the Elite League is appropriate," Kayl'hen said.

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